National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2000/05/03


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/3/00 21:30PittsvilleMOUSACirclesouthwestI was driving on HW 50 when I saw 5 white circles.5/3/00
5/3/00 03:00Waterford/ChislehurstNJUSADisk4sec plusCame from above south east 1 witness saw an up ward movement after initial sighting witness 2 saw after that point hot electric blue5/3/00
5/1/00 22:55Little RockARUSATriangle60 secondsI first noticed one object moving from NE to SE. The object was visible at about 45 degrees in the NE sky. It moved silently at a unifo5/3/00
5/1/00 09:23Moreno ValleyCAUSAChanging15 minutesWe noticed what we thought was a airplane wasn't moving after about 10 minutes.5/3/00
4/30/00 22:30PortlandORUSACircle10-13 minutesinitially seen while I was "indisposed" of.5/3/00
4/30/00 22:30CorvallisORUSADisk20-30 secsFlying grey disk over Corvallis,Or5/3/00
4/30/00 22:00LaytonUTUSATriangle60 secondsNoticed a off grey triangle shape object moving from south to north just above horizon.5/3/00
4/30/00 01:30Southampton (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle15 secondslarge near black object triangle in shape5/3/00
4/30/00 00:12FranklinMAUSADiamond10 minutesBlack diamond shaped object with two white circles in the center and red blinking lights rotating around those white lights. Object had5/3/00
4/30/00 00:00South LyonMIUSADisk1 hourThey were moving very fast across the sky and making quick turns. Also the spent alot of time hovering.5/3/00
4/29/00 23:00Raccoon Creek State ParkPAUSATriangle3 minutesThree lights, appearing to move at same speed, when lights moved in front of stars, the triangle middle was shown to have mass, as the 5/3/00
4/29/00 22:30OgdenUTUSACircle4 min.i seen a red ball like thing coming from south to north along the mountains.and it was moving realy fast.5/3/00
4/29/00 22:29Floral ParkNYUSADisk15 secondsWas observing thru telescope for casual astronomy. Looked up in the sky to find a target star in Ursa Major when I saw due East at arou5/3/00
4/29/00 20:30WittmannAZUSAFlash2200First spotted flashing light just above mountain ridge line to the south of my home, at first it was steady and would pulse, then it be5/3/00
4/29/00 19:00Santa MariaCAUSAOvalThere was a oval shaped craft with lights flashing in a pattern: Red, green, blue, then a blinding flash. It appeared to be chasing a 5/3/00
4/28/00 23:15Des MoinesIAUSAUnknown2 minutesWhat I thought was just a satellite, with binoculars I see 3 traveling together at the same speed.5/3/00
4/28/00 22:28Bossier CityLAUSAChevron10 secondsI was standing outside to smoke just before David Letterman tonight. I always smoke outside, never inside; but, I do not ever expect t5/3/00
4/28/00 22:05Seattle (Ballard)WAUSADisk10 sec.A very bright object passed between the trees very fast with no sound.5/3/00
4/28/00 21:00WheelingWVUSATriangle30 secondsHuge triangular light formation.5/3/00
4/28/00 04:30Grants Pass (Murphy area)ORUSACircle2 minutesFlying at high speed from West to East. White star like UFO. Wasn't staying in a straight flight pattern.5/3/00
4/27/00 23:38PlanoTXUSATriangle3 secondsI saw a craft moving at an incredible speed, from north to south. The object was lit on it's underside, but only in a pattern of a rod.5/3/00
4/27/00 22:15Hot SpringsARUSACigar10-20 secondsA large very fast moving craft. It had four bright white lights in a row angled downward. At first the lights looked like there were st5/3/00
4/27/00 13:00LewistonMEUSALight00:2It was about 1:00 pm. My friend and I were playing Wiffle ball when A very bright, orange ball appeared out of nowhere, probably a few 5/3/00
4/27/00 12:20Pretoria (South Africa)South AfricaSphere2minWas playing golf, saw white glowing object in the sky manoevering rapidly. Object was very high, almost in line with cirrus clouds as i5/3/00
4/25/00 23:30San RafaelCAUSALight3 secondsGreen light came down in the western horizon5/3/00
4/25/00 23:15CarrolltonTXUSAFormation4 minsI saw what looked to be like a mist coming across the sky to the west of where I was at. As I watched it I saw A formation of what look5/3/00
4/25/00 21:30Kankakee (rural country area)ILUSACircle0000First noted as a bright star, but when looked at through binoculars it was noted to be green, red and white and spinning like police li5/3/00
4/25/00 02:10Wood DaleILUSAOthertwo minutesDriving home from work, I saw aircraft descending for ohara airport landing...four blocks from worksite, I looked back to watch descent5/3/00
4/24/00 23:15Eagle River (far east of)AKUSALight60 secondsFar east of Eagle River, spotted a star and 2 lights in the sky between 2 mountain peaks. One of the lights was red, one was white. T5/3/00
4/24/00 22:30CincinnatiOHUSAEgg30 SecondsAt about 10:30PM, I was on westbound I-275 and Highway 128 when a Huge EGG or Top shape object was right above my vechile moving north.5/3/00
4/23/00 18:40Nevada (On west bound airplane over northern)NVUSADisk12 secondsRound silver object as seen from above with rounded top as a shadow was cast.5/3/00
4/23/00 01:30Las VegasNVUSACircle3 to 5 minutesIn the parking lot of Excalibur, We saw a pyramid of six lights flying above the hotel.5/3/00
4/22/00 23:30BurkeVAUSADisk23.31We think we saw a ufo with very bright lights.5/3/00
4/22/00 17:15SullivanMOUSACigar2 min +Driving East on I44 saw object moving very slowly against broken clouds in view 2 min then disappeared.5/3/00
4/21/00 17:00HarrisonARUSACylinder3 minutesI just saw a craft that looked like a cylinder or cigar.5/3/00
4/20/00 23:00RockportMAUSAOval25 minutesIn the northern sky, right at Halibut Point, my son and I witnessed an oval shaped craft5/3/00
4/20/00 21:23Magna (west of)UTUSALight1 secondAn Orange point of light. a Orange point of light came from over the great salt lake comming East swinging to it right (South) and then5/3/00
4/19/00 19:10AlabasterALUSAEgg1 minuteOne at a time appeared each in a different direction, a total of 3. Then all 3 disappeared instantly, and reappeared all at once in dif5/3/00
4/19/00 13:30Arroyo SecoCAUSALight5-10 minBlue glowing cloud shape.5/3/00
4/18/00 11:32TacomaWAUSAOtherfive minutesSighted from a Cessna C206 by 20,000 hour pilot and passengar. Bright as the sun, very unusual sighting. See full description5/3/00
4/18/00Arizona (on highway)AZUSACirclesaw a bright yellow circular object break apart in sky it left one piece and sped off.5/3/00
4/9/00 15:20Singapore (Orchid Country Club golf course)SingaporeCirclenot sureI took some photos from the balcony of a guest house at a golf course and later noticed an object in one of those photos.5/3/00
3/18/00 23:45Las VegasNVUSAOval5-7 minutesI was on vacation in Vegas on 3-18. My friend and I were crossing from the NY hotel to Excalbur hotel when we came upon a crowd of 50 p5/3/00
2/15/00 14:30Bahia Blanca, BsAs (Argentina)ArgentinaLight15see full description5/3/00
10/30/98 03:30Spansh Cay/Abcos Inlands (Bahamas) (Near Coopers town)BahamasSphere1-2hrsSleeping on a boat on spanish cay,When I woke up,And look out of the south side state room to see a white ball of light dipping in & ou5/3/00
6/1/96 07:00SeattleWAUSAOther1 minuteAnd lo, the star which they had seen in the west suddenly went before them and came to rest over the place...5/3/00
4/1/96 23:00Anamosa/Cedar Rapids (between)IAUSAFireball2-3 minutesI was delivering a pizza to a house out of town. I was returning towards a gravel rode from a suburb. I came to the end of the drive 5/3/00
5/5/95 15:15FremontOHUSACone25 min2 cone shaped objects, at first where conjoined, then seperated and flew away. metalic at first then changed color as they where flying5/3/00
3/1/89 01:30Fort WorthTXUSALight20-25 MinutesA bright blinding light followed me for Several miles5/3/00
8/1/78 22:00ReadingPAUSAFormation5 minutesI was 16 and standing outside looking to mountain with road on top called Skyline Drive. It was night and my boyfriend and I were look5/3/00
3/20/76 23:30Bennington (In or near)VTUSADisk3 1/2 hoursWhile a student at a near by college, female from Hong Kong & myself went riding and was engaging in sex watched by a resident we were 5/3/00
9/9/75 15:00VinelandNJUSADisk10 minutesBroad daylight, at the People's Bank. metallic silver saucer. Wide band around center w/ rows of lights flashing different colors, ma5/3/00
6/30/64 14:00HoquiamWAUSAOther5 minutes?I was about five or six years old, I was on my way down a primitive road to play baseball with the rest of the kids, out in the field t5/3/00
late 70's 22:00East LiverpoolOHUSADiskseconds10 years old, looking out window , appeared a silver disk with lit red lights on top, and behind it. stopped directly above my window..5/3/00
06/ 14:15Salem/KeizerORUSATeardropduring school recess a white and red teardrop shaped UFO hovered about a half mile away a few minutes later it emitted three smaller bl5/3/00