National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 05/2006
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/31/06 22:52 Wrexham (UK/England)
Light 40 seconds Extreme bright light falling to the ground slowly 7/16/06
5/31/06 01:37 Palm Desert CA Light 10 minutes Four Green lights in a line moving from South to North 7/16/06
5/31/06 00:00 Mukilteo WA Changing now red and blue flashing light west of mount ranier 7/16/06
5/30/06 22:00 Hartville MO Sphere 5 - 10 minutes Strobing lights and "gateway" with sphere/disk shaped craft 7/16/06
5/30/06 08:08 Nashville TN Disk 7-10 secs White, flashing object, looked like an airplane, but traveling way too fast. 7/16/06
5/29/06 23:55 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light 40 sec Two big lights following a smaller one 7/16/06
5/29/06 23:11 Syracuse NY Flash 4 seconds A bright light that dimmed as it left the earths atmosphere 7/16/06
5/29/06 20:45 Purlear NC Other 3 minutes 4 Circling Bright Lights 7/16/06
5/29/06 20:00 Miami FL Fireball 60 seconds Red/White Ball seen from Passenger Plane, 4PM, over Miami Int. Airport, Memorial Day 06, approach. 7/16/06
5/29/06 19:00 Dupo IL Cigar 2 min Large dark cigar sighted over Dupo Illinois 7/16/06
5/29/06 17:30 Jeffersonville IN Other 6 to 8 minutes Multiple witness viewing of unusual object over major metropolitan area 8/7/07
5/29/06 12:00 Bakersfield CA Sphere 1 to 2 minutes 3 highly metallic, highly reflective spheres moving rapidly together, then quickly ascending out of sight 7/16/06
5/29/06 03:00 Joliet IL Oval 1 min 30sec Amamolous Joliet, IL. Light 7/16/06
5/29/06 00:58 UK/England
Light 2 hours More luminous objects sighted in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sightings of satellites, we suspect. PD)) 7/16/06
5/28/06 23:30 Adkins TX Sphere 1 min Bright blue sphere, hovered then darted east and disappeared. 7/16/06
5/28/06 23:30 East Bridgewater MA Flash 20 minutes While sitting outside, at the same moment two persons notices a bright flash in the northern sky, right of the big dipper. It was thou 7/16/06
5/28/06 23:30 Aurora/Wheaton/Warrenville areas IL

numerous reports of sightings in a location 2/1/07
5/28/06 21:30 Jupiter FL Light one hour A light that looked like a star but moved erractically left to right and in a circular pattern. 7/16/06
5/28/06 20:45 Spring Hill TN Flash 1 second Flash/Pulse of light shooting through Big Dipper 7/16/06
5/28/06 20:00 Santa Clara CA Oval 15 seconds Fast moving gliding oval shaped object in the sky just before Great America Parkway Fireworks event on Sunday May 28, 2006. 7/16/06
5/28/06 17:00 Philadelphia PA Circle 3-1/2 minutes May/2006 - Video: UFO Over Philadelphia? 2/1/07
5/28/06 14:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Sphere 3.5 hours It was 28.05.06, 14:30 ((in time I sad to myself to check the time passed not so much time)) I was in park wathcing the sky and spot to 7/16/06
5/28/06 11:35 New Philadelphia OH Triangle 3 Seconds A very fast moving triange with four red lights going straight as can be, and silent. 7/16/06
5/28/06 11:00 St. Johns (Iraq) NF Unknown 3 minutes White and black and travelled in strang way leaving black dot where last seen. 7/16/06
5/28/06 11:00 Mt. Pocono PA Light 1 min the objects were too high to be considered planes and they were not flying in a straight line. 7/16/06
5/28/06 01:30 London (Canada) ON Triangle 3-5 sec. large triangular object with 10 to 12 bright red lights spotted over London, Ontario 7/16/06
5/27/06 23:15 Belmont MA Other 30 minutes follow up on a 3 light ufo, awkwardly moving. 7/16/06
5/27/06 23:00 Comanche (southeast of) TX Unknown 10 seconds There was a bright emerald flying large object that sped across the sky in front of my vehicle and vanished as quickly as it appeared. 7/16/06
5/27/06 22:35 Belmont MA Triangle 20 minutes and ongoin Star- looking, awkward moving, 3 lighted ufo. 7/16/06
5/27/06 22:00 Saluda VA Changing 20 Seconds UFO(s) spotted at sprint car race in Virginia, 4 (?) objects spotted 7/16/06
5/27/06 21:12 Northbrook IL Light 30 seconds The lights were organized, with equal distnaces between the first three, second row of two, and one at the tip...making a perfect cone 7/16/06
5/27/06 13:00 Scottsdale AZ Circle 3 minutes Four lights - looked like the sun. 7/16/06
5/27/06 02:00 Ottway OH Unknown 5 minutes Awoke to see a beam of light scanning the ground. I possibly was inside the craft? 7/16/06
5/27/06 01:00 Pocahontas AR Oval 1 hour Apparently intelligently controled objects spotted in Pocahontas Arkansas 7/16/06
5/26/06 23:30 Olean NY Teardrop 10min Craft flying over head in the woods. 7/16/06
5/26/06 11:30 Tucson AZ

05/26/06.11:30am.Tucson.Az.Square.10mins.2 large objects,3 smaller.Catalina foothills.5/26 06 7/16/06
5/26/06 05:33 Port St. Lucie FL Light 25 secs or less A still and intense flourescent green light in the sky which lasted about 25 secs then vanished. 7/16/06
5/26/06 05:00 Scottsdale AZ Cigar 20 min Cigar shaped object over the McDowell Mountains 10/30/06
5/26/06 03:00 Laurie MO Disk 20 minutes Spinning, brightly-lit flying saucer approached me from across the lake 7/16/06
5/26/06 02:30 Arbroath (UK/Scotland)
Rectangle 3-4sec Arbroath UK - Large fireball type object disappears over the North Sea 7/16/06
5/26/06 00:39 UK/England
Light 2 hours More luminous objects seen in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect possible sightings of satellites. PD)) 7/16/06
5/26/06 00:30 Smithfield VA Unknown 4 mins Flashing lights in the sky. Moving way too fast to be an aircraft and made no sound. 7/16/06
5/25/06 23:00 Campos dos Goytacazes (Brazil)
Circle 00:30 Gentlemen My name is Antenor Penha.

I live in Brazil, been of Rio De Janeiro, City Campos dos Goytacazes. My email is antenorpenha@z
5/25/06 22:30 Pikeville KY Changing 30 seconds Blue light, split into smaller lights in triangle. 7/16/06
5/25/06 20:01 Warrensburg MO Triangle 0:04 I saw what appeared to be a cloaked triangle object in the back drop of some strom clouds. 7/16/06
5/25/06 20:00 Vienna VA Circle 20 min. Was blue did not move at all nere jupiter. 7/16/06
5/25/06 03:30 Murrells Inlet SC Disk 2 minutes The object was octagon shaped and looked like something from late BC to early AD.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
5/25/06 03:06 Atlantic Ocean (at sea)
Rectangle 5 minutes Date of sighting: 03-25-2006 Location of sighting: 705 miles of the coast of Miami Fla., and 600 miles from the Bahamas’ Islands, aboar 7/16/06
5/25/06 00:55 UK/England
Light 2 hours Multiple luminous objects sighted in night sky 7/16/06
5/25/06 00:30 Muscatine IA Rectangle 2 mins. Strange object passing through Muscatine 7/16/06
5/24/06 23:20 Beaver Lake NE Light 5 minutes Light in the sky south of offutt AFB 7/16/06
5/24/06 15:45 Blackburn, Lancashire (UK/England)
Circle 10-20 seconds A small black circle rises and then stops dead in front of cloud,there one moment gone the next. 7/16/06

Peter, in reference to the gentleman who critcized your site, I would like to point out that the database you provide is unprecedented. 7/16/06
5/23/06 23:30 Cleveland OH Sphere 6 seconds Bright white sphere 7/16/06
5/23/06 22:55 Tuscola TX Light Few Minutes Went outside to bring out the trash when I noticed over the hillside about 500ft above the hill was a light that was strobing, it defin 7/16/06
5/23/06 22:34 Tranquillity CA Circle 3 min bright white lite near Tranquillity/ Mendota 7/16/06
5/23/06 22:30 Moulton AL Light about 3 min A light proceeded across the sky from south to north i did not observe any thing to set it apart from an airplane 7/16/06
5/23/06 22:00 Campbell CA Light 5 min Bright orange light in the sky 7/16/06
5/23/06 21:50 Shady Spring WV Changing 1 hour + Colorful Objects in Night Sky over Shady Spring, WV. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of celestial body, we suspect. PD)) 7/16/06
5/23/06 20:43 Palm Coast FL Disk ??? ((NUFORC NOTE: Student report. Probable hoax. PD)) I belive i was abducted in palm coast 7/16/06
5/23/06 19:40 Huntersville NC Disk 3 seconds was driving home from school along I-77 south around exit 25 and saw almost directly above the highway about 1/2 mile in front of me at 7/16/06
5/23/06 14:00 Malibu, West CA Cylinder <1 minute bright metalic cylinder 30-75 ' or more flying along CA coast over Ventura, speed of landing jet, jet flame out the end. 7/16/06
5/23/06 11:00 St. Andrews (UK/Scotland)
Sphere 30 sec I was watching the events taking place on the turn (9th green and 10th fairway) on the St Andrews Old Course golf links where I sit for 7/16/06
5/23/06 00:00 Indianapolis IN Flash
it was to far for me to get a good look at it,but fighter jets dont move like it did. 10/30/06
5/23/06 Sunderland (UK/England)
((POSSIBLE HOAX)) bright lights on the objest very mysterious. 7/16/06
5/22/06 23:45 Windsor (Canada) ON Light 2 mins A light brighter than Jupiter started moving across the sky.

Went out to check how clear the sky was. Looked up saw an object brig
5/22/06 23:34 Fenwick Island DE Light
bright light stopping/starting and changing directions; east to west migration x 45 minutes before stopping 7/16/06
5/22/06 22:30 Round lake IL Oval 3-4 sec an orange football shaped object in round lake sky so fast it made after images(trail) 7/16/06
5/22/06 21:35 Coralville IA Oval 1 sec a light and movement that I have never seen before 7/16/06
5/22/06 21:31 Ladd IL Fireball 1+ minute We saw a bright firball going WNW and it lasted for about a minute and a half befor it burned out and probably landed as a meteorite. W 7/16/06
5/22/06 18:46 Centerville MA Triangle 1:14 Large triangel craft with large white dome at the bottom. 7/16/06
5/22/06 14:22 Deadwood SD Disk instantaneous Saucer type UFO hovering over Crazy Horse Monument captured on digital camera. 12/7/06
5/22/06 06:06 Port Shepstine (South Africa)
Unknown about 20-30 seconds Splash in ocean, UFO hovers, smoke clouds... 7/16/06
5/22/06 Malden MA Oval
pper on our deck when I noticed a really bright matalic object flying a straight direction but at a abnormal speed(slow)then we are use 7/16/06
5/21/06 23:10 Regina (Canada) SK Other 20 sec. Orange coulored objects flying in hourglass formation 7/16/06
5/21/06 23:00 Monticello MN Disk
they were stars that moved all over the place 7/16/06
5/21/06 22:30 Murrieta CA Unknown 3 hours Moon like object moving abnormally, unlike any aircraft, location not reasonable for it to be a spotlight 7/16/06
5/21/06 21:55 Richmond VA Triangle Approx 1 Minute Triangle of lights traveling SSW to NNE. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of U. S. Navy "NOSS" triplet of satellites?? PD)) 7/16/06
5/21/06 21:47 Lansdowne House (Canada) ON Circle 2 Minutes UFO sighted in a smale Northwestern Ontario, Canada Community. 7/16/06
5/21/06 20:00 Dover DE Triangle 3 minutes Floating Airliner? 7/16/06
5/21/06 16:00 Easter Island (Chile)
Disk 1 second Flying object over Easter Island viewed from tongariki beach 7/16/06
5/21/06 16:00 Central Coast (Australia)
Light few seconds the shooting UFO 10/31/08
5/21/06 13:00 Keene (Canada) ON Circle 10 to 15 minutes Round white disk flying at low altitude followed by heavy downpour and boat sinking 10/30/06
5/21/06 10:45 Las Vegas NV Sphere 15 minutes Small white object over Las Vegas 7/16/06
5/21/06 10:30 Tempe AZ Sphere ::15 Tempe Az Black Dot 10 seconds traveling N to S very fast and quite 7/16/06
5/21/06 03:30 Phoenix AZ Fireball 1 second EAGLE VIEW of UFO over Phoenix Arizona 5/29/12
5/21/06 00:30 Molly Stark St. Park (Marlboro) VT Unknown 20 min Unidentified light phenomenon 7/16/06
5/20/06 22:10 Spring Hill FL Light 5 minutes 2 points of light seen from a small telescope 7/16/06
5/20/06 22:00 Oakwood OH Light 15 to 30 seconds High-altitude, moving, light that, when overhead, became brilliant; it accelerated off and disappeared into the night sky. 7/16/06
5/20/06 22:00 Azle TX Light 9 seconds box kite shaped with cylinder center connecting the two ends 7/16/06
5/20/06 15:30 Grayson KY Circle 3 minutes very shiney round ball very high in the air 7/16/06
5/20/06 15:00 Torrance CA Other 30 seconds Cloaked UFO shadow seen on low cloud layer 3/8/07
5/20/06 13:30 Accrington, Lancashire (UK/England)
Changing 2 hours Sighting in the forest of bowland 7/16/06
5/20/06 13:30 Bucharest (Romania)
Flash 10 seconds Flash over Bucharest, mid day - very strange 7/16/06
5/20/06 13:00 Bowland, Lancashire (UK/England)
Changing 30 Minutes Spacecraft land in bowland 7/16/06
5/20/06 11:00 Beaver (in outskirts of) UT Teardrop 30 seconds Teardrop craft hovered in sky and then darted into a cloud and didn't come out. 7/16/06
5/20/06 10:20 Greenwich CT Fireball 2 seconds Meteorite in Greenwich, CT 7/16/06
5/20/06 09:45 Seattle WA Unknown 01 4 white objects west of Seattle 7/16/06
5/20/06 04:30 Lewisville TX Other 1.5hrs multi color changing lightning bolt. contained in a "flair" like star 7/16/06
5/20/06 02:35 Plainfield IL Light 3 seconds Single light moves through sky at alarming rate In Plaifield, Illinois 7/16/06
5/20/06 02:00 Soso MS Fireball
A fire blue circular type object. 3/19/09
5/20/06 01:45 Seguin TX Sphere 30 minutes Orange color changing sphere near cell phone/radio relay tower. 5/8/15
5/20/06 01:20 Newcastle upon Tyne (UK/England)
Unknown 8-10 seconds Well I was watching a movie with my girlfriend.We live on the sixth floor of an 8 storey building. All of a sudden a very bright light 7/16/06
5/20/06 00:58 Gaylord MN Triangle 20 Minutes flahing "star" moving around for 20 minutes near the big dipper. 7/16/06
5/20/06 00:05 Wilson NC Circle 1-2 minutes Unusual ball of light flashed in the sky 7/16/06
5/19/06 22:00 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Disk 1-2mins I was 11 Years my best guy friend and our siblings were playing hide and go seek tag in the dark. Suddenly, My sis was screaming 6/3/10
5/19/06 22:00 Myrtle Beach SC Light 3 - 8 min. 1-2-3-4-Red/Orange orbs out at sea blink on for 30 seconds then gone. very strange 10/30/06
5/19/06 22:00 Cleveland OH Other 5 minutes A UFO With Red, Blue & Green lights alternating between the colors and gliding and Hovering 7/16/06
5/19/06 21:31 Wheatfield IN Formation 30 seconds 4 bright orange lights in a row 7/16/06
5/19/06 21:30 Sunderland MA Oval 2 min. red and oval shaped 7/16/06
5/19/06 21:30 Canton IL Oval 20 minutes roughly Orange glowing oval shoots sparks 7/16/06
5/19/06 18:00 Seattle WA Circle 30 minutes silver round object,size of a small van 7/16/06
5/19/06 09:57 highway 78 between Bailey & Bonham, Texas TX Sphere approx. 2 min. We were in a car traveling northbound when I noticed a shiny, silver sphere in the northern sky approximately 45 degrees above the hori 7/16/06
5/19/06 00:30 Sonora CA Light 3 secs I looked up and caught a very bright light (3 times the size of Venus). It moved in small arc and then simply faded out. The way that o 7/16/06
5/18/06 23:00 East Riffa (Bahrain)
Diamond 5 mins saw a diamond like star ,bluish white colour twas moving away first a big star, moved for 1.5 min in one direction then reduced half it 7/16/06
5/18/06 22:00 Fort Smith AR Circle 20 minutes Orange lights seen from southern Fort Smith. Fort Chaffee military flares or UFOs ? 7/16/06
5/18/06 21:20 Lancashire (UK/England)
Unknown 10 Seconds Lancashire, UK at about 9:30pm, an UFO passed over a crowd on BIG BROTHER live on Channel 4. The UFO sighted by me was too bright to b 7/16/06
5/18/06 21:00 Gulf Shores AL Unknown 5 minutes We saw a triangled shaped object in the sky in Gulf Shores ALA, approx one mile up not moving. 4/27/07
5/18/06 13:35 St. Joseph MO Cylinder 10 seconds Floating gray cylinder seen dropping down behind some trees 7/16/06
5/18/06 12:30 Jacumba CA Cigar about 2 minutes My partner and I were going on a drive on I-8 out of San Diego east towards the Arizona border. We often go on weekend drives out this 6/12/08
5/18/06 02:00 Telford TN Other 5-10 Minutes 4 Bright Lights, formed Box then dissappeared. 7/16/06
5/17/06 23:30 Fresno CA Light 8 seconds Fast light zig zagging over Fresno 7/16/06
5/17/06 22:30 Littlerock AR Light 50 seconds It came out of the east traveling north the object was bright orange but had some white light and the craft seemed to pulsate. 7/16/06
5/17/06 22:30 Beaverton OR Diamond 7-10 seconds strange dim diamond shaped light pattern traveling across the sky NW to SE about 5-10 times a jets speed. 7/16/06
5/17/06 21:30 Benton County MO Light 5 minutes Moving lights across the sky 7/16/06
5/17/06 21:30 La Puente CA Chevron 50 min. UFO over the San Gabriel Valley 7/16/06
5/17/06 21:00 Allentown PA Triangle 2 min. The craziest thing that has ever happened in my life!! 2/1/07
5/17/06 20:25 San Mateo CA Unknown 5-7 minutes 2 bright streaks of light with dark object above them observed in clear, cloudless sky. 7/16/06
5/17/06 20:05 Wirral, Cheshire (UK/England)
Triangle 10 seconds Invisible with silver triangular back. 7/16/06
5/17/06 03:00 Walker MN Circle 45 Minutes Star like object in the sky moved side to side and up and down in a jaged motion extreamly bright. 7/16/06
5/17/06 02:10 East Setauket NY Circle 7 seconds Small UFO moving in backyard with red and white lights 1/21/08
5/17/06 00:30 Washington, D.C. DC Triangle 10 seconds black triangular object with three red lights underneath it flying over DC 7/16/06
5/17/06 00:00 Perth (Australia)
Light A couple of hours High altitude red lights moving too fast to be any modern aircraft 8/27/09
5/17/06 00:00 Richmond VA Fireball 2 minutes Bright redish orange star object with no movement for 5 min, suddenly moving up and east out of sight 7/16/06
5/17/06 Holland TX Unknown 5 SECONDS white light suddenly emitted bright white light in center yellow on middle and red on outside of emitted circle of huge display 7/16/06
5/16/06 23:10 Holland MI Unknown 4 Minutes Object with shimmering lights (no sounds) at low elevation seen over Holland Michigan 10/30/06
5/16/06 23:00 Del Rio (35 miles outside of) TX Other 15 min. Sighting of prism like craft on the devils river in west Texas 10/30/06
5/16/06 23:00 Wasco CA Unknown 10 mins it was a bright red 7/16/06
5/16/06 21:45 Westhampton MA Other At least 20 minutes Colorful spinning ferris-wheel-shaped object seen in Northwest sky. 7/16/06
5/16/06 13:25 Lynnwood WA Rectangle 15 minutes A bright light caught my eye in the sky to the west. It seemed to hover in circles. I went to get binoculars, 6x30, & located object 7/16/06
5/16/06 10:20 West Bridgewater MA Light About 30 Sec. "Meteor" rapidly decelerates and changes direction, procedes to fly off as if it were a normal aircraft. 7/16/06
5/15/06 23:00 Baltimore MD Egg 15+ Mins. Stationary long objet with dome in middle. Red/orange & blue lights kept shining with varying degrees of intensity. 7/16/06
5/15/06 22:00 Zirconia NC
10 sec Lazer like light in the sky verry big and verry bright. 7/16/06
5/15/06 21:10 Miami FL Formation 4-5-mins Formation over Miami may ,06 6/12/08
5/15/06 20:30 Goodyear AZ Light 15 minuets Arizona Lights In The Sky Are Back 7/16/06
5/15/06 19:00 Lexington KY Cigar seconds Large orange/red glowing cigar shaped object seen off Man O' War blvd. 8/7/07
5/15/06 18:00 Moscow ID Triangle 35 Seconds I was sitting in the passenger's side of the car, and i saw a dark triangular shape in the sky, and then drift in the clouds. 11/28/07
5/15/06 16:45 Bay D'Espoir (Canada) NF Sphere 5 min a red, sperical soccer ball sized object floating 5 feet in the air. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 7/16/06
5/15/06 16:00 East Haven CT Other 15 seconds Daytime sighting, boomerang-like shape, camo color 10/30/06
5/15/06 14:00 Esparto CA Disk 3 seconds Large circular object appears and disappears in place in broad daylight in a clear blue sky. 7/4/12
5/15/06 12:30 Benton (Aurora) KY Cigar 1 minute 30 seconds (appr cigar shaped chrome object moves slowly at first, then zips across the sky ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 2/1/07
5/15/06 12:10 Costa Rica
To whom it may concern! 7/16/06
5/15/06 12:00 Littleton CO Other 5-10 mins Dozens of tiny specks floating, pulses of light, green object; comet like 10/30/06
5/15/06 07:30 Plant City FL Unknown sudden unknown object fell from clear sky. 7/16/06
5/15/06 01:21 Darwin (Australia)
Unknown 2 seconds UFO uses asteroid signiture for orbit entry 5/15/06
5/15/06 00:15 Saline MI Disk 10 minutes i was in a tent in my backyard with my friends, when we heard this loud, strange noise. i popped my head out of the tent and looked up 10/31/08
5/15/06 00:15 Sooke (Canada) BC Unknown in progress Very bright slow-moving, hovering light over the Pacific, veiwed from Sooke B.C. 7/16/06
5/15/06 Winter Haven FL
one hour I just sent a piggyback report within the last half hour. This is the report I mentioned only my timeline was off. 11/28/07
5/15/06 Croatia

For a long time I've felt that you site has too many useless, brief and unspecific sightings. Who wants to read about a 10-second light 5/15/06
5/14/06 22:00 Cincinnati OH Circle 1/2 hour West side of Cincinnati-close to airport 10-11pm-Did anyone else see these? 5/15/06
5/14/06 20:45 Miami FL Light 3 minutes White light moving slowly to the northeast changed to northwest, then northeast again, changed to red, then went to dim white again 5/15/06
5/14/06 14:30 La Mirada CA Light 1 hour star in the sky during the day? 7/16/06
5/14/06 14:00 Malibu CA Disk ? UFO captured in picture 5/14/2006 - Daylight 7/16/06
5/14/06 03:45 Newcastle upon Tyne (UK/England)
Light 2 minutes two lights (north sea, uk) 5/15/06
5/14/06 01:45 Newton IA Light 10 minutes Red dots in the sky 5/15/06
5/14/06 01:32 Newton IA Light about 10 mins Red dots in mid air 5/15/06
5/14/06 00:30 Delray Beach FL Light 1-3 mins Bright Lite moving in different directions 7/16/06
5/13/06 23:40 Baltimore MD Light 20+ Minutes Multiple UFO's flying over Baltimore Inner Harbor 5/15/06
5/13/06 22:15 Lincoln NE Light Approx 1-2 min Bright light that changed in intensity and emitted flare-like objects as it traveled towards me. 5/15/06
5/13/06 22:05 Twin Falls ID Circle ongoing Five round white objects, stationery (N,NE,NW) flashing green and red lights above Twin Falls, Idaho. 5/15/06
5/13/06 21:28 Alexandria LA Light 15 mniutes Fighter jets chased 3 lights above my house. 7/16/06
5/13/06 20:30 Redwood City CA Sphere 5-10 minutes two spheres seen hanging motionless in sky, a short, thin vapor trail, (or not) projected out of it. 5/15/06
5/13/06 14:45 Los Alamitos CA Light 5 min. Two lights came from one then all three ascened out of sight! 5/15/06
5/13/06 13:00 Aloha OR Oval 1 second Oval Shaped Object in the sky above residential neighborhood 5/15/06
5/13/06 12:30 Lewisville TX Circle 1.5 hours Circular objects observed over shcool campus. 5/15/06
5/13/06 01:00 Austin TX Light 1 minute I saw an intense light formation in the sky at 1a.m. in Austin, Tx., which stood still for a while, rose vertically, then vanished 5/15/06
5/13/06 00:05 Pekalongan (Indonesia)
Light few minutes the images can be found at ((deleted)). ((NUFORC Note: Small, blurry, indistinct object. PD)) 5/15/06
5/13/06 00:00 London (UK/England)
Light 20 seconds massive bright light, low in the sky 7/16/06
5/12/06 00:00 Houston TX Triangle 1-2Min Tiangular UFO Hovering In Houston's Night Sky 5/15/06
5/12/06 23:00 Plano TX Unknown 2 seconds Big white flash in and thru my car 5/15/06
5/12/06 22:40 Kalimna (Australia)
Fireball 30 seconds I was watching a movie late at night on TV when all the power and lights went off. I went outside and saw a green thing. I though it wa 10/30/06
5/12/06 22:30 Tulsa OK Unknown 10 min I was outside in my friends back yard on friday the 12th and noticed a bright light hovering about 3 miles away, i first disregarded it 7/16/06
5/12/06 21:50 Carmichael CA Triangle 4 minutes My daughter and I whitnessed a triangular shaped craft with chaotic strobes over Carmichael, CA. 5/15/06
5/12/06 21:45 Campbell CA Unknown 10 minutes Bright, slow moving orange light in the San Jose area. 5/15/06
5/12/06 20:33 Bois D'Arc MO Sphere 1 hour Brilliant light seen from more than 60 miles away. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Jupiter, which is in the E sky now. PD)) 7/16/06
5/12/06 18:30 Maple Shade NJ Circle unknown Weird Object Seen In Sky 5/15/06
5/12/06 18:00 Little Rock AR Circle 30 seconds Well i was standing in my back yard when i saw the object approach from the south traveling north at a very high rate of speed. The thi 5/15/06
5/12/06 15:57 Pearland TX Circle 8-10 seconds Fast-moving, circular, white object observed for 8-10 seconds--day time sighting. 5/15/06
5/12/06 13:00 Cincinnati OH Disk 5 min. I saw an alian in it's space ship, in the car! 3/4/08
5/12/06 09:30 Colchester (Esses, England)
Light 3-4secs image in sky 5/15/06
5/12/06 03:00 Lisbon (Portugal)
Unknown minutes UFO unvisible to naked you caught on high exposure photo. 10/30/06
5/11/06 23:00 Elgin TX Circle 15 minutes very bright object over Elgin Texas 5/15/06
5/11/06 20:30 Carlsbad NM Light 1 minute Strange light moving by moon. ((NUFORC Note: International Space Station seen over Carlsbad at 20:22 hrs. on this date. PD)) 5/15/06
5/11/06 20:30 Carlsbad NM Light 1 minute Strange light moving by moon. ((NUFORC Note: Space Station flew over Carlsbad, NM, at 2022-2026 hrs. on this date. PD)) 5/15/06
5/11/06 20:25 Folsom CA Disk 5 min bright orange object moving across horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail?? PD)) 5/15/06
5/11/06 19:45 Buckhead Ridge FL Disk 8 minutes We witnssed something enter the earths atmosphere desend and decelerate from a high rate of speed. 10/30/06
5/11/06 19:30 London (UK/England)
Light 15-20 minutes 7 bright red lights hovering and then shooting upwards into space at an alarming rate! 12/7/06
5/11/06 14:50 Austin TX Cigar 1 minute White cigar shaped object hangs over Austin Tx then disapears in a flash of white light 5/15/06
5/11/06 12:00 Long Beach WA Sphere 30-45 seconds Fast-moving glowing, gyrating shpere. 5/15/06
5/11/06 06:38 Pilot Mound (Canada) MB Triangle 2 min "V" shaped object seen near Pilot Mound Manitoba. 5/15/06
5/10/06 23:00 Shawnee KS Circle hours a little after midnight i went outside and noticed big trails in the sky they were all over never seen anything like it before i though 7/16/06
5/10/06 22:04 Oakland CA Unknown 30 seconds Flyby of strobing aircraft over bay area 5/15/06
5/10/06 09:45 Denver CO Cigar 30 seconds I saw a bright white cigar shaped aircraft moving slow across the sky and suddenly disappear. 5/15/06
5/10/06 04:47 Fort Myers FL Sphere one minute large red shere in Fort Myers, Florida 5/15/06
5/10/06 01:00 Somes Bar CA Light 8 seconds Witnessed airplane sized light triple in size, shrink back and speed away at incredibly high rate of speed 5/15/06
5/10/06 01:00 Moscow ID Triangle 4 hours I was otside studying for a final and was looking up when what was a light at first darted and then instantly came to a stop. 5/15/06
5/9/06 23:40 Lewiston ID Triangle 10+minutes 3 sets of lights (changing color) in a triangle formation moving slowly over Lewiston valley. 7/16/06
5/9/06 21:15 Merida (Mexico)
Cigar 3 seconds The object fly in to W-NW direction. The object changed by red-blue colors. The object appear in the sky and desappear in seconds 7/16/06
5/9/06 16:00 Fayetteville AR Cigar 10 minutes A red cigar-shaped UFO with a glow around it flys up into the sky 5/15/06
5/9/06 05:20 Yuba City CA Light about 5mins bright lighted aircraft forms a cloud and disapears! 5/15/06
5/9/06 05:09 San Jose CA Light 2 minutes An artifically created cloud masks a bright light, then light and cloud disappear. 5/15/06
5/9/06 05:06 Los Altos Hills CA Light 15 - 20 min. apparent aircraft develops comet-like tail which grows steadily, eventually losing its fan shape, becoming a luminous cloud 7/16/06
5/9/06 05:00 Sacramento CA

did anyone else see this? looked like a comet? dispersed after a 30 Sec. 5/15/06
5/9/06 03:15 NAS Lemoore CA Light 10 mins Strange light In NAS Lemoore airspace. 5/15/06
5/9/06 Viet Nam

i am from vietnam i do not speak english very well well , i heve got a picture for ufo 5/15/06
5/8/06 23:10 Bloomington IL Unknown 1:10 Noiseless, motionless, seemingly shapeless object hovers over rooftops around midnight. 5/15/06
5/8/06 23:10 Bloomington IL Unknown 1:10 Series of stationary lights in the sky, unmoving and constant for apprx an hour and ten minutes. 5/15/06
5/8/06 23:00 Wilmington DE Triangle 10 Minutes Weird Lights 5/15/06
5/8/06 15:00
WA Other 15 minutes Black V, almost boomerang shape object slowly ascending into the sky, high enough to be out of sight. 5/15/06
5/7/06 22:50 Springhill (Canada) NS Light 5-7 minutes Shapeshifting light seen by 2 teenagers at night 9/24/12
5/7/06 21:34 In orbit/Space Shuttle
Circle 10 secs Lights pass under STS 121 -The circular "hoop", has 6 nodes which are glowing and strips of light seem to link each node or light. 7/16/06
5/7/06 21:30 Brookville/Trotwood OH Triangle 15 Minutes Three red lights in Triangular shape, intercepted by small plane, then moves away. 5/15/06
5/7/06 21:30 Davenport IA Light less than 1 minute I was sitting on steps leading to my house. I was facing west when I noticed a light moving from a westardly direction that was very hi 5/15/06
5/7/06 21:00 Twenty Nine Palms CA Chevron
Huge Boomerang shaped ufo with single front bright light and tiny bright lights in sequence on edges 7/16/06
5/7/06 21:00 New Washington IN Unknown 1 1/2 hours low blinking stars, across the sky from one another. No movement, no sound,very distinct color. ((NUFORC Note: Possible stars. PD)) 5/15/06
5/7/06 20:50 Palmdale CA Unknown 30 minutes The 3 of us watched the closest object for 30 minutes and noted 4 more farther out and higher up and could not figure out what it was 5/15/06
5/7/06 18:17 Chicago IL Sphere less than 1 min Brief sighting of globular object at extremely high altitude and speed entering and then leaving atmosphere. 5/15/06
5/7/06 16:25 Old Forge PA Formation 30 mins. UFO Formation over NE Pennsylvania 7/16/06
5/7/06 12:20 Amboy WA Oval 5 to 7 minutes I was driving to school I saw a big odject coming from left to right on the big mounth I did stop my car when aout of the car, I did th 5/13/12
5/7/06 09:30 Spokane WA Disk 5min two obects ,huge ,very high,moving west to east slowly stopped briefly appeared to intercept a smaller object then moved vertically ou 2/1/07
5/7/06 07:40 Largo FL Circle 25 seconds round flying object, Largo, FL. 5/15/06
5/7/06 00:00 Idaho Falls ID Triangle
3 lights flashing colors. rotating. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax ortwinkling star. Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD)) 7/16/06
5/7/06 00:00 Idaho Falls ID Triangle 1 minute A BIG TRIANGULAR OBJECT 10/30/06
5/7/06 00:00 Lafayette CA Unknown
Triangular bruise with three red lines horizontal inside 5/15/06
5/6/06 23:45 Winona MN Formation 5 seconds Four separate bright white lights traveling across the sky, distort the light from stars as they pass. 5/15/06
5/6/06 23:00 Omaha NE Triangle 2 minutes Triangular-shaped, low-flying aircraft hovering over Omaha city street. 5/15/06
5/6/06 22:40 Still River MA Light 8 Minutes Bright Yellow/Pale Orange Light in the Northwest Sky over the Former Fort Devens 5/15/06
5/6/06 22:20 Newburgh NY Light 30 seconds On 5/6/06 at 10:20 PM we spotted a big round ball of light moving swifly across the sky in Newburgh, NY. 5/15/06
5/6/06 22:10 Ajax (Canada) ON Light 2 or 3minutes Solid like a star, no blinking lights, no sound at all. Shooting star?????........NO WAY! ((NUFORC Note: Overflight of the ISS. PD)) 5/15/06
5/6/06 22:00 Gjilan (Kosovo)
diamond lightss 7/16/06
5/6/06 22:00 Maupin OR Light 2-3 min My girlfriend and I were camping on the Deschutes river and late one night at roughly 22:00 we happened to be looking up at the stars, 4/27/07
5/6/06 21:30 Lake Wales FL Formation 5 min The formation of six lights appeard in Lake Wales, and vanished in about five minutes. 5/15/06
5/6/06 18:00 Fort Myers FL Sphere 15 min Metalic object of sphereical shape exactly like the object I reported on 4/3/06 in the east 18:30 estimated 60 to 100,000 feet 60deg 5/15/06
5/6/06 16:30 Redford MI Sphere approx 15 mins At approximately 4:30 pm I was just sitting on the deck watching planes and looked up because I saw a commercial liner and I just watch 5/15/06
5/6/06 14:30 East Brunswick NJ Circle 5 minutes Small circular object silver and black, moves across sky, hovers then disappears. 7/16/06
5/6/06 14:10 Grand Rapids MI Other .30 steam ship in the sky 5/15/06
5/6/06 14:00 Evans NY Cylinder 1 minute Watched a object move above the tree line in a south to north direction, very slowely It was round, or round within a cube. Mettalic, 10/30/06
5/6/06 12:00 Dubai (United Arab Republic)
Cigar 10 sec UFO discovered on photograph taken in the UAE 6/12/07
5/6/06 12:00 UK/Wales
Triangle HALF HOUR BRECON BEACONS UFO/S ((NUFORC Note: Possible birds in distance?? PD)) 5/15/06
5/6/06 11:30 Sierra Vista AZ Unknown 6-7 minutes Day light aerial object resembles flying domed skylight 7/16/06
5/6/06 07:45 Westminster CO Light 10 - 15 seconds Lights moving in triangle formation 5/15/06
5/6/06 05:30 Southport (UK/England)

45 seconds 5.6.06 hexigon shape craft over the town of southport england 6/12/07
5/6/06 04:45 Maysville OK Light 30 seconds early morning moving light 5/15/06
5/6/06 01:00 Orlando FL Formation 10mins Corkscrew object seen in the Orlando,Fl skies 5/15/06
5/6/06 01:00 Ankara (Turkey)
5/5/06 22:30 Canberra (Australia)
Circle 15 minutes approx My mum and I were driving home late on Saturday night 5/08/06. I noticed something up in the sky - there were 4 amber coloured round sh 10/30/06
5/5/06 20:15 Pomona CA Light 5 minutes bright light then it was gone 5/15/06
5/5/06 20:00 Wauchula FL Unknown 1 hour Significant sightings over Hardee County FL continue to be unexpained. 5/15/06
5/5/06 16:48 North Montpelier VT Light
White objects in the sky seen after the pictures were developed (Digital camera) 5/15/06
5/5/06 15:00 Washington (UK/England)
Sphere 20 minutes White Ball (not Silver shining) Approx 10 feet across travelling quickly in an arc before slowing and 'hovering' above me. 5/15/06
5/5/06 03:00 Sertaozinho (Brazil)
Circle 1 hour Small point shaking up and down in the sky 3/4/08
5/4/06 22:40 Westminster CA Fireball 40 seconds Twin orange balls seen over Westminster Ca 7/16/06
5/4/06 22:10 El Paso TX Other 15-20 mins "dog fight' between stars 5/15/06
5/4/06 21:25 Buckeye AZ Light 10 Minutes Copper Lights Over Buckeye Arizona 7/16/06
5/4/06 21:10 San Leandro CA Circle 1-2 min. four round ligths flying in triangle formation spoted over san leandro 5/15/06
5/4/06 20:52 Scottsdale AZ Light Minutes Phoenix Lights (Again) 5/15/06
5/4/06 20:30 Port Charlotte FL Light 2 min. Dim light increasing in brightness, Headed Northward in FLorida... 5/15/06
5/4/06 16:00 Glendale AZ Sphere 2 min Bright metallic sphere that I can't explain. 5/15/06
5/4/06 06:00 Deerfield Beach FL Fireball 10 seconds saw explosion or similar in night sky 5/15/06
5/4/06 00:00 Wausau/Greenbay (on Hwy. 29) WI Egg 2 1/2 hours Red near ground 1 beam light seperate into 4 which rotated and the tops rotated of the beams. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising light?? PD) 5/15/06
5/4/06 New York City NY Oval
Photos Taken in New York on a Bright Day of Oval Craft Near Statue of Liberty 3/8/07
5/3/06 00:00 Salt Lake City UT Cone 30' black slow moving hat-shaped UFO 11/21/10
5/3/06 23:30 El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain)
Flash 1-2 Seconds Immense Bright Blue Flash over Cadiz. 10/31/08
5/3/06 23:05 Throop PA Unknown 5 minutes Very Bright objest in the sky. Green Lights on side and was being followed by regular planes. 5/15/06
5/3/06 22:35 Franklin IN Triangle 5 minutes Triangle craft hovering 5 minutes, no sound, lights, very dark black 5/15/06
5/3/06 22:00 Houston TX Sphere 20 sec Colored spheres fly over Houston Texas! 7/16/06
5/3/06 21:00 McIntosh NM Triangle 45 min. 9pm on the 3rd. of may saw the bright colored star moving fast over the trigo fire, it stopped steady for 45 min. I took a picture. 6/12/08
5/3/06 21:00 Hollywood FL Triangle 2hours We saw a triangular shaped object, that was very far in space. It appeared to have blinking lights in an oval shape to one end. 5/15/06
5/3/06 18:35 Fort Myers FL Sphere 15 min High altitude silver object visable 15 min hoovering slow sw trajectery early eve. 5/15/06
5/2/06 22:00 Panama City Beach FL Light 30mins large orange reddish light in the night sky moving across sky instantly 7/16/06
5/2/06 21:25 Redmond WA Triangle 2 minutes Craft over Redmond, Wa - 3 lights flashing moving south east. Very large craft. 5/15/06
5/2/06 21:00 Panama City Beach FL Unknown 2 minutes A sequence of golden lights 5/15/06
5/2/06 19:15 Inver Grove Heights MN Circle 20 minutes Stationary object in sky for about twenty minutes, red flashes appear in the center 10/30/06
5/2/06 05:12 Abbotsford (Canada) BC Disk 10 minutes Slow moving "Saturn" like saucer witnessed over Mission, BC from Central/Western Abbotsford 5/15/06
5/2/06 01:30 San Jose CA Changing 25min approx. I saw a bright red VERY LARGE "star looking" object that shrunk and grew, Then shrunk to a small white blinking object that flew away. 5/15/06
5/2/06 01:30 Las Vegas NV Circle 5 minutes 5 objects travelling at high speed and fliying in patterns that would defy currently known limits. 7/16/06
5/2/06 01:00 Omaha NE Oval 2 Hours Troubles With Unexplained Laser Beams 5/15/06
5/2/06 00:15 Tacoma WA Triangle 7 seconds ((HOAX??)) 1 ship above bose elementary 3 lights on the ends. 11/28/07
5/1/06 23:35 Victoria (Canada) BC Light 1 min I was having a smoke at about 11:35 PM and looked in the sky and noticed a very bright light and thought it was a plane.It was not movi 5/15/06
5/1/06 22:15 Canton IL Triangle 4 min. A large black triangle with 3 lights was seen outside of Canton, Illinois on 5-1-06. 5/15/06
5/1/06 22:00 Williston ND Light Unknown Driving at night, saw a blue light, all electronics suddenly shut off 5/1/20
5/1/06 22:00 Wilmington DE Triangle 10 minutes triangular shape with lights 5/15/06
5/1/06 21:20 Carthage NY Sphere 30 seconds Red and blue sphere shaped object in the trees flew away 5/15/06
5/1/06 21:00 Cartwright OK Light 20 min. Lights over Lake Texhoma. 5/15/06
5/1/06 21:00 San Onofre CA Light 3 seconds Light caught on camera while camping at San Onofre. 10/30/06
5/1/06 14:30 Las Vegas NV Diamond 2min 30sec Sighting from Stratisphere observation deck 5/15/06
5/1/06 13:00 Waxahachie TX Changing 30 minutes as i was driving on the service rd to i35 beside and past the owens corning plant i observed over to the right and above my vehicle (i 4/27/07
5/1/06 00:00 Kingsville MO Other 5 minutes On May 1, 2006, about midnight, I saw an object with alternating rectangualar white lights, totally silent, gliding close overhead. 5/15/06
5/1/06 Wallace NC Formation 1 min In 2006, myself and a co-worker were on our way home. When we turned on our road I noticed a formation of lights over a set of trees. I 8/7/11