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Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/4/22 22:25WilmingtonNCUSACircle1 minuteBright orange fire ball like light falling from sky then light disappears completely. Look left and see a silver disc moving slowly9/9/22
9/4/22 22:24LouisburgNCUSAOtherAbout one minuteKind of a V shape with a dull orange glow. It was very large and slowly moving.9/9/22
9/3/22 23:22East BendNCUSAChanging3:40Strange flashing lights forming different shapes9/9/22
9/1/22 01:30FayettevilleNCUSALight10-20 secondsI witnessed a point of light (assuming a star) at the moment turn into a ball of different colors, then descend.9/9/22
8/30/22 23:30Flight from Charlotte to Wilmington NCNCUSACircleseveral minutesIR flashed and unknown objest9/9/22Yes
8/29/22 02:03PinehurstNCUSA15 mins…Saw multi color object above horizon.9/9/22Yes
8/25/22 21:15STATESVILLENCUSAUnknownApproximately 3 minutesBright orangish to red lights or orbs moving left to right in the sky9/9/22
8/20/22 20:44WalkertownNCUSACircle1-2 minThey were formed in a square. 4 reddish orangish lights. By the time I was videoing three had vanished and the last one disappeared9/9/22
8/18/22 00:05AshvilleNCUSAUnknown15 secondsLoud electric ringing noise, shaking floor, sputtering engine noise.9/9/22
8/17/22 07:30WallaceNCUSADiamond10 secondsIt was very high up and diamond shaped.9/9/22Yes
8/14/22 03:10OrientalNCUSALight5 minutes3 separate lights moving in formation/Changing formation.9/9/22
8/13/22 21:30PittsboroNCUSAFormation60-90 secondsMultiple distant lights in sky; moving in quick bursts, in ENE direction, pretty close together, but on individually erratic paths.9/9/22
8/13/22 00:01Chapel HillNCUSAStar15 minutesSatellite with red and blue lights flew close by then 3 distant satellites disappeared within seconds of each other9/9/22
8/7/22 00:00HickoryNCUSALight10-12 minutesI took my dog outside to the backyard one last time before bed, blue light about size of basketball circling my house9/9/22
8/3/22 22:45AberdeenNCUSALightApproximately 30 seconds.Orange light grew in size/intensity while stationary, flew north, stopped, then disappeared.9/9/22
7/31/22 09:57CharlotteNCUSACircle1 minuteBright white light that moved fairly quickly then turned red and dim until no longer visible NOT ISS9/9/22
7/29/22 19:35BathNCUSAOtherTen minutesBlack vertical pole, grey conical pole and a “y” shape coming down out of a dense cloud covering, over the river in front of our house9/9/22Yes
7/24/22 21:54Spruce PineNCUSASphere9pm to 11pmSpheres that change color, move across the sky and sometimes disappear.9/9/22
7/24/22 14:47RaleighNCUSASphere2-3 minSmall dark sphere-shaped car-sized craft traveling just below the clouds at a consistent pace with sound, no tail, no lights.9/9/22
7/22/22 05:00KannapolisNCUSALight10 seconds2 Headlight looking lights off in distance.9/9/22
7/18/22 23:01Chapel HillNCUSAUnknownAt least 5 minutesSaw hovering solid red and green light, which quickly moved a long distance then back, then hovered again.9/9/22
7/17/22 22:00ClaytonNCUSARectangle1 minuteObject sighted in sky relatively low, appeared to be a white bright translucent light moving from left to right9/9/22Yes
7/14/22 01:32MorgantonNCUSAChangingUnknownChanging pinkish white geometric orb9/9/22
7/6/22 21:37NewportNCUSATriangleCouple minutesDon't know if this was a drone or not.9/9/22Yes
7/6/22 21:25NewportNCUSAStarTen minutesBright star, moving erratically.9/9/22Yes
7/2/22 23:10HendersonvilleNCUSAUnknown2 minutesCraft with static lights moving slow and low across area9/9/22
7/1/22 05:00CharlotteNCUSACircleJuly 1st - Present dayI Just need to speak to someone9/9/22Yes
6/29/22 22:00West EndNCUSADisk25 minutesThere were lights around the side of it flashing red or green or amber sometimes all red on one side and it only move slightly left to9/9/22
6/28/22 21:50BuxtonNCUSALight20 min, ending at 9:50pmRed light appeared 3 separate times in 20 min9/9/22
6/21/22 23:15ArdenNCUSADiskUp to one minuteI saw it last night dance across the sky6/22/22
6/19/22 03:00LexingtonNCUSAFireballWas a light with a mist, no blinking as it moved slowly the light got brighter until it starburst and then mist spread, formed smoke6/22/22
6/15/22 21:00HuntersvilleNCUSALight30 secondsFlickering green light6/22/22
6/7/22 22:45CharlotteNCUSATeardrop4minSitting on rooftop of office saw objecting flying slow over the city, once it got outside the city it lowered down.6/22/22
6/5/22 20:20RaleighNCUSAUnknown1-3 secondsShiny contrail-less craft following jet airliner6/22/22Yes
6/5/22 19:17FountainNCUSACircleFrom sunset to sunriseThis is for the post in Lexington, you're not alone6/22/22
6/3/22 22:00Bryson CityNCUSAFormation10 seconds3 bright dots converged on one another then split off in different directions.6/22/22
6/2/22 21:45Carolina BeachNCUSADelta5 to 10 secondsDelta shaped object moved from my 5 o’clock to my 11 o’clock position, moving silently, 130 KIAS, approximately 1500 AGL6/22/22
6/2/22 21:13RaleighNCUSATriangle1.5 minutesSilent triangular craft seen flying over Raleigh6/22/22
6/1/22 23:00RaleighNCUSAOval2 minutes totalI saw a very bright object starting up down left right very fast and very high above the clouds6/22/22
5/30/22 22:05VilasNCUSASphere15 secondsBrightest light in sky, round white light that moved consistently, made no sound, then suddenly disappeared.6/22/22
5/30/22 16:00Carolina BeachNCUSA10 minutesLong cylinder, reflecting sun, moving at high rate of speed.6/22/22
5/29/22 20:45High pointNCUSAStar5 minutesBright object was stationary in the sky and all of a sudden disappeared6/22/22
5/28/22 21:25StatesvilleNCUSATriangle1 minSighting of UFO in Statesville, NC heading towards Charlotte6/22/22
5/28/22 07:14FayettevilleNCUSACylinder3-5 secondsViewed bright white tic tac shaped object moving north to south for 3-5 seconds6/22/22
5/26/22 21:10High PointNCUSAUnknown8-10 seconds entirelyI saw a wing shaped object coasting right overthe trees in my backyard, appears to be a right wing.6/22/22
5/24/22 21:00INDIAN TRAILNCUSALightapprox 2 minutesflame like light coming from single object with no sound6/22/22
5/20/22 04:03CharlotteNCUSAOther60 minutes or moreSix orbs hovering all over yard in tandem6/22/22
5/18/22 19:33NahuntaNCUSASpherereflected until sunsetNoticed object when I glanced up while playing with family outside.6/22/22
5/16/22 00:03HavelockNCUSAUnknownPlease zoom in and look above blood moon.6/22/22Yes
5/15/22 19:52RaleighNCUSACylinder1 minuteA plane shape object was flying and it went behind the moon6/22/22
5/11/22 12:17MorgantonNCUSAChangingAbout an hour1 object looking like a transparent changes to rectangle9/9/22
5/10/22 06:44CharlotteNCUSALight35 secondsLight in the sky5/31/22
5/2/22 01:30north of greensboro and raleigh nc 40 -50 milesNCUSALight20minSaw 2 very high aircraft flying circular patterns. ((NUFORC Note. Sighting report from airline captain. PD))5/31/22
4/24/22 20:20Mooresville, CharlotteNCUSACircle8.20 - 8.45+ PMSpotted while waiting to photograph Starlink Satellites5/31/22Yes
4/10/22 20:36FlatrockNCUSAUnknown1-2 minutesLarge, silent object4/22/22Yes
4/3/22 21:20GarnerNCUSATriangleV shaped UFO with 3 lightMy wife and I were on our porch looking at stars. Saw craft heading northward. no sound. 3 lights, non blinking. Faded away quickly.4/22/22
4/2/22 06:39Sherrills FordNCUSACircle45minites ot more3 then 4 stars in a configuration hovering above tresss4/22/22Yes
3/31/22 20:57HickoryNCUSALight2 minutesLight saw making a circular rotation repeatedly. You could see half of the circle being made then the other half would disappear.4/22/22
3/26/22 05:46RoxboroNCUSASphere1-2 minutesI thought it was Jupiter but it was so bright and low in the horizon. Then it started to move, slowly but clearly moving towards me4/22/22
3/25/22 06:22WhitsettNCUSAMADAR Node 1834/22/22
3/25/22 05:54Green MoontainNCUSABeaming light in bedroom/ EMF very high4/22/22
3/25/22 05:45GastoniaNCUSALightHas been in sky every dayA bright moving light in the sky-light has blue and pink hue. Moves fast in video4/22/22Yes
3/24/22 13:55FranklinNCUSATriangleApproximately 8 secondsSaw a white triangle flying through blue sky and clouds making no sound.4/22/22
3/24/22 05:54Green MountainNCUSALightAprox 60 secondsBright light woke me up at 5:54am.4/22/22
3/22/22 21:00AshevilleNCUSATriangle1minLow flying triangle craft with red, white, blue flashing light on corners.4/22/22
3/17/22 18:20Winston-SalemNCUSADiamondAbout 4 minutesThere was a large plane flying over maybe a 747. Tt wasn't very high maybe taking off. There was an object above it.4/22/22
3/14/22 14:33New BernNCUSASphere2 minutesSphere object, with no trail and no sound.6/22/22
3/13/22 00:43WhitsettNCUSAMADAR Node 1834/22/22
3/9/22 21:45JohnsonvilleNCUSASphere15 min.Bright Orange light over Johnsonville/Cameron area.4/22/22Yes
2/28/22 07:30BurgawNCUSATriangle10 secondsThe craft was extremely shiny and looked as to be a triangle.3/4/22
2/19/22 19:32Kings mountainNCUSALightSeveral hoursBright dodging light3/4/22
2/12/22 12:15ElizabethtownNCUSAUnknown15 to 20 secondsA chemtrails without aircraft leading it3/4/22
2/9/22 05:45ShelbyNCUSALightFor about an hourI worked 3rd shift when I came home it was there3/4/22Yes
2/6/22 05:35CandorNCUSAStarUntill daylight 30minCould reapper in a diff spot or move slow3/4/22
1/31/22 19:49MarshallNCUSALight2 minutes 30 secondsLooked like an out of focus moon moving slowly from north east to west.3/4/22
1/31/22 18:26SwansboroNCUSAUnknownObjects coming out of a luminous cloud3/4/22
1/31/22 18:15North Topsail BeachNCUSASphere10-15 minutes2 white orb/spheres in the sky with white cloud mist3/4/22Yes
1/28/22 20:45Surga GroveNCUSACircle10 maybe less minIt was round but had little windows on sides then later we had a orb about 30 foot off ground3/4/22
1/27/22 05:21Myrtle Beach, Horry County South CarolinaNCUSALight40 minutesThis is second sighting. This one was closer it appeared on the horizon of the ocean but high up in the air than the previous sighting3/4/22Yes
1/23/22 23:21CharlotteNCUSADiskA few minutesSaw a floating disk with a light and aura out of my plane window. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a reflection of reading lights? PD))3/4/22Yes
1/19/22 22:30NavassaNCUSAOther1-2 minutesI witnessed a craft in extremely close proximity.3/4/22Yes
1/16/22 19:00WilmingtonNCUSALight2 minutesOrb ball of light night sky stationary then started moving low altitude3/4/22
1/15/22 02:35RaleighNCUSACircle25++ secondsThis was caught on my RING camera but I can only seem to get 2 seconds of about 25++ seconds downloaded3/4/22
1/10/22 14:00EdentonNCUSACigar8-10 minutesTwo cigar shaped objects, no wings, lights, contrails or sound3/4/22
1/4/22 17:31Kitty HawkNCUSAOval1 minuteI actually took a photo of the crescent moon and didn’t notice the ufo until later3/4/22Yes
1/3/22 05:30AshevilleNCUSA10 MinutesSaw a bright blue light three times, each one getting closer and brighter, and heard "wom wom" when the light flashed.3/4/22
1/2/22 20:30Surf CityNCUSAStar2 minutes?Large glowing yellow round star shape floating and moving above the beach and shore.3/4/22
1/1/22 00:05ManteoNCUSASphere10–15 min.Series of 4 red-orange spheres moving SW–NE3/4/22
12/31/21 06:36MorgantonNCUSAChangingUnknownI saw a geometric orb that changed into what looked like a pumice stone9/9/22Yes
12/29/21 18:28FayettevilleNCUSASphere2 minutes or lessThe orb was bright in the sky, it descended in front of the four witnesses. Craft was visible long enough to record video footage.3/4/22
12/26/21 22:15CharlotteNCUSALight15 secondsAt first I thought it might have been a huge falling star but it never burnt out3/4/22
12/24/21 23:15FayettevilleNCUSALight2 secondsDistant light flew in, paused in the air for half a second, then accelerated away at an incredible speed.3/4/22
12/23/21 18:15GreenvilleNCUSASphere15 secondsSaw 15 orange fire balls3/4/22
12/20/21 02:00SupplyNCUSACircleOver an hourI saw this changing wobling circular object that was changing colors in odd patterns.3/4/22
12/18/21 00:00CharlotteNCUSACigarstill active 12:35amflying stick, the ends of it brighter. Recorded event12/19/21
12/15/21 20:45Ocean Isle BeachNCUSAChanging20 minutesSighting began with 2 orange glows proceeded by small randomly pulsating white lights. Then the lights moved back and forth in the sky.12/19/21
12/14/21 06:00MadisonNCUSACircle10-15 secondsObject appeared, grew in size and brightness, reduced size and brightness then began to move.12/19/21
12/14/21 02:00Kill Devil HillsNCUSAFormation5-10 secondsLooking at the geminids and witnessed a formation12/19/21
12/14/21 00:30KingNCUSACircle3 secondsA distant glowing object rapidly descending downward12/19/21
12/11/21 17:45TaylorsvilleNCUSATriangle1mintriangular aircraft hovering above tree line. ((Profanity in video.))3/4/22
12/10/21 19:30WaxhawNCUSACircle45 seconds maybe a minute4 Circle lights parallel to each other flying very slowly6/22/22
12/9/21 07:00GastoniaNCUSACircle2 quick camera clicks froAccidentally took picture of ufo.12/19/21
12/7/21 17:30LexingtonNCUSACircleGlowing white and orange orbs follow me every night12/19/21
12/4/21 21:00LexingtonNCUSAOvalDancing Orb's in sky, seemed like playing, at times following a pattern but other times randomly darting back and forth12/19/21
12/4/21 18:30AlexanderNCUSAFormationwitnessed 25-30 lights in a near straight-line formation traveling from the west to the east.12/19/21
12/4/21 18:30DurhamNCUSAOtherThe thing was a long string of lights moving in a line (Google ufo long string of lights)12/19/21
12/4/21 18:30BrevardNCUSACigarString of lights12/19/21
12/3/21 22:00GreensboroNCUSACigarCigar-Shaped UFO Vanished12/19/21
12/3/21 20:00HiddeniteNCUSAFormationlong line of lights evenly spaced all moving in unisom12/19/21
12/3/21 19:00WaynesvilleNCUSAOther3 minutesStraight line of hundreds of lights. Never changed direction. Flying at airplane height in sky. It disappeared in blink!12/19/21
12/3/21 19:00DobsonNCUSARectangleTwo separate people two separate locations12/19/21
11/29/21 04:00LumbertonNCUSATriangleI was traveling North bound on I95 on 29 NOV 21 at approximately 4am EST and witnessed a triangle shaped object, slowly flying south12/19/21
11/26/21 20:00Swift Creek, south of RaleighNCUSAOther5 minutesFive pulsing green lights and a large object that blocked out much of the sky, followed for five minutes12/19/21
11/26/21 18:30Apex/CaryNCUSAChanging6:35 pm to 6:42 pmObject in Sky in Cary, NC12/19/21
11/25/21 20:30NCUSAThis is a recurring siting for me of an orb-like object.12/19/21
11/25/21 19:30Bear CreekNCUSADiamondBright diamond light with triangle lights extending outward12/19/21
11/25/21 00:16WaynesvilleNCUSAOtherAppeared on a photoAppears in three photos when night mode turned o the weird cloud of mist and color is in last picture where a dark area was in previous3/4/22Yes
11/13/21 15:00HuntersvilleNCUSAUnknownA white object, spherical or possibly egg shaped, was floating about as high as a plane. While I watched it, it vanished instantly.12/19/21
11/11/21 20:00ComoNCUSA5 minutesBright white light11/15/21
11/10/21 09:06CaryNCUSALight3 secondsBeautiful meteorite flashed by us just as the Spacex rocket flew overhead. The rocket was very high heading norteast and the meteorite11/15/21
11/8/21 06:49MorgantoNCUSAChangingUnknownBlue orb that had a light run into it and flare up of light9/9/22
10/30/21 19:10CaryNCUSACircle15 secondsDriving on Holly Springs Rd, my wife & I saw an object flying just above the treetops. Object was circular, approximately 30 ft in circ11/15/21
10/30/21 19:00ApexNCUSAUnknownDriving South on HWY 55, a brightly lit, very large object, passed above me at the intersection of Vision Dr.12/19/21
10/29/21 20:00ConcordNCUSAChanging3 minutesWe were riding down road. I looked to my right. There was bright orange balls of light. There was a big light and then more balls of li11/15/21
10/26/21 20:00MatthewsNCUSAFireball45 secondsFireball appeared to expand and retract, darting multidirectionally for (+\-) 45 seconds.11/15/21
10/24/21 03:45BooneNCUSALight5 secondsI saw what looked like a bright and close star fall out of the sky after I looked at it, with a speed much faster than gravity.10/26/21
10/22/21 15:00Winston SalemNCUSARectangle1 min 40 secondSurveillance camera caught this. No clouds in the sky6/22/22
10/20/21 21:24Flat RockNCUSACylinder3 secondsI was taking a photo of the Harvest Moon at my home with my I-phone as it was rising out of the eastern sky just above the trees. It wa11/15/21
10/18/21 19:40CharlotteNCUSAChanging15 minutesTwo orange lights in the sky to the south of Charlotte, NC10/19/21
10/9/21 06:16HenricoNCUSACircle20 secondsVideo on blink camera of a round object10/19/21
10/5/21 02:15Cerro GordoNCUSAFormation30 minutesI noticed a group of around 9 to 10 lights of changing colors ranging from pink to green and blue hovering in the sky for around 30 min10/19/21
10/2/21 20:15Little RiverNCUSALight45 minutesStationary bright white light.10/19/21
9/27/21 22:00Blowing RockNCUSALightI saw three lights in the sky that approached my car on the Parkway before I was turned around.12/19/21Yes
9/27/21 20:05Myrtle BeachNCUSAFormation30 SecondsThree lights the size of stars circle each other in the sky.10/19/21
9/23/21 10:30HubertNCUSAFormation3-4 hoursI was mowing my backyard on a beautiful, blue sky morning here in north Carolina when I noticed just under the sun, there were a bunch10/19/21
9/18/21 03:30BakersvilleNCUSAOther2hrsPhysical event witnessed by multiple people10/19/21
9/15/21 10:23JacksonvilleNCUSALight3 minutesVery bright light,No noise led and followed by two other crafts10/19/21
9/7/21 21:30Ocean Isle BeachNCUSAFlash1.5 hoursNumerous Lights in Ocean Isle Beach10/19/21
8/29/21 22:00Atlantic BeachNCUSALight>1 hourSmall white lights moving quickly same paths9/7/21
8/29/21 21:00DurhamNCUSAFireball40 minutesBright white and red/orange lights flashing and darting around in the night sky. I watched it for about 40 minutes and took 2 videos wi9/7/21
8/24/21 22:20FayettevilleNCUSAMADAR Node 17410/19/21
8/22/21 15:45GreensboroNCUSACircle30 minutesCluster of potential UFOs9/7/21
8/18/21 19:20CharlotteNCUSAOval45 SecondsOval shaped objects flying northwest to southeast at impossibly fast speeds for the altitude. 2 more objects at high altitudes circled.8/20/21
8/17/21 20:55DurhamNCUSAFireballminuteThree amber orbs floating over downtown Durham8/20/21
8/10/21 21:30SupplyNCUSAFormation2:00Coordinated flashing lights entered and left the sky over a span of 2+ hours. They culminated into bright orange flashing lights once.8/16/21
8/9/21 22:20Hatteras VillageNCUSAFlash5-10 minutes2 bright orange flashes or explosions8/16/21
8/7/21 21:30Willow SpringNCUSALight15-20 minStrange bright light in Willow Spring NC8/16/21
8/1/21 04:00GreensboroNCUSAUnknown20 minutesClose encounter/ Abduction in North Carolina bedroom.8/16/21
7/13/21 21:30Winston-SalemNCUSALight38 second video footagemoving lights came across left side of sky changed direction and disappeared12/19/21
7/7/21 13:05Green MountainNCUSAOtherAprox 2 interv of 30 secHeard Ham-radio sounds4/22/22
7/6/21 19:44Chapel HillNCUSAOther3 film clips approx 6 minA friend of mine sent me 3 film clips of odd plasmas caught in his security cam. Almost seems like one group attacking another, sounds9/9/22
7/4/21 20:33South MillsNCUSAOval1 secondObject moving with great speed noticed on video playback8/16/21
6/29/21 22:30CharlotteNCUSACircle3 minutes maybeWhite Light Cruising Over Charlotte, Stopped, Then Continued While Pulsing, No Sound8/16/21
6/20/21 05:12WilmingtonNCUSACircle2minutes3 Orange lights seen on College road in Wilmington, NC.8/16/21
6/5/21 11:32CharlotteNCUSAUnknown2 hours or moreLight moving around in circles in the clouds. Small light looking like a star appearing and disappearing.7/31/21
5/31/21 21:15Wake ForestNCUSALight20-30 secondsI witnessed a very bright light in the sky last night moving east than slowing down and dimming out.7/31/21
5/27/21 21:00Oak IslandNCUSA15 min4 orange triangles with many white lights that followed.7/31/21
5/20/21 22:25CharlotteNCUSATriangle3 minutesLarge dark, triangular UFO with three white lights on corners was seen hovering without movement or sound at night near Charlotte, NC.7/31/21
5/16/21 19:00JacksonvilleNCUSACircleHourThree bright orbs spaced apart and aligned with the moon.5/20/21
5/8/21 21:35Mount AiryNCUSALight5 minutesAt 9:35 pm While setting outside I happen to look up in north west Direction and noticed a string of lights flying toward the south we5/20/21
5/7/21 21:30HavelockNCUSAFormation2 minuteI was talking to my brother on my cell phone on my front porch with my wife. I looked up to the stars and off to the left I noticed doz5/20/21
5/7/21 21:00RaleighNCUSALight3-4 minutesString of lights over Raleigh near falls lake5/20/21
4/27/21 04:40BladenboroNCUSALightMinutes35-30 bright "stars" traveling the same speed and equal distances apart5/20/21
4/23/21 21:00CandlerNCUSAOval15 minutesWatched 3 separate ufos lift up and take off5/20/21
4/23/21 05:58DurhamNCUSACone>5 minutesA cone of light coming from the sky unlike anything I have ever seen. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Cape Canaveral. PD))4/23/21
4/12/21 21:00NewlandNCUSATriangle15-20 secondsTriangle appeared in the sky, and then went out, but you can see each point of triangle zipping away together.12/19/21
4/11/21 16:29GastoniaNCUSARectangleCaught by cameraI had a friend take a of a fish I caught and we didn’t see the craft in the upper right hand corner at the time put when I got home I s4/23/21
4/5/21 19:00HudsonNCUSACircle5 minutesMost amazing thing I have ever seen!!!4/23/21
3/28/21 21:00ApexNCUSACircle1-2 secondsSaw a fuzzy green orb moving at high speed in a straight line3/31/21
3/28/21 20:26TroutmanNCUSACigar4-5 secondsDriving down road, UFO passes overhead flying at 125 yards. And disappeared into the clouds.3/31/21
3/28/21 20:20SummerfieldNCUSASphere1-2 secondsI saw a glowing green orb that split into 2 spheres that moved away from each other in opposite directions.3/31/21
3/17/21 21:20Kure BeachNCUSAOther5 minutesLights with fired object from larger craft3/31/21
3/13/21 20:23BurlingtonNCUSAUnknown5-10 minutesA formation of brightly lit objects rise through the North Carolina night sky and disappear one by one.5/20/21
3/9/21 05:15WilsonNCUSALight15 secondsWas looking at what I thought was a plane going through the sky. It was still dark outside so I couldn't see the shape, but only the li3/31/21
3/7/21 00:00SwansboroNCUSAOtherMinutesSilent U-shaped aircraft performing evasive maneuvers from a military helicopter on its tail in the dead of night.3/31/21
2/25/21 18:45DenverNCUSAFormation5+ minutesLong string os lights in trail. Some stacked line abreast and some had lateral separation consisting of a typical parallel approach a a3/2/21
2/24/21 20:59Roaring riverNCUSAUnknown2 minutesThree lights appeared, made very strange movements seemingly in a sequence before shooting off further than the eye can see3/2/21
2/4/21 07:45CaryNCUSACirclehoursVery bright and very slow moving from West to East. We first noticed its location next to the moon and thought it was a morning star. B3/2/21
2/3/21 19:20Kure BeachNCUSASphere10Appeared over ocean single at first. Thought it was a Shrimp Boat. The second appeared about a minute later beside the first. Then a th3/2/21
1/29/21 20:08RockwellNCUSAOther15minBig orange / red light in northwest sky in Rockwell NC USA3/2/21
1/29/21 16:00SummerfieldNCUSASphere15-30 minutesSpherical object enters atmosphere and flies away.3/31/21
1/28/21 22:30FayettevilleNCUSADisk3 MINUTESOne saucer shaped U.F.O. with red light in center flashing red above tree tops moving from N/W TO S/E3/2/21
1/28/21 18:33SanfordNCUSAChanging7 hoursTetrahedron orb flashing colors, hovers, changes shapes and directions over my field nightly many pictures and videos3/2/21
1/21/21 18:30CharlotteNCUSAFormation3-5 minutesWe observed two red lights moving at incredible speeds in perfect formation over Charlotte.3/2/21
1/19/21 22:45New BernNCUSALightunkLights in the night sky3/2/21
1/14/21 22:15AshevilleNCUSAOval30 minutesBright oval-shaped object flying at considerable height in the night sky1/19/21
1/13/21 14:56PinehurstNCUSAOval35((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no detailed information. PD))1/19/21
12/31/20 21:20Oak islandNCUSALight3 minYellow light moving north over Oak Island NC1/19/21
12/29/20 16:05RaleighNCUSACircle5 secondsI saw a large solid black circle next to a cloud parking my car. It was perfectly still and did not move. I continued to stare at it an1/19/21
12/28/20 21:30GarnerNCUSALight20 minutesBight white orb moving fast but fluid in multiple direction in sky. Possibly saw another orb couldn’t confirm.1/19/21
12/27/20 19:00BooneNCUSAUnknown4 secondsDriving home probably 6-8 pm et. Saw a very bright white light (looked exactly like a bright star) fall straight downward. No tail, ext1/19/21
12/26/20 15:45Raleigh (13 miles SW of)(in-flight)NCUSAUnknown<1 secondA flying object at 29000 feet. ((NUFORC Note: REPORT FROM COMMERCIAL AIRLINE PILOT. PD))1/19/21
12/26/20 07:00OaksboroNCUSAChangingNight and dayI have seen for weeks now orbs in the sky and on the ground they seem to be communicating with these space craft in the sky, spycraft t1/19/21
12/23/20 21:00New BernNCUSALight15 seconds3 bright lights horizontaly in a row1/19/21
12/21/20 19:10HayesvilleNCUSAChangingWhile taken picturesI was taking pictures of the Christmas star. I was not using flash to take the pictures and the pictures was taken of my phone(A50)12/23/20
12/10/20 03:15WinstonSalemNCUSAOther45 mins plusA bright not moving object with pulsating red light watched for 45min to 1 hour12/23/20
12/5/20 18:55LelandNCUSAFormation1 minuteTwo Bright Dots, moved simultaneously and faded12/23/20
12/3/20 19:30Fort BraggNCUSARectangle10 minutes3 lights horizontally in a row moving horizontally in slow motion towards base. Too slow for a plae or helicopter to stay in the air. T12/23/20
11/21/20 18:22MOORESVILLENCUSACircle2 secondsLighted circle looped around in Northeast sky on camera12/23/20
11/21/20 17:58Oak hillNCUSALight30 secDim moving light that increased in brightness for a short period and then moved out of sight.12/23/20
11/19/20 22:00KingNCUSATriangle1 hourTriangular shaped objects that put off no sound, with blinking red and white lights underneath flying overhead12/23/20
11/19/20 19:10HavelockNCUSACircle2 minsFighter Pilot Reports “Pod” at 23,000 Feet12/23/20
11/18/20 18:40CharlotteNCUSAFormationFew secondsFormation of bright lights12/23/20
11/17/20 18:00BelmontNCUSAOval5-7 minutesstatic white opaque object with dark black center12/23/20
11/16/20 05:33Gastonia ncNCUSAOther10 secondsi was driving to work, all of sudden this big doughnut shape craft appears in the sky, it was in a slow motion for about 4 seconds than12/23/20
11/13/20 21:00NCUSALightMomentaryLight descended rapidly toward ground, stopped and turned at horizon without deceleration or radius, moved north out of sight AA 6182.12/23/20
11/13/20 17:50JulianNCUSALight5 minOne light creating odd light scattering effect moving into 4 lights going in different directions.12/23/20
11/13/20 17:40RaleighNCUSALight3 minutesI saw two lights moving in an irregular pattern. They were spaced too far apart to be connected on an airplane and I saw nothing connec12/23/20
11/13/20 17:35claytonNCUSALight5 minsUfo/lights flying in weird formation. One of the ufo's the front and rear light seemed to be a mile apart yet with precise movement.12/23/20
11/13/20 17:30GoldsboroNCUSAUnknown60 secondsI witnessed three shiny objects traveling (in formation) across the sky that were not aircraft, satellites, or shooting stars.12/23/20
11/13/20 17:30CorapeakeNCUSAChanging10 minutessaw what lookd like a rocket and plume that separated into 6 satellites12/23/20
11/13/20 05:35Benson/four oaksNCUSALight10minsWhite bright light objects that started as 1 then 2 and jumped to 5 moving extremely high but still in our atmosphere12/23/20
11/8/20 23:30AlexanderNCUSACigar2 hoursWatched a cigar shaped object with horizontal lights hovered in the East at a 25 degree inclination for 2 hours until clouds hid it.12/23/20
11/5/20 18:30kinstonNCUSAUnknown30 secondsvery fast high altitude orange light/craft with enormous rainbow shaped contrail,like tail of a comet12/23/20
10/31/20 21:00LilesvilleNCUSAPictureObject in photo of the moon12/23/20
10/26/20 19:12Morehead CityNCUSAUnknown3 secondsUnbelievably fast light streaks by!12/23/20
10/24/20 19:28WilmingtonNCUSACigar3 minutesLong disc with approximately 10 round uniform lights. ((Starlink satellites?))12/23/20
10/20/20 20:18CantonNCUSALight6-10 minutesOn 10/20/2020 at 9:18 PM, I had just returned from downtown Asheville, NC to my home located in rural Canton. Due to an owl whooting ou12/23/20
10/16/20 01:05DurhamNCUSASphere30 minutesWatching sky for planes, as I often see. No stars were visible and there were no planes - the clouds thick. I saw a stationary light12/23/20
10/14/20 23:30WilmingtonNCUSAOther5 minutesHovering 30 FT x 20FT craft with a yellow light on either side and 3 vertical red lights in the middle.12/23/20
10/14/20 20:50Siler CityNCUSAChanging3 minutesComing out of work site in the driveway in my truck with window rolled down I seen a really bright white light beside a star. It was pe12/23/20
10/14/20 15:00Kings MountainNCUSADisk20 secondsHalf dome silver metallic object hovering in the sky12/23/20
10/14/20 12:00CaryNCUSALight5 minutesWitnessed silver object that would shine bright when the sun reflected looked as if it was slowly spinning but staying in one place. I12/23/20
10/6/20 14:40AlexanderNCUSACylinder10 secondsTranslucent cylindrical silent aircraft Seen near Asheville North Carolina11/5/20
10/3/20 01:40LindenNCUSACylinder5 hoursPlease watch the video11/5/20
9/25/20 23:00SanfordNCUSAChanging30-45 minutesSpherical ball of orange/yellow/white light changed shape and color to square then disc shape airplanes did come close and light would11/5/20
9/20/20 19:24SpartaNCUSAOther5 minutesLong bright lines in sky heading different directions, only appeared right after the sun went down.11/5/20
9/5/20 23:00GastoniaNCUSARectangle30 min.The object stayed in front of moon as if basking in light of moon&sun...I have 3 pics.7/31/21
9/5/20 22:00FayettevilleNCUSAFormation7 minutesMy husband and I were at a red light on Owen Dr. in Fayetteville, NC awaiting to turn left onto 301. We both witnessed several lights a11/5/20
9/5/20 11:00GreensboroNCUSALight15 minutesstanding on my front porch looking west I saw something flashing in the sky so I came in to get my binoculars. it was multicolored like11/5/20
8/23/20 21:00EllerbeNCUSACircle2-3 secondsI was driving approx. 5 miles northeast of Ellerbe headed toward Ellerbe from Derby( community). I had just came up from a low lying w9/4/20
8/20/20 23:00FayettevilleNCUSAUnknown10-15 minutesApproximately 11 1130pm me and my son witnessed what looked like the sky was on fire by methodist college ramsey st we following the li8/27/20
8/20/20 00:04SalisburyNCUSAUnknown>1 minuteUnexplained blinking lights: Ring alarm said person detected. ((anonymous report))8/20/20
8/19/20 21:00Holden BeachNCUSALight10 minutesUFO's over Holden Beach NC8/27/20
8/12/20 05:55RougemontNCUSACircle15 secondsWhite object with bluish blinking lights see in Rougemont NC8/20/20
8/11/20 23:00CharlotteNCUSAOther30 minutesSo I was walking my dog today and one of my neighbors came up to me and said “ Ma’am I don’t know if I’m going crazy but I just saw a s8/20/20
8/8/20 23:30ApexNCUSALight1-2 minutesJordan Lake ufo light8/20/20
7/31/20 19:41MarionNCUSALightWhen what is naked to the eye reviles through photo8/6/20
7/31/20 19:21MarionNCUSALightWhen what is naked to the eye reviles through photo8/20/20
7/30/20 23:45Holden BeachNCUSALight30 minutesWe were staying in a beach house on vacation. I couldn’t sleep so I went outside to look at the stars. The Moon was overhead, the ocean8/6/20
7/26/20 09:30CreedmoorNCUSAOther10 secondsDark acorn shaped object far above the trees near falls lake in Creedmoor Nc8/6/20
7/15/20 21:15Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight10 minutesSingle, bright light overhead, static followed by slow movement7/23/20
7/15/20 17:57DenverNCUSACircle1 minuteSingle black dot flying through clouds during day in Denver, NC7/31/21
7/13/20 01:00ClemmonsNCUSACircle2 secondsA ball of bright light went flying back my window at night.7/23/20
7/11/20 23:00LouisburgNCUSASphere10 minutesBright blue/white sphere appears and lands Louisburg, NC7/23/20
7/9/20 21:43HatterasNCUSATeardrop15 secondsObserved a large, bright light in night sky descend then zip off. The flight path resembled that of the Nike swoosh emblem.7/23/20
7/4/20 20:00LeicesterNCUSAUnknown1-3 minutesSomething high flying straight up with trail behind it7/9/20
7/2/20 22:30ShelbyNCUSADisk5 minutesSmall UFO craft landed in my Garden at night leaving landing impressions like stands.7/9/20
7/2/20 20:45Huntersville/North CharlotteNCUSACylinder15 secondsSilver cylinder, upright beer can like, in sky near Charlotte, NC11/5/20
7/1/20 09:23Little SwitzerlandNCUSADisk1Disc shape discovered in clouds in photo7/23/20
6/29/20 21:50ArdenNCUSATeardrop1 minuteGlowing orange inverted teardrop silently flying low overhead7/3/20
6/29/20 21:00Oak IslandNCUSACircle15 secondsBright lights appeared off the coast, multiplied, disappeared, and a single light reappeared and vanished again.7/3/20
6/29/20 21:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSAChevron10 secondsorange orbs7/3/20
6/28/20 03:30Spruce PineNCUSAUnknown15Strange wall of wind swooshing overhead7/23/20
6/25/20 21:50North Myrtle BeachNCUSASphere10 minutesOrange Orbs over North Myrtle Beach June 25, 20207/3/20
6/25/20 21:30Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight30 minutesBlinking objects moving around the sky at Ocean Isle Beach, NC.7/3/20
6/15/20 22:00NCUSAOther30 minsLike moving stars started with 3 in traingle then one after the other small space in between . ((Starlink satellites?))7/9/20
6/13/20 05:25SalisburyNCUSATeardrop1-2 minutesSaw spear or teardrop structure streaming across the sky with a vapor trail and cast off glare from the rising sun. The object was head6/25/20
6/12/20 21:00HuntersvilleNCUSALight~1 minuteBright light flares and makes 90 degree turn6/25/20
6/10/20 23:30Sneads FerryNCUSACircle15 minutesMy girlfriend and I were doing some nighttime fishing at Topsail Island. Around 23:30 we started to see very bright orange lights appea6/25/20
5/23/20 00:00HenricoNCUSADisk10 secondsBright white lights to saucers to gel6/25/20
5/17/20 22:00HenricoNCUSALight1 hourBright white intermittently lights moving quickly at tree line several appearing at a time and sometimes seemed to zigzag6/25/20
5/11/20 21:45CharlotteNCUSAOval15 minutesBright light hovering,caught on camera disappearing6/25/20
5/9/20 13:35Bryson CityNCUSAOvalUnknownI saw an object that I believed to be a cloud, but, in the the photos I took, it looks like an oval shaped object with lights.6/25/20
5/4/20 20:07PittsboroNCUSASphere37 minutes(bright, round, white object [1/2 magnitude of Venus] with a much smaller [dimmer] object tethered below and swinging conical6/25/20
5/3/20 21:40MurphyNCUSALight21:40 to 21:55Three Star like non-blinking lights moving South to North, One Changes Direction to South East. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
5/3/20 21:00Holly SpringsNCUSACircle20 minutes30 to 40 tiny lights moving in unison. Every 15 to 30 sec a new light followed. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
5/2/20 13:05WeavervilleNCUSARectangle1-2 minutesAircraft with 3 unknown objects surrounding6/25/20
5/1/20 23:45SaludaNCUSALight2 hoursAt 11:45 pm a flashing object was noticed north from Saluda, NC. The object was flashing green, blue, red, orange and white in a seemin6/25/20
5/1/20 22:00Carolina BeachNCUSASphere20-30 minutesWas with an off duty forefighter who got a call that there was a possible boat fire 11-17 miles off shore. We ran to the beach and saw6/25/20
5/1/20 20:00Topsail IslandNCUSACircle1 hour5 orange lights over the ocean, they would fade away and come back about every 15 minutes; 2, then 3, then 5.6/25/20
4/28/20 22:10WilmingtonNCUSAUnknown5 minutes10 white lights in formation, observed over Wilmington NC. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/28/20 21:35LeicesterNCUSAFormation5 minutesA string of fast moving lights moving rapidly from north to south. ((Starlink satellites??)6/25/20
4/28/20 21:30GreensboroNCUSAFormation5 minutes23 unidentified flying objects in single file formation, flying at a high rate of speed. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/28/20 21:30RichlandsNCUSALight15 minuteslights evenly spaced traveling west to east. for aprox 15 min.. ((Starlink satellites??)6/25/20
4/28/20 21:15Boiling Spring LakesNCUSAOther90-120 secondsNumerous objects, similar in size and brightness to stars at night, moving rapidly in a northwest to southeast arc, then disappearing.6/25/20
4/28/20 20:00Hope MillsNCUSAFormation20 SecondsA perfectly straight line of bright lights were flying by overhead then ascended into outer space. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/28/20 11:00Granite QuarryNCUSASphere8-10 secondsDriving south on hwy 52 in Granite Quarry NC. 11:00am looked to the left and noticed a round shiney object 2 miles away and a few miles6/25/20
4/28/20 09:30WilsonNCUSALight1020 lights flying single file evenly apart. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/27/20 21:05Kitty HawkNCUSAFormation10 secondsObserved straight line of 8-12 “moving stars on a very clear night. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/23/20 22:00Chapel HillNCUSACircle1 minuteOrb moving over the nighttime Chapel Hill suburbs6/25/20
4/19/20 05:00HubertNCUSACircle20 secondsSeven objects had lights. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/18/20 03:00WilmingtonNCUSASphere5 secondsVery Fast Bright Sphere in the Sky.5/7/20
4/18/20 02:16WilmingtonNCUSAOther30 secondsWent out to my car in the middle of the night to have a cigarette (feels safer being in the car) once i was done, i felt nervous going6/25/20
4/17/20 20:00Mount HollyNCUSAFireball1 minuteLarge Fireballs appeared orniting each other before moving rapidly out of sight6/25/20
4/15/20 22:30BrevardNCUSALight10 minutesSharp turning and free falling pulsating light6/25/20
4/15/20 22:00HickoryNCUSASphere20-30 minutesTwo small orange spheres moving quickly across the sky while changing direction.5/7/20
4/13/20 22:30Flat RockNCUSALight5 minutesI went outside to move my vehicle and noticed an odd bright light . At first I thought it was a plane waiting to land staying still for6/25/20
4/13/20 21:30AshevilleNCUSAFormation15Lineal pattern, sequential, star-like lights seen flying for 15 minutes in Asheville, NC. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/9/20 17:00ShallotteNCUSACigar20 seconds((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no information. PD))((anonymous))5/1/20
4/8/20 22:02Spout SpringsNCUSAFormation6 minutes2 Yellow-Orange-Red Spheres Floating Silently Overhead at Night6/25/20
3/25/20 22:00Pleasant GardenNCUSALight1 hourI noticed a light moving from my window and I started to watch it. I saw the object move in an up and down motion and occasionally side5/21/20
3/24/20 19:58GreensboroNCUSACircle3 secondsIt was a circle like a trash can lid but bigger and had bright yellow light touching the ground5/21/20
3/20/20 20:00Rose HillNCUSALight0:00Bright light that's been in the same area of the sky when there is no cloud overcast. We first spotted it on the 20MR20. ((Venus??))5/7/20
3/12/20 23:30Red SpringsNCUSAFireball3 minutesTwo Orange fire balls fly across the sky in Hoke County NC between the towns of Red Springs and Raeford5/7/20
3/12/20 00:00BooneNCUSADiskall daylots osf siteings and no one to talk to5/15/20
3/9/20 01:30WilmingtonNCUSALight20Sighted one bright low-flying light slowly glide up and abruptly stop. originally guessed it might have been a helicopter or osprey out5/1/20
3/8/20 21:00CharlotteNCUSA>20 minutesDouble or triple bright lights, not moving, just side by side/ clustered for several minutes.5/1/20
3/2/20 19:30MaidenNCUSASphere3 hoursOrange bright orb in NW Sky above Maiden NC Every Night moving erratically - ongoing. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus?? PD))4/9/20
3/1/20 05:31AshevilleNCUSAFormation12 minutesformation (("Starlink satellites??))4/9/20
2/28/20 19:30North Myrtle BeachNCUSACircle3 secondsFour large orange circular lights.4/9/20
2/28/20 16:02Holly SpringsNCUSAEggWhite egg shaped u f oIt was egg shaped, flew north then suddenly stopped then flew west then disappeared in thin air .4/9/20
2/27/20 05:25MidlandNCUSALight15 minutesover 35 "normal" satellite like lights traveling from N to SE, were in a perfect straight line, evenly spaced4/9/20
2/23/20 13:14HillsboroughNCUSACircle3 minutesAt 1314hrs until 1317 hrs on the date provided I saw 5 circular lights in straight formation with 2 lights directly under the 5. I repo6/25/20
2/17/20 20:14High PointNCUSAFireball3 secondsBright light spotted in High Point NC over lake.2/25/20
2/13/20 21:30Winston-SalemNCUSASphere30 secondsI saw a very bright orange/red/pinkish sphere to the northeast of my house. At first, I thought it was a planet until I realized it wa2/25/20
2/11/20 06:00Snow HillNCUSASphere2 minutesOut looking at the moon with friend, sun rises in East faint glow of daylight, full moon beginning to set west, few high level clouds b2/13/20
2/10/20 05:29RaleighNCUSALight10 minutesBright white dots moving fast across the sky. ((Spacelink satellites))5/1/20
2/4/20 18:00MaidenNCUSAChanging2 minutesThree lights changed formation.2/7/20
1/28/20 09:45AshevilleNCUSAEgg5 secondsdark pill shaped object over the black mountain range2/7/20
1/21/20 16:00Siler CityNCUSADisk10 minutesI seen a metallic and silver objects in the air.1/31/20
1/21/20 16:00Siler cityNCUSADisk10 minutesI seen a metallic and silver objects in the air less than 1500 ft it was big.1/31/20
1/18/20 19:30WilmingtonNCUSACircle3 minutesOne white light that dimmed and disappeared.1/31/20
1/17/20 19:00Creedmoor/ Wake ForestNCUSALight4 hrsWhite reddish light floating rapidly back and forth3/2/21
1/17/20 01:00Emerald IsleNCUSAOval2 hoursAt approximately 0100 hrs, Jan 17, 2020 I observed a dark amber/orange orb hovering approximately 200-300 ft off the surface of the oce2/7/20
1/9/20 22:15WillowspringNCUSATriangle1 minuteSaw a triangle shaped aircraft hover about 100 to 150 foot over a house on my way home from work when I pulled over to get a better loo2/7/20
1/9/20 21:00LewisvilleNCUSAOval20 minutesSaw a bright oblong light on my way home from work. Followed it by sight to my home. Pulled to a stop at dead end street. watched it2/7/20
1/8/20 06:10LelandNCUSALight30 secondsStar like object falling at sharp vertical angle to near treeline very rapidly. Before contact with ground it veered sharply to the lef2/7/20
1/6/20 21:30SupplyNCUSAEgg1 minutesaw a huge yellow oblong shape ( big as tree) Descending over trees and then it was gone2/7/20
1/6/20 16:48High PointNCUSACigar10 minutesHigh Point North Carolina before crossing the bridge. Witnessed lights before crossing the bridge and after crossing another person pul2/7/20
1/5/20 21:00New BernNCUSACircle5 hoursPilot Reported Lights off NC Coast2/7/20
1/5/20 19:00GreensboroNCUSAChevron30-40 secondsNearly Invisible Chevron shaped craft silently gliding south with leading edge illuminated by moonlight.2/7/20
1/3/20 04:30OrientalNCUSALight10 minutesOdd lights over the Pamlico Sound.2/7/20
12/24/19 19:00LexingtonNCUSASphere10 minutesSaw several glowing red objects hovering almost the shape of the big Dipper. They were traveling south East until they disappeared in t2/7/20
12/21/19 22:15CarthageNCUSAFireball5 MinutesSaw a Fireball UFO glowing Red/Orange. It moved around in all directions. Very cool! The last time I saw a Fireball UFO was in Great F12/22/19
12/20/19 06:45GreensboroNCUSAOval3minsOval shaped glowing white object leaves a trail of 'smoke' in the sky then vanishes .12/22/19
12/20/19 06:35Winston SalemNCUSADiamond20Every Night, Multiple Sightings. Peacekeepers! ((Starlink satellites?))12/22/19
12/19/19 17:04Point HarborNCUSACigar3 minutes14-16 lights moving in different directions but made 90 degree turns. ((Starlink satellites?))12/22/19
12/19/19Winston-SalemNCUSACircle3:00 - 3:20 p.m.100's of round blobs or circles, clear or silver, shiny, color change to red or blue and back hovering over & around tower.12/22/19
12/14/19 22:10CharlotteNCUSACircle3 secondsLarge white circular object flying across sky12/19/19
12/14/19 15:30RaleighNCUSACircle<3 minutesOn that Saturday afternoon, at approximately 13:30 hours, December 14, while walking in my neighborhood, I looked up as I usually do4/9/20
12/7/19 18:30SpencerNCUSAUnknown10 minutesHuge craft over Polar Express.12/19/19
12/7/19 17:45MorgantonNCUSAChanging10 secondsMorphing inter dimensional white or silver craft12/19/19
12/6/19 10:45Wake ForestNCUSADisk5 minutes3 Hovering objects in the sky.12/19/19
12/4/19 16:57ShelbyNCUSALight~1 minuteVery bright star like figure, near an airplane that was possibly Abducted but this star like fugure12/19/19
12/1/19 14:50RaefordNCUSACircle10 secondsCircular silver aircraft without smoke trail dissapeared after 10-15 seconds12/19/19
12/1/19 06:00McleansvilleNCUSADisk3 minutesI was walking with my son to check my mail witch is down a long driveway and i happen to look up at a exstreamy bright light CLEARLY sh12/19/19
11/30/19 18:45CaryNCUSAChevron10 secondsChevron shaped object suspended over trees in Cary, NC.12/19/19
11/29/19 20:40WilmingtonNCUSACigar10 seconds7-8 elongated objects flying in straight line North to South along coast of North Carolina. Mid-level clouds above the objects.12/1/19
11/28/19 22:00SimsNCUSADisk5 minutesred and green lights formed in a line moving across sky12/1/19
11/26/19 22:15Mount HollyNCUSACircle1 minuteLarge circle of light flying noiselessly in a straight line at a fair rate of speed12/1/19
11/26/19 17:30HampsteadNCUSALight10 secondsOn a cruise off of Italy on the above time and date my friend and I observed a very bright oval shape, strange orange color light2/25/20
11/25/19 15:30WilkesboroNCUSACircle1 minuteCircle looking silver object was hovering in the sky as I was driving past chick fil a towards Boone on 421 I thought I was crazy and12/1/19
11/25/19 03:28New BernNCUSAFormation15 secondsMysterious lights over New Bern. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD))12/1/19
11/24/19 18:07RaleighNCUSALight10 secondsship moving into diagonal formation and disappeared12/1/19
11/24/19 08:45DurhamNCUSALight>30 minutesBright yellow-ish light low and much closer than the stars moved quickly in all directions. Went straight up fast when a plane flew by.12/1/19
11/20/19 20:31Sneads FerryNCUSAFormation10 to 15 minutes3 double round flat sets of lighted panels that didn't shine any light on the water and were without sound when stationary or moving6/22/22
11/20/19 18:40CandorNCUSATriangle10 minutesAs I was driving through town I noticed 3 red lights in a perfect triangle position there was one in front and two on the back I though12/1/19
11/20/19 11:00JacksonvilleNCUSAUnknown4 hoursLoud Humming sound2/7/20
11/17/19 20:45SwannanoaNCUSACircle10 minutes3 crafts with lights flying, disappearing and then reappearing.12/1/19
11/15/19 19:19WaxhawNCUSACircle5 minutesUFO in the sky turning white to red being chased.4/9/20
11/14/19 23:00Jackson SpringsNCUSALight2 minutesLight went from dim to very bright then left with extreme speed gone in 2 seconds.8/20/20
11/13/19 23:00TarboroNCUSAUnknown3 minutesDark undetected object. High speed.12/1/19
11/12/19 17:20GreenvilleNCUSACylinder5 secondsA cylinder, moving left to right, 25’ in front of me, parallel to the pavement, 100 MPH or faster.4/9/20
11/11/19 18:55Lake HavasuNCUSAFormation4 minutesFormation of lights or objects over Lake Havasu, AZ, moving across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Cluster of "Starlink" satellites. PD))12/1/19
11/11/19 05:55BunnNCUSAOther3 minutesSaw large string of lights fly over Bunn, NC. Very strange. Silent. About 2000 feet up. Moving North East at a high rate, like12/1/19
11/9/19 19:20ApexNCUSACigar7 secondsLong object with 4 green fixed lights moving slow and low12/1/19
11/6/19 21:00UnionvilleNCUSACircle15 minutesVarious activity in the sky all of which faded out and disappeared.12/1/19
11/5/19 17:15Morehead CityNCUSALight5 minutesI am a 57 year old retired medical assistant. On 11-05-19...7:06 pm my neighbor (42 year old female) called asking me to go outside to12/1/19
11/5/19 03:00Hope MillsNCUSALight5 secondsSeen apparent shooting star bounce off of object in sky changing its trajectory.12/19/19
11/2/19 20:00GreenvilleNCUSASphere25 seconds4 bright sphere objects. They bobbed around stationary before separating and all seem to shoot off almost like a reverse shooting st12/1/19
11/1/19 21:15BooneNCUSAFormationStill occurringI was watching YouTube and noticed a bunch of lights outside my window I tried to take a picture but my iPad’s camera could not render12/1/19
10/27/19 00:00SiloamNCUSARectangle30 secondsLarger black rectangular object followed by weather phenomenon in North Carolina.12/1/19
10/25/19 18:30MonroeNCUSALight3 minutesWeird flashing lights that went off completely and had a random sequence and then a ripple effect.12/1/19
10/25/19 08:28ApexNCUSACigar1 minuteTwo white cylindrical objects sighted above Apex NC12/1/19
10/18/19 22:00Black MountainNCUSALightUnder 1 minutesWhile at a festival at Eden Lake I noticed a bright orange steady light in the sky that was small and it hoovered in place for nearly 312/1/19
10/17/19 23:00HayesvilleNCUSALight1-2 minutesOn HWY 175 near the Georgia state line, bright lights about as high as the power line, hovered for 1-2 minutes then zoomed towards sout7/9/20
10/15/19 18:45ConcordNCUSAOval5 MinutesBright, Oval Light in the Sky that hovered, and then disappeared quickly.12/1/19
10/13/19 00:14CharlotteNCUSACigar4 minutesMe and my friends were kickin back one night. we had been up for awhile so the sleep deprivation started getting to us. We decided to g12/1/19
10/12/19 21:30HuntersvilleNCUSAFireball5 minuteOrange Pulsating Orbs in Huntersville NC12/1/19
10/12/19 14:49WilmingtonNCUSATriangle10 minutesTriangular Craft with Circular Light in Center12/1/19
10/10/19 20:00Apex-Holly SpringsNCUSAOther10-20 minutesPentagon-shaped Flying object rimmed with greenish-blue lights accompanied by two helicopters.12/1/19
10/10/19 19:40ApexNCUSA10 minutesThere was video taken and also photos that show 10 lights on the object 5 were blue/green and the other gray/ white Then as the object12/1/19
10/10/19 19:30ApexNCUSAOther10 minutesMy father, sister, and I witness an octagonal UFO along N Salem St starting at the intersection at US 64 (19:30 EST).12/1/19
10/10/19 19:30ApexNCUSACircle10-20 minutesHUGE RED CRAFT IN NC, APEX!!! MANY WITNESSES.12/1/19
10/10/19 11:00MayodanNCUSADisk5 minutesThis was near mayodan nc when i was driving to get my wifefrom work. I seen 3 planes flying in the sky in different places all w chemtr12/1/19
10/9/19 18:00MooresvilleNCUSAOther10 minutesObject was moving north to south approximately 30 miles outside of Charlotte heading towards Charlotte, NC..12/1/19
10/8/19 03:35Rocky MountNCUSAUnknown3 minutesLoud heavy metal object12/1/19
10/5/19 20:00HillsboroughNCUSAUnknown1 minuteWe seen them 3 different times. They appeared of of nowhere. I got a minute video of them in flight. You can hear screaming when they f12/1/19
10/5/19 19:40Chapel Hill (north of)NCUSAFormation3-5 minutesCluster of UFO’s seen close to Chapel Hill, NC12/1/19
10/5/19 19:30Chapel HillNCUSAFormation1 minuteMulti-colored light array drifting low, pattern shapes and colors in RBG. 15/501 S towards Pittsboro, NC11/5/20
10/5/19 15:30DurhamNCUSATriangle1 minuteTwo sets of lights in isosceles triangular formation flew slowly over a gas station.12/1/19
10/3/19 19:00Winston-SalemNCUSACigar25 minutesFour cigar shape flying objects changing from red to silver-like moving horizontal appearing and disappearing very slow.10/4/19
10/2/19 22:00Black MountainNCUSAFireball2 minutesWitnessed an orange, slow moving light. Was looking out my window and saw a orange colored, non blinking light floating across the nigh10/4/19
9/28/19 11:00GreensboroNCUSAOther2 minutesObjects flying equal distance apart in formation together. ((anonymous report))10/4/19
9/27/19 06:05WaxhawNCUSALight20 secondsBright star like lights appear then get brighter and finally fade10/4/19
9/26/19 12:00Mills RiverNCUSADisk15 secondsDisc shape moving slowly across sky above highway. Stopped suddenly and faded out very slowly.10/4/19
9/25/19 21:00Tabor CityNCUSASphere1 minuteTwo orange lights sat stationary then maneuvered separately at different speeds, behind a tree-line.10/4/19
9/25/19 20:30Surf CityNCUSASphere30 minutesSingular stationary orb splits into multiple orbs.10/4/19
9/23/19 13:48Wake ForestNCUSATriangle5 seconds or lessTriangular shaped aircraft moves from east to west, makes a vertical loop, then disappears in a crystalline shaped burst.10/4/19
9/22/19 19:15Wrightsville BeachNCUSAFireball10 minutesA fireball-like object was seen falling for two minutes until it made a sharp 90 degree left turn and exited the field of vision.10/4/19
9/22/19 11:00MaidenNCUSATriangleStill goingCloaked triangular craft10/4/19
9/20/19 22:30Deep RunNCUSATriangle5 minutesOn september 20 1030pm a large triangle shapped craft with 3 green pulsating lights on bottom was iny back yard i witnessed it leaving12/1/19
9/17/19 21:00LelandNCUSA30 seconds((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no information. PD))9/19/19
9/17/19 20:30North Topsail BeachNCUSALight10 secondsSaw a light in the sky moving at a high rate of speed. It changed direction. ((anonymous report))10/4/19
9/17/19 09:00LelandNCUSA30 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided here by witness. PD))9/19/19
9/2/19 23:35ClaytonNCUSACylinder15 minutesCylinder craft moving flashing lights only moving up and down9/6/19
9/2/19 15:00PikevilleNCUSAEgg2 minutesI casually glanced up in the sky above me and about 100ft i saw a craft shaped like a blimp but was almost clear like it was trying loo12/1/19
8/30/19 08:30WeddingtonNCUSACircle20 minutesObjects in the sky in Weddington, NC.9/6/19
8/27/19 23:00AndrewsNCUSAOther15 minutesStrange invasive fly over of strange unknown air craft. It had no FAA Id. Numbers. You can hear it also. Very loud, but not like a norm9/6/19
8/24/19 23:30RosmanNCUSAOther6 hoursTwo concentric light rings with orbs on each ring.10/4/19
8/19/19 19:02CrestonNCUSACylinder1 minuteSilver, shiny cylinder-shaped object spotted with no noise, no wings, no lights in Creston, NC.8/23/19
8/17/19 17:00Atlantic Beach North CarolinaNCUSACircle30Strange lies over the Atlantic Ocean in North Carolina12/1/19
8/15/19 21:23AshevilleNCUSAOval10 secondsMassive orb going slow like meteor.8/23/19
8/15/19 10:55ConcordNCUSAFlash~30 minutesWent out for a late night cigarette. I saw what looked to be 3 different lights flashing above clouds. I grabbed my boyfriend and his m8/23/19
8/10/19 12:15CharlotteNCUSACircleUnsureAs I was driving home, I saw a plane in the sky and another object. I began to get alarmed as I thought it was two planes about to coll8/23/19
8/8/19 21:40Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight15 seconds2 very bright/deep orange lights appear and disappear, stationary, out over the NC ocean at a 30 degree angle off horizon.8/23/19
8/7/19 10:50WilkesboroNCUSAOther5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information about sighting; remains anonymous. PD))9/6/19
8/5/19 22:00WhitsettNCUSACircle45 minutesDisc appears in night sky.8/23/19
8/5/19 09:35TrinityNCUSALightBright LightBright light in the sky then It fades out.8/23/19
8/3/19 17:30WilmingtonNCUSAOther5 secondsFirework sparks in daytime; highly reflective glitter; bird flock formation; closely overhead.8/23/19
8/2/19 23:00Fuquay VarinaNCUSAOval10 minutesRainy night. Saw a burnt orange light flickering through the tree in our back yard. Went outside and this light appeared to be moving.8/23/19
7/29/19 19:00HickoryNCUSA15 seconds((NUFORC Note: Source of the report provides no information. PD))2/13/20
7/25/19 21:15Surf CityNCUSAFireball1 hourReddish orange orbs appearing several miles off coast and at least 2 thousand feet above sea and higher. Sometimes one light would appe8/23/19
7/25/19 21:00North Topsail BeachNCUSALight1:30Strange lights off North Carolina coast near Camp Legeune8/23/19
7/25/19 20:00Topsail BeachNCUSACircle2-3 hoursPairs of red lights at random locations8/23/19
7/25/19 19:00MarionNCUSAFormation10 minutesObserved 3 objects in a triangular formation at high altitude ie: 30-40K ft. which remained stationary for approximately 10 minutes in8/23/19
7/25/19 09:00RaleighNCUSACigar30 secondsShort white cigar shaped object8/23/19
7/24/19 23:45GastoniaNCUSALight6 secondsSitting out looking into the sky like I do every other night. Rural area so your eyes catches everything the sky showes . Clear! A ligh7/25/19
7/22/19 04:00AuroraNCUSATriangle1 minutesWhile X-ing the Pamlico R. on a tugboat N on the ICW I saw 3 white lights in the shape of a triangle in the sky. ((anonymous report))7/25/19
7/20/19 00:30CorneliusNCUSAUnknown35 minutesOn July 20th at 12:30AM, I was awakened by flashing circular lights in my bedroom. I went to the window and looked in the sky and it wa8/23/19
7/19/19 21:50CharlotteNCUSALight20 minutesMore than 100 flying objects of bright light.7/25/19
7/17/19 00:00AshevilleNCUSASphere3 secondsI saw a round sphere pop out of a low lying cloud then slightly adjust direction and go back into the cloud.7/25/19
7/12/19 03:30CharlotteNCUSAOther20 minutesWhooshing sound with 1-red and 3-white lights that went silent. ((anonymous report))7/12/19
7/11/19 21:00Nags HeadNCUSAOther7 seconds2 white lights that turned into 6 and then dissapeared.7/25/19
7/11/19 00:00ReidsvilleNCUSACigar5 monthsThere's normally one really bright one and the rest are small not as bright and they blink sometimes they blink red or white but they'v7/12/19
7/2/19 22:03MebaneNCUSATriangle5 minutesBlack triangle escorted by two jets.7/5/19
6/30/19 08:00Oak IslandNCUSARectangle1.00 minutesI captured what appears to be a 2 white tic tacs due east. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
6/28/19 23:58GreensboroNCUSALight10 secondsA bright sparkling slow moving light. It was fluctuating in brightness. It immediately vanished. It was a clear sky, no clouds.7/5/19
6/28/19 04:00CaryNCUSAFormation10 seconds6 oval metalic craft in a slant line formation silently and quickly flew over my house in the early morning darkness about 4AM.7/5/19
6/28/19 01:38KannapolisNCUSALight1:38Drone like UFO captured on video10/4/19
6/28/19 00:00KannapolisNCUSALight11 secondsA UFO was caught on my deer camera. It appeared from 1:30 am to 5:30 am for a few seconds at a time. It appears to be curi8/23/19
6/23/19 02:00StatesvilleNCUSATeardrop4 minutesObserved one object come across the sky right to left with what I thought were white trail from fireworks looked again noticed a red li6/27/19
6/22/19 13:00Mint HillNCUSACircle1 minuteThe clouds looked strange that day. One of my favorite relaxation exercises is to Look at the clouds and watch them change. This d12/1/19
6/21/19 22:45FayettevilleNCUSAUnknown5 minutesFlashing from a possible satellite tumbling on its arc.6/27/19
6/4/19 23:00RaleighNCUSAFireballMy daughter and I were in the hot tub last night and we both saw light in light that lite up the sky and our home and thought it was li6/7/19
6/3/19 23:49Pilot MountainNCUSACircleA few secondsThere was a blue light that appeared behind some trees right at the top6/7/19
6/2/19 05:15RaleighNCUSA15 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information about sighting; elects to remain totally anonymous. PD))6/7/19
6/1/19 20:30Indian TrailNCUSACone5-10 secLow Flying Object seen flying over my backyard at low speed. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
5/28/19 22:00Maggie ValleyNCUSACircle1 minute5 white orbs traveling across the night sky12/1/19
5/24/19 22:00AshevilleNCUSASphere3 minutesOrange-Red Sphere/Ball of Light. ((anonymous source))6/7/19
5/21/19 22:30GreenvilleNCUSA5 minutesLow flying silent object with very bright flashing lights, rapid movements, not in a straight path- loops and circles (but almost as if6/7/19
5/21/19 13:00SpencerNCUSAChevron5 minutesLow traveling large boomerang shaped ufo. ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provided no contact information. PD))6/7/19
5/21/19 09:50Erwin/Linden/South FayettevilleNCUSAOval10 minutes +Large glowing lights of a craft over Erwin/Fayetteville area.6/7/19
5/16/19 21:15Oak IslandNCUSAFireball5 seconds3 fireballs or flare like lights above the ocean that quickly disappeared.6/7/19
5/15/19 04:40MoyockNCUSALight20 minutesFinally I’m 100% sure this was ufo or ufos.6/7/19
5/11/19 22:20Rocky PointNCUSALight5 minutesI was outside walking my dog and saw a bright large orange ball of light high up in the sky. At one point I thought that I could see fa5/14/19
5/11/19 21:50WaynesvilleNCUSAUnknown30 secondsWhite flashing light about a second on and off. The flash would leave a tail. No sound.5/14/19
5/11/19 00:00GarnerNCUSALight45 minutesBlue orbs fly over Garner (near soccer park over hey 50 south)5/14/19
5/8/19 01:00HighlandsNCUSALight1 minuteI have about 10 recordings from last night on my ring phone at my house. There appears to be between 4 and 6 lights coming and going.5/9/19
5/5/19 01:00LowellNCUSALight5 secondsUFO over Charlotte-Douglas Airport Sunday 5/5/19.5/9/19
5/2/19 02:47New BernNCUSAUnknown25 minutesA white light brighter than stars was moving back and forth across the sky very fast in a zig zag motion. ((anonymous report))5/9/19
4/23/19 22:12ConcordNCUSASphere15Glowing orange concentric circles craft in the sky @akingsrule Instagram for the video12/23/20
4/21/19 23:00LexingtonNCUSAEggIntermittent activity forHovering Light Over NC.4/25/19
4/21/19 22:35North WilkesboroNCUSALight18 minutesOn the evening of April 21, 2019 approximately at 22:25pm EST in a town at the base of the Appalachian mtns in North Carolina I looked4/25/19
4/21/19 21:00Carolina BeachNCUSACircle1 hourRed Orb silently hovers over Carolina Beach, NC, and Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant in Southport.4/25/19
4/20/19 20:45TroutmanNCUSAFormation15 minutesSeveral strange orange lights seen in formation on the sky near Troutman, NC.4/25/19
4/18/19 10:30GreensboroNCUSAUnknown1-2 minutesFast, silent Mystery Craft.4/25/19
4/4/19 07:50FletcherNCUSALight15 secondsBright green light.4/8/19
4/4/19 06:50MorgantonNCUSACylinder1 minuteSaw what looked like a descending spacecraft over the Charlotte NC area at 6:50 AM on April 4, 2019. ((anonymous report))4/8/19
4/4/19 06:50HendersonvilleNCUSAFireball7 secondsI was sitting at the bus stop this morning with my Daughter when she yelled “ Look a shooting star”… This was not a meteor!!4/8/19
4/4/19 06:45EflandNCUSATriangle10 secondsBright green object flying low through the clouds right around sunrise. ((anonymous report))4/8/19
3/31/19 23:00CharlotteNCUSAUnknown5 minutesDark object in sky.4/8/19
3/31/19 05:33LawndaleNCUSADisk2 minutesI saw 3 blue lights close together hovering over the treeline across the street.8/23/19
3/29/19 06:55Granite FallsNCUSAFireball5 minutesGreen comet and helicopters.4/8/19
3/29/19 06:45CharlotteNCUSAFireball6-10 secondsGreen and white fireball coming toward Earth. ((anonymous report))4/8/19
3/27/19 09:45Nags HeadNCUSACircleI was driving south of Virginia Dare trail when I noticed two bright yellow lights in the sky.3/29/19
3/26/19 00:00TrentonNCUSADiamondStill goingI have been contacting diamond dancing lol like disco ball UFO's for about 3 weeks now. It usually starts around 9 pm just above tree l3/29/19
3/6/19 15:00Hatteras VillageNCUSARectangle10 minutesInitially observed a small object which was thought to be a drone circling Hatteras Lighthouse from a distance of 10 miles southwest at7/25/19
3/1/19 18:07MebaneNCUSAChangingMonths (since December) lInterdimensional Beings Caught using thermal vision telescope and UFO Fleet Over Alamance, NC.3/14/19
2/28/19 02:45WilmingtonNCUSALight90 secondsTWO BRIGHT LIGHTS MOVING SLOWLY3/14/19
2/16/19 20:00GarnerNCUSAOther5 minutesStrange orbs moving in sky over Highway 70 in Garner, NC. ((anonymous report))2/22/19
2/16/19 19:42GarnerNCUSACircle2 hoursAt least 11 circular orbs in two groups flying together at wavering speeds in an constant ellipse motion, moving towards each other.2/22/19
2/9/19 18:45BurlingtonNCUSALight5-10 minutesTwo bright white lights low in the atmosphere over North Carolina.2/14/19
1/28/19 23:00StokesNCUSARectangle15 secondsRectangle object observed at estimated 20000 feet with well lit interior beige lights.2/1/19
1/26/19 23:59CantonNCUSASphere~2 minutesNever saw anything like this flyng thing.2/1/19
1/20/19 22:07GoldsboroNCUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular, Black, with three white lights on each corner and one red on the middle.1/24/19
1/20/19 00:00Winston SalemNCUSARectangle10 secondsHuge dark object with 4 lights went soaring across the sky then disappeared1/24/19
1/16/19 21:00LowellNCUSAOval4 minutesI was walking outside to feed my dog and I looked into the sky and there were 2 of what looked like oval shaped objects, one with red a1/17/19
1/13/19 03:00LowgapNCUSA1 minuteDog barked an alert, 4 to 5 huge flashes of green light that lit up everything outside.Shortly afterwards the power went out.Never hear1/17/19
1/11/19 19:40MooresvilleNCUSAUnknown>5 minutesMy neighbor asked me to come outside to look at something in the sky. We both witnessed a slow moving light (blue in color) traveling s1/17/19
1/11/19 04:40Jackson SpringsNCUSAOval23 secondsI was driving to work Friday morning January 11, 2019 when I looked in my rearview mirror and saw an oval object for about 23 seconds w1/17/19
1/10/19 21:43SalisburyNCUSACircle1 minuteA circle was spinning and hovering with colorful flashing lights.1/11/19
1/9/19 06:36BurlingtonNCUSALight5 secondsA stationary green light dove to the ground and disappeared.1/11/19
1/8/19 23:20SummerfieldNCUSATriangle30 minutesTriangular object with multicolored lights, very slow and low to the ground, circling area.1/11/19
1/4/19 21:55GastoniaNCUSACircle15 minutesWell over a hundred little blinking dots was heading South. They were in a scattered formation across the sky. They were fast.1/11/19
12/26/18 22:00LexingtonNCUSACircle2 secondsGlowing circular object with dark blue ring falling from the sky1/4/19
12/26/18 19:53SalisburyNCUSASphere3 minutes3 fiery crimson orbs at low altitude. ((anonymous report))1/11/19
12/24/18 22:30LenoirNCUSALightOngoingBlinking lights have been appearing and hovering over the blue ridge mountains. ((anonymous reports))1/4/19
12/23/18 09:09LenoirNCUSALightOngoingBright blinking lights hovering over the blue ridge mtns. Not the first time. They do not appear every night. ((anonymous reports))1/4/19
12/22/18 18:30TarboroNCUSASphere5 minutesLarge group of orange orbs.1/4/19
12/18/18 22:32Holden BeachNCUSACylinder5 secondsA cylyndrical shaped object traveling from North to South was observed traveling at a great speed. Coloration was green and the object1/4/19
12/18/18 19:00Oak IslandNCUSASphere25 minutesAt approximately 7:00p.m, I thought I saw a strange light in the sky over the ocean through my window. I grabbed my glasses and went o1/4/19
12/17/18 21:00HickoryNCUSACircle1 minuteOrange Glowing and Pulsing Circular Object over Hickory, NC.1/4/19
12/13/18 20:58Kill Devil HillsNCUSAOther5-10 secondsWhen walking the dog, heard what sounded like a giant bird flapping its wings.12/14/18
12/13/18 20:58Kill Devil HillsNCUSAOtherNWWhen walking the dog Heard what sounded like a giant bird flapping its wings. At the same time my wife yelled oh and ask what was tha1/4/19
12/12/18LenoirNCUSALightOngoingBright blinking lights over the Blue Ridge Mountains. Viewed from the village of cedar rock. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/9/18 01:00North BrevardNCUSALight1 minuteLights over snow bank.12/14/18
12/4/18 17:30ClaytonNCUSACigar2 minutesUnusually long dark shape, moving very slow, no lights, no sound, at tree level.12/14/18
11/30/18 22:30Seven DevilsNCUSARectangle10 secondsFootball field sized rectangle, black, near Boone N.C. that disappeared at a high rate of speed.12/6/18
11/21/18 22:00Kill Devil HillsNCUSAFormation15 minutesBright, orange, triangle shaped crafts flying in formation over Kill Devil Hills, NC.3/14/19
11/20/18 19:50Charlotte/Salisbury (between; on I-30)NCUSATriangle4 minutesTriangle yellow lights in the night sky.11/24/18
11/20/18 06:29WallaceNCUSALightTwo bright lights almost connected right before sunrise. Not a plane. Stayed still in the sky at sunrise until lost sight while driving12/6/18
11/17/18 21:30FranklinNCUSALight1.5 hoursErratically moving object in night sky.11/24/18
11/15/18 18:00GreensboroNCUSAOther2 minutesSaw exact same strange craft again a week later at the same spot. It was on approach to GSO RW 3212/19/19
11/8/18 19:30Apex (physically in Cary)NCUSADiamond20 secondsHuge diamond shaped aircraft moved very slowly, hovered, then went below tree line. Red/green non-flashing lights. Low quiet hum.11/24/18
11/8/18 19:00MidlandNCUSACircle<1 minuteCircular red object moving quickly. ((anonymous report))11/24/18
11/8/18 18:30GreensboroNCUSAOther2 minutesStrange craft on approach with improper NAV lights that disappeared in class B airspace12/19/19
11/8/18 07:00Cary/ApexNCUSACross1 minuteCross-shaped with light lining bottom of each of the four "arms," hovering over two different areas, then disappeared quickly.11/24/18
10/31/18 22:01MorrisvilleNCUSAChevron7 minutesI noticed what I momentarily thought were aircraft lights forward and above us at a close distance.11/9/18
10/31/18 22:00RaleighNCUSAFormation3:003 lights single object.11/24/18
10/28/18 17:10CharlotteNCUSACircle3 secondsSaw a small orb with a bright blue light shining at plane on takeoff out of Charlotte, NC. ((anonymous report))11/9/18
10/28/18 09:00ForbushNCUSALight10 mlnutesMy wife and I are traveling east on all 421 and yakking county North Carolina. When as a passenger in our car I absorb sorry observed a12/6/18
10/26/18 22:30SmithfieldNCUSAOther5 minutesLarge plane shape crafts no sound just a humm11/9/18
10/23/18 06:05Winston-SalemNCUSATriangle15-20 minutesAt 6 am today (10-23-2018) to have a cigarette and a minute or two later directly above me was a object 100ft wide 50ft length.10/25/18
10/22/18 05:15WilmingtonNCUSATriangle10 secondsSeries of V shaped lights going fast and high in sky10/25/18
10/19/18 10:00AshevilleNCUSATriangle15 minutesLarge trianular craft. ((anonymous reports))1/4/19
10/18/18 12:00WilmingtonNCUSADisk30 secondsWith my son and saw in the crisp blue clear skies a formation of disc shaped craft.10/25/18
10/15/18 23:20Kill Devil HillsNCUSAFlash3-5 secondsAt approx. 11:20pm on 10-15-18 in the night sky above Kill Devil Hills, NC, facing SE, I observed a faint white-yellow streak.10/18/18
10/12/18 22:00SunsetNCUSACircle10 minutesFour orange balls of light hovering, then moved over the ocean, disappearing one at a time. ((anonymous report))10/18/18
10/10/18 21:23GreensboroNCUSACircle00:08:00Circular shape with purple hued, triangular blinking light.11/24/18
10/10/18MorgantownNCUSA226 was closed going up the mountain due to accident this morning was raining, hazy out. Made a U-turn going back down mountain in open10/12/18
10/7/18 02:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSADisk1 hourAt approximately 2:00 i could not sleep because I witnessed many craft the previous night but, I could not pick them up because they w10/12/18
10/4/18 18:00ConcordNCUSAOther15-20 minutesSmall, rotating, seemingly faceted orb spotted flying more slowly that bird/planes, flew roughly NE, ((anonymous report))10/6/18
9/27/18 21:30DurhamNCUSACircleFluctuating bright white light in night sky, high up seen from route 147.10/6/18
9/27/18 03:00GreensboroNCUSAStar10 minutesBlue Light Went Through My Window6/22/22
9/25/18 20:50Nags HeadNCUSALight<1 minuteI saw one light in the sky, then another joined it. They were in a north-south line. One went out as my boyfriend came outside. We both9/27/18
9/9/18 17:00Sunset BeachNCUSASphere2 hoursSitting on the beach and high in the sky was a shiny object that stayed there until we left 2 hours later. it was not there today?9/13/18
9/2/18 11:58CharlotteNCUSARectangle1 minuteBlack rectangle object moving East over Charlotte, NC in CLT airspace9/13/18
8/31/18 21:38LumbertonNCUSATriangle2-3 minutesTriangle in shape, at least (6)+ white lights, silent hovering above side of highway about 150' altitude9/13/18
8/30/18 22:00Morehead CityNCUSAUnknown1 hourExtremely fast moving objects over the outerbanks of North Carolina. Some very bright some not so much.8/31/18
8/30/18 18:00Mint HillNCUSAChevron3 minutesHappened to look up towards the east during a recent storm and noticed solid black triangular shaped object moving at an erratic speed9/13/18
8/22/18 04:23MorgantonNCUSAFlashSecondsBright blue/white light shot up and across sky8/31/18
8/17/18 21:00LocustNCUSAChanging2 hoursStarted out like a star then it stretched out and then took the shape of a upside down u ((anonymous report))8/22/18
8/17/18 02:26Winston-SalemNCUSALight1 hourBright lighted object hovering around for about an hour. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Mars? PD))((anonymous report))8/17/18
8/16/18 22:00Nags HeadNCUSALight15 secondsBright orange/red light flying parallel to beach then turned out towards the Atlantic Ocean into the clouds. ((anonymous report))8/22/18
8/16/18 19:30SpindaleNCUSALight2 hoursTwo orbs opposite each other fixed in the southern sky.10/12/18
8/15/18 20:00WaxhawNCUSALight4 minutes2 green lights seen, and weird noise heard.8/17/18
8/14/18 21:15GreensboroNCUSAChevron2-5 minutesBright light, too bright to be a star, hovering in place underneath Moon for ~2 mins. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD)) ((anonymous report))8/17/18
8/13/18 21:05CharlotteNCUSAFireball2 minutesBright orange orb travels and disappears.8/17/18
8/13/18 21:00FranklintonNCUSAChanging30 minutesRed/Orange Shapeshifting Object Spotted and Flew Away.8/17/18
8/12/18 22:00FayettevilleNCUSALight30 minutesMysterious bright light spotted hovering over wooded area8/17/18
8/12/18 03:00Bryson CityNCUSALight2 + hoursZig zagging star- lights in North Carolina sky.8/17/18
8/5/18 21:30WeavervilleNCUSALight8 minutesWe saw several orange lights in the western sky NW of Weaverville, NC, around 930 Sunday night, August 5th.8/10/18
8/3/18 22:30AsheboroNCUSALight5 secondsA bright light flew across the sky faster than a plane and brighter than a shooting star. It had no light trail and suddenly disappeare8/10/18
8/1/18 22:00ZebulonNCUSACircleColor changing circles.8/10/18
7/28/18 22:47CharlotteNCUSACircle6 minutesUncountable orbs similar to millions of fireflies Flying high in sky. Travelling from Nw to SE then slowly disappeared.8/10/18
7/16/18 00:00WilsonNCUSARectangleHourRiding us 42 east,notice a large object worth red,orange, white lights, heard no noise,later it moved further away,then a white round l7/19/18
7/10/18 22:10Carolina BeachNCUSAOval4 minutesHuge orange oval shaped bright light appeared over the ocean in the vicinity of the horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Mars. PD))7/13/18
7/8/18 02:10GreensboroNCUSAOther15 minutesI saw an object in the sky that looked like lights stacked vertically that were changing from red to white.7/13/18
7/5/18 16:00Mars HillNCUSACigar2 minutesI and friend saw cigar silver craft going S to N about 1/2 mile to a mile up traveling approx, 250 to 300 mph seen for 358/10/18
7/5/18 04:12PittsboroNCUSALight10 minutesVery bright light covering my bathroom skylight.8/10/18
7/4/18 21:40WilmingtonNCUSAFireball20Fireballs over Wilmington, NC. nc.8/17/18
6/29/18 21:30Carolina BeachNCUSASphere10 secondsLarge orange orb about the size of the moon with scattered white/yellow lights in front seen in sky over the ocean.7/5/18
6/29/18 09:00FairviewNCUSATeardrop4 minutesI was driving down Highway 17 in Fairview. When I looked up and saw a teardrop or Starlight shape two white lights one on top one on bo7/5/18
6/10/18 00:05WavesNCUSALight1 hourStrange lights off of Waves NC coast6/15/18
6/4/18 01:00ClintonNCUSAFireball5 minutesFireball with face image spotted.8/31/18
6/4/18 01:00Clinton/DunnNCUSAFireball5-10 minsFireball/Orb was pulsating and when it got closer it appeared to have a face image9/9/22
6/3/18 10:40AshevilleNCUSARectangle5 minutesStrange double UFO sighting near UNCA, North Asheville, NC6/7/18
6/3/18CameronNCUSACylinderUfo Sunday June 3rd - sighting two-first cylindrical 2nd orb between 2 and 3 pm.6/7/18
5/17/18 23:20Pisgah ForestNCUSALight10+ minutesI looked out the upstairs window and saw multiple lights high in the sky, some through the trees, a couple over the garage and a couple5/31/18
5/3/18 05:00CaryNCUSA3 minutesStealthy outline of a large totally silent hovering craft.5/15/18
5/1/18 05:30AshevilleNCUSADiamond~30 minutesFor weeks a friend of mine observed many small satellites show up behind UNCA here in Asheville NC. The little ones disappear,8/10/18
4/30/18 23:40GreenvilleNCUSALight3 secondsI was outside on my back porch speaking to my dad on the phone, and a star like object moved across the sky.5/15/18
4/28/18 00:49AshevilleNCUSAUnknown2 minutesAt 12:49 AM, I heard two loud booms. In about two seconds, I heard another loud boom. This process was repeated until I heard four more5/4/18
4/21/18 06:00HavelockNCUSALight~10 secondsStar-like orb pulsed brightly and vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Iridium satellite "flare? PD))4/26/18
4/19/18 15:45FayettevilleNCUSACigar10 secondsMe and my children were heading to my moms house when something very silvery like aluminum like so shiny flew by in the sky went in a c5/4/18
4/13/18 22:30GarnerNCUSALight5 minutesI noticed red light through window, went outside to watch. Object move north to south speed unknown motion was swift and smooth withou4/19/18
4/9/18 23:20Black MountainNCUSACross45+ minutesVery Bright low Hanging Non-Moving Light with Solid Unlit Craft Nearby.5/4/18
4/4/18 21:10DentonNCUSALight10 minutesme,my son and friend saw a bright light just above the western horizon.....i looked for around 10 minutes,went to get binoculars it was4/5/18
4/4/18 18:44MadisonNCUSAOther1-2 secondsMirror like crescent that disappeared.4/13/18
4/3/18 06:00DenverNCUSALight90 secondsSighting of distant object moving at high speed exhibiting ability to almost instantly "jump" ahead and laterally.4/5/18
3/31/18 20:00FountainNCUSAUnknown1 hourHovering jet???4/5/18
3/29/18 23:30WilmingtonNCUSAOval1 minuteBlue oval with other lights on it traveling through the sky4/5/18
3/28/18 22:15MerrittNCUSAFireball5-6 secondsBlue circular surrounded by orange and red with 4 bluish fragments mid sky falling to horizon.4/5/18
3/28/18 21:45Oak IslandNCUSAFireball4-5 secondsBright light, sparkler-like comet tail. Seemed to burn out then burned bright again before burning out completely.3/29/18
3/28/18 20:15BethelNCUSALight10 minutesOrange rectangular light slowly moving.3/29/18
3/25/18 04:35DallasNCUSAFormation1 minuteNoticed a white boomerang shaped object very high in the sky traveling much faster than comparable planes in the busy sky. We saw it go3/29/18
3/21/18 00:00FayettevilleNCUSALight10-15 minutes((HOAX??)) Bright lights being chased by Mitlitary helicopters3/23/18
3/4/18 06:05HickoryNCUSALight1 minuteBright sparkling light stopping and starting in the early morning sky. Traveling east to west… ((no contact information))3/8/18
3/4/18 00:00TarboroNCUSACircle10 minutesI video taped it.3/23/18
3/3/18 19:20NashvilleNCUSAUnknown20 secondsHave never seen anything this bright and fast in the sky.3/8/18
3/3/18 19:15CharlotteNCUSACircle1 minuteSaturday night, I saw a staggered line of 15 or 20 large round orange balls flying over my backyard with no sound.3/8/18
2/24/18 20:00HampsteadNCUSALight1.5 minutesA very bright moving cylinder of glowing white light flying across the the night sky, then hovering in one spot.3/2/18
2/20/18 08:00CalabashNCUSALight10 minutesA short story of how I saw a UFO.2/22/18
2/9/18 18:00Roanoke RapidsNCUSACircle10-15 minutesThree bright lights surrounded by four to five small red lights flying independently Roanoke Rapids North Carolina2/16/18
1/31/18 20:15Wake ForestNCUSALight3 minutesSaw 3 blinking red lights flying in a row across the sky over highway 98 Wake Forest.2/16/18
1/23/18 15:15Charlotte (Highland Creek)NCUSAOther30 minutesAt approximately 3:00 p.m., I was driving in the car and had parked in a carpool lane to pick up my kids from elementary school. The sk1/25/18
1/22/18 06:10RaleighNCUSALight30 secondsRectangle lights above neighborhood in the sky.1/25/18
1/19/18 23:05LenoirNCUSAUnknown30 secondsRed and green flashing... Near center of town and then came around bernhardt and then went behind hibriten mountain and left.1/25/18
1/19/18 20:35CarthageNCUSATriangle2 minutesWas on back road in country was talking to my daughter on cell phone and to my right out of no where two Triangle shaped ufos popped up1/25/18
1/19/18 07:05DurhamNCUSALight10 minutesSaw red light on top of green, both blinking White light circling underside. ((anonymous report))1/25/18
1/9/18 21:15FayettevilleNCUSACircle25 secondsBright balls of light in sky over Fayetteville, NC.1/12/18
1/8/18 08:45GreensboroNCUSADisk10 minutes of drivingI saw lights streaking across the sky zooming down to the earth. The streaks were bright and white. I also so aircraft every all over1/12/18
1/4/18 22:45RaleighNCUSACircle2 hoursAt about 22:45 last night the power went out in my entire apartment complex. I decieded to look outside and a bright light caught my ey1/12/18
1/1/18 00:25MooresvilleNCUSATriangle3 minutesFlying V over Lake Norman in NC on New Year's Eve1/12/18
12/21/17 14:15RaleighNCUSACylinder30 secondsPill-shaped object seen flying behind and around airplane. ((anonymous report))12/21/17
12/18/17 17:30ConcordNCUSASphere7-9 minutesSaw 3 large sphere shaped objects traveling towards 1 stationary object. They flew in the same trajectory about 45 to 60 seconds apart.1/12/18
12/14/17 22:15GermantonNCUSALight~3 minutesBright circular light in the sky. ((anonymous report))12/21/17
12/14/17 22:15GermantonNCUSALight~3 minutesCircular light in the sky.12/21/17
12/14/17 05:00DurhamNCUSALight10 secondsObject appeared to be a falling star or meteor. Fell very quickly. Was a brightly lit, falling object. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD))12/14/17
12/13/17 00:56FayettevilleNCUSAFormation10 secondsOutside with husband watching Geminid Meteor shower when what at first appeared to be a flock of birds in the sky realized it was NOT,12/14/17
12/12/17 22:00VassNCUSALight45 minutesNoticed a light in the sky that was moving, but did not get closer or farther away. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of a star?? PD))12/14/17
12/12/17 16:00DavidsonNCUSAOval5 minutesGrey, oval-shaped object over Davidson, North Carolina.12/21/17
12/11/17 23:00DurhamNCUSASphere3 secondsFast moving sphere of light.12/21/17
12/11/17 19:00ClaytonNCUSASphere2 minutes (max)Orange ball of light moved slowly and then sped up without sound. ((anonymous report)12/14/17
12/9/17 04:30Winston-SalemNCUSAFlash2 minutesThree quick blue/green flashes lit up the sky, 30 sec intervals.12/10/17
12/1/17 15:00WilmingtonNCUSASphere~1 minuteVehicle sized UFO at the same height as busy stoplight, unlike anything we had ever seen, defied laws of physics as I know it9/7/21
11/30/17 17:25FayettevilleNCUSAFormation3 minutesI observed what I thought was a satellite falling from the sky or a meteor with a debris trail. But as it fell the object broke into 512/4/17
11/29/17 22:40LincolntonNCUSAOval20 minutesI was outside w/ my mother on the 2nd floor balcony of our house. Two wobbling lights appeared in the sky and wobbled for twenty min.12/4/17
11/27/17 18:53RaleighNCUSALight5-10 minutesI saw 2 bright lights hovering over 401N on my way home.12/4/17
11/24/17 17:30BullockNCUSACircle10 secondsFast moving white light separates into three individual lights, then totally disappears within a second.12/4/17
11/24/17 17:20MiddlesexNCUSAFormation20 secondsUnexplainable bright lights.12/4/17
11/17/17 17:00EdentonNCUSAFireball10 minutesLarge comet falling, 3 smaller objects broke away, fell with the object, and then hovered as another similar object appeared above.11/22/17
11/16/17 23:00PfafftownNCUSAOval2 round lights like stars lower then stars changing from blue, red, and green. Many mi. apart ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" stars?? PD)11/17/17
11/16/17 22:00AshevilleNCUSAChevron<1 minuteStrange boomerang shaped craft sighted outside of downtown Asheville.11/17/17
11/15/17 20:25SmithfieldNCUSALight3 minutesI noticed 3 red lights flying low in the sky and in a straight formation moving across the night sky. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/15/17 19:00DavidsonNCUSARectangle30 secondsThe object was as long as a football field bigger in the front than the back. Rectangle in shape. We thought it was 5 helicopters flyin11/17/17
11/3/17 15:30RaleighNCUSARectangle20 secondsLarge cube shaped object seen in Raleigh. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/3/17 03:40RaleighNCUSARectangle2 minutesSquare floating object.12/4/17
11/2/17 17:32ManassasNCUSATriangle10 minutesDark, triangular object hovering in a clear sky making no sounds.11/9/17
10/30/17 22:30CharlotteNCUSACircle10 minutesBright starlike light that moved erratically11/3/17
10/30/17 09:29MatthewsNCUSADisk5 secondsI looked up into the sky and saw a pink/red glowing saucer shaped object. ((anonymous report))11/3/17
10/26/17 20:16ClaytonNCUSAOval15 secondsThe craft was about the size of a small plane, but it had no wings or rigid shape. The craft was dark in color with two large round in11/9/17
10/26/17 17:25RandlemanNCUSACigar2 secondsExtremely bright light moved left to right, parallel to horizon at very very high rate of speed and disappeared again.11/3/17
10/25/17 01:55Black CreekNCUSADiamond30 secondsA series of bright firework-like lights apparently exploded and backlit a large object11/3/17
10/24/17 20:45HillsboroughNCUSAOther2 minutesFlying very slowly in the S sky near the Aquarius constellation were a total of 4 large red lights in an "L" formation.11/3/17
10/22/17 19:20Hope MillsNCUSAOval~5 minutesSaw more than 5 Orange Orbs in the Night sky.12/21/17
10/22/17 19:06Hope MillsNCUSA9 minutesThree family members witness orange light orbs flying through sky with no sound.11/3/17
10/21/17 21:31Winston-SalemNCUSATriangleSecondsLime green triangular light, stationary, then moving, then vanished; while driving I-4011/3/17
10/18/17 21:40WaxhawNCUSATeardrop5 secondsStaring at sky when a bright green ball is seen S S/W about 187 degrees descending from sky in a falling action, trailing red sparks.11/3/17
10/17/17 20:00Browns SummitNCUSACircle8 minutesPhenomenal sighting of 12 orange balls of light in the night sky, as they slowly combined and faded away!10/19/17
10/15/17 23:18GreensboroNCUSAOther6-10 secondsLights different directions that changed color.10/19/17
10/15/17 00:00HickoryNCUSACircle10 secondsOn our way home when suddenly we looked up in the sky and saw blue and green lights looked like a circle. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/14/17 21:19FranklinNCUSASphere5 secondsVery bright, low flying orb10/19/17
10/13/17 19:30KnightdaleNCUSAFireball4 horizontal lights in the sky... stationary, then zig zag with tail, finally still again. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/3/17 23:00NakinaNCUSACircle1 hour+Multiple sightings of single "light craft" zigzagging back and forth across the sky.10/5/17
9/29/17 16:00LenoirNCUSACigar10 secondsI just happen to look up from my porch to see a white cigar shaped craft amd watched it for at least 10 seconds. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/28/17 21:00CharlotteNCUSACylinder10-15 minutesCylinder object with lights and green light and/or beam observed by family in Charlotte, NC.10/5/17
9/27/17 07:28RaleighNCUSACigar10 secondsWhite cigar shaped UFO flew over small patch of sky I was watching at 7:28 AM. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/25/17 22:15Granite FallsNCUSALight10-12 minutesSmall fiery orb zips erratically in the northern sky.10/5/17
9/24/17 20:45Mount HollyNCUSALight15 minutesA formation of bright yellow-orange lights, motionless, and electrical effects.9/28/17
9/23/17 20:50LibertyNCUSAUnknown3 minutesLight in the sky that got brighter then disappeared.9/28/17
9/22/17 23:45Carolina BeachNCUSAFireball5 secondObserved 1 orange/ yellow fireball shoot down the alley about 20ft from where I was sitting on Carolina Beach, NC.9/28/17
9/20/17 22:30ChadbournNCUSAOther2 secondsLime green oblong ectangular movement in sequence.9/28/17
9/19/17 19:35DurhamNCUSARectangleSecondsDriving on Shannon Road toward 15-501 in Durham, NC. Saw group of seven to ten dark/black objects that darted across the sky at treetop9/21/17
9/18/17 04:00BurlingtonNCUSALight20 minutesWitnessed a blinking light that moved very fast. Flashes from white to blue to pink for approximately 20 minutes then it disappears. I9/21/17
9/14/17 23:30HubertNCUSAUnknown5 minutesPinkish red lights dropping white lights.9/21/17
9/13/17 06:12CharlotteNCUSATriangle>20 minutesBright orange orbs. ((anonymous report))9/14/17
9/13/17 05:38Fort Bragg (close to)NCUSATriangle10-15 minutesOn I-95 N getting close to Fort Bragg exits. I noticed what looked like a plane far off with a bright light. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/10/17 17:13GoldsboroNCUSADiskTrail PicMy trail camera captured a picture of what appears to be some sorts of hovering, entirely metallic, drone shaped craft.9/28/17
9/5/17 22:00MatthewsNCUSASphere5 minutesI and several others witnessed a bright red orb that moved laterally north to south and stopped. It then moved vertically and stopped.9/8/17
9/3/17 16:00LumbertonNCUSAUnknown5 minutes((HOAX??)) 1 object flying 1000 feet erratic. ((anonymous report))9/5/17
8/30/17 01:00Chapel HillNCUSAI've been watching documentaries on UFOs and I had a weird thought to request a visit. My dog started barking unexpectedly and I didn't9/5/17
8/24/17 02:00CharlotteNCUSAFlash3:00I seen a light go across the sky tonight, and for about an hour, I heard booms every couple minutes. ((anonymous report))8/24/17
8/23/17 14:30AshevilleNCUSALight>9 secondsA moving, shifting light in afternoon sky11/3/17
8/21/17 14:52New BernNCUSALightFew seconds9/5/17
8/19/17 23:00Lake WileyNCUSAFireball1:00My little brother and I saw object like fireballs for about 1:00 flying over lake Wiley.8/24/17
8/12/17 11:03OakboroNCUSATriangleAll nightThere were multiple triangle silent craft just hovering,eventually they all started moving around.8/17/17
8/5/17 22:20LouisburgNCUSACircle15 minutesUFOs seen and video recorded.8/11/17
8/4/17 21:00GreensboroNCUSASphere30 minutes +Large sphere beside the moon tonight, as I look through my iPhone camera and video, but it can't be seen with naked eye.8/11/17
8/1/17 21:30WaxhawNCUSACircle30 minutes8 massive balls of light swarming like bees extremely fast and followed us driving home.3/4/22
7/31/17 01:00FayettevilleNCUSACigar30 secondsI saw a cigar-shaped aircraft with 3 bright lights that didn't blink.8/24/17
7/30/17 04:00PikevilleNCUSACircle1 hourCircle or tear drop white orb seen over Pikeville, NC.8/4/17
7/29/17 23:30LexingtonNCUSATriangle3-5 minutesThe object appeared to plummet out of the sky as a light blue light of some sort and was lower than a plane would fly. I know this beca8/4/17
7/26/17 22:00WeavervilleNCUSALight10-15 minutesRed sparkiing lights appeared in a dark sky, hovered a few miles from us for about 10 minutes--then blinked out with one flying away.8/11/17
7/24/17 21:09CorneliusNCUSALight1 minuteWhite light across Lake Norman. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/24/17 03:00EpsomNCUSACircle20-30 minutesAt about 0300 hrs., I went out front and let my dogs out, one at a time. I do this most nights since I am unable to slee7/27/17
7/20/17 03:46AsheboroNCUSADisk30 minutesObject continually rotating over hwy 64 east. Single band of white lights with only one bright red light.7/23/17
7/19/17 07:30WashingtonNCUSACircleUnknownFar away silver circular object, observed moving across clear, morning sky.7/23/17
7/15/17 14:00ShelbyNCUSAOther40 minutesWas in Aldi supermarket middle os store.Small immaculate man was checking cans on shelf and shaking his head.Looked at me and said &quo6/25/20
7/13/17 21:30CharlotteNCUSAFormation15 minutesFlock formation of unidentified craft, appearing as blue strobing lights.7/14/17
7/13/17 21:05BeaufortNCUSAUnknown35 minutesBright lights over Beaufort, NC.7/23/17
7/13/17 21:00Morehead CityNCUSACircle10 minutesStill, orange light over Morehead City.7/14/17
7/9/17 04:30HendersonvilleNCUSAUnknownuntil daylightBright lights in NE Sky of Hendersonville. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))7/14/17
7/6/17 20:18New BernNCUSAOval75 secondsWhile sitting outside on the back deck of my waterfront home at about 20:10 I began noticing duck families; 7 in all, all swimming the7/7/17
7/4/17 22:18CandlerNCUSAFireball3 minutesMountain top looked like it was on fire but lifted up and hovered for several min. before flying upward extremely fast. ((anonymous))7/23/17
6/30/17 21:00TryonNCUSAChevron10+ minutes9 orange lights in a V shape. I think one light was blinking every half minute or so. ((anonymous report))7/5/19
6/29/17 04:40GoldsboroNCUSACircle3 minutes7 Lights were seen illuminating sequentially over Goldsboro, NC. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Wallops Island. PD))7/7/17
6/27/17 00:00SwansboroNCUSAOther3 minutesI came home from work at 11:55 PM on 6/26/17.I got out of my car to check the mailbox looked up and saw up in the sky a red square7/7/17
6/19/17 21:30KinstonNCUSAOval5 minutesOrange UFO spotted hovering above a neighbor's house, before speeding off into the distance.6/22/17
6/14/17 11:00DurhamNCUSADisk10 secondsI was driving into work and saw for a second what looked like a silver somrthing, maybe a hot air balloon but too far away and too high6/15/17
6/13/17 22:30Emerald IsleNCUSAFireball40 minutesOther people on beach (10+) saw this too. 2-3 horizontal fireball looking circles and two vertical same shape. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
6/12/17 21:00MaxtonNCUSALight1 minuteWhile driving to my grandparents home in the country a couple years ago I saw lights above me that followed me as I traveled down the12/1/19
6/9/17 22:30CherokeeNCUSACircle20-40 secondsUFO Report 06/09/2017 On Friday, June 9, 2017, my two friends and were at Smokemont Campground just outside Cherokee, NC in the Great6/15/17
6/8/17 09:28Bessemer CityNCUSACircle30 minutes3 round white lights moving in a circle, and they all met in the middle of the rotation. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights? PD))6/9/17
6/6/17 15:45BurnsvilleNCUSADisk20 secondsSaucer, flying hardhat! ((NUFORC Note: Witness describes himself as an experienced pilot. PD))1/16/18
6/3/17 23:30DurhamNCUSACircle5+ minutesMe and my mother were walking away from a neighbors party to our home when I saw a light-orange light probably 500 feet away. It was go6/9/17
5/17/17 19:00WilmingtonNCUSASphere5 minutes2 large white spheres flying a good distance apart but in the same direction NE from the N portion of Wilmington. ((anonymous report))6/2/17
5/16/17 22:40SalisburyNCUSALight30 secondsA helicopter tailing an unidentified a/c. The UFO used no light blinking systems and made no sound. ((anonymous report))6/2/17
5/12/17 23:10StatesvilleNCUSAFireball45-60 secondsThe object appeared suddenly high in the SE sky. It was red-orange and extremely bright. It was a steady light which seemed to get la5/15/17
5/8/17 10:30DurhamNCUSACircle5 minutesBright silver shape circle.5/11/17
4/15/17 01:00AlmondNCUSALight15 minutesBright glowing ball moving across North Carolina over Fontana Lake.9/12/19
4/12/17 20:45TaylorsvilleNCUSAUnknownAcross the whole skyA very fast flying object, faster than a place could think to fly, white trail behind it. ((anonymous report))4/13/17
4/12/17 20:00AsheboroNCUSALight3-4 secondsVery fast moving bright blue/white light.4/13/17
4/11/17 23:15FayettevilleNCUSADisk35 minutesSeveral Large UFO sightings over Bladen Co., N.C. between 30 Dec 2016 and April 2017. ((anonymous report))4/20/17
4/11/17 22:30Snow CampNCUSADisk~5-10 minutes3 red lights circled my house once, then 2 lights appeared from behind the trees and travelled under the larger object.4/13/17
4/11/17 21:07StemNCUSAFormation1 minuteFlashing Triangular red light formation seen moving across sky.4/13/17
4/11/17 20:00StatesvilleNCUSARectangle5 minutesSaw a large black craft floating sideways across the sky approximately 800-1000ft up. No lights and no sound from the craft, the sides4/13/17
4/9/17 23:00FontanaNCUSASphere1 minuteRound orb yellowish in color kept moving from side to side and apearing and disapering4/13/17
4/9/17 22:30ClydeNCUSAOval20 minutesWe first saw the object towards the Northwest. It would move side to side, up and down and then disappear for about 30 seconds then w5/6/17
3/26/17 01:00PittsboroNCUSATriangle2 hoursI just want to start off by saying that I have never thought that this would happen to me!!! I was home with my mother and my daughter,4/7/17
3/23/17 20:00ThomasvilleNCUSALight1 hourA bright light that moved low in the night sky.4/7/17
3/23/17 07:50AshevilleNCUSACigar2 minutesObject gave off a bright flash of light and disapeared3/23/17
3/22/17 07:35RaefordNCUSAUnknown2 orange color lights app((NUFORC Note: No information provided by the witness. PD))3/23/17
3/21/17 20:20CurrieNCUSAFormation8 minutesMothership.3/23/17
3/19/17 20:00CarthageNCUSALightEveningEmergency sirens Aberdeen, NC, 8:38 pm.3/23/17
3/14/17 23:00CharlotteNCUSADisk12 minutesRound and round they went and in and out also. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights?? PD))6/2/17
3/12/17 20:40Mount AiryNCUSASphere5 secondsVery high velocity, bright object. ((anonymous report))3/17/17
3/12/17 20:01SanfordNCUSACircle35 minutesI witnessed a small circle-shaped object. It flashed red lights then proceeded to slowly ascend. ((anonymous report))3/17/17
3/11/17 20:00ConcordNCUSALight5 minutesOrange lights moving from west to east. About 20 or 25 do them in no reticular formation they just found each other in the same directi3/17/17
3/11/17 06:00Mt. AiryNCUSACigar1 secondI saw a missle like object with a green flame for the tail fly by. There was no sound and it was very fast. ((anonymous report))3/17/17
2/26/17 20:37GreensboroNCUSAUnknownHas been sitting for a very long time. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus, we suspect. PD)) ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/20/17 02:30StatesvilleNCUSALight1 minuteStrange bright light crosses road early one cold Winter morning3/2/21
2/19/17 19:30Siler CityNCUSASphere20 minutesBrilliantly-lit fire-colored, slow-moving object, with blue-green efflux. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))2/22/17
2/16/17 18:30GriftonNCUSAOther10 secondsA very very Bright Long object. The back of it was illuminated and you could see what looked to be a type of vapor trail but not like a3/10/17
2/16/17 17:09WintervilleNCUSASphere1 minuteSilent, bright object first spotted in Northern sky over Greenville heading SW rapidly. Object appeared to be much higher than air traf2/17/17
2/16/17 16:30GriftonNCUSASphere1 minuteVery large very bright craft. The rear sky was illuminated and you could see a very wide exhaust vapor. It was like puffs of exhaust.3/10/17
2/15/17 19:25AberdeenNCUSALightOne object hovering over Starview Rd., and Pee Dee Rd.,Rd Sand Springs got brighter then slowly moved heading south US HYW 15-501 disa2/17/17
2/13/17 21:15HighlandsNCUSASphere15-25 minutesBright Yellow Orb hovering low in the night sky.2/17/17
2/12/17 19:00KingNCUSASphere~2 hoursFast spinning Orbs with light hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus. PD))2/17/17
2/11/17 21:00Fuquay VarinaNCUSACircle5 minutesWhile taking the family dog outside it was identified that an unknown glowing orange object around 1000 feet up was flying just above o2/17/17
2/10/17 19:15Hurdle MillsNCUSAUnknown30 minutesMissing time during return trip home from picking up pizza.2/17/17
1/31/17 23:45RichlandsNCUSAOther4 secondsFireball with very bright red beggining of the tail2/3/17
1/30/17 04:45FletcherNCUSAOther5 minutesI noticed something floating in the sky while doing exercises outside today. At first I thought it was something like a plastic bag flo8/4/17
1/28/17 23:30TrinityNCUSATeardrop3 hours+4 teardrop-shaped white lights in a row with smaller pulsating colored lights.2/3/17
1/28/17 23:30GreenvilleNCUSACircle10-20 minutesbright small red orb. disapearing and floating acts. very precisioned and accurate flying. not a drone. ((anonymous report))2/3/17
1/27/17 19:15WendellNCUSALight15 secondsBright light exiting atmosphere.2/3/17
1/26/17 22:35HillsboroughNCUSAOther5 minutesStar Wars UFO.2/3/17
1/26/17 20:00HickoryNCUSALightA few hoursObj seemed to be a unusually bright light, what I thought might be the north star, but 3 times as bright. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))2/3/17
1/26/17 12:40GreensboroNCUSAOther35 minutesWhite discs converging into one and changing shapes, disappearing, then reappearing separated.1/26/17
1/25/17 18:30GreensboroNCUSAFormation2 minutesTriangle of lights in odd, very spread out formation1/26/17
1/20/17 14:00FayettevilleNCUSASphere5 minutes7 sphere like objects that reflected the sunlight off its surface seen in western part of sky in a circle formation.1/26/17
1/17/17 20:42ConcordNCUSALight20 minutesBright circular light bobbing around for upwards of 20 minutes moving up and down and left and right. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))1/19/17
1/14/17 20:35EdneyvilleNCUSASphere20 seconds((anonymous report)) Large red glowing object in the eastern night sky.1/19/17
1/14/17 18:55GreensboroNCUSAUnknown5 minutesSlow moving Planet brightness object4/20/17
1/13/17 03:00AsheboroNCUSAFormation1-2 minutesFour lights in a square formation, to the left and just below the North Star.1/19/17
1/12/17 20:00TroyNCUSACylinder20 secondsCylindrical metallic object falling to earth1/19/17
1/11/17 21:00FranklintonNCUSAOther3 minutesSlow, bright spinning light bar flying below 600 ft. Witnessed on Hwy 96.1/19/17
1/7/17 18:15HendersonvilleNCUSALight7 minutesBright lights hover over Burger King in Hendersonville on Hwy 1761/12/17
1/1/17 00:15Hope MillsNCUSALight30 minutesSeen orange/ red colored lights flickering south of current location in a west to east direction flickering to a white light the disapp1/6/17
12/31/16 23:00FuquayNCUSA8 hoursBright lights moving around my property, shadows moving, orbs, glowing eyes.1/6/17
12/28/16 08:30Millers CreekNCUSAOther5 minutesBig slow creepy aircraft. ((anonymous report))12/30/16
12/21/16 21:30HillsboroughNCUSAFireball5 secondsLarge green comet-like streak in the sky; lasted 5 or 6 seconds.12/30/16
12/10/16 08:37Hickory/ConoverNCUSACone2-3 minutesCaught a glimpse of what seemed to be a glare, but then slowly faded into what looked like a cone shaped craft that gradually increased12/15/16
12/6/16 20:45High PointNCUSAOtherUnique Craft Spotted above trees, still motion, strange shape, just observing.12/15/16
12/2/16 20:00ReidsvilleNCUSALight15 minutesLast night around 8:00pm I was outside with me dad and I looked straight up and a very bright flash hit my eyes. I asked my dad did you12/5/16
11/28/16 01:29MooresvilleNCUSALight~5 seconds2 really bright lights separately lit up my room, each lasting about 2.5 seconds.12/5/16
11/26/16 22:30CharlotteNCUSALight5 secondsWhite very bright burst of light.12/5/16
11/26/16 18:00ShallotteNCUSAChanging1 minuteRed and green dropping lights.12/5/16
11/24/16 23:00GrahamNCUSACircle53 secondsThe object was blinking different colors. It was blinking red, green, blue. It was blinking very fast. It kept disappearing.12/5/16
11/24/16 18:00ZebulonNCUSADisk~20 minutes((HOAX??)) Mid-sized disk shaped obj., rotating violently, flying back and forth, landed several times, collision with dog & 2 people.12/5/16
11/18/16 21:00FletcherNCUSATriangle1 minuteTriangular silent hovering object over Hwy 26, near Fletcher12/5/16
11/17/16 20:00High PointNCUSACircle10 minutesWhite balls of light in backyard.12/5/16
11/14/16 16:15WilkesboroNCUSAOther5-10 secondsLoud rumbling in a clear sky. Many people in area heard it.12/5/16
11/12/16 18:05DurhamNCUSADisk3 minutesWife and I saw 5 light orange disc like objects that appeared to be spinning flying W. ((anonymous report))12/5/16
11/11/16 19:30RaleighNCUSACircle~7 seconds4 greenish-blue lights rotating around a red light, brief "meteor-like" sighting12/5/16
11/9/16 23:58AlbemarleNCUSACylinderSeen strange light bounce in sky with different colored lights moving side to side in one spot. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))11/11/16
11/8/16 22:57WilmingtonNCUSAFireball15 minutesObjects that looked like fireballs in the sky. COMPLETELY SILENT!!!!!!!11/11/16
11/6/16 18:30DelcoNCUSAOther45 minuteOddly shaped illuminated object in sky that drew attention of 6 helicopters two days before election.12/5/16
11/6/16 02:15SanfordNCUSALight10I had went to my back porch to make sure the door was locked when I saw a huge bright light in the sky. ((anonymous report))11/11/16
11/5/16 20:15GoldhillNCUSAOvalOngoingWe witnessed a bright light in the sky on three separate occasions. All three were caught in video, and look to be the same exact objec11/11/16
11/3/16 17:10CharlotteNCUSALight2-3 minutes11/03/16; 15 white lights traveling west to east in Charlotte NC at 19:10. 2-3 minutes observing them11/11/16
11/3/16 08:30WhittierNCUSAUnknownA brief minuteThree Blinking lights underneath.11/4/16
11/3/16 07:45CorollaNCUSADisk5 minutesSmall silent disc-like object over Northern Outer Banks, NC.11/4/16
11/3/16 07:30Mt. PleasantNCUSAOval5 minutesCraft hovered for several minutes, did not make noise.11/4/16
10/31/16 00:00GreensboroNCUSAFireball30 secondsFinished with my friend/lead building a bathroom, etc. Boring tedious shit. Picking fiAnce from work we head back over afterwards.11/4/16
10/30/16 21:00HickoryNCUSAOther8 minutesFour red/white lights in traingular formation gliding noislessly at approx. half mile high followed up by a single identical object11/4/16
10/28/16 15:00CherryvilleNCUSAFormation10 minutesLooked up and saw one large formation of about 13 stationary lights. stayed visible for about ten mins then just disappeared.11/4/16
10/27/16 10:00AsheboroNCUSAEgg4-7 secondsGrey object, 5 miles north of Asheboro Airport, moving rapidly and changing directions at extreme angles.10/27/16
10/26/16 14:12AydenNCUSADisk1 secondFast moving object traveled under my drone.11/11/16
10/25/16 07:45Winston-SalemNCUSACircle5 minutesCircular object w/lights in sky in morning.10/27/16
10/23/16 21:15Kannapolis/MooresvilleNCUSATriangle10-15 minutesTriangular shaped hovering aircraft in sky on highway 3 and Kannapolis Parkway.10/27/16
10/22/16 21:45North Topsail BeachNCUSAFireball8 minutesFast moving large fireballs10/27/16
10/22/16 18:00High PointNCUSAFormation1 hourBalls of light appearing in sky, seemingly interacting with larger light.12/5/16
10/20/16 20:35WallaceNCUSACircle5 minutesBright, solid, white, circular light traveling slowly in the sky.10/21/16
10/20/16 18:30CharlotteNCUSALight3 daysStarting on Tuesday, October 18th around 6:30pm in North Carolina, I noticed that just above the sunset was what I thought was a star..10/21/16
10/19/16 21:30DobsonNCUSAUnknown1 hour+Hovering aircraft over the Dobson,Pilot Mt.,Mt. Airy,area.10/21/16
10/17/16 19:30Winston-SalemNCUSAOther30 minutesLighted object, shaped like a plane, in a nosedive.10/21/16
10/17/16 15:00High PointNCUSACone20 minutes3 cone shaped objects in backyard.12/5/16
10/14/16 03:00CharlotteNCUSACircle45 minutesI viewed a glowing orb pulsing bright periodically and move slowly hovering. ((anonymous report)) ((Star??))10/27/16
10/11/16 21:07GatesNCUSATriangle5 minutesObject first hovered in sky with extremly bright red lights - was a very large object - larger than a plane.10/13/16
10/10/16 19:00GreensboroNCUSAFireball5 minutesThis appeared to be a burning object that was moving in a forward direction. It was a orange/yellow color.10/13/16
10/4/16 00:25CarrboroNCUSASphere5 secondsWhile driving down 54 at midnight I witnessed a low-flying, fast-moving spherical green light source.10/11/16
10/3/16 05:00GreensboroNCUSAUnknown5 minutesObject moving away from moon.10/5/17
10/1/16 20:30CandorNCUSACylinder2 hours@ approximately 8:30 PM when I noticed a large aircraft about the size of a small sedan hovering just above nearby trees.10/11/16
9/30/16 21:00MooresvilleNCUSASphere>30 minutesspinning sphere with colors and more details closeup 42x zoom10/11/16
9/28/16 21:00Black MountainNCUSAUnknown15 minutesBright flashing, shimmering, unmoving and color changing light seen for 15 minutes.9/30/16
9/26/16 17:40WalkertownNCUSARectangle2 minutesSitting at a traffic light on the way home from work. Sky was dark due to pending storm. There is an area of light break in the sky a9/30/16
9/21/16 22:14MebaneNCUSAUnknown4 minutesLow, loud rumble.9/22/16
9/19/16 21:15CharlotteNCUSAUnknown5 secondsBlue light object traveling like a flash light disappeared in to clouds.9/22/16
9/16/16 21:00RichlandsNCUSAChangingHoursLarge triangle shape change to a hamburger bun shaped. Red yellow green surrounding lights bright flashing.tiny white lit objects flew9/22/16
9/16/16 04:30BelmontNCUSAOther2 minutesBlack mass floating and traveling SouthEast in Belmont NC9/22/16
9/14/16 02:30LewisvilleNCUSAOther~2:00 minutesRound white lights creating a large hex shaped object outline in night sky of the Triad suburbs.9/30/16
9/13/16 21:30Carolina BeachNCUSAOther10 minutesFlashing multi colored lights in the night sky.9/15/16
9/13/16 21:30WilmingtonNCUSACircle22:00Five orange-red lights over ocean that kept appearing and then disappearing. Would make a diagonal line, and would be spread out.9/15/16
9/13/16 21:20Atlantic BeachNCUSAFormation20Caterpillar shape moving orange lights in the sky9/15/16
9/13/16 21:00Kure BeachNCUSA6 secondsFirst we saw a orange/gold light and then almost like a string of lights they appeared from left to right.9/15/16
9/13/16 12:43Emerald islNCUSACircle10 minutesTo the north east i seen one orange dot split in to 2 then 3,4,5,6. Happend again.then in the south east did the same thing each lighg9/15/16
9/11/16 03:30CharlotteNCUSAUnknown2 secondsDuring a power blackout in Highland Creek about 3AM, a cluster of 4 lights at tree top level passed quickly. ((anonymous report))9/15/16
9/8/16 18:30ErwinNCUSAFireball20 secondsBright white light falling extremely fast from atmosphere to the ground9/9/16
9/8/16 18:15FayettevilleNCUSATeardrop5 secondsElongated teardrop shape fell rapidly down the sky.9/9/16
9/8/16 18:06RaleighNCUSACircle3-6 secondsObject was round, moving extremely fast and appeared to be on fire or reflecting surround environment (i.e sunset).9/9/16
9/8/16 18:00DurhamNCUSATeardrop5 secondsA cone/teardrop shaped object was on fire and fell from the sky across HWY 70 in Durham, NC on 9/8/2016.9/15/16
9/8/16 17:55Wake ForestNCUSAFireball4-5 secondsPulling in my driveway, my daughter pointed it out, super fast, crossed sky in a few seconds heading East. Appeared to be crashing to E9/15/16
9/8/16 17:50RaleighNCUSALight2 secondsI seen a orange looking light, at a low altitude, moved extremely fast in the sky.9/9/16
9/8/16 17:00MebaneNCUSACircle10 seconds2 round bright white spheres together side by side appeared to be free falling at a high rate of speed that looked like the back of a t9/9/16
9/7/16 22:41FranklinNCUSACircle5 minutesMulti-colored lights red, orange and white lights hovering in wester night sky intensely bright , no sound9/9/16
9/6/16 15:30AsheboroNCUSADisk2 minutes2 oblong discs flying close in proximity of each other. very bright white, fast, and soundless.9/9/16
9/5/16 09:35Wake ForestNCUSASphere30 secondsFast moving sphere moving very fast9/9/16
9/1/16 05:29ValeNCUSALight2 secondsBright white light at low altitude moving extremely fast from SE to NW No sound. ((anonymous report))9/2/16
8/31/16 21:00ConcordNCUSATriangle10 minutesWe saw 3 triangle objects in the sky with Redish Orange Lights that hovered over the treeline and then disbursed into the sky.9/9/16
8/30/16 17:40FayettevilleNCUSACylinderCurrentlyUFO seen hovering South East 4 to 6 miles from Simmons Air field near Fort Bragg. Roughly between 15000 to 20000 feet in altitude.9/2/16
8/29/16 20:26Surf CityNCUSACircle30 secondsOrange pulsating orb above beach.9/22/16
8/28/16 22:00RaefordNCUSA>1 hour2 nights consecutive I witnessed from my back deck facing West toward Ft. Bragg an illuminous orange orb. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))1/26/17
8/27/16 23:00Surf CityNCUSAEgg5 minutes6 glowing orbs floating silently just above the houses.9/15/16
8/26/16 07:00WilsonNCUSACigar5 minutesWhite, pill shaped, silent, wingless aircraft glided from north to south across the horizon in full daylight.8/29/16
8/25/16 10:30GoldsboroNCUSAUnknown~2 hoursAt first appearance we thought it was a star. Noticed it was flashing, noticed color changing, Red white green blue, has stayed in s8/29/16
8/22/16 21:00Southern PinesNCUSAChevron15 minutesChevron sighting with lost time and nightmares6/25/20
8/21/16 09:00AsheboroNCUSADiskLooked like a flying saucer.8/25/16
8/20/16 23:00MonroeNCUSASphere30 seconds1 orb fading in and out, in the sky.8/25/16
8/16/16 21:30HamletNCUSALight2 minutes3 bright, red, blinking lights, flying low in the eastern sky, Hamlet, NC.8/19/16
8/15/16 23:15CorneliusNCUSACircle3 secondsOne round bright light, brighter than the moon, appearing from nowhere and descending rapidly straight down followed by two smaller bri8/16/16
8/15/16 21:00Nags HeadNCUSAOval10 secondsHad 8 lights in a circle and 1 in the center but I couldn’t take a photo7/3/20
8/13/16 06:57Elizabeth CityNCUSADisk3 minutesSaucer-shaped chrome vessel, hovering near wind turbines in Elizabeth City, NC.8/25/16
8/13/16 05:15RaleighNCUSASphere~30 secondsObject 300 meters in the air, crossing the sky like a rocket opens the walls of earth and explodes into thin air leaving just a trial8/16/16
8/12/16 03:00Indian TrailNCUSAUnknown2 hours2 odd acting circle ufos almost searching in sky for something or someone.8/16/16
8/10/16 23:35GastoniaNCUSAFlash3 minutesTwo, separate bright red flashing simultaneously balls of light flying in formation very low in sky with no sound. Moving N-S, slowly.8/25/16
8/10/16 21:34AngierNCUSACircle10 secondsCircular Blue object appearing in the sky8/16/16
8/10/16 00:00DurhamNCUSAOtherSaw what sounded like a helicopter, but looked so wrong once, and then two more times during a meteor shower.8/16/16
8/8/16 23:45Emerald IsleNCUSAFireball5-8 secondsYellow Orangish fireball observed over Emerald Isle, NC. ((anonymous report))8/16/16
8/8/16 00:00WilmingtonNCUSALight10 secondsBright green neon laser light.8/16/16
8/6/16 19:30GarnerNCUSAOval5 secondsSaw UFO between a double-rainbow outside a restaurant. ((NUFORC Note: Possible lens flare, we suspect. PD))12/15/16
7/31/16 09:00FayettevilleNCUSACircle10 minutesOrange yellow orb seen floating over clouds, slowly moving up and down. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD))8/2/16
7/30/16 22:23GastoniaNCUSASphere2 minutes4 objects rose up in the sky slowly all together and 5th object rose fast to the other 4 then slowly all went up. ((anonymous report))8/2/16
7/29/16 16:53CharlotteNCUSATriangle25 secondsTriangle Shape In Downtown Charlotte. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare, from photographing a bright reflection. PD))8/4/16
7/29/16 12:00AshevilleNCUSASphereNot sureWhat was thought to be glare from the Sun turns out to be Strange Orb on Indian Land.8/2/16
7/25/16 20:30TopsailNCUSACircle45Two balls of light on beach and over ocean8/2/16
7/23/16 22:50PittsboroNCUSALight5 secondsWe did not get a very good look at this object. I am only reporting this in case someone who got a better look does also so that their8/2/16
7/23/16 22:35Kure BeachNCUSAChanging45 secondsOrange and yellow elongated fireball looking object.8/2/16
7/22/16 00:00CandlerNCUSAOther5 minutes"U" shaped UFO, made of light, over Candler, NC.8/2/16
7/22/16 22:00CorneliusNCUSALight5 secondsA bright round light burst in the sky from nowhere. No sound. Appeared to be just behind and above the treeline. Like a sun.8/2/16
7/22/16 09:00BrysonNCUSATriangle50 secondsWhile we were on a family vacation I went outside for a little bit to get some fresh air while the family was watching an intense baske5/20/21
7/20/16 04:23FayettevilleNCUSAFlash20 minutesUnknown jerky flying red and blue flashing object seen high in the sky.7/22/16
7/18/16 21:56ShallotteNCUSAChanging15 minutesOrange-ish lights in the sky, sitting still, then shifting off into smaller lights.8/2/16
7/18/16 21:50Holden BeachNCUSALight10 minutesFour orange then two separate groups of 5 white lights in each group moving uniformly off the Holden Beach, NC, coast.7/22/16
7/18/16 19:00AshNCUSACigar3 minutesSmaller aircraft which had no noise with rotating white lights, accompanied but super large area of twinkling smaller lights.7/22/16
7/17/16 22:39Winston-SalemNCUSATriangle1 minuteI looked outside window like I always do at night and then I saw it above the trees and the lights fluttered back and forth.7/22/16
7/16/16 19:50Tryon Equestrian CenterNCUSADisk3 minutesMy English is not too good, but I saw aroun 8 disc & they flew erratic thats why caught my atencion.7/22/16
7/15/16 23:50CharlotteNCUSATriangle45 seconds3 orange/yellow lights in a triangle on E Independence.7/22/16
7/15/16 23:00WavesNCUSASphere3 minutesTranslucent sphere with flame in the middle.7/22/16
7/9/16 23:49ClemmonsNCUSACircle1.05My husband and I saw a bright neon orange orb fly to the sky for about a minute.7/15/16
7/9/16 22:00FayettevilleNCUSATriangle5 secondsLarge, slow, flying triangle aircraft with lights.7/15/16
7/3/16 22:00WilmingtonNCUSALight4 minutesAquamarine light in the sky.7/15/16
7/1/16 21:30FayettevilleNCUSACircle15 minutes4 circles flying north to south in Fayetteville, NC on July 1, 2016.7/8/16
7/1/16 02:55Myrtle BeachNCUSALight3 minutesVery fast orange lights.7/8/16
6/30/16 22:45SalisburyNCUSATriangle15+ minutesAircraft flying low and fast with lights out of sync.7/8/16
6/26/16 23:00LexingtonNCUSASphere10 minutesHeard a low flying loud helicopter while standing outside at 11pm, both my husband and myself walked out to look and saw red blinking l7/8/16
6/25/16 21:40CharlotteNCUSACircle45 secondsWhite light that made no noise, moved very fast, low moving, very bright, pulsates, able to disappear and reappear in a blink of an eye7/8/16
6/22/16 21:56FayettevilleNCUSALight30 minutesIt rose up into the sky and to the blind eye it was just a bright light but in my camera it changed colors. It moved up and down and ba6/24/16
6/21/16 21:21MooresvilleNCUSADiamond10-15 minutessitting outside we noticed a diamond shape object with bright red blue and white lights the object darted back and forth.6/24/16
6/20/16 23:30Bogie Sound (Emerald Isle Bridge)NCUSACircle>1 hour3 red orange lights moving up and down by the Emerald Isle bridge across the sound in the same spot they would disappear then reappear6/24/16
6/19/16 22:50Fuquay VarinaNCUSARectangle5 minutesMassive aircraft hovering just above tree-line. ((anonymous report))6/24/16
6/19/16 21:15AvonNCUSAUnknown2 minutesA number of glowing objects red, green and yellow. They were moving in a group in the sky. No sound. It was hard to tell their size6/24/16
6/18/16 22:45Mills RiverNCUSALight10 minutesMy niece, husband and I, saw 2 orange slow moving lights moving across the sky. I looked through my binoculars. ((anonymous report))6/24/16
6/18/16 22:45Mills RiverNCUSALight10 minutesMy niece, and I saw 5 bright orange lights moving fast across the sky. They were moving faster than an a/c. ((anonymous report))6/24/16
6/18/16 09:00GreensboroNCUSARectangle10 minutesRectangular Objects Spotted in Daylight in Greensboro, NC.7/15/16
6/12/16 21:10Kure BeachNCUSADiamond3 minutesOrange lights over Kure Beach, NC.6/16/16
6/10/16 23:00GarnerNCUSALight5 secondsMe and my roommate was talking on the back deck of my house while gazing at the stars. My roommate said to me look and I turned my head6/24/16
6/10/16 22:05Indian TrailNCUSAFireball10 secondsFlying down from sky, green/red firelike object. 10:05 pm.6/16/16
6/10/16 22:00ApexNCUSALight3 secondsBright green light sparking in sky near Lake Jordan.6/16/16
6/10/16 22:00GreensboroNCUSAFireball5 secondsA green unknown shaped aircraft came crashing down from the sky. It appeared to be blowing up as it was coming down.6/16/16
6/9/16 22:10MooresvilleNCUSALight20 minutesWe saw lights, 2, then four BIG lights, then near this light start like coming out small lights moving different directions.6/10/16
6/9/16 20:50Thomasville/GreensboroNCUSAOval5 minutesBright shinning cirular craft hovering over Business 85 N.6/16/16
6/9/16 10:50CharlotteNCUSAFormation1 minuteSeveral orbs in the morning sky off Alexander Road near Provindence Road.6/10/16
6/8/16 20:40Fuquay VarinaNCUSADisk10 minutesRed streak in the sky, followed by a flying black disc with a flashing red light.6/10/16
6/8/16 10:23BooneNCUSAOther20 secondsBlack helicopters.6/10/16
6/5/16 10:00ComoNCUSADisk5 minutesShiny saucer/disk sighted over Como, NC.6/10/16
6/3/16 20:00ThomasvilleNCUSALight1 hourRepeatedly flashing light seen illuminating night sky in same area of sky. No weather events were occurring at this time. Light was ver6/10/16
6/2/16 00:00HickoryNCUSAFlash20 secondsBright light from sky.6/3/16
5/28/16 22:00JohnsonvilleNCUSACircle3 minutesThey were small bright orange circles. Sometimes together. Moving slowly. Sometimes moving beside each other,other times going differen6/1/16
5/26/16 22:15FranklintonNCUSAFireball20 secondsBall of fire falling westward from the sky.6/1/16
5/26/16 14:47FayettevilleNCUSAOval30 seconds((HOAX??)) Silver oblong craft traveling fast crossed the horizon. N to S dir.. Visible in the daylight sky for approx. 3245 sec.5/26/16
5/26/16 13:00Sunny ViewNCUSASphere5 minutesWitnessed stars moving, strange crafts, view distortion, and orbs in the clouds.6/1/16
5/24/16 21:00Emerald IsleNCUSACircle15 minutesBright Red/green squarish lights (6) flying one at a time over Emerald Island from sea to sound side towards mainland5/26/16
5/21/16 20:45ConcordNCUSATriangle15 minutesV shape, bright white lights, with a green at the nose, no body just wings. Circled low and slow 3 times in a long loop.5/26/16
5/17/16 23:00OttoNCUSALightseveral minutesLight in sky; departs quickly.5/20/16
5/14/16 23:49FayettevilleNCUSAFormation10 minutesTwo objects flying very high and watched as one of the objects started to come down lower, it got very bright. ((anonymous report))5/20/16
5/14/16 20:45RaleighNCUSALight20 minutesVery bright light in evening sky where neither a star nor planet should be and then 3 pulsating lights came through the trees.5/20/16
5/14/16 18:45CharlotteNCUSACircle6-10 secondsBlue orb with aura seen on American Airlines flight near Charlotte, NC, airport.5/20/16
5/14/16 01:00ColumbusNCUSAOther3 hoursI woke to use the restroom this morning about 2am, I stepped out on my porch in MillSprings NC and was shocked at6/1/16
5/13/16 21:30Winston-Salem/LexingtonNCUSAFireball5 minutesSix fireballs flying in a cluster.5/20/16
5/9/16 22:10MaxtonNCUSATriangle10 secondsSmall triangle, or X, at low altitude, and sharp turn.5/20/16
5/8/16 19:25NorwoodNCUSASphere3 minutes(2)--Red orange sphere type craft made manovers in the night sky yhay this pilot AINT Never seen before5/10/16
5/6/16 00:00HertfordNCUSATriangle2 hoursLarge triangle of lights in the sky making a weird sound.5/10/16
5/2/16 23:40CalabashNCUSAFlash3 secondsBright, silvery oval shape light appears out of no where, then moves like hyper speed and disappears.5/6/16
5/2/16 00:00SummerfieldNCUSAFlash10 secondsFast bright silent flashes of light above me quickly in different areas5/6/16
4/28/16 20:34Oak IslandNCUSACircle12 minutesMostly orange-red circular objects appeared in southern sky over ocean near Oak Island, NC4/29/16
4/27/16 20:46Oak IslandNCUSACircle3 minutesRed-orange circular objects seen in southern sky over ocean off of Oak Island, NC4/29/16
4/26/16 20:30Oak IslandNCUSACircle30 minutesMostly orange-red circular objects appeared in southern sky over ocean near Oak Island, NC.4/29/16
4/24/16 01:15HendersonNCUSAOther45 secondsBright phenomenon shaped like kid's spartle stick was just spotted outiside my home.4/29/16
4/20/16 21:10Oak IslandNCUSALight1 minute6 red-orange lights moving in pairs, not flares or otherwise propelled.4/22/16
4/19/16 09:05Nags HeadNCUSASphere30 secondsOrange red sphere seen traveling along coast line when turned east and disappeared.4/22/16
4/16/16 22:40SummerfieldNCUSALight15-20 secondsTwo UFOs with blue/red lights on each, circling each other across the sky. ((anonymous))4/22/16
4/15/16 21:45RaleighNCUSATriangle10 minutesPair of Silent V shaped objects with red-orange lights flying low and slow over Raleigh, NC4/29/16
4/12/16 16:00StatesvilleNCUSARectanglesecondsObject(s) spotted in landscape photo.4/15/16
4/11/16 22:00RichlandsNCUSACircle3 minutesUFO with green circulating lights Monday night by Meadowview Elem. in Richlands around 2200!4/22/16
4/8/16 17:00Red CrossNCUSACigar60 secondsI saw a thin white cigar shape (no wings visible) in color moving slowy and quietly from north to south passsing between clouds.4/15/16
4/1/16 00:00WalkertownNCUSATriangle1 minute((HOAX??)) Triangular UFO.4/15/16
3/30/16 00:00High PointNCUSADisk10 secondsDisk oval shaped with light coming down fast and disappearing in mid air!!4/1/16
3/30/16Winston-SalemNCUSAFireball5 minutesVery large firecolor came from the trees and moved slow across the sky. Once it got above my house it fizzled out.. it started out a fi4/1/16
3/28/16 21:30MonroeNCUSAOther15 minutesI look up at the sky and I see a light in the sky E of where I was sitting. The light changed color. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))4/1/16
3/22/16 22:20Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight25+ minutes6 "Strobing" Lights in Formation + 2 Large Orbs + 1 Slow-moving Red Light. Wow!4/1/16
3/18/16 17:00Indian TrailNCUSAFlashFlashI was sitting on my back porch talking on my cell phone looking up at the sky. There was a large flash of light for a couple of second8/29/16
3/16/16 21:15KernersvilleNCUSAFireball5 minutesOrangish Red glowing lights.3/18/16
3/16/16 15:33SmithfieldNCUSAUnknown15 minutesVery large craft with a bright light in front of it seen near Smithfield , NC3/18/16
3/13/16 22:30RaleighNCUSACircle2 minutesWalking around and was looking at the sky when i seen a red cirle shap in the air moving in the sky. I thought it was a plane of some s3/18/16
3/13/16 20:30Mineral SpringsNCUSALight45 minutesMy wife and I sitting on our back deck noticed a bright light to the SW, left of Orion. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius. PD))3/18/16
3/12/16 22:20RosmanNCUSALight20 minutesI was sitting on my front porch, enjoying a great spring night looking at one of the first clear skies we had had in a long time when a3/18/16
3/11/16 22:00CharlotteNCUSACircle10 minutesStrange lights.3/18/16
3/9/16 04:15BiscoeNCUSALight5 hoursI have seen this light from my bedroom window almost every night in the last month. This object of light varies from Orange red blue fl3/11/16
3/9/16 02:00GrahamNCUSALightStill going onMy husband and I are watching a yellow gold light above a cell tower in our local vicinity. We've been watching it for 10 minutes so fa3/11/16
3/7/16 15:00Nags HeadNCUSADisk30 secondsDisc shaped craft either taking in or expelling cloud.3/11/16
3/7/16 01:52Kill Devil HillsNCUSALight6 minutesBright orange, round light.3/11/16
3/6/16 22:15WilmingtonNCUSAUnknown90 secondsTwo unexplained flying amber lights move apart and regroup over downtown Wilmington, NC.3/11/16
3/6/16 20:19Hurdle MillsNCUSADiamond4 minutesDiamond-shaped object passed over Guess Road in Hurdle Mills, NC.3/11/16
3/6/16 20:00HayesvilleNCUSAFireball30 secondsBrilliant red object in the southern sky, which sped off with incredible speed.3/11/16
3/1/16 20:30PrincetonNCUSACircle5 minutes3 sets of red lights seem near Princeton NC3/24/16
2/29/16 09:05CherryvilleNCUSAUnknown30 minutesLoud horn-like noise for thirty minutes every few minutes - didn't notice a pattern.3/4/16
2/28/16 15:00Charlotte (outside of; I-485)NCUSAOther5 minutes+Daytime sighting of Boeing 737s suspended motionless in air over 485 outside Charlotte.3/4/16
2/22/16 19:00DurhamNCUSALighta few minutesTwo green one white light seen over South Square.2/26/16
2/20/16 20:30Oak IslandNCUSACircle45 minutesRed-orange circular objects seen in southern sky over ocean off of Oak Island, NC4/29/16
2/16/16 19:19Kill Devil HillsNCUSAFireballLooked like a ball of fire going fast across sky and disappear into the west sky.2/19/16
2/16/16 19:12HertfordNCUSASphereGreen flame with tail in Hertford, NC-was it a meteor?2/19/16
2/13/16 21:00GreensboroNCUSATriangle10 secondsBlack trangular object, silent, slow, and a set of very faint lights around it's perimeter.2/19/16
2/11/16 18:00HendersonNCUSAOther10 minutesMy husband son and myself and a friend was walking in dark home from parents house up road from us and in the southern sky heading no2/26/16
2/8/16 03:00GrahamNCUSALight20 minutesI observed a light over a local cell phone tower early this morning. This light was yellow and red in nature. I assumed it was a norm2/11/16
2/6/16 06:30Winston-SalemNCUSACircle2 minutesMy grandma and I were going down 52b and at 1st we saw a super bright light and were first though that it was a plan but as we got clos2/11/16
2/5/16 20:35SouthmontNCUSACross90 seconds5 unidentified craft flew over our house heading toward High Rock Lake.2/11/16
2/5/16 20:00CooleemeeNCUSAUnknown4 minutes7 dark masses slowly fly past low above the trees, moving N to S following the South Yadkin River.2/19/16
2/5/16 19:00DurhamNCUSAFormation5-10 minutesSpotted a formation of slow moving objects flying North in column with red flashing lights with one white light per craft. This occured2/11/16
2/5/16 18:58DurhamNCUSALight3 minutesWe witnessed a line of lights, 7 in number, alternating white, red. First thought it was a string or airplanes, but they were perfectly2/11/16
2/2/16 15:00RaleighNCUSASphere5-10 secondsVery shiny sphere-like object in the sky dropping/hovering slowly then GONE!2/11/16
1/27/16 20:45ArdenNCUSATriangle5 minutesI witnessed one loud triangle shaped aircraft flying very low over my home. Less than 5 minutes later another one came through. I did1/29/16
1/24/16 22:30Four OaksNCUSALight10 minutesStrange yellow lights near Garner, NC.1/29/16
1/21/16 18:24DurhamNCUSATriangle20 secondsTriangle craft.2/4/16
1/21/16 11:30AshevilleNCUSAUnknown30 secondsAt 11:30 am I witnessed a seemingly round craft flying west to east in the sky directly above me.1/23/16
1/21/16 11:30AshevilleNCUSAUnknown90 secondsUFO followed by JETS2/4/16
1/16/16 19:35Mill SpringNCUSACigar5 minutesSlim object with band of flickering lights seen hovering above nearby mountain peak - making unbelievable erratic maneuvers.1/20/16
1/14/16 22:30Mount AiryNCUSALight15 seconds((HOAX??)) Blue light over Mount Airy, NC.1/20/16
1/14/16 06:30HendersonvilleNCUSALight2.5 hoursVery bright object in the sky with faint red light at the top, not a star. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))1/14/16
1/11/16 20:00NashvilleNCUSALight20 minutes"Helicopter" lights are completely silent while moving very slowly through night sky.1/14/16
1/11/16 19:50IvanhoeNCUSATriangle10 minutesAn object with red flashing lights flying low in front of my house in open blueberry field, and then to the left of my house over small1/14/16
1/11/16 19:00RaleighNCUSAOther60 secondsBright flashing and kept moving fast and faded.1/14/16
1/10/16 22:40Four OaksNCUSALight15 minutesStrange yellow lights near Garner, NC1/14/16
1/10/16 02:00JarvisburgNCUSADisk10-12 minutesI was fully aware that there was an occupied object of some type seemingly “hiding” in that cloud. ((anonymous report))11/9/18
1/7/16 17:15CandlerNCUSASphere10 minutesCluster of black spheres seen over Candler, NC.1/8/16
1/6/16 03:00Carolina BeachNCUSAOther5:00Reddish-orange lights sighted at Carolina Beach1/8/16
1/1/16 19:45Fuquay VarinaNCUSAOther3 minutesRectangular object rise from the field and followed along with my car for 2 miles.1/5/16
1/1/16 00:05MatthewsNCUSATriangle3-5 minutesPyramid formation lights above Matthews, NC.1/5/16
12/31/15 09:00Bessemer CityNCUSAChanging20 secondsThe red light stayed in the same spot then moved slightly and disapeared. the light was pulsating.1/5/16
12/24/15 19:30WeavervilleNCUSALight5 minutesDriving N on future 26 towards Mars Hill between Flat Creek exit and Juliter Rd we saw 8 or 9 red orange lights hovering in a "Y."1/5/16
12/21/15 22:15TroutmanNCUSALight2 minutesI noticed a group of 4 red lights hovering over a local fast food outlet.1/5/16
12/20/15 22:29Four OaksNCUSALight30 minutesStrange Light hovered near Garner, NC.12/21/15
12/20/15 22:29Four OaksNCUSALight20 minutesStrange silent color-shifting light seen 10:29pm December 20 towards Garner.1/5/16
12/19/15 17:00Elizabeth CityNCUSAFireball35 minutesMultiple flying objects sighted on the horizon.12/21/15
12/15/15 20:30RaleighNCUSAFormation3-4 minutesThree objects with white and red collision lights following each other N Raleigh, no sound.12/17/15
12/14/15 20:00DurhamNCUSADisk2 minutesMoon in Western sky with light at bottom pictured with 12 white bright lights in shape of 1/2 Grey UFO.1/5/16
12/13/15 19:10MooresvilleNCUSALight10 minutesMeandering lights over Mooresville.12/17/15
12/13/15 00:10WilmingtonNCUSALight60 secondsA light in the sky in the sky went up slowly over the trees then a Beam Of light came out then I ran into house to get phone.12/17/15
12/12/15 22:00TroutmanNCUSADiamond10 minutesDiamond shaped UFO with red lights12/17/15
12/12/15FayettevilleNCUSALight1 minuteStrange light near Rim Road and Cliffdale.12/17/15
12/11/15 21:00BuxtonNCUSATriangle15 minutesWe went out to look at the stars over the water on this crystal clear night when we saw to the left of us 3 bright red strobing lights12/17/15
12/9/15 18:00Holly SpringsNCUSAUnknown45 minutesWhile walking my dog I noticed a propeller plane I thought was coming in for a landing. It had white lights and a red flashing on the b12/10/15
12/8/15 21:00PittsboroNCUSALight5 minutesBright light with irregular flight pattern and speed.12/17/15
12/4/15 20:00Morehead cityNCUSA4+Strange star-like light with geometric shape.12/10/15
12/4/15 06:45Wilmington (?)NCUSAUnknown1:00Bright light close to earth fades red and disappears to right side of sky, as helicopter spotlight searches in sky overhead12/10/15
12/3/15 07:03AngierNCUSALight7 minutesLight over Angier, NC.12/3/15
11/26/15 23:00Wake ForestNCUSALight15 minutesJust saw something really weird. 6-8 orange light traveling E to W. They seemed to be less than 1000 ft in altitude.12/3/15
11/26/15 03:00Winston-SalemNCUSAOval2 minutesI was driving down Peters Creek Parkway and noticed an oval shaped object with lights all around it...most white...and maybe one or two12/3/15
11/23/15 04:30AshevilleNCUSAChanging>1 hourRotating shape covered in white lights with a cylinder in the center.11/26/15
11/21/15 18:05GibsonvilleNCUSALight1 minuteSolid green light moving slowly or nearly stationary, then suddenly flying off and disappearing11/26/15
11/20/15 22:50HickoryNCUSAOther5 minutesV-shaped object with 6 white lights and 1 red light at the point11/26/15
11/19/15 22:25Snow CampNCUSAUnknown<2 minutesMy girlfriend & I seen a constant bright light with a red & green flashing light moving straight up & side to side then disappeared.11/20/15
11/19/15 21:20CharlotteNCUSAChanging2-3 minutesBright white lights form pyramid in the sky, which then changed into a straight line of lights whose trails connected them together.11/20/15
11/19/15 21:00CaryNCUSAUnknown30:00I have never seen anything like it before11/20/15
11/19/15 10:00HickoryNCUSAOther3 secondsUFO on the ground, next to power pole, observing traffic on Route 40, Hickory, NC.11/20/15
11/18/15 20:00CharlotteNCUSACircle30 minutesFour orbs of light moving in a around each other consistantly. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights, we wonder? PD))11/19/15
11/18/15 20:00CharlotteNCUSALight30 minutesOrbs moving in sequence. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights, we wonder? PD))11/19/15
11/17/15 19:00BooneNCUSALight>3 hoursOrbs of light behind clouds circling around eachother.11/19/15
11/17/15 07:00BooneNCUSALight20 minutesOrbs of light behind clouds circling around each other. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights circling?? PD))11/19/15
11/17/15 06:00CharlotteNCUSALight15 secondsI saw one bright, non-blinking object, high in the sky which gave no sound nor did it leave a streak as a meteor would.11/19/15
11/15/15 06:35MarshallbergNCUSAChanging10 minutesThe object was very bright and moved fast zigzagging and disappearing then back in another spot.11/19/15
11/14/15 05:50ClemmonsNCUSACircle15 secondsRound white bright object with flashing red and green lights moving slightly up and down11/19/15
11/14/15 04:40Boiling SpringsNCUSAOther35It's the size of a hot air balloon and has a cyclinder in the middle with 3 pods flashing green and orange light, also could see a blue11/19/15
11/13/15 04:30WilmingtonNCUSALight2+ hoursSaw a bright light flying erratically from 4:30 AM to 6:30 AM (possibly longer) over Oleander Memorial Park. Thought it was an airplane11/19/15
11/10/15 17:45SwannanoaNCUSALight5-10 minutesBright light over Swannanoa, NC.11/19/15
11/8/15 20:00Walkertown (Johns Road)NCUSAFireballIt was coming from the North, at first we saw like a fire ball then we saw, what looked like a tringle of three little fire balls and11/19/15
11/6/15 23:30Elm CityNCUSAUnknownTemperance Hall Rd.Unidentifiable objects in the sky11/19/15
11/1/15 06:10HendersonvilleNCUSAFlash1 minuteShooting star with a burst of light, then V-shaped lights that moved left, hovered, right, then hovered then disappeared.11/20/15
10/30/15 23:45Mount AiryNCUSACirclea few secondsBall of light that appeared in the sky.11/6/15
10/29/15 19:15Surf CityNCUSALight2 minutesSeries of lights seen above Topsail Island.11/6/15
10/26/15 19:00SalisburyNCUSACircle2 hoursDuring the night, I came across 4-5 disks of light, circling each other in flight.10/29/15
10/23/15 02:45GreenvilleNCUSACylinder10 minutesRed/Green Flashing Object, Low in Sky.10/29/15
10/22/15 21:05Mount HollyNCUSAOval15 minutesOrange orb or oval seen in the distant sky in NC.10/29/15
10/20/15 21:15KannapolisNCUSALight3-5 secondsI am a truck driver, mostly drive at night and I've never seen anything like this before. Driving down interstate 85 south to Charlotte10/29/15
10/20/15 20:30RockinghamNCUSASphere25 secondsThree large planes surronding two white spheres10/29/15
10/20/15 20:10Boiling Springs LakeNCUSARectangle10 minutesSolid light followed by Flashing light at close (connected) range.10/29/15
10/20/15 20:00DurhamNCUSAFormation3 minutesLarge red linear blinking light pattern moving south from southern Durham. Was banked sharply to the left, then rotated as it moved awa10/29/15
10/15/15 23:15KingNCUSASphere30 secondsLarge green orb defied physics4/13/18
10/12/15 06:30RaleighNCUSAOther5 secondsThe oblong light was visible on the traffic report on NC17 news . I recorded it.10/16/15
10/8/15 23:00BurlingtonNCUSALight2 daysOn Thursday, 10/08/15 my husband was driving home after being in a conference in Durham nc through a small town by the name of Mebane.10/16/15
10/8/15 20:30HertfordNCUSAChevron2-3 minutesPulsating array of several lights traveling in unison10/16/15
10/8/15 20:08CurrieNCUSATriangle2 minutesV-formation or large red lights the size of a football field flying tree top low and silently.11/6/15
9/26/15 17:00RaleighNCUSASphere5 minutesUFO above Crabtree Lake, Raleigh, NC.9/29/15
9/18/15 22:00GreensboroNCUSACircleStill happeningWestern sky, from north Greensboro, seems to hover moving in any direction. Almost as if wind we're bobbing around. Seems to have red a9/25/15
9/15/15 18:30GastoniaNCUSARectangle7 secondsObject appearing amd disappearing, with three planes chasing it.9/17/15
9/15/15 00:00RaleighNCUSACylinder1-2 hoursEvery night I go out side to smoke a cigarette at about 11:00 o'clock. And every night in the same spot, there is this craft flashing9/17/15
9/14/15 22:30North Topsail BeachNCUSAFireball2 minutesFive glowing fireballs/spheres in rectangular formation in sky.9/17/15
9/13/15 20:45HickoryNCUSALight30 secondsI was on my poarch looking at the stars. All of the sudden one of them starting moving. It moved and suddenly stopped. Then started mov9/17/15
9/8/15 21:34WaynesvilleNCUSACircle1 hourDots of white green and red lights, 3 dots of light. Western night time sky, just south of lyn lowry cross. Has been hovering in the ni9/11/15
9/8/15 20:00CharlotteNCUSACircle3 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))9/11/15
9/7/15 21:00FranklintonNCUSACircle5 minutesMy 2 friends were leaving my house around 9:00 pm, and when we went outside, a huge circular disk was hovering SW, had no lights.10/9/15
9/6/15 22:00BurnsvilleNCUSADisk<1 minuteWhile traveling east on highway 19, I was observing a lightning storm slightly north of the highway. Approximately 2 miles west of Burn9/17/15
9/4/15 22:00Wake ForestNCUSACircle3 minutesDriving down a local road, we witnessed 4 bright orange lights in the sky. They seemed circular in shape and traveling pretty fast. The9/11/15
9/2/15 17:00GrahamNCUSACross2 minutesWhite, cross-shaped, object, followed by a dark oval shaped object.9/2/15
8/24/15 19:45RaleighNCUSAOval8 secondsWhite car-shaped blob above cloud hovered and disappeared.8/27/15
8/22/15 22:30HarrisburgNCUSAFormation<1 minuteI thought they were stars until I noticed they were moving in formation. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly satellites? PD))8/27/15
8/21/15 21:18CharlotteNCUSAUnknown2 minutesLight formation near uptown Charlotte.9/2/15
8/15/15 21:30WevervilleNCUSAUnknown3 minutesHigh speed bright white object.8/27/15
8/14/15 21:38RaleighNCUSACircle17 minutesTwo concentric rings of light moved slowly across the night sky, stopped for 10 minutes, then moved back in the opposite direction.8/27/15
8/14/15 00:00BurlingtonNCUSACircle30 secondsCircle, orange in the center. Changed speeds quickly.8/27/15
8/12/15 23:12West JeffersonNCUSATriangle15 minutesHigh altitude triangle object with lighted corners seen over West Jefferson, NC.8/27/15
8/12/15 04:45AshevilleNCUSAUnknown12 secondsThought it was a star. I was watching the meteor shower scheduled tonight. Saw many meteors, stopped counting at 30. What I had thought8/13/15
8/9/15 03:00ConcordNCUSAOval30 secondsUFO with bright spotlight on the front.8/13/15
8/8/15 20:15RaefordNCUSATriangle3 secondsDriving into Raeford from Southern Pines, looked to our L and over Ft Bragg, we observed 3 pinkish/red lights in triangle formation.8/13/15
8/5/15 21:00Weddington/Wesley ChapelNCUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular shaped aircraft hovering over wooded area in night sky, with 3 distinct lights on each point.8/6/15
8/5/15 17:45NewtonNCUSASphere30 secondsMy daughter and I were swimming and I was looking up to check out a dark cloud when I noticed a metallic sphere going from south to eas8/6/15
8/5/15 00:30MaidenNCUSADisk5 minutesI could see over the tree line a large object that was disc shape and almost look like a Zeppelin or some type of blimp.8/6/15
8/1/15 22:30FranklinNCUSAFireball~30 secondsSlow moving fireball, with no sound, in North Carolina.8/6/15
7/31/15 22:40SalvoNCUSAFireball1 minuteLarge and bright red fireball or light, silent and very fast moving N, and then nearly 90 degree westward turn over Pamlico Sound.8/6/15
7/30/15 00:30Southern PinesNCUSAFireballFew secondsVery large green fireball moving through the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD))7/31/15
7/28/15 22:00CameronNCUSAOval5 secondsA huge bright red glowing light formed in the sky!8/27/15
7/27/15 21:30DurhamNCUSACigar3 minutesDriving and saw a cigar shaped object moving slowly, gliding. Way larger than a plane. Not near the airport. Thought maybe it was a bl7/31/15
7/27/15 21:12MonroeNCUSACigar10 minutesVertical, orange, cigar shaped craft.7/31/15
7/24/15 21:53Rural HallNCUSASphere~2 minutes3 red sphere-shaped objects moving across.7/31/15
7/23/15 23:00CarrboroNCUSATriangle5 minutesThree lights as bright as the moon, possible triangle.7/31/15
7/22/15 08:15CharlotteNCUSAOther5 minutesSmall white oval shaped UFO over Charlotte countryside airspace7/31/15
7/20/15 23:00Rocky MountNCUSACircle1 hourHexagon shaped object connected to bright star moving and disappearing in air.8/13/15
7/20/15 12:34DurhamNCUSARectangle2 minutesSilver almost translucent, object flying over Durham.7/23/15
7/20/15 00:45HendersonvilleNCUSATriangle10 minutesTriangular UFO sighting.7/23/15
7/20/15 00:00HendersonvilleNCUSATriangle15 minutesIt was 3 lights that stud still for 10 minutes. then went right.7/23/15
7/16/15 17:00Indian TrailNCUSACigar2 minutes5 cigar shaped craft at high altitude.7/17/15
7/15/15 07:15GreensboroNCUSASphere10 minutesUFO meanders through the morning sky followed by a military plane.7/17/15
7/10/15 23:10New BernNCUSACircle5 secondsBright light in the sky.7/17/15
7/9/15 20:00Oak IslandNCUSAOther5 minutesBrightly lit, multi-light object flying in erratic pattern near seashore at Oak Island, NC7/17/15
7/7/15 21:48North WilkesboroNCUSALight15 secondsExtremely fast satellite (?).7/10/15
7/7/15 21:00RaleighNCUSASphere5 minutesBlue light in the dusk sky turns red on video that hovers and changes directions and then descends.7/10/15
7/4/15 23:00HickoryNCUSATriangle45 seconds3 red lights in an elongated triangle shape hovering over Lake Hickory. Dissipated after about 1 minute.7/6/15
7/4/15 22:00GreensboroNCUSAUnknown10 minutesWhile watching celebration, I noticed florescent green light hovering over the croud about 500+ ft off ground. Wasn't moving. Just stay7/17/15
7/4/15 22:00MonroeNCUSACircle2 minutesSitting on the roof watching the fireworks, two red orbs appeared close to each other. Both seemed to be low in the sky and were too cl7/10/15
7/4/15 21:45ColfaxNCUSASphere15 secondsSmall circular glowing orange orb flying just above the tree line passes perpendicular above vehicle on I-40 in Guilford County.7/6/15
7/4/15 21:15GreensboroNCUSALight15 minutesI watched a UFO viewing 4th of July fireworks.7/6/15
7/4/15 21:00GreensboroNCUSAUnknown15 minutesGreen light seen near fireworks Greensboro, NC.7/10/15
7/4/15 21:00StallingsNCUSASphere1 hourOrange lights on the Fourth of July 201511/12/15
7/4/15 20:00GreensboroNCUSALight15 MinutesUFO at Fireworks show in Greensboro10/19/21
7/4/15GreensboroNCUSALight10 minutesGreen light orb hovered over coliseum during fireworks11/12/15
7/3/15 23:00Nags HeadNCUSALight3-4 minutesThree bright red lights traveling over ocean, Nags Head, NC.7/6/15
7/3/15 02:00Stony PointNCUSAOtherNot sureMy life will always be different!!7/15/16
7/2/15 21:10MidlandNCUSAFireball2 secondsGreen fireball.7/3/15
7/2/15 21:00Winston-SalemNCUSACircle10 minutes +2 white lights, one larger than the other. Hovering, not moving, very bright and low in alt.. ((NUFORC Note: Venus & Jupiter? PD))7/3/15
6/29/15 12:30Chapel HillNCUSACylinder5 secondsDisc or cylindrical craft moving at very high speed7/3/15
6/28/15 01:30CharlotteNCUSAUnknown3 minutesFour evenly spaced lights.7/3/15
6/24/15 22:05AsheboroNCUSALight2 minutesOrange light crossed in front of me while driving and hovered above the trees, moving in a westward direction on an overcast night.7/3/15
6/17/15 10:00Holden BeachNCUSALight20 seconds3 star-like lights6/25/20
6/15/15 22:30CaryNCUSACrosscontinuous, I went insideElongated star or Cross over Cary, NC. Two just sitting there, one larger than the other and a third appears.Saw this last year6/19/15
6/13/15 22:30Wake ForestNCUSACircle1 minuteStar-like object flying at moderate speed in an "S" motion, before dimming out and disappearing.6/15/15
6/11/15 22:30WaxhawNCUSARectangle5 minutesWhite lights in a rectangular pattern that faded in and out, but did not move.6/15/15
6/10/15 22:00Kill Devil HillsNCUSACircle1 hourStationary red/white lights over Kill Devil Hills.6/15/15
6/8/15 21:47HatterasNCUSAFormation00:04:003 fireballs floating in a line formation over beach.6/15/15
6/7/15 18:07JacksonvilleNCUSAOther1 secondI was sitting on my porch and I took a picture of some flowers. When I looked at the picture and zoomed in I noticed a small saucer.6/15/15
6/6/15 23:30AsheboroNCUSAOther5 minutesOrb sank and rose.6/15/15
6/5/15 21:30CorneliusNCUSAFireball2 minutesWhile sitting on front porch noticed a bright orange light moving very slow. My husband and I walked out to sidewalk to see it better a6/15/15
6/5/15 21:00Surf CityNCUSAFireball3 minutesRound fireball object that hovered, and rose out of sight.6/15/15
6/5/15 20:20Fuquay VarinaNCUSAChevron3 minutesOn the evening of 06/05 My son and I where coming back from the store, we were about 200 yards from our street when we saw over the tre6/24/15
6/2/15 21:30AvonNCUSAFireball45 minutesOrange fireballs create a V-formation over beach at Avon.6/5/15
6/1/15 21:00AvonNCUSAFireball30 minutesYellowish/Orange fireball and 2 red lights 4 witnesses.6/5/15
5/31/15 01:00Tarawa TerraceNCUSASphere30 secondsBIG greenish orb hovering over Tarawa Terrace!!6/5/15
5/28/15 21:10Willow SpringNCUSASphere35 minutesRed orb/sphere with loud roaring noise then quiet while dancing in the sky5/29/15
5/25/15 03:40FayettevilleNCUSAFlash15 minutesOrange flashing craft.5/29/15
5/24/15 22:48HendersonvilleNCUSATriangle3 triangles moving faced paced back an forth flashing.5/29/15
5/24/15 22:30AshNCUSALight45-60 minutesBrilliant large white light in NW Ash, NC, blinking on and off til disappearing in the same spot. Witnessed by 3 people.5/29/15
5/24/15 00:00High PointNCUSAUnknown15 minutesRed and white lights saw in the sky and attempted communication.5/29/15
5/16/15 22:00ThomasvilleNCUSACircle2-3 minutesSix deep orange lights in night sky and three of them in triangle formation.5/22/15
5/13/15 23:20CharlotteNCUSALight3 secondsI walked outside on my to get into the car and while I was in my driveway a blue beam of light zipped across the sky then disappeared.5/22/15
5/12/15 21:45GrahamNCUSATriangle~1 minuteLarge, low, equilateral triangle object flying through rural country sky (daughters report )5/13/15
5/12/15 21:45GrahamNCUSATriangle~1 minuteLarge, low, equilateral triangle travels across rural country sky.5/13/15
5/11/15 21:50SnowhillNCUSACircle22:15Very bright sphere shaped object levitated close to home5/13/15
5/11/15 00:55New BernNCUSARectangle3-4 minutesStrange lights seen above highway 70 New Bern, NC.5/13/15
5/10/15 12:00Kitty HawkNCUSAOther2 daysThere is a noise like a hovering helicopter for 2 days now. i drove around but can not find source. it is non stop night and day. i5/13/15
5/8/15 21:00Blowing RockNCUSAFireball10 minutesLarge burning object, silently crossing the evening sky.5/13/15
5/6/15 21:09CharlotteNCUSATriangle2.5 minutesAt least 15 unidentified orange objects in the night sky.5/22/15
5/3/15 18:30AlbemarleNCUSALightsecondsIt wasa white fuzzy blip of light that suddenly appeared in the sky with the moon and it cast a reflection on lake5/8/15
5/2/15 23:15NewtonNCUSACigar20 minutesMy husband and I just saw three (3) UFO”s over Newton NC. They are some distance away, but they are on 3 sides of my house. They are5/8/15
4/27/15 21:45Asheville (near Airport)NCUSAChevron>1 hourMoved around at frist in the sky slowly. Then got closer to the ground.Look like two or three different color lights on it. Saw one big4/30/15
4/26/15 19:00CharlotteNCUSADisk10 secondsFlying disc stationary in clouds about NC.6/5/15
4/22/15 21:20WhitevilleNCUSATriangle1-2 minutesV-shaped lights over NC.4/23/15
4/20/15 00:00ThomasvilleNCUSAUnknown?I had dreams of being "chipped," and the next night I was abducted and chipped.4/23/15
4/14/15 00:15GreenvilleNCUSAChanging1-2 minutes4 white circles spinning around then coming together , then breaking apart and spinning in circles. ((NUFORC Note: Adv. lights? PD))4/17/15
4/11/15 21:45CharlotteNCUSATriangle5 minstriangle shaped ufo seen in charlotte/huntersville are with only lights at points of triangle and made no sound.4/17/15
4/10/15 21:00North WilkesboroNCUSALight20-30 secondsI was watching air traffic in the northern night sky. I was thinking it would be wonderful to see a ufo, and suddenly straight up in t4/17/15
4/1/15 21:22AydenNCUSACirclenot sureI see this bright light shaped as a circle , it can't be a star because it is just too bright , I came outside about 20 minutes ago and4/3/15
3/30/15 09:48Mint HillNCUSACylinder3-4 minutesRed and Green lights hoovering and making quick moves and very quite!4/3/15
3/29/15 23:59WilmingtonNCUSACircle20 minutesSaw a row of differnt colored blinking lights moving across sky from rt to lft, then shot up and came back down, 2 more joine4/3/15
3/28/15 23:00CharlotteNCUSALight10 secondsGreen light shooting straight down from the sky.4/3/15
3/28/15 10:00MorgantonNCUSALightunknownWe saw a bright white light in the sky surrounded by airplanes.4/3/15
3/27/15 08:14Holly RidgeNCUSATriangle2 minutesGreen Lights Triangle Patter4/8/15
3/24/15 02:45Browns SummitNCUSADiamond3-4 secondsDiamond shape, ruby red, long yellow "kite tail", moving upward at incredible speed.7/3/15
3/21/15 21:30RaleighNCUSATriangle5 minutesMassive boomarang-shaped object high up in the western sky containing 3 vivid spread out blinking red lights making no sound.4/3/15
3/18/15 21:25PfafftownNCUSAUnknown4 minutesAppeared to be one craft traveling slowly at first and then rapidly left my sight. One bright white light in the front, followed by tw3/20/15
3/17/15 22:30ValeNCUSATriangle1 hourObject in sky causes disturbances, darts off into space.5/22/15
3/17/15 22:00MorgantonNCUSACircle~2 hoursCircular Flashing Lights over Morganton, NC.3/20/15
3/17/15 21:23Tarawa TerraceNCUSAFireball1.5 hoursOrange looking fireball hovering over Camp Lejeune.3/20/15
3/16/15 20:01WilmingtonNCUSAOther10-15 secondsWas driving down I40 and saw 5_6 white lights Instantly appear in the sky. After about 10 seconds they all went dark at same time. Ligh3/20/15
3/12/15RaleighNCUSAChanging2 hoursWe noticed a strange object in the sky making all kinds of movements. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star?? PD))3/13/15
3/8/15 23:03Indian TrailNCUSACircle8 secondsThe spherical object appeared at the eastern horizon and ascended toward the moon at a southerly direction, and eclipsed the moon.3/13/15
3/8/15 22:00SmithfieldNCUSALight3 secondsBluish-white light descends over Smithfield.3/13/15
3/3/15 18:00West JeffersonNCUSALight3 minutesBright white-bluish light moving in z type pattern and also going up and down in the sky. Defitently not an aircraft or meteor.3/6/15
2/28/15 20:00GoldsboroNCUSAUnknown10-15 minutesSilent, slow-moving object, pulsating orange and white.3/6/15
2/21/15 17:30Browns SummitNCUSATriangle10 minutes3 orange/red glowing lights in the shape of a triangle.3/6/15
2/15/15 18:30High PointNCUSATeardrop20 minutesSeen multi bright lights with red tails. Then seen multi lights come Out of them .2/20/15
2/12/15 18:50DurhamNCUSAUnknown5 minutesI went outside at approximately 7:10 pm to let my dog out. Something caught my attention and it made me look up into the sky.2/20/15
2/11/15 22:30Old FortNCUSALight5 minutes2 low flying red lights flashing in call and response dancing through the sky in Western North Carolina.2/12/15
2/11/15 20:30BoliviaNCUSALight3 secondsAmber lights in sky.2/12/15
2/6/15 07:15CarrboroNCUSADisk2 minutesI was driving down Old 86 when I saw a silver object in the sky. It was closer than a plane would fly but not extremely close to the g2/12/15
2/3/15 21:00WendellNCUSASphere10 minutesWent outside to smoke, looked up and saw 5 flashing lights in a straight line, stationary for around 5 min. Went back inside to tell my2/6/15
1/30/15 08:00RuffinNCUSALight15 minutesLooked like Large Stars that moved slowly, mostly white but with some reds and blues.2/6/15
1/28/15 08:00Camp LejeuneNCUSACylinder5 secondsI was traveling west on hwy 24 and noticed somthing in the sky far up enough like a harrier..mayb a tracer or somthing in the sky about1/30/15
1/25/15 20:10BunnlevelNCUSACircle1 hour; still goingPinkish hue circle in the sky East, North Eastern sky.1/26/15
1/25/15 17:47SelmaNCUSAFireball5 secondsI was traveling north on nc96 from Selma when I noticed a orange light.As it crossed in front of me it went from bright to dem to brigh1/30/15
1/21/15 19:10RaleighNCUSAFormation15 secondsLooked like moving stars in perfect "V" shaped formation and moving North across the sky at high speed until it dissappeared.1/26/15
1/19/15 11:45DurhamNCUSACircle2 minutesMultiple white circular objects at high altitude appear suddenly, cluster in a group and then disappear.1/26/15
1/18/15 22:15Black MountainNCUSAFormation3-4 minutes, recurrent onRecurrent light formations, not matching aircraft or satellite patterns over Black Mountain, NC.1/26/15
1/7/15 21:00DurhamNCUSADiamond80 minutesDiamond-shaped silent object hovers and passes overhead.1/9/15
1/2/15 15:20CaryNCUSATriangle2 minutesTriangular craft, Cary, NC.1/7/15
1/2/15 00:05DurhamNCUSAFireball20 seconds3 red orbs traveling quickly across the night sky. Disappeared within 30 sec. of sighting.1/7/15
1/1/15 01:20MebaneNCUSALight45-60 secondsBright orange light steadily traversing the sky from west to east for 45 seconds.1/7/15
12/31/14 21:00RolesvilleNCUSACircle10 minutesSeen 6 objects that were orange in color round in shape ,all in a line looked like they were on a string all coming out of the west mov1/7/15
12/31/14 20:00FayettevilleNCUSALight15 minutesRed lights. Would fade out and reappear in nearby at a different height. No sound. Attempted to film it with cell phone.1/7/15
12/30/14 00:05SwannanoaNCUSALight3-5 minutesNever saw anything like B4; no sound, red lights, one by one, straight up, curved into horizontal flight.1/7/15
12/27/14 21:30RaleighNCUSALight20A white light that zig zags in one area of the sky.1/7/15
12/27/14 20:30FayettevilleNCUSAFireball10 secondsBright blue light falling from the sky1/7/15
12/26/14 20:00LelandNCUSALight5 secondsVery bright white light traveling at great speed and at a low altitude was observed for approx. 5 seconds before I lost sight of it.1/7/15
12/15/14 02:00RaleighNCUSALight1 minuteBright fast light crossed the sky at great speed.12/18/14
12/14/14 21:00CharlotteNCUSAOther1 hour +Multi-colored flashing lights around a stationary orb. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Sirius. PD))12/18/14
12/13/14 17:00Winston-SalemNCUSASphere15 minutesOrb that moved erratically and shifted from white to a blue violet color. The blue shift seemed to affect my camera's focus. We watched12/18/14
12/11/14 22:00BurlingtonNCUSALight45 minutesCluster of moving lights.12/18/14
12/11/14 20:00FranklinNCUSADisk5 minutesThere were 5 or 6 lights in a row blinking, whites and reds. It was just sitting there over top the ridge of the mountains.12/12/14
12/10/14 19:00GarnerNCUSALight12 minutesLights in distance quickly moving in every direction then shooting up at great speed.12/12/14
12/3/14 22:43BunnNCUSACircle3 secondsSighted a bright white circular object move across the sky just north of the Moon.12/5/14
12/3/14 21:30KannapolisNCUSATriangle2-5 minutes3 white lights in triangular formation hovering in the NW sky of Kannapolis.12/5/14
12/1/14 18:20Indian TrailNCUSASphere5 secondsObserved a very bright light changing colors and blinking on and off in the sky.12/5/14
11/30/14 20:00LelandNCUSATriangle45 secondsSilent triangular shaped craft glides fast across the sky.12/5/14
11/28/14 23:30Cape Carteret (Emerald Isle)NCUSAFireball8-10 minutesFloating red orbs in the sky off Emerald Isle, NC.12/5/14
11/28/14 22:18GreenvilleNCUSAFireball10 minutesSlow moving fireball type objects moved upward in the sky before disappearing.12/5/14
11/28/14 21:40RaleighNCUSAOther3-5 minutesMultiple crafts delineated by bright, burnt orange colored lights over I-40 by Raleigh.12/5/14
11/26/14 19:00LincolntonNCUSATriangle2-5 minTriangular light pattern. low..silent. flying in deliberate path of cover11/26/14
11/24/14 17:00HatterasNCUSATriangle20 minutesRed lights form a triangle.11/26/14
11/22/14 20:30JacksonvilleNCUSACircle1 minuteLooking up in sky saw round circle orbit like.not a way. A airplane before it and one after we're with it. It moved quite11/26/14
11/12/14 17:15Bermuda RunNCUSASphere2 minutesJust before dusk, a large sphere (similar to automobile headlight) observed flying in the sky by a walker.11/14/14
11/11/14 22:25WadeNCUSALightmultiple hours and still Since I made my first report on the 7th I have witnessed the same thing 4 different nights and it is happening right now as I type this11/14/14
11/10/14 21:30Snow HillNCUSACircle15 minutesObject flys west in North Carolina.7/17/15
11/8/14 20:00GarnerNCUSALight1-2 minutesOdd flashing lights.12/5/14
11/7/14 05:25WadeNCUSALight1-2 hoursStrange dancing, multidirectional light in the sky11/14/14
11/7/14 04:53HickoryNCUSAFireball10-15 secondsA very bright orb caught my eye descending roughly thirty degrees from the horizon. For the first second and a half, the orb was teardr11/14/14
11/6/14 11:59GreensboroNCUSACircle8 minutesWitnessed three round craft lights around each craft, flight pattern at first slow almost stationary 5 minutes then left quickly.11/14/14
11/3/14 21:30WilmingtonNCUSACircle5 minutesOrange ball of fire moving slowing 200 feet above the ground.11/6/14
11/3/14 18:20DurhamNCUSASphere5-6 secondsRapidly descending sparking fireball, seen over the course of several seconds11/6/14
11/2/14 19:30MatthewsNCUSAFormation5-10 minutesLarge number of objects with red lights flying in formation over Matthews, NC making no sound1/30/15
11/2/14 19:00MatthewsNCUSAFormation5-10 minutes50+ orbs in a pattern low flight. Police took image from phone. I have pictures.11/6/14
10/30/14 19:12RaleighNCUSA2 minutesThere was a small yellow crescent shaped UFO to the right of the moon and lower than the moon.11/6/14
10/29/14 00:43GreensboroNCUSADiamond1 secondA bright glowing green diamond shot overhead and was gone in less than 2 seconds11/6/14
10/28/14 21:00FairviewNCUSALight30 secondsYellow/orange glowing object in Fairview.11/6/14
10/27/14 07:50AshevilleNCUSACircle8:15Strange light, was inspected by 3 helicopters.. Please read.. I need to know if others experienced something like this..11/6/14
10/26/14 22:00Old Fort/Morganton (between)NCUSACircle5-10 minutesNorth Carolina: On I-40 east bound 10/26/2014:large white circular orb and lost an unexplainable hour and a half!.11/6/14
10/26/14 22:00Old Fort/Morganton (between)NCUSACircle5 minutesMarion to Morganton, North Carolina: On I-40 10/26/2014:large white circular orb overhead, and lost time.11/6/14
10/26/14 20:30Marion-MorgantonNCUSACircle5 minutesNorth Carolina: Marion to Morganton on I-40: large glowing object over road messes with car clock11/6/14
10/26/14 19:45CharlotteNCUSALight30-60 secondsVery bright white light moving at a good rate of speed, not an airplane or satellite.11/6/14
10/24/14 20:00North WilkesboroNCUSALight~30 secondsBright "light bulb" object over North Wilkesboro, NC.11/6/14
10/23/14 09:45Mars HillNCUSACircle20 secondsObject was incredibly fast, never seen anything like it.11/14/14
10/22/14 21:00Carolina ShoresNCUSALight2 minutesThere were 6 bright orange lights in a row in the sky. Each one faded out in succession. Then 5 minutes later saw 3 more bright lights11/6/14
10/17/14 21:00MarionNCUSACylinder32Spotted something outside our house something of an origin never seen before. Cylinder shaped with blinking circling lights. In a up an11/6/14
10/16/14 20:10FayettevilleNCUSALight5 minutesBright red light sitting in the sky11/6/14
10/13/14 03:00TaylorsvilleNCUSASphere~3 minutesLight orb of yellow white color, pulsed with rhythm from dim to bright, hummed loudly, static discharge noise, sparks and lightning web11/6/14
10/12/14 20:25WintervilleNCUSAFormation15 minutesSlow moving white lights.11/6/14
10/9/14 06:00GreensboroNCUSAOval2 minutesAfter today I know for a fact we are not alone!10/10/14
10/8/14 21:35CharlotteNCUSALight30 seconds6 large circular orange lights moving across the sky from west to east. No noise. No apparent formation.11/6/14
10/5/14 18:00NCUSATrianglelong triangle with three lights , and three military helicopters?10/10/14
10/4/14 19:40Ocean IsleNCUSALight15 minutesOcean Isle Orange Orb.11/14/14
10/2/14 18:10Willow SpringNCUSAUnknown20 secondsBright pulsating object over Willow Spring sky10/3/14
9/30/14 23:00FranklinvilleNCUSADisk20 minutesA saucer with red lights and blinking white lights followed our car home.10/3/14
9/27/14 21:00HickoryNCUSAFormation10 minutes13-15 bright orange lights flying in patterns, first in a P shape, then a V shape.10/3/14
9/26/14 23:17CharlotteNCUSACircle1.5 secondsSaw a white greenish Ball descend in ballantyne. Clear sky no noise. Appeared out of nowhere and was gone behind the trees in no time10/3/14
9/26/14 22:30Kitty HawkNCUSALight10 secondsI was standing on my balcony at my hotel mile post nine and a half circular light moves through the clouds going south to north faster10/3/14
9/25/14 23:15WilksboroNCUSAOval5 secondsBright, oval shaped green light surrounded with haze and three lights in the middle, descending to ground.10/3/14
9/20/14 22:00CharlotteNCUSASphere15 minutes or soA group of orange orb-shaped lights moving against the wind and in formation3/2/21
9/18/14 21:45Sneads FerryNCUSACircle1 minute3 Orange spheres seen over ocean near Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune9/25/14
9/17/14 20:50New BernNCUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular shape, with yellow lights in each corner.9/18/14
9/17/14 20:15CorneliusNCUSACircle5 minutes2 STATIONARY, REDDISH-ORANGE LIGHTS OBSERVED FOR 5 MINS.9/18/14
9/13/14 22:00AngierNCUSALight5 minutesFlying white lights that disappear when you bring attention to it; accompanied by humming noise, clicking sounds and driving the dog cr9/18/14
9/10/14 20:15AsheboroNCUSASphere10 minutesSome kind of space craft hovering near power poles, turquoise in color, with red lights around it.9/18/14
9/9/14 22:30Willow SpringsNCUSASphere40-45 secondsOrange/teal sphere heading east to west 70-100 feet off the ground in light mist rain going against breeze at 2-3 mph11/6/14
9/3/14 23:00Nags HeadNCUSAFireball7-10 minutes7 orange, glowing, silent fireballs moving along same trajectory, equidistant apart over Nag's Head beach, NC.9/25/14
9/3/14 23:00Nags HeadNCUSALight10 minutesOn or around 1100pm to 1200 am, I was facing east the ocean, looking over the ocean about 16 milepost in Nags head, nc. One red light,10/3/14
9/3/14 23:00BuxtonNCUSALight15 minutesOrange lights over the ocean - Buxton North Carolina10/10/14
9/3/14 19:30GastoniaNCUSAOval5 minutesSilver Ball in Lightning storm - update - not a hoax!9/10/14
9/3/14 19:30GastoniaNCUSASphere5 minutes((HOAX??)) Silver ball in lightning storm.9/5/14
9/3/14 05:00Pleasure IslandNCUSASphere>1 hourWalking my dog near Pelican Watch on the beach around 5:30 this morning. I saw a orange/red Chinese lantern type ball leave from over t9/5/14
9/2/14 21:20Carolina BeachNCUSALight2-3 secondsOrange lights still being seen around the Carolina Beach area mainly during the first 2 hours after dark.9/10/14
9/1/14 22:00Gold HillNCUSALight2 hoursDriving home from work and saw a bright low to the ground orange light it hovered and moved back and forth a little.9/5/14
8/31/14 23:45Topsail/Surf CityNCUSALightstill see themI am sitting on beach access bench looking at what I thought were stars, but they are changing colors and moving. Moving mostly slow so9/5/14
8/31/14 20:30CullowheeNCUSAUnknown1 hour4 spot light like lights that move apart then back together. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights. PD))9/5/14
8/27/14 05:30DuckNCUSASphere2.5 hours3 bright orbs over Duck, NC, ocean. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Jupiter and Venus in E sky. PD))8/29/14
8/26/14 13:00HickoryNCUSAFireball30 secondsFireball over 127/321 area near Mtn View!8/29/14
8/25/14 22:00Nags Head (10 mi S of)NCUSALight5 secondsLight appeared and vanished.8/29/14
8/25/14 16:45DunnNCUSALight3-5 secondsBright light in the sky and then zipped away, too fast for a plane, and not a satellite,9/5/14
8/23/14 23:09CurrieNCUSAUnknown5 minutesLike some Star Wars type of thing!8/29/14
8/23/14 22:00CherokeeNCUSADiamond5 minutesLight moving at slow speed stop and moved from side to side 3 times and then vanished.8/31/14
8/23/14 10:00Emerald IsleNCUSACircle15 minutesTotal of 10 red orbs, floating from left to right over ocean, one about every five minutes8/29/14
8/22/14 21:00South Nags HeadNCUSACircle10 minutesSmall red lights flying along coast of Nags Head and then all would disappear in same location -- no sound.8/29/14
8/22/14 05:00PinehurstNCUSALight1 hourSoundless light moving across sky in odd movements.8/22/14
8/21/14 21:08Holden BeachNCUSACircle30 secondsSilent large red light.8/22/14
8/21/14 20:50Holden BeachNCUSACircle1 minuteSilent large red light.8/22/14
8/20/14 22:50Sunset BeachNCUSACircle5 minutesCircle lights, 5-6 bright lights for 5 sec., then sudden flickering, and motion unlike any plane available to man.8/22/14
8/20/14 22:30Ocean IsleNCUSA30-45 secondsA few family members and I were sitting on the balcony of a beach house and over the beach there were 3 bright orange lights in a trian8/22/14
8/20/14 22:30Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight5 seconds5 lights in the sky.8/22/14
8/20/14 22:00Willow SpringNCUSAUnknown45 secondsDouble lights/ no sound with a zigzag motion over Willow Spring on 8/20/148/22/14
8/20/14 22:00Holden BeachNCUSACircle45 seconds3 bright lights in western sky at Holden Beach.8/29/14
8/18/14 21:10DuckNCUSACircle30 seconds"Flaming" orange orb-like object rising into sky above Sanderling, NC.8/22/14
8/17/14 22:30RodantheNCUSAFormation3 seconds5-6 bright white star-like objects in very close formation shooting across sky then quickly branching in half into separate directions8/22/14
8/16/14 04:00WilmingtonNCUSACircle3 hoursSeven white (sometimes orangish ) orbs spotted off coast of Wrightsville beach - One very active and rippling with colors.8/22/14
8/15/14 20:45Nags HeadNCUSAFireball30 secondsOrange fireball traveling north along 21mile mark, Nags Head Turn northeast.8/22/14
8/14/14 21:45Sunset BeachNCUSACircle30 secondsBright orange light.8/15/14
8/14/14 21:00FriscoNCUSAFireball5 minutesFireball appears on the horizon, shoots object from it, splits into two, then disappears.8/15/14
8/14/14 21:00Swan QuartersNCUSAOval5Oval shaped light.8/29/14
8/14/14 20:50Kill Devil HillsNCUSAUnknown5 minutesSaw 4 reddish lights moving north along the Atlantic coast in Kill Devil Hills, NC.8/22/14
8/14/14 20:48CatawbaNCUSAChanging20-30 minutes4-6 lights changing shape and size all connected with a larger center light.8/15/14
8/14/14 07:52New BernNCUSAChanging<1 minuteFive pictures of a very, very, very fast, soundless, elongate silver with rings in front and back. It had a brite, aluminated shine &8/22/14
8/13/14 10:00Fort FisherNCUSACircle((HOAX??)) Orange circular lights over the beach lasted thirty minutes.8/15/14
8/11/14 23:00Carolina BeachNCUSACircle1 hourOrange orbs over ocean three in a row.8/22/14
8/6/14 21:30CharlotteNCUSALightFast speeding steady electric blue light followed by helicopter.8/8/14
8/5/14FayettevilleNCUSACirclefew secondsSix light colored objects in the sky over fayetteville nc during day light hours.9/10/14
8/4/14 22:01Chapel HillNCUSAFireball2 secondsWitnessed a greenish - blue fire ball streak low, fast, overhead in the sky at 10:01 pm Monday August 4th 2014. I was out with my dog w8/8/14
8/4/14 22:00GastoniaNCUSAFireball5 secondsBright green ball with a blue tail…8/8/14
8/4/14 21:58Spring LakeNCUSAFireball5 secondsBall of fire falling.8/8/14
7/29/14 22:00Kitty HawkNCUSALight5 minutesLights appeared in northern sky in triangle formation, then broke off into separate groups. The lights were bright red, appeared to be8/1/14
7/29/14 04:00CharlotteNCUSACone30-60 minutesMultiple lights and strange star like objects seen.8/8/14
7/29/14 02:00LumbertonNCUSALight2 hoursBright white light that would change colors, disappear, & reappear over S.E. N.Carolina witnessed by 4 people over 2 hrs.8/1/14
7/28/14 21:45CharlotteNCUSAFormation1 hourStrange green and red lights hovering over the Charlotte/Concord, NC area.8/1/14
7/27/14 21:30KannapolisNCUSALight10 secondsWell me and my other friend was looking up and saw a star moving across the sky at first I through it was the ISS but I checked it and8/29/14
7/27/14 03:00ApexNCUSADisk30 secondsBlue lights from a spinning UFO that glided across the sky.8/8/14
7/26/14 22:00RosmanNCUSAOther1-3 minutes2 amber bright lights flying over 1 after the other.8/1/14
7/26/14 01:25ConcordNCUSAEgg5 minutesMe and a long time fire were walking out to his car and I saw this amber light an brought it to me buddies attention. He thought it was7/26/14
7/20/14 21:30Kitty HawkNCUSALight30 minutesThree orange/ white orbs seen over outer banks.7/26/14
7/18/14 22:19FayettevilleNCUSACircle6 secondsCircle disk shape with pink, yellow, red, and blue lights on side. *FREAKY, ((deleted)) MAN*7/20/14
7/18/14 22:00GreensboroNCUSAFlash10 secondsLooked up and saw a bright neon blue circular flash appear and it sat for 3 seconds and then zoomed northwest and then disappeared with7/20/14
7/18/14 21:54MoncureNCUSALight10 minutesStars begin to move.7/20/14
7/18/14 21:52Holden BeachNCUSACircle10 minutesSilent large round red lights, flying in pairs very slowly then disappeared. Next set would appear as soon as previous disappeared.7/20/14
7/17/14 22:30WilmingtonNCUSA30 secondsSaw large bright grass green meteor? It went on at a downward trajectory, then became a gold fiery color and sputtered out. The longest7/20/14
7/17/14 22:10GarnerNCUSALight3 minutesExtreme bright white lights over N Raleigh, Not Human Aircraft, Near RDU Airport.7/20/14
7/17/14 21:15ApexNCUSAFireball~6 minutesTwo orange-ish fireballs travelling horizontally in succession with some sparks coming out of them7/20/14
7/16/14 21:30Indian TrailNCUSAFlash5 minutesFive lights blinking in unison in line formation across NC sky.7/20/14
7/16/14 21:20FairviewNCUSALight2 minutes6 lights in sky over my house very loud humming sound7/20/14
7/16/14 21:15Mount GileadNCUSACigar2 minutesLoud humming with flashing lights.7/26/14
7/16/14 21:00MatthewsNCUSAFormation5 minutesHovering line of lights in formation.7/20/14
7/13/14 22:55MooresvilleNCUSARectangle1.5 minutesLight appeared over Lake Norman hovering, moved up and hovered again, headed left at fast speeds and we lost sight of it.7/17/15
7/12/14 22:30WilsonNCUSACircle10 minutesOrange Lights Over Wilson, NC.7/20/14
7/9/14 22:00Holden BeachNCUSALight30 minutes5-6 moving lights at low altitudes were seen traveling above Ocean Boulevard, Holden Beach. Some lights were orange, some were white. T7/20/14
7/7/14 21:35CharlotteNCUSALight2 minutes6-10 star like objects moving in quickly in patterns and raced out of sight over Charlotte sky.7/11/14
7/7/14 21:00WilmingtonNCUSAFireball8 seconds3-4 orange flashing fireball orbs randomly appearing and disappearing near state port.7/11/14
7/6/14 21:15Atlantic BeachNCUSALight~5 minutesLooked north @ 50° and noticed a white Orange light. At first I thought it was an aircraft and didn't pay much notice.7/11/14
7/5/14 02:11RaleighNCUSALight10 minutes, Currently stiTwo lights sighted over N Raleigh, 1 Red and 1 white that appears to join together then separate at random intervals.7/5/14
7/4/14 22:30MooresvilleNCUSATeardrop30-45 minutesOrange lights over Mooresville, NC.7/11/14
7/4/14 22:00CharlotteNCUSALight22:02Was in downtown Charlotte on the 4th to watch fireworks saw a couple helicopters and you could clearly see and hear that they were heli7/11/14
7/4/14 22:00Winston-SalemNCUSARectangle15 minutesSeven ORBS passed overhead on 7/4/14 in a perfect orbit!7/11/14
7/4/14 21:45Holden BeachNCUSACircle3 minutesOrange circles of lights over Holden Beach, NC.7/5/14
7/4/14 21:30WilmingtonNCUSAFireball20-30 secondsCluster of approxmitely 5 to 6 orange fireballs flying to the east and heading northeast over the ocean appearing to parallel the coast7/5/14
7/4/14 21:00CharlotteNCUSADisk4 minutesBright orange light circling a disk shaped object.7/5/14
7/4/14 15:30Banner ElkNCUSACircle1 minutePerfectly round white object circle seen during daytime flying in straight line too fast for a bird, too slow for an airplane.7/20/14
7/1/14 21:30CharlotteNCUSALight2 minutesI have a video to prove it. We were at the pool and across the sky we saw 10 flying objects. They were flying very close in the same di7/4/14
7/1/14 09:15FayettievilleNCUSACircleTransparency huge no sound hovering over me with a bright light beam on me .4/23/21
6/30/14 16:45Oak IslandNCUSACircle1 minuteOne separate orange light moving across sky directly overhead.No sound could be heard coming from objects.Traveled approximately 5 mil7/4/14
6/26/14 23:25Nags HeadNCUSALight30 secondsRed light rapidly moving across sky before disappearing.6/27/14
6/25/14 22:30Oak IslandNCUSALight5 minutesOrange lights in linear formation.6/27/14
6/25/14 08:30AvonNCUSATriangle1 minuteLight formation seen over Avon, NC.6/27/14
6/23/14 23:00Holden BeachNCUSACircle20Big bright orange circular lights. Line of lights horizontally in the sky. Several appearenances off and on before completely disappear6/24/14
6/23/14 22:45LelandNCUSAFireball1 minute2 orange fireball lights parallel to each other flashed and faded6/27/14
6/20/14 23:00Oak IslandNCUSASphere5 minutesGlowing orbs in ocean surf during thunderstorm.6/24/14
6/19/14 22:00Carolina BeachNCUSACircle1 hourA strange red orb appeared in the sky over the ocean.6/20/14
6/19/14 20:00Topsail IslandNCUSACircle~5 minutes totalObject with orange lights appeared and disappeared 3 times.6/24/14
6/18/14 22:04North Myrtle BeachNCUSAOval25 minutesMyrtle Beach UFO June 18, 2014.6/24/14
6/18/14 21:15Surf CityNCUSAChanging10 minutesFive orange glowing objects over Topsail Island, NC.6/20/14
6/18/14 21:14VeronaNCUSATriangle5 secondsTight formation of triangular amber lights spotted east of Verona, NC.6/20/14
6/18/14 21:00Carolina BeachNCUSALight30 minutesBright Orange Lights Over Atlantic Ocean off of Carolina Beach.6/20/14
6/18/14 20:00Oak IslandNCUSACross30 minutesOrange Orbs and blinking lights, followed by a strange airplane-shaped craft.6/24/14
6/18/14 00:00Ocean Island BeachNCUSALight15 minutesBright orangish yellow flashes in the sky.6/20/14
6/17/14 22:00Surf City (Topsail Island)NCUSALight~1 hourRed lights over Topsail, NC6/24/14
6/17/14 21:30Oak IslandNCUSASphere2 minutesOrange Orb and blinking lights.6/24/14
6/17/14 21:30Carolina BeachNCUSASphere15 minutesOrange orbs over coast of Carolina Beach,6/20/14
6/17/14 21:25North Topsail BeachNCUSALight15 minutesSeries of glowing orange/red lights off coast of North Topsail Beach, NC6/20/14
6/17/14 20:30Kure BeachNCUSAUnknown30 minutesOrange lights over ocean.6/20/14
6/17/14 20:00TopsailNCUSASphere10 minutesOrange foo fighters over Topsail, NC.6/20/14
6/15/14 20:00CharlotteNCUSAChanging5-10 minutesBlack, morphing shape object sighted for almost ten minutes with my neighbor in plain sight.6/20/14
6/14/14 20:37Lake LureNCUSAFireball45 secondsI was looking into the sky and several fire red objects went across the sky ,,one after the other,,,in the distance was a plane beyond6/20/14
6/13/14 20:30CorollaNCUSALight5 minutesOrange lights over Outer Banks.6/20/14
6/12/14 21:30ThomasvilleNCUSARectangle2-4 minutesStrange rectangle shape mass floating over outskirts of our town11/26/15
6/12/14 21:00AshevilleNCUSAChanging5 minutesFiery orange changing shapes in nightsky moving at different angles or directions toward the east6/13/14
6/12/14 17:00ThomasvilleNCUSARectangle2-5 minutesI heard a noise and looked for a plane, then I saw this.6/20/14
6/11/14 21:25WashingtonNCUSAOther1 minuteOrange light flew down from high to low altitude, grey squared shaped craft seen up close over my town6/13/14
6/10/14 22:30OakboroNCUSADiamond1 minute((HOAX??)) Glowing fluorescent white with flashing bright colored ribs on the outside.6/20/14
6/8/14 22:00WarrentonNCUSACircle10 minutesThe UFO was circular in shape with tiny red and green blinking lights around its outer edge. There were no lights in the center making6/13/14
6/8/14 21:45MarbleNCUSALight5 minutesTwo bright orangish-red lights flying over Marble, NC.6/13/14
6/7/14 23:14Nags HeadNCUSAOther10 minutesMany star like objects in formation.6/13/14
6/7/14 21:15Wake ForestNCUSASphere20 minutesOver 20 bright orb/spheres, larger than planes flying in area at same time. Bright orange-red in color. Streaming in formation ove6/13/14
6/3/14 01:00KannapolisNCUSASphere45 minutesHad made a fire for me and a few friends to sit around late in the evening in the backyard. While getting fire started, I was along out6/20/14
6/2/14 18:50GastoniaNCUSARectangle5 seconds((HOAX??)) Large rectangle shape hovering over I85 N. near Gastonia NC.6/4/14
6/1/14 21:27GreensboroNCUSAUnknown~2-3minutesTaking daughter for a walk and saw two redish orange lights spread apart bigger then a football field then disappeared into thin air!!!6/4/14
5/29/14 21:30CharlotteNCUSAOther59 seconds3 pyramid shape ships going very fast.6/4/14
5/28/14 21:25South Topsail BeachNCUSAChanging10 secondsUFO SIGHTING!!!! DATE: MAY/28/2014 9:25PM LOCATION- South Topsail Beach/Surf City ( near the old watch tower) One orange glowing6/13/14
5/26/14 20:00KannapolisNCUSA20 minutesBlack, S-shaped, slow-moving twirling object sighted over Kannapolis, NC on Memorial Day and observed by 6 persons.6/4/14
5/25/14 21:25Bryson CityNCUSALight30 secondsLarge red/purple ball of light.6/4/14
5/24/14 23:42FayettevilleNCUSALight95 secondsBlue zipping light in night sky.6/13/14
5/24/14 02:45ClaytonNCUSATriangle3 hoursTriangle formation, many orbs appearing, moving, stopping then taking off or disappearing.6/4/14
5/23/14 22:00High PointNCUSALight1 hourSmall orange and white light flickering rapidly high in the sky.6/4/14
5/22/14 23:00RaleighNCUSALight5 secondsWhite streaking light moving quickly in the sky with no arc.6/4/14
5/18/14 21:45GoldsboroNCUSAFormation3 minutes3 ufos flying in a Triangle formation.6/4/14
5/17/14 20:00CaryNCUSASphere5 minutes9 orange spheres in triangular shape.6/4/14
5/17/14 09:45Emerald IsleNCUSASphere3 minutesBright orange lights. 2 came cles to converging. As they moved towards convergence, 2 faded to black then the third then the last as if6/4/14
5/14/14 21:30BurlingtonNCUSATriangle3 minutesBright Flash that went toward the ground toward Lake Macintosh.6/4/14
5/13/14 21:30Carolina BeachNCUSATriangle30 minutesSeveral Triangular Vessels with bright red lights.6/4/14
5/13/14 05:03LouisburgNCUSACircle3 secondsBright white UFO the size of a large star moves then disappears. ((NUFORC Note: Flare from Iridium satellite? PD))6/4/14
5/10/14 20:05Winston-SalemNCUSATriangle30-60 secondsTriangle of red lights in arrow shaped, dissapearing afterwords6/4/14
5/9/14 05:15CaryNCUSALight90 secondsOne exceptionally large and bright light appeared, dimmed, then moved away to the south, passing an identical object heading north.6/4/14
5/5/14 20:35CharlotteNCUSAChanging4 hoursSaw 3 objects in sky and a creature.6/4/14
5/4/14 21:29Cherryville/North BrookNCUSATriangle5 minutesClose Triangle changing into bright lights red/white5/8/14
5/3/14 22:30HuntersvilleNCUSASphere10 secondsLarge glowing red mass resembled comet.5/8/14
5/3/14 22:20ThomasvilleNCUSALight1-2 minutesHigh Altitude bright light follows odd path in NC Sky5/8/14
5/3/14 22:00WaxhawNCUSACircle~1 minuteBright orb that rapidly traveled west leaving a light trail and vanishing.5/8/14
5/3/14 22:00Hot SpringsNCUSAUnknown5 minutesMy step father, mother, & I always this extremely bright light traveling across the sky. We know our airplanes, this was no airplane or6/4/14
5/3/14 22:00Snow CampNCUSAOval1 minute"Fiery orange craft" flying at low altitude over Snow Camp NC.6/4/14
5/3/14 21:00CurrieNCUSALight1 1/2 minutesBrilliantly Lit Flying Object With Reddish Orange Lights.5/8/14
5/3/14 21:00WaxhawNCUSACircle~1 minuteBright orb that dimmed & got smaller before vanishing in the sky.5/8/14
5/2/14 22:30DurhamNCUSAFlash3 secondsLow flying, fast moving, red/white light disappears into thin air.5/8/14
5/2/14 21:44East Bend/LewisvilleNCUSAFormation2 minutesThree orange lights moving in unsion.5/8/14
5/1/14 01:15FriscoNCUSALight<5 minutesSeveral balls of light in erratic flight pattern followed by second craft at great speed.5/2/14
4/27/14 04:40LouisburgNCUSACircle30 minutes4 UFOs seen within a half an hour appearing and then vanishing.5/2/14
4/24/14 04:30LouisburgNCUSACircle30 secondsI saw a star moving north to south through the Little Dipper handle, and then disappeared, but then a second star chasing it.4/24/14
4/23/14 08:37CharlotteNCUSADisk5 minutesOver 20 ufos seen flying towards charlotte nc airport.4/24/14
4/22/14 21:17FletcherNCUSATriangle20 secondsTriangular craft with lights on each vertice spotted silently hovering 30-40 feet above a field off I-26 East at exit 54 in Fletcher.4/24/14
4/22/14 21:00Cajah's MountainNCUSARectangle1 minuteDriving on remote road, a rectangular craft trailed by a ball of light flew directly overhead about 45-60 feet with no noise.5/2/14
4/22/14 02:30Sam's Gap (Top of NC/TN Mountain)NCUSATriangle4 minutesLarge triangular shaped craft about a hand size (extending my hand straight out).4/24/14
4/17/14 22:15RockwellNCUSAUnknown6 secondsBlack helicopter following 2 orange lights (no sound except from helicopter).4/18/14
4/17/14 21:00BensonNCUSAFireball5 secondslarge, round, bright white light moving extremely fast at a low altitude.6/6/14
4/15/14 21:15MorrisvilleNCUSALight30 secondsNoticed 4 red lights in the sky not too high up.4/18/14
4/15/14 17:45SylvaNCUSAEgg10-15 secondsLoud egg shaped aircraft.4/18/14
4/10/14 22:00BelmontNCUSATriangle5 minutesSilent, hovering black triangle with red lights that went on and off.4/23/15
4/8/14 21:45GarnerNCUSAFormation3 minutesThree low, slow moving, silent objects consisting of three horizontal lights each pulsating in and out of sight.4/11/14
4/5/14 20:30CarthageNCUSALight5 minutesLight orb (not blinking) with a wobble in trajectory.4/11/14
4/5/14 18:00Morehead CityNCUSAEgg40-60 secondsSilvery Daylight Orb.4/11/14
3/30/14 14:30Kings MountainNCUSATriangle2 minutesBlack Triangle with Attached Object Moves Slowly Across Sky and then Disappears into clouds.4/4/14
3/29/14 00:20MorgantonNCUSAUnknown1 minutesLarge objects flying over I-40.4/4/14
3/27/14 21:16ConcordNCUSATriangle1+ hourMultiple triangular shaped ufo's, with green and white lights.4/4/14
3/26/14 22:00ClaytonNCUSACylinder10+ minutesSaw two white light 'sticks' with blue and red lights at night moving in a horizontal plane across sky with no sound being made.4/4/14
3/23/14 06:00GreensboroNCUSACircle1-3 minutesA circular object, shining red and white lights in the grey night, was hovering just above the tree line.3/27/14
3/22/14 21:00Flat RockNCUSAFireball3-5 minutesThey first appeared and stayed as 2 pairs as they flew higher and out of sight they all split the last one we could see seemed to gain3/27/14
3/19/14 21:50CandlerNCUSATriangle1.5-2 secondsBright triangular object seen over major interstate highway near medium size city.3/27/14
3/17/14 02:00CharlotteNCUSAOther1 hourAlien Abduction with provable markings left on the body.3/21/14
3/16/14 00:05CharlotteNCUSACirclenight timeET's are making themselves visible.3/18/14
3/15/14 20:40MiddlesexNCUSACircle15 minutesTriangle shaped movement, Full moon, ides of march, weird shaped clouds3/18/14
3/10/14 23:15CaryNCUSATriangle45 secondsBlack Triangle over Cary, N.C. Accompanied by Three Black Helicopters.3/18/14
3/9/14 06:00HillsvilleNCUSACigar5A bright cigar shaped UFO seen over Huntsville, NC, USA3/18/14
3/8/14 20:00MoncureNCUSATriangle3 minutesHovering, Very low, Then moving slowly, no sound. Triangular, 2 white lights, one red did not blink.3/18/14
3/5/14 21:24CrouseNCUSATriangle2 minutestriangle lights over lincoln county area nc3/18/14
3/3/14 23:50RaefordNCUSAOther2 minutesFast moving like war plane like alien craft. ((anonymous report))3/18/14
3/2/14 21:25JacksonvilleNCUSAChevron20 seconds5 lights in pentagon formation moving extremely fast across sky.3/18/14
3/1/14 17:45GarnerNCUSASphere1 minuteTwo flashing orbs.3/18/14
2/27/14 14:50Winston-SalemNCUSADiamondTen secondsDiamond-shaped starburst white light. Then silver craft with 2 bright lights out the back.3/18/14
2/27/14 06:00StedmanNCUSASphere3 minutesSphere shaped object with an illuminated green star shape on bottom with alternating red lights.3/18/14
2/24/14 04:00Browns SummitNCUSALight10 minutesYellow-white light ball of light sitting above tree tops moving slowly and fading in and out.2/27/14
2/21/14 22:00RaleighNCUSATriangle10 minutes3 crafts flying in a very symmetrical triangle formation. They continued to fly across the sky in that way, always in a triangle.2/27/14
2/21/14 17:00ShelbyNCUSAOther20 minutesStrange cloud trail in the sky.2/27/14
2/20/14 20:30AshevilleNCUSACross5 minutesVery low hovering T-shape light pattern could not see the body of the craft or hear a noise.2/21/14
2/19/14 18:15RaleighNCUSAFlash45 secondsBright light flash and satellite like movements in night sky over NW Raleigh, North Carolina on the evening of February 19, 2014.2/21/14
2/14/14 21:45RaleighNCUSASphere3 minutesTwo silent, pulsating red orbs slowly moving due north near downtown Raleigh at low altitude.2/21/14
2/14/14 21:30LouisburgNCUSACircle1 minuteObserved a bright white star in the north sky start to move north. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite?? PD))8/15/14
2/10/14 20:30WilmingtonNCUSATriangle5 minutes((HOAX??)) Huge traingle craft with 3 light and a bright red light in the middle that did not make any noise just floated.3/18/14
2/7/14 21:00ApexNCUSALight30 secondsLow flying, fast moving, light disappears into thin air.2/14/14
2/6/14 18:10Hope MillsNCUSADisk30 secondsBrightly lit UFO seen in Hope Mills during daylight hours.2/7/14
2/5/14 18:45DurhamNCUSAChevron3 minutesI was driving Eastbound on the interstate, when I looked to my left and sighted five blue glowing lights in a chevron, or V-shaped form2/7/14
2/2/14 05:00Mount AiryNCUSAChanging6 minutesReally bright object shooting beams.2/7/14
1/31/14 20:00MorgantonNCUSALight10 minutesLights seen over Freedom High School.2/7/14
1/31/14 00:00ReidsvilleNCUSAOtherseveral hoursTriangular cab with a long body, almost like a 'tail', many flashing lights.2/7/14
1/30/14 21:50CharlotteNCUSAUnknown10 minutes after noticed4 bright orange balls with 3 smaller red balls with one of the bright balls flashing as if igniting.2/7/14
1/26/14 04:00Kill Devil HillsNCUSATriangle10 minutesMultiple sightings over the past few weeks on the OBX.1/30/14
1/25/14 07:27RaleighNCUSADiamond1-2 secondsDiamond-shaped object glowing in morning sky.2/7/14
1/23/14 12:00RaleighNCUSADisk3 seconds4 Clear Disk-shaped UFOs over Raleigh, N.C..1/30/14
1/20/14 19:45MorgantonNCUSACircle5 minutes11 orange burning circles floating in sky!1/24/14
1/19/14 23:00RaleighNCUSACircle45 secondsTonight me and my wife saw a Orangish Red Circle that emerge from over our house! We watched it for about 45 seconds and it appeared to1/24/14
1/19/14 23:00Wake ForestNCUSAFormation2 minutesLine of 8 big lights.1/24/14
1/18/14 19:01HickoryNCUSADisk10 minutesOutside on Sunday evening. Completely clear sky. Saw bright lights shining through trees. Walked through yard for better view.1/26/15
1/18/14 18:20DurhamNCUSATriangle15 minutes7-8 orange objects forming a triangle and V shape. Stationary position for several minutes.1/24/14
1/18/14 18:15HuntersvilleNCUSALight3 seconds (twice)Strange light similar to meteorite suddenly turns in perpendicular direction. Seen again moving across sky and moving up.1/24/14
1/17/14 21:00RaleighNCUSACircle3 minutesOrange light over North Raleigh.1/24/14
1/16/14 21:10BoliviaNCUSALight6 orange lights above tree tops.1/24/14
1/16/14 18:30CaryNCUSATriangle10 minutes6 Triangular hovering craft with synchronized lights.1/24/14
1/15/14 19:00GarnerNCUSADisk5 minutes7 Red Lights.1/24/14
1/13/14 18:45GreensboroNCUSATeardrop3 minutesSilent, bright white falling comet like object/light. Still then veering to the left.1/16/14
1/13/14 18:00Willow SpringsNCUSAChevron10 minutes3 objects in formation looking stationary with no noise. At first looked like three bright lights. Then they appeared in a chevron sh1/16/14
1/12/14 13:25CharlotteNCUSACigar10I caught two UFO's side by side over Bank of America Stadium during the Playoff game of SF 49ers vs NC Panthers om Sunday 1-12-141/16/14
1/8/14 20:00KernesvilleNCUSACircle2 minutesI live in Kernersville, NC. My friend and I saw 7 flame orange lights in the sky. They were moving very slowly.1/10/14
1/4/14 05:43Kill Devil HillsNCUSASphere2-3 secondsOrange orb the color of fire lights up, expands in size, then shrinks back to nothingness and disappears, like an explosion in space.1/10/14
1/4/14 02:50GreensboroNCUSATeardrop3 minutes9 Orange Globes traveling in a V formation, not sound no blinking lights on a perfectly clear night.1/10/14
1/1/14 20:30HickoryNCUSATriangle1 minute(3) Yellowish/Orange spheres in the shape of a triangle.1/16/14
1/1/14 01:00FayettevilleNCUSALight20 minutesGlowing moving lights in sky.8/8/14
1/1/14 00:10WilmingtonNCUSATriangle30 seconds3 orange orbs in triangular form perfectly still.1/10/14
1/1/14 00:05ElonNCUSACircle2 minutesRed light moved slowly at low altitude in the sky at northeast tip of Alamance County, NC.1/10/14
1/1/14 00:01WaxhawNCUSADiskStill going on((HOAX)) I witnessed an alien war over Waxhaw, NC.1/10/14
12/31/13 22:15High PointNCUSALight5 minutesI am blown away about what I saw tonight, I live in the country and watch stars all the time and that is not what I saw tonight.1/10/14
12/31/13 22:00HickoryNCUSAFormation2 minutesI was taking my daughter to a friend's house when we saw several orange lights above the lake. They looked to be several thousand fee.1/10/14
12/31/13 21:00WilmingtonNCUSACircle25-30 secondsUnknown light.1/10/14
12/28/13 18:00New BernNCUSALight2 minutesFluidly, floating, white light.1/10/14
12/27/13 22:15CalabashNCUSAFormation2 minutesSlow moving light formation.1/10/14
12/27/13 19:30Wrightsville BeachNCUSAOther10 minutesOrange colored object in the eastern sky over the ocean near Wrightsvillle Beach, NC.1/10/14
12/25/13 22:15BelmontNCUSALight2 minutesFour bright orange lights traveling in a fixed pattern across the sky in a north west direction followed by another single light with n1/10/14
12/24/13 20:45GreensboroNCUSASphere~1 minuteMultiple lights seen in diamond-shaped formation.1/10/14
12/21/13 20:15KernersvilleNCUSALight60 secondsTwo very silent and steady red lights at relatively low altitude with individual paths pass directly overhead in the night sky.12/23/13
12/19/13 20:30Shallotte (Hwy 17)NCUSAFlash~5 seconds3 orange lights spotted.12/23/13
12/19/13 05:10BelmontNCUSALight15 minutesStar that appeared to move around in the sky.12/23/13
12/17/13 13:30BrunswickNCUSAEgg5 secondsWhite egg shape object spotted while working.12/23/13
12/16/13 19:20MorrisvilleNCUSAFormation60 seconds2 waves of 25-50 silent glowing white spheres slowly flying in formation.12/23/13
12/16/13 05:40FayettevilleNCUSAUnknown1 minuteVertical object with red strobes moved in the northern sky from west to east.12/23/13
12/12/13 06:15CharlotteNCUSAChanging1 minute3 lights in sky, all moving very very fast.12/12/13
12/7/13 23:14FayettevilleNCUSACircle50 secondsI was watching a movie on my smartphone, suddenly the movie stopped playing to buffer. As I was waiting for it to continue I noticed 312/12/13
12/6/13 00:27LelandNCUSAChanging5 secondsSilent ball of light traveling at extremely fast speed, witnessed by 3 people.12/12/13
12/4/13 01:00RaleighNCUSALight15-25 minutesTwo lights. One bright white light & a dim blue one (appearing & disappearing). Ground level & moving closer.12/5/13
12/2/13 03:00LillingtonNCUSACircle3 secondsA quick green light.12/5/13
11/30/13 22:48Surf CityNCUSASphere3-5 minutesOrange orbs over Topsail.12/2/13
11/26/13 20:30BurlingtonNCUSACircle15 secondsUpward curving row or lights flying low over interstate 85 NC.12/2/13
11/26/13 00:00DurhamNCUSAFlashStill FlashingBright Strobe Light, Higher than a cell phone tower.12/2/13
11/25/13 19:00FayettevilleNCUSAFireball8 secondsone fireball splits into fours falling towards earth disappearing before main fireball disappeared.12/2/13
11/24/13 20:15GreenvilleNCUSALight1 minuteThree orange lights moving slowly east. Lights diminished and disappeared.12/2/13
11/24/13 16:25ShelbyNCUSASphere2 minutesSilver reflective sphere hovering stationary over field12/2/13
11/22/13 17:40DurhamNCUSALight10 minutesBright red light performing maneuvers and landing.12/2/13
11/22/13 17:30DurhamNCUSALight10Solid structure with red light flying low performing controlled maneuvers.12/2/13
11/22/13 01:00ArapahoeNCUSACircle5 seconds3 circles moving in the sky and disappeared about 5 seconds later.12/2/13
11/19/13 19:30Indian TrailNCUSALight2 minutesBright Electric Blue Light over Indian Trail, North Carolina.12/2/13
11/19/13 18:35Mount AiryNCUSASphere30 secondsBright orb hovering and dancing around the car, in Mt. Airy, next to Pilot Mountain, NC11/20/13
11/19/13 14:00High PointNCUSASphere1 minuteMetallic sphere pauses and becomes transparent after being spotted.12/2/13
11/12/13 21:00SalisburyNCUSACircle10 minutesSmall, Circular UFO spotted and moves once camera flashes.12/12/13
11/9/13 19:40DobsonNCUSALight3 minutes30+ orange lights flying in formation.11/11/13
11/8/13 22:00CharlotteNCUSACircle6 minutesWe saw about 13 bright reddish orange cirle lights with two diamond lights in between flying in a line formation.11/20/13
11/5/13 03:00MoreheadNCUSASphere10 secondsI am very light sleeper. On this one particular night what woke me , I still am not sure! I immediately opened my eyes and saw a white1/10/14
11/4/13 23:00RaleighNCUSATriangle3 minutes3 red lights on shadow outline of triangle shaped craft, slowly flying just above tree line silently. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))11/11/13
11/4/13 19:54North Topsail BeachNCUSAUnknown3-4 minutesOrange lights over the ocean then disappearing and reappearing multiple times11/11/13
11/4/13 12:30DurhamNCUSACircle2-3 minutesBright flashing white ball in broad daylight11/11/13
11/1/13 21:00MarionNCUSACircle35-45 minutesIlluminated Orb hovering over Marion, NC- does this have to do with the "non- existent Military Base" behind Baxter.11/11/13
10/30/13 20:58TaylorsvilleNCUSATriangle25 secondsUFO seen in Taylorsville, NC 28681.11/11/13
10/29/13 20:57FayettevilleNCUSALightPMFlying.11/11/13
10/28/13 20:06AberdeenNCUSALightPMThe object was quitely flying by and stopped slowly, when I recorded the video.11/11/13
10/28/13 10:38WalkertownNCUSADisk3 secondsObject had green and white lights gone in 3 seconds really bright and fast.11/11/13
10/27/13 20:30Winston-SalemNCUSACross20 minutesStationary bright white light11/11/13
10/27/13 07:02KingNCUSACircle1Red orb interaction with aircraft11/11/13
10/26/13 19:25Winston-SalemNCUSATriangleRed dots on arrow shaped object flying low and parallel to peters creek parkway11/11/13
10/25/13 20:30Lake LureNCUSALight10-15 minutesBright orb that disappeared as I was watching it.12/23/13
10/24/13 20:00Winston-SalemNCUSALightDance practiceBright light floating in sky.11/11/13
10/24/13 19:30Fuquay VarinaNCUSALight15-30 minutesStrange lights near Raleigh, NC.11/11/13
10/23/13 21:30WashingtonNCUSAUnknown10 minutesLoud vibrating low hum.11/11/13
10/19/13 21:53CharlotteNCUSASphere7 minutesThree orange orbs seen by me and a witness at Food Lion parking lot.10/23/13
10/17/13 21:15Carolina beachNCUSACircleSecondsBright orange circles over Atlantic Ocean 3 in a row. It was only seconds in the sky then they disappeared.10/23/13
10/15/13 20:30Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight3 secondsA string of five orange lights.10/23/13
10/15/13 20:00YadkinvilleNCUSAOther8 minutesA bright light shifting from a circular light to a saucerlike line of light.10/23/13
10/14/13 16:45CharlotteNCUSASphere4 minutesWhite object slowed to a stop. Remained motionless about a minute and disappeared.10/23/13
10/12/13 20:20MorgantonNCUSALight5 minutesRed/orange lights.11/11/13
10/5/13 04:00PinetopsNCUSAUnknown15 minutesReally strange noises heard.10/14/13
10/3/13 21:00LouisburgNCUSACircle3 secondsUFO sighted near Louisburg, NC moving north to south at a very high speed.10/14/13
10/2/13 00:08MarshvilleNCUSAOther10 secondsStrange glowing line moving across the sky.10/3/13
9/29/13 20:35Mt. HollyNCUSALight12 secondsLight in sky over Mt. Holly, NC/Lake Norman.9/30/13
9/28/13 21:45RaleighNCUSAFormation1-2 minutesLights seen above downtown Raleigh,10/23/13
9/27/13 09:00LelandNCUSALight15 minutesBright light hovering over Hwy 17 in Winnabow NC cutting circles and flips while changing colors red, white and green.10/3/13
9/26/13 21:30High PointNCUSADiamond30 minutesFlashing diamond shaped object that change blue/white/red9/30/13
9/22/13 03:30GastoniaNCUSACone1-2 minutes3 cones hover over back yard/trees.9/30/13
9/21/13 02:00GreenvilleNCUSADisk30 secondsGlowing orange/yellow light in sky flew across and diss appeared instantly.9/30/13
9/15/13 20:00Mt. AiryNCUSALight40 minutesExtremely large star/cross like light over NW North Carolina.9/30/13
9/14/13 00:00Kill Devil HillNCUSATriangle2 secondsObject, with orange lights, huge, noiseless and moving at incredible speeds.9/30/13
9/12/13 20:20Holden BeachNCUSAFireball2 secondsA single orange fireball in the South sky that lasted approximately 2 seconds and disappeared.9/30/13
9/11/13 22:00Emerald IsleNCUSARectangle1 minuteOver ocean, first looked like orange star then got larger and simply faded away. Then five more apeared two rectangle shaped with t9/30/13
9/11/13 21:00Emerald IsleNCUSAFireball5 secondsTwo orange balls of light appearing sporadically over thirty minutes then fading to nothing.9/30/13
9/11/13 20:30FayettevilleNCUSAChanging15 secondsMeteors or any other space debri dont turn with these angles and become stationary like this..9/30/13
9/11/13 20:30Emerald IsleNCUSACircle50 minutesRed and orange circular objects disappearing and reappearing.9/30/13
9/10/13 22:00BuxtonNCUSARectangle1:00Bright orange rectangle in three connected equal sized boxes. Didn't move.9/30/13
9/9/13 21:00Hamstead (Hollyridge)NCUSALight2 minutes8 to ten lights bright orange in color large to small only lasting a few seconds9/30/13
9/8/13 00:50LelandNCUSATriangle.50Two light in the sky that responded to camera flashes.9/9/13
9/6/13 23:00AshevilleNCUSAChanging1 minuteLight, Disk9/30/13
9/5/13 21:00Emerald IsleNCUSACircle2 minutesEmerald Isle orange lights.9/9/13
9/5/13 20:30CaryNCUSACircle45 minutesBright glowing circular object south of Raleigh Durham Airport in Cary, NC.9/9/13
9/5/13 12:00AdvanceNCUSATriangle5-7 minutesDiamond craft looks like a very large bright red star then flys over us with blinking multicolored lights on stroke of midnight.9/9/13
9/5/13 05:30Kings MountainNCUSAOtherOne minute"T-Shaped" lighted craft travels North-South across sky at low altitude, makes very soft, hollow whistling noise, sky flashes.9/9/13
9/5/13 00:00AdvanceNCUSADiamond5-7 minutesUFO traveling north-south flys over rural farm area slowly and silently.9/9/13
9/4/13 08:45WaxhawNCUSASphere40 minutesMultiple red/orange orbs hovering in sky, and an aircraft with orange triangle on bottom, and silent military helicopter spotted.9/9/13
9/3/13 20:00Mt. AiryNCUSACircle40 minutesHuge bright circular object over Mt. Airy, NC...Surry County.9/9/13
9/1/13 22:35StatesvilleNCUSAUnknown3UFO Spotted In Statesville 9/01/13.9/9/13
8/31/13 21:00GlenvilleNCUSALight15 minutesOrange light following a commanded path.9/9/13
8/31/13 19:00Mt. AiryNCUSALight2.50 hoursUnidentifiable lights over NW North Carolina with constant rumbling, total of 12 over 2 and 1/2 hour time period. Surry County.9/9/13
8/25/13 22:00WeavervilleNCUSAOther5 minutesTwo large objects from the east, silent and moving together, diverged and went separate directions.8/30/13
8/25/13 19:00WeavervilleNCUSACylinder10-15 secondsCylinder-shaped, silent UFO over Western, NC.8/30/13
8/24/13 22:00Seven DevilsNCUSAFireball25 minutes230+ fireballs formed the shape of a Christmas tree and then split into 2 parallel lines of two groupings and continued from the east8/30/13
8/24/13 21:00Oak IslandNCUSALight10 minutesFive orange lights moving across the sky.8/30/13
8/24/13 21:00Mt. AiryNCUSASphere10 minutesYellowish/white silent spere seen NW North Carolina, Surry County.8/30/13
8/24/13 00:00CharlotteNCUSALight10 minutesMy husband and I saw silent orange orbs of light in the sky.9/9/13
8/24/13WashingtonNCUSAUnknown15-25Nobody's saying we saw ET, just want an explanation.8/30/13
8/22/13 20:10Winston-SalemNCUSACircle1 minuteDark object going south below clouds with singular rotating light on the bottom8/30/13
8/21/13 23:00Rodanthe (Outer Banks)NCUSALight15-20 secondsRed Orange lights exchange light pulses. ((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by former USCG officer. PD))6/27/14
8/20/13 23:15Kure BeachNCUSAFireball3 secondsSmall fireball seen for a few seconds off coast.8/30/13
8/19/13 23:30ConcordNCUSAOval10 secondsA green fireball streaked down through the sky at a steep angle and disappeared8/30/13
8/19/13 21:00Kill Devil HillsNCUSACircle30Circular orbs launching to the sky.8/30/13
8/17/13 22:30Kure BeachNCUSAFireball10 secondsOrange glow disappears over kure beach, nc after 10-15 seconds.8/30/13
8/16/13 22:00TaylorsvilleNCUSALight30 minutesErratically moving white light saw by family of three in alexander county nc8/30/13
8/16/13 22:00Topsail IslandNCUSAFireball5 minutes.UFO Spotted Over Topsail Beach8/30/13
8/15/13 22:00Cedar GroveNCUSACircle15 secondsGreenish circles right above the treeline. As big as a car and moving together8/30/13
8/15/13 17:00CherokeeNCUSADiamond3 minutesGrey oval diamond shaped craft with v like indention in center.9/30/13
8/15/13 15:00CherokeeNCUSADiamond3 minutesThere was a haze or disruption around object9/30/13
8/12/13 18:30GreensboroNCUSACylinder20 minutesThere was a cylinder shape object that was stationary had to be atleast 20,000 ft and stayed there for about 20min.Then it vanished.8/30/13
8/12/13 02:50DallasNCUSALight8-10 minutesVery large bright orange light that disapeared.8/30/13
8/11/13 04:00Four OaksNCUSAOther4 hoursWe where outside looking at the stars i notice a v shaped bright lights clear that night. I got nephew to come and look too see if we c8/30/13
8/10/13 22:20Emerald IsleNCUSAFireball5-10 minutesTwo orange fireballs seen moving in a southerly direction and climbing until no longer visible.8/30/13
8/10/13 21:34Holden BeachNCUSADisk20 secondsBright orange saucer seen flying over Holden Beach, NC.8/30/13
8/6/13 23:40FayettevilleNCUSATriangle1-2 minutesObjects have never seen in our area by me. Almost hover like and moving at a slow speed. Objects were projecting beams of light.8/30/13
8/6/13 23:40FayettevilleNCUSATriangle1-2 minutes9 to 10 black triangular objects moving at low speed and altitude & a low muffled sound.8/30/13
8/6/13 20:30WaxhawNCUSACylinder20-30 minutesThree Reddish Orange craft seen flying through Waxhaw,N.C..8/30/13
8/5/13 10:30Oak IslandNCUSACircle5 minutesOrange round lights seen north of the beach on Oak Island. Made a triangle formation once, then went in a straight horizantal line. Mov8/30/13
8/3/13 22:00AshevilleNCUSALight1 minuteStar-like bright light floats and flys across sky.8/30/13
8/3/13 21:40Indian TrailNCUSASphere5 minutesEleven burning orange craft seen over Indian Trail North Carolina August 3, 20138/30/13
8/2/13 21:00RaleighNCUSASphere10 minutesUnknown object seen in Raleigh, NC 8/2/2013.8/30/13
7/29/13 21:45FayettevilleNCUSAOther5 minutesUnidentified 'barbell-shaped vessel' cruises over dark country road.8/30/13
7/27/13 21:10Nags HeadNCUSAFireball1 minuteOrange Fireball passed North West over land in Nags Head, NC.8/30/13
7/26/13 22:00GreensboroNCUSACircle30 minutesGlowing red/orange orb above tree tops8/30/13
7/24/13Brunswick CountyNCUSAI just heard you on C2C talking about huge number of reports of sightings at sea from the coast of Horry County SC. Horry and Georgetow8/30/13
7/12/13 23:57CharlotteNCUSAFireball5 secondsBall/sphereical shape passes over me while driving and implodes blue then disappears7/22/13
7/12/13 23:55MooresvilleNCUSAUnknown5 secondsExtremely bright light shot through the sky7/14/13
7/12/13 00:25Winston-SalemNCUSALight5-10 minutesMy boyfriend and I was pullin in our drive way when we saw two lights which looked almost as spotlights moving in a circular motion abo7/14/13
7/12/13 00:00CharlotteNCUSAOval1-2 minuteOrange and blue oval lights lit up! the night sky like daylight & dissapeared very hight rate of speed.7/14/13
7/11/13 20:51CharlotteNCUSACigarphotographedCigar UFO, made call in at 11:51.7/14/13
7/9/13 21:10Kitty HawkNCUSASphere3 minutesOrange glowing object seen over ocean.7/14/13
7/7/13 23:00AshNCUSASphere8 minutesVery large non blinking orangish red sphere seem to be strangely close and large.7/14/13
7/4/13 21:15Winston-SalemNCUSAFireball10 minutesAs I was driving home I noticed four objects traveling north over Winston Salem. At first glance, I thought they were hot air balloons7/5/13
7/4/13 21:00WilmingtonNCUSAOval5 minutesTwo lit "Crafts" fly over , witnessed by husband and wife July 4th 2013.9/9/13
7/4/13 21:00CaryNCUSALightseveral sightings throughRed glowing light flew overhead prior to fireworks show7/5/13
6/29/13 21:00Elizabeth CityNCUSAOther10 minutesRed glow observed during storm, Locating of glow lines up to Harvey Point.1/30/14
6/25/13 16:20KannapolisNCUSACircle1 minuteThe black dot stayed on a steady course.7/3/13
6/24/13 21:00GreensboroNCUSATriangle15 minutes3 triangle figures floated quietly across the sky at about 100 feet. The one in the front looked like a arrow it was the biggest it had7/3/13
6/23/13 22:30RoxboroNCUSATriangle20 secondsTriangular craft flying under 1000 ft and under 100mph RED LIGHT AT CENTER7/3/13
6/22/13 01:25WaxhawNCUSAUnknown10 secondsLarge star like flashing lights moving across the sky.7/3/13
6/21/13 22:30WilmingtonNCUSASphere<1 minuteTwo silver sphere shaped objects flying in straight lines, come to a complete stop then proceed to dance effortlessly than disappear7/3/13
6/21/13 01:15RolesvilleNCUSAUnknown5 secondsGreen blinking orb traveling at a very high rate of speed.7/3/13
6/20/13 22:15Oak IslandNCUSAFormation5 minutesStrange formation of orange lights over the ocean appearing and reappearing at regular intervals7/3/13
6/19/13 21:50Nags HeadNCUSATriangle5 minutes3 yellow-green lights moving together across Nags Head and rotating slowly.7/3/13
6/13/13 00:00AlbemarleNCUSALight~10 minutesOrange lights traveling N to S7/22/13
6/11/13 22:00Oak IslandNCUSAUnknown30 minutesBlinking lights and orange orbs7/3/13
6/11/13 21:48BurgawNCUSAFireball5 secondsOnce in a lifetime sighting of a large metor like object that impacted the earth.7/14/13
6/11/13 21:11CaryNCUSALight10 secondsSuper fast low flying red light. No sound was heard.7/3/13
6/10/13 13:00LouisburgNCUSACircle5 seconfsThis sighting of orbs were photographed inadvertently. I was taking a couple a photos, and realized I had photographed an orb.1/30/14
6/8/13 21:00Topsail BeachNCUSALight1:00 minuteBig bright slow moving light that made no sound7/3/13
6/5/13 21:00BurlingtonNCUSACircle10 minutes5 Orange lights seen over Burlington, NC7/3/13
6/5/13 21:00GreensboroNCUSALight5 minutesOrange flaming sphere seen at night7/3/13
6/3/13 23:00WeavervilleNCUSACircle5 minutesBright unexplained light captured on video traveling over Weaverville, NC.7/3/13
6/1/13 22:30NewtonNCUSAFireball10 secondsFast Moving Fireball with Long tail, like a Jet stream moving in the sky.6/2/13
5/31/13 21:50GastoniaNCUSAFireball3-5 minutesOrange fiery light that flickered then disappeared.6/2/13
5/30/13 21:30Topsail IslandNCUSALight2 hoursLooking of the deck of our oceanfront beach house we saw multiple orange orbs in the ski right over the horizon. One orb broke into two6/2/13
5/29/13 23:00High PointNCUSALight5 minutesStanding in my backyard star gazing when i noticed one of the stars turned bright white and started moving NW.6/2/13
5/29/13 21:30LillingtonNCUSAUnknown3 secondsBrilliant rear illumination as if there was a side by side Solar eclipse. Sound was like a turbo prop but speed was incredible.6/2/13
5/26/13 20:45JacksonvilleNCUSALight4-5 minutesThree very bright orange lights above the tree lines traveling in the same pattern and direction.6/2/13
5/25/13 22:45RaleighNCUSALight5-10 minutesThree orange lights moving slowly and quietly.7/3/13
5/25/13 22:45YoungsvilleNCUSALight10 minutes20-30 Orange lights over Franklin County NC, flying very fast and in close proximity to one another6/2/13
5/19/13 19:15BurgawNCUSATriangle3 secondsGigantic Triangle Craft7/14/13
5/18/13 22:30SummerfieldNCUSAUnknownSeveral minutesThere were several lights floating in the sky moving in the same direction.6/2/13
5/14/13 22:59ConcordNCUSALight20 secondsLooking at the moon in a NW direction. I suddenly noticed to my right side in a NNE direction an extremly bright light.5/15/13
5/14/13 21:00ReidsvilleNCUSAOther9 minutesCylindrical fireball type object slowly moving Northwest from Caswell County NC toward Danville, Virginia6/2/13
5/14/13 04:00CharlotteNCUSALight9 secondsI went to my balcony at 4 am and looked over the city, there was a bright star, white in color that looked liked it was powering up and5/15/13
4/27/13 08:34Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALightsecondsSaw 10 to 12 orange lights in a cube formation flying from east to west near the OIB airport. Heavy cloudcover, only saw it for a few5/15/13
4/24/13 23:00Carolina BeachNCUSACircle5-6 minutesOrange lights over the ocean for about 5-6 minutes!5/15/13
4/24/13 22:45Carolina BeachNCUSALight1 hourThe objects appeared in locations/positions in the sky where no stars are noted in a standard celestial constellation map.5/15/13
4/23/13 22:00LexingtonNCUSATriangle1 minuteBlack gliding air craft, blue and red light at the end of wings, flying low.5/15/13
4/15/13 21:30ThomasvilleNCUSADisk4 minutesRound disk hovering with bright blue lights that changed to blue, red, yellow and green.5/15/13
4/15/13 21:30GastoniaNCUSALight2 minutesRed pulsating light hovering in sky over Gastonia, NC.5/15/13
4/13/13 11:40CharlotteNCUSARectangle10 minutesAt a tball game, looked up at ball overhead, saw a white box. directly overhead. it did not move for 10 minutes. no bigger no smaller (5/15/13
4/9/13 01:15BurnsvilleNCUSAOther01:00Noiseless hovering craft. Clearly responed to human proximity. Witnessed for over an hour. Video footage.8/30/13
4/5/13 20:30Kitty HawkNCUSALight4-5 minutesSeveral bright yellowish lights moving south and gaining altitude until they disappeared.5/15/13
4/2/13 03:00Chapel HillNCUSATriangle3 minutesDark Triangle with red lights flying close to ground. Made abrupt turn. Made no sound.7/5/13
4/1/13 20:00WilmingtonNCUSAChevron2 secondsChevron shaped lights that flashed & disappeared in the northeast sky.5/15/13
3/28/13 15:33LincolntonNCUSAFireball1.5 minutesDriving North on 321 in Lincoln Co. N.C. a bright fireball streaked across the sky. It looked like a burning beach ball.5/15/13
3/21/13 22:01MooresvilleNCUSALight15 minutesObserved three distinct glowing red orbs going due south 3-4 minutes apart.4/12/13
3/16/13 21:00BelmontNCUSAOther50 secondsRound object shooting across the sky, low ,very bright light, a blue white color,, seen by 2 people.5/15/13
3/9/13 22:15CharlotteNCUSAOther20 secondsMassive dark bow shaped flying object over Uptown Charlotte.4/12/13
2/27/13 22:30DunnNCUSAUnknown20 minutesRow of eight lights sighted over Dunn in Sampson County.2/28/13
2/27/13 20:00SmithfieldNCUSAOther15 minutes3 Air plane shape objects to lowto the ground to be Manmade seen over Smithfiled, NC on Feb 27th seen by many.3/3/13
2/27/13 19:20Raleigh/DurhamNCUSAOther25 minutesUnidentified lights/craft over Raleigh/Durham - RDU Airport tells news reporters it is "military exercises."2/28/13
2/27/13 19:00RaleighNCUSATriangle5 minutesThree triangular craft visible for 5 min near I-540 on 2/27/20135/15/13
2/15/13 03:00Camp MackallNCUSASphere40 second or lessGlowing Sphere, Extremely fast and silent. Didn't cast any light from the craft.9/9/22
2/13/13 21:00RaefordNCUSAOther5 minutesOctogon shaped object with lights in the night sky travelling silently westward.2/18/13
2/13/13 19:45GastoniaNCUSASphere5 minutesOrange/Reddish objects traveling at constant slow speed with no sound.2/18/13
2/4/13 18:00ConoverNCUSALight1 hour3 individual noiseless crafts, green,white,red flashing in a horizontal pattern in night sky near Conover, NC.2/18/13
2/4/13 08:55CharlotteNCUSAOther2 minutesSmall kidney bean shaped UFO over plaza-midwood (east side of charlotte) midmorning2/18/13
2/3/13 06:15WilmingtonNCUSASphere5 minutesThis object moved on multiple axises and in patterns not comparable to human technology.2/4/13
2/1/13 22:30ShallotteNCUSALight1 minuteTotal 4 orange light spheres, no noise at all, disappeared in a minute or so.2/4/13
1/30/13 20:07LelandNCUSAOther3 minutesFlashing Parallel lights.2/4/13
1/27/13 21:25WashingtonNCUSADisk~1 minuteAn incredible sight of a saucer flying through the night sky with a reddish/orange vapor trail that dissappeared.2/4/13
1/26/13 19:00MarionNCUSALight10 minutesCrazy light show that we have never seen and can not be explained it was so captivating and scary at the same time.2/4/13
1/24/13 07:48Rocky MountNCUSACircle10 secondsSmall silvery round object fades away from sight in seconds.2/4/13
1/19/13 22:00ShelbyNCUSALight3-5 secondsGreen tailed light.2/4/13
1/18/13 16:00DurhamNCUSACircle2-3 minutesRound Silver Object Seen In Durham, NC Following an Airplane and Then Flying in a New Direction and Disappearing.2/4/13
1/16/13 12:00FayettevilleNCUSAOther10 secondsIt was v shaped/white blue lights going accross i was sure that it wasnt a stealth bomber it slowed down then sped up i took my hunt.2/4/13
1/13/13 20:00CandlerNCUSATriangle15 minutesBlack triangle with very bright white lights moving slowly flying low over western North Carolina2/4/13
1/11/13 22:00Fuquay VarinaNCUSAOther(Hamburger shaped) very low in the air. Many lights around the bottom with 2 yellow flashing lights with 4 or 5 white lights in betwee2/4/13
1/11/13 07:30HamletNCUSASphere2 minutesA slow moving white and pale orange pulsating spherical object flying over Hamlet, NC.10/14/13
1/8/13 08:00GibsonvilleNCUSATriangle5 minutesHuge big lights on front.1/16/14
1/3/13 20:00ClaytonNCUSACylinder5 minutesFlashing red and blue lights with white lights in center of cylinder object2/4/13
12/31/12 20:45ThomasvilleNCUSAFormation10 secondsRed orangish dot with a red streak behind it moving faster than a falling star.2/4/13
12/29/12 21:40CurrieNCUSAOther3 minutesBright U F O Sighting East Coast Area NC2/4/13
12/29/12 19:30AsheboroNCUSALight.05 secondsSingle bluish white downward arc of fast moving single light.2/4/13
12/27/12 20:30YoungsvilleNCUSAFormation5 minutesAt 8:30pm red flashing lights appeared in the sky above the tree lines, making different formation patterns.2/4/13
12/23/12 16:00DurhamNCUSAUnknown10-20 secondsTwo sightings on cold days (Durham, NC) and 1 on a hot day (Charlotte, NC) with a picture of one12/19/19
12/22/12 07:00Camp MckallNCUSATriangle5 minutesBig noiseless flying object/vehicle of some time about 5 mile wing span.2/4/13
12/21/12 20:30FayettevilleNCUSACross2 minutesUnearthly craft over Fayetteville/ Lumberton NC area.2/4/13
12/19/12 19:48AuroraNCUSACircle~10 minutes4 bright orange circles in the sky with a small trail of smoke above each one.12/20/12
12/18/12 10:30ArapahoeNCUSAFireball1 minuteTwo fire balls floating in the sky.12/20/12
12/15/12 01:00HavelockNCUSACircle30 minutesWhite glowing light fell from the sky and into the trees.12/20/12
12/14/12 01:00FayettevilleNCUSADisk20 minutesBright lights appeared then object came towards us.12/20/12
12/13/12 23:00BurgawNCUSATriangle30 secondsOn this night I was outside checking out the meteor shower from my backyard.. it wasn't very visible because i have a security light s12/20/12
12/11/12 06:20MarshallNCUSAFlash~3 hoursA steady heart beating strobe light filled the entire pre daybreak overcast cloudy sky that only faded with dawn.12/20/12
12/10/12 19:00Sunset BeachNCUSALight10 minutesLights (sparkling diamond shaped) appeared in the sky over Atlantic Ocean in North Carolina, 12-10-12.12/20/12
12/8/12 22:00RaleighNCUSALight5-10 minutesTwo large red/orange lights travel across Raleigh sky.12/20/12
12/8/12 19:15SpindaleNCUSACircle5 minutesStrange reddish/orange lights over Spindale, NC 12/8/2012.12/20/12
12/5/12 18:05WilmingtonNCUSALight15 secondsOrange light in sky Wilmington NC.12/20/12
12/5/12 01:00MarionNCUSALight0:05 secondsBlue orb in WNC mountains.12/20/12
11/30/12 18:00Kill Devil HillsNCUSATriangle5 minutesLarge wedge shaped UFO.12/20/12
11/27/12 19:15MonroeNCUSATriangle45 secondsA triangular object with white and blue lights flying toward a airport then abruptly away12/20/12
11/25/12 07:25RaleighNCUSAFormation1 minuteThree lights moving faster then everything I have seen.12/20/12
11/22/12 22:40NewtonNCUSADisk40 minutesMulti-colored disc moving erratically east of Newton. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD))12/20/12
11/19/12 13:00AshevilleNCUSASecondsPossible UFO object seen in 1 photo of a series8/30/13
11/16/12 10:42NewtonNCUSASphere1.5 minutesFiery orange/red ord traveling across the sky11/19/12
11/15/12 19:08LexingtonNCUSAOther5 secondsVery small dimly lit object the size of a tennis/ racquetball silently flies a few feet over my house in the night sky.11/19/12
11/12/12 18:50ClaytonNCUSATriangle20 secondsBlack triangle.11/19/12
11/11/12 23:30GastoniaNCUSASphere2 minutes2 orange orbs traveling east to west under low cloud cover. app. dime size at arm length. no sound.12/20/12
11/9/12 22:00GreensboroNCUSASphere10 minutesWhat was in the skies over Greensboro Friday night, 11/09/12?11/19/12
11/9/12 06:20GriftonNCUSAOval8-10 minutesBright light staying still for about 5-6 minutes then moves across the sky, no blinking lights and slowly fades away.11/19/12
11/8/12 21:30WhitevilleNCUSAFireball5 secondsI was driving down a rural Highway 701S leaving Clinton, NC going towards Myrtle Beach, SC. While in Whiteville, NC on 701S I witnessed11/19/12
11/8/12 21:00High PointNCUSATriangle1 minuteSlow moving Triangle made no noise11/19/12
11/8/12 12:03Winston-SalemNCUSADisk1 minute2 discs.11/19/12
11/7/12 20:35WilmingtonNCUSALight10 minutesTwo stationary orange lights in the sky flickering on and off, fading to a reddish color before dissapearing.11/19/12
11/3/12 21:00CarrboroNCUSATriangle3 secondsBlack Triangle jets silently over Carrboro NC11/19/12
11/2/12 22:00BurnsvilleNCUSACircleUp to 30 minGlowing silverish sphere type object, with bright swirling, varying illumination. Sphere appears quite often.12/20/12
11/1/12 16:30FranklinNCUSAUnknownabout 20-30 minutesDisk shaped cloud, strange looking cloud moved quickly across town11/4/12
10/31/12 22:13StatesvilleNCUSACircle4 secondsBright, fast, silent11/4/12
10/31/12 22:00GreensboroNCUSAEgg15 secondsBlue egg shaped light shot across my apartment in greensboro then disappear.11/4/12
10/24/12 20:30Ocean IsleNCUSALight15 minutesThese lights are unexplanable and frightening.10/30/12
10/24/12 20:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSACircle1 hourRed/Orange lights over Ocean Isle Beach, NC.10/30/12
10/24/12 20:00Sunset BeachNCUSAOther45 minutesStrange noises10/30/12
10/22/12 22:00SalisburyNCUSAChanging1 hourUp to 3 objects spotted now for 2 years. would love to have answers!!10/30/12
10/21/12 03:00New BernNCUSATriangle3 hoursI realized that at about 3:00 am as I was going outback to see the Orionid meteor shower that there was a strange jumble of lights on t10/30/12
10/20/12 19:30BunnNCUSAFireball5 minutes2 fireballs traveling across the sky10/30/12
10/19/12 23:59FaisonNCUSAOval~2 secondsFaison NC, a bright oval object flashed above 3 friends and I, lit he whole area up.10/30/12
10/16/12 20:40Wrightsville BeachNCUSATriangle15-20 secondsTriangular Shaped Craft over Wrightville Beach, North Carolina10/30/12
10/14/12 15:30RaleighNCUSACylinder1 minuteA black cylindrical object seen fairly close to an airplane during daytime10/30/12
10/13/12 23:30New BernNCUSACircle2 minutes2 red, silent, flying orbs10/30/12
10/13/12 01:38CaryNCUSAFireball@4 secondsPrior to this event, there was about 25-60 seconds of a very low vibrating hum that was almost piercing because it hit so many decibels10/30/12
10/7/12 21:15AvonNCUSAFireball6 secondsHuge orange fireball over ocean in Avon, NC.10/30/12
10/2/12 21:00ConoverNCUSACircle15 minutesSighted 3 red and white crafts moving back and forth quickly in the sky without sound in Hickory, and friends in Salisbury saw too.10/30/12
10/2/12 10:15SanfordNCUSATriangle3:00 minutesLight formation10/30/12
10/1/12 18:02LelandNCUSAOvalUnknown3 objects in the sky looking toward Wilmington NC from Leland NC.10/30/12
9/27/12 09:00RaleighNCUSACircle20 secondsSilver circle hovering in sky10/30/12
9/27/12 00:00WavesNCUSACircle4 minutesI just wanted to let you know we saw several of the fireballs traveling all over and then fade out. We went to explore further while va10/30/12
9/26/12 22:00SalvoNCUSACircleIf you look through binoculars Northeast over the Atlantic Ocean you will see what looks like a red circle with about 10 green dots wit10/30/12
9/25/12 22:00SalvoNCUSAFormation10 minutesSeveral bright lights in the sky over the Outer Banks10/30/12
9/25/12 21:30AvonNCUSASphere5 seconds x 3Two hovering crafts appeared in Avon, NC, and emitted a distinct pattern of 4 circular orangish lights each.10/30/12
9/24/12 00:00JacksonvilleNCUSALightBlob when you see it throw a telescope.10/30/12
9/24/12 22:30CaryNCUSALight3 secondsBright illumination in Cary, NC.10/30/12
9/24/12 01:05GarnerNCUSALight1:07Orange star like light slowly moving changed direction then bolted off.10/30/12
9/22/12 23:45Carolina BeachNCUSACircle2 minutesOrange Orb like spear over ocean at Carolina Beach, NC.10/30/12
9/21/12 21:00SalvoNCUSAFormation1 hourSalvo, N.C. looking North towards Waves, N.C. & Rodanthe, N.C. (beach side) approx. 9:30pm & lasting over an hour 4 events on & off (th9/24/12
9/21/12 19:05SalvoNCUSACircle2 hoursFlying craft with orange flames underneath10/30/12
9/21/12 13:00SalvoNCUSADisk3 minutesOver Salvo, N.C. - Disc shaped objsct moving in circles, forward & backward on the drop of a dime, Very high in sky. No sound.9/24/12
9/20/12 21:45GoldsboroNCUSAOtherstill ongoingNumerous strobe lights in sky9/24/12
9/14/12 21:50CorollaNCUSAFireball5 minutesFireball over Corolla NC9/24/12
9/12/12 20:45Oak IslandNCUSAFormation5 minutesBright Orbs near Oak Island Pier.9/24/12
9/12/12 20:03Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight15 minutesYellow lights9/24/12
9/11/12 23:45Elizabeth CityNCUSALightseveral minutesSaw a cluster of red lights moving at a high rate of speed with no sound over my neighborhood. Followed the lights for several minutes9/24/12
9/10/12 22:30Holden BeachNCUSATriangle1 hourLarge triangle formation of 3 orange fireballs followed by 8-10 small craft with erratic blinking white lights.9/24/12
9/10/12 05:00NashvilleNCUSAUnknown6Bright Lights Over Nashville, NC11/6/14
9/9/12 20:00WilsonNCUSALight3 hoursBright orb being chased by a jet along with several other crafts after that. very bright like the sun.9/24/12
9/9/12 20:00KannapolisNCUSAFireball5 minutesFireball traveling in the sky9/24/12
9/1/12 23:00HickoryNCUSAUnknown40 minutesMulitcolored flashing object seen near lake Hickory, NC.9/24/12
9/1/12 22:30Carolina BeachNCUSATeardrop5-6 minutesOne floating orangish ember type object seen over the ocean at Carolina Beach NC9/24/12
9/1/12 17:10Bessemer CityNCUSAFormationsecondsTriangle formation as storm approached9/24/12
9/1/12 01:30WilmingtonNCUSATriangle20 minutesThree white-yellowish lights and one red light in flying in a stretched out triangular formation, No Solid craft seen--transparent.8/22/14
8/31/12 00:20RaleighNCUSAOther5 minutesTwo lights, one red and one small green9/24/12
8/29/12 21:51CharlotteNCUSAFireball30 secondsGreen fireball with orange trail following.9/24/12
8/27/12 23:00CorollaNCUSACircle10 minutes5 glowing orange/red orbs seen above Outer Banks8/29/14
8/25/12 22:25WaxhawNCUSACircle5 minutes15-20 red lights in the sky were hovering low in a staggered formation south of Charlotte for 5 min, then each moved northwest9/24/12
8/25/12 21:00Winston-SalemNCUSALight10 minutesUFO sighting in Winston-Salem NC 8/25/12 at 21:00 (9pm eastern time)9/24/12
8/25/12 05:00GreensboroNCUSACircle20 minutesIt looked exactly like the ufo's from the some of the NASA film9/24/12
8/24/12 22:45AshevilleNCUSACircle2-3 minutesRound orange light, silent and slow moving, suddenly changes direction and shrinks to a pinpoint, disappears.9/24/12
8/24/12 21:30Holly SpringsNCUSAFireball4 minutes eachTwo bright orange fireballs cross the sky from west to east moving slowly, below clouds, no sound. The first one stopped and could see9/24/12
8/23/12 11:30CharlotteNCUSAFireball10.minutes5 orange objects over Charlotte, two mins apart9/24/12
8/20/12 21:00AshevilleNCUSALight2 hoursWest Asheville UFO Sightings9/24/12
8/18/12 21:45Holly SpringsNCUSAFireball1 hour12 bright orange orbs moving across sky below clouds 1 min apart same exact path, then reduce color brightness, slow down accross sky.8/19/12
8/18/12 21:00AsheboroNCUSASphere10-15 minutes25-30 giant orange balls in the sky over Asheboro that floated and moved around then took off out of sight in the blink of the eye.8/19/12
8/17/12 00:49WilmingtonNCUSACigar45 secondsCigar-shaped object red pulses seen over Wilmington NC8/19/12
8/16/12 21:30EllenboroNCUSALight5-7 minutesBall of light moving across the sky in a zig-zag motion.10/3/14
8/13/12 23:00WilsonNCUSARectangle4 hoursSmall red and white lights hovering arond area for hours,comeing together as a triangle, moveing west with night fall8/19/12
8/12/12 22:45Oak IslandNCUSATriangle5 minutesOrange cresent craft traveling west to east at Oak Island,North Carolinat at 10:45 p.m. 8/12/128/19/12
8/9/12 21:00WavesNCUSAFireball5 minGlowing red orbs in the skys over rodanthe, nc.8/19/12
8/7/12 22:00HatterasNCUSALight10 minutesOrange Lights seen up in the night sky. They moved across the sky quickly8/19/12
8/7/12 21:15BuxtonNCUSALight15-20 seconds2-3 glowing yellowish orange lights, splitting from one light in parallel lines over ocean in Buxton NC.8/19/12
8/5/12 01:00WilsonNCUSAOther2 hoursBright lights look like a star, moves fast and stops, circles a standard craft, they circle the area and return to larger craft several8/5/12
8/4/12 22:10HickoryNCUSAFormation10-15 minV formation of lights over Hickory, NC. (Wife's report.)8/19/12
8/4/12 22:10HickoryNCUSALight5-10 minutesOrange/Red lights seen over Catawba/Burke County NC. ((Husband's report))8/5/12
8/4/12 22:05HickoryNCUSATriangle2 minutesOrange lights forming triangle, disappeared quickly.8/19/12
8/3/12 22:30New BernNCUSACircle2 minutesLarge orange circle appearing and moving across the sky at high rate of speed8/5/12
8/1/12 20:00WilsonNCUSACircle20 minutesPlane chasing a bright star like craft, very fast. I have it on video.9/24/12
7/31/12 22:00HuntersvilleNCUSASphere30 seconds4 teenagers have a close encounter with a blue sphere and experienced temporary memory loss.8/23/19
7/29/12 23:00Granite FallsNCUSATeardropAbout 30 secondsFigures inside the UFO short black eyes UFO metallic color called friend andhe said he was hunting and he said he saw8/5/12
7/29/12 21:00AshevilleNCUSACigar2 minutesTwo cigar shaped objects spotted over downtown Asheville, NC.8/5/12
7/29/12 03:00Kill Devil HillsNCUSAFireball1-2 minutesFour fireballs moving across the night sky.8/5/12
7/27/12 21:00Nags HeadNCUSASphere5 minutesOrbs of light near Jeanette's Pier that vanished8/5/12
7/27/12 19:00Clyde (near)NCUSATriangle~2 minutesTrangular object seen over interstate.. pictures to prove it!9/24/12
7/26/12 23:30AvonNCUSAFireball15-20 minutesAround 11:30 PM on 7/26/12 me and two of my cousins were looking out over our balcony at A beachfront house in Avon, NC in a southern d8/5/12
7/26/12 21:00BurlingtonNCUSASphere1:30 minutesGlowing ufos follow over burlington nc8/5/12
7/25/12 22:20Ocean IsleNCUSASphere5 minutes5 witnesses saw glowing reddish orange sphere in night sky slowly move parallel to ground for 5 minutes8/5/12
7/25/12 22:00Kure BeachNCUSACircle25 minutesRound dull-orange lights, stationary in the sky, over Kure Beach, NC, coastline night sky8/5/12
7/23/12 22:00DuckNCUSALight5-7 minutesTwo distinct red lights observed NNE of Duck within 3 - 4 minutes of one another with dramatic speed and direction changes.8/5/12
7/23/12 05:00Surf CityNCUSAFormation3 minutesTwo lights conected moving and still with small light moving around them8/5/12
7/20/12 19:00South Nags HeadNCUSALight10 minutesBright orange lights in sky seen from S. Nags Head NC, shone brightly then dimmed, reappeared north then dimmed again.8/5/12
7/19/12 21:50Emerald IsleNCUSASphere20 secondsMultiple red lights in disc shape over ocean.8/5/12
7/19/12 21:40North TopsailNCUSACircle20 secondsOrange Orbs off the NC coast!8/5/12
7/19/12 21:00FriscoNCUSACircle4 seconds X 3Four of us saw a huge illuminated object in the sky that has no logical explanation.8/5/12
7/18/12 22:00Oak IslandNCUSAFireballSeveral seconds reoccurriLit up (orange in color) for a few seconds and then seemed to almost jump a distance in an instant. Light would fade and return several8/5/12
7/18/12 22:00Emerald IsleNCUSALight10 minutesThere were Seven of us sitting on a 3 story deck overlooking (only one hundred feet away from) the Atlantic Ocean in Emerald Isle, NC.8/5/12
7/18/12 21:30Oak IslandNCUSAOther20:00Large fireballing flashes on and off. Smaller white flashes move across the sky at incredible rate.8/5/12
7/18/12 21:30Holden BeachNCUSAFormation25 minutesMultiple amber orbs observed over the ocean night sky for 2 straight nights in Holden beach ,NC8/5/12
7/18/12 21:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALightsecondsOrange lights and lots of jets8/5/12
7/18/12 21:00Holden BeachNCUSASphere45 minutesBright and flashing orbs moving and changing colors in the sky off Holden Beach.8/5/12
7/18/12 21:00Holden BeachNCUSAFormation30 minutesOrange bright flash then a strange formation of lights seen on the beach8/5/12
7/18/12 21:00SouthportNCUSAOval8 minutesOrange oval bright light in the sky that kept moving into different spots in the southern sky then went into the cloud.8/5/12
7/18/12 21:00CalabashNCUSAUnknown15 minutesBright yellow/orange lights in sky.8/5/12
7/17/12 23:00Topsail IslandNCUSACigar10 secondsDark cigar shaped object over canal at Topsail Beach8/5/12
7/17/12 01:10South Nags HeadNCUSACigar5 secondsGreenish light, in cylindrical shape, moving across night horizon, making erratic maneuvers.8/5/12
7/13/12 15:00CreedmorNCUSASphere~1 minuteRound silver objects flying at a high rate of speed and making no noise.12/23/13
7/13/12 03:27CharlotteNCUSATriangle9-10 secondsBlack triangle 36 sighted in backyard early AM that leaped from ground to higher branch or line.8/19/12
7/11/12 22:15ArchdaleNCUSAFireball30 secondsFireball which looked like a large airplane engulfed in flames8/5/12
7/11/12 21:30Kill Devil HillsNCUSALight:30Sets of parallel orange lights appearing and disappearing over ocean8/5/12
7/8/12 22:10North Topsail BeachNCUSALight5 secondsFast moving reddish light moved from ocean toward land and disappeared.8/5/12
7/6/12 23:00NewportNCUSACirclearound a minuteTwo separate sightings over a few hours of multiple red orbs over the eastern carolina coast.8/5/12
7/6/12 21:40CarthageNCUSASphere2 minutesOrange glowing object East of Moore County NC towards Fort Bragg. ((NUFORC Note: Report from law enforcement officer. PD))8/5/12
7/6/12 21:00KernersvilleNCUSAFireball5 minutesTwo flickering fireballs moved across the sky, changing speed and direction.8/5/12
7/5/12 03:45Wilmington (Wrightsville Beach)NCUSAChanging5:10Moving "stars" and shifting shapes at Wrightsville Beach.8/5/12
7/4/12 23:30ConcordNCUSADisk30 minutesThere was a reflection on the window of a circular disk that seemed to be going in a circular motion.5/6/17
7/4/12 23:00HendersonvilleNCUSAOther5 minutesAmber-colored object,shaped like a kitchen match,still, no movement,faded away.9/13/18
7/4/12 22:00Elizabeth CityNCUSADisk8 secondsLight-colored disc-shaped object enveleloped by reddish glow hovers slowly over houses then disappears8/5/12
7/4/12 22:00FayettevilleNCUSASphere1:30I saw a red orb/sphere traveling from north to south. The object was traveling towards me. The object was about 1-2 miles high, and tur8/5/12
7/4/12 21:30HubertNCUSALight1 minuteUnknown red light or object moving from Northwest to Northeast for 1 minute before disappearing.8/5/12
7/3/12 21:00Nags HeadNCUSASphere5-10 minutesSilent Orange Orbs Moving From South To North Near Jennette's Pier (MP 16.5) Over the Beach in Nags Head.9/24/12
7/2/12 21:30Oak IslandNCUSAFireball1 minuteRed ball stop to a hover and slowly disappear7/4/12
7/2/12 20:00Atlantic BeachNCUSALight5 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))7/4/12
7/1/12 00:00BurgawNCUSACircle2 minutesBright Orange Plasma Ball Photos.7/3/13
6/27/12 21:00ParktonNCUSALight2 hoursOrange ball of light8/5/12
6/26/12 12:04CharlotteNCUSALight4 minutesBright orange light a luminating northwest from my home7/4/12
6/25/12 00:30North CoveNCUSAOval10 secondsRoundish silver object traveling high rate of speed in NC8/5/12
6/24/12 01:30BurlingtonNCUSAUnknown5 minutesRed orbs in night sky in formation no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Date is flawed. Hoax?? PD))7/4/12
6/23/12 23:00Wrightsville BeachNCUSAChanging25-30 minutesmultiple objects blinking different colors over ocean and 3 bright white lights scanning beach at ground level7/4/12
6/23/12 21:30Holly SpringsNCUSADisk10 secondsI saw a UFO over Holly Springs, NC at 9:30 pm on June 23, 20127/4/12
6/21/12 22:00ApexNCUSAFlash1 minuteSatellite "flaring" in the same manner on two different nights two weeks apart.7/4/12
6/21/12 03:45LelandNCUSAUnknown15 minutesWe saw a very bright lights from same object not moving that flickered green, red and white at same time. Brighter than any star in sky7/4/12
6/15/12 00:30caryNCUSACircle8 minutesA yellow round floating ball of light in the sky right above a house across the street from me.10/30/12
6/12/12 23:00JacksonvilleNCUSACircle3 minutesBright circular light in the sky with glowing lights around the object.6/14/12
6/10/12 00:30GreensboroNCUSASphere3 minutesOrange sphere seen near PTI airport6/14/12
6/9/12 21:20CharlotteNCUSACircle2 minutesTwo orange circles moved slowly, then proceeded faster separated and disappeared in cloud6/14/12
6/7/12 07:30Winston-SalemNCUSAChanging2Formation of odd shapes that changed6/8/12
6/6/12 23:00AshevilleNCUSATeardrop5-7 minutesFive orange silent hot air balloon shapes ascending the night sky.6/8/12
6/6/12 06:00Ft. BraggNCUSALightnot sureFour lights seen above ft. bragg7/4/12
6/5/12 23:10ChocowinityNCUSALight20 secondsBig slow moving light in Chocowinity NC6/8/12
6/2/12 22:00SalisburyNCUSACircle10 minutes10 to 15 red string of lights, then started moving and eventually moved individually and dissappeared behind a cloud.6/5/12
5/31/12 22:00DurhamNCUSALight120-140 secondsUFO Sighting at 10 pm on Shannon rd. facing North/NE toward 15/501 The Lights first appeared insanely bright spinning counter clock w6/5/12
5/30/12 23:00MadisonNCUSACircledrive byUFO During Lightening Storm6/5/12
5/28/12 23:20RaleighNCUSALight1 secLow flying bright light with no sound5/29/12
5/28/12 21:30GreensboroNCUSAOvalBright white, red and green flashing object to the west of Greensboro, NC. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Vega? PD))5/29/12
5/26/12 15:00WilmingtonNCUSAOther45 minutes"Moon Lander" Shaped UFO Stormy day.6/8/12
5/22/12 03:00KnighdaleNCUSALight4 minsBright white/blue light falling slowly and fading as it fell.5/29/12
5/22/12 01:00Cape FearNCUSAOval10 minutesBright light off Cape Fear, NC6/5/12
5/21/12 04:00DurhamNCUSALight30 SECONDSSaw a light the size and color of the moon, but descending quickly.5/29/12
5/20/12 10:42Holden beachNCUSATriangle30 secondsIt seemed like just a red light coming at us at 100mph, once over us it seemed to slow down A LOT, it was triangle and had 4 lights tha5/29/12
5/20/12 03:15LenoirNCUSATriangle6-7 secondsA friend and I witnessed a possible UFO take off about 250 feet away.10/3/13
5/19/12 21:50Wesley ChapelNCUSAOval10.Orange, ovel, bright lights that change color to white5/29/12
5/18/12 20:00KernersvilleNCUSACigarabout 5 minstrange the objects made NO sound at all.5/29/12
5/17/12 22:00China GroveNCUSAOther2 minutesSaw something silver explode leaving a silver trail.5/29/12
5/15/12 23:00AvonNCUSASphereHour and a halfOrange orbs hovering over the beaches of North Carolina along with erratically behaving white lights5/29/12
5/14/12 18:30FranklinNCUSAFlash20 secondsThere was a bright light in the sky that quickly flew off at a very fast speed.6/5/12
5/13/12 02:30Pisgah ForestNCUSA1 hourSaw many white lights about the size of grapefruits in the tree line while camping in North Carolina5/29/12
5/11/12 21:30Oak CityNCUSASphere15 minutesTwo red spheres seen moving fast, low and silently then disappearing in to nothing. Martin County, NC.5/13/12
5/11/12 05:10LumbertonNCUSATriangle3 MinStrange triangular shaped craft in the sky.5/13/12
5/8/12 20:50Carolina BeachNCUSAFireball4 minutes3 fireballs observed above the ocean at Carolina Beach, NC7/4/12
5/7/12 21:00CaryNCUSAOther5 minutesWhite, star-like object at dusk over Cary7/4/12
5/5/12 23:00MarshallNCUSADisk10 minutesUFO orbiting supermoon?5/13/12
5/4/12 00:38JamestownNCUSAOval2 minutesFiery reddish oval made from strings of light hovering.5/13/12
5/3/12 22:15Kernersville/Colfax areaNCUSALightbetween a hour or moreThis is a small light that appears in one spot each night that changes diff. colors. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of star or planet? PD))5/13/12
5/2/12 23:35CarrboroNCUSACircleFive MinutesWe were walking at night, and saw a large object (about 1/3 the size of the moon) that appeared to be a ball of fire moving in the sky6/8/12
5/1/12 23:20HuntersvilleNCUSARectangle2 minbright red orange and yellow5/13/12
4/29/12 20:15CaryNCUSAEgg3 minutesRound suv-sized object seen traveling, hovering, traveling, just after sunset; no lights, no sounds5/13/12
4/28/12 21:00CharlotteNCUSATriangle40 secondsRed Lights Over East Meck High5/13/12
4/27/12 21:40GreensboroNCUSASphere1 to 2 minutesUFO over Greensboro, NC 4-27-12 looked like Jupiter but moving very slow all the way across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: ISS? PD))5/13/12
4/24/12 21:00MarshvilleNCUSACircle20 minutesThree strange crafts circling over head5/13/12
4/24/12 14:00RaleighNCUSACylinderFew secondsDark cylinder hanging motionless in the sky near a jet.4/26/18
4/23/12 21:14St. HelenaNCUSATriangle2-3 secondsTriangulum Gargantua UFO5/15/13
4/21/12WilmingtonNCUSALightI was on our patio, facing East-South East and they came in the same direction over the treeline. I was on the phone with my father at5/13/12
4/20/12 23:21New BernNCUSAUnknown3 secondsAmateur Skywatcher Notes Unusual Object Dynamics5/13/12
4/20/12 22:00ConcordNCUSALight>1 hourBright light in the sky. Disappears and reappears.5/13/12
4/16/12 22:50CharlotteNCUSALight10 minutesRed, blue, and green twinkling lights in western Charlotte, NC sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus or Sirius?? PD))4/18/12
4/14/12 23:15North WilkesboroNCUSALight3-5 minutesGlowing red light in night sky5/13/12
4/11/12 21:00Holden BeachNCUSALight5-6 minutesBright red light with a flashing center that followed my flash light beam for over five minutes.5/13/12
4/11/12 21:00Holden BeachNCUSALight5 minutesThe red ligt was follwiing my flashlight.5/13/12
4/11/12 20:45KernersvilleNCUSALight1min -2minLight moved across sky no sound made very hard turns and moved side to side way to fast to be a plane it moved like a balloon that was5/13/12
4/9/12 21:30FriscoNCUSASphere2 hoursReddish orbs over Frisco, NC4/18/12
4/9/12 21:00Carolina BeachNCUSAFireballAbout 15 minutes the firsOrange-pink lights/fireballs. Appeared singly and in pairs/patterns over the ocean. Could've been weaponry.4/18/12
4/9/12 20:45Moravian FallsNCUSAUnknown< 10minBright object seen over Moravian Falls NC4/18/12
4/9/12 20:45RaleighNCUSALight2 minutesA bright white light that was extremely fast with no sound, ejected 2 smaller objects in opposite directions.4/18/12
4/7/12 21:28AshevilleNCUSAFireball5:00Three orange dots rising from horizon and dying out one by one5/13/12
4/4/12 23:00ConcordNCUSALight30 minutesI was driving to my house from my friend’s house which is about 15 minutes away from my house. As I was driving I looked up at the sky4/18/12
4/2/12 22:30YadkinvilleNCUSAUnknown30 minsBright slow moving light.4/18/12
4/2/12 02:00GrahamNCUSATriangle15 secondsStrange black triangle flew over my home!12/20/12
3/31/12 00:15HiddeniteNCUSAUnknown5 hoursGreen/white lights of several UFOs seen by two private citizens.4/18/12
3/27/12 21:45LillingtonNCUSAFormation5-10 minutes +3 red and white blinking lights stationary in sky5/13/12
3/27/12 21:20Wrightsville BeachNCUSATriangle20 minutes2 triangle objects and 1 sphere object, dancing and hovering in sky, red, purple, green, pink, very bright white lights.5/13/12
3/27/12 09:55HudsonNCUSARectangle1 minute +/-Silver mettalic craft shadowing large jet with no visible exhaust5/13/12
3/26/12 22:00North WilkesboroNCUSAChevron1 minuteOrange chevon/seagull type lights seen over North Wilkesboro, NC.4/18/12
3/26/12 21:57CharlotteNCUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle ship seen4/18/12
3/23/12 00:20Chapel HillNCUSAUnknown1 minute3 white lights in a triangle formation pointing down with a green light below the white lights. No strobes just solid lights.5/13/12
3/17/12 02:00Nuese River Mouth (Cherry Bay)NCUSATriangle10 minutesNo lights or sound, pitch black triangle over the water.8/1/14
3/16/12 23:40New LondonNCUSATriangle2-3 minutesTriangular object with one light on top and three on the bottom, flashing clockwise, Hovered for about 3 minutes.5/13/12
3/16/12 23:20New LondonNCUSATriangle4-5 minutes4 blue lights in triangle hovering over baden lake5/13/12
3/14/12 22:45MadisonNCUSALight30 minsSmall, plain white speck of light smoothly, slowly, and without sound headed directly southeast. Used to seeing planes with blinking li6/5/12
3/14/12 20:25WalkertownNCUSAFormation2-3 minutes11 objects with a pinkish tone seen over Walkertown, NC in the southeastern sky on 3-14-2012 20:25 hours3/16/12
3/14/12 02:00WilmingtonNCUSASphere30 plusObject spotted in Eastern sky because of flashing colors of red, orange, blue, green, and white. Object also dances in a circle approxi3/16/12
3/13/12 21:30WintervilleNCUSATriangle5 secondsUFO over Greenville/ Winterville, NC (March13, 2012)3/16/12
3/10/12 21:00JacksonvilleNCUSASphere20 minutes21:00 pair of objects seen in sky. Moved diagonally and in sync against cloud motion. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus. PD))3/13/12
3/10/12 20:30GibsonvilleNCUSASphere5 min8 sphere see in the sky by 3 people3/13/12
3/10/12 18:45SmithfieldNCUSAFireballapprx. 3-5 minFive fireballs moving across sky in Johnston County NC5/13/12
3/3/12 22:15GreensboroNCUSALight15 minYellowish spheres observed by three.3/13/12
3/3/12 18:30CaryNCUSAOval5 minutesGreen turning to blue and red oval object in western sky.5/13/12
2/25/12 22:45CharlotteNCUSACross3 secondsLarge white cross flying over Charlotte, NC3/13/12
2/20/12 07:50LexingtonNCUSACircleA few minutesWhite flying object circling star, zipped off, chased by jets, then shot at jets.3/13/12
2/17/12 20:00FayettevilleNCUSACircleone hourRound, bright, mostly stationary, with neon colors. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Sirius, Jupiter, or Venus. PD))3/13/12
2/15/12 03:00MidlandNCUSAFireball1 minute3 AM - 2009 & 2012 - NC - sphere - white light POSTED: 06.21.127/4/12
2/3/12 21:30MarshallNCUSALight20 minutesI watched and noticed that the object was also moving up, down, sideways and directions that would have been impossible for even a heli3/13/12
1/30/12 05:00CalabashNCUSACircle1 hourIt first appeared to be a glittering star drifting left to right and then upward.2/3/12
1/28/12 12:00RondaNCUSALight30 secondsPictures capture daytime lights in the sky over Yadkin Valley, North Carolina. Not visible to eye.1/7/15
1/26/12 00:00CaryNCUSAUnknown1 minuteI was driving down 40 on my way home from work. It was about midnight. The clouds seemed to be moving independently of eachother. Ex2/3/12
1/20/12 19:42MorgantonNCUSATriangle3 secTriangle object with blue lights traveling at speeds that could not be a plane or anything man-made in the sky above interstate I-40.2/3/12
1/13/12 18:20WillardNCUSAOval3 minsGlowing red and orange ball that was above our heads and finally took off faster than any thing I have ever seen with no sound.1/24/12
1/6/12 21:15CharlotteNCUSALight1-2 Minutes3 Glowing Orbs glide across the night sky in triangle shape.1/12/12
1/6/12 21:05Wake ForestNCUSALight5 minutes5 red/orange lights high up in the sky moving east above target in wake forest nc1/12/12
1/6/12 07:30HickoryNCUSACigar15 minutesLarge cigar shaped craft floating over Hickory.3/13/12
1/3/12 23:50Elizabeth CityNCUSATriangle4 minsOut for a smoke, noticed the triangluar shaped craft about a mile up in sky that made sudden turns and reversed unlike any aircraft .1/12/12
1/3/12 10:05ClemmonsNCUSACircle5 minutesHovered, grew brighter then disappeared.1/12/12
1/1/12 18:45Fuquay VarinaNCUSACircle2 MinutesVery, very fast moving bright white object, not a shooting star. Diagnoal Movement.1/12/12
1/1/12 00:15GastoniaNCUSATriangle6 minutesVery very strange anomoly of many flying objects, very close together, large in numbers, and dissappearing into nowhere.1/12/12
12/31/11 23:45DuckNCUSAOval45 seconds3 red globes entered sky from northwest,hovered appprox 15 seconds, rapidly disappeared into south sky1/12/12
12/31/11 23:40MooresvilleNCUSALight90 secondsFour lights traveling south with two lights flying between them.5/15/13
12/30/11 21:50FayettevilleNCUSALight~10 minReddish/orange object in sky in Fayetteville, NC1/12/12
12/29/11 23:00MorrisvilleNCUSALight1 minuteBall of blue light moving very quickly1/12/12
12/29/11 23:00LelandNCUSASpherearound homeI stand in my yard 6days ago and what i thought was a bright star was a sphere with lights goind around it lightly colors and the spher1/12/12
12/28/11 22:30Rocky MountNCUSAFormation20 minutesFour orange light formation moving slowly across the sky in eastern north carolina.1/12/12
12/26/11 21:30MorgantonNCUSACircle2-5 mins4 Red and orange pulsating circle objects slowly ascending till disapear.1/12/12
12/25/11 22:00HickoryNCUSASphere2 minutesRed orbs over lake-no sound-spark falls from one to another5/15/13
12/20/11 20:32GastoniaNCUSALight8 minUFO SIGHTING THAT MADE ME A BELIEVER & THERES MORE4/18/12
12/18/11 21:00StellaNCUSAUnknown1 hour plusBlinking multi colored object hovers and moving slightly in all 4 directions1/12/12
12/18/11 01:00AshevilleNCUSALight4 hoursStar sized color changing lights moving in weird patterns, white and orange balls falling from sky.1/12/12
12/17/11 22:00Oak IslandNCUSALightA few secondsAt about 10:00PM on December 17th, 2011, two colleagues and I witnessed what we believe to be two UFOs fly from the western horizon to3/13/12
12/15/11 00:00Charlotte (S of, on I-85)NCUSALight15 secondsMy grandson and I was traveling south bound on I_85 from Charlotte, NC toward Atlanta, Ga on 12/15/11 sometime around 12:00 AM. O ur lo4/18/12
12/14/11 23:58CharlotteNCUSASphere2.5 SecondsOn December 14th I was outside walking around my neighborhood with a friend of mine. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a white circle12/17/11
12/9/11 00:30North Myrtle BeachNCUSAUnknown10 minSeen stationary lights, green and multiples over the ocean beside Brunswick County N.C. with fly over jets.12/12/11
12/8/11 23:00Pilot MountainNCUSAOvalnightStrange lights floating and spining around over a rural field.12/12/11
12/8/11 23:00CharlotteNCUSAFireball3 secondsFluorescent green teardrop fireball falling to earth.12/12/11
12/5/11 19:00Ft. BraggNCUSAUnknown2 hoursCircular hole in the clouds.12/12/11
12/4/11 20:00GreenvilleNCUSALight8 secondsDec. 04th, 2011. Driving along the highway back to my house with my roommate, we both noticed a flying circular bright light. F12/12/11
12/3/11 19:15WeavervilleNCUSACircle10 minutesMe and 3 friends saw two weird orbs of speeding light to the north and south of weaverville. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes12/12/11
12/3/11 17:45HaysNCUSALight1 minuteI saw this on 12/03/11 at right around 6:45 pm on Airport Rd. in Hays, NC. I was driving and the light caught my eye I thought it was a12/12/11
12/2/11 19:00SalisburyNCUSAUnknown7-10 secondsLow flying light emits blue neon trail and vanishes12/12/11
12/2/11 18:10ConcordNCUSAFireball10-12 secondsHuge white Fireball meteor12/12/11
12/2/11 02:00CharlotteNCUSAChanging10 minutesThe object was orange in color, rectanglar in shape at first but, yet transparent, I could see trees through it.12/20/12
12/1/11 19:00Holden BeachNCUSAEgg3 hrs off and onSaw burst of bright orange lights in the sky over the ocean at holden beach nc 12/1/1112/12/11
12/1/11 17:10GastoniaNCUSAFireball20 minutesLooked like a slow moving object, burning up on entry and had a large orange tail moving south south west.12/12/11
12/1/11 15:30DurhamNCUSADisk30 secDaylight sighting ufo with 2-4 spikes on top and haze betwean spikes possably spining object12/12/11
11/30/11 18:45RaleighNCUSAUnknown20 minutesObserved a non conforming craft south of Raleigh moving west to east and then circling north toward Raleigh center.12/12/11
11/28/11 21:30PfafftownNCUSAUnknownabout 6 secsThree flashes of light, one white, one an orange color and the last big flash was turquoise.12/12/11
11/26/11 20:15CharlotteNCUSAFireball2-3 secOrange colored super fast object12/12/11
11/25/11 18:20Green MountainNCUSASphere5 secondsGlowing Green Sphere in sky in Western NC12/12/11
11/24/11 20:30RaleighNCUSACircle5 secUFO sighting in Raleigh/Knightdale on Thanksgiving12/12/11
11/24/11 18:30KernersvilleNCUSALight5 minutes3 stationary orange lights in a triangle just above horizon.12/30/16
11/20/11 19:26GoldsboroNCUSACircle4 secondsTwo oval shaped objects fly over Goldsboro, NC1/12/12
11/18/11 19:00AshevilleNCUSACigar2-3 min.11/18/11 Asheville NC cigar 2-3 min. black bee-shape/sections, square wings, 2 headlights, no sound, along busy highway12/12/11
11/11/11 20:45Concord/HarrisburgNCUSALight5-8 minutesBright yellowish circle staionary then rapidly moving, then disappearing altogether.12/12/11
11/11/11 18:05GreensboroNCUSAOval5 minutes15 reddish/orange orbs launching from the horizon line and traveling slowly before fading away.12/12/11
11/8/11 23:00MorgantonNCUSACircle3 hrsBright white pulsating, top shaped object with intermittent red, green, blue, purple lights with tail. ((NUFORC Note: Stars? PD))12/12/11
11/8/11 19:00MonroeNCUSALight5 secondsBright object fell from sky for 2-3 seconds, disappeared for 1 sec, then reappeared and fell 2-3 more sec.12/12/11
11/8/11 00:00PinnacleNCUSALightJust a matter of seconds,Lights on & then shot straight across the sky at a slight downward angle & then gone w/ no fading of the light, within seconds, if that3/13/12
11/7/11 16:30LelandNCUSACircle20 secsTwo white lights above Leland (NC) moving towards Carolina Beach12/12/11
11/6/11 23:00MorgantonNCUSALight2 to 3 minutesLooked identical to a star, but it moved like crazy, and NOT a shooting star.12/12/11
11/3/11 04:40CharlotteNCUSAFormation1 minuteTwo orange orbs flying NW to SE over Douglas Int. Airport.12/12/11
11/3/11 00:55ClaytonNCUSACircleDID not believe until now!!!!!!!!!12/12/11
11/2/11 19:15LinvilleNCUSACylinder1.5 hoursOrange balls of light seen flying over Avery County, NC.12/12/11
11/1/11 21:00GoldsboroNCUSAFireballabout 30 secondsI saw 4 balls of fire floating through the night sky2/3/12
10/27/11 22:45FranklinvilleNCUSACircleWhite/Yellow glowing circular light that moves in many directions slowly.12/12/11
10/27/11 08:00Duck IslandNCUSASphere5 minObject came out of the ocean about a half mile away.We thought it was a helicopter at first and it was getting shiney as it looked lik12/12/11
10/26/11 23:00CandlerNCUSAOvalminute or soMultiple/Re-occurring U.F.O. Sightings in Candler, NC12/12/11
10/25/11 09:00TroyNCUSARectangle2 minI was driving home about 9:00 and in the sky above right above the tree was the bright12/12/11
10/25/11 09:00TroyNCUSARectangle2 minI was driving home about 9:00 and in the sky was a bright rectangle light just sitting above the tree's right in front of me. I did not12/12/11
10/24/11 19:30CharlotteNCUSACigar1 minYellow/orange cigar shaped object over Charlotte, NC10/25/11
10/23/11 15:00WillardNCUSACigar2 minutesCigar shaped object seen in Willard NC sky.12/12/11
10/23/11 06:30GastoniaNCUSAUnknown4minutesWe have our photos and thats all you need t prove our strange sightings.10/25/11
10/21/11 20:00BooneNCUSALight30 SecondsLarge red objected spotted in Boone, NC.10/25/11
10/21/11 19:25BooneNCUSAOther10 secondsLarge red/orange object spotted over Boone, NC.12/12/11
10/21/11 10:00BurnsvilleNCUSALight15 minutesUPDATE Burnsville, NC SITING10/25/11
10/21/11 08:00BurnsvilleNCUSALight15 minutesChangin Lights in the Sky!10/25/11
10/20/11 21:30Cove CityNCUSAOval30 secondsgreen oval light spotted over US-7012/12/11
10/17/11 21:45LibertyNCUSALight10-15 secondslarge orange bright light with a red aura around it hoovered above the tree line and then took off.10/25/11
10/17/11 20:00LelandNCUSAFormation5 minutesThree glowing lights moving slowly across the sky.10/19/11
10/17/11 20:00FriscoNCUSAOvalon and off for 30 minutesOrange oval shaped light that split into four different lights over the ocean. This happened three different times over 30 minutes.10/19/11
10/16/11 22:00GreensboroNCUSAUnknown<1 minute2 speeding orange-red lights, zigzagging, with one seemingly bouncing off the other a few times.2/18/13
10/16/11 13:00North WilkesboroNCUSATrianglebefore the face disappeared the circle and the smile shifted the face was real close to the smile10/25/11
10/14/11 05:00WhitakersNCUSATriangle4 mintriange ufo with red lights10/19/11
10/13/11 20:30AvonNCUSAFireball15 min.31 orange balls of light coming out of ocean,silent10/19/11
10/12/11 20:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight20 minutesI am a 55 year old business owner from Raleigh, NC and have been an FAA licensed pilot for 37 years. I have an interest in astronomy10/19/11
10/11/11 21:10Holden BeachNCUSACircle30 seconds6 orange balls of light over the Atlantic Ocean.10/19/11
10/7/11 21:00Topsail BeachNCUSACircle3 minutesGlowing orange ball about 5' diameter observed at Topsail beach at roof top level..changed shape .elevated, then left10/10/11
10/5/11 20:30CharlotteNCUSAEgg3 minutesAbout 20:30 on 4/8. I see a blur of light out of the corner of my eye. I look up, ((Staarlink satellites??))4/23/21
10/1/11 20:00WilmingtonNCUSATriangle2-5 minutesTriangle... very dim lights, no noise, around all outer edges, moving slowly, very low... went out of sight over UNCW campus10/10/11
9/28/11 21:55BunnNCUSACircle1 secondOrange ball of light in sky10/10/11
9/27/11 23:00CaryNCUSACircle5+ hoursTypical looking illuminating object very similar to the ones seen in the NASA STS-75 videos. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star? PD))10/19/11
9/27/11 21:45GastoniaNCUSAFireball5 secVery low in sky, humming sound, not very fast, color of fire ball with bobbing top on it10/10/11
9/17/11 02:23ClaytonNCUSAUnknown30 secondsPower out green light power out green light. loud noise10/10/11
9/15/11 21:00BurlingtonNCUSALight5 minutes09/15/2011 2100 hrs 5 red lights, 3 moved to form triangle8/4/17
9/15/11 19:15CaryNCUSAFormation15-20 secondsOval light changing from green to blue with red pinpoint of light in the middle.10/10/11
9/14/11 23:00CorolaNCUSAFireball10 MINSeveral Orange lights in Sky OBX Corola, NC10/10/11
9/12/11 01:00GreenvilleNCUSALight2 Hours+Organized light craft over Greenville, NC10/10/11
9/9/11 11:00WilmingtonNCUSAOval2 minutesA bright white, oval sighting that moved in a manner unlike any aircraft I have seen in the area that unexplainably disappeared.10/10/11
9/9/11 09:30HampsteadNCUSADiamond4-5 min.Hampstead, N.C 9:30 P.M. diamond 5 minutes orange lights seen by three people10/10/11
9/8/11 16:30Fuquay VarinaNCUSAFireballfew secondsOrange-red fireball falling over Fuquay Varina10/10/11
9/8/11 03:31North WilkesboroNCUSALight3 secHuge glowing yellow light appeared and zoomed to the ground very, very fast east of North Wilkesboro10/10/11
9/4/11 15:00Winston-SalemNCUSAFlash10 minsTwo U.F.O's were over the airshow and commerial flight path, like they were watching at high altitude.10/10/11
9/3/11 21:00AulanderNCUSATriangle1 minutethree bright yellow lights hovering/departing and then disapearing after about one minute.10/10/11
9/3/11 20:00AulanderNCUSAChangingWe've seen over a dozen floating spacecrafts, all coming from the same point and dissappearing at the same point.10/10/11
9/1/11 09:00Franklin CountyNCUSAOtheri minsuper low altitude stealth jet 9/1/11 NC10/10/11
8/31/11 21:27LouisburgNCUSACircle2 minutesObserved what seemed to be a star that would get brighter and normal bright moving west to east, and when overhead it disappeared!10/10/11
8/24/11 12:45RaleighNCUSAOther10 minPyramid shaped craft with random blinking lights on the points of it, rotating in all directions.10/10/11
8/21/11 23:00CashersNCUSASphere3 hoursDocumented fairly well with the camera and audio with possible ET encounter.10/10/11
8/21/11 01:00RaleighNCUSACross3Flying cross squadron.8/21/11
8/19/11 23:00SanfordNCUSALight8-10 minutesHuge Whitish light10/10/11
8/16/11 22:40Topsail IslandNCUSATriangle4minsOrange/red triangular shaped fireball rising up slowly. straight up quicker till disappeared. No sound. Just west of the rising moon8/21/11
8/15/11 19:00High PointNCUSATriangle5 minutesHuge, gun metal black triangular with 3 white lights and blinking colored lights hovering, no sound.12/12/11
8/12/11 21:15RhodhissNCUSALight30 minLaser like orb and light formation low to ground.8/21/11
8/12/11 20:45CharlotteNCUSACircle6 secondsa circular object with colored lights, moving at medium speed with a swoosh sound but no motor sound8/21/11
8/12/11 05:30Kings MountainNCUSALightOne minuteAmber (Orange) Hummingbird-like UFO Sighted in Kings Mountain, NC8/21/11
8/10/11 21:15South Nags HeadNCUSALight5 minutesred/orange lights, with connecting trailers of light10/10/11
8/8/11 22:15CorollaNCUSASphere5 minutesThree strange orange lights in the sky above Corolla, NC8/21/11
8/8/11 19:45AshevilleNCUSATeardrop2 minutesVery bright white craft, thought it to be an airplane, but wasn't... Craft observed through binoculars and was teardropped with hump in8/21/11
8/6/11 19:30FayettevilleNCUSADisk10 minutesA shiny fast moving oblong disk was moving through the sky over the moon and then it moved to the west out of sight!8/21/11
8/4/11 01:20AshevilleNCUSAChanging1 -2 minutesMorphing Sphere UFO5/13/12
8/3/11 21:00HatterasNCUSAFormation10 seconds4 orange rectangular lights stayed stationary then vanished over hatteras beach8/21/11
8/3/11 20:45Ocean Isle BeachNCUSAFormation1 minOrange lights in formation over the ocean. Moved quickly to the right.8/7/11
8/2/11WarsawNCUSACircle20 minswe saw the ufo in smalltown warsaw nc. and helicopters where searching for the craft8/7/11
7/29/11 22:50DunnNCUSATriangle15 secTriangular UFO's seen in Dunn, NC on 07/29/201110/10/11
7/22/11 23:55HuntersvilleNCUSAUFO 10-12 yards away from us! It shines it's spotlight on us!8/7/11
7/18/11 01:30ClaytonNCUSACircle1/2 hourFlashing red,blue and white lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a "twinkling" star, perhaps Arcturus, we suspect. PD))8/7/11
7/17/11 22:00Emerald IsleNCUSAFireball2 minutesLights over ocean at Emerald Isle8/7/11
7/17/11 22:00Winston-SalemNCUSADisk30 secondshuge circular disk with at least 8 bright lights shining under it witnessed by 2 people on the southside of winston-salem, nc.10/10/11
7/16/11 22:35ConoverNCUSACircle3 minutesLarge red glowing light moved across sky and disappeared.7/17/11
7/15/11 21:30WilmingtonNCUSAOther10 secondsA variety of UFO types seen off Kure Beach at night.10/29/15
7/15/11 19:30RaleighNCUSAOther5 minutesStrange, possibly extra-terrestrial energy display in the sky in Raleigh NC.7/22/13
7/15/11 19:30NewportNCUSAFireball5 secondsOut of nowhere fireball appeared and disappeared. Red/Orange in color.5/13/12
7/14/11 21:15Emerald IsleNCUSACircle5 secondsOrange light at Emerald Isle beach on July 14, 201.7/17/11
7/11/11 01:00Chapel HillNCUSAFireball5 minutesOrange fireball appeared briefly in the sky and passed over me.7/17/11
7/8/11 11:00Fort BraggNCUSACirclemy housei saw a circular light and when i opend the curtain it disapered8/7/11
7/8/11 00:00FranklinvilleNCUSAOther2 minRed object the size of the moon in franklinville Nc7/17/11
7/4/11 20:30Lake JunaluskaNCUSATriangle5 minTriangle, hovering then moving away slowly. Single red light on and off at random. No sound.7/17/11
7/3/11 22:00Cape LookoutNCUSARectangle30-45 Sec3 vertical red lights moving together over ocean8/7/11
7/3/11 16:00GastoniaNCUSASphere30 secondsrustic brown sphere spotted in gastonia n.c. traveling over apartment complex.10/10/11
7/3/11 03:00CharlotteNCUSALight3 or 4 minutesA couple dozen orange lights traveling against the wind. ((NUFORC Note: Very reliable and convincing witness. PD))7/4/11
7/2/11 05:00CharlotteNCUSACross4 minutesme and my friends were at a youth rock concert and we saw 2 to 4 cross shaped craft hover over the football field. I am pretty sure tha7/17/11
7/1/11 21:58Winston-SalemNCUSALight1-2 minutesBright as a star moving steadily across the sky then rose in altitude and vanished. ((NUFORC Note: ISS over-flight at 21:57 hrs. PD))7/4/11
6/30/11 21:10Nags HeadNCUSASphere1-2 minutesLarge bright and pulsating orange red spherical light observed traveling south to north.7/17/11
6/30/11 21:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight15 secondsOrange Light7/6/11
6/30/11 14:00CarrboroNCUSAOther20 minutesSnowflake shaped craft slowly spinning and shooting jets of white fire5/1/20
6/28/11 21:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALightI hourStrange lights over Ocean Isle Beach7/6/11
6/28/11 20:30Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight1 hourStrange Lights over Ocean Isle Beach, NC7/4/11
6/27/11 23:08PfafftownNCUSAOval40 secondsIt was a very bright oval craft that made no noise and moved quickly.7/4/11
6/27/11 22:15Holden BeachNCUSALight6 minutesWe were setting on the back deck of the beach house looking at the ocean. When we saw 3 separate orange lights appear one at a time jus7/4/11
6/26/11 22:00FayettevilleNCUSATriangle2-5 minutesfayetteville nc 6-26-2011, triangle ufo 10pm6/27/11
6/25/11 22:30GastoniaNCUSALight2-3 minSaw 2 low flying objects with bright lights, no noise..6/27/11
6/20/11 10:30GastoniaNCUSAUnknown2-4 min??We are right outside of Charlotte Nc and Saturday the 25th at around 10-1030 pm my husband and I were outside and both noticed what at7/4/11
6/17/11 01:17MebaneNCUSAUnknown1 minuteweird light flys by sounds like a Cessna.6/20/11
6/17/11 00:32Oak IslandNCUSALight02 SECBright white light seen moving out from above cloud.6/20/11
6/16/11 20:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight30 minutesLights at Ocean Isle Beach7/6/11
6/15/11 21:30FriscoNCUSAFormation5 min each time ( two difEvenly spaced low hanging silent, non blinking amber lights in an array on the beach at Frisco, NC on June 15, 201110/10/11
6/15/11 21:30OcracokeNCUSALight10-12 secondsRed lights over the Atlantic Ocean.6/20/11
6/15/11 21:27FriscoNCUSALight1 minuteReddish-orange lights over ocean at Frisco North Carolina - outer banks - again on 6/15/20116/20/11
6/15/11 09:00BuxtonNCUSALight45 secBright oblong objects hovering in the sky6/20/11
6/14/11 21:30FriscoNCUSALight10 minutesReddish-orange lights over ocean at Frisco/Buxton North Carolina - outer banks6/20/11
6/13/11 22:30GreensboroNCUSATeardrop6 minutesOrange Object Pursued by Plane in Greensboro, NC 20116/20/11
6/9/11 11:00I-95 (near NC/VA border)NCUSAFireball30 secondsWhite Fireball followed by two fighter jets.6/27/11
6/8/11 22:00Holden BeachNCUSALight4 minutesSaw a number of bright orange flashing lights. They appeared and disappeared after few seconds. This happened a number of times for 4-6/12/11
6/8/11 21:30Sunset BeachNCUSASphere15 minutesOrange/Red Light pulsing over ocean6/12/11
6/8/11 21:30Ocracoke (on ferryboat)NCUSAOther15minonboard ocracoke island ferryboat multiple sighting6/20/11
6/8/11 21:00SouthportNCUSAFormation2 hoursWent outside to enjoy the weather at night with some friends and noticed 3 pulsing lights towards Oak Island. They came and went for a6/12/11
6/3/11 21:30High Rock LakeNCUSALight2 min.One Orange light turned on, then off. Moments later, two Orange lights turned on and off, farther away. SEE BELOW6/12/11
6/3/11 21:15BurlingtonNCUSAFormationOver one minuteSeveral lights in sky, Thought to be stars at first, video and composite of pictures made, several witnesses, Burlington, NC USA6/12/11
6/1/11 22:30Holden BeachNCUSACircle1 minute3 bright lights in formation.6/3/11
5/26/11 23:00RaleighNCUSACircle3 minThree bright red circles of light form above for one minute and vanish.6/3/11
5/26/11 18:55GamewellNCUSADisk30 secondsI've never seen anything like this. I've emailed a video. No words to describe, sorry.5/29/11
5/25/11 00:09FayettevilleNCUSATriangle00:10We were sitting out on my back deck looking towards the southeast when all of a sudden we spotted two objects in the sky comming from t5/29/11
5/22/11 00:10ConcordNCUSACylinder5 minUFO seen over Charlotte Motor Speedway shortly after the race ended.5/29/11
5/21/11 18:01CharlotteNCUSAUnknown2 minutesbright light or object moving rapidly across sky5/29/11
5/21/11 01:29NashvilleNCUSAOval6 MinutesRumbling noise, lights, multicolor lights, medium speed going across the sky.5/29/11
5/17/11 21:00Kure BeachNCUSAFormation5 minsOne orange/red light appears, then another, and another, and another. Making 4 lights....then gone!5/29/11
5/4/11 21:00Oak IslandNCUSALight2-3 min.No sound just a white light5/12/11
5/3/11 21:30Browns SummitNCUSALight20 secondsLight slowing down to a complete stop then shooting off into 2 parts then flew off faster than anything ive ever seen.6/22/22
4/29/11 22:00ApexNCUSATriangleon goingGoing on ten min now west sky ovet apex. Hoovering aprox 2500 its not of this world.5/2/11
4/24/11 15:00Applachian MountainsNCUSA5 Sec.((HOAX/STUDENT REPORT)) Flyby of a Dead Alien w/ Red Blood on it.5/2/11
4/19/11 22:30WilmingtonNCUSATriangle30 secondsTriangular gold foil rolling across the sky5/2/11
4/17/11 21:00GreensboroNCUSALightabout 2 minutesIt was a slow moving bright white light heading north5/12/11
4/17/11 21:00HendersonvilleNCUSALight2 minlarge super bright object traviling low and slow5/2/11
4/17/11 20:00HendersonvilleNCUSACircle10 secBright white light very low altitude5/29/11
4/13/11 20:45Kure BeachNCUSALight15 minutes2 redish orange lights over the horizon over the ocean. they kept pretty level, looked like one liht, then two, moving side to side5/2/11
3/29/11 21:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight10 Minutes4 reddish-orange lights, 3 of them closer together over the ocean, flashing on and off in a sequence.4/3/11
3/28/11 22:00pksNCUSALight10 mins2 pulsing lites moving s-n5/2/11
3/22/11 20:30Holden BeachNCUSAFireball45 secondslarge bright fireball4/3/11
3/17/11 23:30RaleighNCUSALight20 minutesRising light in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial bodies?? PD))3/23/11
3/16/11 10:30GreensboroNCUSAUnknown5 minA slow moving bright white light growing brighter then dimmed to a small dull point with similar dull point of light moving slowly dull5/2/11
3/13/11 16:30Four OaksNCUSATriangle3 minutesto fast moving shiny objects beside passenger plane over n.c.3/23/11
3/7/11 20:00CaryNCUSASphereabout 7 minutesplane's head lights, but the headlights were pointing down & the plane must be flying backwards???3/23/11
3/4/11 21:30RaleighNCUSALight20 minutesSaw strange light weaving and circling nearby lake3/23/11
3/4/11 08:45RaleighNCUSAOther4 minutesCloaking plane3/10/11
2/26/11 05:30GrahamNCUSALight1 1/2 hourVery bright object with blue, red, and orange lights flickering; moved slowly stayed in the same area of the sky.3/10/11
2/25/11 15:57Bessemer CityNCUSACircle25-30 secondsDaytime sighting of round rotating low altitude UFO.3/10/11
2/17/11 20:30RobersonvilleNCUSAOther10 MINRow of lights outside Robersonville, NC2/18/11
2/16/11 21:00YadkinvilleNCUSACigar10 minutesYadkin County NC Lights2/18/11
2/15/11 20:45SalisburyNCUSALight4 minblue light over salisbury NC2/18/11
2/14/11 00:45GastoniaNCUSACircle35 mins and continuingUnknown blue object sighted in the southern sky , south of Gastonia, N. C. USA ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius? PD))2/18/11
2/11/11 10:30JacksonvilleNCUSA1 secondbright white light flashed across sky for quick second, possibly meteor, or military affiliated2/18/11
2/5/11 21:50FayettevilleNCUSALight4 hoursOne white light moveing very fast and irraticly over hope mills/fayetteville for over 4 hours.2/8/11
2/5/11 18:50RaleighNCUSATriangle10 MinutesV-Shaped Craft Hovering Above the Intersection of Six Forks Road and I-540 in Raleigh NC2/8/11
2/3/11 22:00DurhamNCUSALight15Red light stationary in sky for well over 15 minutes8/19/12
1/29/11 19:30LouisburgNCUSAOval8-10 secDimly-lit objects seen racing over north carolina sky1/31/11
1/19/11 20:45Siler CityNCUSAFireballWhite fire ball falling from sky.1/31/11
1/19/11 20:00FayettevilleNCUSAOval30 secondsOrange bright light over fayetteville Nc1/31/11
1/18/11 01:00HendersonvilleNCUSASphere3:30UFO taking things from our environment5/2/11
1/11/11 00:00WaxhawNCUSA3-5 secondsSKY LIT UP GREEN.1/31/11
1/10/11 19:30BurgawNCUSACylinder6 minutesLong uniformly shaped cylinder overhead at low altitude, minimal sound and changed direction easily1/12/12
1/9/11 11:40WilsonNCUSACircle3-4 secondsseveral unidentified objects where seen on this day from my home in Wilson, NC1/31/11
1/8/11 23:45HighlandsNCUSAFireball2 sec.Fireball in North Carolina Mountains.1/31/11
1/6/11 18:30WarrentonNCUSAChevron20 minutesBright lights and craft within a week.1/31/11
12/31/10 21:05AshevilleNCUSAOther1 mina very bright slow moving large object with no sound, awsome!1/5/11
12/30/10 23:00ApexNCUSAOther10 minunexplainable air craft1/31/11
12/29/10 21:00WagramNCUSATriangle20 minThe object was floating over the highway just above the tree line with red, blue, and yellow lights on the bottom of a dark surface1/5/11
12/14/10 18:45TroyNCUSASphere5-10 minutesTwo orange spheres were flying together before they joined back together and accelerated straight up into the sky and out of sight.1/5/11
12/8/10 01:00Wrightsville BeachNCUSALight5 secondsFour orbs of light, in no particular formation as if one craft, moving very fast south of wrightsville beach moving south.1/5/11
11/26/10 21:15HavelockNCUSADiamond1 minuteorangy light, in a diamond shape, disapear into thin air. havelock nc1/5/11
11/22/10 17:25High PointNCUSACircle1.5 mindisk made 2 90 degree turns and past air craft at high speed.1/5/11
11/19/10 22:30CharlotteNCUSACircleReddish orange and yellow little circle not blinking but moving in slowish motion than disappearing into thin air.11/21/10
11/19/10 22:20CharlotteNCUSAFormation7.00 minsaw a group of bright orange (30) lights moving from east to south11/21/10
11/17/10 21:30ThomasvilleNCUSAFireball5-10 minutesNight Time UFO11/21/10
11/17/10 01:32RaleighNCUSAOther3 secondsGreen scanner laser like light flashes over the sky in Raleigh, NC11/21/10
11/16/10 20:00Topsail BeachNCUSASphere5 minutesbrigth orange globe that became four objects.1/5/11
11/12/10 08:00CharlotteNCUSAUnknown15 seconds3 lights in a row, red mix then dim white1/5/11
11/10/10 21:00Spruce PineNCUSATriangle1 hourRed and Yellow Prisms in the Sky over Appalachia5/13/12
11/8/10 19:30Asheville (near)NCUSALight3-5 mins.blinking lights twirl and fly away11/21/10
11/8/10 19:20Blue Ridge Pkwy, NCNCUSALight90 secSaw a light moving very quickly across the sky, and changing directions.11/21/10
11/7/10 02:47GastoniaNCUSATriangle10-15 secondsdim triangular lights headed south.11/21/10
11/5/10 21:01NeboNCUSALight3 min.Brightly glowing orangish colored light flying too low to be "normal" aircraft.11/21/10
10/31/10 20:30MooresvilleNCUSALight10 minutesTwo slow moving bright orange orb shaped lights11/21/10
10/29/10 22:45Granite FallsNCUSAFormation10 minutesObject is composed of three, solid, bright, white lights in a straight line and flew silently.11/21/10
10/29/10 19:10ArdenNCUSACircle4 minutesBurning sphere moving through the sky at dusk.11/21/10
10/29/10 19:00Kings MountainNCUSAOther20 minUp in the hills of Kings Mountain. UFO sighting on hwy 161 between 7pm and 7:30 pm EST. Bright orange oblong shaped aircraft.11/21/10
10/29/10 17:45Browns SummitNCUSACircle5 minutesVery bright silver circle seen in the sky.11/21/10
10/29/10 06:40Laurel HillNCUSAChanging5 minutesLarge, exploding fireball11/21/10
10/28/10 19:37Oak RidgeNCUSAUnknown7 minsStar-like Object witnessed above FL600 at a high rate of speed traveling SSE to NNW11/21/10
10/27/10 21:52WilmingtonNCUSARectangle2 minLarge Black Rectangle - 2 white lights - 1 red slow pulsing light11/21/10
10/27/10 20:15AshevilleNCUSALight30 MINUTESTwo gaslike lights moving in circular manner in southern sky11/21/10
10/24/10 21:00HuntersvilleNCUSACircle1 hour or morewhite lights high in the skies over huntersviile, nc moving very fast at all different directs. sit outside wherever you are and look11/21/10
10/22/10 21:00CatawbaNCUSAOther10 min3 lights to the south.11/21/10
10/22/10 17:15GarnerNCUSAOval1 minUFO SIGHTING RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA11/21/10
10/20/10 20:00HillsboroughNCUSAOther1 minuteOrange UFO exploded by something.1/31/11
10/19/10 21:19BurnsvilleNCUSAUnknownabout 2 minutes3 sets of 3 lights hovering silently in night sky3/13/12
10/19/10 20:15RaleighNCUSALight15 seconds2 objects that looked like bright stars moving in parallel about 45 degrees above the horizon11/21/10
10/17/10 01:00Blowing RockNCUSAUnknownAbout a hour.Star like object that pulsed a bright red then disappeared.11/21/10
10/16/10 00:00CaswellNCUSALight1 hourit was not a air craft it moved to slow11/21/10
10/15/10 20:00RaefordNCUSAChangingconsistant and nightlywhite moving light that appears every night in Raeford, NC.11/21/10
10/15/10 16:20CharlotteNCUSACigar10 secondsSilver to turquise in color size of a car near charlotte motor speed way.11/21/10
10/13/10 21:00CharlotteNCUSALight5-10 minutes5 pulsating lights above Charlotte, NC1/5/11
10/9/10 21:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSA4 min.Orange, flickering light in the sky moving silently and changing direction 90 degrees once before dimming out.11/21/10
10/8/10 20:50ClimaxNCUSALight21:10Floating Multicolored object spotted in N-NW Sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star, we wonder. PD))11/21/10
9/25/10 11:15RaleighNCUSACylinder2-3 secondsCylindrical Object Over Raleigh NC11/21/10
9/22/10 23:00EureNCUSALight2-3 minutesA bright orange light hauling ass across the sky.11/21/10
9/22/10 09:01WilmingtonNCUSAOval10 to 20 secondsRound black object moved across infront of moon no sound.11/21/10
9/17/10 07:30WintervilleNCUSACircle30-45 secondsRound object closely flying with large airplane, with 4 delta-winged fighters following in formation11/21/10
9/15/10 21:35PinebluffNCUSAOther2-3 minutesSolid white light viewed from Pinebluff, NC11/21/10
9/15/10 20:10GreensboroNCUSALight~3 minutesBright light11/21/10
9/13/10 23:30HoffmanNCUSATriangle3-5 minutesEnormous black triangle observed by soldiers training near Camp Mackall, NC.1/14/16
9/13/10 21:31CharlotteNCUSAUnknown4 secondsI was traveling in Charlotte, NC south bound on I 485 in between the Northlake mall exit and HWY 16 exit. I saw what appeared to be an11/21/10
9/10/10 21:30High PointNCUSATriangle20Huge Hoovering Triangle of Lights in High Point, NC!!!11/21/10
9/7/10OlinNCUSARelated UUO/UFO activity vicinity of NC Coast undersea anomalies [linked].11/21/10
9/5/10 00:00RaleighNCUSACircle2 hourswe saw 2 objects in the sky one night flashing colors and not moving. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star, we suspect. PD))11/21/10
9/4/10 13:00RosmanNCUSACylinder15 secondsCylinder seen disappearing over P.A.R.I. in Rosman, NC11/21/10
9/1/10 22:25RaleighNCUSACircle1 hr.I was looking out of my bedroom window that night because i couldnt sleep and saw something in the sky at 10:25pm, with flashing red, b11/21/10
8/20/10 21:45RodantheNCUSAUnknown5-10 minutes10 orange lights floating in the sky.8/24/10
8/19/10 21:20AshevilleNCUSAUnknown20-30 minLarge white light with a red hue low in the western sky. Remained for 20 min or more then vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))8/24/10
8/15/10 21:00Nags HeadNCUSAOval10 secondsHad 8 lights in a circle and 1 in the center but I couldn’t take a photo7/3/20
8/14/10 03:20NewportNCUSALight20 minMoving object recorded in sky8/24/10
8/10/10 22:30WilmingtonNCUSALight2 mins5-6 lights scattered on the horizon, helicopter in the vicinity8/24/10
8/10/10 17:45Holden BeachNCUSACircle1-2 minutes3 orange like orbs appeared in the Souther sky off of Holden Beach North Carolina.8/24/10
8/9/10 00:16RiegelwoodNCUSACircle3 Secondsi saw i bright object in the sky that left a trail8/24/10
8/6/10 22:30SouthportNCUSAFireball15 minutesSee approx. 15 reddish orange bright lights flying east of Southport, NC toward Wilmington, NC. All were flying in a straight line acr8/24/10
8/4/10 05:30RaleighNCUSACone60 secObject over Raleigh8/24/10
8/2/10 21:35Cedar Point/Emerald Isle/SwansboroNCUSALight10 minRed Lights Over Ocean Emerald Isle NC8/24/10
7/29/10 21:00KernersvilleNCUSALight1 hourfive lights in the sky within an hour.8/24/10
7/23/10 22:00Kure BeachNCUSALight20 minutesGroup of UFO lights over horizon at Kure Beach, NC8/24/10
7/23/10 01:00JamestownNCUSACircleVery bright colorful lights.7/29/10
7/22/10 23:30LincolnNCUSALightten minutes not sureunexplainable bright light hovering at treetop level off highway7/28/10
7/22/10 22:00Indian BeachNCUSADisk5 - 8 secondsBrilliant orange saucer shaped object high over ocean near Indian Beach, NC was observed and then reappeared appox. 15 minutes later.7/28/10
7/22/10 22:00Atlantic BeachNCUSAChangingseconds3 separate incidents of large saucer shaped object(s) and small round lights, reddish orange-ish, witnessed by 2 or 3 people.8/24/10
7/22/10 22:00Emerald IsleNCUSATriangle5 min.UFO over Emerald Isle, NC 7/22/20107/28/10
7/22/10 21:48Pine Knoll ShoresNCUSACircleTen secondsyellow-orange circular lights sighted above beach in nc7/28/10
7/22/10 21:30Harkers IslandNCUSALight4-6sec.5 TO 6 RED LIGHTS IN A ROW , NOT MOVING,THEN THEY ALL WENT OUT AT SAME TIME.7/28/10
7/22/10 21:30Emerald IsleNCUSACircle45 minutes4 red/amber lights seen 4 times in 45 minutes- no sound, circular shape- clear night.7/28/10
7/19/10 22:00ClemmonsNCUSADisk1 minuteObject hovered over the area then flew at a high rate of speed7/28/10
7/19/10 22:00MebaneNCUSAFireballone minute or soA orange glowing object changed direction in the sky without making a sound, then went into "hyper speed".7/28/10
7/18/10 21:30Holden BeachNCUSA:05Holden Beach sighting7/28/10
7/14/10 18:00High PointNCUSAOtherunknownOdd flying thing showed up in photo.7/19/10
7/12/10 22:10HickoryNCUSADisk10:25it is not the first time the passed 2 weeks that we have seen this object. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))7/19/10
7/10/10 02:00RaleighNCUSARectangle10 secondsSaw a retangular object about the size of large plane on July 10, 2010, which emitted an amber light from the bottom.7/19/10
7/8/10 21:30Carolina BeachNCUSADisk10 minutesRed flickering saucer like shape moving irratically, then paused for several seconds before the light disappeared. 15 minutes later, 27/10/10
7/8/10 20:30Emerald IsleNCUSALight20Light observed for some time hovering silently above the ocean before moving over land.1/31/11
7/5/10 23:00GreensboroNCUSADisk15 secondsThere were 5 bright lights and it was not making any noise like a plane does.7/6/10
7/4/10 23:59BelmontNCUSAFireball2 minMe and 3 friends saw a bright orange orb slowly fly in and out of view.7/19/10
7/4/10 22:00GastoniaNCUSAFireball20-30 secondsZig zaging fireball7/10/10
7/4/10 21:00JeffersonNCUSASphere2-5 minutesStrange round object moving over fireworks display area7/10/10
7/3/10 23:40Kill Devil HillsNCUSAFormation1 hoursaw two in sync circle formations cicleing around eachother,v line formation,single and multiple orange glowing crafts.slow with pace7/6/10
7/3/10 21:30ZebulonNCUSAUnknown1 hour20 or more red lights in the sky seen in North Carolina.7/6/10
7/2/10 22:00Fuquay VarinaNCUSALight10 minutesBlue dancing light-stars in photo are hand held7/6/10
6/26/10 22:00CorneliusNCUSAFireball10 minutesRed fireballs moving slowly overhead then disappearing in Cornelius, North Carolina.7/6/10
6/24/10 22:30JeffersonNCUSALight1 minuteBright star-like orb moving in sky.7/6/10
6/3/10 11:30JacksonvilleNCUSATriangle5 MinutesTriangle UFO chased by osprees6/10/10
5/22/10 20:00RaleighNCUSAFireball3 minutes25 slow moving, interactive fireballs seen in downtown Raleigh on Saturday night.8/5/12
5/21/10 21:30RaleighNCUSALighta few secondssudden white light moving vertcal disappeared then reappeared moving horizontal before disappearing again6/3/10
5/9/10 12:00Winston-SalemNCUSAOther5 minutesMotionless winged black aircraft2/4/13
5/8/10 21:39CharlotteNCUSALight30 secondsDistant light became bright and then dim and then slowly moved to the South.5/12/10
5/6/10 12:30CharlotteNCUSAOval12 minutes2 White Oval Balls moving across Charlotte NC sky5/12/10
5/5/10 21:20Durham (west of)NCUSALight>20 minutes3 lights diagnal very close with the center light appearing the brightest.5/12/10
5/5/10 20:48RolesvilleNCUSAFormation5 minutesFormation of 18-20 red flashing lights in the sky ... eventually disappeared5/12/10
4/28/10 20:50New BernNCUSAChanging5 minutesMorphing triangle into jet, Jupiter-bright object heads NE nearby during jet chase.5/12/10
4/28/10 20:00St. Paul'sNCUSACircle15 secBright round shape fade away in rows of lights from bottom to top.5/12/10
4/28/10 18:00KinstonNCUSAUnknown?very fast over the trees. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a bird in flight. PD))5/12/10
4/15/10 21:30BuxtonNCUSAFireball30 - 40 minsRound flaming balls moving sporadically across The Point on Hatteras Island Beach5/12/10
4/12/10 21:30Sunset BeachNCUSACircle20 minutesOrange stationary orbs accompanied by small white objects moving at extraordinary speed.4/13/10
4/11/10 22:18ConcordNCUSAOval45+ minutesObject changing colors over the Charlotte area4/13/10
4/10/10 12:00GreenvilleNCUSAUnknown7 minutesDaytime moving star seen over Pitt County4/13/10
4/5/10 23:00WilmingtonNCUSAOval2 hoursStationary flashing object in the sky.4/13/10
4/5/10 22:30BurnsvilleNCUSAUnknown1 secondsuper fast , moving light4/13/10
3/31/10 00:00Chapel HillNCUSACone0:00-0:45Bright white light flashing repeatedly in the same area of the sky for thirty to forty minutes.4/13/10
3/24/10 01:00EdenNCUSACircle10 minutesAn unidentified flying object in circular shape hovered for approximately 10 minutes before slowly flying off.4/13/10
3/20/10 23:38WallaceNCUSATriangle10 minutesHuge black and silent triangular UFO that moved silently and low to the ground over a walmart parking towards the woods1/12/18
3/16/10 23:00PittsboroNCUSAOther5 minutesSilent craft with Red, White, and Blue lights seen over Pittsboro, NC on March, 16 20104/13/10
3/12/10 03:13FuquayNCUSAFlash2-3 SecondsStrange light in the Sky in Fuquay , North Carolina4/13/10
3/10/10 02:40Moravian FallsNCUSALight5 secondsBright white light over Moravian Falls changes to yellow-green as it falls4/13/10
3/7/10 19:00CramertonNCUSATriangle2 minutesLarge Triangular Object near Charlotte.4/13/10
3/6/10 20:00NorthwestNCUSASphere1 hour2 different UFO's visible at the same time.5/12/10
2/18/10 18:00RaefordNCUSAOther1 minuteThree identical white shapes far off in sky - one disappears instantly4/13/10
2/14/10 10:40ConoverNCUSACircle20 secseveral round objects moving real fast across the sky.2/14/10
1/29/10 11:00Madison CountyNCUSADiamond1 minuteI was driving down the road came to a stop sign. As i slowed i saw a bright flash of red and white light to my right. I then noticed in2/14/10
1/27/10 20:30CharlotteNCUSAFireball20:30-20:31Weird object goes across sky and boards a sationary object. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))2/14/10
1/27/10 19:00Wilkesboro/DeepGapNCUSADisk45 minsTwo strange multicolored dancing lights in the sky over Wilkesboro, a third above Deep Gap2/14/10
1/27/10 02:15GreensboroNCUSASphere20 minRound object maybe 5 miles away with an altitude about the same as a plane and has been stationary for about 20 min so far.2/14/10
1/25/10 20:48RaleighNCUSASphere5 minI have one picture of green spheres near the moon. Eight to twelve objects the same size. Plane green spheres4/13/10
1/25/10 20:30ClaytonNCUSALight3 seconds1 light ver fast then gone2/14/10
1/21/10 01:00GreensboroNCUSADisk30 secondsSaw 3 hovering orange, fuzzy glowing objects with no definition except when leaving. One appeared disk shape.2/1/19
1/15/10 22:10Flat CreekNCUSATriangle1:00Triangle craft headed towards Mars Hill, NC.2/14/10
1/15/10 10:00GreensboroNCUSASphere20 minBroad daylight multiple color changing spheres10/10/11
1/15/10 04:00GreensboroNCUSALight45Light shaped reflective star that moving over the sky in a westerly direction.2/14/10
1/12/10 19:20Deep RunNCUSAOther10 secondsCar like object in the sky2/14/10
1/10/10 14:00CaryNCUSAChanging15 minObject appears and hovers, strange maneuvering.2/14/10
1/5/10 18:15RockwellNCUSACigar40 secondsBrilliant silver/white silent object flew into sight, slowed, paused then faded from sight.2/14/10
1/2/10 20:12WaxhawNCUSASphere1 minutered glow/flame over waxhaw, nc2/14/10
12/29/09 20:50DurhamNCUSAFireball5 secondsBlue-white fire ball over Durham2/14/10
12/22/09 22:45LexingtonNCUSALight10 minutesSlow moving White lights moving from north to south.2/14/10
12/11/09 18:00Spruce PineNCUSACylinder30 secondsFast, silent, low flying cylinder in Blue Ridge Mtns of North Carolina12/12/09
12/2/09 21:00ConoverNCUSALight3 minuteswhite light hovering, glowing, and disappearing.4/13/10
11/26/09 19:00Lake ToxawayNCUSA30 seconds2 bights lights traveling together faster than an airplane then suddenly fading and disappearing12/12/09
11/24/09 18:10RalleighNCUSATriangle10 minv-shaped object with white and red flashing lights moving slowly over falls lake12/12/09
11/23/09 18:25AshevilleNCUSALight30 secondsSilent white lights slowly move low in the sky then vanish.12/20/12
11/21/09 06:00ValdeseNCUSATriangle2 minutesWatching movie, cousin got my attention, pointed at craft outside literally floating in the air as if it was on ice. Never changing alt12/12/09
11/17/09 03:00Wrightsville BeachNCUSADisk1.25 hours11/17/09 a disc w/ flashing lights hovered off coast of NC for 1hr+ moving horizontally then climbing off at a steep angle.12/12/09
11/16/09 00:00SanfordNCUSAOtheron goingred object with white lights around it, moving up & down.12/12/09
11/14/09 19:00RockinghamNCUSATriangle10 secondsTriangle Craft 3 White Lights- non-flashing12/12/09
11/7/09 23:00FranklinNCUSAUnknown1 hour2 group of lights in Eastern Sky about 11:00 PM. Lights turned colors, white, red, and blue. Sorry I couldn't see their shape.12/12/09
11/5/09 22:45FranklintonNCUSAFireball4 secondsamber in color single fireball with no tail effect traveling west, seemed to travel faster than all known aircraft.12/12/09
11/3/09 19:30Fuquay VarinaNCUSALight2 minutes5 bright lights that were slanted appeared next to each other in the night sky over Fuquay Varina, NC.12/12/09
10/28/09 23:52Surf CityNCUSAFlash1 hour and still stationaCraft appeared to bounce close to ground before shooting straight up into the sky and has been stationary for an hour+.12/12/09
10/28/09 19:45DurhamNCUSALight3-4 minutes3 bright lights over Durham12/12/09
10/26/09 20:25RaleighNCUSALight5 minutes20 flickering red lights in imperfect succession, floating up and vanishing into the clouds.12/12/09
10/22/09 00:00Deep GapNCUSADisk3 1/2 hrsFive lighted craft dance about Orion during a meteor shower, spotted from the Appalachian Mountains.12/12/09
10/20/09 01:55BurnsvilleNCUSAChanging2:27Star-like, color changing triangle shape object12/12/09
10/18/09 00:00RaleighNCUSAUnknown2 minsBright light/hovering craft seen in raleigh near state fair around midnight.12/12/09
10/10/09 20:45WilmingtonNCUSALight10minutesTwo lights seen with a lighting of something strobe like near the ground.12/12/09
10/9/09 20:45WilmingtonNCUSAOval5 secondsI came home last night, I live in apartments, and I was pulling into my parking area only to notice 3 red lights in the sky. I remembe12/12/09
10/8/09 21:00ShallotteNCUSACircle21:03unusual round orange lights12/12/09
10/8/09 12:00AngierNCUSAOval1 minuteAn oval shaped craft was seen for a minute then gone.12/12/09
10/7/09 19:00WilmingtonNCUSATriangle1-2 minsi've been looking to the sky nightly until now12/12/09
10/7/09 16:50WilkesboroNCUSA15 secondsObject was red and silver with no wings (cigar shaped) moving at slow jet speed.12/12/09
10/5/09 22:00MebaneNCUSAOther45 secondsI was smoking a cigarette on my porch, in the farm house I just moved into when what I thought was a jet coming over my house. I just m12/12/09
10/3/09 21:30TrentonNCUSAFormation18 secondsI saw a odd formation over hwy 4112/12/09
10/3/09 00:15RaleighNCUSACircle1 hourI saw 4 large white lights circling then meeting together and going back out again12/12/09
9/29/09 22:00Winston-SalemNCUSAFlash20 minutesa total of 7 flashing or glowing orbs apeared and then disapeared out of thin air, i was very much in shock for a few days.12/12/09
9/22/09 05:30CharlotteNCUSALight2-5 minsmall roving light turns to two, then comes toward us and changes size and color again.12/12/09
9/20/09 22:45LexingtonNCUSACircle2 hours +I thought it was a star until it moved quickly northward.12/12/09
9/19/09 19:50Wrightsville BeachNCUSADisk10 secondsGlowing disk with single beam sighted at Wrightsville Beach 9/19/09 at 7:50p.m. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/15/09 22:00Sunset BeachNCUSALight20 minutesMysterious Lights witnessed over Sunset Beach, NC12/12/09
9/15/09 21:30Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight15 MINUTESStrange lights over Ocean Isle Beach, NC.12/12/09
9/13/09 05:00CharlotteNCUSAChevron5 secondsFaint chevron-shaped object over Charlotte, NC12/12/09
9/12/09 20:30TeacheyNCUSAUnknown2 minsa light beamed down from the sky onto the ground12/12/09
9/11/09 23:00LeasburgNCUSATriangle15 minsi need help with my case11/21/10
9/8/09 21:00North TopsailNCUSATriangleall nightBig Bright Traingular Shaped Light over the skies of North Topsail Beach, NC12/12/09
9/6/09 05:50MooresvilleNCUSADisk2 hoursUFO over Lake Norman, NC12/12/09
9/5/09 21:40HendersonvilleNCUSAChangingabout 1.5 minutesPossible UFO sighting over Hendersonville, NC12/12/09
9/5/09 20:30Lake gGastonNCUSAFireball1 minFireball that hovered then took off in an upward diagnal at a high speed over the lake.12/12/09
9/2/09 12:05CharlotteNCUSASphere5 minutesBright, spherical object flying over Charlotte, NC12/12/09
9/1/09 18:00FleetwoodNCUSASphere5 minutesOpaque objects that seemed to disappear once they got above the horizon9/30/13
9/1/09 14:00St. Paul's areaNCUSATeardropA few secondsSilver craft seen in North Carolina12/12/09
8/29/09 21:10HuntersvilleNCUSACylinder5 minutesCylinder shaped object with orange glow, slowly moving to the east before disappearing from site.12/12/09
8/28/09 22:00Kure BeachNCUSATriangle5 MinutesBright Orange lights over Kure Beach North Carolina12/12/09
8/12/09 21:00Salter PathNCUSADisk45 minutesDisc shaped object with red and white lights observed flying over the ocean for 45 minutes.8/27/09
8/3/09 21:30Ocean IsleNCUSALight30Orange Lights in Southern Sky near Ocean Isle, NC8/5/09
7/26/09 03:30BooneNCUSALightseveral hoursBright light appears still but leaves motion trail on digital camera8/5/09
7/15/09 21:00CharlotteNCUSACircle60 secondsStrange balls of light in the sky12/12/11
7/15/09BrevardNCUSAUnknown10-15 secondsA lighted object moved unnaturally and too quickly across sky as seen form a mountaintop.8/5/09
7/11/09Asheville (general area)NCUSAChevron30 minutesExtremely Large, Slow Moving, V-Shaped Cloud-like Formation in Night Sky.1/16/15
7/10/09 19:15RaleighNCUSALight10 secondsA strange bright light appeared to the west of Raleigh, NC at 19:15 hours on 9=10=09.12/12/09
7/7/09 23:28MooresvilleNCUSAOther6 secondslarge, bright meteor seen over Mooresville, North Carolina.8/5/09
7/7/09 23:00WaynesvilleNCUSALight30 seconds2 bright lights like stars or satellites; one following the other, then dimmed as they turned (toward space?)8/5/09
7/6/09 01:00Myrtle BeachNCUSATriangle30Very close vivid encounter with a triangular craft on the shoreline of Myrtle Beach. (also a white ball of light)7/4/12
7/4/09 21:45CharlotteNCUSALight2 minutes2 red glowing lights in the distant sky moved left to right matching speed slowly until disappearing after 2 minutes.8/5/09
7/4/09 21:15ShelbyNCUSALight3 minutesIt was not fully dark yet. Saw these 9 red lights moving very very slowly they were moving as if they were hooked together.The had the8/5/09
7/1/09 22:00Atlantic BeachNCUSALight30 minutestwo red/ orange lights over ocean8/5/09
7/1/09 18:00GreensboroNCUSASpherea few secondsSmall metallic orb flying NE at an altitude of several hundred feet.4/13/10
6/29/09 22:15WaxhawNCUSALight10 minutesSlow travelling non-blinking light high in the sky that changed travel direction8/5/09
6/15/09 22:00SwannanoaNCUSALight30 secondsBright, large white and blue object in Swannanoa, NC8/5/09
6/9/09 22:00North Carolina (location unspecified)NCUSAOther4 secondsSideways "S" shape, green.8/5/09
6/5/09 21:16AdvanceNCUSASphere20 secondsGreenish orb being chased by lighted military helicopter and blacked out helicopter. Flying SW approx 150 ft off ground. Orb was very6/9/09
5/31/09 19:00RandlemanNCUSALight1 minuteBright light split into two dim lights then disappeared.6/9/09
5/29/09 21:15TaylorsvilleNCUSAUnknown45 minutesone object red blinking lights, 8 objects white solid alternately blinking, starting in v formation then random 45 minutes duration8/5/09
5/27/09 08:25GreensboroNCUSAOval20 secondsoval shaped object flying overhead far faster than any airplane12/12/09
5/26/09 21:00Oak IslandNCUSALight45 minutesTwo reddish-orange lights appearing 2-4 seconds, then reappearing every 5-10 minutes, several smaller lights twinkling continuously6/9/09
5/22/09 21:30Nags HeadNCUSAUnknown30 min total20+ ufos seen by 15+ people launching from the ocean only to disappear in the sky6/9/09
5/20/09 21:15RaleighNCUSATriangle:00:45Triangle shaped craft with 4 white lights and 1 blinking red light passed silently overhead6/9/09
5/20/09 20:30AshevilleNCUSADisk2 minutesA saucer shape object appeared in the air a few hundred yards away and went downwards behind the trees.6/9/09
5/17/09 22:00HampsteadNCUSATriangle5 minutesStar Destroyer shaped ufo low in the night sky!12/12/09
5/14/09 22:23StanleyNCUSALight20 secondsVery large bright light in sky hovering, the flew out into space in 5 seconds and was gone.6/9/09
5/13/09 05:40WashingtonNCUSALightabout one minutelarge bright burning slow moving white light at dawn6/9/09
4/28/09 22:45HamletNCUSALight15 minutesTwo lights moving slowly south while perfectly parrallel to eachother5/12/09
4/28/09 00:29ThomasvilleNCUSAFormation20 minutesseries of stationary blinking white and red lights5/12/09
4/27/09 23:00High PointNCUSAFireball1 minute7 bright orange glowing lights in a steady formation going NW.8/27/09
4/27/09 22:30Tuxedo (on US Hwy 25, between Tuxedo and I-26 exit)NCUSAOther5 mins minMetal ball with flashing lights hovering next to US 25 in Henderson county, NC5/12/09
4/27/09 21:44MarshallNCUSALightAbout 10 minutesFour balls of light over NC12/12/09
4/27/09 20:18High PointNCUSAFireball3hrsMultiple round, bright orange objects flew above High Point, NC5/12/09
4/20/09 00:00DurhamNCUSATriangleabout 5 minsLarge triangular craft seen hovering over power lines2/14/10
4/18/09 05:00RodantheNCUSAUnknown80 minutesStarlike shape with beams of light that changed shape5/12/09
4/17/09 22:35NashvilleNCUSAOval7-8 secondsTwo craft sighted in the night sky over Nashville, NC, flying in a North Northeast direction.5/12/09
4/16/09 20:30TripletNCUSAUnknown15 days plusLife changing mind blowing unreal to much for 1 person36/9/09
4/9/09 20:45Pawleys IslandNCUSA90 secondsWhile standing on a patio looking over the ocean, a two red/orange light immediately and obviously appeared over the ocean, one directl4/14/09
4/9/09 08:12CharlotteNCUSACylinderabout 6 minutesBright White/Chrome Cylinder against Carolina Blue clear sky.4/14/09
4/9/09 08:12CharlotteNCUSACylinder5-7 minutesRotating Cylindrical object passes overhead.4/14/09
4/8/09 22:00Holden BeachNCUSALight40 minutesHolden Beach NC - Big Orange Light Over The Ocean In The Night Sky4/13/10
4/8/09 21:30Pawleys IslandNCUSA<10 SecsRed Orange Light off the Coast of South Carolina4/14/09
4/4/09 23:30GreensboroNCUSAFireballUnknownLarge flickering light rising slowly in sky.4/14/09
4/4/09 17:00Pilot RockNCUSAOval30-45 secondsufo sighting in pilot mountain, north carolina5/12/09
4/3/09 01:00DurhamNCUSADiskMinutesHave video for sale of this UFO that seems to be a Mothership!!!There are six of them in orbit, Above us.??? 500 Lights On Object0: Y4/14/09
3/30/09 07:52KernersvilleNCUSARectangle9 minutesDaytime Object spotted on outskirts of Kernersville, North Carolina4/14/09
3/29/09 21:45White LakeNCUSAFireball15 SecondsI was driving down the NC 41 between White Lake and Tomahawk, North Carolina and I saw a bright green light strike the ground. It came4/14/09
3/26/09 21:15Mills RiverNCUSAFormation10 minutes3 circling lights, 1 stationary light, 5-10 minutes in one place, vanished mysteriously4/14/09
3/22/09 00:00WilmingtonNCUSACone30 minutesa bright light shined on me and 5 buddies and then we saw ufos4/14/09
3/20/09 05:00MorgantonNCUSAUnknown10secondsA light was seen reflecting off the house and trees from an unknown source.4/14/09
3/20/09 02:30HendersonvilleNCUSAFireballunknownFireball seen by sheriff's deputy4/14/09
3/18/09 22:18LexingtonNCUSAFormation5 min7 boomerang objects viewed flying in formation that had irregular flying pattern3/19/09
3/13/09 13:30LenoirNCUSASphere2 minutesI didn't say anything to anyone until I spotted some footage on YouTube that showed the EXACT same object!4/14/09
3/8/09 19:00WendellNCUSASphere20 minObserved unexplained object(s) in the sky near Raleigh, NC3/19/09
3/7/09 17:15RaleighNCUSARectangle3-4 minutesraleigh nc - ufo spotted east of the city - rectangle craft, reflecting in the sun - extreme hig altitude and fast3/19/09
3/5/09 06:45ShannonNCUSACircle15 min.doughnut shaped, brightly lite, hovering object southeastern NC 6:45 am on 3/05/20093/19/09
2/24/09 21:30DallasNCUSACigar10 secondsTo whom it may concern; I want to report a UFO sighting I witnessed on Jan.24th 2009 at 9:30 EST. I live in Gaston County, N.C. out3/19/09
2/16/09 00:02SwannanoaNCUSA7 min.lSwannanoa nc 1202 am large pale light then bright flash helicopter type blades disappeared instantly3/19/09
2/15/09 05:08KannapolisNCUSAFireballsecondslarge white flame in the Southern Sky3/19/09
2/13/09 21:00FairviewNCUSAOval3 minutesWhite light rose vertically from ground, oval craft hovered over trees then flew over house and ascended.3/19/09
2/11/09 11:00EssexNCUSACigar20-30 secondsClear daylight sighting of a bright object which rapidly accelerated and disappeared.3/19/09
2/10/09 16:00HickoryNCUSAChangingnormalBlack object hubbering in the clouds...3/19/09
2/10/09 12:00HollisterNCUSACigar8-10 minutesBrilliant silver vertical cigar shaped object moving slowly which suddenly disappeared followed by a big flash.3/19/09
2/6/09 21:00MaysvilleNCUSAFireball1 min +Moving bright light over Maysville3/19/09
1/25/09 03:15GreensboroNCUSAUnknown7 to 9 secondsHigh Explosion-Loud Hish-Ground-shaking Boom3/19/09
1/19/09 18:45CameronNCUSAUnknown7 minutesMe and two other witnesses have seen a medium sized red light in the sky just gliding along quietly above our residential neighborhood.3/19/09
1/15/09 15:00JacksonvilleNCUSACircle10 secondsI was sitting in my p/u in the Piney Green shopping center.3/19/09
1/15/09 04:00TarboroNCUSASphere2 MinutesPossible ufo sighting ;3/19/09
1/14/09 20:25PinehurstNCUSAFireballover 5 min.I took the dogs out and saw a light way too big to be a star in the direction of Fort Bragg. I then saw the lights of an aircraft besid3/19/09
1/12/09 10:00ArdenNCUSALight11:00Bright star-shaped light with red center through binos appeared to have yellow and blue trails or bursts coming out of it.3/19/09
1/8/09 20:10LincolntonNCUSALight45 minutesBright light in western sky that did not look normal. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD))1/10/09
1/8/09 18:30Lake WaccamawNCUSADisk4 minutes5 unexplainable objects circling in the sky, moving rapidly and the lights were changing.1/10/09
1/4/09 22:00MantoNCUSALight30 secondsbright yellow white light above me, 10 seconds later turned bright white and tore away at a 45 degree angle, gone in 4 seconds3/19/09
1/3/09 15:00DurhamNCUSADiamondone shot of cameraThis is a picture of a UFO I caught on the 3rd day of January, 20093/19/09
1/2/09 18:00ClaytonNCUSAEggsix hours((HOAX??)) 4 egg shaped lights, one takes off very rapidly.1/10/09
1/1/09 23:15High PointNCUSACircle13 minsRound Shaped object had triangle pattern lights under carriage, the top had a series of lights in circle. Object stood sitll in air.3/19/09
1/1/09 17:00AsheboroNCUSACigar3-4 min.Silver Cigar Shaped object at high altitude moving West.8/5/09
12/30/08 21:00Black MountainNCUSALight40 minutesWe have 5 minutes of video we took of a three dimentional white light that would morph into a six sided web shape1/10/09
12/29/08 20:05JacksonvilleNCUSAChevron30 - 45 secBoomerang object with no sound seen in night sky1/10/09
12/29/08 18:00ThomasvilleNCUSAOther15 sec.White light zipped though the sky.1/10/09
12/29/08 16:30AsheboroNCUSADisk30 secondsAs I was in the car, I saw a white object in the sky which wasn't moving, just hovering there. It had distinct sharp ends on each side,1/10/09
12/29/08 05:15Mt. GileadNCUSAOval5 secondsSaw what I believe were 3 UFO's in sky over Lake Tillery,NC on morning of 12/29/08 about 5am.1/10/09
12/29/08 01:15PinehurstNCUSALightabout 1 minuteA brilliant flashing white light was beaming into one of my bedroom windows for about 1 minute. This has happened sporadically down thr1/10/09
12/27/08 19:30NewberryNCUSALight20 secondsLarge green light appeared falling from sky and disappearing behind mountains-no tail or aura present.1/10/09
12/15/08 23:00FuquayNCUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle shape with no center; clouds pass through the middle of the triangle.8/5/09
12/6/08 18:45HendersonvilleNCUSALightApprox. 30 minutesStar-like objects fade in and out, and move in patterns unusual for conventional aircraft1/10/09
12/5/08 02:00WilmingtonNCUSATriangle5 secondsTriangular Orange Glowing Lights Seen Over Wilmington, NC8/5/09
12/3/08 01:00DurhamNCUSADiamondsecondsHave a picture of digital photo/ UFO.1/10/09
12/3/08 00:00DurhamNCUSADiamond15 minHave a picture of digital photo/ UFO. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes1/10/09
11/27/08 20:00Mount HollyNCUSALight45 minutesTwo stationary white lights mysteriously 'disappear.' ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD))1/10/09
11/25/08 19:00West JeffersonNCUSALightabout a secondShooting star with NO TAIL or UFO1/10/09
11/18/08 18:30WilmingtonNCUSACircle45mins3 unexplained circular lights over the ocean in North Carolina3/19/09
11/17/08 19:00FranklintonNCUSALight4 Minutes2 orange orbs 1 orb circled around the motionless one, then went up and took off.1/10/09
11/16/08 18:00Winston-SalemNCUSALightapprox. 50min.A mysterous, and very bright lumanating craft seen hoovering high over Clemmons, N.C1/10/09
11/15/08 03:00North Topsail BeachNCUSALight20 minutesGlowing orbs in my room12/12/11
11/8/08 13:15DanburyNCUSACylinderAprox 6 Mincigar or cylinder shape object moving at a good rate of speed1/10/09
11/7/08 19:35FaisonNCUSATriangle10-30 secondsThree aircraft shaped like triangles observed at night--appeared to be moving very slowly, if at all.11/9/18
11/6/08 19:00KenlyNCUSAUnknown30 min1 Craft with multicolors flashing rapidly stationary at high altitude for 30min. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of star or planet?? PD))1/10/09
11/6/08 18:00FayettevilleNCUSAFireball5 secondsIt was a a yellow fire ball falling fast towards the noth of Fayetteville , NC1/10/09
11/2/08 18:15LaurinburgNCUSAOval10 Min.I have pictures.1/10/09
11/2/08 01:00GreensboroNCUSALight30UFO BRIGHT LIGHTS LIKE A POLICE HELICOPTER GREEN TO RED TO WHITE. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))1/10/09
11/1/08 20:40AshevilleNCUSAFlash2 secondsbright, wide disintegrating light, low in sky, moving horizontally1/10/09
10/30/08 21:20Laurel HillNCUSATriangle5 minutesThree red light in triangular shape being followed by two helicopters.10/31/08
10/30/08 06:50Apex/CaryNCUSATriangle5 MinutesSpotted: a triangular shaped object hovering slight above treeline level at the border of Apex and Cary.1/10/09
10/28/08 23:30CharlotteNCUSACross20 minutesStars moved as group, not airplane.10/31/08
10/28/08 21:00MarionNCUSAFlash1 hour and half then I quMore than ten ufo lights flying around in sky.10/31/08
10/28/08 19:26MoyockNCUSATriangle3minit seemed to be going extremely slow with bright lights10/31/08
10/22/08 21:00CharlotteNCUSAOther5 minutesStrange lights over the highway not a plane or helicopter.10/31/08
10/21/08 13:00FayettevilleNCUSADisk6 secondsAnomalous aircraft seen over Fayetteville N.C. citizen.10/31/08
10/20/08 10:20JacksonvilleNCUSAUnknownalmost 5 minutesBright white light seen over jacksonville, moving in odd directions and fading until unseen.10/31/08
10/18/08 23:00AshevilleNCUSADiamond5 secondsSILVER OBJECT IN ASHEVILLE N.C.10/31/08
10/16/08 20:00HavelockNCUSAFireball>1 secondBright, white, extremely large meteor-like object seen in night sky.10/31/08
10/15/08 00:22ArdenNCUSATriangle4 SecondsBlack Triangle crossing the face of the moon viewed from a 8" Dobsonian Telescope with star tracking software1/10/09
10/3/08 11:58DenverNCUSALight5 secondsI saw 2 rapid moving dimly glowing lights moving jaggedly vertically across the sky.10/31/08
10/3/08 10:25LincolntonNCUSACigarabout 5 mincigar shaped ufo in daylight, clear sky!!!!!10/31/08
10/2/08 05:10BensonNCUSAOther30secondsunknown looking craft10/31/08
10/1/08 20:00WilsonNCUSACircle10 minutesStar shaped light blinking and rotating - then two of same lights after cloud went over and began to move10/31/08
10/1/08 08:00Hope MillsNCUSAFireball10Round fireball in the sky sitting still appeared and disappeared 3 or 4 times. Large in size.1/10/09
9/30/08 20:30FayettevilleNCUSALight1-2 MinPossible UFO chased by fighter jet over or near Fort Bragg/Pope AFB NC.3/19/09
9/22/08 20:00New BernNCUSALight3 minutesthey were both bright lights.12/12/09
9/20/08 10:30ApexNCUSAOtherminsThree silver balls forming a triangle shape10/31/08
9/19/08 20:00TarboroNCUSALight1-2 minutesLarge bright light traveling northeast from the area near the planet Jupiter10/31/08
9/14/08 10:00CharlotteNCUSARectangle15 minLarge dark gray rectangle hovering in northern sky10/31/08
9/14/08 06:10BensonNCUSAOther4 minsvery bright star object10/31/08
9/10/08 20:42Holden BeachNCUSALight30 minutesFlashing lights in the sky10/31/08
9/7/08 19:00Wake ForestNCUSADiamond3 minutesA UFO making strange movements and odd blinking lights10/31/08
9/3/08 22:45Moravian FallsNCUSAUnknown2 minutes +Traveling home from Church band rehearsel wed i passed into view of my Dad`s old trailer, you can see a wonderful horizon.10/31/08
9/3/08 08:44SanfordNCUSAUnknown30 sec.not sure what this was10/31/08
8/29/08 19:30HendersonvilleNCUSACircle5 minutesWe were walking in the front yard when we noticed red circles moving and stopping in the sky.10/31/08
8/23/08 21:20HickoryNCUSAFlash2 secBlue-Green Flash in the North Carolina Sky10/31/08
8/20/08 20:00LumbertonNCUSACigar20 SecondsI was taking a walk when i looked up to see a shiny bolt, which was no airplane.10/31/08
8/19/08 22:00Oak IslandNCUSACircle20 MinutesOur family witnessed three circles of white light that appeard to go off and come back on again then changed formation from stright ac10/31/08
8/11/08 09:30RaleighNCUSALight>1 minwhite light traveling horizontally, sped up very fast and then disappeared.8/12/08
8/2/08 22:30Fuquay VarinaNCUSASphere1 minuteRound silent turqouise glowing orb floating up and away toward Raleigh North Carolina8/12/08
7/31/08 21:20SalisburyNCUSACircle5-10secthen10-15Orange moving lights in the sky.8/12/08
7/27/08 22:00AshevilleNCUSALight3-5 minutestwo dim lights following too closely to be satellites or airplanes...8/12/08
7/27/08 00:18Cedar PointNCUSALight1 & 1/2 hoursEight people witnessed strange lights on the beach in Cedar Pointe, NC8/12/08
7/25/08 20:30CaryNCUSALight3-5 minutesTo bright, to smooth, but mostly to fast8/12/08
7/24/08 21:30Southern ShoresNCUSAUnknown2 minutesThree flashing red lights in the sky, moved in a triangular formation, moved towards me, then away, then disappeared.8/12/08
7/21/08 03:18KernersvilleNCUSAChanging18 minutesCylinder object morphs to Sphere shape with Amber colored light over Kernersville, NC8/12/08
7/18/08 10:35OxfordNCUSALight5 minsBright lights 100 ft off the ground8/12/08
7/16/08 22:00Indian BeachNCUSALight10 minutesStrange lights over Atlantic Ocean8/12/08
7/13/08 19:00StedmanNCUSADisk1 minuteSilver Cigar Shaped Object Seen8/12/08
7/10/08 21:30Kill Devil HillsNCUSAUnknown10 minAt least 5 orange crafts following each other with 2-3 minutes of separation8/12/08
7/4/08 22:30Oak GroveNCUSAUnknown5 secPulsing object covering great distance in approx. 4 seconds.8/12/08
7/3/08 11:00RaleighNCUSACylinder2 to 3 secondsIt was a long slim cylinder of shiny metal with two colored sections-one red and one black each about 1/4 of the length of the craft.8/12/08
7/1/08 21:30WallaceNCUSAChevron10 secondsBlack chevron triangle with 5 dim circular lights/city block size/silent, flying tree top level2/4/13
7/1/08 15:00SmithfieldNCUSAEggsecondsEggshaped ufo spotted near plane10/31/08
6/25/08 21:55Ocean IsleNCUSAUnknown3 minutes5 golden orbs light up in a straight line over the ocean, then dim and disappear.7/5/08
6/24/08 22:45HickoryNCUSALight00:00:20Bright red light in the sky disappeared7/5/08
6/24/08 22:00GreensboroNCUSAChevron5 secondsChevron shaped UFO over skies of Greensboro, NC7/5/08
6/24/08 13:30Silver CityNCUSAOtherphotoTriangle and Disc photos taken after electrical disturbance in home.7/5/08
6/17/08 21:31ClintonNCUSAFireball10 SecondsClinton NC, around 21:31 hours an orange circular object was spotted west of U.S. Highway 421, it remained visible for only 10 seconds7/5/08
6/13/08 17:00StatesvilleNCUSATriangle((HOAX??)) My friend and I saw a Triangular craft fly above her house.8/12/08
6/6/08 23:00MebaneNCUSAUnknownapprox 2 minutesstrange moving light in the night sky above Mebane, North Carolina6/12/08
6/5/08 02:08CharlotteNCUSACircle3 hoursMoving Craft Overlooking Charlotte, NC6/12/08
6/2/08 21:00BoomerNCUSATrianglefive minutesTriangular undentified flying object/aircraft traveled in a south western direction over boomer nc june 08.2/14/10
6/2/08 12:00RodantheNCUSATriangleunknownBlack unexplained trangle rodanth NC7/5/08
5/25/08 16:00CharlotteNCUSAUnknownUFO seen over NASCAR race in Charlotte, NC - Memorial Day weekend - May 25, 20087/5/08
5/22/08 08:23DurhamNCUSACigarunbelievable ufo in sky6/12/08
5/19/08 03:40PittsboroNCUSALighttwo secondsAs a sixty-year old, i oftentimes wake up in the middle of the night-unable to sleep. Last week, (i wrote down somewhere the exact d6/12/08
5/14/08 00:30CharlotteNCUSACylinder3 secondsOn 5-14-2008 at about 0030 hours I observed a very bright glowing green object(almost neon green) descending from the sky towards the g6/12/08
5/10/08 03:30PittsboroNCUSALightthree secondsOne brillian pin-point of light appeared, without a trail or tail ,then dissappeared7/5/08
5/3/08 12:00Silver CityNCUSASphere5 minutesBlack Sphere observed flying low over town in broad daylight6/12/08
4/30/08 23:08New BernNCUSAFlash?Flashing, stationary type light6/12/08
4/25/08 13:00DurhamNCUSAOval2 minObject viewed over I-40 during daylight6/12/08
4/21/08 23:30DurhamNCUSATriangle3 to 4 min.large triangular craft with 5 lights1 a red blinking light,hovering until i arrived right next to it and slowly dissappeared6/12/08
4/19/08 23:00Silk Hope (near)NCUSADisk3-4 minutesThree people saw disc-shaped craft with chaser lights, flying slowly and smoothly at high altitude, 4/19 at 2300.1/10/09
4/16/08 15:40DurhamNCUSADisk10 secondsShiney Blob of Metal Hovering in Broad Daylight Durham NC4/17/08
4/15/08 21:30CaryNCUSAUnknown5 MinutesStationary Light Flashing Erratically, and Low Flying Object. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))4/17/08
4/15/08 10:45Moravian FallsNCUSAUnknown30 secSeen while driving on Price road off Hy 16 inMoravian Falls. I TOOK it to be Sirius, as thats what it looked like. From my view point a6/12/08
4/14/08 03:58Chapel HillNCUSAFireball1-2 SecBright descending burst of light.6/12/08
4/10/08 22:00FranklintonNCUSAOther10 daysConstantly viewing organisms or unidentified object with a telescope...much activity---6/12/08
4/10/08 20:44GreenvilleNCUSAFormation12-15 secondsfour large greenish hazy lights, in straight line formation, moving very fast, no sound4/17/08
4/8/08 22:35StatesvilleNCUSAChangingapproximately 7 minutesBrightly lit, triangular craft flying closely over my home.6/12/08
4/2/08 00:20CramertonNCUSAFlash3-4 minutesFlashing light (multiple colors) in the skys over cramerton and ranlo nc just above the horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))4/17/08
3/28/08 20:30ShelbyNCUSALight16 minutesMarch 28, 2008 I sighted two orange objects stationary near Sirius. One orange star like in appearance was at the three o’clock positi6/12/08
3/27/08 22:00Pope AFBNCUSATriangle1-2hrsObjects could be F-117s6/12/08
3/27/08 21:35RaleighNCUSATriangle15 secondsLarge triangle shaped object with 2 lights flying low to the ground over a major highway3/31/08
3/26/08 20:30Hatteras VillageNCUSALight45 seconds3 orange lights appeared in a line,one blinked out only to reappear above the next in line,it happened 3-4 times then lights disapeared4/17/08
3/21/08 20:00CharlotteNCUSALight2-3 secondsBright green light disappeared above Charlotte skyline.3/31/08
3/21/08 12:55CharlotteNCUSACircle2 minuteswhite circular object falls in behind commercial liner-middle of day3/31/08
3/21/08 12:55CharlotteNCUSACircle30 secondsMy first true UFO sighting!3/31/08
3/20/08 22:00Rocky MountNCUSAStrange events in suburbia.3/31/08
3/15/08 21:30WadesboroNCUSAFormation2 MINUTES7 Red lights in a straight line they were there no noise no movement and were gone7/5/08
3/15/08 14:00Winston-SalemNCUSATriangle3 minred white and blue lights rippling black on the bottom huge!!3/19/09
3/8/08 22:30GastoniaNCUSALight15-25 secondsObserved 5-6 reddish orange lights traveling acroos the sky in a formation, then they swirled around and disappeared.3/31/08
3/5/08 22:00SouthportNCUSAFireball10-14 secondsWe were fishing at night for trout when I looked up in the sky and saw a large fireball moving very rapidly across the sky. I asked my3/31/08
3/4/08 00:00RoperNCUSALight4 minutesA bright golf ball-sized light was centered on my rear view mirror, then jetted quickly to the left and disappeared.3/19/09
3/1/08 23:00AlbemarleNCUSAChevronfive secondsFaint chevron-shaped object over Albemarle, NC.12/12/09
2/29/08 07:04Elm CityNCUSAUnknown5 secondsI saw a bright light that was intensly brilliant for a short moment than dimly traveled in a southerly direction.3/4/08
2/28/08 12:00HickoryNCUSAUnknown30 minThe chrome dot never moved from its position.3/4/08
2/27/08 19:44HavelockNCUSATriangle4 minutesAt 7:44 PM, on February 27th 2008, I was on my way home when I saw a massive object on the corner of my eye. I looked to see what it wa3/4/08
2/25/08 20:20GreenvilleNCUSALight5minsA light with no blinking lights at all. ((NUFORC Note: possible satellite, or tumbling booster, we wonder. PD))3/4/08
2/20/08 22:40FayettevilleNCUSACircle5 secondsUFO observed in front of the Moon during FULL Lunar Eclipse 20 February 2008 in Fayetteville, NC6/9/09
2/17/08 20:00WeddingtonNCUSACircle1-2 minutesA round object with 4 bright lights in the front hovered, flew away, and dissapeared3/4/08
2/13/08 23:30AydenNCUSAOval3 secondsUnexpected UFO Sighting3/4/08
2/8/08 11:32WallaceNCUSAOther30 secondsBoomerang type object hovvering silently right above the treetops.3/19/09
1/31/08 06:47CharlotteNCUSAUnknown45 minutesTwo lights in the sky as the sun came up2/14/08
1/30/08 21:00AdvanceNCUSAOtherapprox=3-4hrsOrganized movement of mulitple lights/ a circular pattern. ((NUFORC Note:2/14/08
1/28/08 16:20Rocky MountNCUSAOther15 secondsWitnessed a bright stationary object seen next to passing jet travelling at cruise altitude.12/12/09
1/26/08 19:00CharlotteNCUSAFormation30 minutes5 bright flashing lights hovering horizontally in Charlotte NC sky at night2/14/08
1/25/08 22:00MaidenNCUSACircle15 minutesStrange Object/Light over Maiden, NC Area2/14/08
1/22/08 05:00FayettevilleNCUSAUnknown10 minutesBrilliant amber light in sky near Fayetteville NC2/14/08
1/18/08 21:00CherryvilleNCUSATriangle20 secondsTriangle shaped object seen in NC sky1/21/08
1/15/08 21:00WarrentonNCUSACircle10 secondsCraziest thing ive ever seen9/24/12
1/15/08 19:00Chapel HillNCUSATriangle1-2 minutesFlying Triangle1/21/08
1/4/08 20:37Indian TrailNCUSADiskEveningTwo UFOs almost crash into each other, one is gone, the other sits and glides, then sits, then glides.1/21/08
12/31/07 19:30Lake ToxawayNCUSAOval8-10 secondsWhite streak with firey tail traveled horizonally from western horizon to eastern horizon in 10 seconds1/21/08
12/14/07 19:15CaryNCUSASphere10-15 secondsLarge round bright object seen flying above tree line in Cary, NC3/4/08
12/12/07 21:25RaleighNCUSALight3 minutessuspicious flashing light white light at Kemp Rd and Highway 983/4/08
12/12/07 16:00CharlotteNCUSAChanging10 minutesit felw constant changing shapes3/4/08
12/10/07 19:20BatonNCUSAOther25 minslow-moving comet like tail with single strobe over western north carolina. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD))1/21/08
12/10/07 19:00High PointNCUSAOther25 minutes7:00 PM in the evening I noticed what looked immediately like a bright comet. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD))3/4/08
12/10/07 18:45PittsboroNCUSACone45 minutesUnexplained object moving SW to NE over North Carolina skies, tracked via refractor telescope. ((NUFORC Note: Missile fuel. PD))3/4/08
12/4/07 19:30SylvaNCUSATriangle10 secondsTriangle shaped object in WNC3/4/08
12/3/07 21:45MonroeNCUSAOtherONGOINGMonroe NC Unexplained stationary hovering lights. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial bodies?? PD))3/4/08
11/28/07 17:45Kings MountainNCUSADiamond15 minutesDiamond shaped object over Kings Mountain3/4/08
11/21/07 05:30GastoniaNCUSADiamond15 minutesObject moved straight up, left, right then back to center11/28/07
11/18/07 18:15PittsboroNCUSAOther15 secBright Green light, square shape11/28/07
11/9/07 18:30Indian TrailNCUSALightabout 2 secondsa bright red light seen to grow in size and intensity, then vanish. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Iridium satellite flare?? PD))11/28/07
11/5/07 13:00LincolntonNCUSACigar5 mincigar shaped ufo silver in color then flashed a bright light then vanished11/28/07
11/3/07 19:30BensonNCUSATriangle1 secondI saw a very brief sighting, of what I would describe as a stealth craft. It was dark gray colored, and the best that I could tell, was11/28/07
11/1/07 23:45Mars HillNCUSACirclesecondsextremely bright green ball of light11/28/07
11/1/07 19:30HertfordNCUSALight8 secondsbright star flashed then receded. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly the flare from an Iridium satellite. PD))11/28/07
10/28/07 20:42LeicesterNCUSADiskdigial photoDigital pictures of alien ship in Leicester NC11/28/07
10/21/07 02:00MooresvilleNCUSAUnknown8 seconds4 bright lights traveling at a very high rate of speed.11/28/07
10/21/07 00:00ZebulonNCUSADiskIt was a circle shape with a very bright Florissant lights glow to it11/28/07
10/13/07 20:28MooresvilleNCUSALight5 minutesThree large, round, bright orange lights coming together in the form of a rotating triangle11/28/07
10/9/07 21:33WaynesvilleNCUSADiskLonger than a cigarette bLarge glowing disk at Max Patch, NC...... abduction?11/28/07
10/8/07 23:55NewportNCUSAChangingalmost 1 hourBright blinking rows of lights with a red light that changed position, hovering in the northern and northwest sky.11/28/07
10/5/07 20:00ClemmonsNCUSADiamond30 minSparkling light, looks like a star, but flashes rainbow colors. Stays stationary. In Northwest sky. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))10/8/07
10/5/07 19:30ClemmonsNCUSALight1.5 HoursA very slow moving cluster of bright, brilliant lights10/8/07
10/3/07 00:00High PointNCUSATriangle15 minsbright lights spinning in the sky10/8/07
10/1/07 20:00TryonNCUSALight10 secondsStrange lights in NC sky.10/8/07
10/1/07 19:00BeulavilleNCUSATriangle5 secGreen Glowing Triangular Craft10/31/08
9/30/07 18:30ClarktonNCUSAOther5 MinutesThis was a reddish vertical streamer that drifted to the south and was in the western sky.10/8/07
9/26/07 21:20Kure BeachNCUSACircle30 seconds2 groupings of 3 and 4 bright orange round lights over the ocean horizon off the shore at Kure Beach, NC.10/8/07
9/25/07 21:30ShelbyNCUSACircle10 secRound, lighted object over Shelby, NC, hovered then zoomed away. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD))8/5/09
9/25/07 21:05WilmingtonNCUSALight60 secondsMultiple orange lights over ocean in eastern sky of North Carolina10/8/07
9/18/07 20:40KannapolisNCUSATriangle7-10 secondstriangular reddish reflective object flying South11/28/07
9/16/07 22:00AshevilleNCUSAChevron12 secondsBoomerang shaped object, glowing pink, red and yellow flying south.10/8/07
9/4/07 22:30Emerald IsleNCUSARectangle3 to 4 secondsThree vertical rows of huge bright red lights observed in Emerald Isle, NC over the ocean under Mars in the sky.10/8/07
9/2/07 23:39CharlotteNCUSAUnknown5-7 secondsGrayish object flying fast North to south over Independence Blvd10/8/07
8/30/07 21:00Sneads FerryNCUSAOther2 minutesTwo UFO's appear over a small neighbourhood in North Carolina.10/8/07
8/24/07 23:00ClaytonNCUSACircle20 secondsSteady bright white ball of light moving above tree line and then disappears in cloudless sky10/8/07
8/22/07 21:00North WilkesboroNCUSADiamond25-30 secondsDiamond-shaped light flying silently10/8/07
8/21/07 20:45CharlotteNCUSADisk10 minutes totalDisk-Shaped Objects w/ Red and White Lights Over Incoming Flight Path of Charlotte-Douglas International Airport10/8/07
8/21/07 12:00Topsail IslandNCUSADisk1 hour((HOAX??)) silver disk.10/8/07
8/17/07 21:00KannapolisNCUSADiamond1 hourMultiple sightings of star like object moving in rapid precise movements across the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius? PD)10/8/07
8/15/07 21:00CaryNCUSALight10 secondswalked out on back deck at twilight time red -white lite just above tree line cruises by heading west very very fast no noise or trail10/8/07
8/14/07 04:00Charlotte (Matthews)NCUSADisk3 minutesSaucer shaped object hovers then suddendly dissappears, only to reappear again8/14/07
8/5/07 22:00Oak IslandNCUSAOther30 Minutes3 green lights in horizontal formation converged into 1 bright orange light, 3 oranage lights reappeared in triangular formation10/8/07
8/4/07 03:30WilmingtonNCUSAFireball5 secondsFireball O'er Wilmington, NC. Unexplicable illuminations8/7/07
8/2/07 21:30GarnerNCUSALight1 minBright white light moves across sky and stops suddenly and reverses8/7/07
7/27/07 22:40RowlandNCUSATeardrop3-5 SecondsNeon Green object appears from behind cloud and Shoots faster than lightning across Sky.8/7/07
7/21/07 22:30CorneliusNCUSAOval20 secondsAn orange glowing object that made no noise nor did it move. After twenty seconds the light just slowly went out and was gone.8/7/07
7/16/07 23:30AngierNCUSACirclemy houseme and my uncle saw a bright red circle shape object8/7/07
7/16/07 22:40WilmingtonNCUSATriangleUnder ten sec.Triangular object with lights rotated as it flew over me.8/7/07
7/10/07 00:00Oak RidgeNCUSARectangletwice, both times were abrectangle shaped, low flying object over Oakridge, NC8/7/07
7/4/07 22:15NorwoodNCUSACylinderfive minutesCylinder, Amber Colored, no blinking lights, moving from South-to-North, extremely clear night.8/7/07
6/28/07 21:30Robbinsville (near)NCUSALight5 minutesFour orange lights seem in Graham county, North Caroline.8/7/07
6/25/07 22:30FayettevilleNCUSACigar10 secondsI was driving up to Raleigh, NC on I-95 N from Fayetteville, NC to visit some friends. It was about 10:30 at night. I am pretty sure it8/7/07
6/23/07 02:30SalisburyNCUSADisk5 to 10 secVery Strange UFO Sighting!!!!3/4/08
6/20/07 22:45HendersonvilleNCUSAOther90seconds2 stars slowly moving in unison and climbing the sky until that faintly and slowly disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: ISS w/ Shuttle. PD))8/7/07
6/4/07 22:20KannapolisNCUSAOval30 SecGlowing oval object over North Carolina sky6/12/07
5/30/07 21:00HubertNCUSASphere1 minute2 blinking lights observed from back porch for 1 minute duration. No sound. Dogs barking.6/12/07
5/26/07 19:00WilmingtonNCUSAOval20 minutesNear ILM airport ,before dusk we saw a oval orange tinted object not moving at first and then slowly moved and disapeared.6/12/07
5/12/07 22:00AshevilleNCUSADiskblue red bright lights stood still for approx one hour6/12/07
5/12/07 00:00Lake JocasseeNCUSALight00:05 (~5 min)Light size color and brightness of venus appears in sky and moves changing direction and hovering without noise, responded to a flare.6/12/07
5/5/07 03:00HendersonvilleNCUSALight5 secondsDo Stars shoot up?6/12/07
5/1/07 23:45PinnacleNCUSARectangle3-5 minutesRectangular object in the direction of HighWay 52 south, no sound, not moving, 2 amber colored lights6/12/07
4/30/07 23:00WilsonNCUSACigar10 minutes2 dark cigar shaped objects in night sky6/12/07
4/22/07 09:55CharlotteNCUSAFireballsplit secondI thought it was a firework at first...then I realized it was too big and way too fast. We live about 15 miles from airport....this wa4/27/07
4/18/07 23:30Black MountainNCUSARectangle15 secondsOn our way home we saw a large object with several lights stationary in the sky.4/27/07
4/16/07 08:45KannapolisNCUSADisk10 sec.Top &bottom of chrome disk in morning sky for 10-15 seconds,then it disapears!!4/27/07
4/14/07 23:30RaleighNCUSATriangle4 secondsGlowing green triangle moving at a very fast pace, stopping, flew away even faster, no noise over RBC Center.6/27/11
4/14/07 22:00RaleighNCUSATriangle7 secondsBright Green Triangle in sky zooms ahead and disappears in an instant.4/27/07
4/9/07 21:17CharlotteNCUSAOval6 minWeard light moving southeast of Charlotte, oval shape moving really slow4/27/07
4/9/07 14:20SpindaleNCUSAOval2 minutesOval object over Forest City, NC moving fast, then abrutly changing direction and altitude4/27/07
4/1/07 21:00MarionNCUSACircle5 MinutesLights with no aviation lights visable every night with large binoculars4/27/07
4/1/07 03:00MooresvilleNCUSAFireball3+ HoursStar appearance with rapid accelerations and instant major changes of velocity for over two hours witnessed by 5 people with some video4/27/07
3/28/07 19:00CaryNCUSATeardrop1-2 min2 red UFOs shuts off electrical equipment and makes noise.4/27/07
3/24/07 21:35MonroeNCUSALight2 MinutesBlinking light being chased by a military (?) aircraft...4/27/07
3/20/07 01:00CharlotteNCUSASphere4 hours((HOAX??)) I am actually a little freaked out that I am even in a position where I reporting something like this.4/27/07
3/15/07North WilkesboroNCUSAOtherImages of unidentified "object" accidentally located while viewing on "Streetview" in North Wilkesb12/30/16
3/14/07 22:19EdenNCUSARectangletwo to three secondsExtremely fast moving lights in North Carolina4/27/07
3/13/07 21:30JacksonvilleNCUSAOther1 hourLarge wing shaped mother ship with over 80 small craft formation4/27/07
3/12/07 00:00HendersonvilleNCUSALight30 secondsLocal TV station reports green light in skies over NC.8/7/07
3/1/07 00:30CharlotteNCUSALight2-3 minutesbizarre orange lights over south charlotte3/8/07
2/28/07 12:30CharlotteNCUSACircle1 minVery disturbing sight. Bright lights, tones of blue and white, and EXTREMELY loud rumbling noise.3/8/07
2/25/07 22:20HorseshoeNCUSAFireball5-8 secondsA fireball burning a bright greenish-yellow streaked across the road I was driving on.3/8/07
2/24/07 19:00Oak IslandNCUSAFireball20 minutesHuge light source, movement, flashing lights seen over Oak Island, North Carolina3/8/07
2/22/07 21:00Jefferson (7 miles east of)NCUSALight15 -20 secondsI saw a bright, orangish light in the sky that turned off, leaving no trail or any evidence that it was a search/landing light.2/24/07
2/21/07 21:17Spruce PineNCUSAFireball3-5 min.large neon green ball with greenand white tail shooting across sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))2/24/07
2/15/07 11:15KernersvilleNCUSACylinder2.00 mins.My wife and I were traveling on I-40 the day after valentines when we noticed what we thought was an airplane moving so slowly that it4/27/07
2/14/07 05:15Mount AiryNCUSALightcoming homestarship UFO over Mount Airy NC2/24/07
2/10/07 00:00LillingtonNCUSACircle2 minwird light8/14/07
2/4/07 21:45KingNCUSAUnknownsecondsWas the brightest red to orange colored object I have ever seen in the sky.2/24/07
2/1/07 23:30CharlotteNCUSAOval3 secondsa very high, fast, orange UFO over Charlotte NC4/27/07
1/26/07 04:10Rocky MountNCUSAOther1 minuteHuge combination of shapes, lit up with individual white, bright light2/1/07
1/24/07 20:00CharlotteNCUSAOtherAbout an hourUFO spotted over NC & SC.2/1/07
1/24/07 20:00LeicesterNCUSACircle2minutesGreen ball of light falls from the sky2/1/07
1/24/07 20:00FranklinNCUSAFireball3 secsGreen ball of light over Western NC2/1/07
1/24/07 19:00AshevilleNCUSAUnknown4 hoursLarge Sighting of Green Lights Seen In WNC During Night Of Jan 24th,2/1/07
1/24/07 12:10BunnNCUSACigar5 minlarge bright white, cigar shaped objected moving right to left while heading southeast on Old Halifax Road, near Bunn, NC2/24/07
1/24/07Lake NormanNCUSAAP article: just passing this on .. UFO sighting in N.C. made AP wire on 1/26/07 (sighting was 1/24 I think)2/1/07
1/20/07 08:31KannapolisNCUSARectangle5minUFOs that have humans coming out of them!!!!2/1/07
1/17/07 00:15Winston-Salem (S of; around Tyro?)NCUSAOther6 or 7 seconds/ a few minIn the early hours of 1-17-07 I saw two unidentified flying objects within minutes of each other on US150E.2/1/07
1/16/07 21:00High PointNCUSAChevron5 minV-shaped craft hovering near High Point2/24/07
1/16/07 18:30High PointNCUSATriangle5 minutesDriving under a strange hovering craft looking like a triangle plane.2/1/07
1/15/07 19:00FayettevilleNCUSALight7 minTwo bright star like objects swooping down then hugging tree line....4/27/07
1/14/07 18:23CarrboroNCUSACircle30 minutesFlying object seen making darting and odd manuevers for 30 minutes.2/1/07
1/10/07 22:00HayesvilleNCUSACircle15 minutesFlashing differant colors and expanding and contracting of craft6/12/08
1/9/07 06:00DunnNCUSAOther30The lights seemed to be moving as if on a solid object.2/1/07
1/3/07 18:15BurlingtonNCUSACircle1 minuteThe object was bright and made a left turn then started to ascend and pick up speed and shot upward and disappeard from view.2/1/07
1/3/07 17:00CharlotteNCUSALight30minSlow moving then became still light in the sky over Lake Wylie 01/03/07 5:30pm2/1/07
12/27/06 02:00MocksvilleNCUSACircle2 min.Bright white object seen with one bright white missile-like object shooting out from the bottom2/1/07
12/26/06 15:14RaleighNCUSAChanging10 secondsDaylight sighting of a star-shaped object2/1/07
12/18/06 23:30ApexNCUSATriangle2 minI was down at jordan lake playing guitar and it was a clear night and i could see all the stars. I saw one light off in the distance c2/1/07
12/14/06 19:30DunnNCUSATriangle10 minutesTriangle shaped craft seen2/1/07
12/9/06 20:53GreensboroNCUSALightAbout Three MinutesSpace Shuttle presumed sighted in NC after recent night launch2/1/07
12/9/06 18:22SouthportNCUSALight4 minutesStar-like object, flying fast toward the Eastern Seaboard, slowed, then resumed fast flight due north.12/14/06
12/9/06 18:00HuntersvilleNCUSARectangle>10minsBox shape(ie a book) flat black all around,2 large white lights no windows or exhaust slow & silent.2/24/07
12/2/06 00:00Mills RiverNCUSASphere30-45 secondsGlowing yellow sphere seen around midnight4/27/07
11/28/06 19:00MarshallNCUSALightabout 7 secondsWas looking toward the west out of marshall. Green light flying to fast for an aircraft went from south to north at arms lenth about5 i12/7/06
11/28/06 18:50MarbleNCUSALight5 secondsBright green light passing in and out of the clouds as it moved northeast over Marble N.C.12/14/06
11/28/06 18:40BooneNCUSAFireball18-20 secondsGlowing Green light in Boone NC12/7/06
11/28/06 18:25FranklinNCUSALight2-3sec2 green lights moving very fast traveling downward then turning moving upward at an angle and disappearing. no noise12/7/06
11/28/06FranklinNCUSAi would like to edit my account of sighting and leave contact information. It doesn't matter if you contact me or not. My sighting was11/21/10
11/26/06 23:00RaleighNCUSALightover 1 hrThat it seemed to emit a red and blue with some green,it did not move and after a few moments,the intensity of the light would pulsate.12/7/06
11/26/06 22:05SanfordNCUSAChanging10 minutesGolden orange quarter moon shaped-object hovers at tree line for ten minutes before developing an orb and disappearing in Sanford, NC.12/7/06
11/26/06 02:00Morehead CityNCUSAChevron8 secondsNine chevron objects in two formations, Morehead City NC 11/26/06 2am12/7/06
11/25/06 00:30RoxboroughNCUSALight3 minutesRed light over NC12/7/06
11/24/06 10:00Mills RiverNCUSAFireball30-45 secondsLarge, glowing, yellow sphere in Blue Ridge Mountains.4/27/07
11/10/06 20:52SophiaNCUSATriangle3 MinutesVery bright white triangular object gliding across the sky.12/7/06
11/10/06 18:00CorollaNCUSACirclestill is lit watching oveVibrating, red, white blue stationary for a long period of time ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, Sirius?? PD))12/7/06
11/3/06 19:30HildebranNCUSAOval10 minutes4 very large disk shaped object moving slowly in coordinated formations one with streaming "sparks" emitted from the bottom. 11/3/0612/7/06
11/1/06 19:30WilmingtonNCUSAUnknown15 secondsWe saw flashes of bright light in distance from our porch. Shortly after 5 very bright round yellow lights came on in a straight row fr12/7/06
10/18/06 17:00WilmingtonNCUSACigar5minBright Silver - went left to right fast. went away, came back did same thing then disappeared.12/7/06
10/15/06 19:00Silver CityNCUSACircle20-30 minutesBlack Circle seen hovering in Carolina sky.10/30/06
10/8/06 01:00Holden BeachNCUSATriangle1 hour 30 minutes3 lighted triangular aircraft.10/30/06
10/6/06 22:00Bakersville (Roan Mountain)NCUSADisk8-10 secondsI don't have a calandar handy, it was on the first Friday in October 06. I observed a round object for about 8 or 10 seconds. It had a4/27/07
9/10/06 22:00Surf CityNCUSAOtherone hourStar-like object moving irractically in the night sky, flashed sequence of lights in one direction.8/12/08
9/3/06 21:30Mount OliveNCUSASphere30 secsLarge red colored sphere, larger than any plane, larger than any star was noticed descending onto the horizon.10/30/06
9/3/06 08:04Mars HillNCUSAOtherless than 1 minBright objects in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a moth, captured by the camera. PD))10/30/06
8/25/06 22:00WilmingtonNCUSACircle5 minutesMy two friends and I were on Wrightsville Beach, NC. We had been observing the stars, the ocean, and my two friends were using their me10/30/06
8/22/06 04:00GreensboroNCUSADiamond30 secAt appx 4 am on 8/22/06, a diamond shaped object flew by . It had 4 whitish/yellow lights on the bottom, which flashed in sequence, fro10/30/06
8/15/06 22:00Wrightsville BeachNCUSAFireball2 hourstrange lights off of Topsail Beach10/30/06
8/14/06 21:00Roanoke RapidsNCUSADisk30 secondsthere was a glowing bronze light...10/30/06
7/31/06 23:00High PointNCUSACirclei was out side i looked at stars and seen moveing crafts it dont look like air plane it was moveing ever were but i looked 3 times on 410/30/06
7/27/06 21:50Roanoke RapidsNCUSADisk5-10 space crafts believed to be seen, not an airplane, helicpter, jet or satelite!10/30/06
7/22/06 20:00SouthportNCUSACigar2 minutesTwo cigar shaped objects sighted over Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry.10/30/06
7/12/06 16:15CaryNCUSASphere3 secondswhite orb moves into cloud10/30/06
7/10/06 22:20WilmingtonNCUSACircle2 secondsUnknown length of time of light moving at increbile speed and not a shooting star.7/16/06
7/7/06 20:15RaleighNCUSASphere1.5 minutesStanding in my driveway, I looked up in the sky towards the north west, saw what I thought might be a landing light for a commercial je7/16/06
7/4/06 21:10RolesvilleNCUSAFormation2-3 minsThe phoenix lights again???7/16/06
6/15/06 21:00WilmingtonNCUSALight5 minutesFlying Silk ...7/16/06
6/15/06 21:00JacksonvilleNCUSAFireball3 minutes5 or more balls of light darting back and forth. over the skies of Jacksonville, NC. near Camp Lejeune.11/28/07
6/9/06 20:00KernersvilleNCUSASphere18 mins.One main cbject and seven smaller objects that came out of the main object.12/7/06
6/8/06 02:00KenlyNCUSAUnknown2 min.Aircraft went from traveling horizonal slow pace, to stopped position, and then vertically to unknown speed!5/29/11
6/7/06 16:00AlbemarleNCUSALight10 minutesGlowing orbs of light behind albemarle high school pond. was definitely not of this world.11/3/17
6/1/06 04:00Ocracoke IslandNCUSATriangle3-5 seconds((HOAX)) Extremely fast,low flying,perfect black triangle,lighted at corners and eeriliy silent.10/30/06
5/29/06 20:45PurlearNCUSAOther3 minutes4 Circling Bright Lights7/16/06
5/23/06 19:40HuntersvilleNCUSADisk3 secondswas driving home from school along I-77 south around exit 25 and saw almost directly above the highway about 1/2 mile in front of me at7/16/06
5/20/06 00:05WilsonNCUSACircle1-2 minutesUnusual ball of light flashed in the sky7/16/06
5/15/06 22:00ZirconiaNCUSA10 secLazer like light in the sky verry big and verry bright.7/16/06
5/1/06WallaceNCUSAFormation1 minIn 2006, myself and a co-worker were on our way home. When we turned on our road I noticed a formation of lights over a set of trees. I8/7/11
4/22/06 21:00AshevilleNCUSAUnknown2 minutes2 UFO sightings in my area in the last week!5/15/06
4/21/06 20:30CharlotteNCUSAUnknown10 min.two UFOs crashed near my house5/15/06
4/19/06 08:30MaysvilleNCUSASphere10 secondsI witnessed a spherical shaped object over Maysville, North Carolina on the morning of April 19, 20065/15/06
4/7/06 09:30JacksonvilleNCUSACigar30- 45 mini saw an odd craft and was possibly obducted by space men . 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2/1/07
4/3/06 13:00Winston-SalemNCUSAFireball2 minutesGreat big orange reddish ball.5/15/06
4/1/06 21:15LexingtonNCUSAFlash25 mnutesSTATIONARY FLASHING LIGHT.5/15/06
3/30/06 21:00BroadwayNCUSAUnknown45 minsit was a bright object it would travel east then wesand then north it would move so fast you couldn't watch it with binoculars. It kept5/15/06
3/26/06 01:33MurphyNCUSAUnknown1 hour plusMoving lights with multiple strobing colors. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star. PD))5/15/06
3/25/06 04:00CharlotteNCUSAOval2 minutesHot UFO spot in Charlotte NC2/14/10
3/15/06 04:00Hope MillsNCUSAChanging1 hour +/-See emailed photos5/15/06
3/11/06 17:45CharlotteNCUSAOval5 minmy friend and I saw 4 white flying ovals.5/15/06
3/4/06 16:45CharlotteNCUSAOval10 min.We saw two UFOs chasing an airplane.5/15/06
2/23/06 23:00EdneyvilleNCUSALight5 minutesIt was as if it wanted me to see it3/11/06
2/18/06 22:50LumbertonNCUSAFormation1hr to 45 min3 lights that circled in one area ,that put on a show. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights. PD))3/11/06
2/15/06 14:00WilksboroNCUSASphere10 minutesWe were driving along highway 421 North towards Boone, NC, I was driving and my friend noticed a small black dot hovering in the sky.12/7/06
2/9/06 18:00Marion/P.G. areaNCUSALightfew secondsBlue/green light in the P.G. area of McDowell county2/14/06
2/4/06 22:25MorgantonNCUSALight30 secBright Blue/Purple light with red center falls out of sky2/14/06
1/29/06 15:00DavidsonNCUSAOther2 minutesLarge Silver Dome: Sunday, January 29, 2006 2:35 PM Going north on I-77, crossing Lake Norman from Cornelius, NC toward Davidson.2/14/06
1/24/06 17:30CharlotteNCUSALight60 SECONDSBRIGHT WHITE TO BLUE LIGHT2/1/07
1/19/06 04:00CurrituckNCUSAFireball2 hoursthe object would move up and down slowly, object appeered as a star flikering violently. sparks were visible every so often without a p2/14/06
1/14/06 20:00FletcherNCUSATriangle5minA large triangle object w/ 3 lights and a glowing center which made no sound. Flying below the full moon.2/14/06
1/7/06 02:40High PointNCUSAFireball2-3 secondsBright green streak falling towards earth2/14/06
1/4/06 17:20FletcherNCUSAOval35-45secsSmall Very Black Oval Moving Oddly At High Rate Of Speed Over Horizon2/14/06
12/27/05 23:30MurphyNCUSALight30 secondsOne star appeared to get larger in diameter and was coming straight down.10/31/08
12/25/05 12:00ConoverNCUSATriangle3-5 secondsStealth-like transparent triangular object makes incredible maneuver and disappears3/11/06
12/24/05 22:45WaxhawNCUSADisk1 minuteDisc-shape object hovering 30 ft above house - lights blinking with siren-like sound. Object left very quickly within seconds.2/14/06
12/15/05 06:00CharlotteNCUSALight8 secondsI witnessed a rapid moving and stopping light in the sky.8/5/09
12/14/05 07:05Hope MillsNCUSACylinder4 MinutesA cylindrical object drops from the air, stops, hovers to the right and disappears.2/14/06
12/11/05CharlotteNCUSAOtherlights in a circular allignment that went from light to dim over and over again. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body. PD))12/16/05
12/7/05 18:55North WilkesboroNCUSAFireball15 secondsOdd, slow moving dull red fireball leaving a trail.12/16/05
11/29/05 18:45BurnsvilleNCUSAUnknown5 secondsA dark object with dull lights 200-300 yrds up in the sky , moving in total silence12/16/05
11/29/05BurnsvilleNCUSAUnknown5 minutesAnother sighting in Burnsville,NC 11/29/052/14/06
11/28/05 04:35ApexNCUSATriangle2 minutesDriving North on Route 55 in Apex, NC. I noticed a triangular light pattern, I thought it was an airplane heading directly at me. As3/4/08
11/25/05 01:30CharlotteNCUSATeardrop5 minutesTeardrop UFO appearance12/16/05
11/24/05 21:10BurlingtonNCUSAFormation1-2 minsCrystal clear sky. Several orange-white objects,in formation,RAPIDLY changing positions,front to back, side to side, looping, suddenly12/16/05
11/18/05 22:35Browns SummitNCUSAUnknown30 MinutesTwo strange lights with planes chasing over Greensboro, NC.12/16/05
11/18/05 18:35WilmingtonNCUSAUnknown15 minutesSaw a small, bright object move across the sky, come to a complete stop, and begin flying in circles. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))12/16/05
11/17/05 18:55CharlotteNCUSAOther30 secondsTwo red dots next to each other over South Charlotte, NC heading towards Matthews,NC (East) about 2000 feet?12/16/05
11/16/05 01:10FayettevilleNCUSAFormation2 minutesbright lights seen over northwest Fayetteville12/16/05
11/15/05 19:23LexingtonNCUSAFireball45 to 55 secYellow fireball object, viewed from lexinton, NC12/16/05
11/3/05 05:15ArdenNCUSAFireball-10 secsFireball seen after 10 shooting stars11/8/05
11/2/05 23:45Oak IslandNCUSAFireball15 min.sat on porch n saw a sparkling light was chages colors red-green-yellow flashing staying in one spot below a few stars * darkness11/3/05
10/31/05 23:00Fort FisherNCUSACircle10min. pluseratic moving circular object12/16/05
10/31/05 21:30BurnsvilleNCUSAFireballappox 2 minFireball in the sky while viewing Mars 10/31/0511/3/05
10/31/05 21:00GreensboroNCUSAFlash15 secDriving north on rt. 220 towards Va. Approx. 9 p.m. the sky entirely lit up in a blue/turquiose color and deminished as fast as it app11/3/05
10/31/05 02:55MarionNCUSASphere4 SECSBright green orb falling from sky in the same fashion as a shooting star.11/3/05
10/31/05 00:00Mars HillNCUSACigar4 secondsI witnessed a cigar shaped object with a bright light center and an emerald green glow around it..11/3/05
10/27/05 20:00JacksonvilleNCUSADisk30 minutesObserved bright disc shaped object with three red pulsating lights on the bottom for about 30 minutes.11/3/05
10/20/05 08:30Connelly SpringsNCUSAUnknownbright red light, hovering then flying away12/16/05
10/15/05 16:00CaryNCUSAUnknown5minMy friends and I where jokeing around outside and i got shoved and fell then I saw the craft it was moveing about 100-200 mph at proubl10/30/06
10/10/05 23:00HendersonvilleNCUSALight10 MinutesLast night, October 10, at about 11:00PM for about ten minutes I observed a peculiar point source light in the Eastern sky. It was at a10/11/05
9/28/05 21:30KinstonNCUSAFormation2 mins.Vshape with light orange glow to it....very wide in shape10/11/05
9/23/05DelcoNCUSAFlashhomei seen one circle in the air and then three little one's came up and they where flashing and going back and forth in sky four about 45m10/11/05
9/19/05 23:45Willow SpringsNCUSADisk30 minThis is the third sighting I have had.10/11/05
9/19/05 11:00CharlotteNCUSAFireballfoggyI was outside when these big fireballs came neer my house i took out my shot gun and shot at them they came back and shot theyr guns at10/11/05
9/15/05 07:00LouisburgNCUSATriangle15 minutesThere was a black triangle object with three glowing disk beneath the craft hovering in the eastern sky as the sun was setting, pausing10/20/05
9/11/05 20:10Chapel HillNCUSAUnknown10 SEC 5 MINlow quick moving light10/11/05
9/11/05 19:15KernersvilleNCUSAFlash2 secondsbright flash heading southeast about 10 degrees left below a half moon, towards Greensboro,very possibly a meteorite,but very definetly10/11/05
9/11/05 01:20Kure BeachNCUSATriangle3 - 4 secsTriangular Shape with a Reflection of the Stars behind it (cloaked or something)11/8/05
9/6/05 17:45OlinNCUSAUnknownAbout 6 secondsWhile scanning the sky with binoculars for the planet Venus a strange object flew into the field of view.10/11/05
9/6/05 11:20WilmingtonNCUSAOther5 Min.UFO in the vicinity of chemtrail10/11/05
9/4/05BoonvilleNCUSACigar3+ hoursUnusual activity in our small community, crafts seem to hover with lights not like anything recognizable.9/9/13
9/3/05 23:35StatesvilleNCUSAUnknown30 minsTri-colored light in eastern sky attracts attention of star gazer near midnight in Statesville, North Carolina.9/15/05
9/3/05 21:30CarrboroNCUSAUnknown15-20 minutesI looked into the sky and saw an unusally bright light and thought it was a helicopter going to the nearby hospital. The lights flicke9/15/05
9/3/05 20:45Browns SummitNCUSAChanging15minsdiamond*triangle ( couldnt tell) amber colored with greenish purple glow with lighting bolts coming off it.9/15/05
9/2/05 19:00GastoniaNCUSAFireball15-20 secondsNCCPO REPORT: All things considered, this is an odd sighting and I cannot possibly begin to explain it.8/14/07
9/1/05 22:00Cape HatterasNCUSAFireball1 min.sitting on the deck of an oceanfront beach house, at approximately 10:00 p.m., an orange plasma ball appeared about a mile or less out10/10/11
8/20/05 00:20ConcordNCUSAOval20 secOval shaped object10/11/05
8/17/05 22:30RaleighNCUSAChanging1 hourlooking to the west the object would elongate and then condense back to a round shape with red, green,white and yellow lights10/11/05
8/11/05 22:00GreenvilleNCUSAUnknown3 minutes5 lights seen dancing in the sky9/2/05
8/6/05 22:45LocustNCUSAUnknownaround 10 of lights. high rate of speed no sound9/2/05
8/6/05 05:00HendersonvilleNCUSALightapprox 1 hour 30 min3 starlight objects do trickery through the sky for 1 1/2 hour (video footage)9/2/05
7/31/05 19:00BrunswickNCUSALight10 minutesMoving in a very fast circular motions.10/11/05
7/23/05 21:35EtowahNCUSAOther15 minutes +or-My husband and I are building in N.C and are renting a house on the golf course in Etowah, N.C. On the evening mentioned, I went outsid9/2/05
7/15/05 00:45Chapel HillNCUSAUnknown>1 hr 45minStrange lights sitting on ground seen behind house7/15/05
7/13/05 02:00RaleighNCUSALight3 minutesWe woke to a rapidly flashing light beamed into one of the bedroom windows that produced a strange drugged feeling with panic and an in9/2/05
7/12/05 02:15CharlotteNCUSAFormation20 seconds6 or 7 lights flying in half a 'vee' formation7/13/05
7/11/05 02:30WilsonNCUSADiamond2 minutesMyself and two others witnessed a strange object over North Carolina skies.10/11/05
6/29/05 21:35JacksonvilleNCUSAFireball20 minutesin a building about 180 feet above ground observed two fireball shaped objects appear split and vanish7/5/05
6/27/05 21:25Kill Devil HillsNCUSASphere60-90 secondsDark Orb Moves Erratically over the Beach -- Outer Banks, NC7/5/05
6/27/05 01:30CharlotteNCUSAChevron15 minutesChevron shaped Grey Object seen hovering7/5/05
6/25/05 12:01NewtonNCUSAEgg4 min.Small Silver Floating Eggs seen in NC7/5/05
6/23/05 00:49LeicesterNCUSAFireball1to 2 secondsit was a fast moving fireball with no tail or trail ,moving from west to east near asheville nc7/5/05
6/15/05 23:00DurhamNCUSALight30 secoddly blinking light with an irratic path goes east then circles to go north.6/20/05
6/15/05 22:17CandlerNCUSALight2 minutesBright red orb type light was seen on two seperate occasions, intelligently controlled and appeared to "scan"7/5/05
6/15/05 18:30RandlemanNCUSAOther1 minuteIt was about 6:30 pm, my husband and his co-worker had just arrived home and my son and I had went out to talk to my husband and co-wor3/31/08
6/15/05 16:30FletcherNCUSACigar2 MinutesCigar-Shaped object in small town of NC.11/3/05
6/15/05 01:00Winston-SalemNCUSASphere1 hourBright Orange/Yellow ball in the sky.1/10/14
6/8/05 10:08HickoryNCUSAChangingthe object wasn't moving then moved disaperd and reapered when it changed shape the went into clouds6/20/05
6/4/05 23:00CrestonNCUSAFlash2 minutesFast flying object that zig zagged across the sky.6/20/05
6/2/05 20:00WeldonNCUSAOther1 minuteSilent, metallic Grey, Bell shaped object decends and then disapears.7/5/05
5/31/05 22:30WavesNCUSAChevronunknown2 sets of "V" shaped green lights that were stationary and not seen the night before6/20/05
5/28/05 23:15BelmontNCUSATriangle5-10 minutes (cannot remePERFECT Triangle shaped craft. 3 lights on bottom (round) with dull glow on entire underside. The craft was observed over Lake Wylie6/20/05
5/25/05 02:21OrientalNCUSADisk2 TO 3 MINUTESEerie purple and greenish glow from craft of about 24 feet diameter that hoovered in tree limbs, or partly concealed by them, as three5/28/05
5/23/05 23:00StatesvilleNCUSAUnknown5 minutesOrange/Red light: Stationary for about 3 or 4 minutes. Then it dimmed its light(s) and took off North... out of sight!5/24/05
5/15/05 07:30MebaneNCUSATeardrop6 to 7 minutesBlack object floating across Spring morning sky over Mebane9/2/05
5/5/05 15:00BurnsvilleNCUSALight30 secondsLight orb in daylight2/20/15
5/2/05 03:44GreensboroNCUSASphere20 secondsUFO flies over Gas Station5/11/05
4/29/05 21:30Fort BraggNCUSACircle5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Bbright object enters atmosphere, turns into 2 objects5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00WilmingtonNCUSAFireball5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Exploding "Star"5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00GoldsboroNCUSAUnknown10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) me and a friend were standing out side about 8:30 P. M. Talking5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00CaryNCUSALight90 sec((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Two small yellow-white lights moving parallel to horizon; fuzzy ring of light5/11/05
4/25/05 12:00DurhamNCUSACigarWho are these guys flying these machine?5/11/05
4/17/05 16:00Wake ForestNCUSAUnknown5 MinutesAircraft with pressure wave ahead of it?6/20/05
4/16/05 00:58RaleighNCUSACircle16 minutesflashing light outside the window5/11/05
4/8/05 06:38GreensboroNCUSADisk3 minutesMy dad and brother and me were watching our little 3yr old brother get on his bus to go to school, then my dad told us to look into the4/16/05
4/4/05 21:50Morehead CityNCUSATriangle10 secondsTriangle, three large dim rectangle lights running down the left and right sides.4/16/05
4/3/05 11:30JacksonvilleNCUSAChevron5 secondsBlack Chevron with no sound or lights4/16/05
3/28/05 06:30Mineral SpringsNCUSAOther45 secondsA EMBER looking UFO5/15/06
3/25/05 10:11Spruce PineNCUSALight5 minsThe craft was moving faster than I have ever seen anything move in my entire life.5/11/05
3/21/05 19:20CharlotteNCUSALight45 secondsBright star size pulsing object moves accross sky in westerly direction4/16/05
3/18/05 14:58NewlandNCUSAChanging5 minsOmg it actually excist5/11/05
3/4/05 13:15North Carolina (in flight)NCUSAChanging10 minutesSeen from plane window a long black line suspended at 35,000 ft as viewed from airplane4/16/05
3/1/05 01:00CorneliusNCUSABrown, sharp teeth, and scary creature stood in my window sill I went under my blankets my mind goes blank and awoke feeling different7/7/17
2/21/05 19:07New BernNCUSALight5 secI looked up while walking and saw what I assumed was a meteor but as I watched it made several changes in course, not radical, neverthe5/11/05
2/18/05 20:30RockwellNCUSATriangle10 MINA stationary lit object, hovering for some time, and then instantly sped away ... not gradually, but instantly and silently.5/11/05
2/17/05 19:47RaleighNCUSASphereSecondsLoud Lowflying Large Object2/22/05
2/10/05 15:45CharlotteNCUSACigar15 secCigar shaped object observered in daytime traveling at a high rate of speed at high altitude.2/22/05
2/5/05 01:00LexingtonNCUSADisk28 minutessilver disc, about 3-6 miles away, mabey 22 ft. in length, 13-16 ft. tall7/16/06
1/24/05 17:45ArdenNCUSALight45 secondsBright light, moving faster than the planes close by!!!1/27/05
1/21/05 19:00Surf CityNCUSAChanging1 minutePulsing multicolored lights which appeared to outline a relatively large craft or crafts at low altitude at Topsail Island.1/27/05
1/20/05 23:45AshevilleNCUSALight10 minsBright White Light Moving Slower Then Normal Aircraft.2/14/06
1/15/05 04:00Elizabeth CityNCUSAOther2 minutes?Explosive corona.....Shooting Star becomes disk that hovers1/19/05
1/5/05 22:45LewisvilleNCUSATriangleapprox. 10 minOBJECT WAS 3 LIGHTS IN THE SHAPE OF A TRIANGLE WITH BEAMS OF LIGHT ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))5/11/05
1/4/05 23:20HarrisburgNCUSADiamond00:02:00Extremely brilliant multi-colored symmetrical light source no sound hovering 1.5 minutes low in sky moving off at moderate velocity1/11/05
1/3/05 19:20CharlotteNCUSALight5-10 min.Amber/Orange lights hover in Charlotte sky1/27/05
12/21/04 04:30FairviewNCUSAChanging2 hoursUFO sightings in the eastern sky.1/11/05
12/11/04 22:30KingNCUSAUnknown3-5 sec.December '04 - Bright meteor in NW North Carolina ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))1/19/05
11/18/04 00:34RaefordNCUSADisk2 MIN((HOAX??)) flat, fast, lite up.12/3/04
11/15/04 00:00GatesvilleNCUSACircle5 secondsSmooth circle (bottom) of silvery craft disappeared into larger invisible apparently 'cloaked' craft -- no sound.1/19/05
11/15/04 01:00ConwayNCUSALight3minIsaw a bright light in the sky moving fast for 5 seconds then stop ,became brighter,then disappear1/19/05
11/1/04 20:30Fuquay VarinaNCUSATriangle5 - 10min.Huge, slow moving, silent, black triangular shaped craft flying at very low altitude.12/16/05
10/31/04 22:00ArdenNCUSACircle5-10 secondsA bright object appeared suddenly, moved south, disappeared and was chased by jets.11/9/04
10/31/04 18:12ArdenNCUSAUnknownUFO Detector Based on Magnetometer Triggered12/3/04
10/28/04 20:00AvonNCUSALight4 secRed light dividing into 411/9/04
10/25/04 03:00RaleighNCUSASphere?There were three full moons side-by-side sitting motionless in the night sky. I think one must have been the real moon. The light came11/2/04
10/24/04 23:17WeavervilleNCUSACircleapprox. 4-5 secondsI saw a ball of white light plummet at a 45 degree angle, with the white tail displaying bands of color (spectrum) just before impact.10/27/04
10/22/04 08:00High Point (rural)NCUSAUnknown45 seconds?Very fast and turned. Not a meteor.10/27/04
10/17/04 18:15RaleighNCUSAFormation5 minutesLooked like rectangle parachutes but nobody was under the canopies, objects never desended.10/27/04
10/15/04 19:59CalabashNCUSARectangle.05 min.ufo over sunset beach n.c.8/5/09
9/26/04 20:35TyroNCUSAFlashless than a minutebright white object seen above trees9/29/04
9/24/04 02:00CharlotteNCUSALight45 secondspulsing light racing us on the highway outside charlotte, nc9/29/04
9/21/04 08:30RaleighNCUSAFlash1 secondA white line of light flashed across a portion of the sky and disappeared.11/2/04
9/20/04 22:20Southern PinesNCUSAFlash2secondsBlue star burst that lasted about 2 seconds with a sonic boom, no smoke trail .Very clean light .9/29/04
9/20/04 00:00TryonNCUSACigar4 minutesa gigantic aircraft that had no sound at all.9/29/04
9/17/04 00:00GatesvilleNCUSAOval5 secondsSmooth oval with indistinguishable darker area around center, silvery color, disappeared in a split-second.1/19/05
9/16/04 06:00CharlotteNCUSADisk15 secI,d never seen anything like it befor. It was a red string of lights.It didnt move.12/3/04
9/15/04 17:05CharlotteNCUSARectangle5-10 secondsLarge Rectangle UFO floating over north Charlotte, NC9/29/04
9/10/04 12:00AsheboroNCUSAOval45 secondslarge super bright white 3 football fields long ufo spotted in asheboro n.c.9/29/04
9/9/04 19:30RaefordNCUSATeardrop10-15 secondsPinkish/Orange oval shaped object seen over Raefod North Carolina.9/29/04
9/4/04 14:00LeicesterNCUSAFireball15 secondsthe object looked like a bright star and immediately disappeared.9/29/04
8/30/04 22:00DurhamNCUSAOval3-4 minutesseveral small brights lights followed by dark slow moving object in the sky that blocked out night sky10/27/04
8/28/04 21:30RaleighNCUSALightfifteen minutesDim, sporadic, fast moving lights over park9/1/04
8/16/04 22:00Kill Devil HillsNCUSAChevron1-2 minOn the night of the 16th of August 2004, my wife and I observed a chevron craft moving in a south to north direction parallel to the co9/9/04
8/12/04 22:30MoorsvilleNCUSALight7 minutesLake norman U.F.O. chasing us.8/24/04
8/1/04 03:30Wrightsville BeachNCUSAFormation1.5 hours plus3-4 objects moving around eachother about 45 degrees over Wrightsville beach (Venus??)8/11/04
7/29/04 23:00Ocean IsleNCUSAFireball10 minutesIt was around 11:30 pm and my husband and I had walked to the edge of the ocean front walk way. We both noticed a large red glowing fi8/11/04
7/29/04 22:30Ocean IsleNCUSALightan hourLarge golden red light coming on and then going out, several times in the night sky.8/11/04
7/14/04 19:30Bessemer CityNCUSALight10 minutesBright as a star. It could zoom at thousands per hour or stop and sit still.3/2/21
7/11/04 23:30Blowing RockNCUSAFlash20 sec. About((NUFORC Note: Possible Iridium satellite sighting? PD)) Small light brightens in night sky and then disapears.8/11/04
7/11/04 23:30Blowing RockNCUSAFlash2 minutsA dim light seen at night brightened into an extremely bright light, dimed down and disapeared.8/11/04
7/4/04 16:45CharlotteNCUSAChevron10-15 secondsA near miss?9/1/04
6/30/04 17:00CaryNCUSATriangleLike a regular aircraft, except the lights1/10/09
6/20/04 22:00OrientalNCUSACircle45 minutesTwo Spheres sighted from the Camp Don Lee pier.12/12/09
6/15/04 22:00Kure BeachNCUSALight15 minutes (approximate)Strange Orange Lights seen off Carolina and Kure Beaches, North Carolina6/23/04
6/11/04 23:00Ocracoke IslandNCUSAOther4 hoursStange glowing cloud seen by many over pamlico sound north carolina.10/30/06
6/10/04 12:30GoldsboroNCUSASphere21/2 minutesSilvery grey sphere was spotted over wayne county in North Carolina2/22/05
6/9/04 18:00WilmingtonNCUSAUnknownit just seemed to dissapear6/18/04
6/5/04 00:05HickoryNCUSAFireball10 secondsFireball seen in Western NC6/18/04
5/27/04 22:15DurhamNCUSASphere3 minutessphere of white light follows plane, then disappears into the night sky6/4/04
5/14/04 22:55CaryNCUSATriangle3-4min.thought i was just my imagination for a moment...not so...could be huge transparant w-3 point white lite..or3 seperate objects .6/4/04
5/14/04 22:30JacksonvilleNCUSAOther5 minutesbrigth light seen in sky above Jacksnville, NC6/4/04
5/6/04 17:15CharlotteNCUSAChanging25 secondsUn-earthly object descends from sky5/10/04
4/23/04 17:30BaileyNCUSACircle10 minutesWhat is this6/4/04
4/19/04 21:15Red SpringsNCUSASphere10 MinutesOrange Spheres Dance in the Sky4/27/04
4/18/04 23:30WelcomeNCUSADisk1 hourDual disk shaped object pulling very slow aerobatics over Welcome, NC.6/13/14
4/17/04 21:00FayettevilleNCUSAOval2 MinutesOval, orange bulb object appearing in Fayetteville, NC4/27/04
4/9/04 21:10FayettevilleNCUSAFireball5 secondsOrange-red fireball near Fort Bragg.4/27/04
4/8/04 06:20CharlotteNCUSADisk5 minat 6:20 when i was waiting for my bus i looked up and i saw a disklike figure with three glowing orange lights around it it was going e4/27/04
4/5/04 20:00WarrentonNCUSAChanging2minI have this on a video. I also have some strange film taken inside the house. I will allow you to examine the tape if you will call me4/9/04
4/4/04 23:20MocksvilleNCUSALight4 minutesBright light hovering over tree line4/9/04
4/4/04 21:00GreensboroNCUSALight30 secondsBright light4/9/04
4/1/04 18:40LincolntonNCUSACigar1 minuteCigar shape white silvery object seen at Est Attiude of 15,000,traveling at a high rate of speed out of the West heading due East at 184/9/04
3/30/04 15:30AberdeenNCUSATriangle5mintriangular craft with large rounded tailfin6/4/04
3/27/04 21:00Davidson CountyNCUSAUnknown30 secondsHuge red fireball hits in NC county, locals assume it to be a small plane crash--- no small plane found4/9/04
3/24/04 23:23AdvanceNCUSAUnknown2-3 minutesStrange UFO like sound coming from wooded & farmland area.3/28/04
3/23/04 20:30VanceboroNCUSASphere5 minutesStrange light in the sky over Eastern NC3/28/04
3/19/04 15:00Great Smokies National ParkNCUSALight10 minutesA stationary white dot was observed for 10 minutes.3/28/04
3/14/04 17:30GreensboroNCUSACigar5-10 minutesI saw one or two silver, elongated objects moving across the sky and then they just darted away and vanished.3/23/04
3/13/04 15:15Boone (Vally Crusis)NCUSAFormation5 to 8 minTook place on the Blue ridge park way. Lots of mountain and wide mountain landscape. Around 50 to 70 objects spotted by me and then3/28/04
3/10/04 20:00Spring LakeNCUSALight1-2minutesLarge light very high in night sky, no sound, could have been ISS.3/17/04
3/10/04 20:00New BernNCUSALight2-3 minutesStrange Lights over Eastern NC.3/17/04
3/8/04 16:00CharlotteNCUSATriangle5 mina triangle was looking at me and than went away very fast3/17/04
3/2/04 23:00WilmingtonNCUSAChevron2minsI had got off from work at around 11 pm and i arrived home at 1120 pm,I was locked out of my house(i had forgotten key).I looked up to9/29/04
2/18/04 07:00NewlandNCUSAOval8 minUfo attacked by jet5/24/05
2/15/04 02:00CharlotteNCUSALightone hourTwo motionless, intense, white lights around 100' above ground3/2/04
2/13/04 16:30YadkinvilleNCUSASphere5 minutesSpherical, shiny object hovering over wooded area near Yadkin County, N.C.3/2/04
2/12/04 06:00NewlandNCUSATriangle2-3 secondsFast trianglar craft4/16/05
2/8/04 06:20ShilohNCUSATriangle5-7 minI was comming home from work.The craft was running at tree top level as I crossed a little bridge on 343 the craft flared to the left.2/12/04
2/8/04 01:00StatesvilleNCUSAFireball5minutesVery large Fireball shoots across sky.5/4/04
2/3/04 20:45SalisburyNCUSAOther15-20 minutesThe object was stationary, possibly 300-400 feet in the air and less than 1/4 mile away. We were facing west. The object appeared to be2/12/04
2/3/04 01:30RoxboroNCUSASphere5-7 minutesMe and my friend were driving home from a party and we saw two spherical objects off to the west. They were red/orange in color and th2/12/04
2/2/04 21:00MaidenNCUSALight3 OR 4 HOURSUnknown Lights ((NUFORC Note: Possibly the star, "Sirius." PD))3/2/04
2/1/04 16:30GastoniaNCUSASphere30 secondsRound metallic object flying high in sky with no sound and no vapor trial.2/12/04
1/31/04 19:00Hampstead (near Wilmington)NCUSAFireball3-5 secondsFIREBALL LIKE OBJECT (LOOKS LIKE FLARE) Spotted in North Carolina2/12/04
1/24/04 15:30GreensboroNCUSADisk3 minutesBright disc shaped object seen over the Greensboro airport during clear conditions in the early afternnoon with many airplanes visible1/31/04
1/18/04 19:00BathNCUSATriangle7:30see washington daily news article-front page. washington, n.c.1/31/04
1/15/04 00:30BarcoNCUSADisk5 minutesDisk shaped craft in North Carolina near Currituck1/22/04
1/4/04 19:00Four OaksNCUSADiskabout 10 minVery large hovering object that appeared to be lighted from within as well as flashing lights on the outside1/17/04
1/1/04 12:30BakersvilleNCUSALightlightsI walked into the woods alone!1/17/04
12/30/03 18:15CandlerNCUSALightless then 5 minutesBright light faded to nothing1/17/04
12/27/03 17:30Roaring RiverNCUSAOval20 minutesLarge object seen in the air joined by other objects.1/17/04
12/20/03 22:15FayettevilleNCUSACircle10 secondsThe figure was moving then stopped and disappeared.1/17/04
12/20/03 16:00Atlantic BeachNCUSASphere3 secondssphere shaped craft over ocean1/17/04
12/17/03 00:00Kitty HawkNCUSACircle30 minutes2 fighter jets went to intercept the craft, and it doubled in altitude. Viewing through binoculars, It was impossible to focus on9/7/21
12/10/03LincolntonNCUSAUnknown5 MPNsFor the last two weeks,I have seen a light in the sky that appears to be landing lights on a aircraft,but the lights turn off and there12/19/03
12/5/03 17:45CaryNCUSACigar10 secondsA flash of light then a unclipped silver cigar shaped craft slowly glided with blue flames coming out then another flash,it was gone10/30/06
12/5/03 05:30HavelockNCUSACircle15 minutescopies of 8mm footgae and computer discs of phjotos on their way to you.4/27/04
12/3/03 06:55TaylorsvilleNCUSAUnknown15 hoursTwo Clouds moving at the speed of Light12/9/03
11/16/03 01:10MebaneNCUSAUnknown5 minUnseen object's, Very loud sonic booms over Mebane NC11/26/03
11/15/03 21:00ApexNCUSAFormationstationary?I photographed 3 planets lined up but my digital camera came back with a strange "constellation"??1/31/04
11/15/03 18:00Fuquay VarinaNCUSADisk1 minuteI was traveling on state road 1010 heading towards Hwy 401 around 6pm, just North of Fuquay Varina, NC. Just above the tree line on th1/10/09
11/12/03 19:20CharlotteNCUSALight1 minute more or lessdimming light that rotated counter-clockwise and then shot across the sky and vanished11/26/03
11/8/03 21:00WashingtonNCUSALight2-3 minutes50-75' lights hover than streak away out of sight6/20/05
11/4/03 20:00BelvidereNCUSAOther10 minutesMy family saw strange flying object making wild jerky movements while other objects hovered above in a circle11/8/03
11/3/03 21:00CharlotteNCUSATriangle30 secondsTriangle shaped object with 3 round lights11/8/03
10/22/03 18:30CliffsideNCUSASphere30 secsouth of post office in cliffside. moveing east to west almost as fast as you could turn your head10/31/03
10/21/03 22:00CaswellNCUSADiskThey wre like little lights but, I could see suff comeing off them.11/26/03
10/20/03 23:30KannapolisNCUSALight< 60 secondsA long light, like a star that moved fast and kinda sparkled. Moved in full view, low in the sky in less than 60 seconds10/31/03
10/20/03 21:50CullowheeNCUSAFireball2 or 3 secondsMy wife and I saw a huge glowing blue ball enter the atmophere.10/31/03
10/20/03 20:55Indian TrailNCUSAUnknown1-2secondsI saw a bright light flash that lit up the sky, and I caught a glimpse of a orange/red tail die.10/31/03
10/20/03 20:50GreensboroNCUSAFireball15 secondsBig brilliant white fireball, size of full moon with long white tail falling from overhead to the South of Greensboro, NC10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45VanceboroNCUSAFireball10 to 15 secondslarge yellow fireball with long green tail10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45ClaytonNCUSAFireballbriefwitness to the too close meteor in durham, nc. : meteor or ufo?10/31/03
10/20/03 20:00SwannanoaNCUSAFireballaprox. 4 secondsOn Mon. Oct. 20, 2003 at approximately 8:45 PM I saw a fireball like object streak across sky in a east to west direction.10/31/03
10/18/03 01:00PurlearNCUSAUnknown2+ hoursfor 2 hours observed object moving slightly colored lights blinking randomly10/31/03
10/2/03 19:13CharlotteNCUSAOval2 Minutessmall orange oblong craft seen over Charlotte, NC at 19:14 on October 02, 200310/7/03
9/28/03 23:00Oak RidgeNCUSALight1 hourBright light skipping around at approximately a 60 degree angle from ground. I Much brighter than any other object in the sky.10/7/03
9/25/03 19:10CharlotteNCUSAOval3 minutesOne oval, silver craft spotted over highway, appeared to hover and then fly away10/31/03
9/24/03 08:40CharlotteNCUSALight5 minutesCraft moves at least 43,200 miles per hour9/24/03
9/21/03 10:00ElkinNCUSAFireball10 SecondsWhile siting on my front porch which I do nearly every night. I was watching Commercial Jet Liners pass back and forth. I know they mus9/28/03
9/20/03 23:30MooresvilleNCUSAUnknownhoursStrobing "stars"???9/24/03
9/20/03 23:00HickoryNCUSACirclean orb or ball hovers around space station for a couple of seconds6/20/05
9/18/03 14:45Rocky MountNCUSAFlash1 secondRocky Mount, North Carolina car enveloped by an intense, transient green flash during Hurricane Isabel.9/24/03
9/18/03 04:00Surf City (Topsail Island)NCUSALight2 hrsMany craft coming from and returning to a paticular fixed object in the sky.2/12/04
9/17/03 10:00CharlotteNCUSALight10 MinutesBlinking Object In the Sky9/28/03
9/15/03 21:42Mount GileadNCUSAUnknown12 minutesCraft with light too low and too quiet for a plane and too often to ignore anymore.9/17/03
9/15/03 20:00PirewayNCUSALight10 secondsOne orange light divides into two9/24/03
9/11/03 22:00MebaneNCUSALight30 min.saw a bright light with red and green lights sitting in the sky, too slow for a plane,moving very slowly to the north.9/12/03
9/6/03 21:00AshevilleNCUSAUnknownless than 30 secondsWhat WAS that?9/9/03
8/26/03 21:45AshevilleNCUSAUnknown1 hour +Moving bright white light, size of large star appeared in Asheville, NC, NW sky at 2375 hours8/28/03
8/24/03 14:00Carolina Beach (Fort Fisher)NCUSADiskFound Laterdisc in picture10/15/03
8/20/03 21:30HendersonNCUSAFormation2 MINUTESThey were in a straight line with blinking lights8/28/03
8/20/03 20:00SanfordNCUSACircle10 minutesCircular UFO with multi colored lights hovering with no sound.10/25/18
8/9/03 21:00DuckNCUSASphere30 secsaw something characteristic of a bright star moving at plane's speed which changed directions and then disappeared8/28/03
8/6/03 23:00Wrightsville BeachNCUSARectanglea few hoursFlashing light over atlantic ocean1/31/04
7/28/03 02:00CharlotteNCUSASphere3 minutesLarge White & Orange Sphere over Kannapolis Concord NC Area8/28/03
7/26/03 23:15BeulavilleNCUSAFlash1 houriam older than 60 and a vet and this was exciting8/1/03
7/25/03 23:30MaysvilleNCUSARectangle3 minutesBus shaped object with 4 bright lights 20 feet off ground seen in rural eastern North Carolina. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes11/21/10
7/12/03 05:45AshevilleNCUSALight1-1.50 minutesI saw a bright light that seemed to be sucked into another dimension when I looked at it, and there was a loud "booming" sound as it di8/27/09
7/10/03 23:20Farquay VarinaNCUSATriangle20 minutesOn an otherwise cloudless and starry night, my brother and I noticed a dense low-lying cloud over their new development. Coming throug8/1/03
7/9/03 11:35SylvaNCUSAChanging20 secondsThe disk I saw was easily able to avoid the fighter aircraft pursuing it7/16/03
7/1/03 23:00Kitty HawkNCUSALight20 - 30 minutesStrange glowing haze like light over Kitty Hawk NC.9/2/05
7/1/03 02:30ManteoNCUSALight20 minutes3 strange lights 7/1/03 outer banks nc7/16/03
6/30/03 01:30PlymouthNCUSAOther20 minutesA bluish-whitish glowing ragged line of light in the shape of a large "W" lying on its side.10/31/03
6/28/03 23:30KenlyNCUSALight15 minutesA hazy,thin white line grew in brightness and slowly split open and burst with a white light!7/16/03
6/22/03 21:30KenlyNCUSAOval5 -6 secondsextremely fast moving light with no sound7/23/03
6/21/03 22:00CandlerNCUSAUnknown15min+Bright light rapidly traveled from North to South and then hovered8/28/03
6/14/03 21:00WilmingtonNCUSALight1 minuteTwo bright lights came into view as we were sitting on our back porch. They appeared to be fairly far away - like bright stars. No soun5/24/05
6/13/03 22:00High PointNCUSASphere1 minuteA round black object moving horizontal to ground. It made no sound and had no lights6/18/03
6/3/03 21:00CharlstonNCUSALight10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax? PD)) Cloud over the ocean at night, glowing from within, duration around 10 minutes. We saw no craft.12/9/03
6/1/03 22:00Egg TownNCUSATriangle10 minIt was real big and silent11/8/03
5/20/03 01:30High PointNCUSATriangle20 secondsThis was my first siting and boy was this a real site to see! One night me and my wife, back in roughly 2003, was living with my grandm1/24/14
5/12/03 10:30DunnNCUSAUnknownI was taking pictures of my roses when I downloaded them into my pc I saw this5/13/03
5/10/03 22:00WelcomeNCUSAEgg30-45 minutesEgg-shaped pod with large spheres on either side. Blinded by craft. 25+ minute sighting.6/13/14
4/30/03 20:50Southern PinesNCUSALight4 secondsWhile driving home we saw several bright,very white lights that seemed to merge into one larger light and streak across the sky.5/13/03
4/21/03 20:00ConcordNCUSATeardrop10 minutesFork lift attacked by aliens craft5/2/03
4/11/03 15:00CharlotteNCUSAEgg30-45 secsBrief sighting of Egg/Orb heading North to South4/22/03
4/1/03 17:00AsheboroNCUSACylinder2 to 3 minLarge, shiny, motionless cylinder.10/31/03
2/19/03 17:49RaleighNCUSAFireball<1 minuteFireball drops out of late-afternoon sky in Raleigh, NC7/16/03
2/14/03 00:30SanfordNCUSAEgg10minOval shape object with big bright light on the top and a ring of colored lights around it.3/21/03
2/5/03 05:30ConcordNCUSAChangingHourWe were looking at it and it was so bright and it did fly down at the camcorder one time. It changed colors all the time.3/21/03
1/29/03 01:00Morehead CityNCUSACircle15 MINUTESjan.29 2003 about 0100 Morehead city,no.carolina heavy cloud cover.winds west to east about 15 mph. object appeared to look like except3/21/03
1/28/03 17:10ApexNCUSALight10 secondsI saw a bright reflection from something on the eastern horizon. It was moving fast at a 45 degree angle then suddenly shot straight do3/21/03
1/6/03 19:00CharlotteNCUSATriangleOff and on for 1 hour3 independent bright lights form a triangular pattern...2 UFOs speed off and leave 1 that comes and goes...we have pics and video!3/21/03
1/4/03 17:25North Carolina (Rte 85 South, Exit 74)NCUSACigar10 minutesWe saw 8 elongated cigar shaped craft at twilight moving in different directions.3/21/03
1/4/03 13:00CashiersNCUSASphere4 secondsI was outside in the snow one afternoon when the snow clouds subsided for a moment, and I noticed a sliver of orange behind a rogue clo12/16/05
1/1/03 01:30MocksvilleNCUSAUnknown1 minUFO and alien sighting1/21/08
12/15/02 23:00MarshallNCUSAOval30 secA friend and I saw a round shape/object filled with strong white light cross the sky in a descend leaving smoky trace12/23/02
12/8/02 21:00TarboroNCUSADisk2 minutesUFO spotted in my neighborhood.12/23/02
12/8/02 21:00WilsonNCUSACigar30 minutesWe tracked a large cigar shaped object accross town until it went out of view over the treeline.12/23/02
12/8/02 20:00WilsonNCUSADisk15 minutesUFO SEEN HOOVERING IN A NEARBY FIELD4/27/03
12/6/02 23:00GriftonNCUSAreported in my local paper/Bright light over Pitt County, NC.12/23/02
12/6/02 22:55Wrightsville BeachNCUSACircle3 seconds12/6/02 10:55 pm EST. Bright blue ball appears and moves quickly through the sky.12/23/02
12/6/02 14:30CharlotteNCUSACirclea few secondsA white circle about the size of my thumb at arm's length.12/23/02
11/28/02 23:59ShelbyNCUSALighthour ?white flickering light hovering slowly with green strobe lights like a police car real phant though,but it didnt look like a star.12/23/02
11/21/02 05:45ClemmonsNCUSATriangleabout 5 minutesIt was a large, triangular shaped flying object.12/23/02
11/19/02 19:30LumbertonNCUSADiamond45 seconds11/19/02 Lumberton, NC Diamond shape with 4 dull green lights flying from S to N @ 500 ft made no sound.3/21/03
11/18/02 22:20GreenvilleNCUSAChevron2 minutesV shaped object with no sound and colorful lights moving across sky at low altitude.11/20/02
11/13/02 22:12ApexNCUSAUnknownIt was just light bright yellow light11/16/02
11/9/02 23:30HighlandsNCUSAFlash30 secondsStrange lights over Queen Mountain11/16/02
11/1/02 19:00WilmingtonNCUSAChevron10 SECONDSOn November 1 2002 I observed four, chevron shaped flying objects in the sky that had an orange glow and were about the size of stars.11/9/02
10/6/02 23:00GriftonNCUSALightunknownDear NUFORC: (article text and link found below) Feel free to forward this e-mail. Article12/23/02
10/3/02 03:00MorrisvilleNCUSAOval5 minutesnoticed 5 round object at about 5000 ft above raleigh air port, watched for 5 minutes10/15/02
9/20/02 21:30AsheNCUSAFireballUFO sighting and possibleA UFO stopped owner car, car lost all power and possible abduction.10/3/14
9/19/02 21:00Holden BeachNCUSAUnknown30 minutesRed and white lights seen over Holden Beach, NC9/28/02
9/18/02 01:00Spruce PineNCUSALight5minuteswhat in the hell was it11/4/02
9/15/02 02:30CharlotteNCUSACone2mins230 am 0n sept 15 2002 my friends and I WERE ON LAKE WYLIE fishing. WE were startled as two cone shaped objects passed oveerhead at obl9/19/02
9/12/02 16:00CharlotteNCUSACigara few secondsWhite cigar...12/23/02
9/12/02 05:00WilmingtonNCUSAUnknownU. S. National Weather Service forwards report of dramatic blue-green object seen flying east.9/13/02
9/8/02 21:00MatthewsNCUSAFireballas long as i could see itFlaming Fireball sitting in the sky immoble over a house!9/13/02
8/20/02 23:00Brison CityNCUSALight27s((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) isw a ufo level with my house but dissaperd before i could get more people.5/10/04
8/19/02 00:30Sunset BeachNCUSARectangle30secsMy wife and I were sitting on the deck looking out at the ocean when we saw 1 red rectangle appear in the was quickly joined by 9/6/02
8/17/02 23:30Emerald IsleNCUSAFormation25to50secsred lights were perfectly stationary to the southeast of our beachfront property.they had about a one secound delay enterval as they ap8/28/02
8/16/02 22:00WilmingtonNCUSALight30minfour lights form square North of Wilmington, N.C. Friday, Aug 16 10pm8/28/02
8/13/02 23:20CharlotteNCUSALight40 secondsA bright star like object that began to move in a slow dive and disappeared.8/16/02
8/5/02 18:00CharlotteNCUSASphere1-5 secondsBright orange/yellow light appears.9/19/02
8/4/02 22:00RamseurNCUSAFormation15Lights in a formation then they shot accross the sky and stop then disapeared.8/16/02
8/2/02 23:00Siler City (past, on 421)NCUSATriangle2 minutestwo V shaped craft passing over road, hovering3/21/03
7/30/02 22:00GrahamNCUSACircle1 hourSpastic stars8/16/02
7/23/02 21:50Outer BanksNCUSALight30 seconds07/23/02 - Outer Banks, NC - red light7/30/02
7/20/02 20:00Carolina BeachNCUSAFormation10 minutesformation of red flashing lights in sync about a half mile long9/24/03
7/17/02 21:33JacksonvilleNCUSAFlash2-3 minsI saw something an i have no earthly idea what it is8/28/02
7/15/02 22:00DuckNCUSAFormationa very short line of 3 greenish lights8/16/02
7/15/02 18:45BethelNCUSADisk2 minutesSaucer shape. ((anonymous report))4/8/19
7/10/02 21:50CharlotteNCUSALight5 secondsBlue light traveling at high rate of speed.7/26/02
7/7/02 12:00CharlotteNCUSACircle20 secondsA perfect circle...6/4/04
6/28/02 19:00Winston-SalemNCUSADisk10 minutesBlack disk shaped object seen in broad daylight in Winston-Salem, NC7/1/02
6/27/02 20:00DunnNCUSATeardrop45 sec.three glowing lights make triangle7/1/02
6/22/02 20:30PattersonNCUSALight7 minutesBall of light,similar to the Brown Mountain Patterson.7/1/02
6/13/02 20:15StatesvilleNCUSAFormation20 minutesA weird sighting in North Carolina where a strange formation with no sound hovered near a mans house for almost half an hour.7/1/02
6/3/02 23:00MorgantonNCUSATrianglefive min.the triangle moved slowly above the trees moving from west to east.the object did not make any noise.7/1/02
5/21/02 22:20RaleighNCUSALight1 minutebright light over raleigh nc6/12/02
5/16/02 09:18RowanNCUSALightFlying airIt was a ball of light it jumped star to star verey fast almost every night around 9:00 or 10:00.6/12/02
5/12/02 21:00NewportNCUSAFireball1 minBright Light and Sonic Booms5/14/02
4/27/02 21:00WilmingtonNCUSALight10 secondsWhile looking toward the north at the night sky, I observed a bright star-like light moving slowly across the sky. The light was as 5/14/02
4/25/02 00:30Winston-SalemNCUSALight2-3 minutesA bright and wavering light in the east.5/14/02
4/20/02 02:30Rocky MountNCUSALight2 minutesThe light in the sky4/25/02
4/12/02 18:00OxfordNCUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle UFO spins and splits3/19/09
4/2/02 20:55CorneliusNCUSATriangle6 secondsamber triangles night time sighting with aircraft4/8/02
4/1/02 22:00Sneads FerryNCUSARectangleSaturday April 27,2002Hello its me agin,the person from Sneads Ferry.I just saw another space craft last night,but it was not over the same house,this time i5/14/02
3/7/02 18:00DublinNCUSACircle20 minutesglowball baffles locals5/14/02
3/1/02 01:30GreensboroNCUSALight15 secondsthe object turned bright green and shot straight up into the sky faster than anything i have ever seen.11/26/03
2/16/02 09:30StatesvilleNCUSASphere10-15 secondsBlack sphere east of statesville airport traveling fast due north.4/25/02
2/12/02 20:08ConcordNCUSALight4.minutesI saw a moving light that disappeared into thin air on a clear night.2/22/02
2/9/02 05:55CharlotteNCUSALight2 minutesBright planet like light that hovered for a minute and then sped away at a tremendous speed.3/19/02
1/22/02 20:23FayettevilleNCUSAUnknown10-12 minutes5-6 tiny multi-colored changing objects flying perpendicular and parallel to each other in close proximity2/7/20
1/15/02 17:30Jamestown (Adam's Farm) dist.NCUSAOval20 minutesOval objects hovering over Jamestown, NC. Military jets flying over-head a short while later.1/29/02
1/15/02KannapolisNCUSAUnknown35 seconds2 red lights, side by side7/26/02
1/1/02 23:00DentonNCUSATriangle2hoursme and my girlfriend was thello I have a story of a ufo encounter that took place on jan 1 and the morning of jan 2 from 11 pm to 2 am 9/19/02
1/1/02 08:00Banner ElkNCUSAFireballIt was orange it was too slow to be a shooting star and had no flashing lights.2/22/02
12/24/01 14:30Bessemer CityNCUSACigar20 to 25 secsI walked out on my deck on a clear sunny afternoon,I looded up at the sky to see if they had been spraying chemtrails.There was no chem7/26/02
12/15/01 19:20GreensboroNCUSATriangle5 MinutesFaint amber colored, Triangular shaped object with moving spheres within the structure1/11/02
12/1/01 21:54Sneads FerryNCUSADiskfridayHello there I am 14 years old and I believe in UFO'S and Aliens.On December 2001 I was in my room and I started hearing some kind of no5/14/02
11/29/01 18:30GarnerNCUSADisk2 min.It was far over the trees and I could see windows.12/5/01
11/22/01 16:30SouthportNCUSAOvalSince I have the picture but did not see in this is what the picture shows.12/5/01
11/18/01 05:27HendersonvilleNCUSASphere20 secondsRound object-didnt behave like meteor or plane11/20/01
11/18/01 04:30CharlotteNCUSACircle3 minutesFlying objects seen while watching Leonid meteor shower12/5/01
11/16/01 22:30BayboroNCUSATriangle5 secondsThree lights in triangular formation.11/20/01
11/11/01 18:20ShilohNCUSATriangle3-4 minutesLarge triangular shaped object with large blue lights suddenly makes quick u-turn and then hovers miles away.11/20/01
11/9/01 09:25ElonNCUSACircle3 minutesbrown dot reflective object hovering, then speeding off to the northwest, elon university.11/20/01
10/30/01 10:30CharlotteNCUSASphere10 minutesWhite dots in a clear blue sky.11/20/01
10/28/01 16:21China GroveNCUSAUnknown5-8 secondsI was driving on Mt. Hope Church Road near my home,and I glanced toward the right and saw a jet with a very long jet stream,and then I 11/20/01
10/21/01 08:30DurhamNCUSAFireball2 min. (my portion)aprox. 8:40 EST, white flame shape heading fast for ground, turned 90 degree then looked like short white line11/20/01
10/18/01 22:00Pilot Mountain (near)NCUSASphere3 min.A lit pulsating,moving spiroghraph design.11/20/01
10/15/01 17:00ValdeseNCUSATriangle2 minutesMetallic Triangular object hovers over Valdese1/5/11
10/15/01 10:00NewportNCUSACirclean hour or soCompletely black huge circle covered at least a mile7/16/06
9/15/01 20:22RaleighNCUSALight10 secsCross shaped orange & green lights moving at incredible speed.10/12/01
9/12/01 22:00Forest CityNCUSAUnknown20-30 secondsSeptember 12th 2001--strange, fast, craft flying and hovering when all planes supposed to be grounded9/2/05
9/11/01 03:00AshevilleNCUSACylinderConstantRead.1/19/21
9/6/01 20:25Fuquay VarinaNCUSALight15 secondsBright light coming towards me, then turned and vanished.10/12/01
9/1/01 23:40CharlotteNCUSADiskaround 2minsI sawa silver object hovering 100ft over a area of trees10/12/01
8/25/01 20:00North Carolina (Western part)NCUSADiskunknownPicture of UFO in background at dusk on mountaintop in NC.10/12/01
8/17/01 21:10BooneNCUSACircle10 minutesCircle of lights over BOONE, NC10/12/01
8/16/01 00:00CharlotteNCUSACigarit was dark outside but i could see that they were shiny like silver and they were big,they hovered over a field for about 10 mins then10/20/05
8/15/01 02:30WilmingtonNCUSAUnknown15 min.Unkown encounter (Extremely Scary)12/19/03
8/7/01 00:40MooresvilleNCUSADisk11minDisk shape object changing colors and moving up and down and side to side8/12/01
8/1/01 21:00GastoniaNCUSALight3 secondsbright light - traveling upwards, then left 90 degrees, then downward 90 degrees then disappear.10/12/01
7/24/01 23:03West EndNCUSADiskover 15 minutesThere was a disc shaped saucer with lights that hovered above tree level for over 15 minutes without moving at all.8/5/01
7/15/01 23:00BooneNCUSATriangle30-40 sec.3 lights in moving triangle formation - changed formation to 3 lights in a row.5/12/09
7/15/01 02:20CharlotteNCUSAOval2 minutesBright orange object in the eastern sky.8/5/01
7/13/01 21:00Chapel HillNCUSATriangle60minStrange objects near Research Triangle Park, NC8/5/01
7/8/01 19:40CeloNCUSATriangle10 minutesSaw three triangular shaped spaceships in sky. Had lights on corners. Have a witness.7/26/02
6/25/01 21:15Ocracoke IslandNCUSAOther15 minutesThis was a complex sighting of a rocket, and the creation of a plume or cloud of particles ejected perpendicular to trajectory.8/5/01
6/19/01 22:30CharlotteNCUSAUnknown15 mins / 2hrs?Lost time8/5/01
6/18/01 14:30Hickory (hwy 321 8mi s.)NCUSAChevron2 minjune,01.2:30p.flying wing traveled north(shadow only)nothing in sky! hwy321hickory,nc11/20/01
6/13/01 14:00CharlotteNCUSASphere1-2 minutesShiny silvery orb following plane8/5/01
6/10/01 21:00Hatteras IslandNCUSADisk3 MinutesOn the beach of Hatteras Island in 2001, a 30 foot disk-shaped object hovered above 2 of us for about 3 minutes.9/2/05
6/7/01 15:30Newland (near)NCUSA5 minutesWhile photographing flowers on the Blue Ridge Parkway I was startled by the sound of a rocket engine...3/21/03
6/3/01 03:30WilmingtonNCUSAFireball5secondsfirey blue ball8/5/01
6/1/01 23:00Hilton HeadNCUSALight5 minutesA circular light in the sky that appeared as silently and rapidly as it disappeared.4/27/07
6/1/01 13:00CharlotteNCUSAEgg5 minutesSilver egg-shaped objects following aircraft around Charlotte International Airport4/17/15
5/29/01 14:30CharlotteNCUSASphere5 minutesSilver Orb traveling very slowly across sky8/5/01
5/25/01 02:00ApexNCUSACircleless than 30 secondsEarly morning, house filled with light, and there it was above me...2/14/06
5/24/01 22:00MurphyNCUSALightabout 10 minutesI saw a flashing light move in all directions across the sky, then in a final bright flash it was gone.5/29/12
5/19/01 21:30Blowing RockNCUSALight1-3 minI was looking out at the lights below me and saw an orange dot above one of the towns below. It stayed in one place and did not move. 8/5/01
4/28/01 23:55MorgantonNCUSALight20 secondsFast moving cluster of erratic white lights spotted over western NC.8/5/01
4/24/01 18:25HillsboroughNCUSAOther60secs.Large plane with triangle wings in rear with long fuselage with short set of wings up front,silvercolor with engines that whine .4/28/01
4/20/01 01:30ReidsvilleNCUSACigar20 minutesReidsville Prom Sighting8/5/01
3/26/01 21:35DurhamNCUSATriangle10-12 minutesvery large triangular object with two very bright lights on the front and a reddish looking light on the bottom center4/1/01
3/20/01 23:45Southern PinesNCUSAFlash10 - 15 minErraticly moving craft emmitting light pulses.4/1/01
3/19/01 19:29RaleighNCUSALight2 min.Unidentified object that did not have required flashing light travels alongside and aircraft with normal lights.4/1/01
3/18/01 20:36KannapolisNCUSAUnknown5 minutesIt shot from one side of the car to the other,it was a yellow color of light with a squarish circle shape.4/1/01
2/26/01 01:15CharlotteNCUSAUnknownseveral minutes1:15am Feb 26 2001 red & white strobe like object moving rapidly3/6/01
2/25/01 18:38SalisburyNCUSACircle5 to 8 secondsred light got larger as it dissapeared behind woods3/6/01
2/10/01Moravian FallsNCUSASphereunka round object with a trail color turning to blue thought to have crashed near constrution site of new school3/16/01
2/7/01 19:30RaleighNCUSALight7:31-8:17it was a bright and hazy light that changed colors2/18/01
1/31/01 21:20WashingtonNCUSACircle20 minutesThree rotating round orange lights in the south-southeastern sky.2/14/06
1/23/01 20:00SalisburyNCUSADiskapprox. 1 min.I felt a strange presence around me as I was driving and looked up to see a saucer directly above my car.10/11/05
1/23/01 20:00SalisburyNCUSADisk1 minuteThe saucer hovered directly above and kept pace with my car ((NUFORC Note: No date indicated. Possible hoax. PD))5/24/05
1/10/01 12:10GrahamNCUSAEgg@ 15 min1/09/01 I had contact with Peter Davenport as to a questionable sighting of circular or egg shaped objects in southern sky shortly afte2/18/01
1/10/01 05:13ArdenNCUSACigar30 secsHigh SPeed Cigar Shaped Object - Sky Turning Brighter Than Noon for 1000 Miles For Over 20 Secs9/24/03
1/4/01 22:00RaleighNCUSALight2 minutesBlinking light zig-zags and merges with a star.2/18/01
12/25/00 03:00CharlotteNCUSACrossUnknownI was going out on a walk i the woods because I couldnt get to sleep. I went to a cow pasture that I like to visit. There were not any8/24/04
12/24/00 05:00CharlotteNCUSAUnknownunsureI had a triangle on my arm unaware of what and how this may have happened.10/12/01
12/20/00 17:00Elizabeth CityNCUSAChevron10 secChevron shaped object, alternating dark/white pattern, 10 sec duration, moderate speed, disappeared.1/3/01
12/12/00 23:30GreenvilleNCUSALight30 minutesStrange lights that hovered then moved rapidly, then stopped and moved rapidly again over great distances.12/23/02
12/12/00 07:00RaleighNCUSADisk5-7 minutesClose view of stationary disk, top and side visible, prior to rapid its acceleration and departure3/16/01
11/27/00 22:08MorgantonNCUSAFireball5 secondsBrightly lit fireball blazed through southern sky.12/2/00
11/22/00 20:40GreensboroNCUSATriangle30 secondsTriangular craft with five large round lights on underbelly - silent, slow and low flying12/20/00
11/11/00 09:00ConcordNCUSADiskIt landed and hovered then disappeared.5/2/03
10/20/00 23:30GreenvilleNCUSAChanging50 minOn that night my mother-in-law so it first,then her husband.Then she came over and got my self and my wife.We went out side and looked 12/2/00
10/19/00 05:28WaxhawNCUSA2secBright light moves in 90 degree direction12/2/00
10/15/00 23:00Spring LakeNCUSAOther3 hrsusaf traing, seen lights and bright circle11/3/05
10/8/00 20:00MorgantonNCUSADisk30 min.The object appeared to be a circular disk or cluster of lights that hovered in the sky for a minimum of 30 minutes.12/2/00
10/4/00 14:33CharlotteNCUSAOval15 seconds maybeI don't know what it was but it was silver going over some trees as I was leaving school. It was heading south at about 20 m.p.h, and12/2/00
9/8/00 03:25GreesnboroNCUSAUnknown12 minutesi was in the car while we were going to my home and I looked out the window and I saw something unusuall so i stoped the car and i look4/25/02
8/21/00FayettevilleNCUSAUnknownabout a minutereport in north carolina and a similar report in south carolina9/17/00
8/2/00 21:30Long Beach (Southport)NCUSALight1.5 hours6 of us saw three bright lights appearing next to each other for about 1.5 hours, several crafts appeared to be searching for it.8/19/00
7/30/00 01:30Nags HeadNCUSALight1hr. 30 minutesOuter Banks is treated to spectacular "star" formations8/5/00
7/29/00 23:15Nags HeadNCUSAFormation1 hourGroup of lighted objects at high speeds in Nags Head, NC8/28/02
7/21/00 18:15naNCUSATriangle<5 minutesUnidentified triangular craft hovering in a cloud at 31,000 feet from a Delta 757 moving at mach .84.9/17/00
7/15/00 18:50EnochvilleNCUSACylinder30 secondstube like object12/2/00
6/1/00 21:00CaryNCUSAOther1 minuteA green lozenge-shaped craft hovered high above a busy parking lot, then sped away after it noticed that I had seen it.6/27/19
5/16/00 11:00CharlotteNCUSAEgg1 minuteA small, white object followed a plane about to land at the Charlotte airport.6/21/00
5/10/00 22:00CharlotteNCUSATriangle15 minutesSilent craft floated over my head6/6/00
5/6/00 21:38Broad CreekNCUSAUnknown1 minthought it was a shooting star, traveling east to west. but it made a abrupt 90 degree turn and headed south. then made another 90 de5/11/00
3/24/00 18:30SouthportNCUSAFireball1-2 secondsOrange fireball very fast and near at low altitude4/1/00
3/15/00 21:15BakersvilleNCUSALight30sec.Very unique and phenominal4/1/00
2/26/00 17:18DurhamNCUSACircle5 secI witnesswed a light in the sky increase in size and brightness. As it reached its pinnacle it began to decrease in size and brightness2/27/00
2/15/00 02:30Rocky MountNCUSAUnknown20mins2:30 2000 feb. Rocky Mount N.C. Space Traverlers Object came throgh a circle in space then emitting smaller objects .12/3/04
2/4/00 05:55YoungsvilleNCUSALight5 secondsObject looked like star went across sky north to south to fast to be airplane. Object pulsed bright to dim.2/16/00
12/17/99 03:00CharlotteNCUSATriangleI was sleeping in my room and I woke up went to work and I came home and took a shower and relized that I had a triangle that was upsid1/7/00
12/16/99 10:30GreensboroNCUSACylinder10min.a cylinder shaped object,say three miles away.heading into a cloud bank. a jet, it looked like millitary jetwas off to the right of it.1/22/00
12/16/99 07:15GibsonvilleNCUSASphere2 minutesYellow-Orange soccer ball sized sphere photographed in my backyard.7/4/12
12/15/99 17:45Woodville (from, to Weeksville (approx. 16 mi.))NCUSADiamond45 min-1 hr.I 1st saw it while heading no. on int. 17 in woodville and followed it all the way to was NOT a plane, OR a helicopter.11/20/02
12/11/99 18:00Rocky MountNCUSAFireball30secmy son and myself looked up to see a bright flash of light,i thought it was a plane crashing.It streakrd across the sky changing shape 1/7/00
12/5/99 20:30ClevelandNCUSACircle10 minutesit was an orange glowing circle7/1/02
12/1/99 23:00ReidsvilleNCUSADiskabout ten minutesi was trying to sleep and....11/20/02
11/24/99 21:00Rocky MountNCUSACigar5 minutesBirght, yellowish-orange, cigar shaped object over Sunset Ave./ Business 64 exit in Rocky mount, NC.8/12/08
11/9/99 20:00BurgawNCUSALightFew secondsI was traveling south when I saw a blue-green light with an orange-yellow tail come from the sky in an east to west direction. It disap11/17/99
11/7/99 03:00CharlotteNCUSALightglowing light on dresser in house(shaped like a very brite glowing glass pea-nut jar). was not a reflection and was not a flying object11/17/99
11/5/99 18:44RaleighNCUSADiskLess then 10secondsSee Image attached to email, seen this while scanning some online live webcams.11/9/99
10/26/99 18:00CharlotteNCUSALight5-10 minApprox. 6-8 jets in sky. @ bright shining objects like small stars standing still. As one jet moved toward them, one moved away at a mu11/2/99
10/26/99 07:05Concord (Near)NCUSAOtherapprox 2 minObjects travelling westward, bright lights revovling.11/2/99
10/25/99 21:00YadkinvilleNCUSAFireball3 secondHuge fireball with long tail of fire, streaming across the road in front of me.6/3/10
10/17/99 21:00WarrensvilleNCUSALightcurrentThere are five or more lighted objects that are spaced apart from one another and they are sparkling with multi-colors.10/19/99
10/17/99 14:00CharlotteNCUSACigar10 minsCigar shaped craft seen over my home town being chased by a formation of fighter pilots.7/11/00
10/14/99 20:30WarrensvilleNCUSACircle22:30husband saw a colored flash of light that stoped in the sky.we looked out and saw 1 just latter it returned with 2 others which changed10/19/99
9/25/99 02:00FranklinNCUSACircle30mRecently my mother and myself have witnesst a white light with red and blue lights flashing around it.We have witnesst it together and 11/20/02
9/18/99 01:38Kill Devil HillsNCUSAFormation10 sec5-6 pale orange lights brightness of major Orion constellation stars viewed at 33 dgr from horizen moving due south together for 45 dg10/2/99
9/17/99 05:35Western North Carolina MountainsNCUSAFireball5 secondsI saw a brilliant flash in the southern sky going from East to West. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))10/2/99
9/11/99 22:50Nantahala National Forest (Center of)NCUSALightaprox. 2hoursWhat we saw was a patch of illumination that was somewhat rectangular and vertical in orientation. It was approximately 30 degrees abo10/2/99
9/11/99 21:58CharlotteNCUSALight1 minuteWhen looking in the sky, I saw a light moving very high up in the sky, It wasn't blinking like an airplane and moving to slow to be met10/2/99
9/1/99 06:00LincolntonNCUSAChanging5 minutesGlowing object in morning sky10/2/99
8/31/99 23:30MatthewsNCUSAChevron10 minutesA large chevron black craft floated over a park and parking lot. The craft made absolutely no noise.9/12/99
8/31/99 21:10MadisonNCUSACircleONCEMe and my Family were out in the front lawn watching two jet planes flying in the same direction NE_SW,when far above the clouds was an9/12/99
8/23/99 02:30WilmingtonNCUSADisk2 minuteswife walking dog in yard. heard humming, she looked up and seen disk hovering over our house9/6/02
8/22/99 13:30Rocky MountNCUSACircle1min.I thought I saw a parachute or a balloon coming down from a heavy bank of clouds, then saw it zig-zag falling-leaf fashion.8/30/99
8/19/99 15:45WilmingtonNCUSATriangle8-10 secondsRolling triangle seen moving in front of storm system.8/30/99
8/18/99 14:00RaleighNCUSADiskLost time Disk type ShipsIt was daytime around 2 pm on the golf course playing with 2 others I did not know. I want to know what happened to me.9/9/22
8/15/99 21:00FayettevilleNCUSALightabout 10 minutesBright blinking light makes high speed "C" shaped manuver.6/18/03
8/12/99 03:58Apex (N 35 41 25 W 78 45 01)NCUSATriangle1aprox 15 secondsA very large triangular aray of (3) lights seen in the east and moving rapidly north north-west.9/19/02
8/12/99 03:30North WilkesboroNCUSATriangle1min,30secWhile watching the Perseid meteor shower,at the time stated,a triangular formation of lights came from the west-southwest direction hea2/23/00
8/8/99 22:15ReidsvilleNCUSATriangle2 hoursTriangle object over field, 30 ft from ground, also saw being from this sighting5/14/02
7/29/99HighPointNCUSACylinder5 minutesoccupants of these craft have the ability too pose as a low storm cloud too!12/19/03
7/15/99 21:50CharlotteNCUSAChanging4 minutesGlowing object blue and white4/15/00
7/7/99 21:00CharlotteNCUSAChanging3 minutesSilent hovering glowing object8/30/99
7/6/99 22:30Stokes CountyNCUSAChevron2-3 minutesObserved object moving rapidly across the sky. Very bright lights, I could easily see a distinct > shape.7/14/99
7/5/99 00:07Knotts IslandNCUSAUnknown@ 30 min.6 of us were in a boat in the dark and looking at the stars, we noticed what appeared to be like a vapor trail that was way up in the s7/14/99
7/1/99 19:30CharlotteNCUSAOther1 minuteNoisy, "sky train" moving slowly with suden accellaration12/20/00
7/1/99 00:00MorgantonNCUSADiamond30 secondsa diamond-shaped, auburn-colored craft appeared in the sky and after traveling a very short distance, emitted 2 objects from either sid12/16/99
5/24/99 21:55WilmingtonNCUSAFormation1min. 6sec.2 lights on the left and 4 lights on the right. all golden in color and same intensity heading at 330`.6/23/99
5/20/99 07:35Roanoke RapidsNCUSACylinder2-3 minutesI was in my wife's graduation with some friends. Around 7:35 my friends were taping the event. When I asked them to look up they refuse5/24/99
5/10/99 03:00Oak RidgeNCUSATriangle20minat apox. 3am I woke up to the dog going crazy and a strange hum.outside my father and I saw an object just sitting on the tree line7/5/99
5/5/99 21:45WalstonburgNCUSAOther30 minRound and round, dizzying5/24/99
4/24/99 02:00MarionNCUSATeardrop45 min.huge bright star moving from left to right, then turned to tear drop and then went dull and moved over our lake home. strange but true.4/26/99
4/20/99 20:00Rockingham (by Racetrack)NCUSATriangle3 minDriving on US 1 North hovering south of Race Track spinning with light on each corner of Triangle. Started moving along road for about8/10/99
4/10/99 19:30CharlotteNCUSAOther90 secondsLarge craft - noisy - many lights - altitude 200 feet - speed less than 65 mph - strange aspect ratio, almost the same aspect ratio as 5/24/99
3/25/99 20:50Interstate 40, East BoundNCUSAOvalno more than8secon 03-25-99 me and my wife were on interstate 40 east bound when we saw a bright light in front of us it stoped and then all of a sudde4/26/99
3/19/99 16:20WeavervilleNCUSAOtherforty secondsTwo black helicopters following possible object near Parkway entrance4/2/99
2/23/99 20:00North Carolina (southeast part)NCUSASphere5-10 secondswhile driving north on interstate 95, my mother and i had just crossed the border into north carolina, we saw a red spherical light cro4/2/99
2/2/99 21:30CharlotteNCUSAFireball14 secondsI'm an Engieer and former Air Traffic controller. I spotted a Green Fireball. I waited to hear someone else report this but none els ha4/2/99
1/7/99 14:10CharlotteNCUSATriangle5 min3 dark in color triangular type objects moving in a loose formation N. As other aircraft flew above from local airport, objects seemed 1/22/00
12/28/98 22:35Kure BeachNCUSACone5 minCraft approached as a star in the night sky - zig zaged extemely fast side to side. Hovered over ocean,motionless suspended for approx2/23/00
12/15/98 10:00Rocky Point/Hampstead (Rural area outside of)NCUSASphere5 minutesHunter views UFO and is later buzzed by two military aircraft.8/30/99
12/10/98 03:05Fort MillNCUSADisk10-12 secondsThe object was a dull orange glow, shaped like a flattened image of Saturn. It crossed in front of Orion and I caught it in my binocula1/28/99
11/29/98 01:50HampsteadNCUSAFireball18secondsAs we steped out of our car we saw a fireball vollyball size redish orange yellow in color, heading west to east on a horizontal plane 1/28/99
11/21/98 22:00Avon (Outer Banks)NCUSALight1/2 hourSingle points of light, orange/yellow in color, much like meteors. There was broken cloudcover, and the lights would appear and disappe2/16/99
11/15/98 22:00Camp Lejeune/JacksonvilleNCUSATriangle1 minuteTriangular shaped ufo witnessed by 200 Marines in Camp Lejeune, NC.6/20/05
10/24/98 17:00WilmingtonNCUSALight45minSame as previous description of the other witness.8/16/02
10/24/98 17:00WilmingtonNCUSASphere30 minutesApprox 1 hour before dusk, 7 chrome-colored spheres appeared in the north/northwest sky. The objects didn't appear to be balloons and w11/1/98
10/20/98 20:30AvonNCUSAChevron3 minTHIS OBJECT DIDNT HAVE ANY SOUND.10/31/08
10/15/98 19:00AshevilleNCUSALight30 minsred drifting light about 50 degrees in the western sky slowly drifting up and to the north would get very bright then fade but not puls1/7/00
10/15/98 16:01Winston-SalemNCUSASphere12 secsilver-white sphere crossed sky in 12 sec.11/1/98
10/12/98 19:00AshevilleNCUSALight40 minRed light moved slowly over Asheville, dogs acted is if they were in pain.5/15/06
10/12/98 19:00AshevilleNCUSAFireball30minA MOVING RED BALL OF LIGHT.4/2/99
10/10/98 20:50MooresvilleNCUSALight2 secondsStar gazing in back yard with telescope and binos. Saw shooting star and an oblong shape of light.11/1/98
10/9/98 17:50Pikeville (Farmingdale Drive)NCUSADisk1 minuteI walked outside wearing my red lesned sunglasses and I saw it. It went SW then NE and had a reflective covering and was moving faster8/5/01
10/6/98 02:00Vass (Town of, on hwy #1)NCUSACircle3 sec.I saw a green irredesent ball in the sky11/19/98
9/20/98 01:15Fort BraggNCUSATriangle20 minutesTwo triangle UFO’s over Ft. Bragg.8/23/19
9/10/98 19:00SophiaNCUSAFireball3 secondsA huge blue, orange ball shooshed in front of us12/19/03
8/22/98 23:15Sparta (12 mi.north of, countryside)NCUSAUnknown5 minutesA 69-yr-old male sighted small lights below the planet Jupiter. Looking through binoculars, another male 65 years old, sighted small li9/19/02
8/15/98 20:15ThomasvilleNCUSASphere30 to45 secfishing in boat with my son.when a flock of small birds flew up from behind us. sa birds flew away . about 20 feet to our right 7 to 82/22/05
7/13/98 21:00ChocowinityNCUSADisk?It really just appeared, it was only a few feet above me, I an not sure but I think I touched it. It was a silverish metallic color, I11/21/98
7/12/98 21:45Salisbury (E Ridge Rd.)NCUSAFireball20sec.Bright self illuminated object traveling SE to NW Changed direction at least twice at very high speed and at very sharp angles say at l8/5/01
7/4/98 22:30Nags HeadNCUSALight15 MinutesI was outside at around 22:30 and i saw three circular lights in a triangle formation. They moved through the sky pretty fast, and then2/16/99
6/23/98 01:15Apex/Holly Springs (between)NCUSATriangle90 secondsTown of Fuquay, NC had power blackout -10PM - 06/22/98. Hwy 55,north of town, saw BRIGHT white light-southern horizon. Shaped like quar11/21/98
6/20/98 23:30CaryNCUSACircle45 secA red light from zero to light speed, no time flat.8/16/02
6/20/98 21:30WilmingtonNCUSAOtherUSA/Night sightingThere is "NO" aircraft that can fly that slow, with the exception of a helicopter/glider, and have enough "air lift" to stay aloft.9/29/04
6/1/98 21:30Mt. AiryNCUSALight1 hourWe where at a drive in movie, it was my family and my fiance. My mother first noted the objects. Due to her recent outpatient surgery8/10/99
6/1/98 11:00Wilmington, NCNCUSAOther3 minutes((HOAX??)) Had encounter with nice alien in waste deep water with head size of fist and eye the size if silver dollar.10/26/21
6/1/98 10:30Winston-Salem (north of)NCUSACircle3 minwhite light moving at very fast speed then going verticle10/31/08
6/1/98AndrewsNCUSACylinderclear day seen object in western sky...2 military aircraft flying together toward the object5/24/99
5/16/98 02:20Wilmington (off coast of)NCUSAUnknown2-3minDark figure buzzed our boat and it wasn't an airplane!7/26/02
5/12/98 16:00Kinston/Richlands (between; Rt. 258)NCUSACigarfew secondsCigar-shaped craft, traveling over road in country, 200-300 ft. in the air. 200-300 mph, no wings, no markings, no sound. Silver.9/2/05
5/9/98 20:00Asbury communityNCUSALight45 minthe lights would change colors as if spinning really fast and they looked like the colors of a prism1/29/02
4/12/98 17:00Level CrossNCUSAUnknown7 minsTwo rings and a sphere shape craft2/14/08
3/15/98 21:30GreensboroNCUSALight10 minutescolor changing light that made no engine noise and dissappeared in a clearsky4/15/00
3/7/98 18:17Benson (Just outside of)NCUSAFireball2 minutesA comnet shaped object suddenly appeared in the sky and appeared to move across the sky slowly until it turned away from me and disappe3/19/02
2/27/98 21:00MorgantonNCUSAlight1 hourLarge amount of lights on a mountain about tree top level1/28/99
2/21/98 20:00HalifaxNCUSACircle3-4 secondsWhile driving I noticed a large, bright orange circle in the sky with what appeared to be a straight object sticking down from the lowe1/28/99
2/14/98 10:45Rocky MountNCUSADiskfishingI was fishing in Stoney creeck about 10:45 pm. I looked up and I saw somehting aproaching me at pretty fast rate of speed, I would say 4/2/99
1/21/98 22:00Goldsboro (north of)NCUSAFormation10+ minutesstrange lights in NC5/27/03
12/25/97 02:00CharlotteNCUSALight20-30 secSimilar UFOs sighted exactly a year apart6/4/04
10/29/97 16:30Glen AlpineNCUSALight1 min.I herd a humming sound and a bright lite. From - Thu Oct 30 14:34:07 1997 Return-Path: Received: from colora1/28/99
10/26/97 22:00CharlotteNCUSATrianglefew secondsI spotted two triangular craft over the treetops........8/30/99
10/16/97 05:34HickoryNCUSAFireball3minutesI was outside when I saw a red "fireball" moving in an oval pattern.6/23/99
10/15/97 03:00LagrangeNCUSAFireball3 SECONDSI saw two glowing, softball sized objects fly across the road directly in front of my truck.8/12/01
10/1/97 09:00CharlotteNCUSACigar2 minutesCigar shaped, silvery-white object @ 500-1,00' up, in a clear blue, cloudless sky. Object was silent, immobile, and when I glanced dow1/28/99
8/30/97 21:00OcracokeNCUSAOther5 minutesSeveral stationary white lights in a curved shape.7/14/13
8/24/97 21:45BiscoeNCUSAChanging15 secondswhile standing outside my car in front of food store, a huge metal-grey oblong unidentifiably-shaped object suddenly soared over the fr1/7/00
8/16/97 12:00RutherfordtonNCUSACigar7 hoursA cigar shaped craft with 2 6-ft tall beings obucted me and later crashed in the mountians of lake lure.10/31/03
8/3/97 22:03BakersvilleNCUSAlight15 secsA bright light with a long tail (presumed to be a meteroite) was sited moving slowly across the eastern sky, in a south to north direct1/28/99
7/15/97 23:00AshevilleNCUSASphere+/- 1minuteFigure eight flying light over Asheville5/2/11
7/15/97 23:00GoldsboroNCUSAFormation20 mins1997 rotating stars positioned to left and right of moon do fast clockwise rotations8/24/04
7/15/97 22:30Kings Mtn.NCUSALight30 sec.07-15-97 22:30 N.C. 30 sec. cloud formation & craft3/11/06
7/15/97 22:00FayettevilleNCUSATriangle45 minutesTriangular craft followed on foot, and gray at my window. Seperate and presumably unrelated experiences6/18/03
7/15/97 21:30KernersvilleNCUSATriangle5 secondsThree points of light in triangle alignment.4/24/14
7/15/97 21:00GoldsboroNCUSASphereMaybe 1 Min.Witness to a large, smooth, silent sphere, kind of the color of the moon.4/14/09
6/30/97 12:00SalisburyNCUSALight10 secondsShining like a sparkler and brighter than the sun in broad daylight.2/27/14
6/22/97 06:00GreensboroNCUSAlight45 secondstwo lights in tandem moving NE-SW1/28/99
6/4/97 20:30HavelockNCUSAOther10 minutes?Unusual aircraft or ??12/2/00
6/1/97 21:00HertfordNCUSATriangle2 nights5 triangles between Edenton and Hertford, NC.9/9/16
5/15/97 21:00AshevilleNCUSAOtherboth events 1 minuitean object was sited around the asheville area that was travelling westward. it was brilliantly lit and appeared to be moving very fast.1/29/02
5/7/97 20:00CorapeakeNCUSAFlash5 minutesThere were three fire balls, one over top of each other, which had three smaller dots around each in a triangular shape.7/11/00
4/15/97 22:00CharlotteNCUSAUnknown10 secIn mid conversation we both looked up to the sky simultaniously. We saw what we thought was a shooting star very high in the eveni6/12/08
3/30/97 20:30ShallotteNCUSAFormation15-20 seconds9-10 orange objects flying in V formation,leader drops down to form W ,all vanish within seconds. Watching Hale-Bopp, both girlfriend a11/1/98
1/15/97 04:30CalabashNCUSAOval10 minutesThis was a round solid object like a chandelier with many tiny white lights2/18/01
12/13/96 03:00GreensboroNCUSALight1-minuteVery large ball of light. Looked to me as if the sun were moving through town.8/28/03
11/27/96Graham CountyNCUSAPolice report--Possible twinkling star.2/8/05
9/5/96 01:00FaithNCUSATriangle30 secsLarge black triangle, lights on the corners. Moving 3 or 4 mph right above the treetops. Faint humming noise. 500 Lights On Object01/21/08
7/4/96 22:00WilmingtonNCUSATriangle1 minuteMy wife and I were stargazing on a beautiful clear night when we spotted a red triangle flying8/12/08
6/15/96 22:00FayettevilleNCUSAOther2 secondsIncredibly fast green light traveling North to South, on several occasions5/2/03
6/15/96 00:00Chapel HillNCUSACircle5 minLarge disc shaped UFO just over our house, no sound. 3 red lights in a triangle underneath. It was huge.7/6/10
6/1/96 20:30RichlandsNCUSALight00:03:00Bright single white light on a summer night sky in eastern N.C.10/31/08
5/24/96 20:45Mint HillNCUSATriangle15 secondsTriangle shape silently hovering just over the trees and houses11/9/04
5/20/96 23:00High PointNCUSAFireball2 minutesI was one the way home one night when a round object passed over head it looked like lava and fire around it4/27/07
3/15/96 21:00CharlotteNCUSAFormation1 min, first, then 5 mins1st night saw rectangle rimmed with lights, gliding, then next night, along same path, saw 4 orbs, rotating, creating geometric shapes.12/1/19
3/13/96 23:05Pink HillNCUSA4 min.Man walks onto porch, notes very bright light in sky with"4 small lights on one end, giving off sparks on other." Suddenly moves off.11/2/99
1/1/96 21:00ElizabethtownNCUSATriangle4-5 minutesTRIANGLE SHAPED SHADOW BLOCKS OUT STARS8/5/01
12/17/95 20:15GreenvilleNCUSA7 sec.Man witnesses 3 orange lights in triangular pattern hover momentarily, glide across sky, pause, pivot, the fade from view.11/2/99
11/27/95 00:00HickoryNCUSASphere7-10 minutesTwo bluish white orbs one bigger then other then at end did a u turn into space almost like something in a movie with no noise.8/8/14
11/17/95 23:30Seymour-Johnson AFBNCUSADuty sergeant rpts multiple calls from citizens regarding 1 or more (?) objects hovering, maneuvering near USAF base. Radar neg.11/2/99
10/21/95 20:30FranklintonNCUSACircle10 secondsI saw a four foot wide, moving, circular patch of road which was devoid of rain in a driving storm.2/16/00
7/30/95 22:05HighpointNCUSA2 sec.Man sitting on lawn hears obj. pass overhead very fast. Distinct humming tone. Repts. it sheared limb off tree.11/2/99
7/30/95 01:06BoliviaNCUSA10 min.NC Emer. Commo.Cntr. repts. 2 police officers reporting strange lights in sky near Goose Creek area.11/2/99
7/24/95 01:45MooresvilleNCUSAUnknown15-20 minutesMY LIFE IS CHANGED BECAUSE OF THIS!! ((anonymous report))8/10/18
7/16/95 21:30BooneNCUSAOval3 MINUTESOval, silent, UFO, with very bright red,green, & amber lights, football field size, 100 ft. up, ,7/16/95,Boone.12/9/03
6/3/95 23:53GoldsboroNCUSA3 sec.Man repts. two sightings minutes apart. Sees very bright light, "like meteor," streaking to NE. Sees minutes later going SE.11/2/99
6/1/95 23:30MebaneNCUSATriangle30 minI was inside my home recovering from surgery. My wife was at home with me. At app.11:30pm mydaughter returned from amovie with 2 frieds3/19/09
6/1/95 22:30SupplyNCUSAUnknown10 minutesWe spotted a craft moving VERY slowly and in complete silence approximately 200ft above us shining lights all about as if searching.9/12/99
6/1/95 15:00DurhamNCUSACircle10 secsA strange object moving at warp speed in the day8/5/09
5/20/95 23:00CharlotteNCUSALight5 minutesA friend and I witnessed white lights the size of stars poking randomly through a cloudy night sky.8/12/01
4/15/95 22:00AshevilleNCUSATriangleit seemed like 15+ hovered above us for a while.....12/2/00
4/15/95 22:00PinehurstNCUSATriangle30 secondsTwo triangular craft, hovering low12/3/04
3/30/95 23:32MurphyNCUSA1 minuteWoman and grandson witness large, oval, brightly lighted obj. W of Murphy, NC. Similar sighting 03/28/95 @8pm11/2/99
3/20/95 00:00FayettevilleNCUSACylinder5 minWhite, Glowing Cylinder, Maybe affected my mind temporarily2/22/05
2/18/95 12:30CharlotteNCUSASphere1.5 to 2 minutesReflective solid object hung motionless in the sky before shooting off at an extremely high rate of speed.6/15/15
2/5/95 01:30GreensvilleNCUSAWoman and friend witnesses "striped, square" ship streak towards them while driving home. Followed them. Good rept..11/2/99
12/13/94 18:55MurphyNCUSAWoman reports seeing strange, lighted obj. with "arms." Many witnesses and written reports.11/2/99
12/12/94 23:00GreensboroNCUSAOval5 MinutesU.F.O. seen over Greensboro, N.C. , unbelievable sighting of a Bright glowing object in the sky.10/31/08
11/26/94 17:00GreensboroNCUSACigar20 mIN.The object moved right and left very fast then a flash of light it split in two objects.2/14/08
10/24/94 14:30CharlotteNCUSADisk1/2 hourWe were under brilliant illumination that was much brighter than the 2:30 pm afternoon clear day sunlight.12/7/06
10/17/94 10:35KannapolisNCUSALight20 secondsbrilliant light coming and going2/8/05
8/10/94 21:30ConoverNCUSAFireballseveral minutesUnexplained hovering fire ball in the sky10/10/11
7/27/94 22:00ApexNCUSAEgg15-20 minutes3 egg shaped yellow crafts seen in the sky by 12-15 witnesses, hovers for 15-20 minutes then vanishes!8/5/12
7/14/94 08:00HavelockNCUSAUnknown.5 minutesall in all i saw a gray/silver ship that i could only see a triangleish part of.7/16/03
5/15/94 15:30ZebulonNCUSAOtherAbout 2 MinutesGigantic flat black ship with molded rooms on bottom and tubes leading to each room seen in Zebulon, North Carolina.4/16/05
3/15/94 21:00AshevilleNCUSADisk30 minSeen craft very close hovering over telephone poll not moving or making a sound.10/7/03
12/10/93 19:30MorgantonNCUSACircle20 secondsRed Object over my backyard.10/31/03
8/25/93 02:00GarnerNCUSAOther3 minutesFlat square I only saw the bottom it was about 60 ft above my head10/31/08
8/20/93 23:15SelmaNCUSAOval3-4 secondsSaw a orangish yellow oval move very suddenly and make an immediate right hand turn.11/2/99
7/1/93 00:00EflandNCUSATriangle30 minslarge craft hovering in field12/12/11
6/15/93 20:00Forest CityNCUSAOther5-10 minutesI encountered an object around June or July of 1993. My family and I had just drove up to my house after returning from the store aroun11/2/04
6/1/93 21:00JamestownNCUSAOtherstrange explosion8/5/01
4/14/93 21:00CrestonNCUSASphere5 MinutesShere shaped object with brilliant bright lights6/18/03
4/1/93 06:00GastoniaNCUSAFormation5 daysA triangle formation seen each morning before daybreak for five days off Bud Wilson Road.5/24/99
10/3/92 13:35Raleigh-Durham (from cockpit)NCUSAChevron35 secondsChevron shape vehicle, NE of RDU ((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by senior airline pilot (ret.). PD))8/5/09
10/1/92 22:00Henderson/OxfordNCUSACrossnot sureNever seen a UFO....come to Henderson.6/21/00
9/3/92 19:00WilmingtonNCUSADisk5 - 9 minsmultiple saucers, there and gone.2/8/05
7/1/92 21:00Nags HeadNCUSACircle20 minutesI lived a summer in Nags Head to complete a hotel internship for my university. I lived in a house with a Christian family. They call3/21/03
6/15/92 22:00GastoniaNCUSASphere5 minutesBright Orb5/15/06
6/1/92 01:00Rocky MountNCUSATriangle30On that evening I was working as a patrol officer for the Rocky Mount Police Department. Between calls for service I was standing with7/23/20
2/25/92 21:00SalisburyNCUSALight10 minutesMy dad had stepped outside (for what reason, I cannot remember) but he came running back in a rant. He kept saying there is something i12/21/17
10/10/91 22:00FriscoNCUSAUnknown30 minutesA friend and myself were standing on the shore of the Pamlico sound as we observed 4 objects moving in up and down motions for about 301/28/99
9/14/91 21:00Fayetteville (near)NCUSALight10 minutesFast moving object that would just stop and then dart off and then just stop again.5/24/05
8/22/91 22:30AshevilleNCUSAOval5 minutesYellow/Redish colored UFO on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville,NC.10/11/05
5/2/91 12:00GreensboroNCUSACylinder5 secondsSilver cylinder seen close to the ground9/9/22
4/1/91 20:00PittsboroNCUSASphere1-2 minutes4 white spheres, seen early night, over Jordan Lake, from corner of Andrews Store Rd. & Chapel Hill Rd.6/24/16
4/1/91 18:00Fort FisherNCUSALight30 minutesRed lights came out of the water, hovered a few seconds then went up at a slight angle at a speed that was incredible. As big as 3 airc4/2/99
10/18/90 01:00Forest CityNCUSADisk3-4 hours or longer.1000's of neon colored U.F.O.'s/Saucers in Sky at once.11/2/04
9/20/90 23:00Level CrossNCUSASphere45 minutes plusI and my mother and sister and dog were traveling from greensboro nc to a small commnity in randolph county when it orange ball appeare7/5/05
9/14/90 15:00White LakeNCUSAOther40secsout of this world10/20/05
3/15/90 22:00FarmvilleNCUSADisk15-30 minIt blacked out a large part of stars in sky...Huge!--black--silent--low flying--slowly over downtown--almost covered downtown(some 10-16/10/03
2/5/90 21:00Sleepy CreekNCUSALight3 min.Mystery light attracts Air Force attention in NC.2/22/02
11/15/89 22:00Currituck CountyNCUSADisk15:00minThis metalic disk had blueish plasma lighting coming from all around it3/21/03
10/22/89FayettevilleNCUSAFireball10minutesthese objects were seen the morning of hurricane hugo they were flying in a formation side by side when i first noticed them i thought 7/26/02
10/18/89 21:00Forest CityNCUSADisk1 and half - 2 hours3 Silver shiny looking Saucers/U.F.O.'s!11/2/04
10/15/89 20:00Mint HillNCUSATriangle2-3 MinutesTriangular UFO with 3 lights on each corner. No Sound. Low Flight Pattern.3/19/09
10/10/89 22:00Topsail BeachNCUSALight1 minuteNear Topsail Beach, 3 silent, star-sized objects each come to a stop, then one at a time, shoot off to disappear seaward7/17/15
9/1/89 14:00FranklinNCUSASphere15secsA perfect sphere, almost transparent , very transluscent , soundlessly floating above me10/31/03
8/15/89 20:30HighlandsNCUSAOther5 minutesLarge low altitude object seen by many in NC mountains as lights went out.12/16/05
8/1/89 23:30Elk ParkNCUSATriangle10-15 Min.Huge triangle craft hovering silently 40 ft. above highway 19-E. 6 witnesses, craft seemed to be aware of our presence.3/4/08
7/20/89 22:00Nags HeadNCUSAChanging10 minutesLow flying, lights, shooting lights.11/26/03
7/4/89 12:30MorgantonNCUSASphere30 secLarge Silver Levitating Ball2/16/00
4/21/89 01:00Walnut CoveNCUSATriangle10 minutesTriangle three white lights one red in the middle moving slowly.4/12/13
12/15/88 23:30LibertyNCUSATriangle1 minuteLarge triangular object with white lights along the side. Silent1/22/00
11/15/88 22:30Scaley (outside Highlands)NCUSADisk3 minutesI was talking with an acquaintance outside a house on a cold clear night. As we talked, my attention was distracted by an airborn vehic9/2/05
8/20/88 19:30ClaytonNCUSASphere2 MinutesSphere shaped object about the size of a water tower, spinning rapidly.6/20/05
8/15/88 21:00HighlandsNCUSARectangle4,5 min.we were driving down the main st. of was huge! drifting over a building at one end of town the lights in town dimmed then went 8/30/99
7/4/88 12:30MorgantonNCUSASphere30 secSphere accelerates at high rate.1/10/09
11/1/87 04:00DallasNCUSALight10 minutesBright light in window12/19/03
10/15/87 02:00RaleighNCUSATriangle2 minutesHuge triangle passes over oblivious, sleeping capital7/16/03
10/1/87 23:00LouisburgNCUSATriangle3 MinutesLarge black triangular object with lights on each side and at the points making no discernible noise.8/5/01
7/30/87 21:20AshevilleNCUSALight1:30 to 2 minspre-awarenees would see UFO -- falling star - changing to dancing light - then very high speed departure10/31/03
7/1/87 01:00MarshvilleNCUSAOther45-2hrsUFO in clear sight of entire town, egg shape(on its side)many colored lights,memory tampering,nose bleed,abduction.2/24/05
4/19/87 22:30Carolina BeachNCUSACigar30 MinutesI shined my bright headlights on it!5/2/11
4/11/87 22:00Carolina BeachNCUSACigar30 minutesI SAW WHAT I SAW5/11/05
3/1/87 19:00WeavervilleNCUSATriangle2 minUFO IN ASHEVILLE N.C. 19871/29/02
12/31/86 19:00Mt. AiryNCUSATriangle30-60 secondsRoadside triangular UFO sighting resulting in missing time. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/7/07
12/31/86 19:00Mt. Airy (near)NCUSAFormation20 secondsWe were driving south on Hwy. 52 when we saw 3white lights in a triangular shape ascend from thetrees to the left of the highway and ho6/2/98
10/22/86 22:00SelmaNCUSALight07 minutesSix aircraft moving at high rates of speed in an acrobatic formation then dissapearing in a star burst1/28/99
10/20/86 19:00Raleigh/GarnerNCUSATriangle2-3 minutesLarge Triangle object in sky over North Carolina2/1/07
9/15/86 22:00CalypsoNCUSAOtherappox. 5 minIn 1986 NC, a red and yellow glowing object appears to mother, son, and daughter leaving them without memory of it8/12/01
9/11/86 22:00CalypsoNCUSASphere1-2 minutesUFO of spherical red and yellow lights hovers over family leaving them with no memory of incident5/11/05
8/21/86 20:00GreensboroNCUSADisk2 minutesI heard a very low but strong rumbling noise and went to the back porch to see what was making it. When I opened the Storm door I looke2/7/20
6/29/86 20:00StatesvilleNCUSARectangle30 minutesI have thought of this event my whole life I was 12 I am now 46.My father and I was standing at edge of our yard when dad said what hel7/12/19
1/29/86 20:00Old FortNCUSARectangle2 minutesOrange rectangle.5/15/13
1/28/86 13:00ClarktonNCUSACigar7 secondsLow flying, large cigar shaped craft close-up view the day of the Challenger disaster in 1986.11/21/10
10/12/85 23:45SwansboroNCUSADisk23:45 - 23:50My sister and I observed a disk for about 5 minutes hovering approximately 120 feet away.12/2/00
10/1/85 05:30MonroeNCUSASphere5 minYears ago, my husband's aunt and I witnessed something very strange on the way to work early one morning. It was about 5:30am and we we11/28/07
8/15/85 20:00South Nags HeadNCUSATriangle20:00-20:30While walking on beach, two teenagers witnessed football-field-sized triangular craft over water from distance of approx. 50 feet.1/28/99
6/15/85 14:00StokesNCUSADisk4 0r 5 minsI think I was about 9yrs old, and my brother 5yrs old. We lived on farming land. We were out playing at the edge of the field one day w9/28/02
6/1/85 22:00WilkesboroNCUSAFireball1 minuteWe were fishing at the spillway at W Kerr Scott Dam in June I can't remember the date 1985. There was a large hill directly in front 2/18/01
5/1/85 21:00Wiseman's View (Brown Mountain)NCUSACircle2 minutesA large bright light like the moon. But down in the woods.11/2/04
5/1/85 13:00HarrisburgNCUSALight10-12 secUltraviolent,High velocity,silent light emitting no vapor trail or atmospheric turbulence related vapor.3/7/00
4/20/85 10:00SanfordNCUSASphere25 sec/A bright white light that travels 8 ft. off ground changes direction like humming bird was curious as we were of it as it was of us.11/21/10
1/15/85 20:50McGrady (Wilkes County)NCUSAChanging4-6 minutesOn a clear, starry winter evening I observed a very unusual object in the night sky, my grandfather also saw the object.1/11/02
6/15/84 18:00AshevilleNCUSACircle20 to 30 secondsit must have been 30 or 40 foot around and it had many many lights on it3/21/03
1/3/84 13:00FayettevilleNCUSAFireball13:30I stood there watching as the sun finally started to show its face throughthe sky, a light blinded me. Then.... it was gone.7/11/00
12/15/83 01:15GarnerNCUSATriangle15 minutesAn in trouble triangle UFO seen hovering above tree top level in a residential neighborhood.4/28/01
11/1/83 20:00GibsonvilleNCUSALight5 - 10 minLight observed in night sky followed by what appeared as military aircraft.12/23/02
10/1/83 21:00TarboroNCUSADisk3 minutesit was as large as our house...and silent enough no one inside heard a thing...nor did i9/9/03
12/25/82 19:00High PointNCUSALight3 to 4 minsObject appearing to fly in formation with airliner before radically maneuvering away from it.3/13/12
12/10/82 22:00Boone (west of)NCUSAChevron00:20I saw what appeared to be a large boomerang shaped craft with pale blue lights along the leading edge.2/24/05
10/8/82 18:00WeavervilleNCUSAOtherunknownBell shaped UFO with lights hovering without sound.7/19/10
7/30/82 22:00Holden BeachNCUSAOtherthirthy secondsA square shaped white object that appeared as quickly as it disappeard2/1/07
7/16/82 04:37FayettevilleNCUSAChanging3 - 5 minThe ball changed from blue-green to yellow red green triangle shape9/24/03
7/15/82 21:00ReidsvilleNCUSAOval5 minutesSilver oval w/rotating lights9/17/03
6/30/82 21:00DurhamNCUSACircle5 secondsWhite orb over I-85 in Durham NC early 80’s.6/25/20
6/15/82 22:00Rocky PointNCUSATriangle1 hourTriangle over Rocky Point, NC4/27/07
6/15/82 12:45GoldsboroNCUSADisk3-5 minutesDriving home at night, saw lights that I thought were landing lights of an airplane, stopped my car, lights didn't move, huge object.8/5/00
6/10/82 21:30GreensboroNCUSASphere10 minutes +/-Observed objects passing along the banks of city reservoir4/26/99
2/1/82 13:00Cape HatterasNCUSACircle5minsHi I have reported this before from the US Coast Guard ship Chilula. I just don't understand why you guys haven't gotten in touch with8/7/07
1/1/82 20:00Orange CountyNCUSACircle15 minutesthis was no helicopter squad12/23/02
9/10/81 23:00HendersonNCUSARectangle15 minI was leaving my job at the hospital in 1981. I had a newborn son and my husband was with him at my home in Henderson NC.I was driving1/21/08
5/20/81 22:00DurhamNCUSASphere5 MINUTESBig as a house & made no sound6/12/02
5/20/81 07:00StokesdaleNCUSACigar5 minutesCigar Shaped Object 30 feet above us glides over bus stop4/28/17
2/23/81 21:00CameronNCUSALight15 min.Round object hovering in sky then in a zig zag motion dissapering1/28/99
9/12/80 21:00Atlantic OceanNCUSALightone minuteFlying light flew across sky, stopped, zig zagged, turned red, then flew back up and disapeared.12/12/09
6/30/80 17:00CharlotteNCUSACigar10 minutesCigar shape craft with lights inside over Charlotte2/3/17
6/1/80 22:00MorgantonNCUSALight20 minutesOrange light splits into three pieces4/16/05
9/30/79 18:00SanfordNCUSACigarcigar shaped crft with white light flashing from window to windows.1/31/11
9/17/79 20:10FayettevilleNCUSACylinder50 minutesMissing time involved. Other witness remembers nothing. Tractor beam taking water aboard craft. 5 miles downrange, appeared 300 feet8/30/99
8/15/79 20:15TarboroNCUSATriangle~10 minutesTriangle craft seen in Eastern North Carolina.8/23/19
7/30/79 22:00BooneNCUSACylinder10 secLarge silent cylindar spotted on ASU campus, Boone NC, with large light, hovering just above treetops10/11/05
6/30/79 13:00CherokeeNCUSADisk2 minutesThis silver disc shaped object was spotted hovering back and forth in and above the tree line above the creek everyone tubed on.4/23/15
4/15/79 21:00LexingtonNCUSATriangle5 t0 8 minutesNight siting of a black trangle4/27/03
4/1/79 22:00ThomasvilleNCUSATriangle2 minutes2 sighting a month apart, 1st being red lights engulfing my car, 2nd being 3 triangle crafts in a circle formation with white lights.5/29/11
3/10/79 02:00Buies CreekNCUSADisk3 hoursWhile living on the edge of the campus of Campbell College in Buies Creek, NC I saw a large saucer shaped object on the ground.11/23/99
2/10/79 23:00HuntersvilleNCUSAOval5 minutesUFO near switchyard of nuclear power plant.3/21/03
10/25/78 21:00MonroeNCUSADisk5 minComing home from grocery store on a brisk fall evening I noticed something in the sky to the NW of our location. Stopped car to take pi1/28/99
10/15/78 20:00CherokeeNCUSALight2 min.Unknown white orb followed by approxmately 4 known objects10/28/02
10/12/78 03:30KannapolisNCUSADiskA close encounter!10/30/06
10/1/78 00:00WindsorNCUSACone5minsaw while parking with girl friend. rising full moonin back ground. 25 ft up. f 50 yrs away over field. hovering. completly silent. one8/28/03
8/15/78 23:30HickoryNCUSATriangle<5 minutesLarge triangle shaped craft traveling west on Hwy 70, Hickory, NC, at almost midnight. ((NUFORC Note: Highly reliable witness. PD))4/26/18
7/8/78 00:30ShelbyNCUSALight5 minsA bright light that turned into 2 lights and shot off in two separate directions.11/3/05
7/4/78 19:00FayettevilleNCUSADisk5 minutesfayyetville,NC true ufo sighting 07/04/197810/30/06
3/5/78 21:00Rose HillNCUSARectangle5 minutesno noise, no lights, aircraft was hovering above my parents house without making any noise12/23/02
9/15/77 18:00KernersvilleNCUSASphere5 minutesMy family and I saw a saucer hovering over our field. There is missing time. and I could tell of another instant when I was six but…5/13/15
6/17/77 01:00ColumbiaNCUSAOval15 minAs I stood in my yard the object came toward me. Hovered above my yard at 100ft for ten mins. Rotated west and moved on.6/20/05
6/15/77 21:00AshevilleNCUSAUnknown10 minutesBig As House, Rows of Brightly Lit Windows, Silent10/28/02
6/15/77 02:00GoldsboroNCUSAFireball15 minutesAn orange glow in distant wooded area looked like a flower blooming into a large fire ball, then just faded .10/3/14
6/10/77 17:30AshevilleNCUSADisk10-15 secondsIt hovered above us several thousand feet maybe-metallic appearance about 30' wide and disk shaped9/9/22
6/4/77 02:00BurlingtonNCUSAOtherI have so much detail information about the UFO6/22/22
4/14/77 23:00ThomasvilleNCUSADisk10 minutesThe even occurred North of Mt Calvary Rd on Old 85 on April 14, 1977. I left the library at UNC-Greensboro just about 10 pm to drive h10/4/19
2/15/77 20:00Joyce Kilmer Slickrock Creek WildernessNCUSACircle30 minutesvery large craft, moving at the speed of light, no sound, lots of lights, jet aircraft came to invesitgate.4/16/05
1/3/77 11:59Kill devil hillsNCUSACigarMore than 1 an hour!Cigar shape with lights going around.9/9/22
11/12/76 18:00TarboroNCUSADisk1 hour/30 min.We saw a disc with lights, it appeared to land in nearby woods, observed strange person.8/16/02
7/21/76 23:00BrevardNCUSASphere5 minutesSaw two star-like objects, one bluish, theother orange, remain stationary for at least 5 minutes, then, in sequence and at about a 2 mi11/19/98
6/30/76 20:30LenoirNCUSADisk45 minutesSaw UFO2/7/20
6/1/76 23:00Rutherfordton/Outer GilkeyNCUSAUnknown1 minuteit was a mass of blue light that kept us from moving6/18/03
6/1/76 23:00KannapolisNCUSAOval3-5 minutesIt was a clear starry night when i looked up and saw an oval shaped object with lights,hovering with no sound.8/21/11
10/15/75 19:00SwannanoaNCUSAOther15 minutesMother and children witness dome-shaped object with lights ascending from the ground and hovering overhead8/5/01
8/15/75 21:00AberdineNCUSACircle3 minutesWhile returning from Rockingham, NC on Hwy 1 after spending time with my wife’s aunt that was extremely ill. It was prior to leaving wi10/4/19
7/22/75 21:00RaleighNCUSAUnknown25 seconds((HOAX??)) saw 5or 6 lights circling overhead object blocked out stars. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/7/07
7/15/75 21:00RaleighNCUSADisk8 MinUFO seen in 1975 on a desserted hwy. in NC10/7/03
6/30/75 21:00WindsorNCUSADisk2 minutes?Disk-shaped object with glowing red dome hovered a few feet from the ground, came close, then shot off.12/12/09
6/6/75 17:00CharlotteNCUSADisk20 minutesThis disk with various colors of light 'oozing' around the bottom section was seen just above the trees at the corner Dotger Avenue and10/8/07
5/5/75 02:00JacksonvilleNCUSASphereApprox.4minutesSilent rocking 4ft silver sphere hovering 2ft of the ground with tremendous takeoff speed.9/15/05
4/10/75 22:00GilkeyNCUSADisk50 secondswent walking dog with two brothers,on what is now chilly bowl road,right about at train tracks we stopped to let her run,alarge disc sh5/12/09
12/1/74 22:30CullowheeNCUSASpherehourIn 1974 I was in Walker dorm on the 7th floor where I went to school at Western Carolina University, in the little mountain village of2/1/07
12/1/74 20:30CullowheeNCUSALighthourDancing Lights over College Campus3/21/03
11/9/74 22:00CharlotteNCUSACirclesaw very large saucer shape low 300ft. hovering ufo craft10/17/03
7/26/74 20:30ClaremontNCUSAOval3 hours1 of 3 UFOs followed my car after we watched them hovering for a few hours.10/8/07
7/4/74 00:00North Carolina (Highway 70)NCUSACircle1 hourI want to tell the world before iam gone.12/7/06
6/1/74 21:00Davidson CountyNCUSADisk9 min.UFO followed us and wouldn't leave us alone.9/13/02
6/1/74 20:00Mt. HollyNCUSALight5 minutesBright yellow light that seemed to stretch over entire town. While driving home on HWY 27 heading toward Stanley, NC away from the town1/19/21
6/1/74 02:00WilmingtonNCUSATriangle3 minutesLooks like a Star Wars ship,without the top, smooth, silent, no lights, large and low to the ground..8/24/10
5/14/74 21:00TaylorsvilleNCUSADisk3 minDRIVING HOME WITH SON, Large disk shaped ufo appeared, had flashing lights of red, orange, white, port holes. houvered over trees then1/21/08
5/1/74 01:00Ft. BraggNCUSACircle3minA big light bulb that is Lit, but has no light around it (Kinda like a big basketball hovering)12/12/09
11/10/73 20:00BooneNCUSADisk30 minutesLanding lights,lights around the object top and bottom, no noise,very fast and hovered.5/27/03
10/18/73 20:00CharlotteNCUSAOval30 minutesA large nocturnal bluish-green oval seen by tens of thousands.1/19/05
10/15/73 01:00FayettevilleNCUSALight1-1/2 hoursMissing Time and Military Helicopter.5/31/18
10/13/73 18:00WeldonNCUSAOval5 minutesMe and my brother was coming home from a friends house and we saw a red flashing light what liked to be over a friends house. After a f2/14/14
7/31/73 18:20BurlingtonNCUSADisk5 minutesHuge, clearly- defined saucer hovers at treetops7/26/02
7/23/73 20:10Nags HeadNCUSAUnknown5 minutesPulsing green light over the ocean horizon10/30/12
7/17/73 21:00AshevilleNCUSADisk4 minuteslate at nite, huge object, hovered about 50 ft. above ground. saw windows on the bottom. with orange glow eminating from windows .7/11/00
7/14/73 20:00LexingtonNCUSAOval5 minutesMy Aunt, Uncle, and myself witnessed an oval UFO while traveling in Uncles car.12/2/00
7/8/73 20:30GreensboroNCUSACigarYoung boy spots UFO in North Carolina.10/12/01
3/1/73 06:00Winston-SalemNCUSALight15 sec.Saw a fast moving light that perfomed an instantanious 90 degree turn and disappeared shortly thereafter.10/30/06
9/15/72 19:25greensboroNCUSAOval25minutesthe ufo looked like it was looking for something3/4/22
9/1/72 18:00GreensboroNCUSAOval40 min.NO sound, black out window in cockpit flashing square lights around it7/31/21
6/30/72 21:00ConwayNCUSADisk30 minutesA metallic looking large Disk shaped Object landed in the Fields,and nothing ever grew again.4/27/07
6/30/72 21:00GreensboroNCUSALight5 minutesFluorescent orange boomerang shapes.10/30/12
6/30/72 05:00BurnsvilleNCUSACircle5-10 mins. ea.I saw the same type of UFO at two different times in my life, once at age nine and again at age 30.6/3/11
6/15/72 21:00GreensboroNCUSADisk+/- 3 minutesSilent, rotating disk with alternating red and white light panels, approxomately 20 feet in diameter, 30 to 40 feet off the ground.2/18/01
6/2/72 05:00AshevilleNCUSAOther15 mins.Large, white star or planet-shaped object that appeared to divide in 2 parts, circling each other, slowly, then accelerating until stop3/16/00
6/1/72 06:00BurnsvilleNCUSACylinderfew minutesI remember I was 9 years old and had the habit of getting up very early in the morning before anyone else. On this particular morning I1/29/02
10/10/71 21:00LexingtonNCUSAOval30 secondsgreen oval shaped light over my local church,power lines down..2/14/10
6/12/71 23:59RowlandNCUSATriangleObserved 3 minutesTriangular shaped with 3 blindingly bright lights gliding silently over my head and onto bypass.3/4/22
4/15/71 15:30BurlingtonNCUSACircle30 secondsI was thirteen years old, was in the back seat of a Volkswagon Beetle being driven home from school, while gazing out the rear window I1/28/99
7/12/70 19:00GloucesterNCUSACircle2 hoursThere it was.1/16/15
6/23/70 21:00West JeffersonNCUSASphere10-20 minutesEight orange glowing orbs in v formation visible for several nights at the same time.7/16/06
12/15/68 20:00CandlerNCUSALight45 secondsLight traveling toward and away from mountain top and tv tower on Mt. Pisgah shoots straight up at incredible speed and disappears9/6/19
10/10/68 19:00BrevardNCUSAFireball3 minutessilent red /orange mass of energy floated by three of us in western North Carolina in the 60s6/12/08
8/17/68 21:30NeboNCUSAEgg10-15 minutesStrange orange light hovering in the sky over western NC-dogs going crazy-have a video of it8/22/18
8/15/68 21:35GreensboroNCUSADisk2 minutesWe were close enough to see windows9/2/05
6/15/68 21:00BrevardNCUSACircle5 minutes4 people saw this same orange,glowing,silent,energy mass fly right by us......7/1/02
6/15/68 03:00Greensboro (while driving on the turnpike in WV)NCUSATriangle2 minutesElectric blue, long tail kite floating over W. Va. Turnpike seen over Greensboro NC at almost same hour11/28/07
10/15/67 21:00HampsteadNCUSADisk5 minutesHampstead North Carolina disk 196712/20/12
8/26/67 22:00Chapel HillNCUSALight30 minutesFrom the window of our bedroom looking out between two electrical wires, a light moved up and down between the wires unlike any explain10/4/19
6/30/67 20:00ReidsvilleNCUSACircle15 minutesRound, ball like object, red with yellow streaks moves over tree tops.6/4/14
6/30/67 10:00JacksonvilleNCUSACircle20 secondsStudents see UFO floating above Gymnasium of Jacksonville N.C. School for 20 seconds1/19/21
6/1/67 17:00MarionNCUSASphere3-5 minutesIn 1967, I saw a flying/floating brown sphere. ((NUFORC Note: Report from retired Deputy Sheriff. PD))1/9/15
11/15/66 22:30Winston-SalemNCUSATriangle50-60 sec3 white lights high in the sky,making a 90 degree fast turn1/10/09
6/30/66 23:00Winston-SalemNCUSAOther20 minutesFootball shaped objects with lights hoovers in neighborhood and streaks of with great bursts of speed and returns.10/10/11
6/10/66 21:30HickoryNCUSADisk5 minutesBright Light in distance over mountains moves in very quickly, then moves slowly over suburban commercial district (Kmart).8/5/01
6/10/66 21:00HickoryNCUSADisk30MINUTESDISK SHAPED CRAFT IN SKY2/23/00
8/1/65 00:00WilsonNCUSADisk15min((HOAX??)) five round flat disks hovering at night in the sky7/6/10
7/12/65 02:15FayettevilleNCUSACircle15 minutesRight around 215 in the morning a green orb came in my bedroom and hovered for about 10mins to 15min. Ive been haunted by this for all3/18/14
6/30/63ZebulonNCUSAOther10 minutesGlowing football in night sky witnessed by five people8/5/01
6/1/63 11:00AlbemarleNCUSADisk20 minoutside playling ,neighbor starting yelling pointing up to the sky , went over to look the woman was scared she ran into her house told1/28/99
5/1/63 20:00HonoluluNCUSADisk20 minMass sighting in Honolulu during early '60's.7/31/15
6/15/62 20:00BoonevilleNCUSADisk10 minutesJust overhead, slightly above the trees, saucer, very large. Good long view, good details.4/30/04
3/8/62 21:00ClaytonNCUSA30 minutesOh My God!!! I thought that it was just me, I was afraid to ask my neighbors if they had heard what I had heard on the evening of 2/27/4/12/13
2/19/62 21:00FayettevilleNCUSACircle15 minutesit was a silver color, i just went to bed, and i seen colored lights coming through my window. i looked out my window, and seen the rou7/16/03
10/1/61 22:00GrahamNCUSATriangle30 seconds3 flat, large white lights in delta pattern, no sound, flying at tree-top level at 35-40 mph5/14/02
6/30/61 08:00GreensboroNCUSACigar10 secondsSilver cigar craft came out of the woods3/13/12
7/15/60 16:00GoldsboroNCUSASphere2 minutescraft seen near Seymore-Johnson AFB, N.C., 196010/12/01
2/18/60 21:00Winston-SalemNCUSACigar20 secondsIt was on a Full Moonlit night, while snowsledding, a friend called to me and said , "look Bill, what in the world is that?"8/10/99
3/11/59 02:00Sunset BeachNCUSACircle1-2 minutesLarge moving Orb recorded as "motion detected"2/25/20
6/1/58 02:00MiddlesexNCUSACircle1 hourwhite glowing lights3/11/06
6/30/55 21:00Morehead CityNCUSADisk5 minutesMid 1950's Saucer in North Carolina, Multiple Witnesses.4/11/14
6/7/45 07:00Winston-SalemNCUSADisksecondsI always thought this sighting should be on an official list, now, 60 yrs. later, it is.9/2/05
6/12/30 22:00CharlotteNCUSASphere2 minutesOrb discharges after moving slowly from creek bed wooded area1/19/21
12/22/22 00:00NCUSAUnknownIt was hazy.10/30/06
8/2/60 23:00CherokeeNCUSAFireballless than a minute?meteor or fireball passage12/2/00
Ap/?/87 22:30Carolina BeachNCUSACigar30 min.Carolina Beach N.C. cigar I shined my bright headlights on it! Entry Date 7/20/007/23/00
4/1-31/99 21:00GreensboroNCUSAFireball.05 secondsi took a break at work. stepped out back. while looking to the south east , i saw a bright green fireball heading towards the ground . 7/5/99
7/?/1955 21:00StonevilleNCUSASphere1 mna sphere of light,baseball at arms leingth.4/2/99
18:30PolkvilleNCUSAUnknown10 minutesWhatched non blinking orange lights do tricks in the early night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Date not indicated by witness. PD))1/19/05
7/1-31/94 16:00CharlotteNCUSATriangle1 minuteI witnessed a black unmarked helicopter first. then as if coming straight up behind a tree line was a large triangular shaped craft.11/19/98
summer 72 12:00Marshville (about 3miles south of)NCUSACylinder10sec.I was about 13 when I was laying down in a field looking at the partly cloudy sky. It was a windy day when the some of the cloud sepera10/12/01
05/00/95 03:00Chapel HillNCUSATrianglefour minutesTriangular lights floating along a tree line in a cow pasture, no noise. North Carolina.8/16/02
North CarolinaNCUSAFlashGlowing red and blue Orb ((NUFORC Note: Witness not indicate location, time, or date of sighting. PD))4/23/21
10-97-2-98HendersonNCUSADiamondhoursthese things are everywhere around here!!!6/6/00
BurgawNCUSACircle1 minuteOrb turned bright white, moving slow headed south over atlantic. Then dimmed Gone. To slow for meteor. Tried to get a pic was too late.11/11/13