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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/26/20 18:20 Decatur AL Light 45 seconds single white light rapidly blinking. Decatur Alabama 6:20 pm. clear night stars were out. total view time approximately 45 seconds. dir 1/19/21
12/1/20 17:50 Birmingham AL Light 10 seconds Bright light moving sporadically up and down and across the sky 12/23/20
12/1/20 17:50 Birmingham AL Light 10 seconds Bright light moving sporadically up and down and across the sky 12/23/20
11/30/20 00:40 Huntsville AL Light 5-10 seconds Saw a teal light , thought it was lightening at first but the teal color was solid and stayed there for a few seconds and blinked a few 12/23/20
11/30/20 00:40 Huntsville AL Light 5-10 seconds Saw a teal light , thought it was lightening at first but the teal color was solid and stayed there for a few seconds and blinked a few 12/23/20
11/7/20 Columbia AL Disk 8 seconds at Farley Nuclear plant, I was walking outside and saw a slow moving object flying at a slow speed not too far in the sky. It startled 12/23/20
10/16/20 21:35 Billingsley AL Circle 45 minutes Several round pulsating stationary crafts with red, green, yellow orange lights. 12/23/20
10/13/20 20:30 robertsdale AL Changing 10 minutes DIRECTLY over our house one appeared and was a visible UFO. 12/23/20
10/8/20 05:20 Baileyton AL Light ~1 minute There were three lights, 2 brilliant blue Lights on the sides and 1 green/blue large light in the middle.

None of the lights flashed
10/1/20 05:00 Moundville AL Changing 30 minutes It wasn't the normal star. It was strobing and sparkling like a sparkler and it was lower than a star .All the years that I've lived h 11/5/20
9/28/20 15:00 Athens AL Other 5 seconds A command module looking craft. 12/23/20
9/26/20 00:34 Huntsville AL Light 1 minute A flying object was seen traveling SW slowly in a straight line. The object had one red and two green flashing lights. The object insta 11/5/20
9/11/20 20:20 Huntsville AL Light 30 seconds Two white point sources of light (one and then another) rose straight up from NW horizon and slowly faded in brightness while veering o 11/5/20
9/4/20 21:30 Gulf Shores AL Light 15 seconds Light seen moving erratically above cloud layer through NVGs. Gulf Shores AL 11/5/20
8/19/20 22:00 Fort Morgan AL Circle 10 seconds Stationary large orange red lights, one light moving out from another to become to separate lights 9/4/20
8/19/20 16:15 Huntsville AL Light 15-20 minutes Saw 1 bright light that dimmed out & got really bright in an erratic manner, the movement was unlike a plane or anything Ive ever seen 8/27/20
8/18/20 22:00 Gulf Shores AL Cylinder 1 hour Looking out at the stars son and I noticed red craft come on like a beacon go off about six times then it did this with several times c 8/20/20
8/14/20 13:30 Mobile AL Rectangle 15 seconds Rectangle dark object hovering and disappearing 8/20/20
8/8/20 13:00 Daphne AL Sphere few minutes Very reflective or pulsating white light seen above Daphne AL in broad daylight. 8/20/20
8/2/20 01:45 Satsuma AL Circle 40 seconds I was on my patio watching tv. I looked over and saw 2 round discs of lights that hovered and then both shot out of view. I recorded th 8/6/20
8/1/20 22:50 Madison AL Light ~10 seconds Ball of light in an upward arc trajectory. 8/20/20
7/31/20 23:00 Spanish Fort AL Changing 15 minutes Two stars move, one transforms into a triangular object. It moves multiple times, then rockets off through the earth's atmosphere 8/6/20
7/26/20 19:45 Birmingham AL Light 20-30 minutes High flying slow moving object that seemed to be floating then was destroyed and disappeared 7/31/20
7/21/20 08:45 Axis AL Oval 2 minutes White craft move west to east at high speed f 16 cam from north east turned hard left chased craft, about a 1/4 mile from me about 2000 8/20/20
7/10/20 22:00 Deatsville AL Circle 2 minutes A black circle in the night sky shoots beam of light out of its side. 7/23/20
7/4/20 21:30 Anniston AL Circle 15 minutes We saw a red object coming at a high speed of velocity from the southeast region of the sky. It grew larger as it came closer and stopp 7/9/20
7/4/20 20:00 Huntsville AL Circle 10-15 minutes I saw what looked like a ball of fire. It was moving faster than an airplane. As it got closer to the fireworks it went black. I watche 7/9/20
7/2/20 21:30 Fort Payne AL Circle 20 minutes It was bright red and move before it disappeared. 7/3/20
6/18/20 03:00 Oneonta AL Circle 10-15 seconds 3 AM 6 bright lights rotating in perfect circle, made no noise 7/3/20
6/11/20 12:00 Altoona AL Other 6 minutes Me and my nephew were out talking. We saw two square objects with flashing red lights. One was following the other. In sync, came low. 6/25/20
6/10/20 19:00 Enterprise AL Disk 25 Green glowing aircraft 6/25/20
5/25/20 21:00 Trussville AL Triangle 2 minutes UFO hovered over my car. 6/25/20
5/13/20 23:50 Pike rd AL Cylinder 1.5 seconds As soon I as I started to get off of the exit I saw a huge cylinder object flash light lightning with bright blue light heading at down 6/25/20
4/30/20 22:00 Lincoln AL Other 10-15 minutes Lights moving across the night sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/29/20 21:00 Birmingham AL Circle Night About 20 Craftsin the sky moving at a fast rate in a single filed line. ((Starlink satellites??)) 6/25/20
4/25/20 10:30 Anniston AL Circle 90 min On the west side of Anniston, Al. As soon as I walked out I noticed a very bright light in the N. ((Venus?)) 6/25/20
4/20/20 11:15 Enterprise AL Sphere 30 My 9 year old son and I both saw a dark grey sphere shaped craft. 6/25/20
4/15/20 Akron AL Cigar 2 minutes I observed a white or silvery cigar shaped craft moving through the sky. It made no sound or left no type of cloud disturbance behind i 6/25/20
4/14/20 10:30 Tuscaloosa AL Unknown 20 minutes I was sitting in my car playing poker on my phone when the reception went out. I got out of the car to move the phone around and a glow 6/25/20
4/13/20 21:15 Phenix City AL Light 20 minutes or better My husband and I watched over 100 balls of light flight over our home from the northqest towards the south east for more than 20 minute 6/25/20
4/12/20 12:00 Montgomery AL Sphere seconds Fast moving soundless white sphere 6/25/20
4/11/20 21:05 Hanceville AL Light 5 13 lights, straight trajectory, 30 sec apart, then disappeared. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/10/20 00:00 Boaz AL Other >30 minutes These Orbs had Green lights and White blinking lights.They moved and hovered!They were at approx 30,000 feet high moving from East to W 5/1/20
4/9/20 05:00 Prattville AL Sphere 5 minutes Two friends and I were out riding a few dirt roads near my house and looked up to see what appeared to be a partial rainbow in the sky, 6/25/20
4/7/20 18:00 Warrior AL Egg 10 minutes Miles away,i watched small,fast moving crafts,appear from nothing,some in pairs one flanking the other,move across the horizon.But spac 6/25/20
3/29/20 11:00 Citronelle AL Circle 35 minutes Saw a twinkling light that was moving when I thought it was plane but then it just stopped and just started hovering in the same spot. 6/25/20
3/25/20 22:06 Oxford AL Unknown 10 minutes Husband and I saw a craft of unknown shape in the Northwest area of the sky. I filmed the object for over a minute, and it seemed to di 4/9/20
2/19/20 15:50 Hoover AL Triangle 45 Driving down highway 150 saw a bright triangle with lights in the points and one extra in the middle of the back. Sat still over the gr 2/25/20
2/6/20 18:26 Mobile AL

MADAR Node 63 2/25/20
2/3/20 23:16 Mobile AL

MADAR Node 63 2/25/20
2/3/20 20:00 Eastaboga AL Unknown Hours Well this has been happening several nights for awhile now first we thought the lights were drones until we started to see 2 drones fly 2/7/20
2/2/20 19:00 Chelsea AL Oval 30 minutes Coming in from work we could see a white light in the sky that wasn’t moving. 2 adults witnessed this with one of the adults being a fi 2/7/20
2/2/20 15:30 Ross Bridge AL Formation 2 minutes White and red objects flying in loose formation during the day, then fade out 5/15/20
2/2/20 07:30 Hueytown AL Other Going on 8 hours Very seriously concerning what I'm seeing right now since February 2nd 2020 yesterday 7:30 p.m. I noticed something that didn't look r 2/7/20
2/1/20 07:00 Southside AL Light 25 minutes Distant unmoving bright light in sky west of our house fading out & brightening again over & over. After about 10 minutes it dropped 2/7/20
1/26/20 04:13 Mobile AL

MADAR Node 63 1/31/20
1/22/20 16:45 Huntsville AL Unknown 30 minutes spotted flying object with flashing bright white light,then stopped remained there and desend downward 1/31/20
1/21/20 16:28 Mobile AL

MADAR Node 63 1/31/20
1/15/20 22:00 Irvington AL Sphere 20-25 minutes My name is Paul s I stay in pine springs.every night now I see the same craft(bright slow pulsating white light)its happens ruffely aro 6/25/20
1/10/20 04:49 Mobile AL

MADAR Node 63 1/31/20
1/8/20 18:00 Littleville AL Light 40 seconds Two lights floated above the police department for about 30 to 40 seconds. Noticed it after my 7 year old son started crying and pointe 2/7/20
1/7/20 06:53
AL Circle 1 minute Report was received from a pilot who was climbing to altitude. He reported seeing a string of approx. 12 white lights. ((satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/6/20 16:25 Saraland/Mobile AL Disk 15 seconds about 3 weeks prior to this sighting, I was driving south on I-65 headed towards Mobile right at Mile Marker 16. I observed a shiny sa 2/7/20
1/5/20 12:05 Tuscaloosa AL Teardrop
I looked up to the southeast and saw a large object hovering a few hundred feet up in the sky. 5/1/20
12/30/19 22:20 Madison AL Triangle 20 seconds I was driving northbound on County Line Rd. towards Hwy 72 heading home. At first I noticed the lights and thought it was from a water 2/7/20
12/30/19 12:00 Birmingham AL Disk 30-45 seconds I was driving down the red mountain expressway, and saw a large silver disc/circular shaped craft in the sky. 2/7/20
12/29/19 18:26 Mobile AL

MADAR Node 63 1/31/20
12/27/19 19:00 Elkmont AL Fireball 3 seconds Bright light trailed by a green glowing light attached. 2/7/20
12/26/19 00:25 Mobile AL

MADAR Node 63 1/31/20
12/25/19 17:40 Madison AL Triangle 2 minutes Quiet Triangular overall shape with 4 dark amber lights (possible windows) 2/7/20
12/19/19 17:39 Hartselle AL Light 5min 6 Bright lights over Hartselle Alabama 12/22/19
12/18/19 18:20 Jacksonville AL Unknown 25 minutes - ongoing In the west southwest sky near capricornus, there is a large, bright light. The light is yellow-white and undulating. Off and on we can 12/19/19
12/18/19 08:30 Rock Ledge AL Disk 5 minutes Craft moving very slowly or not at all clear blue sky about 9 o'clock in Western sky in small air craft space then accelerated in unbel 12/19/19
12/11/19 19:25 Coosada AL Cigar 5 seconds it was silver and flew across the sky to the left and down (SW if on a compass) 12/19/19
11/30/19 04:45 Woodstock AL Fireball 2 seconds Bright Green Fireball Bibb Co., AL. 12/1/19
11/21/19 18:05 Daphne AL Light 5 minutes Red/orange lights. First seen as a single long light. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD)) 12/1/19
11/19/19 19:30 Mobile AL Light 3 minutes Small light hovering slowly about 200-300 ft off the ground. 12/1/19
11/10/19 17:00 Silverhilll AL Sphere 15 minutes a round, illuminated object with a "counter-clockwise arrow" on the face moving slowly from overhead to east. 12/1/19
11/10/19 16:26 Mobile AL Circle 30 minutes Bright circular object floating across the Mobile, AL sky 5/15/20
10/24/19 23:00 Gurley AL Circle 5 minutes We saw four connected bright lights. 2/7/20
10/19/19 20:00 Melbourne AL Light 20 minutes Light in the night sky moved and stood still and flew around for many minutes. 12/1/19
10/11/19 20:00 Phenix City AL Cigar 1 minute Two large disc shaped bright solid objects were observed by 5 adults. They moved slowly and disappeared over the tree line. 12/1/19
10/10/19 17:00 Fowl River AL Circle 5 minutes Large Bright Light. 12/1/19
10/7/19 04:00 Morgan City AL Cigar Few mins Saw bright white light cigar shape moving very fast. 12/1/19
10/6/19 03:00 Fairhope AL Triangle 10-15 minutes A shaped ufo’s spotted in Fairhope 12/1/19
10/1/19 19:00 Elberta AL Circle 30 minutes The incident took place at 1900 hours on October 1st 2019 in Elberta, Alabama. He primary witness gazed up into the relatively dark sky 10/4/19
9/29/19 20:00 Brierfield AL Other 8 seconds Looking southward, at about a 45° angle when a golden yellow, almost orange star shaped object suddenly appeared. It wobbled slowly for 10/4/19
9/28/19 09:30 Lincoln AL Other 15 seconds I observed two boomerang shaped objects in the sky, they both had a orange neon glow and dissapeared in the sky after about 15 sec. 10/4/19
9/25/19 08:45 Brantley AL Cylinder 5 minutes 5 Minutes Large white cylinder moving NNE 10/4/19
9/24/19 21:30 Mobile AL Fireball 1 minute Orange, slow-moving fireball seen near Bayou Sara River, Mobile, AL. (2 witnesses) 10/4/19
9/18/19 18:40 Florence AL Light 1 minute ((NUFORC Note: No information provided here by witness, who elects to remain anonymous. PD)) 9/19/19
8/29/19 14:49 Maplesville AL Unknown Unknown I have been hearing a low rumbling sound outside for the past 2-3 nighrs. I do not see any aircraft of any sort. ((anonymous report)) 9/6/19
8/16/19 08:00 Clanton AL Cigar 15 Seen white plane, cigar shaped going across sky headed southwest. 8/23/19
8/4/19 22:00 Samson AL Sphere 3 minutes Rapidly moving solid white light at high altitude. Not a normal aircraft light array. 8/23/19
7/20/19 22:00 Boaz AL Light 3 seconds Walked outside going to garage was looking around at stars when I noticed a very bright light to my left unlike anything I've ever seen 7/25/19
7/18/19 20:30
AL Light 15 min Planes watching UFO's 7/25/19
7/17/19 04:05 Coker AL Other 5 minutes A bell-shaped orange craft over neighbors home. 7/25/19
7/8/19 22:24 Huntsville AL Light 30 seconds Two moving yellowish lights over Huntsville, AL at 10:30 pm on July 8, 2019. 7/12/19
7/4/19 21:00 Gadsden AL Triangle 20 minutes The craft appeared shortly after the fireworks started and circled them until they finished.

It was moving very fast then came to c
7/4/19 21:00 Homewood AL Triangle 30 Firework visitors. 7/12/19
6/30/19 01:30 Clay AL Fireball 1-2 minutes Went outside to take a smoke looked up saw about 5 or 6 fireballs circling it was me and my step brother they looked as if they were al 2/7/20
6/15/19 21:11 Madison AL Rectangle ~6 minutes Rectangular very bright and big green object seen over Madison, Alabama 6/27/19
6/13/19 20:45 Gadsden AL Light 10mins Bright light seen in western sky , appeared to be over area of Henry Neely lake. My husband and I watched it just stay in one spot in t 6/20/19
6/8/19 23:30 Huntsville AL
3 seconds Large ball of light! 6/20/19
5/26/19 00:00 Grants AL Formation 5 minutes Formation of lights grows larger and passes above car. ((NUFORC Note: Space Link satellites? PD)) 6/7/19
5/25/19 01:15 Cullman AL Fireball
Long moving line with 4 trailing dots.. Moving NE fast. ((NUFORC Note: Space Link satellites. PD))((anonymous source)) 6/7/19
5/24/19 00:14 Hazel green AL Light 2 minutes seen a rip in the night looks like a bright star city and it was open like a zipper. ((NUFORC Note: SpaceLink satellites. PD)) 6/7/19
5/21/19 22:00 Decatur AL Triangle 2 hours We saw 3 lights in a triangle shape. They were pulsing and at one point they seem to stack on top of each other. Changed color. 6/7/19
5/20/19 23:00 Gulf Shores AL Triangle 4 minutes Falling red light turning into a triangle then shooting south towards the Gulf Of Mexico, then 3 more red balls streaking in same direc 6/7/19
5/8/19 18:00 Clanton AL Rectangle 10 seconds Late in the day right before dark I was sitting in my firepit on the lake and I noticed this object come across the sky. I will submit 6/7/19
5/6/19 01:00 Delta AL Triangle 2 hours Camping at Cheaha Mountain S.P. to view a meteor shower & we noticed a cloud-like figure that looked pyramid shape.((anonymous report)) 5/9/19
4/26/19 22:00 Orange Beach AL Sphere 30 minutes My wife and I were standing on the balcony of our condo watching what appeared to be 2 red orbs disappear and reappear multiple times i 5/9/19
4/21/19 21:15 Dauphin Island AL Other 2-3 seconds Several shadows flying along the shore in Dauphin Island, AL. 4/25/19
4/4/19 05:55 Huntsville AL Circle 3 seconds Pulsating ball of white light. ((anonymous report)) 5/9/19
3/30/19 23:00 Gulf Shores AL Sphere 2-3 seconds A friend and myself were sitting on the deck of our rental house on the evening of March 30th, 2019. Skies were clear at time of incide 4/8/19
3/24/19 16:00 Birmingham AL Cigar
Long Cigar Shape Objects 3/29/19
3/22/19 20:05 Jacksonville AL Triangle 5 minutes Star formation moving across sky. 4/18/19
2/25/19 23:45 McKenzie AL Triangle 1 minute Triangular UFO sighting southbound I-10 (Butler County, AL) 3/14/19
2/21/19 12:00 Rainbow AL Disk
((HOAX??)) Phone glitching, 3 ufos with bright lights. ((anonymous report)) 2/22/19
2/21/19 03:00 Rainbow City AL Oval
phone glitching,flew away in a flash. 3/14/19
2/18/19 21:15 Birmingham AL Unknown 30 minutes 14 objects with bright red/orange lights. ((NUFORC Note: Husban is former FBI Special Agent. PD)) 2/27/19
1/2/19 10:00 Mobile AL Triangle Trianglular Hi,my name is Clint and was outside with a neighbor smoking some cigarettes sneezed a couple of times. ((anonymous report)) 1/11/19
11/18/18 18:00 Cullman AL Rectangle 10 minutes It had no flashing lights One continual yellowish light like an airplane It moved side to side Fast moving when side to side Slower whe 11/24/18
10/31/18 20:00 Somerville AL Fireball 1-3 seconds ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness, who elects to remain anonymous. PD)) 11/30/18
10/18/18 22:00 Muscadine AL Triangle ~1 minute Black triangles. Green lights. 11/9/18
10/18/18 21:00 Ranburne AL Light 2-3 minutes There were two huge moving objects with spinning green circular lights on front. Flew very low and were loud. They shook the entire hou 10/25/18
10/1/18 00:00 Dakeville AL Other Present Peter, I now understand your frustrations with folks not giving a narrative. Weve spoken twice and your frustrations were evident. Tho 12/23/20
9/30/18 23:30 Elkmomt AL Light 30 seconds White Lights seen in Elkmont, Alabama 10/6/18
9/24/18 08:30 Toney AL Triangle Huge triangle I walked out of my garage. And there was one light above the Treeline. Then it lit up with lights all the way around the triangle. 9/27/18
9/13/18 23:32 Helena AL Light 5-6 seconds Ball lightning? 9/27/18
8/14/18 23:00 Hartselle AL Changing 20 minutes Changing lights in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 8/17/18
7/29/18 17:15 Huntsville AL Chevron 10 seconds Thin, gray, wing-like object moving slowly south to north 8/10/18
7/22/18 18:00 Brookwood AL Triangle 10 minutes I and my wife witnessed the largest unidentified aircraft we have ever seen!!!!!! 8/10/18
7/20/18 21:00 Owens Cross Roads AL Light 15 minutes A massive bright, white light was observed over Owens Cross Roads, AL, by three adults. 8/10/18
7/19/18 10:30 Foley AL Other 2 minutes Unknown craft aerobatic and very fast. 8/10/18
7/18/18 22:00 Tuscaloosa AL Fireball 2 hours I noticed a ball of light out of my window right above the tree line. It was glowing orange. 8/10/18
7/18/18 21:30 Vance AL Light 2-3 minutes Bright white light moving at speed headed south to north without flashing lights or sound. 7/19/18
7/17/18 22:40 Vance AL Chevron >2 hours Strange light above Vance/Mccalla. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Mars, we susptect. PD)) 7/19/18
7/16/18 23:00 Trinity AL Light ~20 minutes The lights were seen no more than three at a time. I had actually first seen them at the beginning of this year on my own. 7/19/18
6/25/18 20:15 Dauphin Island AL Changing 30 minutes Second time seeing craft to the west of us. 6/28/18
6/22/18 18:00 Florence AL Cigar
((HOAX??))My son and I both noticed a cigar-shaped object flying slow and not very high. ((anonymous report)) 6/28/18
6/21/18 04:30 Ranburne AL Sphere 30 seconds 2 small bright orbs racing ahead and dancing about. 7/19/18
6/6/18 22:30 Union Springs AL Unknown 3 minutes A U.F.O. of two distant lights, or two U.F.O's that operated as one, that seemed to be in complete control of the environment. 6/15/18
5/31/18 22:10 Vestavia Hills AL Other 3-4 seconds Slow moving crescent moon shaped object spotted from Vestavia Hills, Al. 6/1/18
4/25/18 02:00 Owens Cross Rds AL Sphere I believe them t still be Fish like snake. Shpear and changing pool light from light blue dark blue to purple 5/9/19
4/24/18 20:30 Theodore AL Light Seconds Driving home, saw 4 orange lights in the sky. 3 small 1 big. Thought it was a trick of light until I saw it again further up the rd.. 4/26/18
4/4/18 21:00 Fort Payne AL Rectangle 1-2 minutes Unidentified Black and Red, Rectangular Flying Object 4/5/18
3/22/18 07:18 Pelham AL Egg 5-10 seconds Object seen during morning commute near Pelham, Alabama. 4/13/18
3/4/18 20:45 Irvington AL Circle 2 minutes Driving and seen a large moon shaped object with orange lights floating over a seemed to come closer to us Myself and my child 3/8/18
2/21/18 21:37 Pineywoods/Sipsey area AL Light 09:48 Bright multi-color flashing a lot brighter than a star or airplane 2/22/18
2/13/18 19:00 Birmingham AL Unknown 1 minute+ Abnormally bright off-white light traveling in sky, then, that light turned off as two equally bright off-white lights attached to the 2/16/18
12/26/17 20:30 Huntsville AL Light 4 seconds Green Light/Orb in Northwestern Sky in Huntsville, Alabama. ((anonymous report)) 1/12/18
12/14/17 03:47 Birmingham AL Light 1 minute Object that is the size of a small star changed size, light intensity, and rapidly dropped to the ground after 40 seconds of observatio 12/21/17
12/13/17 17:30 Huntsville AL Fireball 1-2 minutes During meteor shower, bright amber object, no blinking or other colored lights, entered field of view due west travelling east north ea 12/14/17
12/10/17 00:00 Sylacauga (Canada) AL Flash Current Unexplained light bursts in Stewartville, Sylacauga area. 12/21/17
11/27/17 18:00 Dawson AL Other Around an hour Cluster of approximately 6-8 lights. A rounded triangle shape, no sharp corners. Colors changed. ((anonymous report)) 12/4/17
11/27/17 11:20 Chelsea AL Cigar 5 minutes 2 white cigar-shaped objects flying parallel to each other (not touching) until they disappeared into the sun. Not moving fast. 12/4/17
11/26/17 17:35 Madison AL Fireball 20 seconds Bright sphere (dot) slowly moving due east. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of ISS?? PD)) 12/4/17
11/14/17 21:00 Huntsville AL Triangle 10 minutes Cat and mouse with triangular ship on Hwy 36. Whoa! Really wierd. 1/25/18
11/13/17 23:00 Tuscaloosa AL Chevron Ongoing The ufo has been hovering over a field across the street from my house every evening for 3 nights. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 11/17/17
11/13/17 21:00 Madison AL Light 4 seconds I looked up in the sky and saw one bright light- then it turned into 3! At first I thought it was a firework ((anonymous report)) 11/17/17
11/9/17 15:00 Anniston AL Light 2 seconds Two seperate sightings by two individuals of same fast moving green lights within days of each other ((anonymous report)) 11/17/17
11/6/17 17:05 Hokes Bluff AL Unknown 5+ minutes Unseen vehicle leaving a trail with "Foo Fighters" (orbs) following it. 9/6/19
10/30/17 19:00 Enterprise AL Light 10 minutes Saw 8-10 orange orbs approximately 5-7 miles west of Highway 27 near Dixie drive at approximately 2,000 feet. 1/12/18
10/24/17 05:15 Huntsville AL Chevron 5 seconds V-shaped Lights 11/3/17
10/22/17 18:00 Anniston AL Fireball 10 minutes Red fireball object, (drone?), slowly drifted 75 feet above our heads, hovered above, turned white & at high speed disappeared 11/3/17
10/20/17 18:30 Lanett AL Disk 30 minutes Disc shaped very bright shining object for 30 minutes in eastern sky. 11/3/17
10/20/17 11:00 Alabaster AL Oval 3 hours Bright oval light moving extremely slow for hours. ((anonymous report)) 11/3/17
10/18/17 19:16 Dora AL Circle 2 hours Bright multi-colored lights coming from the East moving towards a larger light in the West… 10/19/17
10/18/17 11:00 Bay Minnette AL Circle 4 minutes Clear baseball size orbs sighting. ((anonymous report)) 10/19/17
10/17/17 19:30 Dora AL Circle 5 hours At about 7:30 PM, I saw approximately 50 circular objects with red, green, blue and white pulsating lights, moving very slowly. 10/19/17
10/17/17 Dora AL Circle ongoing Numerous multicolored flashing lights, circular in shape and very quite flying in random circles 10/19/17
10/2/17 20:30 Gordo AL Sphere Ongoing My husband and witnessed a sphere shaped craft appear and lite up very bright and dimmed out numerous times. We seen a second craft beh 10/5/17
9/15/17 19:00 Helena AL Circle 5 seconds I saw a single bright light in the sky for 5 seconds that I thought was a plane and then it just disappeared. 9/21/17
9/10/17 20:00 Birmingham AL Other 2 seconds Unusual silent penney sized at arm's length object crossed sky rapidly unusual brownish pale orange band in shape. 9/12/17
8/16/17 16:00 Vernon AL Changing 2-3 minutes Blinding, white, cigar, shape-shifting craft, seen in Vernon, Alabama. 8/24/17
8/15/17 17:00 Cold Springs (Bugtussel) AL Triangle 5 minutes I seen a looked triangle or teardrop craft it was about 5 to 8 miles away. 8/24/17
8/8/17 21:15 Gulf Shores AL Disk 3 minutes Dimly Lit Black Saucer chased out of Gulf Shores, AL. 8/11/17
8/8/17 20:30 Huntsville AL Disk 1 minute Disc shape 3 green lights with odd movement. 8/11/17
7/20/17 21:48 Birmingham (outside Hueytown) AL Formation 2-3 minutes Twinkling amber lights in formation. 8/17/17
7/11/17 14:00 Birmingham (NE of) AL Disk 20-30 seconds Round object viewed from airliner. 7/14/17
6/30/17 21:45 Gardendale AL Unknown 2 minutes Orange/red ball heading from south to north over central Alabama 7/7/17
6/24/17 21:00 Hazel Green AL Rectangle 5 seconds Bright hovering rectangle shaped object, with two dark lines in it. After 5 seconds, it quickly went straight up and disappeared. 7/23/17
5/30/17 21:15 Anniston AL Triangle 30 seconds Boomerang shaped black as far as I can tell, no lights gliding over highway, slowing. ((anonymous report)) 6/2/17
5/16/17 09:50 Hamilton AL Triangle 5 minutes A white. triangular shaped object being pursude by a military type aiplane. 6/9/17
5/9/17 03:30 Auburn AL Circle 10 minutes I was awaken by a light shining through my window. First thought it may be the moon. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 5/11/17
5/7/17 20:00 Montgomery AL Circle 10 minutes 7 silent red orbs moving at a moderate rate of speed, high up in the sky, and then disappearing into the clouds. 10 minutes. 5/11/17
5/7/17 19:30 Warrior AL Circle 15 seconds Warrior, AL, May 7, 2017, white round object to the left of the moon. 5/11/17
4/29/17 15:00 Anniston AL Cylinder 1 minutes Like a big oil drum, white on the sides and silver in the center, hovering over downtown Anniston. ((anonymous report)) 5/6/17
4/23/17 19:00 Birmingham AL Oval 8 seconds I saw a black oval shaped large ufo go straight up through trees into the clouds. Seemed 1 mile away. ((anonymous report)) 4/28/17
4/19/17 23:55 Newton AL Triangle 5 seconds Silent triangle UFO. 4/20/17
4/19/17 23:50 Newton AL Triangle 5-6 minutes My friend and I stepped outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the asteroid that was passing over. Neither of seen anything at that time. 4/20/17
4/17/17 03:58 Jasper AL Flash 2-3 seconds Large blue-green flash of light that turned white then sped up and flew across the sky and disappeared 4/20/17
4/15/17 22:10 Eastaboga AL Light 20 minutes Three lights equal distance apart and level were flying west. Within 10 minutes no fewer than four jets with lights flashing rapidly ap 4/20/17
4/15/17 20:00 Dothan AL Light 45 seconds Bright light near Dothan, Alabama sighted moving southward at extreme speed. 4/20/17
4/14/17 22:00 Grant AL Light 2 minutes Solid pair of lights moving very fast with up and down motion across the night sky. ((anonymous report)) 4/20/17
4/5/17 20:00 Lapine AL Rectangle 2 seconds I videotaped a square object floating within the tailing end of a storm cloud. 5/6/17
3/21/17 21:00 Altoona AL Triangle 2 hours My son and I witnessed 4 low-flying objects we heard the first and it had no strobes completely black low rumble then another w/ green. 3/23/17
3/15/17 23:25 Sand Rock AL Circle Few seconds I have had nearly the same experience twice, 3 to 4 days apart. The first time, I saw a bright white light in the sky exactly opposite 3/17/17
3/15/17 09:51 Huntsville AL Disk ~6 minutes Above the skies in Huntsville. 3/17/17
3/12/17 18:20 Boaz AL Unknown 10 minutes Bright light in sky. 3/17/17
3/9/17 03:12 Vestavia AL Oval 1 hour + 1 hour Vestavia Al UFO sighting shape shifting reddish color 3/10/17
3/8/17 19:45 Gulf Shores AL Unknown 30-40 seconds Lights appear over Gulf coast. 4/7/17
3/3/17 17:30 Wetumpka AL Sphere 5 seconds Object in daytime sky reflected light twice then disappeared. 3/10/17
2/27/17 01:30 Tuscaloosa AL Unknown ~30 minutes Light seen circling above Tuscaloosa's University of Alabama Quad 3/10/17
2/26/17 23:00 Tuscaloosa AL Light 1 minutes I was driving down university blv when out of nowhere i see a light bit light in the sky that no plane could have make it went straigh 3/10/17
2/22/17 21:50 Auburn AL Unknown 3 minutes Giant space craft traveling at a speed 10x faster than an airplane plane. Flew N, then back S; disappeared. ((anonymous report)) 3/10/17
2/22/17 19:19 Dothan AL Circle 7 minutes Very bright flashes near Big Dipper. Like nothing ever seen by us before. 3/10/17
2/16/17 07:18 Maycomb AL Disk 1 minute ((HOAX??)) Looked like a saucer from a movie and had colorful lights of green and red. 2/17/17
2/11/17 17:20 Summerdale AL Light 30 seconds to 1 minute I work in a facility that doesn't allow photography or cellphones. I and my superviser stepped outside (cloudy day) and to the north o 3/10/17
2/2/17 18:30 Mobile AL Fireball 1 hour Orange fireballs for 3 days at the same time of day each day, with some weird stuff happening after.((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 2/3/17
1/29/17 18:00 Clio AL Light 1 minute Me and a friend witnessed a ball of light moving intelligently before suddenly vanishing. 2/3/17
1/26/17 19:00 Phenix City AL Unknown 3-5 seconds Large Bright Light - Alabama 2/3/17
1/9/17 03:12 Birmingham AL Unknown 3-4 minutes I heard a low humming sound. 5/6/17
1/9/17 03:02 Birmingham AL Changing 5 minutes Heard low rumbling sound, saw a big ?? In the sky before it disappeared. 1/12/17
12/30/16 14:42 Huntsville AL Formation 15 minutes Two sets of tiny white objects flying in formation in bright blue sky 1/6/17
12/29/16 22:00 Hartselle AL Triangle 2 hours Two triangular shaped crafts that blinked out. ((anonymous report)) 12/30/16
12/22/16 21:30 New Brockton AL Light ~2 seconds Glowing green light, darted across the sky, silent. ((anonymous report)) 12/30/16
12/15/16 05:37 Ozark AL Unknown 20 seconds It looked like a plane moving slowly in the sky, until the light began the get smaller and smaller then it was completely gone! 12/21/16
12/1/16 17:30 Montgomery AL Circle 1 minute 2 extremely bright lights moving slowly and disappearing in night sky. 12/5/16
11/11/16 23:00 Alabaster AL Light 27 seconds Light anomaly that didnt blink spotted sitting still than moving slow. ((anonymous report)) 12/5/16
11/2/16 23:00 Huntsville AL Cigar 1 hour Me and my friend saw to very bright space crafts pass by my house while we watching the stars. 11/4/16
11/1/16 18:30 Phil Campbell AL Light 3 minutes Light in sky. 11/4/16
10/30/16 02:00 Dothan AL Circle 2:00-4:00 White light mostly,blue and red lights strobing around craft. Craft was itself cloaked. ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" star? PD)) 11/4/16
10/21/16 23:30 Cullman AL Formation 4 seconds They moved west to east and covered the entire skyline in 4 seconds. They appeared to be at a high altitude and were only not emitting 10/27/16
10/12/16 06:50 Odenville AL Light 10 seconds It was a very bright white light moving very fast across the sky from the south to the north in the western sky at a downward angel it 10/13/16
10/8/16 22:00 Birmingham AL Triangle
Saturday me my sister mom and dad went to coyote drive in movies in Leeds Alabama at first as we were watching the movie i seen what h 10/11/16
10/7/16 00:00 Foley AL Unknown 15 seconds Two different craft seen moments apart. 10/13/16
10/5/16 20:00 Florence AL Diamond 20 minutes My wife and I witnessed a ufo in the west sky.

A lady stopped her car and said she saw it The night before. We watched for 20 minute
9/29/16 22:10 Phenix City AL Egg 45 minutes I was on my break for work. I noticed that the sky looked like it drop to the earth because the stars were so close. 10/11/16
9/25/16 20:30 Wetumpka AL Light 1.5 hours Flickering light high in the sky with smooth drone-like movements. 9/30/16
9/17/16 00:00 Athens AL Oval 30 seconds Woke up, the power was out, steeped outside to second floor balcony.

to see if the power was out just in my apartment, or power was
9/3/16 06:00 Hanceville AL Light 10+ seconds I think I witnessed a UFO this morning in Hanceville, Al. I'm not from this area but I'm here working. I travel SR-31 south every morni 9/9/16
8/24/16 03:45 Mobile AL Cigar Mobile I was leaving work on I-65 S, @ around government blv exit and saw this in the air for a few minutes. 8/29/16
8/3/16 23:45 Toney AL Light 02:30 3 people outside there home witnessed 2 different types of unknown number of objects over Toney, AL. 8/16/16
8/2/16 05:15 Ashville AL Light 10 minutes Odd, intermittent and slow strobing light. Strobing was random and bright white. 8/16/16
7/25/16 20:30 Phenix City AL Triangle 1-2 minutes V-shaped objects in the shape of a W hovering over wal mart. 8/2/16
7/23/16 03:00 Atmore AL Rectangle 5-7 minutes I was driving through atmore alabama on thier hwy and there was suddenly a huge metal rectangular object coming directly towards my car 8/2/16
7/22/16 10:00 Mobile AL Other 3 minutes Follow up of the rumble heard in Daphne, Al. Reported on 7/22/16, WKRG news 5 reported that thousands of people heard the rumble. 8/2/16
7/21/16 22:45 Daphne AL
8-15 minutes There was a strange low, slow traveling rumbling noise over Daphne, Alabama last night. 7/22/16
7/21/16 22:10 Spanish Fort AL Triangle 3 minutes Loud and very deep noise, coming from a very dark object with three lights in the sky. 7/22/16
7/21/16 21:00 Mobile AL
2-3 min Very low deep rumbling noise from the sky,but no airplanes in sight. 8/2/16
7/19/16 23:30 Chunchula AL Circle Over my house White round in the air for 30s; no noise or nothing it was about 200 ft off the ground, flying over my house and cow pasture. 7/22/16
7/7/16 22:03 Oxford AL Other 16 minutes Our dog began frantically barking, and we walked outside to see three giant glowing dots that changed formation and left a trail. 7/8/16
7/4/16 20:45 Dothan AL Circle 5 Orange round object. 7/8/16
7/3/16 20:58 Tanner AL

Scared for our lives 7/8/16
7/2/16 20:38 Lisman AL Circle 10 minutes Bright red circle hovering very high above in the Western sky towards Yantley, AL. Looked as if it was a planet such as Mars, but spark 7/8/16
7/1/16 20:00 Vestavia AL Rectangle 3 minutes I saw a very eerie, flying rectangle, moving smoothly and silently. 7/8/16
7/1/16 07:33 Auburn AL Light 10 seconds Ball of light stands still and then takes off in a matter of seconds. ((anonymous report)) 7/8/16
6/23/16 22:45 Dothan AL Circle 15 minutes Very bright flashes near big dipper. Like nothing ever seen by us before. 3/10/17
6/11/16 21:30 Dothan AL Formation 5 minutes Approximately 21:30pm, 06/11/16, unidentified light formation seen moving slowly in night sky over Dothan, Alabama. 6/16/16
6/3/16 Hoover AL Circle 21:30 When me and my were walking out my house, we saw a bright light and we thought it was airplane then we thought it was helicopter. 7/15/16
5/15/16 10:45 Decatur AL Cylinder 1-2 minutes Coming from Huntsville and saw like a white cylinder hovering in the sky. Thought it may have been plane but it didn't move. Thought it 5/20/16
3/23/16 12:30 Tirana (Albania) AL Cone 20 seconds I was driving in the streets of Tirana, Albania, and I saw a bright light in the sky. I saw 2 cone-shaped things. 3/24/16
3/16/16 20:30 Anniston AL Flash 2 minutes 3 illuminating green streaks of light in same 3/4 mile. 3/18/16
3/15/16 22:15 Auburn AL Sphere 00:01 Close sighting of possible alien orbs. 9/9/16
3/6/16 22:57 Pelham AL Sphere 2 seconds White spherical craft travelling at speed I've never seen before over Oak Mountain State Park @ 22:57 p.m. in Pelham, Alabama. 3/11/16
2/25/16 04:15 Clements AL Circle 5 seconds White sphere. 2/26/16
2/19/16 21:55 Florence AL Light 2 minutes 6 lights in line formation moving northeast from Oneil bridge area over Florence, AL. 2/26/16
2/13/16 21:30 West Mobile AL Fireball 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) 5 "sequinized" fireballs in the sky. 2/19/16
2/3/16 22:00 Mobile AL Oval 1 second Oval thing flying ahead with bright lights. 2/4/16
1/24/16 18:43 Montevallo AL Light 45 seconds We were heading towards W, when I look into the sky and saw at first one light that seemed between yellow & orange. 1/29/16
1/8/16 02:30 Birmingham AL Other 1 minute What is this type of object without lights? 1/14/16
1/7/16 20:30 Clanton AL Cylinder 20 minutes Cylinder or Cigar Shaped Object (Vertical) with 3 Orange Lights. 1/14/16
1/6/16 05:55 Phenix city AL Cone 1 minutes I was heading to work around 05:50 when I spotted a different looking object in the sky. It looked nothing like an aircraft carrier. I 1/8/16
1/5/16 20:15 Oxford AL Triangle 8-10 seconds Triangular shaped UFO spotted on HW 21 heading into Oxford, Alabama, tonight. 1/8/16
12/31/15 20:00 Gadsden AL Fireball 5 minutes Two fireballs traveling same path a minute or 2 apart. 1/5/16
12/31/15 19:00 Southwest UK (UK/England) AL Triangle 40 minutes Dull light moving slowly sometimes circling but turns out to be a big body like a cloud, but a moving thing. Lost time. 1/5/16
12/30/15 20:00 Harpersville AL Oval 5 minutes 6 oval white lights in the sky. Followed us darted back and forth. 1/5/16
12/29/15 18:17 Cullman AL Light idk Four lights going in a circle and rotating in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights? PD)) 1/5/16
12/14/15 21:15 Dothan (general area) AL Fireball 40 seconds Seemed close, perhaps over Florida, por the ocean near there/would appreciate a picture that someone else saw, 12/17/15
12/8/15 21:00 Athens AL Diamond 3 minutes Diamond-shaped craft points up and down multiple colored lights Red being most outstanding and brightest others where clear to yellow. 12/10/15
12/8/15 18:20 Vance AL Light 2 minutes Single light disapearing and re apearing in a direct line path then shot out to the side faintly. 12/10/15
12/4/15 17:00 Mobile AL Light
Bright orange light hovering. 12/17/15
11/28/15 20:00 Dothan AL Triangle 3 minutes I see this craft a few times a week while outside smoking. Triangle shaped, low flying and no noise at all. 12/3/15
11/23/15 03:00 Hollywood AL Light 10 minutes Very bright star or light, it was stationary, it would go out and then reappear. 11/26/15
11/22/15 03:00 Red Hill AL Formation 3 hours Saw large orb in night sky..started to watch and could see it moving in a triangle formation. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD)) 11/26/15
11/17/15 18:00 Eastaboba AL
1 minute ((HOAX??)) We seen big black triangle craft. 11/19/15
11/16/15 19:30 Fort Payne AL Light 20 minutes Red light seen moving slowly left,right and rapidly vertically up and down. 11/19/15
11/12/15 20:00 Vandiver AL Light 15 minutes I observed one very bright round shaped orb that seemed to hover over the treeline. It was fairly low in the sky and after hovering for 11/19/15
11/11/15 18:00 Hamilton AL Circle 4 seconds Going up a steep hill, I saw a green light that divided, just as it went out of sight 11/19/15
11/11/15 17:39 Florence AL Unknown 10 Too big, too fast; may land and crashed, or continued passing. 11/12/15
11/11/15 17:20 Rogersville AL Light 20 seconds White ball light about the size of basket ball saw just before it went below the tree line. my location was 5 miles east of Rogersville 11/19/15
11/11/15 17:00 Centre AL Fireball 4 minutes Watched for 4 minutes from 68 bypass to the old Big-E parking lot. ((NUFORC Note: No information provided. PD)) 11/19/15
11/11/15 15:00 Florence AL Sphere 3 minutes Blue circle stopped approximately two minutes and moved rapidly. 11/19/15
11/4/15 22:15 Florence AL Light >30 minutes Bright multi-color flashing orb saw in the sky making slow and fast maneuvers from left-right horizontal too vertical maneuvers easily. 11/19/15
11/2/15 16:00 Wicksburg AL Light >2 minutes While on the interstate, I saw a bright light that resembled a planet. 11/6/15
10/29/15 04:15 Stapleton AL Light 20+ Two bright lights, resembling stars, flickering and moving in a slow scatter like motion. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter?? PD)) 10/29/15
10/22/15 03:51 Crane Hill AL Fireball 15 seconds As I filled the dogs water bowl this morning I saw a bright violet flash in the the northern sky. The light was constant from sky… 10/29/15
10/21/15 22:38 Valley AL Triangle 1 minute Two white clear rear lights and one single red on bottom farward section (it looked to be round.) Low rumble heard, and saw flying. 10/29/15
10/19/15 19:45 Waverly AL Light 2 minutes glowing orb trailed by jet in waverly 10/29/15
10/11/15 04:30 Mobile AL Other 4 seconds V-shaped flying object. 10/29/15
10/10/15 20:40 Thorsby AL Light 10 minutes Five silent bright red non blinking lights moved as a group slowly across the sky before disappearing. 10/16/15
10/10/15 18:00 Florence AL Light 1 minute Saw 3 seperate light orbs brighten up above us in the air,hovered & then travel southward 10/16/15
9/18/15 20:00 Lisman AL Light 30 minutes Me and wife where returning home on why 10 and noticed 3 very bright lights almost like flares first one came on and with in seconds it 9/25/15
9/18/15 19:20 Jones AL Oval 20 minutes Red orb appearing, disappearing, and reappearing in the night sky. 9/25/15
9/16/15 20:20 Littleville AL Light 10 seconds There was a big burst of light we seen threw the trees. It was bright enough to light the sky up and it kept getting brighter. I took o 9/25/15
9/15/15 20:20 Tuscumbia AL Light 1-2 minutes Flying stars? 9/17/15
9/15/15 19:00 Nanafalia AL Light 2-4 minutes I went outside a moment ago to feed my dogs and cat, when I saw something very strange. I was facing south watching Sadie Bell run aro 9/25/15
9/15/15 18:15 Dothan AL Light 8 minutes The lights looked like flying stars in a circular pattern, moving at a high rate of speed. Hard to estimate, but there appeared to be a 9/29/15
9/14/15 20:45 Tuscumbia AL Light
The blinking lights in the sky. It caught my attention in 2013 but there were only a few. 2014 there were dozens of them. Now it's 9/14 9/17/15
9/12/15 19:45 Tuscumbia AL Light 1-2 seconds Big green light going toward the ground. 9/17/15
9/4/15 00:00 Woodland AL Light Still going on There was a light in north eastern sky that would get brighter then change to red,it would jump around a little bit then just kind of h 9/11/15
9/1/15 01:00 Kentucky AL Disk 6 hours ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides only minimal information; elects to remain anonymous. PD)) 9/21/17
8/26/15 23:00 Spanish Fort AL Fireball 3 seconds Facing southwest a silent green fireball rapidly fell from the sky. 8/27/15
8/12/15 00:00 Gulf shores AL Fireball 10-15 minutes My husband and I were sitting on the beach enjoying our getaway when he tells me in a calm yet strange way to look to my right (west).. 10/16/15
8/10/15 19:13 Hartford AL Triangle 25 minutes 3 Triangular shaped, white or silver metallic, flying objects with NO wings/propellers/noise and or markings. 8/13/15
8/10/15 03:00 Homewood AL Light 1 hour + Bright light flickering & moving--stationary for a while then would move a little from time to time. NOT a star. 8/13/15
7/20/15 22:15 Huntsville AL Chevron 2 minutes Dark, quiet, large, slow moving, low flying object (about 2,000 ft. from the ground) seen N. bound into Huntsville, AL 7/23/15
7/16/15 22:00 Fairhope AL Fireball 1-2 minutes Fireball moving across the sky for a good 2 minutes. 7/17/15
7/11/15 21:15 Montgomery AL Fireball 9:25 Fireball in the sky. 7/17/15
7/4/15 21:00 Montgomery AL Light 5 minutes UFO-Montgomery, Alabama. 7/10/15
7/3/15 21:00 Elberta AL Fireball 1-2 minutes Two bright orange fireballs moving from north to south at a high rate of speed. 7/6/15
6/29/15 00:30 Huntsville (Owens Cross Roads) AL Other 1 minute Object burning as it flew in a trajectory parallel to the ground, with flaming pieces. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite re-entry. PD)) 7/3/15
6/15/15 22:45 Hoover AL Light 20 minutes Near Ross Bridge Resort, at around 22:45 a group of 8 twinkling red and white lights flew a grid pattern over Ross Bridge parkway. 6/19/15
6/15/15 12:00 Ahmadi (Kuwait) AL Disk 1 minute This dark large transparent mist cloud flew over the car giving a ground covering shadow reflection. 6/19/15
6/14/15 18:00 Birmingham AL Light 5 minutes (UFO) over I-20 bright light. 6/15/15
6/4/15 20:00 Gulf Shores AL Light 5 seconds A ball of white light moved at speeds and directions unlike familiar air crafts above the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. 6/5/15
5/9/15 20:45 Salem AL Unknown 5 minutes Sighting on Lake Harding in East Alabama. 5/13/15
4/19/15 19:30 Enterprise AL Unknown 10 minutes Object observed traveling west with a small cloud behind it. ((NUFORC Note: Report is from aviation mechanic. PD)) 4/23/15
4/11/15 22:15 Harvest AL Light 15-20 seconds While star gazing near a camp fire, 2 white/light blue orbs were spotted at high altitude 'dancing' around one another. I stood up and 4/17/15
2/14/15 23:38 Orange Beach AL Triangle
The front of the aircraft ship face of an Alien on front, 3 orangy/yellowish flashing light Triangler form 2 symbols on ship. 3/6/15
1/28/15 20:00 Florala AL Light 10 minutes 3 objects. first object was miles apart from the other two. it just flew from the south east to the north west until no longer visible. 1/30/15
1/28/15 20:00 Semmes AL Circle 2 minutes Six red lights evenly spaced, moving slowly across the sky.... 1/30/15
1/18/15 18:35 Mobile AL Light 20 minutes Multiple craft with twinkling red lights. Appear to fly in a grid. 1/26/15
1/18/15 17:50 Florence AL Sphere 2 minutes Silent Bright pulsating light orb that sails slow & low across the sky just above tree tops 1/26/15
1/17/15 21:00 Trussville AL Unknown 9 minutes Lighted object over Trussville, AL, spotted by two adults driving southbound on Chalkville Rd.. It flipped, then we lost it. 1/26/15
1/17/15 20:25 Mobile AL Light 6-7 seconds A very, very bright round light appeared in the sky, way above the tree line, and it rapidly starting descending, rapidly, so fast, fas 1/26/15
1/17/15 18:35 Ranburne AL Light 10 minutes Saw 3 bright orange lights in the night sky. 1/26/15
1/9/15 18:45 Shelby (Lay Lake) AL Light 10 seconds White star looking object that grew very large, and disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: "Flare" from Iridium satellite? PD)) 1/16/15
1/5/15 20:00 Birmingham AL Light 2 minutes Disappearing star. 1/9/15
12/26/14 20:45 Chelsea AL Triangle 5 minutes 8 stationary objects with red lights hovering in a semi-circle shape for approx 5 mins in Chelsea, AL 1/7/15
12/14/14 00:30 Mobile AL Other 1 hour many shooting stars before a strange object appeared. 12/18/14
12/11/14 16:40 Birmingham AL Fireball 20 minutes UFOs moving fast like fireballs or individual rockets. 12/12/14
12/11/14 16:20 Hoover AL Light 15 minutes 4 white floating streaks of light, that moved in no particular order in Hoover area 12/18/14
12/8/14 04:20 Auburn AL Oval Afternoon While driving, I looked out the window and there was an object, and it looked odd. Then I took a picture of the unusual object. 12/12/14
12/4/14 19:00 Attalla AL Light 2.5-3 hours Lights in circular motion going in to one another. Stood in same spot for along time before moving about 60 ft. When they left. They l 12/12/14
11/21/14 20:00 Rockford AL Cigar 3 hours Bright multi-colored image in the eastern part of sky moving erratically with flashing lights. Then after about an hour one image turn 11/26/14
11/20/14 20:00 Florence AL Light 3 seconds My daughter and I were sitting at the traffic light at Cox Creek Pkwy and Florence Blvd. facing S.W.? A large white light streaked. 11/26/14
11/19/14 00:00 Mobile AL Changing 20 minutes Large shape-changing fiery object. 11/21/14
11/18/14 18:00 Albertville AL Light 15 Came about 6:00 pm saw to my north a some clouds but something was going round and round and then it went a bit further out, it seemed. 11/26/14
11/17/14 22:30 Trussville AL Cross 15 seconds Very large low flying aircraft covered ten or more bright, non-blinking white lights. 11/21/14
11/13/14 17:00 Columbia AL Formation 3-5 minutes I noticed 4-5 orb-like anomalies moving in formation across the evening sky. 11/21/14
11/8/14 00:00 Madison AL Unknown 5 seconds Friend says wow 2 shooting stars, i did not see but i know it wasnt stars 11/14/14
11/6/14 19:00 Greendale AL Sphere 5 seconds Two objects flew across the sky from south to north close together they were jade in color my wife saw them while driving. 11/14/14
11/6/14 18:00 Phenix City AL Other 30 seconds At around 18:00 or 18:30 hrs. on November 6, 2014, my friend and I witnessed a disc like oval craft traveling SE over Phenix City. 11/14/14
11/2/14 23:00 Robertsdale AL Light 30 minutes I could not explain it, and wondering if anyone else saw it. 11/6/14
10/30/14 20:00 Muscadine AL Unknown 2 minutes 4 bright oval flashes. 11/6/14
10/22/14 19:45 Phenix city AL Light 1 hour Please listen, I see an average of 5 to 20 moving star like objects every night for a year, different types!! 11/6/14
10/22/14 05:45 Andalusia AL Unknown 10 minutes Four bright stars form smiley face then quickly move away and disappear. 11/6/14
10/20/14 19:55 Huntsville AL Changing 3-4 seconds Flaming object I saw a bright blue and red flaming object in the sky over Huntsville , Al. It was going from East to West at about 2,00 11/6/14
10/18/14 11:30 Somerville AL Formation 4 hours UFO birds suddenly increase in numbers from 15 to 74. ((NUFORC Note: Photos from witness indicate flocks of birds. PD)) 9/25/15
10/16/14 21:30 Panama City AL Fireball 3-5 minutes Fireball moving from west to east near Panama City. Seen by 3 people. 11/6/14
10/14/14 20:30 Phenix City AL Light 15 minutes Large armada of white lights moving slow and silent across the sky. 11/6/14
10/6/14 19:48 Valley AL Light 7 minutes Huge white light!!!!!! 10/10/14
9/25/14 20:45 Homewood AL Formation <10 seconds Several lights like craft appear from the West in Alabama, hover and disappear to the west I a V formation. 11/3/17
9/24/14 18:25 Hoover AL Circle 4 minutes It appeared to a possible intercepting event with those contrail aircraft and then turned south on highway. 9/25/14
9/20/14 21:30 Jacksonville AL Light 5 minute 2 red lights disappear behind mountain. 5 jets follow behind. 9/25/14
9/19/14 21:00 Valley AL
5 minutes More bright moving dots in the sky. 9/25/14
9/17/14 21:33 Valley AL Light 5 minutes More flying "dots" stars, this one noticably large and bright. 9/18/14
9/17/14 20:35 Valley AL Light 3 minutes Flying stars, not shooting stars, I know the diff... 9/18/14
9/17/14 20:00 Warrior AL Light 1 minute Large non-blinking light over Warrior, Alabama. 9/25/14
9/16/14 19:30 Millry AL Light 20 seconds 2 bright lights in south Alabama. 9/18/14
9/14/14 22:15 Hoover AL Egg 3-5 seconds Green glowing object moving past me overhead. 9/18/14
9/12/14 21:30 Grant AL Formation 60 seconds Bright orange lights outlined two objects one in the shape of a bell and one a rectangle moving relatively slow. 12/1/19
9/5/14 19:30 Huntsville AL Cigar 5 seconds What WAS that? 9/10/14
8/26/14 20:30 Deatsville AL Light 15 seconds Star like object traveling at super extreme speed covering most of the night sky, with a 2 second spotlight burst halfway in flight. 8/29/14
8/23/14 23:20 Old AL Hwy. 35 (between MM 8-10) AL Sphere 30 seconds While on my way home to Georgia traveling on old Alabama 35 a few miles before mile marker 13 I saw a dark blue ball of light twenty to 8/29/14
8/23/14 23:00 Cherokee AL Light 3 seconds Triangle light formation flew away after a bright flash. 8/29/14
8/11/14 21:00 Cordova AL Flash 10 seconds Flash the disappear. ((NUFORC Note: Possible tumbling booster shell or satellite? Iridium satellite? PD)) 8/15/14
8/2/14 22:00 Madison/east Limestone AL Light 1 minute Bright light quickly disappears. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor, we wonder. PD)) 8/8/14
7/19/14 02:00 Theodore AL Fireball 5-6 minutes Slow moving, soundless, smokeless fireball in the early am sky. 8/22/14
7/16/14 23:00 Brundidge AL Light <3 minutes Six flashing lights raced across the sky, clustered at the horizon, and went out of view. 7/20/14
7/16/14 22:30 Phenix City AL Light 3-4 minutes Moving lights in the sky form a line, flash brightly, and chase planes. 7/20/14
7/16/14 21:50 Luverne AL Flash 3 minutes Flashing lights moving with no sound in unison. 7/20/14
7/16/14 20:47 Rogersville AL Rectangle 10-20 seconds ((HOAX??)) Me and my friend were sitting on lawn chairs looking at stars when we seen a "ufo" type object fly over. It had 4 lights. 3/18/16
7/14/14 19:40 Helena AL Light 15 minutes Single light appearing before dusk appears to be multiple objects before disappearing. 7/20/14
7/12/14 23:00 Cropwell AL Unknown 4 minutes Flame in sky flying in a controlled and fast manner. 7/20/14
7/12/14 23:00 Cropwell AL Unknown 4 minutes Around 10:40 to 11:00 pm this evening Mike, Christian and myself were at the lake swimming. As I was looking up toward the sky I saw w 7/20/14
7/10/14 21:15 Andalusia AL Fireball 1.5 minutes Bright orange orb zero sound half the sky in a minute seemed to reach orbit and dissapear. 7/11/14
7/6/14 20:45 Calera AL Fireball 2 minutes Orange glowing fireball over central Alabama. 7/11/14
7/5/14 22:00 Lanett AL Fireball 3 minutes Red light not blinking at altitude moving fast then dissappearing all at once sfter passing over. 7/11/14
7/4/14 23:00 Mobile AL Sphere 2 minutes Red glowing sphere in night sky of our backyard. 7/11/14
7/4/14 22:05 Birmingham AL Fireball 2 minutes 2 fireballs floated from opposite side of lake 50 meters over head. Crossed over our heads and disappeared 30 meters passed us. Objects 7/5/14
7/4/14 21:45 Madison AL Circle 1 minutes Red orb in night sky quickly disappeared. 7/5/14
7/4/14 21:15 East Limestone AL Circle 10 minutes Orange lights over North Alabama. 7/5/14
7/4/14 21:00 Daphne AL Circle 1 hour During the Daphne fireworks show there was a circular drone with an orange light that hovered above the entire firework display then as 7/5/14
7/4/14 09:00 Ashville AL Sphere 2 minutes Wife & I were on lake watching fireworks, when a red light with an orange outline came fast with no sound moving in pulsing motion. 7/20/14
7/3/14 20:00 Glencoe AL Chevron 90 seconds Bright light traveling quickly, quasi-chevron shaped, bright orange, no sound. 7/4/14
6/30/14 21:50 Madison AL Formation 2 minutes Orange, large, three-object linear formation moving south to north approx. 60 degrees above horizon. 7/4/14
6/28/14 18:00 Gadsden AL Unknown
6 Large Jet aircraft in formation. 7/4/14
6/27/14 23:00 Geraldine AL Disk 30-40 minutes Strange blue lights rotating in a circular formation behind my house over my pasture. 7/4/14
6/27/14 21:00 Jacksonville AL Circle 2 hours White circle shapes moving counter clockwise north west. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights? PD)) 7/4/14
6/26/14 23:00 Glencoe AL Light 30+ minutes White lights that fluttered like wings at least 6, maybe more, circling above me very dark otherwise. 6/27/14
6/19/14 20:50 Rainbow City AL Fireball 2 minutes 4 objects, appeared to be flame of some type, in formation. Changed course and disappear. 6/20/14
6/17/14 21:15 Fort Morgan AL Formation <5 minutes Amber colored round shaped lights visible that appeared to be stationary appeared in a sequence and evenly spaced. 6/20/14
6/5/14 22:00 Tuscaloosa AL Unknown 2 minutes Device without a sound, flying completely in a perpendicular move to the sky. 6/6/14
6/3/14 18:25 Tuscaloosa AL Other 20 seconds Observed a flying dart. 6/4/14
5/30/14 21:30 Madison AL Formation 1 minutes Looking west from Madison Al (Limestone County)toward Decatur al. Approximately 21:30 central time. Cluster of 20 to 30 spheres. 6/4/14
5/30/14 21:30 Scottsboro AL Light 30 seconds Orange/red light moving west over Scottsboro, Al then turned south and faded. 6/4/14
5/27/14 21:00 Jasper AL
30 minutes Two professional truck drivers, traveling 78 west just outside of jasper AL. Lighting and thunderstorm was present, traveling at approx 6/6/14
5/25/14 23:00 Hackleburg AL Sphere sunset til sunsrise I saw a sperical object swerving right above road that had antennas coming out of it and right as I got up to it, it shot straight up. 6/4/14
5/25/14 22:30 Fairhope AL Light 15-20 minutes Strange lights seen over Fairhope, Alabama. 6/4/14
5/22/14 Birmingham AL Egg 3 minutes Red glowing object in the sky. 6/4/14
5/17/14 05:04 Gardendale AL Sphere 7 minutes Bright glowing orbs over Gardendale, Al. 6/4/14
5/15/14 14:00 Oneonta AL Cigar 2 minutes It was silver in colour and streaked across the sky with lots of smoke and crashed. Before it crashed it stopped mid-air and then went 6/27/19
5/10/14 20:00 mobile AL Sphere 3 minutes Large red orange sphere seen in sky on way to work. 6/4/14
5/8/14 21:00 Dauphin Island AL Light 30 seconds Light near DAuphin IslandBridge 6/4/14
5/8/14 21:00 Dauphin Island AL Formation ~1 minute 8 very bright lights in formation of 4 and 4. Lights moved overhead with no noise and then disappeared with glow overhead. 6/4/14
5/7/14 21:00 Theodore AL Circle Few minutes Driving home and entered my neighborhood and saw 2 blinking lights in sky , to close to be airplanes. Then later was outside with 2 oth 5/8/14
5/7/14 03:30 Calera AL Circle 3-4 minutes Orange/red sphere with blue or green outline or ring. Moved very slowly to the west, then disappeared. 5/8/14
5/6/14 20:35 Gadsden AL Cylinder 10 minutes Strange cylinder shaped object appeared huge in size and illuminating white lights over hwy 278 in Gadsden; disappeared in thin air. 5/8/14
5/6/14 20:08 Grand Bay AL Circle 15-30 seconds Bright red object over a pasture in South Alabama 5/8/14
5/2/14 20:38 Belgreen AL Formation 30 minutes UFO over Belgreen Alabama on May 2, 2014. 5/8/14
5/1/14 21:15 Fyffe AL Unknown 5 minutes Huge object close, major lights blinking in sequence, dogs crazy, never seen anything like it. 5/8/14
5/1/14 20:48 Boaz AL Other 10 minutes Blinking lights in straight line as long as a football field. 5/2/14
5/1/14 20:30 Huntsville AL Other 10 minutes My husband and I had just returned from a memorial service for our pastor's father.we got home around 8:30 and my husband had taken our 5/8/14
5/1/14 20:00 Cullman AL
~5 minutes Long row of flashing lights at a downward angle moving down 5/2/14
5/1/14 17:00 Orange Beach AL Formation 3 minutes 1 light was in the sky, and then several more came on in an almost straight line. 12/14/18
4/26/14 22:30 Cottonwood AL Circle 15 Lights came down from mountains silently searching. 5/2/14
4/25/14 22:30 Theodore AL Fireball 5 minutes Saw orange glowing balls of fire above Theodore. 5/2/14
4/25/14 22:09 Hoover AL Unknown 2 minutes Strange light in Birmingham disappears instantly 2 witnesses. 5/2/14
4/25/14 20:00 Grandbay AL Formation Few minutes One orange light whould show then one beside it and then a third and they would disappear. 5/2/14
4/24/14 21:00 Orange Beach AL Formation 2 minutes Formation or orange lights over gulf seen from gulf front balcony in orange beach. One large light appeared and then lights formed off 5/2/14
4/24/14 20:30 Dauphin Island (off the coast of) AL Light 1 minute 5 lights in a up and down line going on one at a time then off one at a time. 5/2/14
4/23/14 22:15 Dauphin Island AL Formation 10 seconds Light formation that extinguished one by one from west to east over the Gulf of Mexico at Dauphin Island, AL 5/2/14
4/23/14 20:08 Dauphin Island AL Light 10 minutes Orange balls in pattern over gulf/Mobile Bay. 4/24/14
4/16/14 17:00 Mobile AL Other <1 minute My husband and I both seen a metallic object hovering in the daytime, then it suddenly disappeared. 4/18/14
4/16/14 14:10 Huntsville AL Cross 30 minutes Drone or VTOL. ((NUFORC Note: Possible quad-copter?? PD)) 4/18/14
4/13/14 21:00 Huntsville AL Light 2 minutes Orange orb seen. 4/18/14
4/11/14 18:15 Headland AL Flash Seconds Loud explosion bang and flash of light at two different locations. 4/18/14
4/5/14 20:30 Hazel Green AL Light 15 minutes 20-25 orange lighted objects over Hazel Green/Huntsville, AL, area. 4/11/14
4/3/14 14:00 Muscle Shoals AL Cylinder 2 minutes Dual metallic cylinder craft with no sound. 4/11/14
3/27/14 20:32 Wellington AL Light continuous Lights moving in pattern in clouds. 4/4/14
3/20/14 20:15 Brent AL Unknown 10 minutes Orange lights outside of Brent, AL. 3/21/14
3/16/14 20:10 Birmingham AL Light 8-10 minutes 20-30 bright orange spheres flying in two's or three's, travelling from southwest to northeast without sound 3/18/14
3/10/14 14:35 Russellville AL Cigar 4-5 minutes White Cylindriacal Cigar type object moves sluggishly in the northern sky. 3/18/14
3/10/14 00:30 Montevallo AL Flash 30 seconds Green fireball object shooting downward from the sky. 3/18/14
3/7/14 15:47 Mountain Brook AL Light 12 minutes Pale blue star light object in daylight. 3/18/14
3/5/14 20:07 Lacy Springs AL Triangle 15 minutes Large, triangular UFO seen outside Huntsville doing incredible maneuvers close to the ground. 3/18/14
2/28/14 16:00 Huntsville AL
3-4 minutes Small egg shaped with what looked like fire at the base. 3/18/14
2/27/14 21:00 Montgomery/Millbrook AL Triangle 10 minutes Triangle shaped ufo with white lights. 3/18/14
2/27/14 18:00 Decatur AL Diamond hours Strange orangish lights in sky, Alabama… 3/18/14
2/22/14 19:00 Dothan AL Fireball 2 minutes Hovering fireball in Dothan, AL. 2/27/14
2/18/14 08:15 Toney AL Disk 25 minutes ((HOAX??)) I was a ufo house size ship that was on the tree line in my neighborhood when it was flashing this beam of light. 2/21/14
2/18/14 08:15 Toney AL Oval 25 minutes UFO sighting in hazel green, Toney, Alabama. 2/21/14
2/17/14 19:00 Decatur AL Unknown months Has been happening almost every night for several months, multiple orange glowing and or flashing orb like lights, few-ground: most-sky 2/21/14
2/17/14 00:14 Cusseta & Fairfax AL Light 15 minutes Strange lights in the country. 3/18/14
2/8/14 20:00 Fairhope AL Cross few hours Having small fire with husband seen ufo in shape of cross with white and green lights hover back and forth doing patterns in sky. 2/14/14
2/5/14 19:00 Mobile AL
Hours I was at my house outside and saw seven stars moving headed over my house. I have seen many things. One night the star came down and s 2/7/14
1/30/14 22:30 Talladega AL Triangle 1 VERY loud, VERY close, sounded like right over tree-line; sounded like airplane but extremely loud and too close. 2/7/14
1/26/14 00:00 Wetumpka AL Sphere Hours Saw at first one pulsating sphere. Then a secound. Both moving very aratctly. 1/30/14
1/23/14 02:00 Huntsville AL Triangle 2 minutes Large Aircraft int he shape of a triangle, with each end having 1 red light. Flying very low, and very fast. Extremely loud. 1/24/14
1/20/14 19:30 Madison AL Triangle 1 minute 3 bright orange lights along side a bright white light. 1/24/14
1/16/14 18:27 Birmingham AL Formation 40 seconds Rotating lights moving rapidly across the sky. 1/16/14
1/15/14 19:30 Birmingham AL Formation ~1 minutes Red and white lights appearing to be connected. Large string of lights. 1/16/14
1/15/14 17:45 Mountain Brook AL Light 1-2 minutes Pulsing light hovering, stationary and moving slowly over busy rush hour traffic - NOT a helicopter. 1/16/14
1/12/14 13:35 Huntsville AL Disk 8 minutes Daylight-Saucer with cloud and two other lights. 1/16/14
1/4/14 23:56 Tuscaloosa AL Sphere Few seconds Black orb spotted over Interstate 20/59. 1/10/14
1/1/14 00:20 Hokes Bluff AL Circle 10 minutes I saw a bright red object on 1/1/2014 approximately 12:20 I recorded part of it before it just blinked and went out. 1/10/14
1/1/14 00:00 Trussville AL Light 5 minutes These were not planes I know this for a fact. 1/16/14
12/31/13 23:00 Huntsville AL Changing <4 minutes Orange lights then triangle. 1/10/14
12/26/13 22:30 Foley AL Diamond 5 minutes Lights flying east in formation non recognized light displayed, flashing red greens with one steady burn white light leading, nostrobs 1/10/14
12/20/13 17:00 Alabaster AL Fireball 10 seconds 3 balls of fire like lights rotating counter clockwise 20-30 feet in diameter, elevation 200-300 feet in alabaster,al. 1/10/14
12/19/13 00:00 Daphne AL Unknown 1 hour Multiple objects, none were visible but revealed on photographs. 4/18/14
12/16/13 22:15 Alabaster AL Other >9 minutes 3 orange orbs, moving like one solid object. Visible for many minutes. No noise at all. 3/2/18
12/16/13 06:30 Corner AL Circle
Unknown object that is unexplained 12/23/13
12/14/13 00:00 Hurtsboro AL Triangle 3-4 minutes Triangle shape in the woods. 9/18/14
12/9/13 23:15 Mobile AL Other 2 minutes Object appeared under the moon and proceeded towards the bay at a brisk pace high over the tree tops,it looked like two bright or 12/12/13
12/1/13 14:30 Mobile AL Sphere UNK Mysterious small white dot discovered in photo taken in Mobile, AL. ((NUFORC Note: Refraction of sunlight. PD)) 12/2/13
11/27/13 22:40 Guntersville AL Formation 10 minutes Orange orbs going south. 12/2/13
11/18/13 11:30 Pelham AL Light 10 minutes Small pulsing light. Moved across entire sky. 11/20/13
11/7/13 18:30 Mobile AL Light ~1 minute Bright and silent LED-light like object drifting through evening sky, lights fade and object eventually disappears. 11/11/13
11/6/13 19:30 Dothan AL Circle 10 seconds Unidentified flying object seen. 11/11/13
11/6/13 19:30 Wadley AL Sphere 2 minutes Four large orange lights that made no sound float directly over the local High School, one blinked out and one made a 90 degree turn. 11/11/13
11/5/13 Silverhill AL Cylinder 10 minutes Odd vertical light hovers up and down, repeat sighting. 11/11/13
11/3/13 19:00 Huntsville AL Light 2 minutes Reddish orang light. 11/11/13
10/23/13 02:00 Parrish Alabama AL Light 1-3 minutes Star like light moves across the sky for 1-3mins 11/11/13
10/15/13 Holly Pond AL

On 15 October 2013 I was leaving my driveway when I noticed a bright light that at first I mistook for the moon. When I noticed the mo 10/23/13
10/8/13 18:30 Mobile AL Oval 45 minutes Persistant, stationary white roundish object. Remained in sky for approx 45 min before graying out and disappeared. 11/11/13
10/6/13 23:11 Opelika AL Flash 2 seconds A large bright flash, then moments later a 'V' shaped light int he sky 10/14/13
10/5/13 21:15 Daphne AL Light 23 seconds Formation of 10-15 bright white lights moving east to northwest over Daphne, Alabama. 10/14/13
10/4/13 21:55 Madison AL Cylinder 5 minutes UFO sighting, Madison, AL Friday 4 October 2013 10/14/13
10/4/13 21:55 Madison AL Circle 5 minutes Attached video. Yes Not quality but it shows what was seen. Don't laugh. 10/14/13
9/28/13 21:45 Florence AL Sphere 1 Minute A red, yet transparent object with two orbiting lights moving very low to the ground without making a sound. 9/30/13
9/28/13 18:47 Chelsea AL Fireball 5-8 seconds Very bright white and blue light crossing over the Sky and then dissapeared 9/30/13
9/27/13 19:35 Hoover AL Disk 20 minutes Bright blue saucer with blue lights beaming from the bottom of the object spanning outwards. Cat missing. 9/30/13
9/18/13 11:00 Hamilton AL Fireball 5 minutes Two fireball traveling northwest on a level plain with a slight zig zag motion! 9/30/13
9/14/13 19:45 Gardendale AL Sphere 4 hours Up to 9 Objects flying erratically and taking interest in several commercial planes. Birmingham, AL area 9/30/13
9/9/13 20:20 Tuscaloosa AL Fireball 1:00 White/green object much larger than "shooting star" NW to SE on 9/9/13@8:20 CST. 9/30/13
9/7/13 21:00 Peidmont AL Light 1 hour moving in a quick v shape movement to return back to where I first saw it. 9/9/13
9/5/13 21:00 Hayden AL Unknown 5 minutes Approx. 21:00 hrs seen two lights very close together with lights(white&red) blinking left to right in odd sequence unknown shape. 9/9/13
8/15/13 19:45 Roseau (West Indies; Dominica) AL Fireball Few Days Strange blinking light over the Caribbean sea. 8/30/13
8/15/13 17:30 Fairhope AL Disk 10 seconds 2 different objects on the same day at 2 different times. 4/18/14
8/4/13 20:10 Harvest AL Fireball 4 seconds Bright green multi-point fireball falling out of sky. 8/30/13
8/4/13 20:10 Gurley AL Circle 2 seconds Bright green sphere with red tip behind it coming down at a 45 degree angle from north going south visible for only a few seconds. 8/30/13
8/2/13 21:00 Gulf Shores AL Light 5 minutes Reddish-orange orbs - believe they were Chinese lanterns launched from the beach 8/30/13
8/1/13 03:00 McCalla AL Other 10 minutes Huge dome like circles going around car with family in it! So freaked out! 8/30/13
7/29/13 18:35 Madison AL Egg 8-10 seconds UFO sighting in Huntsville/Madison, AL Just after finishing dinner on 7-29-2013, I walked out onto the front porch. It was approximate 8/30/13
7/29/13 18:35 Madison AL Egg 8-10 seconds UFO sighting in Huntsville/Madison, AL 8/30/13
7/27/13 22:30 Huntsville AL Fireball 3-5 minutes Orange fireball in South Huntsville in the eastern sky for about five minutes, no sound. 8/30/13
7/27/13 22:00 Remlap AL Light Split Second Rotating beam of light 8/30/13
7/13/13 00:00 Eufaula (close to) AL Light 3 seconds ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD)) 7/14/13
7/12/13 23:30 Attalla AL Light
Green Blue Light Falling From Sky 7/14/13
7/12/13 21:08 Gulf Shores AL Circle 5 minutes Silent Red/Orange ball of light traversing west to east over Gulf of Mexico. 7/14/13
7/12/13 20:00 Jacksonville AL Circle 3 minutes Circle Appears from cloud cover and moves west. Photos available 8/30/13
7/11/13 20:50 Fort Morgan AL Light 5 minutes The object appeared from the ground and started to rise straight into the air at a slow rate. I thought it was a helicopter at first un 7/14/13
7/7/13 20:30 Elkmont AL Formation 2 minutes 5 bright lights in pentagon formation AL/TN line. 7/14/13
7/6/13 21:10 Hoover AL Circle 12 minutes My father and I saw two flying red objects darting across the night sky last night. There were other neighbors who witnessed this as w 7/14/13
7/5/13 20:36 Birmingham AL Fireball 1:00 Bright orange fireball seen for a about a full minute. 7/14/13
7/2/13 01:38 Blountsville AL Triangle 1 minute Three bright lights in a triangle shape passing over us no sound. 7/3/13
7/1/13 20:00 Heflin AL Circle 30 seconds UFO Sighting - Summer of 2013 – Heflin, Alabama 11/4/16
6/30/13 14:00 Huntsville AL Sphere 30 seconds Floating orbs that split into multiple orbs. 4/11/14
6/30/13 02:30 Sheffield AL Triangle 10 minutes Multiple triangle shaped spacecraft seen buzzing from cloud to cloud on a full moon above the Tennessee River at the Shoals. 7/3/20
6/11/13 21:30 Huntsville AL Sphere 30 seconds Three orange orbs, not moving, in Huntsville, AL 7/3/13
6/4/13 17:35 Helena AL Formation 12 seconds Appear to see two white drones while a radar &quot;blob&quot; phenomenon occurs near Redstone 7/3/13
6/4/13 10:00 Woodville AL Light 1 mth at night Strange light seen flying in the sky for nearly a month in Woodville, AL 7/3/13
6/3/13 09:30 Huntsville AL Light 3:00 Bright Light moved at a steady pace in a northeast direction. No sound. No blinking lights. Altitude appeared to be around 20,000 ft. 7/3/13
5/30/13 21:30 Foley AL Light 30 minutes 3 Bright orange orbs in Foley, AL. 6/2/13
5/26/13 22:00 Wedowee AL Fireball 2-3 minutes Looked like a spot of fire traveling across the sky! then it disappeared into the darkness. 6/2/13
5/26/13 22:00 Wedowee AL Fireball 2-3 minutes Most of my family were celebrating Memorial Day weekend at Lake Wedowee, located in Alabama when Sunday night (5-26-13) one family memb 6/2/13
5/24/13 18:30 Luverne (near) AL Other 1 minute Blimp shaped object saw by 2 appearing to be hovering over trees. 7/3/13
5/20/13 21:45 Athens AL Flash 5 minutes Three quickly flashing lights one after the other repeating in order and moving together 6/2/13
5/10/13 22:00 Huntsville AL Light 2 minutes Three Orange lights appeared and than vanished. 5/15/13
5/7/13 18:00 Pell City AL Oval 5 minutes Bright silver object that just vanished in the sky. 5/15/13
4/27/13 16:00 Brookwood AL Other several hours Floating rock like object, seen by two security officers the size of a mini-van. 8/27/15
4/26/13 23:13 Prattville AL Unknown 2 minutes A strand of 15+ slow moving objects stretched from high in the sky to the horizon. 5/15/13
4/26/13 23:00 Prattville AL Light 10 minutes Bright reddish-orange orbs travel NW in triangle formation, followed by other orbs. 5/15/13
4/26/13 20:20 Birmingham AL Light ~5 minutes Bright light object floating in night sky, disappears when another craft comes up. 5/15/13
4/25/13 10:43 Foley/Elberta AL Flash 1/8 of 1 second 10:43 p.m. est. 3 people witnessed an intense cold blue/bright white light flash inside & outside house. No sound assoc. 5/15/13
4/8/13 19:07 Northport AL Light 10 or less Seven flashing lights in a V patteren flying over Northport Alabama. 5/15/13
3/29/13 10:35 Kellyton AL Cylinder 4 minutes Two bright white clyinders flying in formation, faded away. 4/12/13
3/27/13 21:00 Gulf Shores AL Sphere several hours Stationary sphere with flashing lights hung for hours 5/15/13
3/17/13 11:44 Gulf Shores AL Triangle 5 minutes I dont know what the object is besides the shape in the report. ((e-address deleted)) 5/15/13
3/15/13 20:19 Alabaster AL Fireball 3 minutes Large group of glowing orbs over my house!! 8/30/13
3/15/13 04:00 Huntsville AL Triangle 30 seconds Three yellow lights surrounding a central red light were seen on a black, presumably triangular shape flying low and silently. 7/11/14
3/11/13 18:00 Tuscaloosa AL Fireball 2 minutes I have seen an orange, slow-moving, smokeless fireball moving through the sky above the University of Alabama. 5/15/13
3/9/13 21:00 Cullman AL Diamond 3 minutes 9 colorful UFO witness slow moving over Cullman, Alabama. 5/15/13
3/7/13 19:30 Brookside AL Cigar 2 minutes Cigar shaped object with 2 white lights & 1 flashing red light in the center. 5/15/13
2/3/13 20:00 Sylacauga AL Triangle ~5 minutes Orbs arranged in a triangular formation fly across the night sky. 2/28/13
2/3/13 20:00 Fort Payne AL Other all night Strange light in east near fort payne, al. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius, we suspect. PD)) 2/18/13
1/31/13 23:00 Brewton AL Flash 45 minutes off and on Fireballs flashing like fireworks on the Florida/Alabama state line 1/31/13. 2/4/13
1/31/13 05:30 Nixburg AL Sphere 3-5+- minutes I saw 1 very white/bright sphere slowly moving from the NW to SE making no sounds. 2/4/13
1/22/13 09:00 Boldo AL Circle
((HOAX??)) Huge ball of light over boldo, alabama. 2/4/13
1/21/13 16:50 New Hope AL Changing 10 minutes Large and small objects change shapes and colors over New Hope, Alabama. 2/4/13
1/20/13 21:00 Flomaton AL Circle 10 minutes 3 orange lights in Alabama sky. 4/12/13
1/10/13 22:00 Madison AL Triangle
I was laying in my bed, when I looked up at my window and all of a sudden I saw a huge craft flying very fast and very low to the groun 2/4/13
1/6/13 20:30 Moundville AL Triangle 10 minutes 3 adults witnessed 7 lighted flying objects moving in a straight line the last one falling. 2/4/13
12/31/12 19:15 Selma AL Changing 2 hours Sphere shaped object flashing multiple colors and changing shape. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD)) 2/4/13
12/27/12 19:00 Foley AL Light 3-4 minutes Two sets of orange lights seen over Foley, Alabama. 2/4/13
12/23/12 15:00 Opp AL Light 5 seconds Brief star like light to the left of sun 2/4/13
12/21/12 11:00 Moundville AL Sphere 15 minutes Hovering and bouncing object seen in alabama sky 2/4/13
12/20/12 21:30 Greenville AL Triangle 20 seconds Triangle shaped object - 2 witnesses 2/4/13
12/18/12 15:35 Attalla AL Light 30 seconds Light in daytime sky that faded away. 12/20/12
12/13/12 19:15 Homewood AL Light 3 seconds Unexplained single bright light passes overhead in Alabama suburban neighborhood. 12/20/12
12/9/12 09:55 Gardendale AL Light 1 min 30 seconds My wife and oldest son were out on our porch,approx. 9:55pm.

NorthWestern sky a light,odd shaped,like an egg. moving in a erratic pa
12/3/12 05:25 Birmingham AL Sphere 2-3 minutes Luminated orb. 12/20/12
12/2/12 18:00 Gordo AL Fireball 30 seconds Two bright round objects in Gordo, AL. 12/20/12
11/24/12 20:25 Montgomery AL Circle 5 minutes Four glowing orbs present in the night sky, traveling not spontaneously, and making no noise. 12/20/12
11/24/12 04:00 Anniston AL Light hours Old fort in Anniston alabama bright light. 12/20/12
11/21/12 21:30 Jasper AL Fireball ~15 seconds While driving home last night on Highway 69, my girlfriend and I saw a fireball streak across the sky. 12/20/12
11/19/12 19:00 Irondale AL Light 30 seconds Very distant, silent, faint and quick moving light eased across the southern sky. 12/20/12
11/18/12 06:40 Birmingham AL Unknown 30 seconds Fast Light Moving. 11/19/12
11/13/12 22:00 Muscle Shoals AL Circle Hour Round, flashing lights hovering in the same spot 2 nights in a row. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD)) 11/19/12
11/13/12 05:37 Birmingham AL Egg 2-3 minutes Metallic object rolling across morning sky 11/19/12
11/1/12 21:00 Oneonta AL Triangle 2 minutes Immediate u- turn. no noise. 11/4/12
10/30/12 15:00 Cullman AL Circle unknown White circle, looked like it may have something on the bottom maybe an &quot;X&quot;, can't tell from pictures 11/4/12
10/21/12 02:00 Decatur AL Light Now Red, White, and Blue object, moving and gliding with sudun stops, below Orion's Belt. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 10/30/12
10/17/12 03:20 Birmingham AL Light 15 minutes Blue and red light, other object(s) 10/30/12
10/15/12 21:00 Somerville AL Changing 30 minutes White orb with multi-colored lights. 8/17/17
10/13/12 06:30 Cedar Bluff AL Circle 3-4 minutes Bright star like ufo. 10/30/12
10/10/12 20:00 Moundville AL Changing 4 minutes Orange fiery lighting objects changing locations. 10/30/12
10/7/12 19:30 Troy AL Light
Three lights in the sky no joke will send pics 10/30/12
9/29/12 17:00 Athens AL Fireball 30 minutes Fire lights over hwy 72 near Athens, Alabama. 10/30/12
9/22/12 22:30 Hoover AL Flash 3 seconds Orange and blue lights 9/24/12
9/22/12 17:45 Randburg (South Africa) AL Disk 1 hour We were standing on a watch tower watching the sunset when we saw a flash and noticed a very large un-identified object to our right. I 9/24/12
9/20/12 20:07 Birmingham AL Light over an hour Unknown object over Birmingham metro flashing rapidly, changing directions for over an hour. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star? PD)) 9/24/12
9/15/12 05:20 Huntsville AL Light 10 minutes Amber light with circumference of light around it also. It moved fast,stopped, then bobbed before moving north. 9/24/12
9/1/12 03:00 Irvington AL Unknown 30 minutes I saw an alien that didnt seem intelligent go to a ship and then fly away. 12/1/19
8/29/12 23:00 Orange Beach AL Sphere
Orange ball, sphere 10/30/12
8/22/12 19:00 Hoover AL Light 8 minutes White light that appeared as comet but changed shape and slowed down. 9/24/12
8/22/12 13:10 Madison AL Light 2-3 minutes Triangular light drifting high over Madison, AL in full daylight. 9/24/12
8/15/12 19:00 Alabaster AL Cylinder 10 seconds Not Crazy... And I don't stare at the sky looking for stuff either. Wish I knew what it was... not man made! 11/6/14
8/7/12 22:00 Coffeville AL Light 3 minutes Very weird things going on tonight 8/19/12
8/5/12 19:40 Alabaster AL Cigar 5 seconds August 5 2012 Alabama chemtrails, punch hole clouds, and ufos. 8/19/12
7/26/12 03:30 Grand Bay AL Light over an hour My wife and I have been Watching this star like object moving in all directions for a lil over an hour now.has a reddish amber glow tha 8/5/12
7/20/12 21:30 Robertsdale AL Light 15-20 seconds Small point of light crossing the heavens changed speed twice and "wobbled" before finally vanishing. 8/5/12
7/18/12 14:00 Hartselle AL Fireball 2 minutes Orange fireball seen in the middle of the afernoon in Morgan County, Alabama. 8/5/12
7/4/12 23:23 Birmingham AL Oval 7-9 minutes Red-Orange ovals flying across hwy 280 8/5/12
6/26/12 21:39 Trussville AL Oval About 4 minutes Very fast very large very bright ufo spotted over chalkville mtn rd trussville alabama 35235 7/4/12
6/25/12 22:30 Foley AL Diamond 5 minutes UFO spotted in Foley. 4/29/16
6/24/12 15:00 Gordo AL Light 2 minutes Object I saw was very high altitude and silent and it was a constant light going across the sky. 7/4/12
6/15/12 03:30 Phenix City AL Oval night It was and oval like object with a red, blue and white light on it with no sound 6/20/12
6/13/12 21:30 Mobile Bay AL Fireball 2 hours + Orange lights over Mobile Bay, Al. Some flashing, some solid but moving 6/14/12
6/13/12 20:00 Dauphin Island AL Sphere 40 minutes Multiple glowing orange orbs over the gulf coast near dauphin island 6/14/12
5/29/12 21:15 Ohatchee AL
20 seconds Bright white light falling straight down, stopping and changing direction by 90 degrees due north 6/5/12
5/28/12 08:15 Theodore AL Light about 1 hour My boyfriend and I were sitting out by my pool tonight in Theodore,Al gazing at the stars like usual. All of a sudden, we see a light m 5/29/12
5/22/12 22:30 Florence AL Light 5 seconds My wife and I were standing outside talking to our neighbor, staring into the sky from time to time looking due north east. Suddenly, 5/29/12
5/19/12 16:40 Montgomery AL Flash 10 minutes Object that was clearly at a stand still for 10 minutes and began to slowly move away , montgomery alabama 5/29/12
5/12/12 22:00 Bay Minette AL Circle 5-7 min Five orange lights in baldwin county no sound that i could hear 5/13/12
5/4/12 15:00 Centre AL Cylinder 15 minuts Three large UFO's fly over Centre, Alabama 5/13/12
5/3/12 21:00 Oxford AL Fireball 2 minutes Fireballs in Oxford, AL 5/13/12
4/29/12 21:00 Birmingham AL Cross 20 - 30 min Strange white light in the sky with red lights that circled around it 5/13/12
4/18/12 09:00 Grand Bay AL Circle 3 minutes Red orange round objects, appearing briefly and fading before appearing again in different locations. 5/13/12
4/10/12 20:10 Spanish Fort AL Diamond 2 min Red diamond object in alabama 5/13/12
4/10/12 20:00 Spanish Fort AL Diamond about 2 min Red diamond shaped craft, yellow light in the middle. 5/13/12
4/7/12 23:00 Citronelle AL Triangle 2 mins Triangle at night over Citronelle, AL 4/18/12
3/26/12 10:40 Phenix City AL Rectangle night Rectangle shape one bright light with no sound at all 6/20/12
3/25/12 16:00 Oneonta AL Circle 5 seconds Pure white circular light went one direction slightly then shot off in other direction very fast. 5/13/12
3/21/12 20:45 Huntsville AL Sphere 5 seconds I saw an orange sphere move 30 miles in 5 seconds. 4/18/12
2/12/12 05:00 Shelby AL Rectangle 20 seconds There were no other objects nearby, only large perfect rectangle. 1/12/18
2/9/12 20:00 Madison AL Light 3 minutes Several bright white & one red lights moving quickly over the Madison/Huntsville/Owens Cross Road area 1 light not a plane. 2/10/12
2/7/12 20:55 Adamsville AL Sphere 3 minutes Hovering bright sphere with red lights over Adamsville, AL 2/10/12
1/18/12 18:00 Valley Grande AL Triangle 15 Triangle shape with green light outline and red/orange light on the top 1/24/12
1/11/12 18:35 Mobile AL Light 1 Strange lights moving effortlessly through the sky 1/24/12
1/3/12 00:19 Eufaula AL Light 7 minutes Blinking light in the southern sky 1/12/12
12/31/11 21:00 Birmingham AL Circle 10-15 seconds Red circular object travelling at high rate of speed 1/12/12
11/20/11 22:00 Millbrook AL Egg 10 seconds 2 night sky Camoflaged "things!" 12/23/13
11/16/11 20:00 Irvington AL Circle 5-10 mins Reddish orange lights fading and reappearing in different spots of the sky. 12/12/11
11/16/11 08:00 Irvington AL Circle Light in the sky Three sets of light fading, and showing back up in different spots. 12/12/11
11/6/11 06:30 Dothan AL Light 10 min Short sighting in front of clouds dull natural colored light 12/12/11
10/27/11 17:00 Tuscaloosa AL Circle 1 minute block dot 12/12/11
10/26/11 20:15 Hamilton AL Light 2-3mins Single bright orange light, slow moving, solid flight path, no loss of altitude noticeable, no sound 12/12/11
10/26/11 20:10 Hamilton AL Diamond 5 Minutes Orange Diamond shaped object 12/12/11
10/21/11 19:30 Ardmore AL Light 15 minutes Saw a light that appeared to be a star, but was moving very erraticaly before shooting off directly north. 10/25/11
10/21/11 19:00 Pelham (Valleydale exit getting onto I-65 N) AL Circle 10-12 Minutes Objects of light, with a tail falling from the sky, then stopping mid-fall and moving independently around the area unlike an aircraft. 10/25/11
10/20/11 21:15 Orange Beach AL Circle 3-4 mins. Set of three lights floating over the Gulf of Mexico 10/25/11
10/15/11 19:00 Toney AL Circle less than 30 mins. Several orb like thing 5 white 1 red 1/12/12
10/14/11 20:35 Eufaula AL Light 25 secs A large extremely bright silent white light moved on straight track from due south horizon to north and changed to a red dot then disap 10/25/11
10/13/11 20:38 Gurley AL Diamond 6 to 8 mins Super bright star shaped light, desending straight down in slow desent as seen from Gurley, Al 10/19/11
9/21/11 07:00 Arley AL Fireball 8 seconds Light falling from sky with whooshing noise heard. 12/17/11
9/17/11 21:30 Chelsea AL Oval approx. 10 minutes These were all a oval dark orange colored shapes that seem to be flowing in some sequence. They appeared coming up from a mountain for 10/10/11
9/9/11 10:20 Double Springs AL Sphere 1 OR MORE HOURS Strange bright spheres in the sky that sometimes changes colors and moves very fast and in strage directions. ((Stars?? PD)) 10/10/11
9/9/11 08:30 Arley AL Sphere 10-15 seconds Glinting metallic object moving at a rapid speed 12/17/11
9/1/11 21:00 Jacksonville AL Light 2 min white light ascends vertically 10/10/11
8/23/11 05:00 Athens (Hwy 72 W) AL Light approx. 10 min. Huge, motionless, multicolored ball of light in tree lines. 10/10/11
8/16/11 05:50 Albertville AL Circle 25 Round mirror like ball slowly passing not to high in the sky 11/14/14
7/29/11 17:20 Hoover AL Other 2 minutes Giant Mettalic/Silver almost transparent craft seen over Caldwell Mill Road and ValleyDale Rd 10/10/11
7/17/11 21:50 Muscle Shoals AL Sphere Unknown 3 glowing red lights in a line. 8/7/11
7/6/11 18:45 Doha (Qatar) AL Sphere 5 minutes Round object emitting steady white light seen flying over Doha,Qatar 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:00 Huntsville AL Circle 1hr 15min Red moving dot above Alabama on July 4th 8/7/11
7/4/11 21:30 Madison AL Light 1 Hour + Object darted across the sky and would stop on a dime and dart in another direction 8/7/11
7/2/11 21:32 Maylene AL Fireball 3 mins Bright light from north to south and vanished 7/4/11
7/2/11 03:00 Baldwin County AL Light A few minutes One moving white light with a smaller white light on top 7/4/11
6/15/11 23:00 Perdue Hill AL Oval 20 minutes Two ovals of light appear above family farm, behave erratically, then disappear. 6/2/17
6/9/11 22:00 Monrovia AL Unknown 2 minutes Lat night around 10:00 cst. Me and a friend were outside and I looked up and saw a very bright red and white light. I told my friend to 6/12/11
5/21/11 19:50 Lincoln AL Unknown 10 seconds Two planes flying very close together , one with a contrail , the other had no contrail and just dissipated in a few seconds . 5/29/11
5/20/11 22:34 Mobile AL Triangle 5 minutes I was on my way home from work (overtime) and i was on this long road with trees on both sides of the highway. The road was practically 5/29/11
5/20/11 21:40 Muscle Shoals AL Unknown 4 seconds green brilliant light over colbert county alabama 5/29/11
5/17/11 22:30 Anniston AL Fireball 5 minutes This fireball object appeared like a plane flying over at first then hovered over us and some other people walking for about 5 minutes 5/29/12
5/6/11 22:10 Huntsville AL Triangle 4-5 sec. "very aggressive'' 5/12/11
4/13/11 22:30 Fort Payne AL Oval 20 minutes Flashing white, blue ,red and green lights over Fort Payne AL. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 5/2/11
4/6/11 20:22 Athens-East Limestone AL Other 3 seconds Fast moving light streak with impossible movement 5/2/11
2/11/11 18:40 Boilgee AL Light 3 mins Very bright light and then disappeared 3/13/12
1/28/11 21:35 Harvest AL Unknown 3 minutes Unidentified lights hovering above empty field in Harvest, Alabama 1/31/11
1/12/11 23:00 Mobile AL Flash 5 minutes ufos playing in the night sky near the southern cross star cluster 1/31/11
1/2/11 05:30 Seminole AL Teardrop 2 days Why come in such large numbers for any other reason than attack? 3/13/12
12/27/10 17:00 Alabaster AL Circle 30 minutes 2 ufo's seen over mall in Alabaster, Alabama 1/5/11
12/13/10 23:45 Eufaula AL Light 10 minutes Observed a stationary blinking light for 10 minutes in the constellation Orion on the night of Dec. 13, 2010. 1/5/11
12/5/10 21:00 Huntsvile AL Formation 20-30 MIN 5 blue lights seen, later chased by fighter jets. 1/5/11
12/1/10 08:20 Huntsville AL Other 15 seconds My sister and I saw a 747 hovering in the air not moving forward or backward, just sitting still in the air about 1 mile away from the 1/5/11
11/17/10 04:30 Gadsden AL Sphere about 15 min White sphere witnessed by my nieces and orange ball witnessed by all of us on same day. 7/4/11
10/29/10 17:30 Bessemer AL Teardrop Twenty Minutes Four guys see five teardrop/candle light objects spreading a mist, turn into cones, becomes long slivers, and split in the sky. 11/21/10
10/16/10 15:00 Cullman AL Sphere 10 minutes Silver spheres that were above us, then disappeared and several minutes later a military jet was flying over the same space. 11/21/10
10/14/10 18:30 Foley AL Cylinder about 30 seconds Triangular/Cyinder object with 2 headlights like a car in the sky sitting completely still and had no sound 11/21/10
10/12/10 19:13 Daphne AL Chevron 45 sec Chevron shape lights moving slowly, Daphne AL 11/21/10
10/4/10 00:30 Birmingham AL Triangle 4 minutes Black triangle materialized overhead and proceeded southbound 11/21/10
8/12/10 22:30 Montgomery AL Unknown One minute High, fast, zig-zag/wobbly flight pattern ... 8/24/10
7/25/10 20:40 Troy to Montgomery AL Circle 1:20 min Bright White Light that followed us! 7/28/10
7/21/10 10:46 Brantley AL Triangle 2 minutes Large triangle shaped craft chased by a helicopter 7/28/10
7/15/10 22:30 Citronelle AL Unknown 15 min Light similar to star, disappeared, changed direction in matter of seconds, no sound, no blinking lights, and moved at atleast Mach 3 7/28/10
7/14/10 01:00 Killen AL Cylinder ongoing One or two balls or cylinders of light drifting slowly west to east with intermittent quick movement up and down and back to the west 7/19/10
7/11/10 13:00 Frankfort AL Chevron 15 seconds chromed object in sky 7/19/10
7/10/10 22:45 Gadsden AL Light 4 seconds I and friend over the past week have seen 7 sighting of a bright light that apears in the western sky... ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD)) 7/19/10
7/4/10 20:50 Huntsville AL Other 2 hours Large orbs moving at a steady altitude and velocity 7/10/10
7/1/10 20:35 Ardmore AL Unknown 1-3 minutes Two red lights and a blue light over highway 53 near Ardmore, AL. 7/6/10
6/20/10 16:40 Anniston AL Oval 10 min the smoothest moveing object ever memorizing sliver off white color once i set my eyes focous on it i couldnt do anything but look then 3/23/11
6/15/10 21:30 Saraland AL Light 1-2 minutes 3 lights of different color playing chase over south Alabama 4/11/14
5/17/10 22:20 Grant AL Teardrop 10-15 mins 2 Teardrop shaped crafts sighted, one followed us down the mountain 6/3/10
3/12/10 20:30 McKenzie AL Triangle 10 minutes Large amber lights in upside down triangle formation in Mckenzie Alabama moving due south at unknown speed. 4/13/10
1/2/10 21:10 Madison AL Triangle 2 minutes Triangle shaped craft with orange-yellow lights that hovered very low near Redstone Arsenal in Madison, Al 1/5/11
12/29/09 20:15 Pine Level AL
few minutes Five lights, moving as one, slowly at low altitude from west to east across US-231, with no normal aviation lighting. 2/14/10
12/7/09 23:00 Smiths Station AL Diamond 5 mins paryt,saw ship,freaked out,didnt say a word. 4/13/10
11/12/09 05:08 Deatsville AL Light 1 hour Bright light over Prattville, AL flashing and moving over tree line 12/12/09
11/10/09 01:00 Birmingham AL Triangle 2 min. I saw a triangular shaped air craft that had three bright white lights and a dime one in the center of it. 12/12/09
10/20/09 13:00 Danville AL Rectangle
rectangler object green flying slowly over a mountian close to danville,Al 4/13/10
10/15/09 23:00 Dothan AL Flash 20 minutes blinking lights 2/14/10
10/15/09 18:00 Ozark AL Other 30 seconds A large "chef's hat" shaped object in sky over US231 South. 11/21/10
9/30/09 01:14 Huntsville AL Light UNKNOWEN Three Lights In A Vertical Formation Blinking To Another Light On Other Side Of The Sky With A White Light Blinking Red 12/12/09
9/16/09 21:54 Dothan AL Diamond 4 minutes Diamond shaped silent object floating over Dothan, AL 12/12/09
9/15/09 21:30 Phenix City AL Unknown 2 seconds Extremely fast light in low sky. 12/12/09
9/14/09 19:40 Warrior AL Sphere 15 seconds bright lime green sphere explodes and falls in Blount co. Alabama 12/12/09
9/9/09 17:05 Birmingham AL Other 15 minutes Three Silver Boomerang shaped objects spotted in broad daylight 2/14/10
9/9/09 08:17 Franklin County AL Chevron 2 minutes Dark Chevron/Boomerang shaped object manouvering 12/12/09
8/31/09 05:00 Tuscaloosa AL Light 30 mins At least 7 high speed lights seen over Tuscaloosa/Hillcrest, AL 12/12/09
8/23/09 01:00 Spanish Fort AL Light 1 hour Four balls of light spotted over Spanish Fort area. 8/27/09
8/11/09 22:00 Phenix city AL Triangle 56 minutes bright object hovering in sky during lightning storm Phenix city, Al 8/27/09
8/4/09 23:00 McCalla AL Changing 1 hour August 4, 2009, I spotted in the night sky what first thought was a star. ((NUFORC Note: I suspect a "twinkling" star. PD)) 8/5/09
7/25/09 21:40 Semmes AL Light Approx. 10 min. I saw a star-sized light emerge over a tree-line approximately 30 ft from me (trees about 30-50 feet tall). ((NUFORC Note: ISS. PD)) 8/5/09
7/23/09 07:00 Huntsville AL

2 large ash circles on the ground 8/5/09
7/20/09 09:30 Auburn AL Light 1 minute Two bright, non-moving lights in the sky, brighter than the stars. 8/5/09
7/10/09 23:00 Bear Creek AL Circle 4 seconds It was moving very fast. It was a little bigger than a dime compared the stars. It was circle and bright. It swerved and disappeared. 2/10/12
7/7/09 15:28 Satsuma AL Cigar <1 minute Long cigar-shaped object that is 2/3's dark & 1/3 bright, seen in eastern sky traveling WNW. 4/13/10
6/23/09 03:15 Anniston AL Unknown almost 2 hours UFO Spotted Over Atlanta 8/5/09
5/17/09 11:00 Jasper AL Cigar 10 minutes approx. Cigar shaped, iridescent craft. Soundless...seen over Jasper,AL 6/9/09
3/24/09 20:26 Montevallo AL Triangle 2 minutes slow moving triangle with red and white lights 4/14/09
3/20/09 03:30 Andalusia AL Disk 5 minutes Small saucer shape with bottom primary light source and rotation located outside of Andalusia, AL. 8/15/14
2/25/09 20:00 Tuscaloosa AL Sphere 30 seconds bright blue sphere hovering for over 20 seconds before bolting 3/19/09
2/16/09 18:50 Dothan AL Triangle 15 seconds three white lights in v formation until they blended in with the rest of the stars. 3/19/09
2/12/09 23:30 Rehobeth AL Triangle 2min Triangle Shaped UFO spotted by six in rural Alabama 3/19/09
2/5/09 17:15 Madison AL Other 5 minutes Plane hoovering over Heritage Elementary School on County Line Rd. 3/19/09
2/4/09 07:00 North Mobile County AL Cigar 10 seconds just at sun up at or near 7a.m. clear blue sky no clouds and a truly cigar shaped object that looked white to me like a belly of a fuel 3/19/09
1/25/09 01:00 Sylvania AL Circle 8 seconds I saw two white circular objects flying in formantion overhead with excessive speed. 5/8/15
1/15/09 18:15 Birmingham AL Light 40 minutes Strange light(s) in the sky over Birmingham, Alabama for 2 consecutive days 3/19/09
1/9/09 09:00 Huntsville AL Other 4 minutes A "parked" 737 in the sky accompanied by an orb 1/10/09
12/21/08 19:30 Citronelle AL Sphere 30 seconds Chrome Sphere and mind control? 1/10/09
12/14/08 02:00 Anniston AL Light 20 min 1 bright light was seen North North west of location near 431/Bynum Leatherwood road. The light was motionless for about 18 min and the 1/10/09
12/5/08 21:40 Ashville AL Unknown still ongoing @ 22:24 Srange lights/unknown craft observed in E/ESE sky of NorthEastern St.Clair Co. on night of 12/05/2008. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/24/08 19:00 Phenix City & Columbus,Ga AL Light 5 minutes Many slow moving lights moving in the same direction crossing two cities. 1/10/09
11/19/08 22:10 Tuscaloosa AL Cigar 2 seconds large blue bullet shaped object crossing sky of tuscaloosa alabama 1/10/09
11/18/08 07:40 Prattville AL Disk 8-10 seconds I saw a bright reflection fairly low in the sky. The reflection was in the shape of a disc. It hovered for a few seconds and then dis 1/10/09
11/3/08 21:00 Fairview AL Sphere 4-5 seconds Giant green light appears ,drops and disappears. 1/10/09
11/2/08 23:00 Daphne AL Unknown 30 minutes or more Blue/Red/Green flashing object above Mobile, Al. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD)) 1/10/09
10/31/08 16:27 Mountain Brook AL Oval
Six U.F.O's heading to the same spot blasted by over our heads. 1/10/09
10/30/08 06:05 Montgomery AL Unknown 4 minutes Lights move from NE to SW above Montgomery AL 1/10/09
10/18/08 01:00 Gardendale AL Sphere more than 20 minutes The object was sphere shaped and changed colors. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star. PD)) 10/31/08
10/9/08 12:24 Auburn AL Circle 10-12 seconds two circuler crafts hovered for about 10 seconds then dissapeared. 10/31/08
10/1/08 21:00 Wellington AL Light minutes a light over the mountain 10/31/08
10/1/08 11:00 Pell City AL Cigar 5 Min. Very high, cigar shaped UFO moving at incredible speeds. 12/12/09
9/26/08 19:30 Bay Minette AL Light 1 to 1.5 minutes Bright light, appeard to be falling star in Southern Sky, fell then stopped, ocillated, changed direction and accelerated out of sight. 10/31/08
9/4/08 06:15 Eldridge AL Diamond 0.5 seconds 09/04/08 eldridge,al diamond object 0.5 seconds 10/31/08
8/28/08 22:30 Leighton AL Fireball 2 SECONDS round ball of light 10/31/08
8/27/08 01:26 Anniston AL Circle 5 seconds It was circular and was in a cylindrical tube of blue light. 10/31/08
8/19/08 05:10 Sylacauga AL Unknown around 10 seconds 3 sets of burnt orange "headlights" moving as though in convoy 10/31/08
8/17/08 00:00 Gadsden AL Teardrop dark me and my dad were sitting on our deck talking and then these two bright orange and green lights appeared first we thought we were seei 10/31/08
8/11/08 02:15 Petersville AL Triangle 45 min A three lighted object seems to be surveying north Alabama. 8/12/08
7/15/08 21:00 Scottsboro AL Sphere 5-6 MINUTES It appeared to be a white orb surrounded by red and blue orbiting lights, traveling northwest at 9.00 p. m. July 14, 2008. 8/12/08
7/7/08 00:15 Chelsea AL Triangle 30 minutes Small triangular object flying in large circles above our area with lights in each corner making a very strange resonating sound. 8/12/08
7/6/08 01:45 Sylacauga AL Rectangle 2 Hours 25 Minutes July 6 2008 on or about 1:45 AM and ended at 4:10 AM Location Sylacauga Alabama, 35151, The object was Rectangle in shape, and addition 8/12/08
7/5/08 20:00 Sheffield AL Light 2 minutes This was not a star. If it was it was the first ever stationary star that I have ever seen move. 8/15/14
6/27/08 08:00 Gardendale AL Disk 30 seconds UFO seen above Gardendale Alabama while driving on the interstate into work at 8:00 am. 7/5/08
6/9/08 20:36 Adamsville AL Sphere 2 minutes Evening sighting, one spherical object, two witnesses. 6/12/08
6/4/08 00:00 Birmingham AL Unknown 4 minutes I was camping with my friends in a restricted area. I went off 20 yards by my self to use the restroom and smoke a cigarette since my 10/31/08
6/1/08 17:00 Dothan AL Other 10 min. Multiple white horizontal UFOs stationary NE of Dothan, AL 10/31/08
5/29/08 00:24 Guntersville AL Unknown
((HOAX??)) UFO'S In my woods!!! 8/12/08
5/23/08 02:15 Athens AL Light 10 seconds Bright light appearing over Athens, Alabama and then winked out 6/12/08
5/10/08 22:00 Scottsboro AL Oval 30 mins Dark, very big long, flat oblong flying object with one maybe 2 rows of very bright lights along the bottom. 6/12/08
4/25/08 16:40 Madison AL Sphere 1 PHOTO object in back groung. 7/5/08
4/23/08 01:30 Addison AL Disk Less than 5 min. Large, colorful disk shaped ufo over Addison. 6/12/08
4/22/08 22:30 Saraland AL Egg about 3min. We saw a bright egg shaped craft after work. 6/12/08
4/20/08 18:45 Dothan AL Diamond 5 minutes Possible UFO in the South 6/12/08
4/20/08 04:00 Gulf Shores AL Circle 1 hour My friend and I were sitting on the beach enjoying the full moon and stars. All of sudden the clouds began clustering together and we c 6/12/08
4/11/08 22:30 Bessemer (near) AL Light 5 minutes If this was man made, we have some great technology that is incredible. 6/12/08
4/3/08 07:15 Birmingham AL Cigar 5-6 minutes Weird thing over high school 6/12/08
4/1/08 03:30 Tuscaloosa AL Other 2-3 mins Trapezoid shaped hovering craft with dark red flashing lights moved side to side directly above me. 10/31/08
3/22/08 21:00 Lanett AL Circle 30 min ((HOAX??)) Flying, pulsating object hovering above cow pasture. 3/31/08
3/21/08 05:45 Borden Springs AL Cigar 2 minutes Glowing cigar-shaped craft slides across predawn skies in Alabama. 3/31/08
3/16/08 23:16 Birmingham AL Triangle 10-20 seconds Light blue triangle over Southern Pines subdivision 3/31/08
3/14/08 04:00 Tuscaloosa AL Other 25 mins Egg shaped flashing silent craft flew in front of the moon and 5 more over my house. 10/31/08
2/23/08 21:00 Dutton AL Changing 10min lights changed position when i flashed my car lights at it 3/4/08
1/28/08 15:30 Livingston AL Cigar 2 minutes shiny cigar object in sky in daylight, with airplane keeping pace 2/14/08
1/24/08 23:30 Florence AL Teardrop 10 seconds A free-fallin teardrop shaped neon green object vanished right before crashing into the ground. 2/14/08
1/24/08 19:00 Valley AL Fireball 00:08 It appeared to be a meteorite and it fizzled out before it landed. 2/14/08
1/24/08 18:00 Auburn AL Other Short Did anyone see relatively slow moving big ball of fire go across night sky @ apprx. 6:30 pm Central on 1/24/08 - very obvious - possibl 2/14/08
1/20/08 22:09 Haleyville AL Triangle 10 - 12 minutes Triangle seen in silhoutte against lunar disk. ((NUFORC Note: Exceptionally good report; object seen on edge of full Moon. PD)) 2/14/08
1/3/08 20:30 Flat Rock AL Diamond
Odd shifting light that changes colors and has never been seen in the sky around my house since I have lived there possible UFO????? 1/21/08
12/12/07 21:00 Birmingham AL Cylinder 20 seconds A cylinder of blue pulsing light and some sort of craft concealed in a thick low hanging cloud 3/4/08
12/11/07 21:00 Madison AL Circle 9 minutes Small , violet-blue, quiet u.f.o. moves and hovers around grocery store parking lot in Madison, Alabama. 3/4/08
12/11/07 21:00 Madison AL Disk 5 mintues Disc with 4 blue lights. 3/4/08
12/10/07 18:10 Dothan AL Light One minute A comet type object in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 18:03 Dora AL Changing still going at 6:22 Comet-like cloud with faint flashing light appeared in clear starry sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 1/21/08
12/10/07 18:00 Gardendale AL Other 2 hours Strange object over Alabama, cloudy and spherical in shape. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD)) 3/4/08
12/10/07 17:30 Shelby AL Circle 80 minutes Large round object with long and wide tail was seen moving slow in a northeast direction in evening sky. 1/21/08
11/19/07 04:00 Huntsville AL Light 2 hrs large white object at tree top level, slowly moves higher in sky as the sun comes up. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus. PD)) 11/28/07
11/8/07 23:15 Mobile AL Fireball 5 seconds Green Fireball 11/28/07
10/21/07 03:00 Daphne AL Disk all night Disk above Daphne AL, accompanied by a light. 11/28/07
10/11/07 20:30 Gulf Shores AL Disk 30 min. Brightly lighted Object appeared total of 6-8 times in different locations in night sky over ocean for few seconds and disappeared 11/28/07
10/1/07 04:00 Gadsden AL Unknown Still happening The bright white light from last night made a return appearance tonight. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 10/8/07
9/30/07 04:15 Gadsden AL Changing Still happening A hovering light in the sky that was too big and bright to be a star or planet. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus in eastern sky?? PD)) 10/8/07
9/14/07 23:23 Jackson AL Triangle App. 30 seconds Triangular light-formation over forest near Jackson, AL around midnight. 6/3/10
9/10/07 02:00 Robertsdale AL Cylinder 1 minute Spinning cylindrical object that lit up my yard with light. 6/4/14
8/19/07 20:30 Birmingham AL Disk 1 minute UFO Sighting over townhome community in Birmingham Alabama. ((NUFORC Note: We cannot certify that this is a serious report. PD)) 10/8/07
8/8/07 23:00 Montgomery AL Circle unknown ((HOAX)) A space ship about half the size of a golf green ,child sized aliens, and burned grass of area that the space ship landed 8/14/07
7/27/07 06:00 Millbrook AL Oval Few seconds UFO moving West on Cobbs Ford Road toward Prattville, AL - Oval shape and glowing. 10/31/08
7/25/07 21:27 Birmingham AL Unknown 5-7 minutes Two pinpoints of light over DoubleOak Mtn. 8/7/07
7/25/07 21:00 Fort Morgan AL Light 10 minutes Orange Glowing Unidentified objects over the Gulf seen by 4 different people at once 8/7/07
7/22/07 06:30 Birmingham AL Chevron 5 seconds southwestern skies of Birmingham, black object dart and zig zag then flee without trace 8/7/07
7/6/07 16:00 Alabama (above; in flight) AL Other 45 secs Speared shaped object spotted over Alabama while on a flight to Florida 8/7/07
7/4/07 03:00 Huntsville AL Disk
A picture of a UFO in the sky in a picture a disk shape 8/7/07
7/3/07 21:30 Southside AL Triangle 4-6 minutes At approximately 9:30 PM (21:30) I was on my deck smoking a cigarette and as I do nightly, looked into the sky to see the clarity of th 8/7/07
6/30/07 22:00 Orange Beach AL Circle 20 seconds Star shaped shot across sky, stopped briefly and then shot back in the same direction as it came very fast. 1/12/18
6/26/07 21:00 Gulf Shores AL Light 15 min Red lighting object over gulf 8/7/07
6/25/07 02:20 Prattville AL Triangle 10 secs Dark triangular craft. Was flying slow, as well as low. No lights. Strange, loud, pulsating, humming sound. 8/7/07
6/23/07 21:10 Grand Bay AL Fireball 5 seconds Decending Green fire ball traveling east to west over south Mobile county , Alabama 8/7/07
6/21/07 23:15 Mobile AL Fireball 2 seconds Left my brothers home at 1115 pm on thursday night. Got in car and backed out of drive way. Saw bright green flash of light in southern 8/7/07
6/7/07 00:00 Florala (??) AL

Also a few months ago I had a very vivid dream in which I was on board a craft, and was able to see the road, ground, telephone poles, 10/8/07
6/6/07 22:00 Gulf Shores AL Changing 34 minutes Orange Glowing Unidentified objects over the Gulf seen by 4 different people at once. 6/12/07
6/6/07 22:00 Fort Morgan AL Light 10 minutes Anomalous lights witnessed near Gulf Shore, AL 8/7/07
6/4/07 21:35 Valley AL Sphere 20 Seconds Very bright sphere of light that managed to defy the laws of physics in rural Alabama. 6/12/07
6/3/07 21:00 Orange Beach AL Light 5 minutes star like object flys in night sky 6/12/07
5/10/07 21:00 Anniston AL Light about 2 hours i did manage to get a picture of the cresent light on my camera phone... 6/12/07
5/1/07 00:20 Birmingham AL Other several seconds Two objects possibly one moving quickly across the sky. 6/12/07
4/27/07 22:00 Madison AL Light 3 hours This is my second report , I'm still watching this bright star like ufo. 6/12/07
4/23/07 08:00 Elmore AL Triangle 10 minutes A seemingly cloaked or disguised craft 4/27/07
4/17/07 21:00 Auburn AL Other 10 minutes Bright White Light in distant sky, stationary, but gone one hour later. Other object red and green and dim. 4/27/07
4/12/07 21:00 Madison AL Light 2 hours Star like ufo decends down slowly from high in the sky until it gets about tree top level. ((NUFORC Note: Venus sighting. PD)) 4/27/07
4/6/07 20:45 Jacksonville AL Diamond 45 sec. Silent Light passes from Southern to Northern Horizon 4/27/07
4/5/07 19:00 Huntsville AL Triangle 7 minutes large triangular object near UAH in Huntsville, Al moving very slowly with no sound 8/7/07
3/17/07 08:00 Ozark AL Unknown 5 minutes 3 objects,that left 3 hugh flashes 4/27/07
2/28/07 20:00 Madison AL Triangle 12 minutes Two Triangular Craft over Madison Alabama 3/8/07
2/28/07 18:00 Athens AL Triangle 2 min 2 Triangular aircraft in Athens, AL 8/7/07
2/28/07 09:00 Eastaboga AL Other 30 sec Large white UFO spotted over Eastaboga, Alabama 3/8/07
2/28/07 06:00 Springville AL Unknown 20 MIN. 3 bright yellowish white lights,side by side appeared around 6 AM, in the dense woods across the road from our house. 3/8/07
2/25/07 21:30 Auburn AL Light ~ 5 seconds Intense bright, spherical white light over Auburn University campus ~9:30pm 2/25/07 3/8/07
1/23/07 21:00 Hoover AL Triangle 2 min. Triangle shaped, white lights on the side, red light in middle. hovered over trees for a couple min. 10/8/07
1/16/07 18:00 Woodville AL Light 30 minutes My husband and I have been seeing a light on the western horizon right at about 6pm every night for a while now. We traveled west on Hw 2/24/07
1/5/07 20:59 Huntsville AL Light 2 sec Rapidly moving object looks like it might impact ground 2/1/07
1/1/07 23:30 Birmingham AL Disk 3 days, 2-3 minutes each ufo seen over 3-day period 2/1/07
12/17/06 19:58 Opp AL Circle over2 hours a nearly stationary bright illuminating object moving to different locations and becoming stationary again 2/1/07
12/2/06 12:15 Satsuma AL Oval 2 minutes Daytime object caught on video 12/14/06
11/29/06 07:00 Cullman AL

Just wanted everyone to know that we passed three military Hummers full of men on the way to school the morning after the meteor/spacej 12/14/06
11/28/06 18:00 Madison AL Unknown about 5 seconds Green light in the sky around Madison, AL area Nov. 28th 2006 3/4/08
11/28/06 17:30 Birmingham AL Sphere 45 sec. I noticed a light streaking across the sky and thought it was a large meteorite, but it was too slow and was unmistakably green. The t 12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30 Bremen AL Fireball 10 to 15 seconds Glowing green ball of light falling from the sky over Northern Alabama 12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30 Birmingham AL Circle 10 seconds We saw a greenish-blue ball of light in Clay Alabama, on Tuesday, November 28. 12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30 Huntsville AL Light 15 seconds Bright green light(s) traveling east over Chapman Mountain. 12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30 Birmingham AL Light 8-12 seconds Bluish-Green Light over Alabama 3/4/08
11/28/06 17:30 Birmingham AL Fireball 30 seconds A large green glowing round object was seen flying above the Birmingham, Alabama area at 5:30 pm on November 28, 2006. 12/7/06
11/28/06 17:25 Birmingham AL Circle ONE MINUTE meteor passing tangent to earth atmosphere 12/7/06
11/28/06 17:25 Pinson AL Fireball around 2 mins white then turned green fire ball falling from sky 12/7/06
11/28/06 05:30 Birmingham AL Light 15 seconds Brilliant green light across the Birmingham Sky...Definitely not a plan. 12/7/06
11/27/06 22:06 Huntsville AL Fireball 2 sec Blue-green, round, hazy light moving rapidly from north to south 12/7/06
11/22/06 21:00 Athens AL Triangle approx 2 minutes Triangle shape object moving silently passed directly over my head. 4/27/07
11/15/06 01:00 Birmingham AL Fireball 10-15 Seconds bright white-greenish object appears, hovers in place, quickly travels zig zag pattern and vanishes 11/28/07
11/10/06 05:00 Huntsville AL Unknown 45 seconds Two bright lights which appeared to be stars. They slowly faded out of sight. 12/7/06
11/6/06 16:00 Birmingham AL Teardrop few hours Hanging object in Southeastern sky US 11-06-06 12/7/06
10/20/06 11:30 Birmingham AL Sphere 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) metallic sphere tailing fighter jet 12/14/06
9/1/06 17:00 Hoover AL Fireball 4 minutes Neon green fireball with neon purple and blue tail. 1/29/16
8/27/06 21:00 Madison AL Formation 1 hour A formation of four to five lights that for at least an hour would circle around each other, then dash off in different directions. 10/30/06
8/22/06 20:00 Toney AL Triangle 10 minutes 2 triangular ships over my sons football game 10/30/06
8/13/06 21:00 Huntsville AL Oval 1 minute Large bright blue object moving in a box like pattern at an incredible rate of speed until it vanished my moving vertically. 10/30/06
8/8/06 08:30 Boaz AL Oval 5 min bright light oval shape crusing speed, then turned angle, then sped out of sight into space 10/30/06
8/6/06 23:00 Foley AL Unknown 30 minutes My children were swimming in our pool at 11 PM. They came in because they saw 3 different flashes of light & it scared them. I (the Mot 10/30/06
7/19/06 03:30 Montgomery AL Disk 2 Hours Massive UFO event in Montgomery, Alabama 10/30/06
7/10/06 19:18 Vierfontein (South Africa) AL Unknown 40 minutes Seen a colorfull flashing UFO. 7/16/06
7/5/06 21:30 Florence AL Light 3 minutes Intense Bright Object that flew over our house & field. 10/30/06
6/8/06 22:00 Atmore AL Other 20 min. (??) late at night / horseshoe shaped craft / 17 lights off and on / 20 mins then vanishes / sees crafts often / 6/12/07
5/23/06 22:30 Moulton AL Light about 3 min A light proceeded across the sky from south to north i did not observe any thing to set it apart from an airplane 7/16/06
5/18/06 21:00 Gulf Shores AL Unknown 5 minutes We saw a triangled shaped object in the sky in Gulf Shores ALA, approx one mile up not moving. 4/27/07
4/16/06 09:54 Hoover AL Other 4 min 2 different ships 2 different days 5/15/06
3/30/06 19:15 Lawley AL Egg 16 minutes Unknown lights filmed descending into wooded area 10/30/06
11/29/05 07:44 Grove Hill AL Triangle 5 seconds Large triangle craft near commerical aircraft 6/12/08
10/2/05 00:30 Heflin AL Circle five min Object with bright red light hovered above my car siletly, and followed me for about five minutes then disappeared. 8/7/07
8/17/05 12:00 Fort Payne AL Triangle 30 min. Silver, triangular craft seen. Around 100 ft. long and 50-75 ft. wide. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 2/24/07
7/8/05 22:45 Tuscaloosa AL Circle ABOUT 10 SEC. It was round,silent,illuminated pale white,and it moved,from where it wasn't suppose to be. 10/30/06
6/14/05 04:00 Huntsville AL Triangle 15 Seconds Three brilliantly colored purple lights streaked beyond the eastern horizon at a fantastic rate of speed. 10/8/07
12/15/04 20:30 Headland AL Unknown 15 minutes Extremely bright light and no noise. 7/16/06
9/12/04 21:00 Attalla/Gadsden AL Triangle 20 minutes It was so quiet the cattle in the field didn't even run from it. 7/16/06
8/16/04 19:00 Gulf Shores AL Triangle 5 minutes Object looked to be a mile high ,at least half mile wide with five lights three feet across on bottom. 3/19/09
2/1/04 02:00 Birmingham AL Chevron 15 sec Large dark chevron, silently passing overhead in early AM hours, only seen because against star fields. 11/28/07
6/30/03 14:00 Birmingham AL Cylinder 1 hour It flew from one end of runway to the other shoot straight up turn back shine bright light shoot straight down do it again 100 mph 4/3/15
12/15/02 00:00 Maylene AL Light 10-15 seconds Light, orb sighting in middle Alabama, 2002 9/24/12
10/23/02 19:00 Orange Beach AL Other crash of air craft I was listening to a recording on a tape I had recorded a while back you were talking about a air craft that had crashed. 6/28/18
9/5/01 20:45 Guntersville AL Light 15min ((HOAX??)) I saw a large bright white light toward the ENE from my front yard. 4/17/08
4/19/01 20:30 Hamilton AL Other 5 minutes Craft downed-emitting powerful-magnificent & intelligent lights in color. Affected witnesses. 11/6/14
10/31/00 20:00 Sipsey AL Disk 1 minute Round, flat UFO with lights all around, over Hwy 78 Walker Co Alabama. 2/1/07
2/1/00 02:30 Lynn AL Triangle 15 minutes In February of 2000, I was on routine patrol at approx. 0230 hrs CST. As I drove behind the local High School, I observed three lights 12/12/11
12/31/99 01:00 Boaz AL Cigar 1 min When I was 19 I went to go see a friend late one night, we were outside her house in my car talking and suddenly my stereo started work 5/15/20
12/5/99 04:20 Colombiana AL Rectangle 5 sec 15-20 people witnessed an unexplainable event on dec. 5th 1999 which lit the sky as if daylight 10/30/06
8/15/99 21:00 Gaylesville AL Unknown 10 minutes Three bright green lights pointing towards the sky near Bell's Crossroads in Gaylesville, Alabama. 11/28/07
6/15/99 23:30 Jasper AL Circle 20 seconds Large blue orb sighted Saragossa, AL. 5/1/20
4/15/99 19:00 Fyffe AL Rectangle 2-3 minutes Huge craft, silent , intelligent, aware of us observing it 12/12/09
10/15/98 22:30 Adamsville AL Circle 5 minutes Twin spheres of light Porter Road near Shady Grove, Adamsville, AL. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/18
10/15/98 21:00 Enterprise AL Triangle 15 minutes Large black triangular ship seen near Enterprise, Alabama. 2/1/07
8/28/98 05:45 Mobile AL Light approx. 1 minute A string of what appeared to be about a dozen streetlights, but obviously were NOT. (Mobile, AL) 2/1/07
6/1/98 18:00 Hunstville AL Changing 15-20 seconds Blacker than black, shape changing floating object. 10/30/12
8/15/97 01:00 Grand Bay AL Triangle 5-10 seconds Black triangle noiseless and stationary, then high velocity movement, 200 ft away. 1/5/16
6/27/97 21:00 Gulf Shores AL Triangle 15 seconds Triangular craft hovers over State Park pier 6/25/20
4/23/97 18:00 Guntersville AL Oval 2MIN new glass like craft seen 2/14/08
3/20/97 01:00 Demopolis AL Disk 2 minutes me and a coworker were outside. We say this large disk shaped craft. It hovered about 2 minutes.lights were lighting up from outside to 6/25/20
3/15/97 01:30 Pell City AL Unknown 10 minutes A fishing trip ends with a loud roar and a bright light waking me up in the night. 3/10/17
9/1/96 17:00 Tuscaloosa AL Disk <1 min. Saucer skirts clouds, disappears 5/12/10
6/18/96 17:30 Alabama (location unspecified) AL Fireball 3min hovering ball of fire 5/15/06
1/15/96 22:00 Birmingham (Huffman/Centerpoint) AL Teardrop 10 Minutes I was working security at a local hospital and was sitting in security truck, which had a monitor for the Birmingham Police Dept instal 6/12/07
12/23/95 17:30 Mobile AL Other ~30 minutes My father had came to pick me up n go hunting at a buddy of ours place . ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
11/1/95 22:30 Daphne AL Triangle 30 seconds Triangular shaped object with 3 lights, passes over house at low altitude and made no sound. 1/21/08
3/19/95 19:30 Mobile AL Disk 13:10 Woman w/ children & neighbor see dark obj. fly overhead, go through roof of townhouse, Flashing lights in house next day F-16's. 11/24/18
10/15/94 20:00 Birmingham AL Triangle 15 minutes I was outside playing (14 yrs old) it had just gotten dark. Out of no where I saw a triangle shaped object with lights. It had blue, or 11/5/20
6/15/94 22:00 Montgomery AL Triangle 10 minutes A huge, very low, black triangle traveling at a very low speed and making a low hissing sound traveled directly over my home. 7/3/13
6/1/94 17:00 Montgomery AL Rectangle 5 min Strange object over Montgomery Alabama 8/7/07
3/15/94 14:00 Columbus City AL Cylinder 3 seconds Large Black Cylinder Flies Above Mountain Lakes Near Guntersville, Alabama 10/30/06
6/15/93 22:00 Trussville AL Light about a minute UFO, resembling a star, flying across Trussville, AL in approximately 1993. 2/1/07
3/15/92 15:00 Hanceville AL Disk 2-3 seconds Metallic disc on a beautiful sunny afternoon moving at astounding speed 2/7/20
2/15/88 21:00 Huntsville AL Other 45 minutes Bell or thimble shaped object rises out of Guntersville Lake and follows pair into Huntsville. 4/27/07
2/15/88 02:30 Indian Springs AL Oval 1 hour or so Huge craft hovering over a residential area... 6/20/11
12/12/87 23:00 Aliceville AL Formation 10 minutes Looked up in the dark sky and beyond the stars a window beyond the stars opened up from right to left and a very black background was 3 8/20/20
7/15/87 22:30 Collinsville AL Triangle 10 minutes Huge Triangular Craft 4/27/07
2/20/87 01:30 Bessemer AL Unknown aprox. 2 1/2 hrs 10/26/2011 To whom it may concern On or about Feb. 20th 1987 at about 1:30 am I had something happen I do not understand completely. 12/12/11
12/5/85 05:00 Manaus-Amazonas (Brazil) AL Egg 10:00 this case happen to me and my brother my english is not so good but i will try to tell you ,what happen that night. I was sleeping in 8/7/07
5/1/85 20:30 Lanett AL Light 10 seconds It came, it saw , it left but where did it go or come from? 8/24/10
10/31/84 22:00 Vincent AL Circle 2 minutes A circular object with smaller circular lights underneath it, with the ability to hover and travel at an unbelievable speed. 8/23/19
7/1/84 16:00 Montevallo AL Circle 10 seconds The Four glowing orbs that seemed to dance together. 12/23/20
6/30/81 00:00 Huntsville AL Circle during sleep woman figure in red bodysiut with large head 4/13/10
10/15/80 03:00 Guntersville AL Triangle 10 seconds The date and time is not exact. I was the shift supervisor at a chemical plant located on the banks of the Tennessee River. Mountains 8/27/09
10/1/80 20:00 Mountainboro AL Fireball 20 seconds Ball of Fire that changed into a cone shape. 7/4/12
6/30/80 21:00 Montgomery AL Disk 15 seconds I SAW A SAUCER, FLYING LOW WITH LIGHTS OVER THE PASTURE LAND HEADED SOUTH. ((anonymous report)) 1/12/18
6/1/80 16:00 Montgomery AL Disk 30 seconds It looked like the comic book flying sausers when i was young._ silver , had lights , i was 100 ft away daylight. 1/16/14
6/14/79 20:00 Wagarville AL Cigar 5 second intervals Walked outside during lightening storm and a bright green light, the size of a large cigar appeared and disappeared several times. 9/12/19
8/15/78 19:30 Carbon Hill AL Triangle 3-4 minutes A large triangle shaped craft, close to the ground, with no sound, at all. 9/30/13
8/15/78 15:30 Gadsden AL Sphere 10 Min. 3 ft. dia tan colored spherical object manuveing at 120+ knts. 5/15/06
7/20/78 00:00 Tuskegee AL Circle 30 seconds In '78 Yellow Orb moved silently along with my car/50 mph, moved to the front of my car, then zoomed into the stars and became a star. 7/25/19
6/16/77 22:00 Interstate 65 (between AL and TN) AL Light 30 Bright Light hovered and followed me. 11/21/10
6/15/76 21:00 Elba AL Cigar 8 hours We stopped at Dairy Queen had supper. Going to my aunt an uncle three hours away It was dusty dark came to three trundle Bridges shoul 4/8/19
5/1/76 17:30 Birmingham AL Triangle 20 minutes Me and my 6 siblings, my parents and 2 neighbors saw the lights in the sky. It was triangle and or circular but stationary. For a long 6/7/19
10/15/75 18:30 Anniston AL Circle 15 minutes Blue and round. 1/16/15
9/4/75 02:00 Union Grove AL Cigar 20 minutes Two brothers observe cigar-shaped UFO late at night after work. 2/14/10
10/22/74 20:00 Oneonta AL Circle 10 sec Big, round , with lights, but no sound, moving slow, 10/30/06
10/17/73 23:30 Montgomery AL Light 15 minutes Lights appear out of the woods and chase vehicle. 2/14/08
6/15/73 15:30 Bridgeport AL Disk 30 seconds Two objects, saucer and cigar shaped, at 3,500 ft. moving north toward Chattanooga, Tenn. 12/20/12
5/14/73 20:00 Madison AL Disk 1 hour This is a definate government cover-up 5/12/09
4/15/73 Fort Payne AL Oval ~5-8 minutes It was round with colored lights all around it 50-75 yards in leanth 1972 in Fort Payne, AL. I was very close about 150 yds.. 9/8/17
2/10/73 02:00 Moundville AL Cigar 90 seconds Cigar-shaped low flying after heavy snow storm. 1/5/16
2/3/73 16:00 Fort Rucker AL Light 10 seconds Red Light Appears to Go Right Through Cockpit 2/1/07
10/29/72 15:30 Monroeville AL Cylinder 15 seconds Fighter jet chasing object in the sky over south Alabama 2/14/08
8/25/72 08:30 Coldwater AL Triangle 6 min seen in 1972 and seen later too 8/24/10
8/12/72 10:00 Auburn AL Circle 5 minutes Bright globe appeared suddenly, animals terrified until globe appeared and vanished suddenly in night sky. 7/5/19
6/15/72 20:30 Union Grove AL Formation 2 hours UFOs observed by WWII veteran and multiple Army and National Guard members. 2/14/10
1/1/70 13:00 Telford AL Oval 50 years They are desperate fighting another factor 12/23/20
12/25/69 21:38 Rogersville AL
90-120 sec single laser-like red light traced numerous straight-line and angular 'waypoints' in Christmas night sky 6/20/11
7/15/69 22:00 North Atlantic Ocean AL Light 3 minutes Rapid zig-zag movementsabd departed in a flash 4/9/20
6/30/68 12:00 Gardendale AL Disk 5-6 seconds daylight sighting of flying disk in late 1960s in North Central Alabama 7/16/06
6/30/68 09:00 Hueytown AL Oval 10 min Almond colored disc four witnesses saw beings in vehicle. 3/13/12
10/15/67 18:00 Birmingham AL Oval five minutes description of a spaceship spotted over Birmingham Alabama in 1967. 7/5/08
6/30/67 22:00 New Market AL Triangle 1 minute Discs in V-formation flying over Northern Alabama in the summer of 1967 8/5/09
6/4/67 20:30 Decatur AL Light 2-3 minutes Strange light shivered across sky, stopped overhead, tried to land, stopped, and then took off out of sight in 2 seconds. 4/18/12
10/10/66 20:00 Pell City AL Disk 3 minutes Strobe Lighted disk shape object observed close, at low speeds, and low altitude in Oct 1966 in Pell City Alabama 3/19/09
6/30/65 03:00 Montgomery AL Disk time laspe ((HOAX??)3 a.m. 1960's? montgomery ala. disc shape several hours field on fire AFB there --small like child top of tall burning tree 11/21/10
5/15/65 14:00 Gadsden AL Sphere 45 sec. aprox. Blue ball drifted down to within reach, backed away as I reached then shot away after I reached again. 1/21/08
6/30/62 15:00 Montgomery AL Other Time lapse Alien craft downed by Air Force in field alien in top of burning tree one exiting the craft. 12/1/19
8/1/56 23:30 Bradford AL Sphere 20 seconds moving sparkling white/ yellowish/orange/flat black sphere paused 20 feet over my head 10/10/11
6/25/53 20:00 Vicksburg AL Fireball 1 second Looked like a large meteorite ablaze 4/9/20
6/15/52 20:00 Vicksburg AL Light 15 minutes The object moved in an erratic motion. 4/9/20
6/30/51 19:00 Birmingham AL Unknown 3 seconds I was suddenly aware of most of the sky being filled with a white light. No sound. It moved away quickly (one to three seconds) with no 10/30/06
8/15/49 22:00 Tarrant City AL Circle ten+ minutes Glowing large orange ball in Alabama sky August, 1949. 6/12/08
6/1/39 20:00 Waterloo AL Fireball 5 minutes 4 high school students see bright, ground-level, slow moving fireball in the late 1930's 2/21/14
22:00 Town Creek AL Other 2 seconds Voids in space - energy beam 8/27/20
00:04 Alabama AL Diamond 60 seconds I saw multiple diamond shaped objects whilst on the interstate through Alabama. Was driving alone and the dashcam mysteriously turned o 1/31/20