National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/2006
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/30/06 23:30 Dana IN Triangle 3 Seconds Triangular shaped object with 3 lights. 5/15/06
4/30/06 22:40 Roseville CA Other 5 Seconds UFO over Sacramento, V formation or a single object 5/15/06
4/30/06 22:25 Euless TX Triangle 10 seconds No lights flying very low, silent flew right over my head, blocked out view of stars as it passed. 5/15/06
4/30/06 22:00 Tikrit (Iraq)
Unknown approx.30 min. Strange lights, and radio transmissions in Iraq... 5/15/06
4/30/06 21:25 Yakima WA Light 3-5 min Observed a single non-blinking bright light traveling from West to East at approx 9:35 pm. ((NUFORC Note: ISS at 21:25 hrs.. PD)) 5/15/06
4/30/06 20:10 San Francisco CA Sphere 10 sec. Coming from the South, going towards North/Northwest. Maybe arcing downward. Very bright white intense light. Moving fast, no sound... 7/16/06
4/30/06 16:00 Bear River/Evanston WY Sphere 2 min Sphere zips across the sky 5/15/06
4/30/06 15:30 Sunflower AZ Other 30 Secs. A black object appeared between the contrails of a jetliner for a short period of time and then disappeared. 7/16/06
4/30/06 14:11 Gold Coast (Australia)
Teardrop 36 Seconds UFO sighting while surfing. ((NUFORC Note: Report from student. PD)) 5/15/06
4/30/06 00:20 Portland OR Diamond 3 seconds Strange Diamond shaped object seen in Portland, Oregon 7/16/06
4/30/06 00:15 Walla Walla WA Circle 10 minutes Objects appear in the sky in triangular formation, move at unbelievable speeds and percision. Make no sounds except when dropping stuff 5/15/06
4/30/06 00:11 Phoenix AZ Other 15 seconds Golden flying wing. 5/15/06
4/30/06 00:05 Tigard OR Formation 45 sec. Light Formation 7/16/06
4/30/06 00:00 Differdange (Luxemburg)
Oval 2 min As i was driving i saw something like the moon but not in the same height that normaly you can see it, but it seemed to disappear like 5/15/06
4/29/06 23:55 Portland OR Light 3-5 minutes Six Red Lights 5/15/06
4/29/06 23:54 Portland OR Sphere ten minutes Amber orb lights over downtown Portland. 5/15/06
4/29/06 23:50 Portland OR Changing 15/20 minutes First time ever seeing these types of glowing objects!! 5/15/06
4/29/06 23:50 Portland OR Changing 15-20 minutes I saw at least six bright glowing, orange in color objects in the sky over the city of Portland on Saturday night, 4-29-06. 5/15/06
4/29/06 23:50 Portland OR Changing 20 minutes Six fiery, glowing objects, some at a standstill, then all six of them moved very slowly over the city of Portand, Oregon. 5/15/06
4/29/06 23:45 La Center WA Formation 2 minutes Pairs of bright amber lights over Portland moving in formation 10/30/06
4/29/06 23:40 Portland OR Formation 5 min orange lights over Portland OR 5/15/06
4/29/06 23:30 Portland OR Fireball 8 minutes 7 orange "fireballs" in two groups over downtown Portland, OR 5/15/06
4/29/06 22:20 Jackson CA Circle 25 minutes A starlike object developed a circle of light, moved a great distance rapidly, then released other smaller objects with flashing white 5/15/06
4/29/06 22:13 Idaho Falls ID Disk 15 seconds 5 UFOs Viewed Over the Course of 90 Minutes, 3 Saucers and 2 Odd Formations 5/15/06
4/29/06 21:00 West Yarmouth MA Unknown 30 min Bright lights over Lewis Bay 7/16/06
4/29/06 19:30 South Salt Lake City UT Light 30 mins The objects were small bright individual lights in the sky. 5/15/06
4/29/06 19:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Cigar 10 min UPDATE,, I would like to cross ref my sighting with VANCOUVER, WA. His sighting appear to be the same as mines being that they saw 3 ob 7/16/06
4/29/06 19:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Cigar 8 minutes Three Cigarettes floating over Brooklyn 7/16/06
4/29/06 19:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Cigar 3 minutes My brother and I saw 3 objects flying over the 11203 zip code heading east out toward Long Island. 2 were flying in tandem a the 3rd wa 5/15/06
4/29/06 19:00 Minden LA Unknown 55 Seconds WHILE I WAS TAKING A WALK I SAW TWO TINY DOTS IN THE SKY. 5/15/06
4/29/06 13:55 Vancouver WA Triangle :10 April 29, 2006: 3 black trangles observed flying slowly east over Vancouver, WA. Time 13:55-14:05. 5/15/06
4/29/06 13:40 Binghamton NY Unknown 20 seconds high-altitude pulsed contrail 5/15/06
4/29/06 01:00 Los Angeles CA Unknown 7 minutes 4/29/06 los angeles california 2 buble shape and transparent last 1 minute in my room 5/15/06
4/29/06 01:00 Boise ID Light ongoing v-shaped light suspende in the sky for long period of time. ((NUFORC Note: Possible celestial body. PD)) 5/15/06
4/29/06 00:30 College Place WA Circle 3 minutes Two orange objects seen in eastern washington sky 5/15/06
4/29/06 00:02 Portland OR Light 5 mins saw lite in sky at midnite on 29 april 5/15/06
4/29/06 00:00 Warren OR Disk
Clusters of Red Lights Seen In The Portland Area 7/16/06
4/28/06 23:10 Howard Prairie Lake Resort OR Rectangle 50min We noticed a BIG, bright light across the lake, then it was instantly above us! 10/8/07
4/28/06 22:55 East Brunswick NJ Fireball 20 seconds stationary bright fireball seen along the treeline 5/15/06
4/28/06 22:00 Jericho VT Rectangle Half an hour or so but it Rectangular object with rounded edges with gray outline around it and three lights which turned on and off from right to left in VT. 5/15/06
4/28/06 21:35 Reno NV Formation 45 seconds Group of four points of light moving in a deliberate and manner unconventional for aircraft or satellites 5/15/06
4/28/06 20:04 Yakima WA Cigar 2 minutes cigar-shaped object photographed on both the western and eastern horizon. 9 photos,2 sightings,1 object. 2/1/07
4/28/06 19:17 Los Angeles CA Triangle 10 minutes Triangle trying to cloak over LAX airport 7/5/08
4/28/06 19:00 Salem OR Other 20 seconds saw lazer light shaft 2 to 3 miles long. 5/15/06
4/28/06 18:30 Tel Aviv (Israel)
unidentified objects in digital camera pics 5/15/06
4/28/06 18:00 South Shore KY Cigar 5 min UFO over South Shore 5/15/06
4/28/06 12:00 Riverton IL Changing 5 minutes An x shaped ufo seemed to change shape. 5/15/06
4/28/06 00:15 Theunisen (South Africa) SA Circle 45 minutes object flash lights and move at fast speed 5/15/06
4/27/06 21:30 Williamsburg VA Other 3-4 min. three aligned lights: white, red, white 5/15/06
4/27/06 16:30 Santa Maria CA Rectangle approx 1 minute Large rectangular object with red blinking lights that formed an arch, irratic movements, low flying, suddenly disappeared. 5/15/06
4/27/06 13:00 Portland OR Oval 1 minute The UFO that I saw at 1 PM thursday the 27th of april 2006 ,hovering over downtown portland, was a white, rather opaque, imperfect cir 5/15/06
4/27/06 05:30 Naples FL Formation 15 seconds Fuzzy lights over Naples, FL 5/15/06
4/26/06 22:50 Ishpeming MI Light about 10 minutes Odd light changing color, seemed to worry dog. 5/15/06
4/26/06 22:00 Mineola TX Other 1 hour Slow moving, low flying 3 light object, not a helicopter, with a dual humming sound. 5/15/06
4/26/06 12:00 Alexandria VA Egg Recess ((HOAX??)) Unidentifyed circuler objects near shcool, one repoted witness. 3/31/08
4/26/06 00:15 Lurgan (Northern Ireland)
Light 15 mins it looked like a moving star 5/15/06
4/25/06 23:20 Portland (near) OR Rectangle 4 seconds Faint transparent rectangle with red & green southwest of Portland, Oregon. 5/15/06
4/25/06 23:15 Tallinn (Estonia)
Triangle 15seconds A orange,red triangle was flying fast forwards.a 5/15/06
4/25/06 22:30 Sturbridge MA Unknown 40 to 45 minutes Cylinder of Light in the Night Skies. 5/15/06
4/25/06 22:00 Owen Sound (Canada) ON Oval 1-2 minutes First spotted a bright light on the WNW horizon - not moving - very bright white light and lightly flickering. After maybe 20 seconds t 4/13/17
4/25/06 14:45 Green River UT Teardrop 2-3 seconds SILVER / CHROME METALLIC FLYING OBJECT 3 ft. to 4 ft. wide by 8 ft. to 10 ft. long Sighting: Object flew 37-50 feet above ou 7/16/06
4/25/06 12:00 Morgantown WV Fireball 20 seconds Red/orange/blue bolt across the sky.. 10/31/08
4/25/06 10:30 Biglake MN Light 3-4 minutes SO WEIRD YOU WILL HAVE TO READ MY STORY 5/15/06
4/25/06 09:55 Wickenburg AZ Circle night 2 orange lights in the sky stayed stationary and disappered and reapered 5/15/06
4/25/06 09:30 Mukilteo WA Disk 2 min Departing KPAE Paine, Everett at approx 09:30 on 777, we notice 3 gray whales off the southern tip of wibley island. While turning to 5/15/06
4/25/06 02:20 Doncaster (UK/England)
Light 4 hours light in the sky 5/15/06
4/24/06 23:55 Tallinn (Estonia)
Other 32 seconds Just appeared in the sky,stars in the shape of wings started moving fast forwards. 5/15/06
4/24/06 23:15 Yakima WA Light 10 minutes Light....duration 10-15 minutes 5/15/06
4/24/06 22:15 The Pas (Canada) MB Light 2 hours 7 lights over period of 2 hours. 5/15/06
4/24/06 21:30 Loman MN Light 35 Minutes Large red ball of light that multiplied into four separate lights at tree level, white lights flying at high altitudes. 7/16/06
4/24/06 19:32 Terrace (Canada) BC Light 5 seconds Bright lights looked like flares going horizontal, out of no where, then disappeared 5/15/06
4/24/06 12:00 San Antonio TX Cigar 30 min my brother and i wached 4 cigar shaped figures for about 20 min. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 7/16/06
4/24/06 04:30 Colorado Springs CO Unknown while I am in here This one is no obect- it moves about and doesn't seem to ever need any sleep though. 5/15/06
4/24/06 02:00 Sterling Heights MI Teardrop 15-30 SECONDS Two teardrop shape crafts with orange lights hovered over parking area. Stayed high up. 5/15/06
4/24/06 00:36 Dallesport WA Changing 40 min. egg-shaped UFO in south central Washington looked like a carnival ride in the sky 5/15/06
4/23/06 22:00 Roseburg OR Disk still happening sparkling, bouncing flashing light 5/15/06
4/23/06 21:30 Bremerton WA Other 1/2 second Dissapearing Star? ((NUFORC Note: Flare from an Iridium satellite, we suspect. PD)) 5/15/06
4/23/06 21:15 Midland TX Changing Sky watching Shape changing orb with bright light in the middle that seems to take pictures. 5/15/06
4/23/06 21:15 Waynesboro PA Triangle 12 seconds Crudely "cloaked" bomerang object flying do West across Pennsylvania night sky 5/15/06
4/23/06 20:30 San Diego CA Fireball 3-4 minutes A flame floating through the sky moved slowly and closely above us before departing into space as a small red light. 5/15/06
4/23/06 12:06 Tulum (near Cancun) (Mexico)
Rectangle 10 seconds Caught shot of possible UFO on Vacation near Mayan Ruins in Mexico 6/12/07
4/23/06 11:00 Destin FL Unknown 1 minute Large mirror-like object in the sky suddenly disappears during the daytime 5/15/06
4/23/06 05:30 Ogden UT Light 3 to 4 min White dot of light that changed directions a few time . 5/15/06
4/23/06 02:00 Fallbrook CA Light 2 minutes yellow flashing lights from behind the hills 5/15/06
4/23/06 01:15 Tallinn (Estonia)
Oval 15 Two orange backwards U shaped crafts were flying really close to each other in the sky. 5/15/06
4/22/06 23:30 Pismo Beach CA Light 5-6 minutes Strange lights in the sky above Pismo Beach 5/15/06
4/22/06 23:00 Chupadero NM Disk 20 minutes 2 bright lights chase each other within an illuminated cloud for 20 minutes north of santa fe, new mexico 5/15/06
4/22/06 22:10 Renton WA Light 5 seconds driving home around 10ish. I looked up into the sky and saw a bright light hovering. Just as quickly as I saw it, it flew away at a t 5/15/06
4/22/06 22:00 Slater MO Light 2 minutes or so Very bright light traveling slowly from West to East then shooting straight upward 5/15/06
4/22/06 21:45 Clarksville IN Fireball 20 min Fireball floating in a circle patteren also making figure"8"s slowly then speeding up out of sight 5/15/06
4/22/06 21:40 Anna TX Triangle 10 seconds dark triangle no lights or sound 5/15/06
4/22/06 21:35 Springfield OR Light 10 min looked like jupiter then began to fly eratically actross the sky from south to north 5/15/06
4/22/06 21:00 Asheville NC Unknown 2 minutes 2 UFO sightings in my area in the last week! 5/15/06
4/22/06 20:30 Norwalk CA Light 15 Minutes A bright, red, occasionally blinking object in the northeastern sky observed for about 15 minutes. 5/15/06
4/22/06 20:30 Whittier CA Fireball 20 minutes We saw a bright red fireball like object that appeared to be too high to possibly be any earthling made air craft. The object appeared 5/15/06
4/22/06 17:10 Lake Stevens WA Unknown 2 minutes Daylight object, too small to be commercial aircraft at altitude, moved slowly west, paused, moved further west, then south. 5/15/06
4/22/06 17:00 Hanover MD Disk 30 Seconds we were celebrating my 35th birthday, (having a cookout) and at about 5 PM Eastern Time, myself and 2 other people witnessed a "disk" m 5/15/06
4/22/06 03:15 Fairport NY
8-10 sec 3-4 twirling noise whith no engine sound at all -just a twirling noise 7/16/06
4/22/06 San Felipe (Mexico)
We were out looking at huge saquaro catus and taking pictures. When we got home and were looking at the pictures on T.V we noticed a si 5/15/06
4/21/06 23:30 South Dennis MA Unknown 8 minutes 2 flying objects with revolving red lights blinking from right to left slowly flying south in night sky.

I went out into my backyard
4/21/06 21:40 Albuquerque NM Triangle 10-12 sec Strange light in a triangular formation 5/15/06
4/21/06 21:10 Burneyville OK Light approx1min. wobbly yellowish bright light passed overhead from southwest horizon to northeast horizon. ((NUFORC Note: ISS overflight. PD)) 5/15/06
4/21/06 21:05 Anza Borrego State Park CA Triangle 30 sec, While camping in the Anza Borrego desert at the Fish Creek camping area, we had an excellent viewing of a large trianular aircraft. It 5/15/06
4/21/06 21:00 Michigan City IN Sphere 2-3 hours Flashing lights in the atmosphere. 5/15/06
4/21/06 20:30 Charlotte NC Unknown 10 min. two UFOs crashed near my house 5/15/06
4/21/06 02:00 Austin TX Circle 2 seconds 3 grey saucers quietly souring through the sky, and disapearing. 5/15/06
4/20/06 22:40 Knoxville TN Cylinder 3 minutes Green and orange lit cylinder flashed across the sky while outside at work. 5/15/06
4/20/06 22:05 Rochester MN Circle 4 minutes 1 satelight and 3 unknown white and red objects that followed in the opposite direction flying silent in the sky- 5/15/06
4/20/06 22:00 Newaygo/Croton MI Light 1hr + Observed an object of pulsating lights moving in a circular nondescript pattern for greater than an hour. 5/15/06
4/20/06 19:43 Maricopa AZ Light 10 seconds ea 4-5 amber orbs seen over Sonoran Desert, south on 347 5/15/06
4/20/06 10:00 West Lafayette IN Fireball couple seconds Organge light that split into 3 then disappeare 5/15/06
4/20/06 09:10 Silver Spring MD Cigar 5 min. Metalic cigar shaped objects passing over one another in Silver Sping Maryland. 5/15/06
4/19/06 22:50 Morinville (Canada) AB Other 2-3 minutes Orange / yellow glowing wings with no persivible fuselage no sound. 5/15/06
4/19/06 22:20 Fort McMurray (Canada) AB Triangle aprox 2min On april 19th my girlfriend and were in the house when we decided to go out for a cigarette. We went out the back and i looked up over 5/15/06
4/19/06 22:00 Peru IN Other 30 minutes Saw a large number of UFOs flying rapidly above us, chasing each other, and suddenly disappearing unlike planes. 5/15/06
4/19/06 21:30 Claremore OK Light 3 seconds white/blue light with white tail seen traveling south to north in Eastern Oklahoma 5/15/06
4/19/06 21:15 Kansas City MO Light 10 seconds Bright Light Moving West To East In South KC 5/15/06
4/19/06 21:02 Newton KS Unknown About 2 Seconds Four or five lights, on a seeming spinning object. 5/15/06
4/19/06 20:10 Washington Court House OH Disk 5-8 minutes April 19, 2006-Bright Light/Object in the sky in WCH, Ohio 5/15/06
4/19/06 20:10 Washington Court House OH Disk 2 minutes Washington C.H. sighting on old US 35 5/15/06
4/19/06 19:15 Morrison TN Cone 8 min brilliant bright light first falling down fast then stopped for several minutes 5/15/06
4/19/06 08:30 Maysville NC Sphere 10 seconds I witnessed a spherical shaped object over Maysville, North Carolina on the morning of April 19, 2006 5/15/06
4/19/06 07:35 Rawalpindi (Pakistan)
Other 54-5 min i saw a white smeared and thin line across the sky which seemed to be 5-6 metres long 5/15/06
4/19/06 02:30 Las Vegas NV Light about 2 hrs Four short grayish black-eyed aliens appeared in my room. 5/15/06
4/19/06 00:30 Ottawa IL Light 30 min. green lights circling from cloud to cloud 5/15/06
4/19/06 00:00 Mogollon Rim AZ Light 10 minutes Weird lights in woods above Mogollon Rim, AZ. 4/27/07
4/18/06 23:13 Yaounde (Cameroon)
Diamond 12 mins Stable, with green and flashy lights, about 1002 metres from the groound,actual size unknown 5/15/06
4/18/06 22:18 DeLeon TX Light 20 seconds See above 5/15/06
4/18/06 22:10 Crockett CA Other on-going The object sat in the sky twinkling blue, green and red lights for long time. It did not move at all. 5/15/06
4/18/06 22:00 Budd Lake NJ Light 5 to 7 minutes Small starsized light, got brighter and changed direction twice beforte disappearing 5/15/06
4/18/06 14:36 Boyertown PA Triangle 2 minutes Black Triange Shape Object watches two US Military Planes as they fly by in Boyertown, PA 5/15/06
4/18/06 14:30 Alexandria VA Sphere 2 minutes I was on a bus leaving Landmark Mall Shopping Center. It was a bright, sunny day with some high cumulus clouds. As the mall sits on t 5/15/06
4/18/06 10:38 Eureka CA Sphere 2 to 3 minutes Small black spherical object observed in the eastern horizon at about 30 degrees 5/15/06
4/18/06 08:36 Fairfield CA Unknown 2 min invisible Helicopter 5/15/06
4/17/06 00:00 Grand Forks ND Circle
UFO looked black and moved very slow with no lights and was circular 5/15/06
4/17/06 23:00 West Fargo ND Circle 3 seconds Small blue light traveling quickly across the sky. 5/15/06
4/17/06 22:31 Hartford CT Teardrop 2 minutes Slow moving, glowing object sighted over Hartford. 5/15/06
4/17/06 22:25 Morgan PA Light 2 min. 2006-04-17 Silver light in SW sky flying North disappeared 5/15/06
4/17/06 21:32 Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)
Circle 10 minutes huge glaring light, brighter than anything else in the sky and massive, above edinburgh scotland city center. light disappeared then ap 5/15/06
4/17/06 21:15 Houston TX Oval less than 30 seconds Two light yellowish white luminescent oval objects moving in a straight path at an apparent high speed 5/15/06
4/17/06 19:30 Satellite Beach FL Light 6 minutes 4 flashing strobe-like objects move rapidly across the nite skyline and disappear into a light forming a many colored fast moving ob 5/15/06
4/17/06 17:45 Columbus IN Formation few minutes 5-6 rapidly blinking lights seen travelling in a straight line. 5/15/06
4/17/06 14:00 Industry CA Oval 1 minute White Ball over City of Industry 5/15/06
4/17/06 03:14 Surpriswe AZ Unknown 5 seconds Bright white light followed by a tremendous boom sound 5/15/06
4/17/06 02:20 Surprise AZ
1 second At 2:20am a very powerful explosion sound occurred. It shook my entire house, woke the neighbors and set off car alarms throughout the 5/15/06
4/16/06 23:00 Washington, D.C. DC Triangle 20 minutes This is my second report of these Triangular shapped flying objects with red flashing lights. This second sighting compelled me to rep 7/16/06
4/16/06 22:35 Jackson MI Disk 10min for 10 min 3 crafts hovered over our airport with blue lights in a triangle then seperated in different directions 5/15/06
4/16/06 20:45 Filmore UT Diamond 15 minutes Big, black, diamond shaped object seen in the distance from Filmore, Utah 5/15/06
4/16/06 20:05 Exeter NE Fireball 5 seconds that I saw A reddish pink glow in sky, seemed to be moving towards us and then dissappeared. 5/15/06
4/16/06 20:00 Perth (Australia)
Triangle 7 seconds Anomalous image photographed over Perth city Western Australia invites questions. 5/15/06
4/16/06 19:40 Seattle WA Circle 20- 30 seconds 8 orange glowing round objects moving east to west in the same pattern, Seattle, Washington 5/15/06
4/16/06 19:00 Little Rock AR Fireball 45-60 seconds The four of us were stargazing after closing up the bookstore. When from the west we notice a object coming towards us at first we thou 5/15/06
4/16/06 13:45 Lenior City TN Disk 2:00 UFO spotted over Oak Ridge TN. 5/15/06
4/16/06 09:54 Hoover AL Other 4 min 2 different ships 2 different days 5/15/06
4/16/06 07:30 Nassau (Bahamas)
Teardrop 10 minutes red/orange/yellowish bright fiery teardrop thick streak thinner at the tail seen against very clear bright dusk western sky at 10 o'clo 5/15/06
4/16/06 02:00 Missoula MT Light 5 minutes A bright white light like I've never seen before 5/13/12
4/16/06 00:30 Gloucester (UK/England)
Triangle 30 secs Triangular shaped object seen travelling slowly across the sky. 3 visible red lights at each point of the triangular craft. The craft 5/15/06
4/15/06 23:30 Marbella, Costa del Sol (Spain)
Fireball 90 seconds Fireballs lighting up the southern Spanish sky on the night of 15th of April - 16th of April. 5/15/06
4/15/06 23:00 Camp Albert Pike AR Unknown 2 minutes? Strange light seen flying across sky actually 3 different lights. 5/15/06
4/15/06 23:00 Round Rock TX Light 20 Seconds Bright white object that moved extremely fast and appeared out of nowhere. 10/30/06
4/15/06 22:30 Malaga (Spain)
Fireball 1 minute Malaga, Spain - red/blue luminous objects with golden wake flying horizontaly in a group 5/15/06
4/15/06 22:10 Couburg (Canada) ON Formation 4 Sec. There were 6 round craft that had an orange glow that flew from east to west at about mock 2 or 3 with no sound. They were flying in a 5/15/06
4/15/06 21:30 Cedarville (4 to 5 miles east of, on U. S. 42) OH Changing 1-2 minutes Cigar Craft with Portholes or Lights 3/19/09
4/15/06 21:09 Kirtland NM Light Approx 5 Mins. Object sighted in NW NM was witnessed by 3 people, bright white and moved acrossed the sky and faded out. 5/15/06
4/15/06 21:00 Pensacola FL Circle 2 Seconds Circle of light travels through cloud, leaving a wake, in under to seconds to out of view. 5/15/06
4/15/06 21:00 Reading PA Triangle 1 minute or less Bright triangle shaped object flies over gas station. 7/16/06
4/15/06 21:00 Hutchinson KS Unknown 2:00min We were going west on 11th st towards the Hutchinson Cosmosphere. It was dusk and an object appeared that caught every one's eye in th 5/15/06
4/15/06 20:27 Vermilion OH Cylinder 5 minutes The Video that was captured is on Couple see captures wierd object in the sky 5/15/06
4/15/06 17:15 Wilmington (suburbs) DE Sphere 1 minute Brilliant sphere floats above the Wilmington Suburbs. 7/16/06
4/15/06 16:00 Columbus OH Formation 5 minutes Formation of 6 to 7 objects in Columbus, Ohio 4/27/07
4/15/06 10:45 Mays Landing NJ Cigar 3 seconds Silent, 1000 foot long, silvery white UFO spotted 1/5/11
4/15/06 07:00 Berwick LA Triangle Not known Huge Black Triangle and proof that something happened to me last night. 5/15/06
4/15/06 03:00 Rome GA Triangle 30 seconds Triangular with lights on corners, made no sound, changed size, hovering over firetruck 11/28/07
4/15/06 02:04 Crystal Lake IL Oval 1 minute a grey mettalic oval(s) seen high in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 8/7/07
4/15/06 02:00 Denver CO Oval 3 SECONDS GREEN BRIGHT LIGHT OVER DENVER 5/15/06
4/15/06 02:00 Irvine PA Unknown 5 Min. object flashed lights down on river across from my house 1/21/08
4/15/06 01:30 San Antonio TX Oval 1 hr 32 min. Invisable by the human eye but caught on infared film. 8/12/08
4/15/06 Baltimore MD Cigar One shot of many ((NUFORC Note: HOAX. SLICE OF BREAD IN MIDAIR. PD)) This Is another of many Photo's I Have Taken Of Them/They/Vistors. 2/1/07
4/14/06 20:00 La Quinta CA Light one minute or so It was close to 8pm in the desert when a light in the eastern sky was bright and light beams shot accross the evening sky. We were in 5/15/06
4/14/06 20:00 Shoreline (Seattle) WA Egg 5 sec a large orange egg traveling at eye blinking speed thru the S.W sky, seemed to attract three smaller ogjects to it. 5/15/06
4/14/06 19:22 El Paso TX Other less than 10 minutes Crescent shaped objects over missle test range. 5/15/06
4/14/06 19:15 Naperville IL Sphere 60 seconds Glowing orange sphere appearing near thunderstorm anvils 5/15/06
4/14/06 18:04 Camberley (UK/England)
Teardrop 2 minutes cloaked ball shape object near camberley U.K. Good friday 2006 p.m. 5/15/06
4/14/06 00:45 London (UK/England)
Sphere 0:05 Bright wight orb hovering and performing high speed zig zags. possibly chased by a millitary fighter. 5/15/06
4/14/06 00:40 New York City NY Light 60 star like object high up in the sky making strange movements and somethings changing lights/color 5/15/06
4/14/06 00:18 Howell NJ Disk 5-10 min My husband and I both witnessed a low flying aircraft which seemed to hover in one spot with bright flashing lights. 5/15/06
4/13/06 22:00 Fort Worth TX Other 30s Two star like objects moving together in a clear night sky. 5/15/06
4/13/06 22:00 Jamestown NY Triangle 15 seconds A black triangle with solid red lights along the leading two edges. 5/15/06
4/13/06 21:15 Wise VA Light 5 ...lights seen above Wise. Virginia.... 5/15/06
4/13/06 20:30 Denver CO Triangle 10-15 seconds Speedy Craft captured in photos over Lake Marston, Denver. 5/15/06
4/13/06 18:10 Madrid (Spain)
Other unknown unknown shape in a photo 5/15/06
4/13/06 14:00 Mercer PA Light 20-30 minutes Lights That Came Through My Bedroom Window 5/15/06
4/13/06 09:30 Orlando FL Light 15 seconds UFO over orlando Florida spotted from my aircraft. 5/15/06
4/13/06 03:24 Hessel MI Cigar 7 min It was cool 5/15/06
4/12/06 23:45 East Preston (UK/England)
4/12/06 22:15 Arlington/Dallas TX Triangle 30 seconds 3 faded and/or dull lights (e.g. almost a cloaked effect) in the form of a triangle - moving at extremely high speeds from west-southwe 5/15/06
4/12/06 21:00 Pensacola FL Triangle 30 minutes Witnessed 2 sets of lights in the sky first around 9pm above my fiance's work while on my way to pick him up. One was triangle shaped a 5/15/06
4/12/06 13:51 Golden/ Boulder (between; 2 mi. S. of Rocky Flats) CO Formation 5 mins Several reflective flying objects, making strange formations w/liquid like motion in broad daylight near Rocky Flats (Have Photos). 5/15/06
4/12/06 Huntington Park CA Changing 10 MIN ON APRIL 12 2006 AT ABOUT 6:30 PM IT WAS A CLEARBLUE SKY.I WAS LOOKING DUE WEST. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD)) 5/15/06
4/11/06 23:30 Malibu CA Other 20 minutes There was a hovering, body of some sort, flashing very bright light, almost like a bouy, in the sky.... It would only flash light.... a 5/15/06
4/11/06 22:00 Watford (UK/England)
Formation 5-10mins Formation of 6-8 glowing orange lights flying across sky then disappearing. 2/1/07
4/11/06 21:28 London (UK/England)
4/11/06 21:15 Flint MI Triangle 3 Minutes Triangle Shaped Object over Flint Michigan 5/15/06
4/11/06 20:40 Augusta GA Light @30 seconds 2 reddish/orange glowing objects in southwest sky, approximately 1500 feet above ground. 5/15/06
4/11/06 06:50 Orlando FL Oval Approximately 7 seconds Silent, illuminated, quickly moving oval craft in early morning sky on an approximate south to north flight path 5/15/06
4/11/06 01:00 Coventry (UK/England)
Formation 10 min 9 craft in kite shape glowing 5/15/06
4/10/06 19:41 Sunrise FL Unknown Few seconds? Unknown object spotted while reviewing photo of clouds/shower line taken earlier in day. 5/15/06
4/10/06 13:45 Burnsville MN Formation 1 minute 50 silver irridescent diamond shaped objects in the formation of a wide awkward heart that blinked in and out of view in MN 5/15/06
4/10/06 13:20 Fleetwood (UK/England)
Disk Around 30 seconds Ok , something weird has just happened like five minutes ago...

I opened my curtains and looked outside and I saw a kind of black di
4/10/06 10:45 Wauseon OH Triangle 30 minutes + Something over Northwest Ohio 5/15/06
4/9/06 22:00 Mandeville LA Light 5 sec. seen lights that looked like stars playing 5/15/06
4/9/06 21:00 Little Rock AR Light 1-2 min Bright light 5/15/06
4/9/06 16:35 Orland CA Sphere 1 MINUTE Orb's overlooking there launch of a craft. 3/31/08
4/9/06 16:35 Orland CA Sphere 1 minute ORBS watching over a launch of there own. 3/4/08
4/9/06 15:30 Quapaw OK Cigar 5 sec. silver cigar shaped object goes extremly fast 5/15/06
4/9/06 14:36 Philadelphia PA Cigar about a minute and a half Philadelphia - Seen UFO 5/15/06
4/9/06 13:30 Dallas TX Changing 5-6 minutes My UFO sighting over the Immigration Rally in Dallas, Tx. 10/30/06
4/9/06 10:50 Montreal (Canada) QC Formation 10 sec I just saw a formation of 4 red light in the sky. One of the light shift the 3 others light too fast to be a normal air plane. 5/15/06
4/9/06 09:00 Mira Loma CA Fireball ?? Plasma rocket or alien spacecrafts? 5/15/06
4/9/06 02:00 Schererville IN Unknown Several nights Blue, green, red and white flashing lights sitting in the sky in NW Indiana sky for past two weeks. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD)) 5/15/06
4/8/06 23:00 Augusta GA Light few seconds Group of flashing rapidly moving lights 5/15/06
4/8/06 22:43 Sanbornton NH Disk 5 min we were sitting at a campfire and saw a round blinking light moving side to side back and fourth and I felt strange. 5/15/06
4/8/06 22:30 Oley PA Sphere 2 minutes A bright star looking object very quickly rose straight upward out of sight. 5/15/06
4/8/06 21:38 Calgary (Canada) AB Triangle 23 minutes Vertically oriented boomerang shaped object observed over city. 4/27/07
4/8/06 15:40 Santa Clarita CA Circle 20 min While cutting up a fallen tree at my friend’s house in the forest (highway 14/Sand Canyon Rd area) I decided to take a break and lie do 5/15/06
4/8/06 12:30 Pecos NM Disk 10 mins Object with broad center area following airplane. 5/15/06
4/8/06 11:15 Beardstown IL Formation 10 minutes + 30-50 white/silver discs in broad daylight. 5/15/06
4/8/06 11:05 Fort Collins CO Changing Still there Watching Con. trail of jet and noticed what appeared to be a star next to it. Grabbed binocs and noticed shiney metal object in two rou 5/15/06
4/8/06 11:05 Fort Collins CO Changing Still there I'm still watching it. Its right in the path of several jets. Must be a traffic lane or something. I can't video it. Its to hard to fin 5/15/06
4/8/06 03:10 Los Angeles CA Changing 0 Objects are Military 5/15/06
4/7/06 23:45 Omaha NE Triangle 15 minutes UFO seen as low as 65 feet!!!!!! 5/15/06
4/7/06 22:44 Pond Inlet (Canada) NT Circle 30 seconds We went outside for smoke, when my brother looked up at the sky and point to south east from us, I saw blue light shaped circle streaki 5/15/06
4/7/06 22:00 Los Angeles CA Disk 5 minutes It was a clear night and I was standing in my porch – when I looked up to the sky and saw this disk style object with color lights. It 10/30/06
4/7/06 19:55 Maynardville (near) TN Light 5 Seconds Orbs appear during severe storm. 5/15/06
4/7/06 12:30 Mississauga (Canada) ON Disk 10-15 Seconds Silver disk flying in distance, seen from Mississauga school yard 5/15/06
4/7/06 12:30 in the air
Other few minutes I was flying between St. Louis and Houston to a graduate school event. It was my first time flying on an airplane, and so I insisted o 1/21/08
4/7/06 11:30 London (UK/England)
Oval Brief Non believer sees opaque ring shaped object in Central London, England. ((anonymous report)) 5/15/06
4/7/06 10:25 San Jose CA Other 10 seconds Big low flying shadow cover house then strange things started to happen with the power. 5/15/06
4/7/06 09:30 Jacksonville NC Cigar 30- 45 min i saw an odd craft and was possibly obducted by space men .

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
4/7/06 06:15 Sacramento (60 east of) CA Light minutes Bright light at low altitude vanishes leaving a round cloud 5/15/06
4/7/06 06:05 Hollister CA Unknown 3 minutes Break of dawn, an orange sphere shooting thru the sky stops & hovers with an huge white light illuminating from it in a cone shape. 5/15/06
4/7/06 06:05 El Dorado Hills (Sacramento) CA Unknown 1 minute Plane/Comet looking craft in Sacramento area. 5/15/06
4/7/06 06:01 Fresno CA Light 1 minute Light projecting strong beam of light (like headlights) in sky slowly moving, then disappeared leaving cloud 5/15/06
4/7/06 02:30 Melbourne (Australia)
Disk 10 seconds On Friday at about 2:30am I was standing out the front of my house having a cigg, watching the sky as usual....

Then I see these to
4/7/06 02:30 Limerick/Pottstown PA Unknown 20 minutes unexplained flying shape 5/15/06
4/7/06 00:05 Nevada City CA Light midnight to dawn Night sky lit up like daytime. 5/15/06
4/7/06 00:00 Monroe LA Disk 5 minutes I saw a bright circle of white light in the shape of a disk, that hovered about 5 minutes and then it was gone. 5/15/06
4/6/06 23:35 Ilford (Canada) MB Light 30 minutes A white light that seemed to come and go as it pleased!!! 5/15/06
4/6/06 21:15 Kirkland WA Unknown 15 minutes Five pulsing lights were present in the night sky. 5/15/06
4/6/06 21:00 Kansas City KS Triangle 5 seconds Bright white triangular shaped object with multiple colors trailing behind it viewed while driving on I435 Kansas City, KS 10/30/06
4/6/06 20:15 Baltimore MD Unknown 3 min stayed still then shot straight up then disapeared then reapeared to the left at a higher attitude. 7/16/06
4/6/06 19:50 Ashford (UK/England)
Triangle 15-20 Kent, UK, (strange sighting maybe new military equipment) 5/15/06
4/6/06 05:50 McCamey (near) TX Oval approx 2 minutes Oval shaped objects 5/15/06
4/6/06 01:00 Sammamish WA Circle 3 seconds streak in sky 5/15/06
4/6/06 00:00 Hialeah FL Diamond walking a big like like a diamond coming donw fast from the sky 7/16/06
4/5/06 20:00 Palatka FL Disk 2:00 A light came out and droped another light...then moved away....Fast! 5/15/06
4/5/06 18:00 Fairview Heights IL Sphere 5 seconds Sphere just under clouds after a tornado. 7/16/06
4/5/06 06:05 Newhall CA Circle 5 seconds saw light which "imploded" upon itself leaving a halo, then faded to nothing in the sky 5/15/06
4/5/06 01:00 Gainesville FL Rectangle 5 minutes Very large aircraft, moving at 30 knots, at about 2500 feet, rectangular in shape. 4/27/07
4/4/06 21:22 Richmond (Canada) BC Triangle 6 seconds Triangular object travelling at very high speed with three light with no audiable sound = UFO? 5/15/06
4/4/06 02:30 Colorado Springs CO Circle 1 hour Circular Bright White Flying Saucer. 5/15/06
4/3/06 13:00 Winston-Salem NC Fireball 2 minutes Great big orange reddish ball. 5/15/06
4/3/06 12:00 Latonia KY Rectangle 10 seconds Segmented, white rectangular object travelling very slowly. ((anonymous report)) 5/15/06
4/2/06 20:58 Smithville TX Oval seconds Fast walker object blinks in and out over Texas 5/15/06
4/2/06 00:00 San Jose CA Other 10 to 15 min. flasing red orb almost a deep redish purple kinda like the tail lamp on a police bike. you can get the same effect by taking a clear c 5/15/06
4/1/06 23:00 Hanford Nuclear Reservation WA Light 30 minutes Unusual activity at Hanford Nuclear Reservation,WA 8/24/10
4/1/06 19:45 Beardstown IL Sphere 15 seconds Yellow-orange sphere with a long green tail. 5/15/06
4/1/06 18:00 Colorado City TX Diamond 5 minutes UFO IN COLORADO CITY TX- GLOWING METALLIC OBJECT THAT MOVED VERY FAST 5/12/09
4/1/06 08:00 Westminster CO Light 10 seconds Single hovering light departed north 5/15/06
4/1/06 04:45 Tulsa OK Oval 10 to 20 min A object like the moon, but the light of the Sun with a blue glow around it , it did not move some said there was a boom sound X3 5/15/06
4/1/06 01:00 St. Francis WI Teardrop 4 minutes Two ufo's in my neighborhood traveling around houses 10/31/08
4/1/06 00:52 Boston MA Fireball <2 seconds At 12:52 am on Saturday morning April 1, I saw a large fiery orange ball arch across the sky from NW to SE (I think). It was the about 5/15/06