National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/2007
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/07 00:00 Freehold Township NJ Diamond 30 seconds Loud piercing sonar metal like disturbance at 4am in freehold,NJ December 31,2007 1/21/08
12/31/07 23:53 Myrtle Beach SC Egg 25 seconds Large ghostly shape like a stacked hamburger almost transparent and extremely large prodominantly white. 1/21/08
12/31/07 23:15 Santa Monica CA Other 2 Minutes Rapidly moving rings of light in the sky over Santa Monica, California on New Year's Eve. 1/21/08
12/31/07 22:55 Palm Coast FL Other 10 seconds I spotted a white light with a wavy tail that vanished midsight as I was watching it. 1/21/08
12/31/07 22:40 Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Light 1 minute 3 close satellite like points of light 2/14/08
12/31/07 22:15 San Carlos (of San Diego) CA Light 1 to 2 Minutes A well definied red light, that looked electronic, drifted overhead and disappeared right above us. 1/21/08
12/31/07 21:38 Carrollton TX Sphere 2 minutes 3 Orange Spheres moving West to East over Carrollton TX. 2/14/08
12/31/07 21:00 Groves TX Other 2 minutes Slopw moving orange glowing object, then a single light and extremely fast moving 2/14/08
12/31/07 20:45 San Diego CA Light 45 minutes red and yellow lights off the coast by the Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego 2/14/08
12/31/07 20:00 Pilot Knob MO Light 20 minutes Huvering amber lights over mountain ridge, several accounts, sometimes fade away or just decend behind mountain. 4/13/10
12/31/07 19:30 Lake Toxaway NC Oval 8-10 seconds White streak with firey tail traveled horizonally from western horizon to eastern horizon in 10 seconds 1/21/08
12/31/07 19:00 Amersfoort (Netherlands)
Cylinder 5 min. Eight lighted UFO's over Amersfoort sky in The Netherlands 1/21/08
12/31/07 18:20 Daniels WV Light 30 minutes (approx.) 18:20 hours, 235 degrees southwest twinkling and moving object seen. 2/14/08
12/31/07 18:00 McKinney TX Light 5 minutes Conspicuous Lights seen in Night Sky over McKinney, Texas 1/21/08
12/31/07 16:00 Los Angeles CA Rectangle about 1 minute Floating large rectangle near Highland Park/Pasadena CA 2/14/08
12/31/07 15:00 San Diego CA Sphere 10 minutes Strange Lights over San Diego, California sky could have been weather ballons 1/21/08
12/31/07 09:30 Cairo GA Circle four hours A light fades in and out in the sky. 1/21/08
12/31/07 00:40 Green Valley AZ Other 15 min. ?? Group of 2 or 3 colored lights attached to a triangle in a square shape. 1/21/08
12/31/07 00:20 Aldershot (UK/England)
Disk 3 to 4 minutes 3 Bright Orange Lights, Moving North, North Easterly, Lasting 3 To 4 Minutes 2/14/08
12/31/07 00:05 Antioch CA Circle 5 minutes Multiple red llights in a row sighted from my home in Antioch , Calif. 1/21/08

Newspaper article 1/21/08
12/30/07 23:00 Brooksville FL Disk 10 minutes It was crazy and at first I didnt know it was real but it was!! 1/21/08
12/30/07 21:05 Salina KS Disk 5 seconds One white circurlar spotting 2/14/08
12/30/07 21:00 Englewood FL Circle 25 seconds circular ufo hits a plane!!!!!!!!! 1/21/08
12/30/07 20:30 Vista CA Other ten minutes Pale object hovering over heighbor's house, with two dangling search lights up front, and 3rd light at tail. 1/21/08
12/30/07 20:15 Santa Rosa CA Other 3-4 SECONDS B2 shaped UFO observed in the sky 6/12/08
12/30/07 20:15 Alappuzha (India)
Unknown About 30 seconds I have the habit of watching the sky in the night time. During that time, i watched that a light spot, something like aero plane is mov 1/21/08
12/30/07 18:47 Failsworth Manchester
Fireball 10 minutes floating fireball 2/14/08
12/30/07 06:35 Spokane WA Light 5 minutes 15 degree`s west of downtown spokane from a third floor apartment, Note : due west is Fairchild Air-force Base and Spk International Ai 3/4/08
12/30/07 01:00 Braintree VT Circle 10 minutes Another bright bright lite in sky 3/4/08
12/30/07 01:00 Perth Amboy NJ Unknown 30 minutes Unidentified crafts and light beam. 3/4/08
12/30/07 00:00 Palm Desert CA Other ?? it was red and diamond sheaped. 1/21/08
12/29/07 23:10 West Sussex (UK/England)
Fireball 30 seconds a small orange glowing ball travelling very high and fast and totally silent. Horsham West Sussex, England 3/4/08
12/29/07 22:15 Altoona IA Unknown five minutes strange pulsing light over Altoona Iowa 3/4/08
12/29/07 22:00 Phoenix/Glendale (over) AZ Light 20 mins RED LIGHTS IN FORMATION OVER PHOENIX 6/12/08
12/29/07 21:00 Kirkby In Ashfield (UK/England)
Light 2 Changing Colour rapidly, Bright, Video Footage 1/21/08
12/29/07 21:00 Silverdale WA Triangle 5 min Large, triangular/diamond shaped, shiny metal, low flying silent object near Bangor naval base. 1/21/08
12/29/07 19:18 Ashland MO Oval 30 seconds Big Bright ovals being fired into night sky faster than Jet 3/4/08
12/29/07 19:00 Carlsbad CA Triangle a few minutes Dimly lit triangular shaped object moves slowly high above Carlsbad State Beach Sat. evening 12/29/07 1/21/08
12/29/07 18:00 Plano TX Sphere 10 seconds A large glowing white orb of light the size of a car shot through the sky parralell to the earths surface. 3/4/08
12/29/07 15:00 North Kansas City MO Triangle 2 to 5 minutes Triangle shaped object seen near North Kansas City Missouri. 1/21/08
12/29/07 07:00 Vista CA Light 8 minutes A curved hovering object with bright halogen shaped lights seen in Vista 3/4/08
12/29/07 00:50 Vancouver (Canada) BC Other 1.5 seconds Large emerald green orb shaped light appearing suddenly seen in NW sky travelling initially in a northern direction, then suddenl 3/4/08
12/28/07 23:19 Omaha NE Circle few seconds Green speedy circle over 100th Street and I-80 in Omaha, NE travelling east bound 3/4/08
12/28/07 20:30 Westwood CA Diamond 3 to 5 min silent diamond shape w/ four blue/white lighs and a large red light in center of bottom. 1/21/08
12/28/07 20:00 Hacienda Heights CA Formation ongoing Dancing lights in a circle, crossing to the center and then outward again. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD)) 3/4/08
12/28/07 19:00 Bay City TX Triangle 10-15 minutes Sightings of object in Bay City, Texas 3/4/08
12/28/07 11:23 Nassau (Bahamas)
Formation don't know Six objects over Nassau, Bahamas 1/21/08
12/28/07 08:05 Nacogdoches TX Unknown 4 seconds What might this be? 8/12/08
12/28/07 04:00 Satellite Beach FL Sphere Couple of hours Naked eye watching early morning sky finds Mars planetary movement vs. an unidentifiable object hovering like a helicopter. 3/4/08
12/28/07 00:00 Vernon AZ Light
lights flashing 3/4/08
12/27/07 21:25 Hull (UK/England)
Light 5 mintues Three orange/amber lights observed in Hull England on the 27th December 2007 at 21:25 3/4/08
12/27/07 20:00 VA/GA (between; on I-20) SC Circle 10 minutes approximately 20:00 hrs. December 27, 2007 3 brights lights (15 minutes) in the sky then 1 bright light 1/21/08
12/27/07 17:00 Phoenix AZ Rectangle 48 minutes Shape shifting black object at sunset hovering south east in sky 3/4/08
12/27/07 07:30 Garland TX Disk 5-10 minutes Dark Gray smokey shaped saucer above the highway 1/21/08
12/27/07 04:25 Braintree VT Unknown 30 minutes Craft with 5 rectangular openings that emitted white light seen in Braintree sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD)) 3/4/08

Dark gray smoky shaped saucer 1/21/08
12/26/07 22:15 Moneta VA Other .75 A strange sound, then a light. My dogs started barking and there was something large in the yard. 3/4/08
12/26/07 20:45 Irvine CA Other 3 min Ring of Blue Lights that moved similar to a jelly fish seen from 405 Freeway in South Orange County California. 3/4/08
12/26/07 20:00 Maceio (Brasil)
Oval 3 seconds Flame red oval object moving fast on Maceio 26 Dec 2007 20:00 PM about 1/21/08
12/26/07 19:30 Clovis CA Other 10 seconds Very dim round light moving fast 3/4/08
12/26/07 18:30 Klickitat Yakima County Line WA Flash 2 minutes The object was flashing on and off with a bright light that reflected off of nothing with 2 second intervals, then preceded to take off 3/4/08
12/26/07 18:30 Mountains (near Yakima/Klicktat County Line) WA Flash 5 minutes Bright white, flashing light off highway 97 in Washington State, flashing, then instantly changing positions, then zooming up and away, 3/4/08
12/26/07 13:25 Ransbach-Baumbach (Germany)
Oval 12 seconds Oval accerlating to incredible speed.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
12/26/07 06:30 Grants Pass OR Light 07:00 Light in South eastern sky. Looked like a VERY Bright star. Very Bright for 2 minutes then dims and disappears. Stays dark for several 3/4/08
12/26/07 00:45 Ajax (Canada) ON Fireball 2:00 minutes Bright Orange Ligth over Ajax Ontario 1/21/08
12/25/07 23:15 Burbank CA Unknown 3 minutes 3 incredibly bright amber lights seen over Burbank,CA on Christmas night 2007. 3/4/08
12/25/07 22:50 Chicago IL Triangle 10 seconds One large triangular shaped object, seen by two children from an apt building kitchen window facing east, comming from the direction of 3/4/08
12/25/07 20:00 Cut Off LA Circle 3 minutes... Christmas night, Cut Off, Louisiana had a extra special christmas gift that night. 3/4/08
12/25/07 19:00 Pensacola FL Light 2 minutes Blinking red light 3/4/08
12/25/07 16:10 Cape Town (South Africa)
Disk Photo Strange object in the sky. 3/4/08
12/25/07 00:00 Mendham NJ Triangle 40 minutes 9 UFO's seen over a hill in Mendham, NJ.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
12/25/07 00:00 Wangaratta (Australia)
Light 1 minute Three in formation 3/4/08
12/24/07 20:30 Memphis TN Unknown 10 seconds Four bright orange lights in a perfect square that was slowly drifting before separating and disappearing. 3/4/08
12/24/07 20:15 Longmont CO Unknown 5 mintues Two very bright sparkling objects seen while driving; one disapeared while the other one moved off slowly out of sight. 3/4/08
12/24/07 18:50 Lakewood CO Light 15 minutes Unusually bright light seen next to very bright full moon 3/4/08
12/24/07 18:00 Windermere FL Changing 1 minute Bright stationary light in sky in lighted, rectangular, grid shape. Moved to NW, vansihed, then flashed brightly and vanished again. 3/4/08
12/24/07 17:00 Sanikiluaq (Canada) NT Light 30 to 40 seconds rotated towards the left and dimmed out and soon followed by the other bright light 1/21/08
12/24/07 12:01 Moneta VA Unknown 1 hour The four of us saw a orange light that shifted around the moon. 3/4/08
12/24/07 03:15 East Moline IL Triangle 10 minutes triangular shape caught my attention. 3/4/08
12/24/07 02:00 New York City NY Unknown 12 seconds something dull, fast, wingless, and bl streaks due north from manhattan / lower hudson valley 3/4/08
12/24/07 01:49 Alta Loma CA Circle 100 seconds UFO below the Moon from California 3/4/08
12/24/07 01:47 Van Nuys CA Formation 13 min Turquoise lights floating in triangular formation. 1/21/08
12/24/07 00:15 Brownsville TX Light 3 to 4 Minutes Nighttime headlight looking objects on the road doing a 90 degree turn in front of my truck (twice). 10/31/08
12/24/07 00:00 Phila./Camden PA Disk 15 minutes or less Saucer sighted on a black Christmas Eve sky beaming down a bright white light and displaying red flashing lights. 3/4/08
12/24/07 Missouri (from passenger train) MO Circle several mins sighting from train. moving passenger train hit an atv. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD)) 3/4/08
12/23/07 23:00 Pataskala OH Triangle 1 minute Triangle-shaped craft hoverig low over a house in Pataskala Ohio 3/4/08
12/23/07 23:00 Bountiful UT Formation 9-10 minutes Stationary lights in formation above the Great Salt Lake. 3/4/08
12/23/07 21:30 Tustin CA Disk 5 minutes Large flat object hovering with bright lights. 3/4/08
12/23/07 21:00 San Martin CA Unknown 2-3 minutes 4-5 tight circle red-white-green-blue BRIGHT lights over Morgan Hill 3/4/08
12/23/07 20:45 Chester VA Cone
the aircraft was flying at a verticle angle about 90'o from my home. it was one bright light then a flashing light without sound about 3/4/08
12/23/07 20:00 Lesslie SC Disk 5 seconds I saw a bright blue disc flying through the sky south of Charlotte, NC. 3/4/08
12/23/07 18:45 Bowie MD Disk 4 seconds disc shaped, blue /white light UFO flying low and fast 3/4/08
12/23/07 18:45 Bowie MD Light 5 seconds Bluish white light UFO flying low at high speed above Baltimore Washington Pky, Dec 23, 2007 3/4/08
12/23/07 18:30 Salem VA Sphere 3 seconds Green sphere visible over I-81 North in Roanoke County, Virginia at about 18:30 on December 23rd. 3/4/08
12/23/07 18:00 Los Alamos CA Unknown 3 minutes Strange helicopter craft on 101 near Los Alamos 1/21/08
12/23/07 18:00 Lake Providence LA

Sunday night I looked up a the full moon, a directly under the moon in the middle, I saw a bright object, I looked again a it was binki 3/4/08
12/23/07 16:00 Los Angeles CA Circle 2-3 minutes Steady bright light over Los Angeles 3/4/08
12/23/07 13:30 Chicago IL Disk 3 minutes 12/23/2007 13:30 Chicago Il.darkish disc shaped amongst the cloud staying still I got a 3 min. rec.shot of it. 3/4/08
12/23/07 12:30 San Marino CA Diamond 15 minutes In daylight, Slow moving object rotated above reflecting off sun for 15 minutes until I lost sight of it. 1/21/08
12/23/07 09:00 Las Vegas NV Circle 2 minutes Bright object in the sky with what appeared to be modules on it. 4/14/09
12/23/07 05:00 Blairs VA Circle 5 secs a long dash of light across the with an unusual color of light behind it attached to the end which was a blinding white circle objec 3/4/08
12/23/07 05:00 Los Angeles CA Circle 15 minutes I was taking picture of a bright round object in the southern sky I think it was venus when I looked at the pictures a green round bal 3/4/08
12/23/07 04:00 San Jose del Cabo (Baja California) (Mexico)

1 hour + Bright light over San Jose del Cabo, Baja Mexico around 4:00 AM. About 35 degrees above the horizon moving slowly to west. 3/4/08
12/23/07 02:00 Harrisonburg VA Other 8 to 10 mins Strange lighted craft flies low in Grassy Creeks. 5/29/11
12/22/07 21:30 Peoria AZ Unknown 5 minutes 5 white dots racing upwards from downtown Phoenix area, moving at different speeds, then fading in to the night 3/4/08
12/22/07 20:00 San Diego CA Light 5 minutes It was a clear night in San Diego and as I came up the back stairs I saw two large reddish orange lights, very bright, hovering in the 3/4/08
12/22/07 19:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Unknown 3 secs Edmonton Alberta Canada, Huge object W/ Flashing lights closer then planes, helicoptors or even hot air balloons. approx 7 pm DEC 22 1/21/08
12/22/07 18:15 Warrendale PA Sphere 7 seconds stationery white sphere with dark band extended past both sides, with wrap around dark rectangles. 3/4/08
12/22/07 18:05 San Diego CA Light 3 minutes We saw two lights that went across 40 plus degrees of sky, while watching I got my telescope and tried to see them, which the two lig 3/4/08
12/22/07 18:00 San Diego CA Light 5 mins Orange/yellow lights seen from Ocean Beach, San Diego, rising till no longer visible. 1/21/08
12/22/07 05:00 El Reno OK Changing 30 MIN COLOR CHANGING STROBE LIGHT OVER EL RENO, OK 1/21/08
12/22/07 05:00 Dingmans Ferry PA Light 2to 3 min quick flash of saucer shape light 3/4/08
12/22/07 01:30 Tucson AZ Circle arizona i believe in ufo because of seeing 1/21/08
12/21/07 22:00 Flushing NY Triangle 1 minute Triangle shaped object with red lights in New York 2/14/08
12/21/07 21:30 El Centro CA Unknown 7 seconds It was around nine thirty at night. I began to walk out of my car that I had parked in front of my house. As I began to walk the stretc 1/21/08
12/21/07 19:14 Honolulu HI Unknown 2 minutes On the evening of December 21, 2007, I was driving on Interstate H-1 on the island of Oahu. The incident occurred at approximately 7:1 3/4/08
12/21/07 18:30 Chandigarh (India)
Fireball 15 seconds The red object moved from one end to the other and then stopped 3/4/08
12/21/07 18:04 Houston TX Flash 15 Sec. in 1-2 Sec. inter Flashes of Greenish/Blue light over Clear Lake 3/4/08
12/21/07 17:20 West Palm Beach FL Unknown 10 minutes high speed cloud shape changing direction 3/4/08
12/21/07 06:30 Bear DE Triangle 2 minutes Multiple sightings of a perfect circle of light that is replaced by three dimmer lights in an equilateral triangle. 3/4/08
12/20/07 22:06 St. Louis MO Triangle 10 seconds triangular object three light on three corners sighted in st. louis city MO. 3/4/08
12/20/07 22:06 St. Louis MO Triangle 10 seconds December 20, 2007 at 10:06 P.M. in thick fog a tiangle box shaped air craft was seen over the Mississippi River in South St.Louis City. 3/4/08
12/20/07 19:29 Phoenix AZ Unknown 10 Unk blue object seen over Mesa, Az in the vicinity of Mars. 3/4/08
12/20/07 18:50 Portland TX Light 20 SECONDS I saw a light coming towards the ground and shot due west and then disappear. I know others saw the same thing, they were all pointing 3/4/08
12/20/07 18:30 Frankfort IL Oval 10 minutes UFO seen over Harlem Ave. 3/4/08
12/20/07 18:29 Gilbert AZ Unknown 5 seconds huge blue comet like light falling to earth 3/4/08
12/20/07 18:15 St. Petersburg FL Triangle 3:00 Hours I am ex-USAF. This was no conventional craft, triangular, darted in all directions. 3/4/08
12/20/07 18:00 Beirut, Tabariss (Lebanon)
Fireball 30 seconds As usual every day I was on my way back home from work in a shared taxi service from Hamra to Ashrafieh Beirut, Lebanon (Middle East). 6/12/08
12/20/07 17:00 Miami OK Diamond 5 minutes Black Diamond shape object over Miami, Oklahoma 3/4/08
12/20/07 08:30 Rigby ID Fireball 3 min. A little line of light riggiling up to space. 1/21/08
12/20/07 06:52 Fresno CA Disk 10 sec. approx I don't know what to do,I try to not think about it , but now,I don't know what to think about, US. 9/24/12
12/19/07 20:30 Irvine CA Circle 20 minutes Ring of blue light flying in physics-defying pattern around Irvine Spectrum. 3/4/08
12/19/07 20:10 Mission Viejo/Lake Forest CA Disk at least five minutes Flying disk looked at least four times the size of a Frisbee from the ground so had to be much bigger. Just under clouds a large disk 3/4/08
12/19/07 20:00 Sterling Heights MI Flash About 10-15 Minutes Many flashing objects moving in an oval pattern at high speeds. 3/4/08
12/19/07 17:00 El Paso TX Fireball 01:00hours Well about the 19 of december 2007 I saw a "bright light"moving toward me ,then to the right ,left, right and then solidifies to a squ 3/4/08
12/18/07 23:30 Helmsley (UK/England)
Light 30 seconds bright light purued by military aircraft 6/12/08
12/18/07 19:20 Randolph NE Formation 5 seconds Two witnessees saw 3 bright incandescent colored balls of light in NorthEast Nebraska. 3/4/08
12/18/07 00:30 Lehigh Acres FL Other 10 seconds Green orb over lehigh 3/4/08
12/17/07 05:00 Corpus Christi TX Sphere 2 to 3 hours 12/17/07 Corpus Christi Tx Orange ball light comming at me 8 to 900mph when I shinned LED light at it. 1/10/09
12/16/07 20:30 Charlottesville VA Light 30 minutes Wandering lights in the sky over Charlottesville, VA 1/21/08
12/16/07 18:35 Carrollton KY Light 4 minutes 2 Lights In Northern Kentucky Sky 3/4/08
12/16/07 18:30 Tampa/Leesburg (between) FL Disk 5 mins 5 discs along I-75 10/10/11
12/16/07 00:30 Duncan OK Rectangle 5 mins Massive, rectangular-shaped craft with lights underneath 6/12/08
12/15/07 22:07 Los Angeles CA Cylinder 8 to 10 sec 12/15/07 22:07 Los Angeles, Ca Cylindrical 10 sec Object was completely silent heading S-W from the east. 1/21/08
12/15/07 21:30 Havana FL Triangle 15 minutes Trianglar craft hovering in sky with light pattern changed. 3/4/08
12/15/07 21:30 Independence KY Light 3 min Two red lights that changed colors and began swirling around over tree tops 3/4/08
12/15/07 21:15 Boulder CO Light 10 minutes Seven orange lights in the north sky at night gradually faded away. 3/4/08
12/15/07 21:00 Boulder CO Circle 1-2 minutes 5 large orange circles (looked like fire) that formed circle, then two disappeared and 3 formed a triangle, then disappeared. 1/21/08
12/15/07 20:00 Hummelstown PA Circle 10 seconds Possibly some sort of UFO space craft. 3/4/08
12/15/07 20:00 San Lucas CA Sphere 10-20 seconds I have NEVER seen anything like this large, bright, hovering sphere that changed colors. 6/12/08
12/15/07 19:10 London (UK/England)
Other 7-10 mins Large white orb and several lights chased by unmarked black military helicopter 1/21/08
12/15/07 19:05 Lake Wales FL Sphere 5 seconds It was shortly after 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 15, 2007, when I noticed a bright object in the sky. It was a bright light, not unlike a sat 3/4/08
12/15/07 18:25 Newark DE Circle 15 minutes Two very bright lights seen in the sky before vanishing, one seen a second time in a different location several minutes later 3/4/08
12/15/07 18:20 Durango CO Light approx 2 minutes bright white light slowing moving across night sky. 3/4/08
12/15/07 18:15 El Cerrito CA Disk 4 minutes Rotating dics-like object with raised dome center over El Cerrito, CA on 12/15/2007 3/4/08
12/15/07 16:00 Lakewood Ranch FL Light 5 minutes+ (shape: light). Saw bright balls of orange shooting across the sky, some criss-crossing each other; had tails like vapor trails 1/21/08
12/15/07 11:00 Lakeland FL Unknown
My Cousin,and my siter were on just entering lakeland when we saw greenish,blueish light fall into the sky and disspeared. When were lo 10/31/08
12/15/07 05:00 Wilkes-Barre PA Light 5-10 minutes Large light seen directly under moon 1/21/08
12/15/07 04:30 Loves Park IL Unknown 15 seconds Four unmoving, wide blue beams of light at night from sky to ground, with no light source. 3/18/14
12/15/07 03:04 Halifax PA Oval 10 seconds Green meteor 3/4/08
12/14/07 00:00 Sterling VA Unknown 3 minutes Fast moving object zig zagging over Washington DC 3/4/08
12/14/07 23:00 Manhattan Beach CA Fireball 2 Very bright light shooting accross sky. LARGE 3/4/08
12/14/07 23:00 Littleton NH Unknown 15 min. Square pulsing glow 3/4/08
12/14/07 23:00 Braintree VT Disk 30 minutes Flying saucer like object with several yellow lights/blinking red light seen near Braintree, VT. ((NUFORC Note: Hoax?? PD)) 3/4/08
12/14/07 22:34 Breinigsville PA Fireball 5 seconds Fireball Sighting 3/4/08
12/14/07 20:30 Clifton Forge VA Chevron 5 mintues 2 chevron-shaped crafts over Clifton Forge 3/4/08
12/14/07 19:30 Santa Barbara/Goleta CA Sphere 5 minutes Bright green sphere over Santa Barbara 3/4/08
12/14/07 19:20 Mayslanding NJ Sphere 10 seconds bluish white sphere moving horizontally accross the sky 3/4/08
12/14/07 19:15 Cary NC Sphere 10-15 seconds Large round bright object seen flying above tree line in Cary, NC 3/4/08
12/14/07 19:00 Springerville AZ Light 20 seconds Very much like an ordinary star, except that it moved quickly and erratically in the vicinity of a stationary "star" 1/21/08
12/14/07 18:50 Newark DE Unknown
Coming out of RedRobins resturant around 6:50pm I saw a bright light ahead of me moving towards my right which would be south. It was a 3/4/08
12/14/07 17:30 Harrisburg PA Other 10 minutes Five points of light in a V formation over Susquehanna River 3/4/08
12/14/07 06:45 Kingsland GA Triangle 15 minutes ((HOAX??)) It was a tringle with light on the ends and would fully brust in bright light. 3/4/08
12/14/07 05:30 Elmhurst NY Triangle 30 minutes large low altitude motionless and brightly lit triangular object appearing in overcast dawn sky over Elmhurst, NY 3/4/08
12/14/07 00:15 Tinley Park IL Triangle 5 minutes Triangle Shape object over Tinley Park, IL 3/4/08
12/14/07 Kamloops (Canada) BC Light 5-7 hours Everything started about a month ago. I and another worker seen a bright yellow light in the sky. It wasn't very high in altitude, I'd 1/21/08
12/13/07 21:30 Sacramento CA Cigar 20min Skunk smell for over 10 miles while very large craft flew across the sky. 3/4/08
12/13/07 21:20 Orland CA Triangle 10-15 seconds Silent, Triangular shaped craft moving quickly with no lights or sound. 1/21/08
12/13/07 19:30 Chattanooga TN Diamond 10 minutes 6 Diamond shaped objects over Chattanooga, TN 3/4/08
12/13/07 19:20 Destin FL Triangle 3 minutes Triangular vessel with 3 bubble-like shapes encompassed the bottom at each angle. No lights. No Sound. Floating easily low in sky. 3/4/08
12/13/07 18:00 Port Allegany PA Unknown 15 minutes I saw six orange balls floating then disappearing, two of them did it for like five minutes repeadily. 3/4/08
12/13/07 17:00 Cheney WA
10 seconds ((HOAX??)) Possible Alien Voice? 3/4/08
12/13/07 10:00 Jacksonville OR
40 minutes We watched for 40 min.and there was a stationary ship with 2 red light docking ships. I tried to take pics but I haven't put them into 3/4/08
12/12/07 23:00 Delray Beach FL Circle 5 seconds Circular Blue Object Shoots into Black hole 3/4/08
12/12/07 22:09 Brampton (Canada) ON Light 13-15 sec lying in bed I heard a stange noise then saw a round white light in the sky hovering. 3/4/08
12/12/07 21:30 Summerville SC Light 2 seconds very bright and fast moving light traveling low in a westerly to easterly direction 3/4/08
12/12/07 21:25 Raleigh NC Light 3 minutes suspicious flashing light white light at Kemp Rd and Highway 98 3/4/08
12/12/07 21:00 Birmingham AL Cylinder 20 seconds A cylinder of blue pulsing light and some sort of craft concealed in a thick low hanging cloud 3/4/08
12/12/07 19:50 Los Angeles CA Unknown 1 minute The brightest red flashing lights I've ever seen in a delta formation over L.A. 3/4/08
12/12/07 19:00 Philadelphia PA Other
Flying on flight from Charlotte North Carolina to Boston 757 airliner allegience 5 star! ((anonymous report)) 2/14/08
12/12/07 17:52 Ashville OH Circle 2 seconds A bright, shiny, metalic looking object fell downwards in the sky. 3/4/08
12/12/07 17:45 Bellingham WA Light 7-10 minutes Red/orange light over Bellingham, Washington 3/4/08
12/12/07 17:25 Harrisburg PA Formation 10 minutes Harrisburg, PA - 7 to 8 light formation in the sky shaped like a boomerang - appeared 7 times 3/4/08
12/12/07 17:10 Manheim PA Unknown 5-10 seconds Manheim, PA, bright white light that separated into smaller white lights travelling in a straight line left and right from center. 3/4/08
12/12/07 17:00 Hershey PA Formation 30 seconds Driving North on Bullfrog Valley Rd. I saw a red and white light. This light turns into 8-10 lights of the same. They faded in and out 3/4/08
12/12/07 17:00 Enola PA Unknown about a half hour off and Six lights in a "J" formation appeared/disappeared in sky. 3/4/08
12/12/07 17:00 Palmyra PA Other 5 minutes Series of star -like bright lights that came on and formed an arc then disappeared. Saw 3 times. 3/4/08
12/12/07 17:00 Columbia, Wrightsville PA
15 min On Dec. 12, 2007, at just before 5:00pm, I saw three bright lights over the Susquehanna River. 4/17/08
12/12/07 17:00 Harrisburg PA Light 3 to 4 seconds 3 large very bright lights in a line formation above I81 in harrisburg 3/4/08
12/12/07 16:30 Anneville PA Light 30 minutes multiple UFO sighting in PA - several witnesses 3/4/08
12/12/07 16:00 Charlotte NC Changing 10 minutes it felw constant changing shapes 3/4/08
12/12/07 15:00 Los Angeles CA Oval 3 min BLIMP/UFO? in L.A. 3/4/08
12/12/07 14:00 Benton MS Cylinder 50 seconds Very large and long rusty bolt type craft came through the clouds in broad daylight. 10/31/08
12/12/07 13:00 Conway SC Oval 15 mins ((HOAX??)) We saw some weird shape flying over our house. 3/4/08
12/12/07 09:30 Isla Vista (UCSB) CA Oval 1 or 2 minutes Santa Barbara oval silver disk spotted at 9:30 am, over the sea. 3/4/08
12/12/07 06:15 Westlake & Hardy VA Diamond 15 minute Before dawn, I saw a source of light moving steadily, high in the sky for 10 minutes, then stop. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 1/21/08
12/12/07 06:00 Cincinnati OH Cylinder i dont know My friend and i were on the trampoline and it was sort of dark but light so we could see planes but out of nowhere behind a tree(not we 3/4/08
12/12/07 01:00 Cameron WV Triangle 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) The objects were floating above a pond and continued to float there for around 5 minutes. 3/4/08
12/11/07 23:45 Kuwait
Light 25 sec a fading light over Kuwait, this light was behaving like a one side light of a round object that was circling it self, 3/4/08
12/11/07 23:00 North East MD Unknown 1 minute ((HOAX??)) My dog & I were in the driveway he began to bark wildly at the sky, I looked up to see three large lights/orbs. 1/10/09
12/11/07 22:15 Bell Buckle TN Light <1 min. High-flying light that grew brighter, then dimmer, showing a blinking red light. 3/4/08
12/11/07 21:00 Madison AL Circle 9 minutes Small , violet-blue, quiet u.f.o. moves and hovers around grocery store parking lot in Madison, Alabama. 3/4/08
12/11/07 21:00 Madison AL Disk 5 mintues Disc with 4 blue lights. 3/4/08
12/11/07 19:30 Tallahassee FL Triangle 2-3 minutes Strange lights overhead at dusk, possibly very quiet aircraft in close formation 3/4/08
12/11/07 18:30 Santa Ana CA Light 3 minutes Birght light being followed by helicopter slowly. 3/4/08
12/11/07 11:00 Stony Point NY Disk 10 seconds White disc object above Indian Point Nuclear Plant 3/4/08
12/11/07 06:00 Chico CA Fireball 15 seconds I noticed a blue, smoking fireball fall from the sky. It had a smoke trail behind it. It disapeared befor it hit the ground. 3/4/08
12/10/07 23:00 Mashpee MA Triangle 2 minutes triangular UFO spotted over cape cod and pursued by jet aircraft 3/31/08
12/10/07 23:00 Loch Ness, Inverness (UK/Scotland)
Disk 3 hours Object moving through sky and atmosphere with changing lights, moving in several directions 3/4/08
12/10/07 22:30 Pyramid Lake NV Oval aprox 5 mins Extremely large noisy object seen at close range lights up mountainside and takes off. 3/4/08
12/10/07 22:00 Iron River MI Unknown 30 minutes fuzzy object ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 21:00 Taunton MA Unknown 22:00 a mysterious cloud and 2 smokey streaks 3/4/08
12/10/07 21:00 Tampa FL Cylinder 15 minutes Comet like object with a crayon in the middle. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 20:45 San Jacinto CA Other 5 seconds Black pointed Shadow Object Turns out lights and turns electronics off in truck. 3/4/08
12/10/07 20:00 Villa Rica GA Unknown 45 mins Yellow haze with 4 objects that are related to haze. 2/14/08
12/10/07 20:00 Pleasanton CA Rectangle 2:00 hours UFO SIGHTINGS IN PLEASANTON,CA (12-10-2007) ((NUFORC Note: Celestial objects?? PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:43 Sault Ste. Marie (Canada) ON Other 2min comet ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:30 Leven (UK/Scotland)
Fireball 15 minutes ((HOAX??)) leven v shaped object 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:30 Miami FL Cylinder 45 minutes A CYLINDER LIKE OBJECT WITH HAZY LIGHT SORROUNDING IT. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:30 Carnesville GA Light 1 hour Comet-like object moving across sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:30 Lake CIty FL Other 30-45 mins. Fuel Dump Spooks Nation! ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 1/21/08
12/10/07 19:20 Baton NC Other 25 min slow-moving comet like tail with single strobe over western north carolina. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 1/21/08
12/10/07 19:13 Worcester VT Sphere 1:15 7:00 pm Dec. 10 2007 I am weather forecaster meteorologist with two decades plus of experience observing. I work for a radio station i 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:00 High Point NC Other 25 minutes 7:00 PM in the evening I noticed what looked immediately like a bright comet. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:00 Virginia Beach VA Fireball 5 minutes Brilliant orange light seemed to be emitting from something above as if it were propulsion. 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:00 Albany (near) NY Cigar @40 MINUTES BRIGHT COMET LIKE OBJECT OVER NY SKY FOR @ 45 MINUTES. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:00 Miami FL Light 45 minutes strange lights in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:00 Lake Worth FL Other 5 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:00 Hixson TN Other over 5 minutes Comet looking object. Probably a Centaur rocket fuel dump. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:00 Fort Pierce FL Cigar approx. 45 minutes December 10, 2007 quickly moving comet-like object in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:00 Ft. White FL Cone 20 minutes cone of light moving north thru space or stratosphere over florida ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:00 Lula GA Unknown 15 minutes Flashing object with tail directly above NE Georgia. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 19:00 Winder GA Cigar 10 minutes Cigar shaped object with bright light zigzagging above Winder Georgia. 1/21/08
12/10/07 19:00 Williston FL Other 35 minutes possible explosion above the earth's atmosphere. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 1/21/08
12/10/07 18:45 Smyrna GA Other 20 minutes, approx. The fuzzy, comet-like object seen on December 10, 2007 across the East Coast was apparently a rocket stage from a classified satellite. 3/4/08
12/10/07 18:45 Richmond VA Other 20 minutes December 10th object seen in Richmond, Virginia. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 18:45 Benzie County MI Triangle 2-3 min Dark triangle shape, no noise, no navigation lights. 3/4/08
12/10/07 18:45 Pittsboro NC Cone 45 minutes Unexplained object moving SW to NE over North Carolina skies, tracked via refractor telescope. ((NUFORC Note: Missile fuel. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 18:35 Greenville NH Changing few minutes Fuzzy trianglular patch of light in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 18:30 Monroe GA Cigar 1 hour 10 mins Mother ship and small craft above Atlanta Ga. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 1/21/08
12/10/07 18:15 Bloomfield (Canada) PE Circle 5 seconds Seen large ball of light, orange in color, not moving, approximately 15 degrees above the horizon, much too big to be a flare 3/4/08
12/10/07 18:10 Dothan AL Light One minute A comet type object in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 18:03 Dora AL Changing still going at 6:22 Comet-like cloud with faint flashing light appeared in clear starry sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 1/21/08
12/10/07 18:00 Gardendale AL Other 2 hours Strange object over Alabama, cloudy and spherical in shape. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 18:00 Tallahassee FL Light 45 minutes Glowing cloud,like a comet over Northern Florida. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 17:35 Mystic - New Haven CT Light 1/2 hour possible UFO in New England /Connecticut 1/21/08
12/10/07 17:30 Fair Oaks CA Rectangle 3-5 minutes I saw really bright lights in the sky that was neither a plane or a helicopter. 3/4/08
12/10/07 17:30 Shelby AL Circle 80 minutes Large round object with long and wide tail was seen moving slow in a northeast direction in evening sky. 1/21/08
12/10/07 17:00 Phippsburg ME Sphere 13 seconds Burning bright orb with a plane above following it then it either burned up, crashed or just lit up when out of view 1/21/08
12/10/07 16:45 Barre VT
5 minutes Comet-like object moving very slowly east over Barre, Vermont 3/4/08
12/10/07 16:40 Penn Valley CA Teardrop 6 minutes High up in the sky we saw one teardrop, comet shaped object. The larger end closest to the ground, we guessed it might be several hundr 3/4/08
12/10/07 13:15 Yuma AZ Other 2 hrs Driving west on I-8, looking north noticed unusual white object, very white. ((NUFORC Note: Possible high-altitude balloon?? PD)) 1/21/08
12/10/07 05:10 Zimmerman MN Unknown 20 minutes The lights were going around something it was dark out so I couldn't see alot it hovered above the tree line from a distance. 3/4/08
12/9/07 23:00 Olathe KS Light 3 hours ball of changing light floating just below the clouds. 3/4/08
12/9/07 22:30 Troutdale OR Light 5 minutes Very bright red, green and blue light causing the SSE sky to glow. 3/4/08
12/9/07 18:00 Dinuba CA Unknown 2 to 3 min Lights over Central Valley California 3/4/08
12/9/07 05:50 London (UK/England)
Light 10 seconds Silver light ober Croydon UK. Much to bright and fast to be a plane. 3/4/08
12/9/07 05:45 Jamaica NY Oval 10 minutes A bright white-yellow object hovering and then moving in NY. 3/4/08
12/8/07 22:49 Olathe KS Light 3 seconds On the night of December 8th, 2007, two people (K and C) witnessed a neon green light passing overhead. They were pulling into K's driv 3/4/08
12/8/07 22:30 San Francisco CA Light 1 minute Steady light, stopping, and changing direction in the sky. 3/4/08
12/8/07 22:15 Portland OR Unknown 15 minutes Drifting silent object estimated size of helicopter at 1000ft with bright flamelike intermittent flashes in night sky 3/4/08
12/8/07 21:12 Salem OR Light 7 seconds Two Parallel Lights Moving At Very High Speed Along An Unusual Path 3/4/08
12/8/07 20:00 Carpinteria/Santa Barbara CA Unknown three - five minutes Highly luminos object seen in Santa Barbara area with very high acceleration capability. 3/4/08
12/8/07 18:45 Corvallis OR Triangle 5-6 seconds Dark, triangular-shaped, single object with no lighting, making no sound, moving rapidly across sky 3/4/08
12/8/07 18:00 Spokane WA Rectangle 10 minutes Brightly-lighted, box-like stationary craft. Looked like a scaffold or a playground "jungle Gym" (maybe a space station) First sighti 3/4/08
12/8/07 12:00 Ponce (Puerto Rico)
Unknown unknown Possible UFO caught on digital camera near Ponce, Puerto Rico. 1/21/08
12/8/07 05:45 Alamo CA Formation 10 minutes or more UFOs hovered in low-lying clouds near my apartment this December! this sounds crazy, but I SAW THEM!!! 3/4/08
12/8/07 05:30 Burlington CO Flash 5 seconds Nearing Burlington, CO predawn on Dec 8, 2007 the entire horizon lit up in a huge semi-circular flash of purple 3/4/08
12/8/07 00:34 Todmorden (UK/England)
Light inconclusive Lights above Todmorden, England. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Sirius, but we cannot be certain. PD)) 3/4/08
12/8/07 00:19 Olathe KS Light 15 minutes K and C were driving down the street after receiving a phone call from a friend about a strange light appearing above his house. K and 3/4/08
12/7/07 21:10 Victoria (north of) (Canada) BC Sphere 15 seconds Bright fast moving ball breaks in two falling on malahat summit - heavy RCMP presence in the area 3/4/08
12/7/07 20:55 Launceston (Australia)

60 minutes Ufos seen from Australian suburb, two days running. 4/17/08
12/7/07 20:00 Dallas TX Light 20 seconds Two converging, then disappearing moving lights. 3/4/08
12/7/07 19:00 Warren PA Light 1 minute ufo,sighted,as a big bright slow moving low flying,moving satr,going n to e,about 5000-10000 feet,in nwpa,then vanished moving e 3/4/08
12/7/07 17:45 Columbus GA Cigar 2-3 minutes 8 Objects in the sky over Columbus, Georgia. 3/4/08
12/7/07 12:00 Farmington ME Diamond 0:00 Nighttime rendevous turns into a UFO sighting 3/4/08
12/6/07 23:30 Black Diamond WA Light 30 minutes Very slow moving bright white light, multiple colors illuminated like fire flames popping out between the black object and the white li 3/4/08
12/6/07 20:00 Edinboro PA Disk 5 or 6 seconds Four dull silver crafts seen doing aerial maneuvers 3/4/08
12/6/07 20:00 Boynton Beach FL Rectangle 3 minutes Extremely low-flying narrow rectangular, billboard-sized craft with round white lights all across front 6/12/08
12/6/07 19:55 West Warwick RI Circle 60 seconds Me and my father's girlfriend were walking back form the store when what we seen what we though was an airplane flying extrmely close t 3/4/08
12/6/07 18:37 Punjab (India)
Triangle 15 videos included 3/4/08
12/6/07 17:30 Shropshire (UK/England)
Cigar 10 seconds i was standing having a cigarette when i saw a sausage shaped object go through the sky in front of me it didn't zig zag it was true an 3/4/08
12/6/07 00:00 Covington GA Light 20 minutes Bright light and flashing in covington ga 3/4/08
12/5/07 22:51 Mount Pleasant MI Triangle 2 minutes Very large black triangle with red and white lights at night, seen again in morning with blue and white lights. 3/4/08
12/5/07 21:30 Port Townsend WA Fireball 3 seconds A very bright object was seen moving rapidly in the western sky 3/4/08
12/5/07 17:00 Colorado City CO Light 10 seconds Bright halogen colored light. 3/4/08
12/5/07 05:30 Burlington CO Flash 5 seconds An ear-splitting almost explosion-type burst that left the whole horizon a luminous semi-circle of purple 3/4/08
12/5/07 05:00 Palatka FL Oval 10 seconds I saw a large oval shaped alternating dar & light gray object approximately 1/2 mile away. 6/12/08
12/5/07 03:45 Ware MA Circle 3 hours Strange lights seen over Ware, MA, skies. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD)) 3/4/08
12/5/07 Seminole FL Fireball 30 min Bright white hoovering object 10,000 ft. high, stationary..then moving north very slowely...decreases in altitude to about 5,000 ft. mo 2/14/08
12/4/07 23:00 Johnson City TN Triangle 4 minutes Triangler, stopped in mid air, took off and disappeared. 3/4/08
12/4/07 22:15 Lower Burrell PA Light 2-3 seconds I was driving along a rural road, when I noticed a blinding white light in my rear view mirror. 3/4/08
12/4/07 22:00 Robinson TX Light 1hr + Bright colored lights that stayed fixed in one location for more than an hour! ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 3/4/08
12/4/07 22:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 1/2 hour Last night I went out to see if I could spot the comet. Instead I noticed that there was a “star” that seemed to be moving. It would 3/4/08
12/4/07 21:30 Jacksonville FL Fireball 10 - 15 seconds While driving west on a major highway,JTB, just a few miles from the beach, a green fireball wisked by really fast, going W-SW. It wa 1/21/08
12/4/07 21:30 Hemet CA Triangle 1 minute Three lights in shape of triangle in Southern California. 3/4/08
12/4/07 21:20 Jacksonville FL Teardrop 2 to 3 sec Bright blue orb with a tail 3/4/08
12/4/07 20:00 Valley View/Sanger (between) TX Diamond one minute slow moving object moving over highway in between sanger and valley view tx had a green glow 3/4/08
12/4/07 19:43 Longwood/Lake Mary FL Disk ? Disk on Film, Shot in Lake Mary Florida 3/4/08
12/4/07 19:30 Sylva NC Triangle 10 seconds Triangle shaped object in WNC 3/4/08
12/4/07 17:20 Window Rock AZ Oval 5 seconds Blue oval shaped light with tail above Window Rock traveling east to west. 3/4/08
12/4/07 17:00 Medellin (Colombia)
Disk 8/9 minutes Two (in my opinion) ufo's above the city of Medellin, Colombia (South America) 3/4/08
12/4/07 17:00 Current NV Unknown 45 minutes Amber light observed in rural Nevada very far away from military test range 3/4/08
12/4/07 08:05 Tyler TX Unknown 10 minutes light that looked like a star moved from below the moon to above the moon in ten minutes 3/4/08
12/4/07 05:00 San Antonio TX Unknown 1 hour Green spec of light flys right over me 3/4/08
12/4/07 02:30 North Las Vegas NV Fireball 4 seconds inside of car lit up white for a sec. looked out side and saw a blue/green/yellow ball. very bright and then took off and left trail of 3/4/08
12/4/07 01:45 Las Vegas NV Unknown 2 seconds Streak of Fire in Las Vegas Sky 3/4/08
12/4/07 01:00 Burbank CA Light 5 seconds Firey blue light speeds toward the ground behind the mountains. 3/4/08
12/3/07 22:30 Kihei HI Light 10 seconds Two mysterious silent lights flying along the shoreline with very fast, precise, sporadic movements!!!!!!!! 3/4/08
12/3/07 21:45 Monroe NC Other ONGOING Monroe NC Unexplained stationary hovering lights. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial bodies?? PD)) 3/4/08
12/3/07 20:50 Oceanside CA Circle 20 Minutes Glowing Orange Ball In Sky, Maneuvering Capabilities, Have Photos witnessed by 4 people 3/4/08
12/3/07 18:45 Beaver Dam AZ Light 2-3 minutes 6 bright lights near Mesquite Nv. 3/4/08
12/3/07 17:35 Albuquerque NM Unknown 15 seconds Observed extremely high altidude single bright round light go from bright to dim and slowly float away. ((NUFORC Note: Irisium?? PD)) 3/4/08
12/3/07 17:35 Albuquerque NM Circle 10 minutes Bright Round Shape directly above heads.... 12/12/11
12/3/07 17:30 El Valle NM Sphere ~ 4 minutes Bright spherical object turning from white/yellow/orange/red moving NE across sky - just disappeared. 3/4/08
12/3/07 17:03 Owensboro KY Light 15 seconds Bright light passing over slowly overhead to the south then dissapears slightly north. 1/21/08
12/3/07 15:35 Albuquerque NM Unknown 10 seconds saw a blue meteor falling in eorth east ski burnning out twenty seconds later saw bright lite in sky the light fadded out then dissapea 3/4/08
12/3/07 14:00 Tahlequah OK Circle 2-3 minutes Four silver "dots" flying perfectly in synch with one another over Oklahoma. 3/4/08
12/3/07 08:00 Boulder CO Other Driving "W" shaped UFO sighting in Colorado.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
12/3/07 06:50 Manito IL Formation 5 mintues Bright orange spheres over central illinois 3/4/08
12/3/07 04:00 Jacksonville FL Disk
Brightly glowing scaucer shaped UFO moving slowly overhead with a "scanning" beam of light moving and coming from the bottom . 3/4/08
12/2/07 00:00 Spokane WA Triangle 2 minutes Solid, triangular object with 3 lights on top and bottom spotted by Spokane, Washington. Make two turns; one sharp and one slow. 3/4/08
12/2/07 22:00 Huatulco (Mexico)
Sphere 5 sec Huatulco ufo. Brown disc shape, flat sides. "Windows" showing. 4/17/08
12/2/07 22:00 Port St. Lucie FL Unknown 45 minutes Christmas tree colored sparkling lights hovering over the southeastern sky in Florida 3/4/08
12/2/07 19:00 Sand Springs OK Light 45 seconds looked like satelite that changed colors. 3/4/08
12/2/07 16:45 Los Angeles CA Other 5 minutes Massive Object Seen Over 110 North Freeway In Los Angeles, 12/2/07 3/4/08
12/2/07 16:00 Metalton AR Oval a few minutes relatively small 28 inch diameter golden oval disc crossing a rural county road 3/4/08
12/2/07 10:00 Metalton AR Oval uncertain small golden oval disc, moving through trees & across road 3/4/08
12/2/07 04:35 Bridgewater (UK/England)
Disk seconds craft over uk village 6/12/08
12/2/07 01:00 Sapulpa OK Circle 3 or more hours crafts over Sapulpa Oklahoma 3/4/08
12/1/07 22:20 Niles OH Other 5 min To me, the most interesting thing about these orbs has always been their way of moving around, which was instantaneously. 12/12/11
12/1/07 22:00 Murrieta CA Cigar 3 or 4 seconds IT WAS FASTER THEN ANYTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN AND AS BRIGHT AS A FULL MOON 3/4/08
12/1/07 22:00 Stockton CA

A truly great service. . . 3/4/08
12/1/07 21:00 Scipio IN Cigar Seconds ((HOAX??)) 150-200 ft long green lighted ufo in Indiana. in 2007. 6/10/16
12/1/07 21:00 Huntington KY
5 minutes Hovering, teetering and no sound 1/10/09
12/1/07 18:25 Corpus Christi TX Light 1 minute 12/01/07 @1825 hrs. over Corpus Christi and Ingleside Texas, bright light at medium altitude , medium speed then dissapeared high speed 3/4/08
12/1/07 18:22 Alpharetta GA Circle 30 seconds alpharetta georgia. bright white light. 25-30 seconds. very far away looked like a star moving then became very bright and moved faste 3/4/08
12/1/07 17:00 Blue Springs MO Other <1 minute Being on a floating platform watching me from 25 feet away. 2/4/13
12/1/07 16:00 Lakeland FL Circle
A possible alien planet? 3/4/08
12/1/07 15:15 Pico Rivera CA Disk 15 seconds This object just smoothly coasted without a sound. 3/4/08
12/1/07 15:00 Mayville NY Teardrop 85 seconds A tear shape object dancing in the air. 3/4/08
12/1/07 13:00 Ponce (Puerto Rico)
Disk Blink of an eye 12/27/2007 13:00 Ponce, PR Disc Less than a second UFO captured in photograph over Puerto Rico 5/13/11 5/29/11
12/1/07 12:00 Kailua HI Changing 22 days ongoing Ongoing daily photography of UFO's invisible to naked eyes over Kaneohe, Hawaii . 3/4/08
12/1/07 12:00 Columbus GA Formation 10 seconds Like like kite shape object in day time sky, clear day and object did not seem to be moving but was very high up in sky ?? after i saw 3/4/08
12/1/07 12:00 Columbus GA Formation 10 seconds look like kite but it was to high up 3/4/08
12/1/07 09:30 Tupper Lake NY Circle 30 seconds Formation of Military jet aircraft in area of larger round reflective object 1/21/08
12/1/07 09:00 Mayville NY Teardrop 60 seconds tear shaped ufo with purple trail 3/4/08
12/1/07 04:05 Paradise CA Sphere 1-2 min circle of light at low altitude, low speed shot out reddish flourescent tube of light 10/31/08
12/1/07 00:15 Stateline/Minden NV Unknown not sure Unusually bright light in sky, moving erratically. 3/4/08