National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 09/2020
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/30/20 23:38 Houston TX

MADAR Node 118 12/23/20
9/30/20 23:08 Indianapolis IN Light 10 seconds Leaving boyfriend's work place, turn left onto Producers Lane, see ball of light streak across the sky heading north, then make a hard 11/5/20
9/30/20 23:00 Aurora CO Light Continuing Approximately 23:00,I went outside and looked at the moon. Noticed a cluster of lights west of the moon,thought they were stars.They st 11/5/20
9/30/20 23:00 Monroeville PA Unknown 20 seconds I have seen two things. I don't know if I am crazy or what. The first. This took place as we were talking about UFOs. We see a light, a 11/5/20
9/30/20 22:45 Huntsville AR Diamond 2-3 minutes Diamond shaped UFO 4 white lights on each corner back one slowly fading in/out white to yellow. Electric humming & unusual dog howls 12/23/20
9/30/20 21:45 Rutland VT Disk 3-4 seconds Glowing oreo cookie shaped disc like object witnessed moving quickly and silently across the night sky. 11/5/20
9/30/20 20:15 Roswell NM Fireball 45 minutes Orange balls of light on US 285, just north of Roswell, New Mexico. 11/5/20
9/30/20 20:00 Amado (Elephant Head) AZ Changing 20 minutes Orange and blue smoke like objests over Elephant Head Az. 11/5/20
9/30/20 19:25 Salinas Victoria (Mexico)
Other 3 minutes An object in the shape of a crescent moon was observed at high altitude and speed, white as moonlight, with the circular part towards t 11/5/20
9/30/20 18:30 Staten Island NY Disk 2 minutes Grey disk floating in the sky. Completely still, not moving at all. 11/5/20
9/30/20 17:15 Gaston SC Triangle 30 minutes + triangular object with red, green and white rapidly flashing lights, apparently stationary, low in the westerly sky at 17:00 11/5/20
9/30/20 17:08 Edmond OK Egg 30 seconds Silver UFO seen in Edmond suddenly vanished 11/5/20
9/30/20 17:00 Abington PA Cigar 10 minutes Ugh. 500PM. Sitting on Bach deck. Two clouds in the sky. Blue sky. Crystal clear. The one small cloud, NE sky, had what looked like a 11/5/20
9/30/20 06:30 Nebraska City IA Circle 3 minutes 3 circle shaped craft flying in triangle formation start spinning and switching places changing directions very quickly 11/5/20
9/30/20 06:30 Mechanicsburg PA Flash 15 seconds It was a super bright, long lasting flash. 11/5/20
9/30/20 05:08 Jonesboro AR

MADAR Node 143 12/23/20
9/30/20 03:45 Colombus OH Rectangle 40 seconds rectangular object green trail from entry in atmostphere. 11/5/20
9/30/20 03:30 North Phoenix AZ Flash 14 minutes I was finishing up working on my wife car when I notice Two white lights in the sky right next to each other. I ran inside to get my wi 11/5/20
9/29/20 23:38 Houston TX

MADAR Node 118 12/23/20
9/29/20 22:55 Murray UT Oval 5 seconds White oval object zooms toward the mountains 11/5/20
9/29/20 22:45 Nuevo CA Sphere 3 hours Orange light seen moving side to side by four witnesses. 11/5/20
9/29/20 22:00 Oakville WA Unknown 30 minutes It seemed to be scanning the landscape 11/5/20
9/29/20 20:25 Temecula CA Light 15 minutes On 8:25 pm a bright white light that had what appeared to be illuminated fog surrounding it flew over my house from South to North. 11/5/20
9/29/20 20:00 Spokane WA Circle 20:45 Round object in the sky with very bright red, blue and white lights flashing lights 11/5/20
9/29/20 18:30 Palmdale CA Triangle 30 seconds Three triangular shapes with green lights 12/23/20
9/29/20 09:00 Las Vegas/Ryolite (between) NV Chevron 3 minutes We were headed from Las Vegas to Ryolite. We were run off the road by lice/ military vehicles at a high rate of speed carrying an aircr 11/5/20
9/29/20 06:48 West Chazy NY

MADAR Node 85 12/23/20
9/29/20 04:12 Kearney NE Light 5 seconds I was out on the back patio around 4:10 in the morning, looking up at eastern sky, and saw a light move in a arc “like it was doing a t 11/5/20
9/29/20 01:30 Silver Lake IN Disk 5 minutes Very bright saucer over lake making high pitched sound, causing dog to go nuts. 11/5/20
9/28/20 00:00 Marysville WA Rectangle 2 hours This was in the NE sector and was about at a 10 O'clock position,noo blinking lights and appeared to be stationery. It appeared to ha 11/5/20
9/28/20 22:00 Ithaca NY Triangle ongoing Right at that time part of our lights went out in the house.... Not all, Just in the living room; the tv went dark. 11/5/20
9/28/20 21:00 Richmond VA Changing 5-10 seconds This tight shape fanned out into 6 to 7 individual dimly lit red lights in a downward V-shaped formation traveling horizontally. 11/5/20
9/28/20 21:00 East Providence RI Circle 2 minutes Outside on the back porch at night when I saw something in the sky. Object was circular with red panels on the bottom that looked like 12/23/20
9/28/20 21:00 Columbus OH Circle 30 minutes I was standing outside at 7:20am and noticed a bright gleaming object high up into the sky, it was extremely bright and it was moving a 11/5/20
9/28/20 20:30 Clarion PA Changing 2 hours They come back to the same spot frequently. 11/5/20
9/28/20 18:12 Ajax ON

MADAR Node 41 12/23/20
9/28/20 15:00 Athens AL Other 5 seconds A command module looking craft. 12/23/20
9/28/20 14:50 Winslow AR Light 5 minutes We saw a pulsating and hovering bright light in the sky near I-49 at exit 40 to the east and again at exit 45 to the west that had trai 11/5/20
9/28/20 05:30 Ignacio CO Sphere
Sunset on ute reservation 4 mile from Ignacio colo. I was driving down the road heading home seen the sunset ion the east of town tha 12/23/20
9/28/20 03:30 Boise ID Disk 30 minutes photos of bright glittery white lights at 3:30am. 11/5/20
9/27/20 22:36 Independence MO Changing 15 minutes Reddish orange fire flame dancing in night sky 11/5/20
9/27/20 21:05 Kingsville OH Fireball 25" There was a motherboard. 11/5/20
9/27/20 20:31 Independence MO

MADAR Node 45 12/23/20
9/27/20 18:00 Middleboro MA Circle 2 minutes dark circle hovers and takes off 11/5/20
9/27/20 17:55 Ellicottville NY Disk 1 minute They're back and there's more 11/5/20
9/27/20 13:27 Brush Prairie WA Light 1 minute UFO sighting while homeschooling my son. Multiple white objects in sky. Can see that there are different speeds and directions. 11/5/20
9/27/20 07:14 Flippin AR Light 1 minute Green light appears and disappears followed by the sound of a jet 11/5/20
9/27/20 05:50 Spokane WA

MADAR Node 37 12/23/20
9/27/20 05:24 Houston TX Formation All night Star formation taking place with jumps through triangle. Same old stuff they jump through time to keep the governments in control. Noth 11/5/20
9/27/20 05:20 The Villages FL Light 2 seconds Two white lights spheres in tandem seen through thin clouds moving fast very fast 2-3 seconds 11/5/20
9/27/20 05:18 Spokane Valley WA Sphere 15 minutes Lights racing around 11/5/20
9/27/20 02:50 Tucson (North of; Pima Co.) AZ Sphere 15 minutes Pulsing white light Spherical object 11/5/20
9/27/20 02:00 Pointblank TX Light 1 minute It was 2:00 in the morning on the east side lake livingston right under 190 hwy. My mom and my sister and I were inside the house havin 11/5/20
9/27/20 01:45 Deerlake WA Oval 2 minutes 09/27/2020. Deer Lake Wa sphere 2 minutes. Glowing white sphere size of a golf ball dancing between to motion cameras 11/5/20
9/27/20 01:25 Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Node 119 12/23/20
9/27/20 01:20 Scottsdale/Fountain Hills AZ Changing 5 minutes+ Saw what seemed to be a regular aircraft, but turned out to be a physics defying encounter. 11/5/20
9/27/20 00:00 Kennebunk ME Triangle 30 minutes Is this a UFO or the government 11/5/20
9/27/20 Brighton (UK/England)
Changing 1 hour Stunning interdimensional craft with ET's inside 11/5/20
9/26/20 23:10 West Islip NY Circle 3-5 minutes Two bright red -orange centers fly over Long Island. Disappeared within minutes of each other after traveling north. 11/5/20
9/26/20 21:36 Fremont MI Fireball 8 minutes Two orange balls silently fly over Michigan from south to north. 11/5/20
9/26/20 21:30 Biloxi MS Fireball 4 Fiery pulsating orb 11/5/20
9/26/20 21:20 Johnson City TN Unknown 1 hour Had to walk my dog and happened to look up in the sky to see the stars, after raining two days it was nice to see a clear sky i noticed 11/5/20
9/26/20 21:00 Cotter AR Other 5 minutes Oval/triangle/filled in boomerang shaped spacecraft. Lights flashing in a row, noises too loud for aircraft and for its size. 11/5/20
9/26/20 20:35 Avon IN Unknown 4 minutes Green and Red Ribbon Lights Passing Over My Neighborhood. 11/5/20
9/26/20 20:30 Powdersville SC Circle 3 minutes Spectacular light sightings above the clouds over the highway 11/5/20
9/26/20 20:30 Lincoln NH Triangle 15 minutes Two UAPs seen on September 26, 2020 from Pemigewassett Overlook. 12/23/20
9/26/20 18:39 Bridgewater MA Circle 10 minutes 3 round crafts and a hidden 4th 11/5/20
9/26/20 18:30 Ville Platte LA Cigar 1 minute White cigar shape flying straight with no sound or light emitted. 11/5/20
9/26/20 16:29 Ellicottville NY Disk 1 minute UFO stops by to see Fall Foliage 11/5/20
9/26/20 12:12 Littlerock CA

MADAR Node 56 12/23/20
9/26/20 05:00 Sanford FL Circle 6-8 minutes Floating Pulsating Orb 11/5/20
9/26/20 03:18 Furlong PA

MADAR Node 38 12/23/20
9/26/20 03:00 South Bend/Jacksonville AR Diamond 15 minutes Saturday morning around 3am I was on my front deck looking out into the hay field across the street. It completely dark except for the 11/5/20
9/26/20 01:54 Edmonds WA

MADAR Node 61 12/23/20
9/26/20 00:34 Huntsville AL Light 1 minute A flying object was seen traveling SW slowly in a straight line. The object had one red and two green flashing lights. The object insta 11/5/20
9/25/20 23:00 Sanford NC Changing 30-45 minutes Spherical ball of orange/yellow/white light changed shape and color to square then disc shape airplanes did come close and light would 11/5/20
9/25/20 22:30 Fountain Hills AZ Light 20 minutes rotating colored light on a mountain top 11/5/20
9/25/20 21:45 Kitchener (Canada) ON Light 15+ minutes Multiple lit orbs. ((Starlink satellites?)) 11/5/20
9/25/20 19:55 Barstow TX Fireball 10 minutes 5 fireball UFO' s that changed directions. 11/5/20
9/25/20 13:28 Plantation FL Disk 60 seconds Black disc shaped saucer seen flying underneath the clouds then shooting up into sky. 11/5/20
9/25/20 12:00 Miami FL Unknown 30 seconds Unidentifiable Object Seen in Miami Fall 2020! 11/5/20
9/25/20 10:30 Conneautville PA Light 3 minutes Object would blink every 30 seconds. At first it was stationary. Right by the dipper but then moved to the south west. Second time I ha 11/5/20
9/25/20 07:00 Lake Alfred FL Oval 10 minutes Pack of lights at sunrise over Legoland Florida area. 11/5/20
9/25/20 00:35 Victorville CA Circle Still happening White circular craft hovering over my house a mile up with 2 black inner circles. 11/5/20
9/25/20 00:20 Aliquippa PA

MADAR Node 68 12/23/20
9/24/20 23:23 Orlando FL Triangle 20 minutes Huge triangle Shape with flashing lights craft hovering seen from I4 highway. 11/5/20
9/24/20 23:00 Modesto CA Light 30 sec Silent orangish lights, 4 of them flying low. 12/23/20
9/24/20 22:43 Altoona PA Disk 10 minutes On September 24,2020 I saw one large object saucer with lights in sky size of a bus. It was at 10:43 p.m. at night flying across the sk 12/23/20
9/24/20 22:15 Weston WV Fireball 1 minute Fireball like object seen in sky from Weston WV. 11/5/20
9/24/20 22:00 Dallas Center IA Light 1 minute Multi colored flashing object zig zags across the sky, then splits into a triangle and disappears. 11/5/20
9/24/20 21:15 Parker CO Other 3 minutes Giant bright blue beam shot across the sky. 11/5/20
9/24/20 19:30 Coventry CT Light 1 minute Big bright light above me in the night sky hovered for a moment before getting dim and flying away. 11/5/20
9/24/20 18:30 Georgetown CO Light 15 seconds Bright star like object during daylight appear, vanish, reappear, then vanish. 11/5/20
9/24/20 15:15 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 12/23/20
9/24/20 11:00 WHITE TWP. NJ Disk unknown 2 OBJECTS NOT SEEN UNTIL EXPOSED 1/19/21
9/24/20 08:37 Scottsdale AZ Disk 20 seconds UFO spotted north of Scottsdale Airpark Sept 24, 8:37AM. White tic-tac shaped UFO stationary, then moves at incredible speed. 12/23/20
9/24/20 07:46 Windham NH Triangle 2-3 minutes 2nd ufo sighting same place. 11/5/20
9/24/20 05:40 Santa Claus IN

MADAR Node 114 12/23/20
9/24/20 05:25 Tecumseh (Canada) ON Triangle 20 seconds Single object hoovering over a baseball diamond / arena. Object appeared to be triangular with 3 white lights on each side and one sing 11/5/20
9/24/20 01:36 Fort Collins CO Triangle 5 seconds Silent black triangle with faint lights. 11/5/20
9/23/20 23:51 Virginia Beach VA Fireball 5 minutes They were fast red orbs that gravitated to a pulsating light of of the water of the ocean. 12/23/20
9/23/20 23:00 Ronkonkoma NY Triangle 2 hours On September 23, 2020 approximately 10:30 PM we were standing outside looking south when we see a UFO flying a very slow speed headin 11/5/20
9/23/20 20:56 Chico CA Formation 8 seconds Light Formation (with faint outline of oblong craft in between lights) in night sky 11/5/20
9/23/20 20:40 Alexandria VA Triangle 6 minutes Black Triangle UFO spotted at night over Woodrow Wilson bridge, following I-95 torwards Alexandria, VA. 1/19/21
9/23/20 19:15 Littleton MA Light 2 minutes 2 silent orbs of bright light high in the sky maintaining even spacing as they moved east to west and eventually disappearing. 11/5/20
9/23/20 19:00 Schererville IN
5-9 minutes ufo with red, blue, white lights moving fast. Forming different shapes and following a color pattern 11/5/20
9/23/20 18:58 Joshua Tree CA Formation 20 minutes Changing light formations in the sky. Appearing and disappearing and changing formation In the middle of the desert. 11/5/20
9/23/20 18:00 Marietta GA Circle .30 I witness the same UFO David Fravor witnessed back in 2004. 12/23/20
9/23/20 15:05 Garrettsville OH

MADAR Node 64 12/23/20
9/23/20 12:00 Railghy NH Oval
((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD)) 12/23/20
9/23/20 08:35 Reno NV Light 2 minutes Saw at least 3 white lights moving at fairly high speeds high in the sky with no sound. my little daughter first saw them and pointed t 11/5/20
9/22/20 21:56 Sultan WA Light 4 minutes 4 pulsating lights in a row floating accross mountain top then disappeared.It was about 4 minutes then just disappeared. 11/5/20
9/22/20 21:20 Cave Creek AZ Circle 10 minutes Ufo spotted just before storm 11/5/20
9/22/20 20:05 San Clemente CA Circle 4 minutes Was a light like a Star flying in all different direction and stopping and starting again, lyrically at time then straight forward and 11/5/20
9/22/20 20:00 Hendersonville TN Formation 1 hour Several shape shifting lights in formation at times above Old Hickory Lake for about 90 minutes or better. At times the lights would pu 11/5/20
9/22/20 19:42 Windham NH Triangle 6 minutes 2nd sighting triangular shape aircraft saw location! 12/23/20
9/22/20 19:10 Medina OH Circle 10 seconds Small object near crescent moon moving rapidly across the sky. 11/5/20
9/22/20 19:10 Montreal (Canada) QC Fireball 3 seconds Bright white light moving at extreme speeds 11/5/20
9/22/20 04:10 Gunnison CO Cross 2 minutes At 4:10am this morning i went to close the window and saw a cross shaped ufo one mile away hovering about 50 feet above a ridge. I liv 11/5/20
9/21/20 00:00 Newberlin WI Circle 1 minute Going north on nation ave 130th looked to my left above trees line going parallel with nation ave about 200 feet off ground high rate o 11/5/20
9/21/20 21:15 Wharton PA Sphere 20+ minutes Small floating object observed at very close proximity. Intermittent lights and movement. 11/5/20
9/21/20 21:05 Vernon Hills IL Light 1 second Green ball of light blasts forward and disappears in Vernon Hills, Illinois. 11/5/20
9/21/20 20:05 Port Saint Lucie FL Light 1 minute Yellow round light traveling vertically and then disappeared 11/5/20
9/21/20 16:30 Cherry Hill NJ Light 2 minutes 5 sphere light Traveling toward Philly 3 in. A triangle and 1 leading with 1 trailing 11/5/20
9/21/20 13:00 Linden VA Other 1 hour witnessed countless orbs and an actual flying saucer, simply amazing. 11/5/20
9/21/20 10:33 Farmington Hills MI

MADAR Node 144 12/23/20
9/21/20 05:36 Long Island NY Fireball 5 seconds White Flash with a Blueish Green line going downwards. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a meteor/fireball. PD)) 11/5/20
9/21/20 01:00 Depoe Bay OR Light 00:30 My wife and I were stargazing from a cliff above the Pacific on a very clear and moonless night tonight, when from the north, at high s 1/19/21
9/21/20 01:00 Depoe Bay OR Light 00:30 My wife and I were stargazing from a cliff above the Pacific on a very clear and moonless night tonight, when from the north, at high s 12/23/20
9/21/20 01:00 Depoe Bay OR Light 00:30 My wife and I were stargazing from a cliff above the Pacific on a very clear and moonless night tonight, when from the north, at high s 12/23/20
9/21/20 01:00 Depoe Bay OR Light 00:30 from the north, at high speed, appeared an array of some 15 to 25 lights flying in a marked “V” formation. ((Starlink satellites)) 11/5/20
9/20/20 23:45 Dartmouth MA Circle 30 minutes The amazing sky night phenomenal 11/5/20
9/20/20 23:40 Valley grove WV Other 30 seconds UFO mother ship stalking me and one of its smaller ships coming close 11/5/20
9/20/20 23:00 San Diego CA Fireball Minutes White bright light coming from ball and then floated away 11/5/20
9/20/20 22:29 Columbus OH Oval 15 minutes UFO oval seen Ohio blinking lights 11/5/20
9/20/20 22:00 Fort Albany (Canada) ON Diamond 2 minutes while outside our residence, three lights in a diamond shape moved erratically in the sky above our location and disappeared into the e 11/5/20
9/20/20 22:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light 1 hour a small bright orange star 11/5/20
9/20/20 20:50 Virginia Beach VA Circle 10 minutes Orange glow in the sky 11/5/20
9/20/20 20:15 Post Falls ID Light 1 minutes Supposed satellite changes course after several flashes in sky 11/5/20
9/20/20 20:00 Middlefield OH Diamond 5 minutes We were coming back outside to stoke the fire and have a seat. I looked above us to the night sky to see a solitary bluish light about 11/5/20
9/20/20 20:00 Rossville KS Changing <30 seconds My friend and I saw a pink/orange light expel a dark object and then dissappear. 11/5/20
9/20/20 19:50 Everett WA Formation 30 minutes it started as three hovering, bright gold/white lights in a triangle formation just above Snohomish river/farmland. One became dim afte 11/5/20
9/20/20 19:24 Sparta NC Other 5 minutes Long bright lines in sky heading different directions, only appeared right after the sun went down. 11/5/20
9/20/20 15:30 Riverton WY Sphere 10 minutes dull metallic sphere stationary in the sky for approximately 10 minutes 11/5/20
9/20/20 13:00 Joppa MD Circle 5 minutes It was in my back yard it looked like a silver balloon at first but it was moving to fast. I went in my house to get my wife to show he 11/5/20
9/20/20 05:45 Swoyersville PA Sphere 30 minutes Bright orange light in sky, moving at high rate of speed, moved toward horizon, than stopped and wandered about sky. 11/5/20
9/20/20 04:00 UK/England)
Unknown 1 hour At 4-5am Unexplained series of 20 + feint lights, in line, very high in the sky moving very fast. 11/5/20
9/20/20 02:36 Whately MA

MADAR Node 67 11/5/20
9/20/20 02:34 Mount Laurel NJ
29 seconds Tiny lights in the shape of hockey pucks, the size of a quarter circling in my back door. 11/5/20
9/20/20 00:35 Broad Brook CT Circle 5 seconds The craft flew over my condo complex approximately one hundred meters above me traveling at around 150 miles an hour. The shape was rou 11/5/20
9/19/20 23:00 Menifee CA Changing >1 hour Last night 9/19/20 I was in my backyard around 10:30 pm notices a bright object coming from San Diego north to Menifee where I live. 11/5/20
9/19/20 23:00 Manchester/Hooksett NH Other 5-10 seconds I was driving north on 93 about a mile south of the Hooksett tolls. Out of the corner of my eye I saw up over the trees to my left ove 11/5/20
9/19/20 22:50 Overland Park KS Sphere 10-15 seconds Spherical-ish shaped, orange light traveled from east to west overhead. Thought it might be a lantern, but it moved across the sky (ove 11/5/20
9/19/20 22:44 Blackwell PA Light 40 seconds 2 Mysterious Bright orange objects Burning in the sky 11/5/20
9/19/20 22:10 Plant City FL Chevron ~4 seconds Boomerang shaped craft over downtown/historic district of Plant City 11/5/20
9/19/20 22:00 Suwanee
Other 10 At Aprox 22:00 there were multiple bright red like star shaped moving objects in the sky around Suwanee town center. They were moving f 11/5/20
9/19/20 21:35 Taylors Falls MN Light 30 seconds Two bright orange fast moving objects second one 3 to 4 seconds behind the first no blinking lights, no sound. 11/5/20
9/19/20 21:00 St. Clair MI Sphere 21:03 My girlfriend and I were outside and have witnessed the same thing in the sky two evenings in a row flying East towards Canada from whe 11/5/20
9/19/20 21:00 Elkhart IN Light 1 hour I was watching out the window for daughter to come home from her date and seen a large, bright streak of light flash in the sky. It wa 11/5/20
9/19/20 21:00 Troy NY Light 2 minutes My son and I were sitting outside in the backyard around 10:00pm. It was a clear night with no clouds and the stars aligned. We both we 11/5/20
9/19/20 20:55 Forked River NJ Light 2 minutes Fast moving object caught on iPhone not hoax 11/5/20
9/19/20 20:23 Lacey WA Other 1 The light appeared over neighbors home to the west moved forward towards us 1” in sky measurement. Disappeared. The light turned back o 11/5/20
9/19/20 20:20 Pompano Beach FL Light 2 minutes Ball of light 11/5/20
9/19/20 20:07 Grafton WI Other 3 minutes 7 sided bright object, zero sound, straight flight path 11/5/20
9/19/20 20:00 Pickerington OH Disk Hours UFO in sky observed from Pickerington, Ohio. Seems to be due East of Pickerington. Possibly over Baltimore or Buckeye Lake area. 11/5/20
9/19/20 19:33 Massapequa NY Light 1 minute White dot flew across the sky very high up very fast, direction heading north east Nassau/Suffolk border. 11/5/20
9/19/20 16:15 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Other 5 minutes Mother and daughter see a &quot;flock&quot; of flashing blue lights traveling over Brooklyn 11/5/20
9/19/20 15:00 Newark NJ Oval 2 minutes Clear Blue sky no clouds Star-like silver object fading in and out visible for 1 minute or 2 then disappeared. 11/5/20
9/19/20 13:46 Jonesboro AR

MADAR Node 143 11/5/20
9/19/20 12:11 Lockport IL Other It was more the once ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no detailed information about the sighting. PD)) 11/5/20
9/19/20 08:15 Fort Wayne IN Sphere 10 3 orange lights 11/5/20
9/19/20 06:58 St Petersburg FL Other 20 mins Look in the night sky a little ways out from the moon there is a weird 3 light that's orange or goldish in color but doesn't look like 12/23/20
9/19/20 06:47 Furlong PA

MADAR Node 38 11/5/20
9/19/20 04:02 Ajax (Canada) ON

MADAR Node 41 12/23/20
9/19/20 04:00 Reading PA Cylinder 2 hours Unidentifiable aircraft hovering in Reading over hundreds of feet in the air, flashing red, green, and blue lights. Moves Weirdly. 11/5/20
9/19/20 01:00 Edgewater CO Triangle 1 minute 2010 abduction was returned during a breakthrough experience with a 2 Humanscale sized scheme for a runaway ccover up. H.e...l.p 11/5/20
9/19/20 00:26 Tulum (Mexico)
Circle 15 minutes Fireball Cylinder Shaped Craft over Tulum. Sspotted from Cozumel. 11/5/20
9/19/20 00:00 Bradenton FL Cigar 1 minute I was standing outside of the trailer smoking a cigarette. I heard a helicopter lying around. I walked out from under the overhang of m 11/5/20
9/18/20 23:48 Trenton ME Light 4 seconds Looking up to the east.I saw a bright pink light shoot down and then sharply shoot straight up and disappeared. I thought it was a weir 11/5/20
9/18/20 23:30 Middlesex VT Circle Seconds On interstate 89, there were 3 lights that just appeared, then dashed off, upward, and then gone 11/5/20
9/18/20 22:42 Oviedo FL Circle 10 minutes Swift silent lights move across sky 11/5/20
9/18/20 22:10 Orange Park FL Unknown 1.5 hours Rotating/Radiating white light 10 mile visibility coming from overcast sky 11/5/20
9/18/20 22:00 New Port Richey FL Disk 30 minutes 3 Lights Hovering in the Sky 12/23/20
9/18/20 21:45 Columbia MO

MADAR Node 46 11/5/20
9/18/20 20:25 Mill City OR Light 15+ minutes They just looked like stars, among 100's of other stars.. Until 6 of them individually began moving in different directions. 11/5/20
9/18/20 20:23 Jefferson ME Triangle 1 Bright triangle shape, no flashing or colored lights. Saw it approaching from the south headed northeast. No sound. Some zig zag right 11/5/20
9/18/20 20:20 Prospect ME Light 3-4 minutes Bright Light UFO spotted in Prospect, Maine 11/5/20
9/18/20 20:20 Baker City OR Light 00:30 On September 18th at exactly 8:20pm I witnessed a light moving across the sky from S.E. to N.W. It reflected so much light that I assum 11/5/20
9/18/20 16:12 Edmonds WA

MADAR Node 61 11/5/20
9/18/20 06:07 Spring Hill FL Cigar 3 seconds Objet traveled from north east across the sky moving straight south west the object seemed transparent the object was a light color of 11/5/20
9/18/20 05:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other 5+ minutes Many white dots following in a row. 11/5/20
9/18/20 01:00 New London WI Disk 6 hours There are 4 they are all glowing red upon seeing I looked through a range finder and took pics but it been doing weird shit let alone t 11/5/20
9/17/20 23:00 Blair NE Oval All night every night I took pictures and now its stalking me 11/5/20
9/17/20 23:00 Blair NE Light All night every night I'm scared 11/5/20
9/17/20 22:30 Conroe TX Circle 1.00 Unexplained lights in the vicinity of Conroe Regional Airport 11/5/20
9/17/20 22:15 Nampa ID Unknown 1 minutes Inconsistent flashing and swerving object overhead 11/5/20
9/17/20 21:28 Winchester KY Light 2 minutes Small continuous light moving slowly across the horizon. 11/5/20
9/17/20 21:00 Aurora CO Other 2.5 hours flying objects changing colors, animals reacted, magnetic field. 11/5/20
9/17/20 20:15 St. Louis MO

MADAR Node 70 11/5/20
9/17/20 20:00 Walnut Creek CA Light 2 minutes Ball of bright, white light 4-5x larger than a star tracks accross the sky for 2 minutes and shimmers out and vanishes before horizon 11/5/20
9/17/20 19:30 Derry NH Other 10 minutes Five lights moving East to West 11/5/20
9/17/20 18:00 Needham MA Unknown 3-5 minutes Two black objects flying high, steadily moving apart but in tandem, just below cloud line dipping in & out of clouds then disappearing 11/5/20
9/17/20 05:34 Polson MT Light 7 minutes 30+ lights first three were in a triangle formation and then went into a straight line followed by the others all in a straight line. T 11/5/20
9/17/20 04:00 Nashville TN Circle 1 hour 4:44 a.m. hovering behind the positioned clouds, a craft stationed , circular shaped with lights simultaneously moving, lights circling 11/5/20
9/17/20 04:00 San Diego CA Light 2 minutes Saw big light over jamul. Thought it was a plane in flight path headed toward San Diego. I was walking to my car in the direction of th 11/5/20
9/17/20 03:52 Port Angeles WA

MADAR Node 49 11/5/20
9/17/20 00:05 Marietta GA

MADAR Node 90 11/5/20
9/16/20 22:00 Richboro PA Circle 30 minutes I saw ufo flying in the sky late at night 11/5/20
9/16/20 21:15 Smithtown NY Fireball 45 seconds I saw 7-8 fire balls shoot up out of the Long Island sound. They were spinning and then turns off. Then a fighter jet followed 11/5/20
9/16/20 21:00 Charlottesville VA Sphere 4 minutes Red Sphere moving in the sky 11/5/20
9/16/20 20:15 Tucson AZ Rectangle 3 minutes Three rectangular brilliant orange non-blinking silent crafts flew over my house. 11/5/20
9/16/20 18:30 North Vancouver (Canada) BC Other 5 minutes Two black objects in the shape of an infinity symbol hovered above North Vancouver, BC a few kilometers west of Edgemont village. They 11/5/20
9/16/20 12:30 Media PA Disk 2 minutes A white, disc shaped object flew slowly in the sky and then disappeared. 12/23/20
9/16/20 11:50 Calgary (Canada) AB Other 1 hour+ Bow shaped object with bright flickering orange lights hovers over downtown Calgary 11/5/20
9/16/20 09:15 Milmont Park PA Disk 2 minutes A white disc shaped object flew from right to left in a strait horizontal line. 12/23/20
9/16/20 06:50 Nicholasville KY Unknown 5 minutes Blue red and white lights,was dark so I couldn't tell the shape but what was odd is that it didn't move at all 11/5/20
9/16/20 05:44 Santa Claus IN

MADAR Node 114 11/5/20
9/16/20 05:30 Coos Bay OR Light 2 minutes 6 lights in two groups moving ENE. 11/5/20
9/16/20 01:00 La Broquerie (Canada) MB Sphere 30 Pinkish red sphere shaped light in the sky. Doing sharp U turns, rapidly speeding up then slowing down. 11/5/20
9/16/20 00:45 Filer ID Cylinder 30 minutes Strange formation towards the South, seemed to realize I was watching it 11/5/20
9/16/20 Merced CA
1 second Very, very loud boom came out of sky with a huge orange flash, this has been going on every night for the past 12. 11/5/20
9/15/20 23:33 Independence MO

MADAR Node 45 11/5/20
9/15/20 23:00 Hattiesburg MS Disk 10 minutes Saw colorful lightening illuminate a ufo behind the clouds while my wife saw it glowing behind the clouds with the same color. 11/5/20
9/15/20 23:00 Dyersburg TN
Constantly for a month Burned spot on ground Visit spot every night. Anomolys present someotimes different crafts different shapes different anglesbut visit e 11/5/20
9/15/20 22:39 Coldwater MI
5 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no text about her sighting. PD)) 11/5/20
9/15/20 22:00 Abiquiu (near) NM Disk 5 seconds Silver flexible looking saucer silently glides up and over a cliff face, shining a bright light from its base onto the cliff. 12/23/20
9/15/20 21:15 Brooklyn NY Sphere 3 minutes I stuck my head out the bathroom window of my 2nd floor home. I looked up as I usually see planes landing at JFK. These were not plan 11/5/20
9/15/20 21:15 Newtown PA Unknown 5 minutes My wife and I were on our patio talking. It was a clear night and as I looked at the sky I could see the typical stars and as I'm looki 11/5/20
9/15/20 21:03 Cochranville PA Unknown 15 minutes Large unidentified drone-like craft with blinking lights in 19330 11/5/20
9/15/20 20:35 Indianola IA Flash 3 seconds I was walking my dogs!at night and we were up on a hill—for a moment there seemed to be a shooting star flashing across the tree line. 11/5/20
9/15/20 19:35 Alexandria VA Changing 9 minutes I'm not crazy but we saw something that we couldn't identify. 11/5/20
9/15/20 19:00 Pensacola FL Oval 1 hour I was on my porch i seen the airplane towers but this was bright extremely high in the sky about 40,000ft it was higher than a jet. Any 11/5/20
9/15/20 18:21 Ojibwa WI Circle 30 seconds Flying donut-shaped craft flew from West to East in an unnatural and silent manner!! 11/5/20
9/15/20 12:58 Kansas City MO

MADAR Node 40 11/5/20
9/15/20 09:30 Seattle WA Unknown 3-4 minutes Seattle UFO noises. 11/5/20
9/15/20 05:00 Center Conway NH Light 8 minutes I stepped outside to check on the weather, looked up and saw 6 white lights (no strobe, or flashing) almost directly in single file, un 11/5/20
9/15/20 04:35 Fort Lauderdale FL Light 20 minutes Bright light with fast sideway and up movement facing East 11/5/20
9/15/20 02:34 Greenwood IN Circle 20 minutes 2 Sightings - Greenwood, IN 11/5/20
9/15/20 00:11 Maynardville TN Unknown 0:20 there was a v light shape above the four flickers lights below. it look like the light below were changing color and the light above wa 11/5/20
9/15/20 00:00 Grand Prairie TX Light
Silent bizarre a/c flys close to ground repeatedly with bright nose light 11/5/20
9/14/20 23:00 Suffern NY Cigar 5 minutes Long Cigar shaped craft seen over mountains in Suffern NY 11/5/20
9/14/20 22:40 Tempe AZ Light Few seconds Flash of blue/green light falling over Tempe 11/5/20
9/14/20 22:00 Springdale UT Sphere 10 seconds A bright white sphere, which we at first expected to be a planet, was seen in the night sky near Zion National Park. The object slowly 11/5/20
9/14/20 21:15 Virginia Beach VA
30 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no detailed information about the sighting. PD)) 11/5/20
9/14/20 20:50 Hasbrouck Heights NJ Cylinder 10 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no detailed information about the sighting. PD)) 11/5/20
9/14/20 20:42 Myrtle Beach SC Light 1 minute Perfect orange orb shape UFO splits in several before disappearing. Over ATLANTIC OFF MYRTLE BEACH 11/5/20
9/14/20 19:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 5 minutes Bright object moved quickly, stopped and hovered without sound 11/5/20
9/14/20 15:36 Oaklandon KS

MADAR Node 87 11/5/20
9/14/20 10:30 Kitchener (Canada) ON Light 10 minutes Bright orange lights moving over sky very quickly 11/5/20
9/14/20 06:53 Aliquippa PA

MADAR Node 68 11/5/20
9/14/20 06:53 Aliquippa PA

MADAR Node 68 11/5/20
9/14/20 06:00 Flowery Branch GA Changing Hours UFO in flowery branch 11/5/20
9/14/20 05:40 New Harmony UT Light 1-2 minutes We saw several, 20 plus, bright white lights materialize from the sky and move in a straight line headed north. ((Starlink satellites)) 11/5/20
9/14/20 05:40 Duck Creek Village UT Fireball <5 minutes Objects that looked like stars appearing out of nowhere in the night sky and traveling south to north in a straight line 11/5/20
9/14/20 04:30 Sun Valley WA Unknown 3 minutes Around 4-4:30am in Sun Valley, Idaho (Elkhorn area). I looked up at the stars which w (Starlink satellites?) 11/5/20
9/13/20 22:50 Summerville SC Oval 15 minutes Orange lights on an oval with a bright ring, that was standing still, then jerking around. 11/5/20
9/13/20 20:44 Virginia Beach VA Rectangle 60 seconds strange extraterrestrial like object turns red flames off when realizing that they’re exposed and then disappears 11/5/20
9/13/20 20:30 North Las Vegas NV Circle 8-10 minutes I took my dogs out for their evening walk. I looked up at the night sky and saw all these lights in the sky. Purple,orange,green, blue, 11/5/20
9/13/20 19:45 Wayne NJ
3 minutes ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by the witness. PD)) 11/5/20
9/13/20 17:52 Boise ID

MADAR Node 111 11/5/20
9/13/20 14:54 St. Peter MN

MADAR Node 60 11/5/20
9/13/20 13:40 Glens Falls NY Triangle 10-15 minutes Triangular object glens falls 11/5/20
9/13/20 11:13 Kansas City MO

MADAR Node 40 11/5/20
9/13/20 09:30 North Myrtle Beach SC Light 5 seconds Light moving north to south over beach in north myrtle. No sound. Faster than anything give ever seen. 11/5/20
9/12/20 22:55 Anthem AZ Changing 2 minutes Circular Red/White Light Doing Acrobatics In the Air 11/5/20
9/12/20 22:00 Hamilton (Canada) ON Formation Unsure, few minutes A series of orange star-like orbs moving in one direction 11/5/20
9/12/20 22:00 Winnipeg MB Sphere 50 minutes Three lights, stayed in one spot for half an hour, flashed. And disappeared. 11/5/20
9/12/20 22:00 Middleton WI Light 30-60 seconds Bright Lights, 12-15 flying together, moving under power, much brighter than anything I have ever seen. (Starlink satellites?) 11/5/20
9/12/20 21:00 Kirkland WA Circle ~30 minutes 4 rotating orange lights in the Kingsgate area above the Safeway. 11/5/20
9/12/20 20:50 Burlington (Canada) ON Light 5 minutes Let my dogs outside in the backyard to pee before bedtime. I heard the strangest sound. Similar to a lawn mower or maybe a train but we 11/5/20
9/12/20 20:30 Millcreek UT Circle 1 second Fast moving white light over Salt Lake County. 11/5/20
9/12/20 20:20 Phoenixville PA Other 20 seconds Very fast moving orange arura/ haze flying at amazing speeds and stops to make quick turns. 11/5/20
9/12/20 12:11 Lockport IL Light 10 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no detailed information about the sighting. PD)) 11/5/20
9/12/20 09:41 Clifton Park NY Oval 10 minutes I was looking out my bedroom window and I noticed an object rotating in the sky and was just rotating in place for 3 -5 minutes then it 11/5/20
9/12/20 07:30 Ontario CA Chevron 20 minutes UFO view 11/5/20
9/12/20 06:30 Grosse Ile MI Sphere ~7 hours Two objects that appeared as planets even after sunrise - one may have been Venus but then what was the other one? 12/23/20
9/12/20 04:45 Somersworth NH Rectangle 2 minutes Very large craft with intense bright lights. 11/5/20
9/12/20 04:08 Grand Junction CO

MADAR Node 75 11/5/20
9/11/20 22:40 St. Clair MI Circle on going Satellite drone disguising as a star 11/5/20
9/11/20 22:00 Washington PA Fireball 5 minutes Husband and I thought it was Mars we were looking at. Next thing we know the &quot;star&quot; appeared to get bigger glowing bright red 11/5/20
9/11/20 20:26 Conifer/Pine CO Flash 10+ Fast, low flying object flew through our valley, then went out of sight and then came back and starting moving/reappearing erratically. 11/5/20
9/11/20 20:20 Huntsville AL Light 30 seconds Two white point sources of light (one and then another) rose straight up from NW horizon and slowly faded in brightness while veering o 11/5/20
9/11/20 14:31 Santa Barbara CA

MADAR Node 57 11/5/20
9/11/20 13:53 Spokane WA

MADAR Node 37 11/5/20
9/11/20 05:15 Chisholm MN Cylinder 2 minutes Bright lights following an aircraft and then rapidly changing directions and disappearing. 11/5/20
9/11/20 03:30 York SC Oval 1.5 hours Bright colorful lights, capsule shaped object 11/5/20
9/11/20 00:00 Cabot AR Other 1 hour A red object flying in the sky seen spinning at a very fast rate and still photos show a circle with another circle inside it. 11/5/20

I am a 19 year corrections officer.

During my stay on 9/11/2020 at an Airbnb in Colrain, MA myself and eight friends were on a walk
9/10/20 21:00 Gloucester MA Sphere 15 minutes I first saw the object with a circular pattern of lights hovering at about 300 yards over my head near the Gloucester City Hall... It h 11/5/20
9/10/20 20:30 Evansville IN Light 10-15 minutes I see possibly two of the same craft that landed on Maxwell Avenue 11/5/20
9/10/20 20:00 Yorktown NY Light 2 minutes All I saw were these bright lights over the tree tops, getting closer and closer. As I was riding on the taconic I kept looking at the 11/5/20
9/10/20 19:47 Hilltown PA Triangle 20 seconds Large fireball entered atmosphere with windblown fire until parachutes opened and landed about ¾ mile apart. Shaped like an Elon Musk c 12/23/20
9/10/20 06:19 Garrettsville OH

MADAR Node 64 11/5/20
9/9/20 22:00 Winterhaven CA Light 1 hour Twinkling fast moving light/lights in a non-linear trajectory at high speeds 11/5/20
9/9/20 19:18 Tigard OR Other <3 seconds Small, faint blue pinpoint light that shot overhead, maybe 50'.Made a whooshing noise as it went by, almost like a tracer from small ar 11/5/20
9/9/20 18:00 Riverview FL Cigar 5 minutes Submarine Shaped UFO Hiding Within & Around Clouds 11/5/20
9/9/20 09:00 Intervale NH Circle 12 minutes? This shit was real. Extremely large visible and illuminated to the point where I was almost scared how low it was 11/5/20
9/9/20 08:30 Concord NH Triangle 7min Triangle observed 12/23/20
9/9/20 07:45 Delaware OH Teardrop 30 minutes Traveling east on Rt 36 I saw 3 silver teardrop shaped objects in the sky. Pulled into a parking lot to watch them. There were several 11/5/20
9/9/20 05:37 Brockport NY Other 9 seconds Flash and then a trail in the sky. 11/5/20
9/9/20 05:13 Morristown TN Circle 2hrs 37 min. Looks like a guiding object... 11/5/20
9/9/20 01:00 Norwich NY Circle 20 seconds I walked to the park just to walk and I look up and see 3 reddish orange dots not moving in the sky it was about 2 or 3 miles away from 11/5/20
9/9/20 00:30 Skopje (Macedonia)
Light 10 seconds Flying object over Skopje 11/5/20
9/8/20 20:00 Halifax (Canada) NS Formation hours three bright red lights in a row hovering over the city of halifax on the night of September 7th and then again on the 8th. Both betwee 11/5/20
9/8/20 19:30 Katy TX Sphere 20 minutes Just before dusk on September 7th of 2020 something that looked like a large glowing ball or disk passed silently over our house. The 11/5/20
9/8/20 19:22 Apucarana (Brazil)
Circle a minute Bright white circle object far as a star moving, dimmed lights moved fast and vanished 11/5/20
9/8/20 19:00 Forest Hills PA Changing 5min. White line in the sky at Sunset turns upward and takes off with a large plume behind like a launched rocket. 1/19/21
9/8/20 19:00 Forest Hills PA Changing 5min. White line in the sky at Sunset turns upward and takes off with a large plume behind like a launched rocket. 1/19/21
9/8/20 16:36 Council Bluffs IA

MADAR Node 133 11/5/20
9/8/20 11:00 Queen Creek AZ Other Still Bright orange colored object in the sky, still there and has been circling and going back and forth for over two hours now. Just northw 11/5/20
9/8/20 06:00 Rockport MA Disk 5 minutes On September 8, 2020 at 0600 hrs I was standing outside on Granite Street in Rockport, MA 01966. I observed two objects approximately 2 11/5/20
9/8/20 04:25 Hendersonville TN Other 10 minutes Mu husband woke up last night to go to the bathroom and happened to look out the window. He then woke me up to come take a look. We b 11/5/20
9/8/20 03:50 Telford (UK/England)
Unknown 20 minutes Heavy landing. .Extremly bright white light.. No sound. Lifted singly off the ground. Strong pulse on leave that affected my printer. 1/19/21
9/8/20 03:39 Spokane WA

MADAR Node 37 11/5/20
9/8/20 02:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Triangle 10 seconds Grey Triangle appears out of the black sky, descends and moves east accelerating at a phenominal rate. 11/5/20
9/7/20 22:30 Bethesda MD Flash 3 minutes Bright flashes in Bethesda/Chevy Chase area 11/5/20
9/7/20 21:41 Nissequogue NY Circle ~8 minutes Flying circle with tons of lights traveling at a very high speed. 11/5/20
9/7/20 21:30 Doublas MA Sphere 1 minute One soundless glowing (not flickering)orange sphere approximately 3 feet in diameter 11/5/20
9/7/20 21:05 Erie PA Sphere 60 seconds Bright orange circle in sky looked on fire, was flying very fast and as it turned in east direction, it slowed down and then flickered 11/5/20
9/7/20 19:25 York Springs PA Circle 10 minutes I was watering my garden and was looking up at the sky. I turned towards the North and saw this large illuminated object. I stood there 11/5/20
9/7/20 19:00 Orrstown PA Circle 20 minutes circular bright lights on the outside occasionally one light sticking down lower from center, very slowly moving no exhaust fumes, pret 11/5/20
9/7/20 12:00 Ocean City MD Diamond >2 hours White diamond out over ocean in daylight... hovering (over 2 hours) 11/5/20
9/7/20 12:00 Ocean City MD Diamond ongoing White diamond out over ocean in daylight hovering 11/5/20
9/7/20 11:30 Naples FL Other 1-2 minutes Small dark object tracking linearly at constant speed over gulf 11/5/20
9/7/20 05:00 West Linn OR Disk 1.5 hours disc shaped with multiple colored lights covering whole surface 11/5/20
9/7/20 04:45 Anchorage AK Circle 20 3 circular orange lights that were extremely bright, they didn’t move they just hovered and one of the circles was close to the moon. I 11/5/20
9/7/20 04:00 Sandpoint ID Circle 2 hours There was a bright glowing object in one spot that moved here and there for about an hour definitely not a airplane or star I have vide 11/5/20
9/6/20 23:45 Ketchikan AK Light 1 hour A bright light that seems to disappear when I zoomed in on the object.. Sometimes disappearing though this time it looked as if it almo 11/5/20
9/6/20 23:25 Marcy NY Circle 1 minutes 5 strange lights over crowd video in description 11/5/20
9/6/20 23:15 Burbank CA Sphere 15 seconds From my second story balcony I witnessed a large metallic sphere appear over the horizon. It did appear to look shiny, but it was in a 11/5/20
9/6/20 23:06 Nipomo CA Circle
Orange light seen sparkling and then stationary. Witnessed ifrom our backyard over the mountains. Roughly 10 minutes ago perhaps an 11/5/20
9/6/20 22:00 Pemaquid ME Light 5 seconds My wife and went to have a nice relaxing night on a Sunday night just got dark and laying on beach watching stars and talking and I gra 11/5/20
9/6/20 22:00 Portland OR Sphere All night Star splits in two, then three and they move around randomly. Upon magnification it’s not a star but a warbling pulsing spherical orb(s 11/5/20
9/6/20 22:00 Chelan WA Light 45 seconds I was viewing the night sky directly overhead using a pair of 7X35 standard binoculars. Within a few seconds of putting my eyes to the 11/5/20
9/6/20 21:34 Canisteo NY Fireball 5 seconds Bright white light 11/5/20
9/6/20 20:30 Delanson NY Circle 10 minutes It was a green circle rising then it stopped and changed to red and back to green 3 times then went to white and back to green then low 11/5/20
9/6/20 20:06 South Hero GA Sphere 2:34 Orange glowing sphere moving slowly and then shrinking 11/5/20
9/6/20 19:40 Marblehead MA
30 minutes Bright white light with glare with very small red light at lower right.It was in night sky at approx 25000k ft or higher.Planes landi 12/23/20
9/6/20 15:00 Plano TX Sphere Brief Small white dot in the sky. 11/5/20
9/6/20 10:30 Lake Wales FL Light 3-5 seconds Saw red lights that turned green that moved too quickly to be a plane. Stopped in mid-air when I said &quot;Oh my God.&quot; 11/5/20
9/6/20 08:01 Northampton MA Circle 6 seconds My fiance and i were sitting outside when I saw a round orb like light it went from what I believe to be north to south and took a quic 11/5/20
9/6/20 04:00 Glastonbury CT Unknown 10 minutes Unexplained Noise and Energy Reported Across Town 11/5/20
9/6/20 03:00 Grantsville MD Formation >1 hour 3 objects in line with each other that were square shaped with triangle shaped lights going back and for between them. All 3 larger obj 11/5/20
9/6/20 02:30 Thorndale/Downingtown PA Circle 15 minutes Driving from Lancaster to Downingtown,we observed at Downingtown & thorndale exit to Manor Ave exit approximately three UFOs two red c 11/5/20
9/6/20 00:30 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light >1 hour Bright light slowly rotating around the moon. Almost a full rotation in the last hour. We noticed it because it seemed to be an unfamil 11/5/20
9/6/20 00:00 Greenwich CT Light 5 hours Two star light objects traveling in tandem with nearly full moon 11/5/20
9/6/20 Huntington Park CA Circle
2 undentified flying objects south of california huntington park moving towards land about couple miles away from land .emiting energy 11/5/20
9/5/20 23:00 Fort Pierce FL Light 30 seconds I got out of my car and looked up like I always do. I noticed an incredibly fast aircraft with a very unusual lighting pattern travelin 11/5/20
9/5/20 22:30 Pewaukee WI Changing Several minutes Bright colors with shape shifting. 11/5/20
9/5/20 22:19 Lafayette CA Flash 5 seconds I was casually looking at the sky with the sky map app on my phone when I saw something on the horizon. At first I thought it was a pla 11/5/20
9/5/20 22:00 Birdsboro PA Light 10 minutes Saw red light dipping behind treetops and backup again a few times 11/5/20
9/5/20 22:00 Fayetteville NC Formation 7 minutes My husband and I were at a red light on Owen Dr. in Fayetteville, NC awaiting to turn left onto 301. We both witnessed several lights a 11/5/20
9/5/20 21:54 Southhampton NY Circle 2 minutes On September 5th, 9:54 p.m., in Southhampton New York, near Shinnecock Bay, seven of us spotted two unidentified flying objects, one sh 12/23/20
9/5/20 21:45 Paris TX Triangle 5 minutes I was on my way home from work, it was approximately 21:45 on the evening of 9-25-2020. I was east bound on 82 highway West of Paris T 11/5/20
9/5/20 21:30 Hillsborough NH Other 1 minute Big Bright orange light. About small aircraft distance away. Moving fast across the sky looked like the shape of a hot air balloon. 11/5/20
9/5/20 21:20 Fayetteville WV Sphere 10 minutes Crafts with Falling sparks 11/5/20
9/5/20 21:06 Rome GA Fireball 1-2 minutes Orange ball of light over house 11/5/20
9/5/20 21:00 Bakersfield CA Triangle 15-20 minutes This looked like the real triangle famous ufo thing. 11/5/20
9/5/20 20:40 Paducah KY Light 30 seconds Sitting on the patio of a restaraunt downtown. Looked up and saw two fairly big orange lights. Not sure how to relate how big it was. 2 11/5/20
9/5/20 20:16 Atkinson NH Circle 4 seconds Slow moving circle of white light that shot off in a high rate of speed and instantly was gone! 11/5/20
9/5/20 19:05 Santa Fe NM Other 3 minutes Flying red donut shape, noiseless. 11/5/20
9/5/20 15:23 Elizabeth NJ Disk 1 minute Observed a black disc shaped object moving slowly and occasionally emitting a sparkling light. 11/5/20
9/5/20 14:33 Pine City NY

MADAR Node 82 11/5/20
9/5/20 13:00 Jonesborough TN Oval 5 minutes My son and I was in the yard. I was looking at the jet trails in the sky when I saw a chrome Bean shaped object sitting still. It start 11/5/20
9/5/20 12:30 Woodland Park CO Fireball 10 seconds Fireball in Colorado 11/5/20
9/5/20 11:35 Evanston WY Formation 1 hour UFO 11/5/20
9/5/20 11:00 Greensboro NC Light 15 minutes standing on my front porch looking west I saw something flashing in the sky so I came in to get my binoculars. it was multicolored like 11/5/20
9/5/20 04:57 Barrington NH Unknown 5 seconds I am a Geography teacher, former registered nurse. I've seen some strange lights in the sky a few times, not satellites. This was jus 11/5/20
9/5/20 04:35 Boise ID

MADAR Node 111 11/5/20
9/5/20 01:30 Covina CA Disk 5 seconds A disk shaped object glowing in bright green light flying with high speed from north to south direction. I am waiting infront of my bed 11/5/20
9/5/20 01:30 Temescal Canyon CA Fireball 3 seconds driving home from work at 1:30 am on 15 fwy between south corona/ lake elsinore by nichols exit. Green fire ball came flying down. Poss 11/5/20
9/5/20 00:05 Inman SC Light 20 seconds Object spotted off the right on little mountain rd proceeding towards Malcom rd. Caught my attention because the object was bright w 11/5/20
9/4/20 23:00 Livingston NJ Egg 0.4 seconds I was looking at the sky and saw a white thug whiz bye too close to the ground for a meteor, followed by 2 more 12/23/20
9/4/20 22:54 Topeka KS Light 1 minute Bright ball of flickering red light across the sky in Topeka, Kansas 11/5/20
9/4/20 21:30 Bloomsburg PA Oval 2 minutes Bright illuminating elongated circular hovercraft 300 ft in the air stationary. No moving no blinking lights glowing stationary craft. 11/5/20
9/4/20 21:30 Gulf Shores AL Light 15 seconds Light seen moving erratically above cloud layer through NVGs. Gulf Shores AL 11/5/20
9/4/20 21:02 Wayne Lakes OH Cylinder 2 minutes Red Silent Light Orb slowly went across the night sky. 11/5/20
9/4/20 21:00 Colorado Springs CO Circle 4 minutes Two craft traveling similar path stop completely and fade from sight, one after another. 11/5/20
9/4/20 21:00 East Stroudsburg PA Sphere 2 hours Hovering crafts with lights 11/5/20
9/4/20 21:00 Stoneham MA Fireball 10 minutes On 9/4/20 around 9PM my 35-year-old son was taking our dog for a walk when he barged into the house and told me to come out and see thi 11/5/20
9/4/20 20:45 Attleboro MA Circle 2 minutes Orange circles in night summer sky 11/5/20
9/4/20 19:30 Farmington MN Oval 5 minutes Saw a craft in the sky that had a light on the belly of the craft that is much brighter than any light I have seen on a flying craft, i 11/5/20
9/4/20 18:10 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Oval 2 minutes horizontal craft made of two ovals on top of each other, glowing orange. thin and glided through the air. vanished after gliding in air 11/5/20
9/4/20 14:00 Mattapan MA Fireball 3 minutes Fireball and spheres 1/19/21
9/4/20 13:00 Mannington WV Light 1 minutes Light travels fast then stops 11/5/20
9/4/20 09:30 Bloomsburg PA Disk 1 minute Stationary saucer with 3 bright glowing royal blue lights which sat above Columbia County Jail for less than a minute. 11/5/20
9/4/20 09:30 Bloomsburg PA Oval 2 minutes Bright illuminating elongated circular hovercraft 300 ft in the air stationary. No moving no blinking lights glowing stationary craft. 11/5/20
9/4/20 06:26 Glenville NY Other 5 minutes 9/4/20 a star like image in early morning sky quickly dimmed, moved, I saw what almost looked like space ship shape and then left. 12/23/20
9/4/20 05:36 Buffalo NY Other Unknown The shape consisted of two chevrons with a vertical line in the middle; chevron shapes were more elongated matching the length of the m 9/4/20
9/4/20 04:58 Lakeland FL Fireball 4 seconds Bright Falling Green Object In A Moonlit Early Morning Sky 9/4/20
9/4/20 03:20 York County VA Other 1-2 seconds I was heading back from a friends house coming back in to york county from Newport News and I was pulling up to the first stop intersec 9/4/20
9/4/20 03:18 Beausejour (Canada) MB Formation 5 seconds 3 white dots flying East ward in Eastern sky. 9/4/20
9/4/20 01:51 Whately MA

MADAR Node 67 11/5/20
9/4/20 01:15 Pahrump NV Light 2-3 minutes Blue ziggzaging and sudden stops light that tirned redwhen red light was flashed at it 9/4/20
9/4/20 01:00 Williamstown WV Teardrop Seconds Looked up and caught a glimpse of a light moving faster than any plane I’ve ever seen. 2?? 3?? Times as fast. Covered the horizon dista 9/4/20
9/3/20 23:45 Allen TX Oval 5 seconds Large oval shaped bright green ufo traveling through clouds at high speed then disappeared 11/5/20
9/3/20 23:45 Weatherford TX Sphere 3 seconds I was driving home from work and heading down my street when I saw a big green ball in the sky streak across the clouds and disappear i 11/5/20
9/3/20 23:45 Fort Worth TX Oval 5-7 seconds I was driving with my family in west side of town. When the passenger pointed to the East sky and ask what is that?  It was a large ova 11/5/20
9/3/20 23:42 Granbury TX Light 5-6 seconds I was watching the East sky by lake Granbury and almost every night I see shooting stars....thought this was one, but it was far closer 9/4/20
9/3/20 23:32 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Circle 1 minute ((NUFORC Note: No details provided by witness. PD)) 11/5/20
9/3/20 22:53 Antioch CA Triangle 10-15 seconds Possible TR3B's seen overhead in Antioch. 11/5/20
9/3/20 21:22 Farmington Hills MI

MADAR Node 144 11/5/20
9/3/20 21:15 Mukwonago WI Triangle 2 minutes Triangle with 3 white lights on corners. 9/4/20
9/3/20 20:45 Cowansville PA Light 3 seconds Walking home from gas station around 8:45pm. About 1 mile from my home. Its just getting dark, so I'm looking at the sky when over the 11/5/20
9/3/20 20:00 Dansville/Mason MI Light 10 seconds Triple lights in the sky. 9/4/20
9/3/20 19:30 Deming NM Other 30 minutes UFO sighting I 10 through New Mexico 32.2361000, -108.0330000.

Driving through Deming New Mexico my girlfriend noticed something sta
9/3/20 17:45 Storrs CT Cigar Seconds In Storrs, CT, saw a cigar shaped object flying rapidly after hovering for a brief second on my iPhone footage of the rain clouds. 11/5/20
9/3/20 17:30 Utica NY Circle 2 minutes Crafts ejecting objects closeup video footage in description 11/5/20
9/3/20 13:30 Tacoma WA Fireball 3-4 minutes I was sitting out side at 1:30 am smoking a cigarette, Across the sky, 3 to 5 times time bigger then a jetliner,It came towards me, I w 9/4/20
9/3/20 07:38 St. Louis MO

MADAR Node 70 11/5/20
9/3/20 06:58 Pine City NY

MADAR Node 82 11/5/20
9/3/20 06:43 Irmo SC

MADAR Node 95 11/5/20
9/3/20 05:39 Edmonds WA

MADAR Node 61 11/5/20
9/3/20 05:10 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 2 seconds satellite and bright light (star) intersect 11/5/20
9/3/20 05:00 California MD Circle 1 hour Small green object moving around the Moon. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare? Anonymous report. PD)) 11/5/20
9/3/20 01:30 Roanoke TX Light 8 seconds Green oval lights. 9/4/20
9/3/20 00:00 Cleburne TX Oval 3 seconds A green orb flashed for 3 seconds then vanished 11/5/20
9/2/20 23:45 Fort Worth TX Oval 5-7 seconds I was driving with my family in west side of town. When the my uncle pointed to the sky and said look what the.. is that?  It was a lar 11/5/20
9/2/20 23:00 Allendale MI Circle 2 minutes Silver circular craft with white lights. 11/5/20
9/2/20 22:30 Mooresville IN Circle 30 minutes On the night of September 2nd 2020 around 10:30pm my boyfriend and I were sitting on our front porch smoking a cigarette. We were facin 11/5/20
9/2/20 21:45 Coronation (Canada) AB Sphere 2 minutes Looked out window to the east to see if Mars was up yet. Sky clear, very few clouds, rising full moon. Faint spherical &quot;cloud&qu 9/4/20
9/2/20 21:15 Redvale CO Light 20 minutes Blinking red light, low on horizon, flashing, moving up and down 9/4/20
9/2/20 20:40 Indianford/Fulton/Edgerton WI Triangle 45-60 seconds 4 large white lights with 2 on either side (cross shaped) surrounded by 3 larger red lights on top, left, and right side 9/4/20
9/2/20 20:00 Rumford ME Triangle All day all night but mor Total invasion in home town by Extra dimensional entities that torment me and my family night and day. 12/23/20
9/2/20 19:39 Cheyenne WY Other 70 minutes Cloud-seeding irregular movement object seen near F.E.Warren AFB Cheyenne WY 9/4/20
9/2/20 18:00 Florence CO Sphere 5 seconds Bright white sphere surrounded by an orange glow observed rapidly traveling across the horizon. 9/4/20
9/2/20 16:30 Fort Worth TX Sphere Hour 2 black spheres hovering over fort worth. Multiple behind it 9/4/20
9/2/20 15:03 New Albany OH Cone 1 minute Driving down 88 coming up to 22 and seen 2 cone shaped objects in the northern sky. Resembled a praying mantis but with 3 lights 9/4/20
9/2/20 11:00 Otis OR Other 15 minutes? Invisible object caught in photo with orbs 9/4/20
9/2/20 10:52 Naches Peak Loop Trail WA Circle >1 minute Oreo-Like Circular Metallic Flying Object and a Tiny Funnel Shaped Object 9/4/20
9/2/20 03:40 Liberty Lake WA Changing 1 hour A very bright constantly changing starlike light from the southeastern sky. I also noticed other much smaller lights occasionally shoot 9/4/20
9/2/20 02:35 Temecula CA Light Hours I had let my dog outside to go potty in the middle of the night and as I waited I noticed a twinkling light above thinking it was a sta 9/4/20
9/2/20 01:00 Smolensk (Russia)
Light 30 minutes moving light, radiant balls going up and down, flashes in the sky 9/4/20
9/2/20 01:00 Newport News VA Changing 40 minutes A bright moonlit night with no stars to see, except one that was in our atmosphere, moving slowly, and I knew it was special. 9/4/20
9/2/20 Yelm WA Changing september-present big balls in the sky that change shape,triangle, teleport, phone jamming. 12/23/20
9/1/20 22:15 Parrish FL Fireball 5 seconds UFO sighting in parrish Florida. 9/4/20
9/1/20 19:29 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 11/5/20
9/1/20 16:00 Hammond (Canada) ON Unknown 20 seconds As if light was coming through a prism 11/5/20
9/1/20 15:30 Myrtle Beach SC Cylinder 20 minutes I was laying in pool,clear day no clouds.Saw object very high in sky.Got binoculars and located object.It was a large cylinder floating 11/5/20
9/1/20 13:26 St. Peter MN

MADAR Node 60 11/5/20
9/1/20 06:30 Hebron OH Other 10 minutes So my father and myself were leving hebron kroger near buckeye lake when an incredibly white bright star shaped craft hovered in place 11/5/20
9/1/20 05:00 Hull MA Light 30 minutes solid object with the bank of strobing lights on the bottom. The lights were blue yellow red white and blue. 9/4/20
9/1/20 04:20 Edmonton AB Light 3 minutes I was riding my pedal bike to the 711 in st.albert,Alberta from near the casino when I was riding my bike from 711 there was a Super Br 9/4/20
9/1/20 03:00 Ames IA Light 2 seconds Light in sky defying gravity and disappearing in rural Iowa 9/4/20
9/1/20 01:07 McMinnville OR Teardrop 2 seconds White with blueish hint comet looking thing flew past me and my friend 9/4/20
9/1/20 00:25 La Quinta CA Formation 3-5 seconds HIGH SPEED BRIGHT WHITE OBJECTS PASSING OVERHEAD 9/4/20