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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/31/00 14:00 West Nyack NY Other 15 seconds So I was playing basketball with my freinds and I saw a flying object in the sky. It was very bright and had three cicles and a sharp p 4/1/00
3/31/00 09:40 West TX Light 20 sec. I saw two small round lights flying together as if they were one and then the started to move slightly apart as they flew,then they sto 4/1/00
3/30/00 22:00 Newton MA Light 3 minutes Observed a pulsating light traveling at a high rate of speed. 4/1/00
3/30/00 18:50 Phoenix (south of, I-10, milepost 184) AZ Light 3 seconds Airborn object with bright light disappeared. 4/1/00
3/30/00 12:25 Phoenix AZ Flash SECONDS Looking east from approximately Campbell Ave and 12th street:the whole sky flashed bright white and a split second later a loud boom so 4/1/00
3/29/00 22:30 Munising MI Triangle 30 sec. looking south from my backyard,high in the sky. noticed three stars forming a triangle moving east at a steady, slow, speed. it blocked 4/1/00
3/29/00 20:00 Reno/Carson City (between) NV Circle 20 seconds Fuzzy circle of light with blue and yellow tinges, about 25% the size of a full moon. Sighted in the SSE, stationary, 1/2 way between 4/1/00
3/29/00 00:00 Belton SC Changing 5 minutes A strange formation of 9 UFOs flew in an undetermined pattern over an abandoned field for approximately 5 minutes. 4/1/00
3/28/00 22:40 Hammond LA Light 00:00:20 Two elongated, flickering lights travelling east to west at high speed, circled around to the south and vanished. No sound apparent. 4/1/00
3/28/00 21:15 Fort. Deposit AL Triangle 4 minutes One large triangular craft with one dim light on each end and a smaller craft which looked like a helicopter. Both of which made no no 4/1/00
3/28/00 21:00 Bouse AZ Light about 10 seconds Looking to the NNE towards Prescott Az, saw two amber lights. Twice as large as previous sightings beneath the big Dipper at it's 9 pos 4/1/00
3/28/00 15:45 Centreville VA Circle 5:00 I was researching antigravity and free energy when I found info on SEG's Searl Effect Generators, youd be surprized with what I found. 4/1/00
3/28/00 07:45 Summer Lake OR Sphere 30 minutes In the eastern sky, from highway 31, just above cloud level. Flashes of reddish orange light, similar to a flare, were seen in differen 4/1/00
3/28/00 00:00 Prescott Valley AZ Circle 10 minutes saw a large craft, circular in shape very bright red. floated and then moved in several directions and then appeared to touch the groun 4/1/00
3/27/00 23:20 Elk (approximately 15 miles south of Mendocino) CA Light 1.5 hrs. Sighting of a pattern of lights which changed from greenish blue to red over the Coast of Mendocino. 4/1/00
3/27/00 21:40 Mexico Beach FL Circle 30 minutes Three circular objects disappearing and reappearing over the ocean. 4/1/00
3/27/00 20:00 Santa Cruz CA Cigar 5 minutes I saw the flying cigar! It was flying low, toward the north. It flew right over me. I watched it from the south and looked real closely 4/1/00
3/27/00 01:10 Bella Vista CA Changing 10 secs. a light the size of a volleyball at arms length descended rapidly 4/1/00
3/25/00 22:00 Lompoc CA Circle 1 hr. 20mins. we were observing the sky in one area. This bright flashing object appeared...not flying.In stationary position. Flashing lights and in 4/1/00
3/25/00 18:00 The Woodlands TX Unknown 18:01 Donuts on a rope smoke trail in the sky pointing west. 4/1/00
3/25/00 00:45 Des Moines (Southeast of) IA Fireball 20 minutes Red light in stop and go movement and dropping a storbbing object low in the sky then fading out. 4/1/00
3/24/00 20:27 Woodbury (Long Island) NY Unknown 5-8 seconds 2 objects traveling parallel. SE to NW. No sound. Subdued lighting. 4/1/00
3/24/00 19:45 Saginaw (I-75 headed north mile marker 130 mi.) MI Fireball 5-7 seconds a white flash ball hurling......very quickly headed NE then disappearing 4/1/00
3/24/00 18:30 Southport NC Fireball 1-2 seconds Orange fireball very fast and near at low altitude 4/1/00
3/24/00 13:35 Beaverton OR Disk 1.5 min? Bright white discoid at high velocity seen passing behind a commercial jetliner during ascent 4/1/00
3/24/00 03:15 Syracuse NY Light seconds while driving on i690 by the lake.looking to the south.a small blue light shot down like a falling star but it blinked out not fading l 4/1/00
3/23/00 19:30 Providence RI Rectangle 20 TO 25 SEC On March 23, 2000 I was looking at the Big Dipper when one of the stars near the Big Dipper blinked then i saw dull orange lights comin 4/1/00
3/23/00 19:30 Somerset OH Other 4-5 sec. Three cresent red glows in a triangular formation, S.E. traversing 40-45 degrees in 4-5 sec. below Orions Belt. 4/1/00
3/23/00 02:15 Norridgewock (Winding Hill Rd) ME Rectangle 13to15mins A stationary object was seen in the western horrizon. The object ommited a blinding white light. After 13 minutes the object moved east 4/1/00
3/22/00 21:40 Tuscaloosa AL Formation 8-10 seconds 3 almost transparent, almost circular (amoeba shaped), phosphorous neon-green entities flying in a triangular formation. all 3 witness 4/1/00
3/21/00 22:05 East Springfield PA Light 10-15 seconds a light in the sky going in a southeasterly direction under the clouds.the light showed around itself and on the bottom of the clouds t 4/1/00
3/21/00 21:00 Duluth MN
5 - 7 seconds Pulsating star-like object described a semi-circle around the middle star of the handle of the Big Dipper and then vanished. No object 4/1/00
3/21/00 19:30 Mattawan MI Triangle 3-9 seconds one craft Flew over head toward east, Seperated into 3 craft 4/1/00
3/21/00 14:45 Dickson TN Cylinder 30sec. Waiting at a stop light i saw a jet in the distance.I was looking at it's trail when i saw a large tube shaped object floating in the s 4/1/00
3/19/00 23:35 Pasadena (I-5, desert, north of; south of Gorman) CA Triangle 2 to 3 mins On a clear night, while driving north on Interstate 5 north of Pasadena, south of Gorman, and west of the Angeles National forest, I sa 4/1/00
3/19/00 22:30 Reisterstown MD
30 seconds maybe One Object was seen by one person at 10:30 pm. Object appeared to be a oval with a rectangular notch in the front or possibly the back. 4/1/00
3/19/00 21:30 San Francisco CA Fireball 3-5 sec Fireball from the center of sky moving SE , perhaps falling downward. Faster than a plane but too slow for a meteor 4/1/00
3/19/00 21:00 Tucson AZ Light 5 seconds Witnessed an extremely fast-moving object, moving across the lower sky toward the horizon in a Northwesterly direction. Object emitted 4/1/00
3/19/00 09:05 Albuquerque NM Oval 1 minute white/silvery elliptical craft seen 45 degrees above horizon, due west, circling in the air rapidly before speeding off northwest. 4/1/00
3/18/00 22:30 Palm Desert CA Light 2 + hours We were in our garage and looking south over the Santa Rosa Mountains a bright light was hovering at a great distance it appeared to ha 4/1/00
3/18/00 22:00 Pembroke MA Unknown 1/2 hour Stationary pulsating white, red & green/blue light in the western horizon 4/1/00
3/17/00 03:15 Vancouver WA Unknown 1 min 1 Min- High Pitch Noise 4/1/00
3/17/00 00:26 Thousand Oaks (Highway 101 @ Kannen Rd. ) CA Triangle 10min. Iwas Traveling 101 I saw a object moveing east to west less than a mileup.Another vehicle ahead saw also a for a minute lost control of 4/1/00
3/16/00 17:15 Anza CA Light less that 30sec. High speed light, transvering horizon to horizon, NO trail or tail. 4/1/00
3/16/00 00:30 Southampton, Hampshire (UK/England)
Unknown 30minutes looking out towards the moon, I looked at a cluster of stars to the right. I noticed the brightest star moving. 4/1/00
3/15/00 22:00 New Philadelphia OH Light 20 min. Light moving irratic in the sky. 4/1/00
3/15/00 21:15 Bakersville NC Light 30sec. Very unique and phenominal 4/1/00
3/15/00 20:45 Riverside/Palm Springs (over I-10) CA Light 10 minutes In commercial Jet from LA to Phoenix. Looking out north window below our jet, a light with no strobes was tracking our jet, after 10 mi 4/1/00
3/14/00 16:35 Scotts Valley CA Formation 2 Minutes 3 "Rods" in a Unilateral Triangle Formation appeared to follow Hiway 17 Northbound 4/1/00
3/14/00 04:50 New York City/Staten Island (w/ New Jersey) NY Unknown 5 minutes see below 4/1/00
3/13/00 21:40 Clarinda IA Light 10 Minutes It looked like a star at first... 4/1/00
3/12/00 08:00 Seattle WA Cigar 5-6 seconds Peter, I was driving to Rentin to drop off my car at the Toyota Dealer. I was headed south on on the freeway between I-90 and Rentin. 4/1/00
3/11/00 21:45 Gold Bar/Index (near, F S 62 off HWY 2) WA Light 00:01 Blueish light seen in mountains. 4/1/00
3/11/00 19:45 Orangevale CA Fireball 5 min 3 Objects traversing the sky, burning out eventually 4/1/00
3/10/00 21:15 Rockford IL Light 15-20 min. This was something we all have NEVER seen before. There has been no investigation that we know of, except it was reported on the news. 4/1/00
3/9/00 22:09 Mountain Home (3 miles So. of MO in center of AR) AR Fireball 2 minutes Bright, white, golf ball sized orb hit a glass like dome above the planet - creating 45 sec. of white night light in our forest - follo 4/1/00
3/9/00 21:30 Springfield IL
2 sec. Fireball in southern sky appx. 15 deg. abv. hor. E. to W. slight down. 4/1/00
3/9/00 21:00 Sallisaw OK Fireball 30 seconds Fireball seen, long duration and larger than normal brightness 4/1/00
3/9/00 19:45 Vassalboro ME Other 10 min? saw bright crescent shape light through curtains; pulled back to reveal crescent with very bright beacon or headlight hovering over tre 4/1/00
3/6/00 03:30 Salt Lake City UT Oval 2 mins seen about 1 mile away. had blue/white chaser lights at the bottom with a big red light on very bottom 4/1/00
3/2/00 19:00 Springfield MO Unknown Approx. 25 min. Counterclockwise rotation of four lights against overcast sky. 4/1/00
2/29/00 13:35 Hawaii's Volcano National Park HI Sphere 50 min. Bright metallic spheres that split into to smaller spheres and hovered for 50 minutes...... 4/1/00
2/9/00 21:00 Northport (5 miles north of) WA Changing 45 minutes The evening was clear and I was looking off to the west/southwest up into the sky at about a 10:00 position. I suddenly noticed a clust 4/1/00
2/8/00 23:00 Southbury CT Circle 30 seconds me and a couple of friends were having a party out in an abandoned sand pit one night. We had a bonfire going and everything then sudde 4/1/00
2/7/00 21:00 Ionia MI Triangle 15 minutes Coming home from a basketball game in Palo I saw 2 UFOs flying in formation. 4/1/00
2/1/00 10:00 Houston TX Chevron 30 seconds 2 boomarangs high and fast over houston on night of lunar full eclipse 4/1/00
1/15/00 20:15 Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia)
Circle 15 min At the approx time of 8.15pm a bright circular red light was spotted north east of Lake Macquarie NSW Australia. 4/1/00
1/1/00 00:45 Canouan (Caranage Bay Resort) (Grenadine Islands)
Changing 1 minute Witness and I both viewed an object which appeared very close then moved across the sky changing shape, then moved off slowly out of si 4/1/00
12/1/99 22:00 Madison WI Formation 10 seconds We saw 3 lights, as bright as stars in the city, move due south. They seemed to be 1000's of feet above us and moving quite fast. The v 4/1/00
11/16/99 17:20 Medina OH Fireball 25sec. I saw , as what looked like fireworks of purple and blue in the Western sky. The sparkling fragments traveled Eastward towards me as a 4/1/00
10/15/99 19:20 Newbern TN Light 2 min. amber colored light,moves slowly, occasionally disappears in plain view 4/1/00
9/17/99 06:10 White Rock SC Circle 30 minutes On September 17, 1999 in White Rock, SC a bright circular object was spotted in the northern sky. As a airliner aproached it moved to t 4/1/00
8/8/99 10:30 Long Valley NJ Disk 30 min it was big and green and had flashy lights. It looked to have shed a light down on something and take that something up. It was rathe 4/1/00
7/5/99 00:15 State College PA Other 5 min Very large dark cicular object with quad vabor trails with a pale blue tinge in coloring on the vapor trail. 4/1/00
5/30/99 13:10 El Paso TX Sphere 15Min 15 minute event, daytime, partly cloudy, 5/30/1999, El Paso, Texas, 1:15P.M. 4/1/00
5/26/99 18:00 Wacker City AK Unknown not sure very bright light, large, no defined edges, no sound,changed directions. 4/1/00
4/25/99 20:30 Ann Arbor MI Formation 15 sec Early evening - sky not yet dark, planets just beginning to appear. I was outside on the deck looking in the southeast sky trying to f 4/1/00
3/30/99 20:23 Pittsburgh PA Cone 5 - 10 seconds I saw a circular bright white object sitting (5 secs?) in the eastern sky. It moved straight up and winked out. 4/1/00
11/12/98 02:25 Casper WY Triangle 2-3 minutes back oObserved a boomerang shaped object travelling roughly S to N at 2:18 a.m. looking toward the east. The object was pale, luminous 4/1/00
9/1/98 19:30 Avoca PA Triangle approx 2 min Driving South on I-81 around 20 miles South of Avoca Airport. Saw large object hovering right off the side of highway. Nighttime spott 4/1/00
8/10/98 21:30 Center Harbor NH Light 16 seconds As I was looking up at the night sky in a North to North east direction, at approx.9:30 pm, I noticed what appeared to be a satellite m 4/1/00
8/7/97 17:07 New York City NY Other A few seconds NTSB report of anomalous object near 747 aircraft. 4/1/00
7/15/97 21:00 New Jersey NJ Fireball 3-5 seconds about 2 and a half years ago I saw a ball shaped object fly across the sky at a fast speed. 4/1/00
6/15/96 22:00 Scunthorpe (UK/England)
Rectangle 10 seconds it was moving south towards london way 4/1/00
3/11/96 15:33 Salisbury, Wilts. (UK/England)
Disk 3 mins UFO was sighted to side of lane . I stopped car and got out to communicate with craft - which flew off at very high speed . 4/1/00
9/5/95 18:00 Albuquerque NM Triangle 20 sec. It moved fast and stopped over my head. Then, it hovered for 10 sec. before it speed off like it had turned. But the object never turne 4/1/00
7/1/95 04:30 Bellevue NE Unknown 1 minute Silent craft flying extremely low dropping flaming embers 4/1/00
6/19/95 22:00 Belle Plaine KS Triangle 5-7 min. A triangular craft with a light at each end and a slightly larger central light 4/1/00
11/20/93 03:30 Elkton MD Triangle 30 minutes I was in my deer stand when i seen a light it came down wright over top of me.A beam of light came out when it left it was allmost day 4/1/00
5/9/93 00:00 Reno NV Cigar 3 to 5 min. looking directly east, saw object slowly moving north from south, stop, drop 3 fireballs, slowly moved south and with no hesitation, to 4/1/00
9/25/92 21:30 Golden Valley MN Flash 2.5 hours A flashing bright, white light hovered over my neighborhood for over 2 hours. 4/1/00
2/4/92 02:00 Swarthmore PA Triangle 2 minutes I woke up when i saw bright light coming in my window. I looked out and i saw three very bright white lights arranged in a triangle sh 4/1/00
5/4/90 12:20 Malibu CA Disk 10 seconds i was surfing, with another guy, at County Line (across from Neptune's Net), when it came out of the fog bank just offshore. 4/1/00
6/15/87 01:00 Vancouver Island (over, viewed by me and others) (Canada) BC Formation 2-3 hours Myself ((deleted))along with a friend named ((del)) watched formations of triangle and globs doing what appeared to us e 4/1/00
8/6/86 02:00 Hutchinson KS Triangle 45 min was taking a walk late at night and looked up in the sky and seen the strangest thing 4/1/00
7/1/84 22:00 Peekskill NY Triangle 3-4 minutes Hudson Valley area. Large, silent, triangle shaped vehicle hovered about 100-200 ft over the house for about 3-4 minutes. 4/1/00
4/15/84 15:00 Elizabethtown (2-way highway en route to) KY Disk My viewing lasted apprx. While waiting for grandpa to return from gas station, I observed a circular craft with an elongated oval ring, emmitting small lights t 4/1/00
6/8/80 16:00 Tucson AZ Diamond 10 minutes! a bunch of us were outside building a gazebo & working on the garden when i was on the roof of the gazebo taking a break... looking alm 4/1/00
7/29/78 23:30 Highland IN Disk 3 minutes I looked out my window to see a disc shaped object hovering about less than 100 ft. over my house. 4/1/00
7/27/78 00:45 Union MO Light one minute At approximately 12:10a the witness left her brother's home in Beaufort Missouri returning to her home in Arnold, Missouri; a trip she 4/1/00
7/26/78 22:00 Union MO Light minute Three witnesses reported seeing a unusually bright white light cross the sky moving east to west... 4/1/00
7/26/78 20:00 Union MO Light 10 minutes Three witnesses. While driving down Highway 50 East they noticed a big bright orange ball in the sky. It was bigger than the moon but 4/1/00
7/26/78 St. Robert/Fort Leonard Wood MO Light uncertain Two witnesses saw bright flashing red light pass over their house.. 4/1/00
7/25/78 21:30 St. Robert/Fort Leonard Wood MO Light minute Two witnesses, enlisted man and wife. Sitting on front porch of home. Noticed an unusual light/object moving across the sky. No other 4/1/00
6/15/68 17:00 Bishop CA Disk 30 min.? Bright light several thousand feet over the Owens Valley near Bishop, California. Attacked by airplanes and left at high speed 4/1/00
1/8/68 19:00 Tucson AZ Disk 5 seconds driving home from old tucson w/ parents looked out window(night)to left saw a round shape with dif. colored lites around come up above 4/1/00
10/1/65 14:00 Colonial Heights VA Sphere 2 minutes Saw sphere ping-ponging up and down and side to side in blue sky. 4/1/00
1998 summer 22:00 St. James (riding home from st. loius MO. To) MO Circle
rideing home from St. louis and I was looking out the window when I saw a red dot in the sky, it wasn't blinking like a plane would, bu 4/1/00
1980-82 20:00 Glennonville MO Sphere 2.5min Looked out my bedroom window to see an orange glowing ball circling around one of our family sheds, about 3-4 feet off the ground. From 4/1/00
Nov/Dec 05:00 Bodmin Moor, Caradon Hill, Cornwall (UK/England)
Light ? 3 Moving Lights - NO engine Sound, erratic non-linear hovering movements in the English countryside near Television mast. Objects also 4/1/00