National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/2003
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/03 14:00 Des Moines IA Cigar 5-10 Seconds Cloaking Cigar... 5/15/06
7/29/03 Atlantic Ocean (Canada) NS Circle 15 min baseball size lights,one behind the other,travelling in straight line 7/16/06
7/25/03 23:30 Maysville NC Rectangle 3 minutes Bus shaped object with 4 bright lights 20 feet off ground seen in rural eastern North Carolina.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/25/03 01:30 Wallowa OR Disk 20 seconds Flying saucer type object not large and alone soft white light and incredibly fast. 6/1/16
7/24/03 22:00 Wellsville NY Triangle 2 minutes Unknown slow mvoing silent triangular object spotted in non-military area. 6/12/08
7/24/03 21:15 Milton (north of) (Canada) ON Unknown 7 minutes Super bright light moving from west to east, not too high and not too fast. 1/24/12
7/24/03 00:00 Kuwait (Camp "New Jersey")
Disk 4 minutes 3 different type of lights spinning CW and CCW against each other and the craft would appear and disappear. 2/27/14
7/22/03 22:01 Camarillo CA Circle 10 minutes Brother and I saw an object about the size of a basketball across the street. ((anonymous report)) 4/7/17
7/22/03 18:00 Cordoba (Argentina)
Oval one minute sylver oval shape moving straight and then dissaper 1/21/08
7/20/03 22:30 Sparks NV Light 3 minutes I thought maybe it could be military since the fallon air base was that direction but very odd behavior. 7/4/12
7/20/03 02:30 Katy TX Sphere 30 seconds Green glowing floating sphere the size of a basketball witnessed by a man swimming in the middle of the night 5/15/13
7/18/03 17:40 Scarborough (Canada) ON Rectangle 2 minutes Flashing Flat Silver Rectangle 7/28/10
7/17/03 03:00 Columbia PA Disk 40 minutes 7/17/2003, 3 AM, Columbia, PA, 40 minutes duration, blue saucer shaped craft hovered for 20 minutes. 7/16/06
7/15/03 22:00 Haddonfield NJ Disk 5 seconds I was 5 years old and in my parent's bedroom. i was looking out the window across the street and i saw something weird shaped like a s 7/16/06
7/15/03 22:00 Bear DE Formation 2 min Five strange lights moving in a slithering motion over my car like a sidewinder. 3/4/08
7/15/03 22:00 Fountain Valley (2hrs N of; on I-5 S) CA Light 90 seconds I don't know what it was. More modern than anything that I can think of. 7/28/10
7/15/03 21:30 Chiefland FL Disk 21:50 We got a good look, it had 5 big square windowsw/ foggy dim light and no one inside that we could see, it landed on the road behind us. 5/15/06
7/15/03 20:00 St. Loisville OH Oval 5-10 minutes I witnessed a huge gray ball of light follow an airplane until they both were out of my eye sight. 11/6/14
7/14/03 02:00 Saint John (Canada) NB Disk 2 minutes 2 feet long disked shape saucer , multiple sightings 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 6/12/07
7/13/03 14:00 Karthaus PA Flash 60 seconds in the afternoon when we noticed what seemend to be a very bright white light in the woods 6/12/08
7/12/03 23:00 Baileys Harbor WI Light 20 seconds Sattelite? ((NUFORC Note: We observe that description of event is not inconsistent with the sighting of an Iridium satellite. PD)) 2/24/07
7/12/03 05:45 Asheville NC Light 1-1.50 minutes I saw a bright light that seemed to be sucked into another dimension when I looked at it, and there was a loud "booming" sound as it di 8/27/09
7/10/03 20:00 Airway Heights WA Sphere 45 minutes Orange sphere of light hovering several hundred feet above Fairchild Airforce Base. 2/14/10
7/6/03 21:00 Bonita Springs FL Light 1-5 minutes Bright white objects in night sky seen in SW Florida 5/15/06
7/4/03 21:00 Topaz Lake NV Light 45 minutes Orange light at Topaz Lake NV July 4th witnessed for 45 minutes 8/6/20
7/2/03 20:00 Timmonsville SC Oval 5 to 10 minutes UFO at treetop level on woods 7/16/06
7/1/03 23:46 Santa Maria CA Triangle 15 minutes Triangle Object over Pismo Beach, California 10/30/06
7/1/03 22:00 coventry RI Changing 3 minutes energy wings that took up the whole sky breaking into three small white lights and jetting off- no sound what so ever 10/30/06
7/1/03 20:30 Mentor-on-the-Lake OH Triangle 2-3 seconds Group of seven lights in triange formation, silent & disappearing. 11/21/14
7/1/03 19:45 Inglewood CA Disk 38 minutes Strange Red Craft/ UFO Nightmares 7/16/06
7/1/03 02:30 Seattle WA Teardrop 1O MINUTES GREEN GLOWING OVAL WITH TAIL 12/7/06