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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/5/20 18:45 Beaconsfield QC Formation 3- 5 minutes 8 lights in formation moving synchronously. 12/23/20
11/8/20 03:00 Kirkland QC Fireball 45 minutes An orange fireball ascending from the sky going East at a 45 angle, then disappears and a new one reappears at the exact spot as before 12/23/20
10/4/20 20:42 Lachine (Canada) QC Fireball 2 hours 1. Looked like a ball of fire with it's circumference flickering slighly.

2. With in a two hour span i sighted approx. 19 of  the o
9/22/20 19:10 Montreal (Canada) QC Fireball 3 seconds Bright white light moving at extreme speeds 11/5/20
8/22/20 07:30 Sherbrooke (Canada) QC Other 5-10 minutes 2 donut shaped shinning silver objects I photographed with my wife present. 8/27/20
8/15/20 02:50 Rouyn-Noranda (Canada) QC Chevron 3 seconds bright yellow speeding chevron. 8/20/20
7/25/20 02:00 Austin (Canada) QC Light 4 seconds Two bright blue lights seen in the sky next to Lake Memphémagog. 11/5/20
5/4/20 01:30 Châteauguay (Canada) QC Flash 10 minutes Flashes of white light in the night sky 6/25/20
4/19/20 21:30 Boucherville (Canada) QC Light 5 minutes Sporadic crossing over each other flying. Not in formation at all and moving fast and zigzagging 6/25/20
4/16/20 05:05 Notre-Dame du Nord (Canada) QC Circle 5 minutes 10 to 12 dots in s straight line heading NW. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/4/20 10:55 Saint-Laurent (Canada) QC Unknown 3 minutes Quick flying object in the night of the pink moon. 4/9/20
3/31/20 20:10 Shawinigan (Canada) QC Light 3 minutes Fixed light flying objects not recognized as commercial, military, helicopters, satellite or drone flights. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
3/4/20 21:30 Ile Perrot (Canada) QC Triangle ~2 hours Ile Perrot, Quebec, Canada, March 4th and March 6th, 2020 On the evening of March 4th, 2020 at around 9:30 PM. ((Venus??)) 5/1/20
2/24/20 13:00 Val-des-Monts (St-Pierre) QC Oval 10 seconds Illuminated lights and an oval shadow were cast on wall inside bedroom late at night. ((anonymous report)) 4/9/20
2/11/20 18:03 Montreal (Canada) QC Oval 1-3 minutes Strange light appeared in the night sky at 6:03 pm. The sun goes down at 4:20. It was like a glowing streak of light . You could see cl 2/13/20
1/5/20 18:30 Cleveland (Canada) QC Light 1 minute The lights were coming from over the southern horizon over Richmond, Quebec. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
12/11/19 08:38 Gatineau QC Oval 4 seconds On December 11th 2019 at 8:38am, spotted a bright shiny (near blinding) silver'ish object in the sky as I was driving to work. I quick 12/19/19
7/28/19 01:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Sphere 2 minutes Bright orange orb gliding through the sky, above Montreal. 8/23/19
3/27/19 14:00 Châteauguay (Canada) QC Fireball 10 seconds Shining orb in bright blue sky (south shore of Montreal) disappeared as I observed the object 3/29/19
8/17/18 20:30 Ottawa (Canada) QC Triangle 7-10 minutes 2 UFOS of different shapes moving from cloud to cloud in small area. 8/22/18
5/20/18 15:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Oval 10 minutes It’s not the first time I seen the UFO I’ve seen 3 of them in the sky of Montreal when I was 13 years old and both of my brothers seen 6/15/18
9/14/17 18:50 Northfield (Canada) QC Circle 25 minutes Bright light, with glimmering centre almost like pure electricity. Circular 4/26/18
9/13/17 00:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Circle 9 seconds Star expands in size and disappears. 9/14/17
7/22/17 22:15 Montreal (Canada) QC Triangle 45 seconds Green illuminated "V" shape seen above Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is skilled & highly educated scientist. PD)) 7/23/17
1/20/17 19:00 Wakefield (Canada) QC Light 20 minutes 20 lights moving west to east disappearing at the same spot. 2/7/20
11/4/16 17:00 Québec City (Canada) QC Disk ~15 minutes Strange UFO-looking shape among the clouds in late afternoon, appearing to have mass. 11/11/16
9/2/16 21:51 Sherbrooke (Canada) QC Triangle <4 seconds Triangle UFO. 9/9/16
8/22/16 22:06 Montreal West (Canada) QC Disk 4 seconds Disk-shaped object with 3 pairs of lights appears in photo taken of planets in the night sky. 8/25/16
7/10/16 21:11 Montreal West (Canada) QC Unknown 1 second Two stripes speed across moon in telescope in barely a second; no trees in view. Quickly disappear. ((NUFORC Note: Contrails??? PD)) 7/15/16
6/24/16 23:30 Marieville (Canada) QC Cylinder 15 seconds Dark cylinder with lights @ both end, speed approx 300 km/h @ 2000 feet going in straight line @ approx 340 deg. North without noise, 7/8/16
6/16/16 21:45 Gatineau (Canada) QC Teardrop seconds Something with bright red lights just zoomed by my window in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 6/24/16
6/5/16 21:45 Montreal (Canada) QC Light 3 seconds bright white light 6/10/16
5/11/16 21:05 Gatineau (Canada) QC Light 2-3 minutes Two separate lights touching each other, then one going in circle (up and down) quite fast. 5/20/16
5/7/16 19:00 Sherbrooke (Canada) QC Circle 5 minutes 2 white orbs UFO in day time, and then jets. Very bright. 5/10/16
11/17/15 03:30 Montreal West (Canada) QC Cylinder 90 seconds Red blinking light flying southeast suddenly reversed direction; camera zoom lens showed luminous translucent red cylinder. 11/19/15
9/27/15 22:17 Lery (Canada) QC Fireball <1 minute Strange orange ball on the sky during the blackout lunar eclipse. 9/29/15
9/26/15 23:15 Laval (Canada) QC Sphere 2 minutes orange flying spheres 9/29/15
9/5/15 20:00 Pierrefonds (Canada) QC Light 3 minutes Red pulsating lights. 9/11/15
9/4/15 23:40 Montreal (Canada) QC Light 7 minutes Distance away from ufo: 2 miles approx depending on actual size. It was a bright light dimming in and out slightly. It went left about 9/11/15
8/13/15 22:30 Joliette (Canada) QC Triangle 10 seconds Silent and fast triangle heading from east to west at low altitude 8/27/15
7/31/15 22:16 Venise en Quebec (Canada) QC Egg 5 minutes Orange, egg-shaped orb over Venise end Quebec 8/6/15
7/24/15 21:15 Bromont (Canada) QC Light 8-10 minutes 2 strange large lighted objects in sky at dusk. 7/31/15
7/4/15 20:45 Roxboro (Canada) QC Rectangle 5 minutes I had just stepped outside the house after having a late dinner which was at about 08:45 p.m. and as I looked up to th 7/23/15
7/1/15 21:20 Gatineau (Aylmer) (Canada) QC Other few seconds White light with orange cube glow around it heading from west to east. 7/3/15
4/28/15 22:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Circle 10 seconds 3 red circles spotted in Montreal. 4/30/15
4/27/15 00:00 Chateauguay (Canada) QC Cigar 5-10 minutes Cigar shaped, bright flashing red/white lights, no sound. 4/30/15
2/15/15 02:30 Ste-Brigitte de Laval (Canada) QC Flash ~10 minutes Three short entities surrounding my bed, possible abduction 2/20/15
12/27/14 22:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Sphere 2 seconds Small red sphere seen by two people. Uncloaked and shot out into outer space. 1/7/15
9/12/14 20:00 Ile-Perrot (Canada) QC Oval 20 seconds Oval aircraft in Ile-Perrot. 9/18/14
8/27/14 20:12 Montreal (Canada) QC Fireball 1 minute A changing shape light has been seen in a night sky for a minute. 9/5/14
8/25/14 20:30 Roxton Pond (Canada) QC Light 3 seconds Bright circular shaped light moving from southeast to northeast at a very fast rate. 8/29/14
8/9/14 23:00 Kangirsujuaq (Canada) QC Unknown 90 seconds About 14 minutes ago (23:00), my daughter and I took our dog out so he could do his job.

While we were outside I looked up towards t
8/9/14 03:30 Chateauguay (Canada) QC Circle 30 seconds Circular white object gradually disappearing to a point. 8/22/14
7/12/14 23:00 Gatineau (Canada) QC Sphere 10 Exactly one year ago we saw the same phenomena....on July 13, 2013 we saw a sphere orange traveling at great speeds from south to east 7/20/14
7/5/14 22:15 Quebec (Canada) QC Light 20 seconds 2 very fast moving soundless bright red lights heading SE over quebec city at 22:15 Saturday, July 5th. 7/11/14
7/1/14 22:50 Montreal (Canada) QC Circle 1 minute Four glowing discs in quadrilateral order right over my head moving from over Nuns Island in directon downtown. 8/15/14
6/18/14 19:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Chevron 30 second I saw a chevron shape UFO and few seconds after I saw a group of 7 and 5 round shape object following the main base UFO this is 120 tim 8/22/14
5/9/14 00:00 Montreal QC
seconds Spectograph Chart showing exact identity and sound of event 6/4/14
4/23/14 22:15 Mansfield (Quebec) (Canada) QC Unknown 10-15 seconds We were in hot tub looking into sky and at 2 different times about 15 minutes apart they went by in sky no noise and moving side to sid 5/2/14
3/31/14 21:20 Laval (Canada) QC Sphere 4-6 seconds Two semi transparant spheres cross the night sky. 4/4/14
3/2/14 22:30 Montreal (Quebec)(Canada) QC Unknown 1 hour We saw the bright lights and we knew it wasnt human. 3/18/14
1/23/14 22:34 Ste-Brigitte de Laval (Canada) QC Sphere 1 hour Hovering orbs inside my bedroom and alien figures outside my window. Possible abduction. 1/30/14
12/31/13 21:10 Vaudreuil (Canada) QC
Don't know,didn't stick a Vaudreuil had a visit from some kind of phenomena on New Year Eve 2013! 1/24/14
12/4/13 20:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Circle unknown Red lights motionless in Montreal skies. 12/23/13
11/11/13 02:25 Montreal (Canada) QC Diamond 3 minutes Downtown--seen something going super fast and high in the sky, a lot of lights flashing. 11/20/13
11/4/13 18:30 Notre-Dame-de L'Ile-Perrot (Canada) QC Other 30 minutes Bright white light craft shaped like a bat and another large ship with red lights 11/11/13
10/28/13 20:30 Pierrefonds (Canada) QC Light >20 minutes 7 UFOs. 11/11/13
10/28/13 17:30 Pierrefonds (Canada) QC Disk 10 minutes UFO. 11/11/13
10/15/13 17:00 Kirkland (Canada) QC Disk 5 minutes Flying saucer there than gone in seconds. 3/18/14
10/4/13 19:30 Saint Lambert (Canada) QC Diamond A few minutes Diamond shape object seemed to be floating. Red blue and green flashing random lights. Seemed too large to be a plane or chopper. Objec 10/14/13
9/19/13 21:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Circle 5-10 minutes Blue, yellow, orange orbe travelling over Montreal, Canada. 2/20/15
9/18/13 21:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Light 3 hours Strange lights in the sky over Montreal QC Canada. 9/30/13
9/11/13 09:00 Gatineau (Canada) QC Unknown still happening The whole sky has flashes all over not one place. 9/30/13
8/29/13 21:00 Gatineau (Canada) QC Light a few seconds Very bright object flies straight up and disappears. 8/30/13
8/24/13 15:30 Chateauguay (Canada) QC Light 10 minutes Over 50 bright little white lights were spotted in the East. After 10 minutes they shot in the air and disappeared. 8/30/13
8/18/13 20:20 Huntingdon (Canada) QC Fireball 10 Yellowish/orange sphere seen overing from West to NNE. 8/30/13
8/8/13 22:30 Grand Remous (Canada) QC
2 minutes Witnessed the ISS being trailed by another obj. that was a bit less visible. ((NUFORC Note: Japanese satellite, HTV-4. PD)) 8/30/13
7/26/13 03:43 Sainte-Genevieve (Canada) QC Sphere 3min 02secs 3 white stars 8/30/13
7/21/13 21:45 Dorval (Canada) QC Light days, weeks, not sure Incredible. 2/17/17
7/11/13 22:15 Dorval (Canada) QC Light 30 seconds 3 lights, nothing outside the normal UFO claim I guess. 2/17/17
5/24/13 23:00 Gatineau (Canada) QC Circle 5 minutes Orange ball of light seen by a family. 6/2/13
5/5/13 22:00 Aylmer Gatineau (Canada) QC Light 1/2 hour Orange flying unidentified objects in sky. 5/15/13
4/26/13 08:30 Salaberry de Valleyfield (Canada) QC Circle 1 hour We saw 3 orage light forming a triangle up in the skye , they looked quit big from where we where . 5/15/13
3/29/13 23:09 Chateauguay (Canada) QC Light I don't know how long the Object at far distance with bright flashing lights (blue, green and red). ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD)) 5/15/13
3/20/13 17:20 Montreal (Canada) QC Oval 5 minutes Sighted 2 UFOS creeping over the horizon. 5/15/13
2/18/13 23:20 Montreal (Canada) QC Circle 5 seconds Blue circle passes overhead going east at 11:20 pm est. 2/28/13
1/23/13 18:05 Laval (Canada) QC Oval 5 seconds Neon green light oval shape The speed it moved is unbelievable. 2/4/13
12/26/12 00:00 Hudson (Canada) QC Light 5-7 minutes We were driving Quarry point and saw a light hovering in the sky about a few km away (1000ft in the air). 2/4/13
11/19/12 02:30 Montreal East (Canada) QC Other 1 minute Bright Star shaped object just hovering in the sky, grew brighter, moved slowly up and down, left -right... 11/19/12
11/14/12 19:30 Boucherville (Canada) QC Light 1-2 seconds Round bright light object moving at the speed of light 11/19/12
10/24/12 22:22 Montreal (Canada) QC Changing 2-3 seconds Falling light with a changing shape in rotation. 10/30/12
9/30/12 23:00 Hull (Canada) QC Triangle 5 minute Triangle craft whit 3 really bright beams of lights that look exactly like the 1990 belgium sightings. 2/4/13
9/1/12 22:00 Chateauguay (Canada) QC Light 5 minutes 3 orange lights in a triangular shape 9/24/12
7/26/12 20:50 Gatineau (Canada) QC Disk 3 minutes I'm sorry i do not no how to use a computer properly. Howerver i just took 3 pictures of a ufo.i can only hope that you accept my repor 8/5/12
7/26/12 12:00 Quebec (Canada) QC Other 2 hours 10 mins 2 white orbs. 6/2/17
7/21/12 12:14 Montreal (Canada) QC Oval 2-3 minutes Silvery, oval object high up in blue sky at midday, incredible speed and incredible maneuvering. 8/5/12
7/8/12 21:24 Montreal (Canada) QC Fireball about 10 seconds Bright red light flying across night sky at very fast speed in west Montreal. 8/5/12
7/8/12 21:24 Pierrefonds (Canada) QC Circle 10 minutes Craft with bright red light speeding across sky. 8/5/12
6/16/12 15:30 Quebec City (Canada) QC Sphere 30 seconds In mid-afternoon, a fast moving silent dull white sphere moves erratically and flies away very fast. 6/20/12
6/15/12 22:40 Chateauguay (Canada) QC Triangle 3 hours? I encountered three "people" who walked into a light pulsing space-craft. 6/20/14
6/15/12 06:30 Mirabel (Canada) QC Other 5 minutes 3 point probe looking at me. 2/18/13
6/14/12 21:00 Temiscaming (Canada) QC Fireball 5 seconds 5 sec fireball over canadian lake 7/4/12
6/13/12 23:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Flash 1:30 Motionless white pulstating flash in the sky. It occured each 42 second during 1:30.

It was left and little above to the constelatio
6/13/12 22:55 Montreal (Canada) QC Light 6 second I saw 3 red light in tight formation. They flight going to Southwest over Montreal at great speed passing over Saturn and slowly fadin 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:20 Pierrefonds (Canada) QC Triangle 25 seconds Slowly passed over our home, slightly above the trees, no sounds, only orange colored light at each tip of the triangle shape, black mi 6/14/12
6/9/12 21:46 Montreal (Canada) QC Diamond 4 Bright object in moving slow the sky DEFINITELY not a plane,drone,satelite or comet...maybe an asteroid.. 6/14/12
5/25/12 09:30 Hull (Canada) QC Oval 15 min Bright lights green to orange to yellow 5/29/12
5/18/12 21:57 St-Agapit (Canada) QC Formation Less than 10 seconds 3 star-like objects in a linear formation travelling at high speed then shifting into triangular formation. 5/29/12
3/20/12 20:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Other 2 minutes 100+ UFOs in a V-shaped formation 5/13/12
1/29/12 23:35 St-Eustache (Canada) QC Light 5 seconds A solid green light crossed the sky in front of my eyes on a clear sky-ed night, at low altitude. 2/3/12
10/24/11 19:28 Lévis (Canada) QC Disk 2 minute ovin immense lumineux et très proche 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 10/25/11
10/21/11 21:30 Kahnawake (Canada) QC Other 1-2 mins Possible disguised U.F.O.s 12/17/11
10/6/11 23:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Other 20 minutes Report of incident 9 to 10 spheres were dancing above a low cloud cover zooming in and out in odd patterns; some slowly , some quickly 10/10/11
8/26/11 21:25 Kahnawake (Canada) QC Light 1-2 minutes UFO LIGHT? 10/10/11
8/12/11 02:20 Quebec City (Canada) QC Unknown 3 sec Object propulsion with a powerfull light beam and very very deafened sound 8/21/11
7/13/11 20:10 Montreal (Canada) QC Changing 5 minutes Two morphing golden shapes flying over Montreal in the evening on July 13th, 2011. 7/17/11
7/6/11 20:35 Morin Heights (Canada) QC Circle 5 Minutes Two "whitish" circular lights in the sky moving at a constant speed, without changing direction. 7/17/11
6/30/11 19:00 Québec (Canada) QC Cone ~5 seconds Saw something like a red cartoon rocket the black sky at night alone, felt unreal after and weird. 8/6/15
6/19/11 22:45 Gaspe (Canada) QC Teardrop Walking Bee hive shape with many lights but 7 brighter ones then others 6/20/11
6/18/11 22:55 Montreal (Canada) QC Circle 4 seconds The circular object, orange lights spinning, was the size of a quarter in the night sky, and rocketed accros the horizon in 5 seconds. 6/20/11
6/3/11 22:50 Montreal (Canada) QC Light 30 seconds 2 lights (white or yellow...) side by side flying very fast a low altitude, no sound. 6/12/11
5/6/11 22:45 Sherbrooke (Canada) QC Triangle 00:00:05 V-Shaped Triangle UFO 5/12/11
12/25/10 21:15 Hudson (Canada) QC Light 4minutes 2 Red orbs; 16 witnesses, Christmas night 2010, Hudson, Quebec 1/5/11
10/28/10 07:25 Montreal (Canada) QC Teardrop 2 - 3 minutes White triangles flying in sync 11/21/10
10/16/10 09:32 Portage du Fort (Canada) QC Circle
Fiery yellow-orange ball in cloudy sky. ((NUFORC Note: We believe the object may be a water droplet on the camera lens. PD)) 1/31/11
9/29/10 Montreal (Canada) QC Changing 11/21/10
9/26/10 20:25 Gatineau (Canada) QC Oval 2-3 minutes Object with three red lights coming down 11/21/10
7/10/10 13:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Changing 10-15 Seconds Strange shapeshifting cloud like UFO. 8/7/11
6/1/10 22:56 Rouyn-Noranda (Canada) QC Triangle 3-4 sec. Black triangle / lights formation in triangle shape sighting with sound 6/3/10
4/13/10 08:00 Mont Laurier (Canada) QC Cigar 40 minutes Cigar shaped 4/18/12
4/13/10 08:00 Mont Laurier (Canada) QC Cigar 38 seconds Cigar shape object, is it a drone? 3/13/12
4/7/10 23:00 Montmagny (Canada) QC Disk 2 hours Colorful object very high in the sky, seen in Montmagny, Quebec. 4/13/10
1/7/10 19:30 Ste-Brigitte-de-laval (Canada) QC Fireball 5-6 seconds Like a shooting star lightening brightly around us, going fast north-south, but close to earth, silently 2/14/10
12/26/09 19:30 Gatineau (Canada) QC Flash 10 seconds Flashes of neon/led-like blue that lasted a few seconds. 4/13/10
11/9/09 01:00 Maniwaki (Canada) QC Other few hours Strobing light, multiple colours, near Maniwaki, P.Q. (130kms North of Ottawa) 12/12/09
9/20/09 00:00 Northern Quebec (Canada) QC Egg 2 hrs Four bright lights in the sky in the middle of nowhere 12/12/09
8/11/09 21:50 Quebec (Canada) QC Rectangle 1:00 min no sound and pure withe rectangular 12/12/09
8/5/09 00:45 Aylmer (Canada) QC Unknown 2 seconds 2 green lights fly by fast and vanish 8/5/09
7/25/09 23:00 Berthierville (Canada) QC Fireball one minute Approxymately 1,500 or 2,000 feet. angle was like parralel to the ground , it was huge , big , like always changing colors , 8/5/09
7/24/09 22:00 Oujé Bougoumou (Canada) QC Light 1 minute Nous somme deux a discuter, dehors. Soudain une lumiere brillante attire notre attention au dessus de l'horison. Cela nous semble tres 8/5/09
7/17/09 21:45 Quebec (Canada) QC Sphere 2 hours Big orange spheres over Quebec City. 8/5/09
4/27/09 21:10 Montreal (Canada) QC Triangle 6 seconds Black "v" shapped ufo with approximatively 6 orange light on each side over montreal. 5/12/09
4/24/09 21:00 Mirabel (Canada) QC Unknown 15 seconds While looking up at the stars I noticed what I thought was a satelite. It seemed to be light orange and going a little too fast for a s 5/12/09
2/1/09 Val-Court (Canada) QC Teardrop 20 minutes Traveling through these small villages from Drummondville into Val-Court Quebec at six pm we arrived at her parents place as her mom ha 1/12/12
1/31/09 20:20 Stanhope (Canada) QC Changing +20 minutes Big ball changing color and move in zigzag motion up and down to right to left. 3/19/09
11/29/08 18:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Oval 1 hour 2-White stobing oval objects in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Ihe witness may have been looking at Venus & Jupiter, we believe. PD)) 1/10/09
8/12/08 07:30 Acton Vale (Canada) QC Oval 40 sec we where looking in the sky. we saw a plane near by.and close to it we saw an oval object then it disapeard in the clouds. 10/31/08
8/8/08 23:05 Aylmer (Canada) QC Rectangle 1 min Bright Orange Light over Ottawa River 8/12/08
8/6/08 22:15 Val-des-Monts (Canada) QC Light 30-60 seconds Object travaled In a straight line,no flashing lights and very bright, "jumped" up and came down repeated up down and then faded away. 8/12/08
7/25/08 23:45 Sainte-Anne-du-Lac (1hour from) (Canada) QC Oval 5-10 min Oval orange light 8/12/08
6/18/08 14:30 Dubuisson (Canada) QC Cigar 15-20 sec. Brigth white object moving across the sky 8/12/08
5/9/08 23:25 Chambly (Canada) QC Light 15 sec Moving light south to east 6/12/08
4/23/08 01:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Other 2 HOURS 20-30 moving lights in Montreal Canada. 6/12/08
1/1/08 01:30 Gatineau (Canada) QC Light 25 minutes Bright orange lights above Ottawa / Gatineau 1/21/08
11/4/07 00:00 Jonquiere (Canada) QC Other 3 to 5 mins On the evening of November 4 2007 my mother in law and her husband witnessed a bright light over a shopping center called shoppers dru 11/28/07
9/8/07 21:00 St. Bruno (Canada) QC Formation 10-15 seconds V Shapped formation of redish orange fots 10/8/07
8/19/07 19:15 Beaconsfield (Canada) QC Light 5 min Bright light object moving unually swift and completely noiseless. 10/8/07
8/15/07 22:40 Montreal (Canada) QC Fireball 3-5 sec. bluish white fireball observed during 3-5 sec. on SW to NE trajectory over Montreal --possible sat reentry 10/8/07
7/16/07 01:56 La Peche (Canada) QC Diamond 2-5 MINUTES Orange Glowing Diamond shuts off street lights, car lights! 10/8/07
6/30/07 23:30 Vaudreuil (Canada) QC Light 8 seconds Unidentified Aerial red,blue,green lights seen in a cloud over Vaudreuil,Quebec near Montreal 8/7/07
6/30/07 23:00 Lac de la Sucrerie, Vendee (Canada) QC Unknown 15-20 minutes I noticed a bright light on the northern horizon over Lac de la Sucrerie (46 degrees 07 minutes 00.23seconds North, 74 degrees 54 minut 3/19/09
6/30/07 22:00 Lac de la Sucrerie, 115 km NW of Montreal (Canada) QC Disk 20 min Incredible reddish green UFO sighting over Lac de la Sucrerie, 115 km northwest of Montreal, Canada. 3/19/09
6/23/07 20:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Changing 2-3 minutes Black rotating cross witnessed by 6 people above Tufts University Campus. 8/7/07
6/17/07 13:00 Gatineau (Canada) QC Other 10 seconds Black trail (beam) in the sky suddenly appears and disappears 8/7/07
6/9/07 20:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Disk 6-7min another silver disk 6/12/07
6/9/07 18:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Other 1 second UFO caught during a photoshoot 6/12/07
5/20/07 20:43 Aylmer (Canada) QC Light 2-3 minute brie light in the air not far from us no glod nothig on the river you see very much in nice night clear 6/12/07
4/19/07 00:01 Sainte-Therese (Canada) QC Light 15 sec Two low intensity orange lights travelling at very hight speed and without sound. 4/27/07
3/15/07 12:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Sphere 10-20 seconds Stainless and brown object over Montreal 8/19/12
2/19/07 23:00 Dorval (Canada) QC Other 1.5 minutes UfO with three lights stays suspended and bolts away with an amazing amount of Speed 2/24/07
1/13/07 18:40 Laval (Canada) QC Formation 45 sec 2 UFO "geese" formations over Canada 2/1/07
10/21/06 20:10 St-Bruno (Canada) QC Unknown 30 seconds My wife and I were walking in the street around 20h00 and the sky was quite clear. My wife noticed a yellowish star and ask me what was 10/30/06
9/24/06 14:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Changing one hour 10/30/06
9/1/06 22:00 Gatineau (Canada) QC Circle 2 minutes UNNEXPLAINED ARC FORMATION IN NIGHT SKY 10/30/06
8/22/06 00:45 Montreal (Canada) QC Light 00:01 Suburbs of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, bright light, shadow of possible large craft. 10/30/06
8/16/06 23:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Flash 1 minute Brilliant white light moving and splitting in 2 red trangles 10/30/06
7/28/06 15:00 Harrington (Canada) QC Triangle 1.5 sec each Many transparent triangles going different direction very fast, as if I had they were taking off because i was looking 10/30/06
7/27/06 19:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Cylinder 15 minutes Bright silvery cigar cylinder object seen floating over the Montreal sky 10/30/06
7/27/06 08:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Cigar 15mins UFO in Montreal Cigar shape 10/30/06
6/24/06 10:30 Marina Aylmer (Canada) QC Unknown 5 minutes Strange orange lights over the river at Alymer's marina, in Quebec Canada 7/16/06
6/13/06 21:45 Aylmer (Canada) QC Light + or - five min Bright Orange Light - dimmed out as though it went straight up - silently. 10/30/06
6/12/06 01:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Sphere 3 hours First time experience they said nasa was hiding a secret mission from the people. 7/16/06
5/28/06 14:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Sphere 3.5 hours It was 28.05.06, 14:30 ((in time I sad to myself to check the time passed not so much time)) I was in park wathcing the sky and spot to 7/16/06
4/9/06 10:50 Montreal (Canada) QC Formation 10 sec I just saw a formation of 4 red light in the sky. One of the light shift the 3 others light too fast to be a normal air plane. 5/15/06
8/15/05 19:01 Ste-Marguerite Lac Masson (Canada) QC Sphere 20minutes i was running in my motor canoe on the lake and i saw an immense orange ball much larger than the moon with horizontal grey black strip 3/4/08
12/8/04 05:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Oval About 30 seconds Bright yellow light at the horizon in the East of Montreal (Qc) on August 12th 2004 8/7/07
6/1/04 12:00 Lac des Plages (Canada) QC Disk 45 seconds 30 feet diameter silver disc; no sound. 1/24/14
3/30/04 11:00 Longueuil (Canada) QC Rectangle 20 seconds Big grey-black rectangular ufo flying really slowly. 8/29/14
5/15/03 23:54 Montreal (Canada) QC Other 5 seconds Saw white object fly soundlessly for 5 seconds. 12/17/11
8/9/01 02:00 Bromont (Canada) QC Formation 1/2 hour Large structure in sky, Moving slowly, in complete silece. 6/12/08
5/15/98 12:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Light
If you type into YouTube strange lights in the sky that's exactly what I saw in 1998 I was 14 at the time of the sighting now on 34 jus 11/17/17
1/12/98 21:30 Richmond (Canada) QC Light 5 second The light was fast going between trees just like the light u see attacking plains 6/2/13
8/14/96 04:00 Winnaway (Canada) QC Light 20 minutes Two men on a hunting trip encounter a craft, which illuminates them in their canoe. 6/5/15
7/15/96 00:00 Sawerville (Canada) QC Light 5 minutes Small dim light in Southern Quebec connects all the dots of Big Dipper after we spoke about Dipper 8/7/07
12/5/95 23:10 Salluit (Canada) QC Fireball 15-30 seconds Blue fireball seen by three children in arctic 8/7/11
7/18/93 00:30 Sainte-Julie (Canada) QC Egg 10 seconds It wasn't a rock or a birds flew in the night 10/30/06
6/16/93 14:26 Chelsea (Canada) QC Disk 2-3 minutes I noticed a disk shaped craft hovering slowly towards us. ((anonymous report)) 8/22/18
6/1/93 22:00 Sherbrooke (Canada) QC Fireball 20 minutes Orange orb directs arch-like lazer to earth which reflects back up to the orb, followed by a sonic boom. 5/15/13
5/20/92 07:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Egg Few minutes I remember when I was a kid and having breakfast and getting ready for school and the back door was open so I was going to close it and 1/12/17
8/15/88 23:00 Rosemere (Canada) QC Diamond 3 hours Charbonneau Park, Rosemere, PQ. Diamond shaped object hovered directly over Milles Illes River to the right of me. 5/15/06
8/1/88 21:00 Nominingue (Canada) QC Circle 15 seconds Luminous circle raising slowly, then exploding. 7/10/15
6/13/86 01:20 Val-d'Or (Canada) QC Cigar 15 minutes UFO sighted by 5 in woods, it had multi-coulored, flashing lights and went from a horizontal position to a vertical position while obse 8/22/14
8/15/84 18:00 Quebec City (Canada) QC Light 5 minutes White light zigzagging and hovering over Quebec city 1/10/09
6/1/84 17:00 Rouyn Noranda (Canada) QC Sphere 15 mins Bright light sphere 10 feet diameter 5/15/06
6/1/82 Rouyn Noranda (Canada) QC Disk 3 mins flying saucer with colored light turning aroud it...25 feet diameter 5/15/06
6/30/75 07:00 Carleton (Canada) QC Disk 1:00 silver metalic 6/9/09
6/15/75 21:00 Joliette (Canada) QC Other 2min@ i dont speak anglish very well so i'm gonna try the best i can .

i have so much details to tell but i dont have enough words in eng
7/1/70 07:00 Chateauguay (Canada) QC Other Several minutes Wedge shaped silver object 2/7/20
6/15/67 22:00 Lake Magog (Canada) QC Disk 45 seconds Fast moving white object zig-zags across lake stops beside tree top (orange saucer) for a short time then shoots into sky. 4/18/14
8/24/54 05:00 Parent (Canada) QC Other 3-4 minutes Capsule shaped copper coloured object hung motionless over the domestic site for approximately three or four minutes 11/21/10