National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/2002
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/02 23:00 Layton UT Unknown variable Weird and Strange lights 8/12/08
6/30/02 22:00 Manila (Philippines)
Triangle 3 minutes Black triangular aircraft in a closer distance, gracefully moving without engine sound, flashed a bright light, disappeared in seconds 11/5/20
6/30/02 22:00 Honolulu HI Circle Years Green glowing UFOs and some that look like stars in the shape of circles with many encounters. 2/1/07
6/30/02 21:00 Lansdale PA Formation 1 minute 3 red lights in triangular formation seen in Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. 1/10/09
6/30/02 20:00 Sun Valley NV Light 15 seconds I thought it was a police chopper with it's light but there was no chopper or police car behind me. 7/17/11
6/30/02 20:00 Rockyview County (Canada) AB Sphere 10 minutes One evening after a hike in the Canadian Rockies I was driving back to Calgary. I was a clear evening with a high ceiling of cloud. 2/13/20
6/30/02 18:30 Thousand Palms CA Other continuous Warships, Surveillance Apparatus in Óur Skies from Twenty Nine Palms Airforce Base 1/12/12
6/30/02 17:00 Huntington (near) WV Cylinder 20 minutes My son and I had extended viewing of glowing cylindrical object. We were both moving west at approximately 70 mph. We were on I64 near 2/22/19
6/30/02 16:00 Donegal County (Republic of Ireland)
Sphere 1 minute I was standing outside our hoilday home looking towards the sea i looked at the sky when isaw 2ball shaped objects sliver in color allm 10/30/06
6/30/02 15:00 Leicester (UK/England)
Cigar 2 minutes Again unsure of exact date & time. Think I was on my way to Mums w/ husband, staring out car window, going past Meridian. 4/18/12
6/30/02 07:00 Hastings NE Other SECOND I was driving in my work truck, north bound on the by pass road (Hastings, NE) by the over pass next to the waste water treatment facil 6/12/07
6/30/02 05:30 Lakeside CA Triangle 1 minute I witnessed a black triangle craft that appeared over Rattle Snake Mtn. at my workplace in Santee, Ca., probably in 2001 or 2002. 4/28/17
6/30/02 02:30 Bogota (Colombia)
Egg 2 min Strange being in my bedroom and real dream having eggs 3/19/09
6/30/02 01:00 Sarajevo (boxnia)
Oval 2-3 min. oval shape-it was night time, so i just saw some kind of window lights with a kind of reflection that goes in circle, those light "wind 10/30/06
6/30/02 00:00 Largo FL Disk
disk 11/28/07
6/29/02 10:00 France
Other 5 minutes I have a 5 minute UFO video that I took in France in 2002 of multiple UFO's.(138mb) If you are interested, please provide an email 8/30/13
6/26/02 23:23 Hoffman Estates IL Fireball 90 seconds Orange fireball across the sky over Hoffman Estates IL 7/4/12
6/26/02 23:00 Dripping Springs AZ Formation 10 minutes My father, mother, and I were traveling north on Arizona HWY 77, about 20 lies from Winkelman AZ. As we climbed the to the Pinal mounta 7/12/19
6/26/02 21:00 Tampa FL Sphere 1 minute Small flying blue orb of light about the size of a basketball 5/12/09
6/26/02 03:00 Flathead Lake MT Disk 1 Hour Saucer w/colored lights underneath shooting colored lazers 8/21/11
6/24/02 20:00 Pocatello (south of) ID Rectangle 15 seconds I have never seen anything like this before. ((NUFORC Note: Report from very experienced pilot. PD)) 12/21/17
6/22/02 21:00 Ansted WV Light 3-4 minutes Bizarre light in small town that changed colors, other strange sightings within the same week. 11/19/12
6/20/02 23:20 Martinez GA Light 20 min Ufo seen near power plants 8/7/07
6/20/02 00:00 Salem AR Circle 3 hours Brillant object over baseball game for 2 hours 8/7/11
6/18/02 21:30 Moultonboro NH Sphere 10 minutes Saw an event in the sky in which a strange self fueled looking fireball moved around and was accompanied by two bright dots. 11/11/16
6/18/02 16:30 Kettering OH Egg 1 hour ((HOAX??)Witnessed "Tic Tac" UFO for an hour, took picture with cell phone. Object was seen 3-5 miles below a/ct. ((anonymous report)) 6/27/19
6/17/02 08:20 Detroit MI Triangle 1 second Saw UFO with eyes closed, woke me up with a start from dead dreamless sleep, i live alone! 11/28/07
6/16/02 22:00 Logan WV Circle big flashing circle it was a big flashing circle hovering in one spot. 10/30/06
6/16/02 20:30 Olympia WA Other 5-10 minutes Four adults couldn't identify an object that flew over Olympia Washington June 16, 2012. 7/4/12
6/15/02 23:00 Lake Powell UT Formation 10 minutes Dancing with the stars 12/17/11
6/15/02 21:56 Dale TX Circle 7 min. approx. 3 UFO's over Central Texas 12/12/09
6/15/02 21:00 Piqua OH Unknown about a minute Not sure what it was, the lights made me think it was a car, but I wasn't sure... 5/15/06
6/15/02 05:00 Nickelville MO Oval 1 hour MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: As the light was turning down the whole damn thing lit up from the center out. 12/12/09
6/15/02 00:30 Oak Creek WI Triangle 3 seconds A dark silhouette of a triangle flew over my head silently. 10/30/06
6/14/02 23:00 Frankfort IN Fireball 60 minutes We saw unusually moving bronze lights in the sky in Indiana I’m 2002. 7/9/20
6/14/02 21:00 Carrollton VA Circle 20 minutes Sighting of Circular Craft in Isle of Wight. 9/22/16
6/14/02 12:00 Philadelphia PA Cigar 10 seconds Flying cigar-shaped saucer in Philadelphia, PA in 2002 7/12/19
6/13/02 14:00 Tulsa OK Egg 1 minute Metallic, egg-shaped, silent, low-flying, object. 3/10/17
6/12/02 20:30 Midland TX Formation 8 minutes Sighting of a formation of cigar shaped U.F.O.s 5/15/06
6/12/02 00:30 Gheorgheni (Romania)
Fireball 7-9 sec. Shining double moon sized object falling in angle slowly from sky 6/12/07
6/10/02 23:00 Lorane OR Triangle 10 minutes Black triangle with searchlight west of Eugene Oregon 10/30/06
6/9/02 16:00 Clay Center KS Sphere 10 minutes The object was following a passenger jet. The obeject was a mettalic shaped sphere and was on the starboard side of the plane. 2/14/10
6/8/02 22:04 Wascott WI Triangle 2min 30 sec to 3 min On June 8, 2002 my self and 2 friends were at my house on Bond Lake, Wascott, Wisconsin. We had just sat down in the living room of my 6/4/14
6/6/02 23:00 Ocean City MD Unknown 5 seconds star sized object spinning circles over Ocean City Maryland in 2002 2/1/07
6/6/02 01:00 Bakersfield CA Circle 15 minutes A saucer flew over the roof of my car several times. ((anonymous report)) 4/8/19
6/4/02 23:00 Hayward/Castro Valley CA Diamond 5:00 Blue and White lights over Castro Valley and Hayward California 5/13/12
6/2/02 03:00 Tortuguero (Costa Rica)
Triangle 5 seconds Three lights above the atlantic Costa Rican coast were seen by three people around 3 a.m. 8/5/09
6/1/02 20:00 Rio Rancho NM Light 1 minute Bright green light hovering in front of Sandia mountains, in the northern end of the sandias. After about a minute of hovering, the lig 8/27/15
6/1/02 19:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Fireball 30 seconds Metallic Ball on Fire No Trails Enters Cloud But Does Not Exit Cloud 3/10/11
6/1/02 03:00 Bradenton FL Formation 2 min 6 black objects, no sound, no lights, high rate of speed, flying in formation at 3:00 am 4/27/07