National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 11/2004
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
11/24/04 20:00 Nevada (above; in flight; 37000 ft.) NV Unknown 40 Minutes Starlike objects made impossible maneuvers while I was on a flight at 37000 feet 3/19/09
11/23/04 01:30 Buckingham County VA Sphere 15-20 minutes I was reading late on Thanksgiving night when I began to hear a hellishly loud noise of something huge coming over our farm. My husban 9/2/16
11/18/04 22:45 Grovetown GA Unknown 1 minute 30 seconds Observed a strange sequence of multicolored lights hovering silently in the sky approximately 1000 feet away, just outside Ft. Gordon. 12/23/20
11/18/04 22:00 Gaston OR Light 2 minutes 3 lights, triangular shape at first then moved randomly while changing colors - red, blue, green, yellow 3/19/09
11/16/04 21:00 Newport RI Triangle 4 min 11-16-04 On this night both the anniversary of my fathers death and the birth of my grandfather I had an intense UFO experience. While 10/30/06
11/16/04 17:44 Yangon (Rangoon) (Myanmar)
Light 60 seconds 7 sequence pics of UFO taken in Burma(Myanmar) 7/6/10
11/15/04 23:40 Ft. Sill OK Triangle 3 minutes Hug Black Triangle Object, seen by at least 30 people ! 7/22/16
11/15/04 22:30 Feilding (New Zealand)
Light 01- 02 mins it was in the summer, that much i know, i was sitting outslde my home star gazing as i do alot when i noticed what i thought at first w 10/30/06
11/15/04 13:00 St. Joseph MI Cylinder seconds I saw a noiseless, hovering, barrel shaped object visible for several seconds and then it disappeared. 4/27/07
11/14/04 Pacific Ocean (San Diego; 40 miles from) CA Other
FA-18 jets enconter "tic-tac" that was on radar dogging the fleet. ((NUFORC Note: From Mr. Francis Ridge, NICAP. PD)) 4/26/18
11/12/04 23:00 Ougtved (Denmark)
((HOAX??)) shape of something humanoid in cornfield. 11/28/07
11/12/04 17:00 Cuenca (Ecuador)
Disk 20 seconds Sighted a 30' disc from 100-150' away, "parked" above a pond/holding tank. 7/5/18
11/10/04 23:00 Vancleave MS Other 30 seconds Line of lights follow my car at night 11/21/10
11/10/04 06:00 Piedmont KS Light 15 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: I noticed a very bright light aprox. 10 degrees on the southern horizon. 12/12/09
11/8/04 20:00 Ritzville (near; on I-90) WA Triangle 5-10 minutes triangular shaped object that had a bright blue/purple light that flashed 10/30/06
11/6/04 01:00 Wembley, London (UK/England)
Unknown 15-20 seconds 9 Glowing Orbs sighted over Wembley UK. One Orb exhibiting extraordinarily odd behaviour. 2/1/07
11/3/04 21:30 Syracuse NY Light 2 TO 3 MINS light zig zags irradicaly in various directions at high rate of spead, (high altitude) 3/4/08
11/2/04 18:00 Halifax MA Formation 10 min multiple lights on election day 2004 2/1/07
11/1/04 18:20 Ciudad Quesada (Costa Rica)
Oval seconds An U.F.O appears in Costa Rica in a beautiful and clear afternoon. 12/7/06
11/1/04 05:30 Taylor Mill KY Disk 3 min On my left hand side, out of my driver window there was an extemly large circular shaped object sitting around 100 feet up in the sky. 12/12/09