National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 08/2004
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/31/04 23:00 Cottage Grove OR Other 30 August 31, 2004 Cottage Grove, Oregon UFO 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:30 Willowick OH Light 10 minutes Big bright white ball in sky 9/9/04
8/31/04 21:30 Wellsboro PA Other 1 hour While camping at a campground nestled between hills in North Central Pennsylvania my husband and I observed what looked like a small cl 9/9/04
8/31/04 21:30 Choctaw OK Circle 5 seconds Two bright objects over Oklahoma ((NUFORC Note: Flare of Iridium satellite? PD)) 9/9/04
8/31/04 21:20 Ohio (eastern) OH Other 30 minutes it looked like a cloud with a light behind it 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:16 Nashville TN Triangle unknown Three black triangle-shaped crafts over highway 9/9/04
8/31/04 21:15

Check out this conversation going on right now on the Cloudynights telescope forums! 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:15 Fort Wayne IN Triangle 2 minutes Triangle object spotted 8-31-04 in Indiana! 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:15 Easton PA Triangle 3 minutes 8/31/04 21:15 large triangular shaped craft seen in sky Easton, PA 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:15 Au Sable Forks NY Other 25 minutes Object repoted on 8/31/04 on your website ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:10 Bellefonte PA Other 15 minutes An odd, luminous cloud over Central PA ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:10 Foxboro (Canada) ON Other 25-30 minutes Seen UFO shaped like 'snow Angel' in Sky August 31/04 at 9:10pm - ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:10 Chillicothe OH Fireball 20 minutes Comet-like object that broke up and then dispersed in a large cloud. ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:05 Mount Rainer MD Changing 10-15 minutes Strange cloud-like, dumbell shaped object with spinning rings noted in the NW sky ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 Boonsboro MD Other 35 minutes Meteor, Comet, Craft breakup. ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 Endwell NY Other 15 minutes Linked parabolic shapes with blinking light ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from Cape Canaveral. PD)) 9/9/04
8/31/04 21:00 Beaver WV Other 45 minutes Large luminous cloud like object moved slowly across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 Romulus NY Cone 8 min. White blur with two lights, changed directions often, faded in and out; over the big dipper. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 Wakefield NH Changing 30 min Bright white 5 -pointed object surrounded by hazy/cloud, travelled SW to N, ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 Reynoldsburg OH Cylinder 10 minutes On this night, I noticed a cylinder shaped illuminated object in the southeast sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail?? PD)) 10/27/04
8/31/04 21:00 Galeton PA Egg 8-10 mins comet shaped object hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 New Philadelphia OH Other 15-20 min The object we all seen was shaper similair to an eagle ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 North Kingstown RI Light 5 minutes blurry bar of light in western sky ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from Cape Canaveral. PD)) 9/9/04
8/31/04 21:00 Elkins WV Changing 15 min Explosive cloud over West Virginia, high altitude? ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 Wakefield NH Other 20 minutes 5 appendaged object ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 New York City NY Light 20 minutes 3 NYC professionals saw an oval, slightly green glow that stood still in the sky ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 Enterprise (Canada) ON Other 20min A fuzzy cloud like formation.Visible as wroughly moon sized 50 deg up in w sky rising to 80 deg ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 Montpelier (near) VT Other 15 min Appeared low in the WSW as a fuzzy "star" about as bright as Jupiter or Venus. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00 Aquebogue NY Other 25 min Aura or haze emitting light in the shape of a dove. ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:55 Cinnaminson NJ Formation 10 min. Strange shape moved from horizon to Apex with flashing strobe white light ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:50 Troy KY Other 1 hour A cloud like cigar shaped object - moved eastward over our heads and dissipated((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:50 Somerville NJ Other at least 5 minutes 2 spherical lights in the northwest sky ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:50 Kennett Square PA Changing 30 minutes Soft light appears and moves slowly over so. east PA early Tues. eve, 8/31. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 9/9/04
8/31/04 20:45 Neptune NJ Light about 15 min Expanding fuzzy white lights in western sky. ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:45 Malden Bridge NY Disk 30 minutes A shallow disc of light in cloudy light 45 deg, above hor., 8:45PM, Columbia Co., NY. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:45 Mount Carmel PA Other 30 min A hazy white patch of light slowly moving in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:45 Mount Carmel PA Other half hour Slow moving shape in the sky that faded but retained shape as it did, moved S to N. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:45 Montreal (Canada) QC Other 12 minutes light shaped like a "H" with a light flashing at the middle left. big as moon. ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:40 Kingsville OH Other 30 minutes nominal Three (3) witnesses to strange object in night sky ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:37 Kingsville OH Other one hour 8:30 P.M. EST August 31, 2004-resembled airplane explosion in atmosphere ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:35 Bristol TN Other 15 minutes Large white object with strobe light spotted during nightly skywatching ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:30 Morgantown WV Other 1-2 minutes strange lights above touchdown city, wv ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:30 Bristol TN Other 20 minutes Follow-up to east coast sighting on August 31st ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:30 Verona NY Other 15 mins figure 8 in the sky ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:30 Salem CT Other 20 minutes glowy fuzzy white butterfly/angel shaped thing. ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:30 Palm Bay FL Other
a blurry object ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 20:00 Herkimer NY Other 30 to 40 minutes "H" shaped object, green mist all around it, Upstate NY ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 19:51 Gulf Breeze FL Other 45 minutes strange bright cloud ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from Cape Canaveral. PD)) 9/1/04
8/31/04 16:10 Albuquerque NM Circle 60 sec White circular object rising straight up faster than balloon. 9/1/04
8/31/04 15:39 Washington, D.C. DC Cigar Five seconds Cigar-shaped craft over Washington, D.C. 9/1/04
8/31/04 14:00 Danville CA Circle 2 minutes 4 bright shiney cicular objects in a close knit group seen over Mt. Diablo in broad daylight. 9/9/04
8/31/04 07:30 Raynham MA Other 2 minutes Low flying object with three lights flies very quickly over house;no noise. 7/5/05
8/31/04 06:20 Chicago IL Light 2-3 minutes Light seen of Lake Michigan in Chicago 9/1/04
8/31/04 02:00 Santa Fe NM Other Unknown Cane shaped UFO seen in Santa Fe, NM on 8/30-31/04. 9/9/04
8/31/04 01:00 Sea Girt NJ Circle 5 seconds Small circular light appears for a brief moment then vanishes 10/27/04
8/30/04 23:15 Boynton Beach FL Egg north big huge bright yellow light .. light faded 3 small red lights then no lights at all! 9/1/04
8/30/04 22:00 Durham NC Oval 3-4 minutes several small brights lights followed by dark slow moving object in the sky that blocked out night sky 10/27/04
8/30/04 21:45 Albuquerque NM Unknown 3 minutes The object's lights were different and its rapid gyrations were most violent to be a normal aircraft. 9/1/04
8/30/04 21:45 Mazarron (Murcia) (Spain)
Flash 60 seconds about Bright white lights 9/1/04
8/30/04 21:20 San Jaun Batista CA Other seconds We were driving S/B on SR Hwy 101 at approximately 2120hrs on 083004, when we noticed a large shining object in the sky ahead of us, it 9/1/04
8/30/04 21:00 Nordland WA Formation 5 min 3 craft flying in formation at an excesive rate of speed making no sound 9/1/04
8/30/04 20:45 Washington IL Unknown 25 min Flashing lights that almost hit an airplane 9/9/04
8/30/04 20:45 Athrugiriya (Sri Lanka)

15 Saw 6 blinking stationary Stars in a straight line towards west/north west, however these were bigger than normal stars. Their colors 9/1/04
8/30/04 20:30 Fresno CA Disk about 30 minutes I saw a bright, pinkish shaped saucer high in the sky moving slowly. 5/24/05
8/30/04 18:30 Cocoa Beach FL Oval 2 hrs lights in the daylight sky at the time of the Atlas rocket launch on the 31st of Aug. 9/9/04
8/30/04 15:50 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
8/30/04 14:10 Englewood CO Sphere 5 minutes Oddly-behaving white sphere once again seen in Denver area 9/1/04
8/30/04 10:00 Atlantic Ocean (inflight)
Unknown 0:05 Beacon type flashes over the Atlantic (Pilot report) 9/1/04
8/30/04 05:00 Sedona AZ Light 2-3 minutes Shortly before 5 a.m., I awoke to the sound of one of my cats making noise upstairs. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect Venus??)) 9/1/04
8/30/04 04:20 St. Charles MO Triangle about 30 seconds saw a triangle looking craft at 4:30 9/1/04
8/29/04 22:30 London (UK/England)
Sphere 30 seconds We were on a main road in London called Finchley Road, there were plenty more people driving who could have seen this object. It appear 9/1/04
8/29/04 21:45 Baker LA Light 30 min 2 white lights moving eratically in the sky. 9/1/04
8/29/04 19:45 Fremont CA Rectangle 5 minutes Anomalous object, lacking any aerodynamic features, rect./oval shape, DC-10 size, moving eastward. 9/1/04
8/29/04 19:35 Omemee (Canada) ON Oval 10 seconds A low dark cloud that moved from west to east, changed direction, changed direction again to west to east until it was out of view. 9/1/04
8/29/04 18:00 West Los Angeles CA Diamond 15 minutes Over Santa Monica, Slow Moving Bright in the Atmosphere 9/29/04
8/29/04 15:15 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Circle about 3 mins 11 hovering objects one very large(oval) daylight 3:15 pm Aug,29,2004 very high altitude due north 9/1/04
8/29/04 13:30 New York City NY Triangle 3min 8/29/04 1:30pm Eastern -Triangle over Empire State Building with protests below. 9/9/04
8/29/04 10:35 Corinth KY Triangle 2-3 minutes Triangular object with lights on each tip that switch patterns and hover ; seen on I 75 near Corinth, KY 9/1/04
8/29/04 06:45 Vienna MO Sphere 25 seconds Sphere shaped object..again! 9/1/04
8/29/04 04:00 Liberty Hill TX Changing untill sunrise cone changing into a circle ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus?? PD)) 9/9/04
8/28/04 21:30 Raleigh NC Light fifteen minutes Dim, sporadic, fast moving lights over park 9/1/04
8/28/04 19:45 Tacoma/Spanway WA Light 5 to 10 min Silver and Gold balls of light 9/1/04
8/28/04 18:30 Piscataquis County ME Circle 10-30 Seconds Well, I was watching TV, when I looked out my window (which is somewhat of a bay window) and saw a lowflying circular metallic object m 9/1/04
8/28/04 16:00 Campbellford (Canada) ON Other not sure creature was very unusual looking 9/29/04
8/28/04 01:10 New York City (Manhattan) NY Fireball 10 Seconds Large orange hazy light traveling swiftly north over NYC. 9/30/16
8/27/04 23:00 West Palm Beach FL Light 1minute circling pin point of light 9/1/04
8/27/04 22:30 Hampton VA Light 5 seconds Orange Light in the North Sky 9/1/04
8/27/04 22:20 Newcastle/Alwick (between) (UK/England)
Flash 20 minutes very quick flashes and streaks seen to north during journey between newcastle and alnwick, england 9/1/04
8/27/04 21:00 Beaumont TX Light 10 minutes Exploding, traveling light that traveled far faster and more sparatically than any craft I've seen. 9/29/04
8/27/04 19:30 Kenner LA Teardrop none object on film 9/1/04
8/27/04 15:00 Celoron NY Triangle 8 sec. Sky Blue Manta 1/19/05
8/27/04 14:00 Paterson (south of Paterson Exit on I-5) CA Disk seconds UFO at same area seen twice in 4 hours 9/1/04
8/26/04 23:00 Garden Grove CA Fireball
4 objects moving at high rate of speed. 9/9/04
8/26/04 22:13 Westerly RI Triangle 1 minute black triangle over chopper and house in RI 9/1/04
8/26/04 22:00 Chatsworth NJ Unknown 2 Minutes Object hovers slightly above tree level until it dissappears into the forest 5/24/05
8/26/04 20:35 Coppell TX Triangle 1 sec Three small triangular shaped objects fly through my telescopes field of view. 9/1/04
8/26/04 20:00 Baton Rouge LA
all night every night....go out where it is dark, check out the skies, they travel in three's, triangular form, of course everyone thinks they ar 9/1/04
8/26/04 19:35 St. James MO Changing approx 8 min. Unidentified object in the St.James Mo area. 9/1/04
8/26/04 14:35 Sunol CA Egg Instant Egg shaped object photographed in color in Northern CA 9/9/04
8/26/04 05:03 Flagler FL Light 3-4 minutes A bright light appeared out of a black sky over the ocean then turned orange and dimmed out. 9/1/04
8/26/04 00:15 Danville VA Unknown 45+ min One hovering object with multicolored rapidly flashing lights--red, blue/green, white; 45+ minutes. 9/1/04
8/25/04 23:00 Haltom City TX Light seconds another one-Alliance/DFW Tx 9/1/04
8/25/04 23:00 Vienna MO Triangle 15 minues Large triangle shape minicing stars hovering close to ground ((NUFORC Note: Triplet of satellites, we suspect. PD)) 9/1/04
8/25/04 22:50 Social Hill AR Cigar 15 seconds Cigar Shape flying north of the 92 mm on I-30 with a plane following. 9/1/04
8/25/04 22:45 Luling LA Circle 45 min. Small like a star but changes colors, blue, red, orange, green ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a celestial body. PD)) 9/1/04
8/25/04 22:00 Indianapolis IN
3-4 minutes Bright reddish object 9/9/04
8/25/04 22:00 Madison CT Triangle 2 hrs Sparklers 9/1/04
8/25/04 21:00 Haltom City TX Light 2-3 minutes DFW Tx Alliance Airport area 2 lights moving and dancing in sky 9/1/04
8/25/04 18:00 Topeka KS Cylinder 3 - 4 minutes Bright cylinder seen flying over Topeka during storm. 9/1/04
8/25/04 17:11 Midland TX Oval 11 mins objects moved very fast& then very slow at each other, & kept stopping for long periods of time, then vanished 9/1/04
8/25/04 16:00 Lagos (Nigeria)
Circle 30 sec. strange craft crashed into beach in lagos,Nigeria. 2/22/05
8/25/04 12:45 Los Angeles CA Changing Nightly Red and Blue Flashing Object, Appears to be Star ((NUFORC Note: Star, probably Sirius. PD)) 9/1/04
8/25/04 10:10 Carlsbad CA Disk 10 seconds I was driving south on Interstate 5 when I noticed a silver disc shaped craft in the sky about one mile ahead just past the Palomar Air 9/29/04
8/24/04 23:40 Canyon TX Other 38 minutes Lights over canyon 9/1/04
8/24/04 23:02 West Chester PA Triangle 5 minutes Triangular craft, flashes of light 9/1/04
8/24/04 23:00 Susanville CA Changing All night Minister and police spot ufos in Susanville,CA ((NUFORC Note: We suspect twinkling stars. PD)) 9/1/04
8/24/04 22:10 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Light 5 min six orange lights hovered for a few minutes 8/24/04
8/24/04 22:00 Springview NE Light 20 minutes Orange and white lights, moving quickly horizontally 9/1/04
8/24/04 21:24 Millersville TN Triangle 1 min 27 sec Triangular object encounters small plane in the night sky 9/29/04
8/24/04 19:15 Cancun (Mexico)
Cigar approx. 30sec A huge object off the coast of Cancun, Mexico 6/9/09
8/24/04 19:00 Clermont GA Light about 5 seconds I saw a bright multi-colored shape of light about 500 feet in the air that hovered then rapidly decended and vanished. 3/19/09
8/24/04 15:30 Denver CO Cylinder 1 minute Extremely bright small cylinder almost stationary in clouds abo e Denver. 9/1/04
8/24/04 05:45 Long Beach MS Light 3 MINUTES The lights moved in reverse, forward, up and down. 9/9/04
8/24/04 04:00 San Diego CA Light 2.5 hrs. Bright objects seen for extended periods on cloudy night. 9/1/04
8/24/04 02:30 Belleville (Canada) ON Unknown approx. 20 minutes Large object with multy colored flashing lights. 9/1/04
8/24/04 01:15 Sea Isle NJ Light 45 minutes to an hour light over the ocean in sea isle new jersey ((NUFORC Note: Possible celestial body, or "twinkling" star? PD)) 9/9/04
8/23/04 23:45 Pidgeon Lake (Canada) AB Light 20 minutes Did I see crop circles being made? 7/5/05
8/23/04 23:10 Greenville SC Triangle 5-7 mins Strange Triangle Hovering/Moving slowly then vanishing. 8/24/04
8/23/04 23:00 Caransebes (Romania)
Fireball 60 sec one star fly and dissapear like in movie s.f 9/9/04
8/23/04 21:00 Silver City NM Light 30 MINUTES Metallic orange lights over mountains Silver City, New Mexico 8/24/04
8/23/04 19:00 Midlothian IL
2 minutes Government Helicopter May Have Known About Tinley Park, IL UFO 12/14/04
8/23/04 17:45 Tega Cay SC Teardrop 00:30s Black Tear drop following tree line, moving slower than a plane, and keeping a very level line. 8/24/04
8/23/04 14:55 Englewood CO Sphere 15 mins white sphere(s) seen again in Denver area; perhaps colour-changing 8/24/04
8/23/04 04:45 Redondo Beach CA Formation 10 Minutes Four Circular Objects in Formation Sighted Over the Pacific Ocean Off Redondo Beach, Calif. 8/24/04
8/23/04 01:00 Denver CO Light 15min Denver downtown UFO sighting 8/24/04
8/23/04 00:00 Phoenixville PA Light 45 min + Light groupings spotted in northern sky at about 23:45 on 08/22/04. ((Jupiter??)) 8/24/04
8/22/04 23:00 Lovell ME Light 60-90seconds Very dim flashing white light moving quitely, eratically, and misteriously across the sky. 8/24/04
8/22/04 22:00 Palermo ME Triangle 7 minutes a triangle shaped formation over maine 8/24/04
8/22/04 22:00 Victoria (Canada) BC Rectangle 1 minute slow moving rectangle lifts away from hover position and vanishes in a flash 8/24/04
8/22/04 21:00 Bethel Park PA Light about 5 seconds bright light moving slowly that dimmed out and disappeared. 8/24/04
8/22/04 21:00 Pearland TX Cigar 15 min Large vertical orange/pink glowing light the length of two full moons above the horizon 9/1/04
8/22/04 19:50 Atkinson IL Light 5 minutes Iridescent U.F.O. spotted by four eye witnesses over Northwest Illinois Sunday night at around 7:50 p.m. 8/24/04
8/22/04 18:10 Rocklin CA Circle 4-5 minutes Round Reflective Object Veiwed in Rocklin, CA at Approx. 6:10pm on August 22 8/24/04
8/22/04 13:00 Woodbury CT Unknown
comformation 8/24/04
8/22/04 13:00 Woodbury CT Disk 10 secends It was augest 22, and we were driving home from my brithday party when I saw a disk with a slightly domed roof hovering in the sky. 8/24/04
8/22/04 13:00 Whitehaven (UK/England)

na My reason for entering this site is to ask rather than state that i have seen a ufo, ((NUFORC Note: Possible bird in flight. PD)) 9/9/04
8/22/04 12:30 Santee CA Circle 10-15 Min. Circular white object, Hovered and moved, alt. approx. 50,000 ft.,... Not a Drifting balloon 8/24/04
8/22/04 11:30 Houston area TX Triangle 10 minutes This was aired on KHOU channel 11 news in Houston, TX. at 11:30pm with clear, stable footage. 8/24/04
8/22/04 10:55 Falls City NE Triangle 30-45 sec Huge! 8/24/04
8/22/04 01:30 Lahti (Finland)
Oval 5 seconds five red shining oval shaped objects flying fast and silently 8/24/04
8/22/04 01:00 Boise ID Oval 30 seconds? Green Oval Shaped UFO Sighted Near Gowen Air Field US Air Force Base Boise Idaho 4/27/07
8/22/04 01:00 Dexter KS Light 30 MIN. Round bright star like object lighting up the ground below it. Shot off silently. 12/14/04
8/21/04 23:30 Tinley Park IL Triangle 10 minutes I saw three bright red lights high up in the sky in the shape of a triangle that eventually aligned into a line and slowly disappeared. 10/27/04
8/21/04 23:30 Tinley Park IL Unknown 30 minutes 3 Red Lights over Tinley Park, IL 8/21/04. 10/27/04
8/21/04 23:30 Buffalo MO Circle 3 hours After watching the one object dash in the sky we noticed many others further in the distance communicating with one another. 8/24/04
8/21/04 23:30 Oak Forest IL Changing 25min there were red lights which slowly moved over my location, which then "winked out" one by one. 12/3/04
8/21/04 23:15 San Jose CA Formation 15-30 seconds High altitude, three craft formation travelling southeasterly above San Jose, CA, August 21 at 23:15 ((U. S. Navy NOSS satellites??)) 9/1/04
8/21/04 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light ~20 minutes I saw a red blinking light for about 20 minutes. 8/24/04
8/21/04 23:00 Tinley Park IL Formation 15 minutes 3 red lights in eastern sky. First in triangular formation and then slowly moving into a verticle line. Disappeared one by one. Mana 10/27/04
8/21/04 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light 15 minutes bright red lights moving slowly across the sky. 8/24/04
8/21/04 23:00 Tinley Park IL Circle 30 minutes 3 glowing lights in sky. 8/24/04
8/21/04 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light
3 reddish orange lights seen hovering over suburban chicago by hundreds, if not thousands. 8/24/04
8/21/04 23:00 Orland Park IL Light 12 minutes 3 bright red lights seen in the sky. 9/1/04
8/21/04 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light 30 minutes 3 bright red lights hovering for 30 minutes. 8/24/04
8/21/04 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light 5-10 minutes In the clear night sky me and my family were contacted by other family to see red lights in sky. They were huge and they were red. At f 9/1/04
8/21/04 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light 15 minutes there were three red lights that started out in a horizontal line and slowly moved to a vertical line by Each light flashing then movin 9/9/04
8/21/04 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light 30 minutes 3 red lights. 9/1/04
8/21/04 23:00 Orland Park IL Light 15 to 20 minutes 3 solid red lights moving slowly across the sky in a triangular formation. 1 light stopped the other 2 rotated around it to form and eq 8/24/04
8/21/04 23:00 Tinley Park IL Unknown
I'm not totally sure of the date but it was the weekend of the air and water show in chicago. Myself, a friend and my children also wi 10/27/04
8/21/04 22:50 Matteson IL Circle first event: 5-10 minutes Multiple red lights. 9/1/04
8/21/04 22:50 Tinley Park IL Formation 3-5 minutes Three red lights seen hovering and moving. 10/27/04
8/21/04 22:45 Montreal (Canada) QC Circle 15 min. J'avais jamais vu en 31 ans d'existence quelconque forme effectué des virages a 45 degrés dans les airs de facon aussi prononcé ! 9/1/04
8/21/04 22:41 Dunchurch (Canada) ON Light 8 min 3 lights flying formation, a 4th trailing, then catching up and speeding away 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:40 Hunter NY Triangle 1.30 sec perfect triangle very dark and dim white lights on each point of the triangle. 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:35 Somerset NJ Formation 1-2 minutes Backwards triangular formation moving from east to west, with the back point breaking off and going south. 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:30 Tinley Park IL Circle 15 minutes flashing red lights, not ANYTHING like an airplane. 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:30 Tinley Park IL Circle 15-30 minutes 3 bright red lights that changed formation and then disappeared. 10/27/04
8/21/04 22:30 Tinley Park IL Light 20 minutes 3 bright red lights just hovering in sky, changing formation, before disappearing. 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:30 Tinley Park IL Formation 20 minutes 3 red lights changing formation 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:30 Utica NY Triangle 45 seconds triangle shape over utica ny aug 2004 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:30 Tinley Park IL Triangle ~1 hour Red light triangle, as well as blue lights, that were harder to see, given that starts appear white... 10/27/04
8/21/04 22:30 Frankfort IL Unknown 20-30 minutes 5 red lights in a row vertically drifting slowly eastward. 10/27/04
8/21/04 22:30 New Fairfield CT Triangle 3 minutes Triangular grouping at high altitude slowly moves and vanishes ((U.S. Navy "triplet" of satellites??)) 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:20 Tinley Park IL Light 35 minutes 3 Red Lights in Tinley Park, IL SSE Night Sky Hovering with 1 moving towards the others. 9/1/04
8/21/04 22:14 Peterborough (Canada) ON Oval 2min Large bright orange light going in a stright line below airliners route as there where three planes way higher on thier flightr paths. 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:10 Madison WI Light 10-15 min. Four bright white lights in a row, descended sharply and diminished to a flashlight size and winked out and hit ground. 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:05 Manchester NH Light 22:05 Four yellowish lights moving Zeppelin-like across the south Manchester, NH skies, disappearing after 45 minutes. 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:00 Oak Forest IL Triangle half hour Strange air ship moving north to south over the southwest Chicago suburbs. 10/30/06
8/21/04 22:00 Houston TX Light 20 minutes An orange vertical column of light in the northeast sky 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:00 Tinley Park IL Light 30 minutes Three blinking lights that do not appear to be airplanes. ((anonymous report)) 10/27/04
8/21/04 22:00 Tinley Park IL Fireball 15 minutes 3 Bright Red objects spotted in the atmosphere moving and blinking with NO SOUND! 8/24/04
8/21/04 22:00 Tinley Park IL Light 30-45 minutes 3 red lights hovering in tinley park in odd shapes that came together as one and flew away. 10/8/07
8/21/04 22:00 Orland Park IL Formation 10 Minutes August 21 (Chicago, IL) Identified Objects 10/27/04
8/21/04 22:00 Houston TX Light
Explanation for column or pillar of orange light in Houston skies 5/24/05
8/21/04 22:00 Tinley Park IL Triangle 1 hour Leslie Kean's (see face book) UFOs is THE book ; however, it does not have a reference to the Tinley Park Triangle . 5/13/12
8/21/04 22:00 Tinley Park IL Oval 30 minutes 4 red lights that were not airplane or from laser. 10/27/04
8/21/04 22:00 Frankfort IL Triangle 45 minutes 3 lights in a triangular formation in the north sky 10/27/04
8/21/04 22:00 Tinley Park IL Formation 45 minutes I was at an outdoor wedding, and a person noticed the lights,(three red lights in this triangular formation),we thought it might have b 1/19/05
8/21/04 22:00 Tinley Park IL Light 15 minutes three red lights hovering through the sky. 9/1/04
8/21/04 21:30 Tinley Park IL Unknown 10 minutes MY friends and i were sititng on my porch talking when i noticed three redish orangish colored lights in the sky.Thinking it was a plan 5/24/05
8/21/04 21:30 Hawthorn Woods IL Triangle 1 hour saw a triangular formation of red lights in the sky 5/11/05
8/21/04 21:00 Tinley Park IL Circle 1 hour 3 red lights hovered for about 1 hour to the south of my location in Tinley Park, Il. 11/9/04
8/21/04 21:00 Houston TX Light about 2 or b3 hours Beam of light in NE Houston 12/3/04
8/21/04 19:54 Tinley Park IL Light 10 minutes A different take on the three lights above Tinley Park, IL 0n 08/31/04 (sic. 08/21/2004). 12/3/04
8/21/04 09:00 Vienna VA Diamond 1 second it was in the shape of a dymand with a ppink haze behind it. 8/24/04
8/21/04 08:30 Long Beach WA Light 10 minutes At Long Beach WA peninsula, on the beach, looking out over the ocean -- bright white/yellow circular light moving at high speed right a 9/1/04
8/21/04 04:00 Spokane WA Light 3 min. large white light, erratic motion over spokane 8/24/04
8/21/04 03:30 Milwaukee WI Formation 1 1/2 hours ufo's formed a circle over our roof and hovered there for about 11/2 hours 9/29/04
8/21/04 01:30 Tinley Park IL Light 20 minutes Three red lights (objects) moving in the sky making formations on August 22, 2004. 8/24/04
8/21/04 00:00 Tinley Park IL Light 20 minutes Lights over Tinley Park. 7/16/06
8/21/04 Tinley Park IL

Case Summary For Tinley Park,Illinois From Sam Maranto,SSD MUFON and Mark Rodeghier Phd,Director CUFOS 04/23-24/2004,08/21/2004,10/31/2 10/11/05
8/20/04 22:30 Newport OR Fireball 30 minutes Two men observe large, red/orange, glowing object disappear into the night sky. 7/17/11
8/20/04 22:30 Stonewall (Canada) MB Formation 30 seconds 3 boomerang shaped objects in formation. 9/1/04
8/20/04 22:30 Sedro Woolley WA Circle 3 SECONDS I was looking in the South Eastern sky about 65 Degrees above the horizon on 8/20/04 at about 1030 P.M. and noticed at first what I tho 8/24/04
8/20/04 22:27 Lake in the Hills IL Triangle 2-3 minutes On August 20,2004 at exactly 10:25 to 10:27 pm we witnessed a triangular shaped object moving across the sky from north to south direct 8/24/04
8/20/04 22:15 Chicago IL Triangle 1-2 minutes Mother and daughter see "firework" stop, then turn into some type of unlighted craft. 8/24/04
8/20/04 22:15 Adriatic Sea (near Hvar) (Croatia)
Formation 5-7 minutes Triangle of lights moving in a straight line across the Agean Sea almost west-to-east. 10/27/04
8/20/04 22:12 Langley (Canada) BC Light 5min. 3 satellite appearing objects travelling over Langley on two separate nights in triangle formation from north to south. 8/24/04
8/20/04 22:00 Atwater Village CA Changing 25 minutes it was around 9:30 when i noticed an extremely bright glow in the sky it moved from side to side - disc shaped with colored lights. 9/1/04
8/20/04 22:00 New York City (Staten Island) NY Oval 15 min. the hazy white four objects traveled in a circle and came together about a dozen times in the center like they were playing a game. 8/24/04
8/20/04 22:00 Grand Marais MN Other 30 minutes 3 stars moving in a triangle formation near the Minnesota-Canada border? 9/9/04
8/20/04 22:00 Salida CO Triangle 3 hours 3 Crafts Above Methodist Mountain in Colorado in August 2004! 10/11/05
8/20/04 22:00 Grants Pass OR Circle 30 seconds Three bright red cylinders changing to very bright white lights before disappearing at high speeds 8/24/04
8/20/04 22:00 Stacksteads (UK/England)
Light 2 minutes the light moved silently& slowly in a straight line & flashed over a cloud lighting it up 9/29/04
8/20/04 22:00 Chicago IL Unknown 45 minutes Same UFO from Orland Parlk / Tinley Park? 9/1/04
8/20/04 22:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Other 5-10 min Large black low flying object with white and blue flashing lights. 10/20/05
8/20/04 22:00 Bethel Island CA Light 15 sec a light in the sky moving fast and disappering 5/15/06
8/20/04 21:50 Chicago IL Cylinder 5 min Cylinder shaped with lights on the side. I Have never seen a plane do that... 9/1/04
8/20/04 21:00 Bellevue WA Formation 10 -20 sec. The group of aircraft moved quickly at high altitude changed formation violently. 8/24/04
8/20/04 20:45 Long Beach WA Light 15 minutes We saw a bright yellow light on the ocean moving very quickly north; it faded and then reappeared moving south. 9/1/04
8/20/04 20:00 Des Moines IA Triangle 10m Triangle sighted on I-35 in Des Moines 9/1/04
8/20/04 20:00 New Haven IN Teardrop a couple of minutes Fast moving object with three white lights in front of it silently going across the sky 8/24/04
8/20/04 15:00 Hervey Bay (Australia)
Oval 2 min 9 UFO's appeared and disolved into nothing before my eyes 9/2/05
8/20/04 15:00 Pelican Lake WI Circle 5 hours it was stationary object very high in the afternoon clear sky, which was visible until dark and gone the next day 9/1/04
8/20/04 15:00 Peekskill NY Changing 1minute A clear Sunday afternoon,Me and my girlfriend saw what looked like an amorphous color changing metallic//silver/red shaped object w 9/9/04
8/20/04 14:59 Oshkosh WI Disk 3-4 sec 7 white, saucer shapes flying in v formation on live TV in Oshkosh, WI 8/24/04
8/20/04 13:00

White object appeared at a start of a target shooting in the Pacific. ((NUFORC Note: Looks like a seagull to us. PD)) 3/11/06
8/20/04 11:30 Taos NM Disk 1 min flashing lights, sky cloudness 9/1/04
8/20/04 11:00 Tukwila/Renton WA Light 2 minutes i saw four balls of light moving slowly. i turned my head to tell my friend and they were gone.same thin a few days later 12/7/06
8/20/04 10:15 Soap Lake (Sun Lakes State Park) WA Triangle 5 Minutes The craft was a large triangle. 8/24/04
8/20/04 00:32 Granada (Spain)
Unknown 35 secs Seven star like objects flying in formation made me freeze. 9/9/04
8/19/04 23:55 Los Angeles (250 mi north of, on Hwy 5) CA Triangle 30 seconds Irratic flying object seen east of highway 5 near midnight. 8/24/04
8/19/04 23:30 Albany OR Triangle 1 minute The craft seemed 6-12,000 ft high but was hard to tell. It was aclear night and my nephew saw the lights first thinking they were satel 8/24/04
8/19/04 23:15 Paskenta CA Triangle 5 minutes While doing wildlife research on the Mendocino National Forest, three biologists witnessed 3 star like objects in a triangular formatio 9/1/04
8/19/04 22:55 Greenwater (near, by Mt. Rainier) WA Formation 3-4 MINUTES Triangular light formations by Mt. Rainier ((NUFORC Note: We suspect the objects were U.S.Navy "NOSS" satellites. PD)) 8/24/04
8/19/04 22:30 East Amherst NY Disk 15 minutes Saucer shaped disc floating above suburban neighborhood 9/9/04
8/19/04 22:15 Orange Beach AL Circle ~30 seconds Orange Lights over Gulf of Mexico (Orange Beach, Ala.) ((NUFORC Note: Flares?? PD)) 9/29/04
8/19/04 22:10 York PA Unknown 5 seconds orange sphere traveled by at a high speed and disappeared. 8/24/04
8/19/04 22:00 Ann Arbor MI Triangle 5 minutes Triangular shaped object seen on Aug, 19, 2004 near Ann Arbor, MI 8/24/04
8/19/04 22:00 Longueuil (Canada) QC Formation 15 minutes On august 19 Iwas on my balcoon and I saw a formation of 3 lights coming from north and going south . The objet going in triangular for 9/29/04
8/19/04 22:00 Mule Creek Canyon (on the Rogue River) OR Fireball 10 seconds Three very large lights at different times in the sky above the tree line. Military jets flying in the area. 8/24/04
8/19/04 21:30 Sacramento CA Unknown couple of minutes Strobe like aircraft with rapidly blinking lights in Sacramento 8/24/04
8/19/04 21:15 Stafford (UK/England)
Sphere seconds Appeared to be a UFO 8/24/04
8/19/04 21:00 Pittsburgh PA Light 15 minutes I saw faint, white lights zipping around high in the sky during a cloudy night. 9/1/04
8/19/04 21:00 Coolidge AZ Light 20 mins. Orange lights in the Casa Grande area in a line formation. 8/24/04
8/19/04 20:30 Des Moines IA Triangle 10 m Lighted Triangle object hovers by major interstate 8/24/04
8/19/04 20:00 River Falls WI Teardrop 01:25 Immobile teardrop object in the west near evening. 8/24/04
8/19/04 20:00 Gary/Hammond IN Triangle 45-60 seconds Three triangular glowing lights flying very slowly toward the horizon (I-90 West outside Gary, Indiana) 9/9/04
8/19/04 19:00 St. Paul MN Circle not sure This item is from WCCO news in Minneapolis Mn 8/24/04
8/19/04 18:20 Waconia MN Circle
Bright object seen by thousands and reported on all local news stations 9/1/04
8/19/04 18:00 Minneapolis MN Circle 3.5 hours White high-altitude object suspended over Twin Cities and witnessed for 12 hours 9/1/04
8/19/04 17:00 Chaska MN Rectangle 4.5 hours Bright Object in skies above Minneapolis area, August 19th, 2004. 10/27/04
8/19/04 17:00 Minneapolis MN
Above the Metrodome The round object above the Metrodome. 9/9/04
8/19/04 17:00 St. Paul MN Light 3 hours Bright light hovers for hours in broad daylight, thousands of people see it. 8/24/04
8/19/04 17:00 Lakeville MN Light 12 hours Video of object over the Minneapolis metro area on 8-19-04 9/1/04
8/19/04 17:00 Shorewood MN Egg 5hours object floating over minneapolis area August 19, 2004 12/14/04
8/19/04 17:00 St. Louis Park MN Sphere 1-2 hours A round, white craft flew at about 60,000 ft. in the air for about 5 hours 9/1/04
8/19/04 17:00 St. Paul MN Circle >=4 hrs White circular object observed 2.5 handspans above horizon for 4+ hours by 8 people in St. Paul, MN. 9/1/04
8/19/04 16:30 Saint Paul MN Teardrop Several Hours Strange object in Metro sky 9/9/04
8/19/04 16:00 Rosemount MN Light 1+ hours Bright object in daytime sky, MN 8/24/04
8/19/04 16:00 Minneapolis MN Circle 2 hours large object minneapolis baffles experts. 8/24/04
8/19/04 15:50 Minneapolis area MN Other 5+ hours Daylight star over twin cities, minnesota. 8/24/04
8/19/04 15:30 Minneapolis MN Sphere approx 2 hrs White sphere viewed with naked eye and telescope in broad daylight was most likely a high altitude balloon 9/29/04
8/19/04 15:05 Abita Springs LA Triangle 1 minute Triangle 'floating' in the sky and observed between tall pine trees 9/1/04
8/19/04 13:00 Minneapolis MN Sphere 5 Minutes I seen an object in the sky, thought it was a balloon, but it was too large and too high, in five minutes it barely moved. 12/3/04
8/19/04 11:00 St. Paul MN Unknown 10 minutes ON Aug. 19th about 11am I was heading south on Ruth street towards Battle Creek to do some mountain biking. I observed a very shiny obj 1/19/05
8/19/04 10:29 Yakima WA Flash 5-8 seconds Strange Yellow White Light in the sky ((NUFORC Note: Flare from Iridium satellite. PD)) 8/24/04
8/19/04 09:00 Bloomington MN Unknown 8 hours We watch an object in a fixed point in the sky, appearing metalic. Crystal Clear Blue sky. The object appeared directly overhead at abo 8/24/04
8/19/04 01:30 Marana (northwest of) AZ Triangle 5 mins Triangular low-altitude, slowly gliding, lighted object came over our home outside of Marana, AZ 10/11/05
8/19/04 01:20 Metchosin/Sooke Area (Canada) BC Light 20-minutes Two Unidentified Nocturnal Aerial Lights in the Sooke Hills - Sooke Basin Area, Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada 12/14/04
8/18/04 23:30 Bangkok (Thailand)
Light One Hour Houndreds of strance red lights floating accross the night sky. 11/9/04
8/18/04 23:00 Cairo NY Circle 5 MIN UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT 8/24/04
8/18/04 22:00 Lincoln NE Other 5 mins triangle shape ship launches a red sphere ship that launches a white light 8/24/04
8/18/04 21:58 Harrow (Canada) ON Light momentary as if a star was turned on and off 8/24/04
8/18/04 21:20 Issaquah WA Fireball 1-2 seconds green ball of light falling East of Issaquah. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD)) 8/24/04
8/18/04 21:15 Mercer Island WA Oval 8 seconds My mother and I were driving over the East Channel bridge, passing mercer Island. We both saw a faded green oval descending from west t 8/24/04
8/18/04 21:10 Sultan WA Light 4 seconds Neon Green glowing ball falls on the Cascade Mountain Range near Sultan on Highway 2. 8/24/04
8/18/04 21:00 Plymouth MN Oval 10 sec side by side reddish very fast tip to tip flying surfboards in Minnesota. 10/27/04
8/18/04 20:30 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Sphere 10 seconds Abnormal movement of airborn object. Assumed satellite- but low height, high speed, unusual path of travel 8/24/04
8/18/04 14:00 Whitesboro NY Light 4 min A little glowing moving dot in the middle of the day 5/24/05
8/18/04 04:20 Chula Vista CA Light 40 MIN large bright yellow light and four smaller red,green and blue flashing lights in the eastern sky ((Venus??)) 9/1/04
8/18/04 04:00 Meriden CT Oval
Bright light video taped, ((Venus??)) 8/24/04
8/18/04 02:30 Kelowna (Canada) BC Triangle 2 minutes Triangular UFO witnessed over Kelowna B.C. 8/24/04
8/18/04 00:00 Weed CA Changing 6 hours Big and bright object that changes shape and form in sky 4 nights in a row, moving eraticly. ((Venus??)) 8/24/04
8/17/04 22:29 Granite Falls WA Triangle 4 hours Same object as the sighting on the 15th again with an additional object sighted in the North sky close to the horizon ((Jupiter??) 8/24/04
8/17/04 21:45 Fallon NV Light 1 minute The object was flashing white light while moving one direction then changed direction and disappeared 8/24/04
8/17/04 21:30 Scituate MA Unknown 2 to 3 minutes Over ocean at Scituate MA, August 18, 2004, a bright light was observed, hovering. 8/24/04
8/17/04 21:30 Macomb IL Light 2 - 3 minutes Very bright then dim object no flashing lights spotted moving south then back north. It was spotted by a feeling my wife had. 8/21/11
8/17/04 21:30 Sydney (Australia))
I stand there, tranfixed at this light, not being able to move. It was this wonderful glowing light. 2/14/06
8/17/04 20:56 Holladay UT Light 1 second Red light/streak in sky, unbelievably fast. 8/24/04
8/17/04 20:00 Mesa/Phoenix AZ Triangle 5 min August 17th 2004 8:25pm Mesa/PHX AZ black triangle object hovering over power lines then moves away. 8/24/04
8/17/04 03:30 College Fjord AK Changing 15-20 mimutes On August 17th were were on a Alaskan cruise aboard the Sun Princess on a north easterly course into Perry Passage and Wells Passage. A 9/1/04
8/17/04 02:30 Agawam MA Triangle 7-10 minutes Triangle shape 7/3/13
8/17/04 01:00 Brady NE Light 30 seconds Very loud sound like a helicopter or plane woke me up in middle of night. Observed a bright large light with beams stationary. 6/27/19
8/16/04 22:15 Granite Falls WA Changing 6 HOURS A bright object with flashing colored lights and consistent back and forth movement appeared in the Northwest Sky at about 10PM. 8/24/04
8/16/04 22:00 Kill Devil Hills NC Chevron 1-2 min On the night of the 16th of August 2004, my wife and I observed a chevron craft moving in a south to north direction parallel to the co 9/9/04
8/16/04 21:30 Maupin OR Flash 45 seconds 2130 object flashed on for about 2 full seconds then off for 5 seconds each time at roughly 5 deg. track object in outer space 8/24/04
8/16/04 21:28 Scituate RI Light 5 minutes Light, moving up down and left to right ((Possibly Jupiter??)) 8/24/04
8/16/04 21:00 Billings (southeast of) MT Light 5 minutes It was a reoccuring visual object then followed by an occurrence of thunderous noise in the same area. 9/9/04
8/16/04 20:15 Yukon OK Other seconds Object was first sighted traveling in a Northerly direction & would have been West of Will Rogers World Airport in Okla. City, Okla. As 8/24/04
8/16/04 19:40 Phoenix AZ Triangle 30 minutes Phoenix sighting of 7 strange ships in the air 8/24/04
8/16/04 19:00 Gulf Shores AL Triangle 5 minutes Object looked to be a mile high ,at least half mile wide with five lights three feet across on bottom. 3/19/09
8/16/04 18:00 Morgantown WV Circle 8pm. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail? PD)) I notices that the plains smoke cloud coming off the back. 5/24/05
8/16/04 12:08 Anchorage AK Circle 10 seconds 6 Flying objects spotted in anchorage ak 8/24/04
8/16/04 12:05 Scarborough (Canada) ON Disk 15-20 mins Brilliant White flat shape object 8/24/10
8/16/04 12:05 Scarborough (Canada) ON Disk 30 minutes Afternoon white long stationary saucer shape craft witnessed for 30 minutes by five witnesses 8/19/12
8/16/04 10:30 Meriden CT Unknown 5 Min A ship flew right over my head 8/24/04
8/16/04 06:04 Pembroke Pines FL Cross 43 minutes Cross-shape with what appeared to look like neon lights starting in the center and radiating outward. ((Celestial body??)) 8/24/04
8/16/04 05:00 Redmond WA Light 30+ minutes Star-like object, but to bright to be a star. Hovered in the eastern sky for extensive period of time. 8/24/04
8/16/04 04:44 Renton WA Disk 6 minutes flying saucer hovering between trees in my backyard above the power line (recharging, perhaps?) 8/24/04
8/16/04 04:00 Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles) CA Other 10 seconds flying wing type object in the los angeles area. 4:30am 8-16-04 8/24/04
8/16/04 02:00 San Bernardino CA Oval 1 hour We observed four lit up objects which appeared to be in a triangle formation,that were just hovering over the north-east skies, one of 8/24/04
8/16/04 01:00 Palmdale CA Triangle 1 min Palmdale, California 3 Triangles Sighted While out photographing the meteor shower show to take in the skies of East Palmdale Californ 9/1/04
8/16/04 01:00 Plainfield IL Flash 3 seconds Flash in the sky in Plainfield, IL 8/24/04
8/16/04 00:00 Bel Air MD Disk 1 hour One night I walked outside to get a breathe of fresh air and a saw two lights in the sky. They were not air planes because they were mo 12/3/04
8/16/04 00:00 Salem Township/Dorr area MI Light 3-5 minutes Three seperate objects composed of flashing lights moving back and forth across sky. 8/24/04
8/15/04 23:35 Eldon MO Light 5-10 sec. bright red light zig zag across sky then disappear 10/27/04
8/15/04 23:12 St. Paul (southern part) MN Formation 7minutes three craft travel in formation above Minnesota. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail, we believe. PD)) 12/3/04
8/15/04 23:05 Niagara Falls (Canada) ON Light 10 min. 9 to 11 unusual reddish/orange lights which were continuosly changing formation.

We are located in Niagara Falls Canada,and these li
8/15/04 23:00 Junction TX Disk 15 minutes Way cool but I was not expecting to see a UFO in the night sky over my ranch. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of star? PD)) 5/24/05
8/15/04 23:00 Penticton (Canada) BC Light 5 sec bright light 8/24/04
8/15/04 22:50 Ahwatukee-Foothills (Phoenix) AZ Light approx 5 mins. Odd lights seen in Ahwatukee-Foothills area 8/24/04
8/15/04 22:00 Budapest (Hungary)
Sphere 15 Budapest ufo 2004 10/11/05
8/15/04 21:30 Pelzer SC Oval 1.5 munites Steam power plant 7/5/05
8/15/04 21:30 Lebanon NH Light 10 minutes bright light desaperes and reaperes and then flys over house 8/24/04
8/15/04 21:30 Round Rock TX Light 10 min Saw UFO appear, hover, rise and then disappear 8/24/04
8/15/04 21:00 Denver CO Triangle 10 Secs Two triangular craft with 5 white lights each flying in formation. 8/24/04
8/15/04 21:00 Al Asad (near Hit) (Iraq)
Sphere 1 minute Amber sphere in Iraq 2/1/07
8/15/04 20:00 North Vancouver (Canada) BC Triangle 7min I am 10. I was with my mom when I looked up to see 3 stars I was looking at were gone. Around them was three "stars" In a purfect dist 2/8/05
8/15/04 19:30 Spring Valley CA Light 3 MINS Clear blue sky, light moon-shaped object appears twice into different places miles up in the sky. 8/24/04
8/15/04 15:45 South Bend IN Triangle Aprx. 4 mins. The object made a sharp right turn, spun around and shot off like a bullet. 8/24/04
8/15/04 14:00 St. Louis MO Cylinder 1 minute Black cylinder flying at altitude of airline within reaching distance. 3/13/12
8/15/04 11:15 Goshen OH Disk 15 minutes Close up encounter. 2/26/16
8/15/04 11:00 West Lebanon NH Light 30 Minutes My freind Aaron and I took nightly walks this summer almost every night. We walked the same paths each time through the grave yard and 12/3/04
8/15/04 10:00 Burbank (10-20 mins flight to) CA Circle 1-2 minutes RED FURRY BALL LIGHT ROAMING THE MOUNTAINS 8/24/04
8/15/04 07:45 Bear Valley CA Sphere 4 seconds The 4 objects moved very rapidly from east to west, then dissappeared. 8/24/04
8/15/04 05:30 Ocean City MD Fireball 30 seconds Object of green, active cold fire traveling at very high speed low above the ground in absolute silence. 4/18/12
8/15/04 05:00 St. Paul MN Triangle 25 Commercial pilot witnesses triangle craft in early hours moving silently above treetops. 8/5/09
8/15/04 03:30 Abbotsford (Canada) BC Unknown 30 minutes Three lights in formation soon followed by single light 5/24/05
8/15/04 03:30 Cranston RI Formation 20+ minutes Saw a formation of crescent-shapped objects over suburban neighborhood. 3/31/08
8/15/04 03:00 Savannah GA Triangle 1 minute Moon surface ufo sighting 6/20/05
8/15/04 02:50 Firebaugh Exit CA Other 1 min - 2 mins Was it a UFO or some strange goverment experiment; or was it simply a kid's prank in the middle of nowhere? 8/24/04
8/15/04 02:00 La Mesa CA Disk 10 min It was a saucer with 4 lights & tan glow 11/2/04
8/15/04 02:00 Faluja (Al anbar)(Iraq)
Egg 1 minute "Tic-tac"-like encounter. 6/1/18
8/15/04 01:35 Eugene OR Triangle 35min Witnessed triangle shaped object w/ lights at altitude 25deg and azimuth 320 hover, then move rapidly L-R, hover again, Yaw right 8/24/04
8/15/04 00:16 Roswell NM Disk 13 min Freaky Lights and Sound i feel very cold 10 degrees 8/7/07
8/15/04 00:00 Cashion AZ Triangle approx 3 hrs Huge slow moving black triangle that oddly appeared to have caused us a loss of time. (no! this is not a joke) 7/16/06
8/14/04 23:45 Longmont CO Triangle 3 seconds 3 bluish lights in a triangel shape streaked across the sky at a very high rate of speed. 8/24/04
8/14/04 23:00 North Branch MN Formation 1 minute Five objects rising slowly and quickly disappearing 8/24/04
8/14/04 23:00 Kennewick WA Triangle 15 seconds Black Triangle no sound unbelievable speed. 3/11/06
8/14/04 22:15 Stow OH Light 5 minutes Very bright light that was in the eastern horizon moving west, the light 'turned off' then reapered in the western sky seconds later. 8/24/04
8/14/04 21:45 New Elm (Canada) NS Other 5min uncharteristic lighted object over lake 8/24/04
8/14/04 17:00 Mt. St. Helens Volcano WA Disk momentary 08/14/04 17:00 Mt. St. Helens, Washington saucer shape momentary I inadvertently photographed this object. 03/26/05 5/24/05
8/14/04 16:30 Walsenburg (approx 20 miles north of) CO Circle 3-5 minutes round object moving in and out of thundercloud, after flitting back and forth,sped north at high speed 9/29/04
8/14/04 16:30 St Marie CA Other Jackson Trial Unknown Crafts in Santa Barabra During Jackson Trail & Bright Light & Unknown Noisy.

I saw a very bright light in sky but I was no
8/14/04 16:00 Albuquerque NM
5 min It was pale yellow and orange in a traingle shape. 3/19/09
8/14/04 09:07 San Jose CA Diamond 7 min Three crafts flying southeast forming a tringle. 8/24/04
8/14/04 05:00 Hampton GA Light 15min light fading and reappearing ((Venus??)) 8/24/04
8/14/04 04:30 Modesto CA Sphere 3 hours A bright light just above the tree line appears every 3-4 days in the north eastern sky. From about 1:30am to 5:00am it gets brighte 8/24/04
8/14/04 04:15 Bismarck ND Circle 1 hour Large circular object with ports or windows giving off blue green to white lights extremely large, no movement. (Venus??)) 8/24/04
8/14/04 01:15 Baton Rouge LA Circle 1-6 in the morning circular, multi-colored, flat object ((Sirius??)) 8/24/04
8/14/04 01:07 Kenner LA Light one second Strange light 8/24/04
8/14/04 00:30 London (Canada) ON Triangle 40 mins The most colourful brilliant lights, moving in a circle around the object, looked like Christmas lights. ((Sirius??)) 8/24/04
8/14/04 00:00 Connelsville (near) PA Unknown Unknown Paralizing light and sound dream while camping. Brother reports a bright light in the middle of the night, like a bright full moon. 8/24/04
8/13/04 21:35 Mercer Island WA Other 1 min red flashing light moving erratically in the sky and changing speed. 8/24/04
8/13/04 20:00 Placencia (Belize)
Chevron 15 seconds Single, fast, randomly moving object intercepted by large, fast object 8/24/04
8/13/04 18:13 Gardiner NY Disk saw in photo Taking picture of the last of sunset , something shows up on image , that I did not see. 9/29/04
8/13/04 15:00 Arlington TX Sphere 4 seconds Videotaped on a roller coaster, noticed after waching video 1/19/05
8/13/04 07:30 Longmont CO Cigar 2 minutes Object hovered between Longmont and Berthoud, then vanished 8/24/04
8/13/04 06:35 Kansas City MO Unknown 10 to 20 seconds i know this sounds strange but i was watching c-span on the morning of september 13,2004.....and i saw something behind the capital bui 8/24/04
8/13/04 04:35 Olympia WA Unknown 20 seconds point of light moving thru the sky flashes then vanishes. 5/24/05
8/13/04 01:30 Maryville TN Other 1 minute Bedroom invader, forced to flee. 9/9/04
8/13/04 01:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Oval 12 minutes saw 6 oval disks close to the ground 8/24/04
8/12/04 23:57 Boulder MT Light 30-45 sec The intensity and smoothness with which it moved and the fact that it stood perfectly still for so long, unwavering. 8/24/04
8/12/04 23:30 Reinbeck IA Unknown about 30 minutes Erratic direction, light(s) faded and reappeared in Iowa. ((Jupiter??)) 8/24/04
8/12/04 23:00 Great Falls MT Light 15-20 seconds while watching the meteor shower we saw an object cross the sky, stop, and emit a bright light before continuing on in an erratic patte 8/24/04
8/12/04 22:50 Burke VA Triangle 10 seconds a V shaped object with 4 large, bright lights hovering slowly over a neiborhood, then dissapeared 8/24/04
8/12/04 22:30 Moorsville NC Light 7 minutes Lake norman U.F.O. chasing us. 8/24/04
8/12/04 22:30 Grafton (Canada) ON Light 10 mins Bright Light zig zagging in night sky stops continues & disappears. 8/24/04
8/12/04 22:30 Cleveland OH Light 1 hour My husband and I went to the "flats" in Cleveland (restaurants and club scene that line both sides of the Cuyahaga River...Left Bank an 8/24/04
8/12/04 22:25 Phoenix AZ Changing 30 seconds Stealth Object Creeping Over Phoenix. 8/24/04
8/12/04 22:00 Klingerstown PA Disk 0:23 metal shape two lights in center moving forward then fading backward to nothing vanishin a dull flash 5/15/06
8/12/04 21:20 College Park MD Disk 12 seconds Very clear bi-convex disc instantly reverses direction at 15' from observers. 8/24/04
8/12/04 20:00 Miami FL Formation 2 minutes A ballet of lights circling in the sky 10/27/04
8/12/04 19:45 Toledo OH Light 3 minutes 5 bright lights / orbs floating just below clouds 8/24/04
8/12/04 10:30 Eugene OR Triangle 5 seconds Triangular craft 8/24/04
8/12/04 09:45 North Dallas TX Egg 1 minute Egg shaped, hovering over Frisco or West Plano. Moved west, then east, then disappeared. Not a plane or meteor. 8/24/04
8/12/04 05:27 Columbus OH Unknown 1 minute Unknown light from the sky shinning on the ground 10/11/05
8/12/04 02:00 Barnegat Light NJ Other 2 Hours Stationary Bright Pulsating Light Over Long Beach Isalnd NJ ((Sirius??)) 8/24/04
8/12/04 02:00 Bozeman MT Light almost a minute A point of light similar to a satellite flew at high speed and made several turns of 90 degrees or less. 12/3/04
8/12/04 00:03 Fort Worth TX Sphere 56 minutes Small intensly strobing multicolor sphere seen over Fort Worth for almost an hour!!!! ((Sirius??)) 8/24/04
8/12/04 00:00 Didsbury (Canada) AB Triangle 10-15 seconds At Midnight, both my husband an I were outside gazing at stars when we noticed a large triangular object with a pattern of 5 lights. Th 8/24/04
8/12/04 00:00 Fort Yates ND Unknown 3 hours UFO charged couple, raced at them and played with them for a few hours. 8/24/04
8/12/04 00:00 Didsbury (Canada) AB Triangle 12 seconds Triangle shaped object witnessed in Alberta near Calgary 8/24/04
8/11/04 23:30 Sedro Woolley WA Unknown 6 SECONDS Peter,last night while my wife and I were watching the meteor shower an object attracted my attention in the S.E. sky.It had the appear 8/24/04
8/11/04 23:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 5 seconds Bright Light in night sky 8/24/04
8/11/04 23:10 Pocatello ID Formation
4 lighted objects moving swiftly in a line across the sky 8/24/04
8/11/04 23:00 Lehigh Acres FL Light 5 sec this light appeard and moved very fast and then dissapeard 8/24/04
8/11/04 22:50 Sterling OK Triangle 10-15 minutes Three lighted Triangle Object near a military base. 8/24/04
8/11/04 22:48 Kemet (Turkey)
Diamond 5 seconds Diamon/shevron/stingray shaped silent object over Kemer, Turkey 9/9/04
8/11/04 22:45 Sterling OK Unknown 15-20 minutes Bright hovering lights 8/24/04
8/11/04 22:30 Bothell WA Other 3 minutes Star disappeared while observing Perseid Meteor Shower. 8/24/04
8/11/04 22:30 Orem UT Other 1 minute I saw a boomerang shaped craft fly slowly over my house, it had no lights and made no noise, it was black and outlined in gray. 8/24/04
8/11/04 21:30 Guilderland NY Triangle 7-8 seconds triangular shape hoverd over the road with lights on the points 8/24/04
8/11/04 21:15 Oroville WA Triangle 10 minutes Bright Triangle Accompanied by 3 jets. 8/24/04
8/11/04 21:00 Temple City CA Fireball 1 second GREEN flash in sky august 11, 2004. 8/24/04
8/11/04 21:00 Denver PA Fireball 4 sec fireball, zigzagged then disappeared, Denver, Pa 8/24/04
8/11/04 19:30 Jackson MO Disk 30-40 min. I looked outside and saw a shape high in the sky(was still light out) and got video camera and filmed the object. It was a black disk t 8/24/04
8/11/04 18:00 Hollidaysburg PA Disk
Sitting upon a hill, three humans were witness to some sort of flying object, in the shape of a saucer, soar across the sky. 8/24/04
8/11/04 17:50 Langley (Canada) BC Cigar 2 Mins. Cigar shaped object moving very quickly in an almost fluid hovering type motion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8/24/04
8/11/04 13:00 Riding Mountain (Canada) MB Disk two hours An object was seen in the sky to the south of the south-east corner of the Riding Mountain National Park. 8/11/04
8/11/04 11:35 Kirkwood (Saint Louis) MO Other 5 - 7 min Black Crucible 8/24/04
8/11/04 05:30 Jefferson City MO Light 60-90 seconds Star like object spotted in the clear dark heartland skys 8/24/04
8/11/04 02:30 Portland OR Light 3 seconds Circular shaped light travels quickly across sky in suburbs. 8/24/04
8/11/04 02:30 Mount Holly VT Light 10 minutes They made me feel very uncomfortable. 8/15/14
8/11/04 Wenatchee WA

Peter, I've noticed that some reports describe a starlike object that gets incredibly bright and then dims. I have seen this myself man 8/11/04
8/10/04 23:55 Arlington TX Egg 2 minutes Dark object with glowing green-yellow light seen over Arlington, TX 8/11/04
8/10/04 22:30 Sacramento CA Flash 90 seconds Blinking star. 8/24/04
8/10/04 21:23 Hoover/Bluff Park AL Triangle several seconds triangle of white and red lights 8/11/04
8/10/04 05:00 Winsted CT Disk 3 min. we take the dogs out every morning at 4 am. this morning we were comming back to the house when i notice a star like object flying low 8/11/04
8/10/04 03:55 Baghdad (Iraq)
Light 4 seconds 8/10/2004 0355 Extremely fast, regularly "winking" white light west to east direction. While west of Baghdad, Iraq. 12/12/11
8/10/04 02:26 Pottstown PA Circle 10-15 seconds Lighted Object shooting straight up in the sky makes TV go haywire 8/11/04
8/10/04 01:00 Mayfield Heights OH Unknown As long as I was awake. 2 Strange black figures in my room resembleing my parents. 5/15/06
8/10/04 00:43 Madeira (Portugal)
Oval 4min It was really strange cause near is an aircraf and ther i can hear the airlines. 8/11/04
8/9/04 23:15 Lake Zurich (sub of Chicago) IL Flash 1--2 seconds A sudden extraordinary occurance in the sky...seeing at near range a ufo...traveling fast, low, horizontal as a ball and streak. 8/11/04
8/9/04 22:30 Maricopa AZ Light 5-10 minutes blinking lights above Table Top mountain... 8/11/04
8/9/04 21:55 Spanish Fork UT Triangle 15 Sec unnatral high flying craft flys faster than any man made craft triangle light pattern 8/11/04
8/9/04 21:05 Ridgecrest CA Light 5 seconds White satellite or starlike object that did an "S" turn and a loop before disappearing 8/11/04
8/9/04 21:00 Conway SC Unknown 2 Seconds object moving at a high rate of speed. 9/2/05
8/9/04 20:15 Baxter TN Unknown 20 minutes My husband and I were sitting on our front porch in Baxter, TN (Putnam Co, right off of I-40, exit 280. About 70 east of Nashville.) Th 8/24/04
8/9/04 19:00 North Reading MA Unknown 2 min there was 3 objects moving in a circular motion, then went in oposite directions faster than i ever seen anything move. 8/11/04
8/9/04 11:00 Squamish (Canada) BC Chevron 30 sec Imagine a a 30' wide strand of silk in the shape of a perfect cheveron moving at a constant speed of 25mph from North to South. 8/24/04
8/9/04 10:30 Kansas City MO Sphere 20-30 seconds Two clusters of white dots in the daytime sky 8/24/04
8/9/04 08:00 Seattle WA Cigar approx. 1 hour Four bright cigar-shaped objects held their position high above the Cascades, side by side, for at least 40 minutes. 8/24/04
8/9/04 04:45 Sacramento CA Light 10 minutes Bright light near Venus 8/11/04
8/9/04 01:00 Loveland CO Disk 1 hour object white in color with red glow around it 2/1/07
8/9/04 01:00 Corner Brook (Canada) NF Light half a minuet bright object traviling in the sky for half a min, it was flying over the city and heading for the mountains 8/11/04
8/9/04 00:50 Portland OR Triangle 5 SECONDS 7 very fast moving lights over Portland Oregon! 8/11/04
8/9/04 00:40 Mesa AZ Cigar 2 minutes I was turning from Baseline onto southbound Hawes RD. I saw what appeared to be a redish orange blimp looking object. It was very brigh 8/11/04
8/9/04 00:00 Loveland CO Disk 30 mins 4 am i was coming home from work........saw a light far away moving fast and it looked like it was blinking or flashing 4/27/07
8/8/04 23:30 Carberry (south of) (Canada) MB Light 3-10 min. Many moving constallations flash and disappear into the dark rift of milky way 9/9/04
8/8/04 23:30 Shelton WA Light 5 seconds Bright orange object flying very rapidly to the southwest, no tail and too fast to be meteorite. 8/11/04
8/8/04 23:00 Memphis TN Chevron 3 minutes Cluster of Orbs followed by formation of single Orbs 8/11/04
8/8/04 23:00 Johnston RI Disk 2 minutes ufo over rhodeisland the real deal . 2/14/06
8/8/04 22:50 Sonora CA Triangle 5 to 7 minutes Triangular Object Reappears for Third Time over Sonora, CA ((NUFORC Note: Probable aircraft. PD)) 9/29/04
8/8/04 22:00 Blind Bay (Canada) BC Flash ? so far 15 mins A stationary object in the northern sky over Shuswap Lake, flashing colours of red, blue & white. I first noticed the object at 10:00 8/11/04
8/8/04 18:00 Rochester NY Cigar 30-40 sec Cigar shaped object in sky 8/11/04
8/8/04 16:30 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Disk 10 sec We were at Tullamarine airport in Melbourne waiting for a relatives flight from Queensland to arrive. I was filming aircraft taking off 8/11/04
8/8/04 15:30 Fargo ND Cigar 1 second Large, bright silvery object moving very rapidly inside chemtrail. 8/11/04
8/8/04 15:20 Wilmington DE Sphere 15 sec. I observed a metallic sphere travelling west to east below cloud level. 8/11/04
8/8/04 13:45 Lancaster PA Circle 40 mins 30 plus circle objects 8/11/04
8/8/04 12:00 United States

years I thought I saw a UFO but it was a homeland security drone. 12/14/04
8/8/04 11:25 Redmond WA Circle 1 minute 11:25am - East of Redmond, WA. - white circular object moving in a zigzag manner. Moved North for a little while and then went East. 8/11/04
8/8/04 10:30 Antioch CA Flash 10:30-11:30 blue flashing light with undulating whisp traling seen south west of downtown antioch from 10:30-11:30 pm on 08/08/2004 8/11/04
8/8/04 04:30 York PA Other 2 hours I saw 5 lights in a row close together, stationery but moved backwards over the course of 2 hrs, high in the sky. ((Venus??)) 8/11/04
8/8/04 03:00 East Williston NY Sphere 13 min. UFO over Long Island ((Venus??)) 8/11/04
8/8/04 03:00 Highland/Pokahontas (between) IL Other Between 5 to 10 minutes. White object seen pacing my car on Innerstate 70 between Highland and Pokahontas Illinois. 8/11/04
8/8/04 00:10 Sarnia (Canada) ON Chevron 6 sec At 12:10 approx, we were watching satelites. The wing shapped object appeared directly over head and moved due north. The rate was abou 8/11/04
8/8/04 00:00 Stevensville MT Circle approx 25 minutes red circle during thunderstorm 2/22/05
8/7/04 23:00 Loveland CO Flash 1 minute Bright flash of light for a few seconds in Loveland, CO. 8/11/04
8/7/04 20:00 Ridgeland MS Circle 30 seconds Ball of light moving at a rapid speed. 8/11/04
8/7/04 18:30 West Hampton NY Light 10 minutes Star-like lights visible in daytime sky over beach. 8/24/04
8/7/04 15:30 Manchester (UK/England)
Oval 5:00minutes Oval silver shaped object darts left to right and vanishes 8/11/04
8/7/04 13:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk half hour Saw object in picture after viewing it on the computer. 8/11/04
8/7/04 04:30 Chingford (London) (UK/England)
Circle 30 minutes Huge craft caught on CCTV 9/1/04
8/7/04 04:00 Hopkinton MA Light 6min. Lake Maspenock sighting 8/24/04
8/7/04 03:45 Fort Worth TX Sphere .75 seconds Red Orb flying vertically up into clouds. 8/11/04
8/7/04 03:10 El Cajon CA Triangle 2 hours We saw the bright lights and others over the the hills near the mountains ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars?? )) 8/11/04
8/7/04 01:18 Phoenix AZ Oval one minute One bright yellow oval shaped unidentified flying object 8/11/04
8/7/04 00:30 Jakarta-Tokyo (inflight)
Oval 2 minutes Morphing glowing orange oval object seen on a flight from Jakarta to Tokyo 8/11/04
8/7/04 00:24 Valentine TX Circle 10-15 minutes 7 to 9 orb-type objects each illuminating alternately hovering directly over Marfa,TX Aerostat facility estimate 1,000 feet altitude. 3/4/08
8/7/04 00:00 Johnson City TN Flash 2 seconds Shooting Star in TN? 8/11/04
8/6/04 23:30 Tualatin OR Light 15 mins 1 boomerang shaped, bright lighted object... 8/11/04
8/6/04 22:20 Brampton (Canada) ON Changing 5 seconds Round object changing shape and speed made an S turn - rapidly accelerated out of sight 8/11/04
8/6/04 22:15 Huntsville AL Light 15 seconds Bright light moving and fading to dark, like high altitude rocket thruster, seen briefly near Cassiopea. 8/11/04
8/6/04 22:15 Utica KY Unknown 5 minutes My daughter (age 27) who lives in KY called me in CA at the time of this sighting. She called and asked me if 2 satellites ever travel 8/11/04
8/6/04 20:00 Marion MA Changing 5-10 min. On 8/6/04 around 8pm I saw a stange glowing object in the sky changing from a Ball shape to Oval shape! 5/24/05
8/6/04 20:00 Norfolk VA Cigar 5 min glowing needle over norfolk va 8/24/04
8/6/04 13:13 Hampshire (UK/England)
Unknown A minute or so I was outside feeding goat's, when I looked up and saw a quite long thin white object passing slowly overhead. 8/11/04
8/6/04 04:20 Sedro Woolley WA Unknown 5 minutes I saw an object that was lit up as bright as a full moon all by itself in the sky.It appeared to be bending light.The object was brilli 8/11/04
8/6/04 03:45 Matunuck RI Light 30 minutes 12-15 golden-white lights equally spaced, unmoving, about a mile from the shore out in the ocean 8/15/14
8/6/04 02:30 Palm Springs CA Other 20 minutes Round craft with pulsing white lights around the perimeter, treetop level right ahead of my car! 8/24/04
8/5/04 22:45 Sparks NV Other 2 hours 1small steady light splitting into 6, with circulating lights on bottom. 8/24/04
8/5/04 22:08 Reno NV Formation 3 minutes Possibly huge craft, two red lights, flying over Reno. 8/11/04
8/5/04 22:00 Eugene OR Chevron 4 seconds Chevron shaped craft over Eugene dunno what it was 8/24/04
8/5/04 22:00 Prescott AZ Triangle 3-4 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax. No Prescott in FL; Yavapai County is in AZ. PD)) Triangular craft with bright lights on the points… 10/11/05
8/5/04 21:00 Panama (Central America) (Panama)
Cylinder 5 Sec My sister was filming the sky after she had noticed a lot of silent thunder, she was hoping to catch thos long strikes of lighnin. but 8/11/04
8/5/04 21:00 Sparks NV Disk 2 hours Objects in the sky give terrific light show!!! (Venus??) 8/11/04
8/5/04 19:00 Phoenix AZ Light lights lights arownd south mount. 8/11/04
8/5/04 17:45 Murfreesboro TN Cylinder 3-2 Minutes Two cylindrical shaped objects,whitish or silvery gray colored, moving next to each other on or around August 5th,2004 around 5:30 PM. 10/27/04
8/5/04 07:45 Truckee CA Egg 1:30min Large,white, shimmering, orbital object seen skimming peaks on Donner summit, CA. early morning 08/05/04 8/24/04
8/5/04 03:49 Galloway NJ Unknown 2-3 min I was asleep, in a deep sleep, or so I thought, when I heard a loud noise approaching. I dismissed it somewht because there had been th 8/11/04
8/5/04 01:00 Gladstone MI Triangle 10 seconds round fuzzy light finally seen through binoculars 8/11/04
8/5/04 00:45 Amazon (Brazil)
Disk 30 min + Huge craft in horizon of sao paulo forest.. caught on cell fone cam... reported on major network TV Bandeirantes ( 8/11/04
8/5/04 00:15 Lawrence KS Chevron ~2 minutes Isosceles triangle shaped craft, seemingly hovering, and then disappearing. 8/11/04
8/5/04 00:00 Cincinnati OH Circle 3 minutes Wish I had written down the exact day and time but i didn't want to report it.

I worked at an office complex in cincinnati ohio as a
8/4/04 22:00 Roseville MI Formation 5 min Bright lights dancing in the night sky 12/3/04
8/4/04 21:20 Aurora CO Light Arox 20 mins small faint star like object crosses the sky from the NW to SW then as the object got farther to the SE it faded and vanished.. 8/11/04
8/4/04 21:00 Shade Gap PA Circle 15minutes Circular object red blue and white lights spinning below power lines and below trees. 9/1/04
8/4/04 16:19 Apple Valley MN Sphere 2-3min approximately at 16:19 I was observing the sky (it was beautiful) and there were a few passenger planes passing, going in and out cloud 8/11/04
8/4/04 04:30 Waterford (Republic of Ireland)
Light 1 hour+ This seems to happen around the waning of the moon and on a clear night ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 9/9/04
8/4/04 04:10 Whitby (Canada) ON Light 9 minutes I looked out my bathroom window to the east (to Oshawa area) and noted a bright light. It was a cloudy night and therefore no stars co 8/11/04
8/4/04 01:05 Bloomfield Hills MI Cone 2 min Fast moving, low to treeline ufo 8/11/04
8/3/04 23:30 Middlesbrough (UK/England)
Chevron 3 minuits aprox I cannot remember the exact date but it was on the night when mars was the closest to earth last august (03).Me and my mother were both 10/27/04
8/3/04 22:30 Cape May NJ Disk 3 seconds Neon-Blue Disk w/ Many Lights on Bottom Seen Over Cape May Beach 8/11/04
8/3/04 20:00 Jammu (India)
Light 45 minutes We saw a star like object,twinkling like a star but with differentiable irregularity and changing location and brightness.The object wa 9/9/04
8/3/04 17:50 Pauma CA Disk 25 sec silver cylinder turns into a black saucer 8/11/04
8/3/04 15:30 Mojave CA Sphere 5 seconds 15:30 observed 2 spheres flying high altitude from west to east. VERY fast, passing below sun I could see spherical shape 8/11/04
8/3/04 14:00 Albuquerque (20 miles east of) NM Sphere approx 30 sec Silver sphere seen over mountain in New Mexico 8/11/04
8/3/04 05:16 Stockbridge GA Changing Appx. 30 minutes GEORGIA UFO GROUP Report/Tom Sheets: Shape Changing Glowing Orb/Light 8/11/04
8/3/04 04:30 Camarillo CA Changing
filmed 20 minutes of a UFO in the sky ((Venus)) 8/24/04
8/3/04 04:00 Camarillo CA Changing 1 hour Changing shapes 8/24/04
8/3/04 03:33 Tempe AZ Light more than 30 minutes bright light in eastern sky above treeline (Venus??) 8/11/04
8/3/04 02:00 West Sacramento CA Flash Split Second It left skid marks in the sky with a trail of smoke. It was a blue light of a flash which I thought were fireworks that never popped. T 8/11/04
8/2/04 22:35 Roy UT Light 0.5 seconds UFO fast lights seen in Roy, UT. 8/11/04
8/2/04 22:15 Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)
Other 20min large light object that stayed in sighting for approx. 20 to 25 minutes. moving west to east 8/11/04
8/2/04 20:00 Sebastopol CA Triangle aprox. 15mins 3 lights, bright red, orange, faded white in color in a close, touching, triangle formation, slight cw/ccw rotation. 8/11/04
8/2/04 12:00 Scio NY Oval 20 secounds The object floated for a matter of secounds then took off very fast. 8/11/04
8/2/04 03:41 Sedro Woolley WA Circle 2 seconds Object was in northern sky and streaked across the sky from a 12 oclock position to a 2 oclock position covering about 25 degrees of th 8/11/04
8/2/04 02:13 Portland OR Unknown 3 minutes Small craft, rapid movement and flight path, no sound. 8/11/04
8/2/04 00:00 Orlando FL Light 10 minutes Saw a light slowly lift straight up from behind the trees, and then head South. The light kept increasing and decreasing in brightness 5/24/05
8/2/04 Wrangell AK Circle 5 days We saw a Bright WHITE CIRCLE suddenly appear, and then dissappear. 8/24/04
8/2/04 Southwest U. S.

Simple passive Radar 8/11/04
8/1/04 22:30 London (UK/England)
Triangle 30 seconds Three orange triangles appear, perform aeronautically impossible manoeuvres, then flying off at great speed. 9/29/04
8/1/04 22:00 Piceance Creek CO Cigar 3-5 minutes Glowing cigar-shaped object; cast no shadows. 8/25/16
8/1/04 21:00 Queensbury NY Light 25 minutes i saw a bright light that dissapeared then another light wich dissapeared. 2/14/06
8/1/04 21:00 Kent WA Fireball less then a minute I was traveling north on the Valley Freeway (SR167) Kent, Wa. this past sunday night Aug.01,04 @ 2100 hrs. (9-PM), and a very small obj 8/11/04
8/1/04 17:45 Port Colborne (Canada) ON Cigar 5 minutes The slow moving satellite-type craft travelled from the Southern skies to the west - in daylight and in low altitude. 8/11/04
8/1/04 15:00 Windsor Locks CT Other
Two photos captured a "starship enterprise" looking shape, possibly indicating a camouflaging of some sort. 10/27/04
8/1/04 12:45 Sydney (NSW) (Australia)
Fireball 6min Fireballs dance in the sky over Sydney Australia 8/11/04
8/1/04 12:30 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Oval 1 minute 3 balck objects to the S,E, one big 2 small, going aprox 300kmph. weird! 8/11/04
8/1/04 06:05 Marietta GA Light 10-25 sec Slow moving bright light that faded out seen before dawn. 8/11/04
8/1/04 05:00 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Triangle 15min i was driving home, and i saw this huge white light hovering in the shy, at first i thought it must of been a plane,i pulled over and g 8/11/04
8/1/04 04:00 Seattle WA Unknown 3-5 seconds At between approximately 4:00am and 4:30am I was looking at the stars and saw what appeared to be a very high flying aircraft, flying s 8/11/04
8/1/04 03:30 Wrightsville Beach NC Formation 1.5 hours plus 3-4 objects moving around eachother about 45 degrees over Wrightsville beach (Venus??) 8/11/04
8/1/04 02:00 San Francisco CA Fireball 60 seconds Large bright green fireball moves slowly in the sky. 4/18/12
8/1/04 02:00 Astoria NY Other 4:00 Hours 2 objects in the Sky- Sunday, August 1st, 2004 8/11/04
8/1/04 02:00 Richmond VA Light 30-60 seconds Moving Stars? ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites, we suspect. PD)) 10/27/04
8/1/04 00:00 Terrell TX
20 minutes Saw light outside window and awakened by a gray being stand at foot of bed. 1/5/11