National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 09/2014
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/30/14 00:00 Lee Summitt MO Circle 40 minutes whats in sky3 circle lights. 10/3/14
9/30/14 23:00 Franklinville NC Disk 20 minutes A saucer with red lights and blinking white lights followed our car home. 10/3/14
9/30/14 22:30 Delray Beach FL Formation 15 seconds Lights moving in formation at high rates of speed 10/3/14
9/30/14 21:00 Melbourne FL
10 seconds Silent v-shape flying object. Oddly colored 5 white lights. 10/3/14
9/30/14 21:00 Melbourne FL

V shape. Five lights in simialr formation. Fast and silent. 10/3/14
9/30/14 20:30 Black River Falls WI Unknown 4 minutes Bright Light Starts moving slow then fast READ. 10/3/14
9/30/14 20:07 Charleston SC Circle 30 seconds In the evening of September 30, 2014, I observed an unidentified object flying about a building. It was stationary with a blue, red, gr 10/3/14
9/30/14 20:00 Plano TX Triangle
I was driving on the freeway and saw a bright blue light flying fast in the sky.. I pulled my phone out and started to record.. It was 10/3/14
9/30/14 19:45 Las Vegas NV Fireball 3 minutes I was at desert breeze Soccer park lying in the grass while my son was practicing soccer and I was looking at the stars. I noticed a su 10/3/14
9/30/14 19:40 Kennewick WA Light 5 seconds Neon blue UFO moving fast over Kennewick towards Hanford, WA. 10/3/14
9/30/14 19:30 corydon IN Cylinder 15 minutes Object spotted above western horizon when viewed from I-64 in Corydon, IN 10/3/14
9/30/14 19:00 Keyport NJ Light 15-20 minutes My brother and I witnessed 3 lights in the sky lined up in a triangle and they would brighten and then diminish. The lights would move 10/3/14
9/30/14 14:00 Ojo Caliente NM Sphere 40-60 seconds I saw what looked like a large silvery beach ball rolling down the center line of the road. 2/20/15
9/30/14 08:00 Mishawaka IN Light 30 seconds 2 bright white lights side by side traveling from west to east off of Dragoon trail Mishawaka just over tree tops 3/6/15
9/30/14 New York City (Ridgewood; Queens) NY Circle 30 minutes Two slowly moving black circles/ balls stopping and changing directions. 10/3/14
9/29/14 22:30 Orchard Park NY Triangle 15 seconds V-formation of dimly white lights heading north just south of buffalo,new york 10/3/14
9/29/14 22:00 Weed CA Triangle 5 minutes Bright red light seen hovering over a hill in weed California 10/3/14
9/29/14 22:00 Cape Girardeau MO Sphere 1+ hour Luminous darting object appearing in northeastern night sky 10/3/14
9/29/14 21:50 Phoenix AZ Oval 3-4 minutes 3 separate sightings of bright orange objects in the sky over Phoenix 10/3/14
9/29/14 21:40 Phoenix AZ Changing 4 minutes Orange lights ufo Phoenix, Arizona. 10/3/14
9/29/14 21:30 Frankfort KY Fireball 10 minutes I saw a bright fireball moving in the sky for 10 minutes at a constant speed and path. 10/3/14
9/29/14 21:30 Tucson (Catalina Foothills) AZ Sphere 5-6 minutes Bright white sphere, green/red (like star) basket ball size, 0.5 distance, shot straight up, slowly decended above houses 10/3/14
9/29/14 20:15 Gilbert AZ Light 15 minutes Strange lights in Arizona. 10/3/14
9/29/14 18:30 Greeneville TN Sphere 12 seconds Silver Sphere in southern sky over Greeneville. 10/3/14
9/29/14 16:00 Nashua NH Other 1 minute Boomerang shaped to fast to be plane no lights on at all very is able then shot up and gone 10/3/14
9/29/14 15:00 Key Center WA Fireball 20 seconds Bright white light breaks apart into multi-colored pieces traveling south-east over Olympia. 10/10/14
9/29/14 07:20 Sheffield Lake OH Unknown 8 minutes We saw objects that moved in impossible directions with no sound that appeared to be on fire and sent out red beams of light .. 10/3/14
9/29/14 05:00 Oakley CA Disk 4 minutes It was hovering over a housing unit for at least 2 minutes then I went to gaze at it better an it came towards me above my apartment un 10/3/14
9/29/14 04:06 Norman OK Unknown ongoing East close horized multicolored flashing light. 10/3/14
9/29/14 00:50 New River AZ Sphere 12 minutes It's not venus........ 12/5/14
9/29/14 Vienna (Austria)
Circle 4 separate occasions Circle/Glowing/Orb like, slow movement...bright lighting up and then .... Disappears. 10/3/14
9/28/14 23:00 Grand Island NY Light 1 minute 2 seperate instances of Unexplained Lights in the Sky. 11/6/14
9/28/14 22:55 White Plains NY Rectangle 1 minute Ovni on Taconic Parkway. 10/3/14
9/28/14 22:23 Monroeville PA Light 20 minutes Very bright orange lights. 10/3/14
9/28/14 22:00 Verona WI Fireball 10 seconds Falling star that did not burn out. 10/3/14
9/28/14 22:00 Holyoke MA Fireball 2 minutes Unexplained red-orange object seen moving slowly in sky, and then vanishes. 10/3/14
9/28/14 21:15 Plano IL Fireball 10 seconds Orange flare that rose in the southwest sky and continued on overhead to the northeast until no longer visible. 10/3/14
9/28/14 21:00 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Oval 45 minutes Large circular/ovoid object, w. 4 others, bright flashing lights, in night sky over Nanaimo,BC, Canada 10/3/14
9/28/14 21:00 Philadelphia area PA Light
((HOAX??)) A fireball UFO ascends from ground level into outer space. 10/3/14
9/28/14 21:00 Port Barrington IL Fireball 10 minutes Orange fire ball with an orange ring around it. 11/6/14
9/28/14 20:50 Greenwood IN Circle 10 minutes 15-20 UFOs flying at different altitudes and multiple angles changing paths quickly. 10/3/14
9/28/14 20:45 Willow Grove PA Fireball 45 seconds 3 orange fireball orbs. 10/3/14
9/28/14 20:30 Jacksonville FL Unknown 30 minutes Bright light on Hodes BLvd fast flying close not plane or helicopter. 10/3/14
9/28/14 20:30 Harrington DE Fireball 10 2 Fireball looking quiet slow flying object. 10/3/14
9/28/14 20:30 Stanwood WA Egg 4 minutes Bright flash of light followed by a small egg shaped craft. 10/3/14
9/28/14 20:15 West Bend WI Unknown 2 minutes Unexplained longer interval strobe in sky 10/3/14
9/28/14 20:00 Alfalfa OR Circle all night The bright orange light was on the ground coming our way. 10/3/14
9/28/14 19:50 Columbus OH Light 10 minutes Two consecutive pairs of lights drop quickly from high altitude then disappear on a horizontal path. 10/3/14
9/28/14 19:45 Joliet IL Circle 7minutes Red dancing lights in the sky. Looked like they were dropping red flares from crafts. 10/3/14
9/28/14 19:30 Porter/Burns Harbor IN Circle All Night Circle object w/ rings of white light around the center w/ other spots of light circling around the rings; object was not moving. 10/3/14
9/28/14 19:00 West Haven CT Fireball 12 minutes Fireballs in the sky. 10/3/14
9/28/14 18:50 South Dennis MA Unknown 5 minutes 3 large, flashing lights over Dennis beach at sunset. 10/3/14
9/28/14 18:10 Salem OR Other 15 minutes Balloon like clusters over Salem daylight sighting. 10/3/14
9/28/14 17:30 Kerala (India)
Disk 15 second UFO SIGHTING AT INDIA ON 28/08/2014 17:30 . 10/3/14
9/28/14 08:17 Atascadero CA Light 15 seconds Lights seen moving like nothing I seen before. Looked like they were in unmanned. Cars on the freeway all slowed from 75 to 50. 10/3/14
9/28/14 07:00 Ocean City NJ Circle 5 minutes Red and green flashing lights object moved in and out of clouds and stopped then just green lights flashed. object moved around and bot 10/3/14
9/28/14 06:00 Worthington OH Circle 2 minutes One fast moving orange red ball very small switched directions 3 times then convergerd with another.craft? And split in oposit directio 10/3/14
9/28/14 05:20 Gagnef (Sweden)
Unknown 30 seconds Strange 3 lights in a row with flashing lights sighted 10/3/14
9/28/14 05:00 Cape May NJ Oval 2 minutes Large cluster of red orbs. 10/3/14
9/28/14 02:45 Dartmouth/NewBedford boarder MA Disk ~2 minutes My 2 other friends and I were in my driveway Orion's Belt was clear in the sky and we all looked as we were looking something was float 10/3/14
9/28/14 02:38 Renton WA Unknown
Two strange objects with green lights on side and red flashing one in middle .both objects had same lights and they were going clock wi 10/3/14
9/28/14 02:38 Salem OR Unknown 67 minutes An object was spotted hovering far to the SE of Salem with multicolored star-like lights that flashed randomly in a triangular shape. 10/3/14
9/28/14 02:30 Drake CO Circle 3 minutes WE were star gzing when we saw to star like shape ojects move through the sky then dissapear. 10/3/14
9/28/14 01:00 Eastvale CA Fireball 20 minutes Flashing Red Fire Object. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star?? PD)) 10/3/14
9/28/14 01:00 Del City OK Triangle 10 seconds 3 whitish orbs emitting great light in the shape of a triangle with a smaller orb in the center spinning about very oddly. The objects 10/10/14
9/27/14 23:45 Wildwood NJ Circle 5 minutes Two orange yellow balls of light approached the coast,dimmed, then accelerated along the coast to thenortheast. 10/3/14
9/27/14 23:30 Worcester MA Unknown 2 min Orange Amber lights Big Dipper shape. 10/3/14
9/27/14 23:15 Amherst MA Circle 30 seconds Circular white object with blue ring/haze descending from sky, view eventually blocked by trees 10/3/14
9/27/14 23:00 Manahawkin NJ Cigar 30+ minutes Still in the sky north or manahawkin - flashing lights not moving position. 10/3/14
9/27/14 23:00 Cottleville MO Triangle 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) A long line then forms into a lot of huge triangle. Three lights on each corner. Long story short i have the video. -----T 10/3/14
9/27/14 23:00 Crystal MN Sphere 2 minutes Orange glowing spheres moving south to north. 10/3/14
9/27/14 22:55 North Canton/Jackson Township OH Sphere 5 minutes 8 glowing spheres floating in a line formation. 10/3/14
9/27/14 22:47 Garden City MO Fireball 15 minutes Several glowing orange balls of unknown size slowly and silently crossing the sky at night. 6/27/19
9/27/14 22:35 Brampton (Canada) ON Changing 2 minutes Dim and blurry, slow moving UFO(s). Close grouping or one object - greyish with some dark red. Shifted Circular to triangular shape 10/3/14
9/27/14 22:34 Hamilton NJ Fireball 1 hour Fireball glide across the sky, stop at a certain point and hover for several seconds then fade out and disappear. This happened 3 sepa 10/3/14
9/27/14 22:30 Salem OR Chevron 10 seconds Chevron shaped craft passes through sky north east of Salem, Oregon. 10/3/14
9/27/14 22:25 Sherman Oaks CA Fireball 20 seconds Silent, red lights flying in formation in the night sky. 10/3/14
9/27/14 22:18 Edmonds/Shoreline WA Rectangle 5 minutes 8 rounded rectangular flying objects, staggered line, flying low, quietly above S-E Edmonds through Shoreline. Orange glow center 10/10/14
9/27/14 22:14 Kenosha WI Fireball 1 minute The light stayed in the sky for a while and just moved around then eventually went out. We saw one about 5 minutes before that too, but 10/3/14
9/27/14 22:10 Hollister CA Formation 8 minutes There were three objects then they became one and flew off. 10/3/14
9/27/14 22:10 Portland OR Fireball 5 minutes Two noiseless, orange, glowing, round objects rose from Eastern horizon before traveling S/SE. They initially traveled together before 10/3/14
9/27/14 22:04 Lac du Flambeau WI Light 25 seconds Red sphere and a yellowish sphere with light beams going south to north. 10/3/14
9/27/14 22:00 Hollister CA Triangle 2 minutes 9/27/2014 10:00 PM-ish Eastern Sky Hollister California I saw an upside-down triangle composed of three orange lights.

The triangle
9/27/14 22:00 Denver CO Triangle 30 seconds It appeared first as a series of stars that did not twinkle and moved along the skyline until disappearing. The star like collection sh 10/3/14
9/27/14 21:40 Dearborn MI Light 2-3 minutes I went to lock my patio door when I looked out the window a bright lava red orb. At first I thought it was a aircraft but I did not hav 10/3/14
9/27/14 21:33 Tulsa OK Light 20 minutes Glowing round light that flickered and moved slowly NW across the sky. 10/3/14
9/27/14 21:30 Castleton IN Light 15 minutes Orange-ish lights flying in the sky. 10/3/14
9/27/14 21:30 Blacklick OH Light 5-10 minutes White/orange lights traveling the same direction and faded at the same spot. 10/3/14
9/27/14 21:15 Adair Village OR Flash 2 seconds Bright flare in Western Oregon sky and meteor. 10/3/14
9/27/14 21:12 West Bend WI Triangle 1 minute Driving on hwy, spotted a large triangular craft to the east of us. On this craft there were orange/red lights that appeared in the 3 c 10/3/14
9/27/14 21:10 Buffalo NY Diamond ~5 minutes Slow-moving diamond-shaped object slowly traverses Southern Buffalo NY sky and winks out. 10/3/14
9/27/14 21:04 Westminster SC Triangle 2-3 minutes 9 lights in shape of triangles each over the size of a home and very low to the ground 10/3/14
9/27/14 21:00 Hickory NC Formation 10 minutes 13-15 bright orange lights flying in patterns, first in a P shape, then a V shape. 10/3/14
9/27/14 21:00 Rotterdam NY Fireball >1 minute To sum it up it Look like a plane of fire over Lake Erie and then faded out. 11/6/14
9/27/14 21:00 Providence RI Fireball 3-5 minutes While walking in Providence, husband and wife and others view 3 orange orbs in the night sky 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:35 Port Jefferson NY Fireball 15 minutes Saw about ten bright orange red colored fireball lights in the sky over the harbor that hovered there for about 15 mins before dusappea 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:30 Martinsburg WV Other 90 seconds Two red, slow-moving, circular lights suddenly become star-like and and blends into the night sky. 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:30 Edgewood WA Formation 3 minutes Five red lights moving slowly. Disappeared one at a time. 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:30 Ocean View NJ Oval 10 minutes Observed 3 red-orange objects in a trianglur formatation hovering in evening sky. 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:30 Holcombe WI Light 2 minutes Orange Light in Holcombe. 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:17 Oak Harbor WA Fireball 4-5 minutes 1 large slow moving bright red orb. 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:15 Houston TX Formation 4 Orange lights in the night sky in a formation. 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:15 Hollidaysburg PA Light 10-15 minutes Spheres of red/orange lights. 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:15 Willow Street PA Sphere 3 minutes Anyone see strange orange lights over Willow Street Pa 9/27/14 ? 11/6/14
9/27/14 20:00 Ocean City MD Circle 2 minutes Saw red and green flashing light. Sped forward then hovered. Shot away then come back for a few secs the shot off again and disappeared 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:00 New Haven CT Unknown 15 ongoing Hovering object above light house park changing colors. 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:00 Pukalani HI Circle 1-2 minutes Bright white arc flash of light immediately followed by a silent large bright yellow circular light above old pineapple fields 9/27/14, 10/3/14
9/27/14 19:45 Manassas VA Sphere 5 minutes Several orange red dots seen, stationary and moving, disappear after a few minutes. 10/3/14
9/27/14 19:38 Marshfield MA Circle 3 minutes 3 orange orbs. 10/3/14
9/27/14 19:30 Manassas VA Circle 30 seconds While driving home at night I saw a number of mustard-yellow spheres in the sky (low altitude). Two sets of three were in v formation 10/3/14
9/27/14 19:00 Boston MA Fireball 30 seconds Reddish orange orb floating through the sky. 10/3/14
9/27/14 16:00 Laurel MD Unknown 1 hour Multiple bright objects in the sky like meteors. 10/3/14
9/27/14 15:00 Chanhassen MN Unknown 1 hour Numerous stationary objects that flash red, blue and white. Several observed at one time over many nights. Still happening. 10/3/14
9/27/14 14:00 Khakassia (Russia)
Disc in Russia 27 September 2014. 4/17/15
9/27/14 05:46 Philadelphia PA Circle 15 seconds From Phila. looking SE I observed an orange orb that traveled down and then away from my sight. 10/3/14
9/27/14 05:30 Gray ME Fireball 30 seconds White ball of light. 10/3/14
9/27/14 05:30 Minnesota (central part) MN
~3 hours Strange Crackling Booming Sounds In The Sky North Central USA September 27th 2014 10/3/14
9/27/14 05:25 Vancouver (Canada) BC Disk 10 minutes Red/green/white/blue flashing lights seen on circular or disk shaped object by couple in vancouver B.C.. 10/3/14
9/27/14 05:25 San Diego CA Unknown 10 minutes 3 orbs over MCRD San Diego. 10/3/14
9/27/14 05:15 Hebron CT Fireball 15 seconds Hebron, CT September 27, 2014, 5:15 a.m., ball of bright red-orange light with tail, traveling northwest at a very low altitude for abo 10/3/14
9/27/14 04:30 Pottstown PA Light 6 seconds Appeared to be a slow moving shooting star. 10/3/14
9/27/14 04:00 Mansfield TX Disk 45 minutes Two multi colored objects moving erratically with changing colors flashing near dallas/ft.wotrh. 10/3/14
9/27/14 04:00 Massillon OH Diamond 3 hours 20 minutes 4 Pentagon shapes with honey comb Blue and White Lights 10/3/14
9/27/14 04:00 Minnetonka MN Light 30 minutes Stationary Light became extremely bright and unfamiliar before fading and disappearing. 10/3/14
9/27/14 01:00 Kansas city MO Disk 1 hour Green disk with red lights hovering over Kansas city 10/3/14
9/26/14 23:55 Grand Island NY Chevron current 7 identical clusters of multicolored lights. 5 are still, and 2 move rapidly across the sky. Photos captured. 10/3/14
9/26/14 23:30 Plum PA Circle 60 seconds Four bright orange lights over Plum, PA. 10/3/14
9/26/14 23:17 Charlotte NC Circle 1.5 seconds Saw a white greenish Ball descend in ballantyne. Clear sky no noise. Appeared out of nowhere and was gone behind the trees in no time 10/3/14
9/26/14 23:00 Rio Del Mar CA Triangle 3 hours Flashing Objects hovering over the ocean near Santa Cruz, CA. 10/3/14
9/26/14 23:00 Dover PA Triangle 1 hour Stationary object with flashing multicolored lights 10/3/14
9/26/14 22:30 Kitty Hawk NC Light 10 seconds I was standing on my balcony at my hotel mile post nine and a half circular light moves through the clouds going south to north faster 10/3/14
9/26/14 22:00 Robbinston ME Triangle 1 hour Distant, horsefly shape with green "wings", 90 degrees above the horizon, viewed from Robbinston, Maine but object was over N 10/3/14
9/26/14 22:00 Indianapolis IN Light 5 minutes Red light over West Indianapolis. 10/3/14
9/26/14 22:00 Kennesaw GA Light 10 minutes Large glowing orb in sky above Acworth/Kennesaw, GA observed by 4 people. 10/3/14
9/26/14 21:30 Cambridge (Canada) ON Chevron 30 seconds Chevron shaped object with red lights. 10/3/14
9/26/14 21:00 Emmaus PA Circle ~30 minutes wife & I both observed,looked thru binaculars still could not make out clearly 10/3/14
9/26/14 21:00 Medina OH Light Hour Hovering light moving up, down & side to side then having a fix placement in the sky. Police contacted. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 4/3/15
9/26/14 21:00 Whitby (Canada) ON Circle 3 minutes Ufo seen in northern sky floating in the same spot for 3 minutes glowing bright blue in color. 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:30 Surprise AZ Light 3+ minutes Bright lights hovering over Sun City West, Az. 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:30 Holyoke MA Light 2 minutes Bright red light hovering motionless, then moving slowly while wavering side to side, then slowly fading from red to green to invisible 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:26 Lubbock TX Unknown Still accuring A craft seen to the northwest of lubbock. ((NUFORC Note: Reported by local news to be a balloon. PD)) 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:25 Robbinsville NJ Light 8 minutes Two bright orbs of red lights and silence ! 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:20 Milton OK Changing 10 Strange bright orange light in sky. 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:15 Centerville MA Sphere 30-60 seconds 8:15pm, Cape Cod, 3 round orange lights, with a denseness to them, traveling slowly but steadily from the northeast to the south. 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:15 Centerville MA Sphere 30-60 seconds 8:15 pm this evening 3 round orange lights with some denseness to them moving slowly but steadily from northeast to south in the sky. 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:05 Mifflin Park PA Circle 10 minutes Yellow orange sphere. 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:02 Lubbock TX Light 10 minutes Bright light over Lubbock TX ((NUFORC Note: Reported by local news to be a balloon. PD)) 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:00 East Wenatchee WA Triangle 3+ hours Bright blinking "Christmas" colored light from fixed position, triangular shaped object on western horizon. 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:00 Oldham (UK/England)
Light 15 minutes It was my nephews birthday and after the party myself and my sister and my daughter and my sisters partner were stood in a carpark and 10/3/14
9/26/14 19:45 Norfolk MA Circle 2 minutes Purple light in sky. 10/3/14
9/26/14 19:15 Shakopee MN Fireball 2 minutes Rotating fireball in the open sky just after sunset. 10/3/14
9/26/14 19:00 Camphill PA Light hours Two objects hovering changing colors from red, blue and white for hours. ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" stars?? PD)) 10/10/14
9/26/14 19:00 Clayton NM Circle 45 minutes large white orb light flying over northeast NM 10/3/14
9/26/14 18:50 Edgewood WA Cylinder 15 minutes Parade of Red Orbs with cylindrical attachments. 10/3/14
9/26/14 11:00 Madison TN Sphere 15 minutes Light blue sphere seen moving from west to east in a zig zag pattern over a northern Nashville suburb in a clear sky. 10/3/14
9/26/14 04:00 Festus MO Unknown 90 minutes I spotted a total of 5 ufos abd some kind of creature in the woods very close. 10/3/14
9/26/14 02:00 Newton NJ Unknown 15 minutes Pulsating red blue and green lights changing to bright white and covering huge distances in the sky in the blink of an eye leaving a li 10/3/14
9/26/14 01:30 Cortez CO Cone 2 hours Stationary cone-shaped object with light on top and bottom hovering over Mesa Verde 10/3/14
9/26/14 01:00 Dedham MA Other hours Traveled east to west. 10/3/14
9/25/14 23:18 Linthicum MD Triangle 11 minutes Flying really close to the ground, but no noise to be heard?! 10/3/14
9/25/14 23:15 Wilksboro NC Oval 5 seconds Bright, oval shaped green light surrounded with haze and three lights in the middle, descending to ground. 10/3/14
9/25/14 23:00 Manhattan KS Triangle 5 minutes Five flying orange V's followed by military helicopter 10-15 minutes later. 10/3/14
9/25/14 22:45 Southampton PA Triangle 5 minutes Large triangle with blinking lights that moved erratically with motions impossible by our aircrafts. 10/3/14
9/25/14 22:00 Guymon (west of) OK Circle 90 minutes We were travelling West out of the panhandle of OK into NM. We were still in OK when we saw a white ball hanging in the sky. The sun 10/3/14
9/25/14 22:00 Sylmar CA Fireball 3 Bright light in the sky. 10/3/14
9/25/14 20:45 Homewood AL Formation <10 seconds Several lights like craft appear from the West in Alabama, hover and disappear to the west I a V formation. 11/3/17
9/25/14 20:45 Orlando FL Triangle 30 seconds Triangular shaped, slow-flying object in Orlando. 10/3/14
9/25/14 20:30 Mimbres NM Light ongoing Multiple lights over Mimbres, NM. ((NUFORC Note: High-altitude balloon. PD)) 10/10/14
9/25/14 20:10 Las Vegas NV Light 5 seconds Repeat sighting of orange flare-like objects flickering on Northern Vegas skyline, but shorter-lived. 10/3/14
9/25/14 20:00 Republic MO Changing 1 hour Odd fireball rising above and dipping below the tree line in South Republic, Mo. 10/3/14
9/25/14 20:00 Homestead FL Light 15 minutes Orange colored lights Everglades. 10/3/14
9/25/14 19:40 Reno NV Formation 4-5 minutes 12-15 Illuminated objects hovering and flying in formation then shooting upward and disappearing into the sky 10/3/14
9/25/14 19:05 Colorado Springs CO Egg south It was red and didn't move. After 10 min., it disappeared. First sighting it looked silver 10/3/14
9/25/14 19:00 Pueblo CO Triangle 20 Pueblo UFO on 25Sep14 was a weather balloon. 10/10/14
9/25/14 19:00 Berthoud CO Triangle 1 minute HUGE red and golden triangle object-later photographed & witnessed by a third-party in Salida, CO 6/5/15
9/25/14 19:00 Pueblo CO Sphere 5 minutes There was a UFO to the south about 2/5 of the way in the sky, the object was glowing orangish reddish. There were at least 7 people saw 10/3/14
9/25/14 18:45 Clayton NM Circle 10+ minutes Bright white object in western sky just after sunset. 10/3/14
9/25/14 18:40 Creston WV Cylinder 45 seconds Silver Cylinder,no wings,no sound,flying in straight line,full sun,no vapor Trail.4 witnesses. 10/3/14
9/25/14 18:30 Coeur d'Alene ID Fireball 4 minutes Two bright orange craft flying in formation 10/3/14
9/25/14 18:30 Long Hill Township NJ Light 10 seconds Two bright orange fiery objects appeared at the same time and traveled at the same moderate speed before disappearing. 10/3/14
9/25/14 18:30 Clovis NM Triangle 40 minutes Upside down triangle three light changing color object. 10/3/14
9/25/14 18:30 Clovis NM Triangle 30 minutes When at work myself and 5 other employees saw a very bright white light in the sky that looked like a very big star almost to big to be 10/3/14
9/25/14 17:00 Fall River WI Cylinder hours on and off Cylinder shaped crafts traveling northwest. 10/3/14
9/25/14 16:00 Savannah TN Circle 7 minutes I observed an unknown object of unknown size at 1600 hours as it passed east to west. I was sitting looking north and observed the obje 10/3/14
9/25/14 14:30 Saint Josephs MI Other 2 minutes Flying tank shaped object shakes houses of an affluent neighborhood 10/3/14
9/25/14 12:00 Lyme CT Other 5 minutes Lyme/Saybrook/Haddam, CT, UFO phenomena + relative behavior. 10/3/14
9/25/14 11:00 Denali State Park AK Rectangle 4-6 minutes I was driving and it was 11pm at nite sorry I could not get the time to correct at top / had just passed over clam gulch bridge it wa 10/3/14
9/25/14 09:00 St. Peters MO Triangle 20 minutes I went outside to smoke with my dog and saw many blinking lights in the sky. Tbought of these to be ufo since I have seen them before. 10/3/14
9/25/14 08:38 Martinsburg WV Diamond 2 minutes Diamond shaped object with orange flashing lights 10/3/14
9/25/14 07:47 Decatur IL Light 1 hour Four Illusive grayish transparent lights bouncing in patterns around each other. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD)) 10/3/14
9/25/14 05:45 Grand Prairie TX Triangle half hour..still there Blinking formation hovering over my house. 10/3/14
9/25/14 03:00 Knoxville TN Light 2.5 hours Nightly sighting increasing in # and drawing closer - 6 stationary/white lights and 3 in motion red lights sporadic jerking in motion 10/3/14
9/25/14 02:00 Lehigh FL Chevron 15 seconds A chevron-shaped black air craft gliding or floating through the night sky with no sound and held red lights along the edges. 9/25/14
9/25/14 00:30 Amarillo TX Circle 1 minute Red light surrounded by a green light spinning around red. 2 side by side. 10/3/14
9/25/14 00:17 North Greenbush NY Light 5 minutes Green light ufo in Albany, NY. 9/25/14
9/25/14 Paris (probably) (France)
Light 2 seconds UFO in video at TV news. 10/3/14
9/24/14 23:50 Pompono Beach FL Triangle 30 seconds Triangular large silent object with rows of light cant explain color weird white from point towing points of light. 9/25/14
9/24/14 22:25 Knoxville TN Oval 1 minute Glowing Red Object in the Night Sky. 10/3/14
9/24/14 21:30 Richfield UT Triangle 10 minutes 4 white supersonic crafts chasing what aeemed to be a giant triangular craft 10/3/14
9/24/14 21:24 Lakeland FL Oval 3 minutes Oval-shaped object in South Lakeland, FL. 9/25/14
9/24/14 21:00 Newton KS Diamond 2 minutes ((Hoax??)) Orange glowing object. 9/25/14
9/24/14 21:00 Midwest City OK Triangle 4 minutes Three lights in the shape of a triangle traveled west to east across the sky. The lights were a redi orange color. Either three craft. 9/25/14
9/24/14 20:30 Saratoga Springs NY Circle 20 minutes ((HOAX??)) Saw a red-orange-ish circle. Sat there for 15 min and then watched as it flew away. 9/25/14
9/24/14 20:22 Balachaur (India)
Triangle 15 seconds Suddenly, we saw a triangle shaped object moving in the sky with a speed of 50 km/hr.. 10/10/14
9/24/14 20:10 Edmonton (Canada) AB Unknown 1 minute Looked like a plane falling from the sky with a trail of smoke and erradic lights. 9/25/14
9/24/14 20:10 Boulder Creek CA Sphere 5 minutes At 20:10-ish on 09/24/14 the object in question was flying at an altitude approximately 500' - 1000' from a Northwesterly direction. It 9/25/14
9/24/14 19:45 Collinsville IL Rectangle 40 seconds Rectangular shape over Collinsville. 9/25/14
9/24/14 19:25 Slidell LA Triangle 2 minutes Vivid white triangle cluster of lights in sky. 9/25/14
9/24/14 19:15 Denver CO Unknown 5 minutes Small craft with red and green lights moving erratically. 10/3/14
9/24/14 18:30 Johnson city TN Light 3 minutes In the walmart parking lot on browns mill rd. I saw a flash of light come from sky along with what looked like lightning bolts. 10/3/14
9/24/14 18:25 Hoover AL Circle 4 minutes It appeared to a possible intercepting event with those contrail aircraft and then turned south on highway. 9/25/14
9/24/14 16:00 Portland TN Cigar 2 minutes 2 white cigar shaped crafts. Daytime. 10/3/14
9/24/14 11:55 Flatwoods WV Cylinder 30 seconds Shiny silverish/white cylinder with no sound traveling above cloud level. 9/25/14
9/24/14 04:11 Scarborough (Canada) ON Circle 2 hours Flashing, color changing lights in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star?? PD)) 9/25/14
9/24/14 03:30 Kapaa HI Light 10 minutes Massive light rising up from Anahola mountain. 10/3/14
9/24/14 02:15 Cave Creek AZ Diamond Continual Object with multi colored lights w/random sequence flash. Begin 0205 hrs continual and currently still hovering over E SE Cave Creek, A 9/25/14
9/24/14 01:26 Gainesville FL Fireball 10 seconds Standing outside hotel the sky became bright as if a military flare lit up the area, a fireball which looked like a star was observed s 9/25/14
9/24/14 01:00 Saint Charles IL Light 45 minutes Saw a series of lights changing colors in the SE sky. 9/25/14
9/24/14 00:30 Homestead PA Disk 10 Very unusual, with a flight pattern, and Strang sounds. 9/25/14
9/24/14 00:00 East Las Vegas NV Changing
4 red clear see throw mushrom shape going south right above house convy. 9/25/14
9/23/14 23:30 Lafayette LA Light 30-40 seconds Two pale red lights one sitting right next to the other, appeared, hovered and moved across the sky. 9/25/14
9/23/14 23:15 Austin TX Other 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) Y-shaped low flying orange glowing object. 9/25/14
9/23/14 23:00 Pinehurst TX Light 1 second A craft, to low to be a satellite, too fast to be a plane, completely silent, flew across the night sky for a second, only to vanish. 9/25/14
9/23/14 22:46 Clinton MS Fireball 3-5 seconds Just seen a fireball in the sky I thought at first it was a plane going down. But then realized I had just seen my first real meteor fa 9/25/14
9/23/14 21:53 Reading PA Light 5-78 seconds ((HOAX??)) Geese-like formation. 9/25/14
9/23/14 21:25 Austell GA Fireball 5 seconds Bright light falling to earth. 9/25/14
9/23/14 21:18 Hancock MD Light current Object with flashing green and red lights seen darting across sky then hovering. 9/25/14
9/23/14 21:00 Charlottesville VA Light 45-60 seconds 5 white lights in succession. 9/25/14
9/23/14 21:00 Frederick MD Light 15 minutes Yellow (White), red and green lights emulating from stationary object over Ft. Detrick for about 15 mins 9/25/14
9/23/14 20:54 Lawrence MA Circle 2 hours Two orange light traveling fast. 9/25/14
9/23/14 20:45 Bolton CT Sphere 30 seconds Bright orange orb, looking like it flew in a straight line, turn 45 degrees and disappear. 9/25/14
9/23/14 20:45 Morgantown PA Light 3 seconds Not a UFO. Looked like a shooting star/meteorite. From SW to SE an orange fireball lit up the sky. 9/25/14
9/23/14 20:27 Arlington TN Unknown 3 seconds Spotlight shines over Arlington. 9/25/14
9/23/14 20:00 Henry IL Light 30 minutes Row of BRIGHT WHITE LIGHTS Over I-39- Central Illinois. 10/3/14
9/23/14 19:30 Princeton KY Other 5 minutes Extremely bright objects flying at high speed. 9/25/14
9/23/14 19:00 Forestville NY Other 20 minutes It was a little after 7:00 pm, I was getting the kids into bed when my mother noticed something out the window. She had us all come to 9/25/14
9/23/14 16:30 Mississauga (Canada) ON Cigar ~5 minutes White cigar like ufo seen over Mississauga, Ontario 9/25/14
9/23/14 08:00 Gilcrest CO Formation 1 hour Three bright lights of varying sizes, flying in circles while in a triangle formation, cows, radio and lights affected. 10/5/17
9/23/14 07:42 La Guajira (Venezuela)
That day we were on a work visit in a wind farm and I took the photo of the pole for the report and after it was taken I realized that 6/25/20
9/23/14 04:40 Wailuku HI Changing 20 minutes Perfect semi-circle band of clouds on eastern maui over ocean 10/3/14
9/23/14 04:37 Haleakala National Park HI Sphere 5 / 30 minutes White, translucent sphere seen on the road up Haleakala Crater, Maui, Hawaii 9/25/14
9/23/14 04:35 Haleakala National Park HI
5 minutes Bright white dome-shaped light seen at pre-dawn on summit of Haleakala on Maui. 10/10/14
9/23/14 04:30 Hawaii Kai (Honolulu) HI Other 5 minutes White moving halo. 10/3/14
9/23/14 04:00 Taylor MI Light 2 hours Every night, between 10pm and 5am, a flashing light appears in the sky. It flashs red and blue and moves in strange directions. 9/25/14
9/23/14 03:40 Aptos CA Light 1 hour Flashing star, moves in small increments all directions varying speeds. Ascends 45 degree angle in 1 hr. Stops flashing static. 9/25/14
9/23/14 03:40 Torrington CT Light 15 seconds I keep seeing these objects. 9/25/14
9/23/14 03:00 Springfield MO Circle 1 hour I was looking out my bedroom window and I saw what looked like a fire ball floating above tree line. 9/25/14
9/23/14 01:50 Stockton CA Flash 10 seconds Bright white/blue flash w/tail streak. 9/25/14
9/23/14 00:00 Knoxville TN Light 1 hour 4 lights seen. 10/3/14
9/22/14 23:00 Houma LA Circle :45 Orange sphere looking object over Houma. 9/25/14
9/22/14 22:30 Kuna ID Fireball 15 seconds Orange glow rather easy to see. Moved slowly across the sky from west to east. 9/25/14
9/22/14 22:22 Hillsboro OH Other 4 seconds 2 Large bright tailess extremely fast moving balls wth same point of ogigin but moving in oposite directions within 33 mins. 9/25/14
9/22/14 21:45 Winchester KY Triangle
((HOAX??)) Three lights side by side flyinging very low with no sound!!! 9/25/14
9/22/14 21:30 New Bedford MA Oval 4-5 minutes Around 9:30 pm my son and I were outside cooking on the grill, it was a fairly clear evening . We noticed how bright the stars were. We 10/3/14
9/22/14 21:30 Gulfport MS Triangle 40 seconds Triangle shaped ufo. 9/25/14
9/22/14 21:15 Butler NJ Unknown 15 minutes Red, white, bluish green pulsating light. 9/25/14
9/22/14 21:15 Novi MI Circle 2 seconds Fast moving bright white round object flying from N.E. to S.W. 9/25/14
9/22/14 21:00 Urbana MD Changing 30 minutes Flickering light moving in circles and odd patterns. Speeding up and then stopping. 9/25/14
9/22/14 19:30 Corinth NY Fireball 5-7 minutes Orange Glowing Lights without any sound. 9/25/14
9/22/14 19:30 Jacksonville FL Unknown 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) I finally have it on tape. 9/25/14
9/22/14 19:20 Van Buren AR Oval
There were two different objects in the western sky one above the other. It looked like stars during the sunset and after the sun went 9/25/14
9/22/14 17:00 Florien LA Teardrop 1 minute Metallic teardrop shaped. 9/25/14
9/22/14 12:30 High River (Canada) AB Triangle 20 seconds Large triangular craft with 6 pinkish glowing lites = approx 20 seconds 9/25/14
9/22/14 10:40 Moorpark CA
2 minutes 4 bright lights moving quick in the sky. 9/25/14
9/22/14 06:45 Framingham MA Other 1 minute I was driving on I-90 East bound when i saw a small contrail in the sky like if it was a plane but because it was moving so much faster 10/3/14
9/22/14 06:45 Yarmouth MA Light ~1-2 minutes We were traveling south on the highway going to work. I noticed a dim light traveling to the left in the sky. It suddenly got extremely 9/25/14
9/22/14 05:00 White GA Unknown 1 hour Two lights caught my eye. They Looked to bright to be stars and looked like they were moving. ((NUFORC Note: Planets? PD)) 9/25/14
9/22/14 02:00 Clear Creek WV Light 40 minutes Bright white light. My mom says it has happened before. Light moves back in fourth the. Would just stop and dissappear. Would just reap 9/25/14
9/22/14 00:00 Cannon Falls MN Unknown 6 hours A red orb of light was seen spotted 100 ft in the sky with an unsteady white blinking light slowly acended into the sky, once very high 9/25/14
9/21/14 23:31 Grande Prairie (Canada) AB Flash 5-10 seconds Bright flash then travel at insane speeds, me and wife saw it, cannot explain it. 9/25/14
9/21/14 22:40 Boise ID Fireball 2 minutes I saw a bright orange circular object that hovered then zoomed off, it resembled fire but with more solidity.. 9/25/14
9/21/14 22:15 Horsham PA Light 7 seconds HI SPEED OBJECT. 9/25/14
9/21/14 22:00 Jonesboro GA Other >30 minutes Lots of tiny lights in the sky above The Buggs concert. 11/6/14
9/21/14 21:30 Iowa City IA Light 3 minutes Pulsing orange yellow light moving in a straight line. thought it must be a helicopter, but no sound. It abruptly changed directions 9/25/14
9/21/14 21:00 Wenatchee WA Light 45 seconds Small orb orbiting larger white light. 9/25/14
9/21/14 20:45 Corte Madera CA Disk 5 minutes Luminous red disc shaped craft seen on top of hillside 9/25/14
9/21/14 20:00 Rochester NY Triangle 20 minutes 3 silent deep black triangular UFO's Charlotte Beach. 10/3/14
9/21/14 19:38 Rice WA Light 15 seconds Massive bright light that just blinked out of sight. 9/25/14
9/21/14 18:45 Sedona/Cottonwood looking NE AZ Light 2 hours Repeating flashes of light across the low NE sky, with no clouds, no rain, no weather. 9/25/14
9/21/14 18:00 Galveston TX Circle 8 minutes Strange shape was hovering over near Galveston near the sea wall . Was moving slowly till it faded away. 9/25/14
9/21/14 13:30 Riverside/Fairborn OH Changing 2 minutes Silver object hovering over Riverside/Fairborn Area close to WPAFB. 9/25/14
9/21/14 13:00 Huntsville TX Rectangle several seconds Rectangle shaped UFO observed traveling at an extremely high rate of speed and sending out bright white propulsion as it traveled. 11/6/14
9/21/14 13:00 Lawrenceville GA Cigar 1 minute I saw one metallic colored, cigar shaped object, comparable to the size and shape of a commercial passenger aircraft, but had no wings. 9/25/14
9/21/14 11:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Cigar 1 minute Strange Huge Shiny Object in the Sky. 9/25/14
9/21/14 10:34 Longmont (north of; on I-25) CO Formation 1-2 minutes UFO with visible cloaking device in Northern Longmont, Colorado. 9/25/14
9/21/14 05:15 Grannis AR Diamond 1 hour I first noticed a star-like light in the sky,while sitting outside smoking a cigarette. It was way brighter than the other stars. 9/25/14
9/21/14 04:00 Pearl River LA Changing 2 hours Strange bright blue object moving erratically through night sky!! 9/25/14
9/21/14 03:45 Kingwood TX Light Minute Single light with two beams of light, flashed colors very fast. 10/3/14
9/21/14 02:00 Lithia FL Sphere 10 seconds Bright orange/yellow light, which appeared for about 10 seconds and then disappeared in a cloud. 9/25/14
9/21/14 02:00 Smithville MO Triangle 2 hours triangle shaped blurred ufo. 9/25/14
9/21/14 01:57 Sanford FL Fireball 5 minutes While driving we looked up at the night sky at 1:57AM and saw what appeared to look like a rocket with an orange flame in the sky 9/25/14
9/21/14 01:00 Euless TX Chevron 30-60 seconds List the date and time of the sighting; Sept 21, 2014, around 1 am. 9/25/14
9/21/14 00:45 Hillsboro TX Other 15+ minutes Flashing star split into to separate stationary objects. 9/25/14
9/21/14 00:30 Omaha NE Unknown 10 minutes Red light in southwest. 9/25/14
9/21/14 00:20 Beltzville PA Flash 1 second Bright flash in sky. 9/25/14
9/20/14 23:50 Silver Spring MD Light 15+ minutes Yellowish orange, white, and green flashing lights over Silver Spring, MD. 9/25/14
9/20/14 23:45 Smithville MO Diamond 2 1/2 Blurry UFO. 9/25/14
9/20/14 23:30 Pullman WA Formation 5-10 minutes After the football game in Pullman, Wa between the University of Oregon & Washington State University on 9/20/2014 around 2330 hrs, my 9/25/14
9/20/14 23:00 Pullman WA Diamond 15 minutes After the Cougar game there was a large diamond shaped formation made of lights (blue, green, red) flying west and followed by 8 white. 9/25/14
9/20/14 22:45 Bothell WA Unknown ~3 seconds Object(s) in night sky Bothell, WA, Nov 20, 8:45PM. ((NUFORC Note: Date is severely flawed. PD)) 9/25/14
9/20/14 22:45 Alpharetta GA Formation 15 minutes Several waves of lights flying in different formations. 9/25/14
9/20/14 22:30 Adair Village OR Flash 2 seconds Bright Flare of light - Western, OR 10/3/14
9/20/14 22:15 Bellevue WA Light 3-4 seconds In Bellevue, WA, last night in the southern sky, 09/20/2014, 10:15pm. a ball of light streaked across the night sky, it got brig 9/25/14
9/20/14 22:15 Anchorage AK Circle 10 seconds Light green saucer-like object behind Anchorage airport (Earthquake Park). 9/25/14
9/20/14 22:10 Fairview (rural) WV Circle 2 seconds Green circular object hovers briefly high in north sky, then speeds toward the ground in a laser like fashion. 9/25/14
9/20/14 21:45 Murfreesboro TN Triangle 45 seconds Dull orange color not moving fast at all; no flashing lights. 9/25/14
9/20/14 21:30 Jacksonville AL Light 5 minute 2 red lights disappear behind mountain. 5 jets follow behind. 9/25/14
9/20/14 21:30 Winter Haven FL Other 10 seconds Perhaps a Large Cloaked Craft in Winter Haven 11/6/14
9/20/14 21:30 Bellingham MA Sphere 5 minutes When driving on a back road we noticed an orange "ball" like light in the sky. It was an absolute clear night. 9/25/14
9/20/14 21:20 Lancaster OH Circle 10 minutes A small orange light moved across the sky, stopped, then continued past the horizon. 9/25/14
9/20/14 21:01 Maineville OH Other 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) Saw 6 lights then they all faded out. 3 showed up somewhere else then started to blink then 1 by 1 disaperd 9/25/14
9/20/14 21:00 Garfield Heights OH Circle 3 seconds Bright white and blue (basketball shaped). 9/25/14
9/20/14 20:56 Munhall PA Fireball 4 minutes Three objects, orange, silent, two in the lead, one behind. Looked like a fireball, but a chevron shape. Traveling east to northwest 9/25/14
9/20/14 20:30 Donora PA Egg 30 minutes 15-20 glowing egg-shaped lights, no sound, shared trajectory and elevation. 9/25/14
9/20/14 20:30 Helena MT Unknown 2 hours Bright object flashing white, gold, green and red lights seen over Helena, MT. 10/3/14
9/20/14 20:16 New York City (Jamaica) NY Light 20 minutes UFO sighting in Jamaica Queens, NY. 9/25/14
9/20/14 20:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5 minutes Multiple maneuvering fireballs. 9/25/14
9/20/14 20:00 Antioch IL Fireball 5 minutes Orange fireball disks. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:55 Owings Mills MD Light 10 Golden yellow lights moving around in the sky like 20 planes in same direction and disappearing one by one. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:48 Overland Park KS Unknown 3 minutes Red and green non blinking lights hovering, seen by 2 others. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:45 Shenzhen (China)
Unknown 20 minutes Unknown light object above evening night sky. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:38 Gilbert AZ Fireball 20 minutes Unidentified balls of light with flaming tails that floated down out of the sky like feathers. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:38 Chandler AZ Fireball 30 minutes Four balls with flaming tails floating down slowly from the sky with directional changes. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:35 Chandler AZ Unknown <5 minutes Fire trails in the sky, changing direction and descending. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:30 Plain Dealing LA Cigar 1 minute Nothing that I have ever seen the like of or can explain. I have given the best description I could. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:30 Kitchener (Canada) ON Disk 2-3 minutes Glowing gold disk shaped object hovering silently before rising straight up and disappearing into a cloud. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:30 Gilbert AZ Fireball 5 minutes Dancing fireballs over Gilbert, AZ. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:30 Gilbert AZ Changing 5 minutes Changing lights in sky, from red/blue light to flare like light. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:30 Wallingford CT Circle 6 minutes ON SEPT 20TH 2014 WE SAW RED OBJECTS IN SKY WALLINGFORD CT. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:14 Venice (Italy)
Triangle 2 minutes They are like birds, gold like a sun, like they are bird shape they are extremely fast and turning around each other. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:00 Hillsboro OR Circle 15+ Airshow 2014. 11/6/14
9/20/14 18:00 Toshima (Japan)
Disk 00:03 Several disc shaped objects seen during photograph at Japanese train station in Tokyo. 9/25/14
9/20/14 13:00 Monaville TX Changing 20 minutes At an airshow could see craft in distant sky drifting very slowly.

Photos taken, showing a craft in the shape of the number 3, shini
9/20/14 01:55 Vero Beach/Melbourne FL Circle 5 minutes Bright yellow orange glowing circular object observed for aprroximately 5 minutes. 9/25/14
9/20/14 01:45 Melbourne FL Unknown 10 seconds Bright yellow light, flying really slow and really low. 9/25/14
9/20/14 00:00 Keremeos (Canada) BC Changing 1 hour A light brighter than any star, pulsating and changing colors, moved, parked, buzzing sound, orbs around. 4/3/15
9/19/14 23:10 Socastee SC Formation 1 minute 4 pale white oval objects moving in formation under low cloud cover 10/3/14
9/19/14 23:00 Anaheim CA Disk 1 minute I have an encounter for second time in a week, with a Disk giant that was flying in the sealing of the building with another like big l 9/25/14
9/19/14 22:15 Elizabethtown PA Fireball 90 seconds 2 red fireball objects rose into air close to Elizabethtown college campus and hovered for approximately 20 seconds until they moved in 9/25/14
9/19/14 21:30 Denver CO Disk >5 minutes At the Rockies game during the fireworks a lot of people were looking away from the fireworks and noticed an object with 3 lights. 2 re 9/25/14
9/19/14 21:30 Boise ID Light 5 minutes 3 orange lights floating above a house by Cole road & Northview. They weren't moving fast just hanging out. I took a photo where two of 9/25/14
9/19/14 21:00 Valley AL
5 minutes More bright moving dots in the sky. 9/25/14
9/19/14 21:00 Beaverton OR Circle 30 seconds Huge fireball split into 5 ships over Beaverton. 10/3/14
9/19/14 20:18 Montebello CA Sphere 15 seconds White sphere going north before disappearing. 9/25/14
9/19/14 20:15 North Tonawanda NY Oval 2 minutes Bright orange globe traveled past me and disappeared into the woods behind my house. 9/25/14
9/19/14 20:00 Cheney WA Triangle 3-6 minutes I was multiplaying with my friend online, talking to him on the phone. My dad yelled to me saying there was something weird outside and 9/25/14
9/19/14 20:00 Portland OR Fireball 45 seconds High up and West of where we were (North Portland), possibly over the Coastal Range, we saw about 5 smaller fireballs in close proximat 9/25/14
9/19/14 19:30 Halifax (Canada) NS Changing 3-4 minutes Yesterday evening my girlfriend and I where at the bayers lake movie theatre , walking over to target I noticed a very bright what look 9/25/14
9/19/14 19:15 Los Banos CA Sphere 10 Eight visible stationary orbs seen in the western sky. 9/25/14
9/19/14 19:15 Las Vegas NV Changing 1 hour Lone Mountain, Las Vegas. 9/25/14
9/19/14 19:15 Newman CA Light 20 minutes 8 balls of light seen in the sky then disappearing in 15 to 20 minutes also they did not move. 9/25/14
9/19/14 19:13 Gustine CA Circle
8 circular lights. 9/25/14
9/19/14 18:50 Gustine CA Diamond 30 minutes 8 elongated hexagon-shaped objects at high altitude in sky. 9/25/14
9/19/14 18:48 Sumas WA Flash Seconds I saw what looked like a bright green shooting star streak across the sky to my left as I was driving north on nooksack rd. It was righ 11/21/14
9/19/14 18:00 Lincoln MA Fireball 15 3 orange orbs about 100 yards away in sky. hovering and moving in formation. mesmerizing. orange, not overly bright. other drivers saw. 10/3/14
9/19/14 17:30 Rutland MA Triangle 20 seconds Low flying, shiny, triangular craft, hovering above roadway. 1/5/16
9/19/14 16:30 Dallas TX Other 10 seconds ((HOAX??)) Dallas UFO near airport. 9/25/14
9/19/14 13:00 Norfolk VA Cigar 5 minutes Cigar-shape flashing white during daylight moving vertical spinning. 9/25/14
9/19/14 06:00 Wichita KS Triangle
Hi, I was heading to school Friday morning about 6:00 am 9 19 2014. Well just as I got on k96 heading east I seen a bright light way ou 9/25/14
9/19/14 00:00 Patchogue NY Light 10 minutes At midnight I saw in a very clear sky 3 vertical lights stationary in the sky. To the right of it there was another light formation ve 9/25/14
9/18/14 23:30 Rossville GA Changing 10 minutes The object moved from place to place in sky fast. White light. 9/25/14
9/18/14 23:30 Valrico FL Unknown 30 seconds Audible humming vacuum sound covered by clouds with orange glow. 9/25/14
9/18/14 23:00 Indialantic FL Light 5 minutes Bright green & red light which ascended very quickly from horizon and moved in a way no plane could. 9/25/14
9/18/14 23:00 Topeka KS Light In my backyard Bright light like a ball shape with fire on the end of the object and flew lower than airplanes that come in to land 10/3/14
9/18/14 22:38 Ellis KS
~40 seconds Was out side smoking a cigarette looking at the stars in the north direction when I seen a bright flash then continued to watch the sam 9/25/14
9/18/14 22:30 Littleton CO Circle 10 seconds Driving to the Shell gas station on coalmine and pierce, a fast-moving ball of light was spotted by myself and the second witness in my 9/25/14
9/18/14 22:00 Maize KS Light 5 minutes 10+ twinkling lights move over countryside in circular formation. 9/25/14
9/18/14 22:00 Vienna OH Triangle 2 minutes Descending Triangle Lights. 9/25/14
9/18/14 22:00 Pawleys Island SC Fireball 10 seconds 4 orange lights over ocean for 10 seconds. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:58 Richmond KY Disk 13 minutes Around 21:58 I noticed a flying object above Road KY25 at 2324 Lexington Road in Richmond, KY. The object slowly traveled in the same e 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:50 Phoenix AZ Circle 2 minutes A Slinky-like light beam. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:45 Sneads Ferry NC Circle 1 minute 3 Orange spheres seen over ocean near Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:41 Woodstock (Canada) ON Circle 5 minutes Woodstock, Ontario, UFO sighting. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:35 Millen GA Other 15 seconds Four bright white lights attached to a football shaped glossy black object. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:30 Augusta GA Formation 1 minute Lights seen two times. Different formations but all blinked out slowly. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:30 Sanford FL Light 15 seconds Large bright white light as if an aircraft was soon to land but no flashing/strobe lights at all then disappeared. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:30 Maynard MA Unknown 5 minutes Traveling on Waltham Street toward Stow when I saw a bright blue light hovering above the Fire Dept approximately 200 feet in the air. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:30 Rushville IN
2 minutes I was west bound on st.rd.44 from Glennwood, when I decided to pull off of 44 onto a county rd. i snapped a couple shots. 5/8/15
9/18/14 21:30 Attica MI Circle 10 minutes Orb pulsing and traveling fast. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:30 Kingston OH Changing ~2 minutes Chillicothe lights. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:30 Bainbridge OH Flash 30 minutes Flashing white lights moving at incredible speeds. ((NUFORC Note: Report from aerospace employee. PD)) 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:20 Friedens PA Fireball 10 minutes Additional information indicates the sighting was likely sky lanterns that were used at a small remembrance ceremony. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:00 Lincoln University PA Triangle 10 minutes We were driving down the road going to a casino and saw what seemed like a light house. Then as we got closer we noticed it wasn’t a li 8/6/20
9/18/14 21:00 Waconia MN Sphere 20 minutes 2 Spherical Crafts, one Engulfed in Purple, the other a Blueish Green 10/3/14
9/18/14 21:00 Hillsborough NH Triangle 20 seconds My boyfriend and I seen three, triangle-shaped crafts slowly fly together in a triangle formation. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:00 Balmville NY Triangle 5 seconds Triangular Craft appears in break of the cloud very briefly then disappears with incredible rapid speed 2/20/15
9/18/14 21:00 North Myrtle Beach SC Diamond 10 seconds 4 bright orange/reddish lights in a perfect diamond. 9/25/14
9/18/14 20:45 Adair Village OR Flash 5 minutes Flare of light seen twice in five mins, same spot, accompanied by two meteors - Western OR 10/3/14
9/18/14 20:30 Las Vegas NV Light 15 minutes Sets of orange flare-like objects blink in & out, varying positions along Northern Vegas skyline. 9/25/14
9/18/14 19:50 Rileyville PA Fireball 5 minutes Three fireballs flew over. 9/25/14
9/18/14 19:50 Tipp City OH Oval 1 minute Oval shaped craft spotted. 9/25/14
9/18/14 19:30 Streetsboro OH Light 30 minutes Right outside my bedroom window I started to see these lights flashing back and forth. They were very bright and my first reaction wa 9/25/14
9/18/14 19:00 Atlanta GA Light ~2 minutes A bright blue light hovering over downtown Atlanta Ga. 9/25/14
9/18/14 18:30 Catasauqua PA Cigar ~20 minutes While driving west on Race Street in Catasauqua, i saw a bright orange, cigar shaped - looked like a short comet tail in the western sk 9/25/14
9/18/14 17:35 Quarryville PA Light 10 minute 16 orange lights in pairs sighted southern skies of eastern PA. 9/25/14
9/18/14 14:30 Denver CO Cylinder 5-10 seconds A short cylinder with slightly domed top, headed North West, disappeared not due to speeding off, but literally vanished. 9/18/14
9/18/14 07:50 Wilmont/Andover NH Fireball 5 minutes I was driving to school this morning and I looked up and noticed this shape encased in a white film rappidly flying threw the air. 9/25/14
9/18/14 07:30 Savannah GA Cylinder 15 minutes Sitting out having coffee watching a flock of birds . I noticed a white cylinder object moving threw the sky .it made no sound and no e 9/18/14
9/18/14 03:20 Tehachapi CA Sphere 2 minutes Sphere with bright lights hovering and moving unlike anything I ever seen. 4/9/20
9/18/14 03:20 Tehachapi CA Sphere 2 minutes Sphere with bright lights hovering and moving unlike anything I ever seen 4/9/20
9/18/14 02:08 Samba (Jammu)(India)
Other 13 minutes I was sleeping suddenly i felt that somebody contact with me with my brain.i was sleeping at that moment ,i realize that somebody c 9/18/14
9/18/14 02:00 Lakewood CO Light :45 Light seen in sky over Lakewood area. 9/25/14
9/17/14 23:20 Melbourne (???) FL Other 4 minutes Seen distinctively by two witnesses!! 9/18/14
9/17/14 22:40 Williamsport PA Fireball 1 minute Orange/White ball travels horizontal for approximately 20 secs. Changes to a vertical position for 20-25 secs. Disappears. SonicBoom/Ex 9/18/14
9/17/14 22:24 Surfside Beach SC Fireball 5 minutes Round shape that appeared like a ball of red light. 9/18/14
9/17/14 22:10 Kailua HI Circle 10 minutes A round red soft ball size with no sound at three stories high coming from the north-east slowly gliding above Pu'naa Street, Kailua, H 9/18/14
9/17/14 22:01 Hanahan SC Triangle 30 seconds Is saw a triangle shape aircraft about 1500 feet in the sky that made no noise and had odd blinking lights. 9/18/14
9/17/14 22:00 Louisville TN Circle 5 seconds I saw a bright light light of enormous intensity above the tree line. 9/18/14
9/17/14 22:00 Myrtle Beach SC Circle 1 minute Three red lights over the ocean in Myrtle Beach, flashed from left to right three times, then disappeared. 9/18/14
9/17/14 21:35 Wickenburg AZ Circle 5 minutes 4 bright amber lights. 9/25/14
9/17/14 21:33 Valley AL Light 5 minutes More flying "dots" stars, this one noticably large and bright. 9/18/14
9/17/14 20:55 Des Moines WA Circle ~3 minutes Light in the sky slowly changes from orange to red as crosses the sky. 9/18/14
9/17/14 20:50 New Bern NC Triangle 3 minutes Triangular shape, with yellow lights in each corner. 9/18/14
9/17/14 20:40 Marksville LA Unknown 15 minutes Fleet of 30+ ufo's!!!!!! 9/18/14
9/17/14 20:35 Valley AL Light 3 minutes Flying stars, not shooting stars, I know the diff... 9/18/14
9/17/14 20:30 Stephens City VA Fireball 15 minutes 2 UFO's Approached by Airplane. 10/3/14
9/17/14 20:15 Lumberton MS Light 90 seconds I observed an aircraft following a dull red orange light as it traveres east to south west at dusk. 9/18/14
9/17/14 20:15 Cornelius NC Circle 5 minutes 2 STATIONARY, REDDISH-ORANGE LIGHTS OBSERVED FOR 5 MINS. 9/18/14
9/17/14 20:00 St. Francisville LA Other 1 hour 4 aircraft machines with 5 large, round, blue lights flying just above the trees. 9/18/14
9/17/14 20:00 Van Buren Twp MI Light 5 minutes Saw four bright orange lights fly over slowly, then climb and diappear. 9/25/14
9/17/14 20:00 Warrior AL Light 1 minute Large non-blinking light over Warrior, Alabama. 9/25/14
9/17/14 07:20 Derry NH Unknown <1 minute Unexplained lights seen near hot air balloons early in the morning. ((NUFORC Note: Possible reflection from glass? PD)) 9/18/14
9/17/14 06:00 San Jose CA Fireball 45 seconds Orange fireball. 9/18/14
9/17/14 04:45 Evansville/Madison WI Light 5-10 minutes A solid light traveling fast across the sky suddenly would stop, change direction, and then accelerate again until lost on the horizon. 11/6/14
9/17/14 04:45 Evansville WI Light 5 minutes Zig-zagging distant orangish-white object/light transversing sky to horizon at fast rate of speed 4/23/15
9/17/14 04:45 Evansville WI Light 5 minutes Zig-zagging distant orangish-white object/light, transversing sky to horizon, at fast rate of speed. 9/18/14
9/17/14 03:00 Fairfield CA Other 1 hour I noticed brighter yellow flashing lights so i grab binoculars and it resembled a police copter with red white and blue colors. 9/25/14
9/16/14 23:15 Omaha NE Triangle 30 minutes Flashing green, red, white lights moving unpredictably. 9/18/14
9/16/14 21:30 Perth (Australia)
Circle 5 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD)) 10/11/16
9/16/14 21:27 Newburgh NY Circle 5 seconds Round, bright light, moving across sky, captured by sky-watching cameras. 9/18/14
9/16/14 21:15 Lusby MD Flash on-going Point of light in sky that would flicker yellow, red & white. would not move in any direction. 11/6/14
9/16/14 21:00 Fort Wayne IN Disk 15 minutes Blue saucer above I-69 and DuPont Road exit. 9/18/14
9/16/14 21:00 Boise ID Circle 1-2 minutes Bright green light rose quickly, hovered, then descended slowly. 9/18/14
9/16/14 20:40 Colorado Springs CO Light 4 minutes Low flying, bright lights that changed from white, red, blue and green. 9/18/14
9/16/14 20:30 Eagan MN Fireball 5 minutes Circular orange fireball moves slowly southwest, then northeast. 9/25/14
9/16/14 20:00 Murfreesboro TN Sphere 2 minutes large gray colored sphere with 2 red blinking lights. Flying slowly. 9/18/14
9/16/14 20:00 Ottawa (Canada) ON Unknown 1 hour Object multiple lights, different colors, following us. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting perhaps solved. Kite with LED lights. PD)) 9/18/14
9/16/14 19:30 Millry AL Light 20 seconds 2 bright lights in south Alabama. 9/18/14
9/16/14 19:00 Webster MA Formation 10-15 seconds 5 Bright Light Orbs in Webster, MA. 9/18/14
9/16/14 19:00 Batavia IL Sphere 1 minute Shiny sphere following a plane turned 180 degrees, and vanished into the sky! 9/18/14
9/16/14 14:24 Anaheim CA Unknown 1 minute A UFO with 3 alternating red, and 3 white, lights flashing, floated across sky then vanished. 9/18/14
9/16/14 10:50 Pejë (Kosovo)
Cylinder 50 seconds I can't tell something more about this what i saw but it was nnt flying so fast until i didn't saw it anymore. 9/18/14
9/16/14 10:50 Pejë (Kosovo)
Other 50 seconds ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD)) 11/26/14
9/16/14 10:45 Florissant CO Oval not sure Oval dark object next to blackhawk helicopters. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a bird in flight. PD)) 9/18/14
9/16/14 07:40 Omaha NE Triangle 45 seconds Originally I was a little skeptical about Aliens and UFO's, but I definitely seen something unusual over downtown Omaha around 7:40 A.M 9/18/14
9/16/14 06:32 South Bend IN Light 60 seconds At exactly 6:32 AM EDT stepped outside to take my daughter to school. While facing North I noticed an unusually bright star. The &quot; 9/18/14
9/16/14 06:00 New Port Richey FL Light 90 seconds Ball of light travelling high up, silent. 9/25/14
9/16/14 04:40 Escondido CA Light 20 seconds Two distinct lights, similar to satellites, one following other, rotate about axis, change positions and then direction. 9/18/14
9/16/14 Fort Wayne IN Circle 2 minutes Slow moving craft I-69 and DuPont road. 10/10/14
9/15/14 22:00 Niles MI Unknown 5 minutes Slow moving object is joined in pursuit by another object, a plane of sorts, with a blinking light and then the solid light leaves. 1/7/15
9/15/14 21:30 Crescent City CA Circle 30-60 minutes Something that looked like a ball of fire or a bright orange star hovered in a wiered flight pattern for about 30 mins to 1 hour then a 9/18/14
9/15/14 21:12 Payette ID Light 10 seconds Bright white flash. 9/18/14
9/15/14 20:00 Phoenix AZ Oval 5 minutes Rich, blue light. 9/18/14
9/15/14 20:00 Goshen NY Changing 1 hour Unexplained lights and shape in the night sky seemingly paralleling an aircraft. 9/18/14
9/15/14 18:00 West Boylston MA Fireball 5 minutes Orange-reddish "fireball" has repeatedly passed over our yard. 9/18/14
9/15/14 16:00 Snohomish WA Fireball 15 minutes Fireball hovered over downtown Snohomish. 1/30/15
9/15/14 15:00 Mount Shasta CA Cigar 5 minutes Cigar shaped craft going North to South over Mount Shasta, California 9/2014 11/26/14
9/15/14 11:30 Post Falls ID Unknown 5 minutes Extra, extra, extra wide and brief contrail behind a craft flying south over Kootenai county 9/15/14. 9/18/14
9/15/14 06:52 Jacksonville FL Egg seconds At a glimpse while driving on 9a headed towards San Jose before the Phillips hwy exit,there was a black egg/cigar shaped object with gr 9/18/14
9/15/14 06:45 Vail CO Sphere 90 minutes Bright object seen over Vail for 90 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect the witness observed the balloon over NM. PD)) 9/25/14
9/15/14 03:30 Palmer MA Sphere 60 minutes Blue/white/red/green sphere hoevering, sparkling light in its vacinity. 9/18/14
9/15/14 03:00 Monmouth County NJ Unknown 30 minutes Same as minneapolis - but 1 year prior 9/17/15
9/15/14 03:00 Amarillo (near) TX Disk unknown Only seen on the photo I have. 9/25/14
9/15/14 02:30 Cerritos CA Oval 5 minutes 3-ft long fluorescent craft manuvering 3ft above my head and patio around 3AM. No sound or lights. 9/25/14
9/14/14 23:00 Azusa (East Fork) CA
2-5 hours strobing light effects similar to what you described on coast to coast happened for hours two nights 10/10/14
9/14/14 23:00 Orlando FL Circle 2-3 minutes I was driving on Conway Rd.near Gatlin St. and saw a rather large circular aircraft hovering above a large group of trees. It was compl 9/5/17
9/14/14 23:00 Mercersburg PA Fireball 2 seconds Bright blue fireball. 9/18/14
9/14/14 23:00 New Bloomington OH Unknown 8 seconds Red and blue blinking lights, slowly descending in night sky. 9/18/14
9/14/14 22:55 Dansville NY Flash 2 seconds Saw a flash of light in the night skys of Dansville, New York. 9/18/14
9/14/14 22:55 Lavale MD Teardrop 10 seconds Strange light falling from the sky. 9/18/14
9/14/14 22:30 Fairbanks AK Triangle 1 minute Grey, triangular object with no lights moving across the sky. 9/18/14
9/14/14 22:20 Centralia WA Light 10 minutes Small group of colored lights, red, green, yellow, hovering in a bobbing around motion above horizon. 9/18/14
9/14/14 22:15 Hoover AL Egg 3-5 seconds Green glowing object moving past me overhead. 9/18/14
9/14/14 22:10 Unknown NJ Fireball 2 seconds Fireball seen over I-195 in NJ, coming down at incredible rate of speed. 9/18/14
9/14/14 22:00 Daytona Beach FL Teardrop 7 minutes Bright Star Like Object North of Daytona Beach, FL. 9/18/14
9/14/14 21:03 Silver City NM Light 2 minutes Bright, very red, light flies south to west near Silver City, NM. 9/18/14
9/14/14 21:00 Arnold MO Light 20 minutes Diamond light formation. 9/18/14
9/14/14 21:00 Cleveland OH Circle 2 minutes Saw the same orangish light I've seen two other times. In the northern sky. Was clearly Visible for two minutes then faded away.

9/14/14 21:00 Shrewsbury PA Circle midnight ((HOAX??)) in the middle of 83 and seen flashing lights when getting reading to hit it made a big flash. 9/18/14
9/14/14 20:47 Cashmere WA Changing 25 seconds Very large satellite appearance. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Iridium #70 at 20:45 hrs.. PD)) 9/18/14
9/14/14 20:40 Katy TX Changing I witnessed it for over t UFO near Detention Pond in Katy, Texas, Emanates Threatening Gunfire Sounds. 9/18/14
9/14/14 20:15 Spanaway WA Light 15 seconds Yellowish light moving at extremely hight rate of speed. 9/18/14
9/14/14 20:00 Wellington FL Triangle 1 minute Triangular orbs move in sky. 9/18/14
9/14/14 20:00 Nantucket MA Light 1 minute Red light seen in skies above Nantucket. 9/18/14
9/14/14 18:35 Lacey WA Circle 1 hour Might be high-elevation weather balloon. 9/18/14
9/14/14 17:00 Knoxville TN Other seconds Bright White 2 Dimensional Circle intercrossing Jets flying in single file on sunny day. 9/18/14
9/14/14 16:00 Ludlow (UK/England)
Other 5 minutes Let me get this straight I do not really believe in the paranormal or UFOs for that matter. However what i saw i could not rule out it 9/18/14
9/14/14 12:30 Boulder CO Light 15 minutes Saw a bright, star-light like one finger's length away from noonday sun in Boulder, clear skies. 9/25/14
9/14/14 05:45 Holbrook AZ Triangle 30+ minutes Driving east on I-40 just E of Holbrook noticed triangle shaped bright light. Watched for 30 minutes until it was above me. 9/18/14
9/14/14 05:35 Tacoma WA Light 3-4 minutes Glowing hoovering orb like like that moved like nothing ive ever seen or heard. 9/18/14
9/14/14 04:30 Las Vegas NV Sphere 1 hour Actual photos. 9/18/14
9/14/14 00:45 Plainfield IN Flash 2 seconds Big blue flash in the sky at 1:45 am only 2 seconds long. 9/18/14
9/14/14 00:25 Aurora OH Unknown 2 minutes Reddish light in a triangular formation rising in the sky then dimming and disappearing. 9/18/14
9/14/14 00:13 Tira (Israel; central area)
Triangle 30-50 seconds Triangular shaped object, with no lights or sound, seen over Tira, Israel on September 14, 2014, Midnight. 9/18/14
9/14/14 00:00 Trenton ND Sphere 5 minutes At the lake, on the island, was an orange spherical light that flashed for a good 2 min. then started to head S., buzzed. 4/7/17
9/13/14 23:52 Dana Point CA Light 1 minute Pulsating Fireball over Dana Point. 9/18/14
9/13/14 23:45 Porto (Portugal)
There was a really big party in town with a lot of people and music.

One man was starring at the sky and tried to take pictures of
9/13/14 23:15 Anaheim CA Egg 2 minutes Egg-shaped object hovering 3 feet off ground. Dark blue with rose/pink pulsaing interior light. 9/18/14
9/13/14 23:00 Duanesburg NY Sphere 5 minutes It was late at night in Duanesburg, a rural town outside of Schenectady, New York. The sky is usually clear and it was this night, too. 9/18/14
9/13/14 23:00 Haltom TX Circle
Me and my friend went out on the balcony to smoke a cigarette and i looked up seen 4 lights but they were not moving at all stayed in 1 9/18/14
9/13/14 22:40 Saugus CA Fireball 1 minute Orange fireballs. 9/18/14
9/13/14 22:34 Allentown PA Triangle 1 minute Saw 7 light formation hovering over neighbor in West Allentown, PA on Sept 13th 2014 at 10:34 PM 9/18/14
9/13/14 22:20 New York City (Queens) NY Cylinder 3 seconds The object in question was close enough for me to see three lights. Two of them were closer to each other and the other in the front by 9/18/14
9/13/14 22:10 Levittown NY Fireball 30 seconds Red/orange glowing object headed south over Long Island. 9/18/14
9/13/14 22:08 Trenton ND Sphere 4 minutes Small reddish-orange flickering sphere/ovoid object spotted moving south from Trenton, North Dakota. 9/18/14
9/13/14 22:00 Tillamook OR Light 2 hours Lights moving around in the night sky, Sky formations. 9/18/14
9/13/14 22:00 Hagerstown MD Sphere 1.5 hours Red, green and orange lights flickering around the object which hovered at least 20 minutes and then slowly moved north. 9/18/14
9/13/14 22:00 Angier NC Light 5 minutes Flying white lights that disappear when you bring attention to it; accompanied by humming noise, clicking sounds and driving the dog cr 9/18/14
9/13/14 21:30 Renton WA Diamond 10 seconds Diamond shaped, blue and green in color--huge. 9/18/14
9/13/14 21:30 Courtenay (Canada) BC Oval 1+ minute Greenish white light full size of moon shape. Speeds off shooting off like a Rocket, and disappeared... 9/18/14
9/13/14 21:20 Lexington KY Light
Saw several orange balls of light in the sky as I was driving down Limestone and turning onto Loudon Ave.

Lights seem to be surround
9/13/14 21:04 Jacksonville FL Circle 7 minutes Orange/Red UFOs. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:45 Grand Junction CO Sphere 3-5 minutes Cluster of UFO's seen over Grand Junction, CO. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:30 Clarksburg WV Circle 30 minutes Numerous reddish orange spheres moving at high speed from north to south. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:30 Town and Country MO Light 15 minutes Small red lights moving up from the horizon. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:30 Houma LA Formation 15 minutes Numerous red lights in sky over Houma. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:29 Vancouver WA Egg 3 seconds Xenon blue light seen falling at 15 degree angle northwest of Vancouver, WA. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:25 Olympia WA Light 20 seconds Green light flashes across sky near Olympia, Washington. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:20 Nanoose Bay (Canada) BC Circle 5 seconds Saw bright coloured circular flash or object in sky for 3-5seconds. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:18 Chilliwack (Canada) BC Circle 4-6 seconds We witnessed a green ball around 1000 feet in the air fly across the #1 highway and disintegrate into the mountains on the north side o 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:15 Port Townsend WA Sphere 4 seconds Bluish white energy orb travelling very low in sky just above tree tops. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:00 Napavine WA Fireball 2 minutes Large green object above trees seen by many people. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:00 Chehalis WA Fireball 1 minutes Giant comet like light. 9/18/14
9/13/14 19:46 Ignacio CO Fireball 8 minutes Orange-reddish glowing fireball seen in Southern sky. 9/18/14
9/13/14 19:45 Edmonds WA Sphere 10 seconds Bright green orb, very large shooting downward at extremely fast speed. No fire, early evening Edmonds, WA. 9/18/14
9/13/14 19:42 Santa Fe NM Teardrop 30 minutes Santa Fe Tear Drop hovering over 40 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: High-altitude, helium-filled balloon, with scientific package. PD)) 9/18/14
9/13/14 19:40 Albuquerque NM Circle 1.5 hours Bright round object in the Northwestern sky above Rio Rancho, NM. ((NUFORC Note: High-altitude, helium-filled balloon. PD)) 9/18/14
9/13/14 19:30 Rio Rancho NM Unknown 1 hour ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. Possible sighting of high-altitude balloon. PD)) 9/18/14
9/13/14 19:00 Albuquerque NM Light 45+ minutes White/red ligth on North Side of Albuquerque 9/13/14. ((NUFORC Note: High-altitude, helium-filled balloon. PD)) 9/18/14
9/13/14 19:00 Santa Fe (11 miles E. of) NM Light 20 minutes Looking NNW from the cement pad in front of my house as the sun was setting, an oval of intense white light hovered in the sky, there 9/18/14
9/13/14 19:00 Belen NM Triangle 30 minutes Triangular shape with 3 white lights stationary in North sky. 9/18/14
9/13/14 19:00 El Cajon CA Sphere 90 seconds Orange sphere over El Cajon. 9/25/14
9/13/14 18:40 Lincoln City OR Fireball 30 seconds Meteor from the sky. 9/18/14
9/13/14 17:00 Santa Fe NM Triangle 3 hours 45 minutes Inverted tear drop shaped brightly illuminated slow moving object sighted over 3 1/2 hours. ((NUFORC Note: Balloon. PD)) 9/18/14
9/13/14 14:00 Albuquerque NM Circle 6 hours Looked like a bright white circular object with no movement in the sky. As the sun went down it turned reddish orange. 9/18/14
9/13/14 14:00 Albuquerque NM Circle 3 hours Saw white circle high in the sky. Noticed two hours later it was still there in the exact same spot. No movement at all. As night appro 9/18/14
9/13/14 09:43 Eagle River AK Light 10-15 minutes A line of multiple orange lights flying slowly, possibly following the contours of the mountain and then disappearing into the sky. 9/18/14
9/13/14 08:30 Mission Viejo CA Chevron 3-5 seconds V-shaped translucent Airship Above Spotted Bull Way. 9/18/14
9/13/14 07:45 Rio Rancho NM Circle 30 minuites Circular shape became visible around 7:15 Mountain time and was pure white and as time went by it became a dark brilliant red almost li 9/18/14
9/13/14 05:00 South Hills WV Rectangle 10 minutes 4 Bright lights flashing in unison. 9/18/14
9/13/14 05:00 Hudson NH Light 45 seconds 1 big bright light moving fast then another small light flew into the big one moving east at dawn. 9/18/14
9/13/14 Coolidge AZ Triangle 10 seconds V-shaped craft, almost like a sting ray, going a high rate of speed, faster than any plane could go. 9/18/14
9/12/14 23:50 Maryville MO Light 2 seconds One point of light split into three points of light. 9/18/14
9/12/14 23:25 Devils Lake ND Flash 5 seconds I had seen a light streak that had appeared to go from a stop to gone in a flash. It was not like any shooting star i have ever seen t 9/18/14
9/12/14 22:46 Linglestown PA Unknown 2 minutes 3 bright orange objects bigger than planes and no sound. 9/18/14
9/12/14 22:30 Carlsbad CA Triangle
Craft flying North on I-5 South Carlsbad, Ca, Triangle but filled in 5 lights. 9/25/14
9/12/14 22:15 Calgary (Canada) AB Sphere 2 minutes Orange white object traveling at extreme speed west of Calgary, Canada. 9/18/14
9/12/14 21:30 Grant AL Formation 60 seconds Bright orange lights outlined two objects one in the shape of a bell and one a rectangle moving relatively slow. 12/1/19
9/12/14 21:00 Pittsburgh PA Fireball 60 seconds Three fireballs seen hovering above Plum Borough school football on Friday, September 12, 2014, in PA.. 9/18/14
9/12/14 21:00 Estelle Manor NJ Light 1 minutes Fast traveling white object. 9/18/14
9/12/14 21:00 Phoenix AZ Changing 15 minutes Blue light. 9/18/14
9/12/14 20:19 Prosser WA Fireball 5 seconds A burning object with long tail, falling out of the sky towards the ground. 9/18/14
9/12/14 20:15 Buxton ME Fireball 5 minutes Ball of fire rising in the sky, stopped rising and hovered. Seemed to burn out after 5 minutes or so. 9/18/14
9/12/14 20:00 Pickerington OH Triangle 60-90 seconds UFO Sighting in Pickerington Near Rule 3. 9/18/14
9/12/14 20:00 South Riding VA Formation 5 minutes Sitting on porch with girlfriend, suddenly saw what appeared to be hundreds of tiny flashing lights to West moving slowly to the North. 9/18/14
9/12/14 20:00 Ile-Perrot (Canada) QC Oval 20 seconds Oval aircraft in Ile-Perrot. 9/18/14
9/12/14 20:00 Santa Barbara CA Circle 7 seconds My gf and I were looking up in the sky and noticed a blue light not blinking moving nw at a steady spread then just disappeared in the 9/18/14
9/12/14 20:00 Salem NH Unknown 10 hours Blinking lights in the New Hampshire sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" stars. PD)) 9/18/14
9/12/14 18:49 Olyphant PA Light 1 minute Bright white light flying vertically into the sky followed by military jets 10min later Olyphant/Dickson City Area. 9/18/14
9/12/14 16:30 Quincy MA Changing 60 seconds Object floating in place with blinking red light, radically flopping around never seen anything like this before. 9/18/14
9/12/14 07:00 Covington WA Oval minutes Object viewed above 256th street looking eastward high in the sky a white oval suspended above. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:30 Trinidad CA Light 1 minute A group of workers witness a strange light in the sky, which accelerates and departs vertically at very high speed. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:10 Cathedral City CA Light 1 minute Intensly bright light appeared through misty cloud then evaporated with the cloud. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:05 Visalia CA
30 seconds Red light ascends to moon in burst of white/blue light. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:03 Reno NV Light 10 seconds Headlight like object over mt rose in Reno, NV. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:03 Westwood CA Light 30-45 seconds Bright light surrounded by clouds or fog. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:01 Rough and Ready CA
30 seconds Stationary Bright light emits spray-like cloud into the sky. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Lebanon OR Unknown 2 minutes Object with trailing light rises above mountain. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Red Bluff CA Fireball 1 minute Orange fireball emitting smoke with bright white light, while hovering and spinning. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Incline Village NV Unknown 3 minutes Object over Lake Tahoe. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Bakersfield CA Light 20 seconds Two lights facing east and a bright illumination shining upward. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Paso Robles CA Circle 35 seconds White objects faded into mist. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Huntington Beach CA Light 20 seconds Slow moving white light. It faded slowly while traveling toward me then left a luminous Area that faded into the sky. The sky was clear 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Visalia CA Flash 15 seconds Mass witnesses. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Charleston OR Fireball ~1 minute Large fireball seen coming south of Charleston while we were headed out fishing. Was bright orange with glowing tail then appeared to b 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Moreno Valley CA Circle 15 seconds Unidentfied ball of light. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Novato CA Fireball 20-30 seconds 6 AM Sept. 12th, I walked out of my house. It was a clear morning no clouds or fog and was very dark. I walked on my drivway to the en 9/18/14
9/12/14 05:50 Clovis CA Light 7 seconds Unusual light glowing brighter and then fading and becoming larger while fading away. 9/18/14
9/12/14 05:30 Riverside CA Cylinder 20 minutes Round Cylinder shaped craft, being chased by 2 fighter jets. 9/18/14
9/12/14 05:07 Vancouver (Canada) BC Unknown 5 minutes Moving "star," moving east in slow, crooked line before veering SE in Vancouver early morning sky. 9/18/14
9/12/14 03:08 Montrose IA Other 3-5 minutes Bow Tie shaped craft near Montrose, Iowa. 9/25/14
9/12/14 03:00 Las Vegas NV Other 7 seconds I was smoking outside and just happend to look up towards the moon when I sighted this object moving very fast in a circle type of turn 9/18/14
9/12/14 01:00 Gibsonia FL Cylinder 30 minutes A graduated cylinder of light, much like a tentacle gradually getting thinner, with sections that had different characteristics. Starti 9/18/14
9/11/14 00:00 Farmington ME Disk 30 minutes One large ship with four or five smaller ships near Prescott field in Farmington. 9/18/14
9/11/14 22:19 Springfield OR Flash unknown Multi-colored flashes over Eugene, Oregon. 9/18/14
9/11/14 22:00 Peabody MA Rectangle 2 weeks Blue and red blinking lights, not moving, appears as a satellite. 9/18/14
9/11/14 21:45 Orlando FL Formation 15 seconds Several clusters of planes with pink lights flying in "V" formation. 9/17/15
9/11/14 21:15 Hephzibah GA Flash 22:45 Fast moving, blinking lights and orange orbs. No sounds. 9/18/14
9/11/14 21:12 La Mesa CA Flash 1 second Fast moving object blue white light nighttime only visible for a second. 9/18/14
9/11/14 21:10 Martinez CA Unknown 5-10 minutes 2 red lights becoming 3-white lights seen over Martinez,Ca, Marina Park area. 9/18/14
9/11/14 21:07 Las Vegas NV Fireball 5 seconds Fireball seen floating in western sky. 9/18/14
9/11/14 21:00 Bristol VA Other ~10 minutes ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD)) 7/10/15
9/11/14 21:00 San Bernardino CA Light 1 minute Seen a bright light in the sky. 9/18/14
9/11/14 21:00 Sequim WA Triangle 2 minutes Giant Triangle With Multi colored outlining lights. 9/18/14
9/11/14 19:45 Hana HI Circle 5 minutes One white non biking light coming south to north very very high up and moving quite fast past a few stars in just minutes and became to 9/18/14
9/11/14 19:43 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Fireball 2 minutes Fireball gliding over Brooklyn at 19:43, jumping flames within it heading a northeastern direction.9-11-14. 9/18/14
9/11/14 18:30 New York (Remsaleer Train Station) NY Light 20 minutes 3 circling and spiraling orbs over the area of the Rensaleer Amtrak train station. 9/18/14
9/11/14 12:00 Reseda CA Other 3 minutes Metallic object, flying slowly, maintained altitude and it was spinning. Traveling north. Never made a sound. 9/18/14
9/11/14 10:10 Olympia WA Teardrop 10 minutes Light gray, possible teardrop shaped object being trailed by short pointed contrail which never changed size. 9/18/14
9/11/14 05:30 Altadena CA Sphere 4 minutes Bright white light sphere with lights emitting down and covered in a haze. 9/18/14
9/11/14 02:58 Houston (Canada) BC Sphere 15 seconds Large sphere shaped light. The sphere was the light source. 9/18/14
9/11/14 02:38 Port St. Lucie FL Light 15 minutes Scattered cluster of still flashing blue, red and white lights. Cloudy. 9/18/14
9/11/14 02:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Other not sure Sting Ray like triangle + followed Pyramid shaped object. 9/18/14
9/11/14 00:10 James Island/Charleston SC Light 30-40 seconds Bright white and blue light, slow and constant moving, orb-like UFO. 9/18/14
9/10/14 00:00 Manteca CA Diamond 2 seconds Seen a object this one night and what made this more interesting is that we all saw something? we all sat in confusion because we all h 9/10/14
9/10/14 21:30 Whaleyville MD Unknown 45 seconds Series of strange orange lights (independent/multi-directional) moving over treeline. 9/18/14
9/10/14 21:30 Bethany Beach DE Triangle 45 seconds Looking at the moon from a beach house, observed several orange triangle objects in the south east sky. All in a row. Went from maybe 6 9/18/14
9/10/14 21:00 O'Fallon MO Formation 30 minutes (?) A series of objects, approx. 30-50, flying in a straight line, singularly and some by 2s, and triangular and diamond formations. 3/17/17
9/10/14 20:30 Centreville VA Circle 5 minutes Red circular object hovering motionless for a minute or two. White light blinked a few times. It did not make a sound ( so I ruled out 9/18/14
9/10/14 20:15 Asheboro NC Sphere 10 minutes Some kind of space craft hovering near power poles, turquoise in color, with red lights around it. 9/18/14
9/10/14 19:00 Three Rivers CA Cigar 5 minutes Cigar-shaped glowing in sw sky during daylight. 9/18/14
9/10/14 18:30 San Diego CA Sphere 45 min Orb over San Diego 10 Sep 2014. 11/9/17
9/10/14 11:55 Phoenix AZ Triangle few minutes Been seeing this a few times this week blue pulsating triangular light slowly moving, turns white, moved quickly across the sky stopped 9/18/14
9/10/14 06:58 Kemah TX Cigar 5 minutes 2 stationary cigar-shaped objects clearly visible in morning sunlight. 9/18/14
9/10/14 04:37 Watchung NJ Oval 6-7 minutes BRIGHT LITES, OVER DISK, 300FT. ACROSS, HOVERING IN THE SKY. 9/18/14
9/10/14 03:00 Ranchi (Jharkhand) (India)
Other 1 hour When seen through telescope, a bright object was seen emitting green, blue, red and white light, and it was revolving about an axis! 9/10/14
9/10/14 03:00 Lithia FL Light 3 seconds Walking my dog I saw a very bright light starting at about 500 feet arcing down to earth. 11/6/14
9/10/14 02:00 St. Albert (Canada) AB Circle 3-5 seconds Very peaceful popping explosion followed by circle of colour 10/10/14
9/10/14 01:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 30 Blinking white light very high in the sky, not moving at all 9/10/14
9/10/14 00:00 Imperial Beach CA Other All night Flashing/bright star. 9/10/14
9/9/14 22:30 Willow Springs NC Sphere 40-45 seconds Orange/teal sphere heading east to west 70-100 feet off the ground in light mist rain going against breeze at 2-3 mph 11/6/14
9/9/14 21:37 Reseda CA Changing ~1 minute Semi-Circular shaped object with blue lights. 9/10/14
9/9/14 21:32 Harrisburg PA Light 10 seconds Eight lights lit up the night sky and dissapeared after ten seconds. 9/10/14
9/9/14 21:00 Martinsville OH Fireball 5 minutes Red/orange orb over Martinsville, Ohio. 9/18/14
9/9/14 20:10 Boca Raton FL Cylinder 5 minutes 6 red fire objects in the sky. 9/10/14
9/9/14 19:30 Hollywood (near; in the valley off Hwy. 101) CA Light 5 minutes Changed colors blue pink red green kept changing colors hovered till went to the ground. 9/10/14
9/9/14 19:15 Winsted CT Fireball 45 minutes Anomalous behavior of anomalous bright lights. 9/10/14
9/9/14 13:37 Big Sur CA Disk 8 seconds Shiny, rounded object in daylight, moving steady towards ocean, then gone. 9/18/14
9/9/14 10:30 Hastings FL Oval 10 minutes Dreadlock aliens seen dancing in the clouds. 7/7/17
9/9/14 02:05 Kulpmont PA Light 8 minutes My wife came home from work early in the morning and let the dogs out at 2 AM to go to the bathroom she observed a light in the sky mov 9/10/14
9/9/14 Rutland VT Sphere 5 minutes If others besides the four of us saw this craft come forward u were not imagining it it was real!!!!!!!!! if u took pic plz submit them 9/10/14
9/8/14 23:00 Fulton NY Unknown 15 minutes Warbling flashing object spotted slowly moving across Fulton sky 9/10/14
9/8/14 22:03 Binghamton NY Unknown 80 seconds It was flying a distance away, it was blinking, and I couldn't make out a shape. 9/10/14
9/8/14 22:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5 minutes 5 red orbs in the western sky hovered then suddenly dissapeared 9/10/14
9/8/14 21:40 Muskogee OK Unknown 5 seconds What looked like a typical satellite flashed and disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Probable "flare" from "Iridium" satellite? PD)) 9/10/14
9/8/14 21:30 New Holstein WI Light 10 seconds Large white light moving very fast, that just disappeared. 9/18/14
9/8/14 20:52 Zhujiang (Newtown; Guangzhou)(China)
Oval ~27 minutes Unsual Object Sighted in Night Sky near the Huacheng Square, in Zhujiang Newtown, Guangzhou, China. 9/18/14
9/8/14 20:00 Titusville FL Light 8 seconds I saw a bright, oval, light in the sky. 9/10/14
9/8/14 20:00 Adrian MI Other 15 minutes Black line with tail across moon. 9/10/14
9/8/14 19:30 Hamilton (Canada) ON Other 10 minutes Unknown Anomaly Seen In the Night Sky. 9/10/14
9/8/14 19:24 Albuquerque NM Circle 15 minutes Another evening of mysterious lights over west mesa in Albuquerque. 9/10/14
9/8/14 18:15 Liberty NY Fireball unknown 2 rays and a star during the light of day 9/10/14
9/8/14 06:15 Morganville NJ Diamond 5 seconds Slow moving diamond shaped object moving SW at 6:15am in early light. 9/10/14
9/8/14 06:00 McMinnville OR Circle 15 seconds Seen over McMinnville, Oregon. 9/25/14
9/8/14 05:55 Mantorville MN Disk 0:30 Red and green flashing light hovering in one spot for length of time. 9/10/14
9/8/14 04:42 Albuquerque NM Flash 1 second Bright double-flash over Albuquerque's west side at 4:42 A.M MDT on September 8, 2014. 9/10/14
9/8/14 00:00 Schenectady NY Egg 2 minutes One egg-shaped object with odd wings on each side. Orange / yellowish color hovering above the trees approx. 2 minutes then flew quickl 9/10/14
9/7/14 23:31 Cedar Rapids IA Other 1 minute Boomerang/cresent crescent shape object absorbs dense white cloud in seconds in a blue sky 9/10/14
9/7/14 23:00 Ft. Riley KS Changing 2 hours flashing lights green and white changed shapes on the photos I have its amazing 9/10/14
9/7/14 23:00 Carlyle IL Circle 5 minutes Circular craft with green and red lights. 9/10/14
9/7/14 22:30 White Lake MI Triangle 3-4 minutes Triangle shape - made no noise - moved slow from west to north 9/10/14
9/7/14 22:20 Prairieville LA Triangle 30 seconds Hovering triangular UFO, appeared glowing white with two beams of light 9/10/14
9/7/14 22:08 Mishawaka IN Unknown 2 minutes We veiwed 6 separate bright orange lights disconnected in the clear night sky flying and then disappearing at different times. 10/3/14
9/7/14 21:24 Salem OR Sphere 2 minutes Unusually large glowing sphere travels across the sky. 9/10/14
9/7/14 20:42 Harrisburg PA Circle 5-10 seconds Blinding red-orange light in night sky. 9/10/14
9/7/14 20:36 Richland WA Circle 2 minutes Blue light to left of the moon heading right vertically and than dropped below the moon moving horizontally. 9/10/14
9/7/14 20:30 Corona CA Other ~5 minutes Huge wide but only 1/4 as tall very brilliant white/dull orange and very erratic edges and shape. 9/10/14
9/7/14 20:30 Edison NJ Triangle 45 seconds Me and my girlfriend were driving down the highway around 9:30pm, when I looked to the right and saw headlights(high beams)hovering jus 9/10/14
9/7/14 20:15 Hull MA Sphere 45 seconds Orange light seen twice over Hull, MA, Sept 2014. 9/18/14
9/7/14 20:10 Manassas VA Disk 35 minutes Saucer shaped object stopped then zoomed across sky , possibly landing on near by open field. 9/10/14
9/7/14 20:00 Redlands CA Cylinder 3-4 minutes Sitting outside smoking looked up saw cylinder shaped light comming from north west heading south east 9/10/14
9/7/14 20:00 Fort Edward NY Rectangle 5 minutes I've seen the obvious objects that are mistaken for UFO's, but this is the first time I've ever seen what I'd honestly call a UFO. 9/10/14
9/7/14 17:30 West Springfield MA Fireball 2 minutes From the parking lot of jj's soft serve looking into the sky towards agawam, I saw a fireball with an orange tail very distinctly. Ther 9/10/14
9/7/14 17:20 Hamilton (Canada) ON Cross 30 seconds Conditions were clear, not a cloud in the sky. My mother, and brother were over for Sunday dinner and we were sitting on my balcony off 9/10/14
9/7/14 16:20 Lisbon NY Light 4 minutes Red moving object that had no noise and vanished. 9/10/14
9/7/14 16:10 Minneapolis MN Formation ~5 minutes UFOs (?) discovered in pictures taken in broad daylight on sunny afternoon. I only saw the objects after downloading the pics. 9/10/14
9/7/14 15:00 Shelby Township MI Cylinder 30-40 seconds I was at my parents house in Shelby township Michigan on sept 7th. I heard a load rumble as a b29 flew over from an air show at Selfrid 11/6/14
9/7/14 13:00 Natuashish (Canada) NF Sphere 10 minutes They saw round shape in the sky. They took a picture, I have a copy of the pic. Should I email the pic? It's on daytime. 9/10/14
9/7/14 13:00 Tacoma WA Oval 20 seconds Object seen in Tacoma, WA, southern sky with smoke trailing falling from the sky at 13:00 on 09.07.14 Sunday, with no sound heard. 9/10/14
9/7/14 11:00 Chelsea MI Sphere 10 minutes Object emitting 3 plumes flying west to east at steady speed. Maybe 3 orbs medium grey. 9/10/14
9/7/14 03:15 Wentzville MO Oval 5 minutes Erratic oval of white lights moving low in the sky.west to southeast a little after 3am 9/10/14
9/7/14 02:00 Surfside Beach SC Light ~35 minutes There's always different lights over the ocean here. But tonight they formed two sets of triangles side by side. 11/14/14
9/7/14 01:00 Orlando FL Circle
Me and my cousin where driving down powers in pine hills...while looking up in the sky we saw a bright orange circle...going up slow..t 9/10/14
9/6/14 23:55 Broken Arrow OK Triangle 15-20 seconds Flying objects in bird-like formation 9/10/14
9/6/14 23:30 Yah-ta-hey NM Disk 1 minute I was traveling on SR-264 east heading to Gallup NM. My husband was driving. I was watching a plane in the distance and I looked over 9/10/14
9/6/14 22:30 Ken Caryl CO Circle 60 seconds Red orb seen in Ken Caryl County @ 22:30, hovering in the north sky, then moving quickly to the North and vanished. 9/10/14
9/6/14 22:04 London (Canada) ON Egg 45 seconds Huge, with red, orange, green, yellow, and white flashing lights and produced a very, very loud humming noise and was light hazel color 9/10/14
9/6/14 22:00 Plainfield IL Unknown 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) Red and green lights gliding across the sky, then lowering down. 10/3/14
9/6/14 21:49 Troy MI Circle 05:00 Multiple red objects moving from west to east, very bright, very fast. 9/10/14
9/6/14 21:45 Austin TX Triangle ? HUGE Triangle Craft hovering near I-35 North Austin 9/10/14
9/6/14 21:20 Debert (Canada) NS Sphere 4 mins Large orange ball in sky with no tail moving west to east approx 4 mins duration 9/11/15
9/6/14 21:06 Lakeland FL Sphere 3 minutes Bright Orange Fireball flying and hovering low in night sky 9/10/14
9/6/14 21:00 Santa Rosa CA Light 45 seconds What appeared to be a bright plane light flying towards us however it started quickly gravitating towards the moon and the light faded 9/10/14
9/6/14 20:54 Pleasanton CA Light 20 seconds Light, first believed to be a star or planet, started rapidly moving. The light object appeared to be round, near moon as you look into 9/10/14
9/6/14 20:30 Coalhurst (Canada) AB Triangle <5 minutes Strange very quick aircraft that hovered and moved in sophisticated ways 9/10/14
9/6/14 20:00 San Jose CA Sphere 4 minutes Ufo sighting in San Jose, calif around 7:47 pm 9/10/14
9/6/14 19:30 Ottawa (Canada) ON Rectangle 1 minute Light high in sky resolves to non-satellite at closest approach. 9/10/14
9/6/14 18:30 Gainesville GA Circle 15-20 minutes 30 to 40 round lighted objects in the sky over north Hall County, Gainesville, GA. 18 to 30 minutes 9/10/14
9/6/14 17:45 Billings MT Circle 30 minutes 4 white dots and 1 red dot. Hovering in the sky during the day. 9/10/14
9/6/14 05:00 Westnewfield ME Diamond 10 minutes DATE 09/06 CITY Westnewfield Maine Duration 10 minutes Summany Diamond shape oubject bright base yellow ring around the top 9/10/14
9/6/14 04:30 Mesa AZ Unknown 20 minutes I know what i seen.... 9/10/14
9/6/14 04:30 Marana AZ Light 60 minutes Bright white light dancing in the sky. 9/10/14
9/6/14 01:30 La Vergne TN Light 5 seconds Fast moving light. 9/10/14
9/6/14 01:00 Stanwood WA Circle ~2 hours Strange green, red, and blue lights accompanied by loud booms over Pugent Sound 9/10/14
9/6/14 01:00 Naples FL Light currently There are currently lights over the golf coast in Naples Florida. 9/10/14
9/6/14 00:30 Lago Vista TX Diamond 2 minutes The craft had 4 peach colored lights on each tip with a canister looking cockpit jutting from the bottom with white lights circling it. 9/10/14
9/6/14 00:00 Elizabethtown/Louisville (travelling between) KY Triangle 15-45 minutes Two 3-legged/pronged shaped UFO seen flying along interstate between Elizabethtown and Louisville 9/10/14
9/5/14 23:24 Wexford PA Fireball 2 minutes 2 adults and 1 child saw dark orange/reddish round &quot;fireball&quot; traveling across sky, moving from South to North above McKnight 9/10/14
9/5/14 23:12 Portland OR Cylinder 5 seconds Bright white cylinder, or sphere, makes rapid descent & disappears. 9/10/14
9/5/14 23:00 Cedar Hill TX Circle between 5 to 10 minutes green see through bubble 9/10/14
9/5/14 23:00 Salem OR Unknown 90 minutes Multiple objects with blinking lights moving around in a strange way for the past hour and half 9/10/14
9/5/14 23:00 Lackawanna NY Disk 3 minutes Big Aircraft Hovering Above Woods 9/10/14
9/5/14 22:30 Morrow OH Triangle 5 minutes Large stationary triangular shaped object-fluorescent orange lights on each corner. 9/10/14
9/5/14 22:30 Etters PA Unknown 15 minutes Multi-colored blinking lights in western sky not moving. After 15 minutes disapeared. 9/10/14
9/5/14 22:00 Cumming GA Formation 20 minutes Formation of lights in the sky. 9/10/14
9/5/14 22:00 Clements MD Teardrop 45 seconds Several Craft Teardrop Flash. 9/10/14
9/5/14 21:19 Nashua NH Chevron 7 minutes Boomerang/Chevron shaped UFO with 3 bright lights and to small yellowish lights on Everett Turnpike between exit 2-6N. 10/10/14
9/5/14 21:00 Aberdeen MD Light 90 seconds Bright light in the sky that grew brighter and shot across the sky with a long bright tail behind it. 9/10/14
9/5/14 20:15 Midlothian VA Sphere 10 minutes We saw two round objects moving in the sky above the tree line and out into the clear night sky, followed by three additional of the sa 9/10/14
9/5/14 19:30 Huntsville AL Cigar 5 seconds What WAS that? 9/10/14
9/5/14 18:30 Pulaski VA Chevron seconds Object or craft trailed by orange light traveling at incredible speed. 1/7/15
9/5/14 12:00 Earth's Moon KS Disk
A ufo and a aline in moon video is here: 9/5/14
9/5/14 10:21 Holbrook AZ Unknown ~7 seconds I may have witnessed a static shadow of a cloaked UFO 9/10/14
9/5/14 09:00 Walla Walla WA Rectangle 3 minutes So we were standing in our back yard my mother and brother point to what they thought was a meteor.. The object began to get closer and 9/10/14
9/5/14 07:10 Muncie IN Other 20 seconds Dark un-lit silent object moving NE across morning sky at low altitude 9/10/14
9/5/14 06:00 Renton (east of; towards the Cascades WA Disk 1 hour Amazing large light hovering for about an hour with a smaller light that seemed to split into two. 9/10/14
9/5/14 06:00 Columbus OH Cross 20-30 Minutes Bright white cross with flashing blue/red lights moved slowly away at an acute angle of ascent in early morning hours 9/10/14
9/5/14 05:30 Loughman FL Light 5 minutes At 5:30 am, I let my dogs out, and for some reason, turned to look at the sky behind me. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights? PD)) 9/5/14
9/5/14 03:43 Orland Park IL Light
UFO of red dots flying in sky. 9/5/14
9/5/14 02:40 Tucson AZ Unknown
Non moving red, white, and blue flashing object in the distance to the west. 9/5/14
9/5/14 01:14 Uhrichsville OH Light 10 minutes 6 lights flashing different colors. 9/5/14
9/5/14 00:00 Petitcodiac (Canada) NB Diamond 5 minutes Erratic moving large Red/White diamond. 9/5/14
9/5/14 Decatur IL Light
I wanted to report the sighting I saw was identified as lights from a Halloween store people reported it on facebook and the manager of 10/3/14
9/4/14 23:20 Neligh NE Circle 2-3 minutes I was running south of town at the park and was running west. I then saw a circular object with lights all around the sides of it. 9/5/14
9/4/14 23:20 Neligh NE Circle 2-3 minutes Circular object with light on all sides and would disappear at times. 9/5/14
9/4/14 23:00 Milford CT Fireball
Bright ball of orange light that left a orange trail as it flew. 9/18/14
9/4/14 23:00 Wyoming PA Disk 3 minutes Green saucer with red flashing light. 9/5/14
9/4/14 22:30 Elizabethtown KY Circle 30 minutes Flickering objects in stationary formation. 9/5/14
9/4/14 22:30 Burleson TX Light 20 seconds Looking to the northeast, I noticed a light moving across the sky. The light moving across the sky was purely white, appeared to be at 9/5/14
9/4/14 22:15 Melbourne IA Oval 10 seconds Orange oval. 9/5/14
9/4/14 22:15 Lawrence MA Light 5 minutes Red star-like object moving in the sky. Two spotted twice and then 3 single ones after those. 9/5/14
9/4/14 22:05 Abingdon VA Circle 10 seconds Bright white light. 9/5/14
9/4/14 22:00 Glen St. Mary FL Disk 20 minutes UFO appears disc shaped and stationary in the sky, way up in the sky...not close. 9/5/14
9/4/14 22:00 Deer Park WA Light 5 days Stationary strategically placed flashing colored lights in a grid formation over stevens county. 9/5/14
9/4/14 21:30 North Royalton OH Triangle 3 minutes Triangle-shaped UFO, hovering with red and white lights. 9/5/14
9/4/14 21:15 Basin City (2-4 miles west of) WA Light ~20-30 seconds Two objects chase brighter object until it dimmed out, quickly, after changing course upon being chased. Low earth orbit? 9/10/14
9/4/14 21:15 Marshfield MA Light 1 minutes Saw one solid light that gave the appearance of being collectively among the stars while gazing up. This light moved at a great speed. 9/5/14
9/4/14 21:15 Seattle WA Diamond 4 minutes 4 bright triangular-shaped objects remaining in a triangular formation caught my attention over Lake Union in Seattle. 9/5/14
9/4/14 21:11 Iowa City IA Light 1 hour Red white and blue strobing; far away. I thought I was watching an exploding star. ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" star? PD)) 9/5/14
9/4/14 21:10 Olympia WA Light 10 minutes 9 or 10 red/orange lights moving in impossible trajectories. 9/5/14
9/4/14 21:10 Nampa ID Unknown 20 minutes Sequential lights seen over Caldwell/Nampa Idaho 9/10/14
9/4/14 20:50 Wenatchee WA Unknown 1:10 minutes Several objects with flashing lights 9/10/14
9/4/14 20:45 Ellicott City MD Light
Single, bright and stationary light in the sky over interstate 70 in Ellicott City. 9/5/14
9/4/14 20:30 Canal Winchester OH Triangle 10 minutes Stadium sized triangular craft flew above sky near Columbus, Ohio. 9/5/14
9/4/14 20:30 Lawrence MA Light 10 minutes Solid orange lights moving across sky. 9/5/14
9/4/14 20:25 Waynesburg PA Flash 10 minutes Yellow/amber lights flashing in clouded night sky. 9/5/14
9/4/14 20:20 Glen Ellyn IL Circle 1-5 minutes 10 to 30 red/orange objects flying slowly and together through sky. 9/5/14
9/4/14 19:30 Langhorne PA Other 10 minutes Weird black object spotted in the sky. 9/5/14
9/4/14 19:02 Laconia NH Cigar 2 minutes Cigar shaped object has moved across the horizon. 9/5/14
9/4/14 17:38 Glendale CA Cylinder 15-20 minutes Cluster of 20-30 round silver looking objects flying through sky in the early evening. 9/5/14
9/4/14 16:30 Woodbridge VA Triangle 2 hours Triangular opening and closing object. 9/5/14
9/4/14 11:30 Brooklyn park MN Unknown 2 minutes I was north of 610 and Noble looking west when I saw a light the size of a star in the horizon. It was neon blue and red. The object 9/10/14
9/4/14 09:47 New Bedford MA Light 10 minutes I was traveling to the store on Brock Avenue when I noticed a white light it was not a star because it was to close to the earth. 9/5/14
9/4/14 08:30 Manahawkin (?) NJ Circle 4 minutes 3 round bright firery objects.. 9/5/14
9/4/14 05:41 Malta ID Light 1+ hour Three bright lights. 9/5/14
9/4/14 01:30 Lawrence MA Light 1 hour Two bright lights moving in circular motion over Lawrence, MA. 9/5/14
9/4/14 00:00 Rogersville TN Oval 45 minutes Strange red lights in strange patterns. 9/5/14
9/3/14 23:30 Chesapeake Beach MD Circle >1 hour A circular aircraft with blue, red and white lights stayed stationary in the night sky for over an hour before going to bed. 9/5/14
9/3/14 23:01 Helena MT Light 30 minutes Bright lite, like a sparkler, spinning and throwing out colors every which way. 9/5/14
9/3/14 23:00 Buxton NC Light 15 minutes Orange lights over the ocean - Buxton North Carolina 10/10/14
9/3/14 23:00 Nags Head NC Fireball 7-10 minutes 7 orange, glowing, silent fireballs moving along same trajectory, equidistant apart over Nag's Head beach, NC. 9/25/14
9/3/14 23:00 Nags Head NC Light 10 minutes On or around 1100pm to 1200 am, I was facing east the ocean, looking over the ocean about 16 milepost in Nags head, nc. One red light, 10/3/14
9/3/14 22:30 Buhl ID Light 5 minutes Orange orbs in sky above Buhl, Idaho. 9/5/14
9/3/14 21:34 Hanover PA Light 2 minutes Facing the west, the first object was flying from north to south. Object was a solid light without any blinking lighting. 9/5/14
9/3/14 21:30 Clarence NY Triangle 5 minutes Shape started far away as a white light (bright) and turned out to be a delta shape with yellowy white/red lights. 9/5/14
9/3/14 21:25 Lake Geneva WI Light 30 seconds Light that changed rapid colors, made its self like thread like appearance. 9/5/14
9/3/14 21:15 Bethel Park/Castle Shannon PA Changing
Strange bright orange lights in South Pittsburgh sky. 9/5/14
9/3/14 21:15 Pueblo/El Paso Counties CO Light 09 Lights floating above ground from Pueblo County, Colorado 9/10/14
9/3/14 21:00 York PA Light 15 minutes 3 balls of light rising and disappearing. 9/5/14
9/3/14 21:00 Johnsburg IL Light 30+ minutes Viewed Blue and red spinning lights in a circular/oval motion seen through a semi-hi powered telescope from my yard. 9/5/14
9/3/14 21:00 Gooding ID Sphere 1 hour spaced Orange orbs spontaneously appeared one at a time over the windmills in Hagerman. They were in the same area and would vanish . no noise 9/5/14
9/3/14 21:00 Twin Falls ID Light 1 hour I could tell it wasn't an airplane or anything of that nature. 9/5/14
9/3/14 20:30 Melbourne Beach FL Triangle 1 minute Witnessed small craft which appeared to be an 4 seater plane on fire but it just went slowly by and vanished 9/10/14
9/3/14 20:26 Highland Park IL Light 30 seconds Large light, like a star, moving in the north west direction over Lake Michigan, visible from Chicago northern suburbs. 9/5/14
9/3/14 20:00 Greeley CO Light <5 seconds Large, fast moving green light disappears abruptly. 9/10/14
9/3/14 20:00 Clinton Township MI Light 30 minutes Tube shaped illuminated object in the sky at sunset. 9/10/14
9/3/14 19:30 Gastonia NC Sphere 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Silver ball in lightning storm. 9/5/14
9/3/14 19:30 Gastonia NC Oval 5 minutes Silver Ball in Lightning storm - update - not a hoax! 9/10/14
9/3/14 19:00 Boca Raton FL Circle 5-8 minutes I saw red glowing object with 2 green lightning like beams flashing randomly from right side of object which also darted sideways. 9/5/14
9/3/14 19:00 New York City NY Flash ~2 seconds Yankees vs Redsox Broadcast YES Network close up of the moon shows something shooting from the moon. 9/5/14
9/3/14 19:00 Kingston NH Flash 5 minutes Oblong shaped yellow light seen by 3 in the Kingston night sky. 9/5/14
9/3/14 18:30 Auburn PA Circle 3 minutes Driving down 895 east and noticed a shiny object in the sky that wasn't moving there was a plane in the sky moving away from it. Lasted 9/5/14
9/3/14 18:25 Johnson City TN
3 minutes No craft seen. However a loud, unfamiliar sound, like trumpets and singing coming from the sky. 9/5/14
9/3/14 12:00 Jonesborough TN Cigar ~1 minute Cigar-shaped craft in Jonesborough, TN. 9/5/14
9/3/14 10:45 Woodhaven MI Egg 10 seconds Red egg-shaped orb seen in sky over Woodhaven, MI. 9/5/14
9/3/14 05:30 Heyburn ID Oval 30 minutes Orange object glowing and flashing lights on it. Moved across sky slowly and faded street heading southeast. 9/10/14
9/3/14 05:00 Pleasure Island NC Sphere >1 hour Walking my dog near Pelican Watch on the beach around 5:30 this morning. I saw a orange/red Chinese lantern type ball leave from over t 9/5/14
9/3/14 03:57 Brentwood NY Triangle 5 minutes Triangular shape aircraft hovering just above tree tops. 9/5/14
9/3/14 02:30 Manchester CT Light 1 hour Blue-green light west of my home in Manchester making strange movements. 9/5/14
9/3/14 00:00 Minot UT Circle 10:00 Right at midnight, my younger sister and one of our neighbors came and got me and my brother out of bed to check out this interesting 9/5/14
9/2/14 23:00 Gilbert AZ Other 5-10 minutes Small ultra-light sized UNDO over Gilbert, Az. 9/5/14
9/2/14 23:00 Rapid City SD Formation 20 seconds Not a UFO per se, but one giant ball of light breaking up over a 20 second period of time traveling in one direction. 9/5/14
9/2/14 22:35 Heart Lake (in the Flat Tops) CO Light ~2 minutes Bright light seen in remote area of CO blinked off. ((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by MUFON Field Investigator. PD)) 10/3/14
9/2/14 22:35 Fort Collins CO Teardrop 1 minute Super fast teardrop shape with tail moving south to north with no sound at all. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris re-entry. PD)) 9/5/14
9/2/14 22:30 Spearfish SD Fireball 1-2 minutes My buddy and I were driving up Maitland Dr. when we saw some kind of orange light. As it went along different pieces seemed to stream u 9/5/14
9/2/14 22:30 Logan OH Diamond 20 seconds The object moved across the sky at a constant speed then sped up, gone in a flash. 9/5/14
9/2/14 21:30 Leadville CO Circle 10 seconds We were camping near Mt. Massive near Leadville, CO. Bright orange/amber orb appeared from the southwest, traveling towards the north. 9/10/14
9/2/14 21:20 Carolina Beach NC Light 2-3 seconds Orange lights still being seen around the Carolina Beach area mainly during the first 2 hours after dark. 9/10/14
9/2/14 21:15 Aurora MN
5-10 minutes Near Aurora Mn. Large lights in pattern turn on/off moving slowly east. 9/5/14
9/2/14 21:02 Akron OH Cross 7-12 seconds Bright light, very high, took only 7-10 seconds, horizon to horizon, no sound no contrail.((NUFORC Note: Witness is former USAF. PD)) 9/5/14
9/2/14 21:00 Newton KS Teardrop 5 minutes This ufo was bright white like the moon and did not fly around fast it looked liked it was in space near the moon and was morphing then 9/5/14
9/2/14 19:00 Albuquerque NM Circle 15 Mysterious lights over west mesa in Albuquerque. 9/5/14
9/2/14 16:05 Fort Worth TX Other 100-120 seconds “Star” after sundown before stars out; instantly became brighter; white cloud like explosion; an object shot out. 9/5/14
9/2/14 12:00 Bowie MD Light 1 minute Shiny object moving towards clouds. 9/5/14
9/2/14 10:15 Monroe WA Triangle 3 seconds Delta-winged craft with no noise streaks over skylight. 9/5/14
9/2/14 05:50 Trevose PA Triangle 10 Red white and blue blinking light that changed colors in a triangle shape, it hovered in one spot and had no helicopter blades! 9/5/14
9/2/14 05:00 Wildwood FL Unknown 2 hours Hovering blinking green red and white lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a "twinkling" star. PD)) 9/5/14
9/2/14 02:00 Kapaa HI Unknown 4 hours Kauai 3, UFO sighted. Donkey Beach, Kapaa, HI. 6/15/15
9/2/14 01:47 Allentown PA Light 30 seconds My girlfriend and I were star gazing when one UFO flashed and shot out in the sky and we thought it was a shooting star ... The object 9/5/14
9/1/14 23:30 Nampa ID Unknown 55 minutes Bright lights not moving for 20+ min then bizarre movement. 9/5/14
9/1/14 23:00 Gilford NH Sphere 1 minute Orange ball flies in a line, then stops and vanishes. 1/24/19
9/1/14 22:19 Milford DE Circle 2 minutes Bright orange orb traveled from south to north just above tree tops over McColley st/Marshal St. area,then traveled east. 9/5/14
9/1/14 22:00 Hudson WI Unknown 45 minutes Multi-colored object spotted hovering, speeding up and stopping quickly for 45 minutes, multiple witnesses. 9/5/14
9/1/14 22:00 Paphos (Cyprus)
Circle 7 minutes Bright colourful flashing disc at night. 9/5/14
9/1/14 22:00 Gold Hill NC Light 2 hours Driving home from work and saw a bright low to the ground orange light it hovered and moved back and forth a little. 9/5/14
9/1/14 21:33 Rossmoor NJ Sphere 2 seconds Mom and I witnessed a white light in sky descend and vanish within a second. 9/5/14
9/1/14 21:30 South Londonderry VT Changing 7-10 seconds Large, glowing, light greenish , object traveling across the sky, no tail, no sound, changing shape slightly. 9/5/14
9/1/14 21:15 Columbia MD Light 2 minutes Bright fast moving light that stopped and hovered. 9/5/14
9/1/14 21:00 Austin TX Triangle 10 minutes Massive triangle shaped craft flew directly over me with out a sound. 3/13/15
9/1/14 20:35 Galloway NJ Light 45 seconds Bright light at high alt. traveling at very high rate of speed over Galloway NJ from S to N. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium flare? PD)) 9/5/14
9/1/14 20:30 Albuquerque NM Light 30 seconds Reddish-orange light seen in Northwest Albuquerque disappears before hitting treeline. 9/5/14
9/1/14 20:30 Revere MA Light 5 14 flashing lights sets of two's in a row above revere beach sky. 9/5/14
9/1/14 20:25 Concord VT Changing 1 minute Shape change, color change and direction change. 9/5/14
9/1/14 20:00 Glens Falls NY Circle 5 seconds Bright white light does flyby. 9/18/14
9/1/14 20:00 Roswell NM Circle 6 minutes I was in the parking lot of pizza Hut located on south main st. I looked up to the east sky and noticed 4 orange circular orbs. 2 faded 9/5/14
9/1/14 20:00 Parma OH Fireball 1 minute Me and my girlfriend were walking down our street and noticed a orange light and went into the clouds but appearing back out. 9/5/14
9/1/14 20:00 Long Lane MO Triangle 9 hours Extremely strange inexplicable lights seen constantly since September 1st at night 10/3/14
9/1/14 19:00 Scottsdale AZ Disk So far Four Months UFOs over Scottsdale, Arizona. 12/5/14
9/1/14 18:25 Sarnia (Canada) ON Circle 20 seconds Ball flying across sky in Sarnia. 9/5/14
9/1/14 17:30 Fort Salonga NY Other 5 minutes The object like a black bowling ball was quiet, steady and unmarked. 9/6/19
9/1/14 16:05 Syracuse NY Circle 3 minutes Reddish Orange glowing circular object over NYS Fair on Laborr Day. 9/5/14
9/1/14 13:30 Senoia GA Sphere 5 seconds Black shere seen moving at high speed below the clouds in a straight trajectory. 9/5/14
9/1/14 13:00 Hobbs NM Formation 5 minutes Group of metallic orbs or lights in daytime. 9/5/14
9/1/14 13:00 Mountlake Terrace WA Sphere 20 min two spherical objects of differing physical features above mountlake terrace. 9/5/14
9/1/14 12:00 Cobleskill NY Rectangle 1 minute Rectangular UFO sighting above cavernous mountains, Cobleskill NY 12/23/20
9/1/14 11:56 Minersville PA Triangle 15 minutes Saw triangler objcect appear and flash multi colors. Red, blue, orange, green. Before disappearing. 9/5/14
9/1/14 09:30 Southwest desert AZ Triangle 5 minutes 3 brilliant bright orb lights observed in the SouthWest desert parked on a plateau in the middle of nowhere. 9/5/14
9/1/14 07:00 Sulphur Springs TX Rectangle 1 minute Seems like they want me to see them. 7/23/15
9/1/14 05:45 Rock Hill SC Light 1 minute A bright light that looked like a star, changing speed. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sightings of satellites?? PD)) 9/5/14
9/1/14 05:00 Silverton CO Other ~20 minutes Silent, stationary (maybe) object; open V shape, tube-like arms/wings of pulsating light. 9/5/14
9/1/14 04:30 Kihei HI Light 1.5 hours Erratic white lights in conjunction with space debris and commercial airlines. 9/5/14
9/1/14 04:00 North Charleston SC Unknown 4 minutes It was coming down slow within tree height and flew away when we got close to it. 9/5/14
9/1/14 03:33 Harrisburg PA Triangle
Triangle ship. 9/5/14
9/1/14 00:00 Missoula MT Light 1 minute Orange pulsating glow. 9/5/14