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State Report Index For SA
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/31/15 05:45 Adelaide (Australia) SA Flash 3 minutes White lights flashing on off 1 1/2 sec intervals Height and speed could not have been a commercial aircraft. 4/3/15
7/20/06 14:00 Adelaide (South Australia) SA Circle 5 min White UFO's over my house!! 12/12/09
4/28/06 00:15 Theunisen (South Africa) SA Circle 45 minutes object flash lights and move at fast speed 5/15/06
7/17/00 08:30 Adelaide (Australia) SA Rectangle 5 minutes I was walking to school with my best friend, we both looked up at the same time and seen a large rectangular shaped silver object in th 1/4/19
2/7/80 21:45 Adelaide (Australia) SA Disk 10-15 minutes Many years ago my brother and I witnessed a UFO chase that resulted in one of the craft crashing into a tree. 8/23/19