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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/4/19 22:08 Cheyenne WY Triangle ~15 seconds 2 triangular crafts with 3 light blue lights gliding over country side in Cheyenne, WY 3/14/19
2/6/19 18:30 Riverton WY Sphere 1 minute Driving South toward Riverton, saw 8-10 lights off different colors (orange, blue, green). They were moving North and at varied altitud 2/7/19
2/1/19 20:00 Gillette WY Circle Hours With binoculars. Multi colored if you’ve ever seen fireworks when they explode in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 2/7/19
1/8/19 03:00 Fontenelle WY Sphere 4 hours I watched and took pitchers of several bright white fireball looking craft moving back and fourth a distance of 15 miles and hovering. 1/11/19
12/24/18 18:35 Riverton WY Formation 6 minutes 7 lights in motion; not aircraft. 1/4/19
11/11/18 17:58 Evanston WY Circle 18:00 When I said, "Hello," the craft stopped and lit up. 11/24/18
9/2/18 22:20 Cheyenne WY Formation 10 minutes Multi colored lights over northern Cheyenne. ((anonymous report)) 9/13/18
8/14/18 20:15 Glenrock WY Sphere 30 White Sphere in Southern Sky over Glenrock 8/17/18
6/19/18 03:25 Moose WY Disk Unk Disc-shaped object over Grand Tetons in Wyoming. 7/5/18
6/6/18 21:00 Green River WY Light Ongoing Unnatural movement of extremely bright star-like light. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a planet?? PD)) 6/15/18
5/15/18 03:30 Jackson Hole WY Sphere 15 seconds Six glowing white orbs followed by six glowing red orbs traveling at high rate of speed, south to north along mountain summit. 5/31/18
5/11/18 01:00 Glendo (15 miles S of; I-25) WY Triangle 5 minutes Driving north 15 miles before Glendo on I-25 I witnessed a triangle shaped crafs hovering above me. I woke my daughter to confirm. 5/15/18
4/23/18 22:00 Cody WY Light 20:00 Two large bright flashing lights seen to the W and NW of Cody. Unnatural movement; near simultaneous disappearance.((anonymous rept.)) 4/26/18
2/21/18 03:45 Big Horn WY Flash 5 minutes Big Horn flash along mountains. 2/22/18
2/16/18 01:15 Cheyenne WY Light 2 hours Stationary lights that looked like a sideways no. 8. 2/22/18
1/21/18 14:05 Cody WY Circle Ongoing With a spotting scope we could see it was bright white round with six round brighter lights on one side. It has stayed in the sky movi 1/25/18
1/19/18 19:15 Cheyenne WY Sphere 5 minutes Large teal green orbs in formation. 1/25/18
1/4/18 19:00 Riverton WY Sphere 20 seconds A strange orb appeared to be following my car. 1/25/18
1/4/18 13:00 In-flight sighting WY Oval 7-8 minutes Enormous craft, seen by 4 people, at 55,000 ft, from the window of a private plane. 8/10/18
12/28/17 03:00 Cheyenne WY Changing 3 hours Bright moving light that flashed came to a stop and gree into a line of lights and had smaller red orbs coming off of it 1/12/18
12/14/17 20:10 Laramie (Harmony Lane) WY Fireball Mere seconds Looking due E by SE (approx. 30 miles). Large multi-colored fireball. Green, Red, Yellow. ((anonymous report)) 12/21/17
12/14/17 19:50 Lusk WY Fireball <30 seconds I was driving in the town of Lusk and noticed a falling object that appeared to be on fire. Object appeared very large and close. Loo 12/21/17
12/9/17 20:30 Shoshoni (outside of; towards Riverton) WY Formation 5-10 minutes Formation of 15-20 lights all in a row blinking blue and red. Moving across the sky. ((anonymous report)) 12/10/17
12/9/17 20:30 Powell WY Formation 10 minutes Red blinking lights stretched across the night sky. 12/10/17
12/9/17 16:45 Cheyenne WY Circle 1 minutes Sitting at a red light and im looking at light waiting for it turn green. And this Round object with bunch of mini pastel lights flotin 12/10/17
10/28/17 20:00 Cody and Wapiti (between) WY Fireball 10 seconds There were fireballs coming down. ((anonymous report)) 11/3/17
10/15/17 20:15 Douglas WY Sphere 3 minutes 2 of my friends and I were standing on my balcony smoking a cigarette, when we all saw this extremely bright orb or sphere slowly come 10/19/17
10/4/17 02:30 Casper WY Unknown 1 7 foot tall, 'Grey', Casper, Wyoming, paid no attention to me. 10/19/17
7/26/17 21:50 Buffalo WY Circle 2-3 minutes My wife and I was laying in bed and watching the stars in the bighorn mountains at our cabin. All the sudden from the southwest of the 8/4/17
7/17/17 21:00 Cody WY Cylinder 30 seconds Craft heading Northeast at a high rate of speed. No sound; daylight out; must have been very big, and very fast. 7/23/17
7/13/17 04:00 Pinedale WY Sphere
Star-like orb flashing colors in night sky. 7/23/17
6/1/17 11:00 Buford WY Sphere 15 seconds June 1, 2017 Veedauwoo Recreation area (6 miles west of Buford, Wyoming in the Medicine Bow National Forest) I was photographing a thic 7/23/17
2/26/17 20:06 Cody WY Fireball 4 seconds I was driving my car to Walmart and as I went around the bend I spotted a green Fireball falling from the sky it appeared to be very cl 3/10/17
2/19/17 05:15 Elk Mountain WY Unknown 2 seconds I deliver mail for my job from salt lake city to denver and back again. Same route weekly, but this week was different. The sky was par 2/22/17
2/18/17 20:45 Buford WY Circle 15 minutes Heading westbound on I-25, light seen moving at speed, disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Venus. PD)) 3/10/17
2/18/17 20:45 Buford WY Circle 15 minutes Huge, white lighted object seen from Buford, WY, moving at high speed and disappearing. 3/10/17
1/1/17 01:15 Cody WY Fireball 1-2 seconds Very bright flash from south to north; disappeared long before north horizon. 1/6/17
11/30/16 21:00 Riverton (outside of) WY Circle 15 minutes Seen two circular objects south of residence looked like that were communicating with flashing lights for about ten minutes then one to 12/5/16
11/10/16 23:00 Casper WY Chevron 15 seconds V-shape, 7 red lights moving extremely fast from N to S. It didn't make noise, but then again it looked like it was about 60000 ft up. 4/5/18
10/19/16 20:30 Rawlins WY Light 1.5 hours + This object has been in the NE sky for over an hour and hasn't moved. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 10/21/16
10/10/16 01:20 Lovell WY Triangle 5 seconds Translucent looking triangle object, no sound. 10/11/16
10/1/16 19:30 Glenrock WY Disk 25 minutes Disc object southwest of Glenrock, Wy. 10/11/16
10/1/16 06:00 Recluse WY Light 1.5 hours A bright color changing light in night sky. Flying at high speed, in all directions. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD)) 10/13/16
9/10/16 21:25 Cheyenne WY Other 1-2 minutes Taking a smoke break in front of my house, was watching a satellite traveling east to west, looked in south/south east direction and im 9/15/16
9/4/16 09:30 Buffalo WY Rectangle 30 seconds I was driving down I-25 about 20 miles south of Buffalo. I witnessed a 5 ft black, tulip shape craft hovering about 30 ft off the grou 9/9/16
8/29/16 09:30 Cody WY Other 0.5 hour Two silver/white objects. Generally stationary but appeared to ascend occasionally. 9/2/16
8/21/16 10:58 Gillette WY Circle 2 minutes Was driving mid morning and saw 6 spheres flying together and moving around each other. They were shiny and silver looking. 8/25/16
8/14/16 16:30 Saratoga WY Sphere 20 ((HOAX??)) Riding bikes in the desert. We pulled off of a dirt road and went up into the woods a little ways. ((anonymous report)) 8/16/16
8/8/16 22:15 Sheridan WY Fireball 54 seconds Glowing ball of light moved slowly across sky 8/9/16 in UFO in Sheridan, WY. 8/16/16
7/30/16 20:00 Veduawoo WY Sphere 20+ Clear, white spherical shape, reflected sunlight. Ascended toward outer atmosphere. ((anonymous report)) 8/4/16
7/26/16 21:05 Sheridan WY Circle :20 White circular doughnut-like object with flashing red and white lights slowly moving up and away 8/2/16
3/19/16 01:30 Cody WY Other 10 minutes Two silver glinting objects move purposefully in the clear blue sky above Cody Wy. 3/24/16
1/1/16 00:30 Thermopolis WY Triangle 30 minutes One black triangle shaped ufo hovering with flashing different colored lights on all 3 sides of object. 1/14/16
10/18/15 21:15 Cody WY Triangle 8 seconds V-shaped aircraft with underglow in Cody, WY. 10/29/15
10/13/15 22:35 Rock Springs WY Formation 5-10 seconds 2 sightings of close packed V-shaped group of lights similar to satellites flying across the sky. 10/16/15
9/12/15 21:45 Cheyenne WY Formation 5 seconds A dozen light very close together moving at a very high rate of speed. 9/17/15
8/5/15 20:25 Torrington WY Sphere 5 minutes Same as last night. Bright ball of light between 5,000-10,000 feet. It is 10 times the size of a communication satellite. 8/6/15
8/4/15 22:30 Torrington WY Sphere 3 minutes It's back again in the last week by itself. 8/6/15
8/3/15 22:10 Casper WY Cigar 4 seconds Orangeish-yellow cigar shaped craft flying faster than anything I've seen. 8/13/15
8/1/15 22:00 Torrington WY Sphere 5 minutes One large bright light split into two. 8/6/15
8/1/15 02:30 Evanston WY Oval 20 minutes About at around 2:30, I saw a light shaped like a hamburger in the middle of my windshield. ((anonymous report)) 12/30/16
7/26/15 21:45 Beloit WY Fireball 5 minutes Four orange spheres seen traveling east to west at 9:45 in Beloit, WI. 7/31/15
6/19/15 22:00 Laramie WY Light 2 hours Light spotted in the plains. 6/24/15
6/18/15 22:30 Torrington WY Sphere 10 minutes Large, bright, slow-moving ball in eastern Wyoming. 6/24/15
6/18/15 15:00 Cheyenne WY Formation ongoing Witnessed a object made up of like six little lights, so bright it lit up everything. 6/19/15
6/11/15 10:30 Casper WY Light 30 minutes My children and I witnessed the bright lights over Casper over the course of half an hour. 6/15/15
5/28/15 21:00 Cheyenne WY Light 2 minutes Blueish purple light that zig-zagged across the night sky. 6/5/15
4/29/15 19:15 Chugwater WY Other 7 minutes The family was on a bike ride we noticed a black object that was not moving. Hovering over a mountain outside between Chugwater WY and 5/8/15
4/25/15 14:00 Lander WY Disk 1 second Black oval shape caught on video flying overhead. 4/30/15
2/23/15 10:50 Casper WY Fireball on cy rd I was driving home from my mom house and saw something gliding passed the moon shade in the sky and notice that it was redis orange col 3/6/15
1/31/15 19:25 Evanston WY Light 15 minutes 2 Orange-White ORBS flying southwest WYOMING into UTAH. 2/6/15
1/1/15 06:30 Rozet WY Sphere 5 seconds Bright green meteor. 1/7/15
12/1/14 10:00 Sheridan WY Other 5 minutes Bright Light U.F.O.. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail?? PD)) 12/12/14
11/9/14 03:00 Casper WY Unknown 60 seconds Loud missile noise. Seemed impossibly localized. 11/14/14
11/1/14 22:00 Sheridan WY Sphere Less than one half hour. Two U.F.O observed first. Then Three , Then more. Six in total. Had to have been Space Craft with all of the manuevers. 11/6/14
10/23/14 01:30 GreenRiver WY Triangle 5 minutes My friend and I arrived into town from salt lake city at about 1:30 am. When we parked the vehicle and stepped out we looked up at the 11/6/14
10/18/14 21:15 Cody WY Triangle 8 seconds V-shaped aircraft with underglow in Cody, WY. 10/29/15
10/3/14 17:00 Ehete WY Circle 1-2 minutes Objects left a trail. 10/10/14
8/19/14 07:40 Yellowstone National Park WY Teardrop 10 seconds Saw and heard two objects fly across Grebe Lake in Yellowstone N.P. at an amazing speed with a strange sound. 9/5/14
8/16/14 17:05 Cheyenne WY Triangle 1 minute Small white triangle-shaped object. 8/22/14
8/12/14 22:15 Dubois WY Other 15 High speed streaks of light that approach and surround a main light that traveled along the ridge from east to west. It stopped and hov 8/15/14
8/12/14 22:00 Dubois WY Light 25 We were watching the night sky and one person spotted a light rising above the skyline and disappear so we all started watching and it 8/15/14
8/11/14 19:45 Evanston WY Cone 2 minutes Ice cream cone shaped object in the sky. 8/15/14
7/30/14 13:00 Hulett (Devils Tower) WY
? Girlfriend and I were on vacation, went to Devil's tower. I took several photos with my I pad. The photos were taken one right after an 8/8/14
7/26/14 23:10 Cheyenne WY Triangle 5 seconds 7/26/14 Cheyenne, WY 11:10pm--Saw 5 lights in the saw in a triangular shape chasing a meteorite with a pinkish hue. 8/1/14
7/9/14 13:00 Dubois (South of; on Hwy 26) WY Cylinder 1 second Perfectly circular holes in object on cloud. 9/5/14
5/25/14 20:00 Rock Springs (35 miles north of) WY Light 3-4 hours Dancing lights in formation at times-pulsating light dim out and reappear - 3-4 hours. 6/6/14
5/24/14 22:00 Rock Springs WY Light ~5 minutes While driving home, I observed 3 orange lights floating over the interstate. 6/4/14
4/17/14 18:00 Yellowstone North Entrance WY Circle 45 minutes An orb was seen along with red light at the North Entrance to YellowstoneNational Park. 4/18/14
4/15/14 23:00 Thermopolis WY Triangle 5 minutes Around 11 pm my husband and I stepped out onto our porch so I could have a cigarette We observed 3 bright lights,strobe like, set up i 7/17/15
2/25/14 18:35 Evanston WY Light 10 minutes 8 ORANGE orbs seen flying in single file formation about 750ft up. 5/2/14
2/25/14 02:20 Casper WY Circle 30 minutes The fastest most nimble flying whatever I have ever seen. 2/27/14
1/23/14 23:00 Fort Washakie WY Light 1 hour Observed a still standing white silver red light blinking. 1/30/14
12/11/13 18:25 Powell WY Chevron ~10 seconds Bright flashes in north sky... 12/12/13
12/9/13 18:30 Buffalo WY Light 30 minutes Re-occurring for last month hovering light with 30 min duration, descends below mnt horizon . ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 12/12/13
12/7/13 01:00 Laramie WY Sphere 30 minutes Bright orange sphere sitting in same spot for long time. 1/10/14
11/7/13 01:45 Casper WY Chevron 2-3 seconds Unexplained over Casper. 11/11/13
10/23/13 21:15 Alcova WY Light 7 seconds A mysterious shooting star heads straight for our car but dissapears before it hits us. 11/11/13
10/5/13 12:15 Clark WY Unknown 2 minutes 6 Invisible objects con trails only. ((NUFORC Note: They look like normal contrails to us. Can see trace of plane, we believe. PD)) 10/14/13
9/11/13 09:00 Gillette WY Circle 10 seconds Strange craft flying above street lights. 9/30/13
9/1/13 Wyoming (rural; central) WY Cigar
An unknown silver cigar shaped object was sighted about 3 pm 1 Sept 2013 over east central Wyoming.

I live out in the rural area, a
8/12/13 21:30 Devil's Tower WY Light 10 seconds Multiple green orbs of light moved randomly on a hillside. 8/30/13
8/4/13 22:00 Yellowstone WY Light 3 minutes What was that bright white light moving across the Wyoming sky??? ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD)) 8/30/13
7/29/13 01:30 Casper WY Triangle 10-15 seconds I went out on the front porch while letting my dogs out and while looking up at the stars i detected some moving lights to my right an 8/30/13
7/11/13 23:00 Meeteetse WY Light 7 minutes 17 ships in triangular formation moving south to northwest. 1/5/16
7/1/13 01:00 Casper WY Triangle 5 seconds A silent fast moving V formation of lights, faint, but extremely fast like it was in outer space. 2/7/19
6/15/13 12:30 Jackson WY Other
I filed a report last June and found a youtube video exactly like it, except ours remained in a parasail shape. 12/23/13
5/29/13 23:37 Cody WY Light <10 seconds Bright white light/ resembling headlights extinguishing in seconds. 7/3/13
5/2/13 19:45 Gillette WY Light 15 minutes Seen white ball of light falling from sky then almost landed in Foothills before it sped off going North. 5/15/13
4/5/13 21:00 Rock Springs WY Other ~20 minutes 4 flying objects in the skies of Wyoming 5/15/13
2/14/13 06:00 Point of Rocks WY Circle 5 seconds Driving to work a co-worker and I saw a green light going across the sky. 2/18/13
12/7/12 06:30 Rock Springs WY Disk ~2 minutes Male witness reports seeing a red disc, seen ahead of, and pacing an airliner. 12/20/12
11/7/12 19:30 Casper WY Sphere 15-20 seconds Saw a green orb floating/flying object above me while driving. 11/19/12
9/22/12 02:30 Gillette WY Other 6.5 hours 3 UFO's 9/24/12
8/25/12 21:15 Rock Springs WY Light 10 minutes Bright white light over rock springs, wy 9/24/12
8/23/12 21:30 Casper WY Light 10 minutes Large gold glowing ball of light that flies west to east and disappears 9/24/12
8/22/12 22:00 Rock Springs WY Sphere 4 minutes Bright light traveling over Rock Springs 9/24/12
8/7/12 22:20 Sheridan WY Light 5 minutes Bright light seen moving slowly across sky at helicopters height with no noise and a 2 second rear-end emittance. 8/19/12
6/20/12 16:00 Laramie WY Circle 5 minutes Laramie, small circular craft 7/4/12
6/20/12 12:42 Bill WY Light 2-3 seconds Bright Green Light With A Trail (Shaped like a Meteor) Descending Very Rapidly, then abruptly turning 7/4/12
6/6/12 21:45 Jackson Hole WY Fireball 5 minutes Fireball seen with several pink lights surrounding it 6/14/12
4/21/12 23:05 Rock Springs WY Circle Les than a Minute Bright colored fast moving light that split into two and rapidly flew away 5/13/12
3/17/12 12:30 Pine Haven WY Teardrop 20-30 seconds One dull metallic sphere changed to sideways teardrop shape. 5/13/15
3/12/12 01:02 Rock Springs WY Chevron 2 minutes Chevron Shaped array of five large lights with sparkling light all around them. 3/13/12
2/15/12 21:05 Alpine WY Light still happening Bright stationary light looked like Venus with a red small light that encircled around the center of the light. 3/13/12
12/15/11 17:30 Laramie WY Changing 15 minutes aprox Large Orange UFO over Laramie, WY. 12/17/11
11/14/11 18:50 Green River WY Triangle 15 sec I was in my back yard and loooked up and saw 3 perfecct lights in a fast direction to the north then two otheerr ligghts vered of 12/12/11
11/5/11 21:30 Torrington WY Cigar A few seconds I was on a hill enjoying the sunset. I fell asleep, and I woke up because of a very bright light in the sky. It soared past, it was so 12/12/11
10/31/11 20:15 Rock Springs WY Sphere 2 minutes One white star like light over Rock Springs Wyoming 12/12/11
10/21/11 19:30 Hulett (near) WY Light 10 to 12 seconds Bright silver object with silver trail traveling at high rate of speed. 10/25/11
9/20/11 19:55 Yellowstone National Park WY Changing 3 MIN 20 SEC MANY SMALL & ONE LARGE OBJECT SITED OVER YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK 10/10/11
9/18/11 21:00 La Barge WY Circle 15 minutes Strange object in the mountains of western wyoming wittnessed on 3 consecutive years on almost the same exact day every year. 5/29/12
9/12/11 20:30 Casper WY Circle 45 min It Was circular and had red green blue and purple lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a twinkling star?? PD)) 10/10/11
8/31/11 00:00 Rock Springs WY Light 5 min Bright White like star moving plane speed, shifted side to side then was gone. 10/10/11
8/20/11 23:00 Casper WY Light 2 minutes A light about the brightness of a star doing figure eights and circles. 8/21/11
8/5/11 18:13 Cheyenne WY Circle 15 to 20 min. 8/5/11 I observed five round brightly colored objects moving sw to ne quietly at great speed. 8/7/11
7/23/11 23:00 Jackson Hole WY Triangle 10 minutes Black triangle above grand Teton maybe 2 miles wide corner to corner 8/5/12
7/20/11 22:13 Casper WY Light 30 seconds Object traveled across sky, rapidly accelerated, and disappeared. 8/7/11
6/25/11 23:30 Yellowstone National Park WY Flash 2 seconds Bright light over car 7/6/11
6/16/11 23:30 Green River WY Sphere 45 seconds Two red orbs traviling west, over Green River, Wyoming. 6/20/11
6/3/11 15:00 Mills WY Circle 40 sec. 2 round objects spotted, broad daylight. White in color and moving very fast. Flying together. No wings 6/3/11
4/1/11 21:10 Cheyenne WY Light 5 seconds 2 groups of lights rapidly moving north over Cheyenne Wy 4/3/11
2/22/11 18:00 Cody WY Light 2 min Bright light. ((NUFORC Note: Overflight of ISS occurred at 19:05 p.m.. PD)) 2/23/11
2/21/11 19:00 Glenrock WY Light 4 min. Very bright object the size of a close encounter with Mars moved rapidly across the sky. 2/23/11
2/15/11 20:00 Yellowstone National Park WY Light 5minutes Yellowstone lights 1/12/12
1/17/11 20:00 Casper WY Sphere 6 hours Multiple, white, sphericle craft pretending to be stars that stay still sometimes & move other times over Casper, Wy 1/31/11
12/17/10 18:15 Buffalo WY Disk 3 seconds Black dinner plate size crab like object that moved on the ground. 1/5/11
12/13/10 18:24 Gillette WY Fireball 10 seconds Large White/Green Object Descends over Gillette, Wyoming, No known Impact 1/5/11
10/15/10 02:30 Cheyenne WY Light 15 minutes U.F.O in Cheyenne, Wyoming 11/21/10
9/13/10 21:30 Rock Springs WY Light 2 minutes Bright light rapidly moved toward my friend n I, changing shape n color 12/20/12
8/29/10 21:20 Cokeville WY Formation 3 minutes An object with lights hovered in the night sky for 3 minutes 8/30/10
8/6/10 00:30 Cheyenne WY Other 5 minutes Two pulsating large yellow-white lights with bulbous and tall center between lights 8/30/10
7/18/10 23:00 Lander WY Unknown 2 mins My son and I were looking at stars when we saw a fast moving light high in the sky traveling very fast in a circle then it suddenly dis 7/19/10
7/15/10 02:00 Teton National Park WY Circle 10 minutes UFO in Teton) National Park. 7/15/16
6/6/10 02:45 Gillette WY Light 3:15 Multiple white soaring lights in one section of sky. 6/10/10
4/30/10 21:30 Evansville WY Circle 45 minutes Strange Craft By North Casper 5/12/10
4/29/10 20:45 Cheyenne WY Light 7 minutes Slow moving, silent, bright light travels over Cheyenne WY 5/12/10
4/10/10 21:00 Cheyenne WY

I accidentally entered the wrong date on my report that I just submitted. It was on 04/10/2010 instead of 04/09/2010 4/13/10
4/10/10 21:00 Cheyenne WY Triangle minutes 2 low slow flying black triangles 4/13/10
9/23/09 04:30 Cheyenne WY Oval 5 seconds Bright light shooting across the sky 12/12/09
7/21/09 22:15 Laramie WY Circle 45 seconds Bright white light. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of ISS, which passed to the north of Laramie at 22:15 hrs.. PD)) 8/5/09
7/8/09 04:25 Powell WY Circle 10 sec. I was sitting outside on the front porch of my dorm enjoying a cigarette with a friend when I looked up and saw what I thought was a si 8/5/09
6/7/09 00:30 Cheyenne WY Light Three minutes I looked out my bedroom window and saw an object in the sky that was changing colors quickly, the lights were neon. It sat in the sky f 6/9/09
2/2/09 06:00 Casper WY
4 min. early morning U.F.O 3/19/09
12/21/08 17:00 Laramie/Wamsutter (between) WY Flash 1-2 seconds 2 unusual flashes of light 1/10/09
10/25/08 21:00 Rock Springs WY Other 1-2 min 10 bird like shapes in straight line. glowed orange, like lights from town on underneath. 1/10/09
10/23/08 04:45 ((Location unspecified; rural area)) WY Flash 0.001sec brilliant strobe light at 4am, moving lights, low inthe mountains 1/10/09
10/17/08 19:20 Colony (1 mile NW of) WY Unknown 5 minutes + Uknown object over northeast Wyoming. 10/31/08
10/7/08 20:00 Lyman WY Flash 10 Minutes Red/Silver flashing light going across the sky toward the south west. 10/31/08
10/1/08 20:00 Glenrock WY Unknown several hours Stationary object just above NE horizon with flashing red, green and white lights. 10/31/08
9/26/08 23:25 Cheyenne WY Triangle 3 seconds "V" shaped craft moving north to south with seven round lights. 10/31/08
8/20/08 15:30 Laramie WY Oval
On August 29, 2008 my wife and I went for a day trip across snowy range road to Saratoga, WY, we had a 2006 red Sebring convertible car 2/14/10
8/11/08 20:15 Gillette WY Egg 2-5 minutes Bell shaped object emiting bright light from bottom spotted near Gillette Wyoming. 10/31/08
7/19/08 12:00 Teton National Park WY Oval 1 sec. During a vacation to Grand Teton National Park with my grandfather, our tour bus stopped at the Grand Teton Inn, which had a large plat 8/5/09
4/1/08 21:00 Clark WY Disk 3 minutes Classic bell shape, glowed all over with flashing light on top. 8/24/10
2/15/08 05:00 Worland WY Oval 45 minutes ((HOAX??)) My parents told me they saw this UFO while my dad was getting ready to go to work. 4/17/08
11/4/07 00:40 Powell WY Triangle 10 seconds single triangle craft with four dim light rings spaced evenly on each side 11/28/07
10/20/07 01:00 Opal WY
25 min. To Director of Ufo center 5/12/09
9/30/07 18:30 Laramie WY Other 25 minutes large craft white streak in sky at18:30 about 20miles South of Laramie with rotating lights underneath 10/8/07
9/2/07 22:30 Casper WY Light 5 seconds Fast moving stars flying in a V formation. 10/8/07
6/24/07 00:30 Douglas WY Light 30 minutes Bright orange lights appear in remote Wyoming area, twice! 8/7/07
6/21/07 23:00 Evanston WY Formation 10 minutes Pair of slow lights in perfect formation. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and Space Station in formation. PD)) 8/14/07
6/19/07 23:00 Yellowstone National Park WY Formation 15 seconds 2 Bright lights with sudden direction changes...then vanish 10/31/08
6/14/07 23:00 Thermopolis WY Unknown 15 seconds UFO near Thermopolis WY 8/7/07
1/10/07 19:00 Shawnee WY Unknown 0002 seen single light moving east,it goes out. than see 3 lights in air center light brighter with a light on either side about 20 feetfrom 2/1/07
12/19/06 21:00 Sheridan WY Light Multiple hours Bright light in southeastern sky emitting red, green, and white light. Moved in unequal intervals. 2/1/07
11/7/06 21:00 Laramie WY Rectangle 3-5 seconds Fast moving, silent, black rectangle seen by military flight enthusiast and amateur astronomer in Laramie, WY. 8/7/07
10/13/06 20:30 Rawlins WY Triangle 30 sec I was sitting in my hot tub looking at the sky when I noticed this triangular shaped object in the sky. It was so weird. I watched it c 10/30/06
8/23/06 21:55 Clark WY Light 35 minutes Two lights flashing & moving near Cody, WY. 10/30/06
8/13/06 22:20 Riverton WY Formation 4 seconds Flying V formation at an extremely high rate of speed from North to South. 10/30/06
7/18/06 02:30 Big Sandy WY Light Over 20 minutes Two lights hoving in 2 diffent parts of the night sky, changing colors, slightly shifting about fixed points.((NUFORC Note: Stars?PD)) 10/30/06
6/28/06 22:00 Casper WY Light 1.5 hrs 8 objects viewed at different times that pulsated and flew upward in a spiral pattern 7/16/06
6/14/06 23:00 Seminoe Lake (near Rawlins) WY Unknown 15 minutes Moving stars that lost their light and reappeared. 7/16/06
6/6/06 04:15 Pinedale WY Circle 15 minutes Disks of varying group size, plus a green light that may be a remnant of something else 9/8/17
4/30/06 16:00 Bear River/Evanston WY Sphere 2 min Sphere zips across the sky 5/15/06
3/15/06 23:30 Shirley Basin Road WY Light 10 min Three white lights seen searching along a field in Shirely Basin 3/31/08
12/12/05 23:00 Evanston WY Sphere several hours multicolored lights hover and fly over evanston,wy ((NUFORC Note: Probably a celestial body, we suspect. PD)) 2/14/06
12/11/05 21:15 Fox Park WY Sphere 1 hour The object was a sphere emitting red and green lights. The lights would get brite then dim. The object did not move for 45 minutes or 12/16/05
12/5/05 21:00 Cheyenne WY Unknown 5 seconds An orange object viewed intermmitantly in the night sky heading east at a relatively slow speed. 2/14/06
11/5/05 23:28 Laramie WY Light 1-2 seconds I saw a white light flash out of my drivers window at about 35 degrees to my left in the night sky, like a beam of light. 11/8/05
10/5/05 Casper WY Sphere 30 seconds Glowing object crosses road right to left - vanishes into ravine..than crosses again left to right..then away. 10/11/05
9/28/05 16:30 Wyoming (I-80, westbound) WY Other 20 minutes Interstate 80, westbound, Wyoming, flying object seen by police officer and family. 3/11/06
9/26/05 11:00 Teton National Park WY Other
I like to look at this web-cam at the Grand Tetons about a couple of times a week because I think the Tetons are the most beautiful mou 10/11/05
8/7/05 03:45 Medicine Bow WY Light 34 minutes Shimmering light ,similar to northern lights, accompanied by spotlights moving fast in Wyoming 9/2/05
7/31/05 04:20 Clark WY Light 3 Min 2 lights I thought were satellites running side by side when one jumped out in front of the other and went much faster 10/11/05
6/6/05 15:52 Casper WY Rectangle 20 min A CD case like craft hovered for 20 minutes over mountian line. 6/20/05
5/19/05 18:45 Cheyenne WY Oval 2 minutes At 6:45 a silver light object came into view N. of Cheyenne,WY.It had no vapor trail moving at jet speed,but turning on a dime. 5/24/05
2/23/05 14:00 Casper WY Light five minutes Bright object observed and photographed 2/24/05
10/28/04 02:00 Sheridan WY Light 90 seconds Object flying over the tree line at the Big Horn Mountains south of Sheridan Wyoming 1/19/05
6/5/04 16:00 Hanna WY Circle
bright light in day time with what apperaed dashes around it 6/18/04
4/30/04 04:30 Casper WY Cylinder 25-30 min On the paper route two cylinder shaped craft with brights lights in the center, preformed sparatic movements in the sky. 5/10/04
3/19/04 23:15 Cheyenne WY Other 2-3 Seconds Green Streaking Object 3/23/04
2/16/04 11:30 Lander WY Diamond 15 min 8 Sided diamond, (I think that is a tetrahedron), just appeared or we just noticed it after it appeared. It hovered high above the moun 3/2/04
2/14/04 22:25 Casper WY Triangle 10 minutes 4 triangular orange and red lighted in casper, wyoming 3/2/04
11/1/03 00:00 Cheyenne WY Fireball 5 seconds A huge fireball east of Cheyenne Wyoming 1/17/04
10/27/03 18:00 Farson WY Cylinder 30 seconds 30-second sighting. Tumbling, silver-grey cylinder. 30 degrees off horizon. Eight miles distant. Steady course & speed 4/20/17
10/3/03 20:51 Clark WY Light 5 minutes Clark, WY. object or Light heading S.W. at 20:51 hours 11/8/03
9/29/03 20:35 Yellowstone National Park WY Sphere 2 - 3 seconds Saw a 6" red ball flying from south to north about 3' off the ground on US 20 in Yellowstone National Park on September 29, 2003. 10/15/03
9/19/03 14:00 na WY Teardrop < 2 minutes Odd craft seen in the sky in Wyoming 4/27/04
7/17/03 23:30 Jackson WY Light 30 min One very bright light for 8 seconds above the horizon then 2 smaller lights that moved very close to us and we saw 4 seperate times 8/1/03
6/17/03 22:42 Worland WY Light 15 seconds The object was a dim point of light that grew to a brightness of twice what Venus would be and then disappeared & lasted ~ 15 seconds. 6/18/03
3/16/03 11:00 Jackson Hole WY Chevron 5 minutes Delta shaped object in Jackson Hole 4/27/04
1/8/03 20:15 Rock Springs WY Light 1 hour It was like an airport becon that was rotating with red, green, and white lights. 3/21/03
11/28/02 18:30 Cheyenne WY Fireball 5 seconds Fireball seen in night sky near Cheyenne WY Thanksgiving evening 12/23/02
10/15/02 18:00 Bosler WY Unknown 2 minutes Women pass through Bosler, Wyoming twice without turning around. 10/31/03
10/6/02 19:25 Lander WY Circle 1 sec a green circular light appeared and then darted behind the mountains 10/15/02
9/28/02 18:30 Fort Bridger WY Disk 30 seconds Saw very bright green light in western sky. 10/15/02
9/15/02 22:00 Laramie WY Sphere 2 hours 2 oval lights in sky northeast of town. flying around, hovering, steadily growing dimmer. 9/19/02
9/6/02 21:00 Baggs WY Oval 1 minute blue florecent oval with a red long tail,saw it out of a window,went from the west to the east at high rate of speed,went into a cloud 9/19/02
9/6/02 21:00 Sheridan WY Oval 20 seconds blue-green bright oval was spotted 20 miles south of Sheridan, WY descending to earth 9/13/02
9/6/02 20:30 Gillette WY Fireball 5 seconds Neon green flying object seen over Gillette, Wyoming 9/13/02
7/15/02 15:00 Rock River (southeast of) WY Oval 2 minutes Carrier retrieves two small craft southeast of Rock River, Wyoming. 10/31/03
6/7/02 00:30 Rock Springs WY Light 5-10 min These three objects of luminating light were just suspended in mid air, then gone. 6/12/02
5/10/02 19:00 Gillette WY Triangle 1 minute Black triangle glides right over my head. 5/15/06
4/30/02 20:15 Cheyenne WY Egg 5 minutes The EggBeamer! 5/14/02
4/29/02 21:30 Evanston WY Sphere hours For many months myself and others have seen silver lighted spheres moving intelligently over city. 5/14/02
4/4/02 19:45 Laramie WY Changing 30 seconds A cluster of approximately 15 lights appeared and fanned out into a V shape while appearing to fly overhead. 4/8/02
2/9/02 20:30 Cheyenne WY Fireball 1 second? Bright ball of light shoots toward ground in Southeastern Wyoming. 2/22/02
11/15/01 21:10 Clark WY Light 10 minutes I have been seeing a bright light for years in the same area of sky, it is brighter than a plane slower than a plane it lasts about 10 11/20/01
10/28/01 21:00 Laramie WY Fireball 35sec I saw a bright very bright light apear in the sky it held possition for about 20 sec. than bolted off and disapeared the same thing hap 11/20/01
10/24/01 23:00 Evanston WY Oval 5hours observed a oblong green glassy object starting at 2300 hrs on 10-24-01 while driving through wyoming untill 0400 10-25-01 seemed to mis 11/20/01
10/15/01 03:00 Chugwater WY Light 30 seconds F.E. Warren AFB Wyoming sightings 9/9/03
9/4/01 12:30 Hawk Springs WY Triangle
The shape in the C.R.P.Field is a shape of a iron,and the press grass and the squares are of a heavy object that was burn in the field 10/12/01
8/17/01 22:30 Rock River WY Fireball 2 seconds Blinding Flash and then extreme velocity vertical takeoff of object. 10/12/01
8/17/01 22:30 Rock River WY Fireball 1.5 sec object went vertical 10/12/01
8/17/01 22:30 Laramie WY Fireball 25 SECONDS Fireball ascends straight up in air, and comes right back down in same location. 10/12/01
8/17/01 22:20 Rawlins WY
20-30 seconds Extremely bright light falling almost straight down in western sky -white tail and appeared to explode orange to red - was VERY bright. 10/12/01
8/17/01 22:19 Dubois WY Triangle 32 minutes Large fireball and lots of triangular shaped objects flying with irratic and jittery patterns, together and apart. 12/5/01
8/17/01 20:30 Cheyenne WY Other 4 minutes Looked like the sun or moon. 10/12/01
7/1/01 11:50 Laramie WY Other 5 minutes Blood-red cloud splits in two and rains onto ground. 10/31/03
4/25/01 22:00 Laramie WY Light 8 seconds Three pinpoints of light flying in unison, then making extremely fast erratic movements, before flying in unison again. 4/28/01
3/6/01 19:00 Gillette WY Triangle 10 minutes On march 6th 2001. I was in the foothills area of Gillette Wyoming. I looked to the sky and saw a blue light gliding across the sky to 3/16/01
2/7/01 10:00 Laramie WY Light ? Light seen, Laramie, WY looking North 10/12/01
1/11/01 21:50 Dubois WY Fireball 1.5 sec Bright , fast falling light 2/18/01
1/8/01 18:30 Gillette WY Changing 18:30 to 22:00 Bright light follows me. 2/18/01
10/9/00 18:45 Border WY Teardrop 5 to 8 minutes We saw a big, bright, white teardrop that seemed to rotate/shift its light and a second object seemed to split from this one. 12/2/00
8/13/00 20:00 Big Horn Mtns WY Fireball 30-40 minutes Bright light that divided, disappeared then repeated several times. 2/24/01
6/23/00 08:00 Pinedale WY Diamond ? Flying Manta Ray with short tail near Pinedale,WY 1/11/02
6/22/00 21:00 Pine Haven WY Egg 00:45 The object was not a airplane, or star, if anything it was some NASA satalite or a UFO 2/18/01
6/19/00 13:00 Rawlins WY Disk 3 seconds Brown saucer-shaped object with dome on top flying beneath low cloud cover 6/21/00
6/13/00 22:00 Casper WY Oval 2 min or less 14yr old female sees oval shaped, distortion in sky with 3 lights on back 5/12/10
1/6/00 05:45 Rock Spings, 2miles west of WY Unknown aprox 2min Driving truck along I-80 west when i noticed the truck that had just passed me swirve from the outside lain to the inside lain then bac 1/22/00
11/23/99 22:30 Casper WY Sphere 1 minute My wife and I witnessed a craft hovering over the city of Casper, Wyoming. The craft hovered for a few moments then sped off to the Sou 12/16/99
10/4/99 17:25 Gillette WY Other 10-15 sec. At 5:20 P.M. my wife and I were taken our 10 year old to football practice. We were going east on 14-16 when I saw this craft flying fr 10/19/99
9/17/99 21:55 Cheyenne WY Unknown 3 seconds Seen an oject west of town at hotel it refected city lights with brown golden color moving west fast with no lights no sound and no vis 10/2/99
9/15/99 00:00 Egg Harbor WY
1 hour a bright colorful object over the lake,it would break apart into many lights,then back together again and stayed in one spot 3/21/03
9/11/99 20:00 Casper WY Triangle 30 sec Saw 1 UFO far off making shapes, another UFO snuck up on me from the same direction. Flew close to me and turned East. I ran 11/17/99
8/15/99 23:18 Rawlins (39 miles west of) WY Fireball 1-2 sec a fireball went straight down behind mtns. and ended in a bright flash. 8/5/01
8/13/99 21:50 Cheyenne WY Triangle 15min/each From the N.E, to the SW., at 9:50 pm., a reddish orange cloud surronding it., with sparkles inside the cloud., but you clearly could se 10/2/99
7/3/99 21:45 Medicine Bow National Mountains, Medicine Bow National Fores WY Flash 3 minutes What I thought was a satellite passing overhead burst into a flash of purple light. (See full description.) 9/12/99
7/1/99 23:00 Green River WY Other 1 hour + Rare occurence of lights from the home of close encounters(the movie) 2/16/00
7/1/99 22:30 Buffalo WY Cylinder 3 minutes Small, clear, blinking object seen in northern Wyoming 4/28/01
6/20/99 23:00 Laramie (25 miles north of) WY
3 sec one group of three to the west followed by one directley overhead all moving very rapidley to the north blue/green behind clouds 8/5/01
6/15/99 22:00 On highway; location unknown WY Other 5 minutes cube shaped object in Wyoming 10/31/08
6/10/99 23:00 Riverton WY Triangle 2 minutes Large triangle. 7/14/13
1/31/99 19:30 Riverton WY Fireball 5 seconds We were driving westbound on Hwy between Riverton and Fort Washakie at 1930 hours. Sky was clear and cold with a full moon behind us j 1/29/02
11/12/98 02:25 Casper WY Triangle 2-3 minutes back oObserved a boomerang shaped object travelling roughly S to N at 2:18 a.m. looking toward the east. The object was pale, luminous 4/1/00
9/26/98 03:05 Rock Springs WY Fireball 5-10 seconds Was driving and saw a greenish/blue fireball looking object, travelling west to east. 9/26/98
9/24/98 00:15 Sheridan (10 miles South of, at the Sheridan Pipeline) WY Other 10-15 minutes It looked like a star at first but since when do stars move in an octagon motion i went inside to get my bill of lading and came back o 2/24/01
9/5/98 22:30 Medicine Bow Natl. Forest (40 mi. W of Laramie) WY Triangle 25 seconds Large Triangular Craft moving North of Laramie, WY. The object, which might have been about ten miles away, was size of a full moon. 11/1/98
9/4/98 15:00 Cheyenne WY Cigar 1 minute Saw two silver objects flying over Cheyenne. Performed odd maneuvers. Thought nothing of it until I got into the city & saw an AF copte 11/19/98
9/2/98 00:30 Cheyenne WY Light 6 sec Light traveled from horizon to horizon in six seconds. Flashed at ending horizon. 11/19/98
5/2/98 20:30 Cheyenne WY Unknown 2min The object moved n northwest roughly following a passanger jet it was lower than the jet it made no sound had no lights it seemed to re 1/28/99
4/4/98 09:00 Cheyenne WY Sphere 10 seconds Seen on highway on back of Military flatbed w/"black" helicopter escort(1), 4 black Humvee's(black uniforms W/M16's inside). Object und 2/16/99
3/21/98 20:00 Ten Sleep (outside of) WY Disk
Going down the road I came up to a turn with a Sub station off to the left the UFO hovering above the sub station with a light fog arou 3/19/02
10/5/97 19:00 Cheyenne WY Other 1.5 min Seen a object in clear sky.looked like commet coming from south to north.lost tail half way across sky 1/11/02
8/22/97 23:30 Atlantic City WY Light 30 sec bright shiny red globe moving slow but able to change direction quickly 5/24/05
6/15/96 02:30 Gillette WY Circle Don't know. Seems like we UFO seen while driving the back roads of Wyoming. 1/24/14
5/1/96 22:00 Cody WY Other 1 minute strange lights around Cody area 6/12/08
4/28/96 01:00 Mile 69 WY
15 sec. Women driving truck on Hwy 80 sees obj. "w/ bright nose, no wings" flare up, go behind mountain. 11/2/99
1/6/95 17:30 Glendo WY
15 minutes Mother and son witness large, glowing craft maneuver and descend into cloud. Pursued by mil. aircraft. 11/2/99
8/15/94 22:00 Gilette WY Fireball 3-5 Seconds Green fireball seen over Southeast Wyoming in August? (possibly July) 1994 2/14/06
8/15/94 00:00 Rock River WY Disk 2+ hours Revolving lights seen in clouds south of Rock River, Wyoming. 10/31/03
6/29/94 23:00 Dull Center (near Bill) (north of Douglas) WY Light 5 minutes Lights in shape of "radio tower" flew north 11/20/02
6/15/94 23:45 Cheyenne WY Light 30 Seconds Star like object over F. E. Warren AFB, WY 8/16/02
8/23/93 19:56 Laramie (east of) WY Changing 9 minutes Cloud-like object at extreme range changes shape. 10/31/03
6/17/93 15:00 Laramie WY Unknown unknown Artificial pulsating sound heard, no craft seen. 10/31/03
6/4/93 21:55 Mammoth Hot Springs WY Chevron still big yellow lights in yellow stone natioal park 6-4-93 12/5/01
5/10/93 13:00 Laramie (south of) WY Formation one minute Formation of Tremonton-like "daylight disks" in Wyoming 10/31/03
6/24/92 22:00 Laramie WY Light 2 odd lights Odd intelligent seeming lights seen during a UFO conference in Laramie, WY. 6/18/04
7/1/89 14:00 Laramie WY Other 30 seconds Small dark speck paces airliner, seen from ground. 11/8/03
1/19/89 20:15 Laramie WY Disk 10 minutes Witness is lured out of house, silent craft glides overhead, more body marks are discovered. 10/31/03
1/17/89 20:00 Laramie WY Other 15 minutes Silent lighted craft flies over house, witness later discovers body marks. 10/31/03
6/7/87 21:00 Jackson Hole (Moran State Park) WY Light 2 1/2 hours Security personnel and park rangers observed along with park staff which I belonged to at Jackson Lake Lodge. Observed a light we thou 11/17/99
9/15/85 23:00 Green River (No. of) WY Light 15/20 mins. I saw unexplainable lights in the same area & the same time frame that livestock was being mutilated. 7/29/00
6/2/85 23:30 Old Faithful WY Unknown 1 min Dark object sighted over Old Faithful 5/11/05
6/15/84 20:30 Wheeling WY Unknown 5-10 minutes UFO sighting at twilight over Wheeling, WV 5/11/05
4/20/83 Wyoming (various towns) WY Other 14 days Wheatland-Douglas 1983 CattleMutilations UFO's seen. 9/28/02
1/1/80 20:00 Laramie WY Unknown 2 hours UFO flew in a zig-zag motion from north to south in 10 seconds. 2/19/16
11/17/78 15:00 Interstate 80/25 WY Other 10 hrs I saw "heavenly apparitions" (for lack of a better expression) that lasted for approximately 10 hrs. 2/14/06
7/27/76 01:00 Cowley WY Cylinder 10 min. ?? Witnessed a cylinder shape object, very close, moving slowly, deep humming sound, illuminated portals showing mechanical rooms. 2/14/10
7/25/76 18:00 Casper WY Circle 1 hour UFO Sighting in Casper, Wy. in summer of 1976 9/2/05
7/7/75 19:00 Fort Washakie WY Light 20 seconds lights that appear to be stars, blending in with the night stars 3/19/09
7/5/73 01:00 Powell WY
30 sec Powell, Wyo - 3 round fireballs going over our home traveling from south to north 07/05/1973 6/3/10
7/5/72 01:00 Powell WY Fireball 60 seconds My 2 young sons ages 7 and 9 were sleeping outside in the front yard. We lived in the country in Powell, Wyoming, Park County. We had 8/30/13
6/20/70 02:00 Cheyenne WY Circle 45 minutes followed by flying silent vehical for 45 minutes in wyomming 1/10/09
7/12/67 02:00 Wyoming (rural) WY Cigar
My father was an over the road truck driver. I was just a young boy. When he returned from his week long run he told my mom he had seen 9/9/04
6/30/67 03:00 Lander WY Light 5 - 10 minutes They were just lights, but very curious lights at that. 5/4/04
4/15/66 23:00 Francis E Warren AFB WY

UFO sightings , 1966, Francis E Warren AFB, Wyoming 6/18/04
5/1/65 13:00 Guernsey WY Sphere 1 minute Round, silver object hovering overhead, three witnesses 5/15/06
2/23/62 06:15 Crowheart WY Egg 2 minutes Egg-shaped object hovers then departs quickly on rural property in Crow Reservation, Wyoming 12/6/18
7/20/58 21:30 Rock Springs WY Disk 1 min Friend & I retuned home from movie. We lived on a hill that over looked the desert. I looked out to the s.w. and saw this object and i 4/2/99
7/15/56 00:00 Yellowstone Park (near South entrance) WY Disk 60 sec Three year old boy witnesses from back the seat of a car the approach of three flying disks. 1/28/99
6/30/52 Cheyenne WY Disk
1950's UFO crash tech report 7/4/12
7/3/51 12:00 Green River WY Sphere 5 to 7 min Glowing white spherical large craft (50 to 100 ft dia) travels across mountain range near Green River, Wyo 10/15/02
6/30/71 14:00 Yellowstone National Park WY Egg not known Old photos from 1871 show what appears to be objects in the air. 12/12/09
20:04 Wright WY Changing 2+ hours Was standing outside. A huge bright green light flew in fast, hovered then went dark. Thought was a meteor at first, only it was bigger 12/21/17