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9/6/22 19:10PRICEUTUSARectangleabout two minutesUFO Sighting by two 5th graders - large square shape, erratic movements, in evening sky above Price Utah9/9/22Yes
8/28/22 01:50Eagle MountainUTUSATeardrop10+ minutesIt was moving quickly but then just stopped as I noticed it? I started taking pics then recording. It was bright but then dimmed.9/9/22Yes
8/20/22 23:02LehiUTUSAUnknown30 minsNoticed a very bright star, but it suddenly faded completely dark. Reappeared and began filming. Recorded it fading to black again.9/9/22
8/16/22 21:00SandyUTUSATriangle30 minutesCloaked triangle9/9/22
8/16/22 09:38Saratoga SpringsUTUSACircle30 secondsDriving to work I saw bright white orb between Utah Lake and redwood road. It was a clear sky9/9/22
8/15/22 15:00LaytonUTUSAChanging45 secondsBlack spherical object, linear movement, pausing and changing to a somewhat hourglass shape before reverting back to sphere and moving.9/9/22
8/8/22 08:50Salt lake cityUTUSATeardrop5 minutesSaw a unidentified object moving silently through the sky above tree level.9/9/22Yes
8/7/22 00:30VineyardUTUSAChevronMy friend and I both saw a translucent chevron shape flying through the night sky.9/9/22
8/2/22 20:25GrantsvilleUTUSATeardrop1 Hour ~Upside down tear drop in the sky West of Tooele valley. (likely balloon)9/9/22Yes
7/22/22 21:55Cottonwood HeightsUTUSACigarAbout 20 secondsAt home in backyard, huddled in rows of 3 with lines about 20 long9/9/22Yes
7/7/22 21:42HolladayUTUSALightMaybe 3-5 minsFlashing green and red object above trees to the NE of driveway above neighbors pine tree.9/9/22Yes
7/2/22 04:15MidvaleUTUSADisk10 minutesLarge disc slowly passing over courtyard and parking area of my apartment home at Wasatch Club apartments9/9/22
6/29/22 20:25Saint GeorgeUTUSADisk60 seconds or lessDisk, no wings like an aircraft, flew through clouds at slow speed9/9/22
6/2/22 03:40RivertonUTUSAUnknownFive secondsLast night, I saw a dim object fly across the sky. It was not lit up and was moving at a fast, steady and constant speed6/22/22
5/20/22 19:20Mexican HatUTUSACigar5 minutesLong slow moving object that moved across sky for about minutes6/22/22Yes
5/18/22 04:23Saratoga SpringsUTUSACircleRoughly 2minsLight above Southwest mountains Saratoga Springs6/22/22
5/16/22 18:26Wahweap BayUTUSATriangleCaught on a panoramic picPanoramic photo taken for scenery purposes. Upon reviewing the “UFO” was seen. Photo prior (1 minute before) object was not present6/22/22Yes
4/30/22 21:10MoabUTUSACircle10 minutesSaw circle shaped object with green and red lights flying fast at different altitudes5/31/22
4/17/22 12:08SpringdaleUTUSADiskNothing seen at the time, rather when we got home to look at pics from the trip. Submitted are 2 pics taken at the same time5/31/22Yes
4/15/22 07:22RiverdaleUTUSALightSaw on tv and backyardWas seen on tv show street outlaws flashes and streaks accross sky4/22/22Yes
3/18/22 07:16Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormationCaptured series of photosTook a series of moon photos over city lights and lake4/22/22Yes
3/18/22 07:16Salt Lake CityUTUSADiskOne SecondI dropped my grandson off to his mom at the Utah State capital building and took photographs of moon going home and 1/8 photos show ima4/22/22Yes
2/19/22 16:56Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown5 minutessaw three lights moving quickly northbound in sky, joined soon by a 4th and 5th light3/4/22Yes
2/12/22 17:15VernalUTUSAMADAR Node 1813/4/22
2/8/22 17:47MapletonUTUSACircle4 minCircular object hovering above farm fields by my house. I go inside to tell partner and had disappeared when I went back outside.6/22/22Yes
1/31/22 17:35DraperUTUSASphere20 - 25 minutesWe saw a light hovering that appeared to have another smaller orbiting sphere, it appeared out of nowhere and disappeared as suddenly3/4/22
1/18/22 21:00Orem, ProvoUTUSAOther5-15 secondsSaw a gigantic crescent moon shape object uncloak and disappear while moving in the nighttime sky.3/4/22
1/16/22 18:58Taylorsville, Salt Lake, UtahUTUSACircletwo to three minutes8 objects in sky to the east of Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah3/4/22
1/11/22 05:15St. GeorgeUTUSACircleAbout 3 seconds.I saw a green glowing orb which illuminated the clouds and flew fairly fast.3/4/22
12/31/21 17:28MoabUTUSAOval1 monOval looking light3/4/22Yes
12/20/21 22:00Park cityUTUSAChanging8 hoursI have pictures . I stared at the moon for 8 hours . Never did that before pictures clearly show ufo’s3/4/22Yes
12/11/21 19:40ProvoUTUSAChanging4 minutesWas outside when I noticed two bright orange lights in the sky3/4/22Yes
12/2/21 19:25Duck CreekUTUSACylinder15-20 minutes, not sureGreen cylinder shaped UFO early December in southern Utah3/4/22
11/16/21 18:45West JordanUTUSACircle2 hoursWe went outside and saw a bright light that wasn’t moving over Oquirrh Mountains. It wasn’t a star because it was too bright and big. W12/19/21
11/14/21 20:33West JordanUTUSALight5 minflashing green light zig zagging across the sky and making a humming noise as it flew over me.11/15/21
10/27/21 19:12LaytonUTUSALight40 secondsI saw a bright light higher than I have ever seen before. It was brighter than the stars but seemed to be the same size as a star. It w11/15/21
10/11/21 13:34VernalUTUSAMADAR Node 18111/15/21
10/5/21 21:00HelperUTUSALightMore than 30 minutesBright multicolored light stationary in the night sky, sighted 2 different nights from camp.3/4/22
9/27/21 19:23TooeleUTUSALight5 minutesWatched jet chase light that disappeared 2-3 times10/19/21
8/25/21 05:16Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR Node 17510/19/21
8/23/21 02:00TooeleUTUSACircle20 secondsHappened while smoking a cigarette at 2am.i could literally sense something in the sky above my house. I stared in the area I suspected9/7/21
8/15/21 18:30During flight my guess Midwest south westUTUSACylinderFlight from pit to lasTook photos of thunderstorms in the Midwest/southwest region is the USA. Captured a tic-tac uap6/22/22Yes
7/4/21 21:50West JordanUTUSAChanging51/2 minutesThree witness White and red sphere that changed shapes near army base8/16/21
6/14/21 11:15PerryUTUSAOtherIt was a 747 are bigger flying lower than most of the time I kelp Watching It had like a White Cloud coming from the Nose of the Plane7/31/21
5/28/21 02:00Tooele UtahUTUSATriangle7 secondsI was on my back deck and a triangle glass shaped object lit up the sky to the North of my city. It happened so fast, but it was so in7/31/21
5/27/21 22:20SandyUTUSALight2 minutesA object presenting characteristics that are not consistent with the SpaceX satellite formation.7/31/21
5/26/21 22:15South Salt LakeUTUSAOther10 minutesA noiseless cluster of bright lights packed in a tight line formation passed overhead and disappeared suddenly.((Starlink satellites))7/31/21
5/5/21 21:42Salt Lake cityUTUSAChanging~8-10 minutes each3 separate fleets of light in the sky in 1 night.5/20/21
5/5/21 10:05Park CityUTUSAFormation3 minutesWe witnessed a straight line of approximately 25 white lights, (no flashing), traveling at a uniform speed and perfectly spaced. They a5/20/21
4/29/21 22:00AragoniteUTUSADisk10 secondsBlack disc with blue dotted flashing lights hovering near our car on interstate 805/20/21
4/18/21 22:05Spanish ValleyUTUSALight5 minutesBlue flickering light, small quick movements over Spanish Valley, UT4/23/21
4/18/21 20:00RiverdaleUTUSAFormation1 hourMy husband and I were UFO hunting from our yard on the nights of April 17 and 18, we were using 15x70 Celestron binoculars. On the nig4/23/21
4/11/21 22:01MonticelloUTUSAFormation5 secondsOdd shimmering lights over Midwest4/23/21
4/5/21 00:30MagnaUTUSADisk3 minutesDisk, Gray Metallic color.4/23/21
4/1/21 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle45 minutesUnusually bright object in West sky.Stationary, it appeared to have some type of light occasionally coming from top. Also had red, blu4/23/21
3/18/21 05:02PlymouthUTUSAOther3 minutesString of 30+ perfect lights and the bright lights breaking into triangles there and gone. ((Starlink satellites??))3/31/21
3/17/21 20:50LehiUTUSALight5 minutesBright white light that turned to red and vanished.3/31/21
3/16/21 15:14BountifulUTUSAOval20 secondsOval object flying close to the mountains3/31/21
3/4/21 20:18SandyUTUSAUnknown2 minutesSolid light same brightness as stars high in atmosphere or space moving north to south across Utah.3/31/21
3/2/21 00:00ProvoUTUSAOval20 secondsI saw a bright, large, circular object flying over Provo Mountains in Provo Utah with lights running down the middle of the object.3/31/21
2/3/21 20:20VernalUTUSACircle1.5 minutesGiant bright red light in sky as well as other lights that we say phase out3/2/21
1/18/21 06:10NephiUTUSASphere1 minuteBright green orb seen in my back yard3/2/21
1/13/21 07:30Salt Lake CityUTUSALight2 minutesI was heading west on 4500 South 2300 East at approximately 7:30 a.m., noticed an object hovering in the sky to the west, I assumed was1/19/21
12/27/20 21:57Vernal/NaplesUTUSAFireball5 minuteswe are looking west as we walk out toward the trucks from house as seen at the bottom of screen . It was coming at us going East, then1/19/21
12/25/20 20:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball10 minutesMultiple glowing orange lights flying around in the dark evening sky for several minutes1/19/21
12/4/20 19:15DeweyvilleUTUSACircle5minStraight angled line of lights in the sky12/23/20
12/4/20 19:15DeweyvilleUTUSA5min12/23/20
11/30/20 22:05Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging30 minutesLast night I saw an orange star in the sky above downtown slc. Then I noticed it had lightning type spider legs come out,and almost sh12/23/20
11/27/20 03:30LaytonUTUSAOther2minsAnti gravity no visible thrust and no sound it had to weigh in the hundreds of tons massive12/23/20
11/25/20 06:00ScipioUTUSADisk5 minSingle Saucer flying over highway in Utah.12/23/20
11/19/20 19:03North Salt LakeUTUSACircle1 secondThe object was bright green and circular. Moved from the eastern skyline to the west. Moved swiftly faster than an airplane or a drone.12/23/20
11/18/20 23:15DuchesneUTUSALight2 minutesOrange light making strange turns.12/23/20
10/31/20 19:30SandyUTUSACircle5 secondsUFO above Lone Peak Mountain12/23/20
10/23/20 23:00St. GeorgeUTUSATriangle~1 secondAs I stood there three bright dots in the formation of a triangle flew Northwest over me for about 1-2 seconds. It was 11:20 PM.12/23/20
10/20/20 22:00MonticelloUTUSALight10 minutesStrange movement of light over Canyonlands NP in October 2020.5/20/21
10/20/20 02:45St. George (north of)UTUSARectangle2 minutesHeard a strange humming sound unlike anything I've heard before it was hard to find them they had dim aqua colored lights one had 3 and12/23/20
9/29/20 22:55MurrayUTUSAOval5 secondsWhite oval object zooms toward the mountains11/5/20
9/21/20 20:51OgdenUTUSAChanging5 minA bright round light that turned into three or four separate the lights and came back together6/22/22
9/14/20 22:00SpringdaleUTUSASphere10 secondsA bright white sphere, which we at first expected to be a planet, was seen in the night sky near Zion National Park. The object slowly11/5/20
9/14/20 05:40Duck Creek VillageUTUSAFireball<5 minutesObjects that looked like stars appearing out of nowhere in the night sky and traveling south to north in a straight line11/5/20
9/14/20 05:40New HarmonyUTUSALight1-2 minutesWe saw several, 20 plus, bright white lights materialize from the sky and move in a straight line headed north. ((Starlink satellites))11/5/20
9/12/20 20:30MillcreekUTUSACircle1 secondFast moving white light over Salt Lake County.11/5/20
8/28/20 20:45Eagle MountainUTUSATriangle5-10 secondsTriangles over Eagle Mountain Utah9/4/20
8/26/20 05:20ProvoUTUSACircle30 minutesCircle object over Provo Canyon8/27/20
8/25/20 20:35TremontonUTUSASphere5 minutesBright white light twilight sky no stars out yet 6 objects moving geometrically but assemetrically around each other sometimes not movi8/27/20
8/25/20 06:00HerrimanUTUSACircle10 minutesTook dog outside for potty break and noticed two bright lights meeting up and then moving opposite of each other, one seemed to hover a8/27/20
8/25/20 00:00LehiUTUSALight2 hoursBright moving Lights ( looks like a distant plane until it doesn’t flicker or have flashing lights. It was going so so fast. And they w8/27/20
8/23/20 21:20KearnsUTUSALight15-20 minutesLots of star like lights coming from different directions for about 15 minutes. ((Starlink satellites?))9/4/20
8/22/20 00:00Mount PleasantUTUSACircle10 minutesSeen a circular shape in the sky out my moms bedroom window rotating going east. Me and my husband stepped outside watched it for a few8/27/20
8/16/20 22:00AlpineUTUSALight10 secondsTwo bright lights parallel of each other going the same speed.8/20/20
8/13/20 21:15OremUTUSAUnknown5 minutes150 Blinking lights in a line. ((Starlink satellites??))8/20/20
8/13/20 01:40OgdenUTUSACigar30 minutesMy husband and I were out on our patio looking at the stars when I noticed this object that was moving from the west the lights were bl8/20/20
8/12/20 23:15West Valley CityUTUSAChevron15 secondsGliding object viewed 3 different times in about 20 minute span.8/20/20
8/11/20 22:28Sundance ResortUTUSAFormation45 secondsThree white lights in triangle formation, faded out one at a time.9/4/20
8/11/20 22:05Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle2 minutesBright white dot in Salt Lake8/20/20
8/11/20 22:00West Jordan/MidvaleUTUSAChanging10-15 minutesmy daughter was out observing the night sky around 10pm on 8/11/2020 she came running into the house to tell me she sees something stra8/20/20
8/11/20 21:43Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle90 secondsI came outside onto my back porch to feed my kitty cat at 21:43. Set the food down and looked up. In the southeastern sky at about 30 t8/20/20
8/11/20 21:40NephiUTUSAFormation1 minute3 lights east moving south slowly and slowly rotating in upside down triangle, bottom light disappeared then top right then top left.8/20/20
8/8/20 23:15SandyUTUSAOval10 secondsOpaque oval object moving north to south8/20/20
8/8/20 23:00West JordanUTUSATriangle1 hourIt looked like a giant kite or glider, it looked like a flock of birds but birds don't fly around at this time. We saw about 3 of them8/20/20
8/8/20 22:30WindoverUTUSALight0200A friend and I were camping west of the Bonneville salt flats.we were located 8 miles west in the mountains above Bonneville. We had be8/20/20
8/6/20 19:30SunsetUTUSAOther3 minutesPill shaped rounded ends8/20/20
7/31/20 22:30FarmingtonUTUSASphere45 secondsCame from the North flying South just above the clouds in flight pattern never seen before and fast that anything on earth ascended up8/6/20
7/28/20 21:00Thompson springsUTUSACircle30 secondsWe were driving east on I 70, passing the exit yellow cat. Looking southeast above the mountain range. We saw a bright light traveling7/31/20
7/21/20SandyUTUSAChanging90 secondsI saw what I thought were 3 stars in a straight line with Jupiter then they suddenly moved into a triangle position and faded.7/23/20
7/18/20 09:00Mirror Lake areaUTUSADisk30 minutesWe were camping close to Moosehorn lake in the Uintas mountains of Utah. We were camping Offroad in a remote area. Towards the direct7/23/20
7/16/20 11:08OremUTUSALight2 minutesLow in the Eastern sky near Orem Utah on July 14, 2020 at 11:08-11:11. Large white light seen for about a minute. Smaller white light f7/23/20
7/15/20 01:00MidvaleUTUSAUnknown15 minutes.Such a strange UFO it was almost like it disappeared and appeared in a different place without having to go across the sky.7/23/20
7/13/20 00:30Uintah WildernessUTUSAChanging20 minutes2[?] Crafts spotted in the Uintah Wilderness7/23/20
7/12/20 22:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAChevron10-15 secondsMoving and silent V-shaped formation of lights in binocular field of view while stargazing7/23/20
7/7/20 22:56Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown~3 minutesObject unusual altitude one light observed. Traveling in a pattern not conducive to commercial or private chat Noir helicopter.7/9/20
6/28/20 21:17TorreyUTUSACircle45 minutesThe object was a disc-like shape. There were faded lines that split the disc as well. Another characteristic that stuck out was the thr7/3/20
6/9/20 22:05Dammeron ValleyUTUSAChevron8 minutesCity-block sized, boomerang shaped craft with 7 greenish-white lights hovered only a hundred feet over and moved slowly.6/25/20
6/4/20 22:20KearnsUTUSALight2-3 minutesflyover that flared enormously. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium satellite?? PD))6/25/20
5/31/20 18:00KaysvilleUTUSAOval30 seconds2 oval objects in formation traveling at the same speeds.6/25/20
5/19/20 07:18Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle5-7 secondsBackyard UFO on Nest camera6/25/20
5/15/20 22:16San Rafael SwellUTUSALight5 minutesA remarkably bright white ball of light flew across the sky, no higher than a thousand feet above us. The craft traveled low, and slowl6/25/20
5/9/20 09:10West JordanUTUSAFireball10 seconds maybeStrange fireball like objects in sky, 5 witnesses.6/25/20
5/3/20 21:27ProvoUTUSALight7Numerous (23) Lights in the night sky spotted traveling along same patch at high altitude and speed. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
5/3/20 21:23HurricaneUTUSAFormation14 minutes18 UFOs in line w/quite a bit of space between them going N/E. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
5/1/20 05:15DraperUTUSALightABT 10MinParade of lights high altitude, evenly spaced, no variation from the first to the last that I saw. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/30/20 19:00Pleasant viewUTUSASphere60 secondsMy girlfriend and I were hammocking in my back yard when we saw something we first thought was a weather ballon then changes shape into6/25/20
4/30/20 14:30American ForkUTUSAChanging3 minutesStationary bright silver object hovering over mountain then vanished out of sight.6/25/20
4/30/20 14:22American UtahUTUSALight3 minutesPicture of the same UFO that they filmed at Skinwalker Ranch.6/25/20
4/30/20 13:13Cottonwood HeightsUTUSA30 secondsHill AFB just did the Covid flyby to support our first responders. Took this picture on Ft. Union Blvd. looks like a foo fighter above.5/7/20
4/29/20 09:45West JordanUTUSACylinder30 minutesI was walking northbound and observed a white light (much like Venus in brightness) slowly travelli g both and a very slowly speed. I g6/25/20
4/26/20 22:00DeltaUTUSAFormation5 seconds35 objects flying approximately 1,500 feet above ground going in a straight line-type formation. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/26/20 22:00HeberUTUSAFormation30 seconds39 lights moving in an ESE direction. Unknown altitude, estimate 5-7 mile length,((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/25/20 21:30LoganUTUSAFormation10 secondsString of lights composed of ~12 circular objects. Appeared briefly (10 seconds),and was moving N to S. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/19/20 01:07WashingtonUTUSASphere6 secondsMirror sphere being pulled smoothly across the sky6/25/20
4/18/20 23:00OremUTUSAOther10 secondsWing shaped craft seen at night, no lights, no sound.5/1/20
4/17/20 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight42 minutes20-30 lights moving in a north northeast direction at extreme speeds. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/16/20 22:05SandyUTUSALight30 minutestons of lights flying across sky in Utah. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/12/20 02:45OakleyUTUSALight30 secondsBright light shined in bedroom window illuminating the room removing shadows before shrinking to a single point and disappearing.6/25/20
4/9/20 02:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight1 secondBoth myself and my boyfriend were looking over the security camera tape minutes after the light was caught on our surveillance camera.4/9/20
4/3/20 22:30HyrumUTUSALight20 minutesBright light over the Wellsvilles moving in abnormal trajectory until finally fading away in the distance.6/25/20
4/3/20 15:45KaysvilleUTUSAUnknown10 secondsHighly reflective object floating downward.6/25/20
3/25/20 22:00HanksvilleUTUSALight15 minutes20 White starlight objects - near Goblin Valley State Park6/25/20
3/25/20 21:10HelperUTUSALight26 minutes26 non blinking lights traveling in straight line from southwest to northeast. (("Spacelink" satellites??))4/9/20
3/22/20 22:50West JordanUTUSALight~30 minutesI noticed a large white light in the sky. Brighter than the lights on the radio towers. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))5/21/20
3/21/20 20:50RoyUTUSALight15 minutesStar-like lights all moving in a straight line, evenly spaced, at the same speed. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 06:37TooeleUTUSALightMorningI watched a total of 32 of them. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/19/20 12:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight60 minutesA large white light with colors coming off the top hovered over downtown sector about an hour, was then joined by another light which h5/15/20
3/15/20 23:30ToquervilleUTUSALight15 minutesI noticed am object appearing on the horizon due southeast of our home. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))4/9/20
3/12/20 09:00Cottonwood HeightsUTUSALight20 minutes +Multiple unidentified objects in the sky. ((Starlink satellites))5/7/20
3/10/20 18:10OremUTUSARectangle30 secondsDriving into Timpanogas Trailer Park, and all of the sudden I saw 4 main white focal points creating a Rectangle pirimeter around dark5/1/20
3/6/20 20:07OremUTUSALight10 minutesObserved about 20-25 objects that were appearing from the West and heading East and then disappearing ((Starlink satellites))5/1/20
3/5/20 21:09Salt Lake CityUTUSALight10 minutes5 large balls of light in a diagonal line, not moving in the sky, disappeared one by one.5/1/20
3/5/20 20:00Park CityUTUSAFormation5 minutesmy partner pointed out in the stars that he saw two moving perfectly spaced apart. (("Starlink" satellites??))((anonymous))4/9/20
3/5/20 20:00Pleasant GroveUTUSALight30 minutesCounted 50 perfectly spaced identical looking white Lights, Traveling in a straight line, west to east ((Starlink satellites))5/1/20
3/5/20 20:00TooeleUTUSALight5 minutesApprox 30 star looking objects, evenly spaced, in a straight line. Heading north east. ((Starlink satellites?))4/9/20
3/5/20 19:55Brigham CityUTUSATriangle1 minuteWe were driving when we saw three amber colored lights in the sky form a perfect triangle then shift in a full circle and dispersed qui3/31/21
3/5/20 19:45VernalUTUSALight10 minutesI had seen was just another satellite passing, but as I kept watching another trailed right behind it. ((Starlink satellites?))4/9/20
3/5/20 18:30PerryUTUSATriangle30 minutesThere were 20 to 25 triangle craft moving NNW, perfectly spaced and moving extremely quickly. ((Starlink satellites))5/1/20
3/4/20 07:14North OgdenUTUSAFlash5 secondsPulsed super bright. ((NUFORC Note: Possible flare from Iridium satellite?? PD))4/9/20
3/2/20 16:40Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther20 seconds((HOAX??)) Panther-shaped object died in distance. ((anonymous))4/9/20
3/2/20 05:25HarrisvilleUTUSAFormation8-10 secondsMoving Formation. (("Starlink satellites??)) ((anonymous))4/9/20
2/27/20 23:45GlenwoodUTUSAFireball3-5 secondsWhite light in the distance with a trail behind it.4/9/20
2/26/20 22:00HyremUTUSACircle1 minuteTrailing line of UFO lights. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
2/17/20 05:55ErdaUTUSALight3-4 minutes12+ non blinking lights equally spaced, appearing out of the same place, out of nowhere. (("Starlink" satellites??))2/25/20
2/17/20 05:50WanshipUTUSA10 minutes20 or more lights, evenly spaced, traveling quickly, straight line heading Northeast, no sound. Upper atmosphere or higher.2/25/20
2/16/20 01:00St. GeorgeUTUSALight5 minutesFollowed by orange orb while driving.2/25/20
2/15/20 05:50LoganUTUSALight10 minutesStar looking lights moving from West to east. Larger, brighter, colorful star sitting in position twinkling. Went inside for about 52/25/20
2/12/20 21:00OremUTUSALight15 minutesVery bright white light, motionless in western Utah night sky, sat still for 15 minutes then vanished in a blink of an eye.2/13/20
2/8/20 06:12SalemUTUSAFormation1 minute9 non blinking lights equally spaced following each other in straight line northeast 2/8/2020 at 6:12 am2/13/20
2/7/20 23:45OremUTUSARectanglelarge flat rectangular dull grey craft with lots of lights was moving slowly just over the houses.3/2/21
1/28/20 05:30Green RiverUTUSATeardrop5-8 secondsTeardrop shaped object, Green River, Utah.1/31/20
1/25/20 05:45Salt Lake CityUTUSA15-20 minutesWitnessed during predawn clear sky succession of white lights 20-25 equally spaced. (("Starlink" satellites.))4/9/20
1/24/20 22:25RooseveltUTUSATriangle7 minuteslights over Roosevelt, UT2/7/20
1/15/20 19:00VenralUTUSAFormation30 secondsRows of lights appearing and disappearing in night sky. (("Starlink" satellites??))1/31/20
1/4/20 09:00South OgdenUTUSACircle3-5 minutesFloating Cylinder about the Ogden Athletic Club2/7/20
1/4/20 02:19West JordanUTUSAChanging7 secondsBright bold flash of a space craft fly down and out of the sky in Utah.2/7/20
12/20/19 17:00Flat Top Mountain, Cedar ValleyUTUSALight5 SecondsDriving by Mt. Olympus on hgwy215 heading south. Noticed plains in the sky, then I noticed above the western mountain range near Mercur12/22/19
12/17/19 17:50ClearfieldUTUSAUnknownMinutesTwo flying crafts, travelling at high speed, either light green or blue flashing lights, in Davis county.12/19/19
12/3/19 19:00HolladayUTUSAFormation2 minutes6 orange non flashing light in formation12/19/19
11/17/19 20:30Heber CityUTUSAChanging3-5 minutesApproximately 20 lights, red, green, blue, and white moving in unison but flexing in shape with a helicopter nearby.12/1/19
11/16/19 03:30Saratoga SpringsUTUSAFireball2 secondsGreen light meteorite. ((NUFORC Note: Source does not indicate date of sighting. PD))12/1/19
11/4/19 04:05UtahUTUSAOval1 minuteA white pill shaped craft was seen from a commercial flight above Utah.12/1/19
10/30/19 20:40RoyUTUSATriangle20:41Roy, UT, Triangular Object around 5200 south & state street flying northbound12/1/19
10/28/19 07:10Eagle MountainUTUSAUnknown20 secondsSingle light zipped across the sky12/1/19
10/28/19 07:10Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle<1 minuteSaw a triangle craft and it took off blazingly fast.12/1/19
10/24/19 07:00Salt Lake CityUTUSATeardrop5 secondsBright almost circular light in the sky while driving on I-21512/1/19
10/13/19 22:00Highway 89UTUSACircle2 minutesLight approached from behind vehicle12/1/19
10/10/19 21:07stansbury areaUTUSAUnknown10 minutesat least 3 unexplained lights rotating around each other, moving in various directions12/1/19
10/10/19 19:30TooeleUTUSATriangleSecondsMy boss and I seen some lights going to Wendover for work he noticed first and swerved cause it was right next to us he drives fast...2/7/20
9/28/19 12:00OremUTUSASphere2-3 minsround objects in formation coming in and out of clouds Orem UT12/1/19
9/25/19 08:35KearnsUTUSAOther10-20 seconds in viewHovering slowly across the sky over Usana Ampitheater. No lights on the craft.10/4/19
9/24/19 09:32OremUTUSACircle4 secondsWow, I’m shocked to my core due to an event that occurred while I was driving on the freeway, I looked up and saw a green hovering ligh10/4/19
9/19/19 20:23St. GeorgeUTUSACircle20 minutesLooking to the southwest a ball of intense white light lifted up from the ground and flew low in the sky to the east. I went inside and10/4/19
9/18/19 08:30BluffdaleUTUSAUnknownUnknownA big red light in a field hovered silently then flew off to the left very fast out of sight. ((anonymous report))9/19/19
9/12/19 22:00West Valley CityUTUSALight5 secondsBall of light moving slow then shot out super fast, disappearing then leaving a trail of green light behind it/ ((anonymous report))9/19/19
9/8/19 04:30HurricaneUTUSALight3-5 minutesRed colored orb sitting high in sky in one spot, hovering. Then raised straight up, fast, to a very high altitude in the sky and turned10/4/19
8/31/19 23:11VernalUTUSACircle30 minutesBright object observed over Dry Fork Canyon, UT. ((NUFORC Note: Object appears to us to be consistent with a "twinkling" star. PD))9/6/19
8/20/19 22:00American ForkUTUSAFormation60-90 minutesLight Clusters Passing Overhead.8/23/19
8/17/19 16:39ProvoUTUSASphereOngoingSighting over Provo Canyon.8/23/19
8/17/19 03:00Salt Lake City ValleyUTUSAOther1/2 hourWhat in the world would cause atmospheric light flashes and audible explosions for 80 square mi. ((anonymous report))9/19/19
8/17/19 01:20PaysonUTUSALight2 minutesOn the night of August 17 2019, my brother and I were looking at the night sky because on a nightly basis we witness this phenomenon. E8/23/19
8/13/19 21:45West BountifulUTUSATriangle4 minutesTriangle shaped object with 3 flashing lights. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
8/12/19 01:00IvinsUTUSACircle5 minutesOutside in the desert where there was no light pollution, two people witnessed a craft flying high in the sky in an erratic pattern, ve12/19/19
8/10/19 22:10Cedar CityUTUSALight5 secondsA star-like light which diverged into two lights which moved apart from one another and faded from view in the night sky.12/22/19
8/4/19 19:30MidvaleUTUSACircle5 minutesMy wife and I saw 2 shining dots in the sky that were side by side at one point, then they’d separate, then again come closer together.8/23/19
8/2/19 21:30Salt Lake CityUTUSALight4I was sitting in a camp chair when I looked into the evening sky and saw a bright white light moving quickly east. It went behind trees8/23/19
7/29/19 03:30Salina (near)UTUSALightLightsTwo objects each of them had 2 colors red and green or red and blue. As soon as closest object seen me it changed the color into white8/23/19
7/20/19 19:10West JordanUTUSACylinder20 minutesTwo of four UFOs did a flyby after hovering high in the sky.12/1/19
7/20/19 04:05LindonUTUSAUnknown3 minutesI saw it very low like about 20 ft above the light pool, with a lot of lights on the bottom. ((anonymous report))7/25/19
7/16/19 22:45La VerkinUTUSALight3 secondsConstant bright white light appeared to be falling from the sky, went out before reaching horizon but 3 orange lights kept falling.7/25/19
7/15/19 23:07SandyUTUSADisk30We saw two stranger flying objects that we’re too big and high to be a drone, one had flashing lights that were rainbow colored.7/25/19
7/11/19 02:30FruitlandUTUSACircle2 minutesTwo orange spheres zipping around the skies, suddenly the zipped straight up and disappeared.7/25/19
7/4/19 08:55HolladayUTUSACigar1 minutecigar shaped craft.7/5/19
6/30/19 22:23KanabUTUSATriangle6 minutesTriangle white object7/5/19
6/25/19 01:28Dammeron ValleyUTUSALight40 minutesMultiple lights spotted North East of Dammeron Valley.6/27/19
6/23/19 14:00KaysvilleUTUSASphere30 minutesBalloon.7/5/19
6/20/19 12:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAOval7 minutesI work next to the airport and noticed a floating orb bouncing slowly around the airport. ((NUFORC Note: High-altitude balloon? PD))6/27/19
6/17/19 21:20St. GeorgeUTUSACylinder4 minutesIncredibly stable and fast craft.6/20/19
6/15/19 15:37MidvaleUTUSATriangleSecondsI did not see it, I was taking a selfie at the Midvale Graveyard and noticed a black metallic triangle shaped craft in the picture when6/20/19
6/15/19 07:00DeltaUTUSAFormation2 minutes((HOAX??))We saw something standing out in the tall grass, it was getting dark and it started to walk towards us. ((anonymous report))6/20/19
6/14/19 07:26TaylorsvilleUTUSATriangle4-5 minutesCame outside, in the central/eastern sky, were 3 bright flashing lights in a triangle shape, They hovered. ((anonymous report))6/20/19
6/11/19 10:40OgdenUTUSACigar2 minutesMy son and I were on the freeway headed north near Ogden. I randomly looked to the north west and saw two white dots that were more lon6/20/19
5/30/19 21:00South JordanUTUSAFlash1 hourI was sitting outside watching the storm and saw flashes other then lightning around our flag pole.6/7/19
5/27/19 22:20MoabUTUSAFormation5 minutesI saw what looked like a line of stars moving slowly together. Sort of like a caterpillar. ((NUFORC Note: Space X satellites. PD))6/7/19
5/27/19 02:25MagnaUTUSATriangle3 secondsMy wife and I was driving home from the store. Driving W and seen a large Black triangle craft moving NW along the Ochre Mtns.6/7/19
5/25/19 22:30EscalanteUTUSALight2 minutesLights in the sky that looked a lot like satellites do, but they were all in a straight line. ((NUFORC Note: Space X satellites. PD))6/7/19
5/25/19 12:40TorreyUTUSACircle5 minutesCluster of 100+ Lights over over Southern Utah. ((NUFORC Note: Space X satellites, being released from the Falcon 9 capsule. PD))6/7/19
5/25/19 00:40St. GeorgeUTUSAFormation1 minuteApprox. 100 bright white lights in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Space X satellites, being released from the Falcon 9 capsule. PD))6/7/19
5/24/19 01:30South JordonUTUSACigar4 minutesCigar shaped craft with 2 rows of lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly the Space X satellites. PD))6/7/19
5/24/19 00:34Pine ValleyUTUSAOther10 minutesLine of orbs moving through the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Space X satellites, being released from the Falcon 9 capsule. PD))6/7/19
5/14/19 01:11OgdenUTUSALight2.5 secondsFacing south whiteness 1 saw it moving fast whiteness 2 noticed it as well one large light then 2 moving fast. All of a sudden it was 25/14/19
5/11/19 23:40FruitlandUTUSACircle2 minutesBright circular light in the sky - once we started pointing at it, the object shot left instantly, stopped, and took off FAST!6/7/19
5/11/19 18:25HerrimanUTUSACircle5 minutesSaw a luminous ball high in the atmosphere watched it for 5 minutes. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/11/19 10:30ClearfieldUTUSALight30 secondsMy boyfriend and I went out to the back patio to get fresh air and we were both looking up at the stars when I noticed what appeared to6/27/19
5/8/19 01:30Saint GeorgeUTUSAOther1:30Started noticing a huge flash of light @ around 1:30 am like someone was taking a picture with a flash real quick. ((anonymous report))5/9/19
5/4/19 18:20Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle1 secondI accidentally captured this image on my camera. It wasn't until several days later when I was looking over the pictures I had taken in6/7/19
4/27/19 23:25Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther4-5 secondsGlowing crescent shape flew in a large arc5/9/19
4/25/19 13:00Salt Lake City (downtown)UTUSAOther3 minutesThe people that were driving on 400s 400e Mightve seen what i was loiking at in the sky- so it was a circular shape black then in the 45/9/19
4/23/19 16:40Eagle MountainUTUSACircle20 minutesOver 100 lights float in the sky. ((anonymous report))4/25/19
4/23/19 16:40Eagle MountainUTUSACircle20 minutesThere was over 100 circular objects floating in the sky. I believed that they were balloons until 70% of them flew away. ((anonymous))4/25/19
4/21/19 03:00MilfordUTUSACircleNot sureThree expanding/moving lights.4/25/19
4/15/19 22:00LeedsUTUSALight10 minutesCircular light seen over mountains in washington county. ((anonymous report))4/18/19
4/6/19 11:00St. GeorgeUTUSAFormation5-8 minutesSpider moving across the sky.4/18/19
4/3/19 23:15KaysvilleUTUSARectangle20 minutesFighter jet repeatedly flying low and fast over the city of Kaysville around 11:15 pm. ((anonymous report))4/8/19
3/29/19 22:15AlpineUTUSALight15 minutesCluster of 50-60 moving lights in the night sky over Alpine, Utah. ((anonymous report))4/8/19
3/15/19 21:10Near Virgin, UTUTUSAChanging~ 2 minutesThree lights in a roughly triangular formation, but moving and changing as they rose upward. A single light followed them later.3/21/19
3/11/19 20:30Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle3-6 minutesMy boyfriend yelled out to me as he was outside smoking to hurry and come out I came out he was pointing at the sky at at first two big3/14/19
3/9/19 06:35LaytonUTUSALight10 secondsA bright white light came from behind the clouds in the eastern sky in a northwestern direction. The light did a quick turn around goi3/14/19
2/23/19 06:30RivertonUTUSACone25I noticed this really bright light in sky almost like a star, but light sky’s. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD)) ((anonymous report))2/27/19
2/23/19 06:30RivertonUTUSACone25I was on my way to work when I noticed this really bright light in sky almost like a star, but light sky’s. ((anonymous report))2/27/19
2/19/19 20:30SyracuseUTUSALight3 secondsBroad dim light est. 10 miles wide shown from East to West 3 seconds2/27/19
2/16/19 20:15Farr WestUTUSALight10 minutesStrange glowing orange lights moving in straight line Farr West UT2/22/19
1/24/19 20:45Salt Lake CityUTUSACylinder5 minutes3 orange glowing cylindrical objects below the clouds2/1/19
1/14/19 20:28SpringvilleUTUSACircle4 minutesTwo reddish orange circles flying out of Spanish Fork Canyon. They were silent. They moved toward Springville. ((anonymous report))1/17/19
1/9/19 19:32Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball35 secondsOrange orb, bright like flickering fire and hovering.2/1/19
1/4/19 05:14HerrimanUTUSALight7 hoursThis one is one for the books1/17/19
12/9/18 21:30PriceUTUSAFormation8 minutesFormation of 8 flashing orange lights moving slowly across the southwestern sky, Carbon County, Price, Utah.12/14/18
12/8/18 22:00HurricaneUTUSAFormation~15 minutesLong line of twinkling lights. 20+ objects. ((NUFORC Note: Possible military exercise? PD))12/14/18
12/1/18 10:02Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR Node 1121/4/19
11/21/18 20:05Salt Lake CityUTUSALight5 minutesThere were 6 lights stagnant in the sky. Until 1 sped away really fast.3/4/22Yes
11/18/18 18:01ClintonUTUSAUnknownPictureTwo blue and green objects seen in the background of a photo taken of our house on 18 Nov at 6 pm11/24/18
11/10/18 14:00MillcreekUTUSAFireball5 minutesIt was a huge light like a comet and inside an object and down bellow a blinking silver light that desapeared and the Marín light was11/24/18
11/9/18 04:10LehiUTUSA2 minute((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no information. PD))11/24/18
11/7/18 19:10Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle10 secondsBlack V-shaped object with faint white light underneath.11/9/18
11/6/18 17:36SantaquinUTUSALight3 minutesStadium looking lights in sky.11/9/18
10/23/18 19:30Salt Lake CityUTUSALight10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))10/25/18
10/19/18 20:57Arches National ParkUTUSAUnknown5 minutesA white dot on my photos. ((NUFORC Note: Three photos indicate a tiny, white dot, of unknown origin. PD))11/24/18
9/28/18 07:25OgdenUTUSACigarViewed 5 minutesI witnessed the object while driving to work on I-15 overhead due east of the mountains nearOgden, Utah. The time was 07:25. It did not10/6/18
9/26/18 22:35Pine Valley Mountains (above)UTUSALight10 minutesStrange lights in the sky. Seen an A/C afterwards headed that same direction about 5 minutes later. ((anonymous report))9/27/18
9/18/18 23:20LaytonUTUSACircle45 minutesOne orb that changed colors, moving in all directions inconsistently. After about a half hour two more orb like crafts began to draw cl9/27/18
9/18/18 20:20MillcreekUTUSACircle3 minutesLooked exactly like a star, but stopped and went in differant directions. Not a satellite; I know what they look like.9/27/18
9/16/18 23:00Salt lake cityUTUSARectangle10 secondsRectangular Glowing ufo above Salt Lake City enters lightspeed1/19/21
9/16/18 13:35GarlandUTUSADisk5-10 minutesTwo V-shaped patterns of discs in broad daylight.9/27/18
9/1/18 22:15River HeightsUTUSACircle45 secondsWhile conducting a CE-5 contact attempt, spotted a round white light that did a "flare-up" as I watched, then went dark.9/13/18
9/1/18 00:10KanabUTUSATeardrop5 secondsGreat balls of fire Kanab. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))9/13/18
8/25/18 20:33Plain CityUTUSASphere~50 secondsHigh altitude object flashing random white light in8/31/18
8/24/18 23:15Saint GeorgeUTUSACircle5 minutesSolid red light moving quickly across night sky, then turning back and moving quickly the other way with brief white light, then red ag8/31/18
8/22/18 22:00FruitlandUTUSASphere10-15 secondsOrange Orb ground level.9/13/18
8/17/18 07:15Salt Lake City/SandyUTUSALight4 hoursBright light hovering over 4 hours in the same spot. ((anonymous report))8/31/18
8/16/18 20:38LindonUTUSAUnknown8 minutesCraft hovered and then fled south-west where it ascended.8/17/18
8/11/18 23:30MidvaleUTUSAFormation5 minutesWitness one: We went outside to walk the dogs around 11:30pm. I heard loud booms like boom,boom,boom,boom. About 20 repetitive booms. I8/17/18
8/11/18 20:15MillcreekUTUSACylinder2 minutesUFO from earlier occasion seen again.9/27/18
8/8/18 02:36LaytonUTUSAUnknown3 minutesLighted UFO zig-zagged across the sky.8/10/18
7/13/18 23:00ProvidenceUTUSAMany blinking stars throughout the sky. After several minutes some of the stars would fade, then become brighter. ((anonymous report))7/19/18
7/13/18 20:50Brigham CityUTUSAOval7 minutesBrigham City Utah sighting of black object in sky at 8:50 PM 7/13/187/19/18
7/8/18 13:19Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR Node 1127/19/18
6/30/18 23:00South OgdenUTUSACircle1 minuteCircle light that looked like plane was flying at very high altitude and stopped in midair, waiting for another light. Both met, vanish7/5/18
6/26/18 23:00HurricaneUTUSAOther30 secondsWalked outside at 11 p. M. Seen two dots connected with a beam of light going across the sky l was looking North. Object traveling Sout6/28/18
6/21/18 23:00Cedar BreaksUTUSAUnknown<5 minutesAn UFO hovered near a weather station on some distant mountains for a few minutes.6/28/18
6/6/18 22:30OremUTUSAThe thing was just watching the fireworks. ((MUFON report))7/5/18
6/1/18 22:35SandyUTUSATriangle20Almond shape object6/7/18
5/29/18 03:00FruitlandUTUSAFlash1 hourAbnormal flashes in the sky6/15/18
5/25/18 15:00Hyde ParkUTUSACigar5 minutesVanishing and re appearin UFO5/31/18
5/8/18 22:15CirclevilleUTUSAChanging10 minutes5/8/2018, 22:15, Circleville, UT, Square shape with lights, 10 min. change into a straight line with lights5/31/18
5/4/18 02:52EnterpriseUTUSAUnknownLongGreen lites following man through canyon show up at destination, windows on photos. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
5/2/18 14:00FarmingtonUTUSAEgg10 minutesDriving on Legacy Highway from West Valley to Ogden when I noticed an object I thought was a plane but as I got closer I could seen it5/4/18
4/22/18 15:00LaytonUTUSA4 hoursI believe i was telepathically communicated with by a otherworldly entity while living next to hill air force base. It gave me a urgent2/14/19
4/21/18 14:00FarmingtonUTUSADisk40 secondsOne greyish white disc like a mentose candy moved slow about100 to 200 feet in altitude. About 30 to 40 feet in diameter silent and4/26/18
4/20/18 00:00Pleasant GroveUTUSAFlash1 secondBright Blue Flash5/31/18
4/18/18 21:00North Salt LakeUTUSAChangingContinuedTwinkling flashing horizontal/lengthwise lights over Wasatch Mtn Range, North Salt Lake, UT. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Arcturus? PD))4/26/18
4/18/18 21:00North Salt LakeUTUSAChangingContinuedTwinkling flashing horizontal/lengthwise lights over Wasatch Mtn Range, North Salt Lake, UT. ((anonymous report))4/19/18
4/14/18 18:48Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/12/18 13:13Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/10/18 00:00Heber CityUTUSATriangleBriefWitness looked up because he had noticed a darker triangle shape in the sky very low. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
4/7/18 16:44Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
3/14/18 23:00Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere5 secondsBlue sphere orb flying down the street. Ground level + caught on video. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare from street lamp. PD))4/26/18
2/26/18 18:29Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR5/10/18
2/25/18 15:16Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR5/10/18
2/23/18 22:30TooeleUTUSALightCurrentFlashing, color changing lights in the sky witnessed from Tooele, UT.3/2/18
2/22/18 15:05Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR5/10/18
2/4/18 11:45Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle20 minutes +Black Triangular Object Over Salt Lake City, Utah.2/16/18
2/3/18 19:30OgdenUTUSAFormation8 minutesBright orange objects above Salt Lake.2/16/18
2/3/18 14:25Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR5/10/18
1/24/18 06:50HerrimanUTUSALight11 hours+((HOAX?? Link to alleged footage appears to be defective.)) LIghts with being. ((anonymous report))1/25/18
1/6/18 22:00LoganUTUSAFireball90 secondWe spotted a strange firey light low in the sky that almost looked like an airplane that was on fire. My husband thought it was a meteo1/12/18
1/1/18 15:44Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR5/10/18
12/28/17 18:00SandyUTUSADiamond2 hoursfive objects triangular shaped flashing red yellow and blue lights1/12/18
12/17/17 19:20Salt Lake CityUTUSALight10 minutesBright red/orange lights moving in Salt Lake City sky December 17, 201712/21/17
12/14/17 21:50RichfieldUTUSAFireball2 minutesFireball with intelligent flight pattern over Richfield, UT.12/21/17
12/10/17 18:50Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther5 secondsCluster of about 10 closely spaced lights moving from east to west.12/14/17
12/10/17 12:00Utah (above; in flight)UTUSAChanging3-4 minutesDark metallic almond shaped aircraft changed shape12/21/17
12/9/17 22:00St. GeorgeUTUSAFormation4 minutesSt. George, UT, UFO formation sighting.12/10/17
12/9/17 22:00La VerkinUTUSAFormation4-5 minutesMy son was on the way home from cedar city he called me @ 10 pm told me to go out and look west. I did, the thing was south of leeds it12/10/17
12/9/17 22:00HurricaneUTUSAUnknown~2 minutesStraight line, string of flashing lights East to West in So. Utah. ((anonymous report))12/10/17
12/9/17 21:20HelperUTUSALight30 minutesWalked outside around 9:20 p.m. on the night of December 9, 2017. Noticed what seemed to be a string of red lights going from E to W.12/21/17
12/9/17 20:31Green RiverUTUSALight10 to 15 Min9 groupings of light, all in a row except one group slightly above the others.5/20/21
11/26/17 11:44BeaverUTUSASphere1 minuteBluish Orb in Beaver Utah over Hwy I-15. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare, caused by pointing camera at the Sun. PD))12/14/17
11/26/17 03:00SpringdaleUTUSA5 minutesThe bright white light knocked over our tent at Zion National Park.8/27/20
11/14/17 13:00LaytonUTUSACircle30 minutesBright white circle with a darker center.11/17/17
11/12/17 19:15Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle1 minuteSalt Lake red orbs may be a recreational drone. ((anonymous report))1/12/18
10/19/17 23:25MagnaUTUSACircle5 secondsOn 10/12/17 at 23:25 a coworker and I were outside when a bright blue circular object appeared high in the middle of the sky.10/19/17
9/26/17 08:30Salt Lake CityUTUSALight4.5 HoursDaytime Object in Geosynchronous Orbit9/28/17
9/20/17 21:00EurekaUTUSATriangle30 minutesBlack triangular with (larger than normal aircraft) 3 red lights 1 at each point of the craft Locally known as "military operated."9/28/17
9/19/17 23:00Salt LakeUTUSACircle10 minutesCluster of unsual lights as u see in video they approched then dissaperd shot up in yellow id say snowmobile size ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/16/17 19:59West Valley CityUTUSAFireball56At the redwood drive in facing east saw a light then it split to 2, thought shoot stars then bam it stopped met back with 1 st light th9/21/17
9/16/17 19:50Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown10 minutesExplosion, or craft, that looked like torches. ((NUFORC Note: Possible nighttime parachute jump?? PD))9/21/17
9/8/17 21:30MurrayUTUSASphere~1 minuteBlueish orb which flew away to the North into clouds9/12/17
9/3/17 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormation40 seconds((HOAX??)) At first I thought it maybe a blue fire work over I-215, between 1300th and 7th east.9/5/17
8/31/17 19:30MagnaUTUSASphere30 minutesBright glowing, reflected surface. Sphere-like, seemed to change shape slightly. Hovered below clouds for 30 min.9/5/17
8/28/17 20:30North OgdenUTUSALight2 hoursWhite light on Ben Lomond Peak. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a star or planet, we suspect. PD))9/5/17
8/27/17 21:00Salt LakeUTUSA2 minutes5 to six lights in the ski over north east mountains. Put my hand in the air and used whatever unexplained thing I can do since I was a9/5/17
8/27/17 04:30Thompson SpringsUTUSALight3-4 hoursWalking home from 7-eleven only station in town. Due east near Venus on the south east side three light's. Green, blue, red. Noticed i9/5/17
8/18/17 18:30Uinta Mountian RangeUTUSACylinder30 secondsWitnessed either a square or cylinder-shaped object hovering motionless approximately 2,50'0 to 3,000' in sky.9/5/17
8/12/17 19:00RichmondUTUSACircle2 hoursLarge stationary object in the atmosphere reflected by the sun.8/17/17
8/10/17 22:45St. GeorgeUTUSALight3 minutesHovering red and white light turned to green8/11/17
8/8/17 22:15West ValleyUTUSALight3-4 minutesUnknown bright light/ufo seen over Salt Lake Valley. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the International Space Station. PD))8/11/17
8/4/17 21:45OgdenUTUSAFlash5-6 secondsBlue light flashed for 1 or 2 seconds, and dimmed, then turned back on, and flashed within 2 to 3 seconds to the right.8/11/17
8/3/17 09:00RiverdaleUTUSADisk1 minute5 metallic unidentified flying Objs Slowly Flying 1000' Above Completely stops in mid air and Shoots off. ((anonymous report))8/4/17
7/28/17 16:00West JordanUTUSATriangle30 secondsThough a former military air traffic controller, I've never seen anything like it.8/4/17
7/23/17 02:00Pleasant GroveUTUSAUnknown2 minutesSaw what looked to be several points of light moving at differing speeds in a circle formation. ((anonymous report))8/11/17
7/23/17 02:00Pleasant GroveUTUSA2 minutesI was the one who reported this sighting that I saw on 7/23/17 in pleasant grove this year. My story does not change10/19/17
7/22/17 23:00Saint GeorgeUTUSADiamond15 minutesBright diamond light, low flying, noiseless, moving at the end of incredible speed.7/27/17
7/18/17 18:00Saratoga SpringsUTUSALight3-5 minutesTuesday, July 18, 2017 – Spotted six points of light in the sky.7/23/17
7/16/17 23:00EurekaUTUSALight30 secondsBright, star sized light flying from West to East at very high speed, moving in a relatively straight line except it was zigzagging.7/23/17
7/9/17 01:00Salt Lake City UtahUTUSAUnknown3 minutesJade color light drops from sky.7/14/17
7/9/17 01:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown3 minutesJade color light drops from sky.7/14/17
6/29/17 23:00MillcreekUTUSACircle4.5 hoursLive video feed infrared camera 4.5 hrs of this object in my backyard shooting beams of light to the ground as it was hunting.7/7/17
6/29/17 05:15TaylorsvilleUTUSAOther2 minutesI noticed a very bright object in the sky. It looked similar as a star.7/7/17
6/20/17 11:00MilfordUTUSACigar10 secondsI was laying on the ground in my back yard with my sons dog. It was a clear day with a few high white cumulus clouds. I saw a cigar sha6/7/19
6/9/17 14:30Park CityUTUSAOval30 secondsWe saw what appeared to be a white or bright reflective capsule hovering in place.6/22/17
6/3/17 00:30HoneyvilleUTUSAUnknown30 minutesAbove Crystal Hot Springs, green, red and white lights flashed from a craf, a second craft could be seen further in the distance.6/9/17
5/30/17 23:25ProvoUTUSALight5-10 secondsAstronomical anomaly witnessed in Provo Utah.6/2/17
5/26/17 03:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight30 secondsBright white light moving really fast. ((anonymous report))6/2/17
5/23/17 04:45North Salt LakeUTUSALight20 minutesBright circular object that emitted strange lights and raised in altitude6/2/17
5/11/17 09:00ProvoUTUSATriangle2-3 minutesBlack triangle craft hovered slowly over by BYU soccer field. Five to six orange lights underneath in a row, with a blue light.5/15/17
5/2/17 15:30MapletonUTUSADisk5-10 secondsWe saw two wobbly disc shaped flying saucers flying down the street, they then went behind a building and we lost sight of them.6/22/22
5/1/17 23:30TaylorsvilleUTUSACircle10 minutesWent out back for a smoke when I noticed a bright pure red light hovering low SE sky! It hovered there5/6/17
4/16/17 21:00TaylorsvilleUTUSACircle4 hours9:00 P.M.: Three small circles lined up to make a triangle seen in the sky / 1:00 A.M.: Close encounter - humming noises, "alien&q4/20/17
4/12/17 20:00MurrayUTUSAOther4-6 secondsSupersonic UFO observed in Salt Lake.4/13/17
4/7/17 20:52HighlandUTUSALight3-4 minutesWalked out the door at approximately 8:52 p.m. to take a look at the last bit of the sunset on the west side of my house. Noticed a4/13/17
3/25/17 22:35St. GeorgeUTUSAFormation3 minutes3 bright orange-red lights form a triange while a fourth light follows4/7/17
3/14/17 20:00TaylorsvilleUTUSADiamond10 minutesWitnessed a craft with 5 or 6 orange lights on the front and flashing blue and white lights on the sides; it hovered overhead.3/23/17
3/14/17 16:00RexburgUTUSACylinder1 hourMassive transparent cylinder extremely high in the sky next to the location of the sun.3/2/21
2/25/17 22:10SandyUTUSACircle10 minutesBright Orange circles about five. Strange movements, could no way be a plane. Moving in strange patterns. Blinking on and off.3/10/17
2/23/17 20:30West Valley CityUTUSASphere2 minutesOrange glowing pulsating sphere from the height it was the size of a beach ball. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/18/17 04:00NSL ((North Salt Lake??))UTUSAOvalUnexplainable Oval Lights.2/22/17
2/13/17 09:20Park CityUTUSATriangleHello, So on February 13th 2017 I was driving home by myself from work. I worked in Heber City, Utah. The road from Heber to Park C11/3/17
2/3/17 22:58UTUSACircle30+ minutesMoving ball of light.3/10/17
1/29/17 21:00LaytonUTUSAOther15 minutesThe way the lights put a certain beam off was nothing I've seen before!!. I would be glad to draw a picture if possible.2/3/17
1/29/17 20:15HurricaneUTUSALight10 minutesTwo hovering red lights above Hurricane/LaVerkin, Utah; one slowly moved north and faded out and the other south fading out.2/3/17
1/29/17 19:35BountifulUTUSALight20 minutesBright light - minimal movement. Too high to be a helicopter. No known planes or stars in the area. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))2/3/17
1/27/17 20:00St. GeorgeUTUSAFormationhoursI have seen these same lighta as seen dated 9/27/13. I have seen these same lights the past 3 nights near2/3/17
1/17/17 19:20St. GeorgeUTUSACircle10 minutesI had gone outside to smoke a cigarette in my backyard. When I began to sit down in my chair, I had looked up into the sky and saw a ci1/19/17
1/16/17 19:00MorganUTUSALight5 minutes3 red lights hovering in a line formed a triangle and flew farther away one by one1/19/17
1/15/17 08:00West Valley CityUTUSAFormation~4 daysAwoke with very strange markings after weird dreams7/23/17
1/13/17 12:32SandyUTUSAOther2 secondsUnexplained Impact Rumble1/19/17
1/11/17 23:45MidvaleUTUSAFlash3-4 secondsRainbow of colors disrupts the Utah night sky.1/12/17
1/5/17 22:15SandyUTUSAFireball7 minutesFour orbs in the sky.1/6/17
12/31/16 23:00Saint GeorgeUTUSALight45 seconds2 lights N of St George Ut, Red starlike light stationary, Blue/green light moving beneath,occasionally disappearing1/6/17
12/19/16 03:30Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular shaped object changing speed. ((anonymous report))12/21/16
12/18/16 21:00St. GeorgeUTUSAChevron2-3 secondsV-shaped lights heading SW at high rate of speed. No sound.12/21/16
12/11/16 20:00St. GeorgeUTUSAOther30 minutes & continuingStrange diagonal string like lights.12/15/16
12/5/16 18:39IvinsUTUSACircleSecondsVertical red dots of lights on horizon that looked like radio towers--3 or 4 of them--had been erected overnight.12/15/16
11/22/16 21:00Santa ClaraUTUSAOther30 secondsSouthern Utah sceptic reporting cloaking UFO in hopes someone else saw it.12/5/16
11/22/16 21:00Santa ClaraUTUSAOther30 secondsSouthern Utah sceptic reporting cloaking UFO in hopes someone else saw it12/5/16
11/19/16 21:30Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle10 minutesMultiple objects headed south to north.12/5/16
11/11/16 18:24Salt Lake CityUTUSALight5 minutesI observed one or two extremely bright white lights east of my location. The intensity of the light(s) was the same as a halogen headli12/5/16
11/4/16 22:20CentervilleUTUSAOval20 secondsOrange light over Davis County11/11/16
11/3/16 23:00Park CityUTUSADiskall nightBright lights, Disk, Hangs in the North and East sky every night, White light,11/11/16
11/3/16 20:42West JordanUTUSAUnknown10 minutesFlying over West Jordan higher than a plane not making noise. Red and green lights. ((NUFORC Note: Aircraft? PD))11/4/16
10/27/16 06:30VirginUTUSACircle20 minutesRound Bright light over the Arizona Strip.12/5/16
10/20/16 21:00Park CityUTUSADisk30 minutesThe disc object with bright lights came from the North and disappeared over the mountains to the North10/27/16
10/20/16 09:00Park CityUTUSADisk30((HOAX??)) Bright disc shaped object.10/21/16
10/17/16 20:37OremUTUSALight30 minutesMy girlfriend saw a light,over the western mountains,across from Utah Lake. I looked out the window and it was a big, gold light. It wa10/21/16
10/15/16 12:00OremUTUSATriangleall dayRed creature seen early in the day, triangle seen later12/23/20
10/13/16 07:30RivertonUTUSALight15 minutesSaw a streak of light vertical in the sky. At first I thought it was a plane crashing into the mountains.10/13/16
10/5/16 19:50OremUTUSACircle5 secondsBright yellow light skipped across sky than disappeared in a green glowing flash10/11/16
9/26/16 16:00Apple ValleyUTUSAChanging4 hoursGlowing orb hovers in southern Utah for over four hours.9/30/16
9/20/16 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle10-15 minutesKite formation, including tail, traveled S to N along Wasatch over Red Butte9/22/16
9/20/16 20:45Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormation10 minutesConstant speed lights moving NW on 9/20/169/22/16
9/17/16 10:00LaytonUTUSATriangle15-20 minutesTriangle silver object hovering 15-20 min9/22/16
9/17/16 08:45OremUTUSAChevron10 secondsHovering craft and lights over the Scera Shell9/22/16
9/7/16 21:30SipioUTUSALight2 minutes30 lighted objects in a line formation that would reach a point and vanish, one after the other ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
9/5/16 22:30St. George (40 miles outside of)UTUSATriangle15 secondsPerfect triangle craft with green-steady/yellow-steady/red flashing lights flying LOW and SLOW on Labor Day.9/22/16
9/5/16 01:00TaylorsvilleUTUSADisk20 minutesNine Flying Disc spotted in Taylorsville Utah 09/05/20169/9/16
9/4/16 18:40WinnemuccaUTUSACylinder20 secondsLooked up towards western sky off of I-80 west by Winnemucca NV. Seen a bright silver oval longated object in sky. It was there for ab9/9/16
8/30/16 19:59HyrumUTUSAFlash5 minutesBright flash that lasted around 3 sec. Then a smoke trail. Was traveling it a E dir. Smoke trail continued. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?))9/2/16
8/29/16 23:39HerrimanUTUSATriangle7 secondsBlack triangle with white lights in corners.9/2/16
8/20/16 23:00Cedar HillsUTUSALight10 minutes35-50 white star-like lights, moving a cross sky, toward NSA building.8/25/16
8/19/16 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging2 minutesBright planet shaped white light that travelled in the night sky that went out replaced with a much smaller red light a short distance10/13/16
8/18/16 22:30LaytonUTUSAFlash10-20 secondsOne very bright strobe ufo.8/25/16
8/11/16 21:16Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk5 minutesDark UFO moving slowly northbound on I-158/16/16
8/8/16 20:12Sandy (suburb of SLC)UTUSACigar~5-6 minutesCigar-shaped object hovering over mountains East of Sandy, UT8/16/16
8/7/16 02:30Monte CristUTUSA1 heMy girlfriend and I went up to the mountains to lay under the stars and look for stars, satellites, and meteors. We saw plenty of them.8/16/16
8/6/16 22:45LaytonUTUSALight20 minutesThey looked like a hundreds of satellites drifting through the sky. Glittery blinking lights heading Northwest. Very strange. I can't s8/16/16
7/29/16 04:50RivertonUTUSACylinder20 secondsCompletely dark oblong object silhouetted only by the starlight backdrop and still night sky ether. No lights at all. 1" long3/23/17
7/27/16 23:00St. GeorgeUTUSAUnknown2 minutesObserved a lighted streamer like object flying or being towed over St George, UT. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:50TooeleUTUSATriangle5-10 minutesBunch of super bright lights on base in long triangle; was gliding, with a humming sound. After 2-3 blocks, it disappeared!8/16/16
7/27/16 22:45OgdenUTUSAFormation10 secondsDragon-like wavy orange and red streaks seen in Ogden. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:45Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball2 minutes10 to 15 slow traveling fireballs that faded into darkness. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:45West Valley CityUTUSAFireball45 secondsMy husband and I were sitting on the front porch talking and I turned my head just to look up at the sky. At that moment a cluster of w8/2/16
7/27/16 22:45HeberUTUSAFormation30 secondsTight formation light streams in sky moving slow. ((NUFORC Note: Re-entering space debris. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:45South JordanUTUSAChevron20 secondsCoordinated orange lights moving slowly W to E and fading out. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:45St. GeorgeUTUSACigar1 minuteA trail of burning light flew just above the southeastern horizon tonight. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:43Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging40 secondsI saw two balls of whitish-yellow light in the southern sky of SLC, UT traveling W to E. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:40Salt Lake CityUTUSALight1 minuteSeen 10 to 15 lights looked like shooting stars but didnt go out looked like missiles. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:40LindonUTUSALight1:20 secondsI was outside in my back yard when I noticed a light moving. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:40St. GeorgeUTUSAFireball5 minutesA/c speed object flying and then turns into a long fireball. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:40Heber City CanyonUTUSAChanging3-4 minutes10-12 beaming lights, followed by green circular light. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris re-entering atmosphere. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:39West ValleyUTUSACircle2 minutesAnyone see the objects in the sky with the shiny light behind it? We were on the freeway headed W. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:37LaytonUTUSAFireball1 minuteSlow moving meteorite or plane burning. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:35West Valley CityUTUSAFireball10-20 secondsSaw in south sky falling lights. Looked like a firework but was moving horiz. W to E. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:35SandyUTUSATriangle30 secondswe were outside watering lawn when lights appeared. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:35CentervilleUTUSAUnknown19 seconds~1035 pm I and my girlfriend observed blinking lights and lights not blinking moving slow. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:35Cedar ValleyUTUSAChanging15 minutesThere was a very, large object which was multi-colored, low in the sky, ((NUFORC Note: Space debris re-entering atmosphere. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:30WashingtonUTUSAUnknown3 minutesI spend alot of time outside at night. Tonight i saw what started as two bright lights and two small blue lights then its broke up into8/2/16
7/22/16 20:00DeltaUTUSALight5-8 minutesHovering light in the sky that left a trail of light behind it.8/2/16
7/17/16 22:00St. GeorgeUTUSALight1 hour +Strange fast moving craft seen over St. George, Utah.7/22/16
6/25/16 13:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACircleSeveral HoursViewed circular UFO through binoculars it remained stationary more than an hour. It was located at approximately 11:00 in the WSW sky v7/8/16
6/19/16 16:14WoodruffUTUSAOvalOval object in the sky, triangular points in the sky.2/22/18
6/1/16 19:00Salt lake cityUTUSATriangle10 minutesRed flashing lights in triangle formation about 1 mile long.1/19/21
5/22/16 23:43OgdenUTUSAFormation1 minuteFormation of bright non-flashing lights hovering; too large to be a plane.5/26/16
5/15/16 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormation~5 minutes5 orange orbs in diagonal pattern fade to black.7/15/16
5/14/16 23:30Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle45 secondsGreen craft hovering, then disappearing.5/26/16
5/14/16 21:15Garden CityUTUSATeardrop2 minutesFormations of bright orange lights over garden city, utah5/20/16
5/13/16 22:30CliveUTUSALight1 minuteFriday night lights Clive, Utah.5/20/16
5/3/16 16:30TooeleUTUSACigar1 minuteThis was a huge rocket a mile long maybe longer taki g off ffk. The north east and going south was and up and out through the atmospher5/20/16
4/26/16 22:43St. GeorgeUTUSAChevron3 minutesIt was a Chevron shape of 4 lights on one side and 3 on the other. It moved so slow, no noise at all. It was overcast but the craft was4/29/16
4/21/16 20:00Green RiverUTUSADisk30 secondsSaucer and possible Cigar shaped object in sunset.4/29/16
4/11/16 22:00LaytonUTUSACigar~20 seconds2 massive cloaked craft over Layton, Utah.4/15/16
4/9/16 22:05MoabUTUSAUnknown5 secondsSuper bright flash. ((NUFORC Note: Possible flare from Iridium satellite?? PD))4/15/16
4/6/16 20:45South JordanUTUSARectangle2 minutesBlack object moving silently from South to North over Salt Lake City.4/15/16
4/6/16 19:55OgdenUTUSAFormation1 minute5 large lights hovered above Ogden, Utah, before disappearing one by one.4/15/16
4/6/16 17:05HildaleUTUSATriangle45 secondsBlack triangular craft flies erratically after passing airplane4/15/16
4/1/16 13:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight1-2 minutesI was looking at the clear blue sky observing the spraying or contrails that were lingering there when I saw this group of bright objec4/1/16
3/11/16 05:05RoyUTUSAUnknown00:02UAP had no outline or structure, no sound, a random brilliant clean strobe white & red light, disappearing into a gray misty portal6/1/16
3/7/16 23:00OgdenUTUSASphere30 minutesSmall, multicolored, spinning, and hovering light in Ogden, UT. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star?? PD))3/11/16
3/6/16 23:00St. GeorgeUTUSATriangle1 minuteThree lights appear in triangular sequence then turns off in same pattern.4/1/16
3/3/16 00:00MurrayUTUSALight10 minutesTwo triangle lights, first together, then separate and go side to side, red triangle lights at first. The color changed to white triang3/11/16
3/2/16 20:05HurricaneUTUSAFlash15 minutesBright erratically flashing white light in sky above mountains3/11/16
2/27/16 00:25South JordanUTUSAUnknown5 minutesRed flashing lights in circular motion flying fast!3/4/16
2/11/16 17:50Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle10 minutesSilver orb hovering at 5 km, just east of the Salt Lake Valley.2/19/16
2/6/16 13:07Brian HeadUTUSACircle<5 minutesRound, white object that moved quickly and turned around and then seemed not to be moving.7/25/19
2/1/16 11:58KearnsUTUSAChanging1 hourhappened to catch a flickering object to the west of me.2/4/16
2/1/16 11:58KearnsUTUSATeardrop1 hour11:58 go our for a smoke and spot a object in the west sky pull out my phone start recording and it's moving really fast I compare a pl2/4/16
1/22/16 21:45Salt Lake CityUTUSALight10 minutesFour fast moving lights moving east to west across the sky for 10 minutes before fading away.1/23/16
1/21/16 20:02South JordanUTUSALight~3 minutesSeveral large orange lights hovering over South Jordan, Utah9/22/16
1/18/16 20:30Heber CityUTUSAFormation3 minutesFive oranges lights in a formation slowly moving east and fading away.1/20/16
1/1/16 20:30Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle10 minutes10 glowing orbs in western sky.1/5/16
12/31/15 23:59SalemUTUSASphere6 minutesI was driving home from work and I saw 3 orange lights coming from the south west moving slowly, I stopped the car next to a food store1/5/16
12/31/15 23:00Saint GeorgeUTUSAOther10 minutesWe were driving home on the freeway and saw 3 red orbs in the sky. One by one, they vanished. Clear night.1/20/16
12/24/15 19:50DraperUTUSACone6 minutesSeven golden orbs climbing E from point of the mountain that disappeared into the clouds.1/5/16
12/22/15 19:05Cedar CityUTUSAOther5 minutesOdd yellow light came closer and appeared to have a non-plane type movement, pulsed. ((NUFORC Note: Re-entering space debris. PD))1/5/16
12/2/15 22:00Layton (south of)UTUSACircle90 minutesFlashing/darting light in the sky over an hour12/3/15
11/29/15 18:50LindonUTUSACylinder20We saw 10 orbs appearing to be on fire -glowing orange flames.They appeared from out of nowhere in the sky and reach approximately 1,0012/3/15
11/24/15 21:00Salt LakeUTUSALight10 minutes6+ lights in very large formation descend into the Salt Lake City Valley11/26/15
11/24/15 06:49FarmingtonUTUSAFormation30 minutesExpanding triangle-shaped puff seen early morning2/16/18
11/21/15 18:00Salt Lake City (north of)UTUSASphere30 secondsOrange orb seen from plane flying over northern Utah, Idaho or Oregon Nov. 21, 201511/26/15
11/20/15 22:20ProvoUTUSADisk10:20-10:21 PMI saw a white dot floating in the sky, I came closer I saw a saucer shaped craft flying by with golden or yellow lights and windows11/26/15
11/18/15 17:00OgdenUTUSAOval20 secondsStrange object with two tails.1/5/16
11/12/15 19:00KanabUTUSALight3 minutesMy son called excitedly from the front porch last night just after dark, while he let the dogs out. He said, Mom you have to see this!!11/19/15
11/8/15 18:30PanguitchUTUSAChanging5 minutesRed light in sky. It seemed as it turned there was a luminous light emitting smoke or mist that lit up the whole canyon. After it clear11/19/15
11/7/15 19:30RooseveltUTUSAOval10 minutesLarge light in the sky with smoke. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 19:02LindonUTUSAOther30 secondsThe light looked like a giant spot light, but much bigger and brighter.((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00MoabUTUSAUnknown10 minutesBright light in the sky with corresponding dust/cloud on the ground. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00Eagle MountainUTUSALight5 minutes4 Witnesses see U.F.O in Eagle Mountain. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00Eagle MountainUTUSALight5 minutesUnnatural bright light emitted from the sky, illuminated the hill side blue. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/1/15 03:00LoganUTUSALight3 hoursBright red blinking object with a vapor trail holding pefectly still. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of planets? PD))11/6/15
10/30/15 16:30RichfieldUTUSALight5-10 minutesBright crown shaped object sitting stationary in the clear mid-day sky, shrinks to a spot and then disappears. Happens 3 times.11/6/15
10/23/15 20:15SalinaUTUSALight1-2 secondsBright ball of light shooting south to north in front of me <100 ft above.10/29/15
10/21/15 21:00FieldingUTUSACircle15 minutes3 lights high in the sky going in different directions slowly, having lived on an air force base for a long time I know it wasn't a usu10/29/15
10/15/15 20:40MurrayUTUSALight30 minutes intermittently5 sequential bright red lights moving all directions until they then dim, blink about twice and vanish; followed by unusual air traffic10/16/15
10/14/15 21:10Riverdale CityUTUSADisk15 minutes3 Saucers with Red White and Blue hovering over freeway in close range Riverdale City10/16/15
10/14/15 08:45RiverdaleUTUSARectangle5 minutesSilvery rectangular object drifting overhead to the West until it fades out of sight over Riverdale Road10/29/15
10/9/15 07:25Salt Lake CityUTUSALight10 minutesI saw a series of odd lights in the sky above the Salt Lake City airport.10/16/15
9/29/15 21:00Cedar CityUTUSALight5-10 minutesSolid, alternating green and red lights hover and move in a consistent area.10/2/15
9/23/15 05:30LaytonUTUSACircle10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))10/29/15
9/20/15 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSA15 minutesTwo blue objects flying across the night sky.9/25/15
9/10/15 14:00Fredonia (10 miles west of)UTUSAOther2 minutesI saw unmarked jet aircraft flying and moving in impossible ways at impossibly slow speeds.2/25/20
9/8/15 10:30VernalUTUSADisk45 minutesIt was a saucer with 4-5 lights blinking unlike any aircraft I have ever seen and sat in the sky for 45 minutes or longer.9/11/15
9/6/15 22:15EurekaUTUSATriangle5 secondsBlack triangular object, quiet steady movement, not very high off ground.9/11/15
9/3/15 22:14Eagle MountainUTUSAUnknown1 secondE.T. in orb form?10/16/15
8/30/15 23:00HolladayUTUSALight1 hourI was waiting to see the super moon over Mt. Olympus. An oddly twinkling star was at the summit of and blinked in an odd manner. It ca9/2/15
8/28/15 03:44BountifulUTUSALight3-4 minutesThis morning I was on my way to work , at 3:44 am I noticed a bright light. I work for a large airline this is why it caught my eye thi9/2/15
8/27/15 21:25SandyUTUSATriangle10 minutesMy mom was outside smoking and called me out to look at a bright orange light hovering over the East mountains.9/2/15
8/15/15 20:00KearnsUTUSAChanging5 minutesOur 11yr old said that there was something shaped like a parachute and it was clear but still visible but it seemed like it was smoke.8/27/15
8/15/15 02:30RoyUTUSA1 minute8-10 orange lights floating for a min and then within a min they dissappeard. just their then gone. my boys got scared.2/4/16
8/11/15 00:20North OgdenUTUSACircle3-4 secondsBright Teal circles moving in arch formation over Rockies East of Ogden. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a meteor?? PD))8/13/15
8/4/15 23:30American ForkUTUSALight2-3 seconds3 bright orange flashing lights, and one craft that flew very fast.8/6/15
8/4/15 21:30TooeleUTUSALight2-3 secondsMy 9 year old son was looking out of our kitchen window and asked me if I had seen the lights that had passed by the window, and I did8/6/15
7/21/15 01:27Midvale/SandyUTUSAOther2-3 seconds5-6 blue transparent lights membrane or wing coneccting them all moved very quickly from ground up outside kitchen window7/23/15
7/19/15 02:00Antelope IslandUTUSAFlash2 secondsBright green orb, as big as the Moon, seen quickly moving in the sky for about 2 seconds.8/13/15
7/4/15 22:00ProvoUTUSALight10-12 minutesWhite light appeared, and disappeared.7/6/15
7/1/15 20:30St. GeorgeUTUSAUnknown3 minutesExtremely high speed travel from W to E, stopped on a dime, resumed full speed flight. ((NUFORC Note: Drone a/c. PD))7/3/15
6/21/15 23:25Salt Lake CityUTUSALight35 secondsStar-like lights switched places and disappeared.6/24/15
6/20/15 21:00West Valley CityUTUSAFormation10 minutesObject appears in the same region of the sky 2 evenings in a row.6/24/15
6/18/15 22:00Tooele Valley (above Oquirrh Mtns. & Dugway)UTUSALight>1 hour3 Bright Lights Tied to Each other in varying heights in the atmosphere cross the darker (and lighter) than normal night sky.6/19/15
6/3/15 01:00Spanish ForkUTUSAFireball6 minutes((HOAX??)) The unidentified objects were heading tord the ground6/19/15
6/1/15 23:35Salt Lake CityUTUSALight:15One flashed white, traveled north. One was steady orange, headed west. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium satellite. PD))6/5/15
5/30/15 23:30East CarbonUTUSASphere15 minutesSphere shaped UFO over Price, Utah.6/5/15
5/21/15 19:00Zion National ParkUTUSASphere1 minuteBright Orbs in Zion National Park.9/11/15
5/1/15 15:00UTUSACircleunknownCircular domed translucent airborne objects in formation and pairs and alone.7/12/19
4/27/15 18:00West ValleyUTUSAOval2 minutesLarge craft approached from the east over West Valley City, then turned north and flew out of sight.6/15/18
4/24/15 22:00LehiUTUSATriangle30 minutesMultiple triangular flying objects seen changing colors and going great distance7/31/15
4/23/15 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight19:00Orange Orbs or Binary Pair + Fake Plane over SLC4/30/15
4/21/15 20:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging10 minutesTwo Black hovering objects with no flashing or lights moving independently and changing shape.4/23/15
4/9/15 22:30LehiUTUSACone30 minutesWe saw a huge cone shaped object in the sky more than one and there was red like Fire balls in the sky it is still going and it keep se4/15/16
4/9/15 22:25SpringvilleUTUSAFlash20 minutes((HOAX??)) Intermittent flashes of light in the sky grouped in three areas, moving generally southward.4/17/15
3/31/15 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle5 secondsWas laying on a cart in front of Home Depot waiting for someone. I was kind of resting when I looked up at th4/3/15
3/18/15 21:30Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle1 minuteCraft was at 20,000 ft. cleared valley in 15 sec. Bright white light.3/20/15
3/16/15 22:30CentervilleUTUSATriangle10 minutesTriangle UFO circled me three times, extremely close, and spooked a dog, very cool!4/15/16
3/8/15 21:45LaytonUTUSALight5-10 minutes1-5 orange stationary lights observed over Layton, Utah3/13/15
3/8/15 20:00OremUTUSAFireball2-5 minutesReddish dots disappearing.3/13/15
3/6/15 18:50Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormation:10Intelligent light formation over SLC.3/13/15
2/25/15 20:00BountifulUTUSAFireball3-4 minutesAt around 22:00. I was out jogging and noticed a bright orange fireball type of object flying pretty slowly across the sky. It seemed l3/6/15
2/18/15 23:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball3 secondsI was sledding, then i looked up and saw something zoom across the sky, slower than a shooting star but faster than any airplane.3/26/15
2/12/15 01:30BountifulUTUSALight3 minutesAt around 1:30 am my wife and i heard sounds like metal getting pounded on. we first thought oh crap some one is breaking into our camp2/20/15
2/9/15 20:00MagnaUTUSATriangle2 minutesA very scary incounter with a never seen before air craft.2/20/15
2/7/15 18:20Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball2 minutesHuge bright orange fire ball appeared, moved southwest, hovered, then disappeared.2/12/15
2/5/15 06:43FarmingtonUTUSACircle10 secondsBlack orb moving across a bright patch of sky in the early morning.2/6/15
2/2/15 23:40MilfordUTUSALight10Three lights spread out randomly in the sky appeared for about a second. They seemed to be 200+ miles away but were large. They popped2/6/15
2/1/15 18:45West Valley CityUTUSAFireball5 minutes4-5 reddish lights came up from ground level to the southeast and continued north at a speed of appx. 170 knots.2/6/15
1/24/15 18:00Garden CityUTUSATriangle5-15 minutesTriangular object amber in color hovering in one spot then shooting off to the east and out of sight1/26/15
1/21/15 21:30Cottonwood HeightsUTUSASphere2 minutesBright purple sphere hovering over the I-215 East Freeway in Salt Lake City, UT.1/26/15
1/19/15 19:00Garden CityUTUSAUnknown10 minutesWhitish orb hovering, moving erratically, then hovering again, same spot.1/26/15
1/11/15 20:40DraperUTUSALight5 minutesThree glowing yellow orbs.1/16/15
1/5/15 18:00Garden CityUTUSAUnknown4 minutesWhitish orb changing shape hovering over Bear Lake.1/26/15
12/31/14 23:59SalemUTUSASphere5 minutesI was waiting too watch fireworks on new years and watching from my yard I saw three spears of lights dancing around the top of the mou1/5/16
12/31/14 22:45Bear LakeUTUSASphere5 minutesDark orange light that was stationary in the sky and turned from 1 light to 3 lights in a crescent shape. Stayed in one place for ab1/7/15
12/31/14 22:30Garden CityUTUSAOther2 minutesAmber orb hovering steady over Bear Lake changing to white triangular shape1/26/15
12/31/14 20:30St. GeorgeUTUSALight3 minutesSeven orange lights in Saint George.1/7/15
12/30/14 20:55RoyUTUSALight4-5 minutes6 lights in a random pattern over Roy, Utah.1/7/15
12/30/14 11:40St. GeorgeUTUSAOther05:00Donut, metallic, floating object in the daytime.1/7/15
12/28/14 19:10SalemUTUSALight5-10 minutes3 orange lights over Salem, Utah.1/7/15
12/26/14 18:10OgdenUTUSAChevron5 secondsAn object that disrupted the star lit sky around it. Moved 3 miles in approximately 5 seconds.1/7/15
12/20/14 22:40St. GeorgeUTUSASphere10 minutesAmber sphere traveling east to south west, hovered and disappeared.12/22/14
12/9/14 20:48Salt Lake CityUTUSAEgg4-5 secondsBlue-green craft in the sky, then disappearing.12/12/14
12/9/14 20:44South JordanUTUSA2 secondsSaw a huge round bright white orb shoot downward incredibly fast NW in the night sky. It dissipated to black within a couple seconds.12/12/14
12/6/14 17:45Eagle MountainUTUSACircle1 minuteBright white light bluish tinge marquis shaped lights on circular object.12/12/14
12/5/14 17:45Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle4 minutesAn orange orb traveling low and slow north to south to quickly ascend, erratic flight path and intermittent flicker.12/12/14
11/30/14 19:07St. GeorgeUTUSACircle8 minutesTwo bright dark orange balls of light slowly rose from the horizon up into the western sky.12/5/14
11/29/14 21:00OgdenUTUSAChanging15 minutesErratic movements, shape and color changing craft.12/5/14
11/15/14 14:16Navajo LakeUTUSACircle2 minutesGreen lights appear at Navajo Lake. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect bird droppings on the passenger window. PD))11/21/14
10/14/14 05:20North Salt LakeUTUSARectangle3 minutesRectangular unidentified flying object with possible surveillance vehicle nearby.11/6/14
10/12/14 22:35St. GeorgeUTUSATriangle6 secondsBlack triangle flying quickly over St. George, Utah.11/6/14
10/10/14 21:00TremontonUTUSAChevron25 secondsWitnessed blue glowing Chevron craft in the sky over Tremonton Utah.1/17/19
10/4/14 00:50Vero BeachUTUSALight10 minutesI study star positions at night. A star appeared where one did not belong. It was line with Diphda and Markab, about 40% the distance f10/10/14
10/2/14 13:30BluffdaleUTUSASphere1 hour5 white orbs cover distance.10/3/14
10/2/14 11:30OremUTUSASphere3.5 hours5 spherical orbs seen floating in the sky.10/3/14
9/24/14 21:30RichfieldUTUSATriangle10 minutes4 white supersonic crafts chasing what aeemed to be a giant triangular craft10/3/14
9/3/14 00:00MinotUTUSACircle10:00Right at midnight, my younger sister and one of our neighbors came and got me and my brother out of bed to check out this interesting9/5/14
8/28/14 19:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight5 secondsReflection in sky.8/29/14
8/25/14 10:00MurrayUTUSAChanging30 secondsDim white lights, oval/cicle pulsing shape, hundreds bright red small lights.8/29/14
8/21/14 21:50LehiUTUSA20 minutesMultiple dimly lit stationary lights moving swiftly across the sky.Strange cloud shaped UFO looked like swiftly moving aurora borealis.8/22/14
8/20/14 03:00Canyonlands National ParkUTUSAUnknown3 minutesbright beam of light above tent, no sound, dancing flickering lights on side of tent.9/5/14
8/17/14 22:57KearnsUTUSALight15-20 secondsSolidly lit object that looked similar to a grill of a BWM, wing like. Witnessed 2 objects three minutes apart.8/29/14
8/16/14 21:45Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle20 minutesBoomerang shaped reflective craft.8/22/14
8/15/14 06:00West ValleyUTUSAUnknown3 minutesSilent craft with 6 round lights, blue side lights hovering.8/22/14
8/8/14 19:30Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle30 secondsSitting in back yard with my wife, looking towards the south. about 45 degrees above horizon i spotted a round red ball moving S to N.8/29/14
7/30/14 22:30West PointUTUSAFlash10 secondsFlashing star UFO in West Point.8/1/14
7/29/14 22:35SalinaUTUSAOval6 minutesBright diamond-oval, low in night sky with multi-color, rotating red, green & white lights and erratic movements.8/1/14
7/15/14 04:45TooeleUTUSACircle4 secondsQuiet metallic metal disk.12/23/20
7/13/14 13:45MidvaleUTUSADisk10 minutesMultiple craft flying around in sporadic and synced path following chem trail.7/20/14
7/7/14 22:40Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball2 minutesFlickering orange object moving slowly and steadily like a plane.7/11/14
7/2/14 23:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormation5 seconds21:30 formation of 5-6 pale objects over SLC.7/4/14
7/2/14 22:00LevanUTUSADisk2 minutesSmall object with searchlight zips across valley to examine people in car and then flies away.7/23/20
6/29/14 04:20LehiUTUSALight30Bright roudish object over Wasatch Mountain range. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus. PD))7/4/14
6/22/14 23:03Duck Creek VillageUTUSASphere3 minutes06/22/2014 at 10:03 pm walking the dog, spotted an round object heading south ,no strobes and tail mof object was bright white in colo6/24/14
6/15/14 22:15KaysvilleUTUSALight2 minutesMultiple, stange flashing lights, changing formation.6/20/14
6/9/14 19:30MurrayUTUSAOval10 minutesI spotted a sedan sized white pill/capsule looking craft moving south down 13th east in Murray at 1,500ft, middle section invisible.6/13/14
6/3/14 17:35Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther5 minutesA classic flying saucer with a small military helicopter seen a few minutes prior to seeing the saucer.6/4/14
5/13/14 16:00RiverdaleUTUSASphere10+ minutesWhite sphere seen by 4 people.6/4/14
5/2/14 22:00SalemUTUSASphere10 minutesA bright orange orb, pulsing light.5/8/14
4/30/14 21:00OgdenUTUSAChanging50 minutesFlying crafts came all at once together and would break off to form smaller flying objects.5/2/14
4/14/14 22:00EdenUTUSALight20-30 minutesLights taht lokked like stars.4/18/14
4/10/14 20:10WashingtonUTUSARectangle5-6 minutes5 "Fire like" lights seen slowly traveling northbound in the northern sky in a rectangular shape, but changed shape.4/18/14
4/7/14 00:00ProvoUTUSAChanging1 hourThe sky was clear and dark enough to notice an orb of lights staying in one space. It did not move away from its position.4/11/14
4/6/14 22:45Salt Lake CityUTUSADiamond~2 minutesBlack diamond with green, red & white light moving slow and low over city Westbound4/11/14
3/24/14 21:30Mona (just north of)UTUSAFireball4-5 secondsMeteor or fire ball falling from the sky just north of Mona, Utah3/27/14
3/24/14 02:00MoabUTUSALight15 secondsI saw two reddish-orange soft colored lights traveling horizontally perfectly in line together at a low altitude with no sound.3/27/14
3/22/14 21:00KearnsUTUSALight5 minutes30 lights traveling in the Sky. Multiple orbs crossing sky at the same speed never passing one another. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
3/20/14 22:30Park CityUTUSAOther3 secondsIrregular object about one fifth size of Moon falls towards Ogden as viewed from Park City. No tail or debris.3/21/14
3/17/14 06:57TaylorsvilleUTUSALight5 minutesAn oval shaped ball of light hovering up and down.3/18/14
3/15/14 06:55TaylorsvilleUTUSATriangle2 minutesA Rectangular object with red, blue and white lights was hovering early in the morning.3/18/14
3/7/14 19:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormation30 minutesMy wife, my step son and myself were driving on an exit ramp in Layton, a route we make several times a month at night. I pointed out t3/18/14
3/7/14 18:52LaytonUTUSAFormation30+ minutesSeveral lights making formations seen north of Layton, UT3/18/14
3/6/14 04:00Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk5 hours((HOAX??)) Abduction and Oval Ufo sighting a few weeks before. The aliens were red headed Lyrans.4/4/14
3/5/14 23:30EnterpriseUTUSARectangle16 seconds5 rectangular shaped lights in an uneven row with bright, bluish-white lights on each side.3/18/14
2/24/14 21:00DraperUTUSALight72 bright red lights heading south, vanishing over south mountain.2/27/14
2/17/14 21:15Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball1 minuteOrange balls in formation over Salt Lake City Valley.2/21/14
2/14/14 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball7 minutesObject seemingly on fire hovering over salt lake airport.2/21/14
2/11/14 23:45Cedar CityUTUSASphere15 minutesSeven bright orange glowing spheres appeared for 15 seconds then disappeared.2/14/14
2/10/14 23:37EnterpriseUTUSAOval15 secondsIt was dark outside but it was right above the E hill and there were big yellow lights flashing there were 5 lights it seemed to be ova2/14/14
2/7/14 20:50Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball1-2 minutesLarge red bright orb releasing a smaller red orb towards the ground.2/14/14
2/1/14 21:30Salt Lake CityUTUSALight10 minutesOrange hovering lights above salt lake city.2/7/14
1/27/14 20:15MidvaleUTUSAOther5 plus secAt 20:00 hrs (8:00 mst just to be sure on time accuracy), I was told by wife to go get gas in her vehicle. I came upon the stop sign co1/30/14
1/23/14 17:35FarmingtonUTUSAOval3-4 minutesBright orange object, seemed to be heading north/west, moving fast.1/24/14
1/21/14 08:30Park CityUTUSAEgg45 secondsLarge white egg shaped light with another white light in center and two white lines (like chemtrails) on either side.1/24/14
1/19/14 18:00SandyUTUSASphere10 minutes3 to 4 red spheres at a time, flying, hovering, and disappearing over 10 minute span.1/24/14
1/18/14 09:06St. GeorgeUTUSASphere1 minuteHigh speed! Very colorful, chased by military helicopters a few minutes later.1/24/14
1/9/14 18:44BountifulUTUSADiamond30 secondsI was watching a very bright light that was heading aprox 350 deg - almost a northern heading- the diamond shaped light vanished. Altit1/10/14
1/5/14 19:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight4 minutesRed light not flashing moving slow and hovering then disappeared.1/10/14
1/1/14 01:00American ForkUTUSACircle10 minutes3 round lights/balls seen, flashing/moving/disappearing.1/10/14
1/1/14 01:00Utah ValleyUTUSAChanging1-2 minutesLine of multicolored lights.1/10/14
1/1/14 00:15Spanish ForkUTUSAUnknown15 minutesOrange Orbs.1/10/14
12/31/13 22:15MagnaUTUSACircle45 minutesAmber light, moving in wierd ways.1/30/14
12/30/13 22:00Brigham CityUTUSAOther10 minutes5 Orange-Gold light flying around and hovering.1/10/14
12/29/13 18:00PriceUTUSASphere5 minutesMars like object traverses night sky.1/10/14
12/26/13 21:25KearnsUTUSACircle2 minutesTwo circular objects red/orange above SLC moving north bound 9:25pm thursday 12-26-13.1/10/14
12/25/13 19:00West JordanUTUSALight1 minute2 orange lights in sky over Utah.1/10/14
12/24/13 21:20American ForkUTUSALight2 minutesLarge red and orange light in Utah's western sky1/10/14
12/24/13 19:11RiverdaleUTUSAFlash1-2 secondsReddish/orange flash of light.1/10/14
12/23/13 20:00Layton to FarmingtonUTUSAUnknown1 minuteBlue highspeed object over Northern Wasatch Front, Utah.1/10/14
12/21/13 21:15OremUTUSALight2 minutesAbout 7 Solid orange lights forming a circle and vanishing. Event time was about 2 minutes.1/10/14
12/20/13 22:00West JordanUTUSAFlash5 minutesBright blue flashing towards the top of the Wasatch mountains12/23/13
12/19/13 20:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAFlash1 secondBright green flashes. ((NUFORC Note: Possible power failure, possibly caused by an exploding transformer?? PD))12/23/13
12/6/13 20:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight1 minute5 orange-gold lights ascend and disappear.12/12/13
12/6/13 02:00American ForkUTUSA1 secondA green light lit up the entire sky for about 2 seconds, then a smaller blue light flashed.12/12/13
12/3/13 04:42KaysvilleUTUSASphere1-3 minutesSeemed to have four lights illuminating from each side of the sphere.12/5/13
11/28/13 17:13Zion National ParkUTUSAOvalSecondsTwo objects were invisible but showed up on picture.1/24/14
11/26/13 19:00WellsvilleUTUSALight45 minutesIt was a bright light, larger than a star, in western sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus. PD))12/2/13
11/22/13 19:32Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging30 minutesRed objects above Salt Lake City.12/2/13
11/14/13 22:30Stansbury ParkUTUSALight30 minutesBright Light Over Tooele County, UT.5/31/18
11/13/13 20:00Spanish ForkUTUSALight30 secondsThree clustered bright red lights slowly descended and disappeared.11/20/13
11/13/13 19:13Salt Lake CityUTUSARectangle~5 minutesRed and white lights above the great salt lake that appeared to be moving.1/10/14
11/8/13 01:00SandyUTUSAOther10Triangular and diamond shaped light formations.11/11/13
11/4/13 20:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle30 minutesRed glowing sphere that appears out of nowhere hovers, moves up11/11/13
11/2/13 07:30South OgdenUTUSALightHourLarge star that was gone in the same night. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Arcturus? PD))11/11/13
11/2/13 01:25OgdenUTUSASphere1 secondFastest thing I've ever seen--unbelievable!11/11/13
10/26/13 19:00Zion National ParkUTUSALight10 minutesAbnormally bright white light stationed in the sky approached by aircraft. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD))11/11/13
10/25/13 06:17Salt Lake City (Cottonwood Heights)UTUSASphere3 minutesBright green basketball sized orb dashed next to me, then up to the sky.11/11/13
10/22/13 20:55Cedar CityUTUSAUnknown7 secondsNoiseless, extremely fast pair of lights.11/11/13
10/22/13 20:00LoganUTUSAChevron10 secondsChevron shaped dark image highlight by subtle orange glowing lights surrounding exterior in extreme quiet flight.10/23/13
10/16/13 22:30South WeberUTUSAEgg3 secondsBright egg shaped green light fly across the sky in 2-3 seconds.10/23/13
10/14/13 20:15Salt Lake ValleyUTUSALight20 minutesStationary light circled by helicopters,10/23/13
10/13/13 02:59Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown5 secondsBright flash in the sky followed by a distant explosion about 3 seconds later. It was not lightning. It was not a stormy night and ther10/14/13
10/8/13 17:00Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere3 minutesClose up glowing hovering white orb photographed green in two subsequent locations in Wasatch Mountains10/14/13
10/4/13 08:04Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle25 minutesStarlike object that hovers and then slowly moves.10/14/13
9/23/13 21:11West Valley CityUTUSALight90 secondsOrange orb seen traveling southwest in the sky before blinking off.10/3/13
9/23/13 20:45VernalUTUSAFireball10 secondsLarge green fireball over a lake.9/30/13
9/20/13 20:00BluffdaleUTUSAFireball20-30 secondsAmateur astronomer sees bright, stationary object next to a star begin to move and descend behind the mountains.9/30/13
9/16/13 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther1 hourAnother day, another sighting.9/30/13
9/11/13 00:45SyracuseUTUSASphere6 secondsBlue Orb UFO spotted flying over northern Utah.9/30/13
9/3/13 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging25 minutesBright object.9/9/13
9/1/13 09:30Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere30 minutesStrange lights in Salt Lake.9/9/13
8/31/13 23:29OremUTUSADisk6 secondsTwo women saw an eerie, unlit, gliding, saucer-like object while watching for a meteor shower in a soccer field.9/9/13
8/29/13 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight15 minutesI was on my deck with my husband. A bright object appeared in the western sky , in front of the clouds. It was there for 3 minutes and8/30/13
8/29/13 20:30RoyUTUSACircle3-5 minutesOK I'm 100% telling the truth I was outside in my backyard smoking a cigarette with my roommate she saw it first and she pointed it out4/15/16
8/26/13 21:15Salt Lake CityUTUSALight15 minutesBright lights in western sky that hover and change directions.8/30/13
8/22/13 23:00LehiUTUSAUnknown2-3 minutes2 UFO's Over Lehi, Utah.8/30/13
8/20/13 05:20HighlandUTUSALight2 minutesPulsating light in eastern sky, moving north to south, random pulse while moving across sky.8/30/13
8/14/13 21:00West Valley CityUTUSADisk4 minutesI was out side looking in the sky and seen 30 to 50 disk wired shaped glowing objects/lit up- not lights but beams in the sky . Right a3/15/19
8/11/13 22:00SandyUTUSALight1 minuteLight traveling then becoming very abnormaly bright. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium satellite? PD))8/30/13
8/8/13 04:30MapletonUTUSALight15 secondsLight swept like a searchlight across a field in front of my house and suddenly disappeared, no engine noises.8/30/13
8/6/13 22:10LehiUTUSALight90 secondsNot ISS...South to North light emits bright blue/white light over Lehi, Utah8/30/13
8/5/13 00:15West Valley CityUTUSALight1 hourBright light bouncing around the wess salt lake valley sky.8/30/13
8/4/13 22:00West JordanUTUSALight10 minutesNumerous whites light observed flying over West Jordan, Utah8/30/13
7/27/13 21:10DraperUTUSATriangle3 secondsTriangular, translucent object seen in Draper sky8/30/13
7/25/13 21:30SandyUTUSASphere5 minutesOrange round non-helicopter8/30/13
7/18/13 23:00HurricaneUTUSACross30Cross shape orange ufo.7/22/13
7/10/13 21:00OremUTUSASphere1 minuteGlowing, hovering object descends straight down to the ground8/30/13
7/6/13 23:00GoshenUTUSATriangle30-45 secondsTriangle shadow with a green light in the center and a green halo, 45 seconds to cover from the south horizon to the north horizon.7/14/13
6/18/13 23:20OgdenUTUSATriangle5 minutesVery large triangle shaped object flying silently 20 feet over head. Too quiet and flying too slow to be anything man made.4/23/21
6/16/13 22:00Wood CrossUTUSAFireball8 minutesMy boyfriend and i were on our way home from my parents when we seen a ball of fire in the the sky.7/3/13
6/11/13 23:00Spanish ForkUTUSALight10 minutesStrange changing lights in mountains and moving lights in the sky over Spanish Fork, Utah.7/3/13
6/5/13 07:30WendoverUTUSAChanging2 hoursTwo hovering objects7/3/13
6/3/13 22:30AlpineUTUSASphere2 hoursUnidentified Flashing Object. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star, we suspect. 160 degrees is not in the northern sky. PD))7/3/13
6/3/13 21:46St. GeorgeUTUSACircle3 minutes3 orange-red glowing objects travelling in a linear fashion. 2 disappear mid-air; 1 lands7/3/13
6/1/13 03:00VernalUTUSAUnknown24 hoursBlue orb that changed into a floating alien being that then descended into a bright blue craft that shot off into the night sky. Earlie3/14/19
5/26/13 22:10OremUTUSALight1 minSpheres of red/orange lights in the sky9/30/13
5/16/13 22:10OgdenUTUSATriangle15 secondslow flying silent triangular object with no lights.6/2/13
5/12/13 22:00Arches National ParkUTUSAUnknown1-2 hoursDancing light; flashes of light; one extremely bright spotlight.12/12/13
5/11/13 07:37DugwayUTUSAOther30 minutesSeen two huge white space shuttle looking objects in the sky just hovering and slowly moving!5/15/13
5/10/13 21:40St. George (NW of)UTUSADisk<1 minuteColorfully lit UFO followed my vehicle close to the ground for who knows how long east of Area 51 in Southern Utah late 5-13-2013.5/15/13
5/5/13 23:00West HavenUTUSAFireball15 secondsBig, green shooting star, looking thing.5/15/13
5/3/13 21:00RivertonUTUSAFormation1/2 HourAll 30 spaceships were bright white lights that were in a square/triangle formation that were heading south.5/15/13
5/3/13 21:00RivertonUTUSACircle30 minutes20-30 Red and Orange glowing Crafts moving slow for aircraft (30-40 MPH).5/15/13
5/3/13 13:30West JordanUTUSATriangle15 secondsThere was a shadow of a triangle moving across the field but no aircraft above.5/15/13
4/26/13 22:10OremUTUSALight1 minuteSpheres of red/orange lights in the sky.5/15/13
4/20/13 00:00West ValleyUTUSAFormation1 hourThree lights in a formation in a triangle floating over southbound and then a object over west of the sky downtown.4/24/14
4/12/13 21:28ProvoUTUSAChevron20 seconds5 lights, each chevron shaped and in a tight formation, crossed our line of sight (mine and my wife's) over a period of 20 seconds.5/15/13
4/12/13 17:40ProvoUTUSACircle90 seconds4 'fire balls' over Provo Canyon, Utah.5/15/13
4/5/13 20:00Sandy/DraperUTUSAFireball2 minutesSeveral orange fireball orbs assended from near corner canyon / draper temple moved west then disapeared to sw5/15/13
3/31/13 00:00ClearfieldUTUSASphere5 minutesTwo orange spheres hovering over Clearfield, Utah5/15/13
3/20/13 15:00Park CityUTUSASphere10-15 minutesHigh speed metallic spheres flying by a stationary sphere.11/11/13
3/15/13 22:00Cedar CityUTUSAOval15 minutesThere were three separate craft that we videoed flying in front of the Cedar Mountain range orange in color and very fast.5/15/13
3/14/13 20:25MidvaleUTUSAOval10 minutesDarkened Oval with 8 to 9 red, orange and yellow beams moving and hovering in the sky.4/12/13
3/3/13 22:30SunsetUTUSATriangle20-30 minutes03-03-13 and 03-04-13 Four very bright white and blue tinted pulsing triangle shaped objects - Davis County.4/12/13
2/6/13 22:45New HarmonyUTUSALightUnknownVery bright light seen hovering over mountains.2/18/13
2/1/13 22:00OremUTUSAFireball15 minutesRed fireballs over Orem, Utah2/18/13
1/19/13 22:00Eagle MountainUTUSAFireball3 minutesSaw 2 glowing balls of orange/red floating to the west of the Holiday in Eagle Mountain.2/4/13
1/12/13 22:15OremUTUSASphere5+ minutesTwo red/orange spheres over Orem, Utah.2/4/13
1/12/13 00:30SyracuseUTUSACircle8 minutesNine orange lights ascending into western sky over Antelope Island.2/4/13
1/8/13 18:39BountifulUTUSAFireball18:53Several orange fire balls, some caught on video2/4/13
1/6/13 11:00OgdenUTUSACigar1 minutePossible UFO Sighting On the 6 th of January I decided to get a new wallpaper photo for my phone. It was a sunny and cold day.2/4/13
1/3/13 23:45Deer MountainUTUSALight3 secondsGreen orb passes window near Park City, UT.2/4/13
1/1/13 20:30SpringdaleUTUSAOval1 minuteRound UFO sighting in Zion Canyon2/4/13
1/1/13 01:35MidvaleUTUSAFireball8 minutesFiery yellow-orange ball in clear sky, hanging at 8:00 to Jupiter; it floated and drifted , then flamed out, but sphere remained2/4/13
1/1/13 01:15St. GeorgeUTUSACylinder15 minutes2 very bright orange round objects seen high above moving slow, no sound, then disappeared.11/20/13
12/25/12 21:00Woods CrossUTUSADisk23:45Disc, white lights, triangle moving pattern.2/4/13
12/21/12 19:40Cedar CityUTUSAFireball5 minutesLarge fireball like light hovering in place.12/21/12
12/15/12 20:15Millcreek/HolladayUTUSAFireball15 minutesHudreds of orbs of light in Eastern Sky directly East of Holladay, Utah around 822PM Dec 15, 2012.12/20/12
12/11/12 10:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAFlash10 secondsWe saw the flash and we expected a loud explotion but there was nothing.12/20/12
12/9/12 02:45MurrayUTUSALight3 secondsBright green light lit up the sky.12/20/12
12/3/12 19:15KearnsUTUSALight10 minutesOberserved multiple orange ascending upwards and faded away.12/20/12
11/24/12 21:45SandyUTUSAUnknown2 minutesTraveling white light shut down; blue light turned on and shot straight up and then came back down.12/20/12
11/24/12 19:30Salt Lake CityUTUSALight~20 minutes30+ orange-colored orb-like objects12/20/12
11/22/12 19:15SandyUTUSAOther10 minutes4 orange and 1 red orb filmed assending one at a time and taking off over mtn in Utah.12/20/12
11/19/12 03:20DraperUTUSARectangle3 minutesBlack rectanlge object moving north with a blue "knight rider" light that blink every couple of secs12/20/12
11/18/12 18:00Santa ClaraUTUSALight20 minutesLight that changed color from blue to green & abruptly changed at a high rate of speed.11/19/12
11/17/12 03:00Salt LakeUTUSALight90 minutesBright orange lights hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sightings of stars?? PD))11/19/12
11/15/12 19:45OgdenUTUSALight10 minutesUnusual, twinkling orange light, hovering, then ascending11/19/12
11/14/12 21:45TooeleUTUSAOther2 minutesRotating-Steady set of lights in the sky in Western Utah near (just south of) the I-80 corridor.11/19/12
11/14/12 21:20West JordanUTUSAFireball5 minutesWe were in our car driving west (oquirrh mountains). I look up and I thought I saw a shooting star because I see a big ball with little11/19/12
11/14/12 21:15Salt Lake CityUTUSARectangle15-20 secondsEight dim red rectangles in a string traveled slowly then went out one by one, appearing to dissolve.11/19/12
11/14/12 20:00OremUTUSALight2 minutesWe saws ourselves up in the sky! some UFO's! they were blinkin up theres, from red to white. Up there a scheming. There were 7 and they11/19/12
11/10/12 18:20PaysonUTUSAFireball12 minutesORANGE BALL OF FIRE.11/19/12
11/5/12 06:45Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle20 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))11/19/12
11/2/12 21:18LoganUTUSACircle1 minuteOrange lights in the sky11/4/12
10/24/12 07:45West Valley CityUTUSAChanging5 minutesBlack object hovering and changing shape...suddenly vanished.10/30/12
10/20/12 22:20South JordanUTUSACircle2 minutesUnexplaned huge red/orange ball over Sandy, Ut traveling horizontally and suddenly dropping out of sight.10/30/12
10/20/12 20:00Kimball JunctionUTUSAUnknown2 hoursGreen Hovering light that moved slowly as if in surveillance. NO FLASHING LIGHTS and no sound. ((anonymous report))11/3/17
10/18/12 21:20Bonneville Salt Flats (unincorp.)UTUSAOther30-45 minutesStars chasing other stars near Bonneville/ Salt Lake City10/30/12
10/15/12 17:45TooeleUTUSACigar5 minutesTooele, object over mouantains disapears.10/30/12
10/13/12 02:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther2 minutesIt was a blue light in the sky, i was driving home after i drop a friend off in rose park, than i realize that there was a blue light12/20/12
10/6/12 21:30North Salt LakeUTUSALight10 seconds or lessA bright light appeared and shot towards the horizon at an incredible speed but went out before reaching the horizon.10/30/12
10/2/12 13:20TaylorsvilleUTUSACircle10 minutesSilver orb moving over the Salt Lake valley from north to south and then from south to east.10/30/12
9/29/12 01:00ProvoUTUSARectangle1 minuteHuge rectangular shaped object in the night sky with 4 bright white lights, two on top and two on the bottom with flashing red lights.10/30/12
9/13/12 09:00LoganUTUSALight4 minutesI think it was a pair of large military jets similar to a c-17 but I am only guessing by the load sound of the jet engine. Judging by t9/24/12
9/10/12 21:00LaytonUTUSACone1 hourCone hovered above layton ut for one hour9/24/12
9/9/12 20:52South JordanUTUSACircle10 secondsCircular disk with blinking lights scares two sisters!9/24/12
9/4/12 20:30Alpine (near)UTUSAFlash5 secondsDisc flares and disappears over Mt. Timpanogos, UT 4 Sep 129/24/12
8/31/12 21:04St. GeorgeUTUSAFireball3 minutesWOW! Flaming ball of Fire? Or something else ?9/24/12
8/31/12 21:00West Valley CityUTUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular UFO.10/30/12
8/26/12 19:30Park CityUTUSALight3-5 minutesFlare birds.9/24/12
8/21/12 21:30OremUTUSALight2 secondsGreen orb of light moving in low horizontal trajectory.9/24/12
8/15/12 07:30TooeleUTUSAFormation2-3 secondsDownward arc of 5-7 lights disappearing one by one.10/30/12
8/14/12 21:15SandyUTUSAFireball20 minutesGroup of 20 orange "fireballs" hovering and moving across wind-less night sky, silently.9/24/12
8/11/12 21:45Park CityUTUSALight5 minutesThree groups of lights, one had three orange globes in a row, one was binary (two), and one was single, over Park City, UT8/19/12
8/11/12 21:00North OgdenUTUSAUnknown5 MinutesUFO turned off & on lights & landed in a nearby grove of trees.8/19/12
8/11/12 19:00KearnsUTUSAOthera few minutes1-daylight sightings 2-quickly disapearing9/24/12
8/10/12 23:00Layton, Roy, Ogden areasUTUSATriangle15 minutesSeveral descriptions of the many seen crafts on 8/10/20128/19/12
8/7/12 04:30OgdenUTUSAChanging1 hourDiamond morphing orb, changed shape light intensities8/19/12
8/3/12 01:30MurrayUTUSAChevron10 secondsChevron shaped craft irregular shaped with spheres all along chevron8/5/12
7/31/12 04:07SandyUTUSAFormation1 minute15-20 redish lights moving in lower case lambda formation heading North to South over the Wasatch Front8/5/12
7/27/12 09:30Cedar HillsUTUSACircle1 minuteYellow/white outer circle with red center. They moved across the sky and stopped. One by one they flew further away and disappeared.8/5/12
7/24/12 22:00OgdenUTUSALightone hour-ishA strange, color-changing light, zigzag movements, ejecting three small lights, mimicking airplanes… ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))8/5/12
7/18/12 22:00OremUTUSADisk10 minutesA disk with a changing green or blue glow was circling around, wandering around the sky appearing to check things out. Moved very quick8/5/12
7/14/12 10:38FerronUTUSAOval6 minutesShiny Metal Object Defies Laws of Physics Then Shoots Off Into the Sky. 4 witnesses.6/4/14
7/8/12 17:50West Valley CityUTUSASphere1 minuteA white sphere flew north to south over West Valley City, Utah in about 10 seconds time8/5/12
7/7/12 23:15West Valley CityUTUSAFireball5-6 minutesUFO that is bright red round zigzagging light.8/5/12
7/4/12 23:00SpringvilleUTUSADisk5 minutesMy family and neighbors were watching an orange light fly across the sky every time a firework would explode.1/11/19
7/1/12 22:00West Valley CityUTUSAFireball4 minutesFireball sighting8/5/12
6/29/12 07:45South OgdenUTUSAOther2 minutesLarge v shaped craft offset connected to two spheres7/4/12
6/13/12 22:00GoodyearUTUSACircle3 secondsBright blue and white object viewed over the skies of Goodyear AZ,6/20/12
6/12/12 02:00Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle30 secondsApprox. 2,000 agl above downtown salt lake city. Headed straight flight, no sound north west. 7 to 9 bright white lights triangula6/14/12
6/10/12 23:00ProvoUTUSALight2 minutesSolid Orange light flying thru sky6/14/12
6/10/12 22:20Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball10 minuteBright orange fireballs east of Salt Lake City, UT6/14/12
5/28/12 22:02SpringvilleUTUSALight6Three (3) red circular lights in sky north of Springville, Utah11/26/15
5/28/12 21:30KaysvilleUTUSALight15-20 minutesStrange lights over kaysville, ut.5/29/12
5/24/12 23:55LoganUTUSATriangle5 minutesGoing back home and saw large, triangular, light, stationary over home.5/29/12
5/23/12 22:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther30 seconds2 star like objects in sky5/29/12
5/22/12 22:00HolladayUTUSADisk6 minutes6x saucers, bright amber colored, flying in formation, no sound at all.9/5/14
5/20/12 22:35South JordanUTUSACircle15 minutesSaw 18 large orange lights in night sky move forward and up until just a pinpoint white light. ((NUFORC Note: Comm. pilot rept. PD))5/29/12
5/20/12 21:30Cedar CityUTUSACircle20 minutesSeveral orange orbs in sky and then disappearing.5/29/12
5/20/12 02:45MurrayUTUSALight1min3 alligned blinking white lights moving in same direction5/29/12
5/10/12 23:15RivertonUTUSAUnknown40 minutesIn distance, looked like a plane that decided to stay in one spot flashing its lights.5/15/13
5/8/12 20:30West PointUTUSALight1-2 minutesLight just as bright by Venus6/5/12
5/4/12 22:35OremUTUSACircle4-5 seconds15 white lights flying in V formation over utah county5/13/12
5/1/12 21:30SandyUTUSACircle3 minutesOrange lights sighted over Salt Lake Valley.5/13/12
4/30/12 21:30St. GeorgeUTUSACircle5 minutesMultiple UFOs sighted in St. George, Utah on April 30, 2012, red/orange in color.5/13/12
4/29/12 17:00Saratoga SpringsUTUSAFormation45 sec3 Ufo's over Utah Lake 4/29/125/13/12
4/24/12 22:55HighlandUTUSACircle10 minutesRed and blue light hovering over the hills due North East of the Highland Blvd5/13/12
4/21/12 08:30St. GeorgeUTUSAFireball5 min3 bright red dots making a triangular for the they disappeared5/13/12
4/21/12 05:23Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere2 minTwo silent white spheres crossing the early morning sky.6/5/12
4/20/12 23:00ClintonUTUSALightchangeError in a report I made on 4/19 from Clinton, UT5/13/12
4/19/12 23:37ClintonUTUSALightContinuousBright Light In Western Sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus, which currently is very prominent in the W sky. PD))5/13/12
4/15/12 19:00West Valley CityUTUSAUnknown<1 secondWhite craft shoots in an arc south before anyone could react5/15/13
4/6/12 17:00Tooele (west of)UTUSAOval10 minutesBlimp shaped craft near I-80 west of Tooele near Lackside/UTTR.4/18/12
4/2/12 21:45LoganUTUSALighton-goingLooked out my window and saw a bright light, much larger and brighter than the surrounding stars. At first, it seemed to be stationary,4/18/12
3/31/12 22:37White CityUTUSATriangle5minAlien drone craft with a mother ship over salt lake city and no one seen it but us humm??5/13/12
3/30/12 22:45SandyUTUSATriangle1/2 hourWe followed a small, silent object with two lights fairly close to us in Sandy, Utah.5/13/12
3/30/12 21:10HolladayUTUSALight5 minutesIn the south skies above Salt Lake City, a firey light traveled slowly, then ascended from earth.5/13/12
3/16/12 14:00DelleUTUSACylinder30 minutesMidday sighting from the highwat, with picture and three videos.5/13/12
3/15/12 03:00Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle45 minutesTriangular object stalks us on our way home.5/15/13
3/9/12 00:45Draper/SuncrestUTUSACircle15 secondsDriving saw a bright light above the car and a circular round plate looking object3/13/12
3/4/12 01:00West JordanUTUSACirclethree minutesRed light far in the sky fading in and out every three sec with white streams of light forming a circle around it3/13/12
3/3/12 21:25VernalUTUSAFireball1 minuteTwo orange lights in sky over Vernal, Utah3/13/12
3/1/12 19:00VernalUTUSALight5 minutesA light in the sky was headed southeast, slowly going threw the shy staggering from left to right.slowly falling about an inch staggeri3/13/12
2/24/12 21:50OremUTUSAOval1 min +/-Orange glow in the northern sky.3/13/12
2/16/12 07:45Wendover (east of)UTUSAOther202 black objects were seen seen hovering several miles north of I-80 eastbound in the early hours on Thursday, February 16th, 2012. The3/13/12
2/14/12 22:40ProvoUTUSAFireball2 minutesSlow moving silent fireball captured on video over Provo, Utah3/13/12
2/14/12 13:15North OgdenUTUSAUnknown5 minutesSighted a unknown craft in the clouds daytime and took photo.3/13/12
2/14/12 01:45St. GeorgeUTUSAChanging45 minutesVery odd hovering object, multiple colors continuously morphing.3/13/12
2/13/12 21:00North OgdenUTUSASphere5 minutesWeird moving ball of light/craft?3/13/12
2/12/12 22:45Ft. DuchesneUTUSAEgg8-10 minutesGlowing egg or oblong shaped flyiing object rose up from the ground and went east.3/13/12
2/6/12 19:45LaytonUTUSALight10 minutes5 orange red lights moving over Layton, Utah2/10/12
2/6/12 16:30NibleyUTUSA1 minuteTwo stationary bright lights2/10/12
2/5/12 02:30Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle35 minutesA stationary bright white light in sky flashing red and blue until gradually fading away.2/10/12
2/2/12 00:06OremUTUSALight1 minuteGlowing green craft with flashing lights instantly disappeared2/3/12
1/29/12 19:25HurricaneUTUSA2 minutesRed/orange lights in the sky.2/3/12
1/27/12 21:10LehiUTUSADisk30 minutesA floating blue object with a pulsating red light in the center, it was moving slowly horizontally for a while, then it stopped and is2/3/12
1/27/12 20:45American ForkUTUSADisk5-6 minutesBlue U.F.O. over American Fork Utah.2/3/12
1/27/12 20:45American ForkUTUSACircle5Bright Blue Object With Red Flashing Lights Over Utah2/3/12
1/18/12 22:00West Valley CityUTUSAUnknown3-5 secondsThey were not natural light colors.1/24/12
1/18/12 22:00West Valley CityUTUSAUnknown3-5 secondsThese light color was not natural at all.1/24/12
1/6/12 17:10St. GeorgeUTUSAOther4 minutesLights followed by massive, round silhouette.1/12/12
1/4/12 20:35SandyUTUSALight20 minBright flashing lights highly visisble from several miles away, stationary, wrong colors for helicopters.1/12/12
1/1/12 12:05Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle5 min utesRed-ish orange "orb" thrree even spaced and asended to unknow altitudes5/13/12
1/1/12 00:15South JordanUTUSATriangle8 minTriangular shaped object with orange glow moving very slowly.1/12/12
1/1/12 00:15LaytonUTUSAUnknown20 Minutes15+ Lights seen on the Wasatch mountain range1/12/12
12/31/11 20:30LymanUTUSAUnknown5 secBright green flying light1/12/12
12/25/11 18:45West JordanUTUSALight30-40 minutesBright stationary light above Oquirrh mountains – seen for 30-40 minutes1/12/12
12/25/11 07:22West JordanUTUSAFireball5 minutesRed Horizontal Lights in the Sky1/12/12
12/24/11 20:00West JordanUTUSAFireball5-10 mins4 red orbs over West Jordan, UT. on Christmas Eve 20117/4/12
12/24/11 13:30TooeleUTUSALight3 minutes3 red non- blinking lights seen from Tooele over Salt Lake Valley1/12/12
12/24/11 08:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle45 min3 crafts dropped off and hovered over and flicked for 45 minutes1/24/12
11/26/11 21:00LaytonUTUSALight15 minutes6 bright orange lights to the East over the Wasatch Mountain Range12/12/11
11/16/11 18:30Cedar CityUTUSAFormation15 minutesString of flashing lights widely spaced moving steadily through western sky from north to south12/12/11
11/16/11 18:28Cedar CityUTUSAFlash6 minLarge String of perfectly spaced strobes flashing in a chaceing pattern along the entire string over Cedar City, UT12/12/11
11/16/11 18:00Monument ValleyUTUSAOval30 min.White blinking lights in the sky above Monument Valley, Utah.12/12/11
10/17/11 06:15West ValleyUTUSACircleAround 20 bright circular objects changing different directions and at variable velocities.10/19/11
10/16/11 21:00Cedar CityUTUSAUnknown10 to 20 minBright light over Cedar City Utah nightly around 8pm. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a star, we suspect. PD))10/19/11
10/16/11 15:00Salt FlatsUTUSAOvalGrey ovel with sticks coming out.12/12/11
10/15/11 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight10 secondsOrange orb light over Sugarhouse park.10/19/11
10/14/11 20:30Wendover (east of, on I-80)UTUSAChanging17 minBlack object in sky over lakeside military area in Utah.10/19/11
10/12/11 20:00St. GeorgeUTUSADiskabout 7 secondsI saw a hovering metallic grey saucer shaped disk hovering over the South Gate Golf course10/19/11
10/11/11 15:00Cedar CityUTUSALight8 secondsBright, white, star-like UFO over Cedar City at 1500 on sunny day.10/19/11
9/18/11 20:15AlpineUTUSACircle3 minutesRed, circular object floating above Alpine, Utah...STRANGE!10/10/11
9/7/11 00:22Heber CityUTUSADisk>3 Minutes11 lights on unexplained object hovering for several seconds silently close up.10/10/11
9/2/11 21:50Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle4 minutes3 very bright Orange crafts, Very low and moving in a triangle formation. One by one they shot upward and disappered10/10/11
8/30/11 21:00SandyUTUSAUnknown1 hourIncredible moving lights in the sky10/10/11
8/25/11 14:00Bonneville Salt FlatsUTUSAOther35 minutesObject over Bonneville Salt Flats10/10/11
8/20/11 21:00ProvoUTUSALight1 minuteWe saw a mysterious light in the night sky that we cannot explain.8/21/11
8/8/11 10:30KearnsUTUSAChevron15 + MinutesBlue, purple and green craft hovering and flying up and down around Kearns, UT 8/8/20118/21/11
8/7/11 22:30PaysonUTUSALight5 minPulsing bright white lights, circle object in the night sky, moved in circles, up and down-left to right,went straight down disappeared8/21/11
8/2/11 23:20HolladayUTUSALight2 minutesTwo bright, white lights were seen in formation, and possibly exiting Earth's atmosphere, late Au. 2nd over the Salt Lake Valley.8/7/11
7/12/11 10:54CliveUTUSACigar25 min25+ mins: Hovering crafts seen near lakeside military area/ Clive Utah7/17/11
7/5/11 22:25Utah ValleyUTUSACircle15 secStrange opaque light went from left side of the road to right side, disappearing before going to the opposite side.7/6/11
7/4/11 22:40OgdenUTUSALight10 minutesOrbs sighted in mountains east Ogden7/6/11
7/4/11 19:00SandyUTUSAOther~30-45 minutesI was at the only RSL game I've ever been to at Rio Tinto Stadium, & I was facing west looking towards Draper, I-15, & the USP at the P6/20/19
7/1/11 10:00RiverdaleUTUSACircle1 minute or moresoft white or opaque circular object7/4/11
6/25/11 00:00Levan (Yuba State Park)UTUSALight5 secondsBright light flying out of our atmosphere above Yuba Lake, UT.7/4/11
6/14/11 22:30LindonUTUSARectangle3 minsBright object moving through sky over Utah.6/20/11
6/5/11 02:15OgdenUTUSAOther2 sec. if thatBright green flash of light, oval shaped with petals like you would see on a flower, no tail only lasted a second.7/4/11
5/30/11 21:00HerrimanUTUSAFireball5 minsOrange "flame" light over Herriman, UT6/3/11
5/21/11 01:00FarmingtonUTUSALight5 minutesA bright light was seen very close to my property behind a stand of poplars, staying on for 30 seconds and then suddenly going off.5/29/11
5/8/11 21:00IvansUTUSAUnknown5 minutestwo to three bright blue lights, changing to a triangle of bright white lights5/12/11
5/4/11 21:30BountifulUTUSACircle25 minutesThe Lights Over the Great Salt Lake and West Desert5/12/11
5/3/11 22:30St. GeorgeUTUSAFireball4-6 minutesTriangle of bright orange lights flying directly over St. George, Utah.5/12/11
4/3/11 03:30KearnsUTUSATriangle1 to 2 minutesbizarre5/2/11
3/25/11 19:00HolladayUTUSADisk15 minutesStraight ahead we noticed a bright amber light hovering low over the city about 3 or 4 blocks away.4/3/11
3/9/11 20:00Maze District, Canyonlands National ParkUTUSALight3 minutesBright, constant, light moving quickly from the Western to Eastern horizon over Utah emitting no noise. ((NUFORC Note: ISS. PD))4/3/11
3/3/11 02:15UintahUTUSALight1 minuteI was chased by a demonic spirit in the form of a white orb of light.7/4/12
2/12/11 09:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormation4 - 5 minutesTwo horizontal rows of 4-5 shimmering spots or lights in formation - it rumbled2/18/11
2/9/11 21:30MoabUTUSALight1 hourStrange hovering, flickering red and white light over Moab Utah. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))2/18/11
2/5/11 20:30North Salt LakeUTUSALight25 min4 red lights that can not be explained!2/8/11
2/5/11 11:45Salt Lake City (Rose Park)UTUSAOther15-20 minutesStar crafts5/15/13
1/26/11 19:17American ForkUTUSALight6 minutesStrange lights dropping sparkley substances are seen by many above American Fork Utah 1-26-11.2/8/11
1/26/11 19:15American ForkUTUSALight20 minutesThree red lights in sky over American Fork1/31/11
1/26/11 19:05LehiUTUSAFormation10 min3 red light moving slowly in formation, droping bright white lights.1/31/11
1/18/11 21:45LehiUTUSALight15 minutesTwo red lights fixed in the sky one of them started sendind or emiting white pulses downwards.1/31/11
1/13/11 21:10OgdenUTUSALighton my way to bedlight that you could not move3/10/11
1/9/11 22:45KanabUTUSAOval1 minuteUFO hovered above my property, illuminated an area on the ground, and left at incredible speed.1/25/18
1/3/11 17:10RooseveltUTUSADisk10 to 20 minGlowing disk in night sky1/5/11
1/1/11 00:55Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormation2-3 MinutesUnusual formation outside of Salt Lake INT airspace and flight patterns.1/31/11
1/1/11 00:07Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball~ 5 minJust wanted to report UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sighting over SLC with a extremley bright orange aura. I know the sound of chopp1/5/11
12/31/10 23:30Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle2-3 minutesTriangular shape, multi colored flashing lights hovered over our car, 3 witnesses, no sound, radiant heat from undercarriage.2/14/14
12/31/10 21:00AlpineUTUSAFlash10 MinutesWhile walking up Alpine Cemetery to go sledding, a group of us saw a flashing light in the sky, the light started to dim and then quic1/5/11
12/16/10 18:40DraperUTUSACircle2 minutesLarge round light descending out of the sky onto Draper Parkway onto the cars and disappeared.1/5/11
12/14/10 20:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight5 minutes5 red lights over Salt Lake City2/18/11
11/23/10 06:30Monument ValleyUTUSAChanging7 minuteslooked like a worm in the sky oozing off itself revealing its true shape over seven minutes.1/5/11
10/19/10 20:05RiverdaleUTUSALight15-20 secondsTwo bright lights appear, one after another11/21/10
9/30/10 19:19Woods CrossUTUSALight20 minutesOrange Cigar Shape bright light after sunset west of Woods Cross Utah Light11/21/10
9/24/10 01:15RoyUTUSAUnknown5 MinutesRepetitive meteor style lights in a group flying over Utah's Hill Air Force Base then disappearing.11/21/10
9/6/10 20:15WillardUTUSALight3-5 minutesCuriously suspended lights in Box Elder County, UT11/21/10
9/4/10 21:30Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle20 secondstwo round star-like objects falling and moving to the North at a very fast speed11/21/10
9/2/10 21:35BountifulUTUSAFormation6-8 secondsSame formation of lights seen again.11/21/10
9/1/10 21:20West JordanUTUSACircleAbout 3 minutesReddish-Orange Light seen in sky and circular craft seen taking off into the sky.11/21/10
8/29/10 21:35BountifulUTUSALight10 secondsRapidly moving formation of lights.11/21/10
8/26/10Park CityUTUSACircle2 minutesBright laser type lights and a craft in my backyard area last night.8/30/10
8/25/10 22:06Cottonwood HeightsUTUSASphere5 minutesA bright sphere like object that appeared out of nowhere.8/30/10
8/22/10 16:45WashingtonUTUSAUnknown2 minutesWas photgraphing clouds and didn't see object until I was looking at the photos on my computer.8/24/10
8/21/10 10:30LehiUTUSACigar0:30((HOAX??)) We saw a 3 light saucer pass by and the saw a two saucer pass over and split apart and disappear.8/24/10
8/10/10 21:40HighlandUTUSALightMaybe an hourOdd lights in the sky over Utah Valley.8/24/10
8/4/10 22:00ProvoUTUSADisk10 secondsHovering object during a thunder storm and rain.8/24/10
7/27/10 23:00OremUTUSAChanging5 minutesWe saw a group of about 12 dim lights moving together in the night sky in a graceful fluid pattern.7/28/10
7/27/10 00:10Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle2 MinutesOrange "flaming" Triangle over Salt Lake City dissappears7/28/10
7/27/10 00:10Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle2 MinutesPossible explainations of what i saw in Salt Lake City last night7/29/10
7/24/10 22:30West Valley CityUTUSAOther30 minutesBlack blotch in night sky and blue orb hovering above.3/3/13
7/23/10 18:23North OgdenUTUSACigar5 minutes4 unidentified objects above Ogden, UT.7/25/19
7/21/10 23:37Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown4 secondsFaint glowing large object streaks the night sky over Salt Lake City only leaving a trail7/28/10
7/17/10 22:00LehiUTUSALight10 minutesStrange light in sky moving erratically, stopping abruptly and changing directions.8/24/10
7/15/10 10:00ProvoUTUSADisk5 secondsI was driving Southbound I-15 between Provo and the first Springville exit by myself talking on the phone. I looked up and out my wind7/19/10
7/11/10 22:30NephiUTUSAOval5-10 minutesA UFO went through a wormhole then went through a nother one.5/15/13
7/9/10 22:00ProvoUTUSAFlash~1 hourRapid strobe-like flashes behind clouds in the night sky.7/10/10
6/23/10 03:00OgdenUTUSALight1/2 hourLight in Utah sky moving erratically.7/6/10
6/20/10 15:00(above mountains in airplane)UTUSACircle1:00I'd like to start of this report stating that I've always been skeptical of the paranormal, when afternoon on my bi annual trip to Fl.2/4/13
6/14/10 23:18Salt Lake CityUTUSALight10 secondsBright light over Western Salt Lake moves across the sky then vertically and disappears.6/23/10
6/14/10 22:00ClevelandUTUSAUnknown28 secs.You can see the engines or where you would think engines would be clearly lite up on the underside.10/10/11
6/10/10 22:00ClevelandUTUSAUnknown60 secondsIt looks like a static electric engine very quite and I believe it is large and had to be flown by someone.1/30/14
6/6/10 23:20SandyUTUSAUnknown10 minutesSandy, Utah light 10 minutes 3 light objects travelling South to North 1 travelling East to West seemingly on collission course with 16/10/10
6/4/10 11:56PriceUTUSASphere1 minuteDaytime orb being followed by helicopters.6/27/14
5/30/10 22:30DraperUTUSACircle45 min or longerTwo bright circles soaring independently through the sky, one remained bright green while the other changed from white to blue to red6/3/10
5/14/10 21:35Cedar CityUTUSALight2minstead single white dot heading southeast then rose straight up and vanished6/3/10
4/23/10 21:30OgdenUTUSALight3-5 secondsWhite light over Ogden, Utah5/12/10
3/12/10 21:23OgdenUTUSALightapprox 18 min10-20 orange spheres of light viewed by 8 witnesses from Ogden, Utah in the evening .4/13/10
2/10/10 22:00OgdenUTUSALight20 secondsI was walking along the Ogden river bike path just west of Wall Avenue. A peculiar feeling came over me which caused me to look up to t8/16/21
12/3/09 06:30St. GeorgeUTUSALight10 secondsFlashed like igniting twice then sped off super sonicly.12/12/09
11/18/09 00:21SandyUTUSAFlash4-5 secondsBright flash that seemed to be expanding from a moving light source.12/12/09
11/18/09 00:06West JordanUTUSALight4 secondsneighborhood flashes like day time. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Leonid meteor?? PD))12/12/09
11/17/09 23:20Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown1 secondHuge flash of light , two wintnesses that i know of when 10 miles apart at same time12/12/09
9/25/09 08:30VernalUTUSASphere5 minbright spherical light going across the sky. stopping and starting and then just disappeared.12/12/09
9/14/09 01:45Salt Lake CityUTUSALight15 & 30 minsstar-like object changed color from white light to red; moved very fast & maneuvred like no conventional aircraft12/12/09
9/5/09 13:00SandyUTUSATeardropFlying((HOAX??)) Black Figure In The Sky.12/12/09
8/31/09 05:00LeedsUTUSALight2 hrs +In Northeast sky about 60 to 65 degrees off horizon. Moves back and forth slowly, from a Northwest to Southeast direction. Directly abo12/12/09
8/25/09 23:00DelleUTUSAFlash10 minutesBright strobing light in the sky near Delle UT8/27/09
8/20/09 22:25Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormation15 secondsLights like string of pearls dance across Utah sky.8/27/09
8/7/09 23:00TooeleUTUSAOtherone hourStrange orange orbs appear and disappear over Dugway Proving Grounds,Utah.2/18/11
8/6/09 02:15West JordanUTUSADisk10 minutesPossible early morning unusual flying object sighting in residental area of Utah.8/27/09
8/1/09 03:00MonroeUTUSALight20 min.Multiple orb ufo's witnessed by four individuals.12/12/09
7/27/09 21:30Bonneville Salt Flats (Salt Lake City)UTUSASphere10 minutesBonneville Salt Flats, July 09, Investigator, Bright White Lights, Semi-Circle, Pulsations, Motorcycle12/12/09
7/18/09 23:00Navajo LakeUTUSALight30Strange light seen on Cedar Mountain neer Navajo Lake!8/5/09
7/15/09 03:00HighlandUTUSASphere2-3 minutesBright Sphere observed from Highland, Utah Scanning Lone Peak Mountian Top near Alpine, Utah on July 15, 2009 at 3:00AM8/5/09
7/10/09 23:15Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk1 hour6 UFOs seen over Salt Lake City July 10th, 20098/5/09
7/9/09 23:00Brigham CityUTUSACircle18 min.Two circular shaped objects seen flying in an unusal pattern with alternating speeds and lights with varying levels of brightness.8/5/09
7/8/09 20:43West JordanUTUSATriangle8 minutesTriangle object seen for approx. 8 minutes west of Mount Olympus near Salt Lake City, Utah8/5/09
7/7/09 22:40North OgdenUTUSALight1 minBright moving light, no flashing from SW to NE. ((NUFORC Note: Overflight of the ISS. PD))8/5/09
6/19/09 09:15Salt Lake CityUTUSAOtherone minutetwo aircraft flying in formation low to the ground, in the city, of an unknown aircraft design, with no noise.8/5/09
5/31/09 17:00OgdenUTUSASphere5 MIN.Spherical orb over the mountains in North Ogden Utah8/5/09
5/28/09 21:15Cottonwood HeightsUTUSACircle3 mins.Unusual object over Wasatch Front Range.6/9/09
5/12/09 02:30Salt Lake CityUTUSADiskstange picture in the sky6/9/09
3/21/09 23:59RivertonUTUSACircle1 Hr. 5 min.At midnight I observed a bright multi-colored pulsa I called a friend who lives in Orem, Utah which is 20 miles south of Riverton. He4/14/09
3/21/09 23:59RivertonUTUSAOther1 hourObserved pulsating multi-colored sphere 5 degrees above horizon south of constellation Orion. My friend who lives 20 miles south of me4/14/09
3/14/09 20:58RichfieldUTUSADisk3.5 minutesPerfectly round, extremely bright craft appeared over central Utah traveling from south-west to north-east.3/19/09
3/12/09 00:15RivertonUTUSACircle45 minutesRound obj. flashing red, blue, green, yellow colors; 10 deg. above hor. and sSSW of my position. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))3/19/09
3/7/09 23:45Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown10 minutespulsating figure. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius, which is quite prominent in the SW sky, at this hour. PD))3/19/09
3/5/09 20:05West Valley CityUTUSACircle20 minutesObjects hovering near and above Salt Lake City and other one flying in zig zag pattern3/19/09
2/28/09 20:00HuntsvilleUTUSALightabout a half hourAn object that ommitted a very bright light, almost looked like it had three lights on it. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect Venus. PD))3/19/09
2/27/09 19:10Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle3, 4 1/2, 5 seconds eachUFO's..... I seen over Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb. 27, 2009!!!3/19/09
1/27/09 14:53West JordanUTUSADiskA few secondsUFO seen in West Jordan, UT3/19/09
1/10/09 18:10BountifulUTUSALightseveral minutesFalling star like light object making erratic maneuvers3/19/09
1/4/09 18:45West Valley CityUTUSAEggover an hr in a halfbright star like object white and kinda yellowish for two hours1/10/09
12/31/08 09:15OgdenUTUSASphere5 minutesLarge spherical craft with 2 lights rotating around the object1/10/09
12/14/08 01:38OremUTUSALight1 secondwhite orbs flying at extreme speeds showing up out of thin air.1/10/09
11/16/08 14:10Park CityUTUSACigar2 half domes with the flat side of the domes faseing each other, blue sky could be seen in the space between the two flat services. ab1/10/09
11/14/08 23:50Salt Lake CityUTUSALight12 secondsEastern Salt Lake City disappearing light sighting.1/10/09
11/14/08 08:40BeaverUTUSACircle10 MinutesBright Stationary object in the sky above Beaver Utah during early morning 8:40 AM1/10/09
11/1/08 21:03St. GeorgeUTUSATriangle32 minutesTriangle-shape with orange lights with small one leaving large one.1/10/09
10/16/08 21:10St. GeorgeUTUSAUnknown2 minutesBright balls of light over St. George and near the radio tower10/31/08
10/15/08 20:00St. George (above)UTUSAUnknownaprox. 20 minutesVery large bright lights, equal brightness and distance moved at high speed across desert sky. NOT A PLANE.10/31/08
10/15/08 16:00Cedar CityUTUSAOther30 secondsPure white, floating 747 or 737.5/12/09
10/8/08 19:30CiscoUTUSASphere5 minbright light serpitenes across eastern utah night sky. did you also see it??10/31/08
9/27/08 23:20ClintonUTUSATriangle6 secondstriangle shaped craft with 3 large lights in the corners traveling 800+ mph with no sound.10/31/08
9/20/08 16:00ClearfieldUTUSAFormation30 seconds or soTwo white objects flying north and then south below Francis Peak.10/31/08
8/28/08 21:20DraperUTUSATriangle30 minTriangular, shadowy, silent shapes moving south across the Draper sky10/31/08
8/28/08 21:00OremUTUSATriangle30 SecSilent translucent triangle10/31/08
8/22/08 23:00ProvoUTUSAChevron1 hourOn 8/22/08 in Provo Utah we saw many chevron shaped groupings of rapidly moving clusters of bright crafts.10/31/08
8/22/08 22:15West Valley CityUTUSATriangle3 secondsI saw a semi transparent swept wing object travel from north to south in about two to three seconds that covered part of ursa major.10/31/08
8/17/08 15:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknownDigital Picture of something unknown10/31/08
8/10/08 22:30MurrayUTUSAOther30 secondsCrescent shaped object approx size of a van moving west to east 60 feet in the air approx 30 mph.10/31/08
7/3/08 23:00RooseveltUTUSAChangingat least 4 hoursUFO caught on tape8/5/09
6/12/08 03:18AlpineUTUSAFormation2 minuteswe were laying on a trampoline gazing at the stars when we saw six bright lights moving in a cluster. They were moving at a moderate sp7/5/08
6/10/08 09:57TaylorsvilleUTUSACircle3 min.Two multiple UFO sighting in SLC, UT. Two objects in first sighting, three in the second.6/12/08
4/26/08 20:45Salt Lake CityUTUSAOval10 minutesOBJECT AT FL200 MASKING IN A CLOUD PACING AIRLINER6/12/08
4/17/08 17:00Salt Lake CityUTUSADiamond1 minuteGreyish Kite looking object over Salt Lake6/12/08
4/13/08 15:00Salt LakeUTUSALight15 MinutesBright stationary/slow moving star in daylight6/12/08
3/26/08 21:00KaysvilleUTUSALight5 MinutesHearing a jet engine at an unusual time at night, looked out window and found it was chasing a flashing light.3/31/08
3/23/08Salt Lake CityUTUSAOvalOn going events all my life, now the UFO's have changed.. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes7/10/10
2/16/08 20:20HurricaneUTUSADisk3 secondsNeon green saucer with white trail falling rapidly at 45 degree angle over mountains west of Hurricane, Utah3/4/08
1/23/08 14:40St. GeorgeUTUSAOther20 min3 objects hanging above St. George2/14/08
1/21/08 10:15LehiUTUSAOval5sec2 blue ovals 1 big blue light shot threw the ovals and a big light came and evrey thing vanished like nothing happend!6/12/08
12/23/07 23:00BountifulUTUSAFormation9-10 minutesStationary lights in formation above the Great Salt Lake.3/4/08
11/6/07 20:55CedarUTUSAChanging09:00pmvery scary, and mysterious11/28/07
11/2/07 21:00Eagle MountainUTUSATriangle45-60 secondsNovember 2nd, 2007 we saw a huge black triangular-shaped craft fly over us in Eagle Mountain, Utah.3/4/08
10/12/07 00:20OgdenUTUSATriangle10 secondsLarge Triangle space craft seen from Northern Utah Traveling South out of the North sky 10-12-07 at 12:20am11/28/07
9/4/07 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle15 minutesExtremely large black triangle silently hovering with three round lights in each corner on the bottom seen very up close.5/2/11
9/1/07 23:30West Valley/I-80UTUSAChanging1.5 hours2 seperate sets of flashing lights in a triagle formation. ((NUFORC Note: The planet, Jupiter, is in the southwest sky. PD))10/8/07
8/28/07 09:37OremUTUSAChanging3mintwo amorphous flying objects10/8/07
8/28/07 01:00NeolaUTUSACircle5 minA Ufo in the sky.10/8/07
8/20/07 20:00West ValleyUTUSASphere30 secondsUFO crosses aircraft landing pattern in Salt Lake City, August 200710/31/08
8/18/07 17:00GlendaleUTUSACircle5 minutesFloating silver object over Utah.7/5/08
8/11/07 22:30DraperUTUSALight1 minuteGreen flashes with booms in the night sky.8/14/07
8/9/07 11:00Green RiverUTUSADiamond5 min.A good friend and I were traveling westbound on I-70 a few miles west of Green River, Utah as we had just stopped to gas up there. We w10/8/07
8/8/07 17:05Moab (near)UTUSAOtherMomentaryA spherical object with an annulus surrounding appeared in a photo that was taken of rock formations in Utah.10/8/07
8/8/07 02:20Salt Lake CityUTUSALight40 minutesstationary red and blue flashing lights in eastern Salt Lake City sky8/14/07
8/7/07 23:48TooeleUTUSAFireball5 -7 secondsVery high, very fast, and in a unique shape.8/14/07
8/7/07 10:00Lake PowellUTUSAOvalNoneBright Oval object over Lake Powell, Utah10/8/07
7/24/07 22:00EscalanteUTUSAUnknown5 minutesI SAW A UFO,and I KNOW IT.1/10/09
7/17/07 19:30West JordanUTUSASphere30 seconds12-15 Orbs in the sky just before a small storm8/7/07
7/13/07 20:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAOval<2 minutesTwo Cloud like Oval objects came out of the Clouds over the Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah!!!8/7/07
7/5/07 15:20Mapleton (nearby)UTUSAOval20 SecondsGrey Oval over interstate 15, Utah County8/7/07
7/5/07 01:47SandyUTUSATriangle15 secondsShadowy triangle that was invisible unless you were looking at it from a certain angle11/28/07
7/2/07 23:58St. GeorgeUTUSAOther15 secondsWalking home from the park when i saw...8/7/07
6/26/07 21:45OremUTUSALight5minutesSattelite looking UFO stops suddenly10/31/08
6/20/07 11:30MonroeUTUSACircle15 minutesUFO's shooting at each other.9/24/12
6/18/07 04:45Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball5 SECONDSGreen Fireball in Salt Lake.8/7/07
6/15/07 21:07ProvoUTUSAOval20 secondsSilver or white blimp-shaped object went behind Wasatch Mountains and out of sight.8/7/07
6/13/07 07:35Salt Lake CityUTUSACigarunknownTorpedo-like object in sky near State Street and I-80 in Salt Lake City, Utah8/7/07
5/1/07 15:00Monument ValleyUTUSAOvalone secondStrange object in Monument Valley, Utah *May 2007* Not detected by naked eye.6/12/08
4/17/07 21:00Coyote Gulch (Escalante River) (southern Utah)UTUSATeardrop4 secTeardrop shape pulse of light from stationary dot of light.6/12/07
3/11/07 13:30KamasUTUSAFireball3hours((HOAX??)) red light that was on the grond that went fast in kamas ut8/14/07
3/9/07 21:30UTUSACircle5-8 secCircles in triangle formation flying east to west, very fast over Orem Utah.10/8/07
3/9/07 06:45Salt Lake CityUTUSALight4 secondsBall of orange light in morning sky over Salt Lake City4/27/07
3/1/07 06:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther1 minuteBlack Manta Ray shaped U.F.O. seen flying over the 1300 light rail staion in Salt Lake City, Utah during the winter of 2007.1/10/14
2/13/07 22:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAFlash1 minOdd flash of bluish-green light2/24/07
1/26/07 19:40ProvoUTUSALight30 secondsWhite light, glides silently across the night sky… ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a satellite?? PD))2/1/07
1/19/07 23:45OgdenUTUSATeardrop3 minutes((HOAX??)) The lights were really bright then they went really dim.....and dimmer....and dimmer2/1/07
12/27/06 20:30St. GeorgeUTUSAFireball5 to 7 secthe object moved at speed from one place to enother,then stop exploited with green light2/1/07
12/26/06 19:00St. GeorgeUTUSAFireball5 secondsA UFO was sighted by two people in St. George on 12/26/062/1/07
12/11/06 19:40Santa ClaraUTUSACircle3 secondsgreen ball of light streaking across the night sky12/14/06
11/22/06 19:30ScipioUTUSADisk60 minutesCircular disk blinking very brightly with a bluish tint sighted next to I-15 just north of Scipio, UT12/7/06
11/22/06 01:00PriceUTUSATeardrop30 minSix hovering lights above price, utah.12/7/06
11/21/06 19:50ElmoUTUSACigar10 SecondsA long bright white cigar shaped object rose from the desert and shot off into the western sky12/7/06
10/29/06 21:41SandyUTUSATeardrop4 seconds9:20 PM ish Sandy UT, noiseless craft blowing by - HELP - What the HELL?10/30/06
10/15/06 00:15MoabUTUSAFireball1 minuteObject entering the atmosphere, 3 red, green and blue lights spinning and slowing down as if landing.12/7/06
9/30/06 23:30West JordanUTUSATeardrop20 secondsDark, teardrop shape without light, moving faster than normal planes, made no noise10/30/06
9/23/06 20:40LehiUTUSATriangle6-10 secondsFaint, fast moving triangular object with three red lights at each corner over Lehi, Utah10/30/06
9/16/06 17:00OremUTUSAUnknown2 minutesBright light vanishes in a puff of smoke10/30/06
8/25/06 00:47Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle8 MinutesSalt Lake City 3 Saucers Of Yellow Blue White Light10/30/06
8/20/06 22:00Heber CityUTUSADiamond10 minutesThey flew in together and then took their spots.10/30/06
8/17/06 22:05MidvaleUTUSAOther40 minutesStrange objects in the night sky over Midvale (Salt Lake City), Utah10/30/06
6/2/06 21:30Topaz Mountain (northwest of)UTUSAOval5min.s1/2mi. long orange /white glowwing craft nw of topaz mt. utah10/30/06
6/1/06 19:15OgdenUTUSAEgg10 min.It moved slowly, was very very high, and reflected a lot of light (or produced light).7/16/06
5/20/06 11:00Beaver (in outskirts of)UTUSATeardrop30 secondsTeardrop craft hovered in sky and then darted into a cloud and didn't come out.7/16/06
5/3/06 00:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACone30'black slow moving hat-shaped UFO11/21/10
4/29/06 19:30South Salt Lake CityUTUSALight30 minsThe objects were small bright individual lights in the sky.5/15/06
4/25/06 14:45Green RiverUTUSATeardrop2-3 secondsSILVER / CHROME METALLIC FLYING OBJECT 3 ft. to 4 ft. wide by 8 ft. to 10 ft. long Sighting: Object flew 37-50 feet above ou7/16/06
4/23/06 05:30OgdenUTUSALight3 to 4 minWhite dot of light that changed directions a few time .5/15/06
4/16/06 20:45FilmoreUTUSADiamond15 minutesBig, black, diamond shaped object seen in the distance from Filmore, Utah5/15/06
1/5/06 17:35ProvoUTUSATriangle6-8 secondsdetails above2/14/06
11/23/05 03:00Navajo MountainUTUSAUnknown3 MinutesYellow/Orange light beaming down from an object 100 feet up.12/16/05
11/22/05 23:45OgdenUTUSACircle30 minutesStrange round object flashing multicolored lights, moving very slowly, coming to complete stop for several minutes.12/16/05
11/22/05 22:30KamasUTUSAUnknown90 minRed, white, and blue flashing light on a hovering object that we observed for over 90 minutes.12/16/05
11/17/05 21:30PerryUTUSAOther1 minute300 hundred above me an arrowhead oblonged cone shape object flew slow above me. Anyone else?12/16/05
11/15/05 19:37OgdenUTUSAFireball2 secondsBrilliant fireball seen near Ogden, UT. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))12/16/05
11/15/05 15:00Utah (just off I-70)UTUSAFireball3minbright changing light hover and landed behind a mountian. lat 37°49'15.60"N lon 112°43'22.31"W5/15/06
10/31/05 23:52Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk2 secondssaucer shaped craft, emitting a glow of grey/white light moving up words from the valley floor11/3/05
10/23/05 23:00Park Valley (near)UTUSARectangle4-5 seconds10/23/05; Park Valley, Utah; rectangular; 4-5 seconds, looked like a flying box car; posted 10/28/05.11/3/05
10/17/05 15:30KearnsUTUSADiamond5 seconds((NUFORC Note: Student report. We cannot certify that it is a serious report. PD)) Two diamond shaped ufo's, and a red dot.10/20/05
10/17/05 15:15KearnsUTUSACross3 minutes((NUFORC Note: Student report. Possible hoax. PD)) Two, colorful, cross shaped objects in the sky.10/20/05
10/17/05 13:00West ValleyUTUSAOther10 seconds((NUFORC Note: Student report. Probable hoax. PD)) It was such a scary sight.10/20/05
10/11/05 16:36Lake PointUTUSALightabout 12 minsLights near Lake Point/Grantsville, UT10/20/05
10/11/05 16:00Canyonlands NPUTUSAFormation10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites. PD)) Needles Outpost: I was admiring the stars I saw 3 moving objects, all in a row.10/20/05
10/3/05 23:00OgdenUTUSACircle5 minOctober 3rd 11:40pm 05 above the eastern bench in ogden UT, An orb slowly brightend up then moved arround in a circular motion,10/11/05
9/30/05 05:04FarmingtonUTUSARectangle25 SecondsFarmington Utah bright white light with blue in the middle in the shape of fixed wing aircraft flying Southwest to Northeast.10/11/05
9/27/05 14:00Dockstader ParkUTUSADiskTwo Disks Over Park.10/11/05
9/17/05 07:45NephiUTUSADisk20 min.went to set up the Gps base station for the survey crews in morning at 7:00am,it took 3 of us to set up the antenna tower 40 min.while10/11/05
9/14/05 12:15West JordanUTUSAOtherAirplane-like shape hovering in sky9/15/05
9/5/05 22:47WendoverUTUSACigar30 secsWe were headed on 80east heading east and we saw this very bright flashing light that just sat in the sky10/11/05
8/7/05 14:00Capitol ReefUTUSACigar1seccigar shaped with diffrent coors9/2/05
6/29/05 22:25OgdenUTUSALight30minFour lights witnessed in West Weber county7/5/05
6/26/05 01:00South Willow Canyon (above Grantsville)UTUSADiamond1 minuteA diamond-shaped-looking craft with fast, flashing red lights on the bottom7/5/05
6/18/05 20:00Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere20 minutesUFO sighting over Salt Lake City6/20/05
6/17/05West ValleyUTUSATriangleWe were looking up at the stars when we saw a triangle craft flying very fast but very silently. The craft Was bright and was flashing10/30/06
6/7/05 17:50Salt Lake CityUTUSAOtherwaiting for the green tratwo colors, top part yellowish cream, bottom part gray, black windows in the front5/15/06
4/26/05 22:50LoganUTUSATriangle5-10 SecondsTriangular craft defined by five dim lights moves to the North over my head without making a sound5/11/05
4/10/05 02:37Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging10 min. approx.Flexible mass drops shimmering peices in utahs little cottonwood canyon4/16/05
2/24/05 22:00TabionaUTUSAEgg2 hoursTabiona/Wolf Creek Pass UFO sighting - lasted about 2 hours, extemely large craft, very bright, just parked in the sky.4/16/05
2/4/05 19:54RiverdaleUTUSALight2-3 secondsLight was about the size of a BB held at arms length2/8/05
1/22/05 20:00Cedar CityUTUSAOther2 hours3 of us photographed multiple red, blue, green white obj.s in night sky for about 2 hrs then toward the W a huge moon-like object.5/13/12
12/16/04 23:50RoyUTUSAEgg5 secondsVery bight light flashes across night sky.5/24/05
12/14/04 21:00SandyUTUSASphere15 minstrange changing light above south mountiain1/11/05
9/30/04 23:10Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle2 secondsI was standing on a balcony and was facing north/east. I saw a circular shape to the upper right side of my vision. It was much large10/27/04
9/26/04 14:25FairviewUTUSACylinderone minutesilver grey disk shaped9/29/04
9/11/04 22:00RiverdaleUTUSALight1-2 minutesSlow moving, bright light, with no flashing lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the ISS orbiting overhead? PD))9/29/04
9/8/04 23:00Park CityUTUSAOther6 lights flying VERY fast2/8/05
8/17/04 20:56HolladayUTUSALight1 secondRed light/streak in sky, unbelievably fast.8/24/04
8/11/04 22:30OremUTUSAOther1 minuteI saw a boomerang shaped craft fly slowly over my house, it had no lights and made no noise, it was black and outlined in gray.8/24/04
8/9/04 21:55Spanish ForkUTUSATriangle15 Secunnatral high flying craft flys faster than any man made craft triangle light pattern8/11/04
8/2/04 22:35RoyUTUSALight0.5 secondsUFO fast lights seen in Roy, UT.8/11/04
7/17/04 20:00MonticelloUTUSASphereseveral minutesOn about July 17, 2004 two motionless sphere crafts appeared on film where a white cloud masked them to the naked eye after sundown.7/25/04
7/10/04 01:00Utah (southern)UTUSAFireball3 secCopper fireball with no tail over southern UT.7/25/04
7/4/04 22:00SantaquinUTUSAUnknown20 secondsSaw three lights that formed a triangle, that moved in exact formation the night of the fourth of July 045/24/05
7/4/04 05:36ProvoUTUSATeardrop30-40 min.I think I was abducted5/24/05
6/26/04 00:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown4 daysThe person who asked if anyone had information on an Arizona Circle might be interested in this. Check aliendave.com2/1/07
6/15/04 01:30South JordanUTUSATriangle15-20 SecondsOutside at 01:30 in the morning it appeared over my head, a triangular shaped object that omitted a heat wave and no sound.5/24/05
6/14/04 07:15OremUTUSASphere1/2 hourSphere with left side lit by sun and slight bright line outlining the right6/18/04
6/13/04 23:15SandyUTUSATriangle10 minTwo triangular shaped silent translucent white objects seen gliding in night sky.6/18/04
6/13/04 23:00SandyUTUSATrianglefew secs each2 transparent triangles travel silently through the night sky.6/18/04
5/18/04 23:00Lake PowellUTUSAOval4 hoursBlue light objects hoovering and moving at high speeds.6/4/04
5/8/04 22:50VernalUTUSATriangle1-2 minutesV-shaped craft with dimmed "mini-lights" around it.5/10/04
4/27/04 15:30OakleyUTUSADisksecondsI was taking photos of some property in Oakley, UT when I caught this disk shaped object in the sky.4/30/04
4/14/04 22:00MurrayUTUSATriangle2 minutesBlk triangle craft seen in Murray Ut. 04/14/04 made no noise,had no lights on approx 200 yards over us traveling slow2/14/06
4/1/04 09:00See belowUTUSASphere1 secondWindshield Hit by Spherical UFO4/23/21
2/15/04 07:40HeberUTUSADisk3 minutesSaw UFO fly over bus, had flame shooting out of bottom.2/24/07
12/31/03 23:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAI saw a orange orb the size of a large exercise ball pass by a skyscraper half the length up when in my car in 2013 I'm new years eve.1/12/18
12/16/03 17:50WendoverUTUSALight5 secondsBeautiful, gold hovering lights.12/19/03
11/13/03 02:30EdenUTUSADiamond15 minsthen out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of light11/26/03
10/23/03 12:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown4-6 secondsUTAH UFO HUNTERS REPORT: I had a strange feeling the object was following me.11/8/03
10/22/03 18:40Skyline DriveUTUSADisk4 min.Watched 3 disk shaped objects, stationary, and in a v-formation, for about 4 minutes.10/31/03
10/16/03 13:00HannaUTUSAOtherFew secondsUTAH UFO HUNTERS REPORT: Flaming piece of Meteroite falls.11/8/03
10/13/03 21:00ProvoUTUSALight15 minutesLarge Orange light gave us chills10/31/03
10/5/03 05:30Salt Lake CityUTUSACigar10 minutesUTAH UFO HUNTERS REPORT: I noticed they were flying in unison.11/8/03
9/30/03 12:00La SalUTUSASphere1 seca small object that appered and disappered very fast.10/7/03
9/30/03 03:30RichfieldUTUSAOther2 secondsGREEN falling star.10/7/03
9/24/03 23:00TooeleUTUSATriangle1/2 hourVery bright (triangular?) object flashing red & green observed drifting after being stationary.9/28/03
9/24/03 20:35St. GeorgeUTUSAFlashhuhlights where flashing in the dark and then dissapered9/28/03
9/16/03 13:00SandyUTUSASphere5 secondssilver/gray sphere moving silently east to west over Sandy, Utah9/24/03
9/14/03 21:30VernalUTUSALight2 hoursWobbling bright "twinkling star" exhibits white/yellowish light along with bluish and red randomly flashing lights.9/17/03
8/30/03 22:15SandyUTUSATriangle5 secondssilent, white, kite-like object zooms through the sky9/12/03
8/23/03 05:30Salt Lake CityUTUSALight2 hoursObject w/bright flashing colored lights observed over Wasatch Mtns. 6 days in a row.8/28/03
8/15/03 23:30RichfieldUTUSAFireball5 secondsI saw a fireball in the sky moving too slow to be a meteor12/9/03
7/20/03 22:00North LoganUTUSADiska few secondsLooking for something?5/24/05
7/15/03 23:10TaylorsvilleUTUSAFlash2:00A flash in the sky around Salt Lake City7/16/03
7/11/03 22:26Heber CityUTUSADisk10:391 UFO goes in front of the moon!7/23/03
6/30/03 23:30MagnaUTUSALight1 minuteSmall light moving to the North7/16/03
6/30/03 20:00PriceUTUSATriangle10 minUfo sighting by two teenage girls1/12/12
6/30/03 10:00VernalUTUSAChevron3 minutesLow flying black chevron shaped craft. Flew over my house. Made no noise. Had dim lights on the underside. As it flew away it got small5/1/20
6/29/03 17:50RoyUTUSAOval30 minUFO over Northern Utah/Hill Air Force Base7/16/03
6/28/03 23:30LaytonUTUSALight1 minuteTiny pinpoints seen moments apart, moving North at a steady, unwavering rate.7/16/03
6/27/03 13:57St. GeorgeUTUSASphere20 minutesReflective object hanging in the sky over St. George, Utah7/16/03
6/25/03 02:00PriceUTUSACircletwo minutesMy cousin and I were headed home on the freeway around 2:00 a.m. I was driving and talking to her. I turned to look at her, she was si6/23/04
6/5/03 23:00ClearfieldUTUSATriangle7 secs3 triangle white glowing luminous shapes flying formation hovered then changed direction and disappeared7/16/03
6/4/03 02:30MagnaUTUSAUnknown2 hoursMagna was crawling with UFO activity on the 4 of June 2003.3/1/04
5/31/03 04:26West ValleyUTUSALight10 sec4 times brighter then any star in the sky.6/3/03
5/24/03 01:30VernalUTUSAFlash:30There were strobing lights that were stationary then appeared to take off and fly away in an faster than possible.6/3/03
5/20/03 00:15Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging3 secondsLive wether cam 5-20-03 Salt lake at noon KSL bright white with red diamond moving .5/27/03
4/25/03 00:00Kanab (10 miles south of on Hwy 89)UTUSALight1 minuteMoon like object that exploded into burst of bright lights *Highway 89 just outside of Kanab utah*4/27/03
4/11/03 01:55MagnaUTUSAUnknownsecondsA streak of smoke just appearing from over the Oaker Mountains.4/22/03
3/10/03 02:00St. GeorgeUTUSAConeaprox 5 minbright Aura with lightning shooting up through center, then disapeared with a BOOM!3/21/03
2/20/03 21:50TooeleUTUSAFireball5 secondsRound fireball with a tail, green in color.3/21/03
2/17/03 02:00PriceUTUSAFireball10 secA bright fireball object in the sky followed by increase of electrical power.3/21/03
2/12/03 22:15BoulderUTUSAFireball10 sec.moving eas to west, looked like a superbright meteor, ball of fire, melted away suddenly, fairly slow moving10/30/06
1/30/03 19:05Spanish ForkUTUSAFormation5 secondsThere was a beautiful, sparkling, highly maneuverable craft flying gracefully and very quickly over Spanish Fork, Utah.3/21/03
1/12/03 20:12MoabUTUSAFireball40seca round object in the sky.3/21/03
1/10/03 10:00RichfieldUTUSAFireball5 minbright blue light that turned night into day10/10/11
1/6/03 22:49MoabUTUSAFireball30 seconds2 fireball objects followed by U.S aircraft3/21/03
12/28/02 18:45LaytonUTUSAUnknown10 secondsAt approximately 1845, I walked out of my house in Layton, Utah to go to the store. It was very dark out, an overcast of thin clouds w3/21/03
12/13/02 17:45CliveUTUSAChevron3 minutesFirst, we thought it was Venus, next we thought it was a large jet with it's landing lights, we don't have a clue.12/23/02
11/27/02Spanish Fork CanyonUTUSADisk3-5 sec.a dark green disk crashed on the top of billy's mountain.12/19/03
11/26/02 19:00Spanish Fork CanyonUTUSADisk3-5 secondsgreen disc crash landed on top of billies mountain4/27/04
10/30/02 21:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown00:222 people saw a slow moving very large "darkness" with faint light reflecting off its leading edge.11/4/02
10/30/02 20:38WendoverUTUSACross2-3 minutesI was stand by a building on the old Wendover Airfeild. Southeast I noticed something moving in the sky. As I watch it moved from south11/4/02
10/16/02 19:37OgdenUTUSAFormation2mins.While sitting on my front porch I saw 2 orbs of light going across the night sky; They had no clearence lights of an airplane.10/28/02
10/15/02 23:00West ValleyUTUSASphere4Two at a time for 4 hours...10/28/02
10/14/02 20:15ElmoUTUSACircle10 minutesLarge very bright circular light spanding much of the countryside. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 19:05IvinsUTUSAFireball3-5 secondsThree fireballs appeared which emitted orange/yellow beams, faded in, then out.11/16/02
10/14/02 02:00JosephUTUSATriangleseveral secondsglowing green triangle passed over my truck, while driving on Interstate 70 in a Utah canyon pass at night.10/27/04
10/6/02 19:15ProvoUTUSAFireball1-3 secsFireball falling from the sky10/15/02
10/1/02 22:30RivertonUTUSAUnknown2 minutesRed and blue flashing lights, low to the ground, behind my car on a deserted road in Riverton, Utah.8/7/07
9/28/02 19:30OgdenUTUSACircle5 SecondsRound green light in the western sky of Utah9/29/02
9/26/02 21:15TaylorsvilleUTUSATriangle1 hour or moreOrange UFOs in Huge V Formation over Taylorsville Utah9/29/02
8/17/02 23:12UtahUTUSADisk7 minsOnly one craft, travelled at high speeds, Bright glowing, low humming in Utah7/16/03
8/17/02 01:06Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball6 secondsFireball across the top of the wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City,Utah USA3/21/03
8/12/02 23:00SalemUTUSAOther2330Shadowy lights in the shape of a bird moving across the sky rapidly.9/6/02
8/10/02 21:30Cedar CityUTUSALight10 secBright Light from the heavens illuminated me like a spotlight, dims and disappears8/16/02
8/1/02 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACigar5 minutesLights over Salt Lake City.8/16/02
7/30/02 22:08MagnaUTUSACircle10 minutesStrange Bright Light over Oquirrh Mountains of Salt Lake City8/16/02
7/11/02 01:00SandyUTUSALight3 seconds(e)I saw an unusual falling star.7/26/02
7/10/02 01:30TooeleUTUSAFireball1 minuteBall of light with helicopters in persuit.9/12/03
7/6/02 00:01Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther3 - 4 secOn the morning of July 6,2002 3 sets of clusters over Salt Lake city.7/26/02
6/30/02 23:00LaytonUTUSAUnknownvariableWeird and Strange lights8/12/08
6/29/02 00:00Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere2 to 3 secondsCluster Sightings in the skys of Salt lake city.7/1/02
6/27/02 02:00ClearfieldUTUSALight3 secondsRed and blue light make tight S turn then shoot back over Wasatch Range7/26/02
6/15/02 23:00Lake PowellUTUSAFormation10 minutesDancing with the stars12/17/11
6/11/02 00:20KaysvilleUTUSAOther10 secondsGlowing Manta-ray Shaped Object Flies Over Kaysville on a Southwardly Course Parallel to Wasatch Mountains6/12/02
5/25/02 13:30ClearfieldUTUSALight5 minDot of light, varing in intensity, moving from West ot East7/26/02
5/22/02 03:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther20 minThree objects seen repeating formation below cloud cover by several witnesses6/12/02
5/15/02 04:25SandyUTUSALight1 minute +Three non-blinking stars moving across the sky from south to north in eastern part of sky at 4:25 a.m.6/12/02
5/10/02 00:36Salt Lake CityUTUSALight12 seconds3 lights in triangle formation over Salty Lake city7/1/02
4/24/02 07:30Salt Lake CityUTUSADiamond30 secondsVanishing UFOs5/14/02
4/13/02 11:00MagnaUTUSASphere30 minutesSaturday morning UFO's over Magna Utah.7/1/02
3/15/02 19:00LehiUTUSAChanging10 minutesIt was leaving a thick trail of smoke, steam or exhaust and was illuminated with white and red lights and making no noise.9/29/02
2/24/02 17:30SpringdaleUTUSATriangleone monthOn Feb. 24th, 2002 a report come into our offices of the Utah Ufo Investigations Team in St.George, Utah that two French hikers spotte3/19/02
2/21/02 14:13Salt Lake CityUTUSASphereaprox: 21 minSilvery Object Spotted over Salt Lake City during predicted UFO Fly-Over3/19/02
2/15/02 03:00Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle3 or 4 minutesDark, noiseless triangular shaped craft over SLC.9/28/02
2/8/02 22:00Park CityUTUSAOval2 minutes2002 Winter Olympics fireworks display at The Canyons Resort overhead I saw an object as large as a cruise ship floating above me3/4/22
1/12/02 21:00OremUTUSATeardrop3 min3 teardrop shaped crafts hovered in the sky changing color1/29/02
1/8/02 21:00ProvoUTUSAFireball40 secondsTwo fireballs streaked across the sky1/29/02
1/8/02 21:00OremUTUSAFireballabout 45 secondsTwo fireballs seen in UT1/29/02
12/2/01 22:00OremUTUSACigar5 minutesI saw a bright cigar shaped object changing colors in the sky, it was beautiful!1/11/02
10/15/01 10:00LaytonUTUSASphere1 minutepefect pace ;straight line;stopped dead in mid air hovered momentarily went straight up in clouds11/26/03
10/5/01 13:30ProvoUTUSACircle15 minutesWhite Floating object in Utah County10/12/01
9/27/01 20:00Arches National ParkUTUSADiskOn photoThe object (UFO) was seen only after developing the photos of my vacation to Southern Utah. The photo was taken at Arches National Par11/20/01
9/10/01 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle4-5 minutesBlack,Triangular shaped object appears in SLC.9/28/02
9/10/01 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle2:00 min.Triangle shaped UFO seen over the Salt Lake Valley.6/12/08
8/30/01 10:32Salt Lake CityUTUSACone1sec4 cone shaped lights (pictures of them) in group of 2s plus 2 possible aircraft.12/19/03
8/17/01 17:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight1 min1 brite lite moveing straite and disaperd8/20/01
7/28/01 03:00SandyUTUSAOval25/30 minutesI was unable to see this examples2/22/02
7/27/01 23:45HuntingtonUTUSALight2 minutestwo lights adjacent to each other going from west to east, looking light two pieces of space debris8/5/01
7/24/01 22:00ParowanUTUSALightThe kids wanted to see the milky way . We went outside to show them and we all saw shooting stars and one big long one. So we dicided t8/5/01
7/18/01 22:35Utah (South West)UTUSAUnknown41/2 to 5 minutesI was stargazing with a Meade Lx-50. As I was veiwing star clusters in the southeast section of the sky, what I thought to be a satelit8/5/01
6/5/01 03:30ProvoUTUSALight10 minutesStrange light sits above mountain, and disappears10/8/07
5/28/01 21:30MagnaUTUSACircleWe Saw 2 UFO'S By The Mountain8/5/01
5/24/01 22:21SandyUTUSALight20-30 secondsPatriotic. From white, to red, to blue.8/5/01
5/10/01 22:45TeasdaleUTUSATriangle10 minsIt was a black triangle moving across the night sky with 3 lights forming a triangle, when it banked and suddenly it was gone.8/5/01
4/28/01 03:20Salt Lake CityUTUSALightseven secondsAbove cloud layer radical course change.8/5/01
4/15/01 23:30Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk2 minutesMy husband and I were driving East on 2100 S.I saw a bright light by the mountain. I pointed to it and said, " What is tha...&quo1/4/19
4/2/01 09:00Green River (40 miles west of)UTUSATriangle30 secondsAurora contrail,with 2 triangular objects in the sky,where found in the picture by a friend4/28/01
3/29/01 13:49DraperUTUSAOtherUnknownUFO not seen at time of photograph - but was later viewed on picture!4/1/01
3/15/01 03:00UtahUTUSAOval8 secondswe saw a glowing ovalish ufo that followed us at 70 mph, we saw it with in inches!!!!!7/1/02
3/13/01 19:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown20 minutesHello I saw an object a few years ago and also took pictures .I was outside and saw a very bright object. At first I thought it might4/27/07
2/15/01 20:00Sandy CityUTUSACircle~30 secondsThe easiest way to describe the sighting is to get a windows 7 program start or open or re boot the program.If you are at the programs2/10/17
2/9/01 20:30KanabUTUSATriangle10 minutestriangular in shape, it had red white and blue lights on the back corners and a sigle yellow light in the front.2/18/01
12/28/00 17:51Monument ValleyUTUSAOther20 SEC.Adult male driving in a remote area of Monument Valley, southeastern UT, observed a star-sized blue-white light describing a path with2/18/01
10/28/00 19:00St. GeorgeUTUSAChanging10 minutesLarge object with sevsral satilites flying around it.12/2/00
10/19/00 07:40Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere2-3 minutesRound and metallic about 1/4 to 1/3 third the size of the planes they were were follwoing.12/2/00
9/28/00 20:00LaytonUTUSATriangle5 minutesBlack triangle shaped object, red and blue strobe-lit, two and-a-half miles east of HAFB, hovering at an altitude of 150-200 ft.12/2/00
9/23/00 20:53SandyUTUSATriangle20 secondsTriangular shaped, with an extremely white light all the way around it's borders.12/2/00
9/2/00 21:30OremUTUSAOther3 secondsFive connected lights moving in the direction of the point at an unearthly speed.9/17/00
8/16/00 22:50GrantsvilleUTUSAFireball10 SecondsGreen Ball with a trail of fire behind it.8/19/00
8/16/00 22:42Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball3-5 seconds08/16/00 22:42 hrs fireball from south to north salt lake county8/19/00
7/27/00 22:48SandyUTUSATriangle5-6 secondsCaught in binoculars: two glowing triangles cruising in formation in silence7/29/00
7/15/00 12:00VernalUTUSADisk1-3 minutesSilver disk.2/14/19
7/14/00 22:30TooeleUTUSAUnknownunknownI am reporting this information as secondhand only, but it sounded intriguing and was corroborated by two additional parties so I thoug7/23/00
7/9/00 18:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAOval13 minsThe ufo appeared to wobble in the sky moving very slowly North bound. I'm not sure how large the craft was. but it was a donut or ring 7/23/00
7/7/00 22:30St. GeorgeUTUSALight26minuteslights in the sky7/11/00
7/6/00 23:14Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther20 sec.a boomerang shaped object moving northwest to the southeast over salt lake city.7/11/00
7/1/00 16:00OgdenUTUSAOval2-3 secondsOur family was discussing the day’s events while driving in the car. 4 people in the car. My daughter and myself in the front seats. I8/5/12
6/27/00 22:00MoabUTUSACircle10 secondsAn adult female, camping in the Utah wilderness, reports she and a companion saw a bright light project a beam downward; mighttime, 10-12/2/00
6/26/00 22:00St. GeorgeUTUSALight20 minSmall non blinking lights flying with the stars7/11/00
6/25/00 22:40Salt Lake CityUTUSALight2 MinutesTwo white lights, blinking intermittently every 5-6 seconds. After 1 minute, they became dimmer, until we could no longer see them.7/11/00
6/23/00 22:45MagnaUTUSACircle1 minuteMe and My friends were sleeping outside when we saw a UFO.4/28/01
6/23/00 22:30MagnaUTUSACircleWe were Sleeping Outside When We Saw A UFO!8/5/01
6/20/00 00:00Willard BayUTUSALight20 mina bright orange light over honeyville ut7/11/00
6/17/00 22:52Spanish ForkUTUSASphere2 secondsWhile pulling out of my driveway I observe a pearl white sphere descending at an angle moving slower than a meteor.6/21/00
4/30/00 22:00LaytonUTUSATriangle60 secondsNoticed a off grey triangle shape object moving from south to north just above horizon.5/3/00
4/29/00 22:30OgdenUTUSACircle4 min.i seen a red ball like thing coming from south to north along the mountains.and it was moving realy fast.5/3/00
4/20/00 21:35ClearfieldUTUSAFormation3 to 5 min.Formation of small lights flying from South to North -- first two groups of 7 followed by 3, another of 14 and last of 7. Each group to4/26/00
4/20/00 21:35ClearfieldUTUSACircle5 minutes5 seperate appearances of round tinkerbell lights in the sky in chevron formation in sets of 7,7,3,14,7 flew overhead at amazing speed 4/26/00
4/20/00 21:23Magna (west of)UTUSALight1 secondAn Orange point of light. a Orange point of light came from over the great salt lake comming East swinging to it right (South) and then5/3/00
3/16/00 03:30MoabUTUSADisk2mini was walking to my friends house bu untile i saw a sauser.12/2/00
3/10/00 18:00PriceUTUSALight10 min.A large light the color of a freeway light (orange huge). observe with feild glasses. No noise as it continued South and blinked out.4/15/00
3/8/00 05:37MagnaUTUSADisk2 secondsYellowish White glowing disk, Dime size at arms length.3/1/04
3/6/00 03:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAOval2 minsseen about 1 mile away. had blue/white chaser lights at the bottom with a big red light on very bottom4/1/00
3/3/00 22:20OgdenUTUSALight5 minAt 22:20pm I could see two lights in the sky. They were flashing back and forth and then they would flicker and then go out and then r3/7/00
2/22/00 19:00OgdenUTUSALight40 secondsWe saw a bright, blue laser in the south east sky just to the left of orion for about 40 seconds before it was gone. 35 miles south is 2/27/00
1/20/00 13:30Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk10 minutesSaucer, 15' diameter, nw direction, no sound1/22/00
12/28/99 05:13Brigham CityUTUSAFireball30mingoing out side for a smoke we looked to the southwest and seen what we thought to be a plane but after looking at the lights for a time1/7/00
12/22/99 07:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormation5-7minthree gold lights in the shape of a triangle , the lights dimmed and disappeared then reappeared in an inverted v. the v shape then had1/7/00
10/25/99 12:18CorinneUTUSADisk15 secondsA bright white disk-shaped object flew in veiw.11/2/99
10/17/99 04:00MoabUTUSAFireball:05I saw it through the ceiling of my tent. It was brighter than anything in the sky. It was probably a large meteor or fireball as it i11/2/99
10/2/99 20:00St. George/HillUTUSADisk5-10min.My wife , my friend and I were sitting on my front pourch when we all noticed a very bright light in the sky that was projecting a cone10/19/99
9/20/99 05:30I-80 (eastbound, M.M. 48)UTUSACircle20 min.Object changed color, shape and size. Was aproched by jet,and shot out of view.10/2/99
9/17/99 16:30PaysonUTUSASphere8 secondsLarge mirror-like sphere observed streaking across the sky south of Payson, Utah3/16/01
9/11/99 20:10VernalUTUSAChevron5-6 minutesPilots at local airport watched unidentified craft for several minutes.10/2/99
9/5/99 21:33Cedar CityUTUSALight00:03flashing light high in sky.9/12/99
8/24/99 09:05SandyUTUSATriangle25 minsighting took place to the east of sandy city (suburb of slc) above the little cottonwood canyon. object seemed to float occasionally m8/30/99
8/15/99 23:50SalemUTUSAOther3 SecondsBluish-green, very bright flash of light toward the southeastern horizon.7/1/02
8/15/99 22:30Lake PowellUTUSAFireballseveral secondsA bright orange/red fireball fell to the horizon line from an uncommonly bright lighting of the sky.8/30/99
8/14/99 03:46Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle1.2 minutesSilent and stealty8/30/99
8/6/99 04:00TooeleUTUSALight3 to 5 minutessaw a light moving in random directions.....11/2/99
8/6/99 01:30OremUTUSATriangle15 minutesNoticed what first appeared to be an airplane in the sky, but never did change position, eventually it seemed to move farther away, or 8/30/99
8/2/99 00:15OremUTUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle flew overhead, low and steady, heading south.9/9/22
7/31/99 22:30Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk2 minuet10:30 pm. stepped out side for a break from work, saw two orange lights in the night sky. first thought was they were just 8/10/99
7/25/99 20:30SandyUTUSATriangleAbout 1 1/2 minutesA triangular black object with four lights on it flew about 50-100 feet above my home.8/5/01
7/23/99 23:00Cedar City/St. George (between)UTUSAOther5-10 min.Unknown object seen in sky, with lighted tail. Changed directions and altitude,rapidly. Had appx 30 meter tail that looked like "spark1/11/02
7/15/99 23:30Southern Utah (mouth of Muddy Creek)UTUSAFireball1 minute4 people witness a green flare-like "shooting star" that sends chills to this day as to its origins.....1/7/00
7/14/99 22:23Monument ValleyUTUSAFlash7 secondsA flash of neon green light "opened up" and remained opened for 5-6 seconds. It made no sound, and two seconds later, we heard a plan8/30/99
6/15/99 08:15Salt Lake City (west of)UTUSATriangle45 minsBetween 8:15 and 9:00 I saw an object that seemed to hover over the Ocuirrh mountains just west of Salt Lake or further out It started 7/5/99
6/7/99 21:50OremUTUSADiamond1 1/2 was a very bright light kind of like a diamond ring glareing that did'nt blink, the ship was diamond shaped and made a souring sort 6/23/99
6/1/99 01:00South JordanUTUSACircle1-2 secondsLarge Circular Object Appears and Disappears 'Into Thin Air'6/12/07
5/18/99 22:45Salt Lake City (south of)UTUSATriangle3 minlarge triangular craft came from the west - from the Oquirrh mountains - east toward SLC, then turned north on possible approach flight5/24/99
5/7/99 22:30RoyUTUSAChanging24:00On a walk saw a bright light. It was blinking. It moved slowly. It fadded in and out and changed color. Looked like a maple leaf that w6/23/99
4/18/99 02:00Wolf CreekUTUSAChanging40 minUinta Basin/Wolf creek UFO highly visible,low flying,40-45min sighting,eratic moves with no noise IMAGES9/17/00
4/15/99 04:30Wendover (76 miles north.& 50 miles south S.L.C.)UTUSAOval3/4 seccrested ridge,bright white flash,around a curve,observed object moveing north to south at aprox. 25,000 agl leval travel,2 secs.appeare8/5/01
3/20/99 16:00Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk30 secsObject emerged slowly from above intersection of two contrails (X) and came from SW direction. Contrails ran from NE to SW and from NNE4/26/99
3/17/99 20:30Salt Lake City (west of)UTUSACircle15 secondsWhile traveling east on I-80 outside Wendover NV. we noticed 4 circular and very bright yellow lights. Shortly after noticing this, th4/2/99
2/2/99 07:42St. GeorgeUTUSALight1 secondI was driving west when I observed a bright green light travelling at an incredible speed. It was heading down,right to left at a 45 d2/16/99
1/19/99 19:05ProvoUTUSASphere1 - 2 secondsObserved bright phosphorescent greenish tinted object fall in downward direction behind Maple Mountain which is east of Provo, Utah. G2/16/99
1/3/99 17:00Brigham City/Ogden (between)UTUSA8 minutessaw craft over Wasach Mts. Shape of an egg. Desended behind Mts. Momemts later saw bright flash like ark welder5/24/99
12/25/98 19:04Salt Lake City (south of)UTUSACircle3-4 secondsWe were traveling south on I-15 to Utah County from Salt Lake county and to the right as I watched incoming airplanes from the south I 2/16/99
11/28/98 16:30Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle5We were driving North to Salt Lake City from Sandy and spotted what at first I said was a helicopter. My friend disagreed and said that1/28/99
11/8/98 13:07Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireballWhile listening to Ground Zero witness saw blue/green fireball shoot over salt lake city. incident was reported on air11/19/98
10/19/98 21:35DeweyvilleUTUSASphere15secsMy son and I,were driving home going northbound along HWY39 we noticed a very bright large green sphericial object traveling east to no11/1/98
10/19/98 00:34VernalUTUSAUnknown2:00 hrs.We were Elk hunting when we saw what appeared to be a plane crashing. So we got in our truck and proceeded over the ridge to investigat11/19/98
10/12/98 07:00MurrayUTUSALight5 min.It was a red light in the north west sky. it rose very slowly for about three minetes and then droped down flashing red and white.To sl11/19/98
10/1/98 00:00LoganUTUSATrianglea few minutesWe saw 5 triangular objects moving at high altitude to the south, circling each other like small birds.7/5/99
9/18/98 22:25Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle10-12 secondsBlack (flush w/night sky) triangle craft flew directly overhead. This craft produced no sound. The only reasons we could identify the9/26/98
9/15/98 04:00Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere2 to 3 secUPDATE: Sept 15,98 sighting, MUFON report3/2/04
9/15/98 04:00Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere2,3 secA solid Spherical object appears over one of the building and the Westminster College in Salt Lake City.2/16/00
9/1/98 20:00ThompsonUTUSAFormationfive minutesInfra red to ultra violet five rainbow colored lights in a straight line strobing in sequence left to right.then moving off quickly.12/23/02
8/15/98 02:00LoganUTUSATriangle2 MinutesTriangular craft with an odd luminescence coming from the bottom of the craft. It made no sound.6/4/04
7/20/98 01:00Ogden (northeast of)UTUSADisk15 minutesPast Ogden exit, hw-82 going east. Saw Ufo above trees on our right about 3,000 yards away.11/21/98
6/25/98 10:15Moab (near, in Arches National Park)UTUSALightone hourWe were on vacation in Arches National Park, watching a satellite and shooting stars on an exceptionally dark, clear night. Then, in t11/21/98
6/1/98 21:30WendoverUTUSATriangle10minutesHuge dark Triangle in West desert sky3/4/08
5/23/98 12:00MoabUTUSAFireball5 minWhat I saw was I large fire ball going across the sky. I was there for about 5 minutes then vanished behind a cloud.7/5/99
5/20/98 22:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAChevron4 secondsBlack bat-shaped object flying low, and slow, and silent, with no lights.1/24/14
5/20/98 02:00Hill AFBUTUSAChevron15 minSaw a large V shaped craft, craft made no sound what so ever.9/2/05
5/17/98 23:30Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle10 sec. 2 timesMy father was outside looking at stars, and he came in to get me. He told me that he had seen three lights go across the sky at a very 1/28/99
4/15/98 22:00MagnaUTUSALightThey looked like stars, but they moved incredibly fast across the sky, first two in unison opposite each other, then the other one look1/28/99
3/5/98 16:00Spanish ForkUTUSATriangle15 minutesthe craft hovered above a neighbors house about 150ft up then began to move away until it got about 2 miles and then hovered again for 1/28/99
11/10/97 20:00OremUTUSATriangle1 minBlack object moving slowly from North to South.1/28/99
10/30/97 00:00Ophir MountainUTUSACircle10 minutesOn or about October1997 at approximately 12 a.m. in the morning we were hunting in an area that we always go it's in the town of ophir12/1/19
10/21/97 22:00BluffUTUSALight1 minutefollowing a green fireball, a red light appeared on Comb Ridge.2/18/01
10/13/97 05:00Ogden/ClintonUTUSACircle3 hoursMy husband woke me up to see this. It is hard to describe because it was inside a cloud. It had an outer ring of triangular lights that8/5/01
10/13/97SandyUTUSALightA bright light spotted over the Great Salt Lake.4/1/01
9/25/97 22:00ClearfieldUTUSATriangle60-90 secondsWe observed a low flying craft (aprox.100yards up ) hovering over head and moving in a westerly direction. The movement was slow.1/28/99
8/15/97 22:30ClearfieldUTUSATriangle10-15 secondsLow flying, Silent, triangular with four lights, One steady light on each rounded corner and one swirling light in the center.3/16/00
8/1/97 22:30HurricaneUTUSALight2 secsA brilliantly green streaking fireball.1/28/99
7/28/97 15:00Pete's Hole (near, a small lake in the Manti LaSal forest)UTUSATriangle12 minA triangle shaped craft moved in over the tree tops and stood motionless for approx. 1 minute. It then moved about in a jerky manner i1/28/99
7/23/97 21:30Tooele (near)UTUSALight1 minuteLarge orange light with a tail fanning out.After seeing for about one minute it slowlyfaded away. Resembled Comet Hale-Bopp.1/28/99
7/14/97 15:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther10 min.While on the roof of our 26 floor condominium building we saw what appeared to be a cloud or haze moving across the sky at about the sa1/28/99
6/26/97 23:05Wendover (approx. 20 miles E of Nv. I-80)UTUSADisk35 sec.Object flew towards us from S.E. and then parallel to us at 75 mph. Appox. 8 lights on outer circumference of disk shape, only lights v10/12/01
6/15/97 17:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther10 minI was taking a walk near an elementary school and decided to sit down. It was the evening, but the sky was still bright. I was looking4/22/03
6/1/97 22:00Park CityUTUSACircle10-20secVery low flying, completly silent, lights flashing, in the middle of town and able to hover perfectly in one position.2/14/06
5/27/97 23:00HuntingtonUTUSALightabout 6sec.I'm 15 years old and this happened about a year ago but I just foundthis place to submit it. Me and my friend were sleeping in my backy3/7/98
5/10/97 00:25Provo/Orem/Salt Lake CityUTUSAlight2 minsSaw a white yellowish light performing vertical and horizontial maneouvers in the northern sky. At one point it elongated itself and m1/28/99
3/13/97 05:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther~40 secondsbright object, star like, motionless, thenrapid acceleration to SE/SSE1/28/99
3/1/97 05:00ClintonUTUSACircle4 hours1997 Ufo in Ogden Utah area, I was standing under it it was huge!2/24/01
1/24/97 19:00AltaUTUSAOther3 hours plusA "moving star" similar to a satellite stopped, hovered, and darted around for over 3 hours. A telescope revealed a round shape. I 3/7/98
1/16/97 18:00MoabUTUSAOther3 min.Very bright stationary object approx. 30 horizon. Emitted triangular yellow greenlight, modulating from flood to spot beam. T3/7/98
8/1/96 12:00SandyUTUSALight5 minutesBright blue light against a blue cloudless sky, at high noon.5/2/03
7/15/96 00:35BountifulUTUSATriangle20 secondsWitnessed A Black Triangle Craft Over Utah6/12/08
6/30/96 00:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle2-3 minswired hypnsis wheel lights on craft10/10/11
6/20/96 20:00KanabUTUSAFireball3 minutesi was at a trailer park by the edge of the K hill call the K hill because it has a K on it for kanab. I was getting my 7 month old son 7/26/02
5/28/96 23:10MindonUTUSACylinder1-2 sec.Young woman sees a "bright green cylinder, illuminated from within" go streaking across the sky. Disappears behind Hogsback Mtn.11/2/99
4/1/96 19:00Monument ValleyUTUSALight45 secondsrun off road by bright light, Monument Valley Utah6/4/04
1/7/96 11:30St. GeorgeUTUSA2 sec.11/3/05
1/7/96 21:00LoganUTUSA15 min.Report of green laser beam, probably emanating from the Dept. of Physics at Utah State University.11/21/10
11/12/95 23:20RoyUTUSATriangle10 MinutesAt 11:20 PM as I saw a triange shaped object with 7 red lights moving slowly to the south.1/28/99
10/7/95 19:15West Valley CityUTUSAYoung woman & boyfriend witness "a black obj,...a round black disc w/ a dome," move slowly overhead. Suddenly disappeared.11/2/99
9/25/95 06:01Salt Lake CityUTUSA8 sec.FAA controller reports seeing bright red/orange obj. streaking E to W in S sky 20 deg. above horizon. Left straight,glowing trail.11/2/99
9/23/95 21:45Delta (65 miles SW of)UTUSAFlash15 minutesHuge flashing someting passed overhead. It lit about 1/3 of the sky. It flashed like a strobe light at about 4 second intervals.8/5/01
9/13/95 04:25MidvaleUTUSAMan witnesses multi-colored obj. moving relative to nearby stars. Appeared to have two smaller objects on each side of it.11/2/99
9/11/95 16:25Salt Lake CityUTUSA1 minuteFAA controller, 5 airline employees witness 6 very bright objects streaking N to S in western sky. No radar returns.! Exclnt report!!11/2/99
8/26/95 15:42ProvoUTUSA3 min.UFO investigator witnesses bright, silver/white object approach over nearby mountains in approx. 5 seconds, hover for 2-3 minutes.11/2/99
8/18/95 15:00Salt Lake CityUTUSA25 min.Father & son witness peculiar, silver-colored obj. moving N to S in daytime sky. Moved very slowly.11/2/99
8/10/95 21:00PanguitchUTUSALight10 minutes5 or 6 "Stars" zigzagging around the Ursa Major. Observed by 41 year old male and 40 year old female, both of us stone cold sober.9/24/03
7/24/95 21:00TooeleUTUSAUnknown20 minutesOrange lights near the Tooele Army Depot.7/8/04
7/12/95 04:00Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk20 minsi saw what i saw, i cant deny what my eyes have seen and unless i can speak to the source will never know the truth.11/8/03
7/1/95 02:00TaylorsvilleUTUSAOval15 secondsSaw ufo with lights about 200 feet above moving from south to north.12/19/19
6/15/95 02:00WashingtonUTUSAUnknown3 MinutesA red glow lighting up low lying clouds. After a few moments the glow got more clear and about a dozen red lights in no noticable arran9/26/98
6/11/95 19:30OgdenUTUSA2 min.Golfer observes round, silver-gray obj. size of small car moving across face of mtn. Flies up 3 ravines, ascends, disappears.11/2/99
6/11/95 19:30FarmingtonUTUSAFAA Controller calls to relay sighting report of "shiny, round object" witnessed on 11JN95 over Ogden, UT.11/2/99
12/31/94 22:00OremUTUSA5 minutesMan & wife, and four neighbors witnessed a strange ball of red, orange, and white light for 5 min.. Left trail11/20/01
8/4/94 19:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight1 hourCylinder of motionless lights in the sky seen over mine10/28/02
3/3/94 23:00Moab (south of)UTUSATriangleone full minuteRotating triangle of lights south of Moab.8/5/01
1/14/94 07:10MidvaleUTUSADisk1 minIn Midvale, Utah in the early morning3/21/03
7/4/93 23:45Tooele CityUTUSASphere90 seconds4 intense glowing green "Stop-light" type orbs holding tight diamond formation. Not Fireworks...6/18/98
6/1/93Salt Lake CityUTUSAEgga few secondsThe late nite sighting10/12/01
9/21/92 22:00DuchesneUTUSALightseveral minutesA green light descending from the sky12/12/09
8/11/92 02:40Scofield ReservoirUTUSAChanging15 minutesMore details are in my mind,but I almost can remember them…1/31/11
1/6/92 20:00Windover (near)UTUSAEgg2 minutesI may have met Ezekiel’s “wheels within wheels"1/17/04
4/15/91 10:00MoabUTUSADiamond1 minuteOne morning while hiking in some mountains in Utah two friends and I saw a large, diamond-shaped, unidentified flying object.5/15/06
8/1/90 12:00ClearfieldUTUSADisk1 minutewhile friend and I was going to sizzler to lunch something, near Hill AirForce Base caught my attention, something was going straight u1/7/00
7/15/90 04:30Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk30 minWhile sitting on the top of a mountain something disk? rose from a group of trees,flew up straight ubove me,stopped,changed direction a11/17/99
6/15/89 18:15OremUTUSAFormation20 minutes12 BLUE FORMATIONS APPEAR1/29/02
4/1/89 00:00Utah/Idaho border north of Tremonton UtahUTUSADisk15 minutesI saw a six story high, one block long flying saucer sitting on the Utah/Idaho border that silently disappeared when my car approached.7/25/19
2/27/89 23:00Eastern border (West of, on I-70)UTUSAUnknown10 minutesAn unknown shaped object about the size of a locomotive engine moving at very high speeds without lights. It was "hugging" the highway9/6/02
10/22/88 23:16Green RiverUTUSACone11 minutesTop shaped object /light sitting in the night sky right in front of me2/14/08
8/6/87 03:30Crescent Junction (two ranch exits east of on I-70)UTUSAOther?very strange ground activity. possibly military. a very large amount of activity going on in total darkness.10/19/99
4/17/87 12:00American ForkUTUSAFormation10 minutesAbout a dozen objects flew in a diamond formation (from our perspective) from the north overhead to the south.8/30/99
8/15/86 13:30OgdenUTUSACigar15 minutesEarly afternoon siting of cigar shapped object, August 1986, Pineview Reservour, Ogden Utah12/14/04
8/30/85 21:30RivertonUTUSACigar15Noticed a green light coming from the West Mountains directly over Kennecott copper mine.9/2/15
5/10/85 06:00MagnaUTUSASphere15 seconds25' mirror ball traveling 60' up at 300 mph on a clear morning. passed about 100 feet from us .11/21/10
10/15/84 01:00DuchenneUTUSADisk10+minI know they exist it was on ground and it was not from here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!9/2/05
8/15/84 01:00LoganUTUSACylinder10 minuteA brief description of three separate UFO sightings and encounters.4/29/16
1/8/84 22:00St. GeorgeUTUSAFormation1 minuteEight lights all different colors traveling accross the sky in a uneven V formation with small vapor trails.5/11/05
4/30/83 09:00LehiUTUSAUnknown15 seconds"Clear , Jellyfish" type object4/27/04
10/21/82 23:30OremUTUSATriangle2 minuteswhile noticing the stars over my head disappear in the shape of a triangle three lights became visable and a center docking entrance,as10/10/11
7/1/82 01:00MonticelloUTUSAUnknown1 minuteim not exactly sure what the date was but we were sleeping out on the lawn. saw a object zig zagging across the sky. it would appear to9/19/02
8/15/81 07:00JensenUTUSACylinder6 min.I saw something in the Utah sky in 1981. It's a relief to tell someone!7/29/10
8/11/81 18:49MurrayUTUSAUnknown1 hourTrue account of abduction.8/5/01
10/15/80 14:00SandyUTUSASphere1min.Unidentified flying objects Investigations11/21/10
7/15/80 23:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight30 secondsBright starlike object over oil refinery in SLC zig zag over mountainside & went straight up at high speed1/11/02
5/20/80 12:30Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere45 minStationary silver ball very high in daytime May 1980 observed approximately 45 minutes.10/12/01
5/1/80 12:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACylinderAbout an hourSomething in the Sky over Sugarhouse Park, Salt Lake City - Utah4/27/07
5/1/80 12:00Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere20 minutesStationary weather balloon May 1980 Salt Lake City , daytime 20 minutes .7/5/19
7/14/79 22:30Park CityUTUSACircle3 - 4 minutesMultiple lights gather and rotate around a center light, rotating faster and creating a circle light, a single light, then disappeared9/9/22
1/15/79 20:30Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle20 secenormous triangle gliding silently overhead4/16/05
8/24/78 23:00Arches National ParkUTUSARectangle10 minutesFour continuous distinct rectangular colors of light (red, blue, white, yellow) moving across the craft left to right.7/3/20
8/15/78 18:00ProvoUTUSADisk20 secondsI realize that it has been 30 years since our sighting (my wife and I)but. hopefully it will be of use to you... we drove to Provo cany8/12/08
6/15/77 13:00Cedar City (east of)UTUSATriangle15 secIt was long getting larger from front to back, black,50 feet up and made no noise.4/27/04
10/21/76 21:00St. George (UT) to Las Vegas (NV)UTUSALight30 minutesA Bright red light in the southwestern sky approx. 45 degrees above the horizon.2/16/99
6/1/76 01:00MidvaleUTUSAChevron15-30 secondsBoomerang shaped set of lights over Midvale Utah.3/19/09
8/15/75 00:00Brigham City (west of)UTUSADisk5-8 minutesOrange glowing Saucer terrorized Cowboy his cowdog and four horses.weeks later a rangefire in spot where saucer last seen.12/23/13
7/1/75 03:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight5 or 6 secs.Light streaked across the horizon faster than any jet aircraft.4/27/04
10/27/74 21:00EastlandUTUSASphere1 hourAt the time this was happening, I told myself that no one will ever convince me that this did not happen, ever!7/26/02
8/20/74 23:45DeltaUTUSADisk10 secondsThree spectacular sightings. Two diamond shaped formations (4 each) about 30 seconds or a minute apart. An hour later 8 discs flying si8/10/99
10/30/73 04:00Green River (20 miles west of on I-70)UTUSADisk15 secondsMothership coming in for a landing!8/12/08
10/30/73 04:00Green RiverUTUSADisk15 secondsmothership... coming in for a landing made the valley glow red... caused me to stop on I-70 to let it pass...8/12/08
7/13/73 23:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAOval15 minShocking soft green lights floating in my yard.8/16/21
3/7/73 13:00RichfieldUTUSACigar47 years hounsdreds of tiMy life being being taken.10/4/19
7/1/72 19:00Provo (south of)UTUSADisk20-30 min.1972,Utah-small bright cloud,I'm driving south realize cloud is moving,suddenly cloud turnsinto silver saucer and shoots across desert.3/7/98
7/1/72 12:00Salt LakeUTUSAOval45 secondsa real event12/14/04
6/16/72 18:30Provo (south of)UTUSADiskseveral min.Strange bright cloud moved with car for several miles, then zipped off as silver saucer.4/2/99
7/15/70 11:00ProvoUTUSADiskUnknownBy triangulating you may come to it being over area 51 north of Las Vegas.5/29/11
7/10/69 12:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle35minsthe craft were moving very slowly and was low just over the top of buildings.9/15/05
7/1/68 20:45Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle2 minReddish ball shaped objects.10/31/03
6/20/68 07:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight3 secsUtah U F O3/11/06
5/15/68 21:00ProvoUTUSASphere5 minutesfiery yellow-white orb hovered just above the ground in back yard of home just west of I-15 in Provo, Utah3/6/01
6/15/67 20:30Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk1or2 min.In June of 1967 while waiting in our car to get into a drive-in movie a saucer shaped craft hovered between us and the Wasatch Mountain1/28/99
7/15/65 21:00OgdenUTUSACircle4-5 hoursCircular object following aircraft then landing on mountain top.12/14/17
9/15/64 02:00Crescent JunctionUTUSADisk5 min =/-Four discs, glowing white, shifting about, zipped off FAST when military jets came roaring out of nowhere.9/2/05
8/1/64 17:00Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk~5 minutesMyself, my mother and my 2 sisters noticed a silver disk ~1/2 mile straight overhead. We watched for a few minutes and then it shot12/19/19
6/30/63 13:00Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk2 minSAUCER5 SHAPED AND SILVER10/30/06
6/1/61 00:00AlpineUTUSADisk45 minutesThis sighting was in the early 1960s when I was 14 and had not heard of ufos yet, but watched it with friends for about 45 minutes.3/18/14
6/1/60Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk5 minI saw the craft in daylight hoovering over me. I viewed it for several moments and then it went straight up at an incredible speed, to3/6/01
7/11/58 23:00UTUSADisk30 minutesHi Peter, l listened to you on coast to coast tonight and have heard this story a few times from a distant friend when l lived in Utah4/27/04
7/15/57 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk15 min5 Silver Saucers flying from over the Salt Lake, and flying over the Oquirah Mountains towards Dugway4/30/04
6/5/56Salt Lake CityUTUSACircleDon't care if anyone believes, but I know what I saw and I know what I heard. I was about 13 years of age, about l956, sitting on my b10/31/08
12/15/52Dugway (in the vicinity of)UTUSAUSAF pilot cadet encounters a UFO while on a night instrument training flight.6/25/20
1/1/52Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknownUnknownMy great-uncle was certain he saw 2 UFOs over the Wasatch Mountains in the early 1950s.10/31/03
7/10/51 23:30ProvoUTUSADisk30 minutesObserved a gray, saucer shaped object for 30 minutes, clear blue sky, no clouds, hover, move slowly, and accelerate out of sight.6/13/02
6/15/50 03:00Sugar HouseUTUSAUnknownUnknownI am 72 and this started when I was 5-6 and continued through different parts of my life with different events. I have put it off becau7/3/15
6/30/44 10:00Ft. Duschene (near)UTUSADisk10 minutesWoman, 20s, sees round object near Ft. Duchesne, UT5/15/13
14:00Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk20 seconds6 white bright saucers flying high, no sound in a triangle formation at great speeds.2/14/14
05:00Ogden/ClintonUTUSACircle3 hoursMy husband woke me up to see this. It is hard to describe because it was inside a cloud. It had an outer ring of triangular lights that12/23/13
West Valley CityUTUSA((NUFORC Note: Witness does not provide any information. PD))7/5/18
unknownnoneUTUSATriangle15 mintriangular craft sigtings in utah8/5/01