National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 01/2020
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
1/31/20 21:30 Prospect OR Light 30 minute 1.31.2020 Approximately 9:30-10 While driving home fom work, headed east near lost creek lake on hwy 62,  I noticed what I thought was 2/7/20
1/31/20 19:57 Arizona City AZ Unknown 2:55 Blinking lights tha pull away and tilt. 5/1/20
1/31/20 19:56 Arizona City AZ Unknown 2 Blinking unexplained lights that tilt and move. 2/25/20
1/31/20 19:30 Sevierville TN Oval 3-5 minutes This is twice in one week I've seen this. Round or oval object flying quickly in circles quickly in round circle. 2/7/20
1/31/20 18:45 Cornelius OR

5 bright orange lights traveling in drunken manner over hillsboro. 2/7/20
1/31/20 11:40 Royal Palm Beach FL

MADAR Node 76 2/13/20
1/31/20 09:11 York PA Other 2 minutes As I was walking home from work i look up in the sky and see what looks like an object of some sort resembling a helicopter, with no wi 2/7/20
1/31/20 06:55 Blaine Lake (Canada) SK Formation 5 minutes Large straight formation of lights resembling stars moving E. across the sky N. of Saskatoon, more lights merging in/on to W. tail. 2/7/20
1/31/20 05:01 Jonesboro AR

MADAR Node 141 2/25/20
1/31/20 04:00 Buckhannon WV Light 3 hours Numerous lights moving around in the woods below our homes. At first my neighbor and I thought they were just people in the woods with 1/31/20
1/30/20 22:00 Mesa AZ Light 5 minutes Aircraft with Four white lights with no red/green running lights 2/7/20
1/30/20 21:00 Hartland ME Sphere Seconds Me and my friend were driving home at around 9 p.m. we then saw a very bright light/ orb cross our windshield very fast. 6/25/20
1/30/20 21:00 Monson MA Triangle 5 minutes 2 white 1 red triangular craft over Monson Massachusetts. Western Mass 2/7/20
1/30/20 19:30 Lemasters PA Triangle 5-7 minutes UFO Sighting – Thursday, January 30, 1920 Lemasters, Pa Around 7:30 pm while leaving our daughters home, there was a craft heading Nor 2/7/20
1/30/20 18:30 Barrie (Canada) ON Disk 1.5 hour Flying disc spotted over Barrie Ontario 1/31/20
1/30/20 18:09 Boscawen NH Light 20 minutes Two bright & silent moving objects in the sky 2/7/20
1/30/20 18:00 Framingham MA Circle 15 seconds I live on the 6th floor of apt. building & have an unobstructed view of the tree line & above & I usually see planes in the sky during 2/7/20
1/30/20 07:00 Wanaque NY Light
Saw an extremely pulsing large light over the Wanaque reservoir 2/7/20
1/30/20 06:00 San Bernardino CA Flash All day Strange flash of light in the sky and trails of objects falling out of the sky toward the mountains 01/30/20. 01/31/20 1 witness of 6 s 2/7/20
1/30/20 05:45 Leeds ME Light 30 minutes Two amber lights traveling north 1/31/20
1/30/20 Concord NH Light 3 min Was upstairs in room and looked out window and saw two very bright white lights flying extremely low. At first I thought it was plane; 2/25/20
1/30/20 Bellevue WA Triangle 2-3 minutes About 7:00 PM I spotted a home plate shaped object in the sky. all the corners had pulsing lights. They did not pulse at the same time 2/7/20
1/29/20 23:05 Tacoma/Graham WA Light 6 I was driving down a back road out here and all the sudden on my left driver side I saw up in the sky a BRIGHT light MOVING very FAST a 1/31/20
1/29/20 22:29 Garden Grove CA Fireball 7 seconds Golden Meteor. 2/7/20
1/29/20 22:12 Sanford FL

MADAR Node 91 2/13/20
1/29/20 21:20 Janesville WI Sphere 5 minutes When I first spotted the lights it looked like two bright fireballs in the sky. I thought I was seeing a crash in the sky. Then I got a 1/31/20
1/29/20 20:10 San Diego CA Fireball 2 seconds meteor or space junk? 1/31/20
1/29/20 19:45 Brady TX Light Lights disappear Driving north on US 87 just outside Brady, Texas to yellow circle lights fade and disappear. 1/31/20
1/29/20 19:25 Cheektowaga NY Other 75 minutes It looked like a pyramid with 7+ white lights, 2 blinking red lights and 1 blinking green light. It hovered in the air motionless for a 1/31/20
1/29/20 19:00 Peterborough (Canada) ON Formation Still going A straight line of U F O's heading from west to east in the north sky. They were evenly spaced. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/29/20 18:14 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 2/25/20
1/29/20 17:43 Oakdale PA Cylinder 7 seconds gray cylinder with dim red and white lights vanished from sight. 1/31/20
1/29/20 16:00 Littleton CO Cigar 30 seconds Sighting over Littleton on Wednesday. 2/7/20
1/29/20 11:30 Bakersfield CA Changing 1 minutes One orange object with tail following turned into three objects. All had tails at first then were orange lights. Could have moved aroun 1/31/20
1/29/20 09:07 Melbourne FL Rectangle 30 seconds I was driving northbound on I-95 around 9:00 am when I noticed an accident in the opposite southbound lane with traffic building up. As 1/31/20
1/29/20 05:30 Coeur d'Alene ID Circle 30 seconds I saw bright green light pretty far up above my city while leaving the gym this morning. Just when. I was trying to figure out what it 1/31/20
1/29/20 01:00 Warren ME Light 40 minutes Flashing green orb 1/31/20
1/28/20 23:44 Colonial Heights VA Triangle 2-3 minutes 3 white lights and a blinking white and red light hovering, then moving slowly. 1/31/20
1/28/20 21:15 Varnville SC Other 10 minutes Last night my husband was out walking the dogs and he yelled for me to step out the back porch and look up, at the tree line in the sky 1/31/20
1/28/20 21:00 Anywhere (Canada) BC Unknown 1 second The sound of silence... 1/31/20
1/28/20 20:10 Palm Harbor FL Light ongoing Bright light that shined out rays of light in all different directions and patterns. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 1/31/20
1/28/20 19:30 Longs SC Light 5 minutes I was walking my dog and saw 3 red blinking lights almost vertical but not straight. This was northeast/north. I thought this was odd a 1/31/20
1/28/20 19:00 Okotoks (Canada) AB Light 45 seconds Five lights equally separated and travelling in a line quite fast. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/28/20 18:45 North Hollywood CA Other 15 minutes 2 observers. Brightness of Jupiter. Conscious attention scared em away. Immediate reaction. 1/31/20
1/28/20 18:45 Davis CA
10 secondsss Two very bright star like objects seen near Orion’s Belt 1/31/20
1/28/20 18:35 Deming WA Triangle 10 minutes They were all in a straight line as I looked the line of lights was almost horizon to horizon. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/28/20 18:35 Natchitoches LA Light 5 minutes Orange/white light in the sky. 1/31/20
1/28/20 18:34 Shoreline WA Light 20 minutes 12-13 lights witnessed, traveling perpendicular to clouds and stars, some in loose formation with no Civilian Airliner Nav strobes. 1/31/20
1/28/20 18:30 Benton City
Other 10 minutes I seen a line of lights equally spaced seemed very high in the sky. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
1/28/20 18:25 Honolulu HI Changing 38 seconds Me and my friend were working on my van in my mom's driveway. helicopters have been flying low buzzing her house very low shaking windo 1/31/20
1/28/20 18:05 Woodland CA Sphere ~7 minutes As I was leaving work on Tuesday (1/28/2020), I looked to the night sky and saw about five (possibly more) orange orbs in the sky. They 1/31/20
1/28/20 17:35 N. Myrtle Beach SC Chevron 4-5 minutes Huge Chevron Shaped craft 1/31/20
1/28/20 15:30 Las Vegas NV Triangle 30 Shaped like a triangle, transparent like a light cloud camouflaged with the background but clear shape that could be seen through. Larg 1/31/20
1/28/20 09:45 Asheville NC Egg 5 seconds dark pill shaped object over the black mountain range 2/7/20
1/28/20 07:00 Cork (City)(Ireland)
Circle 10 minutes While standing on our decking having my morning tea we noticed what appeared at first to be a satellite passing over us coming out of t 2/7/20
1/28/20 06:53 North Port FL

MADAR Node 147 2/25/20
1/28/20 06:26 Valley City ND

MADAR Node 93 2/13/20
1/28/20 05:30 Green River UT Teardrop 5-8 seconds Teardrop shaped object, Green River, Utah. 1/31/20
1/28/20 05:19 Royal Palm Beach FL

MADAR Node 76 2/13/20
1/27/20 23:00 Grand Island NY Oval 15 minutes MY UFO REPORTING OF 2002 IS GONE ? A SHARED ABDUCTION ON GRAND ISLAND N.Y. UNDER JUNE OF 1975 IS NO LONGER THERE ,,, after the abductio 2/7/20
1/27/20 22:30 Fishersville VA Oval 2 minutes the craft was much larger than a helicopter and oval shaped grey with spinning colored lights and followed beside my car. 2/25/20
1/27/20 22:30 Bangor ME Flash 10 seconds Was riding by Mount Hope Cemetery (2nd oldest cemetery in United States. My friend and I saw a big orange light manifest twice. Was big 2/7/20
1/27/20 22:28 Lakewood CA Unknown 1 minute Large red pulsating light vanished. 2/7/20
1/27/20 20:00 Jupiter FL Circle 15 minutes I recorded a object in the night sky on 01/27/2020 in Jupiter, FL. I observed the object appearing and disappearing at least 4 times in 6/25/20
1/27/20 20:00 Meridian ID Circle 5 seconds My son was taking out the trash. We saw a fireball a few years ago right down the street & talk about it all the time. He started won 1/31/20
1/27/20 19:00 Rockvale TN Other hours Large Light formation in west/soutwest sky above the moon, 7PM Rockvale, Tennessee 2/7/20
1/27/20 18:40 Weatherford TX Unknown 30 Low flying/hovering helicopter sounding objects with bright white lights 2/7/20
1/27/20 17:45 Oxford MS Disk Unknown 3 blue lit UFOs seen at dusk near local Walmart in Oxford, MS 2/7/20
1/27/20 11:23 Fishers IN

MADAR Node 84 2/13/20
1/27/20 05:25 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 2/25/20

I filed a report and it was never listed. I am skeptical of your authenticity. Most of your listings are formulaic and appear to be not 1/31/20
1/26/20 23:30 Phuket (Thailand)

Continue Greetings from Thailand, coconut Island. I have not seen UFO with my eyes but since last night very strange occurrences. ((anonymous)) 1/31/20
1/26/20 23:00 Hazel Green KY Triangle 45 minutes 3 black triangles in formation flying low in a southeasterly direction, make no sound at all. 1/31/20
1/26/20 20:21 Olympia WA Light 15 minutes Orange orbs with accompanying rumbling noise. ((anonymous report)) 1/31/20
1/26/20 20:17 Cochrane (Canada) AB Unknown 8 minutes String on various lights on sky flying on straight line and disappearing one by one on the same spot. (("Starlink satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/26/20 19:00 Bushkill PA Changing 15 minutes Lights changing shape 1/31/20
1/26/20 18:15 Kenai AK Egg 2 minutes Bright Red and Orange Egg shaped crafts flying about 500 feet, 6 in a row, no sound whatsoever, lights not blinking. 1/31/20
1/26/20 18:00 Pasadena TX Sphere 10 minutes The orb/sphere was very a bright orange. It was very slowly moving (compared to a nearby aircraft that quickly flew nearby) It pulsated 1/31/20
1/26/20 16:30 Fairfax CA Fireball 2-3 seconds low and close extremely bright white fireball Fairfax CA followed by loud boom. 1/31/20
1/26/20 16:15 Santa Rsoa CA Cylinder 10 seconds Bright green glowing cylinder, flying horizontally, in a steady direct line, disappearing abruptly without arcing, falling or flaring. 2/13/20
1/26/20 06:45 Aynor SC Unknown 45 seconds This orange/fiery object seemed as if were a plane on fire, and then I lost sight of it while driving after slowing down. 1/31/20
1/26/20 04:13 Mobile AL

MADAR Node 63 1/31/20
1/25/20 22:00 Coral Springs FL Circle 1:39 It was 10:00 pm est and I was outside of my house and I looked up and saw a circle red light moving at a slow place from the North. I r 1/31/20
1/25/20 21:24 Lawrenceville GA

MADAR Node 92 2/7/20
1/25/20 21:00 Queen Charlotte Island BC
5 minutes On a Alaska night flight from Seattle to Juneau AK. Midway in the flight my daughter ask me what was outside the window,I look of in th 9/4/20
1/25/20 18:12 Belfast (near)(Northern Ireland)
Circle 2 occasions around 1 mi Very bright green and red lights. 1/31/20
1/25/20 17:30 Peterborough (Canada)
Circle 1 minute Circle of bright orange light moving across the sky and then suddenly disappeared 1/31/20
1/25/20 17:20 Red Deer (Canada) AB Other 10 minutes Silent, no man baskets, no light, floating in a nortward direction over Red Deer AB about 5:20 PM Jan 25/20 1/31/20
1/25/20 07:23 Spencerville IN

MADAR Node 81 1/31/20
1/25/20 06:25 Sanford FL

MADAR Node 91 2/7/20
1/25/20 05:45 Salt Lake City UT
15-20 minutes Witnessed during predawn clear sky succession of white lights 20-25 equally spaced. (("Starlink" satellites.)) 4/9/20
1/25/20 03:50 Hyattsville MD Triangle 5 minutes My boyfriend left out for work at 3:30AM. I get a call that woke me up out of my sleep. My boyfriend started freaking out on the phone. 1/19/21
1/24/20 22:25 Roosevelt UT Triangle 7 minutes lights over Roosevelt, UT 2/7/20
1/24/20 20:50 Fort Lauderdale FL Fireball 5 minutes Rotating discs that initially look like flashing fire balls moving in a row and disappearing (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/24/20 19:45 Oklahoma City OK Flash 1 second Green light across sky 1/31/20
1/24/20 19:30 Victoria (Canada) BC Other less than 2 hours Multple sightings of slow-moving colored lights in night sky with one descent of red arced light to ground 6/25/20
1/24/20 19:25 LARKSPUR AB Other 20 minutes I noticed 12 unusual bright lights in the Western sky. They seemed to be slowly drifting SouthEast in a perfectly straight line, 12/23/20
1/24/20 19:15 Debolt (Canada) AB Circle 20 minutes I witnessed a straight line of what looked like stars moving across the sky, perfectly spaced out. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/24/20 18:50 Manchester CT Circle 2 hours Clear night with one bright circular object, aura, captivating 2/7/20
1/24/20 18:00 Gorham NH Disk 50 minutes 1-24-20 followed from gorham nh to conway nh by very large to me disk shaped bright object for over 45 minutes plus,got video 1/31/20
1/24/20 07:06 Rotonda West FL Oval 1 second 3-dimentional object 2/7/20
1/24/20 06:01 Cambridge OH

MADAR Node 137 2/7/20
1/24/20 05:40 St. Louis MO

MADAR Node 70 1/31/20
1/24/20 05:33 Valley City ND

MADAR Node 93 2/7/20
1/24/20 02:00 Pawtucket RI Circle
I saw a flying saucer outside of a retail company but that was not the first a few years ago 2/7/20
1/24/20 00:00 Tampa FL Light 10 minutes I was outside my house with my Boyfriend and I saw a red light in the sky in the same spot for about 10 minutes. 8/20/20
1/23/20 21:43 Las Vegas NV Light 1 minute Single flashing light flew across sky, light then went out and disappeared. Reappeared a second later and moves upwards then turned lef 2/7/20
1/23/20 21:28 Waimanalo HI Triangle 21:38 I saw a bright light outside, so I ran out to look at it, my roommate joined me. It was a very bright light that was a ball of light li 2/7/20
1/23/20 21:00 Marin County CA Cylinder 20 minutes Stationary groups of glowing lights seen at treetop level 4/9/20
1/23/20 20:00 Lufkin TX Formation 5 minutes On Hwy 69 near Hwy 59 on N side of Lufkin and noticed 10-12 orange & white lights in a row in the sky.(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/23/20 19:50 Memramcook (Canada) NB Circle 1 hour Circle with red dots in Memramcook, NB 2/7/20
1/23/20 19:35 Santa Fe NM Changing 45 minutes Large Object Hovering/Flying with Flashing bright lights over Santa FE NM, witnessed by 3 2/7/20
1/23/20 19:27 Farmington Hills MI

MADAR Node 144 2/7/20
1/23/20 18:20 Wilmington DE Light 15 seconds What first appeared as a bright star, turns a dim red and starts jumping location. 2/7/20
1/23/20 17:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Rectangle 2 minutes I was shoveling snow on my balcony , When I seen something in my proifial vision, when I looked up it was about four or five feet away 2/7/20
1/23/20 12:57 Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Node 119 2/7/20
1/23/20 10:41 Amargosa Valley NV Disk 5 seconds Two flat dark gray metallic discs hovering in Armagosa valley NV. 2/7/20
1/23/20 06:15 Williamsport PA Circle 15 18 dots - 50k+ ft - Williamsport, PA. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/23/20 05:30 Plymouth Township MI Triangle 10 minutes Low flying object with bright white lights and two blinking red lights flying low overhead in residential area 2/7/20
1/23/20 05:25 Valley City ND

MADAR Node 93 2/7/20
1/23/20 00:30 Blackwood NJ Fireball 5 minutes I was driving down the road and looked up and saw a super bright red light in the sky. It looked close and was very big. It looked lik 1/31/20
1/22/20 21:00 North Andover MA Formation 25 seconds 5 star looking lights flying in pentagon formation 2/13/20
1/22/20 20:00 Ripley TN Light 20 minutes Blue-green light in east sky moving in pattern 2/7/20
1/22/20 19:47 Corpus Christi TX Fireball 30 There was a bright shining object flying fast across the sky, I took a video of this object as it was spinning fast in the sky 2/7/20
1/22/20 19:18 Battle Creek MI Light 2 minutes Large Moving Bright Red Light Over Battle Creek 1/31/20
1/22/20 19:00 Rosedale MD Sphere 20 seconds I look directly up and see a sphere of a bright light traveling west to east then the bright light dissapears and a small red light app 2/7/20
1/22/20 18:45 San Francisco CA Circle 2 minutes White star craft unseen by naked eye 2/7/20
1/22/20 18:40 Dalzell SC Circle 5 minutes UFO?? Dalzell, South Carolina 2/7/20
1/22/20 17:45 Warren RI Egg 19:00 Upside down egg shaped glowing object with blue whispy tail and red blinking orbs. 2/7/20
1/22/20 16:45 Huntsville AL Unknown 30 minutes spotted flying object with flashing bright white light,then stopped remained there and desend downward 1/31/20
1/22/20 10:32 Port Charlotte FL Rectangle 10 seconds White rectangular craft in southwest Florida 1/31/20
1/22/20 09:35 Bear DE Triangle 3 minutes I noticed an elongated blackish triangle shaped object. It seemed to be moving pretty fast it’s angle was very steep. I would say on a 1/31/20
1/22/20 06:44 Evansville IN

MADAR Node 153 2/7/20
1/22/20 01:25 Largo FL

MADAR Node 140 2/7/20
1/21/20 22:30 Fishersville VA Oval 2 minutes the craft was larger than a helicopter and oval shaped grey with spinning colored lights and followed beside my car. 1/31/20
1/21/20 21:15 Pukalani HI Oval 2 minutes Bright orange glowing oval shaped object moving in the sky 1/31/20
1/21/20 16:54 Baton Rouge LA Circle 10 minutes Large black “balloon” spotted over Baton Rouge, LA, USA 1/31/20
1/21/20 16:43 Jonesboro AR

MADAR Node 143 2/7/20
1/21/20 16:28 Mobile AL

MADAR Node 63 1/31/20
1/21/20 16:00 Siler City NC Disk 10 minutes I seen a metallic and silver objects in the air. 1/31/20
1/21/20 16:00 Siler city NC Disk 10 minutes I seen a metallic and silver objects in the air less than 1500 ft it was big. 1/31/20
1/21/20 11:27 Tomkins Cove NY Cylinder 4 minutes Extremely slow moving cylinder shaped object in sky to the west just above the tree line. There was no noise, no vapor, no lights...jus 2/7/20
1/21/20 08:45 Peterhead (UK/Scotland)
Triangle 15 minutes UFO over North Sea Punched Hole in Blue Sky. 1/31/20
1/21/20 05:29 Austin TX

MADAR Node 101 2/7/20
1/21/20 05:05 Canyon Country CA Light 10 seconds Moving slow In sky like 10 sec pass over shadow pine. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/21/20 03:30 Botkin OH Disk 11-15 minutes While traveling south on interstate 75 my fiancee and I saw a very large amber glow in the distance with what seemed to be a cone shap 1/31/20
1/21/20 03:08 Clarksville TN

MADAR Node 138 2/7/20
1/21/20 03:00 Hutchinson KS Oval 10 seconds I sighted the object at 3am-ish in Kansas. My fiancee and I went out to my vehicle to have a cigarette, because we couldn't sleep. He w 1/31/20
1/21/20 00:00 Gouverneur NY Unknown 1 minute At about 12:50 or so I was sitting down with my girlfriend to put together a puzzle . shortly after we began separating out the edge pi 1/31/20
1/21/20 00:00 Gouverneur NY Unknown 1 minute My partner and I were sitting in our living room and heard a strang whirring noise out curiosity I decided to look out the window and 1/31/20
1/20/20 21:00 Princeton WV Light 1-2 hours A large array of lights resembling the aurora borealis were seen over the sky's of mercer county. 1/31/20
1/20/20 21:00 Laurelville OH

MADAR Node 145 2/7/20
1/20/20 19:20 Gilbert AZ Circle 2 minutes At 1920 p.m. I witnessed a green circle light with a red light attached flying from west to east. It made no sound. Suddenly it Stopped 1/31/20
1/20/20 19:00 Knoxville TN Circle 2 minutes Round, white light in sky moving back and forth very rapidly. 1/31/20
1/20/20 19:00 Tirana (Albania)
Light 5 minutes Many strange lights (roughly 40 of them) following each other in the night sky. (("Starlink" satellites)) 2/7/20
1/20/20 18:35 Sarasota FL Other 15 minutes UFO orb flying over Sarasota 6/25/20
1/20/20 18:00 Henderson NY Triangle 2 hours Flashing red and green lights triangle shaped seemed to hover in one area as I walked it seemed to move my way 1/31/20
1/20/20 17:57 Lowell IN Light 30 minutes Super bright spherical light hovered in one spot no sound creepy as hell not a drone. 1/31/20
1/20/20 15:00 Detroit MI Flash 45 minutes Seen 3 middle one flashed as if it were a mirror, commercial plane flew past within no time jets flew through and went around objects, 1/31/20
1/20/20 14:00 Old Westbury NY Other
Hi. This was not a UFO in the sky sighting. There's still snow on our lawn. I went out to look at something, and noticed unusual prints 1/31/20
1/20/20 07:04 Fishers IN

MADAR Node 84 1/31/20
1/20/20 06:30 Ft. Worth TX Light 5 minutes I was walking down my driveway to let my dog go poop. While i was waiting i was looking up at the stars . Ten i see a small orb of ligh 1/31/20
1/20/20 06:30 Hollywood MD Circle 2 hours Captured footage of bright “stars,” revealed to be clear, circular hovering objects in southern Maryland. 1/31/20
1/20/20 06:30 Ft. Worth TX Light 5 minutes I was looking up at the stars . 1/31/20
1/20/20 06:01 Cambridge OH

MADAR Node 137 2/7/20
1/20/20 04:55 Sydney (Australia)
Light 30-60 seconds A light hi up looking like a star but moving thought maybe was a plane but real hi up.. ((Starlink satellites?) 1/31/20
1/20/20 04:55 Sydney (Australia)
Light 30-60 seconds A light looking like a star but moving thought maybe was a plane but real hi up..then a second one ("Starlink" satellites.)) 1/31/20
1/20/20 03:21 Royal Palm Beach FL

MADAR Node 76 1/31/20
1/20/20 00:45 Schaghticoke NY Sphere 10 seconds It was not a plane, meteor or a balloon 2/7/20
1/19/20 23:29 Laughlintown PA

MADAR Node 94 2/7/20
1/19/20 21:30 Dalzell SC Disk 45 minutes In Dalzell, in the area where 441/521 crosses there appeared to be a large Spot Light above my house. I got out my camera and witness a 2/7/20
1/19/20 21:10 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 2/7/20
1/19/20 21:00 Centennial CO Formation 10 seconds Formation of 25-30 light gray objects pass through the night sky. 1/31/20
1/19/20 19:00 Worthing SD Circle 5 seconds There was a basketball sized orb that was bright white. Moved up and down and then disappeared. 1/31/20
1/19/20 19:00 Coachella CA Fireball 2 minutes Driving down Frederick st coming to stop light on. Ave 52 when we saw what looked like 3 fireballs coming down but instead of just fal 1/31/20
1/19/20 18:57 Avondale AZ Triangle 20 seconds I first noticed 2 red lights moving in perfect formation in the south/western sky moving east to west. The 2 red lights were tiny in co 1/31/20
1/19/20 18:30 Brookings SD Triangle <1 minute Triangular Shaped Drone 1/31/20
1/19/20 15:36 Evans GA Changing 3 minutes Christmas candy shaped, Mirror on bottom, disappeared & reappeared 2/13/20
1/19/20 13:05 Evansville IN

MADAR Node 153 2/7/20
1/19/20 08:36 Pueblo CO

MADAR Node 83 1/31/20
1/19/20 05:06 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 2/7/20
1/19/20 01:26 Santa Claus IN

MADAR Node 114 2/7/20
1/18/20 21:00 La Mesa CA Fireball 5 minutes Orange fireball dropping a flare 2/7/20
1/18/20 19:51 Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Node 119 2/7/20
1/18/20 19:30 Wilmington NC Circle 3 minutes One white light that dimmed and disappeared. 1/31/20
1/18/20 19:05 Alamo TX Light 7 minutes     My uncle had seen it moving across the sky tapped my shoulder then asked me if it was a satellite. I witnessed what I can only desc 2/7/20
1/18/20 18:50 Red Lodge MT Light 10 minutes We saw 30 dots of light traveling one after the other from the south west to the north east. Possibly satellites traveling in a line. 1/31/20
1/18/20 17:00 Decaturville TN Light 2 hours I have been seeing the same bright yellow to orange color changing light circular shaped flying object that sometimes doesn't appear. 1/31/20
1/18/20 12:35 Hartford CT Light All day Not so normal man who’s clothes seem to work with his body, light that emits theme like features, I know it sounds crazy. but , no lie 1/19/21
1/18/20 04:00 Baldwin Hills Estates CA Sphere 2 hours Cloned Stars 2/7/20
1/18/20 01:06 Harrisonburg VA Triangle 30 seconds Triangular light pattern rising slowly over northeast of Harrisonburg into the clouds. Followed seconds later by a single light. 2/7/20
1/17/20 20:30 Fairplain WV Circle 30 We saw the craft coming over the hill till it got so close I could see it and it was a space ship with lots of lights coming off it 2/7/20
1/17/20 20:00 Malone NY Circle 3 minutes These smaller looking aircrafts lined up in perfect formation like a trail of ants starting flying. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/17/20 19:04 Alburgh VT Formation 2 minutes I saw a string of double lights more than 50 moving upward through the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/17/20 19:00 Lansdowne (Canada) ON Light 10 minutes A straight line of non-blinking single lights. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/17/20 18:30 Hawkesbury (Canada) ON Light 15 minutes Strange string of lights in the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/17/20 18:30 Xenia OH Light 10 minutes 12 orange lights across the sky no noise at all! (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/17/20 18:00 Mesquite NM Circle 30 minutes Yellowish orange lights seen over the organ mountains 2/7/20
1/17/20 17:48 Kamloops (Canada) BC Light 5 minutes I saw through the windshield of my car,a very bright white light hovering stationary to the North,my right,as I faced West in the empty 4/9/20
1/17/20 14:41 Lakewood WA Oval
I have these two objects floating above my apartment complex that have been there for several weeks more like two months. They are only 2/7/20
1/17/20 09:45 Mount Pleasant SC Formation 30 seconds I was having a fire drill at my school and I saw a formation of ufos by the moon 2/7/20
1/17/20 07:30 Las Cruces NM Fireball 8:00 Strange Fireballs over Las Cruces 2/7/20
1/17/20 05:30 Princeton NJ Triangle 10 minutes I am an educator at a boarding school in Princeton, NJ. I was scheduled to interview prospective students by skype from China so I was 5/15/20
1/17/20 02:00 Carlsbad CA Other 5 minutes I was in bed asleep, when a bright red light illuminated our bedroom. I woke up and laid still staring at the red orb the size of a soc 1/31/20
1/17/20 01:00 Emerald Isle NC Oval 2 hours At approximately 0100 hrs, Jan 17, 2020 I observed a dark amber/orange orb hovering approximately 200-300 ft off the surface of the oce 2/7/20
1/17/20 01:00 Downey CA Sphere 8 minutes A solid round(luminate) green light with no sound, I'm not going to lie I was kind of scary. 1/31/20
1/17/20 00:00 Panama City FL Circle
The object that me and my boyfriend seen was a bright green circle we was walking to the store by the mall in Panama City when my boyfr 2/7/20
1/16/20 23:30 Deerfield NY Unknown 1 Invisible spinning ufo making giant spiral chemtrail Video On UFOSTALKER 2/7/20
1/16/20 23:00 Aiken SC Sphere 5 minutes Bright Sphere 2/7/20
1/16/20 21:30 Powell WY Unknown 5 minutes Three star-like lights formed in a triangle w/faint light between the 3 brighter lights slowly moving across night sky--3 objects? 2/7/20
1/16/20 19:45 Bandon OR Light 4 minutes I looked in the sky and thought the stars were moving. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 18:55 Algoma WI Light 45 seconds 6 lights very close to each other moving on the same path at the same speed. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 18:40 Carson WA Light 15 minutes 40-100 star sized white lights moving in strait line, evenly spaced, moving south to north. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 18:30 Standish CA Light 25 minutes 50-100 lights traveling across the sky in same path at same speed. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 18:30 Bend OR Light Dont know, light is still Hundred or more mile long light that was white behind the clouds and a wierd big blue light above those lights. (Took pictures) 2/7/20
1/16/20 18:20 Conowingo MD Circle 3+ minutes 4 Single Lights (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 18:20 Isleton CA Cross 40 Too warm yellow orange lights dance in dirt across the sky almost every night of the year in a repeatable fashion. 2/7/20
1/16/20 17:00 Ocean City
Light 1 hour and still counting Very bright stationary still light for over hour and counting. No stars cloudy dark sky. 2/7/20
1/16/20 16:00 North haven CT Light 15 minutes 3 Groups of 4 lights in formation going across sky from newhaven north. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 15:00 Middle Village NY Teardrop Still There Saw very bright lights being totally stationary and not moving above my place here in Queens N.Y. 2/7/20
1/16/20 14:53 Fort McCoy FL Triangle 4 minutes Triangle craft escorted by unknown military jets 2/7/20
1/16/20 12:50 Albany NY Circle 30 seconds 9 orangeish (or a single object) in the sky during the day. 2/7/20
1/16/20 10:30 Panama City FL Circle
I was standing outside on fairy Ave when I looked up at the sky and seen a bright green circle(for about 8secs)that was going faster th 2/7/20
1/16/20 10:20 Greenwood IN Changing A couple minutes Changing Light 2/7/20
1/16/20 07:35 Big Horn Mountains WY Formation 5 minutes Straight line of 15-20 slow moving, silent, lighted objects flew over the Big Horn Mountains (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 05:25 Deadhorse AK Flash 3 minutes Hovering above buildings and moving like a helicopter with red blue flashing lights. There are no helicopters in area especially at 5a 2/7/20
1/16/20 03:25 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 2/7/20
1/16/20 00:45 Blue Springs NE Light <1 second I saw a white dot of light (aka dropping orb) as it dove behind a nearby hill. 2/7/20
1/15/20 22:00 Las Vegas NV Circle 2 minutes Red glowing ball shaped light. Was looking at it move slowly north. Only red light was seen glowing.slowly light dies out. Dissapears. 2/7/20
1/15/20 22:00 Irvington AL Sphere 20-25 minutes My name is Paul s I stay in pine springs.every night now I see the same craft(bright slow pulsating white light)its happens ruffely aro 6/25/20
1/15/20 21:00 Oroville CA Light 1 minutes Looked like white feathers,in formation traveling across the sky. 500 ft in altitude , and 75 ft wide. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 20:58 Sanford FL

MADAR Node 91 2/7/20
1/15/20 20:00 Olocau (Spain)
Light unknown Trail of white lights following a straight line at fixed intervals. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 20:00 Bristol VA Cross 1 minute Wow cross ufo with two spotlights 2/7/20
1/15/20 19:50 Brule WI Light 20 seconds 4 Yellow lights that suddenly disappear 2/7/20
1/15/20 19:50 Washington CT Diamond 10 minutes Square (or diamond) shaped object flying then hovering at a low altitude 2/7/20
1/15/20 19:00 Jacksonville FL Cigar 1 minute An unusual aircraft suddenly appeared, displaying bright red and orange lights, then shot skyward and disappeared. 2/7/20
1/15/20 19:00 Venral UT Formation 30 seconds Rows of lights appearing and disappearing in night sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/15/20 18:59 Mount Joy PA Cigar 15 minutes Bright stationary (15 Min.) cigar shaped object in southern sky in Mount Joy, PA (6:59pm-7:14PM) 1/15/2020 2/7/20
1/15/20 18:57 Telluride CO Light 20 minutes A line of lights in linear formation moving across the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 18:50 Livermore CO Light 10 I was out checking for predators around our livestock when I glanced to the south west where I saw solid bright white lights that seeme 2/7/20
1/15/20 18:43 Council Bluffs IA Light 5-9 minutes Multiple tiny lights in the sky traveling in a straight line evenly spaced. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 18:35 Newton KS Formation 60-seconds Several stars were moving quickly over my head,i stopped,(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 18:35 Dunkerton IA Formation 4 minutes A straight formation of at least 20 aircraft Very high in the atmosphere All disappearing at same point. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 18:30 Reno NV
7 minutes 40+ craft flying in spaces formation at extermly high altitude (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 18:00 Swansea MA Light 10-15 minutes In 2 weaks I saw 2 coming from north to south east, and today they appear west and travel to south east then disappear,wen I was outsid 2/7/20
1/15/20 17:40 Cabot AR Circle
4 bluish lights in night sky. One was larger than the others with lighter specs of lights. 1/31/20
1/15/20 17:30 Chula Vista CA Cigar 10 seconds this ufo stayed on one course, but had this really intense glow to it. It was glowing so much that I couldn’t tell what kind of shape t 2/7/20
1/15/20 16:30 Rector AR Formation 4 minutes trail of multiple lights in the sky moving in formation.(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 16:05 Porterville CA Formation 5 minutes Stars moving in perfect line (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 07:05 Appeleton WI Light 1 minute Clear starless night 2/7/20
1/15/20 07:05 Appeleton WI Light 1 minute Clear starless night. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 06:35 Waterloo IL Unknown 10 minutes Lights like stars moving in a straight line at a steady pace and evenly spaced apart. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/15/20 06:06 Jonesboro AR

MADAR Node 143 2/7/20
1/15/20 05:52 Beaver Dam (north of) WI Other 2:00 Driving along Hwy 151 just north of Beaver Dam WI, there was a large orange ball that stood still. We know it was standing still due to 2/7/20
1/15/20 02:00 Los Angeles CA Sphere 2 minutes I awoke to find an udulating beach ball sized black sphere hovering in my kitchen. 12/23/20
1/14/20 21:10 Nuriootpa (Australia)
Light 5 minutes I witnessed about ten or so star lights travelling in a south easterly direction. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 20:00 Maxwell CA Formation 10 minutes Fleet of 8 to 10 lights, 3 at a time appearing, then disappearing. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:40 Jasper
Formation 25 minutes I got confused about the time, but it was 19:40. not 17:40 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:40 Jasper AR Fireball 25 minutes Twelve small constant unblinking lights moving eastward in the southern sky. One light quickly turned W (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:30 Phoenix AZ Light 1 minute The location of the sighting was a small enclosed backyard. It was dark with mid level cirrus clouds above.(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:20 Canon City CO Light 30 minutes Never ending line of starlike lights-uniformly spaced-moving from southwest sky to the northeast(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:15 Wellston OH Light ~30 seconds Group of unknown lights over Jackson county Ohio 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:00 Jackson OH Unknown 10-20 seconds Driving on Burlington rd. and witnessed several straight rows of multiple lights that appeared to line a black/invisible square or tria 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:00 Chandler AZ Light
Seen oval shaped lights as high as the stars. What was startling that the lights were traveling northeast. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:00 Trinidad CO Light 15 minutes Around 20 small dots of light, in a perfect line and evenly spaced, moving over Trinidad CO (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:00 Aurora CO Formation 5 minutes Objects were flying in a straight line in the distance, disappearing above one by one 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:00 Los Lunas NM Light 35 minutes 32+ flying objects in chain formation (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 18:48 Grand Junction CO Formation 15 seconds Linear trail of lights vanish into night sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 18:45 Albuquerque NM Light 10 minutes Groups of lights slowly moving above Albuquerque. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 18:45 Many Farms AZ Formation 10 minutes Perhaps their drones but they didn't seem like drones as they faded away. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 18:45 Ordway CO Formation 15 minutes Lights flying in formation, equally spaced apart. At least 2 dozen objects flying in Western sky from our location, flying Southwest to 2/7/20
1/14/20 18:30 Along HWY 550 Near Chaco Canyon NM Light 15 minutes Several lights disseminating in a line from a larger light. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 18:15 Riverside CA Triangle 1 minute I was driving south on Brockton Ave between Magnolia Ave and Arlington Ave. On the south side of the sky appeared three circles of abo 2/7/20
1/14/20 17:40 Jasper AR Fireball 25 minutes 12 small constant lights moving east in the southern sky. One light turned quickly Westward. Another light turned South and went straig 2/7/20
1/14/20 17:40 Jasper AR Fireball 25 minutes 12 small constant lights moving west in the southern sky. One light turned quickly Eastward. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 16:20 Patterson CA Circle 10 minutes Ballon type ufo just hovering over house about a 90’ up then implode in on itself and gone. Same as yesterday. 2/7/20
1/14/20 16:07 Jonesboro AR

MADAR Node 143 2/7/20
1/14/20 15:58 Issaquah WA Cigar 3 minutes Dark cigar-shaped object; daylight; hovered motionless against the wind; moved off silently 1/31/20
1/14/20 14:20 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 1/31/20
1/14/20 12:15 Windsor Heights IA Rectangle 3 minutes Dark rectangular object floating in the sky before descending towards the ground. 2/7/20
1/14/20 06:57 Bristolville OH Light 15 minutes I seen a light like a star but it moved slowly and quietly. Stopped in one spot for 15 or so minutes while a plane with red blinking l 2/7/20
1/14/20 06:30 Boulder City NV
5 minutes Was doing situps on the paved trail and saw a string of evenly spaced craft that looked like satellites.. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 06:25 Cambridge OH

MADAR Node 137 2/7/20
1/14/20 00:00 Phillipsburg KS Other Weeks I am copy/pasting a recent news article concerning the recent drone sightings over southern Nebraska and northern Kansas. FBI has rece 2/7/20
1/13/20 21:21 Danielson CT Light Undefined As I was driving I noticed a beam of blue-green light ascending from the horizon to the sky. I am not sure how far away it was , but I 2/7/20
1/13/20 20:40 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 1/31/20
1/13/20 19:42 Wheat Ridge CO Light 2-3 minutes 01/13/20 1943hrs UFO silent light or blacked out craft being escorted stealth helicopter vehicle the size of a Blackhawk 2/7/20
1/13/20 19:03 Palm Coast FL Light 1 minute Bright flash by Venus,then synchronized “star dance” 2/7/20
1/13/20 19:00 Saint Augustine FL Formation 3 minutes 7 Bright Lights in sky in straight line formation.... can't verify as spacex due to geopgraphic location. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/13/20 19:00 Morro Bay CA Formation 15 minutes String of 20 lights in formation west to east over north San Luis Obis county CA. 2/7/20
1/13/20 19:00 Morro Bay CA Formation 15 minutes String of 20 lights in formation west to east over north San Luis Obis county CA. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/13/20 18:45 Fairfield Bay AR Unknown 60 seconds Six lights that blinked on and off and suddenly disappeared seen near home near Fairfield Bay, Arkansas 2/7/20
1/13/20 17:46 Council Bluffs IA

MADAR Node 133 2/7/20
1/13/20 17:38 Trenton (abovd) NJ Light 20 minutes Moving flying object filmed from flight from Orlando to Albany 2/7/20
1/13/20 16:20 Patterson CA Circle 20 minutes Round white object looked like a balloon hovered for 20 minutes then gone. 2/7/20
1/13/20 15:39 Carroll OH

MADAR Node 89 1/31/20
1/13/20 14:00 Jasper FL Light 1 minute 9 bright lights in a chain moving in a uniform line upwards 2/7/20
1/13/20 13:50 Jacksonville FL Formation 5 minutes I was out on my back porch watching the sky since it was clear and coming from behind me, over my place, were these bright white orbs. 2/7/20
1/13/20 13:00 Bethlehem PA Other 5 seconds White cumulus shaped object travelling horizontally then sloped downward. No noise or contrail. 2/7/20
1/13/20 08:30 Spencer MA Triangle 10 At the end of Northwest Road and Route 31 we spotted 2 flying north slow speed with mo sound would estimate 1000 feet up .Bright orange 2/13/20
1/13/20 07:20 Three Springs PA Diamond 30 minutes Standing on front porch when what we thought was a star for 20 minutes started moving and glowing bright red, green, and white lights. 2/7/20
1/13/20 07:00 Ozark AR Triangle 5 minutes Hovering large craft with bright lights 5000-10,000 feet in the air. 2/7/20
1/13/20 02:16 Marietta GA

MADAR Node 90 2/7/20
1/12/20 21:40 North Chelmsford MA Cylinder 10 minutes UFO N Chelmsford Sun Jan 12 2/7/20
1/12/20 19:00 Coral Springs FL Light 10 minutes 20-30 lights MOVING quite fast in perfectly straight line from SE to NW. They were spaced fairly evenly (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 19:00 Trenton FL Light 5 minutes I noticed lights traveling from the south to the Northeast. They were single column. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 19:00 Orlando FL Light 1 minute 8 evenly spaced white lights moving north in a straight line above Orange County FL .(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 19:00 Miami FL Circle 15-20 minutes There where about 30 to 40 lights dots flying in a straight line one after another about 15 to 20 (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 19:00 Redlands FL Unknown 3 minutes looking South West at the BLUE STAR i noticed a line of lights. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 19:00 St Augustine FL
15 minutes I’ve never seen a satellite disappear in the middle of the sky. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 18:57 Mastic Beach NY Fireball 4 minutes Fireball in southeast sky that changed shapes. 1/31/20
1/12/20 18:50 Sebastian Inlet FL Formation 20 minutes Nearly 100 Starlike &quot;Lights&quot; moving rapidly in a straight line formation and then disappearing. 2/7/20
1/12/20 18:50 Stuart FL Unknown Few minutes Line of white lights over southeast Florida (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 18:46 Naples FL Light 15 minutes Mysterious White Lights Over The Everglades (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 18:30 Atlantic Ocean
Light 1 minute Groups of star-like objects following same path in sky, (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 18:20 Rourkela (India)
Light 20 minutes I AM A SKY GAZER AND I LOVE TO SEE STARS. (("Starlink: satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/12/20 18:00 Longview WA Light 25 minutes Bright light in the sky long observation 1/31/20
1/12/20 17:59 St. Thomas (USVI)
Sphere 15-20 minutes UFO seen above the US Virgin Islands. 2/7/20
1/12/20 16:00 Staten Island NY Unknown 2 seconds fast, forgetful afterwards. ((anonymous report)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 15:34 Carroll OH

MADAR Node 089 1/31/20
1/12/20 15:26 Colorado Springs CO Other 10 minutes I was sitting in our hot tub around 3pm and noticed a bright light that looked like a star in the north sky. I thought, wow a start in 2/7/20
1/12/20 06:45 Apple Valley CA Other 45 seconds Traveling West on Hwy 18 between 7th St and the 15 Fwy 2 hexagon shaped objects appeared at cloud level pointed South bound. They were 1/19/21
1/12/20 06:45 M Fort Myers FL Light 30-60 seconds 2-3 straight lines of what looked to be satellites flying SW to NE over N fort Myers. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 05:37 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 2/7/20
1/12/20 05:37 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 1/31/20
1/12/20 04:59 Portland OR

MADAR Node 66 1/31/20
1/12/20 04:25 Show Low AZ

MADAR Node 74 1/31/20
1/12/20 02:00 Henderson TN Chevron 10 minutes black, huge V-shaped craft a few hundred feet above ground following me, lights outlining the shape. Made no sound 8/27/20
1/12/20 Grand Junction CO

MADAR Node 75 A number of anomalies this day 1/31/20
1/11/20 23:30 frankston melbourne
Light 10 minutes glowing white/red object going at great speed across sky then stopping and zig zagging back and forth 12/23/20
1/11/20 23:18 Independence MO Light 2 minutes 2 lights, 1 craft flying slowly, covered by clouds. 2/13/20
1/11/20 21:15 Georgetown TX Rectangle 3 hours Craft hovering for several hours per night in this area, for at least a month. Decided to check it out. Got telescope, but as soon as w 2/7/20
1/11/20 20:00 Alden Williams IA Light 1 hour I was driving home from down town and looked off to the Southwest and seen a exstremley bright lite kinda looked oval in shape but it a 2/7/20
1/11/20 19:48 Garrettsville OH

MADAR Node 64 1/31/20
1/11/20 18:30 Visalia CA Formation 2 minutes Me and my husband noticed three bright lights in the formation of a triangle just sitting in the sky. We thought they were stars and as 2/7/20
1/11/20 18:15 Phoenix AZ Circle 10 minutes Sightings of 2 consecutive orange/red glowing objects that stopped, hovered then disappeared upward. 2/7/20
1/11/20 14:30 Miami FL Rectangle 5 minutes Slow moving black rectangle object, cloud height over the Port of Miami. ((anonymous report)) 2/7/20
1/11/20 13:53 Los angeles CA Light 1 second Working light 5x the speed of sound. 2/7/20
1/11/20 11:07 Reno NV Oval 4 seconds Laying down on trampoline with my friends. My friend saw a black oval in the sky. Very close to us. She told me to look and I saw it to 2/7/20
1/11/20 07:00 Lehigh Acres FL Circle 15 we were sitting in back of house about 7:00 pm there started a many circle caravan traveling from southwest to eastnorth about 36 inche 2/7/20
1/11/20 06:40 Miami FL Circle 10 minutes Facing southwest,a line of 19 lights moved across the sky at low altitude, obvious to the naked eye. Lights were in a very straight lin 2/7/20
1/11/20 05:44 Volcan (Republic of Panama)
Light 5 minutes Multiple points of white light in a straight line disappearing one after the other over the horizon .(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/11/20 04:42 Oaklandon IN

MADAR Node 87 1/31/20
1/11/20 04:30 Garretson SD Egg 30 seconds White seemingly hovering Tic-Tac object Near a plane in the sky Observed for 25 seconds Rapidly accelerated out of visible range in app 2/7/20
1/11/20 03:25 Edmonds WA

MADAR Node 61 1/31/20
1/11/20 03:00 Bellevue NE
5 minutes Alien contact 2/7/20
1/11/20 01:00 Ponte Vedra Beach FL Oval 10 seconds Large bright blue/ green object traveling at light speed dropped out if the sky and towards the ground and disappeared. 2/7/20
1/11/20 Grand Junction CO

MADAR Node 75 A number of anomalies this day 1/31/20
1/10/20 23:30 Rochester NY Disk 5 minutes I was sitting on my porch have an enclosed porch looking out the window and I saw a bright luminous light surrounding around this disli 2/7/20
1/10/20 23:25 Estes Park CO

MADAR Node 156 1/31/20
1/10/20 23:20 Pittsfield MA Cone 45 seconds I was sitting on my porch smoking a cigarette when all a sudden I hear this extra loud train noise. I then see a bright light cone shap 2/7/20
1/10/20 21:16 Slippery Rock PA Light 7 seconds North on route 258 from slippery Rock toward North liberty a huge white ball with a short tail fell from the sky. 1/31/20
1/10/20 20:20 Belgrade MT Cylinder 1-2 minutes Red/Orange object moving over valley 2/7/20
1/10/20 20:15 Kerrville TX Triangle 30 minutes One of my friends told me to come outside to look at something he was seeing in the sky. I in turn walked out and went onto telling him 2/7/20
1/10/20 20:00 Carmel NY Circle 1 hour red blue flashing dots high in sky Putnam ny 1/19/21
1/10/20 19:48 Garrettsville OH

MADAR Node 64 supercedes previous false entry date 01/11/2020 1/31/20
1/10/20 19:45 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 1/31/20
1/10/20 19:32 Staten Island NY Disk 8 seconds It moved rather quickly and then disappeared. Almost looks to have changed shape when watching the video in slow motion. The object loo 2/7/20
1/10/20 19:00 Yauco (Puerto Rico)
Light 15 minutes Lights over Puerto Rico after earthquake 2/7/20
1/10/20 10:42 Idalgashinna (Sabaragamuwa)(Sri Lanka)
Other 3-5 seconds I didn't saw anything from my naked eye and environment completely calm and sunny. Nothing in the sky other than few distant clouds. 1/31/20
1/10/20 09:40 Istanbul (Turkey)
Sphere 20 Multiple orbs moving in a linear pattern. Some orbs where stationary in the vicinity. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/10/20 07:45 Bude (UK/England)
Unknown 10 seconds Large black craft hiding within thick, dark clouds 2/7/20
1/10/20 07:00 San Leandro CA Other 1hour and counting I sit at the marina every morning for the sunrise to meditate and this morning I noticed above the cloud and fog line would appear to b 1/31/20
1/10/20 06:50 Bridgend (UK/Wales) YT Triangle 5 minutes It was around 06:50 and as I carry out my morning routine, I went out the back garden to have a cigarette when the object caught my eye 1/31/20
1/10/20 06:35 Thornwood NY Disk 3 minutes Saucer shaped UFO with red and white flashing lights 2/7/20
1/10/20 06:26 Cambridge OH

MADAR Node 137 1/31/20
1/10/20 06:00 Burlington KY Circle 5 minutes I saw an object fly past my airport in a weird Direction and I watched it make a turn that was just not possible by a plane or helicopt 2/7/20
1/10/20 05:35 Chennai (India)
Light 10-15 minutes A series of soft white lights were traveling in a pattern on straight line from NW to SE. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/10/20 04:49 Mobile AL

MADAR Node 63 1/31/20
1/10/20 01:30 Keller GA Triangle 20 seconds Triangular craft descending and hovering by radio tower. 9/4/20
1/10/20 Grand Junction CO

MADAR Node 75 A number of anomalies this day 1/31/20
1/9/20 23:30 Sherman TX Cross 5 minutes 50+ ft drone in rural area? 2/13/20
1/9/20 22:15 Willowspring NC Triangle 1 minute Saw a triangle shaped aircraft hover about 100 to 150 foot over a house on my way home from work when I pulled over to get a better loo 2/7/20
1/9/20 21:00 Lewisville NC Oval 20 minutes Saw a bright oblong light on my way home from work. Followed it by sight to my home. Pulled to a stop at dead end street. watched it 2/7/20
1/9/20 21:00 Phoenix AZ Rectangle 5 minutes I went outside at 9 pm to take out trash. Right above me a little to the west I saw a strange orb of lights that seemed to change from 2/7/20
1/9/20 19:45 Los Lunas
Fireball 5 minutes+ Lights over Los Lunas similar to fireballs. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/9/20 19:00 Berlin MA Light 1 hour Blue flashes/ radiating orbs of light traveled at least 10 miles northwest 1/19/21
1/9/20 18:58 Bluegrass IA Light 2 minutes Single white light that I originally assumed it was a star. I watched it for a couple minutes while I was driving south on US 61. I gla 2/7/20
1/9/20 18:30 Fairfield IA Light >30 minutes Upstairs neighbor knocked on our door and led us outside. She said it was tons of drones. (("Starlink" satellites??))a 1/31/20
1/9/20 18:05 Kennesaw GA Circle 10 minutes 3-5 white balls of light circled around, met in the middle, and continued this pattern for about 10 minutes. ((Advertising lights??)) 2/7/20
1/9/20 17:20 Libby MT Sphere 10 minutes Bright rotating green, red, yellow blinking lights, silent 2/7/20
1/9/20 16:47 Ocala FL

MADAR Node 135 1/31/20
1/9/20 09:56 Laurel Springs NJ Cylinder Few minutes I took 4 pictures of a cylinder shaped craft in the sky. 1/31/20
1/9/20 06:00 Port Angeles WA Circle 1 minute Super bright red orb or craft that hovered for about a min and blinked like a eye 2 times then faded out and disappeared . Felt like it 1/31/20
1/9/20 05:23 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 1/31/20
1/9/20 04:00 Dixmont ME Fireball Seconds Green Ball of Fire falls from the sky 2/7/20
1/9/20 03:05 Cambridge OH

MADAR Node 137 1/31/20
1/9/20 01:00 Audubon NJ Unknown
Blob and green light seen near moon. 1/31/20
1/9/20 00:25 Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Node 119 1/31/20
1/9/20 Grand Junction CO

MADAR Node 75 A number of anomalies this day 1/31/20
1/8/20 22:00 Haifa (Israel)
Unknown <2 seconds 01/08/20 22:00 haifa(israel) unknown ~1second bright green dot moved straight above me and then far away went upwards 9/4/20
1/8/20 20:30 St. Francisville IL Light 15 minutes String of white lights moving in a line across the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/8/20 20:00 Oceanside CA Light 1 minute Driving down the interstate going Northbound on I-5 and noticed one object in the sky with a red flashing strobe flying abnormally low 2/7/20
1/8/20 19:30 Le Roy NY Light 25 Lasting bright light of 20 minutes starts to move away to the right then slowly dims and fades away 2/7/20
1/8/20 19:00 Hopkinsville KY Triangle 6 minutes Three orange flying objects flying in a stationary position formed into a triangle. 2/7/20
1/8/20 19:00 Maidens VA Circle 10-15 Three quickly moving objects. Flew very close to each other then would zoom up or down. Small bright saucer craft 2/7/20
1/8/20 18:50 Holland OH
4 minutes About 12 objects streaked across the sky in straight line formation, with perfect distance between them.(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/8/20 18:45 Central SC Triangle 3 minutes 2 large low-flying, noiseless, triangle crafts over upstate sc 2/7/20
1/8/20 18:30 Santa Monica CA Light ongoing Bright stationary light in Western sky above Santa Monica. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 2/7/20
1/8/20 18:00 Littleville AL Light 40 seconds Two lights floated above the police department for about 30 to 40 seconds. Noticed it after my 7 year old son started crying and pointe 2/7/20
1/8/20 17:45 London KY Sphere 1 hour extremely bright ball of light looks like a star or planet. ((Venus??)) 2/7/20
1/8/20 15:52 Spencerville IN

MADAR Node 81 1/31/20
1/8/20 15:00 Henderson NV Oval >1 minute Seen a sphere above green valley and sunset. Moving around side by side. 2/7/20
1/8/20 11:15 Coralville IA Sphere 45 seconds A black sphere that taveled in a straight line until out of sight. 2/7/20
1/8/20 06:10 Leland NC Light 30 seconds Star like object falling at sharp vertical angle to near treeline very rapidly. Before contact with ground it veered sharply to the lef 2/7/20
1/8/20 05:30 Vero beach FL Formation 5 minutes Line of lights seen over vero beach (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/8/20 05:12 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 1/31/20
1/8/20 01:00 Seekonk/Pawtucket Line RI Unknown 1-2 minutes Large circular lights hoovering above golf course 2/7/20
1/8/20 00:13 Portland OR

MADAR Node 66 1/31/20
1/8/20 Grand Junction CO

MADAR Node 75 multiple anomalies this day 1/31/20
1/7/20 00:00 Callahan FL Other 1 minute Seen it out towards the Southeast as me and a buddy were driving to work around 5:15 a.m. It was crystal clear with 8-10 rounded lights 2/7/20
1/7/20 22:15 Toronto (Canada) ON Diamond 15 minutes Multiple star like entities/ craft clustered together. Then dispersed and some would cluster again, but many could still be seen in and 2/7/20
1/7/20 22:15 Royal Palm Beach FL

MADAR Node 76 1/31/20
1/7/20 22:00 Philadelphia (northeast) PA Other 90 minutes Small fairy like movements in a shape of far away star yet so close. No noise. 2/16/18
1/7/20 21:50 Cambridge OH

MADAR Node 137 1/31/20
1/7/20 21:11 duluth MN Fireball 5 seconds green fireball fell from sky. 2/7/20
1/7/20 21:00 Atkins IA Light 4 seconds Green lights over field near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, shot off into space 2/7/20
1/7/20 20:30 Lincoln NE Light 15 minutes 20-30 Star-like lights moving in union from NWest to East 2/7/20
1/7/20 19:34 Farmington Hills MI

MADAR Node 144 1/31/20
1/7/20 19:30 Whiteriver AZ Light 10 seconds Multiple orange lights seen in a row. 2/7/20
1/7/20 19:23 Evansville IN Changing 5 minutes UFO was SPYING on me form my backyard!! 2/25/20
1/7/20 19:00 Booneville MS Light 30 minutes There was a light in the sky to the West brighter than the stars. It was moving very oddly. At times, it would do circles, and the ligh 1/31/20
1/7/20 19:00 Evansville IN Unknown 2 minutes Saw a white orb disappear and reappear possibly using a stealth technology 2/7/20
1/7/20 19:00 Fairford MB Disk 1 minutes A flashing disk with different colors heading north of fairford. 2/7/20
1/7/20 18:15 Cedar Rapids IA Unknown 7 minutes Witnessed (14) flying objects flying NW to SE over Cedar Rapids. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 18:15 Lewiston MI Formation 5+ minutes 32 Satellites? (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 18:13 Richmond TX Cylinder 30 seconds We witnessed a massive dark greyish object that was cylinder or cigar shape and traveling from West to East at Dusk at a rapid speed. 2/7/20
1/7/20 14:33 Evansville IN

MADAR Node 153 1/31/20
1/7/20 07:00 Tucumcari NM Disk 1 hour Very bright saucer-shaped object close to Tucumcari 2/7/20
1/7/20 07:00 Kalispell MT
4 seconds Snowblowing at 7am, still very dark, could only see with headlight. The sky and everything around me lit up in a shade of blue, it only 2/7/20
1/7/20 06:53
AL Circle 1 minute Report was received from a pilot who was climbing to altitude. He reported seeing a string of approx. 12 white lights. ((satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 06:27 Marshall WI Unknown 1 minute Two steady white lights moving in tandem, west to east near Madison, WI 2/7/20
1/7/20 06:25 Wahiawa HI Formation 1 50 UFO's flying in a straight line seen over Oahu in the early morning hours of January 7th.(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 06:20 Wahiawa HI Cigar 5 minutes Around 0620 a line of lights was seen moving across the sky moving from North to South of oahu.(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 06:00 Liberty TX Unknown 5 minutes Vertical arrangement of lights with synchronized rapid movement. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 06:00 League City TX Other 3 minutes It was bright line of light. You would think it was a shooting stat but it wasn’t moving just hovering. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:57 Abilene TX Cigar 10 minutes It was up and down about an inch long that slowly fell. I took a photo of it. 1/31/20
1/7/20 05:55 Helotes TX Other 10 minutes Straight line of lights, possibly 8 to 10, connected, moving east, south east very slow, no sound. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/7/20 05:55 Comfort TX Other 1 minute Saw a row of lights in a slanted line. Thought it was Maybe a glare on the window. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:52 Live Oak TX Light 30 seconds Bright sting of lights moving at high speed then disappear. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:52 SAN ANTONIO TX Formation 1 minute 10-15 White, blue lights in linear formation traveling in San Antonio sky this morning. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:52 Sugar Land TX Formation
We all looked up and saw the unidentified objects above in a straight line above. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/7/20 05:51 San Marcos TX Formation 1 minute 1/7/2020 San Marcos, Tx witnessed for 1 minute a long trail of lights moving southward w/o a sound, (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:50 San antonio TX Light 1 minute I saw a diagonal line / with several lights. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:50 Athens NY Triangle 5 minutes I look up to see a ball of light which at first glance looked like a star. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:50 Dickinson TX Formation 2 minutes Observed very bright lights in vertical column moving slowly upward and towards the south. ((Star;oml satellites??)) 7/23/20
1/7/20 05:50 Vicksburg MS Oval 3 minutes Multiple lights around the ring of the craft and about the size of the entire hospital campus in Warren county, descended near the Hwy 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:50 Crowley LA Light 10 minutes A dozen bright strars appeared in a straight line over Crowley, La. this morning. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:50 Mc Gregor TX Formation 3 minutes Witnessed a string of lights one bright in the middle with about 7 in front and seven trailing . (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:45 Fair Oaks Ranch TX Cylinder 5-7 minutes Driving to San Antonio from Boerne in the dark early this morning, my wife and I both saw (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:45 Hazen AR Formation 5 minutes I focused and saw a straight line of lights (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:45 Murfreesboro TN Cigar 2-3 minutes Very,very long thin tubular object with no wingspan or lights moving slowly in straight line from Northeast to Southwest. 1/31/20
1/7/20 05:45 Orange County CA Formation 45 seconds Lights in straight line formation, moving slow but fading away real fast.(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:35 Hico TX Formation 3-5 minutes UFO String of lights in Hico Texas. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:30 Bay City TX Fireball 1-2 minutes Was taking a early morning walk when I saw 3 fireballs all traveling together with flames shooting off. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:20 Mission viejo CA Other 20 seconds It looked like a white light stick in the sky it was canted to the right. It was moving south towards San clemente. There were 2 bright 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:20 Ramona CA Formation 2 minutes Ling string of lights heading south east that appear in orbit. Various brightness for each of the lights. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:15 Farmington Hills MI

MADAR Node 144 1/31/20
1/7/20 05:13 stratham NH Oval 5 minutes Slow moving object with two lights (one very bright). Perfect oval shape. 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:00 Katy TX Other Minutes A line of white lights descending slowly over Houston Texas (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:00 Jal NM Formation 10 seconds I got out of my car and I am always scanning the night sky for suspicious activity. I spotted to the west in the dark morning sky what 2/7/20
1/6/20 23:00 Waverly GA Triangle 1 minute My mom and I saw a red fireball/light/tail in the sky East of I95 S pause for almost a minute and then disappear into thin air. 2/7/20
1/6/20 22:00 Sapelo Island GA Fireball 5 minutes A fireball expelling intense gas trail & debris flew for 4 to 5 minutes across coastline of Sapelo Island, Georgia. 2/7/20
1/6/20 21:30 Supply NC Egg 1 minute saw a huge yellow oblong shape ( big as tree) Descending over trees and then it was gone 2/7/20
1/6/20 21:20 Waretown NJ Formation 3 minutes Low-flying light formation hovers and then disappears. 2/7/20
1/6/20 21:16 Lake Wales FL Changing 7 minutes UFO / MISSLE SHAPED 2/7/20
1/6/20 20:00 Los Angeles CA Fireball 30 seconds Bright red speeding fireball. 2/7/20
1/6/20 20:00 Sonoma CA Triangle Every night Every night I heard a strange sound outside, and I saw a huge black triangular object floating in the sky. 2/7/20
1/6/20 19:52 Albuquerque NM Circle 5 Circle ufo with 4 bright white lights hovering over Albuquerque home while driving to work 2/7/20
1/6/20 18:53 Decatur TX Light On going There’s a Big Bright Glowing light Deflector Shield protecting the Spacecraft you can see lights of the spacecraft going around , Now a 2/13/20
1/6/20 18:45 Idaho Falls ID

I looked up in the sky above the lights and there was a long oval blackish disc. 1/31/20
1/6/20 18:20 Gainesville FL Cross 45 seconds HUGE object stationary and moving Gainesville FLorida 2/7/20
1/6/20 17:30 Bradford IA Light 3 minutes Object Hovering still with two white lights, one flashing. No noise. 2/7/20
1/6/20 17:15 Temecula CA Triangle >1 minute Object was moving faster than any aircraft I've ever seen. 2/7/20
1/6/20 17:08 Sandy Spring MD Fireball 3 minutes In the car, I saw fireballs falling from the sky, later confirmed that they were not meteors, asteroids, or comets. 2/7/20
1/6/20 17:08 Wilmington DE Triangle 10 minutes Witnessed a formation heading south on 95 very bright light in sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/6/20 17:05 Westminster CO Formation Unknown Five square lights in a V formation hovering above the clouds 2/7/20
1/6/20 17:00 Akron PA Light 17:00 I saw a light in the sky and I believed it was an alien spacecraft because the light shut off and it disappeared into the sky. 2/7/20
1/6/20 16:48 High Point NC Cigar 10 minutes High Point North Carolina before crossing the bridge. Witnessed lights before crossing the bridge and after crossing another person pul 2/7/20
1/6/20 16:40 Concordville PA Cigar 30 minutes Round Silver Object and Cigar Shaped Silver Object sighted hovering, then disappearing, then reappearing in Concordville. 2/7/20
1/6/20 16:25 Saraland/Mobile AL Disk 15 seconds about 3 weeks prior to this sighting, I was driving south on I-65 headed towards Mobile right at Mile Marker 16. I observed a shiny sa 2/7/20
1/6/20 13:45 Harrisonburg VA Unknown 15 minutes A contrail was headed toward the ground and then changed direction after 3 more aircraft were drawing near 2/7/20
1/6/20 12:00 Pampa TX Teardrop 8-10 minutes Teardrop craft and fast moving interception by line shaped craft followed by increased airplane activity 2/7/20
1/6/20 11:19 Pueblo CO

MADAR Node 83 1/31/20
1/6/20 09:30 Eagan MN Light >3 minutes On a sunny morning an oval light moved around in a small area then stood still above the highway. 2/7/20
1/6/20 08:15 Jenks OK Triangle
It was a triangular shape aircraft and had one bright light and flashing lights on both sides like an airplane but it was moving slowly 2/7/20
1/6/20 07:00 Austin TX Sphere 30-45 minutes I was driving into Austin it was still dark. Noticed the Big Dipper. About 20 minutes later I noticed a plane at a high speed underneat 2/7/20
1/6/20 07:00 Dallas TX Formation 15 seconds DFW airport 2/7/20
1/6/20 05:52 Corpus Christi TX Formation 1-2 minutes Bright multicolored light over corpus christi bay area. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/6/20 05:45 Dracut MA Unknown Several minutes Two lights (from ground 6-7 inches apart), making me assume object was large and low. Could only see the lights not the object. 2/7/20
1/6/20 05:45 Dallas TX Other 45 seconds Snake UFO above Dallas 2/7/20
1/6/20 05:25 Jonesboro AR

MADAR Node 143 1/31/20
1/6/20 05:18 Lincoln NE Unknown 2 hours Possible Abduction 2/7/20
1/6/20 05:00 Springfield PA Diamond 10 minutes I saw about 4 in a row and another off to the side. They disappeared just about 10min later I tried to take pictures but my camera suck 2/7/20
1/6/20 00:23 North Vancouver (Canada) BC Sphere 5 minutes Two bright objects in southern sky 6/25/20
1/5/20 21:59 Lubbock TX Triangle 4 seconds v shaped faint red lights moving below Sirris 2/7/20
1/5/20 21:00 New Bern NC Circle 5 hours Pilot Reported Lights off NC Coast 2/7/20
1/5/20 20:04 North Berwick ME Light 30 minutes Not seemingly an aircraft as it remained stationary. Blinking was steady. 1/31/20
1/5/20 20:00 Hellertown PA Triangle 10 seconds Three red dots in a triangular shape with dull, but visible, white lines connecting the dots. 2/7/20
1/5/20 19:00 Greensboro NC Chevron 30-40 seconds Nearly Invisible Chevron shaped craft silently gliding south with leading edge illuminated by moonlight. 2/7/20
1/5/20 18:30 Lincoln MA Circle 3 seconds I had never seen anything move that fast 2/7/20
1/5/20 18:30 Cleveland (Canada) QC Light 1 minute The lights were coming from over the southern horizon over Richmond, Quebec. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/5/20 18:17 Shreveport LA Flash 10 minutes 7 flashing lights going from the East to the west flashing one after another in a nice formation i was standing on Yuri Drive 2/7/20
1/5/20 18:15 Kingston NH Light 5 seconds Fast bright white light shoots across the sky. 2/7/20
1/5/20 18:07 Shreveport LA Formation 30 minutes On video chat with husband. There were many trucks in the lot, so it is possible it was more than just he and I who saw the lights. 2/7/20
1/5/20 18:00 Bear DE Light 30 seconds On route 40 going east just past wrangle Hill Rd. Saw what I thought might be 2 planes, however 1 of the white objects grew larger and 2/7/20
1/5/20 16:22 Charleston SC Unknown :02 3 objects buzzing around in broad daylight and vanish in formation. 2/7/20
1/5/20 16:00 West Odessa TX Circle
Simply taking pictures of Jets, airplanes, Jet trails, etc. One picture has 2 anomalies. ((anonymous report)) 2/7/20
1/5/20 13:15 Buckeye AZ Sphere ~5 seconds Orange sphere traveling east to west. No sound. We are located 26 miles north of Buckeye Az. Object was about the size of a marble at a 2/7/20
1/5/20 12:05 Tuscaloosa AL Teardrop
I looked up to the southeast and saw a large object hovering a few hundred feet up in the sky. 5/1/20
1/5/20 08:00 Wayne NY Fireball 30 minutes So me and my brother were driving home through this town. And up in the sky was these bright orange yellow lights. At first we thought 2/7/20
1/5/20 07:45 Goleta CA Sphere 40 minutes UFO Goleta Isla Vista Hovering Over The Ocean 1/5/20 2/7/20
1/5/20 06:25 Cambridge OH

MADAR Node 137 1/31/20
1/5/20 04:29 Grand Junction CO

MADAR Node 75 1/31/20
1/5/20 02:30 Topeka KS Light Never stopped I've seen UFOs before but this was different! It wasnt the satelites everyone is seeing either! I walked outside to go to the store and 2/7/20
1/5/20 02:11 Louisville KY Circle 20 I woke up to a bright light I thought it was the moon. I looked at it out up more moved the the size shrunk and dissaperad 2/7/20
1/5/20 00:05 Kolkata (India)
Other 1 minute Saw an illuminated glow near the horizon of the north western sky around midnight. First thought was that its the 1998 or2 asteroid but 6/25/20
1/4/20 23:00 Arlington WA Light 30 minutes We saw 1-2 lights in the sky up above and traveling the very large mountainess hillside. Before recording I saw a light with a beam. 1/31/20
1/4/20 22:42 Redlands CA Circle 2 seconds Spotted green object moving are high speed and disappearing. 2/7/20
1/4/20 22:08 Red Rock TX Circle 10 minutes On January 4, 2020, at 22:08 pm, I was standing on my porch calling for my dogs to come inside. I live out in the country so it is dar 1/31/20
1/4/20 20:20 Stayton OR Light 1 minute I was driving on the Hwy in between the town's of Jefferson,Oregon and Stayton,Oregon and I just passed through the town of Marion, Ore 2/7/20
1/4/20 19:50 Maxwell IA Changing 20 minutes What appeared to be a bright light in the western sky started changing from a ball to a vertical shape with blue and orange lights emit 2/7/20
1/4/20 19:00 Jerome ID Oval on going super bright - statioanry - it looks like light all around it as well ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus?? PD)) 2/7/20
1/4/20 15:15 Tulsa (Tulsa airport, Sheridan Rd.) OK Disk 2-3 minutes Gigantic disc seem very clearly Tulsa International Airport. I can't be the only one that ever seen it was so gigantic 2/7/20
1/4/20 11:12 Grand Junction CO

MADAR Node 75 1/31/20
1/4/20 10:09 Stephenville TX Circle 5 seconds Falling star UFO that fell then took off !! 2/7/20
1/4/20 09:20 Bedias TX Circle 10 minutes While having coffee outside this morning, my husband and I observed an awkward aircraft flying over our home. Awkward due to the odd li 2/7/20
1/4/20 09:00 South Ogden UT Circle 3-5 minutes Floating Cylinder about the Ogden Athletic Club 2/7/20
1/4/20 09:00 Port Arthur TX Disk 3:00 Gliding saucer over Port Arthur 6/25/20
1/4/20 04:27 Shelby Townshiip MI Circle 5 seconds Two unusual non blinking white circular lights at high altitude moving parallel at extremely fast speeds. 1/31/20
1/4/20 04:19 Farmington Hills MI

MADAR Node 144 1/31/20
1/4/20 03:40 Huntington Park CA Triangle 10-20 seconds First I heard this loud noise above my head then I looked up looking for a big airplane as I live 14 miles from LAX. What I saw was ama 2/7/20
1/4/20 02:19 West Jordan UT Changing 7 seconds Bright bold flash of a space craft fly down and out of the sky in Utah. 2/7/20
1/3/20 23:15 Wilcox (near) AZ Light 20 seconds Bright light travels 90 degrees at high rate of speed 2/7/20
1/3/20 22:50 Fort Wayne IN Disk 5-7 minutes I was driving my children and my granddaughter and her friend home. We were traveling East on Vance Avenue. The closer we got to Wal 2/7/20
1/3/20 22:30 Stilwell OK Light 2 minutes Saw a bright, white, light in the sky. It was flashing slowly. Just hovering in one spot for about 2 minutes. it disappeared when an ai 2/7/20
1/3/20 21:50 Oakwood GA Triangle 10 seconds 3 triangle objects in Hall county GA 2/7/20
1/3/20 21:45 Sherman Oaks CA Triangle 15 seconds Dark black silent triangle flying low 5/21/20
1/3/20 21:00 Ada OK Light 5 minutes I took a small bag to our poly cart already at the curb in front of the house for next day pickup. My eye caught a blinking light in th 2/7/20
1/3/20 20:20 Tulsa OK Sphere 5-6 seconds Technically, this was a ufo simply because I truly can't imagine what could have met the same velocity it was traveling that would also 2/7/20
1/3/20 18:00 Denver CO Diamond 5m
1/3/20 17:37 Tualatin OR Light 20 minutes I was with my friend as she was driving through Tualatin when we both noticed these 2 hovering lights in the sky below the clouds that 1/31/20
1/3/20 17:30 Quay NM Sphere 2 minutes Bright star like spheres (20) moving in an arc formation from north to south near Grady NM (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/3/20 15:30 Florence OR Changing 10 minutes we kept hearing a low rumbling like a jet flying over but there were none in sight 2/7/20
1/3/20 13:00 Whiterock CO Teardrop 6 seconds silver colored teardrop shape UFO in a horizontal position 2/7/20
1/3/20 08:45 Odenville GA Light 3 minutes Very strange right light behind clouds that travelled parallel with I-20 for 3 minutes 2/7/20
1/3/20 06:42 Kamloops (Kamloops) BC Other 7 minutes (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/3/20 05:45 Lamesa TX Chevron 2 hours Chevron object later observed to be an oval shape with lights all around 2/7/20
1/3/20 05:25 Olympia WA Triangle 5 minutes + Weird flying object flys upside-down next to I5 in Olympia 1/31/20
1/3/20 04:30 Oriental NC Light 10 minutes Odd lights over the Pamlico Sound. 2/7/20
1/3/20 03:00 Douglasville GA Light 2 min Bright light, flying way to low to be a plane or helicopter, bright light, soft humming sound 2/7/20
1/3/20 02:31 Santa Claus IN

MADAR Node 114 1/31/20
1/3/20 01:44 Ocala FL Circle 3 seconds Red ball hovered just above the tree line for couples seconds, then instantly dropped down and to left Amd at hypersonic speed vanish 2/7/20
1/2/20 20:43 Upper Darby PA Formation 3 seconds There were approximately 10 white fuzzy lights about 100 yards from each other forming a circle 2/7/20
1/2/20 19:12 Santee CA
A few seconds Fire trail falling through the sky 2/7/20
1/2/20 19:00 Mentor OH Cigar 5 minutes NE Ohio Low Flying Blimp-like Sighting 2/7/20
1/2/20 18:25 Cork (Ireland)

There were at least twelve lights the size of stars traveling across the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/2/20 17:42 Tifton GA Oval 2:00 Moving steadily with no sound or contrail but very high up in the air. ((anonymous source)) (("Spacelink" satellites??) 2/7/20
1/2/20 13:00 Sardinia OH Light 0:00 Strange light occurs often inside brick house in ground level walls have very high energy and attic floors. Video. 2/7/20
1/2/20 09:00 Rosemead CA Circle 5 seconds I seen a circle light pass by so fast and disappeared within maybe 4/5 second and then 3 circle lights ((anonymous report)) 2/7/20
1/2/20 07:44 Farmington Hills MI

MADAR Node 144 1/31/20
1/2/20 05:55 North Brookfield MA Triangle 5 minutes Just driving down the road and saw it hovering and moving slowly as well. 2/7/20
1/2/20 03:40 Oberlin OH Disk 3 hours UFOs hung around the area until dawn when they disappeared 2/7/20
1/2/20 03:25 Mattituck NY Cigar 2 minutes Large grey cigar shaped object the size of a battleship appeared stationary over Mattituck Airport at approx. 15:25 for approx. 2 min. 2/7/20
1/2/20 03:12 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100. 1/31/20
1/2/20 01:40 Des Moines IA Disk 5 Object changing colors (green,red,white) moving very unnaturally.. 2/7/20
1/2/20 01:00 Kasilof AK Formation 5 minutes Four large bright red non blinking lights headed straight towards us in a perfectly spaced in a large span after getting very close too 2/7/20
1/2/20 00:21 Grayland WA Changing 12-15 minutes My wife and I spotted an orange glow in the sky over our home, moving very fast from N to S. And there were 3 more that followed. 1/31/20
1/2/20 00:00 Miami FL Disk 10-15 minutes Saw three yellow/orange rotating disc shaped crafts move rapidly throughout the night's sky before disappearing 2/7/20
1/1/20 23:59 Land o' Lakes FL Circle 3 I saw 2 Red Balls of light Flying About 500 feet off the Ground Heading from the North going South over Land O Lake's, Fl, 34639. Ther 2/7/20
1/1/20 23:00 Fort Myers Beach FL Circle 4 minutes Bright orange circle drifting above the ocean onto land in a gliding motion. Nothing else in the sky whatsoever & extremely clear night 1/19/21
1/1/20 23:00 Augustine (at) FL Chevron 15 seconds Sighting and formation change 2/7/20
1/1/20 22:00 Duluth MN Disk 4 hours In lester park in duluth mn every night the stars started changing and then realized that all thoughs stars were actually tons of ufos. 1/19/21
1/1/20 22:00 Laramie WY
30-45 minutes This craft raised up and was over us almost instantly. ((NUFORC Note: Report from MUFON. PD)) 5/1/20
1/1/20 20:08 Commercial Point OH
3 seconds Bright light going east to west burning steady light across the sky 1/31/20
1/1/20 19:30 Milford DE Rectangle 5min Flying C5 sized quadcopter, made good video footage. 1/31/20
1/1/20 19:20 Gilbert AZ Light 6 minutes Four orange-yellow pulsating lights in nightime sky. (("Spacelink" satellites??) 2/7/20
1/1/20 19:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Light 15 minutes We watched as a row of lights equal distance apart travelled across the sky and disappeared. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/1/20 18:30 Sterling VA Light Ongoing 5 min+ Light / Orb hovering 2/7/20
1/1/20 18:20 Hanson MA Triangle 10 minutes 3 bright lights seen in the sky - forming a triangular shape and not moving 2/7/20
1/1/20 18:00 Colorado Springs CO Sphere 2 hours My boyfriend and i were going to chipotle on powers and s. Carefree.we were at stop loght and looked south down powers,saw the ufos. Th 2/7/20
1/1/20 17:35 Berkley MA Disk 12 minutes Object was observed with numerous white rapidly flashing lights. Object moved great distances in a split second. It was observed in one 2/7/20
1/1/20 17:30 Kelowna (Canada) BC Unknown 4-5 minutes First 15 were on the same course and spaced very even. (("Spacelink" satellites??) 2/7/20
1/1/20 15:55 Cambridge OH

MADAR Node 137 1/31/20
1/1/20 14:40 Lake Worth FL Other 4 minutes 1/01/2020 Approximately 1440 I was sitting in my backyard, the sky was perfectly clear. I saw an object moving west at a relatively slo 2/7/20
1/1/20 13:20 Wichita KS

MADAR Node 123 1/31/20
1/1/20 13:00 Clermont FL Unknown 60 minutes + It was a light hovering to 25° south west for over an hour move up and move down. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))((anonymous)) 1/31/20
1/1/20 12:36 Cambria CA Cylinder 3 seconds Driving on highway 1 and just when i looked up i saw a dome shaped cylinder soaring super fast through the sky . ((anonymous report)) 2/7/20
1/1/20 12:24 Boca Raton FL Circle 30:00 Firts was a orange circle... then move slowly and disappear then I saw again on the S direction. ((anonymous source)) 2/7/20
1/1/20 12:02 San Antonio TX Sphere 20 minutes Orange orbs flying over New Years fireworks in San Antonio. 1/31/20
1/1/20 10:35 Fairfax VA Circle 10.30 I saw a orange circular object flying higher than normal. ((anonymous source)) 2/7/20
1/1/20 09:00 Medellin
Oval 3 minutes As i looked outside my window this morning in el poblado section of medellin, I noticed a black dot in sky. I thought it was a balloon 2/7/20
1/1/20 08:24 Loving NM Sphere unknown Google Street View 108 Nymeyer Road, Loving, NM 88256 12/23/20
1/1/20 07:00 Los Angeles CA Disk 5+ minutes I witnessed disc/saucershaped object over Angeles forest. I was looking towards NEt from west la parking garage. ((anonymous)) 2/7/20
1/1/20 02:13 Marietta GA

MADAR Node 90 1/31/20
1/1/20 02:00 Ada Taylor LA Light Nightly 6 hours I see lights nightly begining about 6:30 pm. Lights move slow then stop for 10 mins then slowly move west. I loose sight of it around 7 2/7/20
1/1/20 01:39 Largo FL

MADAR Node 140 1/31/20
1/1/20 01:20 Eagle ID Circle 15 minutes 4 separate white lights at separate intervals witnessed 2/7/20
1/1/20 01:00 Bristol ME Unknown 60 See clouds looked weird and only 2 in sky then sun reflection of my mirror from sun setting hit this ship. ((anonymous report)) 2/7/20
1/1/20 01:00 Lake Wylie SC Fireball 3 minutes fireball looking flying object 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:40 Reno NV Circle 5 minutes I saw 3 lights in a diagonal line equally spaced apart. (("Spacelink" satellites??) 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:30 Honolulu - Waikiki HI Light 3 minute? Waikiki beach webcam U *S* O - Small seemingly submerged &quot;oval-shaped&quot; bright blue slow moving glow - Local hotels had no inf 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:17 Pinellas Park FL Fireball 5 minutes Glowing fireballs seen over Pinellas Park, FL. (("Spacelink" satellites??) 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:15 Portimao Alvor (Portugal)
Other 8 minutes Dozens of stars traveling east to North West, some moving in groups others independently. (("Spacelink" satellites??) 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:12 Round Rock TX Light 10 minutes Looking out bedroom window towards the west. We saw 5 red bright lights go up into the sky. (("Spacelink" satellites??) 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:04 Corpus Christi TX Triangle 30 seconds Triangle formation of lights in night sky disappearing into the night at the same spot in the same way as if disappearing into a hole. 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:03 San Marcos TX Sphere 10 minutes Blue Orb Sighting &quot;video recording&quot; on 2 different iPhones at different times moving around the Moon. 1/19/21
1/1/20 00:01 Boise ID Circle 3 minutes Brilliant as a star giant red ball of ultra fast, silent zooming across the sky 2/13/20
1/1/20 00:01 Pflugerville TX Light 2:30 minutes Three Strange Orbs Ascend Over Pflugerville, Texas During New Year's Fireworks. 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:00 El Centro CA Circle 3 minutes Red orb floats slowly changing direction then disappears 1/31/20
1/1/20 00:00 Brick NJ Circle 2 minutes Large orange glowing ball floating across sky 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:00 Lewiston ME Light On going It left after I came on your site to report it. ((NUFORC Note: Date corrected. Sirius?? PD)) 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:00 Bakersfield CA Circle 5 minutes Bakersfield CA New Year’s Eve at midnight. Three yellow circles. 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:00 Lacey WA Chevron
Blue light coming from craft, shot through the sky and dissapeared from view quickly. 1/31/20
1/1/20 St. Petersburg FL Triangle 3:00 It's too bad I can't tell the full story on here it includes military personnel,, UFO actually after you and reckless macdill interacti 2/7/20
1/1/20 San Antonio TX Oval 5 minutes looking at fireworks at midnight we observed 1 red orb on the western sky and then also observed a second red orb that would turn to gr 2/7/20