National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/2001
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/01 23:00 Pine Bush NY Triangle 10 minutes Black triangle with red lights very up close sighting with 3 witnesses, Red Mill Rd. in Pine Bush NY. 1/24/12
6/30/01 22:00 Minnesota (unspecified location) MN Light 5-6 sec. Bright light covering the whole sky. Lasted for about 6 or so seconds. Somewhere out in the far country of MN. 10/30/06
6/30/01 22:00 Fort Nelson (Canada) BC Circle
Glowing lights/orbs over Fort Nelson, BC. ((anonymous report)) 12/15/16
6/30/01 21:00 Crestline TN Light 60 minutes Extremely fast light object splits into two after firework show, many witnesses. 5/8/15
6/30/01 21:00 Dunedin (New Zealand)
Circle 3 mins Large Object? emitting round, fast moving white lights close to ground, no sound, low cloud obstructing view of actual source of lights 8/7/07
6/30/01 20:30 Wodonga (Australia)
Circle 3 mins UFO ufo above wodonga rsl Australia 10/8/07
6/30/01 20:10 Maracay (Aragua)(Venezuela)

2 minutes Queria decirles que hace aproximadamente de 16 a 17 años (2001 a 2002) yo presencie directamente un platillo volador, paso por todo el 7/5/18
6/30/01 20:00 Howland OH Triangle 15 seconds Large triangle moving at an incredable speed, no aircraft on this planet could ever have flown that fast. 2/7/14
6/30/01 20:00 Garden Grove CA Rectangle About 30 sec Ufo up close and personal!upducted.???? 7/17/11
6/30/01 20:00 Atlantic Highlands NJ Sphere 12 seconds Observed from 2nd floor balcony white glowing orb size of basketball navigating below tree top level approximately 30-40ft from me. Fly 1/31/20
6/30/01 19:00 Delray Beach FL Unknown seconds row of lg bright lights appear and disappear about the height of street lights 8/12/08
6/30/01 19:00 St. Thomas (Canada) ON Formation 5 min. This big ship had 90 smaller ships surrouding it for protection. 12/12/11
6/30/01 18:00 Prague (Czech Republic)
Circle 10 minutes Small brights circular ights over Prague flying high speed and unbelievable movements suddenly shoot up and vanish 3/14/19
6/30/01 12:00 Parrish FL Other 3-10 seconds There was a craft behind our house being escorted 11/21/10
6/30/01 11:00 Nevada desert (rural; unspecified by witness) NV Oval 15 min Nevada Desert silver oval shaped U-F-O- sighting 5/15/06
6/30/01 10:45 Florahome FL Circle 3 min ((HOAX??)) WE SAW A REDISH ROUND BALL OF LIGHT HUVERING OVER A POWERLINE IN A FILED. 6/12/08
6/30/01 05:00 Enon OH Light 5 minutes Hovering bright light with no noise. 12/12/11
6/30/01 04:00 Hereford (UK/England)
Circle 1hr uk sighting between hereford abergaveny which was joined by 3 helcopters from nearby sas base 8/12/08
6/30/01 01:00 Lafollette TN Circle 25 sec Very fast green ball low altitude know trail at all 6/12/08
6/30/01 00:30 Santa Rosa CA Other 3-4 minutes Craft looking like the Dawn passed over head with no noise. It looked Like a satellite 3/26/15
6/22/01 10:37 Dalton GA Circle 2:00 ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no detailed information; elects to remain totally anonymous. PD)) 6/27/19
6/21/01 13:00 San Antonio TX Sphere unknown Picture of UFO out the window of my plane on a trip to Las Vegas 10/8/07
6/21/01 02:52 Harlowton MT Circle 20 Seconds white orb that lasts for 20 seconds and then disappears. 6/27/11
6/20/01 01:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 15 sec Flying creature in the sky, with form of human dark skin. And moved in a floating motion. ((NUFORC Note: Serious report?? PD)) 6/3/10
6/15/01 23:00 Myrtle Beach SC Sphere 5 minutes 3 disk shaped rotating objects emitting bright orange lights over Atlantic Ocean. 7/3/13
6/15/01 22:00 Cutler CA Circle
((HOAX)) 1 mother ship and 7 smaller crafts 8/5/09
6/15/01 15:00 Littleton CO Disk 20min black craft over clement park moving sw with looked like a bolt of lightning shooting from the bottom 7/16/06
6/11/01 13:00 Florence SC Disk 10 min. We a UFO crashed very close to were we live. 10/30/06
6/11/01 00:00 Follansbee WV Other 10 sec The craft appeared and looked like a pearl material and had a metal circle on the bottom. 5/13/12
6/10/01 23:00 Cancun (Mexico)
Light 10-20 min. 2001-06 Cancun Mexico - distant bright orange dancing light 5/15/06
6/8/01 Springfield SD Unknown
((HOAX??)) A slow red moving object,going about 3miles per hours,leaving SpringField going towards Tyndall. 11/28/07
6/5/01 03:30 Provo UT Light 10 minutes Strange light sits above mountain, and disappears 10/8/07
6/2/01 Lancaster CA
on going no doctors no what the foreign objects are 4/17/08
6/1/01 23:00 Hilton Head NC Light 5 minutes A circular light in the sky that appeared as silently and rapidly as it disappeared. 4/27/07
6/1/01 23:00 Coulterville CA Fireball 4 seconds Red/orange round object launching off the ground. 8/30/13
6/1/01 21:30 Various CA Sphere Varies So I will tell you the rest of the story in this one report.

About 10 years ago I'm staying at my fathers house...laying in be
6/1/01 21:00 Jackson GA Rectangle +/- 5 minutes Opalescent rectangle flying through thunderhead; date/time approximate 2/1/07
6/1/01 16:00 Shirley AR Light <1 minute We saw 2 yellowish/orangish balls of light moving oddly and quickly during daylight. 6/19/15
6/1/01 13:00 Charlotte NC Egg 5 minutes Silver egg-shaped objects following aircraft around Charlotte International Airport 4/17/15