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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/9/00 21:30 Salado TX Other 4 minutes we saw what looked like stars exactly, but were moving, very high, fast and slow, eratic movememts, backwards, zig zag. no way were air 5/11/00
5/9/00 20:58 Riverside CA Circle 45 - 85 sec fast moving unblinking silent light raced across the sky. 5/11/00
5/9/00 08:30 Camp Atturburry IN Sphere 40 sec two head lights and red lights 5/11/00
5/9/00 03:15 Shahola Falls PA Light 120 Seconds Object looked like a star, blue white very high altitude moving from South West to North East at a steady rate of speed and on a steady 5/11/00
5/9/00 00:35 Decatur GA Sphere 3 seconds brilliant object fell to earth in W/SW sky at a very steep angle. appeared similar to a meteor falling, but was far too large 5/11/00
5/7/00 22:45 Evansville IN Diamond 10 seconds I spotted an amber colored diamond in the sky that seemed to shrink and fade until I could see it no more. I was looking to the west-no 5/11/00
5/7/00 13:00 Greenville DE Other 00:45 Brilliant Gold object observed through binoculars. Discription would resemble a "Straight Pin" Such as a ball at one end. 5/11/00
5/7/00 08:00 Laguna Beach CA Disk 1 hour I usually jog around Laguna Beach in the morning, when all of a sudden I noticed a blinding blue light. As it came closer I noticed it 5/11/00
5/7/00 03:45 Portland OR Other 5 seconds seen while walking home from work. 5/11/00
5/6/00 23:30 Costa Mesa CA Disk 00:00:04 sec.'s Looking due west,observing Ursa Major directly above,2 disc-like objects entered my field of vision at an extremely high rate of speed. 5/11/00
5/6/00 21:38 Broad Creek NC Unknown 1 min thought it was a shooting star, traveling east to west. but it made a abrupt 90 degree turn and headed south. then made another 90 de 5/11/00
5/6/00 21:30 Bloomingburgh NY Light 2 seconds I went to my friends house last night, I got there around 9:30-9:45.They told me to look at this white streak in the sky I seen it. The 5/11/00
5/6/00 05:05 Triborough Bridge (looking over the Bronx) NY Light 2sec Out of the dark sky a green light appeared stopped and shot across the sky towards the G.W.Bridge 5/11/00
5/5/00 21:50 Simpsonville SC Light 20 min Observed curious point light source about 20 degrees above horizon. Source seemed to be flashing red to blue-green and slowly receded. 5/11/00
5/5/00 20:30 Johnson County KS Sphere 30 minutes White light with alternating green and red lights 5/11/00
5/5/00 00:00 Atlanta GA Light 20 mins Lights in the sky performing aerobatic manuvers impossible for regular aircraft to make. 5/11/00
5/4/00 23:40 Houston TX Triangle 8 minutes Saw a bright hovering light near the Transco Tower. 5/11/00
5/4/00 21:44 Ferguson MO Circle 00:00:11 Three round white circles were seen traveling north to southbound in the sky. The objects became brighter on approach, then dimmed and 5/11/00
5/3/00 22:30 Surprise (witnessed from) AZ Unknown 45 minutes I was the first to see the unidentified object at approximately 22:00 hours PM. The "object" flickered brightly in four distinct color 5/11/00
5/3/00 22:30 Avon Lake OH Other minute+ slaughterhouse 5 revisited 5/11/00
5/3/00 22:00 Surprise AZ Light 45 min On the Night of May 3, 2000, Myself and 2 witnesses observed a light in the northwest sky that appeared to pendullum to the east and we 5/11/00
5/3/00 21:30 Pittsville (near) MO Light sw I was driving back to Iowa from Jefferson City when (near Pittsville) I saw a group of white circle lights 5/11/00
5/3/00 20:00 Mt. Pleasant IA Light 5 minutes One craft crossed in front of an airplane that was flying at the same time. The three others were verry high up. All were visible with 5/11/00
5/3/00 09:45 Newton MA
1 second The sky was perfectly clear and there was an enormous BLINDING flash which had the appearance of some type of nuclear devise going off 5/11/00
5/2/00 01:23 Sheboygan WI Diamond 15 minutes a pair of Lights traveling north-northeast of of HWY LS 5/11/00
4/30/00 23:41 Port Washington WI Fireball 1 minute There was a extremely bright fireball in the South sky. 5/11/00
4/29/00 23:11 Butte Falls OR Light 20 seconds Slow moving bright light becomes extremely bright and ascends straight up and out of sight very quickly. 5/11/00
4/29/00 23:10 Eagle Point OR Circle 120sec britelightwentintobigdipperthenstraightup 5/11/00
4/28/00 22:10 Seattle WA Other 3.5-4.0sec on 04/28/00 at roughly 22:10 i looked off my front porch and saw a big round bright light traveling verry fast ,it made no was 5/11/00
4/27/00 21:00 San Felipe, Baja de California (Mexico)

3+/- min Something in the night sky! 5/11/00
4/27/00 18:04 Coos Bay OR Light 3 sec.+20 sec. moving light,very bright not like meteor,but moving like one. left fine contrail. 5/11/00
4/22/00 01:23 Manitowoc WI Light 35 seconds Lights traveling in a north-northeast direction 5/11/00
4/12/00 19:30 Fayetteville (outside of) AR Light 10-15 sec Witnessed a object, first mistaken as satalite, until it changed direction. 5/11/00
3/22/00 11:00 Bonnie Spring (heading towards from Las Vegas) NV Fireball
Heading towards Bonnie Springs passanger on the back of Harley was snapping pictures. 5/11/00
3/15/00 06:39 Winthrop MA Changing 14 hours The strang multicolored object was up in the sky changing shape. It would occasionally give off a bright flash of light. 5/11/00
3/9/00 19:00 Memphis (near West Memphis) AR Fireball about 3 to 5 seconds I also saw a fireball the night all the unusual activity was reported in AR. 5/11/00
1/29/00 10:00 Seatac WA Fireball 5 minutes Fireball streaking in southeast direction, looked at first like a gigantic meteorite burning up in the atmosphere. 5/11/00
1/25/00 17:00 Montevideo (Uruguay)
Fireball 3 min One fireball, in slow motion. Direction est-west. 5/11/00
12/4/99 00:40 Union City (east of) on Hwy. 138 GA Fireball
Dec.04 99 Explosion over Bir.Ala. 5/11/00
9/14/99 09:00 Federal Way WA Cylinder 30 seconds I saw a day glow bronze colored cylinderical craft near Campus drive and First Ave. Hovering with appendages (4) 5/11/00
7/12/99 23:00 Elko/Carlin (Between; near the Independence Mts.) NV Other 15-20 min While driving between Elko and Carlin, NV, I observed a large craft(?) It was mis-shapened, but came to a point in the front(?) It was 5/11/00
6/12/99 12:03 Tomonium MD Other 3 Min. Black-Shape simular to a U2-Very large-Silent-Seemed at first to be standing still, but in reality moving slowly. 5/11/00
6/6/99 17:30 Royal Plam Beach FL Sphere 2-3 sec my son and i saw it going to football,it went froum east to west very larg in front of us the color was a gray and had larg hach ca 5/11/00
9/6/98 22:15 Idaho Falls ID Other 1 to 2 Minutes Very large wedge (flying wing) with tall winglets (Looked to be about 15 to 20 feet tall)at each wing tip. There were what looked to be 5/11/00
8/25/95 00:42 Niles OH Disk 15 seconds I had just gone to bed when I noticed bright lights coming towards my home. I immediately got up and went towards the window and saw t 5/11/00
8/1/93 15:00 Wolcott CT Cigar 5 min. leaving the hunting club i saw an object w/ aflat bottom and a tappered.ther was no noise or was traveling at 5mph. 5/11/00
10/31/74 17:45 Chicago IL
about 1 minute Orange light different from landing aircraft at O'Hare Airport shot up, then to the right and then out of site in about 5 seconds. 5/11/00
4/25/73 18:30 Grand Chenier LA Sphere 20 seconds Have always felt certain it was a meteorite, It was a burning ball of fire about 3 to 4 foot in diameter. This object hit the earth. Af 5/11/00
9/1/72 22:00 Loveland OH Disk 5-10 minutes A huge, silver, saucer-shaped object appeared in the sky. It suddenly zipped right over our backyard where it stopped & hovered about 5/11/00
10/10/70 16:00 Bellmore NY Disk 30 min. silver disc seen by family and neighbors 5/11/00
09/xx/92 21:30 Golden Valley MN Flash 2.5 hours A strobe light flashed for 2 1/2 hours over a neighbor's house. 5/11/00