National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 03/2005
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/28/05 06:30 Mineral Springs NC Other 45 seconds A EMBER looking UFO 5/15/06
3/27/05 02:00 Rochester NY Unknown Unsure Transported to a beautiful world with benevolent beings. 5/13/12
3/25/05 16:30 Tucson AZ Diamond 30 seconds Dual Diamond Swinging Kite Object(s) 10/30/06
3/21/05 20:35 Elwood (in and near) IN Light a few seconds, three time Three lights were seen in the western sky three times over the course of fifteen minutes in and near Elwood, Indiana. 8/10/18
3/20/05 03:30 Phoenix AZ Light 1 min. (approx.) Triangle, lights, N. Phoenix, AZ, spring 05. 2/24/07
3/19/05 20:30 Columbia CT Fireball 3 seconds Fireball fell from sky. 5/2/14
3/17/05 14:30 Souderton PA Light less than 1.5 minutes Strange Sighting over Souderton, PA. 1/21/08
3/15/05 23:45 Haciendo de Cabanas, Guerrero
Disk 20 minutes A large radiating craft seen above Playa Paraiso beach, 3 hours from Acapulco. 3/4/08
3/15/05 19:00 Grand Junction CO Other 20 mins. silver elongated clam shaped craft over grand junction, colorado 6/12/08
3/15/05 15:00 San Marcos TX Rectangle 30 minutes two interrelated objects larger rectangle and rotating cube on one end changes shape, speed direction gas filled 4/27/07
3/15/05 01:30 Turkey
Circle 2-3 seconds Big red-yellow hazy round ball and 5 smaller yellow shining balls inside it in V-shape 1/10/09
3/15/05 01:00 Las Vegas (?) NE Other unknown four orbed object in the middle of nowhere, possibly nevada[?] 5/15/06
3/14/05 22:30 Miami FL Light 15 seconds About 6 lights forming one solid light then pulling apart from each other in every direction. 6/12/08
3/12/05 23:00 Kelseyville CA Disk 3 minutes 3 Red Glowing UFOs 7/16/06
3/10/05 21:00 Laguna Pueblo NM Circle 3 Evenings The object was a 3/4 spherical framework. Size undetermined. No sound. Drawing attached. 12/7/06
3/10/05 15:00 Delray Beach FL Light 1 minute Bright white light hovering high above the ground, suddenly dissappeared. 3/10/11
3/9/05 03:00 Partlow VA Disk ONE HOUR Orange/red glowing objects. Spotsylvania Co Va. 2005 Photographed! 8/24/10
3/8/05 20:00 Etobicoke (Canada) ON Disk 2 minute huge saucer, lights in the ccentre slowly moving throughout the sky 6/12/07
3/7/05 20:30 Ontario OR Circle 5-10 seconds 4-5 White lights moving above Ontario, OR 10/31/08
3/6/05 15:30 Howell NJ Unknown 30 mins Pack of lights in Howell, NJ sky 3/4/08
3/5/05 14:52 California CA Circle 43sec it had bright lights and went at a smooth pase, It seperated and flew of at great spead 7/16/06
3/2/05 22:00 Bethel OH Sphere 20 minutes MUFON/OHIO REPORT: Nine spherical objects in the night sky, one flew overhead, changing into some sort of flying machine! 3/4/08
3/2/05 21:00 Bethel OH Circle 20 minutes MUFON/OHIO REPORT: Nine spherical UFO's in the night sky; one came close to scan me! 11/28/07
3/1/05 22:00 Rockford MI Circle 10 minutes I saw two saucer shaped objects with lights going around the middle of them fly over head and land in the woods behind my house. 3/8/07
3/1/05 21:00 Saucier MS Sphere
Me and my kids driving home on a dark wooded road about 9. I was driving at least 50 when I saw a big round thing hovering over my car 12/1/19
3/1/05 01:00 Cornelius NC

Brown, sharp teeth, and scary creature stood in my window sill I went under my blankets my mind goes blank and awoke feeling different 7/7/17