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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/16/00 13:05 Omaha (72nd & State street NE Cigar 2 minutes Returning to work, observed what appeared to be a missle which traveled exceptionally slow. 3/16/00
3/15/00 14:46 Blue Springs MO Changing 45 seconds Black box standing still about 100 feet above the trees with 4 large antennas (possibly) 3/16/00
3/12/00 23:00 Plymouth Borough PA Cross 20 minutes The witness noticed a stationary group of lights that appeared to be in the shape of a cross through a kitchen window. Going outside fo 3/16/00
3/12/00 21:10 Arkansas (northeast tip of) AR Circle 20 seconds Seen from 32,000 feet at night (aircraft), object was approaching at approx. 700 mph 2,000 feet below us..ball of light changing to bla 3/16/00
3/12/00 20:37 Escondido CA Light 5 min saw 3 flickering lights slowly fade out and disapear at seperate times, no sound and clear night. 3/16/00
3/12/00 19:35 Falconer NY Triangle 15sec I viewed 5 triangular objects in a "V" formation heading from the South to the North. The last 2 triangular objects in the formation c 3/16/00
3/12/00 13:30 Marquette MI Oval 20 seconds High altitude, high speed object traveled across the sky before dissapearing behind a cloud. 3/16/00
3/12/00 01:45 Encino CA Sphere appx. 5 minutes the object first appeared as a star. A blue line somewhere between a meteor tail and a long rocket boost appeared from it. Suddenly t 3/16/00
3/12/00 01:30 Sunland CA Light 5-6 min My friend and I were driving home when we saw an orange light in the sky. When we stopped the truck to look at it we saw that it was mo 3/16/00
3/12/00 01:19 Simi Valley CA Fireball 20 MIN. On the date of 3-12-00, A friend and I was outside in front of DENY'S in Simi Valley. When at 1:19 am in the moring when we both seened 3/16/00
3/11/00 22:45 Buckeye (1-10 milepost 107 heading eastbound AZ
15 minutes Two very large, round, translucent, hoovering lights over interstate 10. 3/16/00
3/11/00 21:30 Las Vegas NV Oval 5-10 minutes Orange colored oval object travelling slowly east from the extreme western part of Las Vegas. The object was orbiting around in a circ 3/16/00
3/11/00 21:00 Santa Barbara CA Triangle 2 min. Black triangle about the size of a mid-size commercial jet liner. 3/16/00
3/11/00 21:00 Gold Bar WA Sphere 30 minutes Two volunteer investigators from the Bigfoot Field Research Organization observed a glowing green/blue sphere hovering over a ridge tha 3/16/00
3/11/00 19:04 Fair Oaks CA Light 6 minutes Three redish lights moving across the sky in absolute synchronicity. Lights were far too much apart to have been an airplane. Visible f 3/16/00
3/11/00 19:00 Citrus Heights CA Circle 5 minutes orange in color, seem to be spinning very fast, and moving at a great deal of speed, and height. We have seen this before in January 20 3/16/00
3/11/00 16:30 Houston TX Sphere 8 sec+- heading north to south FAST. 2 jets approaching it on either side going FAST from south to north.jets didin't turn around to chase it 3/16/00
3/10/00 21:43 Duncansville PA Triangle 4 minutes Ther was alot of wind so I decide to look out of my window to see the trees blowing, I looked into the sky and to my suprise I seen a u 3/16/00
3/10/00 20:58 Rockford IL Diamond 30 minutes 5 kite shaped(larger than stars)orangelights in western sky Stationary 15 mins faded gold->white, then 3 more rose slowly from N-> SW 3/16/00
3/10/00 19:20 Freedom ME Light 5 seconds Bright light with diffuse edges, flying at high speed, low altitude, no sound, then disappearing suddenly 3/16/00
3/10/00 03:00 Atlanta/Dobbs AFB GA Disk 2hrs March 10th i was sitting in a parking lot across from Dobbins A.F. Base to watch the jets make there mid- night runs. as I waited I kin 3/16/00
3/10/00 Rockford IL Light Unknown UFOs were seen again over Rockford,IL this evening as reported by Channel 23 TV news on their 10 p.m. report. A short video clip was s 3/16/00
3/9/00 22:00 Lonoke AR Light na Several small fires in a 40 acre wooded area in the 3 adjoining counties of Pulaski,Lonoke and Jefferson in central Arkansas. on the ni 3/16/00
3/9/00 21:20 Elmira NY Disk 25 seconds I saw an object that seemed to Break the laws of aerodynamics and Physics. I have also included my first sighting in great detail. 3/16/00
3/9/00 21:00 Little Rock (north of) AR Light 5 seconds 3 more people can confirm what was said on Art Bell 3-15. More from Little Rock. 3/16/00
3/9/00 20:45 Fredericksburg VA Fireball 5 seconds Shot across the sky. Started orange then turned to a greenish color.Then it disappeared. 3/16/00
3/9/00 20:45 Smyrna TN Fireball 3 or 4 seconds A large, spherical object slowly descended through the sky in a diagonal until it disappeared behind the tree line. It glowed in a bri 3/16/00
3/9/00 20:30 Conway AR Fireball 3-4secs The same night a fireball landed in England Arkansas, I saw a (meteorite) GREEN in color with an ORANGE tail of about 2 ft. in diameter 3/16/00
3/9/00 20:30 Timbo (approx. 7 miles west of) AR Sphere 8-11 Seconds My Sister& I Were driving north on a dirt road leaving the Flag Area of Stone County,at approximately 8:45 P.M. Thursday,March 9th,2000 3/16/00
3/9/00 20:30 Timbo (approx.7 miles west of ) AR Sphere 10+seconds My sister and I were heading home after work at about 8:30pm-9:00pm heading somewhat northwest(with my three children and my sisters 3y 3/16/00
3/9/00 20:25 Eureka Springs AR Fireball 5 seconds driving sw saw diffuse (sheet not bolt) lightning (clear sky) then looked to left (east) and saw rather large fireball meteor breaking 3/16/00
3/9/00 19:15 Fort Myers FL Light less than one minute A non-blinking light passing the moon...then just gone. 3/16/00
3/9/00 19:00 Powhatan VA Fireball 5 sec The object swooped down on my front pasture and proceeded to travel horizontally thru the air at a very quick speed for about 5-8 secon 3/16/00
3/9/00 18:30 Fallbrook (north) CA Circle 1/2second For some reason I glanced up into a break in clouds, before opening the door of my house causing me to stare intently at a object,that 3/16/00
3/9/00 17:05 Fort Smith AR Oval 35 minutes A silvery oval-shaped object was seen shadowing two jetliners, suddenly changing directions, and flying in other parts of the sky south 3/16/00
3/8/00 21:30 Delft, Zuid (Netherlands)
Other 15 minutes UFO that looks like flying car, with headlights on. 3/16/00
3/8/00 13:00 Silver Spring Twp. PA Oval :30 seconds I was getting gas in a car when I noticed one planes making contrails.It was at about 2 oclock looking up .As I was starting to look aw 3/16/00
3/7/00 22:00 Gulf Breeze FL Fireball 10 seconds on the night of the 7tha nd the 14th of March my boyfriend and i witnessed a 3- 5 fireballs in the eastern sky at about 10pm central ti 3/16/00
3/7/00 20:50 Severna Park MD Cigar 5 seconds saw 2 objects flying very fast, at large bird height, not making any noise and dissapeared into thin air. they flew in different posit 3/16/00
3/7/00 19:20 Gaithersburg MD Formation 15 seconds Three yellow/white lights moving in formation in north-south direction, then suddenly shifting positions within the formation. 3/16/00
3/7/00 19:00 Harrisonville MO Other 3-4 seconds Was outside talking with a friend when what at first appeared to be a spotlight passed overhead. Quickly realized this was not the cas 3/16/00
3/7/00 07:00 Venice/North Port FL Oval 1 minute While driving south on I-75 I spotted a bright metallic object reflecting the early morning sun. 3/16/00
3/6/00 04:30 Ocean Shores WA Triangle 2 minutes Saw three objects flying in triangular formation over the Ocean, OR it was one large craft. Monday, March 6th, 4:30am 3/16/00
3/5/00 21:45 Quincy (15 miles south of) IL Light 5 minutes Strange light on the southern horizon, eventually circling sky to fly off to northeast. 3/16/00
3/5/00 03:40 Miami (2 hrs. out of, on I-95, Milemarker 117) FL Sphere 10seconds Bright Dark emerald-green fireball, less than 1/8 inch diameter at arms length. No sparks or tail. Had a trajectory, coming 45 degree 3/16/00
3/1/00 00:30 Pineville (Pinnacle strip mine) WV Triangle 15 mins Saw a triangle shaped craft, very large, made very little noise, low altitude. 3/16/00
2/17/00 19:35 Wisconsin Dells WI Light 20 minutes 6 Rapidly moving lights... then down to 1 3/16/00
2/4/00 21:30 Sharm El Shiekh, Sinai (Egypt)
Circle did'nt notice until seein Just to clear up the witnesses thing... I was taking pictures across a bay at night, i did'nt see anything before or after the picture 3/16/00
1/26/00 19:37 Seattle WA Fireball 8to15sec. Driving to a meeting in Seattle Capitol Hill area, s. bound I-5 exited at Roanoke, I was stopped at light to turn, very clear winter ni 3/16/00
1/11/00 22:40 San Diego CA Oval 1.5-2.0 Already left message on answering machine. My son was out jogging about a block and a half from our home,and stopped in his tracks whe 3/16/00
1/7/00 21:40 Westwood (Los Angeles) CA Formation 30/40 seconds Saw, sitting in the garden, 4 star like dots, similar to satellite but moving much faster,heading in V formation (no leader) East-West 3/16/00
12/31/99 23:30 Rockford IL Light 3-5 minutes 3 orange lights hovering in the sky east of Rockford, IL, on the outskirts of town toward Belvidere, IL. 3/16/00
11/16/99 20:00 Ocala FL Triangle
I was outside at night, and sitting on my deck to my pool looking at the stars. I found one star It caught my attention becaus eit was 3/16/00
11/16/99 19:30 Columbus (20 miles north of, RT 71 southbound) OH
unknown Fireball that subsequently broke-up or separated into two objects with debris streaming away 3/16/00
11/16/99 18:05 Racine WI Fireball 30-45 secs Definate fireball traveling west to east, some pieces were breaking off, extremely bright green glow illuminated surroundings casting s 3/16/00
9/1/99 21:45 Santa Barbara CA Cigar 10 sec. An orange stick shaped object paused at about 80 deg. and slowly went down over harbor area to the south. 3/16/00
8/22/99 23:30 Portland (@ the Holiday Inn) ME Triangle 5MIN bright orange not to high up but move way to fast to not make any sounds,sharp turns at high speeds in and out of formation,dropped and 3/16/00
8/15/99 22:00 Little Falls MN Light 20 seconds I was walking a dog with my cousin in Little falls, MN atw about 10:00 p.m. On our way back I looked up at the sky for no reason as di 3/16/00
8/10/99 01:00 Napa (near) CA Other 8 minutes It was approximately 1 a.m. and I was returning from my office in Napa with a friend, heading West on Hwy 121. The evening was rather d 3/16/00
7/28/99 23:30 Dolgeville NY Triangle 3 seconds Me and my girlfriend were getting out of the car and we started looking at the stars because the sky was realy clear. As we were doing 3/16/00
5/6/99 13:30 Anchorage AK Disk 1.5 minutes saucer shaped object intercepted by 2 military jets 3/16/00
9/15/98 22:00 Gladwin MI Unknown over an hour My husband and I were sitting out on our back porch, facing west, watching what seemed to be lightening. It was like strobeing lights c 3/16/00
9/3/98 02:00 Stanton CA Light all night Well I was sleeping on the tope bed of a bunk-bed. You could say it was probably a dream but it's not. I was lying bed and I felt some 3/16/00
5/1/98 16:00 Cordele GA Diamond 1 minute riding down the road saw a diamond shaped metel looking object, so we followed it, and this is what happened 3/16/00
1/15/98 13:00 Alaska (remote) AK Disk 20 seconds saucer shaped object passed directly above me 3/16/00
8/15/97 22:30 Clearfield UT Triangle 10-15 seconds Low flying, Silent, triangular with four lights, One steady light on each rounded corner and one swirling light in the center. 3/16/00
3/13/97 20:00 Phoenix AZ Other 5 minuets a "Flying wing" which fley over my card as i was on I10 heading west 3/16/00
12/31/96 20:00 Tulsa OK Cigar unknown Cigar shaped object flew over our heads from NE to SW. Had red, white, and blue strobe lights on it. Made a high pitched whine as it 3/16/00
6/30/94 19:00 Berea OH Rectangle
We were standing in the backyard, and it waas dark out,about 7:00pm. Then we saw this large object slowly fly by.And as it was flying b 3/16/00
8/18/92 17:00 Wagarville AL Fireball 1 minute A single yellow "fireball" appeared just over the tree line off highway 43 in Wagarville, Alabama. Moments after spotting the object, 5 3/16/00
5/15/92 21:00 Columbus OH Light Not Sure Light changing color in accordance with the traffic light. 3/16/00
11/17/90 17:55 Kenton MI Cigar 20-30 seconds At dusk, my Dad and I were walking out of our blinds after deer hunting and our attention was drawn to the lights in the sky, not far a 3/16/00
9/7/90 22:00 Dover (south of Dover AFB) DE Triangle 1:00 Evening sighting of UFO at two different locations. 3/16/00
12/25/89 23:00 Santiago (Chile)
Light 15 minutes A light went up into the sky, hoovered around for awhile, changed color, and moved around. The light was bright red and eventually fade 3/16/00
12/1/89 22:00 Independence MO Triangle 3minutes Observed black triangular object with lights at points heades SSE at treetop level. 3/16/00
3/10/86 00:45 Middle Smithfield Township PA Triangle several minutes While watching Letterman, I heard and "felt" a low hum. I muted the TV, and could still hear the sound. I opened the sliding glass doo 3/16/00
6/23/78 09:30 Lemoore Naval Air Force Base (sic) CA Oval 7 - 10 minutes silent like wind in the trees @ 150 yards in length 75 - 80 yards in width, multi color lights, within a transluecent outer shell, Movi 3/16/00
6/10/76 22:35 Littleton CO
5 to 8 min. The sighting was three stars apearing out of one.Movement of three stars projected out of center star than formed a demintional sign, A 3/16/00
4/29/74 03:15 Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale FL Unknown 6-7min initial sighting indicating airliner on final approach for main runway 3/16/00
7/1/73 Dobson MT Disk 90 sec Dear Sir, I thought I would report to you that on Fort Belknap Indian reservation we see lots of low flying jets. Often their sonic boo 3/16/00
6/2/72 05:00 Asheville NC Other 15 mins. Large, white star or planet-shaped object that appeared to divide in 2 parts, circling each other, slowly, then accelerating until stop 3/16/00
6/1/67 01:00 Edgemoor SC Disk 2 minutes Myself and 3 friends witnessed a circular shaped craft in the spring of 1967 hovering over a railroad track. 3/16/00
6/1/65 22:00 San Juan (Puerto Rico) PR Disk 5 minutes Formation of multiple saucer craft 3/16/00
2/1/60 22:15 St. Paul MN Cigar 3 seconds A cigar-shaped UFO glided down towards the earth at a 45 degree angle, but was lost in the ground clutter. 3/16/00
10/20/58 21:00 St. Paul MN Other 2 seconds A dull-orange craft sped southbound at low altitude and high speed toward the general direction of the airport. 3/16/00
10/5/57 19:00 St. Paul MN Light 45 secs A bright light was apparently chased by several military jets. 3/16/00
6/23/54 23:00 Langley Air Force Base VA Circle 30 minutes Object appearing larger than a full moon hovering over hangers moved at varying speeds and made 90 and 180-degree turns. 3/16/00
hudson river = town of wa 22:34 Washingtonville NY Disk 1hour 15 minutes It was late at night (I live in Campbell Hall N.Y.) on top of a mountain (elevation 300-500 feet) and I was camping out with 2 friends. 3/16/00