National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/2000
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/26/00 22:00 Lubbock TX Fireball 30 minutes One large orange/amber fuzzy blob with hundreds of small fuzzy orange/amber colored spheres. 9/11/15
7/25/00 22:23 Sturgeon Bay WI Other 5min Army Airborne drills over the bay 2/24/07
7/24/00 10:00 Milwaukee WI Formation 10 seconds line of 4 balls of light three white and one red seen for 10 seconds moving straight across sky 3/19/09
7/23/00 20:30 Glendale AZ Circle
I was outside taking care of my truck something to you I look up to the east and there was a brown big look son looking shape it looks 4/3/15
7/20/00 21:30 Deming NM Unknown 1 minute Huge beam of light comes from sky, no craft of any kind visible that could produce it. 7/4/12
7/20/00 21:00 South Padre Island TX Oval 8 seconds Bright amber light, very high speed, no sound or trail, east to west over Padre Island, summer 2000. 5/2/11
7/20/00 13:00 Donegal, Atlantic Drive (Republic of Ireland)
Sphere 2-4 minutes 2 silver/see through balls in the sky moving int he same direction but iratically 10/30/06
7/20/00 01:30 Longbranch NJ Flash 20 THERE WAS A BRIGHT LIOGHT 8/10/18
7/17/00 22:30 Lake City CA Light 1 min Bright at rapid speed in NE corner of Calfornia 8/5/09
7/17/00 08:30 Adelaide (Australia) SA Rectangle 5 minutes I was walking to school with my best friend, we both looked up at the same time and seen a large rectangular shaped silver object in th 1/4/19
7/16/00 09:00 Issaquah WA Changing 1..45 I live in Issaquah Washington and viewed the following around the middle of July 2006.

Standing in my living room,we have a panaram
7/15/00 22:00 Loves Park IL Triangle est 3 minutes Trianglular object no sound flew over us as we were looking at stars. 10/30/06
7/15/00 18:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle 1 minute Brief sighting of a group of black triangles that suddenly disappeared. 8/14/07
7/15/00 12:00 Vernal UT Disk 1-3 minutes Silver disk. 2/14/19
7/15/00 01:00 Sayreville (near) NJ Cylinder 30 seconds Cylinder with round top and blue lights, in the sky above route 9 south jughandle 5/20/16
7/15/00 01:00 Miami FL Cigar 5 seconds The object in the sky was not identifiable or familiar to me at all. 4/27/07
7/15/00 00:00 Lakinsk (Russia)
Light 40 seconds SPACE CIRCUS - Two UFOs were flying toward each other in the space. Before collapse, one stopped, the other made a half circle around. 3/8/07
7/14/00 02:00 Portland OR Flash 15 sec big blue flash and a blue zigzaging light 1/5/11
7/12/00 23:00 Casa AR Cigar 2 hours TINY GREEN SKIPPING LIGHTS IN CASA NEAR PETTITJEAN MT. 11/28/07
7/7/00 01:45 Frederick MD Sphere 5 minutes Bright metalic sphere rotating fast in a circular pattern. 5/15/13
7/7/00 01:00 Highland Park IL Fireball 2 Minutes A fireball like object floated in the sky ahead for about 2 minutes and then dropped into the woods below never to be seen again. 2/24/07
7/6/00 00:00 Dawsonville GA Triangle a few seconds 3 stationary points of light, looked like stars in a constellation, started moving, then disappeared 6/25/20
7/4/00 21:00 Pacific City OR Light 5-10seconds I'm sure I saw a real alien aircraft! 7/16/06
7/2/00 21:15 Mount Pleasant SC Circle 3 min 3 red orbs silently crossing the sky 7/4/11
7/1/00 23:00 Leiden (Netherlands)
Rectangle one minute Fast moving object in night sky. 5/13/12
7/1/00 22:00 Palmyra NY Unknown 6-7 seconds. I saw two rows of well lit windows suspended over the trees. 4/18/12
7/1/00 21:00 Sewell NJ Rectangle 30Sec. a black rectangular void in which unknown objects were going in . 12/7/06
7/1/00 19:00 Stockton CA Disk 15 minutes Saucer hovers three stories above car, lights around rim, no sound, 1/21/08
7/1/00 19:00 Bellingham WA Triangle unknown Drove up to Triangle craft hovering in front/above farmhouse next to county road, at one point was above our car. 1/31/11
7/1/00 17:00 Waco TX Circle west A light in waco, TX. 12/12/09
7/1/00 16:00 Ogden UT Oval 2-3 seconds Our family was discussing the day’s events while driving in the car. 4 people in the car. My daughter and myself in the front seats. I 8/5/12
7/1/00 16:00 Austin TX Cigar 00:15 Needleship? Bright straight line of light over Austin, Texas. 1/12/18
7/1/00 13:00 Naugatuck CT Sphere ~10 minutes A sphere seen low in the sky hovering, but making no noise. Vanishes in an instant with no sign of propulsion.Just gone. 3/24/16
7/1/00 04:00 Tylertown, MS/Memphis,TN MS Light hours orange light getting closer by the hour; 2 aliens seen by my own eyes.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/1/00 03:00 Indianapolis IN Triangle >1 minute Triangular UFO, with protruding windows, over a field in Indiana 10/21/16
7/1/00 01:00 Santa Rosa CA Sphere 4-5 hours lots and lots of lights 1/10/09