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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/1/20 17:00 Wilmington DE Cylinder 30 sec Driving on Old Coach Road towards Polly Drummond Road at 5pm when noticed a skinny object with a red and white light at either end fly 1/19/21
11/28/20 07:30 North Wilmington DE Fireball 20 min 7 fireballs moving horizontally very slowly 12/23/20
11/15/20 07:00 Delaware City DE Flash 5 sec Orange flashes in sky 12/23/20
11/13/20 17:30 Wyoming DE
10 min
11/13/20 17:30 Wyoming DE
10 min
11/8/20 08:25 Dover DE Disk scary i heard i weird noise that flew over the house i look it wasn't a plane if was a disc shape aircraft i don't know it was a aircraft bec 12/23/20
11/5/20 18:33 Georgetown DE Chevron 1 minute Chevron in Georgetown, DE 12/23/20
10/20/20 19:28 Wilmington DE Circle
Red lights floating and disappearing 12/23/20
10/2/20 21:18 Lewes DE Sphere 5 minutes Red fiery round object in sky 11/5/20
8/20/20 22:00 Selbyville DE Sphere 8 minutes Round reddish orb looking object. No sound, just glided slowly in the dark sky. Hovering east to northwest then vanished. 8/27/20
8/20/20 22:00 West Fenwick Island DE Sphere 8 minutes I walked outside looked at southwest sky and saw this huge red orb, no sound at all. I called for my mom and we both saw it move backwa 8/27/20
8/10/20 23:00 Dover DE Circle
I was 3 minutes from my mother in laws house at 11 at night I was telling my husband to speed up because I had to go to the bathroom ou 8/20/20
7/4/20 21:47 Selbyville DE Cigar 12 minutes 2 Red vertical Cigar shaped objects spotted near Ocean City, DE July 4th 2020. 7/31/20
7/4/20 21:47 Selbyville DE Cigar 12 minutes 2 Red vertical Cigar shaped objects spotted near Ocean City, DE July 4th 2020 7/9/20
6/8/20 21:00 Smyrna DE Teardrop 45 minutes My little brother was gazing in the sky and saw something flying in the atmosphere and told me to look to my surprise when I looked was 6/25/20
5/24/20 21:00 Wilmington DE Changing 20 minutes What started out as 4 cylindrical lights changed into one, it looked like a purple cloud. It then switched to 8 smaller cylinder shaped 6/25/20
4/28/20 20:51 Newark DE Light 1 minute Lights moving evenly in single file at a fast pace. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 21:08 Townsend DE Formation 3 minutes Lasted 3 minutes.right over my house 25 to 30 bright single and seperated by almost the same distance. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
3/21/20 22:00 Wilmington DE Light 1-2 minutes Three lights in a horizontal line 5/15/20
3/1/20 05:30 Bethany Beach DE Other 45 seconds Observed a long line of objects moving at very high rate of speed and making no sound. (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
1/23/20 18:20 Wilmington DE Light 15 seconds What first appeared as a bright star, turns a dim red and starts jumping location. 2/7/20
1/22/20 09:35 Bear DE Triangle 3 minutes I noticed an elongated blackish triangle shaped object. It seemed to be moving pretty fast it’s angle was very steep. I would say on a 1/31/20
1/6/20 17:08 Wilmington DE Triangle 10 minutes Witnessed a formation heading south on 95 very bright light in sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/5/20 18:00 Bear DE Light 30 seconds On route 40 going east just past wrangle Hill Rd. Saw what I thought might be 2 planes, however 1 of the white objects grew larger and 2/7/20
1/1/20 19:30 Milford DE Rectangle 5min Flying C5 sized quadcopter, made good video footage. 1/31/20
12/12/19 19:30 Newark DE Light 20 seconds Witnessed low flying craft over the PA side of White Clay Creek State Park while driving on Hopkins Rd towards Route 896. Object was m 12/19/19
12/5/19 05:00 Newark DE Triangle 10 mins. Observed a stationary triangular shaped object over Cecil County, Md. at 5:10 on 12/5/2019. 12/19/19
12/1/19 20:47 Wilmington DE Light Multiple Hours The object was large and changed color. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? 12/19/19
10/31/19 20:00 Bear DE Light 30 seconds Two bright white lights flying silently over Bear Delaware 12/1/19
10/29/19 23:00 Wilmington DE Light 2 minutes Two tiny lights become one, then fade away slowly. 12/1/19
10/5/19 20:00 Millsboro DE Fireball 5 minutes Fireball that moved slowly, changed direction, then disappeared followed by a second aircraft. 2/7/20
9/28/19 23:00 New Castle DE Flash 15+ minutes Flashing light over New Castle, DE. 10/4/19
9/27/19 20:00 Wilmington DE Fireball 4 minutes Two fireballs heading in the same direction. Silent, flickering, moving quickly for how low they were. They were heading north east tow 10/4/19
9/26/19 22:50 Newark DE Triangle 10 minutes Triangular UFO sighting. 10/4/19
7/20/19 22:03 Bethany Beach DE Fireball 10 minutes Orange glowing ball hovering over the Atlantic Ocean for about ten minutes . Seemed to be changing size and slowly moving . Eventually 7/25/19
6/15/19 21:45 Newcastle DE Fireball 20 seconds Object was clear oval with fire inside. 6/20/19
5/9/19 21:00 Newark DE Circle 30 seconds we seen a very bright circular object it was in an angle sitting still with two rings the lights 5/14/19
2/6/19 02:00 Millsboro DE Rectangle 2 hours I saw three different crafts not at the same time or day first 200 am screen in porch 3 floor condo end unite. craft moving out from th 4/8/19
1/28/19 22:00 Dover DE Triangle 20 minutes My boyfriend and I we’re headed is south on Route , somewhere around 10 p.m., just a few miles past Dover Air Force Base when my boyfri 2/1/19
12/7/18 19:30 Greenwood DE Triangle 3 minutes Hovering aircraft with orange lights 12/14/18
9/18/18 06:26 Newark DE Circle ~20 seconds Early AM with some fog but light in a circle shined though slightly then was gone within seconds. ((anonymous report)) 9/27/18
8/15/18 08:45 Millsboro DE Light 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) As I was driven home from work, I noticed 2 flashing lights in the sky in between the hwy. approx. 50-60 feet in the air. 8/17/18
8/9/18 21:00 Magnolia DE Egg 2 minutes Peanut shaped a/c, completely silent, hovering over a corn field in my town, 50-60 yds. ((NUFORC Note: College student report. Pd)) 8/10/18
7/4/18 21:30 Dewey Beach DE Sphere 1 hour 07/04/18 at approx. 9:30 when the first annual Dewey Beach fireworks show started. Most people watching the fireworks on the Dewey/Reh 7/13/18
7/2/18 04:30 Greenwood DE Light 1 minute Pulsing orb of light flying just over cornfield. 7/5/18
4/12/18 07:00 Brandywine DE Triangle 15 seconds I could see a black triangle just showing through the lower bottom end of cloud. ((anonymous report)) 4/13/18
2/8/18 19:40 Camden DE Other 30 seconds Something called me to look up at the sky. At first I thought I saw the big dipper, then I noticed a large low flying object. It consis 2/16/18
12/19/17 20:00 Newark DE Diamond 30 seconds Very large diamond shaped craft with lights on all 4 points, moving very slowly, then disappeared. 12/21/17
12/16/17 19:30 Talleyville DE Triangle 5 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no detailed information. PD)) 2/7/20
12/14/17 03:30 Anderson's Corner DE Fireball Seconds Arc of fire streaking across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD)) 12/14/17
11/24/17 17:25 Selbyville DE Circle 4-5 seconds Shooting star descending, heading towards the horizon; split into 3 spheres. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite re-entry. PD)) 12/4/17
10/22/17 20:50 Rehoboth Beach DE Chevron 2-3 seconds Vibrating double chevron travelling at impossible speed southern delaware heading toward washington DC. 11/3/17
10/6/17 20:30 Claymont DE Circle >1 hour Three sets of lights orbiting around three centers. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect advertising lights. PD)) 10/19/17
9/30/17 19:51 Hockessin DE Light 2 seconds Large light blue beam of light flying over very quickly 10/5/17
8/14/17 17:20 Selbyville DE Rectangle 5 seconds Bright light in the sky over the trees, a rectangular shape.

It was a bright light in the sky over the trees, a re
7/24/17 03:00 Newark DE Cylinder 15-20 seconds An UFO generated intense orange light with sound, modulated those synchronously for 20 sec, while hanging above our house. 7/27/17
7/11/17 23:12 South Dewey Beach DE Fireball 3 seconds Bright White Fireball traveling sky left to land-water right over Rehoboth Bay, DE. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? Anonymous report. PD)) 7/14/17
6/29/17 04:30 Georgetown DE Diamond 10-15 minutes Four bright lights appeared myself and wife witinessed in disbledisbleif. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Wallops Island. PD)) 7/7/17
6/28/17 00:05 Bear DE Triangle 15 seconds Triangular object. White light illumination not yellow. No port or star at lights. Traveled from L to R in seconds. Heading N. 7/7/17
6/11/17 14:30 Wilmington DE Other 20 minutes Falling orbs. 6/22/17
6/11/17 14:30 Wilmington DE Fireball 10 minutes 100s of blinking fireball like object free fall then hover before disappearing. 6/15/17
5/25/17 21:00 Millsboro DE Other 10 minutes White orbs and flashing lights in Millsboro, DE. 7/7/17
5/18/17 06:00 Wilmington DE Unknown 5 minutes A object coming from the gorund leaving a trail of smoke in its wake and then leveling out and dissapearing in clouds. 6/2/17
4/17/17 16:30 Dover DE Unknown 2 minutes Airplane vanished and reappeared while hovering 4/20/17
3/3/17 19:25 Wilmington DE Fireball 30 seconds Heard helicopters and saw 3 military types chasing a round red object at high speed going N. ((anonymous report))

I lived here a ve
2/26/17 19:00 Newark DE Oval 1-2 mins My husband and i were driving and a light caught our eye and looked over at it and it hoverd then got further and further in a matter o 3/10/17
1/13/17 19:50 Milford DE Triangle 4 minutes Hover craft in milford 1/19/17
1/7/17 21:30 Newcastle DE Teardrop 5 seconds The object appeared to be elongated tear drop shape and seemed, to be shooting across the sky from the east to west. Lights went from 1/12/17
1/1/17 19:00 Bear DE Light 4-5 minutes A bright, fire-like light and a small orb that protruded from it. ((anonymous report)) 1/6/17
12/30/16 01:30 Delmar DE Sphere 1 1/2 ((HOAX??)) Noticed a brighter object coming off the E horizon looked to have orange glow it was moving upwards quickly. 1/6/17
12/30/16 01:30 Delmar DE Sphere 1 1/2 Noticed a brighter object coming off the eastern horizon looked to have orange glow it was moving upwards quickly I went got my junk te 12/30/16
11/11/16 23:00 Middletown DE Disk Still occurring My husband and I thought it was a star until it disappeared and then showed up 45 seconds later a little bit farther to the right from 12/5/16
11/6/16 11:10 Bethany Beach DE Cone 10 seconds My son his wife and I saw a silver cone saucer shaped object approach an airliner at about 25 thousand Ft. 11/11/16
10/4/16 20:00 Frederica DE Disk 5 minutes Huge disk shaped object. 10/11/16
10/3/16 20:00 Laurel DE Formation 15 red lights over Laurel. 10/11/16
9/25/16 15:49 Wilmington DE Circle 30 Four objects noticed way up in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 9/30/16
9/15/16 21:30 Bear DE Sphere 10 seconds Huge sphere covered in bright lights just hovers over tree line before slowly descending. ((anonymous report)) 9/22/16
9/3/16 00:00 Pike Creek DE Other 3 hrs 30 min or so I was outside on my deck in my backyard to smoke a cigarette as I'd been unable to fall asleep. I usually recline in my seat and look 9/9/16
8/16/16 02:00 Newark DE Oval 1 minute or less Oval-Shaped Bioluminescent Green Craft 7/31/20
6/19/16 15:30 Pike Creek DE Unknown 10 seconds A jet was flying west at the normal altitude that I see jets flying everyday. I know from visual experience how far apart jets need to 6/24/16
6/1/16 10:30 Harrington DE Unknown 90 seconds Daylight UFO sighting where I filmed a red, yellow/white, and blue object tumbling upward in the sky. 6/10/16
5/12/16 21:20 Elsmere DE Triangle 15 seconds approx. Column of three vertical solid white lights over Elsmere DE which do 90 degree turn to form triangle 5/20/16
4/21/16 20:40 Lewes DE Sphere 10 minutes Metal colored sphere with light panel on bottom and lights flashed on and off in a pattern! ((anonymous)) 4/22/16
4/21/16 17:00 Bethany (Route 1) DE Disk 2 minutes Very slow flying disk with with white orbital/flashing lights around bottom. Low flying then ascended vanishing after short period. 4/29/16
4/16/16 08:20 Milford DE Oval 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Object was oval black in color; did not see lights, if any. ((anonymous)) 4/22/16
3/31/16 20:30 Rehoboth Beach DE Oval 20 minutes We spotted an oval-shaped aircraft while driving on route one; did not fly like a helicopter and was too round to be a plane; flying in 4/1/16
3/18/16 20:30 Felton DE Circle 4 minutes One bright round white light changed to two orange round lights and then to one red blinking and one orange. 3/24/16
3/5/16 21:00 Bear DE Formation 1 hour I've seen this light in the clouds so far three other time's. Going out to smoke twice in Bear once in Newark, DE. 3/11/16
12/20/15 22:45 Bear DE Light 10 minutes I went out to walk the dog. In the sky above neighborhood homes to the NW I saw a line of red-orange lights not blinking flying N. 12/21/15
12/20/15 21:45 Bear DE Light 10 minutes 20+ bright red lights flying together over Bear, DE. 12/21/15
12/15/15 17:45 Millsboro DE Formation 30 seconds My girlfriend and I were driving home from work at about 5:45pm, she was looking out the window, and called my attention when she notic 1/5/16
11/27/15 02:00 Newark DE Circle 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Circular lights showed up in the sky, 12/3/15
11/26/15 21:00 Laurel DE Fireball 5 minutes Two red orange lights moving than disappearing after at least 5 mins. 12/3/15
11/25/15 19:00 Milford DE Circle 45 minutes My 2 son's and 4 neighbors witnessed 40 plus glowing and pulsating orange lights flying from east to west. Some were in a "V." 11/26/15
11/3/15 21:00 North Star DE Light 00.20 Loud, low noise near Newark, DE ...then 4 oOo shaped lights in sky above in formation....then the helios show up. 11/6/15
10/31/15 19:00 Newcastle DE Diamond 2 minutes Hovering on the border of the delaware air national gaurd. this was not military. it was silent and did not move. 12/10/15
10/31/15 14:05 New Castle DE Other 15 seconds Giant stingray-like object flying over New Castle, Delaware. 11/6/15
10/25/15 07:45 Middletown DE Oval 10 minutes White oval objects floating in sky. 10/29/15
10/23/15 05:00 Wilmington DE Light 3-4 minutes Silent aircraft over Wilmington/Pike Creek. 10/29/15
9/24/15 08:00 Middletown DE Circle 10:00 Circular object ape are above the trees. The sky was clear, the object stayed stationary for about 2 hours. 9/25/15
9/23/15 18:00 Selbyville DE Circle 15-20 minutes Red lights in the sky. 9/25/15
9/16/15 21:00 Newark DE Circle 30 minutes Red light flickering in the northwestern sky. 9/17/15
9/15/15 22:00 Deerfield DE Light 3 minutes 25 crafts flying low heading southwest. Very bright but with no sound...then disappeared in clouds 3 mins tops 9/17/15
8/28/15 07:45 Newcastle DE

((HOAX??)) Newcastle, DE, Fri., Aug. 28 2015 approx. 7:45 am est. visiting cemetary. At that time I looked in sky cigar shape. 9/2/15
8/22/15 19:00 Smyrna DE Triangle 20 minutes Very bright Triangle/U shaped light. 8/27/15
8/17/15 21:05 Stanton DE Circle 6 minutes Quick flash of light with vary distinguished shape! 8/27/15
8/13/15 20:41 Bethany Beach DE Circle 90 seconds Orange circle in sky. 8/27/15
8/12/15 20:41 Bethany Beach DE Circle 1 minute Round glowing orange object, seen by myself, my daughter and 2 other people who were watching the meteorite showers 8/13/15
8/9/15 04:57 Pike Creek DE Formation 10 minutes Objects at very high altitudes, traveling east. 8/13/15
8/7/15 19:00 Dover DE Oval 15 seconds Two large oval shaped saucers were flowing low and close together in the tree lines. 9/11/15
8/4/15 22:00 Rehoboth Beach DE Light 30 minutes Over the beach in Rehoboth, traveling south to north toward lightning that continued, centered over ocean. 8/6/15
7/21/15 22:00 Wilmington DE Triangle 30 seconds Triangular lights seen over Wilmington, DE, heading towards New Castle along 13 7/23/15
6/13/15 23:46 Tallahassee DE Circle :20 Hovering object. 6/15/15
5/22/15 22:30 Pike Creek DE Circle 10 minutes Bright Round White Light with Flashing Red or Orange light. 5/29/15
4/15/15 21:30 Newark DE Triangle 2 minutes Trianular shaped, silent aircraft with pulsing white lights silently and quickly passed over top in Newark, DE. 10/2/15
3/15/15 06:00 Hartly DE Triangle 15 seconds Three triangular shaped objects directly above my driveway in forest grove park. I was pulling in the driveway with my dad and I was in 4/17/15
2/18/15 06:30 Dover DE Disk 30-45 minutes Controlled or extraterrestrial object. ((anonymous report)) 4/29/16
1/28/15 18:08 Elsmere DE Light 25+ minutes I saw a bright pulsating orb that lit up the South East sky. 1/30/15
11/24/14 18:25 Hockessin DE Oval 2 minutes Bright lights hovering in air dimmed and flew eastward. 11/26/14
11/21/14 06:00 Millsboro DE Circle 40 seconds White red glowing orb flying west to east at medium rate of speed but faster then any plane I've seen. 11/21/14
11/21/14 05:30 Millsboro DE Oval 20 seconds White bright orb pulsing. 11/21/14
11/18/14 21:00 Townsend DE Rectangle 15-20 minutes 4 people witnessed this amazing event, 3 sep. objects.HUGE, MAJESTIC, LIGHTS BRILLIANT QUIET, LOW 11/21/14
10/25/14 23:45 Wilmington DE Circle 20 minutes 8 fireballs following same path traveled northeast. 11/6/14
10/12/14 20:05 Wilmington DE Light 5-7 minutes Lots of pulsing red lights flying in formation, against the wind, south of the Philadelphia metro area 11/6/14
10/12/14 20:05 Wilmington DE Light ~10 minutes Cluster of orange/red pulsating lights vicinity of Philadelphia Airport 11/6/14
9/28/14 20:30 Harrington DE Fireball 10 2 Fireball looking quiet slow flying object. 10/3/14
9/10/14 21:30 Bethany Beach DE Triangle 45 seconds Looking at the moon from a beach house, observed several orange triangle objects in the south east sky. All in a row. Went from maybe 6 9/18/14
9/1/14 22:19 Milford DE Circle 2 minutes Bright orange orb traveled from south to north just above tree tops over McColley st/Marshal St. area,then traveled east. 9/5/14
8/28/14 20:30 Newark DE Unknown 2 minutes Reg, green lights, movement atypical. 8/29/14
8/28/14 05:30 S. Bethany Beach DE
8/27/14 01:20 South Bethany Beach DE Formation 10 minutes 4 LIGHTS (OBJECTS) APPEAR SUDDENLY AROUND JET FLYING AT NIGHT AND STAY IN FORMATION. 8/29/14
8/25/14 03:30 South Bethany Beach DE Circle 7 seconds BRIGHT SLOW BLINKING STATIONARY LIGHT IN STARRY SKY. 8/29/14
8/16/14 21:35 Rehoboth Beach DE Oval 3 minutes 3 bright orange crafts flew silently above the beach, and disappeared over the ocean. 8/22/14
8/14/14 22:00 Fenwick Island DE Circle 5 minutes Orange reddish ball ovef the ocean. 8/22/14
8/13/14 20:45 Wilmington DE Fireball 6 seconds It was white like a star had white streak could have been a meteor And it made no sound and disappears. 8/15/14
8/6/14 23:05 Ellendale DE Triangle 15 seconds Three white lights in a triangle formation were hovering above the tree line, until the lights dimmed and it totally disappeared. 8/8/14
8/3/14 21:00 Townsend DE Fireball 75 seconds Glowing ball of fire hovering in the evening sky. 8/8/14
8/3/14 20:00 Wilmington DE Fireball 1-2 minutes Saw 2 slow moving fireball type orbs heading South over Kirkwood hwy. while at gas station. 5/13/15
7/31/14 22:30 Camden DE Unknown 5 minutes An intensely bright strobing light that appeared, silent, and moved with incredible speed across the sky changing position. 8/1/14
7/27/14 22:00 Dewey Beach DE Triangle 60 seconds 3 blue in color triangle shaped objects "dancing" over the Indian River Inlet Bridge, just S of Dewey Beach. 8/8/14
7/26/14 16:00 Rehoboth Beach DE Diamond 2-3 seconds Four equidistant white lights forming a diamond shape from the rear of what appeared to be a silver-gray cylinder. 8/22/14
7/23/14 05:19 Middletown DE Flash 3 seconds Red flashing light moving at impossible speed at night in middletown DE. 7/26/14
7/17/14 22:20 Longneck DE Fireball 5 seconds Green STREAK SW SKY downward then two flashes as if impacted. 7/20/14
7/11/14 21:00 Newark DE Rectangle 10 minutes Red and green lights and spinning quick movements in a crowded place. 7/20/14
7/10/14 22:00 Wilmington DE Fireball 15 minutes "Fireballs" (n=2) Moving in a southwest to north direction. 7/11/14
7/4/14 22:00 Newark DE Circle 20 minutes We were watching the fireworks, when we noticed this thing in the sky flashing green & red lights. At first I thought it was just a hel 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:00 Bethany Beach DE Circle 1 hour Red orbs float over ocean. 7/11/14
6/30/14 00:07 Wilmington DE Circle 2-3 minutes Four orbs spotted over Wilmington, DE. 7/4/14
6/7/14 09:30 Wilmington DE
15 seconds A object skirting slowly across the sky over my house it had a light in the center it was 300 to 400 ft away moving very slow......then 6/13/14
2/21/14 19:45 Newark (I-95; near PA border) DE Circle 15 seconds Slow moving orange and red circle, like a large upside down gas stove range. 2/27/14
2/20/14 06:50 Wilmington DE Chevron 15 seconds Chevron shaped object with string of lights hovering for about ten seconds. Object then very slowly moved away and out of sight. 2/21/14
1/31/14 21:00 Wilmington DE Light 2 seconds Green streaking light at low altitude. 2/7/14
1/19/14 21:00 Elsmere DE Light 2-3 seconds Greenish light splits into 2 with a yellowish glow. 1/24/14
1/1/14 00:18 Lewes DE Light 22 minutes 9 lights flew diffrent speeds some times fast and others slow W to E north of the canal Red-Green and Blue. They made no noise. 1/10/14
12/25/13 07:55 Bear DE Circle 5 minutes Orange light somewhat bright. Moing slower than airplane two together went backin house to check on I pone app. Not a planet or star . 1/10/14
12/16/13 19:05 Laurel DE Unknown 5 minutes Strange lights. 12/23/13
11/28/13 20:30 Lewes DE Light 5-10 seconds Bright blue light moving horizontally. 12/2/13
11/19/13 20:18 Ocean View DE Other 5 minutes Bright Aircraft Emitted Sparks and Disappeared. 11/20/13
11/12/13 22:45 Bear DE Light 20 seconds Very fast moving object at high altitude with flashing lights. Covered 20 miles in less than 20 seconds 11/20/13
8/29/13 20:30 Newark DE Circle 2.5 hours Circle with lites. 9/30/13
8/26/13 09:30 Bear DE Other 2 minutes On the morning of August 26th a dark mushroom shaped object was seen moving without sound in the sky over Bear Delaware. 9/9/13
8/1/13 21:20 Bethany Beach DE Circle 5 minutes Bethany beach de, boardwalk, 3 red-orange, flickering balls located over ocean, NE direction 8/30/13
5/25/13 00:00 Dover DE Sphere 12 minutes Two yellowish orange, bright sphere shaped objects in Dover, DE. 6/2/13
3/22/13 19:58 Millsboro DE Fireball 3-7 seconds I was walking dog on march 22 2013..saw sparkling fire ball steam across early night sky ..then its disapeared or burned out. 5/15/13
3/2/13 22:20 Hartly DE Circle 5 minutes Unidentifed Flying Object Distant Sighting Leading to an Up Close and Personal Encounter- Constant Glowing White- 150 ft away. 4/12/13
1/21/13 21:00 New Castle DE Circle 10 minutes Fire in the Sky in New Castle Delaware if you seen this you will wonder if they are out there. 2/4/13
12/28/12 20:00 Lincoln DE Formation 5-7 minutes 5 red lights hovering low two dissappeared and remaining 3 formed triangle pattern. 2/4/13
12/28/12 20:00 Milford DE Light 20 minutes Pulsating orbs 2-8 over Milford. 2/4/13
12/27/12 03:00 Wilmington DE Oval 10s; 30m It sparkled and quickly zipped above the trees. 2/14/14
12/23/12 20:30 Bear DE Fireball 4 minutes 15+ orange fireballs sequentially moving north at a moderate speed in Bear, DE. 2/4/13
12/6/12 21:45 Newark DE Triangle 30 seconds Noisy aircraft travelling slowly S. Low in the sky; lights on each corner of triangle. Near Kirkwood Hwy and Polly Drummond Hill Rd. 12/20/12
12/5/12 12:30 Newark DE Light 20 seconds Green glowing silent orb moving S at 30˚ down from the horizon looking east near Kirkwood Hwy and Polly Drummond Hill Rd in Newark 12/20/12
12/4/12 01:00 Newark DE Unknown 2 minutes Silent aircraft blinking white light six-flash increments. Followed by jet. Near Kirkwood Hwy and Polly Drummond Hill Rd. 12/20/12
12/1/12 19:00 Dover DE Triangle 20 seconds Four lights flying in triangle formation. 12/20/12
11/1/12 05:56 Lewes DE Triangle 4 seconds Dim horizontal lights in isosceles triangle shape flying East to West over Lewes, DE 11/4/12
10/22/12 19:45 Milford DE Formation 7 minutes 5 differeny colored lights flashing and blinking and solid orange burst heading over delaware bay 10/30/12
10/20/12 22:15 Bethany Beach DE Sphere 15 minutes Four hovering orange/red fireballs sighted above Bethany Beach, DE, around 10:15pm on Saturday, October 20, 2012. 11/19/12
9/1/12 21:00 Rehoboth DE Light 75 minutes 5 red fiery urbs seen by 4 people over Rehoboth Bay, DE 9/24/12
8/5/12 17:50 Newark DE Circle 2-5 seconds Two silvery-white circular shaped craft appeared to use a cloaking technology to reappear and disappear. 8/19/12
8/2/12 21:00 Newark DE Circle 5 seconds After running at the Glasgow Park off of 896 and rt 40, my friend texts me and asks, "Dude, did you see those 8 orange lights leavin 8/5/12
7/25/12 22:15 Wilmington DE Sphere 20 seconds Four Bright Orange Sheres appear twice with 5 minutes seen by neighbors in Delaware 8/5/12
7/15/12 02:25 Dover (west of) DE Triangle 1-3 minutes Triangular UFO with white blinking lights 8/5/12
7/14/12 22:40 Bethany Beach DE Disk 22:35 - 22:37 Yellow lighted large disk soundless over Bethany Beach De 8/5/12
7/12/12 21:30 Viola DE Other 2 minutes Mysterious light resembling fire scanning cylinder 8/5/12
7/12/12 04:50 Newark DE Flash At least 10 minutes Red blinking light near Venus on 7/12/12 8/5/12
7/4/12 21:30 Newark DE Fireball 2 minutes Red glowing fireball floating across field in Newark delaware 8/5/12
7/4/12 00:00 Bear DE Fireball 1-2 minutes Fireball sighted about midnight traveling northeast in Bear, Delaware. 8/5/12
6/27/12 13:00 Bethany Beach DE Sphere 1.5 hours Hovering double sphere shape bright metalic craft just under the cloud ceiling on Delaware shore 8/19/12
6/16/12 21:40 Bear DE Formation 5-7mins Dull Orange Cicular Objects Fly in Formation over New Castle County 6/20/12
6/9/12 23:15 Frederica DE Disk 5-6 seconds Yellowish-Gold falling star, that stopped, changed colors and vanished. 6/14/12
6/7/12 12:00 Elsmere DE Triangle 15 seconds Small triangular shaped craft, which made zig zag movement in the sky. 6/14/12
2/18/12 20:30 Newark/Bear DE Unknown 10 minutes 2 clusters of orange lights in sky. About 25 lights per cluster 3/13/12
2/5/12 18:20 Bellefonte DE Teardrop 3 minutes Glowing orange cluster of lights 2/10/12
1/20/12 05:15 Wilmington/Pike Creek DE Light 2-3 minutes 2 bright light shooting across the sky and disappeared in Pike Creek, DE 1/24/12
1/18/12 22:00 Lincoln DE Light 3 mins i saw blinking lights in the sky, & think it was hovercrafts. 1/24/12
1/13/12 23:29 Ocean View DE Formation 15 seconds Formation of 4 aircrafts with glowing underbelly flying low and towards Atlantic Ocean 1/24/12
1/7/12 23:43 Lewes DE Rectangle 3 I JUST HAPPENED TO LOOK UP AND SEE A "V" SHAPED lights.

I know what I saw!
11/11/11 20:00 Dover DE Triangle 15-20 seconds A triangular shaped hovering object with green and red lights 12/12/11
11/5/11 18:15 Elsmere DE Diamond 1-5 seconds Aircraft comes and disappears out of thin air. 12/12/11
10/12/11 19:00 Seaford DE Fireball ? One cloudy evening on Sept 12, 2011-as I walked toward the sunroom in the backyard which is toward the south, that is made of all wind 3/13/12
10/7/11 13:00 Wilmington DE Flash 3-4 minutes UFO object in the southwest sky as I was at Silverside rd and Concord POike at 13:00 on Friday October 7, 2011 10/10/11
9/15/11 17:00 Newark DE Disk 10 minutes Strange cloud changed shapes and became a saucer. 1/24/12
9/8/11 23:00 Claymont DE Circle 2:00 45 minutes long and watched us 10/10/11
8/24/11 22:00 Harrington DE Sphere 1.5 HRS Multiple UFO sighting with possible contact 10/10/11
7/30/11 22:00 Millsboro DE Unknown 1 hour plus Orange lights in sky. 8/7/11
7/27/11 23:00 Broadkill DE Fireball 8 seconds Large Fireball erupts in the sky then disappears after green lights fall. 7/22/13
7/21/11 21:30 Bethany Beach DE Sphere 20 - 30 minutes Numerous red orbs moving north over the ocean 8/7/11
6/15/11 23:20 Middletown DE Changing 1935 st. Augustine I was in my bedroom on the second floor talking on the phone, and out of nowhere I heard a noise outside. So I looked outside, and I sa 6/20/11
5/30/11 22:50 Middletown DE Light 6-10sec It was a meteor like object that moved at angles and no curves at a high rate of speed. 6/3/11
3/24/11 23:05 Smyrna DE Oval 5 minutes Black craft with two white lights above housing development 5/2/11
1/4/11 22:25 Felton DE Triangle 15 minutes Three triangular objects with rotating, colored lights appear in the western night sky over a mid-Atlantic town. 1/5/11
12/22/10 Wilmington DE Disk
it apears to land then take off 1/5/11
10/30/10 23:35 Bear DE Light 45 seconds group of reddish lights flying over a residential neighborhood. 11/21/10
10/23/10 18:50 Hockessin DE Sphere approx. 15 minutes Large number of unidentified aircraft flying together. 11/21/10
10/20/10 20:30 Wilmington DE Disk 20-30 seconds Circular solid, semi-transparent glowing off-white circular shape zipped through the sky, stopped suddenly without slowing, went up 11/21/10
9/5/10 16:00 Bear DE Sphere 30 seconds then 30 second a round metallic object flying over bear del. disappeared and reappeared changed direction and flew away at incredible speed 11/21/10
8/29/10 15:30 Newark DE Circle 2+ minutes Multiple witnesses of 2 flying disks in Newark, DE on 08/29/10 8/30/10
8/21/10 23:45 Felton DE Changing 1 minute Coming from upstate new york we left here at 5:30pm. Tryed to get into the first entrance of the camping ground around 11:20pm. It was 8/24/10
8/11/10 23:00 Dewey DE Light 3 minutes lights along and over the water 8/24/10
8/7/10 21:30 Rehoboth Beach DE Light 5 minutes Repeated Observation of Red/Orange Flickering Lights off Delaware Coast 8/24/10
7/25/10 03:00 Wilmington DE Other 1 hr 30 min. Brightly lit object floating silently near tall trees. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Jupiter in the southern sky. PD)) 7/28/10
7/5/10 21:40 South Bethany Beach DE Light 2 mins Glowing red/orange lights in sky. 7/19/10
6/9/10 21:30 Delaware (Highway DE-1 N) DE Circle 2 minutes My boyfriend and I were driving on DE-1 N crossing a bridge going toward 13 N when we saw a round object with big white and red lights 6/10/10
3/19/10 22:00 Wilmington DE Sphere Approx. 3 seconds A quick moving green glowing ball seen while driving. 4/13/10
11/27/09 18:59 Lewes DE Other momentary Small fireball over Delaware coast 12/12/09
9/5/09 04:30 Newark DE Triangle 40 min Orange-ish array of lights cruising over I-95 in Delaware 12/12/09
8/1/09 00:30 Harrington DE Rectangle 10 minutes It sat still for ten miutnes then out of nowhere made a sharp right turn and took off faster then anything ive ever seen 8/5/09
7/12/09 21:15 Dewey Beach DE Fireball 5 minutes Large fireball over Dewey Beach, Delaware 8/5/09
5/30/09 00:15 Newark DE Light 4 minutes White haze/light moving at amazing speeds. Far greater than any known military or commercial aircraft 6/9/09
4/19/09 04:00 Dover DE Changing 1 hour Bright light changed shapes, multiplied, and faded out. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 5/12/09
2/22/09 22:30 Dover DE Triangle 5 minutes Large, silver flying object with light beaming down. 5/12/09
1/21/09 20:45 Dagsboro DE Changing 30 minutes 7 Obects seen over Southern Delaware. 3/19/09
12/3/08 21:30 Rehoboth Beach DE Other 7-10 seconds Odd panel of four orange lights spotted above Atlantic Ocean before quickly fading out. 1/10/09
11/27/08 20:00 Bear DE Circle 5 minutes Three of us witnessed a orange, glowing, round object, that was soundless, and moved slowly accross the sky from the south to the north 1/10/09
11/20/08 23:00 Lincoln DE Circle 5 minutes blinking lights, silent, moved rather quickly. 1/10/09
10/2/08 19:20 Hockessin DE Cylinder 2 Min UFOs Sighted in Hockessin, Delaware. 10/31/08
9/29/08 21:25 Felton DE Changing 5 minutes Large, highly bright and changing lighting, shape changing, increbable speed UFO captured on phone video. Felton Delaware 10/31/08
9/14/08 08:00 Clayton DE Oval
Black ring 20' diameter in back yard. 10/31/08
8/3/08 22:00 Milford DE Fireball 3 seconds Three family members saw a green fireball, about the size of a tennis ball, travel E to W for 3 seconds, with trailing red-orange spark 8/12/08
7/19/08 06:15 Delaware (Rte. 113) DE Sphere 5 seconds Fast moving bright white light the was sperical in shape .It blinked three times then vanished. 8/12/08
5/31/08 00:20 Smyrna DE Triangle 5 seconds Large triangular craft with three bright lights. 6/12/08
5/14/08 22:00 Wilmington DE Sphere 4 seconds Light sphere seen, exactly the same as the one in the British Police Helicopter footage. 7/5/08
3/5/08 23:45 Bridgeville DE Light 45 Minutes A rapidly changing light in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of the star, Sirius. PD)) 3/31/08
1/20/08 00:00 Penns Grove DE Other 15min as if it was just sitting in the sky,as if it there where no gravity moving in unhuman tec. 3/4/08
12/21/07 06:30 Bear DE Triangle 2 minutes Multiple sightings of a perfect circle of light that is replaced by three dimmer lights in an equilateral triangle. 3/4/08
12/15/07 18:25 Newark DE Circle 15 minutes Two very bright lights seen in the sky before vanishing, one seen a second time in a different location several minutes later 3/4/08
12/14/07 18:50 Newark DE Unknown
Coming out of RedRobins resturant around 6:50pm I saw a bright light ahead of me moving towards my right which would be south. It was a 3/4/08
11/22/07 21:00 Lewes DE
1 hour White globe type lights circulating and converging. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights, we wonder? PD)) 3/4/08
11/22/07 21:00 Lewes DE Light 1hour ((ADVERTISING LIGHTS??)) 4 White lights continually circling over area in sky and joining in center at a point. 11/28/07
11/8/07 22:28 Newark DE Fireball 1-2 seconds Bright BLUE/GREEN object streaked cross the sky from NE to SW. 11/28/07
11/1/07 04:00 Smyrna DE Light 5 sec. Unexplainable acceleration and deceleration in proportion to emitted light intensity. 11/21/10
10/29/07 04:30 Newark DE Unknown 60 minutes Very brilliant white light over northern Delaware, hovering for an hour and then shot upward into space. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 11/28/07
8/28/07 20:30 Claymont DE Sphere 1sec 2 spheres side by side traveling west to east over claymont de. 10/8/07
7/15/07 23:15 Middletown / Townsend or Cecilton / Warwick, Maryland DE Unknown 3-4 seconds Bright lights are seen for seconds then vanish after a house blocks view 8/7/07
6/6/07 02:50 Newark DE Light 2-5 minutes Object traveling at an extreme speed and maneuvers not capable by any known aircarft 6/12/07
6/1/07 03:00 Smyna DE Circle 7 Huge space circular air craft. About 3 football field lengths from what I can remember. It was a black in color or more like a dark alm 12/1/19
3/15/07 17:30 Greenwood DE Sphere 5 minutes Unidentified orbs seen in vicinity of Dover Air Force Base 7/5/19
1/23/07 22:30 Dover DE Triangle 5 minutes Silent, triangular craft hovering over a field within one mile of airforce base 2/1/07
1/1/07 00:00 Dover DE Sphere 15-seconds ((HOAX??)) Shpere like air craft sighted in DE, on new years. 1/21/08
10/30/06 19:20 Seaford DE Circle 15 sec two cicular objects observes for about 15 seconds on a clear night, dimmed slightly once, then again and dissapered 12/7/06
8/9/06 15:00 Wilmington DE Sphere 15 min 3 objects interacting over DE City 10/30/06
6/20/06 22:00 Rehoboth Beach DE Light 20 secs bright green oblonged object flying vertical in sky 7/16/06
6/2/06 02:00 Newark DE Other 2:01 While sitting outside, witnessed an unusual aircraft, which changed speeds amazingly. 7/16/06
5/22/06 23:34 Fenwick Island DE Light
bright light stopping/starting and changing directions; east to west migration x 45 minutes before stopping 7/16/06
5/21/06 20:00 Dover DE Triangle 3 minutes Floating Airliner? 7/16/06
5/8/06 23:00 Wilmington DE Triangle 10 Minutes Weird Lights 5/15/06
5/1/06 22:00 Wilmington DE Triangle 10 minutes triangular shape with lights 5/15/06
4/15/06 17:15 Wilmington (suburbs) DE Sphere 1 minute Brilliant sphere floats above the Wilmington Suburbs. 7/16/06
7/15/03 22:00 Bear DE Formation 2 min Five strange lights moving in a slithering motion over my car like a sidewinder. 3/4/08
6/5/99 02:50 Interstate (I-295 ??) DE Unknown
Very similar to Phoenix lights incident 1997 5/20/16
6/1/99 22:00 Townsend DE Unknown 2 mins Object with 6-7 lights that flew slow and quiet about 40 feet above the ground 10/30/06
6/1/99 19:00 Milford DE Fireball 15-30 seconds Me and my buddy were driving south from up north DE, we werw approximately in Milford almost to Lewes and as we were driving I being in 7/7/17
8/14/95 01:00 Dover DE Triangle 1 minute Triangle aircraft, silent, 3 lights on the bottom, no flashing lights moved in directions no airplane could ever move and landed 6/27/19
6/21/93 00:00 Dover DE Teardrop 1 hour it had a neon pink bottom and lime green lights on the bottom. 1/21/08
6/1/90 12:00 Greenville DE Disk 30 seconds White disc makes sharp turns and then shoots up as fast as lightning. 1/10/14
9/30/88 21:00 New Castle DE Triangle 30 seconds Silent and hovering. 7/22/13
10/15/84 08:15 New Castle DE Other 3-5 minutes Oct 1984 at 8:15 am small translucent half dome shaped object 8/7/11
6/30/84 20:00 Seaford DE Sphere 10 minutes Me and a friend were night fishing in a pond in Seaford del.First we heard a sound coming from somewhere on the other side of trees. 10/11/16
7/4/82 01:00 Wilmington DE Other 30 seconds I had almost instantly, as I looked up, noticed an odd shaped craft merge out of the clouds and be flying directly over my head. 1/5/16
11/1/76 21:30 Wilmington DE Disk 2 minutes Silent hovercraft 35-50 feet above ground with searchlights beaming down on houses makes a 90 degree turn and vanishes. 2/18/13
7/21/74 21:00 Newark DE Disk 15 minutes This was not a far away light but a real flying sauser hovering directly above me. 1/10/09
7/4/72 21:00 Rehobeth Beach (near) DE Disk 10 minutes Hovering 25' up, middle section rotating clockwise and containing red, yellow and (green?) lighted sections, shot away fast, no sound. 5/15/13
5/30/72 17:00 Wilmington DE Other ? 1972 Gigantic incandescent object hovering over Concord Mall - stopped cars - deafening silence, lost time. 10/30/06
6/30/70 18:00 Elsmere DE Circle 15-20 minutes Elsmere Delaware Linden ave Park Large round not helicopter blades many colored flashing lights all the way around it, black I beleive 6/7/19
10/15/69 18:30 Wilmington DE Circle 1 minute Moon sized object "grew" to fill entire sky, then disappeared 1/5/11
7/1/67 22:00 Greenville DE Disk 12 minutes 1967 16 year old boy and date see UFO close up in Greenville, Delaware. 7/27/17
8/9/66 00:00 Newcastle DE Unknown
((HOAX??)) I was in bed and i would hear something, then gone this went on for years. 8/7/07
8/15/49 20:00 Wilmington DE Cylinder 1 minute I was ascending a external staircase from our basement. Suddenly above me in the evening dark sky a very large, wide cylinder appeared 1/4/19