National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/1998
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/30/98 12:00 Vieques (Puerto Rico)

years Back in early 90's at area 51, when the media began to uncover most of what the government was working on and also the different types 10/31/08
12/30/98 02:00 Cape May Court House NJ Sphere < 30 seconds Driving home from my girlfriend's house during the winter break for Christmas I noticed a sphere-like object, silvery/chrome/reflective 10/30/06
12/25/98 23:30 Vance SC Circle 3 Frightening & beautiful at the same time, but we definitely have never forget that experience. 5/14/19
12/25/98 22:00 Carmel CA Circle 10 minutes My friends and I were sitting on Carmel Beach facing west. It was pitch black outside. Approximately three to four miles of the cost we 9/12/19
12/21/98 06:30 Mansfield OH Sphere 30 seconds Pewter spheres over interstate 3/18/14
12/20/98 20:30 West Palm Beach FL Triangle 10 seconds Triangle UFO sighting 1/5/11
12/20/98 02:30 Kansas (on interstate) KS Unknown 2 minutes Low flying object with light shining down on road , apparently a helicopter which made no noticeable noise.

500 Lights On Object0:
12/19/98 03:30 Kansas (location unspecified) KS Light 1 minute What I thought was a helicopter made no noise as it flew over my car. 10/30/06
12/15/98 20:00 Fairbanks AK Formation 5 minutes formation of brilliant amber-orange lights completely silent over Fairbanks, AK 12/12/09
12/15/98 00:00 Waterford WI Rectangle 5 min silent Large slow moving rectangle shape close to ground . waterford wisconsin 1998 11/28/07
12/12/98 18:00 Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Circle 5 min. great circle with lights over Amsterdam 2/1/07
12/7/98 10:00 Soddy Daisy TN Sphere 5-10mins Bright sphere seen over Sequoia Nuclear plant in Soddy Daisy TN 3/23/11