National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 01/2007
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
1/31/07 20:15 Bushey (UK/England)
Light Ongoing Green and white flashing light over Bushey, Hertfordshire, England. has been observed for past 40 mins.. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD) 2/1/07
1/31/07 19:00 Martinez GA Triangle 3 minutes Martinez GA 3 minuites a changing color triangle hovering over martinez,ga with 3 lights 2/24/07
1/31/07 18:30 Nice (France)
Triangle 15 seconds Triangular shaped UFO over Nice, south of France (January 2007) 2/1/07
1/31/07 14:00 Miami FL Light 15 Minutes Miami Florida Jan 31/2006 On Wednesday January 31, 2006 at around 2:00 pm Eastern Standard time, while I was eating lunch outside a re 2/24/07
1/31/07 01:45 Burlington IA Triangle 12 minutes Three bright lights in the form of a triangle with pin point lights emitted at corners. 2/1/07
1/30/07 23:30 London (UK/England)
Sphere 20 minutes Slow moving bright sphere, 5x as large as star, 10x brighter. Intense white, blue and red. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius sighting. PD)) 2/1/07
1/30/07 23:00 St. Thomas (near; on cruise ship)
Oval several hours Many clusters lof lights over the Caribbean 2/24/07
1/30/07 22:50 Quincy CA Cylinder 1-2 minutes Tri-colored cylinder shaped object at about 500 feet disappears into mountains 5-10 miles away. 2/1/07
1/30/07 22:10 Rochester MN Unknown 5 minutes long row of lights with red light under, hovered, flew to west, dropped down below tree level, popped back up and flew faster than a nm 2/1/07
1/30/07 21:57 Dunedin (New Zealand)

1 min strange object in photo 8/7/07
1/30/07 18:00 Greenville (Canada) BC Circle
The flying object was bright like the sun,it would stay in the same place then move up and down....January 30, 2007 in Greenville B.C 2/24/07
1/30/07 09:25 Rockville MD Cylinder 5 mins Disk shape over 270N Rockville MD 2/1/07
1/30/07 07:30 Folsom CA Unknown 30 secs An object was seen in the night sky like a star, moved slowly then shot up & dissapeared. 2/24/07
1/29/07 23:00 Chicago IL Light 5 seconds Green light over Chicago 2/24/07
1/29/07 23:00 Lake Station IN Disk 10 min red light shadowy craft saucer no movement blue yellow light flash craft gone 2/24/07
1/29/07 20:30 Arlington WA Sphere 5 min. I was having a smoke, I looked up into the sky and saw an unusual light East North East, from where I live in Arlington, the UFO ap 2/1/07
1/29/07 20:00 Pittsburgh PA Fireball 3 Minutes Driving North on Route 60, near the Pittsburgh International Airport. Above the airport, and a little north, there was a bright reddish 2/1/07
1/29/07 19:00 Pawleys Island SC Light 40 Minutes Two Orange Lights Over the Water 2/1/07
1/29/07 18:45 Bremerton WA Light 20 minutes A red light traveling at a slow speed was visible for 20 mintes and was seen to hover four times. 2/1/07
1/29/07 18:00 Port Orchard WA Light 10 minutes Single Red light slow and straight from west to east. 2/24/07
1/29/07 17:30 Bloomingdale IL Light 1 min Strange white lights seen on object in sky. 2/1/07
1/29/07 15:00 Gilbert AZ Unknown 7 min Strange objects traveling through sky 2/24/07
1/29/07 10:08 Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)
Cylinder 1 min silver, cylinder, no fumes, wings, tail or windows and vanished completely in clear blue skies 2/1/07
1/29/07 08:00 Cohasset MA Light 10 minutes Bright lights, worm shaped light 2/1/07
1/29/07 05:50 Ukiah CA Rectangle 3 seconds High velocity craft flying parallel to freeway. 2/1/07
1/29/07 Kissimmee FL Disk 1 minute I am a member of the internet forum Above Top Secret (ATS) I started a thread today about the members going and filming the skies aroun 4/14/09
1/28/07 22:00 Lanley (Canada) BC
1min i seen a bright light which look like one of the stars until i seen it wiggling and getting brighter and it shot up into space 2/1/07
1/28/07 20:30 Clarksville TN Unknown Less than 1 second Silent bright blue flash disrupts electrical service in neighboorhood near military installation. 2/1/07
1/28/07 20:15 Mesa AZ Light 4 sec Unknown light in picture of the arizona sky in january 2/1/07
1/28/07 20:03 Elkhart IN Other 30 seconds Random lights at low altitude taking shape of triangle. 2/1/07
1/28/07 20:00 Seattle WA Oval A few seconds UFO streaks across the night sky 2/1/07
1/28/07 18:30 Kilsyth (UK/England)
Light 5 minutes 20 lights changing colours above Kilsyth in the United Kingdom 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 2/24/07
1/28/07 18:30 Murrieta/Temecula CA Light 15 minutes Pulsating light in Murrieta with jet contrail intercepting 2/1/07
1/28/07 18:11 Ridgefield WA Light 20 min light seen ((NUFORC Note: Possible landing light on distant aircraft?? PD)) 2/1/07
1/28/07 17:00 Alabama (in-flight @ 35,000') GA Cigar 7 sec Saw something at 30,000 feet 2/24/07
1/28/07 13:00 Davison MI Circle 9:59 A black circle appears on helmet cam footage. 2/24/07
1/28/07 02:00 Fallon NV Circle 2 to 3 Hours Fallon, NV 1/27/2007 2AM - 5 AM Spheres appear nightly now and divide and seperate, come to desert floor and stay longer thanbefore 2/1/07
1/28/07 00:01 Ballard (Seattle) WA Chevron 7 secondds Chevron shaped craft turning at low altitude to intercept a jet in Seattle 2/1/07
1/27/07 23:10 Etobicoke (Canada) ON Circle 30 seconds SOLID WHITE LIGHT THAT CHANGED TO MULTI COLOUR LIGHT OVER TORONTO CANADA 2/1/07
1/27/07 23:07 Anchorage AK Disk 10,000 It was very bright and had lights that were very red, the disk was silver, and it stayed in the air for about 5 minutes. 2/1/07
1/27/07 23:00 Hatillo (Puerto Rico)
1/27/07 18:50 Salem OR Triangle 10 minutes A triangle shape of 3 rapidly flashing blue-white lights moving slowly over downtown Salem, OR 2/1/07
1/27/07 18:30 Norco CA Light 2 minutes Single blue-white light traveling westbound at high rate of speed banking turns above Santa Ana river. 2/1/07
1/27/07 17:30 Seattle WA Disk 20 min Black disk with red lights flys over the seattle area. 2/1/07
1/27/07 17:00 Mountian Home AR Sphere 2 hours ((HOAX??)) Multi color ball over mt home arkansas. 2/1/07
1/27/07 12:30 Washington, D.C. DC Fireball 4 seconds Fireball Over Capitol Hill- Very Long Deep Blue Tail- During Anti- War Rally 2/24/07
1/27/07 12:17 Spotsylvania VA Fireball 4 -5 seconds Bright, Green ball of light flying at high speed at mid day. 2/1/07
1/27/07 07:15 Enola PA Triangle 2 times over 10 min Triangle craft with rotating becaon seen twice in 10 mins 2/1/07
1/27/07 06:00 Tifton - Omega GA Cigar Approx. 30 minutes Brilliant Unexplained Object Soaring at Incredible Speeds and Angles over the South Georgia Skies 3/4/08
1/27/07 05:20 Meda (Indonesia)
Light 1 - 4 seconds please tell us the truth 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 2/1/07
1/27/07 03:00 Garland TX Light three hours Hazy light circling eradically overhead at 3:00 a.m. in an ever-changing mostly eliptical course, above the clouds. 2/1/07
1/27/07 00:00 Brighton MI Unknown 5 hours Foreign lights in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspectthat the witnesses were not viewing UFO's. Possible celestial bodies. PD)) 2/1/07
1/26/07 22:30 Hendersonville TN Light 10 minutes Two sets of triad-lights, hanging in the sky then dropping below ridge line 2/1/07
1/26/07 21:30 Summit MS Unknown 5 mins 2 large bright orange lights 2/1/07
1/26/07 19:40 Provo UT Light 30 seconds White light, glides silently across the night sky… ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a satellite?? PD)) 2/1/07
1/26/07 19:10 Stockton Springs ME Light seconds Fiery orange object descended rapidly through the sky, appeared to strike earth. ((NUFORC Note: Possible space debris or meteor?? PD) 2/1/07
1/26/07 18:30 Honolulu HI Light
Strange light over Hawaii doing zig zag. ((News article by Andrew Pereira.)) ((NUFORC Note: Probably a photo of a contrail. PD)) 2/1/07
1/26/07 15:40 Los Angeles CA Light 10 min Star like object moving across the sky very slowly and stops moving. 2/24/07
1/26/07 04:10 Rocky Mount NC Other 1 minute Huge combination of shapes, lit up with individual white, bright light 2/1/07
1/26/07 01:56 Osprey FL Circle 5 minutes Flashing circular object consisting of concentric circles of varying colors of light observed. 2/24/07
1/26/07 01:16 New York City NY Oval 6 seconds Silver, round globes, moving due East in New York City 2/1/07
1/26/07 00:54 Dixon IL Disk 45 seconds orange disc 2/1/07
1/25/07 23:30 Houston TX Sphere 1min Falling Bluish-White sphere, with yellowish-orange sparks emitting from the back. Then white flash explosion 2/1/07
1/25/07 22:55 Chesnee SC Unknown 4 minutes UFO sighted on 1/25/07 2/1/07
1/25/07 22:04 Oklahoma City OK Light 120 seconds zig-zagging red light in the clear night sky 2/1/07
1/25/07 22:00 Genoa IL Sphere 5 months A white ball of light made several appearances of the course of several months while taking many shapes. 6/7/19
1/25/07 21:40 Bath OH Egg 4 minutes Egg shaped object ringed with red and green lights observed rising into a clear night sky with no sound. 2/1/07
1/25/07 21:30 Nashville TN Triangle 20 sec two trangular space craft with two lights on all sides seen in Nashville Tn. 2/1/07
1/25/07 21:00 Medford OR Cone 5 minutes A cone shaped object with a long strip of lights that changed color, seen over Medford 2/1/07
1/25/07 20:30 Deer Park NY Fireball 3-5 Seconds Fireball-like light looked as if it was crashing into near by Harbor (Long Island, NY) 3/4/08
1/25/07 20:00 Springfield MO Triangle
Triangle Crafts over Springfield, MO 2/1/07
1/25/07 19:30 Otterbein IN Circle 1-3 min bright orange circle of light that appeared and reappeared in a different location several times 2/1/07
1/25/07 19:15 Newbury Park CA Light 1-2 seconds Bright white light seen decending into the hills of Newbury Park, Ca. Jan. 25th, 2007. 2/24/07
1/25/07 19:10 Frankfort IN Fireball 15 minutes Stationary orange lights in sky NE of Frankfort, Indiana on 2/25/07 2/1/07
1/25/07 18:30 Brewster/Carmel NY Light 20-30 secs Super bright light, low in sky, within it a circle of blue lights, hovered, dropped vertically, disappeared. 2/24/07
1/25/07 18:30 Honolulu HI Fireball 1+ hr strange fireball with tracers lasting 1+hrs. changing directions 2/1/07
1/25/07 15:30 Aurora CO Light 30 sec. 2 balls of light "chasing" each other at high rate of speed 2/1/07
1/25/07 13:30 Ashford WA Triangle 1 hour white/clear triangle Mt. Rainier hovered over my cabin burned the needles/cones off a fir tree 70' off ground missing time 500 4/27/07
1/25/07 06:45 Cumming GA Sphere Less than 1 minute MUFON GEORGIA REPORT: MUFONGA Investigation-Glowing Orb Flies Low Pass Over School Bus 4/27/07
1/25/07 04:45 Grass Valley CA Flash 1 sec Flash of light in Northern Sky near big dipper on Thursday 1/25/07 seen by two people. 2/1/07
1/25/07 02:10 Las Vegas NV Light 20 minutes Bright, multicolored light seen west of Las Vegas 2/1/07
1/25/07 Washington State WA

How secure is your web site? Could the government be monitering my response. 2/1/07
1/24/07 20:36 Bellevue WA Other 5 minutes Bright Lights Over Bellevue, WA 2/1/07
1/24/07 20:00 Charlotte NC Other About an hour UFO spotted over NC & SC. 2/1/07
1/24/07 20:00 Franklin NC Fireball 3 secs Green ball of light over Western NC 2/1/07
1/24/07 20:00 Western Carolinas/ Upstate SC SC Fireball extended Blue-Green Fireballs Seen By Dozens 2/1/07
1/24/07 20:00 Leicester NC Circle 2minutes Green ball of light falls from the sky 2/1/07
1/24/07 20:00 Greenville SC Light 5-10 seconds A Bright COlor Changing Light over Southern NC and Upstate SC is seen and reported by Thousands. 2/1/07
1/24/07 19:54 Greenville SC Light 5 sec. 01-24-2007 Greenville SC --------- light green light falling down 2/1/07
1/24/07 19:40 Leupp AZ Changing 55 minutes Driving home saw lights circle vehicle soundlessly for about ten miles 2/1/07
1/24/07 19:00 Asheville NC Unknown 4 hours Large Sighting of Green Lights Seen In WNC During Night Of Jan 24th, 2/1/07
1/24/07 18:00 Exeter NH Changing 15 minutes Just after sunset,my wife and I observed a large,round,glowing white orb with blue,green,and purple blinking lights in the middle. 2/1/07
1/24/07 17:00 Fort Worth TX Triangle 30 mins. I saw a dark object that at times had a triangular appearance. No noise was detected and there were no lights at all. 2/1/07
1/24/07 16:48 Spokane WA Triangle 1 minute approximately January 24, 2007, flying West to East over Spokane, WA, 7 elongated triangles following a bright sphere flew over with no sound. 6/12/08
1/24/07 16:48 Spokane WA Triangle 1 minute On January 24, 2007 approximately 4:48 PM, a series of 8 silent UFO's, one sperical and seven elongated triangles flew over Spokane 6/12/08
1/24/07 12:25 Ottawa (Canada) ON Cylinder About 4 minutes Cylnder 2/1/07
1/24/07 12:10 Bunn NC Cigar 5 min large bright white, cigar shaped objected moving right to left while heading southeast on Old Halifax Road, near Bunn, NC 2/24/07
1/24/07 11:46 Tacoma WA Triangle 2 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Vessel on surface. PD)) Photographed triangular obj. moving slowly 30'-50' over Tacoma Narrows, heading N, 2min dur. 2/1/07
1/24/07 08:00 Mauldin SC Fireball 5 sec A desending greenish fireball , falling from the sky really fast. 2/1/07
1/24/07 Lake Norman NC

AP article: just passing this on .. UFO sighting in N.C. made AP wire on 1/26/07 (sighting was 1/24 I think) 2/1/07
1/23/07 22:30 Dover DE Triangle 5 minutes Silent, triangular craft hovering over a field within one mile of airforce base 2/1/07
1/23/07 21:00 Carroll Valley PA Fireball 15 minutes orange round object in field 6/12/07
1/23/07 21:00 Hoover AL Triangle 2 min. Triangle shaped, white lights on the side, red light in middle. hovered over trees for a couple min. 10/8/07
1/23/07 20:55 Seattle WA Light 3 to 4 seconds Two red balls of light heading East to West over Seattle on converging paths. 2/1/07
1/23/07 19:40 Franklin VA Triangle 5 minutes Three big orange lights in triangle formation 2/1/07
1/23/07 18:00 Callahan FL Light 1:00 Light Formation. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD)) 2/1/07
1/23/07 17:30 Ridgefield WA Light 10 min eating dinner and noticed a light hovering 5 miles away. It was not moving it just hovered thier. 2/1/07
1/23/07 16:30 New York City (Staten Island) NY Circle 16:50 ((HOAX???)) 3 Bright silver circlur objects hover over our home !!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/1/07
1/23/07 12:00 Baltimore MD Triangle 1 minute Silver dots in triangle shape at noon on Saturday 2/1/07
1/23/07 01:15 Ada MN Teardrop 42 minutes Teardropped shaped objects floating in the sky heading southwest out of ADA minnesota 2/1/07
1/22/07 23:00 Quartzite AZ Circle 6 sec.; then 4 sec. String of lights in Quartzite desert 2/1/07
1/22/07 22:30 Happy Valley OR Light 7 min. Bright pulsing light moving at fast speeds over Milwaukie, Oregon 2/1/07
1/22/07 21:00 Wilsonville OR Light still happening as I writ Might be a UFO. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star?? PD)) 3/4/08
1/22/07 21:00 Bellflower CA Formation approx. 15 min. Three sphere shapes hovering in triangle formation, that dropped flames and disappeared. 2/1/07
1/22/07 20:30 Sebring FL Fireball 4 secs Four gold fireballs moving across the sky in a line over Highlands County, FL 2/1/07
1/22/07 18:11 Budel (Netherlands)
Light 45 minutes Sighting of Light 3/4/08
1/22/07 17:30 Miami FL Disk app. 5 minutes I saw various small flying disks traveling together and that looked very much like toys. 2/1/07
1/21/07 23:00 Norwalk OH Changing
Blue light in sky, hovering, moving in small circles. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 2/1/07
1/21/07 21:30 Lebanon PA Light 5 seconds Two dim yellow lights moving very quickly 2/1/07
1/21/07 19:30 Accrington (UK/England)
Other 10 minutes Strange aircraft in sky over Lancashire, 2/1/07
1/21/07 14:00 San Francisco CA Other 5 Seconds Blimp shape with red marking or door on the side? 2/1/07
1/21/07 02:00 Kirkland WA Oval 5-10 mins white lite moving over lake washington making red laser like flashes 2/1/07
1/21/07 00:00 Maple Ridge (Canada) BC Oval 16 MINS MULTI COLORED OBJECT CHASED BY CHOPPER 2/1/07
1/20/07 21:01 Jordan MN Triangle 20 seconds Large lights 8/14/07
1/20/07 21:00 Sliac (Slovakia)
Sphere 1 minute 2 star-like UFOs, no sound, no additional lights, 1 witness, nearby army airport 10/30/12
1/20/07 21:00 North Vancouver (Canada) BC Flash 5 seconds Pin point of light in night sky comes at me or expands into larger ball of light then retreats and disappears. 6/12/07
1/20/07 20:30 Ramsey (Isle of Man) (UK/England)
Circle 1 minute Round green flashing object 2/1/07
1/20/07 20:00 Wheatley (Canada) ON Triangle 10 seconds 4 dim lights, travelling in a straight line, in a triangular formation, quickly, with no sound, at a low elevation 2/1/07
1/20/07 19:57 Ocean City MD Other 10-20 seconds orange light zig-zags over ocean city,maryland 2/1/07
1/20/07 19:00 Newtown CT Unknown still there Object is still there, it moves up and down appears to be turning around can only see with our eyes dont have any equipment for closer 2/1/07
1/20/07 18:48 LaPorte IN Triangle 5 minutes 2 triangular shaped crafts hovering low with bright lights. 2/1/07
1/20/07 18:45 Paramount CA Light 10 min Mysterious red light moving accross the Los Angeles sky! 2/1/07
1/20/07 18:25 Tampa FL Egg 20 minutes Bluish Egg Shaped craft with red and blue blinking lights over Tampa 2/1/07
1/20/07 18:00 Paramount CA Disk 10 MINUTES Red/auburn lights on disc dhaped object over Paramount Ca 2/1/07
1/20/07 17:50 Gurnee/Waukegan/N. Chicago IL Light 1/2 HOUR Large Slowly Pulsating Red Light Over Gurnee/Waukegan, IL. 2/1/07
1/20/07 17:00 Durham (UK/England)
Circle 2 minutes I saw a UFO and it was circle shaped and its colour was like a purple. It left a small trail. It also had flashing lights all over it a 2/1/07
1/20/07 12:35 Tacoma WA Sphere 5 minutes Two UFO sighted over Tacoma's Commencement Bay 2/1/07
1/20/07 10:00 Eureka CA Triangle 2-3 minutes Single silent V-shaped ufo seen in southern sky over Eureka, Ca. at about 8pm on Jan. 20, 2007. 2/1/07
1/20/07 08:31 Kannapolis NC Rectangle 5min UFOs that have humans coming out of them!!!! 2/1/07
1/20/07 08:20 Monroe MI Cigar 10 minutes Bright light disapears 2 times then reveals an object 2/1/07
1/20/07 01:00 Elizabeth WV Circle 7 mins My friend and i where in a car at 1:30 and a bright white flashing light. 2/1/07
1/20/07 00:10 Oneida NY Oval 10 Seconds Green, Red and Blue Ball of Light Seen in the Sky above Oneida, NY 2/1/07
1/19/07 23:45 Ogden UT Teardrop 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) The lights were really bright then they went really dim.....and dimmer....and dimmer 2/1/07
1/19/07 23:14 Enola PA Formation 6 seconds 5 objects moving throught the air in unison and glowing slightly orange. 2/1/07
1/19/07 23:10 Collierville TN Triangle 1 minute flying triangle one blue light in the front and two red lights in each corner, made no sound 2/1/07
1/19/07 21:30 Maseru (Lesotho)
Light 30 Minutes 30 minute display over Maser, Lesotho (Southern Africa) 2/1/07
1/19/07 20:00 Springfield MO Triangle 5min low flying triangle over springfield 2/24/07
1/19/07 19:30 Coquitlam (Canada) BC Circle 3 min. yellow lights flashing for a moment then what remained was a dark greyish object 2/1/07
1/19/07 16:00 Salyersville KY Light 4 minutes clear blue sky, sun already down, my dog was the one who brought our attention to object hovering and flying slowly through sky. It wa 2/1/07
1/19/07 11:07 Colby KS Changing 30-45 seconds Object changed shape and color. 2/1/07
1/19/07 06:15 Felton CA Circle 2 minutes Two bright lights moved in spurts then changed shape, color and direction. 2/1/07
1/18/07 23:50 Joao Pessoa (Brazil)
Triangle 20 seconds Woman witnesses peculiar triangular craft move across the night sky. 2/24/07
1/18/07 22:55 San Antonio TX Chevron 15 min. Two intense bright diamond shaped craft seen. 1/21/08
1/18/07 21:25 Dallas TX Triangle 10 seconds A triangular craft with three bright white lights on the front and two red bright lights on the back in the night sky. 2/1/07
1/18/07 18:30 Bovey MN Light 4 minutes Red light paces military jet over Minnesota 2/7/14
1/18/07 18:15 Calgary (Canada) AB Circle 5 Minutes I looked out the back main window which faces WSW towards the geographically. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD)) 2/24/07
1/18/07 17:30 Moosonee (Canada) ON Flash
The four of us were traveling by ski-doo on the winter road headed back to Moosonee from a day of hunting. It began getting dark at abo 2/24/07
1/18/07 12:00 Hebron CT Light About Five minutes A distant light moving straight up toward the sky. 2/1/07
1/18/07 07:35 Rochester NY Circle 5 seconds Bright Blue, Metallic Object seen over NYS Thruway around Roch, NY.... 2/1/07
1/18/07 07:32 New York City (Queens) NY Light 2.5 sec Brilliant light streak across morning sky 2/1/07
1/17/07 20:45 Bruceton Mills WV Oval 30 seconds Glowing object in sky soared across night sky then vanished. 2/1/07
1/17/07 20:30 Drums PA Disk 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Saw 4 lighted orbs about 200,000ft. high chasing each other and going around in tight circles. 2/1/07
1/17/07 20:02 Mokena IL Triangle 3 Min Triangular craft with red lights in Mokena, IL 2/1/07
1/17/07 20:00 Davenport FL Light 3 to 5 seconds Light traveling in an arc, at high altitude. 2/1/07
1/17/07 19:32 West Chester PA Triangle 30 seconds Triangle shaped, very large, silent, with about 12 to 14 grey divits on the outer edge that reflected what little light there was 2/1/07
1/17/07 18:40 Newport Beach CA Unknown 2 min 6 Lights hover above Ocean, then one by one, each descends & disappears 2/1/07
1/17/07 18:15 Del Mar CA Sphere 5-8 minutes Looked out on Pacific Ocean horizon while stanidng approx. 30 ft from 40ft. cliff above sea shore.

saw 8 - 3" or so gold sphere ligh
1/17/07 17:35 Louisiana (??) (in flight) LA Cigar 1 TO 2 MIN In flight sighting 1/21/08
1/17/07 16:30 Laguna Beach CA Sphere 1-2mins Spheres off of Laguna coast 4/27/07
1/17/07 10:30 Grayslake IL Disk 1 minute Grayslake, Ill. Silver saucer/disk shaped object hovering in the sky completely motionless at about 6000 feet. 2/24/07
1/17/07 09:00 Gila Bend AZ Sphere 30 to 45 seconds 3 glowing slightly flashing objects white/orange in color they appeared for about ten to twenty seconds. When the 3 large objects becam 2/1/07
1/17/07 01:30 Miami FL Light 2.00 Miami sky is now 2.00 AM full of hundreds of UFO 2/1/07
1/17/07 00:15 Winston-Salem (S of; around Tyro?) NC Other 6 or 7 seconds/ a few min In the early hours of 1-17-07 I saw two unidentified flying objects within minutes of each other on US150E. 2/1/07
1/16/07 23:45 Southgate MI Triangle unknown 3 blinking lights shaped as a triangle over southgate michigan 2/1/07
1/16/07 23:30 Willow Street PA Light 3 min. Large reddish pink light Decending from sky in southern lancaster county, Pennsylvania 2/1/07
1/16/07 23:00 Paincines (Pinnacle Rocks in Pinnacles National Monument) CA Light about 10 minutes slow-moving star traveling and suddenly descending downwards 2/1/07
1/16/07 22:00 McKinney TX Cigar about 15 minutes it kept moving in a circular path, like it was searching for something 2/1/07
1/16/07 21:30 Salinas CA Oval 30 seconds I was observing a small plane at night when I noticed dim lights behind first aircraft. 2/1/07
1/16/07 21:00 Paincines (Pinnacle Rocks in Pinnacles National Monument) CA Light at least 15 minutes These incidents occurred on the same night as the other incident that I posted about before in which a UFO star-like object moved in sp 2/1/07
1/16/07 21:00 High Point NC Chevron 5 min V-shaped craft hovering near High Point 2/24/07
1/16/07 20:00 Caseyville IL Triangle 1-2 hrs. A triangle shaped low flying object was seen near Old Collinsville Rd in Caseyville, IL on January 16, 2007. 1/21/08
1/16/07 18:30 High Point NC Triangle 5 minutes Driving under a strange hovering craft looking like a triangle plane. 2/1/07
1/16/07 18:00 Woodville AL Light 30 minutes My husband and I have been seeing a light on the western horizon right at about 6pm every night for a while now. We traveled west on Hw 2/24/07
1/16/07 18:00 South Milford IN Light 2 minutes I witnessed a bright light hover for a minute, then shoot straight up into the sky and disappear. 2/1/07
1/16/07 17:50 Burbank CA Disk 4 seconds Silver disk seen in Burbank, CA 1/16/2007 at 5:50 pm PST 2/1/07
1/16/07 13:30 Kingston (Canada) ON Sphere
Early afternoon, clear sky,at an intersection here in Kingston, My wife and I where driving to go get a coffee,when we both notice at t 2/1/07
1/16/07 12:00 Tampa FL Disk 3 sec video footage of USO/UFO ignored (brilliant). Say hello history channel...u will c the footage there....... 2/24/07
1/16/07 11:30 Rockville MD Disk 3 minutes Flying silent metallic disk passes over my head 4/27/07
1/16/07 06:00 Colchester VT Light 3 min. I saw an extremely bright light traveling in a perfectly straight line from West to East. 2/24/07
1/16/07 00:12 St. Petersburg; Madera Beach FL Unknown 30 mins Zig-zagging lights and orb! 3/8/07
1/16/07 00:10 Eagle River WI Unknown 5-10 min. i notice something that grabs my attention through the window, and i go outside for a look. as i exit my garage i notice everything ar 2/1/07
1/15/07 22:30 Liberty MO Unknown 2 min Dark area in sky over Liberty, Missouri 10/8/07
1/15/07 22:00 Sydney (Australia)
Circle 30seconds a circle UFO with green,red, blue light, about 2miles away in sky 2/1/07
1/15/07 21:00 Jacksonville FL Unknown 3 seconds Falling green object north of Jacksonville 2/1/07
1/15/07 20:00 Abbeville SC Light 3 seconds 1 bright green light that floated through the sky 4/27/07
1/15/07 20:00 Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral FL Triangle 5 seconds Glowing bluish/green large (same size as a jet but much wider) triangular shaped vehilce flying to the west sky in Cocoa Beach Florida 2/1/07
1/15/07 19:00 Fayetteville NC Light 7 min Two bright star like objects swooping down then hugging tree line.... 4/27/07
1/15/07 18:27 West Mifflin PA Sphere 5 minutes A pulsating UFO people!! 2/1/07
1/15/07 17:30 Babbitt MN Light 10 min lights in the sky 2/1/07
1/15/07 15:00 Marshalltown IA Oval hour They seemed to react to each other the way that mercury does in its liquid form. 2/1/07
1/15/07 15:00 Mosul
Diamond unknown Diamond shaped object over Mosul 8/12/08
1/15/07 14:00 Beaverton OR Changing 4 minutes I was driving south on Murray Blvd at about 2:00pm in the afternoon. I was in a long line of traffic where Murray Blvd. Crosses over T 2/1/07
1/15/07 07:45 Orange City FL Fireball 25 seconds Like a falling star but much too close. Yellow, orange, and red. Falling fast flared up then faded to yellow 2/1/07
1/15/07 02:30 Clemson SC Oval 3 seconds UFO Sighting On January 15, 2008 at 2:30 AM, South Carolina. 1/21/08
1/15/07 01:45 Daly City CA Circle 1 hour strange lights hovering and flying over San Francisco bay. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star? Sirius?? PD)) 2/1/07
1/14/07 23:00 Bradenton FL Light 30 seconds Fast moving light changing directions immediately 2/1/07
1/14/07 23:00 Oakland CA Fireball 2-3 sec. I saw a fireball drop rapidly in the sky in front of me then obviously shoot away and disappear. 2/1/07
1/14/07 23:00 Vancouver WA Unknown 2 hours We all saw 6 different crafts with lights. All were moving extremely slow. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling stars??? PD)) 2/1/07
1/14/07 21:50 Navarre FL Triangle one second Nighttime one second observation of low level black silent triangle with lights over Gulf coast 2/1/07
1/14/07 19:00 Chiloquin OR Circle 10 minutes RED, BLUE, GREEN ROTATING LIGHTS IN NIGHT SKY. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius sighting. PD)) 2/1/07
1/14/07 19:00 Walnut Creek CA Unknown 3 minutes Unidentifiable Craft with three lights (non-standard lights for flying human aircraft) 2/1/07
1/14/07 18:30 Bremerton WA Formation 2 minutes 3 bright and colorfull objects hovering in formation over Sinclair Inlet (Bremerton WA) 2/1/07
1/14/07 18:23 Carrboro NC Circle 30 minutes Flying object seen making darting and odd manuevers for 30 minutes. 2/1/07
1/14/07 16:00 Thessaloniki (Greece)
Triangle 1min triangular object at high altitude with a pulsating blue-white light in its "rear" 2/1/07
1/14/07 05:00 St. Clair MO Flash 1 hour Strange colorful flashes of light appearing during an ice storm 2/1/07
1/13/07 23:00 Bonney Lake WA Light 1 Second White darting light in the sky over field in Bonney Lake, WA near old Sumner-Buckley highway. 1/21/08
1/13/07 20:00 Poland ME Oval 3 mins. orange light over mechanic falls maine,hovers and disappears 2/1/07
1/13/07 19:30 Stockton CA Triangle 10 sec "V" shaped object with white or blue lights on the rear of the wings, traveling across the night sky 2/1/07
1/13/07 18:40 Laval (Canada) QC Formation 45 sec 2 UFO "geese" formations over Canada 2/1/07
1/13/07 18:10 Lihue HI Unknown
Bright, changing colored lights hovering in same location; southeastern end of island of Kauai. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius. PD)) 2/1/07
1/13/07 12:30 Los Angeles CA Circle 5 minutes 2 possible UFO's seen by Griffith Park Observatory 1/13/07 2/1/07
1/13/07 11:30 Rio Piedras
Unknown 1 week Yacimiento cientifico de madre e hijos encontrados en Rio Piedra 1/10/09
1/13/07 11:15 Burbank CA Cylinder 10 minutes It appeared to be a white cylindrical object near Hollywood/Burbank airport. 2/1/07
1/13/07 10:10 Dunnellon FL Light 2 min Four spinning light beams moving in a circle traveling southeast. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising light? PD)) 2/1/07
1/13/07 03:00 Seattle WA Light 30-45 minutes Brilliant chartreuse green flashing beam, within a ring of bright red lights in Puget Sound. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 2/1/07
1/13/07 02:50 Lisbon NH Unknown 5 minutes Beam of light appeared to be coming down out of the low clouds/mist, like a search light. No sounds. 2/1/07
1/13/07 00:00 Vaughn (Canada) ON Cigar 30 seconds cigar shaped craft gliding through the sky 30 seconds 6/12/07
1/13/07 00:00 San Antonio TX Triangle 10 Minutes Driving home my wife and I were driving west of FM471 in San Antonio Texas toward Medina Lake. We saw a craft that was very large with 8/14/07
1/12/07 21:30 Bow (near Crediton)
Other 2mins big ball of light getting closer and bigger we all looked up and it was really bright. it was quite close car alarms set themselves off 6/12/07
1/12/07 20:00 Oxnard CA Cross 60 min Bright unusual lights in sky 1/21/08
1/12/07 18:00 Dallas TX Disk 5 minutes UFO spotted in air past DFW airport---not a plane or hot air balloon 1/21/08
1/12/07 17:09 Boston MA Fireball 1-2sec green light streaks over the middle of the Charles River in the area of the Hatch Shell 2/1/07
1/12/07 17:09 Wellesley MA Fireball 3 seconds Green fireball seen close to horizon 2/24/07
1/12/07 17:00 Millerton NY Other 1/4 second strange streaking blue light 2/1/07
1/12/07 16:12 Meriden CT Circle 20 seconds It appeared like a cload shape but moving extremely fast from I think west to east direction. 2/1/07
1/12/07 08:10 Milan (at sea on S.S. Giovanni)
Sphere 25min. ca In two days (01/11/07, 01/12/07, this veicle appared in the sky of Milan three time.

The fist time (01/11/07 17.15 pm )the veicle a
1/11/07 22:19 St. Peters MO Unknown 60 Seconds Two identical objects moving in unison. 1/21/08
1/11/07 20:15 Manteca CA Disk 10 minutes I saw it until I went inside at home.It a disc shape. 2/1/07
1/11/07 19:30 McMinnville OR Sphere 45-60 Min Spherical object scene, hovering moving back and forth and up and down fairly rapidly, Clear skys no clouds in the southwestern sky, up 2/1/07
1/11/07 18:55 Andover KS Oval 3-4 seconds hovering light came down slightly out of a small cloud increased in intensity and then went back up and disappeared 2/1/07
1/11/07 17:45 Riverside CA Circle
I live in Riverside,California and the reason I decided to post this picture on a forum (Generally a ufo site) is to find an explanatio 2/1/07
1/11/07 08:30 Downingtown PA Cigar 2 mins I thought it was a plane but it had no wings and did not move. 2/1/07
1/11/07 06:45 Rockford IL Triangle 10 SEC. Triangular shaped several white lights within 2/1/07
1/10/07 23:30 Toms River NJ Fireball 10 secs yellow fireball shot off 2/1/07
1/10/07 23:05 Council Bluffs IA Chevron 2 hours I was driving near the industrial estate when a bright light appeared on the horizon. It began to climb into the sky and grow larger. T 2/1/07
1/10/07 23:00 South Shore KY Disk 10 minutes UFO's Appear in Clear Night Sky Near City of South Shore in Greenup County Kentucky 2/1/07
1/10/07 23:00 Council Bluffs IA Chevron 57 minutes the object darted around until it went over the horizon 2/1/07
1/10/07 22:01 Inverness IL Triangle 1 minute Triangular shaped object see over Rt.14 - Rt. 68 in Inverness Illinois. 2/1/07
1/10/07 22:00 Jacksonville FL Light 2 seconds Bright light streaks across the sky 2/1/07
1/10/07 22:00 Hayesville NC Circle 15 minutes Flashing differant colors and expanding and contracting of craft 6/12/08
1/10/07 21:00 Greenwood MS Circle 10 seconds Spinning circular yellow disc with neon light fell rapidly towards earth. 2/1/07
1/10/07 21:00 Glen Ellyn IL Formation 10 minutes Please I do not want to enter my personal home info yet please look at this and se were it goes could be nothing lets keep it email:) 2/1/07
1/10/07 20:55 Pocahontas AR Light 10 seconds Light/Orb observed in N.E. Arkansas, south east skies. 2/1/07
1/10/07 20:30 Sydney (Australia)
Light 4 minutes Bright light moves North to South quickly in the sky over Sydney 2/1/07
1/10/07 19:00 Shawnee WY Unknown 0002 seen single light moving east,it goes out. than see 3 lights in air center light brighter with a light on either side about 20 feetfrom 2/1/07
1/10/07 18:45 New York City (Staten Island) NY Other 10 min red, white and blue lights over Staten Island green belt. 2/1/07
1/10/07 18:30 Ludington MI Circle 3 minutes UFO in Ludington MI - Large white Light went straight up 2/1/07
1/10/07 18:15 Powell OH Other
4 Large unknown objects in the sky 2/24/07
1/10/07 18:12 Helsby, Cheshire (UK/England)
Formation 20 sec A Groupd of Dark objects moving rapidly across the evening sky. 10/8/07
1/10/07 17:45 Kissimmee FL Cylinder 40 min Large bright object traveling high over Florida appearing to be burning into the atmosphere 1/21/08
1/10/07 17:35 Desoto MO Fireball 30 seconds bright light over missouri moving at improbable speeds. 2/1/07
1/10/07 17:27 Encinitas CA Disk approx. 10 seconds 7-photo sequence of flying object, Encinitas CA Jan 10 2007 2/1/07
1/10/07 12:00 Orwigsburg PA Sphere 2-3 secs I saw a ball of light outside my window one day. O.o 2/24/07
1/10/07 06:43 Katy TX Light 2 minutes Circular light seen possible close by and then further away during morning. 2/1/07
1/10/07 00:05 Moore OK Teardrop 1 minute Large Teardrop Shaped craft and two Escorts 2/1/07
1/10/07 Iran

UFO Crash In Central Iran Fars News Agency (Internet Version-WWW) Wednesday, January 10, 2007 T11:48:23Z Journal Code: 9113 Language: E 2/1/07
1/9/07 23:39 East Meadow NY Unknown 30 sec My wife and I were getting ready to sleep and both of us heard this strange noise. At first it was loud almost like an aircraft engine 2/1/07
1/9/07 19:30 El Dorado KS Triangle 20-30 sec. We saw the same object coming home from the grocery store, triangular lights that hovered just below the treeline. 2/1/07
1/9/07 19:00 Crosby TX Disk
about 7:30 going to crosby to my girlfriend house on new 90 hwy seen about 10 to12 objects with all kind lights. 2/1/07
1/9/07 18:34 Miami FL Flash 2 minutes Bright white object . 2/1/07
1/9/07 12:00 Morehead KY Circle 10 seconds Metallic Disk Flying Over Morehead 2/1/07
1/9/07 07:35 Pontiac MI Sphere 20 minutes ..It split into two halves-like a "Pac-Man" mouth. 2/1/07
1/9/07 06:00 Dunn NC Other 30 The lights seemed to be moving as if on a solid object. 2/1/07
1/9/07 01:00 Gladstone MO Other 3-4min green and white lights on an object that followed us then dissapeared when we reached a public place 2/1/07
1/8/07 23:45 Hampden ME Fireball 2 min I was driving home when I saw a bright, yellowish, orange orb in the night sky. The object moved at a slow rate and hovered 2/1/07
1/8/07 23:00 Tupelo MS Circle 10-15 seconds About 11:00 PM on 1-8-07 a ball of light about 4-5 times bigger than a star steadily rose upward slowly in the west sky and disappeared 2/1/07
1/8/07 19:00 Newington GA Light 6 seconds Strange glowing green object falling from the sky. 2/1/07
1/8/07 19:00 Louisville AR Light 15 minutes White light viewed South of Louisville AR, East of HW 29. Light came on for a few seconds at a time. 2/1/07
1/8/07 17:39 Los Angeles CA Fireball a couple of seconds Three lights or fireballs over Los Angeles, one was green, purple and blueish/white, at 7:40pm 1/8/07. Exact incident in Singapore 2/1/07
1/8/07 17:30 Las Vegas NV Light 1 hour + Red light stayed in sky for over 1 hour 4/27/07
1/8/07 17:25 Ventura CA Sphere 3 to 5 min Flashing orb 2/1/07
1/8/07 15:56 Otley IA Sphere About 30 secs Observed unusual aircraft between Pella and Otley westbound on highway 163 around mile marker 36 viewed at a 45 degree from vehicle. Ai 2/1/07
1/8/07 07:00 Black Canyon City (near) AZ Triangle before dawn Triangle shape with 7 window lights past Black Canyon city 1-8-07 at about 7am 2/1/07
1/8/07 06:40 Quincy WA Oval 60 sec 2/8/07 6:30 quincy wa 60 sec i was talken to my grilfriend as i looked up and saw a golen 2/1/07
1/7/07 21:30 Shawnee OK Light 1 1/2 minutes Bright object with red light flashing across the sky in Shawnee, Oklahoma 2/1/07
1/7/07 20:50 Tumwater WA Light 5 minutes or so A very bright yellow/white light hovering or perched on the Black Hills. 2/1/07
1/7/07 20:05 Snohomish WA Light 6 Minutes One large bright hovering twinkling light that separated into three dimmer lights that twinkle and then extinguished one by one. 2/1/07
1/7/07 19:40 Singapore
Sphere 10 seconds A bright light across the sky took many Singaporeans by surprise on Sunday evening. 2/1/07
1/7/07 19:40 Sydney (Baulkham Hills) (Australia)
Cigar 1min Black cigar shape object get it's photo and it dissapers. 2/1/07
1/7/07 19:30 Centralia WA Circle 2-5 SEC GREEN BALL FLYING FAST WITH NO SOUND 2/1/07
1/7/07 18:10 Lincoln (UK/England)
Other 30 seconds a medium size light in the sky with smaller lights around it 2/1/07
1/7/07 18:00 Edgewater FL Circle 60 minutes red moving circle and glowing circle that followed me. 2/1/07
1/7/07 16:34 Sacramento CA Teardrop <1 second Very fast moving, dark grey teardrop-shaped object flies over Sacramento CA. 2/1/07
1/7/07 16:30 Allentown PA Other 30 sec. bright round white-ish object north of allentown PA 2/1/07
1/7/07 14:00 Utopia TX Other 5 seconds It looked like a bright star was towing another lesser star by a faint line of light. 8/7/07
1/7/07 07:30 Centralia WA Circle 2-5 SEC GREEN BALL FLYING FAST WITH NO SOUND 2/1/07
1/7/07 06:30 Honey Grove TX Circle about 2 minutes 01/07/07 abt. 6:30am. Honey Grove, Tx. Circle 2 min.A circle of light just above the horizon/ stationary then moved east. 2/1/07
1/7/07 02:30 Downey CA Fireball 5 mins Bright Fire Object moving over city in Downey, California 2/1/07
1/7/07 01:30 Pictou (Canada) NS Other 5/10 seconds The object was 80 degree up to the west two lines very bright lime green moving very fast down past the line of sight. 2/1/07
1/7/07 00:00 Cleveland OH Unknown 2 hrs Strange lights over Cleveland 2/1/07
1/6/07 23:30 Mesa AZ Circle 30-60 sec Brilliantly glowing object could move directionally anyway, silent and houvered in a circular pattern and was a circular shape. 2/1/07
1/6/07 23:30 Mesa AZ Circle 10-30 seconds A brilliant orb hung motionless then moved directionally side to side, up/down turned west - could see aircraft was circular. 2/1/07
1/6/07 23:07 Cameron MO Cone 2 hrs 7 cone-shaped crafts illuminated in pink light. ((NUFORC Note: Perhaps not a serious report. We cannot be sure. PD)) 2/1/07
1/6/07 22:40 Halesowen (UK/England)
Circle 5mins 6 orange disc like objects came out of the East 6/12/07
1/6/07 21:00 Bangalore (India)
Circle 1.5 hrs 6/12/07
1/6/07 20:30 Sturbridge MA Cylinder 15mins It shot up into the sky and was gone in seconds. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 12/12/09
1/6/07 20:00 Miami FL Oval 4 min 2 UFOs Over Miami 1/6/07 2/1/07
1/6/07 19:00 Poughkeepsie NY Unknown 2-4 seconds 7-9 dull red balls of light seen in high speed chevron shape 2/1/07
1/6/07 18:45 Smoaks SC Fireball 10 Minutes object was seen above tree line and was very bright.object was hovering and was slowly dropping lower on the into my car wi 2/1/07
1/6/07 18:35 Forest Grove OR Sphere 4 seconds Big Blue Orb Flying low near Forest Grove Oregon, USA. 2/1/07
1/6/07 16:30 Boulder Creek CA Other 10-15 minutes Bight point of light drifting slowly over the Monterey Bay 1/6/07 2/1/07
1/6/07 12:40 Newtown CT Circle less than 30 seconds Bright round metalic object, so fast that I know it was no plane. (Lighting speed) it was disturbing to me. 2/1/07
1/6/07 03:58 Highland Park IL Circle 4 hours Bouncing circular light stays around the same position on every clear night. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of a Sirius?? PD)) 2/1/07
1/6/07 01:01 Phoenix AZ Changing 45 min. Night time Object seen over Phoenix, Az.. Changing shapes and colors. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of a celestial body?? PD)) 2/1/07
1/5/07 22:08 Atlantic and Audubon IA Unknown 2 seconds A streaking light falling to the ground seen from east bound I-80 mile marker 69. 2/1/07
1/5/07 21:15 San Diego CA Light 1 second Green light appears in front of my brother and I and takes off across the sky away from us. 2/1/07
1/5/07 20:59 Huntsville AL Light 2 sec Rapidly moving object looks like it might impact ground 2/1/07
1/5/07 20:30 Prescott AZ Teardrop 3-4 seconds The object didn't appear to be a meteor, yet we didn't hear an explosion that would indicate an airplane crash. 2/1/07
1/5/07 20:00 San Bernardino CA Triangle 1 hour very bright white triangler. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of one, or more, celestial bodies. PD)) 2/1/07
1/5/07 18:00 Blackshear GA Fireball 10 seconds Big glow of neon green falling from the sky 2/1/07
1/5/07 12:00 Palatine IL Chevron 2 min ((HOAX??)) We were walking home from blockbuster when we heard a huge roar over our heads. 2/1/07
1/5/07 06:00 Douglas MI Other 4 mins Walking out to the peir on Oval beach north.Its about 8/10 a mile from the parking lot to the peir. Full moon very clear. The big dippe 2/1/07
1/5/07 02:23 Kansas City MO Cylinder 16 seconds I was taking my dog out at 2:23 AM on 01/05/07 and while looking to the East toward Liberty Missouri I saw the weirdest thing I have ev 2/1/07
1/5/07 02:00 Nevada MO Light all night Ball of light bouncing around outside of Nevada, MO, I have a video. 4/27/07
1/4/07 23:45 Tacoma WA Light 4 minutes Strange lights over McChord AFB, Tacoma WA 2/1/07
1/4/07 22:46 Antioch CA Fireball 2 minutes Bright red flash of light hovering over Fairfield/Antioch area 2/1/07
1/4/07 22:00 Chandler (Yuma Co.?) AZ Circle <8 Traveling west on I-8, when my friends and I noticed bright lights behind us. When we looked behind us we realized it was a UFO 4/27/07
1/4/07 19:15 Pittsfield MA Light 15 seconds Two fast-moving, silent, amber lights subdued with haze moving southeast over Pittsfield, MA at 19:15. 2/1/07
1/4/07 18:00 Round Rock TX Changing 1 hour Bright multi-colored appearance with irratic movements. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, Sirius? PD)) 2/1/07
1/4/07 17:15 Santa Barbara CA Disk 1 second ufo was captured during a family picture at the end of santa barbara pier. ufo is present on the upper left corner. 2/1/07
1/4/07 08:30 Orwigsburg PA Oval
Spinning white object! 2/1/07
1/4/07 06:20 Longmont CO Formation 35 sec On the way to work I noticed what looked alot like a band of meterites falling onto the earth but with the exception that they were fly 2/1/07
1/4/07 06:16 St. Joseph City AZ Formation 1 min Four red objects appear from bottom of smoke trail over Arizona high plateau region. 2/1/07
1/4/07 06:15 Arvada CO Cylinder 15 seconds Large Cylinder shaped object, going very slow from North to South, below the moom 2/1/07
1/4/07 06:14 Manhattan MT Fireball 15 seconds Orange flame colored comet-like object travelling North to South over Manhattan, Montana. Silent. 2/1/07
1/4/07 06:00 Mohnton PA Light 4 seconds Bright light descends above Reading, PA 2/1/07
1/4/07 05:10 Taylorsville GA Light 15 seconds blinking white lights and moved out of sight in a half second with no sound 2/1/07
1/3/07 23:30 Chambersburg PA Cylinder 3 minutes Cylindrical aircraft with two bright, white lights at either end and a red light strobing between them 2/1/07
1/3/07 23:30 Shattuck OK Fireball 2 OR 3 SECONDS It was a fast blue, green and white ball of flame shooting from east to north, that then just was gone. 2/1/07
1/3/07 23:15 Buford GA Rectangle 3 minutes 4 craft in Buford, Georgia 2/1/07
1/3/07 23:00 Marks MS Disk 2 Hours Lighted objects silently flew in from S to N, many in northern sky, no more than few hundred feet up 1/5/11
1/3/07 22:45 Melvern KS Unknown 2-4 seconds Blue-white light traveling northwest in Osage county 2/1/07
1/3/07 22:38 Simi Valley CA Unknown 9 Min Simi Valley, CA Bright red light high in the sky moved for a while then stopped and it changes color-red to white.. 2/1/07
1/3/07 22:38 Washington MO Light seconds While going toward Washington, MO., saw a streak of light with a green tail traveling southwest, very fast, angling down 2/1/07
1/3/07 22:38 Grand Pass MO Fireball 4sec. muti-color fireball with exploding head 2/1/07
1/3/07 22:30 Nebraska (rural) NE Light 3 sec. Very bright , neon green light appeared in sky for seconds, then vanished. Happened during blackout. 2/1/07
1/3/07 21:00 Norton (UK/England)
Sphere 20 sec want to know of other sightings tonight 2/1/07
1/3/07 20:50 Crown Point IN Cone 3 seconds Cone shaped object with bright lights all around it zipped up into the clouds at a speed faster than ANYTHING I have ever seen! 2/1/07
1/3/07 20:30 San Pedro CA Disk at least an hour Unidentified Celestial Object over San Pedro, CA. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, Sirius. PD)) 2/1/07
1/3/07 18:45 Oak Hill WV Formation 3 min 3 solid red lights in v formation(appeared at least 100ft wide)coming from the south. Slow moving no noise 2/1/07
1/3/07 18:30 Houston TX Other 3-5min I-10 & Cambell Road, Houston TX UFO Sighting 2/1/07
1/3/07 18:15 Burlington NC Circle 1 minute The object was bright and made a left turn then started to ascend and pick up speed and shot upward and disappeard from view. 2/1/07
1/3/07 18:00 Zanesville OH Other 3 minutes V shaped object w/red lights 2/1/07
1/3/07 18:00 Newtown CT Rectangle
light blue blinking light above highway, turns into bigger object as i get off highway 84 east exit 11 2/1/07
1/3/07 17:55 New Florence MO Other 2 min UFO over central Missouri 2/1/07
1/3/07 17:45 Cerritos/Buena Park area CA Light seconds The star-like object traveled at a tremendous rate of speed across the moon lit sky. 2/1/07
1/3/07 17:41 Millerton NY Light ongoing Same thing as I stated in previous report, observed this in south eastern sky very low. it has moved in less than 2 minutes to due east 2/1/07
1/3/07 17:00 Charlotte NC Light 30min Slow moving then became still light in the sky over Lake Wylie 01/03/07 5:30pm 2/1/07
1/3/07 16:40 San Martin CA Circle 3 min bright light strait up in clear blue sky,did not move or blink,very noticeable. 2/1/07
1/3/07 16:30 Vernon WI Oval 1 minute Green Flash 2/1/07
1/3/07 14:00 Chattanooga TN Unknown 10 seconds object appears to be flying slightly above and almost parallel to jet 2/1/07
1/3/07 07:40 Ypsilanti MI Light 8 seconds light high up in sky suddenly moved at strange angle at speed beyond our technology 2/1/07
1/3/07 06:20 Airdrie (Canada) AB Unknown few seconds Telescope+Exploring=UFO 2/1/07
1/3/07 03:45 Barton Hills MI Diamond 2 min hoovering mirror in the sky. 2/1/07
1/3/07 03:00 Altmar NY Light less than 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Orange/yellow light in bedroom rushes out screen window. 2/1/07
1/3/07 00:00 Fairlee VT Unknown ten min one of the weirdes nights of my life 2/1/07
1/2/07 00:00 Thailand
It is like the film Independence day 2/1/07
1/2/07 23:42 Garden City NY Changing 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) One Enflamed craft and large craft above feild. 2/1/07
1/2/07 23:00 Columbia City IN Light 1 minute Two orange-yellow lights quietly and quickly from east to west over town 2/1/07
1/2/07 22:30 Dauphin PA Other 3 min. Jan.2,07 we seen bright lites and a huge air craft flying over our house it was gray and moving slowly and not making much of a sound. 2/1/07
1/2/07 22:15 Worcester MA Fireball 10 seconds a green fireball that moved quickly down and up and then across the sky before it disappeared. 2/1/07
1/2/07 21:30 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light ongoing This object stayed stationary in the night sky and had red flashing lights 2/1/07
1/2/07 21:24 Solihull (UK/England)
Cigar 00:14 cigar shape with fourteen blue lights 2/1/07
1/2/07 21:15 Painted Post NY Light ongoing light source in sky changing colors through the ROVGBIV colors seen through telescope. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD)) 2/1/07
1/2/07 21:00 Adair IA Circle 45 seconds 3 orange donut shaped objects 2/1/07
1/2/07 20:00 Millerton NY Light @3 hours Clear night, full moon. Was driving home when noticed something very bright in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD)) 2/1/07
1/2/07 20:00 Clarksburg MD Light 20 min lights in the sky over clarksburg 2/1/07
1/2/07 19:00 Newport Beach CA Unknown 10 minutes UFO spotted over Newport Beach suburb of Corona del Mar, CA at 19:00 Jan. 2, 2007 by 2 witnesses 2/1/07
1/2/07 18:45 Seattle WA Light 40 min Random White Lights circling over West Seattles Admiral District. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect advertising lights. PD)) 2/1/07
1/2/07 18:30 Clinton Township MI Formation 1 week bright lights in the southwest sky moving,stopping, and changing color. 2/1/07
1/2/07 18:15 Entiat WA Light 5:00 min. My friends and I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette when we observed a light that was floating across the sky. We thought it might b 2/1/07
1/2/07 18:00 Columbus MS Light 1 minute A bright, unblinking green light streaked across the sky at a high rate of speed. 4/27/07
1/2/07 17:45 Delaware OH Light 4 minutes I had two sightings last night in the city of Delaware, Ohio. I usually walk the dog twice after work. The first sighting was around 5: 2/1/07
1/2/07 17:30 Tinley Park IL Light 1 minute Solid White Ball of Light Drifting across the sky 2/1/07
1/2/07 14:00 Chicora PA Sphere 10 seconds immobile gray sphere, far off, but appeared rather large in size 2/1/07
1/2/07 14:00 Carpendale WV Triangle 20 seconds I was especially surprised at how fast it was moving 2/1/07
1/2/07 13:00 Comstock Township MI Egg 30 seconds ((HOAX??)) Three black, egg shaped objects moving in a triangular formation. 2/1/07
1/2/07 13:00 Canton OH Disk 2 min A large disc in the sun was photographed from a cell phone at 1 pm eastern standard time about 5 mi. south of Akron/Canton Airport near 2/1/07
1/2/07 10:15 East Windsor NJ Light 8min unexplained diamond shape multi light moves extremely fast then disapears 2/1/07
1/2/07 07:25 Mountain City TN Disk 3 minutes Witness reports that he was stopped at a traffic light on Hwy 421 in Mountain City, Tn. this morning. As he waited for the light to cha 2/1/07
1/2/07 03:10 Chicago IL Formation 2 minutes Triangle shaped formation comprised of three fast moving balls 2/1/07
1/2/07 00:00 Seattle WA Fireball 30sec. ((HOAX)) it was really fast, faster then any airplane. It was red, made a microwave sound. Thats it, because I was drunk. 6/12/07
1/1/07 23:30 Birmingham AL Disk 3 days, 2-3 minutes each ufo seen over 3-day period 2/1/07
1/1/07 23:30 Saint Clair Shores MI
45 min bright red lights from star formation in st clair shores 2/1/07
1/1/07 21:45 Lake Havasu City AZ Sphere 5-6 min. Ground lights up and brings to our attention a huge glowing orange sphere over city. 2/24/07
1/1/07 21:30 Brightwood VA Circle 40 sec object streeked across sky, made a left then climbed out of sight. 2/1/07
1/1/07 20:21 Midlothian IL Other 20 sec. V-shaped with two glowing orange lights tarveling southeast 2/1/07
1/1/07 20:00 Las Vegas NV Triangle 2 minutes Reflective triangular vehicle over Las Vegas. 7/23/20
1/1/07 19:45 Welwyn Garden City (UK/England)
Oval 10 Mins 4 Red lights seen over Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire England 2/1/07
1/1/07 19:30 Salem OR Unknown 15-20 seconds Lights moving from south to north, low to ground and slow without any sound. 2/1/07
1/1/07 19:00 Chicago IL Light approx. 1 hr. or so Ball of changing light colors 2/1/07
1/1/07 19:00 Magnolia AR Unknown 5 minutes Unidentified aircraft playing tag in the night sky over Magnolia Arkansas 2/1/07
1/1/07 18:08 Eagle Pass TX Circle 15 minutes Dark circular object seen over a deserted ranch outside of Eagle Pass, Tx. later we see a smaller object as well. 11/28/07
1/1/07 17:45 Ensanada (Mexico)
Triangle 2 min Trianglular mute lightened craft. 2/1/07
1/1/07 16:30 Miami Lakes FL Changing 20 MINUTES strange objects on new year's day, 2007 in Miami Lakes, Fl on a perfectly clear and sunny day 2/1/07
1/1/07 15:00 Lake Station IN Light 5 min light shot toward woods army helicoptor quit persuit 2/24/07
1/1/07 15:00 St. Petersburg FL Disk 2 minutes noted a disc shaped object 40-50 ft in diameter flying towards macdill AFB at liw and at very high speeds. 7/4/12
1/1/07 14:00 San Diego CA Oval 18 secs It went slowly then sped up at a 90 degree angle. 2/1/07
1/1/07 14:00 Amityville NY Changing 15 ninutes Craft that changed shape, then shot into the water. 2/24/07
1/1/07 13:40 Hainault (on the London/Essex border) (UK/England)
Triangle 3-4 minutes In clear daylight three white lights in triangular formation very high in sky moving eastwards. 2/1/07
1/1/07 13:00 Larne (Northern Ireland)
Circle unsure sighting in northern ireland and possible abduction.. ongoing 8/24/10
1/1/07 12:00 Manitou Beach MI Disk not sure First and foremost, I did NOT whitness the craft first-hand. I found it on Google Earth, while looking at a detailed zoom of Michigan. 10/8/07
1/1/07 10:00 Seattle WA Other short see above statement 2/1/07
1/1/07 09:00 Pasay (Philippines)
Disk 1 minute Strange disk shaped object hovering at the side of a building in Manila, Philippines. 1/10/09
1/1/07 08:00 Pasadena CA Other 5 seconds UFO spotted on spanish tv recording of Rose Parade. 2/1/07
1/1/07 04:33 Ellisras (South Africa)
Unknown 1 min Alleged UFO crash in Ellisras South Africa 2/1/07
1/1/07 04:20 Goleta CA Light forever bright light sits still, moves slow, dims out into outerspace! ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius??? PD)) 2/1/07
1/1/07 03:00 New York City (Times Square) NY Disk 15 min Disked shaped objects...3... over Time Square, New York. Reported by Fox News. Objects were approx. 30 feet in dia., transillumated in 2/1/07
1/1/07 02:00 Miami FL Oval hours Object moved fast back and forth but aslo stayed still at times sometimes changingt colors. 2/1/07
1/1/07 02:00 Ligonier PA Light 25 minutes New Year's Morning siting of spinning lights hovering over Ligonier, PA 2/1/07
1/1/07 01:37 White Pass WA Sphere 15 2 Ufo's Near White Pass -1:37am new years day 2/1/07
1/1/07 01:30 Riverside NJ Light 2 minutes bright object that stopped in mid air and backed up.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
1/1/07 01:00 Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)
Circle 5 minutes bright orange light over puerto vallarta, mex. new years 1am. 2/1/07
1/1/07 01:00 Bensenville IL Formation 2 MINUTES i was sitting outside at my grandmas house, when i looked up to see the moon, after about 15 seconds, i saw 3 lights flying in perfectl 2/1/07
1/1/07 00:20 Cape Coral FL Fireball 10 min. 18 lights east to west in sky faster then airliners after fireworks ended on NEWYEARS EVE ---- SCARY 2/1/07
1/1/07 00:11 Cedar Falls IA Light 3-5 minutes Strange light bobs up and down three times before circling around the east side of the city and disappearing. 2/1/07
1/1/07 00:10 Windsor CA Formation 13min Swarm of Amber spheres 2/1/07
1/1/07 00:06 Montclair CA Fireball 7 min walk outside, just before new years count down, great view of the sky.

waiting, listening and watching for any fire works, common du
1/1/07 00:06 Ellicott City MD Circle 15 After the Columbia fireworks display a bright red round object was seen traveling in level flight from south to north, the object was m 2/1/07
1/1/07 00:01 Windsor CA Circle 5 minutes Several yellow/red objects hovering in the sky, then they disappear. 2/1/07
1/1/07 00:01 Windsor CA Light 10 min Series of 17 unidentifiable lights cross the skies of Northern California. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is aviation specialist. PD)) 2/1/07
1/1/07 00:00 Windsor CA Other 10 minutes An array of lights, formed in two parralel rows, moving across the sky into a cluster. 2/1/07
1/1/07 00:00 Dover DE Sphere 15-seconds ((HOAX??)) Shpere like air craft sighted in DE, on new years. 1/21/08