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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
2/15/00 16:30 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 4 seconds Fireball seen in North East sky with short contrail, ending in flash with contrail pointing downward. 2/16/00
2/14/00 18:00 Barocay Island (Philippines)
Light 20min The half-moon was directly over head, it looked like a star,same brifgtness, size, moving n.e. 1st one 6;50 PM IT TOOK acount of 40 mi 2/16/00
2/14/00 16:26 Hermitage AR Sphere 1 min Small white bright object observed while using scope on day moon--object split into two and disappeared. 2/16/00
2/13/00 18:42 Sandpoint (NE of) ID Light 45 sec. Bright light moving from west to east, which went from the horizon to directly overhead in less than a minute, with no sound. 2/16/00
2/10/00 19:30 Alturas (SE of) FL Fireball 8 minutes We saw two bright lights traveling SE of Alturas. Both bright orange-yellow lights, bigger than a plane, almost as big as a the moon, 2/16/00
2/9/00 22:12 Prescott Valley AZ
15 minutes Three bright orange in color, objects came across the sky, seemed very close. hovered in a triangle, then went into a single file. Move 2/16/00
2/9/00 22:00 Seattle WA Circle 2-3 seconds While stargazing, a dark black object entered into my line of sight and headed toward the city. Very fluid and fast. No sound. A little 2/16/00
2/9/00 21:03 Lake Elsinore CA Sphere 3-4 sec. I was watching TV, started receiving interference, I went out for a cigarette I looked up to a sky covered with clouds when I saw 2/16/00
2/9/00 20:45 Toledo WA Oval 1-2 minutes Oval object bright green in color transverses sky from NNW .. stops .. hovers .. accelerates to East .. stops .. hovers ... accelerates 2/16/00
2/9/00 20:30 Ranger TX Light 1 minute Brief stationary lights above horizon with not movement 2/16/00
2/9/00 20:25 Columbia MO Unknown 1 minute While driving to work this morning we saw an unusual object in the sky... 2/16/00
2/9/00 19:30 Tucson AZ Other 1/2 hr Apx. In the western sky there were a semi circular formation of lights twinkling. White and brilliant in a formation. The sky apeared to hav 2/16/00
2/9/00 19:10 Deer Park NY Light 5 seconds While driving on Commack Rd. I looked up and saw a bright light moving slowly. At first I thought it was a plane, but it suddenly took 2/16/00
2/9/00 18:50 Harrington (10 miles south) WA Other 5.min? My Husband, and I had been coming from the Ritzvill, Wa area driving torwd Harrington, Wa. We seen what appeared to be the back side o 2/16/00
2/9/00 18:15 Bristol VT Triangle 5 minutes Luminous triangular shaped object, very large, moving to Northeast. Object changed to four distinct lighted objects, travelling in a s 2/16/00
2/8/00 21:00 Tucson AZ Unknown
I was driving in SE Tucson and noticed a strange ball of light accompanied by another smaller light in the sky. 2/16/00
2/8/00 19:30 San Antonio TX Other 10 minutes seen while driving...stationary bluish flashing lights high in sky..pattern involved. 2/16/00
2/8/00 19:07 Seattle WA Fireball 1 minute Large glowing Red Firebell as I looked to the North/NorthEast from my home in Magnolia/Seattle. So bright -- the light emanted into 2/16/00
2/8/00 17:40 North Hollywood CA Oval 12 minutes I was driving eastbound on the 101 freeway when a very bright object suddenly appeared on the horizon and began travelling east at appr 2/16/00
2/8/00 17:15 Avon Park (N of, to as far S of L. Placid) FL Fireball 1.5 hours Driving east towards avon park on hwy 98 look up in the sky and saw a burnt-orange fireball. It would fade out and and glow back in ano 2/16/00
2/8/00 05:15 Canton MA Triangle 5 minutes Traveling south RT 95 and observed bright lights west of RT 95 in Canton 2/16/00
2/8/00 04:00 Ventura CA Light 15 min I noticed a bright light over the Santa Barbara island it didnt move for about 5 min then it began to move east then west then north an 2/16/00
2/8/00 00:30 Prescott Valley AZ Circle 2-3 min. Wife and I observed two bright yellow-orange objects moving NNE separating 'til they dissapeared over horizon. 2/16/00
2/7/00 13:00 Bullhead City AZ Other 15 minutes We witnessed two dark black lines in the west sky running straight down as if from twelve o'clock to six o'clock, they were very dark 2/16/00
2/7/00 05:30 Alton IL Triangle About 1 minute I watched a ship pass from my left to right, right in front of me. 2/16/00
2/6/00 22:30 La Crosse (3-3.5 miles south of; Goose Island Park) WI Unknown 5 minutes Driving south on Hwy35,Isaw what appeared to be an air craft crossing the Mississippi river with two white lights which did not strobe. 2/16/00
2/5/00 19:30 Pollock Pines CA Light 15 minutes Light got brighter and closer and larger, moving in circles, then darting off left then to right 2/16/00
2/4/00 22:40 Osceola IN Other 1 second a large shaft of blue light that appeared more or less perpendicular to the horizon 2/16/00
2/4/00 21:30 Prescott Valley AZ Circle 3 min. Yellow-orange objects moving NNW and N 'til they formed a perfect "V" formation on the horizon. 2/16/00
2/4/00 20:30 Prescott AZ Circle 2 min. Bright yellow-orange circular objects flying in a "V" formation directly overhead heading NNE. 2/16/00
2/4/00 19:40 Houston TX Triangle 2 Min. Driving on freeway looked up and saw two steady white lights (like headlights) in the sky. As we passed under the object a third light 2/16/00
2/4/00 19:30 Olympia WA Light 1.5 minutes light appeared far away in the sky, moved at same speed for about 1 min. then disapeared. 2/16/00
2/4/00 05:55 Youngsville NC Light 5 seconds Object looked like star went across sky north to south to fast to be airplane. Object pulsed bright to dim. 2/16/00
2/3/00 21:50 Sealy TX Light 2330 I went out my back ddor at about nine fifty pm and happen to look to the southeast about at a 25 degree angle and saw a light changing 2/16/00
2/3/00 20:00 Temple City CA Unknown 5-8seconds observing sky, northward, slight overcast,usual to observe satelites. noticed a light as a lense, brightening in intensity, like a spot 2/16/00
2/3/00 19:45 Crystal River FL Light 10 minutes Unusaual object moved across the sky at a rather low altitude, twice dropping some kind of glowing embers from the bottom. 2/16/00
2/3/00 18:32 Summerville SC Teardrop 5 minutes While driving down the road we noticed a funny shaped light in the sky. I first thought it was a plane, but realized it was like no ot 2/16/00
2/3/00 07:00 Castle Rock WA Light 10 min. Shortly before dawn observed a white strobe light flying above tree line, object moved and lights changed to red, green and white, hove 2/16/00
2/2/00 00:00 Silverlake WA Diamond 2 min Four lights showing through overcast in a diamond shape patter. Then a a fifth light appears on right and drops in a curve toward gro 2/16/00
2/2/00 21:30 Bagdad AZ Other 5-7 minutes Out stargazing, I noticed an unusually bright yellow light just above the eastern horizon It proceeded to climb accross the sky. As it 2/16/00
2/2/00 20:00 Kent WA Cigar 20 seconds I saw two craft in the sky headed northwest, on a precise landing path for Boeing Field in Seattle. They reappeared ten minutes later 2/16/00
2/2/00 20:00 Seattle (Ballard) WA Chevron 2 minutes From south facing window, witnessed two aircrafts heading north, low and close together. Each had two very bright headlights and they 2/16/00
2/2/00 19:49 Seattle WA Other 3 min Two Jumbo Jets flying low and slow. 2/16/00
2/2/00 19:49 Seattle WA Other aprox. 2 min Watched two flying objects headed NW, very low, very slow, at junction of Duamish River and West Seattle Bridge. 2/16/00
2/2/00 19:33 Bouse AZ
Each a few seconds Driving through Plomosa Pass towards Bouse Looking NE towards Prescott about 60 degrees up from horizon myself,husband and daughter wit 2/16/00
2/2/00 19:00 Seattle (corner of Mercer and Queen Anne Avenues) WA
30 seconds I heard a loud aircraft sound.Looked up and saw two very large unidenified aircraft. flying very slow, very low,and very close together 2/16/00
2/2/00 10:00 Long Island NY Triangle New York I was outside taking my dog out, when suddenly an object caught my eye. I looked at it more closely, and I noticed it had green, red, a 2/16/00
1/31/00 22:21 Escondido CA Circle 8 mins approx 22:21 saw a bright light hovering just east of my front driveway. No noise. The brightness would intensify then subsided then in 2/16/00
1/30/00 23:15 San Francisco (Farallon Island) CA Triangle :15 Encountered large triangular object while night fishing off Farlon Island and fired 100 rounds of 22 ammo at it. 2/16/00
1/30/00 10:30 New Wilmington PA Circle 2 minutes An airplane like object was witneesed in the sky but the lights were positioned incorrectly. Upon slowing down to get a better look th 2/16/00
1/29/00 13:00 Beaverton OR Cylinder 15min Traveling from Portland to Beaverton Saturday afternoon our family again spotted a laeger white object in the southwestern sky. It lef 2/16/00
1/29/00 07:30 Northbend (5 mile west of) WA Cross 1-2 min. spotted object from I-5, 5 miles west of Northbend. object hovering over top of mountain. lights visible change from white to red. 2/16/00
1/28/00 20:58 Laguna Niguel CA Sphere about 30 seconds I was lying down, and I look in the sky. I see a sphere and I thought it was a plane. I look closely, but I see it is not like a plane 2/16/00
1/28/00 20:40 Prescott Valley AZ Circle 5-6 min. Large bright yellow-orange object moving NNW to SSE; turned South towards Phoenix 2/16/00
1/28/00 19:15 Rohnert Park CA Light apx 15 sec Brite white light with a downward tail 2/16/00
1/28/00 07:30 Beaverton OR Cylinder 20 minutes AS we left our home I spotted two large bright shapes in the southwestern sky. With outstretched arm the two shapes were lentil size. B 2/16/00
1/28/00 00:00 Damascus (Boring) OR Fireball 2 seconds Massive green appearing fireball, appeared to have slammed into the earth, somewhere South of Damascus (Boring) Oregon. 2/16/00
1/27/00 22:00 Tucson AZ Cylinder
i just walk out side to look at the stars and i looked up and a saw two brightly shape objects that you cylinder shape and the moved i 2/16/00
1/27/00 20:00 Monticello IN Light 15-20 minutes Golden/Amber bright star like light glows for 3-5 seconds and fades. Reappears 10-15 seconds in another location. 3 jets scramble the 2/16/00
1/27/00 19:40 Leavenworth WA Fireball 10 minutes It was an orange ball, circle type, it glowed somewhat. It seemed to be a circle with something above it that seemed to be either carry 2/16/00
1/27/00 12:00 San Gabriel Valley CA Triangle 30 min. Craft was more or less in a holding pattern where it's path was none directional... and apered to rotate 180 degrees on its axis..or to 2/16/00
1/26/00 21:45 Sante Fe (near) NM Other 3 min 3-5 round yellow lights appearing on parallel course at tip of wing of commercial aircraft then changing position to parallel back of w 2/16/00
1/26/00 21:11 Omaha NE Teardrop 10-15 seconds Saw a black object move from eastern horizon to the western horizon that seemed to be decending at approx. a 30 degree angle 2/16/00
1/26/00 19:10 Westminster CA Light 4 minutes I observed an unusually bright pure red light by itself, it was the size of a pea held at arms length. It was coming from the South Wes 2/16/00
1/25/00 21:40 Montluçon (France)

6 minit SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH !!! a yellow light on north/ouest montluçon .the light was different than stars after five minits of no mouvement 2/16/00
1/25/00 21:30 Gold Bar WA Cigar 14 secs. ((deleted)) saw it before I did. It was a cigar-shaped thing. It was moving at a high rate of speed through the mtns. It glowed on one 2/16/00
1/24/00 01:10 Hull (The Quadrant Estate) (UK/England)
Changing 10-20 mins It looked like a star but circular shaped, with blue paricles dropping from it, then appeared to split in two and appeared white, them 2/16/00
1/23/00 18:50 Fontana CA Disk 5 minutes The UFO was completely illuminated by light and spunned extremely fast. It's shape was of a saucer and it hoovered slowly over the cit 2/16/00
1/23/00 18:30 Covina CA Oval about 2 or 3 mins a lighted object moving across the sky... west to east... no sound, in a cloudy sky... 2/16/00
1/23/00 11:05 Petaluma CA Disk 2 to 3 min. Object moved from South to North, at the speed of a plane.Appeared metallic. Saucer shaped, but about as tall as wide.About pea-sized, 2/16/00
1/23/00 01:18 England (latitude 55 north) (UK/England)

30 minutes + two ufos heading due east, latitude 55 north on sunday gmt 1:18 on jan. 23, 2000 reported by ground observers and possibly radar; latt 2/16/00
1/22/00 23:00 San Diego CA Changing a few hours As I was walking at the La Jolla cove, I saw 3 star like objects at the horizon. They stayed there for about 10 minutes and then change 2/16/00
1/22/00 19:00 Sacramento area (Citrus Heights) CA Triangle 10min 1900hrs 3 orange/yellow lights appeared in the south east sky. Moving very slowly in the north west direction. 2/16/00
1/21/00 18:30 Highland Park IL Unknown +/- 1 minute I was driving with my daughter. I saw this fast moving object come from the behind the moon. I told my daughter,(she's 16), to look a 2/16/00
1/21/00 11:30 Intersection of HWY 6 and HWY 375 Nevada NV Rectangle Momentary While on vacation, I stopped to take a picture of the "Extraterrestrial Highway" sign at the intersection of Hwy 6 and Hwy 375 in Nevad 2/16/00
1/21/00 00:12 Valencia, Carabobo (Venezuela)
Triangle 15 seconds Después de observar la eclipse Lunar del 21 de Enero de 2000, vi en el cielo una formación en V de 5 objetos color naranja. No se sinti 2/16/00
1/20/00 22:50 Puntarenas (Costa Rica)
Triangle 5 seconds Black Triangular Craft moving north to south at time of lunar eclipse. Well camoflaged, it appeared as if a piece of the sky had moved. 2/16/00
1/20/00 22:30 Hialeah (561 w. 4th ave.) FL Other 10 seconds I saw a shooting star coming into earth and the light went off and this big object with two wings(not feathers) appear and all of the s 2/16/00
1/20/00 22:10 Houston (Clear Lake Area) TX Triangle within a 15 sec. span Observed two triangular (side by side) profiled object during eclipse.. 2/16/00
1/18/00 07:45 Juneau AK
10 minutes event reported to be a meteorite streaked through the skies at aprox o745 hrs Tues 18 Jan. It was reported to have impacted in the mts 2/16/00
1/16/00 18:00 Becker (approx. 5 miles W of, on Hwy 10 towards St. Cloud) MN Triangle 10sec Traveling east along Hwy 10 around dusk, triangular craft spotted between Hwy and power plant. 2/16/00
1/14/00 20:05 Louisville KY Light 1 hour Traveling southeast on Bardstown road, light appeared to the Northeast, the light had an absolute vertical shape with a glow in the upp 2/16/00
1/9/00 23:00 Amarillo TX Light ongoing Stationary light 2/16/00
1/7/00 19:00 Citrus Heights CA Unknown 15 minutes We saw 6 lights that seemed to hover in like a triangular formation. They seemed to be suspended in air. When they moved they all seeme 2/16/00
1/6/00 15:00 San Francisco CA Chevron 4 minutes translucent, silvery boomerang shape, totally silent, with short, feathering discharge from the back edge 2/16/00
1/5/00 20:00 Galesburg IL Triangle
l large triangular object reported on our ten oclock news. Also their broadcast showed excellent footage of the craft. We called the st 2/16/00
1/5/00 04:00 Caseyville IL Other 1:00-02:00- high altitude glitering streak-too red orange 40' high ball lookig like jap riseing son of ww2,tree high . 2/16/00
1/1/00 02:13 Laporte TX Other 10 sec Spotted unusually shaped, unlit object moving north. 2/16/00
12/29/99 05:00 D'Hanis TX Unknown 20 minutes 5 miles South of D’Hanis, Texas on Farm to Market Road (FM) 2200 December 29, 1999 approx. 5 AM I stepped out of the back door and stoo 2/16/00
12/26/99 22:30 Temple City CA Sphere not sure maroonish orange sphere possibly fireball, completely still, very low, silent 2/16/00
12/22/99 19:14 Lackawaxen PA Triangle 15 Seconds Since the first sighting of this craft, my son has seen it on a number of other occasions. Each time it was traveling in the same gener 2/16/00
12/21/99 13:30 Seatac WA Sphere 30 seconds Metalic silver sphere at a height of about 500-700 ft. up roughly 6-8 miles from me over the area of Southcenter Mall near Seatac airpo 2/16/00
12/15/99 19:00 Katy TX Fireball aprox. 8 seconds looked like a really BIG .. long lasting.. blue/green shooting star. appeared from top of my windshield and vanished in the distance. 2/16/00
12/3/99 02:15 Rochester NY
1hrs 45min Abduction to underground facility. 2/16/00
11/22/99 23:30 Bradenton FL Fireball 2-3 min a most spectacular sighting over central florida 2/16/00
11/16/99 19:30 West Virginia (Interstate 81, near PA border) WV Fireball 30-60secs My wifw and I, while driving on interstate 81 saw three bright objects, in formation, going from waest to east in the north sky at abou 2/16/00
11/16/99 19:05 Madison IN Other 1.5 - 2 sec. Driving N on old hw62 at jct 400N & hw62. object alt 100ft dist. 150ft travel W to E 65 to 70 deg. compass. sparks yellow & white. vapo 2/16/00
11/3/99 02:00 Area 51 NV Circle app 1 hour My brother and I witnessed a bright pulsating light in the air. We were very close to Area 51 at the time of the sighting. I was able 2/16/00
10/20/99 23:00 Lewistown IL Other 30-40 seconds saw 4 or 5 little lights in the north sky. they reappeared and disappeared and they went along in a line, and one light got bigger, and 2/16/00
10/15/99 03:00 Ritzville/Cheney (between) WA Triangle 15 to 30 sec i am a truck driver and it was 3 in the morning i was going westbound it came from my left to the right at a very hi rate of speed but 2/16/00
10/8/99 21:30 Bel Air MD Triangle 10 minutes At a high school football game, Large triangle shaped object performed maneuvers at extremly slow speeds low to the ground, over the Be 2/16/00
9/30/99 22:30 San Rafael/ Vallejo/ Fairfield CA Triangle 45 minutes Original observation of bright lights of craft 20-25 miles away; lost sight of craft for awhile as I meandered through hills on way hom 2/16/00
9/23/99 17:30 Sunderland (UK/England)
Flash 10 seconds there was a flash in the eastern sky then an object flashed over head from east to west leaving a trail behind it 2/16/00
8/31/99 22:45 Havana (Rural Route) IL Fireball 30 minutes Fireball crafts being launched from a larger craft. 2/16/00
8/7/99 10:35 Westminster CA Diamond 22 minutes I looked up, at about a 165 degree angle, and spotted what appeared to be a silent white radiant elongated diamond shaped object, it wa 2/16/00
7/20/99 01:00 Myrtle Beach SC Triangle 1 min i saw three objects that where moving at very high speeds 2/16/00
7/1/99 23:00 Green River WY Other 1 hour + Rare occurence of lights from the home of close encounters(the movie) 2/16/00
6/27/99 22:30 Port Angeles WA Sphere 1To 20 Sec Me-LOKING FROM CAMPER-SKY LIGHT-SOUTH TO NORTH WEST 2/16/00
5/10/99 07:30 Howell Township (Rte. 33) NJ Triangle 2,3 mins. saw at great alt. lg. triangular aircraft going east twards the ocean two smaller aircraft accompaining it one at right nose and one at 2/16/00
5/5/99 03:00 Boston MA Light 5 min star like object getting brighter and brighter and then moving slowly out of sight 2/16/00
4/2/99 21:00 Port Elizabeth (South Africa)
Other 25 seconds i saw a huge mothership consisting of three levels i had enough time to observe this spectacular ship. i kept quite because nobody will 2/16/00
3/4/99 19:30 Bridgeport CA Light 10 minutes Bright light appeared over truck while driving up Jack Sawyer Road one mile south of Bridgeport just after dark. Got out of the truck a 2/16/00
2/4/99 21:30 Prescott Valley AZ Circle 15 minutes Bright yellowish-colored lights east of Glassford Hill. No sound. Slow movement forming various formations. Changed color all at once & 2/16/00
2/1/99 21:30 Ocala FL Triangle 30min We saw a light in the sky moving rapidly in almost a circular motion We then started to drive towards the object and ended up parking a 2/16/00
1/30/99 05:25 Palm Springs CA Sphere 5-10 seconds Got up early to see the waning moon and how close Venus was to it. Sky is very clear in the desert - no lights near because we are in t 2/16/00
1/18/99 19:38 Timberline Lodge/Mt Hood OR Light a few minutes to the ssw a huge bright light was shining down as if on the back of a large jet liner and was moving up like a rocket upward at about 2/16/00
11/12/98 22:40 Lawton (outside of) OK Other 5 minutes On our way to return a rental truck we witnessed a craft/a warship/battlestar intersect us, then pull off the ground, then propel itsel 2/16/00
11/9/98 20:00 Pacifica (Rockaway Beach) CA Light 1.5 hours First sigtht, large white light,when acknowledged, turned to flourescent green.2 large 6 small. Numerous sightings. 2/16/00
9/15/98 04:00 Salt Lake City UT Sphere 2,3 sec A solid Spherical object appears over one of the building and the Westminster College in Salt Lake City. 2/16/00
8/1/98 21:00 Litchfield IL Other 11:30pm It happen in my backyard 2/16/00
7/21/98 23:19 Napoleon OH Unknown 10 minutes It started as a "cloud" that had lights(red,green,yellow) and then branched out, then dissappeared. Several craft seen circling. 2/16/00
6/1/98 02:00 Nipomo CA Light 15 minutes approx My roomate and I were out early mending a horse fence in a very rural area, very dark and quiet. We were the only witnesses as far as 2/16/00
2/3/98 02:45 Apache Junction (southeast of) AZ Other < 2min. Fuzzy black object, followed by a helicopter 2/16/00
12/24/97 20:08 Watford (UK/England)
Circle 5 seconds Dim, orange, circular object (centre of disk brighter than outside edge), travelling from NE across sky to SW, changing direction by ap 2/16/00
7/30/97 01:30 Fridley MN Fireball 4 seconds Very large fireball flew over house. No loud noise, just a faint "whoosh" as it passed. Very quick. 2/16/00
6/27/97 00:50 Gresham OR Triangle ? minute(s) Clear night & sky - no other aircraft. Saw strange lights in NE not like regular aircraft. Am trucker, kept catching glimpse of lights 2/16/00
6/15/97 09:00 Oak Brook Terrace, Dorathy Drennon Park in IL Disk Five minutes It all happened at a park there was a U.F.O in the sky. 2/16/00
3/23/97 20:30 Nederland CO Other 1 minute Spring Solstice,Lunar eclipse, time of the comet,evening around open fire, gathering 20 adults. 2/16/00
1/1/97 07:00 Chanute KS Circle 25-35 sec`s 3 circle shaped objects travelling due north. 2/16/00
10/10/96 03:20 Higginsville MO Triangle 3sec illuminated triangular craft, flying at high speed from South to North 2/16/00
8/19/96 05:20 Brewster MA Disk 45minutes It was daylight on approxiamately 8/19/96 I just had graduated high school in June and i was living at home with my parents i was not 2/16/00
8/15/96 21:30 Centerport (Long Island) NY Cross 10 Sec A light brown transparant disc about the size of the full moon moving across the sky in a NNW direction. 2/16/00
4/20/96 15:00 La Crosse WI Triangle 5 minutes Five of us were on the top of a building downtown near dusk flying a kite. I looked up and saw the triangular shape above us with roun 2/16/00
2/28/96 21:00 La Crosse WI Light 2 minutes I was in a building downtown on the third floor, I looked out the back door towards my home (about 7 blocks away) to the east and I saw 2/16/00
10/21/95 20:30 Franklinton NC Circle 10 seconds I saw a four foot wide, moving, circular patch of road which was devoid of rain in a driving storm. 2/16/00
9/20/95 19:30 Cold Bay AK Fireball 2minutes Fireballs traveling low on horizon at great rate of speed and manueverablilty 2/16/00
6/1/94 21:30 Ensenada (Baja Calif.) (Mexico)
Light 30 seconds while scanning the stars,I was drawn to a perfect circle of stars or lights high in the sky. while exclaiming to my friend that this fo 2/16/00
9/12/93 Kerkuk (near) (Northern Iraq)

in autum of 1992 an identufied flying object was sighted approximatly 20 km to the north west of kerkuk northern iraq apperantly it was 2/16/00
7/20/93 23:30 Honolulu HI Unknown 2 Seconds Trail of light emerging from ocean and looping back into the water. Object must have been very large, since sighting was from about a 2/16/00
7/6/93 00:26 Gorman (15 miles north of, I-5) CA Sphere 1 minute Driving on I-5 at night. A spherical object the size of a bowling ball swooped down in front of the windshield from behind and to the 2/16/00
11/23/91 22:00 Salem MO Triangle 22:05 The craft hovered above car for 3 to 5 minutes staying directly 30-50 feet in front of the car above the road. Lowed itself infront of 2/16/00
7/15/91 23:30 Crofton (Vancouver Island) (Canada) BC Formation 10-15 secs My mother says she went out to put the horse in, and she saw a flash, looked up and saw 4 groups of lights flying in formation fly over 2/16/00
6/1/91 04:00 Port Vue PA Sphere 10 minutes Mother and daughter view glowing red sphere at 4:00 in an empty field 200 yards behind neighbor's back yard. 2/16/00
5/25/90 10:00 South Fallsburg NY Circle 30 seconds Sitting on bench at golf course, looking up I saw round dark grey object not moving in the sky at cloud level. 4 times I looked down th 2/16/00
7/7/89 01:30 Blyth (1hr outside of, before Tonopah, NV) AZ Rectangle 5 minutes AT 70MPH IN THE SLOW LANE ON HYWAY 10EAST AT 1:30AM ABOUT 1 HOUR AND A 1/2 OUTSIDE OF BLYTH ARIZONA JUST OUTSIDE OF MY DRIVER'S SIDE DO 2/16/00
7/4/89 12:30 Morganton NC Sphere 30 sec Large Silver Levitating Ball 2/16/00
12/23/88 01:01 I-10 (in the desert) TX Unknown unknown While in between two other 18 wheel trucks going 60 mph, I lost thirty minutes and the third truck did NOT see me, when he caught up to 2/16/00
3/17/88 22:00 Pleasantville NY Egg 20 minutes Event reported over Briarcliff Manor and Pleasantville New York. Extremely large craft. Multiple colored lights. 2/16/00
5/15/86 22:00 Tompkinsville KY Triangle 20 seconds Large L-shaped or triangle object, no lights,passed low overhead, no sound. Structure underneath. 2/16/00
6/30/85 20:00 White Plains NY Chevron 1:40 in total A nighttime sighting of an arrow or triangle shaped craft, which moved very slowly, almost hovering, with no noise. 2/16/00
3/14/85 19:13 Bellefontaine (St. Louis County) MO Chevron 1hr Coming home from taking my son to scouts, noticed bright lights in the western sky. The lights were too bright, too close and too low t 2/16/00
6/1/84 13:00 Elmendorf AFB AK Diamond 15 minutes Observed red-diamond-shaped object with C-90 telescope on tripod. Object was motionless at an altitude of approximatiely One Thousand 2/16/00
8/15/80 20:30 Apollo PA Sphere 15 Minutes 2 objects, one spherical and huge, the other even larger followed after only a moment or so. Second object appeared to be very high and 2/16/00
7/30/80 20:30 Henrietta (suburb of Rochester ) NY Other 10 seconds It was a long time ago, but the memmory is still clear. My brother and I were star gazing and saw what appeared to be a LARGE vehicle t 2/16/00
6/26/80 19:00 Parma ID Unknown 00:01 Bright Flash- Pregnant wife getting up off of ground, 30 feet away. 2/16/00
1/1/80 23:30 Chicopee MA Diamond 5 minutes I heard a noise like thunder, went to the kitchen window and saw a black diamond-shaped craft hovering over the porch. 2/16/00
10/1/79 21:00 Pittsburgh PA Disk 5 min Disk appeared over stadium at end of game... spun like a coin on a ended ... never heard a thing about it. 2/16/00
6/1/79 21:00 Hemel Hempstead (UK/England)
Other 10min clear bright night ,moon to the right behind a single cloud,we were driving up over Box hill which loooks down onto the town,on a narro 2/16/00
6/1/79 15:00 Bornem (Belgium)
Oval 4min Small orange disc in tree, almost touched it 2/16/00
8/3/78 22:00 Coldwater MI Cylinder 10 mINUTES Observers a Cylinder shaft cross the road above us and in front of us and then depart the scene quickly after pacing the car we were in 2/16/00
6/15/78 21:00 Chattanooga TN Disk 30 seconds On apartment deck. Saucer went overhead at 150 feet high. No lights, no sound. Diameter 150-200 feet. Black in color. Saw rivets where 2/16/00
11/4/77 17:00 Brockport NY Disk 8 minutes Saucer craft moves slowly, hovers, tips up on angle, passes over town, lands in open field. 2/16/00
10/1/75 21:00 Kincheloe Air Force Base, Michigan MI Triangle 15 seconds Shaped like the letter "A", flew directly over top of us at est 500 ft. 2/16/00
9/15/75 Prescott (40 mi.Nwof; National Forest) AZ Fireball
Large fireball which flew as if under intelligent control. NightTime characteristics: no clouds, no moon 2/16/00
6/15/75 21:00 Detroit MI Triangle 20 min watch Craft was dark grey/gun metal, both small & large lights on under belly no sound. Moving along the Southfied Freeway 2/16/00
6/1/73 19:00 Eddington ME Circle 1 minute dark circle dim lights from above showed shape stopped in it's path when we spotted it took 90% turn quick stopped turned parrellel too 2/16/00
7/1/69 18:00 Whittier CA Disk 7 minutes In the summer of 1969 living in Starlight Estates located in Whittier, California and overlooks the city of Whittier. Around 6:00 PM ( 2/16/00
10/15/68 23:30 Shadyside MD Oval 40 sec sighting 2/16/00
10/20/66 02:00 Albuquerque NM Diamond 3 minutes Former wife and I saw a saucer shaped craft, rotating counter clockwise, as seen from under-full moon night, or near- 1/4 to 1/2 mile a 2/16/00
9/1/62 12:00 Seattle WA Circle 3 mins. This event occurred many years ago when I was eight. I have never spoken publicly of it, but now, at the age of 45, I am interested in 2/16/00
6/1/55 17:00 Martinez (outskirts) CA Circle 30 minutes We observed a large object aprox.size "football field or larger" aproach us 45mph make 90 degree turn. color "red glowing ember".2000 f 2/16/00
6/1/55 Homaland CA Circle
My grandfather saw it crash, in foot hills behind house. Saw it on ground, airforce picked it up. I saw crash site. some time in 50s 2/16/00
6/1/54 Ramey Air Force Base (Puerto Rico) PR Circle 10 minutes Coming out of mess hall, I saw A circular, sharp edged, without other features object over the ocean, in line with the runway at a SAC 2/16/00
6/1/52 22:00 Norfolk/Newport News (aboard ferry boat between) VA Fireball 10 seconds Best recall as a SUnday night. From east side of ferry boat spotted string of brilliant red balls that apeared to be diving into the s 2/16/00
1975-78 22:00 Columbia MS Fireball 3 hours Small stationary light grew brighter as if nearing Earth for two hours, began moving south slowly over approximately one hour, then spe 2/16/00
-25-94 05:00 Frankfort IL Triangle 4-5 minutes I saw an orange ball of light in cornfield raise straight up and at low altitute fly directly toward my home and over my house. It app 2/16/00
02:15 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Egg 15min Navio de guerra da marinha brasileira em patrulha, avistamos um objeto não identificado pelo radar, não sendo também visto por demais a 2/16/00
00:30 Albury (NSW, Australia)
Triangle 25 minutes Observed 3 white lights lines up like traffic lights,then went into a triangle formation and could barely make out the shape,jet black 2/16/00