National UFO ReportingCenter
State Report Index For IL

Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/3/21 22:30 Elgin IL Cylinder
Long cylinder flying high in the sky no noice or lights. 12/19/21
12/3/21 18:00 Huntley IL Light
giant straight line of lights moving slowly then disappeared 12/19/21
12/3/21 18:00 Quincy IL Formation
It was a silent string of lights gliding across the sky and disappeared after a minute after we started recording 12/19/21
11/16/21 19:25 Elgin IL Circle 1 minute 2 stationary orange orbs, different heights, suddenly vanished 12/19/21
11/16/21 15:34 Monee IL Oval 7 minutes Two flying objects trailing smoke, suddenly disappear. 12/19/21
10/27/21 09:00 Cicero IL Sphere 5 minutes Whitish sphere with red flashing light moving steady from E to W never changing its plane. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly 9 p.m.? PD)) 11/15/21
10/25/21 07:20 Joliet IL Light 12 minutes Saturday Oct 25th About 7:20pm i was driving south on Ridge Rd as i passed Wheeler Rd I first noticed three lights in a triangle format 10/26/21
10/20/21 19:33 Mokena IL Sphere 10 minutes About 12 glowing orbs flying about 1000 feet off the ground at a slow moving pace. 10/26/21
10/20/21 07:50 Ottawa IL Unknown 2-3 minutes Robust contrail with no obvious traditional aircraft. 10/26/21
10/20/21 07:00 Chicago IL Other
20 feet long, metal object, hovering in air and then moved horizontally. 12/19/21
10/19/21 13:30 Bolingbrook IL Cylinder 15 minutes Spherical object seen over Bolingbrook, IL 10/26/21
10/6/21 16:03 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 11/15/21
9/23/21 20:41 Dixon IL Formation 5-7 minutes I was fishing on the Rock River and noticed these weird lights that made no sound but we're extremely close and kept doing the same rot 10/19/21
9/23/21 15:41 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 10/19/21
9/15/21 08:30 Sycamore IL Circle 20 seconds Looked up at a piper plane traveling south of my home. As I looked at it to the west a beam of light, like headlights lit up a pathway 10/19/21
9/7/21 20:54 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 10/19/21
9/5/21 11:31 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 10/19/21
9/1/21 18:52 Hodgkins IL Other 4 minutes Three Tic-Tac UFO’s flying over UPS 9/7/21
8/28/21 20:00 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 10/19/21
8/24/21 23:45 Hoffman Estates IL Teardrop ~15 minutes Teardrop/tic-tac spotted with a greenish white tail as it vanished into thin air. 9/7/21
8/16/21 02:00 Burbank IL Unknown 10 minutes look up and said wow at the clouds and then i look at pictures and then I see them. 9/7/21
8/16/21 Burbank IL Changing 10 minutes I looked up at the clouds and took pictures and then I looked at them and saw these 9/7/21
8/10/21 19:16 Tinley park IL
~1 minute this has full description 9/7/21
8/2/21 20:47 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 8/16/21
7/24/21 02:34 Wheeling IL Light 2 hrs. Approx. Unable to notice any shape. White light with hovering then fast jolty movement. There was only 1 light. Starless night with a full moon 8/16/21
7/19/21 22:25 Calumet Park IL Light 5 minutes Rapid object with red lights hovered at high altitude over Chicago. 8/16/21
7/12/21 09:40 Alton IL Other Leaving work I was looking at the moon we had that night and as I looked down to the pictures I took I seen something I didn't see in the sky nor in 8/16/21
7/4/21 22:00 Decatur IL Circle
Orange sphere shaped with halo of light around it 8/16/21
7/4/21 21:47 Crystal Lake IL Light 10 minutes I witnessed a bright light zoom quickly from the west that stopped perfectly stationary over Crystal Lake IL during the fireworks show 8/16/21
6/19/21 22:00 Wonder Lake IL Light 1 minute Object was moving very fast until it disappeared. Over 60k feet 7/31/21
6/19/21 19:00 Chicago IL Light 30 minutes Single file formation of shiny upright ovals. 8/16/21
5/30/21 12:30 Des Plaines IL Light 30 seconds I noticed an orange light in the sky, so I stepped outside to get a better look and to see if I would hear helicopter or an airplane en 7/31/21
5/29/21 14:45 Bolingbrook IL Changing 2 min I saw a strange multi-colored daylight orb while I was driving. It looked like a silver orb and it was tumbling but then lights flicker 7/31/21
5/26/21 21:45 St Charles IL Formation 1.5 minutes Straight string of lights about 35 of them traveling from NW to the SE the center light was the brightest. ((Starlink satellites?)) 7/31/21
5/25/21 19:00 Chicago IL Other 7-10 seconds i was flying my drone at 1000 feet....i looked up at my drone and these 2 black squares flew right across the sky and over my drone, i 7/31/21
5/24/21 23:00 Chicago IL Rectangle 5 min UFO located over South side of Chicago 7/31/21
5/22/21 22:20 Chicago IL Formation 1-2min Objects in a straight line formation. About 15 lights (not planes as they came too close to each other) 7/31/21
5/22/21 22:15 Bolingbrook IL Light 2 minutes My husband and I were sitting outside when I noticed lights, that looked like stars, moving in a straight line formation spaced out eve 7/31/21
5/22/21 22:15 Chicago IL Light ~10 Min ~50 tiny equally spaced lights moving in a single-file line formation 7/31/21
5/22/21 22:11 Morris IL Light 10 minutes We have an app to see the ISS and we just started looking up at the sky watching the ISS, and one person noticed a line of lights trave 7/31/21
5/7/21 21:45 Decatur IL Disk 10 minutes Saw disc with lights rotating like:::::: "·· ·· ·· ··" then in "··· ··· ··· ···" back down to 2, then 1, and gone. 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:45 Metropolis IL Light >1 minute The lights were not flashing and moving at the same speed. 5/20/21
5/1/21 21:00 Crest Hill IL Light 10 seconds bright object moving southeast to northwest 5/20/21
5/1/21 18:20 Chicago IL Formation 20 seconds My wife and I were sitting on the grass in the park overlooking the water of Lake Michigan at Montrose Harbor facing East. The sky was 5/20/21
4/21/21 07:24 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 5/20/21
4/20/21 21:15 Countryside IL Changing 5-10 min I was driving home from Michigan and on the phone with a friend... As I was pulling into my driveway which heads east I noticed how bea 7/31/21
4/15/21 20:00 St. Charles IL Rectangle 5 seconds Saw two ufos at 8 pm in St. Charles, IL on 4/15/21, each ufo had 2 blue glowing rectangles, and flew over Meijer grocery store. 4/23/21
4/14/21 21:15 Springfield IL Formation 5 seconds Fast moving v formation high in the night sky. 4/23/21
4/11/21 10:00 Palatine IL Light 10 minutes Three lit objects below the cloud line. 4/23/21
4/4/21 21:53 Quincy IL Sphere 5 minutes Bright white round light moving slowly from west to east sky then disappeared. 4/23/21
3/12/21 08:51 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 4/23/21
3/11/21 18:50 Dixon IL Circle 3 seconds Small orb of bright light. Moving very fast and seemed to disappear into thin air. 3/31/21
3/9/21 21:04 Palatine IL Light :30 seconds Unknown erratic movement in a :30 second shutter photo. 3/31/21
3/8/21 11:31 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 4/23/21
3/6/21 22:50 Kingston IL Diamond 15 minutes Bright unexplained light east of Kingston Illinois 3/31/21
2/23/21 22:00 Willowbrook IL Light 30 minutes observed circulating light 3/31/21
2/23/21 04:40 Normal IL Triangle 10:00 Triangle of 3 lights moving west in the sky just west of Normal Illinois. 3/2/21
2/3/21 20:13 Mattoon IL Circle 5 seconds Flashing bright green and yellow circle flying across the sky and disappearing. 3/2/21
1/12/21 18:00 Belleville IL Light >3 minutes My son and I were siting in the Kitchen when a military helicopter flew low overhead (under 500'). We went outside to see what was hap 1/19/21
1/9/21 08:00 Bloomingdale IL Cylinder once I saw a ship that i saw on tv a month ago, five states over from illinois. its big stays dark for 7 seconds then a light turns silver 1/19/21
1/5/21 06:15 Essex IL Flash 10 seconds Colorful flash of lights out of nowhere 1/19/21
1/3/21 23:00 Flat Rock IL Disk 20 minutes There was an orange light that was hovering. I went further out into my yard and I could then see some blue, green, and red lights. It 1/19/21
12/17/20 04:30 Quincy IL Oval
It disappeared behind a tree. 3/31/21
12/15/20 11:00 Chicago IL Disk <1min Chicago: Shiny disk shaped UFO in daylight 12/23/20
12/10/20 20:06 Chicago IL Light Two seconds Ufo travelled at high speed and disappeared in a portal? 12/23/20
12/6/20 19:00 Northbrook IL Unknown
Witnessed near grocery store 12/23/20
12/4/20 18:45 Mc Henry IL Formation 3-5 minutes 12-15 white dot/dashes in straight line formation in Northern Illinois 12/23/20
12/4/20 18:00 Granite City IL Formation 1 minute String of lights in the night sky 12/23/20
12/4/20 18:00 Beecher IL Light
row of lights in perfect order and spacing 12/19/21
12/4/20 17:45 Brookfield IL Unknown 2 minutes Walked outside to take my dog out. Looked up at the sky and saw several things that looked like stars moving across the sky to the sout 12/23/20
12/3/20 19:00 springfield IL Light 15 seconds saw a vertical line of 6 lights that were equidistant apart rising in the distant sky. They appeared to disappear into the clouds slowl 12/23/20
12/3/20 18:30 Springfield IL Other 4 minutes Saw between 20-30 diagonally aligned lights that looked like stars. They were southwest of Springfield, Il. They did not move but aft 12/23/20
12/3/20 05:55 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 12/23/20
12/1/20 17:58 Granite City IL Light 8 seconds 2 White lights moving in unison in Granite City, IL 12/23/20
11/20/20 03:30 Naperville IL Light 3 minutes Stationary light fades from view 12/23/20
11/14/20 02:00 Lemont IL Circle Alll night for a week There is objects in the sky that at first looked like stars but then when I looked closer it was lights that were blinking . Been watch 12/23/20
11/13/20 17:45 Rockisland IL Triangle 10 seconds I seen what looked like a flock of birds flying but as it got closer it was perfect triangle with dim lit lights moving in unison. If i 12/23/20
11/9/20 21:00 Millstadt IL Triangle 30 seconds It was an absolute object...traingluar shaped with circular lights in the pockets of the triangle. I will never forget that night! 12/23/20
11/5/20 22:00 SOUTH BARRINGTON IL Light 1 hour The sighting Starting at around 10:00 pm my brother and I filmed and took photos of a low flying light or craft hovering over our home. 12/23/20
11/4/20 06:00 medinah IL Circle
they stay still ,but not a hellicopter. 12/23/20
11/3/20 21:00 Chicago IL Egg 2 seconds While sitting outside last night, I witnessed a seemingly low-flying egg-like object move incredibly fast through the sky. The view fro 12/23/20
11/3/20 16:35 Lexington IL Other 10 minutes Sliver like objects grouped together traveling low altitude, changing bearing 12/23/20
10/29/20 12:00 Park Forest IL Oval 10 seconds Strange white moving object South Chicago Suburbs around Halloween 2020 12/23/20
10/24/20 00:00 Rolling Meadows IL Cigar 20 seconds cigar form ship , 3 light on board 2 on corners on in center. speed was so fast . was fog around ship . also size of ship close to empi 12/23/20
10/23/20 21:09 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 12/23/20
10/23/20 01:24 Joliet IL Triangle 3-5 seconds I sow 3 pair small paralel straps of lights blinking and rotating while flying on high speed from north to south over the yard. Distanc 12/23/20
10/22/20 18:21 Lincoln IL Rectangle 3 minutes It was rectangular and shot out very thin lightning bolt looking objects with a blue outline from behind it that went straight out. 12/23/20
10/16/20 00:00 Oak Lawn IL Unknown 3 seconds Red flashing lights moving very fast in the sky and then disappeared. 12/23/20
10/15/20 09:22 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 12/23/20
10/13/20 03:50 Bloomington IL Flash Rotating around the airpo They seem to be looking for something. 12/23/20
10/8/20 22:45 Quincy IL Light 12 seconds One emensely bright light observed to my northwest which faded after about 12 seconds after it caught my eye. Didn't move. 12/23/20
10/8/20 20:04 Waterloo IL Triangle 30 seconds Bright Light pulses twice in the sky, mysterious aircraft with no indicator lights trailed by two jets crosses same spot 12/23/20
10/4/20 20:00 Springfield IL Light 2 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Witness fails to provide detailed information about the sighting. PD)) 11/5/20
9/24/20 15:15 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 12/23/20
9/21/20 21:05 Vernon Hills IL Light 1 second Green ball of light blasts forward and disappears in Vernon Hills, Illinois. 11/5/20
9/19/20 12:11 Lockport IL Other It was more the once ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no detailed information about the sighting. PD)) 11/5/20
9/12/20 12:11 Lockport IL Light 10 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no detailed information about the sighting. PD)) 11/5/20
8/31/20 21:15 Holiday Shores IL Triangle 3 minutes On my way home from work I happened to look up and seen a Triangle shaped object with 1 red light and 4 white blinking lights.I started 9/4/20
8/29/20 22:30 Sycamore IL Disk 10 seconds Not that well versed in use of computer. I could send a very detailed description in an e-mail. A ufo was reported that same night in B 12/23/20
8/29/20 21:30 Belvedere IL Disk Seconds I was driving and saw a circular dark disk-like aircraft with multiple lights on the underside. It was flying low and looked like it wa 9/4/20
8/29/20 18:30 Payson IL Light 5 minutes Just a few deg S of the sun, which was sitting on the horizon and at about 30 degrees angle above the horizon, 11/5/20
8/29/20 18:30 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 11/5/20
8/25/20 15:02 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 11/5/20
8/23/20 20:08 Morton Grove IL Light 8 Bright red light over North suburbs of Chicago. 8/27/20
8/21/20 22:30 Chicago IL Light 3-4 seconds I was leaving a friends home in the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago and happened to be looking up and witnessed a bright green ligh 11/5/20
8/21/20 21:05 Tinley Park IL Sphere 30 seconds We went out in back yard with dogs and my sister asked if I seen the red light? I saw the red orb come over the tree in my back yard, I 8/27/20
8/19/20 05:53 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 9/4/20
8/16/20 22:00 Alton IL Other 2 minutes Five (5) individual craft/lights, blinking green and steady red, high pitched whine faintly heard, east to west movement over Missouri 8/20/20
8/15/20 13:20 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 8/27/20
8/14/20 09:00 ALSIP IL Cylinder 10 minutes White cylinder object no wings, no means of propulsion, no sound, flying South 1000 feet in air, rapidly accelerates and is gone 5/20/21
8/11/20 11:00 Mundelein IL Triangle 10 minutes Black shimmering triangular Object flying north to south slowly. Then slowly flew straight up until disappearing. 8/20/20
8/8/20 14:30 Lockport/Romeoville IL Formation 2 minutes I was doing food delievry late at night to Lockport,IL from Romeoville at a little after 2am and I saw a string of lights low in the sk 8/20/20
8/6/20 04:00 Iuka IL Sphere 1 minute Translucent metallic sphere full of color 8/20/20
8/5/20 23:35 Sycamore IL Oval 1-2 minutes I was driving home from my sisters around 11:30pm at night Wednesday, Aug 5th 2020. About a mile from home I noticed a bright object in 8/20/20
7/29/20 04:00 Plainfield IL Circle 5 minutes Three events in Plainfield, Illinois from May 30-July 30. 7/31/20
7/28/20 21:58 Beach Park IL Triangle 3-5 minutes Light Triangle over Waukegan Airport 7/31/20
7/28/20 21:03 Downers Grove/Chicago IL Fireball 2-3 minutes 5-7 org/red ORBS flying towards City of Chicago from Suburbs 8/6/20
7/23/20 23:00 Evergreen Park IL Fireball 1 minute 3 Witnessess saw (2) flared objects traveling South West directly over our position.

(1) object appeared first , and slowly disappe
7/22/20 17:10 Wilmington (near) IL Cross 10 seconds Drive south bound on 53 past elwood almost to river rd. Isolated storm o my left I was takening a picture that it was just a small sect 7/23/20
7/18/20 10:34 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 7/23/20
7/14/20 11:00 Homer Glen IL Oval 2 minutes Tuesday morning 7/14/20. Was on deck reading. Husband was reclining in chair watching dragonflies darting back and forth above him. Cal 7/31/20
7/11/20 18:00 Peoria IL Circle 10 minutes Started in the east heading west with green small light,as it got closer the green light was no longer visible. 7/23/20
7/8/20 20:30 Moweaqua IL Unknown 1 hour We saw a bright white object hovering in the atmosphere almost directly overhead. It stayed in one place for several minutes and then 7/23/20
7/5/20 20:00 Vienna IL Triangle 3 minutes Triangular shape black craft with no visible windows or propulsion system, no landing gear solid red lights very close encounter 7/9/20
7/5/20 09:44 Hannah City IL Triangle 1 minute 3 lights in triangular formation or craft. Moved in unison slowly in sky as we were star gazing, they then all 3 fizzled out and disap 7/9/20
7/4/20 23:30 Chicato IL Formation ~3 minutes Redish/Orange orbes with phone camera footage in Chicago from a rooftop during 4th of July. 7/9/20
7/4/20 22:34 Greenville IL Sphere 35 ((HOAX??)) Craft moved across the Southwest night sky in southern Illinois. ((NUFORC Note: We question the measurements. PD)) 7/9/20
7/4/20 21:34 Plainfield IL Sphere 30 minutes Unbelievable fireworks in the heavens multiple orbs spotted, extensive video photos several witnesses 7/9/20
7/4/20 21:12 Plainfield IL Sphere 5 minutes I was sitting in my backyard the night of July 4th watching fireworks. I saw a red light above my head at first I thought it was a dron 7/9/20
7/3/20 04:23 Naperville IL Cross ~3 minutes July 3, 2020: Moving object in morning sky. Link to photo included. 7/3/20
7/3/20 02:26 Peoria IL Flash >1 hour Multicolored flashing moving light in sky 7/3/20
7/2/20 22:18 Galesburg IL Unknown 15mins Something really freaky has been happening to me and my girlfriend. There's a pretty large lake hearing Galesburg. We like to go on wal 7/9/20
6/25/20 07:00 Fox Lake IL Cylinder 1 minute It was shinny, but had black in the bottom. No wings. No clouds or anything else in the sky. I pulled over, got out of me car and it 6/25/20
6/24/20 20:00 Chicago Heights IL Light 10 UFO travailing like a family. ((Starlink satellites?))((anonymous report)) 6/25/20
6/15/20 03:00 Edwardsville IL Light 15 seconds Same color of star moving between two stars in the sky but stopped and dimmed out in its place 6/25/20
6/14/20 06:28 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 7/9/20
6/11/20 19:21 Bartlett IL Light 2 minutes Steady bright object at sunset in western sky 6/25/20
6/10/20 21:12 Waterman IL Light 10 minutes Craft with 3 colored lights flying over farms between Waterman and Leland. 6/25/20
6/5/20 11:30 Mchenry IL Cylinder 2 minutes A bright red object traveling like a plane going southwest. As I watched, a red spark rained downward from The object and the object ke 6/25/20
6/2/20 21:42 Sesser IL Light 15-20 seconds I saw a solid non-flashing light traveling slowly to the southeast before I lost sight of it after about 15 seconds or so and 6/25/20
6/1/20 22:45 Morris IL Light <3 minutes I saw a strange, large ball of light outside my window. 6/25/20
5/29/20 22:00 Oquawka IL Rectangle 3-5 minutes Observed a single rectangular aircraft traveling from east to west maintaining a altitude of approximately 15,000 ft or less at roughly 6/25/20
5/25/20 00:30 Manito IL Light 45 seconds What appeared to be a star was noted by one observer, stating that it looked to be blinking. As we turned our attention to the &quot;st 7/23/20
5/24/20 21:52 Winfield IL Light 10 minutes Slow moving object with flashing red/white lights (not red and green like planes, I know bc we live near the airport and see planes al 6/25/20
5/24/20 01:24 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 6/25/20
5/22/20 09:10 Ottawa IL Oval 15-20 seconds Took three pics all within 15-20 seconds of each other. I was not taking a pic of the object and only notice it when reviewing pic. 6/25/20
5/15/20 21:30 Mokena IL Changing 1 minute Bright Pulsating/Shape-Changing Object. 6/25/20
5/15/20 21:25 Forest Park IL Light 5 minutes From my 5th floor balcony a single white light, no sound, from the South moving slowly North. Through binoculars I noted no other light 6/25/20
5/11/20 00:00 Kirkland IL Disk 2 hours A disk went around my town and kept going to the stars until i could not see it anymore. 5/15/20
5/8/20 13:00 Oak Park IL Light 2 minutes Flickering light moving across daytime sky 1/19/21
5/7/20 22:28 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 6/25/20
5/7/20 21:58 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 6/25/20
5/5/20 11:34 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 6/25/20
5/4/20 22:53 Aledo IL Disk 4 minutes White disk, night, neighborhood, hovering. 4 minutes 6/25/20
5/4/20 00:54 Collinsville IL Light Continuos While on a walk with a friend of mine I was looking up at the stars and noticed one move slightly downwards and then return to its posi 6/25/20
5/3/20 21:23 Galesburg IL Circle About 5 minutes About 10 white dots flying at the same speed overhead, in a triangular formation. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/2/20 21:25 Oswego IL Sphere 3 minutes Orange/ Yellow orb moving at a high rate of speed with no sound or trails behind it 6/25/20
5/2/20 20:30 Naperville IL Circle 7 minutes Spotted six, meteor-like objects in strange flight pattern half hour after sundown around the moon. 6/25/20
5/1/20 21:00 Palos Heights IL Fireball 4 minutes bright orange ball 6/25/20
5/1/20 16:33 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 6/25/20
5/1/20 09:57 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 6/25/20
4/30/20 02:30 Bloomington IL Light 15 minutes Spotted an indigo light to the east of the city. encounter lasted roughtly 15 minutes. 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:30 Jacksonville IL Light 5 min A line of fast moving lights coming from the north west all disappeared into the same location. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:30 Breese IL Formation 3 minutes Vertical linear formation of lights that resembled stars, but disintegrated one by one. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:30 Jacksonville IL Formation 10 ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:23 Aurora IL Light :45 seconds Line of possible UFO's sighted over Aurora IL, USA. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:20 East Peoria IL Light 45 SEC 2 separate sighting same location within 5 minutes, first sight, then about 20 lights continous same direction ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:20 Westmont IL Light 2-4 minutes Line of star-like lights all moving slowly across the night sky until they abruptly disappeared. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:20 Johnsburg IL Light 45 seconds 15 UFO white lights in a single file line Johnsburg Illinois. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:10 Naperville IL Light 3 minutes We saw about 100 tiny lights like stars flying in a straight line from the west to the east directly over our home. They were very dist 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:08 Wheaton IL Circle 30 seconds I saw about 20 circular lit-up objects flying in a row in the sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:00 Aurora IL Light 1 minute We were in the backyard BBQing and looked up in the sky and seen a line of bright lights very high ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:00 Peotone IL Other
Myself and 3 other family members saw a line of 60 to 100 lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:00 Springfield IL Light 1 minute String of white lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 20:40 Plainfield IL Light About 3 minutes I noticed from the corner of my eye a string of lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 20:05 Carlinville IL Light 1 minute BRIGHT LIGHTS 10-15 IN NUMBERS FLYING IN A PERFECT STRAIGHT LINE. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 18:00 Markham IL Formation 2 minutes They were seen flying southeasterly Direction. I will find a straight line formation smaller ones in the front followed by one large ai 6/25/20
4/26/20 11:54 Joliet IL Formation 9 minutes White lights forming straight line. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 09:25 Casey IL Circle 3 minutes 14 lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/25/20 20:00 Chillicothe IL Oval 5 - 8 minutes Fleet of unidentified lighted aircraft shooting through the Illinois skies. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/21/20 21:30 Tinley Park IL Circle 20 White circle object that was super bright and low in sky in Tinley park Illinois 5/1/20
4/21/20 21:30 Tinley Park IL Circle 20 White object big and bright. Tinley park, illinois 6/25/20
4/21/20 21:00 Chicago IL Disk 15 Disc shaped light over Chicago. 6/25/20
4/21/20 18:00 Cary IL Circle 2 minutes Four round, and silver objects flying high and changing formations. 5/1/20
4/20/20 22:00 Chicago IL Light 2 seconds Chicago Ohare Sighting 4.20.20 6/25/20
4/19/20 20:15 Leaf River IL Light 5 minutes Saw 7-9 very dim lights moving SW-NE very fast in line , no flashing lights like a plane. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 22:06 Salem IL Light 10 minutes Went outside and there was a light pretty high up over our tree line (from our view) this light has been here for a while and before wa 6/25/20
4/17/20 21:15 Manteno IL Triangle 1 minute There were three aircraft flying extremely fast going north without any lights and they made no sound. 5/1/20
4/17/20 21:15 Manteno IL Triangle 1 minute Last night around 9:15 my wife and I were sitting in our backyard when my wife thought she saw a shooting star, I turned to look but wh 5/15/20
4/17/20 20:35 Chicago IL Light 4 minutes Series of 12 white lines in linear order traveling NE through Chicago. not perfect line but path. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 03:00 Burbank IL Other
I want to start off by saying I was sceptic about my experience and not sure who I could tell without sounding crazy, I did some resear 5/15/20
4/14/20 04:24 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 6/25/20
4/9/20 21:15 Auora IL Light 20 minutes 28 in line lights evacuating from Orion's Belt. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
4/8/20 23:55 ROCKFORD IL Light 5 minutes 2 identically shaped objects with multiple bright lights in night sky. There was a center light with lighted &quot;spokes&quot; on both 5/7/20
4/5/20 14:00 Elgin IL Changing 2-3 minutes We seen around 15 lights flying in The sky Triangle Circle and Line of lights in the sky from east side to the west 6/25/20
4/4/20 23:58 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 6/25/20
4/3/20 21:30 Glenview IL Light 1 minute, 53 seconds 2 strange light objects move across the north suburban evening sky presumably undetected, . . . or not? Captured on video! ! 4/9/20
3/30/20 16:30 Rockford IL Formation 2 minutes 15 white, bubble-shaped objects moving together in arc-shaped formation + few more on the side 6/25/20
3/28/20 08:30 Rock Island IL Light 8-8:30pm You can still see him now they're still coming if you look up at the Moon. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/23/20 19:00 Beecher IL Light 10 minutes I witnessed a group of objects moving SE on the same flight path, perfectly spaced. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/23/20 10:39 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 6/25/20
3/21/20 20:27 Montgomery IL Sphere 1 minute Witnessed, 9 silent amber illuminated spheres, traveling NW to SE. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/21/20 20:00 Glen Ellyn IL Light 10 minutes Several star like objects moving fast on the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/21/20 09:30 Rockford IL Light 20-30 minutes The lights were coming from the west moving east slightly south. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/14/20 11:48 Homer Glen IL Other 20 minutes Black object very high above Homer Glen IL balloon shaped very high and slow moving 5/15/20
3/12/20 20:11 Springfield IL

MADAR Node 120 4/9/20
3/7/20 19:00 Glenview IL Cross 1 hour 20+ drones, same make and model, night flying in a staggered loop with no definite point of origin. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 21:00 Springfield IL Light 2 minutes White balls of light Springfield Illinois 5/7/20
3/6/20 19:35 Des Plaines IL Flash 5 minutes Witness 30 star-like lights, appearing from southwest sky, travelling in "convoy," evenly spaced. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 07:45 Rockford IL Light ~20 minutes They were in the Northwest sky traveling from West south west to north by North East in single file. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 07:38 Savanna IL Light 45 Light in the sky hundreds of them ho into what seemed to be a black hole in the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 20:15 Columbia IL Formation 5 minutes Dozen or more high altitude objects equidistance heading southeast (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 19:13 Altamont IL Unknown 15 Small star like fleet of lights over night sky- No specific formation - not nose to tail, tail to nose. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 20:00 Fairview Heights IL Light 30 minutes Husband rushed into the house and made me go outside where six "stars" were playing in the sky. 4/9/20
3/2/20 04:45 Andover IL Sphere 10 minutes approx I viewed 50 to 60 orbs dropping out of a hole in the sky and moving northeast from my location. 12/23/20
2/28/20 05:00 Breese IL Light 10 minutes or less Pulsating line of lights. (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/27/20 16:00 Country Club Hills IL Oval 25 seconds My mother was driving from west to east on Central Avenue toward Cicero Avenue. It was Thursday, February 27, 2020 between 4pm and 4:30 4/9/20
2/26/20 21:00 Springfield IL Light 10 minutes I seen several moving lights above the clouds . They're moving in a circles and across each other but no clear image of craft! Its a cl 4/9/20
2/25/20 03:28 Lewistown IL Disk Seconds Ring doorbell caught image of light and spaceship 4/9/20
2/23/20 20:06 Greenville IL Circle
White, Glowing dots in the Sky. 2/25/20
2/20/20 Colchester IL Circle 3 minutes Silver curricular object flying horizontally then vanished 2/25/20
2/20/20 Monee IL Triangle
Was hovering near side of I 57 hwy pretty low, triangular with 3 red lights 2/25/20
2/15/20 20:00 Skokie IL Light 7 minutes Unmanned Aerial Systems in night sky above Skokie, IL. 2/25/20
2/10/20 18:42 La Grange IL Oval 40 minutes I was looking for the moon I saw the moon but to my right I saw this object with pulsing lights but wasn't moving. Then I turned my hea 2/13/20
2/10/20 10:00 Oreana IL Disk 1 minute A circle of silver objects were seen which appeard to be toching and moved quickly and changed direction. 6/25/20
2/3/20 21:10 Springfield IL Triangle on going Almost stationary triangle with three white lights 2/7/20
2/1/20 19:30 Shawnee National Forest IL Light 10 Myself and 2 others were camping in Shawnee Forest at the top of a bluff about 300 ft tall. It was night. My friend said come lool at 2/13/20
1/15/20 06:35 Waterloo IL Unknown 10 minutes Lights like stars moving in a straight line at a steady pace and evenly spaced apart. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/13/20 20:40 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 1/31/20
1/10/20 19:45 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 1/31/20
1/8/20 20:30 St. Francisville IL Light 15 minutes String of white lights moving in a line across the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/28/19 07:04 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 1/31/20
12/28/19 01:30 Forest Park IL Light 30 minutes My fiance and I have a condo and were out on our 3rd.floor balcony which faces East. We spotted a light that silently hovered and start 2/7/20
12/26/19 20:45 Waukegan IL Fireball 3 seconds Bright green pinpoint light moving very fast in the sky 2/7/20
12/26/19 18:30 Chicago IL Triangle 5 minutes Black Delta Wing Aircraft flying low over Chicago 2/7/20
12/25/19 20:45 Waukegan IL Fireball 3 seconds Bright green pinpoint light moving very fast in the sky. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/23/19 07:00 LaSalle IL Light 10 20 star like lights in a stream moving across the sky (("Spacelink" satellites.)) 2/7/20
12/23/19 Skokie IL Unknown 17:12 What appeared to be stars like the others in the sky. One started to move and stop. Phone pulled out and recorded the rest this is my 3 2/7/20
12/22/19 18:49 Coal City IL Light 5 minutes Clear night, observed 7-10 lights in a vertical row in sky. Appeared like star constellation. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/22/19 18:40 Morrison IL Light 3 minutes 12 starlike lights traveling faster than an airplane separated equally and would disappear in the same spot. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/22/19
12/22/19 18:38 Aurora IL Light 7 minutes Sequencial Lights Disappearing at the Same Location in the Sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/22/19
12/22/19 18:35 Huntley IL Light 5 minutes Lights in night sky moving in a straight line formation. ((Starlink satellites??)) 12/22/19
12/22/19 18:35 Huntley IL Light 5 minutes Lights in night sky moving in a straight line formation. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/22/19
12/22/19 18:35 Herscher IL Light 15-20 minutes 14 bright objects thay appeared like stars in the sky evenly spaced with no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Starlink satellites? PD)) 12/22/19
12/22/19 18:32 Lisle IL Sphere 8 minutes Line of 8 to 10 spheres, star sized lights traveling SW to NE across the horizon, perfect line. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/22/19
12/22/19 18:30 Rockford IL Light 10 minutes The event was already occurring when I became cognizant. Numerous lights that appeared ((NUFORC Note: Starlink satellites? PD)) 12/22/19
12/22/19 18:30 Troy Grove IL Light 20 minutes There was a line of very noticeable lights traveling north east over middle Illinois. ((NUFORC Note: Starlink satellites? PD)) 12/22/19
12/22/19 18:28 Chicago IL Circle 5-10 minutes My wife and I saw approx. 12-15 round white lights traveling in N/E in a straight line, (("Spacelink" satellites.)) 2/7/20
12/22/19 08:00 Chicago IL Circle 20 min I saw a very big circle like thing in the sky with very strong lights in purple lavender pink color flashing very strong over trees rig 12/22/19
12/18/19 14:16 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 1/31/20
12/12/19 14:00 Lisle IL Other ~5 minutes Top Shaped Object Moves Back and Forth in Sky Over Parking Lot 12/19/19
12/10/19 17:40 Highland IL Light 12 seconds Bright object was seen that flew at an incredible speed and pulsed in and out of view unlike anything I have seen before. 12/19/19
12/3/19 17:00 Shelbyville IL Unknown seconds green and yellow and appeared to be on fire and vanished before hitting earth 12/19/19
11/28/19 06:15 Chicago IL Light 5 minutes White stationary lights caught in Chicago on a time lapse video. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares?? PD)) 12/1/19
11/26/19 03:52 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 12/19/19
11/24/19 23:30 Thomson IL Circle 3 hours lights flashing. ((anonymous report)) 12/1/19
11/23/19 06:58 chicago IL Circle 3 seconds i was taking an exit Jackson from highway on 90/94 and looked at the highway to see how bad is traffic on other side and apparently saw 12/1/19
11/22/19 20:00 Bradley IL Triangle 10 seconds Triangle of distinct, fuzzy light points, traveling north to south on the western horizon at approximately 20:00 12/1/19
11/22/19 18:25 Wataga IL Light 10 minutes Around 6:20 pm on 12/22/2019. We seen around 15 lights flying in a perfect line ((NUFORC Note: Starlink satellites? PD)) 12/22/19
11/19/19 21:00
IL Rectangle 15 minutes I have seen them on multiple occasions I even know where they're at. You can see when they're going to their underground base they turn 12/1/19
11/18/19 08:35 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 12/1/19
11/17/19 04:07 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 12/1/19
11/14/19 03:00 Vienna IL Circle 3 minutes Son has autism. He is honest and very aware of details. He was woken up from sleeping because he heard loud humming sound. He said he f 12/1/19
11/10/19 19:00 Byron IL Cross 8 minutes At first sight it was a bright white light and then changed into colored lights. 12/1/19
11/9/19 03:09 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 12/1/19
11/7/19 18:58 Aurora IL Unknown 7 minutes 6 strange lights that appeared to be operating as one but at the same time, independently. 12/1/19
11/5/19 21:45 Chicago IL Triangle 20 seconds Near Montrose and 90 we saw a curved having Trail in the sky and following inside the chemtrail was a silent craft barely able to see i 12/1/19
11/4/19 12:00 Sherrard IL Light 3 seconds I saw a ball of white light shoot across the sky . 12/1/19
11/2/19 18:30 Elmwood Park IL Circle 10 minutes They were also spinning around themselves and the biggest one was appearing flat at one angle, like a thick pancake 12/1/19
11/2/19 04:47 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 12/1/19
10/27/19 22:00 Crystal Lake IL Triangle 1 min Very fast flashing white lights, almost like a strobe light. The flashing stopped and there steady red and green light. Then it disappe 12/1/19
10/27/19 20:00 Warsaw IL Circle 1:00 Thought it was a drone just floating around.then no movement at all and appeared to be a star argued with my girlfriend about it. I gra 12/1/19
10/26/19 03:40 Orland Park IL Light 2 minutes Object was flying in numerous directions while flashing red white and green. Then started to flash bright white and second object appe 12/1/19
10/26/19 01:50 Sublette IL Triangle 11 minutes
10/18/19 19:16 Rockford IL Triangle 19:18 Triangle light in the sky with a beam of light coming down from the middle. 12/23/20
10/18/19 05:07 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 12/1/19
10/16/19 19:25 Chicago IL Triangle 2-3 seconds Massive triangle zooms over Chicago’s west side 12/1/19
10/14/19 19:45 Beardstown IL Light One minute Appears like stars faded away as if to fade to black. 12/1/19
10/13/19 23:25 Chicago IL Disk 10 seconds I saw a large,low-flying disc flying North near the bottom of the clouds. 12/1/19
10/13/19 11:25 Chicago IL Disk 10 seconds Was looking for the low clouds to move so I could take a picture of the full moon at 11:25pm CST. I saw a large,low-flying disc flying 12/1/19
10/13/19 03:30 Highland IL Triangle 10 minutes I witnessed a triangular shaped air craft with 4 lights flying at low altitude with no noise and at slow stall speeds 12/1/19
10/12/19 04:18 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 12/1/19
10/9/19 04:22 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 12/1/19
10/6/19 00:20 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 12/1/19
10/3/19 20:50 Lockport IL Circle 10 seconds I first saw 2 faint yellow lights chasing each other east through the sky. 10 minutes later I saw 20 similar lights flying in a perfect 10/4/19
10/3/19 20:00 Virden IL Light 20 minutes 3 fast moving lights chasing each other through the clouds for about 10 15 minutes 12/1/19
9/29/19 23:54 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 10/4/19
9/28/19 20:00 Volo IL Light 10 minutes Bright orange lights Traveling single file,NE to SW, bright orange light disappearing into the sky. 10/4/19
9/28/19 20:00 Volo IL Light 10 minutes Traveling single file,NE to SW, bright orange light disappearing into the sky. 10/4/19
9/26/19 09:18 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 10/4/19
9/26/19 02:00 Le Roy IL Light Lights Seen two lights making a clock wise and counter clock wise motion. 1 alternated every 360 degree circle. I seen them over a been field 10/4/19
9/25/19 18:30 Roselle IL Flash 2+ Lights/spheres near Chicago city. 10/4/19
9/25/19 04:25 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 10/4/19
9/24/19 20:30 Wilmington IL Circle 30 minutes Two lights following perfectly aligned possibly one vechike was seen for 10 minutes front one brighter then the back then disappeared. 10/4/19
9/23/19 08:14 Bartlett IL Changing 30 seconds A tail like UFO moving from east to west taking on diffent shapes.Then from the east a spherical object enters the frame and moves belo 12/1/19
9/23/19 07:40 Tinley Park IL Circle 15 seconds Silver/white disc in sky, broad daylight. Did not move then vanished. 10/4/19
9/20/19 08:27 Mount Prospect IL Disk 2 minutes My friends and I were walking in a park when we saw three flying disks in a v-formation flying low across the sky. They were going very 10/4/19
9/19/19 19:50 Forest Park IL Light 4 minutes I viewed a silent white orb from my 5th floor balcony travelling slowly from the south to the east. There were clouds in the eastern sk 10/4/19
9/19/19 06:00 Chicago IL Teardrop 6:50 AM I noticed this brown, tan like teardrop shaped UFO in the sky 12/23/20
9/16/19 09:25 Round lake beach IL Light
3 bright lights slowly disappearing one by one into the sky 9/19/19
9/15/19 Chicago IL

Observed 2019 Sept one high speed aircraft leaving con trail 63 at Harlem due west 35000 ft maybe less fuel consumption real fast 45 m 1/19/21
9/14/19 22:22 Johnsburg IL Sphere 2 minutes 7 lights over the Fox river, 3 in formation and 4 following behind. 10/4/19
9/14/19 22:00 Troy IL Egg 2-3 seconds Orange globe caught my eye almost directly overhead but off to the west about 20 degrees. Going NNE about as fast as a helicopter might 9/19/19
9/13/19 20:58 Downers Grove IL Circle 4-5 minutes Six Circular shaped objects of various colors. Some multi colored green and red, some white, one solid red. Appeared in the sky moving 9/19/19
9/13/19 19:24 Aurora IL Circle ~30 seconds I was looking up at the stars, and I saw quite a large star. At least I thought it was a star until it began to behave abnormally. It w 9/19/19
9/11/19 12:00 Springfield IL
2 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Source of report includes no information. Anonymous report. PD)) 10/4/19
9/11/19 09:00 Chicago IL Sphere 30 seconds I was on a commercial jet on final approach into Midway airport near Chicago. We were Over Lake Michigan at approximately 1k feet and I 10/4/19
9/2/19 10:13 Payson IL

MADAR Node 97 9/12/19
8/30/19 21:00 Metropolis IL Circle 5+ minutes You already have a partial report from a truck wife,daughter, an I seen the moving ball of light, the craft, the military hel 2/7/20
8/30/19 05:08 Metropolis IL Sphere 5 seconds Lighted sphere traveling in the night sky. 9/6/19
8/27/19 19:22 Manteno IL Light <1 minute Upon inspection, I noticed an Orb that must of shot straight up and to the right in less than a minute. ((anonymous report)) 9/6/19
8/22/19 10:27 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 098 9/6/19
8/8/19 23:15 Aurora IL Teardrop 5 seconds Saw flying glowing object above in the sky not so high above. It was about ten steps away from me. ((anonymous report)) 8/23/19
8/8/19 21:34 Danville IL Light 1 minute Small bright light moving slowly and disappearing. 8/23/19
8/7/19 20:00 Salem IL Light 30-45 seconds Extremely bright object changes color & shoots into sky. 9/12/19
8/6/19 18:40 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 8/23/19
8/4/19 21:13 Vienna IL Formation 3 minutes It started as a circular beam of light and after acknowledging it it began to spin very fast then zoomed out of sight 8/23/19
8/3/19 06:10 Rock Island IL Cylinder 5 seconds Saw something barrel shaped and white up high (went in and out of clouds), looked like an oil drum on it's side, no visible lights, no 8/23/19
7/28/19 00:20 Freeport IL Light 35 minutes Bright light in the sky moving up and down. Glows bright then dims and repeats cycle. 8/23/19
7/27/19 21:26 Gurnee IL Cigar 2 minutes 3 long bright orange objects seen by 2 people in Gurnee IL 8/23/19
7/27/19 00:13 Crystal Lake IL Light 30 seconds Bright white light crossing from Southeast to Northwest fast and Bright/large.... faster than airforce jets that are normally crossing 8/23/19
7/26/19 22:12 Crystal Lake IL Circle 30 seconds Late night with my sunroof open facing south I have been watching skies since the 2014 sighting over Crystal Lake, IL. This was 2 singu 8/23/19
7/25/19 12:47 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 8/23/19
7/19/19 02:00 Herald IL Circle 30 Bright light dancing thru the night horizon 7/25/19
7/16/19 21:40 Chicago IL Egg ~3 minutes Bullet shaped object burning up falls towards Chicago, then changes directions and shoots away July 16 2019 7/25/19
7/11/19 20:30 Burbank IL Circle 5 minutes Saw 2 UFOs flying opposite directions, glowing. 7/25/19
7/10/19 20:33 Elgin IL Formation 5 minutes A few orange orbs appeared to make a formation along with another group, totaling around 10 orbs. 8/23/19
7/8/19 21:00 Kickapoo IL Circle 1 minute I seen 8-10 orange circular objects in the sky. They were all lit up a few went dark they were again seeable. ((anonymous report)) 7/25/19
7/8/19 19:00 Dundee Townnship IL Egg 20 seconds Slient Black Egg Shaped Craft with open front and huminiod visable 5/20/21
7/6/19 22:20 Maryville IL Circle 2 minutes In the S sky, I noticed a bright orange ball I the sky. It was moving very slowly. ((anonymous report)) 7/12/19
7/6/19 17:30 Mt. Prospect IL Circle 10-30 seconds Bright white stationary star-like object 7/12/19
7/4/19 22:00 Lansing IL Flash 10 minutes A red blinking object hovering in sky and then moving erratically north to south. Object hovered, descended, rose and flew In circle. 7/5/19
7/4/19 21:58 Justice IL Sphere 5-6 minutes The objects flight was very coordinated,and precise, and moved w/rapid speed. 7/12/19
7/4/19 13:00 Chicago IL Disk Few seconds Saw 2 possibly 3 objects in the sky during early afternoon over Lake Michigan near Shedd Aquarium on July 4th 7/12/19
7/1/19 20:45 Gardner IL Cigar 1 minutes Cigar shaped bright white object. Disappeared instantaneously 7/5/19
7/1/19 19:00 Dixon IL Cylinder 10 minutes My husband,2 kids, and I were in the pool around 8pm on Sunday the 1st when we noticed what initially looked like a smaller plane, a si 7/5/19
6/28/19 04:00 Chicago IL Light 5 minutes Large white light visible over Lake Michigan 7/5/19
6/27/19 10:07 Flora IL Sphere 30 minutes I witnessed a UFO and caught it on video 3 times in one night. 7/12/19
6/24/19 23:00 Rankin IL Fireball 150 seconds Large and small fireball object 6/27/19
6/24/19 23:00 Danville IL Fireball 15 seconds Huge orange burning ball in sky. Saw for about 15 seconds then it was gone. ((anonymous report)) 8/23/19
6/22/19 22:00 Omaha IL Oval 3 seconds VERY FAST circular object in SE Illinois headed North at high altitude. SUDDENLY turned VERY BRIGHT while enlarging! 6/27/19
6/22/19 21:40 Tinley park IL Cylinder 4 minutes 6/22/19 9:40pm cylinder shape craft moving from NW to E very random flashing lights as if it were taking pictures. ((anonymous report)) 6/27/19
6/21/19 21:30 Glenview IL Light 10 seconds Bright light in sky 6/27/19
6/19/19 20:30 Carrollton IL Sphere 30-40 minutes 3 bluish/white spheres hovering, then one moving very fast seen by two people in Greene County, IL. 6/27/19
6/19/19 20:30 Carlinville IL Sphere 30 minutes Translucent ballon-like moving slowly. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/19/19 19:30 East Alton IL Sphere 00:30 My son and I were riding our bikes through our neighbor when he called out my name and drew my attention to an object in the sky. We th 7/25/19
6/18/19 23:15 Skokie IL Flash 35 minutes About 6 to 7 UFO's flashing bright lights often, a couple of were able to change the color of the lights to dark red. 6/20/19
6/13/19 16:42 Schaumburg IL Circle 2 minutes 20 or more white dots moving erratically in Schaumburg, IL 6/13/19 ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/10/19 03:00 Lombard IL Rectangle >10 minutes Long glowing rectangular craft with multiple balls of light appearing above it. 6/20/19
6/9/19 04:25 North Brook IL

MADAR Node 148 6/20/19
6/8/19 07:25 Peoria IL Other 13 minutes On 6/8/2019 I was walking around the second floor balcony of a hotel when I looked into the sky around 7:25 PM I noticed a huge weird U 10/19/21
6/7/19 22:50 Rockford IL Circle 1 minutes White sphere flying across night sky then disappears. 6/20/19
6/7/19 08:26 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 6/20/19
6/4/19 20:30 Barrington IL Cylinder 10 minutes Husband & I watched 2 shiny whitish-silver bright tube shaped objects float by in the sky no wings. ((anonymous source)) 6/7/19
6/2/19 22:30 Trenton IL Light 2-3 minutes At first i saw a white light moving between the big dipper stars thinking it was a satelite then it got brighter. ((anonymous report)) 6/7/19
6/2/19 20:30 Loves Park IL Other ~1 minute Aircraft & Contrail fade away and disappear. 6/7/19
5/30/19 21:48 Cicero IL Circle 1:40 Bright White orb ufo casually passing by my backyard then disappearing into the sky. ((anonymous report)) 6/27/19
5/29/19 12:53 Chicago IL Disk 1 minute My husband were driving on 294 near o’hare airport in Chicago, Illinois on our way to St. Louis. Was taking random pics there was a 6/7/19
5/26/19 23:00 ELMHURST IL Formation 3 minutes 3 lights in symmetrical distance moving North East. 6/7/19
5/26/19 23:00 Elmhurst IL Formation 3 minutes 3 lights in symmetrical distance moving North East. ((NUFORC Note: Space Link satellites. PD)) 6/7/19
5/24/19 12:00 Chicago IL Sphere 3:50 PM A UFO sliver ball about bowling ball size, slammed or portal right at my cars back bumper 12/23/20
5/13/19 19:00 Aurora IL Circle 5 minutes Looked up and noticed 3 lights far in sky in a triangular formation then seen a couple more, then the sixth one. ((anonymous report)) 6/7/19
5/12/19 23:54 Chicago IL Circle 20 seconds Large circular black disc over Chicago at night. ((anonymous report)) 5/14/19
5/10/19 22:46 Rochester IL Other 1.5 hr 2 UFO falling sightings in 1.5 hrs in Rochester, IL 5/14/19
5/10/19 08:00 Fox Lake IL Triangle 3 minutes Sunny morning partly cloudy. ((anonymous report)) 5/14/19
5/10/19 Chicago IL

Granddaughter, was looking out of apartment window on the 7th floor, facing southeast. We live at Chicago & Lake Street in the Global M 5/14/19
5/6/19 21:00 Auburn IL Light 30 minutes Two bright lights, constantly changing color near Auburn, one ejecting a third object. 5/9/19
4/26/19 21:00 Oak Lawn IL Circle 4 minutes Orange ball flying above FAA drone heights near Midway Airport. 5/9/19
4/21/19 17:00 Sparland IL Fireball 15 minutes I was getting ready to go to bed and my dog started whining. I look outside and saw a huge orangeish red fiery light. I got pics and vi 4/25/19
4/17/19 17:00 Sparland IL Triangle 1 second Surprised to see black triangles in my pics that i didn't see with own eyes. 4/25/19
4/16/19 22:00 Macomb IL Light 2 minutes A light would appear, followed by one or more lights slightly in front of it which sometimes looked like fireworks or some kind of expl 4/18/19
4/16/19 21:35 Lewistown IL Unknown 5 minutes Red and white lights on flying objects that appeared to be rotating. Lights disappeared and reappeared. ((anonymous report)) 4/18/19
4/16/19 21:30 Knoxville IL Light 08:00 Bright orange lights seen by a family of 4 in rural Knoxville, Illinois. 4/18/19
4/16/19 21:30 Macomb IL Circle 2 minutes A light would appear, following by one or more lights slightly in front of it which sometimes looked like fireworks or some kind of exp 4/18/19
4/16/19 21:30 Galesburg IL Fireball 5 minutes Fire spots with sparks in the southern sky - several miles to the south and pretty high in sky (45 degree angle from ground?) 5/9/19
4/15/19 04:03 Gilberts IL Triangle
Arrow like figure shot across the sky. ((anonymous report)) 4/18/19
4/15/19 00:00 Oregon IL Light 5 minutes Bright light shoots at car... time unaccounted for! 7/3/20
4/5/19 20:18 Oregon IL Flash 5 minutes We saw flashing, into wasn’t a plane or radio tower, then it disappeared into the night. 4/8/19
4/2/19 21:00 Chicago IL Circle 10 minutes We seen 3 lights in the sky.. standing still in the air for minutes at a time. Then they went into a triangle formation. Then it look 4/25/19
4/1/19 23:59 Lake Zurich IL Chevron 2 minutes Large flying object with red light behind front &quot;grill&quot; emitting low pitch mechanical sound 4/8/19
4/1/19 19:00 Worth IL Light 5 seconds Moving SE at low alt.; extremely fast in daylight a very bright star like object. Disappeared in 5-7 sec. ((anonymous report)) 4/8/19
3/26/19 21:00 Hanna City IL Light 20 minutes There were 3 lights in the sky and only one was moving, but the other two stood still. The lights were white but they had 3 or 4 lights 3/29/19
3/20/19 12:59 North Brook IL

MADAR Node 148 3/29/19
3/17/19 04:25 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 3/21/19
3/16/19 22:05 Lawrenceville IL Diamond 3 minutes My little dog was barking like crazy in the dogpen. My big dog was inside and clawing at the backdoor. I went to the backdoor to let 3/21/19
3/16/19 09:10 Batavia IL Cigar <1 minute Three lights, arranged in such as manner as to portray a submarine, only in my field of view for about 30 sec. ((anonymous report)) 3/21/19
3/15/19 21:30 Bunker Hill IL Light 3 seconds Very bright white light, cylinder shape, moving straight down. When it hit the ground, it flashed red and disappeared. ((anonymous)) 3/29/19
3/15/19 19:01 Richton Park IL Sphere 1.03 Extremely bright, white lights, pulsating, hovering and did not appear to be moving, then vanished into thin air. 3/21/19
3/5/19 22:20 Fairview Heights IL Changing 30 minutes Consistently changing aircraft, odd jet sound once close enough, started out cigar shape, heading Southeast to becoming disk shape l 3/14/19
2/28/19 01:25 Mt. Prospect IL Sphere 1 minutes Orb doing figure eights, loud booms. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
2/25/19 00:00 Galatia IL Unknown Possible Abduction October 15th, 2019 Greetings, I am an Honorably Discharged U.S. Marine Veteran and served during the Vietnam Era... I've always been 12/1/19
2/17/19 03:05 Benld IL Changing 45 minutes UFO 3 flying in synchronized up down side ways one part of formation left left huge cloud line going up 2/22/19
1/15/19 20:23 Pickneyville (east of) IL Triangle 5 minutes I look up to the east and saw a triangle fully lite up. The whole triangle was lite up. It moved north. ((anonymous report)) 1/17/19
1/4/19 12:00 Streator IL Sphere 1 minute Was driving S on rt. 23, when I observed a thick long cloud that was in front of the sun. Also noticed a metallic. ((anonymous rept.)) 1/11/19
1/4/19 02:09 Spring Grove/Fox Lake IL Light 20 minutes Large Super Bright White Stationary Light, Stationary, Lakemoor, Spring Grove, Il. 2:09 AM - 2:30AM NW Sky. 1/11/19
1/3/19 20:00 Wadsworth IL Triangle 20 seconds I looked up because my star gazer app alerted me that it was clear tonight. I was looking for a meteor shower and spotted (1) black t 1/4/19
12/31/18 20:55 Brookfield IL Oval 2 minutes Flying red ball seemed to stop and then continue on. ((anonymous report)) 1/4/19
12/31/18 00:00 Schaumburg IL Teardrop 30 ((HOAX??)) Exactly at midnight 12 teardopped shapespacecrafts filled the sky and raced in oval shaped patterns very quickly 6/27/19
12/29/18 23:08 Sugar Grove IL Light My whole drive home Sriving home when I noticed in the sky there was a big bright shaped sphere of light in the middle of the dark sky. 1/4/19
12/17/18 11:45 Chicago IL Circle <10 seconds Two round silver objects flying behind an airplane 1/4/19
12/16/18 19:15 Forest Park IL Light 2 seconds I live in. 5th floor condo in Forest Park. It faces east with an excellent view of downtown Chicago, through the floor to ceiling glass 1/4/19
12/15/18 06:00 Lake Villa IL Light 20 minutes 3,4 hovering lights 1/4/19
12/11/18 17:30 Aurora IL Sphere 10 minutes An a Brightly Sphere was seen around the area flying very slowly, ((anonymous report)) 12/14/18
11/30/18 13:00 Chicago IL Rectangle 1 minute Partally Transparent Rectangle that went full transparent 9/19/19
11/23/18 17:15 Wheeling IL Triangle ~10 seconds Triangular craft with dark red globular lights observed 11/23/18 @17:15 CT in Wheeling, IL, for 10 sec. alongside Illinois I-9.4 11/30/18
11/22/18 05:10 Mattoon IL Circle 20 seconds Me and my brother were leaving thanksgiving dinner, I was in my car and my brother stared pointing up, I got out and saw a very bright 11/24/18
11/21/18 20:30 Bethalto IL Light 1 minute Orange light traveling from NE to SW at speeds comparable to satellites, there was no sound. 11/24/18
11/4/18 21:36 Barrington IL Circle 20 minutes 3 Orange Lights Hovering in Night Sky over Barrington, Illinois. 11/9/18
10/31/18 09:15 Evanston IL Disk ~1 minute Multiple flying objects emitting light, close together. ((anonymous report)) 5/14/19
10/29/18 16:30 Danville IL Cigar Unknown Unknown object in sky. 11/9/18
10/24/18 06:37 Rockford (south of) IL Rectangle 5-10 seconds Long, thin rectangular object crosses full moon, in what appears to be an orbit. 10/25/18
10/22/18 11:44 Henry IL Light 30 seconds Very large orb of light making a quick downard zigzag motion before disappearing. It was a very light blue. 10/25/18
10/21/18 00:00 Carlinville IL Disk 30 minutes Bright white light 12/1/19
10/13/18 06:00 Addison IL Triangle 15 minutes UFO sightings near Addison, IL. ((anonymous report)) 10/18/18
10/8/18 22:55 Barrington IL Light 3 minutes 1st time me & dog have both been in observance of 3 orange lights, all in one line, spaced closely to one another. 10/12/18
9/29/18 23:56 Round Lake IL Other 9 seconds In Round Lake there has been sightings of lights lately I personally seen them, from a far. ((anonymous report)) 10/6/18
9/27/18 19:00 Wheaton IL Diamond 20 minutes Four small triangular blimp-like vessels hovering in a square formation, leave in single file. 10/6/18
9/26/18 23:00 Schaumburg IL Light 5-10 minures Orb of light crosses the sky and turns sharply in Chicago Suburbs. 9/27/18
9/26/18 11:30 Streator IL Disk 15 minutes Multi-object sighting. 9/27/18
9/26/18 10:06 Matteson IL Disk :30 2 bright disk shaped lights side by side in sky and a helicopter flying low watching. 9/27/18
9/23/18 20:45 Batavia IL Circle 15 minutes Three silent orange low flying lights circled for 15 minutes. 9/27/18
9/23/18 03:00 Westmont IL Circle 5 seconds Bright green ball of light. 9/27/18
9/21/18 13:30 Carbondale IL Other 2 minutes Black polyhedron at low altitude in broad daylight. 11/30/18
9/19/18 06:19 Belleville IL Light 20 seconds + Witness familiar with area was surprised enough to report some strange objects near Scott AFB. 10/12/18
9/18/18 03:37 Urbana IL Triangle 2 mintes It was pretty dark out, so i didnt notice it immediately. it blended in with the night sky. but then it made this noise that you could 9/27/18
9/14/18 21:45 St. Charles IL Oval 2 minutes Orange sphere seen. 11/9/18
9/14/18 21:45 St Charles IL Oval 2 minutes Orange sphere seen. 10/25/18
9/14/18 21:00 Peoria IL Circle
7 red-orange orbs in Peoria, IL sky on 9/14/18 9/27/18
9/14/18 14:00 Chicago IL Changing 20 minutes 30- to 50 flashing object in the sky not moving for a while and then slowly moving to the east . Two of them stayed behind for a little 9/27/18
9/10/18 19:16 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 9/27/18
9/1/18 17:00 Elgin IL Circle >2 minutes Saw a black stationary orb in the sky in Elgin. ((anonymous report)) 9/13/18
9/1/18 14:30 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 9/13/18
8/24/18 19:55 East Peoria IL Triangle 5 minutes Partially Cloaked Triangle and Bright White Light Intercept over the Riverfront. ((anonymous report)) 9/13/18
8/23/18 22:10 Plainfield IL Changing 2 seconds Boomerang-like yellowish light, warping shape. Quickly appears and disappears while viewing Mars. 8/31/18
8/20/18 12:47 Chicago IL Unknown >4 hours Security camera sighting over O'Hare International Airport 8/22/18
8/16/18 14:53 Burbank IL Unknown
I seen a blue object in the sky with some lights on the bottom of it maybe like 5-6 lights. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares. PD)) 9/27/18
8/13/18 22:00 Pingree Grove IL Unknown 2 minutes Triangle Shape Craft Near Chicago O'Hare Airport. 9/13/18
8/11/18 22:30 Sparta IL Light 15 minutes There was a zigzagging light. ((anonymous report)) 8/17/18
8/11/18 20:05 East Peoria IL Light 2-3 minutes Bright White Light seen at East Peoria Festival Park. ((anonymous report)) 8/17/18
8/10/18 21:30 Tinley Park IL Light 20 minutes 2 solid red lights in flying formation fly from east to west. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Perseid meteor?? PD)) 8/17/18
8/9/18 19:18 Danville IL Oval 3 minutes Oval object with two glowing lights slowly traveling down low. 8/23/19
8/6/18 15:30 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 8/17/18
8/4/18 21:30 Morris IL Triangle 30 seconds W of Morris. Saw what looked to be 1 large orange light then split into about 5 in the shape of a triangle. ((anonymous report)) 8/10/18
8/3/18 21:00 Crystal Lake IL Light ~2 minutes Five bright orange lights appeared on a staggered formation. The flew approximately 2 minutes this way. We noticed that two changed dir 8/10/18
7/21/18 21:03 Springfield IL Fireball 1 minute Red ball steadily across night sky followed by second one 4 min later 8/10/18
7/21/18 10:29 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 8/10/18
7/20/18 20:18 Peoria IL Cylinder 5-10 minutes ((HOAX??)) Long, big, bright White Cylinder over my place in daylight. ((anonymous report)) 8/10/18
7/20/18 20:18 Peoria IL Cylinder 5-8 minutes Bright, White, Long, Huge Cylindrical Object above my place. ((anonymous report)) 8/10/18
7/18/18 03:30 Lake in the Hills IL Light 30-60 minutes Started as one light and then split into 3, one heading north, one heading west, and one heading east 7/19/18
7/15/18 16:25 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 7/19/18
7/8/18 20:50 Mt. Prospect IL Fireball 3 seconds Bright fireball moving North to South over Mt. Prospect. 7/13/18
7/8/18 20:41 Rock Island IL Light 2 seconds Light green neon light flashed across the sky. ((anonymous report)) 7/13/18
7/8/18 20:30 Edwardsville IL Light 2 minutes Seen 2 veetical circle bright lights moving up towards space at a very high speed until it disappeared in space. ((anonymous report)) 7/13/18
7/8/18 18:35 Hampshire IL Cylinder 10-12 seconds I thought it was a shooting star, but it was much closer and larger and flew across the sky over the corn and bean fields for 10 second 7/13/18
7/4/18 22:30 Chicago IL Light 30 minutes Red light seen over Lake Michigan from Chicago over Sears Tower. 30-40 minute. Color changes. 7/13/18
7/4/18 22:00 Chicago IL Sphere 1 minute Three UFO'S slowly and silently floating over my house in Chicago. Two bright red, one white 07/04/2018. 7/5/18
7/1/18 16:00 Montgomery IL Unknown 20 seconds I was standing in front of my yard playing with my kids. In the distance I noticed a red light in the sky. It was still day time the li 1/4/19
6/30/18 20:35
IL Unknown 5 minutes Alien appeared on rhe back of a semi, we have pictures! ((NUFORC Note: Reflection of head lights off the rear door of a truck. PD)) 7/5/18
6/25/18 02:37 Plainfield IL Light 2 minutes Red/White Light seen over field off of Praire Grove Dr. and Wingstem St. next to nearby Middle School. 7/5/18
6/18/18 16:09 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 6/28/18
6/12/18 23:00 Dunlap IL Triangle 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) It hovered over a field for about three minutes then flew over us. 7/5/18
6/9/18 11:45 South Bend IL Unknown 20 seconds + Witness looked up and observed the object for approx 20 secs then grabbed his cell and started filming. ((MUFON report)) 7/5/18
6/7/18 11:36 Loves Park IL Unknown Very quickly Object Photographed Near Loves Park Illinois 6/15/18
6/4/18 23:45 Rockford/ Cherry Valley IL Diamond 30 I was on my way home from work. I saw two bright lights in the sky. I brushed it off at first thinking it was just two planes. 6/7/18
6/2/18 18:00 Millstadt IL Light 30 minutes ((HOAX??)) Bright disappearing lights in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 6/21/18
5/23/18 19:25 Franklin IL Chevron 2 minutes A/c flew N over home towards Jacksonville, IL,. About half as far up as jet liners, large flying V shape. ((anonymous report)) 5/31/18
5/23/18 08:20 Park Ridge IL Unknown 6-8 minutes Bizarre sighting in O'Hare airspace 5/23/2018 8:15 am - 8:25 am Just north of airport. ((anonymous report)) 5/31/18
5/20/18 00:00 Calhoun IL Rectangle Every half hour There was three people that saw this and there was two planes went by it and then disappeared right before our eyes. The light was brig 5/31/18
5/19/18 22:00 Wheeling IL Circle 25 minutes 4 white lights moving from the center of the circle towards the perimeter and then back to the center.((NUFORC Note: Adv. Lights??PD)) 5/31/18
5/17/18 10:30 Pontoon beach IL Changing 2:45 minutes 3 glowing dots that moved in formation of crescent type shape 20 seconds and glowing yellow orange. Dots were originally whitish-blue. 5/31/18
5/5/18 22:00 Matteson IL Triangle 3 minutes I was in my yard and a star proceeded to move approximately 7 inches in the sky, southwest to northeast, revealing a triangular shape e 7/13/18
5/5/18 13:18 Norris City IL

MADAR 5/10/18
5/5/18 13:07 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 6/7/18
4/29/18 20:39 East Peoria IL Light 15 minutes Bright white light turns out to be 3 lights in triangle formation. ((anonymous report)) 5/4/18
4/28/18 16:43 Joliet IL Changing ~9 minutes Object with alternating apperance transverses sky. 5/4/18
4/25/18 22:00 Heyworth IL Light 2-3 minutes Looking out the bedroom window, as my wife does at night before falling asleep,she noticed what she described as a purple light hoverin 4/26/18
4/19/18 15:20 Canton IL Disk 15-20 seconds So shiny it was almost blinding. "It appeared to be tall but shaped more like like a half circle." ((MUFON report)) 5/10/18
4/14/18 18:51 Norris City IL
15 seconds MADAR REPORT 4/19/18
4/7/18 20:00 Park Forest IL Circle 05:00 UFO Sighting On Saturday, April 7th, 2018, approximately 8:00pm, I got up to let my dog out into the backyard. 4/13/18
4/7/18 01:25 Norris City IL

4/6/18 22:45 Cherry Valley IL Light 30 minutes + Pulsing light at irregular intervals in northern IL USA. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 4/13/18
4/6/18 01:22 Norris City IL

4/1/18 20:00 Cuba IL Other 50 seconds Definitely UFOs because it certainly wasn’t the Amish. 7/12/19
3/29/18 20:00 Chicago IL Disk 6 minutes 2 strange floating bright reddish-orange lookin disk with what looks like 3 lights beaming from it silently move. ((anonymous report)) 4/5/18
3/29/18 19:05 Aurora IL Other 1 minute Took a few pictures of the sunset and on three of the pictures there was an object on each picture. ((anonymous report)) 4/5/18
3/29/18 10:05 Norris City IL

MADAR 115 4/26/18
3/26/18 04:55 Chicago IL Light 45 minutes 3 bright lights over Chicago. 3/29/18
3/25/18 05:10 Chicago IL Light 30 minutes 3 bright light orbs seen over Chicago. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/18
3/23/18 11:43 Norris City IL

3/3/18 23:20 Machesney park IL Unknown 90 minutes While driving west in Machesney Park I noticed a string of lights located low in the sky, below where the stars are. 3/8/18
2/27/18 19:00 Chicago IL Triangle 1 minute Triangle shape lights over Chicago. 3/2/18
2/25/18 13:00 Charleston IL Rectangle 1-2 minutes Silver rectangle UFO over Charleston, IL. 3/2/18
2/13/18 14:30 Mattoon IL Unknown 5 minutes Cloaked UFO in daytime over Mattoon, Illinois, watertower is huge. ((NUFORC Note: "Sighting" explained away by witness. PD)) 3/2/18
2/10/18 17:50 DeKalb IL Light 30 minutes 5 Hovering bright lights seen over Chicagoland 2/16/18
2/8/18 11:21 Hawthorn Woods IL Sphere
While taking Picture of the trees and sun, the bright item showed up far between the trees, however it moved up higher and observed nex 2/16/18
1/26/18 21:40 Bloomington (just N of; on I-55 N) IL Triangle 10-15 minutes and continu Large triangular hovering object with very bright white and red lights. ((anonymous report)) 2/16/18
1/16/18 20:35 Chicago IL Light 5 minutes A red light flashed through the sky then stopped, lights flashing between red and green, moving erratically, changing size, distance. 1/16/18
1/13/18 22:55 Romeoville IL Flash 3 minutes Reporting 8-10 blue flashing streaks move up and down in Chicago area skies at a very fast speed; fire works or display! 1/14/18
1/13/18 12:00 Cedarville IL Cigar 6-7 minutes Witness rptd a shiny, reflective, cigar-shaped obj pass over his field of vision while driving on HW 26. ((MUFON CMS case.)) 4/26/18
1/5/18 16:50 Hampshire IL Light 3 minutes 2 glowing football field sized cigar shaped craft seen during sunset moving away from each other. 1/12/18
12/26/17 03:00 Mahomet IL Flash 3 minutes bright white flashes high in sky 1/12/18
12/24/17 05:00 East Moline IL Light 15 minutes Two star-like objects one flew over the top of me hovered over the top of me. Didn't make any noise real bright like a star. 4/8/19
12/19/17 08:43 Arlington Heights IL Triangle 15 seconds Triangular Object dashed off into the sky. ((anonymous report)) 1/12/18
12/15/17 03:30 Pawnee IL Light 15 minutes Very bright orange flashing lights. 12/21/17
12/14/17 21:30 Plato Center IL Sphere 20 minutes Blue falling sphere very nearby followed by helicopters. 1/12/18
12/14/17 21:30 Plato Center IL Sphere 3 seconds Brilliant Blue Falling Orb, Followed by 2 Helicopters. 12/21/17
12/10/17 17:50 Naperville IL Light 5-10 minutes Strange blinking red light, along with a green object. 1/16/18
12/9/17 21:20 Vienna IL Light A few minutes Flashing lights seen flying overhead, completely silent. 12/10/17
12/9/17 21:00 Springfield IL Other 5 minutes Lights in the sky. 1/12/18
12/9/17 20:15 Carbondale IL Formation 5 minutes Large light formation over Jackson County, Illinois. 12/10/17
12/7/17 11:00 Champaign IL Egg 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Walking to class and hovering craft making some sort of cracking noise. ((anonymous report)) 12/8/17
12/1/17 17:05 Springfield IL Cigar 20 minutes Rural road outside of Springfield w/ my daughter and in the sky was a very low flying slow moving cigar shaped obj.((anonymous report)) 12/4/17
11/25/17 15:02 Springfield IL Circle 20 seconds Just after 3pm, I went outside to smoke a cigarette. Its a beautiful clear day here today and I noticed that the sky was really blue fo 12/4/17
11/23/17 21:39 Wilmette IL Circle 7-8 seconds White round light flying quick, like a shooting star, but closer to the earth. Flew with a low quick sweep east to west, then shot up t 12/4/17
11/21/17 20:30 Springfield IL Oval 15 minutes 3 very slow flying objects w/ red flashing light going due S, very high, maybe 100 mi apart 11/22/17
11/15/17 21:00 Champaign IL Circle 2 seconds Giant, orange half Circle in Sky near Champaign 3/21/19
11/9/17 16:20 Batavia IL Sphere 30 seconds In 10 minute intervals, I saw lights that looked like stars that moved around, then disappeared. ((anonymous report)) 11/17/17
10/27/17 15:15 Chicago IL Sphere 1 minute I was headed southbound on the CTA bus on Damen Ave. on 10/27/17 the day way heavily overcast. Somewhere between Clyborn street and Web 11/3/17
10/18/17 02:00 Sparland IL Other 05:00 Flickering light was sitting SE in the sky. I watched the object for hrs.; object did not move. ((NUFORC Note: Star, or Venus?? PD)) 10/19/17
10/12/17 16:15 Effingham IL Cigar 3 minutes Large Dark object hovering over forest area behind a subdivision, disappeared when I got close to it. 10/19/17
10/8/17 19:30 Bloomington IL Light 60 seconds 2 bright star like lights moving quickly overheard. ((anonymous report)) 10/19/17
10/8/17 08:30 Leland IL Changing 2 minutes Green shape changing spot in multiple photographs East sky in morning. ((anoymous report)) 10/19/17
10/4/17 18:40 O'Fallon IL Sphere 20 seconds Driving W on 64 just before Caseyville exit and 255 North ramp. At first I saw a bright object in the top. ((anonymous report)) 10/19/17
9/30/17 17:00 Lasalle IL Triangle 2 minutes I was walking down the street, down hill, in a neighborhood. Its a little past dusk.. When I a blacklight looking light caught my eye. 3/23/18
9/29/17 19:00 Rockford/Belvidere IL Sphere 10+ On our way to Belvidere from Rockford, we witnessed the first two objects. Orange balls of light, one at horizon level, the other at ap 10/5/17
9/28/17 15:54 Mattoon IL Cylinder 30 seconds Silver cylinder shaped moving slowly across sky N-NW direction. ((anonymous report)) 10/5/17
9/27/17 21:00 Johnston City IL Triangle 3+ hours Some of the objects appeared to have pulsating lights along the sides of the crafts. 9/28/17
9/20/17 06:53 Normal IL Light 30 seconds White/yellow ball of light, started bright, faded out as it came closer to the surface. 9/21/17
9/12/17 06:12 Elmwood Park IL Light 12 minutes Flickering white lights due west in a curved, symmetrical pattern, moving downward to the south. 9/12/17
9/9/17 22:00 Blyton IL Flash 1 second Bright, spread out white flash in northeastern sky 10:00PM 09/09/2017 9/21/17
9/6/17 11:00 Warsaw IL Sphere 15 seconds Large silver orb shaped ufo seen in Warsaw Illinois. 10/5/17
9/4/17 21:36 La Salle IL Sphere 5 minutes Was seating on my porch watching something on my phone and noticed bright orange ball of light. Thought flare, so looked directly it mo 9/12/17
9/2/17 20:29 Lewistown IL Light 52 minutes Red lights traveling in the same general direction, moving slowly and steadily across the night sky. 9/5/17
9/1/17 20:41
.5 second I looked up and the brightest light I've ever seen flashed and then watch a dim glow like a light bulb losing the Electric I'm going ou 9/5/17
8/23/17 04:30 New Lenox IL Oval 3 seconds Light coming down from the sky to the earth at a moderate speed. 8/24/17
8/21/17 00:15 Lake Shelbyville IL Unknown 15 minutes This is kind of crazy. But I'll write the details and you decide. 10:30 on august 20th. 2017. Lone point, lake shelbyville. Campsite 64 9/5/17
8/15/17 23:00 Montrose IL Light 15-20 minute Ball of light chased by U.S. military. 8/17/17
8/15/17 03:15 Oakwood Hills IL Light 30 minutes Object made abrupt U-turn at a very high rate of speed. 8/17/17
8/1/17 22:00 Rockford IL Light 3 minutes Light shrouded in aura. 8/4/17
8/1/17 21:30 Crystal Lake IL Light 4 minutes Glowing Light With Halo of Light Surrounding 9/5/17
8/1/17 21:25 Orland Hills IL Unknown 2 seconds Bright Green lit craft moving quickly appeared and dissapered into nothing 8/4/17
8/1/17 14:00 Joliet IL Other 2 minutes The White Cube UFO 7/25/19
7/28/17 22:30 Chicago IL Fireball Minutes Three ufos. Fire type over Humboldt Park. 8/4/17
7/23/17 21:05 Geneva IL Fireball 1 minute Intense red orb flying in irregular speed and direction at dusk. 7/27/17
7/20/17 18:30 Naperville IL Formation 20 1 bright af middle white disc which had two pinkish or reddish bullet shaped objects 1 above the white disc and 1 below the white disc 9/28/17
7/18/17 13:00 Hanover Park IL Sphere 5 minutes Spherical, metallic object rising very high in the sky. Drone or something else? 7/23/17
7/16/17 23:00 Walnut IL Other 1 minute I was sitting by a fire I had made around 11 or 12 pm. I heard a slight cutting of air SE direction. ((anonymous report)) 11/3/17
7/4/17 21:50 Rantoul IL Light 1 minute 4th of July UFO. 12/10/17
7/4/17 21:00 Chicago IL
10-15 seconds Strange craft with flashing lights was flying over Cicero on the 4th of July. ((anonymous report)) 7/7/17
6/23/17 21:30 Olney IL Chevron 2 minutes An adult male telephone the NUFORC UFO Hotline to report a sighting of a "boomerang-shaped" craft. Appeared to give off smoke. 7/7/17
6/20/17 13:30 Harvey IL Sphere 2 hours Round sphere, was 90% translucent was siphoning electricity from high tension power-lines in the forest preserve. 12/14/17
6/10/17 18:00 Oak Lawn IL Unknown 20-30 seconds Mothman? UFO? Black balloon that poped in the air? ((anonymous report)) 6/22/17
6/9/17 14:00 Round Lake IL Oval 10 minutes An hour into enjoying our time, I looked up and noticed a solid white oval in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 6/15/17
6/8/17 23:41 Peoria IL Oval 12-15 minutes Friend and I saw an oval object omitting red/green light, followed it and at some point went 3+ miles within the span of seconds,. 6/9/17
6/7/17 15:00 Manteno IL Disk 30 minutes I was driving on a very clear day, without a single cloud in the sky. At an intersection, I noticed a silver object in the sky, which i 6/15/17
6/5/17 21:29 Crystal Lake IL Other 10-15 minutes Pointy shaped craft on moon, disappeared after seen through high powered telescope. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter?? PD)) 6/9/17
6/3/17 03:55 Nashville IL Cylinder 2 hours While night fishing at Washington Co. Lake, there was a very bright light in my SE. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 6/9/17
5/29/17 05:15 Kewanee IL Changing 5-10 seconds Shape changing lights in southern sky. 6/2/17
5/28/17 22:50 Wonder Lake IL Light 1 hour Orange lights rising from West to East in the Northern sky. 6/2/17
5/28/17 21:50 Oak Lawn IL Light 27 seconds Not a satellite. ((anonymous report)) 6/2/17
5/27/17 12:00 Dolton IL
Evidence ((NUFORC Note: Source provides no information. PD)) ((anonymous report)) 6/2/17
5/27/17 00:35 Orland Park IL Light 20 minutes Long lasting flashing light flashing on and off same duration for the 20 min. I checked on it. No other objects. ((anonymous report)) 6/2/17
5/21/17 23:48 Wilmington IL Flash Ungoing I don't know what it is but it's ongoing and seemingly harmless, at this time 6/2/17
5/18/17 00:00 Des Plaines IL Unknown 05:30 Just about every night, there is a loud sound coming from the sky. It gets loud, then it decreases in sound. ((anonymous report 6/2/17
5/17/17 22:00 Edwardsville IL Unknown 30 minutes Witnessed 6 solid lights extremely high up. Thought at first they were stars, but as I watched a little longer, they were moving very 6/2/17
5/15/17 18:40 Oak Lawn IL Changing 2 minutes I'm not sure if they were just balloons. 1st one I noticed was going left and the 2nd showed up 50 minutes. ((anonymous report)) 5/15/17
5/14/17 22:20 Des Plaines IL Fireball 3 minutes Fireball in sky near O'Hare Airport. 5/15/17
5/14/17 08:23 Chicago IL Circle 3 minutes Observed 1 big obj. tailed by 2 smaller objects less then a mi. of L. Michigan, they proceed inland disappear. ((anonymous report)) 5/15/17
4/30/17 20:30 Belleville IL Triangle 5 minutes Close to the horizon, there were 3 lights in a triangular shape. As we watched, they turned in a circle, still keeping their triangula 5/6/17
4/28/17 20:18 Franklin Park IL Unknown 14 minutes This was no airplane 5/6/17
4/20/17 04:56 Bridgeview IL Light 20 seconds Bridgeview, IL, blue light. ((anonymous report)) 4/20/17
4/16/17 20:00 Bolingbrook IL Formation ~2 hours Was driving northbound interstate 355 when i noticed a large bright formation to the southwest of where we were and they were all at di 4/20/17
4/12/17 10:13 Rochelle IL Formation 10 seconds 4 straight line flashing lights. ((anonymous report)) 4/13/17
4/10/17 00:00 Phoenix IL Changing >1 minute I was on my way to work early Monday morning when I decided to take a picture of the moonlight shooting upwards. Upon taking the pictu 4/20/17
4/8/17 22:30 Tinley Park IL Circle 1 second White object caught on night vision camera. 4/13/17
4/4/17 21:20 Chicago IL Triangle 15min Two triangular shaped objects with flashing white lights over the southside of Chicago. 4/13/17
4/1/17 01:10 Arlington Heights IL Light <2 seconds Airplane-sized light seen in night sky going abnormally fast before extinguishing. 4/7/17
3/9/17 19:45 LaFayette IL Light 5 minutes Bright white light. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of the planet, Venus. PD)) 3/10/17
3/5/17 05:10 Wheeling IL Circle 5-10 minutes A flare like object shot into the sky, then started moving to the right. 8/4/17
2/26/17 18:00 Carpentersville IL Flash 15 minutes Flash and stationary light flashing. 3/10/17
2/25/17 23:27 Chicago IL Light 5 seconds Blue light flew across the sky on the highway. 3/10/17
2/20/17 20:11 Chicago IL Light 12 minutes 41 seconds On February 20, 2017 at 8:11 P.M. I ((name deleted)),((teenager)), saw multiple UFOs outside my window on my Southwest Airlines flight. 3/10/17
2/18/17 20:15 Skokie IL Circle 2 seconds White orb changing direction filmed INSIDE my house 2/22/17
2/18/17 19:00 Glendale Heights IL Light 10 minutes Oservation of a craft that stopped and changed direction a a very high speed multiple times. 2/22/17
2/18/17 18:00 Glendale Heights IL Light 10 minutes Observation of red light that stopped and changed direction at a very high speed multiple times. 2/22/17
2/13/17 23:00 Morton IL Circle 30 seconds Ball of white light seen while driving on interstate near morton driving into peoria. 2/22/17
2/12/17 18:37 Orland Park IL Unknown 30 seconds Low, BRIGHT white light. 2/17/17
2/8/17 21:30 Kirkland IL Light 10 seconds Reddish orange light that got brighter and dimmed out, twice, the second time getting brighter and dimming out even quicker. 2/10/17
2/6/17 01:15 Oak Lawn IL Fireball 6-7 seconds Oak Lawn, Illinois, Bright greenish/white floating ball of light came from the sky like a projectile leaving behind a red trail. 2/10/17
2/5/17 22:05 Chicago IL Circle 15 minutes Red glowing ball moving south then went slowly strait up and stopped before it came back down slowly twice, started flashing before it 2/10/17
2/1/17 06:00 Chicago IL Light 2 hours Notice an object over Chicago west of the moon, I waited an hour to see if it moved. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 2/3/17
1/18/17 22:30 Chicago IL Triangle 30 seconds Triangle Shaped Dark Craft w/ 3 lights in the corners. 1/19/17
1/8/17 17:30 Frankfort IL Formation half hour Gathering of lights and formation, fighter jets checked it out 1/12/17
12/31/16 23:35 Schaumburg IL Light 4 minutes Orange-red lights traveling in formation quickly over suburban sky 1/6/17
12/28/16 05:00 Multiple IL Light 2 hours 3 objects spotted separately, shaft of light aimed at one of them. 12/30/16
12/26/16 17:00 Chicago IL Fireball 10 seconds We saw a greenish white fireball drop out of the sky on the night of December 26th near O'Hare Airport. 12/30/16
12/23/16 19:30 Woodridge IL Light Seconds Bright orange light in sky. Got out cell phones to take pic & bright beam of light shot down from sky as I clicked pic IMG_0428.JPG. 12/30/16
12/21/16 07:08 East Peoria IL Other 2-3 minutes Trapezoid object over I-74 E between E. Peoria and Morton, IL approx. 7AM. 1/6/17
12/13/16 22:20 Chicago IL Light 3 seconds Bright white light moving over Chicago. 12/15/16
12/8/16 19:30 Jerseyville IL Triangle 2-4 seconds Near perfect triangle 3 solid huge lights. 12/15/16
12/6/16 07:15 Union IL Chevron 20 minutes There is never a static light in this area of the sky. 12/15/16
11/29/16 20:15 Carlinville IL Rectangle 7 minutes Was driving in a rural area in Carlinville, IL, when we seen a very huge light in the N sky that appeared to have searchlights. 12/5/16
11/29/16 12:10 Plainfield IL Changing 10 minutes Bright white object hovering Southward over Plainfield, IL. 12/5/16
11/28/16 06:00 Centerville IL Fireball
We where just sitting in the car an we seen 2 lights but it looked like car lights in the sky so that caught our attention knowing plai 12/5/16
11/22/16 21:00 Beecher IL Chevron 10 minutes Flaming wing. Quiet. Traveling east to west. 12/5/16
11/20/16 22:23 Springfield IL Light 20 minutes+ I noticed in the south eastern sky a greenish red flashing light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star or planet? PD)) 12/5/16
11/16/16 18:30 Green Garden Township IL Light 15-20 minutes Very low bright light hovering near Manhattan, Illinois..... ((anonymous report)) 12/5/16
11/15/16 17:30 Naperville IL Circle 2 minutes Right above the movie theater, there was a round shaped object in the sky. There were red, blue and white flashing lights on the side. 12/5/16
11/15/16 03:00 Peoria IL Unknown
Entities in my home November 15, 2016. 2/22/18
11/13/16 15:00 Ottawa IL Cylinder 40 seconds Cylinder shaped object over northern Illinois. 12/5/16
11/13/16 14:10 Elwood IL Unknown 20 Large contrail running south to north then turned 90 degrees to the west. This contrail was 200% larger and seemed very low to the grou 12/5/16
11/12/16 20:10 Highland Park IL Light 2 minutes When I got off the highway 294 on Lake Cook road I noticed 5 lights. At first I thought it was a one group, but very soon I realized th 12/5/16
11/11/16 08:30 Herod IL Other
Strange smoke/vapor trail over the Ohio River. Color white. ((NUFORC Note: Contrails. PD)) 11/11/16
11/9/16 21:00 Chicago IL Circle 30 minutes I saw a couple of little dots flashing red by the Chicago sky line. ((anonymous report)) 11/11/16
11/6/16 20:35 Villa Park IL Circle 5 seconds Dim orange orb. 11/11/16
11/6/16 03:55 Oak Lawn IL
5 seconds UFO Light 5 times brighter than the brightest star that was outside. ((anonymous report)) 11/11/16
11/4/16 23:00 Rochelle IL Chevron 2-5 seconds Cloaked craft over Illinois. 12/5/16
10/28/16 19:00 Springfield IL Circle 10 seconds Bright circle was spotted. ((anonymous report)) 11/4/16
10/24/16 19:00 Frankfort IL Formation >25 minutes Orange lights low in the eastern sky, as seen from interstate 355 and Southwest highway. Most holding in a formation relative to one an 10/27/16
10/24/16 17:30 Chicago IL Diamond 10 seconds 94W near 103rd at 5:30PM. 10/27/16
10/18/16 18:15 Oregon IL Light 5 minutes 5 lights, maybe shapes, in a strange alignment, in the western evening sky 12/5/16
10/17/16 19:45 Chicago IL Light 30 minutes Bright, flickering, flamelike light out over Lake Michigan. Stationary, not a plane. Not a lantern, there were extreme winds. 10/21/16
10/17/16 19:21 Madison IL Circle 2 minutes Bright light with no warning or indicator lights heading east for approx. 2 minutes until light suddenly went out. 10/21/16
10/17/16 19:00 Taylorville IL Circle 4 minutes Observed bright ball, going north to south slowly. 3 miles south of route 29, stopped, then shot off. 10/21/16
10/9/16 18:20 Aurora IL Light 3 minutes Orange Light Sighted In Sky. 10/11/16
10/8/16 23:20 Illiopolis IL Triangle 30 seconds At 11:20pm I was traveling west on Interstate 72 just crossed Into Sangamon County when I saw a bright light I mistaken for a star. 10/11/16
10/8/16 19:47 Chicago IL Oval <1 second UFO over Wrigley Field. 10/21/16
10/8/16 11:15 Champaign IL Rectangle 2 minutes Rectangular silver panel with nothing else around it; below the clouds; made no sounds; took a sharp turn; gave me the creeps. 10/11/16
10/1/16 19:00 Sullivan IL Fireball 3 minutes Me and my father were watching the space station on 10/1/2016. I walk into the house as my dad calls me out to see this burning ball th 10/11/16
9/20/16 22:00 Oak Lawn IL Light 2 minutes UFO Flying thr whole street of Cicero above traffic as high as planes fly. 9/22/16
9/20/16 04:00 Brookfield IL Disk 15 minutes I noticed this bright star to the southeast of my house. It was a bright, rotating. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a star. PD)) 11/11/16
9/19/16 22:00 Oswego IL Light 10 seconds Very large ball/triangle of light that was blue/green appeared in night sky and flew for a quick 3-6 seconds. ((anonymous report)) 9/22/16
9/18/16 22:00 Danforth IL Unknown 7 minutes Craft with multiple bright lights on the bottom hovered and flew in a curvilinear path over the cornfields. After several minutes movi 9/22/16
9/11/16 21:00 St. Charles IL Formation 15 minutes Giant bright amber lights in the sky. 2 then 3 in formation then formed into a tower of light while hovering in place. Brighter to dimm 9/15/16
9/7/16 07:45 Stonefort IL Light 3 hours 3 orange lights in southern Illinois. 9/9/16
9/7/16 05:00 Oak Forest IL Light
Saw a decent sized traveling light floating quietly and slowly around 5 am on sep 7 2016 in chicago il.usa 9/9/16
9/6/16 22:00 Peoria IL Light 15 minutes Circular rotating solid light gets followed by solid red light, and at the same time a c130 takes off headed to same area. 9/9/16
9/5/16 04:00 Orland Park IL Other During the night Unusual markings. 1/12/17
9/4/16 21:00 Elgin IL Fireball Few minutes 9:00pm CST, 9/4/16, fireball-like objects observed over Elgin, IL. 9/9/16
9/4/16 03:40 Northbrook IL Light 2-3 seconds Sept. 4 2016, a bright white light streaks over Northbook from west to east 9/22/16
9/3/16 23:00 Chicago (Wood Dale) IL Fireball Unknown Around 11 PM, my family called to tell me there were strange red/orange lights in the sky. I went out and after a few minutes of waitin 9/9/16
9/2/16 19:23 Naperville IL Triangle 4 minutes Three possibly four travelling in formation. White lights. I have photos of the incident. 10/11/16
9/2/16 Stickney IL Sphere 3 seconds White orb over Stickney, Illinois. 9/9/16
8/30/16 11:00 West Chicago IL Cigar 5 seconds Craft just disappeared. 9/2/16
8/26/16 20:30 Macomb IL Triangle 2 minutes It was triangular in shape it looked like several spheres making connected making up the triangle. It had a weird glow to it, it was f 8/29/16
8/25/16 14:00 Cicero IL

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 2:00pm my 7 year old son noticed a beam of light that appeared to be coming from the sky into our 8/29/16
8/24/16 20:30 Rantoul IL Circle 0.30 minutes Ufo maybe? 8/29/16
8/24/16 20:15 Rantoul IL Light 30 minutes Two white lights seen by two separate people 30 minutes apart in same location, central IL. 8/25/16
8/20/16 23:00 Chicago IL Sphere 30 minutes My wife and I were in Chicago and we witnessed 8 orange/red/bright spheres slowly going overhead. I am ex Navy and stationed on the USS 9/2/16
8/20/16 20:22 Hazel Crest IL Fireball 3 minutes and 20 seconds 10-12 yellow/orange fireballs moving in strange formation no sound and sequentially disappearing. 8/25/16
8/15/16 19:30 Batavia IL Sphere 1 minute Black Sphere that was shiny... 12/10/17
8/13/16 21:45 Bourbonnais IL Formation 45 seconds 10-12 yellow/orange globes traveling N to S Kankakee Co.; disappeared quickly in S. ((anonymous report)) 8/16/16
8/10/16 23:20 Oak Lawn IL Light 1 second Light in Sky Swirled (August 10th 2016). ((anonymous report)) 8/16/16
8/6/16 20:50 New Lenox IL Fireball 3 minutes About a dozen fireballs passing overhead in single file but irregularly spaced. ((anonymous report)) 8/16/16
8/2/16 22:00 Winthrop Harbor IL Light 3 minutes This looked like 2 lights that were about 3 inches apart if you were measuring from about 12 inches in front of your face. They were o 8/4/16
8/2/16 21:35 Champaign IL Light 2 minutes Two lights, one following the other until both disappeared, then one light at equal speed going the opposite direction. 8/4/16
7/30/16 21:00 Tinley Park IL Light 15 minutes 25-35 red orange lights/circular and rectangular craft 9/12/17
7/29/16 16:00 Bloomington IL Other Unknown Craft appear in photographs at Bloomington, IL regional airport 5/11/17
7/27/16 23:00 Wheaton IL Triangle 1 second It was fast and silent. 8/2/16
7/25/16 21:26 Rock Falls IL Light 10 minutes Bright white light moving in a weird pattern. 8/2/16
7/21/16 09:15 Oswego IL Rectangle 1 minutes This was an object that was a rectangular shape with blue on the outering of it and then red and white on the inside of it. 8/2/16
7/18/16 01:20 Maryville IL Sphere 2 seconds Large orange sphere materialized over cornfield, sped off traveling S to N, disappeared in mid air 8/2/16
7/17/16 01:00 Macomb IL Triangle 1 hour+ High flying craft moving fast in short bursts, able to make fast corners 1/19/17
7/16/16 23:00 Murphysboro IL Light 30 seconds Bright ball of light seen above the horizon line, zoomed away quicker than possible. 8/16/16
7/16/16 21:30 Shorewood IL Light 5 minutes Very bright red light moving slowly E to W, then went straight up and disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is commercial pilot. PD)) 8/4/16
7/10/16 21:30 Lake Zurich IL Fireball 5 minutes (each event) In a 1-minute period, there were 3 fireballs heading north spced evenly apart. 7/15/16
7/9/16 23:45 Wonder Lake IL Light 5 minutes Approx. 10 bright orange lights appeared from the E, moving slowly and silently, about tree top high, to the W. ((anonymous report)) 7/15/16
7/8/16 23:50 Ottawa IL Light 5 seconds (a silent) streak of light, bright white, dropped at aprox. 80 degree angle nothing remarkable about the event, except with in 2 minut 7/15/16
7/8/16 20:04 Plainfield IL Circle 10 seconds I was at my neighborhood gazebo located next to a pond, when I saw a bright white light in the sky, it obviously wasn't a plane nor was 7/15/16
7/4/16 23:45 Hometown IL Light 5 minutes Lighted objects floated over Oak Lawn and Hometown, July 4th, 2016. 7/8/16
7/4/16 22:00 Oswego IL Circle 90 seconds Orange fiery spree threw the night sky! ((anonymous report)) 7/8/16
7/4/16 21:37 Joliet IL Cigar ~10 minutes cigar shape light glowing blue with white lights on right side and left side white with lights 7/8/16
7/4/16 21:30 South Elgin IL Sphere 15 minutes My family witnessed about 20 or more orange lights in the sky.... not too high up. They looked like they were hovering bot not moving 7/8/16
7/3/16 22:30 Matteson IL Light 20 minutes My friend and II saw altogether 9 glowing bright orange orbs in the sky. 7/8/16
7/2/16 22:30 Downers Grove IL Fireball 3 minutes silent orange ball of fiery light over Downers Grove, Illinois 7/8/16
7/2/16 21:30 Lively Grove IL Fireball 2 minutes Orange fireball heading east to west, then went upward and dissappeared. 7/8/16
6/29/16 22:30 Schaumburg IL Fireball 4 minutes There was a big light that looked like a blood moon then we realized that the object was giving off a red aura Then slowly floated away 7/8/16
6/25/16 22:00 Orland Park IL Circle 45 minutes + Blue-green disk holding position in western sky. 7/8/16
6/24/16 21:00 Lombard IL Circle 20 seconds My girlfriend and I were sitting at a Ted light at a busy intersection and while looking around I seen 3 green circle lights in the sky 8/20/20
6/24/16 00:20 Carol Stream IL Sphere 15 minutes Witnessed a starlike object moving around in the night sky in various patterns. 7/8/16
6/18/16 21:30 South Barrington IL Chevron 15 minutes Two chevron shaped objects, one with white lights one with red lights, could stand still and could move quickly with no sound 6/24/16
6/18/16 20:05 Chicago IL Circle 15 minutes Black drone shaped UFO flies slowly over Chicago and ORD on June 18, 2016. 6/24/16
6/6/16 23:00 Naperville IL Circle 5 minutes Golden Circular vehicles seen in Naperville. 6/10/16
6/6/16 08:38 Godfrey IL Fireball 3-4 seconds Saw the light falling from the sky very quickly and disappear before hitting ground. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? Anonymous report. PD)) 6/10/16
6/5/16 21:15 Middletown IL Circle 4 hours A replay of what has been happening since 6/1/2012 here in Middletown, a lot of UFOs moving all over in our sky. 6/10/16
6/3/16 21:00 Middletown IL Other 2.5 hours At 10:15 last my family decides to go star gazing. We were looking for constellations when we noticed two bright yellow/ 6/10/16
6/3/16 00:00 Algonquin IL Light 4+ hours Moving starlike light circled around area over the course of night, dimming out at dawn 6/3/16
6/1/16 21:12 New Lenox IL Light 1 seconds Walking my dog, facing south in New Lenox, IL, we saw a light move across the sky at a very fast speed, lasted a second or less. 6/3/16
5/30/16 21:50 Blue Island IL Circle 1:30 minutes Two objects were seen trailing each other approximately 400 ft. apart with a orange glow. No sound; commercial aircraft's were in area. 6/1/16
5/29/16 22:00 Canton IL Rectangle 15 seconds On Sunday, May 29, 2016 at approximately 10:00 pm I saw two (2) rectangular shaped objects moving parallel to one another.

They came
5/29/16 21:00 Braidwood IL Other 1 minute Bright orange light/Dome- or Bulb-Shaped Craft. 6/1/16
5/29/16 15:30 Plainfield IL Sphere 30 seconds Outside taking pics of clouds saw nothing with until looked at pics on cell phone shocked to see a gray sphere with white square specs, 6/1/16
5/28/16 04:40 Oak Lawn IL Light 3 minutes Blink One Time White and Blink One Time Red but Nothing There At All. ((anonymous report)) 6/1/16
5/28/16 04:30 Glenview IL Light 15 minutes Separate very bright white lights me in different directions. 6/1/16
5/21/16 21:00 Orland Park IL Changing 1 minute Orland Park UFO sighting blue lights. 5/26/16
5/19/16 10:30 Skokie IL Circle 30 seconds Silver shining disk flew overhead in front of my car in sky. Occurred in broad daylight. Bright day with clouds. No wings on this airc 5/20/16
5/15/16 21:30 Carlinville IL Light 5 minutes The red lighted object was seen slowly flying over the sky north of Carlinville, IL, towards the small town of Nilwood. 5/20/16
5/14/16 22:45 Schaumburg IL Circle 10 minutes Seen two, three paired circles rotating and converging into single circle and coming back to its original position n doing same thing a 5/20/16
5/7/16 22:30 Marion IL Light 20 minutes At approximately 10:30 pm I stepped out into the backyard and observed a white light in the shape of an orb streak across the sky. I th 5/10/16
5/6/16 23:30 Buffalo Grove IL Circle 1 minute Circular object with multiple lights arround the outside and hovering noise coming from it. 5/10/16
5/6/16 21:00 Round Lake IL Circle 10 seconds Retired Police Ofc. Seen a Planet or bright star shaped white object moving fast- West of Chicago 05/05/16 2100 Hrs. 5/10/16
5/5/16 00:00 Shelbyville IL Cigar 15 seconds I seen a silver looking cigar shaped craft flying with no contrail intersect under a jet flying with a contrail. 5/6/16
4/29/16 20:00 Yorkville IL Triangle 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) Triangular shaped craft with blue dotted lights. ((anonymous report)) 5/6/16
4/25/16 22:30 Plainfield IL Light 45 seconds Spot light 4/29/16
4/24/16 21:00 Lake Villa IL Fireball 1 minute Fire ball in the sky, no sound 4/29/16
4/23/16 05:10 Yorkville IL Light 10 seconds Traveling single light, changed direction, appeared to get brighter, then faded to nothing. 4/29/16
4/21/16 22:40 Ashton IL Oval >1 hour The object changed color. ((anonymous)) 4/22/16
4/21/16 21:30 Peoria IL Sphere 20 minutes Glowing ball shaped object, flashing red/green/blue and very bright in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" star? Sirius? Anon. PD)) 4/22/16
4/19/16 13:30 Rock Island IL Unknown 1 minute ((HOAX??)) Large black silent object with smaller black sphere trailing. ((anonymous)) 4/22/16
4/19/16 01:00 Elmhurst IL Unknown
4/18/16 20:00 Plainfield IL Circle 10 seconds Bright White/Grey light moves across Plainfield, Illinois. 4/29/16
4/16/16 21:30 Rochelle IL Circle 3 minutes Camping at campsite with three others. Object red in color with flame center or orange center traveling East to west approximately 900' 5/6/16
4/15/16 22:20 Chicago IL Fireball 3 seconds A fireball, moving east to west, was a solid mass with a long, trailing tail. It was blue, green,and red. Colors were vivid and very vi 4/22/16
4/15/16 22:15 Cairo IL Fireball 2-3 seconds Falling star that evolved and grew in size and color, to end in a brilliant green ball of trailing light. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD)) 4/22/16
4/14/16 22:16 Oak Lawn IL Other 5-8 seconds UFO flying fluently over Deja Brew in Oak Lawn, Illinois. 4/15/16
4/12/16 20:10 Mount Carmel IL Light 20 seconds Extremely bright non flickering red light moving quickly over town and disappears in the west. 4/15/16
4/7/16 12:00 Berwyn IL Disk ? I didn't see this until I was going through the pics I took on the computer. I was facing east and the ceiling was about 2900 ft. 4/15/16
4/6/16 23:14 Elgin IL Triangle 15 minutes Triangle of lights in the sky to the south. 4/15/16
4/5/16 01:30 West Frankfort IL Triangle 1:30 to 2:55 Three red lights are in perfect triangular form, they appear a lot closer than an average star. The top one was brightest an the lower 4/15/16
4/3/16 22:30 St. Charles IL Formation 20 minutes Took pictures, they were very bright white lights in a perfect formation with no movement .. 5-6 in two sections of the sky to the dire 4/15/16
4/3/16 22:20 Palatine IL Formation 10 minutes 3 orbs of brilliant, pulsing white light & indistinct shape seen in a diagonal formation on the horizon in the SE sky. 4/15/16
3/28/16 21:00 Rochester IL Fireball ~2 hours ((HOAX??)) Started w/ 1 light on E hor., followed it, grew to countless lights over 2 hrs., along with close encounter ground sighting. 4/1/16
3/26/16 22:30 Glenview IL Light 15 minutes I witnessed for the second Saturday in a row, a very bright white light approximately straight overhead. The light is not constant but 4/1/16
3/22/16 00:00 Bloomington IL Disk Unknown ((HOAX??)) I dont know if this was a dream or if i was abducted. 3/24/16
3/21/16 21:30 Des Plaines IL Fireball 4 minutes 5 fireballs in the sky over Des Plaines/Glenview, Illinois. 3/24/16
3/17/16 01:45 Sterling IL Disk 20 3 of us have seen this UFO at least 6 times, with an extra friend seeing it tonight. It was more flat in shape, and only omitted white 3/18/16
3/11/16 23:59 McHenrry IL Triangle 3 seconds 3 lights in a triangle shape traveling 1/3 speed of shooting star. 3/18/16
3/8/16 20:20 Glenview IL Fireball 4 seconds I observed a large bright green glowing object fall to earth a few minutes ago. I had just looked up out the window, which faces east 3/11/16
2/29/16 21:35 Joliet IL Unknown 10 minutes At approximately 21:35 we heard a very loud noise coming from the sky. It sound like a very loud jet plane. 3/4/16
2/28/16 21:00 Rosiclare IL Triangle 5 minutes 7 "satellite" objects within five minutes? ((NUFORC Note: Possible sightings of satellites?? PD)) 3/4/16
2/19/16 21:15 Hoffman IL Teardrop 5 seconds Greenish white fireball ,that was going west in a descending arc, brightly visible for several seconds. 2/26/16
2/19/16 21:00 Kingston IL Light 5 minutes 5 hovering lights near Kingston, IL. 2/26/16
2/12/16 16:38 Hickory Hills IL Light 20 second 1 or 2 lights that were maybe UFO's. 2/26/16
2/11/16 19:00 Zion IL Disk Few seconds A bunch of lights with the silhouette of a saucer. 2/19/16
2/6/16 07:06 Pekin IL Circle 5 seconds Green ball floating in the air. 2/11/16
2/6/16 01:45 Chicago IL Fireball Few seconds A Green Fireball fell from sky close to O'Hare Airport Chicago, IL. ((NUFORC Note: Other reports. PD)) 2/10/17
2/5/16 20:00 South Barrington IL Circle 2 minutes 5 circular UFO's were seen flying over The Glen of South Barrington. 2/11/16
2/5/16 19:00 Springfield IL Sphere 1 minute Fire in the sky. 2/11/16
2/1/16 18:25 Lombard IL Disk 10 seconds Sighting in Lombard, IL. 2/4/16
1/24/16 17:40 Sterling IL Light 5 minutes 20 pulsing orange orbs fly a few miles before disappearing. 1/29/16
1/21/16 21:00 Skokie IL Sphere Still I notice everyone stopping their car to take pictures of this reddish orange sphere. 1/23/16
1/15/16 23:00 Warren IL Circle 5 minutes Bright star. but with binoculars I saw green lights with < in solid white inside right side of circle. 1/23/16
1/14/16 18:25 Antioch IL Sphere 10 minutes Seen in the E sky heading N at least 50 or more moving not in a flight path pattern bright red sphere shapes. 1/20/16
1/14/16 18:20 Antioch IL Sphere 3 minutes Formation of orange spheres in sky. 1/20/16
1/12/16 22:30 Elk Grove Village IL Cigar 20 seconds I was outside with my boyfriend on our back patio. I live right next to airport so I'm used to seeing lots of lights and airplanes and 1/14/16
1/9/16 22:00 Hampshire IL Light 3 hours Light was always in the same place and always last 2-3 seconds. Scariest thing was it went from the ground to the sky and was blue. 1/14/16
1/8/16 05:18 Trout Valley IL Chevron 30 seconds Green/orange chevron shape over Cary, IL. 1/12/17
1/6/16 06:30 Oswego IL Rectangle 5 minutes ((HOAX??))3 lights. 1/8/16
1/6/16 North Riverside IL Unknown 10 seconds Bee-like flying light like the sun &quot;star color brightness&quot; and size of the moon from my bed! 1/14/16
12/20/15 21:00 Berwyn IL Triangle 20 minutes I looked up and noticed some beams of light in the sky right above our house. 1/5/16
12/18/15 18:00 Belleville IL Teardrop 1 minute I spotted a triangle-teardrop shaped object with white, red , green and blue lights! It stopped quickly and hovered a few seconds. 12/21/15
12/9/15 20:40 Spring Grove IL Light 10 minutes Flashing lights over McHenry. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a star? PD)) 12/10/15
12/7/15 03:00 Northbrook IL Light 1 hour White lights that glowed in and out continuously and moved around. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a planet in the E sky? PD)) 12/10/15
12/3/15 18:15 Breese IL Triangle 00:15 This was not the ISS; I've never seen this! 12/10/15
12/1/15 19:45 Brookfield IL Cross 1 minute 2 large ships in clouds that had 5-8 small x-shaped objects shooting back and forth between them. 2/11/16
12/1/15 19:30 Blue Island IL Cross 10 minutes 8 soundless low-flying cross-shaped "aircraft," flying from southwest to northeast over Blue Island - around 19:30-19:40 pm. 12/3/15
11/28/15 05:38 Pingree Grove IL Triangle 25 minutes Numerous triangular objects flying over the cornfields. 12/3/15
11/26/15 19:00 Eureka IL Light 5 minutes Huge bright light sits still right under the clouds, then gets bright and slowly moves up into the clouds and disappearing. 12/3/15
11/25/15 19:30 Chicago IL Circle
Red and green light just blinking, moved a few times up or down, left, right too. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a star? PD)) 1/5/16
11/25/15 07:15 Moline IL Other >10 minutes Many small balls of light continuously passing low across the sky from north to south. 11/26/15
11/23/15 18:30 Athens IL Light <5 minutes Orange and green lights on a dark obj. with no obvious noise, no obvious wings and no propellers 11/26/15
11/20/15 10:00 rockford IL Triangle 5 minutes Three white triangular objects above cloud ceiling split apart at mach speed 2 times in 5 minutes with light show afterward. 1/5/16
11/14/15 07:45 Lake In The Hills IL Circle 5 minutes One word, weird. 11/19/15
11/14/15 00:05 Palos Park IL Changing 5 minutes-still there It seemed like 3 or 4 small stars revolving around each other, multi colored blue and red 11/19/15
11/13/15 21:30 Belleville IL Rectangle 6-8 seconds Very fast rectangular shape craft. 11/26/15
11/11/15 19:45 Schaumburg IL Light 5 minutes When I first saw the light i thought it was a unusual looking star, It was very high in the sky, after ~30 seconds the light start 11/19/15
11/10/15 20:00 Chicago IL Formation 3 minutes 8-10 bright blue UFOs appearing then disappearing. 11/26/15
11/9/15 00:00 DeKalb IL Flash 3-4 seconds Color flash across the sky. 11/12/15
11/8/15 17:14 Algonquin IL Light 5 minutes Driving south on the 700 block of Regal Lane my daughter and I saw at least 6 orange lights floating across the sky traveling North Nor 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:15 Oak Lawn IL Light 7 seconds Helicopter Chasing White Light. This is the 2nd time reporting this. 5/8/2012 now 11/7/2015 11/19/15
11/3/15 20:30 Peru IL Fireball 3-4 seconds Illinois Valley green fireball. 11/6/15
11/2/15 18:30 Plainfield IL Circle 10 minutes Changing red and lime green orb seen in the western sky of Plainfield, IL. 11/6/15
11/1/15 19:00 Dixon IL Disk 15 minutes Very bothered by these expierences. 11/6/15
10/29/15 21:00 Morton Grove IL Light 1 hour White oval light circled around for almost an hour. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights?? Anonymous source. PD)) 11/6/15
10/29/15 20:45 Oswego IL Fireball 5 minutes 2 fireballs making no noise. 1 flew above the other, then the one high took off into the clouds. Lower veered right, disappeareared. 11/6/15
10/29/15 05:30 Illinois (location not specified) IL Light 20 minutes Moving balls of light. 10/29/15
10/24/15 20:30 Villa Grove IL Light 5 minutes Object in low lying cloud bank. 10/29/15
10/22/15 18:00 Plainfield IL Light
Bright light with some red that simply disappeared. 10/29/15
10/22/15 02:30 Brownstown IL Light 2 hours Bright light dancing in central southern Illinois sky. 10/29/15
10/22/15 00:31 Oak Lawn IL Light 3 minutes I thought I would share but wasn't sure if it was a UFO. 10/29/15
10/19/15 19:45 Olney (Musgrove Park) IL Oval 90 seconds Orange glowing object traveling south to north near Musgrove Park, Olney, IL. ((NUFORC Note: Report from pilot. PD)) 10/29/15
10/19/15 Mundelein IL Circle
I seen a green light fall in like a shooting star in early evening while letting my pups out. ((NUFORC Note: Orionid meteor?? PD)) 10/29/15
10/17/15 23:30 Chicago IL Circle 10 5 Reddish orange lights over Chicago, drifting slowly by 10/29/15
10/10/15 20:35 Pontoon Beach IL Light 10 minutes Orange slow moving lights over Pontoon Beach, IL. 10/16/15
10/10/15 07:45 Pingree Grove IL Sphere 5 minutes Orange sphere seen in Pingree Grove, IL. 10/16/15
10/6/15 22:30 Jonesboro IL Flash seconds Flash of light. 10/9/15
10/4/15 11:00 Joliet IL Fireball 5 minutes Orange burning light over Joliet, Il 10/9/15
10/1/15 20:04 Ottawa IL Unknown
White light steady glow. 10/2/15
9/30/15 04:00 Oak Lawn IL Light 3 minutes Large white bright light moving left to right and looked like it was coming down as if it was going to land. Then stood still in the s 10/2/15
9/29/15 20:30 Lombard IL Circle 10 mins Formation of lights hovering very low with no noise, one after another, for several minutes. 10/2/15
9/29/15 04:00 Wheaton IL Unknown 3 minutes Object hovering for 1 minute, brightly lite and loud. Then moved past slowly. I called FAA to see if they knew what it was. 9/29/15
9/28/15 02:00 Sterling IL Unknown 2 hours Two different ufos and an alien/robot figure. 10/2/15
9/27/15 21:08 Naperville IL Light 4 minutes Mysterious single light south of N'ville zipping very fast up, down, sideways, angling upwards, then downwards blinking at times. 9/29/15
9/26/15 21:50 Christopher IL Triangle 2-3 minutes Triangular orange fireball moved vertical 1/4 mi, then horizontally several miles, until disappearing. 9/29/15
9/25/15 22:00 Wheaton IL Light 1 minute Three orange light following each other, east to west. 9/29/15
9/25/15 20:10 Glen Ellyn IL Formation 5 minutes Orange objects movie across night sky with no noise. 9/29/15
9/25/15 06:20 Loves Park IL Light 5 minutes Object moves across the sky, and then hovers. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD)) 9/25/15
9/22/15 23:30 Salem IL Triangle 1 minute Saw triangle shaped purple green and red UFO on interstate heading from Salem to Luka. 9/25/15
9/22/15 20:16 Worth IL Circle 1 second There is a half moon I believe tonight, as I was walking out my apartment I look up and saw white blue ish circle fly past my partment 9/25/15
9/21/15 20:10 Olney IL Fireball 1 minute Odd "fireball" like object in Olney, IL. 9/25/15
9/20/15 20:02 Chicago IL Disk 3 minutes t was like nothing I've ever seen in the sky before it wasn't plane it wasn't helicopter our wasn't a blump it wasn't a jet or rocket 9/25/15
9/17/15 21:06 Chicago IL Sphere 3-6 hours Police, FBI, & Military Cordon Off Areas of Downtown Chicago Durring Mass Sighting As Military Aircrafts Chase UFOs Overhead. 9/25/15
9/17/15 20:30 Schiller Park IL Cylinder 6+ hours Possible ufo crash. 9/25/15
9/15/15 15:28 Park Forest IL Oval 40 minutes observed I spotted, then observed the large bright light for 40 minutes before going back to bed. I selected &quot;oval&quot; from the drop-down 9/25/15
9/13/15 20:20 River Grove IL Rectangle 45 seconds On a clear night an Orange ball of light moving silently across the sky until it disappeared 9/17/15
9/13/15 13:00 Chicago IL Triangle 20 seconds Black large triangle slowly moving behind Chicago highrises. 9/29/15
9/12/15 21:40 Jonesboro IL Formation 5-10 minutes Oddly shaped craft and 7 red lights 9/17/15
9/12/15 10:00 Bloomington IL Formation 60 seconds 7 low flying, in formation aircraft seen over Bloomington, IL. 9/17/15
9/11/15 22:54 Cicero IL Triangle 1 minute Orange orbs spotted in a triangle formation outside Chicago. 9/17/15
9/10/15 00:50 Glenarm IL Light 3 minutes 2 lights star like moving in unison leaving atmosphere. 9/11/15
9/9/15 23:00 Orland Park IL Light
strange glowing light spinning and light of this object got brighter 9/17/15
9/8/15 23:25 Marquette Heights IL Diamond 15-20 minutes Strange aircraft spotted hovering over Marquette Heights 9/11/15
9/6/15 21:06 Grayslake IL Oval 2 minutes Orange oval seen moving south to north 9 witnesses. 9/11/15
9/6/15 20:30 Swansea IL Sphere 15-20 seconds Moving around in a way that not possible through normal flight 9/11/15
9/5/15 22:30 Cary IL Light 30 seconds Unusual bright orange light/orb over Cary, IL. 9/11/15
9/4/15 10:00 Naperville IL Circle 5 minutes While walking I heard a loud airplane noise and looked up and saw one small round object in the sky. I leaned forward and saw that this 9/17/15
9/3/15 21:45 Romeoville IL Fireball 20 seconds Bright red light in sky, moving erratically. 9/11/15
8/23/15 22:30 Chicago IL Light 1 minute As I open my front door, I noticed a soundless amber light streaking through the scarcely clouded night sky coming my direction. 8/27/15
8/22/15 23:45 Crestwood IL Fireball 1 minute Fireballs over Illinois. 8/27/15
8/22/15 00:38 Glenarm IL Triangle 60 seconds Brighter Mars red lights horizontal to ground. 8/27/15
8/21/15 21:15 Jonesboro IL Light 5 minutes Directly south I watched a solid white light descend from sky from about 80°, moved really slowly. 8/27/15
8/20/15 23:00 Rather not say. IL Changing 4 1/2 hours While outside for a smoke I noticed an unusually large and very bright light moving very slowly towards town. The thing that interested 8/27/15
8/20/15 20:40 Liberty IL Diamond 3 minutes Diamond shaped brilliant white light with red light in eastern sky at 12 o’clock descended to 6 o’clock position rapidly – lights did n 8/27/15
8/16/15 16:00 Rolling Meadows IL Light 1601 Orb that pulsed on and off, that fly across the fly like shadows and if the go faster they light. They appear every other day here. 8/27/15
8/13/15 21:00 Mokena IL Circle 30 seconds Dark orange fireball settles in the west. 8/13/15
8/11/15 01:00 Ottawa IL Unknown 2 minutes Transparent object, flying low overhead, then turning to fly away, once noticed. 8/13/15
8/8/15 20:57 Chicago IL Fireball 10 saw what I thought was an airplane on fire. It moved over the city and picked up heading southwest on the opposite side of my building 8/13/15
8/7/15 21:00 Niles IL Light 3-4 seconds Very bright 1 foot in diameter ball of artificial light traveling at high speed over Niles, Illinois. 8/13/15
8/3/15 23:00 Morton grove IL Fireball 10 minutes I was on my roof and noticed an orange/firey ball circling around in the sky. It appeared as a Chinese lantern but it wasn't one. 8/6/15
8/3/15 21:50 Mount Morris IL Fireball 5 minutes 4 orange glowing objects sighted flying in single formation. 8/6/15
8/3/15 21:00 Jonesboro IL Fireball
Fireball. 8/6/15
8/1/15 21:30 Ottawa IL Light 2 minutes Strange fire-like lights in the sky (3 total) near Ottawa, IL, that extinguished after a few minutes, leaving only a red light. 8/6/15
8/1/15 21:20 Marseilles IL Fireball 2 minutes Various self piloting fireballs. Succeeded by red light craft. 8/6/15
7/31/15 22:05 Buffalo Grove IL Light 5 minutes Bright starlike object with changing speeds and floating movement at very high altitude moving W to E, without dimming in intensity. 8/6/15
7/31/15 21:45 Frankfort IL Circle 5 minutes One adult male and adult female witnessed 6 crafts, one orange the others orange, went from flew overhead and blinked out one by one. 8/6/15
7/31/15 21:00 Woodstock IL Circle 3-4 minutes My husband and I saw a round, orange object travel in a straight southerly direction then it got smaller and disappeared. 8/6/15
7/31/15 21:00 Johnsburg IL Oval 1 minute Slow, Low, from Northwest to Southeast, vertical unblinking lights, then disappeared. 8/6/15
7/30/15 21:00 Bloomington (outside; north of) IL Changing 30 minutes Traveling north on Route 29 outside Bloomington when in the sky was some type of craft that kept changing positions. 7/31/15
7/26/15 23:30 River Grove IL Triangle 2-3 minutes I was smoking a cigarette through my window, when I spotted very white bright lights hovering in the sky. 7/31/15
7/25/15 10:40 Neoga/Mattoon (between; on I-57) IL Fireball 1-2 minutes Never seen anything like that before. Definitely not a firework. Definitely lasted a good deal of time. It was quite bright. Not a mete 7/31/15
7/23/15 16:50 Burbank IL Other 25 seconds Not experimental aircraft because it disappeared 7/31/15
7/22/15 21:10 Tremont IL Circle 5 minutes Orange white object with two lights white green alternating in color. 7/31/15
7/22/15 20:15 Chicago IL Light 5 minutes Bright orange ufo in sky midway area! 7/23/15
7/16/15 22:05 Chicago IL Fireball 1 minute It looked like a glowing red ball of light in the sky, lasted about 45 seconds, then became smaller and disappeared quickly into the sk 7/23/15
7/14/15 23:10 Oak Lawn IL Light 15 seconds This happened to me for the 3rd time in the last 10 months. 7/17/15
7/12/15 22:30 Machesney Park IL Triangle Driving home We were heading north on 251 near Forest Hills Road. We saw a huge triangular type ship in the sky; green, red, purple colors. 7/17/15
7/12/15 22:10 Highwood IL Unknown 3 minutes Light red coming from est to west, turn left and go nort-est. Color red turn orange , and changed white. Sky clear and temperature 70 f 7/17/15
7/10/15 00:45 Springfield IL Unknown Short A light appeared out of no where at night during a drive-in movie. Went straight a little then curved dramatically, ~90 degrees. 7/17/15
7/9/15 21:15 Park Ridge IL Light 2 minutes 15-20 orange light over NW suburbs of Chicago. 7/10/15
7/5/15 23:15 Chicago IL Oval 4 minutes Second night of spotting reddish orange orb shape object in night sky. 7/6/15
7/5/15 21:15 Springfield IL Fireball 45 seconds It was a red orb with a blue outline. It Harvard for a little while it moved left it moved right then just kind of went down slow beyon 7/10/15
7/4/15 23:54 Godfrey IL Light 3-4 minutes 7 oranges lights floating in sky. 7/6/15
7/4/15 22:27 Oak Lawn IL Unknown 30 seconds Slightly Invisible Object UFO Turns Into Two UFO's In Space 7/6/15
7/4/15 22:00 Chicago IL Fireball 5 minutes Possible ufo encounter. 7/6/15
7/4/15 21:54 Justice IL Circle 20 seconds/4 minutes 6 orange/red balls sighted in Justice, IL. 7/6/15
7/4/15 21:45 Ottawa IL Light 1 minute Five balls of light falling from Ottawa, IL, sky. 7/6/15
7/4/15 21:30 Machesney Park IL Triangle 5 minutes Strange triangular orange -red hovering object. 7/23/15
7/4/15 21:20 Crystal Lake IL Light 25 minutes Red light. 7/6/15
7/4/15 20:55 Chicago IL Fireball Not sure This was NOT a firework. 7/6/15
7/3/15 22:30 North Aurora IL Other 5 minutes Fire-propelled, non-lantern, non-drone UFO very visible and caught on video. 7/6/15
7/3/15 21:50 Niles IL Light 3-6 minutes Flying object, with alternating randomly alternating red and green lights and a blinking white light. 29 second recorded video. 7/6/15
7/3/15 21:30 Algonquin IL Light 3-5 minutes (each) 5 Yellow/Orange moving lights seen in sky over Algonquin, Illinois. 7/6/15
7/2/15 22:20 Oswego IL Fireball 2 minutes Fireball type lights moving in sky 7/6/15
7/2/15 21:40 Fulton IL Sphere 20 minutes Numerous spheres moving across sky. 7/3/15
7/2/15 15:00 Palatine IL Other 2 minutes A grayish square shaped structure floating through the sky in Palatine, Illinois. 7/3/15
6/30/15 22:49 Pecatonica IL Triangle 1 minute Large, silent, triangular craft. 7/3/15
6/19/15 22:30 Lisle IL Fireball 21:31 2 red-orange balls of light in sky in Lisle, IL. 6/24/15
6/19/15 17:30 Crystal Lake IL Disk 3 minutes Shiny silver white disk vanishing out of thin air, then reappearing. 6/24/15
6/17/15 21:53 Lombard IL Unknown 2 minutes Black Hawks chasing object outside O'Hare airspace. 6/19/15
6/7/15 01:00 Joliet IL Sphere 1 minute Two orange fire balls moving strangely. 6/15/15
6/6/15 22:15 Chicago IL Triangle 2-3 minutes Dark large object almost camouflaged by night sky, red balls of light underneath, moved slowly over my house, made no sound at all. 6/15/15
6/6/15 22:15 Chicago IL Other 3-4 minutes Large craft, triangular in the front/middle section, wide across with an arrowhead/chevron look, fading in/out of sky, lights on bottom 6/15/15
6/5/15 10:25 Chicago IL Oval Spring It was kind of a light but more like circle. 6/15/15
6/5/15 09:20 Chicago IL Light spring It was a light, and just changing colors. 6/15/15
6/1/15 02:00 Chicago IL Other Spring It was was a light! 6/5/15
5/28/15 23:50 Aurora IL Flash
VERY bright ball of light, sat there for a while, dimmed down and just floated off and dissapeared. 5/29/15
5/24/15 21:00 Crystal Lake IL Formation 3-4 minutes Six orange fireballs in formation. 5/29/15
5/23/15 23:50 Palatine IL Light 15+ minutes Red/orange lights or flames in the late evening sky--moving northwest. 5/29/15
5/23/15 20:45 Savoy IL Fireball 45 minutes Several fireball/orange orbs silently gliding in a line from South to North, then disappearing in the near distance. 5/29/15
5/9/15 12:00 Iola IL Fireball 30 seconds A very bright, pinkish colored object, slightly brighter than the northern star, was seen in broad daylight. 5/13/15
5/8/15 22:00 Swansea IL Fireball 1 minute Orange Glowing Ball over Swansea, IL. 5/13/15
5/7/15 09:00 Chicago IL Oval 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) There were three oval shaped crafts in the sky moving around. 5/8/15
5/3/15 16:00 Mount Vernon IL Sphere 2 hours Small object hovering over a neighbor's house. 5/8/15
5/2/15 23:00 Sublette IL Chevron
Def not orange lights looked like fire almost in side of something that wasn't a plane but more of a spaceship shape Saw 3 5/8/15
5/2/15 23:00 Matteson IL Cross 4 hours Strange bright objects in sky over Matteson, Il. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a "twinkling" star. PD)) 5/8/15
4/30/15 21:40 Sycamore IL Unknown 10 minutes We saw seven dull orange near ball-like lights traveling accrost the sky. 5/8/15
4/28/15 01:00 Orland Park IL Oval 3 seconds As I lay down to sleep my eyes glanced the bedroom sliding glass down. An oval orange light flew by, travel east. 4/30/15
4/23/15 21:00 Barrington IL Light 10 minutes I randomly have been seeing small light in the sky changing colors moving around. It's been like this for the past week. 4/30/15
4/16/15 21:00 St. Charles IL Chevron 5 minutes I was traveling west on route 64 down town St Charles. I noticed a chevron shaped object flying east.

I figured it was a plane headi
4/15/15 21:15 Galena IL Light 2 minutes A very bright orange reddish stationary light in the eastern slightly southern sky about 30 degrees above horizon. 4/17/15
4/12/15 18:30 Chicago IL Light 20 seconds Blue lights high-speed with a sudden stop, Chicago il near downtown. 4/23/15
4/11/15 22:00 Oswego IL Triangle 2:00 Triangle shaped space craft that has followed my friends and I when we drive through our neighborhood and is definetly not an airplane. 4/17/15
4/11/15 19:00 Crystal lake IL Diamond 20 seconds 6 Diamond, faintly lit objects flying amongst each other. 5/8/15
4/11/15 01:00 Jonesboro IL Fireball 20 seconds Strange round green ball appeared in the night sky. Object moved in a horizontal position for 3 seconds, and then shot downwards. 4/17/15
4/10/15 22:00 Oswego IL Triangle 3:00 Three triangles shaped aircrafts followed my friends and I from the sky while we were driving through our neighborhood for three hours. 4/17/15
4/9/15 23:30 Bartlet IL Light intermittent Intermittent changing lights in sky west of Bartlet. Blue, yellow, purple. The lights dropped 1 by 1 then vanished. Happened numerous t 4/17/15
4/2/15 00:15 Rockford IL Chevron 20-30 minutes Large extremely slow moving craft with red and white lights makes several low altitude passes over Rockford. 4/3/15
3/27/15 22:35 Vernon Hills IL Formation 30 seconds pinpoint lights in V formation seen in the night sky 4/3/15
3/21/15 20:15 Chicago IL Chevron ongoing Light high above Chicago with pulsing red lights, 2 chevron shaped craft with red lights no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Arcturus. PD)) 3/26/15
3/19/15 20:15 Carbondale IL Light 30 minutes 2 big, white lights hovering over Carbondale, and 5 helicopters circling around them. 3/20/15
3/19/15 03:52 Wheaton IL Triangle 5 minutes Bright light flying slowly shows a triangle craft at very slow speeds over Wheaton, Illinois. 3/20/15
3/17/15 19:10 Grayslake IL Chevron 20 minutes ((HOAX??)) 3 chevron shaped objects hovering one on top of the other. 2/19/16
3/16/15 21:00 West Frankfort IL Chevron 1-5 minutes I seen a low flying dark/grey, large chevron shaped object, no lights or sound. 3/20/15
3/16/15 20:50 Bloomington IL Light 3 hours Starlike object in western sky seen by many on multiple occasions. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 3/20/15
3/15/15 20:39 Chicago IL Disk 30 seconds Witnessed 6-8 white-ish disks fly in a straight line 2-3x faster than a plane beneath sparse cloud cover over downtown Chicago. 3/20/15
3/11/15 23:30 Streamwood IL Light 23:30 till present time 0 A light I have never seen before in that area. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a celestial body? PD)) 3/13/15
3/11/15 23:30 Chicago IL

At about 11:30pm on 03/11/2015 I heard a high pitched noise above my house. A noise I've never heard before. So I looked in the way I h 3/13/15
3/6/15 16:47 Oak Lawn IL Light 1 minute Bright Light UFO near Chicago Ridge Mall. 3/13/15
3/5/15 20:30 Alton IL Fireball Hour Article from local newspaper. 3/13/15
3/5/15 19:30 Aurora IL Circle 5+ minutes Resident spotted a still aircraft at low altitude on 3/5/2015 at 7:30 pm. in Aurora, Illinois. 3/6/15
3/4/15 19:00 Buffalo Grove IL Triangle 3 minutes 3 dots of light came together in a triangle formation with a green light in the middle. Appeared from the west. Car stalled shortly bef 3/6/15
3/1/15 21:44 Sycamore IL Fireball 2 seconds I was driving down Rt 23 when I seen a giant light brighten up the sky. It lasted only 2 secounds appeared to be only a fireball but it 3/6/15
2/28/15 21:35 Libertyville IL Light 15-20 seconds Beam of light, green sky surrounding, then the beam went away... 3/6/15
2/24/15 19:30 Villa Park IL Flash 1 minute Flashing blue and green lights. 2/26/16
2/23/15 01:00 Edwardsville IL Unknown 1 hour We saw numerous flashing lights in the sky which were very bright and continued for a long time. 4/3/15
2/9/15 21:50 Bartlett IL Cross 1 minute I was driving and about to turn into my neighborhood and saw a cross shaped aircraft with white lights on the tips and one red and one 2/12/15
2/6/15 21:15 Fox River Grove IL Sphere 5-10 minutes 5 bright reddish to orange sphere like aircraft moving from south to north in the sky east of Cary, IL . no sound or typical blinking a 2/12/15
2/5/15 05:15 Dupo IL Other 5 minutes I saw a craft in the sky lots of lights and shaped like a space craft. 2/6/15
1/30/15 16:42 Oak Lawn IL Light 7 seconds Invisible Object Flying with Sun glarinng off it. 2/6/15
1/29/15 23:00 Dekalb IL Sphere 5 seconds Flaming sphere. 2/6/15
1/26/15 02:00 Goreville IL Light 5 minutes Yellow-orange flashing object in Southern Illinois near Interstates 57 and 24 1/30/15
1/23/15 18:20 Warrensburg IL Light 8:00 minutes Temporary hovering light that changed colors, then vanished. 1/26/15
1/18/15 05:35 Oak Lawn IL Unknown 25 seconds Possible drone flyby? 2/20/15
1/14/15 05:45 Oak Lawn IL Light 10 seconds Their back again! 2 Identical Lights that look like bright stars. 1/16/15
1/14/15 02:55 Chicago IL Sphere .05 Unidentified flying object spotted in Chicago this morning. 1/16/15
1/10/15 19:35 Roselle IL Unknown 1 minute 3 pulsing red/orange lights heading south to north at a slow pace. 1/16/15
1/10/15 03:00 Romeoville IL Light 20 minutes Bright lights in the southwest sky in Illinois. 1/16/15
1/10/15 01:00 Chicago IL Formation 1.5 hour In the sky in Logan square area southern direction. I saw a number of bright objects in a high orbit over Chicago forming a hexagon. 1/16/15
1/9/15 19:00 Woodson IL Sphere 5 minutes 2 orange spheres seen East of Woodson, Illinois and south of Woodson-Franklin Rd.. 1/16/15
1/6/15 06:00 Chicago IL Changing 30 minutes Very bright moving over one another. 1/7/15
1/1/15 00:10 Odin IL Circle 5 minutes They flew over at about 3 times the speed of a jet they were round in shape red in color with what looked like white cone shaped points 1/7/15
12/28/14 16:45 Effingham IL Sphere 15 minutes Watched all 3 travel together then 1 hover while the other 2 appeared and disappear.They were all white and at times looked comet like. 1/7/15
12/27/14 05:00 Galatia IL Diamond 3 minutes Kite-shaped thing with blue/white light flew in front of suv hovered over field to my right. 1/7/15
12/22/14 20:27 Chicago IL Other few seconds Flash of short white light over Chicago similar to lightning followed by a bigger bright blue flash. 1/7/15
12/7/14 00:19 Chicago IL Triangle 1 second Unkown object seen in Chicago. 12/12/14
12/5/14 12:00 Mount Prospect IL Fireball 10 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information about the event. PD)) 3/6/15
12/3/14 18:00 Tinley Park IL Triangle 45 minutes Bright red lights flashing look like lights in a triangle formation. Noticed small moving obj's in the sky with red and blue lights. 12/5/14
12/1/14 23:35 Naperville IL Light ~10 minutes Light above Naperville. 12/5/14
11/27/14 19:45 Gurnee IL Sphere 5 minutes Bright yellow-orange lights moving west over Lake County, IL. 12/5/14
11/23/14 21:00 Peoria IL Fireball
It was Nov. 23 around 9 o'clock I'm a sky dweller so I look up at the uh sky alot very often u know and this time I uh see a star u k 11/26/14
11/21/14 04:50 Carbondale IL Light 1 hour Comet-like white orb of light abruptly stops in the sky and slowly hovers around the skies south of Carbondale. 11/21/14
11/21/14 04:00 Hickory Hills IL Light 5 minutes At approximately 3:30AM 11-21-14 my 1 year old grandaughter woke up crying. After getting her comforted and back to sleep (about 4:00AM 12/5/14
11/20/14 17:22 Creve Coeur IL Circle 110 seconds Pulled into parents driveway when noticed up above across sky a red and white bright round object like never seen before. Took video 11/26/14
11/17/14 22:51 Newton (near) IL Cigar 3 minutes Can't explain but blue light lost 3 minutes. 11/21/14
11/16/14 15:30 Gilson IL Sphere 20 seconds Small brown iridescent sphere hovering in front of me while deer hunting. 11/21/14
11/9/14 18:40 Collinsville IL Other 10 seconds Large T formation of objects. Fast moving. Amazing. 11/14/14
11/7/14 18:00 Griggsville IL Light 10 seconds Row of amber lights in the sky. 11/14/14
11/7/14 17:25 Macomb IL Light 15 minutes There were two lights that appeared one right after the other, than jets were in the air and a formation of lights was spotted. 11/14/14
11/7/14 17:00 Avon IL Sphere 15 minutes Large white circles in a straight row over Avon Illinois. 11/14/14
11/5/14 02:50 Hometown IL Circle 15-20 seconds Round object with a set of very dim red lights on it. Moved from West to East. 11/6/14
11/1/14 20:12 Chicago Heights IL Light ~5 minutes My sister called me and told me to immediately go outside and look in the sky. I watched dozens of Orange lights travel from north to s 11/6/14
11/1/14 17:00 Bloomingdale IL Light 1-2 minutes Three lights, 2 bright then grew dim. All disappeared. 11/6/14
10/31/14 07:15 McLean IL Light 5 minutes Bright, hovering bright light seen over Central Illinois 11/6/14
10/26/14 17:30 Alton IL Circle 10 seconds Metallic object over Alton, Illinois. 11/6/14
10/26/14 02:15 Virden IL Chevron 3-4 seconds Dark gray winged shaped object traveling at a high rate of speed on October 26, 2014. 11/6/14
10/25/14 22:30 Wheaton IL Light 1 second A green and red light warped through the sky faster than any modern aircraft and disappeared. 11/6/14
10/25/14 21:39 Springfield IL Light 3 minutes Not the first time the first was one flew over three mins. later 4 flew over in a row tonites started to fly over and just dissapered t 11/6/14
10/25/14 21:30 Peoria IL Fireball 45 seconds Fireball sightings in Peoria, Illinois. 11/6/14
10/25/14 21:25 Highland Park IL Light 2 minutes Approximately 9:25 pm saw 2 red lights, not blinking. 11/6/14
10/25/14 18:40 Mount Vernon IL Fireball 00:20:00 Fireballs over our house. 1/23/16
10/24/14 22:17 Northlake IL Teardrop 15 seconds ((HOAX??)) We seen a green and red teardrop shape light heading S at a 45 deg. angle then it made a sharp turn heading N for about 50'. 11/6/14
10/18/14 22:40 Danville IL Sphere 15 seconds Reddish sphere seen from georgetown Ill in sky North East of Danville Illinois 11/6/14
10/18/14 21:29 Sherman IL Circle 5-10 minutes Two orange balls in sky moving east to west about 5k feet up in sky 11/6/14
10/18/14 21:00 Plainfield IL Light 15 minutes Lights in the sky straight up, maneuvered, then straight down. 11/6/14
10/18/14 20:55 LaGrange IL Fireball 4 minutes 4 fireballs in LaGrange, Illinois, that formed a giant square and then disappeared. 11/6/14
10/18/14 20:17 Northlake IL Formation 5 minutes 25-30 objects where flying in the night sky. 11/6/14
10/17/14 01:00 Chicago IL Flash 1 hour Two orbs flashing green and red night time but its seems to be going in a circle like an saucer shape 11/6/14
10/16/14 19:00 Tinley Park IL Unknown 3 hours I live in Tinley Park, Illinois. 11/16/2014 around 7:00 pm to past 9:00 pm there were numerous planes &lt;?&gt; in the sky, everywhere 11/6/14
10/14/14 20:00 Crete IL Sphere 15 minutes Red/Blue/White lights from one source in SSE Sky south of Crete, Illinois, sudden acceleration after hovering. 11/6/14
10/12/14 17:30 Frankfort IL Diamond 20 seconds I saw a Diamond shaped on top...dark on bottom...heading quickly north 11/6/14
10/12/14 16:10 Dunlap IL Oval 30 seconds UFO seen flying overhead by couple on rural property 11/6/14
10/9/14 23:12 Chicago IL Fireball 3.5 seconds Not really a believer in UFOs but here's what happened: I'm in river north (Chicago) watching TV in my apartment. I see a bright green 10/10/14
10/9/14 23:10 Chicago IL Light Seconds? Out of the dark mid sky shot a green light with a stronger green light below the object, almost looked like a shooting star. This objec 10/10/14
10/8/14 05:55 Oak Lawn IL Light 25 seconds Two Fake Stars During October 8th 2014 Lunar Eclipse 10/10/14
10/7/14 20:00 Sigel IL Chevron 15 minutes My wife and I witnessed a low flying, totally silent v shaped craft from our home. 10/10/14
10/4/14 20:01 McHenry IL Formation 5 minutes 5 red orange lights on horizon emerged together traveling at different speeds. 10/10/14
9/28/14 21:15 Plano IL Fireball 10 seconds Orange flare that rose in the southwest sky and continued on overhead to the northeast until no longer visible. 10/3/14
9/28/14 21:00 Port Barrington IL Fireball 10 minutes Orange fire ball with an orange ring around it. 11/6/14
9/28/14 19:45 Joliet IL Circle 7minutes Red dancing lights in the sky. Looked like they were dropping red flares from crafts. 10/3/14
9/25/14 07:47 Decatur IL Light 1 hour Four Illusive grayish transparent lights bouncing in patterns around each other. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD)) 10/3/14
9/24/14 19:45 Collinsville IL Rectangle 40 seconds Rectangular shape over Collinsville. 9/25/14
9/24/14 01:00 Saint Charles IL Light 45 minutes Saw a series of lights changing colors in the SE sky. 9/25/14
9/23/14 20:00 Henry IL Light 30 minutes Row of BRIGHT WHITE LIGHTS Over I-39- Central Illinois. 10/3/14
9/20/14 20:00 Antioch IL Fireball 5 minutes Orange fireball disks. 9/25/14
9/16/14 19:00 Batavia IL Sphere 1 minute Shiny sphere following a plane turned 180 degrees, and vanished into the sky! 9/18/14
9/7/14 23:00 Carlyle IL Circle 5 minutes Circular craft with green and red lights. 9/10/14
9/6/14 22:00 Plainfield IL Unknown 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) Red and green lights gliding across the sky, then lowering down. 10/3/14
9/5/14 03:43 Orland Park IL Light
UFO of red dots flying in sky. 9/5/14
9/5/14 Decatur IL Light
I wanted to report the sighting I saw was identified as lights from a Halloween store people reported it on facebook and the manager of 10/3/14
9/4/14 20:20 Glen Ellyn IL Circle 1-5 minutes 10 to 30 red/orange objects flying slowly and together through sky. 9/5/14
9/3/14 21:00 Johnsburg IL Light 30+ minutes Viewed Blue and red spinning lights in a circular/oval motion seen through a semi-hi powered telescope from my yard. 9/5/14
9/3/14 20:26 Highland Park IL Light 30 seconds Large light, like a star, moving in the north west direction over Lake Michigan, visible from Chicago northern suburbs. 9/5/14
8/30/14 20:20 Belvidere IL Unknown 30 seconds 3 orange lights in sky in Belvidere, IL. 8/31/14
8/29/14 21:30 Arlington Heights IL Circle 2 minutes End tip of handle of Ursa Major, the pot, in the west sky, had a star way below and about two degrees south. 9/5/14
8/24/14 19:50 Shelbyville IL Circle 45 seconds Bright light, faster than a jet. 8/29/14
8/23/14 21:15 Crete IL Fireball 10 seconds While facing southern night sky a blue neon fireball passed by, from east going west. I was able to observed it for 10 seconds in clear 8/29/14
8/23/14 21:15 Aurora IL Fireball
Large green fireball. 8/29/14
8/23/14 21:15 Kaneville IL
10 seconds Green-Blue comet-like fireball flies over I-88. 8/29/14
8/22/14 20:00 Chicago IL Flash 3 seconds Green fireball streaking low across Chicago. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD)) 8/29/14
8/21/14 00:21 Carlinville IL Unknown 25 minutes Large red orb followed vehicle before turning to bright white orb and separating into two orbs and blinking out. 8/29/14
8/17/14 22:30 Sesser IL Triangle 1 minute Bright lights in the shape of a triangle disappeared into the night sky. 8/22/14
8/13/14 19:28 South Chicago Height IL Unknown 1 minute Black 5 point object. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the dark object is a butterfly or moth. PD)) 8/15/14
8/12/14 21:30 Pekin IL Diamond 30 Diamond shape. Orangish redish color. Descending brightness. 8/15/14
8/9/14 02:30 Chicago IL Changing 2 minutes More Orange orbs in the night sky in Chicago 8/22/14
8/8/14 23:30 Lockport IL Circle 2 minutes Blue and red steady object. 8/15/14
8/2/14 22:00 Skokie IL Sphere <1 minute Looked like a Blue Star, that flew SE from its NorthWest location and faded out of sight. 8/8/14
8/2/14 20:00 Woodridge IL Circle 5-10 minutes Three Glowing Lights In A Row. 8/8/14
8/2/14 07:45 Waukegan IL Other 4-5 minutes Strange white plane or new model plane accompanied by a black helicopter. 8/8/14
7/30/14 21:00 Glen Ellyn IL Oval 10 minutes 6 brightly lit low hovering objects in DuPage County. 8/1/14
7/28/14 04:30 Niles IL Disk 1 minute Disk object hovering over my head! 8/1/14
7/28/14 04:30 Niles IL Disk 1 minute Witness was delivering papers when he saw this disk object come his way. ((NUFORC Note: MUFON CMS report. PD)) 4/26/18
7/25/14 22:00 Villa Park IL Fireball 3 seconds Cloud level greenish white shooting star like something just baffled me. 7/26/14
7/22/14 22:05 Algonquin IL Oval 30-35 minutes 6 amber/orangish color, fast moving orb like objects moving at an extremely fast rate of speed. 7/26/14
7/21/14 02:10 Chicago IL Light 5-6 minutes I was out on the padio after a long day of work at macys. When I hear my mom strait freaking out. She spotted what is to be believed th 7/26/14
7/20/14 23:55 Chicago IL Light 3-4 minutes 5 really bright orange lights moving east southeast across the sky, they were completely silent. 7/26/14
7/20/14 20:05 Brookport IL Light
Bright red light. 7/26/14
7/13/14 21:32 Des Plaines IL Fireball 20-22 seconds Redish/orange sphere seen over Des Plaines, IL. 7/20/14
7/8/14 22:35 Carol Stream IL Sphere 1-2 minutes Orange pulsing light over Carol Stream. 7/11/14
7/8/14 22:35 Carol Stream IL Oval 1-2 minutes Orange globe over Carol Stream. 7/11/14
7/5/14 22:13 Elk Grove Village IL Circle 29 minutes 07-05-2014 red glowing circles. 7/20/14
7/5/14 22:00 Johnsburg IL Fireball 5 minutes Fireball over Johnsburg. 7/26/14
7/5/14 21:15 Greenville IL Sphere 15 seconds Fast moving amber sphere headed north, turned west and then disappeared. 7/11/14
7/4/14 23:00 Brookfield IL Diamond 1-2 minutes Flying in a diamond formation, four diamond shaped lights moved from East to Northwest sky. 7/11/14
7/4/14 23:00 Orland Park/Bridgeview (between) IL Egg 30 minutes Egg shaped objects in group formation of 2 heading west across Harlem Ave Apprx 14 seen. 7/5/14
7/4/14 23:00 Tinley Park IL Circle 60 seconds No sound, two circular orbs following eachother then disapeared. 7/5/14
7/4/14 23:00 Homer Glen IL Oval 5 minutes Bright red and orange, traveling in line, silent, able to hover and went straight up and disappeared. 7/5/14
7/4/14 23:00 Chicago IL Fireball 15 minutes 4 unidentified red light objects disappeared & reappeared in different spots of the sky. 7/11/14
7/4/14 22:25 Chicago IL Circle 2.4 minutes Orange, pulsating object zooming across Chicago sky. 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:00 Bartlett IL Egg 7 minutes Bright green/red HOVERING object 5 mins west sky (during fireworks to north) DARTED with impossible speed SE, hovered, disappeared. 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:00 Brookport IL Sphere 2 minutes Red lights over southern Illinois. 7/26/14
7/4/14 21:25 Hinsdale IL Cigar 7-10 minutes 3 orange/red circles maintain formation and speed. 7/5/14
7/4/14 21:00 Cicero IL Other 2 hours Red colored balloon-shaped object with some source of light from it. 7/11/14
7/3/14 23:15 Niles IL Light Several minutes State policeman & 2 others observed large lights that looked like on a water or tower, but no tower. ((NUFORC Note: MUFON case. PD) 4/26/18
7/3/14 23:15 Niles IL Sphere 4 minutes Police Officer observed 2 silent red spheres with shimmering white halos moving east in "wing-man" formation. 7/11/14
7/3/14 21:44 Pecatonica IL Light 20 seconds We saw a steady faint light in the night sky traveling at a speed that was too fast for a plane but too slow for a metor. 7/4/14
7/3/14 21:00 Manteno IL Light 30 minutes Amber orbs moving from East to West and them disappearing. 7/4/14
7/2/14 Oregon IL Sphere 5 seconds Very fast, white, UFO streaks across entire sky. 7/4/14
7/1/14 10:50 Willowbrook IL Other <1 minute Strange object reflecting the light the morning sun. ((NUFORC Note: Case from MUFON Case Management System. PD)) 4/26/18
6/27/14 03:30 Palatine IL Light 3-5 minutes 2-3 blue/red orbs flying north, then it began ascending/descending, quick right/left turns, and vertical turns. 6/27/14
6/27/14 03:15 Bloomington IL Light 1 minute Witnessed blue orb being chased by fighter jets. 4/15/16
6/26/14 22:15 Mundelein IL Fireball 15 seconds Point source light or burning object with unnatural jiggling motion, neither smoke nor sound. 7/4/14
6/24/14 22:30 Chicago IL Light 5-7 minutes Lights grouped, then moving up at a fast rate of speed. 7/11/14
6/21/14 21:45 Minooka IL Light 5 minutes Four lights were observed over Minooka, IL, exhibiting abnormal flight characteristics and lack of standard navigation illumination. 6/24/14
6/21/14 21:00 Springfield IL Light 10 minutes I saw 4 orange/silver/red lights and could not discern what they were, and then they vanished. 6/27/14
6/21/14 04:45 New Baden IL Teardrop 5 seconds An oval-shaped flying object appeared to be flying out of control and then vanished. 6/27/14
6/16/14 23:30 Jonesboro IL Formation
Formation of 30-45 blue lights. 6/20/14
6/16/14 00:35 Chicago IL Light 8 seconds Star like object traveling in straight line with consecutive burst of light then vanishes. 6/20/14
6/15/14 22:19 Steger IL Light 12 seconds Dull steady white light, high altitude, fast moving then faded (ascended) N to S in south Cook County IL sky 6/20/14
6/14/14 19:00 Chicago IL Other 7 minutes Bow-tie like ship with blueish light in middle flying counter clockwise almost out of control. 6/20/14
6/14/14 00:00 Johnsburg IL Fireball 5-10 minutes Fire in the sky. 7/26/14
6/13/14 13:00 Hanover Park IL Egg 15 seconds Red egg-shaped object followed by boxkite type of structure 6/24/14
6/11/14 21:30 Murphysboro IL Sphere
Witness observed a large metallic sphere traveling from north to south. No sound. ((NUFORC Note: MUFON report. PD)) 4/26/18
6/11/14 21:00 Huntley IL Triangle 2 minutes 2 fireball figures in sky, possible UFO? 6/13/14
6/8/14 21:00 Johnsburg IL Light 20 30 Reddish/orange lights over Johnsburg, Illinois. 6/13/14
5/31/14 23:00 Elburn IL Fireball 10 minutes Driving west in Elburn, four passengers spotted four bright orange fireballs flying extremely fast in a straight diagonal line. 6/4/14
5/31/14 22:00 Elgin IL Fireball 5 minutes Saw 2 fireball shapes flying side by side. 6/4/14
5/30/14 00:30 Woodridge IL Triangle ~2 minutes Amateur astronomer observes two unknown objects over Chicago suburb. 6/4/14
5/25/14 21:00 Algonquin IL Sphere 60 minutes Flying orange orbs/spheres. 6/4/14
5/24/14 22:00 Yorkville IL Fireball 2 minutes Bonfire ufo sighting by 15+ people in Yorkville, IL. 6/4/14
5/24/14 21:15 Joliet IL Sphere ~10 minutes Red or orange-red flaming globe hovering at about helicopter flight height. 6/4/14
5/20/14 22:40 Atlanta IL Light 5 second White strobe, single flash very fast, horizontal/vertical movement covering miles in 1 second. 6/4/14
5/18/14 21:00 Nason IL Unknown 9 minutes Object three lights,two green lights on each side,red slow flashing light just one side, made no sound 6/4/14
5/18/14 20:32 Glen Ellyn IL Unknown 10 seconds A single small jet contrail moving very fast and gaining altitude. 6/4/14
5/17/14 21:00 Chicago IL Triangle 2 minutes Black Triangle UFO with Strong Blinking Light 6/4/14
5/10/14 23:00 West Chicago IL Circle 2 minutes Group of 25 Circles that where orange and fluctuating in brightness. 6/4/14
5/10/14 22:00 Chicago IL Fireball 30 seconds I witnessed and orange/red fireball over Chicago 6/4/14
5/10/14 21:35 Tinley Park IL Light 4 minutes 5 Very Interesting orange red lights 6/4/14
5/8/14 16:00 Lake Villa IL Disk 60 seconds I was sitting outside when a light flash was seen next to a cloud. I saw more flashes then noticed these things were fly in a circle. 8/29/14
5/5/14 23:00 Oak Forest IL Triangle different color lights Bright different colored lights flickering and also ive seen airplane ufos as well. 5/8/14
5/3/14 23:30 Glendale Heights IL Formation 0:45 So, yesterday before midnight me and few other people come out for a cigarette and we seen weird green lights above the clouds hovering 5/8/14
5/3/14 21:05 Lombard IL Circle 20 seconds Bright red & yellow colored ball flying west to east in a straight line. 5/8/14
5/1/14 21:30 McLean IL Light 5-10 minues White light spotted over old Route 66 outside McLean. 5/8/14
4/22/14 21:40 Mount Pulaski IL Sphere 30 seconds Bright light appeared behind my car on an empty road, followed for a few seconds and disappeared into the air. 4/24/14
4/20/14 21:45 LaGrange IL Circle 30 seconds A round bright orange ball flying across the sky. 4/24/14
4/12/14 21:35 Mokena IL Cigar 1-3 minutes My wife and I were siting outside when 3 cigar shaped neon blue lights about 7 to 10 feet long came out of no where very brite, traveli 4/18/14
4/10/14 21:00 Riverdale IL Disk 3:19 Bright light saucer like object. 4/11/14
4/10/14 09:45 Lacon IL Sphere 1-5 minutes Flashing lights in sky, orange light starting from roof top shoot up and was gone after travaling very high. 4/11/14
4/9/14 23:48 Chicago IL Triangle Ongoing Triangle shaped craft sighted in Chicago sky making unnatural movements. 4/11/14
4/8/14 21:50 Romeoville IL Light 1-2 minutes Two bright orange lights moving slow in sky. Suddenly one disappeared, other traveled for 30 sec saw bright purple light then it vanish 4/11/14
4/7/14 20:20 Antioch IL Sphere 10 minutes I witnessed orange spherical objects moving at a moderate even rate of speed. There was a line of approximately 14 spheres lead by 2 g 4/11/14
4/7/14 20:00 De Land IL Cylinder 10 minutes ((HOAX??)) Sphere thru telescope exploded into several smaller spheres. 5/8/14
4/5/14 22:20 Jerseyville IL Circle 5 seconds Round blue ball light descending down to the ground by my house. 4/18/14
4/5/14 21:25 Bolingbrook IL Changing 15 seconds Whitish/grayish half circle shape that changed into two straight lines at a 45 degree angle, concaved then went to original shape. 4/11/14
3/30/14 23:48 Tinley Park IL Light 5 minutes First witnessed a tiny blinking light very high in the sky and thought it was a plane. Upon further examination the lights were blinkin 4/4/14
3/18/14 03:00 Berwyn IL Light 10-15 seconds BRIGHT RED/ORANGE LIKE LIGHT CONSUMED ENTIRE LIVING ROOM. 3/18/14
3/15/14 12:00 Belleville IL Changing 3 minutes UFO changing shapes from teardrop to rectangle 10/3/14
3/10/14 22:19 Sugar Grove IL Unknown 2 minutes Green light in sky. 3/18/14
2/27/14 21:45 Chicago Heights IL Circle 8 seconds I was outside back yard clear night and bright white light made downward path gaining speed and disappeared. 3/18/14
2/25/14 17:58 Mokena/Matteson IL Light ~20 seconds Five bright lights not in formation seemed to be flying quickly that disappeared within 20 seconds. 2/27/14
2/18/14 18:55 Chicago IL Cigar 2 minutes On 18 February 2014, at 6:55 p.m, my adult daughter and I were taking out the garbage. We stepped into the alley, emptied the cans, a 2/21/14
2/13/14 18:00 Long Point IL Light 1-5 minutes White light moveing fast and out of normal flight patterns. 2/21/14
2/10/14 21:00 Elmhurst IL Fireball 5 minutes About 20 orange/red fireballs were seeing in the sky in Elmhurst on Route 83. 2/14/14
2/3/14 23:15 DeKalb IL Fireball 3 seconds Green Fireball Sighting. 3/18/14
1/31/14 03:45 Galatia IL Unknown 7-9 minutes Very low and very loud hum over my head at 3:45 am.. 2/7/14
1/25/14 20:30 Elgini IL Formation 10 minutes Red flying objects. 1/30/14
1/14/14 02:00 Flossmoor IL Triangle 30-60 minutes Triangular Shaped UFOs with Lights Silently Hovering in the Western Sky in Illinois. 1/16/14
1/13/14 18:50 Tinley Park IL Light 2-3 minutes Light over Tinley Park. No sound or running lights. 1/16/14
1/6/14 09:00 Morris IL Disk 4 minutes Have photos, clear day!!! 1/24/14
1/3/14 02:45 Morton IL Other 15 minutes Id wokend up and stept out side. For a smoke. Thats win I seen sevral brite lites pirsing strayt up in pers. There were a lot of stars 1/10/14
1/2/14 23:45 Rossville IL Light 10 minutes 3 orange lights seen hovering and then made a triangle formation. 1/10/14
1/1/14 18:30 Woodridge IL Fireball 4 minutes New Year's day red scanning fireball. 1/10/14
12/27/13 17:30 Vandalia IL Light 10 minutes "Star" moves after being stationary. 1/10/14
12/25/13 23:05 Elgin IL Cylinder ~3 minutes A cylinder shaped object with a reddish glow and yellow fireball clusters moves slowly across the sky. 1/10/14
12/13/13 06:40 Madison IL Light 1-2 minutes Bright bluish white light slowly moves across sky and then disappears directly above me 12/23/13
12/9/13 19:48 Springfield IL Triangle 60 seconds Trianglular shaped craft over I-55 near Springfield, IL. 12/12/13
12/9/13 15:00 Waukegan IL Sphere now Reported and called last Thursday nite--and was called back--same position in sky S.E. but much higher -very bright lites,i count at le 12/12/13
12/7/13 21:15 Roscoe IL Circle 5 seconds Orange globe moving in the sky. 12/12/13
12/6/13 06:40 Lake Bluff IL Circle <1 minute Two bright yellow balls over Rte. 41 danced, twisted, and took off in two opposite directions! Less than 1 Minute! Both GONE! 12/12/13
12/4/13 16:30 Hoffman estates IL Flash 3 minutes Giant bursts of light fill sky. 12/5/13
12/2/13 05:30 Wheeling IL Unknown 3-4 seconds Dark object moving VERY FAST, north to south, Wheeling, IL 12/12/13
11/30/13 17:30 Waukegan IL Oval 2+ hours Bright lites hover over waukegan southern westerly skies nov.30 about 5:30 to 7pm. 12/2/13
11/28/13 20:00 McHenry IL Fireball 5 minutes 4 fireballs moving together in a single line. 12/2/13
11/28/13 18:00 Chicago IL Disk all night I See Disk Objects with Red and Blue Lights (Circling the Disk) hovering over Chicago Skies. 12/5/13
11/26/13 17:45 Danville IL Light 35 minutes Light in the sky over Danville, IL. 11/26/13 545pm. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD)) 12/2/13
11/24/13 19:50 Lake Forest IL Disk ~1 minute Fast moving disk seen above the north Chicago-land area heading north. 12/12/13
11/24/13 18:35 Hanover Park IL Fireball 5 minutes Lights was orange fire and moves faster. 12/2/13
11/10/13 17:50 St. Charles IL Other 90 seconds Horizontal twinkling lights transforming into triangle follwed by all lights going in opposite directions. 11/20/13
11/10/13 05:15 Bolingbrook IL Oval Unknown Looks like gas around it. ((NUFORC Note: If an AM sighting, possibly Sirus? PD)) 11/11/13
11/8/13 19:00 Newton IL Light 45 minutes multiple orange lights in a line. 11/11/13
10/25/13 20:00 Morris IL Unknown 30-40 minutes ufos over i80 between morris and bolingbrook illinois. 11/11/13
10/23/13 18:00 Oak Forest IL Other 12 seconds Loud aircraft with bright colored lights buzzes my neighborhood. 1/30/14
10/19/13 20:10 Swansea IL Unknown 5-7 minutes Lights in the clear night sky over Swansea Illinois. 10/23/13
10/19/13 10:45 Murphysboro IL Other 10 minutes Orange globes in Southwest sky traveling Northeast toward Benton, Illinois. 10/23/13
10/15/13 19:30 Rockford IL Changing 20-25 minutes Bright red, white, and orange lights hovering in the western sky. 10/23/13
10/14/13 18:00 Vernon Hills IL Cigar 4 minutes Silent tube-like crafts-objects like nothing I have ever seen anywhere! 10/23/13
10/13/13 19:30 Oswego IL Circle 10 minutes 4 bright orbs in loose triangle over Oswego, IL, planets or hovering craft? 10/14/13
10/12/13 22:30 Lombard IL Other 2 minutes Two thin, pinkish glowing rings drifting through the air. 10/14/13
10/12/13 21:15 Peoria IL Formation 3 minutes Several stationary orange lights in sky west of Peoria, in a descending arc which dissappeared in twos after a short period of time. 10/14/13
10/12/13 02:55 Schaumburg IL Triangle
I saw a large, low flying, silent, slow craft in the shape of a triangle. It was the color of the sky 8/2/16
10/11/13 22:10 Lombard IL Formation 1 minute 5-8 orange lights over suburban Chicago 10/14/13
10/8/13 19:45 Montgomery IL Unknown 3 minutes Strange orbital object changes direction multiple times. 10/14/13
9/24/13 19:45 Mokena IL Unknown 15-20 minutes Bright Light observed for 15 minutes SW sky near Mokena Illinois. 9/30/13
9/23/13 20:15 South Elgin IL Formation 1-2 minutes Strange orange Light over Northern Illinois. 9/30/13
9/23/13 02:00 Alden IL Unknown 7 minutes Auditory phenomena of unknown origin repeated at same time at two week interval. 10/14/13
9/22/13 21:03 Bloomington IL Fireball 2 minutes Around 30 orange glowing objects flying in a constant speed towards South West Direction. 9/30/13
9/22/13 21:00 Bloomington IL Disk 30 seconds Formation of many orange orbs. 9/30/13
9/22/13 20:00 Chicago IL Fireball 30 seconds Orange/red glowing fireball in southwest sky over Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL. 9/30/13
9/14/13 20:45 Chicago IL Circle 2 minutes Red glowing lights over chicago chased by an airplane. 9/30/13
9/12/13 20:45 Ashley IL Light 3-4 minutes Strange stationary lights in sky. 9/30/13
9/12/13 18:30 Naperville IL Triangle 1 minute Naperville IL Triangle shaped UFO , video evidence. 9/30/13
9/11/13 12:26 Lebanon IL Oval 10 seconds A Football Like shaped mothership seen east of Lebanon, Il 9/30/13
9/1/13 18:50 Antioch IL Other 1.5 seconds Odd object moving at a high rate of speed. 9/9/13
8/31/13 22:05 Ingleside IL Teardrop 90 seconds Orange bright orb gliding high in the sky that dimms to one small white and red light. 9/9/13
8/31/13 21:30 Grayslake IL Fireball 5 minutes 8-31-2013 at 21:30 a yellowish –red fireball (1) observed over south Grayslake. 9/9/13
8/31/13 05:20 Fairview Heights IL Flash 30 minutes Star-like object that pulsed brightly and dimmed multiple times then became stationary 9/9/13
8/30/13 22:00 Bloomington IL Fireball 5 minutes 2 Fireballs flying low. 9/9/13
8/30/13 00:00 Woodstock IL Formation 3-5 minutes Large!!!! group of "star formation" lights traveling east to west, fast rate of speed, between stars and clouds. 9/9/13
8/24/13 22:40 Hickory Hills IL Circle 30 seconds Round fireball passing through the sky of Hickory Hills Illinois 8/30/13
8/24/13 21:35 Lisle IL Circle 2 minutes 08/24/13, 21:35, lisle, il, circle shaped object with red below, two minutes. 8/30/13
8/24/13 21:15 Chatham IL Circle 2 minutes My son and I looking to the North, saw 3 circular orangeish/red objects moving quick smooth pace, Easterly towards the West. Objects w 8/30/13
8/22/13 21:00 Chicago IL Triangle 2 minutes Red fireball orbs and about two triangles ascending from chicago lake michigan 8/30/13
8/21/13 20:30 Alton IL Fireball 3 minutes 15 objects over Alton, Il. 8/30/13
8/20/13 00:00 Metropolis IL Other 5:00 minutes This happen around 8/20/13. We were on a train working and we're sitting still in a railroad siding waiting on trains.It was a clear n 12/10/15
8/19/13 21:00 Chicago IL Sphere 30 minutes That t i was looking S out my window at a full moon. To the right and lower i seen a red object slowly pulsing. 9/9/13
8/19/13 20:20 Galatia IL Cylinder 1 minute Aircraft with three large triangles of lights, one red triangle with two white triangles on each side rose from a nearby field. 8/30/13
8/18/13 13:45 Ingleside IL Changing 10 minutes A daylight glowing object that shape shifted, was very high altitude and made zipping movements 9/9/13
8/15/13 21:00 Chicago suburbs (I-294S) IL Sphere 1-2 minutes Saw very bright neon blue light moving at impossible speeds and doing impossible maneuvers near power plant while with one other witnes 7/20/14
8/15/13 00:00 Cordova IL Other
Multi-colored translucent parachute-shaped UFO flashes briefly in the sky falling to ground, indiscernible size. Jellyfish-looking obje 6/15/15
8/14/13 21:20 Romeoville IL Fireball 30 minutes Orange/Yellow/Red Sphere or Orb seen in Romeoville IL in night sky followed by low flying helicopters TWO seperate sightings. 9/9/13
8/13/13 02:30 McHenry IL Unknown ~1 minute Pulses of steady white light, 10 seconds apart, 10-15 degrees covered in 1 minute. 8/30/13
8/13/13 00:15 Chicago IL
3 seconds Not a clear object, but a very clear light, 3 blinks and movement. 8/30/13
8/12/13 21:00 Zeigler IL Fireball 3 minutes Orange fireball in the sky. 8/30/13
8/12/13 13:00 Arlington Heights IL Egg 3 minutes CLEARDAY SIGHTING. 3/18/14
8/10/13 19:00 Lombard IL Formation 1.75 seconds White lights with orange pellet trail 8/30/13
8/9/13 21:30 Lovington IL Fireball 2 minutes Whatever I saw was very odd, and I had never seen anything like it before. 8/30/13
8/4/13 22:00 Pekin IL Light ~2 hours 6 objects that apeared to be stars moving through the sky. no tail or trail. inteligent control 8/30/13
8/3/13 22:20 Hoffman Estates IL Fireball 2.0 minutes Red-orange orbs in Western sky 8/30/13
7/27/13 21:10 Chillicothe IL Sphere 4 7/27/13 : 9:10PM Between Henry and Chillicothe IL. Duration 2 minutes overcast sky. Three orange spheres in a triangular shape. 8/30/13
7/26/13 22:29 Springfield IL Circle 20+ minutes Balls of lights going higher in the sky then coming back down. there were 4 to 9 of these strange shapes. Witnessed by 2 adults. They w 8/30/13
7/24/13 17:15 Montgomery IL Other 15 minutes Four objects so high I could not distinguish shape even with binoculars. 8/30/13
7/19/13 22:05 Troy IL Fireball 60 seconds Orange ball of light. 7/22/13
7/16/13 22:00 Lena IL Circle 2 minutes Orange Spere Moving Very Slowly Then Disapeared. 7/22/13
7/15/13 22:00 Chicago IL Other ongoing 3 tri-colored objects are hovering around our house at this time 7/22/13
7/14/13 21:56 Deerfield IL Fireball 3 minutes Red/Orange fireballs or lights above northern Chicago suburbs 7/22/13
7/13/13 22:45 New Lenox IL Circle 10 minutes 7 red lights in sky. 7/14/13
7/13/13 22:21 St. Charles IL Formation 2 minutes Many orbs moving through the sky in a formation, flickering, moving at the same pace. 7/14/13
7/13/13 21:45 Oak Forest IL Circle 30 seconds On july 13,2013 approximately 9:45pm i observed 5 orbs that were a grayish white solid color. Thought they could of been birds. But whe 8/30/13
7/13/13 21:00 Springfield IL Formation unknown Strange orange lights reported over Springfield, Illinois. 7/14/13
7/7/13 22:15 Chicago Heights IL Circle 3 minutes There was an Orange Glow in the sky. 7/14/13
7/7/13 21:30 Countryside IL Formation 1:30 Red lights slow moving and then moved into the clouds. 7/14/13
7/6/13 21:00 Peru IL Light 15 minutes My daughter and her husband we parked listening to an outside Tim McGraw concert playing at our little airport. My daughter noticed a r 8/30/13
7/5/13 21:10 Fulton IL Fireball 30 minutes South to north estimated 200 miles per hour and glowing bright red to orange. Steady altitude and speed with no sound. The last object 7/14/13
7/5/13 01:12 Lombard IL Fireball 3min 30 seconds Two bright orange/red colored spider looking things in the sky just outside the Lombard fest around 1:00 am 7/14/13
7/4/13 23:00 Chicago IL Changing 2 minutes We saw three red and orange orbs in a triangular form in the dark Chicago sky. 7/14/13
7/4/13 22:00 Chicago IL Fireball 3.minutes we look in to the sky a bout 10 pm we witnesse frist a fire ball goin from south to north and 3 m a bout 5 minutes later 2 more ball 7/14/13
7/4/13 21:30 Springfield IL Other 7 minutes I saw one lightbulb shaped craft extremely up close and several other red orbs. 7/5/13
7/4/13 21:30 Tinley Park IL Triangle 5 minutes We were in the backyard having a bonfire & we saw strange triangular shaped lights moving pretty slowly across the night sky. 7/14/13
7/4/13 21:30 Bridgeview IL Sphere 10 minutes While watching fireworks in the night sky I seen 3 slow moving objects going across the sky. I pointed them out to my granddaughter an 7/14/13
7/4/13 21:30 Heyworth IL Circle 10 minutes Three orange glowing spheres moving quickly accross the sky. 7/14/13
7/4/13 21:15 Inverness IL Sphere 45 seconds 2 orange spheres moving from south to north and seen by 3 people 7/14/13
7/4/13 20:48 Chicago IL Other 3 minutes Dark gray flat-ended saucer shaped object flying west to east. 7/14/13
7/4/13 20:00 Rockford IL Teardrop 30 minutes Dark red light over Rock River in Rockford, Il before fireworks... 7/14/13
7/4/13 20:00 Tinley Park IL Triangle 3 1/2 Numerous bright red, yellow,and green glowing objects that moved at a steady speed with no sound. Observed an explosion of one 7/5/13
7/4/13 17:00 Bartlett IL Triangle 10 minutes Paper lanterns in UFO-like formation. 7/5/13
7/3/13 22:35 Mundelein IL Triangle 1 minute Bright glowing orange triangular shaped object gone transparent moving NE. 7/5/13
7/3/13 22:00 Bolingbrook IL Fireball 1 minute 3 fireballs moving upward in a vertical column 7/14/13
7/1/13 22:30 Dunlap IL Light 30 seconds A plane was flying north west.

A friend and I had been using lasers to point out constellations prior to the plane flying overhead.
7/1/13 21:15 Shorewood IL Other 60 seconds An orange glowing object, overhead, initially thought to be spent fireworks casing. However, it continued to glow consistently. It's di 7/3/13
7/1/13 14:00 Chicago IL Other 10 seconds Unidentified object observed during daylight by crew of Lake Michigan sailboat. 11/26/15
6/28/13 23:15 Schaumburg IL Light 15 seconds Bright circular light moves and fades to black. 7/3/13
6/26/13 13:20 Niles IL Cylinder 10 minutes Black horizontal object floating with low lying clouds over Niles, IL 7/3/13
6/23/13 01:26 Crestwood IL Other
Not shooting starts as i initially thought., 3 UFO'S WITH LINE OF 8 LIGHTS SHOOTING THROUGH THE SKY. 8/30/13
6/21/13 23:15 Barrington IL Circle 20-45 minutes Three bright objects verticle stance. Top two fire orange with moving outer shell . One pretended to be part of satellite tower. 7/3/13
6/21/13 22:00 Prospect Heights IL Sphere 10 minutes Orange spheres spotted over Northwest suburbs of Illinois. 7/3/13
6/21/13 21:05 Chicago IL Rectangle 1 minute We saw what I can only describe as a "box kite with a pulsating red/blue light inside." 7/3/13
6/18/13 23:00 Lake Villa IL Circle 5 minutes Orange/red silent object with very bright flashes of light. 7/3/13
6/18/13 00:05 Chicago IL Circle
Strange lights seen over Chicago skys 4/4/14
6/16/13 19:00 Bourbonnais IL Circle 10 minutes We saw 2 balls of white/yellow light in the sky, one disappeared while the other moved further away out of sight. 7/3/13
6/16/13 16:00 Arlington Heights IL Unknown 2 minutes Black object flying toward clouds abruptly stop and then descend staight down and disappear. 7/3/13
6/15/13 18:00 Collinsville IL Oval Unknown as I was driving I saw a black oval craft with a green light rotating around it. 11/19/15
6/14/13 22:05 Springfield IL Circle 3 minutes Red fire ball hovering and then lights going dim as it descended to above set of trees then lost it. 7/3/13
6/8/13 23:30 Orland Park IL Other 10 minutes 3 lights in a triangle and singular lights followed. 7/3/13
6/2/13 21:10 Tinley Park IL Oval 5 minutes Four Yellowish bright lights seemed to move in the same direction where two of them later moved in the opposite direction. 7/3/13
6/1/13 23:30 Many IL Unknown Hours Strange items on weather radar. 6/2/13
6/1/13 21:15 Fithian IL Other 5 minutes Floating orange fire moving slowing, then quickly in a SE direction. 7/3/13
5/29/13 23:35 Zion IL Light 10 seconds Large bright light appeared for 10 seconds and then dissapeared. ((NUFORC Note: Witness formerly in U. S. Navy for 20 years. PD)) 6/2/13
5/26/13 22:10 Mundelein IL Fireball 8 minutes Observed two orange/red balls cross the sky from NE to SW one after the other. 6/2/13
5/25/13 00:00 Plainfield IL Triangle 5 minutes Three exremely large white bright lights in the shape of an obtuse triangle hovering over Joliet and could be seen from Plainfield, IL. 6/2/13
5/24/13 21:00 Midlothian IL Triangle 5 minutes Group of orange lights flying close together 6/2/13
5/19/13 21:05 Carol Stream IL Triangle 6-7 seconds Orange Triangular Object Over Carol Stream IL 6/2/13
5/18/13 21:30 Elmhurst IL Circle 2 minutes each Intimidating Looking Red Disk Southwest of O'Hare Airport 6/2/13
5/16/13 21:30 Chicago IL Triangle 8 seconds 3 orbs in triangle formation (or 3 lights on a really big triangle?) over Chicago going NE to SW 6/2/13
5/12/13 22:30 Rockford IL Fireball 15 minutes Eight globes like if they were full of fire inescapable from the bright globe flew silently over Rockford, IL. 5/15/13
5/12/13 01:29 Joliet IL Formation 7 minutes 5 orange balls of lights in V formation over Joliet, IL 5/15/13
5/11/13 23:00 Frankfort IL Triangle 2 minutes Three red/orange objects in tight triangular formation flying low and slow north to south. 5/15/13
5/8/13 00:00 Springfield IL Triangle 1 hour Triangle with with red/blue/yellow lites. 5/15/13
5/7/13 22:00 Country Club Hills IL Flash 2 seconds Standing on back patio. Looked above. 85 degree angle. Size of a star. Emitted 2 pulsating beams of high intensity white light. Noth 5/15/13
5/5/13 00:00 Midlothian IL Oval 30 minutes We wre standing infront of my house on the street i looked to the east and saw three redish orange lights in thenight sky, they were in 8/30/13
5/4/13 22:00 O'Fallon IL Flash ~1 minute Green light streaked across sky 7/3/13
5/4/13 21:30 Joliet IL Fireball 30-40 minutes Several fireballs over Joliet, IL. 5/15/13
5/4/13 21:00 Sycamore IL Fireball 10 minutes Three color shifting orbs move to close triangle then shoot straight up one at a time on same path 5/15/13
5/1/13 21:53 Towanda IL Fireball 4 minutes Hurrying outside and looking straight into the sky we all see a large, circular, red/orange light slowly moving across the sky coming. 5/15/13
4/30/13 02:19 Batavia IL Circle 45 seconds A very small white light hovering above the clouds then decended upon a tree... Tears are streaming with worry what the fuck please hel 5/15/13
4/27/13 20:53 Plano IL Fireball 3 minutes 5 Fireball objects in sky over far western Chicago suburbs. 5/15/13
4/22/13 22:10 Arlington Heights IL Formation 10 minutes Formation of three orange/red orbs, followed by another orb several minutes later pass overhead. 5/15/13
4/20/13 22:00 Hoffman estates IL Light 5 seconds White object over Hoffman Estates Illinois 5/15/13
4/20/13 21:25 Vernon Hills IL Triangle 30-60 seconds Unusual Red Triangular Light Formation 5/15/13
4/18/13 23:55 Chatham IL Oval 30 seconds 3 white Orbs oval in shape seen flying over Chatham, IL (Sangamon County) 5/15/13
4/17/13 00:00 Bartlett IL Triangle 5 minutes Triangle and lights flashing. 5/15/13
4/14/13 20:00 Oak Forest IL Light 15 minutes Bright red light moving slow with no blinking lights or noise 5/15/13
4/14/13 02:00 Bartlett IL Unknown contunious Lights 2 of them moving circular direction northwest sky over Bartlet 5/15/13
4/13/13 23:30 Chicago IL
2 minutes Observed 3 orange orb like shapes moving north to south in direction just east of downtown Chicago. Altitude less then 5k feet. Orbs a 5/15/13
4/13/13 20:00 Bourbonnais IL Fireball 30 minutes Orange lights that moved in a strange, cohesive pattern in the south sky of Bourbonnais, IL. 5/15/13
4/6/13 22:00 Round Lake IL Light 15 minutes Red lights moving se to nw 5/15/13
3/31/13 21:42 Kankakee IL Cone 5-10 seconds Super Fast, 22 cal. Bullet Shaped Craft, Huge, Emitting a Very pale light blue color 5/15/13
3/30/13 21:30 Elgin IL Sphere 15 minutes Silent reddish orange fire like spheres/orbs ( 5 ) following the direction of the wind blowing 1-2 k feet high 4/12/13
3/30/13 21:30 Elgin IL Sphere 15 minutes Silent redish orange fire like spheres/ orbs ( 5 ) following the direction of the wind blowing 1-2 k feet high 5/15/13
3/27/13 23:41 Chicago IL Triangle 10-15 seconds Five lights forming a scalene triangle flying North to South over Chicago (3/27/13) 4/12/13
3/20/13 01:00 Orland Park IL Oval
I was at a stoplight it was about a mile i think away from me it was going slow then it was going fast and stoped and wa 5/15/13
3/13/13 19:00 Gurnee IL Circle 7 minutes Orange/red glowing light in a circular shape 5/15/13
3/8/13 20:15 Aurora IL Fireball 20 seconds Three orange lights in formation. 5/15/13
3/5/13 20:00 Normal IL Triangle 5:00 Triangle craft with 3 lines of red lights underneath and white lights on the sides, flying at low altitude. 4/12/13
3/5/13 20:00 Normal IL Triangle 5:00 Slow moving triangle craft, bright white lights on sides and front, 3 rows of red lights on bottom. 5/15/13
3/3/13 20:00 Zion IL Formation 2-5 minutes 6 to 8 lights in formation in eastern sky heading west. 4/12/13
3/2/13 21:55 Edwardsville IL Circle 5 minutes Six orange lights in the S. Eastern sky. 3/3/13
3/2/13 21:55 Edwardsville IL Light 5 minutes 6 bright orange lights in a loose formation. 4/12/13
2/24/13 18:20 Addison IL Sphere 30 seconds Was outside having a smoke and just watching a plane over the south eastern skies when I glance to my left which if facing north. 2/28/13
2/15/13 19:00 Arlington Heights IL Fireball 1-2 minutes Four flying objects that appeared and disappeared. I was in complete shock. 2/28/13
2/15/13 19:00 Arlington Heights IL Fireball 1-2 minutes We saw 4 big bright orange fire ball type flying slowly and disappearing 1 by 1. 2/28/13
2/15/13 06:00 Spring Grove IL Light 4 minutes Was out with the dog and noticed an Orions belt star formation ..but not in the correct place in the sky.Trying to figure out what con 2/18/13
2/13/13 19:35 Plainfield IL Circle 4 minutes Red ball object seen in plainfield glowed bright dimmed flew off 2/18/13
2/8/13 22:45 Chicago IL Formation 2 minutes Four very bright orange orbs were seen by my girlfriend and myself on Friday evening, as we were pulling out of a Jewel down town Chica 2/18/13
2/6/13 21:50 Plainfield IL Circle 5 minutes Two balls of fire hovering in the sky over Plainfield, Illinois. 2/18/13
2/6/13 09:50 Plainfield IL Circle 5 minutes There were 2 objects hovering below the clouds, they appeared to be on fire. Both object moved in different directions into the clouds. 2/18/13
2/2/13 18:15 Lake Zurich IL Light 15-20 minutes Brilliant lights/orbs glowing red/orange move across the sky. 2/4/13
2/1/13 12:00 DeKalb IL Disk 1 second Original sent to me that I in turn enhanced. Picture taken with a cell phone while someone was on break at the DeKalb Forge Company. 2/21/14
1/26/13 20:00 Elgin IL Changing 5 minute At 8:00pm a cluster of orange lights appeared to be headed eastward to the northwest of Elgin. 2/4/13
1/22/13 00:00 Athens IL Disk 5 minutes A grey disk/saucer hovering over a empty field at midnight. 11/11/13
1/18/13 00:30 Waukegan IL Fireball ~1 second Bright orange fireball spotted. 2/4/13
1/16/13 01:30 Troy IL Unknown 15-20 minutes Strange sounds in the Greater St Louis area. 1/24/14
1/14/13 18:00 Waukegan IL Other 1.5 minutes Mom and 8 yr old daughter see a lighted star shaped object with trailing flames above tree in back yard. 2/4/13
1/6/13 18:05 Springfield IL Circle 2 minutes Two circular red glowing orbs. Not pulsating. 2/4/13
1/3/13 20:00 Rockford IL Disk 20:00- 20:01 Large object with many bright lights. 2/4/13
1/1/13 01:00 Chicago IL Cone 20 minutes Bright cone shaped object in the sky 2/4/13
12/31/12 19:00 Moline IL Triangle 2 minutess Triangle white lights on 3 edge. 1/29/16
12/28/12 20:00 Edwards IL Light 6 seconds A small red light ascended then disappeared. 2/4/13
12/26/12 18:00 Bartlett IL Fireball 5 minutes Slow moving amber colored ball meets up with others and disappears. 7/3/13
12/24/12 17:15 Lake Barrington IL Triangle 8 minutes 8 Triangular Orange Lights Moving North to South on 12/24/12 @ 5:15pm CST in Lake Barrington, IL 2/4/13
12/22/12 16:30 Effingham IL Circle
Floating objects in the sky 2/4/13
12/17/12 16:00 Morton Grove IL Oval 10 minutes I saw 2 ovoid objects perhaps lower to the ground than I estimate moving silently and changing color from red to orange and back again. 5/15/13
12/15/12 21:00 Dalzell IL Rectangle Unknown One bright, white, and massive craft moving faster than anything I have seen, moved soundless, over central Illinois. Two witnesses. 5/15/13
12/14/12 21:50 Libertyville IL Fireball 1 minute if that 5 orange fireball round flying spacecrafts in the sky in a line in Libertyville at 9:50 on 12-14-12. 12/20/12
12/13/12 22:00 Wauconda IL Disk 2 seconds Light blue disk came from East to West and turned North. Very, very fast (5 times plane speed at least. 12/20/12
12/13/12 20:45 Macomb IL Triangle 3 minutes 3 orange lights in triangle moving in unison then disappearing. 12/20/12
12/13/12 20:45 Macomb IL Triangle 4 minutes TRIANGULAR CRAFT OVER MACOMB, IL. 12/20/12
12/13/12 17:38 Skokie IL Light 40 seconds I was at parking lot and talking on cellphone, Suddenly saw a flying obj. with white light moving at a high speed and suddenly vanish. 12/20/12
12/12/12 16:00 Kankakee IL Circle 1 1/2 hour Large grayish circle/oval, two smaller yellow lights/circles and 15 streak lpoking things. 12/20/12
12/12/12 10:00 Lindenhurst IL Cigar 1 minute Shiny Silver object flying over farm field in Lindenhusrt Illinois. 12/20/12
12/6/12 19:00 Canton IL Fireball 10 minutes Orange fireballs in the sky. 12/20/12
12/5/12 22:50 Belleville IL Formation 5 minutes 3-4 orange lighted over belleville. 12/20/12
12/4/12 22:00 Morrison IL Unknown 20 seconds Aircraft of some sort flying violently as if it was about to crash that wiped out power throughout a city for 15 seconds 12/20/12
12/4/12 19:45 Lake Villa IL Triangle seconds BIG Triangle shape craft with red and yellow combined lights with no noise over north il 12/20/12
12/4/12 16:22 Hodgkins IL Light 25 seconds My dream sorta came true. 12/20/12
12/4/12 16:00 Willowbrook IL Light 3 minutes Three shining circular objects evenly spaced motionless in the sky. 12/20/12
11/30/12 20:20 Palatine IL Circle 60-90 seconds Bright red object moving slowly in the sky, changes color and direction and disappears. 12/20/12
11/27/12 16:00 Springfield IL Light 2 minutes Starlike moving object that suddenly disappeared. 12/20/12
11/25/12 05:05 Chicago IL Changing 1-2 minutes Brilliant yellow/orange star-like light seen over downtown Chicago. 12/20/12
11/20/12 18:45 Freeburg IL Cone 1.5 minutes Bright orange fireball in the night sky. 12/20/12
11/19/12 19:00 Jacksonville IL Sphere 20 seconds 4 orange glowing, non flickering spheres, very crisp and clear. 12/20/12
11/18/12 18:15 Rockton IL Light 3 minutes Orange orbs above tollway. 11/19/12
11/18/12 17:00 Worth IL Fireball 50 minutes Fireballs appear out of nowhere and morph shapes as they hover away. 11/19/12
11/18/12 17:00 Worth IL Changing 45 minutes Fireballs turning into plane like objects. 11/19/12
11/17/12 23:00 Peoria IL Sphere 5 minutes Red Orange spheres seen in Peoria Il 11/19/12
11/17/12 23:00 Peoria IL Diamond 5 minutes Pattern of orange/red round objects seen over Peoria, IL at about 11:00 PM on 11/17/12 11/19/12
11/17/12 20:30 Oswego IL Oval 20-30 seconds 4 silent orange balls of light flying across field of view chasing each other at decent rate of speed and quite low above Oswego, IL. 11/19/12
11/16/12 05:30 Vandalia IL Light 15 seconds Bright red light at high speed. 12/20/12
11/14/12 18:36 Cicero IL Fireball 44 seconds Ufo passes from northwest to southeast casually at low altitudes in cicero, ill. 12/20/12
11/13/12 18:00 Danville IL Unknown 1-3 minutes Bluish light 11/19/12
11/1/12 20:00 Joliet IL Formation 5 minutes 7 Orange-Red lights hovering over Joliet, IL 11/4/12
10/31/12 20:00 Carpentersville IL Circle 2 minutes Illinois Sky bright orange round object of light. Drone or UFO? 11/4/12
10/28/12 16:00 Bourbonnais IL Circle 2 minutes Metallic blue round object over bourbonnais, IL dashes out of sight in 3 seconds 11/4/12
10/27/12 19:15 Wheaton IL Sphere 5 minutes Orange fly object over Wheaton, IL. 10/30/12
10/27/12 17:30 Chicago (1/2 Hour out of) IL Light 2 minutes Bright Light @ Great Speed 11/19/12
10/24/12 07:00 Blue Island IL Fireball 4 seconds As I entered my place of business I suddenly looked up west and noticed a blue flame in the sky streaking across at a 45 degree angle m 12/20/12
10/24/12 00:30 Arlington Heights IL Fireball 1 minute Around 12:30 am Wednesday morning, me and my friend witnessed an orange orb-like object hover across the sky. We had been sitting in a 10/30/12
10/21/12 00:05 Morris IL Formation 4-5 minutes Unexplained "formation" of red lights that slowly disappeared. 10/30/12
10/19/12 19:28 Lockport IL Oval 1 minute Five UFO's went past the three of us 10/30/12
10/18/12 19:45 Lockport IL Oval 3 minutes 5 red/orange ovals traveling SW to NE in a straight line , spaced equally apart. 10/30/12
10/18/12 16:30 Alsip IL Rectangle 3 minutes Elongated rectangular object flying slower than an airplane, but faster than a blimp. 10/30/12
10/13/12 20:40 Evergreen Park IL Oval 5 minutes Several bright copper-colored lights moving across the sky. 10/30/12
10/13/12 19:20 Pekin IL Triangle 2 minutes EIGHT ORANGE AND RED LIGHTS OVER PEKIN, IL. 10/30/12
10/12/12 04:10 Chicago IL Unknown 1-2 hours UFO’s spotted in Chicago in the early morning on 10/12/12. 10/30/12
10/11/12 22:15 Blue Island IL Circle 45 seconds Red circular object surrounded by yellow glow flying w/no sound quickly coming out of east turning southbound 10/30/12
10/10/12 20:30 Marion IL Light 2 to 4 minutes I was leaving my friend's house to go home. My friend and her 3 1/2 year old daughter walked me to her front door when she noticed all 10/30/12
10/6/12 22:10 St. Charles IL Light 20 minutes 14-15 Red lights over Kane County near St. Charles, Illinos. 10/30/12
10/5/12 07:42 Roscoe IL Disk
It was a round shape spacecraft,it had white and black lights... it flashed like twice to me and i got a headace from it then it just l 10/30/12
10/2/12 06:15 Canton IL Oval 5 seconds This is my second sighting near this area since 2001. 10/30/12
10/1/12 19:30 Hinsdale IL Fireball 3 minutes Orange fireball quickly ascending in sky in West suburbs of Chicago 10/30/12
9/30/12 21:45 McHenry IL Fireball 10 minutes Multiple bright fireball orbs hovering over mchenry,il meijers.vanishing as jet approached them 10/30/12
9/29/12 22:59 Cicero IL Disk 6 seconds Two U.F.O's fly pass the moon at lightning fast speeds. ((NUFORC Note: Nighthawks and bats, caught in flight with video camera. PD)) 11/4/12
9/29/12 17:00 Brookfield IL Light 2:00 Star like object seen during daylight hours... Moving south. 10/30/12
9/28/12 21:30 Oswego IL Fireball 10 minutes Group of ten or more orange fireballs across Oswego, IL sky on 9/28/12 10/30/12
9/28/12 21:15 Chicago IL Circle 5 minutes Four orange globes moving slowly and changing positions 10/30/12
9/25/12 05:40 Chicago IL Sphere 1 minute Bright orange orb fly's over Cook County, IL. 10/30/12
9/23/12 19:32 Lagrange Park IL Circle 5 minutes Multiple lights seen drifting across sky, orange colored. 9/24/12
9/23/12 19:00 Brookfield IL Diamond 15-20 minutes About 20 orange lights crossing the sky flying mostly in groups of 4 10/30/12
9/23/12 00:10 Broadview IL Light 3 minutes 10 to 15 lights clustered in but unattached standing still in the sky 9/24/12
9/22/12 20:00 Danville IL Fireball 5 minutes Slow moving glow in night sky. 9/24/12
9/21/12 02:12 Richmond IL Circle 1-2 minutes Orange orbs traveling NNE. One after another with a 20 second space. 9/24/12
9/20/12 19:15 Canton IL Changing 2-3 minutes Saw several bright lights in sky over canton Il that apeared and disapeared several times 9/24/12
9/19/12 01:45 Bloomington IL Disk 30 minutes Row of approximately 6 lights of varying intensity and color:white, blue, red, yellow.

Seen in north eastern sky. Seemed not to be
9/18/12 21:30 Bradley IL Egg 15 seconds Two small football shaped objects locked in formation with no lights. 9/30/13
9/17/12 18:00 Jacksonville IL Other 10 minutes Disk-on-disk UFO making atmosphere around it pulsate 10/30/12
9/15/12 23:00 Chicago IL Light 5 minutes Dancing Orbs 9/24/12
9/15/12 21:05 Naperville IL Light 21:30 Multiple orb shaped lights in the sky traveling over Naperville. 9/24/12
9/15/12 21:00 Peoria IL Circle 2:00 minutes Round, bright red lighted objects of 10 or so, very quiet, flying south to north over Peoria, Illinois on 9/15/2012. 9/24/12
9/15/12 20:15 Peoria IL Triangle 5 minutes Two sets of flickering orange lights in triangular form (6 lights total) seen over Rt 6 between Peoria and Chillicothe, IL, 9/15/12 9/24/12
9/14/12 22:17 Chicago IL Oval 3-5 minutes Several Yelowish-Orang to Red lights over West Chicago 9/24/12
9/14/12 21:56 Westmont IL Light 3 minutes Orange orbs flying in formation over Chicago land area US34 9/24/12
9/14/12 20:40 Chicago IL Diamond 1 minute 3 Lighted Objects Spotted in Chicago 9-14-2012 9/24/12
9/12/12 15:00 Gurnee IL Unknown 10 minutes Strange sound that hovered in sky early in morning 9/24/12
9/12/12 06:30 Piper City IL Changing 3-5 minutes Large silver vertical object hovering 9/24/12
9/10/12 22:10 Madison IL Triangle 0:15 I KNOW PLANES AND HELICOPTERS AND THIS WAS NOT EITHER 9/24/12
9/8/12 21:00 Benton IL Circle 2 minutes 6 orange circle in shape bright lights. They were in a diagonal line. Evenly spaced apart. Coming up from the ground to the sky. Th 9/24/12
9/8/12 00:00 Buffalo Grove IL Changing unknown 4 large circular lights moving in the same pattern from the center to 4 corners. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights? PD)) 9/24/12
9/3/12 21:45 Moline IL Triangle 1 minute Orange/Yellowish square to triangle appeared directly over house in Moline, IL 9/24/12
9/3/12 21:05 Plainfield IL Other 7 minutes Low level brightly colored reddish orange object flying over Plainfield, IL 9-3-12 at 9:05 PM 9/24/12
9/3/12 20:15 Palatine IL Sphere 3 minutes Red orb increasing light intensity and rapid movement away straight up 9/24/12
9/2/12 09:00 Huntley IL Oval 8 seconds We were sitting in our backyard around a bonfire when we saw a craft fly up out of the eastern sky. It moved westerly over our house. 9/24/12
9/2/12 01:00 Chicago IL Teardrop 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) It was big and shiny in a teardrop shape.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
9/1/12 21:00 Edwardsville IL Fireball 10 minutes 5 yellow orange fireball/orbs seen by 3 people in Southern Illinois near 20 miles from St.louis 9/24/12
9/1/12 19:00 Chicago IL Other 5-10 minutes V shaped craft. 7/22/13
8/31/12 23:00 Villa Park IL Circle 10-20 seconds Orangish, Red circle traveling in straight line 9/24/12
8/28/12 01:00 Joliet IL Circle app 3 minutes We saw 7 glowing orange balls of light slightly above tree top level for several minutes. There was no sound. They took off straight up 9/24/12
8/25/12 20:50 Lansing IL Sphere 3-4 minutes Observed what appeared to be a ball of orange fire that made no sound travel from south to north over my home for 3-4 minutes duration. 9/24/12
8/25/12 00:35 Joliet IL Light 5 minutes Many moving orange glowing lights over Joliet, IL. 9/24/12
8/24/12 22:50 Lockport IL Circle 4 minutes No noise and nothing machanical about this orange object 9/24/12
8/24/12 22:40 Rockford IL Circle 30 minutes Strange Orange Light Balls Over Rockford Illinois 9/24/12
8/24/12 20:47 Huntley IL Diamond 00:03 Five orange lights in diamond pattern with no sound flew slowly directly over head 9/24/12
8/24/12 00:40 Harvard IL Fireball 5 minutes Fiery white orb in the sky. 9/24/12
8/23/12 20:45 Chicago IL Fireball 30 seconds Fireball of light for 30 seconds on the south end of Lake Michigan. 9/24/12
8/20/12 21:30 Peru IL Triangle 1 minute (/\) - Large V shape object with 5 amber lights just above the tree-line moving silently at 10-20 MPH 9/24/12
8/20/12 20:20 Loves Park IL Circle 5 minutes Orange circle moving west near river. 9/24/12
8/19/12 22:15 Monee Manhattan Rd, Monee,on i57 headed north IL 60449 IL Teardrop 5 minutes Non blinking bright blue light slowly in sky over highway i57 illinios 9/24/12
8/18/12 22:00 Elmhurst IL Cylinder 1-2 minutes Bright orange cylinder with four bright flames in middle. Unmanned. Very quiet. Traveling east to west. 9/24/12
8/18/12 20:25 South Beloit IL Sphere 15 minutes Orange /redish sphere in sky moving from north to south slowly dimming out then moving west /wsw. no noise. 8/19/12
8/18/12 20:15 Mundelein IL Fireball s minutes Yellow ball of flame traveling through the sky. 8/19/12
8/17/12 21:30 Downers Grove IL Fireball 3 minutes Ball of fire travels at steady speed across the sky. 8/19/12
8/14/12 21:30 Antioch IL Light 10 minutes Reddish orange, large lights moving slowly from east to west. Linear, lighter center with pulsating orange/red on each side. 9/24/12
8/12/12 00:00 Peoria IL Circle 40 seconds Orange orb over peoria il 8/19/12
8/12/12 22:30 Jonesboro IL Formation 15-20 minutes Large red light with smaller white flashing lights 9/24/12
8/11/12 23:55 Edwardsville IL Flash three minutes Strange Double Shooting Star Type Objects Over Edwardsville, Illinois 8/19/12
8/11/12 22:00 Aurora IL Circle 10 minutes Orange in color, took off very fast, multiple crafts 8/19/12
8/11/12 21:30 Bartlett IL Light 15 minutes Chicago area 8/11 colored spinning lights - multiple objects. 8/19/12
8/11/12 20:00 Peoria IL Formation 10 minutes There were many small yellow light in the sky hovering north and aircraft headed north east objects move slowly across the sky all acro 8/19/12
8/11/12 16:50 Bartlett IL Fireball 7 to 10 min. 4 to 10 orange lights hovering in the sky, then fade away to nothing 8/19/12
8/11/12 08:30 Chicao IL Fireball 30 seconds Chicago reports: Group of reddish-orange lights seen floating in sync. 9/24/12
8/6/12 21:30 Crete IL Circle 10 minutes or so 3 pairs of orange circular shaped lights flying fast overhead. 8/19/12
8/5/12 23:00 Aurora IL Oval
One UFO glowing different colors in the sky. another came like a shooting star from the first one and flashed real bright. then three m 8/19/12
8/2/12 15:00 Chicago IL Cigar <5 minutes Shiny silver blimp-like aircraft - no wings.. 8/19/12
7/29/12 01:00 Chicago IL Light Hour and half Strange formation of hovering lights over wolf lake 8/5/12
7/28/12 21:30 Vernon Hills IL Sphere 30 seconds Flickering flame in clear ball follows our car 8/19/12
7/28/12 21:00 Schaumburg IL Light 2 minutes We were sitting outside, when I saw 2 burnt orange color lights floating in the southeast sky, below the half shaped moon. There was no 8/5/12
7/25/12 02:15 Chicago IL Oval 15 seconds Grayish black oval sighted over Chicago moving at fast rate of speed! 8/5/12
7/25/12 02:15 Chicago IL Oval 5-7 seconds Dark Grey oval shaped object flying above plane at high rate of speed 8/5/12
7/23/12 22:55 Bloomington IL Unknown 20-25 minutes White on camera/purple off camera lights floating in the sky. 8/5/12
7/23/12 01:30 Springfield IL Circle 20 seconds Bright, silent and disapears. 2/4/13
7/21/12 23:15 Gurnee IL Other 2-3 minutes Line of Red lights Flying over Gurnee/Waukegan area 8/5/12
7/21/12 22:00 Montgomery IL Fireball 5 minutes 20 or more red/orange lights seen by 2 eyewitnesses over boulder hill in Montgomery Il 8/5/12
7/21/12 21:00 Montgomery IL Fireball 4 minutes Saw more than 25 circular red light objects traveling very slowly above boulder hill. 8/5/12
7/20/12 22:45 St. Charles IL Sphere 2 minutes We all looked north and saw an orange light or spherical object slowly moving across the sky and as it slowed down the light faded and 8/5/12
7/20/12 17:05 Poplar Grove IL Triangle 20 seconds Reflective triangle flew extremely fast 8/5/12
7/14/12 23:00 Aurora IL Fireball 1 minute Circular orange fiery object floating 50 meters above the ground spotted in Aurora, IL 8/5/12
7/11/12 22:00 Fox Lake IL Light 2 minutes Slow moving strange red lights over Pistakee Lake. 8/5/12
7/10/12 22:15 New Lenox IL Sphere 5 minutes Huge glowing orange sphere over New Lenox IL seen by 4 witnesses 8/5/12
7/9/12 22:00 Tiskilwa IL Triangle ~1 minute My camp counselor, some cabin mates, and I saw a “black triangle UFO ”at night at summer camp in Illinois in 2012. 8/1/14
7/8/12 21:52 Bolingbrook IL Fireball 4 minutes Fiery orb, traveling on SW vector from NE. 8/5/12
7/5/12 21:30 Chicago IL Circle 4 minutes Observed and photographed five silent stationary discs. Two with red lights underneath and three with white lights. 8/5/12
7/5/12 21:25 Channahon IL Light 30 seconds 3 amber glowing lights crossed the sky silently around 9:25pm. Have video and pics. 8/5/12
7/4/12 22:45 Aurora IL Fireball 2 minutes Fireball-like object seen in Aurora, IL 8/5/12
7/4/12 22:30 Springfield IL Fireball 2 minutes We were sitting outside when one of the witnesses said look at that flashing light over there.(we were facing south) We all thought it 8/5/12
7/4/12 22:00 Chicago IL Oval 5-8 minutes BEAMS RED THEN FADES TO ORANGE 8/5/12
7/4/12 22:00 Chicago IL Oval 5 minutes RED/ORANGE ORBS ACCROSS THE NIGHT SKY 8/5/12
7/4/12 21:45 Naperville IL Fireball 4 minutes Observed a firey orb on a southwest heading out of the northeast during Bolingbrook fireworks show. 8/5/12
7/4/12 21:20 Chicago Heights IL Cigar 30 minutes Orange glowing lights over Chicago Heights, IL 8/5/12
7/4/12 21:15 Edwardsville IL Light 1 minute Brightly light moving across sky and dimming until gone. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite?? PD)) 8/5/12
7/4/12 21:00 Arlington Heights IL Sphere 5 minutes 7 circular orbs viewed traveling near fireworks displays in northwest Chicago area. 8/5/12
7/4/12 21:00 Springfield IL Circle 1 minute Orange fire ball in springfield, il 8/5/12
7/4/12 21:00 Hoffman Estates