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UFO Report Index For 03/1997


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/31/97 21:30Jasper/Hinton Aiport (Canada)ABCanadaSphere15minutes4ships, one comet, and a bright light out of no where12/2/00
3/31/97 21:00JuneauAKUSALightapprox 2hrsA friend and I saw a strange low altitudebright object flashing orange and greenrotating colors on Easter night in Juneau,Alaska. When 3/7/98
3/31/97 21:00Port Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle2-3 minutesBoomerang shaped craft sighting in British Columbia Canada 03/31/974/27/07
3/30/97 20:30ShallotteNCUSAFormation15-20 seconds9-10 orange objects flying in V formation,leader drops down to form W ,all vanish within seconds. Watching Hale-Bopp, both girlfriend a11/1/98
3/30/97 00:45CobleskillNYUSALight4 minutesLooking east, low in the sky, a bright orange circular figure was just "sitting" there.5/24/05
3/29/97 20:00Phoenix CityALUSA3.45 HRS.CLOSE ENCOUNTER/CAUGHT ON VIDEO on march 29 1997 I lost over 3 hrs.while filming hale bop,(CAPTURED CRAFT,BEINGS ON VIDEO.)I THOUGHT I 1/28/99
3/28/97 16:00CarmichaelsPAUSADisk1-3 minutesSaw in clear skies long, silver, disc shapedobjecthigh in the sky. Flew over head of meand my witness. Object was silent, had no visibl3/7/98
3/27/97 22:30ToledoOHUSACircleI was trying to get to sleep in my bedroom when I looked out my window and saw two circles. They were white in color with green, red, 1/28/99
3/27/97 22:00YumaAZUSASphere20 sec2 reports - UFO over Yuma 1997 and UFO at Cape Kennedy 1960's.10/8/07
3/27/97 21:00Palm SpringsCAUSALight45 minutesMarch 1997, two bright lights that hovered about 45 minutes, zoomed forward, then zoomed toward comet.10/31/08
3/27/97 20:40SpringfieldMOUSADisk60 - 90 secs.UFO flew over Spg. MO near Glenstone and Grand on the very night of the Lunar Eclipse and Hale-Bopp.6/12/08
3/27/97 20:10CarlislePAUSAFormationThis is an investigative report of this sighting report from your webpage.6/18/98
3/27/97 20:10CarlislePAUSAFormation2 minuteAn object that looked like a satillite, suddenly became bright when we blinked a flashlight at it.It was joined by 7 others that flew i3/7/98
3/27/97 16:00Sun PrairieWIUSA20 sec.Woman (bird watcher) sees tiny white (or silver) disc in clear blue sky. Obj. does 180 deg. turn, accelerates, climbs from sight.11/2/99
3/27/97 01:03WillistonFLUSASphere2 minutesI was standing out side looking at Hail-Bop, when I saw a huge sphear of light fly about 50 ft. off the ground and burn a hole through 3/7/98
3/27/97 01:00Ann ArborMIUSALight5 secondsa red/orange flashing light that streaked aross the sky and took a 90 degree left turn.3/7/98
3/26/97 22:30HuronOHUSACircle3 seconds2 UFO's sited at 10:30 PM Eastern time comingfrom Canada over Huron, Ohio moving at a veryfast rate of speed, in unattached but similar3/7/98
3/26/97 22:30WinslowAZUSATriangle30-40 minutesTriangle craft positioned over Winslow, AZ for 30-40 minutes6/12/08
3/26/97 22:10Owings MillsMDUSALight5 minutesBright white object observed to the Westat about treetop level, gained altitude andflew off silently3/7/98
3/25/97 20:32StocktonCAUSADiamond25 minutesA triangle shaped object with three orangish red lights, was silent and large, that was low to the ground.2/14/08
3/24/97 23:40ManassasVAUSAFormation20-25 secs.Seen 4 lights, high speed, very high altitudein the Manassas, VA area.3/7/98
3/24/97 01:30BigelowARUSACircle~1 minuteFilm negative anomalies pertaining to photo related to March, 1997 report10/2/15
3/23/97 21:45NederlandCOUSAOther2 minutesGroup of Velebrators of Vernal Equinox are visited by dimmensional craft .Sunday evening, a group gathered to welcome in the spring whi3/7/98
3/23/97 21:00Nanoose Bay (Canada)BCCanadaOther2 to 3 minutesD shape, not delta, with red strip "tail lights" during lunar eclipse11/3/05
3/23/97 20:30NederlandCOUSAOther1 minuteSpring Solstice,Lunar eclipse, time of the comet,evening around open fire, gathering 20 adults.2/16/00
3/23/97 19:37TigardORUSAdiamond1 secondLarge, black, diamond-kite shaped object1/28/99
3/23/97 16:30Albuquerque (over, from Tent Rocks)NMUSAOther2.30 Hr.have photograph 2,1/4 negative 250mm Zeis len.some detail not much. object hovered over albuquerque shining in the afternoon light.1/28/99
3/23/97 00:00CyprusCyprusCircleit was midnight at my uncles house when as used to as little i liked to see the stars. i saw 3 ufos in line then forming a triangle in9/29/04
3/23/97HastingsMNUSATriangle1-2 minutes7 Amber colored lights with the shape of isosceles triangle behind it.6/20/19
3/22/97 22:30Stevens PointWIUSAChevron1 1/2 HoursA hazey orange object hovered in the evening sky.It moved, in what looked like, a crescent shapefrom the upper North-East to the North-3/7/98
3/22/97 21:30UnadillaNYUSALight2 secI have video of strange light in SE sky over central NY 21:30 est 03/22/973/7/98
3/22/97 21:00Lake GenevaWIUSALight10 minNear moon. small light (cover with thumb) camefrom Southeast at extremly fast speed. As itapproached approximate even with moon seemed 3/7/98
3/22/97 20:32BakersfieldCAUSALightBright yellow light in the sky. The brightest object in the sky. Kept on brightening and lowering it flouresent yellow light.3/7/98
3/22/97 20:00McDonoughGAUSALight1-2secI saw the UFO behind Comet Hail Bop,it came frome behind and below the comet,almost like a sling shoot.3/21/03
3/22/97 16:00ScottsdaleAZUSACircle10 minutesDaughter and I saw two round craft forming triangle with North Star, then dancing around eachother and then zoomed off into deep space6/12/08
3/21/97 21:00YucaipaCAUSAFireball2 minutesA single orange glowing object moving East at a steady speed. Began to drop flaming objects like the shards from a welders torch. Aft3/7/98
3/20/97 20:25WhitefishMTUSALight5-10 secsorange lights (not shaped likeaircraft) about 1000 feet overheadfollowed closely by jet (wingsvisible naked eye). Only soundsof one ai3/7/98
3/20/97 20:00Spencerville (Canada)ONCanadaLight45 minutesBright red-orange light12/2/00
3/20/97 13:00Santa FeNMUSATriangle8 hoursWas MACHINED by ME ((name deleted)) at LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL labs. Triangle of BERYLIUM METAL.11/26/03
3/20/97 01:00DemopolisALUSADisk2 minutesme and a coworker were outside. We say this large disk shaped craft. It hovered about 2 minutes.lights were lighting up from outside to6/25/20
3/20/97 00:00PhoenixAZUSAOther10 minutesV shaped object with lights on the wings buzzing too low over the highway...10/10/11
3/19/97 20:45ClevelandTXUSACigar1hrsaw 7 objects hoving in the sky for at least and hr ..theysaw some kind of planes chasing8/28/02
3/17/97 22:25Gothenburg (Sweden)SwedenSphere25 minMe and my vife was climbing in the mountain, We stopd and lookd on a flying object. it was Blue and it looked like a Ball.3/7/98
3/17/97 21:00San DiegoCAUSACircle20 minutesphoenix lights over san diego10/30/06
3/17/97 21:00TucsonAZUSATriangle10 seconds25 miles west of Tucson, Az. Strange orange balls in a triangle pattern, in march of 1997.1/22/04
3/17/97 20:35MesaAZUSAChevron5 secsUFO over Phoenix...over my back yard. March 19977/11/00
3/17/97 20:15PhoenixAZUSALight~4 minutesThe Phoenix Lights, March 13, 1997 . . . I Saw Something Different12/8/17
3/17/97 20:00WickenburgAZUSALight20 minutesA bright, silent, white circular light hovered for about 20 minutes and then sped off and disappeared.12/7/06
3/17/97 10:00Aquaduct (near, over desert, before entering California)CAUSATriangle1-2 min.Flying Westward in a UAL plane over the desert near the aquaduct before entering CA, another UAL plane approached and passed beneath us3/7/98
3/17/97 09:00Lincoln CityORUSATriangle9 to 10 minutesLights on horizon - object(s) approached, main craft opened/smaller craft "played" returned to original & hover above us10/30/06
3/17/97 08:30Marske-by-Sea/Redcar/Cleveland (UK/England)United KingdomSphere20 secondsa glowing orb close up8/5/01
3/17/97 01:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle3 minutesPhoenix Lights observed in Calgary Canada 4 days after the initial sighting12/12/11
3/16/97 21:00Maricopa (southwest of town)AZUSAlight4-5 min.8-10 bright stationary orange lights, plus a small line of 6-8 smaller bluish-white lights which flashed in succession from l. to r., 9/28/02
3/16/97 20:30Salton SeaCAUSAother45 minutesSaw across the Sea a big red flash, then white-orange orbs appear, about 10-15, not moving, all in a straight line except for one which1/28/99
3/16/97 18:48Mountain ViewCAUSAsphere2 minutesWhile travelling eastbound on Moffet Blvd at 6:48p.m. I observed what I first thought to be a plane. The object was spherical in shape1/28/99
3/16/97 17:39OstervilleMAUSASphere5 secondsspotted horizontally traversing circular/spherical object3/7/00
3/16/97 11:30Yuma (desert, on Olgiby Rd., 16 mi. ne. of Yuma)AZUSATriangle45min.about one mi. from front light to back and across about 10 t0 15 mi. from us. im just now able to talk about it.5/24/99
3/15/97 23:55OaktonVAUSADelta15 secondsI saw two large bright round white lights moving forward together but keeping the same distance apart. Then the two lights changed dir3/7/98
3/15/97 22:00AlamogordoNMUSATriangle1 minuteLarge Triangular Craft Silent and Void of Any Light. Darker Than the Night Sky over NM.12/1/19
3/15/97 21:30Iron River (17 miles west of)MIUSALight20 minutesI was at our cabin with one of my friends, and we saw two white lights zip through the woods at nighttime.8/5/01
3/15/97 21:00Fort Hood (Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Facility)TXUSASphere25 min.Several orange glowing objects resembling mercury vapor lamps were seen hovering, maneuvering, making high speed directional changes.8/28/02
3/15/97 21:00San DiegoCAUSADisk15 minutesUFO seen at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, CA.7/3/13
3/15/97 19:00Bossier Parish (southern)LAUSARectangle15-20 MNS.((This is the seventh of several of these experiences, all of which I now feel are connected. If visitors to this site have any questi2/16/99
3/15/97 18:00MiamiFLUSALight4minutesa beam of light came out from this super light.11/28/07
3/15/97 10:30Buena VistaCOUSAOval10 minsWhite oval with gold light/energy over mountain in daylight5/24/05
3/15/97 02:00WoodinvilleWAUSATriangle30 secPerfect triangle red & green light each tip. Teardrop like cutouts in each wing. A raised diamond shape in front. Moved very slowly for9/17/00
3/15/97 01:30Pell CityALUSAUnknown10 minutesA fishing trip ends with a loud roar and a bright light waking me up in the night.3/10/17
3/15/97 01:00San Tan ValleyAZUSALight5 hrsI specifically recall a grey touching my forehead with one long skinny finger to put me back under?1/5/11
3/15/97 01:00KalamazooMIUSAflashsecondsImmense red flash like a very bright red lightning flah. It lit up the whole sky, the ground and my truck. It traveled from the groun1/28/99
3/14/97 23:59New York CityNYUSAOvali was in my dad's room at around midnight and was talking with my mom about school stuff. I looked outside the window for no reason cau3/6/01
3/14/97 22:30Colorado SpringsCOUSATriangle10 secondsTriangular light formation in Colorado.3/19/09
3/14/97 21:00Los AngelesCAUSATriangle40 secondsSilent, gliding boomerang with no lights9/15/05
3/14/97 20:00TonopahAZUSASphere25 minutesI-10 W of Tonapah AZ and Highway 85 S I watched3 golf ball sized lights "QQQ" being observed by ajet (half the size of a tack head) 20:3/7/98
3/14/97 19:00SahuaritaAZUSATriangle10 secondsVery large cone-shaped object appeared out of nowhere2/18/01
3/14/97 18:15Trivandrum, Kerala State (India)IndiaLight1 minuteFast moving bright light seen over Trivandrum, India.8/7/07
3/14/97 13:00Outside PhoenixAZUSATriangle10 minutesThe UFOs flying solo that myself and the truck or in front of me had to pull over otherwise it would’ve hit the 18 wheeler.6/22/22
3/14/97 01:35DunnellonFLUSALightabout 30 minutesIt was about 1:35 in the morning,and i wasspending the night at a friends house, wegot bored because there was nothing to do,so we went1/28/99
3/14/97 01:10Tucson (southwest of town)AZUSADisk3-4 minutesCreature attempted to enter house.11/12/15
3/13/97 00:00ScottsdaleAZUSATriangle:40 minutes2002 submission of March 13th mass UFO sightings over Phoenix3/19/02
3/13/97 22:05PhoenixAZUSAI have just watched UFO over Phoenix on the discovery channel.I have seen the program several times,however this time while watching wi2/14/08
3/13/97 22:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight5-7 secondslight movement none like i've seen before.5/24/05
3/13/97 22:00GlendaleAZUSAFireball2 hoursFireball on the top of mountain behind Luke Air Force Base, AZ.5/29/11
3/13/97 22:00Casa GrandeAZUSAFormation8 secondsPhoenix lights witnessed in Casa Grande, AZ4/16/05
3/13/97 22:00DatelandAZUSACircle10 MinutesHovering Light Formation in Southwest Arizona in March 19978/24/10
3/13/97 22:00TucsonAZUSALight10 minutesWe saw unidentified lights that didn't blink or make noise and moved very, very quickly.10/30/06
3/13/97 22:00PhoenixAZUSAOther30 minutesThis was real, and not flares!7/5/05
3/13/97 21:30SciotovilleOHUSAFormation10-15 minThe phoenix lights were also seen in Ohio.10/31/08
3/13/97 21:30MontereyCAUSASphere3-5 minutesMarch 13, 1997 Monterey, CA UFO incident10/28/02
3/13/97 21:15PhoenixAZUSARectangleapprox. 10 min.03/15/1997, 21:15 Phoenix, Arizona 20 rectangular objects in "V" formation, performed circular spin, etc.11/28/07
3/13/97 21:00Phoenix (north of)AZUSAChevron30Five V-shaped lights heading south on I-17 toward Phoenix11/28/07
3/13/97 21:00PrescottAZUSAFormation30 secondsSaw 5 bright lights in triangle formation in the northand heading southeast at an extremely fast speed.3/7/98
3/13/97 21:00PhoenixAZUSADiamond2 to 5 minutesI witnessed th "Phoenix Lights" the evening of March 13th 1997 from a distance of one to two miles.4/16/05
3/13/97 21:00PhoenixAZUSAme,my uncle,my friend,and my dad were outside(in our backyard)when we saw 5 or 6 brightly lighted lights in the sky(about a mile long o4/26/00
3/13/97 21:00PhoenixAZUSAOtherA spaceship flys through the sky in a V shape.2/1/07
3/13/97 21:00PhoenixAZUSATriangle4 minutesMy wife and I were walking our dogs on the south side of South Mountain in the mountain park when we saw the ufo come over the mountain3/19/02
3/13/97 21:00HendersonNVUSAFormation3 minutes(2) extremely large, dark craft, in formation operating at a very slow speed in total silence, overhead.2/14/08
3/13/97 20:45PeoriaAZUSAChevron5 minutesSlow moving chevron-shaped object with multiple lights over our house moving north-south3/11/16
3/13/97 20:45PhoenixAZUSATriangle3 minutesUnexplained Arizona Sighting1/28/99
3/13/97 20:40PhoenixAZUSAFormation4 minutesI saw seven UFOs apppear in formation then disappear.8/5/01
3/13/97 20:35LibbyMTUSALight1.5 minutesfuzzy ball of light hovers then rapidly streaks accross the sky in a southernly direction/8:35PM 3/13/973/2/04
3/13/97 20:35TucsonAZUSAChevron3-5 minutesI was driving west from Texas on interstate 10. I do not remember the time of the evening it was. I passed the Tucson city limits, and2/19/16
3/13/97 20:30PhoenixAZUSATriangle3 min.Another report on the Phoenix lights, but every prospective is important to get the whole picture and or map the object as it decended 2/23/00
3/13/97 20:30PhoenixAZUSAChevron20 minutesWitnessed the object travel south along Interstate 10 toward Casa Grande8/5/01
3/13/97 20:30Gila Bend (G.B.AUXILLARY FIELD, )AZUSAChevron20 MINS.At approx. 2015 hrs.flares dropped were close enough that I could see the white smoke as each burned, but the parachutes were not visib4/26/99
3/13/97 20:30PhoenixAZUSATriangle3-4 minutesPhoenix UFO sighting March 13, 19971/28/99
3/13/97 20:30PhoenixAZUSAFormation5 min +4 orange lights at about 30' elevation looking to the North/North-East. Appeared in a wide trapazoid formation. Very slow moving.8/5/01
3/13/97 20:30TempeAZUSAFormation5 minutesI was in tempe with a bunch of my friends when we saw a group of about 5-7 lights in the sky. They seemed to stay in the same place. Th1/28/99
3/13/97 20:30Cass CityMIUSATriangle15min.My dad and mom was comming home from town after a stop at a grocery store in caro, they head east on deckerville rd. then turned left(n5/4/04
3/13/97 20:30PhoenixAZUSAhourPhoenix lights were were explained on the Art Bell website by Ed Dames (Dr Doom) many years ago. I would email my copy but it was saved1/22/04
3/13/97 20:30ChandlerAZUSAUnknown3-10minsi was driving north on I-10 from gila river indian community. i got on the ramp i-10 queen creek rd.around 8pm or before9/2/05
3/13/97 20:30TempeAZUSALight20 minNothing WE have, could have done what we all saw that night.3/19/09
3/13/97 20:30GoodyearAZUSAUnknown5 minutesThe object sat a while in a field next to us, then slowly floated right over us until it disappeared.3/19/09
3/13/97 20:30Chandler (app. 20 miles E/SE of Phoenix)AZUSATriangle1.5 minMy wife and I witnessed a craft passing in front uf us that was close to a mile long.This boomerang/trianglar craft became "transluct" 1/11/02
3/13/97 20:30Mt. Springs (Cooke County)TXUSAOther9 secondSeven lights in a row 45 degrees above horizon in early night sky, disappeared one at a time.6/23/04
3/13/97 20:30Chino ValleyAZUSAFormation3 to 5 MinutesObserved 5 white lights approaching from thenorthwest at what appeared to be a low levelbut rising as they approached. 3 lights infron8/5/01
3/13/97 20:25PhoenixAZUSASeen a small craft go past Laveen during the Phoenix light event came extremely close to me and my brother on baseline 91ave no won tal4/9/20
3/13/97 20:25GlendaleAZUSAIn response to this story: Yes, there are F-15s stationed at Luke AFB. My father works for Boeing8/7/07
3/13/97 20:25BuckeyeAZUSASphere5 MINUTESObserved a number (3 - 5) of white/yellow lights hovering (suspended) approximately 7 - 10 miles away. Observed streaking object leavi3/7/98
3/13/97 20:20PhoenixAZUSATriangleapx 4-8 minv of lights over phoenix az.5/15/06
3/13/97 20:20Northwest TempeAZUSAFormation15 minutesWe saw 5 red lights, in a V formation, from the north to the south, in a fifteen minute period.3/7/98
3/13/97 20:20PhoenixAZUSA10 secPhx Lights orb1/31/04
3/13/97 20:16Diamond Valley (Prescott Valley)AZUSATriangle15 minutes5 Lighted, V-shaped UFO over Diamond Valley (Hengerson, NV, to Phoenix, AZ.). 3/13/1997.3/20/15
3/13/97 20:15PrescottAZUSAFormation5 Minutes +Chevron formation of five white lights, plus other strange things.3/2/04
3/13/97 20:15Phoenix (Tempe)AZUSALight7 min.5 orange colored lights fall toward earth like fireworks. Shortly after they hovered in place, pulsating and began moving at odd traje3/7/98
3/13/97 20:15ScottsdaleAZUSATriangle5 minMyself, my 12 yr old son and his friend watched a large triangular shape craft with colored lights (red mostly) in chevron design glide8/28/02
3/13/97 20:15Black Canyon City (5 miles N of)AZUSAChevronappx. 2 minutesPhoenix Lights on I-17 near Sunset Point Rest Area5/15/06
3/13/97 20:15Phoenix (Ahwatukee)AZUSATriangle10 minSighted red to white horizontal line on the north west horizon. As the object got closer it looked like a 5 light triangle. It passed o3/7/98
3/13/97 20:15PhoenixAZUSALight10 minutesAirline pilot views Phoenix lights from Interstate 10, while driving to work.4/26/00
3/13/97 20:15PrescottAZUSAFormation10 minObserved five yellow-white lights travelling from NW to NE then turning to S3/7/98
3/13/97 20:12PrescottAZUSAFormation5 minv formation white lights to start with at long range as it got closer looking through binoculars each light was actually 2 one red one 3/7/98
3/13/97 20:10TempeAZUSAOther5-10minPhoenix Lights3/19/02
3/13/97 20:05PhoenixAZUSAseveral minutesearly evening time object the size of 2 or three junbo jets could see lights invisible no sound moved incredibly slow like a zepplin ba3/7/00
3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown4 hoursThe Phoenix Lights Incident: Was anyone Abducted like I was On March 13, 1997?1/19/17
3/13/97 20:00East Mesa /Apache Junction.AZUSALight1 to 2 minI came home after work at about 9pm 3/13/997. My children, ages, 7,8,& 11, had been in the backyard all evening. When I arrived, they 3/7/98
3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZUSAOther5 minuetsa "Flying wing" which fley over my card as i was on I10 heading west3/16/00
3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZUSAChevron5 min. approx.An object, consisting of 5 lights, in the shape of an arrow, flew right over my house.4/2/99
3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZUSATriangle5 minutesUFO over Phoenix 19978/12/08
3/13/97 20:00ScottsdaleAZUSALight45Not the Phoenix Lights, but the Scottsdale Lights.2/20/15
3/13/97 20:00GlendaleAZUSADiamond5 minutesI had gone to visit with a friend at about 30 ave. and just north of northern, I arrived at his home and noticed his car was gone, he h1/28/99
3/13/97 20:00KingmanAZUSAFormation6 Minutes5 BRIGHT orange lights flying in a V formation3/7/98
3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZUSAChevron10 minutes"V" shaped black object with 5 lights, passed directlyover our house in Phoenix and didn't make a sound. It's shapewas that of a carpen3/7/98
3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZUSACircle10 minutesFrom North to South over Camelback mountain High in the Arizona sky Hundreds of citizens see a phenomena of lights Soundlessly, slowly 1/28/99
3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZUSATriangle20-30 minV shaped object that flew from the north of phoenix and eventually right over phoenix 3/13/976/12/08
3/13/97 19:45StanfieldAZUSATriangle10 min3/13/97 7:45p.m.2/14/08
3/13/97 19:45Gila Bend (20 miles east of, on I-8)AZUSALight20 mins2 large, bright orange/pinkish lights seen south of I-8 over the desert. Went from 2 to 3 to 4 lights. Small bright objects quickly le9/12/99
3/13/97 19:00ScottsdaleAZUSATriangle30 minI hope it's ours ! If not, it's definately 'someone else's'... (and FOR SURE, it's not of human origin) !3/11/06
3/13/97 19:00PhoenixAZUSATriangleI saw both of these events in Phoenix while my family and I were driving home. The first event was the triangular formation. I saw no10/30/06
3/13/97 18:40PhoenixAZUSAChevron15 minA huge triangular object slowly drifting over Phoenix, AZ, 5 lights traveling probably less than 30 mph.5/15/06
3/13/97 18:30New BraunfelsTXUSATriangle10 minutesHuge black triangle with 7 lights, very silent, right above trees.4/27/07
3/13/97 18:00PrescottAZUSAFormation3 mins. approx.These were individual craft flying in a distinct formation-- absolutely not flares.2/14/06
3/13/97 17:00LubbockTXUSATriangle15-20 minutesMarch 1997 Lubbock, Texas a large triangular shaped, lighted object with instruments showing hovered for 15m+...shot away1/10/09
3/13/97 13:30SeattleWAUSASphere15-20 secondsSEATTLE sighting. During daytime same day of the phoenix lights7/16/03
3/13/97 10:30NewfoundlandNJUSAOval5 minDriving N/W on Rt. 23 on the way home from 3rd shift. After passing thru a trarric lite i noticed a glimmer off to the left hand side. 3/7/98
3/13/97 08:00Casa Grande (Indians Hills)AZUSACircle10 minsWe SAW THE UFO OF MARCH 13,19972/23/11
3/13/97 05:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther~40 secondsbright object, star like, motionless, thenrapid acceleration to SE/SSE1/28/99
3/13/97 00:00MadrasORUSATriangle15 secondsI worked swing shift at the mill there And I was on the back porch.Everone else was sleeping.I was relaxing before bed.I could view mos8/6/20
3/13/97PhoenixAZUSAOthercouple minutesThe phoenix lights5/2/03
3/13/97Las VegasNVUSATwo days after The Phoenix Lights - A different kind of sighting9/6/02
3/13/97DouglasAZUSATriangle30'+Triangle Craft seen over Phoenix Az was seen first over Douglas Az flying North. ((NUFORC Note: Date unknown. PD))5/11/05
3/12/97 23:00BrentwoodCAUSAFormation30 SecondsI saw three lights forming a V shape in the night sky about 300 feet in the air. There was no noise and they were moving slowly in an e11/1/98
3/12/97 22:20Death ValleyNVUSATriangle2 hours((HOAX??)) This World Nuclear Missiles Must Stop 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2/1/07
3/12/97 22:00RinggoldGAUSATriangle5 minutes?Bright light that seemed to follow me, then a triangle shape that appeared above the trees.6/22/22
3/12/97 21:50Glendale (SSW of)AZUSALightover 3 weeksStationary object SW of the Phoenix AZ area seen over several nights. Quit appearing after the Mar 13 incident in Phoenix.3/7/98
3/12/97 21:00Black River (Canada)ONCanadaSphere2.5hrsAbout the time the Phoenix Lights were making news, we witnessed the very same over Lake Ontario.7/13/05
3/12/97 20:40Las VegasNVUSAChevronseveral minutesLas Vegas, Nevada -MARCH 12,1997 1.5 MILE WIDE CHEVRON FORMATION OF LIGHTS SILENTLY GLIDES W. TO E. AT 8:40 pm.3/11/06
3/12/97 20:30Terre HauteINUSATriangle2 minBlack Triangular Shaped Craft Sighting2/14/08
3/12/97 20:09NorfolkVAUSAChevron3-4 minutes800 foot wide Boomerang shaped UFO floats over head at treetop level, with humming sound-next to Norfolk NAB, Virginia8/20/01
3/12/97 19:20Hotedrsica (Slovenia)SloveniaLight6 secFormation of approx. 30 glowing objects seen in an unknown type of formation (bird-like). Moving GIF scetch included.9/12/99
3/12/97 18:20Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomSphere10 minsTwo objects doing imposible manovers12/14/04
3/12/97 09:00New OrleansLAUSAOther5-10 SecondsAre you interested in unexplained noises?3/7/98
3/12/97 08:00Phoenix (west towards)AZUSALightto +9:00pmI watched the UPN UFO special and have been meaning to send my information in since I first heard your director being interviewed by Ar1/7/00
3/12/97 06:30Holloman AFBNMUSAUnknownAbnormal contrails seen over two US Air Force Bases in New Mexico3/21/03
3/11/97 18:30CharlestonWVUSASphere15 minutes3 bright,orange objects with comet-like tails, movingtoward earth, then toward each other, thenhorizontally, east to s.west3/7/98
3/10/97 22:00Las Vegas (north of)NVUSALight10 minutesorange orb traveling sse at unknown altitude, pitch black, starry night, VFR, CAVU, totally silent, 2 people5/15/06
3/10/97 21:00NaplesFLUSAUnknown?i have always seen or have taken part of paranormal activities since i was very young(from out-of-body experiences,spirits,and ufos).i 2/24/01
3/10/97 19:30New York City (Manhattan)NYUSALight15 minutesStrange lights above New York City1/28/99
3/10/97 12:30Virginia BeachVAUSASphere8-10sec.White, spherical object moving in a NW trajectory, silent, moving extremely fast.1/28/99
3/10/97 10:30AlpharettaGAUSATrianglehourBoomerang UFO sits on barn4/28/01
3/9/97 21:10Ilirska BistricaIcelandUnknown1.5 secDark object with numerous lights on trailing edge passed nearby. Moving GIF scetch included.9/12/99
3/9/97 01:00Arizona (desert; on route 66)AZUSATriangle2 hoursThere were smaller lights flying around the hugh triangle firing lasers and they blew up something.5/15/06
3/9/97 00:05Ilirska Bistrica (Slovenia)SloveniaLight1 minLight (hat shaped) seen. Observed through binoculars, approx. 1 min. Turning abruptly. Fast egression. Moving GIF scetch included.9/12/99
3/8/97 23:00Jaworzynka (Poland)PolandCigar2hA pinkish gold blinking light moving up and down and side-to-side at 23:10 p.m. over Bow, A formation of lights went from the southeas5/24/05
3/8/97 19:00East Detroit (eastpoint0MIUSADiskI called my name is Jim Asaro.Me and 3 friends went out to go to somones house we looked at the sky we saw a UFO it had four lights in 3/7/98
3/7/97 22:50SeattleWAUSAFlash1 secLess than a 1 second flash of large blue-white light, climbing slightly on it's path from west to east. .3/7/98
3/7/97 19:45I-40 (rural Arizona)AZUSATriangle5-7 minutesI stood at the exact turning point as it came across from CA./NV then to Phoenix.11/14/14
3/7/97 19:00TacomaWAUSADisk2 minutesObject sighted by New Zealand Tourist in Tacoma 7 years ago.8/11/04
3/6/97 23:00Las VegasNVUSA2 to 3 hoursI saw the same lights that were over phoenix north of las Vegas while I was working at night . It was about a week to a couple of da5/29/12
3/6/97 22:00Virginia BeachVAUSALightfew secondsI was laying in my bed watching tv with the windows open and I saw this Bright yellow light fly across the sky then all of a suden It s3/7/98
3/6/97 01:00Rohnert Park (Sonoma State University)CAUSASphereThree(3) hours +I 1st noticed 3 small objects/stars/points "excited state", were Iscoceles their locations from each other. One then vanished, two re3/7/98
3/5/97 18:10San FranciscoCAUSAOval2 minutes2 small (about 1 ft. long & 200 ft. away at closest) dark objects circling each other then sped south,followed min. later by 2 more.3/7/98
3/5/97 14:00PhoenixAZUSAChevron60 minutesV-shaped craft observed flying east over Phoenix.2/18/01
3/5/97 00:00Las VegasNVUSAlight5 minutesApprox. 20 lights in a v-shape which did a double-helix formation downward It then formed a v-shape and flew overhead, moving South to1/28/99
3/3/97 18:30Sullivan (near)MOUSALight30 min.3 lights seen above horizon. Flickered on and off. Appeared and disappeared in different places.1/28/99
3/3/97 02:00DublinOHUSATriangle3-5 minutesUp Close and Personal Triangle UFO sighting in Dublin, Ohio4/13/10
3/2/97 21:00HemetCAUSATriangle15 minMy friends and I saw 1 very large, triangular shaped UFO, silently hovering approx: 100 ft in air and about 35 ft away from our car.8/7/07
3/2/97 19:00Prairie du Sac/Merrimac ( between. on Hwy. 78)WIUSACross5 to 10 min.One small object with rotating lights, then a little later a large brilliantly lit object in the shape of a cross with 4 bright lights 3/7/98
3/1/97 21:20LouisvilleKYUSAFireball2 secondsA hovering ball of orange light that came back twice8/5/01
3/1/97 21:00RiversideCAUSAtriangle15 secondsThe reports of various UFO events over the Arizona sky on March 13 ofthis year has prompted me to reveal the experience my wife and I h1/28/99
3/1/97 13:00Lockerley (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10 secondsBright white isoseles triangle shape seen darting about in the sky, twice.7/1/02
3/1/97 12:30Commerce CityCOUSASpherea few hoursLarge number of high altitude white spheres in sky over Commerce City, CO, in 19976/3/10
3/1/97 05:00ClintonUTUSACircle4 hours1997 Ufo in Ogden Utah area, I was standing under it it was huge!2/24/01
3/1/97 04:00DorchesterMAUSAUnknownunknownRecentlt while attending a house party that friends of mine were hosting for Memorial Day Iwas invited by the host to see something str1/28/99
3/1/97 00:00MicanopyFLUSACigar30 secondsCigar shaped craft with backlit portholes7/25/19