National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/2000
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/27/00 09:15 Palm Springs (outside of) CA Triangle 45 seconds Dull Black Triangle with unattached capsule hovering briefly, then took off at an unbelievable speed-no noise! 6/12/11
4/26/00 Lenzburg IL
5 minutes Long string of lights all disappeared in same spot. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/25/00 22:00 Orangeville (rural)(Canada) ON Triangle 30 seconds Large, black object, moving silently & very slowly. 9/15/16
4/25/00 21:25 Grand Rapids MI
1-3 minutes Loud noise of an extremely low flying plane in Grand Rapids, MI, 4/25/08, from E or SE, sounded like it was going to crash. 6/12/08
4/24/00 23:30 Great Falls MT Unknown 3-5 minutes Beam of light in field, no visble object and no noise, approximitely a mile or less away, 8/5/12
4/18/00 12:00 Aztec (northwest of) NM Triangle 2 minutes Black triangular object emits buzzing sound. 6/1/16
4/15/00 23:00 Sedona AZ Sphere 2 minutes saw a huge yellow "moon" rise over the Red Rocks, then found out it wasn't the moon at all 12/12/11
4/15/00 22:30 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Triangle 45 minutes At the time of my UFO siting I was on a business trip with two of my colleagues in Malaysia. We were having dinner at one of the restau 9/24/12
4/12/00 20:30 Puerta del Zapatero Mazamitla (Mexico)
Light 5 minuets Me and two other witnesses seen 3 lights in the sky on a evning walk. 3/19/09
4/10/00 18:00 Greers Ferry GA
2 min Silent Triangle Lights over Greers Ferry Lake 12/12/09
4/10/00 Sunflower AZ Triangle 12 minutes My sister and I were driving to tonto Basin Arizona, from Phoenix As we topped the Mountain the whole valley below was lit up bright r 10/30/06
4/9/00 22:30 Schuyler County area IL Oval 25 seconds Observed bright red ovals 3/19/09
4/9/00 22:30 Springfield (??) (Schuyler County) IL Oval 25 seconds Observed bright red ovals. 2/24/07
4/6/00 14:00 Perris CA Circle 15 minutes Two USAF Jets from March Air Force Base fly in circles over my house! I saw the UFO! 4/14/09
4/5/00 23:00 Cortez CO Other 15 minutes Huge craft sighted at Hovenweep National Monument. 9/30/16
4/1/00 19:00 Del Mar (Rancho Sante Fe) CA Formation 10 minutes Line of orange lights that would go off, on and slowly floated rising and falling. 2/4/13
4/1/00 17:50 Chicago IL Sphere 20-30 seconds "glass" sphere tracking plane en route to Chicago Airport - April 2000 4/27/07