National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2000/06/06


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/4/00 22:00Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaOval10 minssilver football shaped object hovered above rooty hill seen by more than 50 people including me! The Truth Is Out There!6/6/00
6/3/00 22:35IthacaMIUSAFlashone secondI witnessed a very fast moving white light that suddenly exploded into a bright white flash.6/6/00
6/3/00 22:30Cranberry TownshipPAUSACircle2-3 secondsBall of white light seen traveling at low altitude6/6/00
6/3/00 20:30Bluewater VillageNMUSAOval40 minutesLarge, bright, stationary, oval object spotted in Western New Mexico skies, that the sighting lasted about 40 minutes.6/6/00
6/3/00 20:30KaneoheHIUSAOther1min and 30sec approx.Two witnesses observe a "V" formation of lights moving across the night sky.6/6/00
6/3/00 19:30OvergaardAZUSATriangle45 minutesAt 7:30 pm, the sky was still blue when we saw 3 large separate red lights moving in a triangular formation in the northeastern sky.6/6/00
6/3/00 14:00PlacitasNMUSACircle30Translucent balloon moved INTO the wind.6/6/00
6/3/00 00:17GladstoneMIUSALight2 min. 30 secA large ball of light appeared just over tree tops and ascended quickly skyward.6/6/00
6/2/00 22:00EscondidoCAUSALight10 minutesMy husband and I witnessed a bright reddish, gold light with no sound, change directions several times prior to disappearing.6/6/00
6/2/00 19:50GilbertAZUSAOval4 minutesI actually watched it with Binoculars for about 3 minutes.6/6/00
6/2/00 00:00PeruINUSAEgg4-1/2minutesSlow moving silver egg-shaped unidentified flying object observed from my front porch twice::::very concerned!!!6/6/00
6/1/00 22:20MineolaNYUSATeardrop6 minutesTear shaped object seen crossing the sky over Mineola, New York6/6/00
5/31/00 23:50BostonMAUSAFireball1 secondAt 23:50 EST 5/31/00 I was standing near 95 Summer St. near the corner of Devonshire St. in Downtown Boston, looking southeast down Sum6/6/00
5/30/00 21:00Fort MorganALUSAOval5 secondsBright, Neon Green Oval shaped craft seen on the Alabama coast right after sunset.6/6/00
5/30/00 20:05Prescott ValleyAZUSAFormation10 minutesWatched 3 bright objects travel across night sky in triangle formation with no noise.6/6/00
5/29/00 04:00TallahasseeFLUSADisk3 hoursA saucer that was turned vertical that flashed6/6/00
5/29/00 01:00Sioux FallsSDUSAFireball5 secI am going out of my apartment reguraly to smoke cigaretes, and since I am working nights, I am a night owl you can say. I have seen me6/6/00
5/28/00 22:32SacramentoCAUSATriangle7 to 10 sec.Sighting of V shaped craft over Sacramento, California on 5/28/00 by three witness'.6/6/00
5/28/00 22:00St. PetersburgFLUSAFireballone minuteLarge fusia colored ball descending slowly to the ground. color changed to orange/red and trail of smoke was visible6/6/00
5/28/00 21:15Spring (North Harris Co.)TXUSAUnknown10 minutesObject with red/green/white light flew over Montgomery County, Tx., moving south to north...on 5/28/006/6/00
5/28/00 20:30DecaturTXUSAChanging10 min.Bright white elongated light in western sky over Decatur Texas.6/6/00
5/28/00 20:00White SandsNMUSALight2 hoursbright lights playing tic-tac-toe in the sky for over 2 hours6/6/00
5/28/00 14:00MaricopaCAUSAEgg1 minuteSingle Oblong Object w/ dull metallic sheen spotted at high altitude and moving slowly at approx. 2pm, clear, sunny day.6/6/00
5/28/00 00:20FresnoCAUSAFormation30 sec.Conjoined formation of shape changing spheres crosses sky6/6/00
5/27/00 22:55Los AngelesCAUSAFormation00:00:45Four aircraft, in an unusual flight path and pattern, travelled, at high speed from west to east over Los Angeles.6/6/00
5/27/00 21:00Nassau County (Long Island)NYUSADisk10 minutesGlowing object in Nassau County, NY on 5/27/006/6/00
5/27/00 02:00CincinnatiOHUSACircle30 minutesIT was a large circular motion of lights in a stationary position.6/6/00
5/26/00 23:15Jersey CityNJUSASphere90 secondsMy roomates and I were enjoying a late night barbeque in our backyard when a all three of us obsereved a large orange sphere moving qui6/6/00
5/26/00 23:15Ogdensburg (over the St Lawrence River on the Canadian bordeNYUSAChanging5 minCircle of slowly strobbing white lights seen over St Lawrence River near Ogdensburg/Prescott International Bridge6/6/00
5/26/00 22:50LittletonCOUSAFireballA few secondsBlue Light Ball Thing followed by fire or spark streaks, west of Highlands Ranch, Colorado.6/6/00
5/26/00 22:15NewtonNHUSALightnightI spotted 2 bright craft over the trees in my yard. And objects that looked like stars but started following a plain6/6/00
5/26/00 20:00BurbankCAUSADisk15 secsA faint orange illuminate crescent that moved in the sky.6/6/00
5/26/00 19:00YumaAZUSAUnknown45 minsWe were heading west on I-8 & were approx 60 east of Yuma & south of the Yuma Proving Ground at apporx 1900 hrs. I looked out my window6/6/00
5/26/00 09:28South PasadenaCAUSAChevron30 secondsTwo boomerang-shaped crafts, one with an extra, brightly lit object flying just off its left wing tip.6/6/00
5/25/00 21:30Cottage HillsILUSAChevron4 TO 7 min.Guitar pick shaped aircraft hovering above trees.6/6/00
5/25/00 21:30PhoenixAZUSALight1 minutebright star-like light eratically flashing on and off over phoenix, not behaving like conventional craft, no sound6/6/00
5/25/00 21:00Ketchikan (area)AKUSAOval?30 LIGHT OVAL SHAPE CIRCLE6/6/00
5/25/00 15:15DallasTXUSADisk3 min.Enormous silvery disk hovered for 3 minutes above Dallas Love Field airport (~10,000 ft). Two unmarked black copters pursued.6/6/00
5/24/00Mount ShastaCAUSATeardropUFO / strange object caught on web-camera6/6/00
5/23/00 23:00Chadwell St Mary (Choose State/Prov) (UK/England)United KingdomFormation1 - 1.5 hourslights circling around central light!6/6/00
5/23/00 22:30Sun PrairieWIUSAUnknown2 minutes3 beams of light, silent, 7 other lights - South Central WI6/6/00
5/22/00 23:15DaytonOHUSAUnknown5-10 sec.small light in the sky, not blinking, below high clouds, and traveling VERY fast...6/6/00
5/22/00 23:00GardnerKSUSAEgg20 secondsThis orange fireball suddenly slowed down and turned green, then suddenly dated off to the east.6/6/00
5/22/00 21:10Paso RoblesCAUSAFlash7 secondsI went out to get the mail. When I looked up I saw a very bright light in the sky. My first thought was that it was a really bright s6/6/00
5/22/00 18:00VisaliaCAUSAFireball1 & 1/2 hrsshape was almost an oval but larger at ends. there were two of them. it was burning with a slight tail of fire. the colors were blue, 6/6/00
5/22/00 03:30HoustonTXUSALight2 secondsI saw a bright green light streak across the sky, leave a small white spark behind and dissapear before my eyes.6/6/00
5/21/00 23:00BauxiteARUSATriangle3 minThe object moved left to right very slowly, closed to the ground with lights flashing like strobes.6/6/00
5/21/00 02:40New Smyrna BeachFLUSAUnknown10 secondsFiery object spotted east of New Symrna Beach, Florida.6/6/00
5/20/00 20:45LancasterCAUSAUnknown3 minutesLow flying,fast moving object, making abrupt turns and dissapeared at a steep ange below a small rise.6/6/00
5/20/00 20:20Santa ClaritaCAUSALight3 minsMy family and I saw 4 bright steaks of light in the same exact area of the sky all which traveled in opposite directions..6/6/00
5/20/00 16:10HamptonVAUSAOtherapprox. 20 secs.Daylight observation of strange shaped craft over interstate in populated area near local Air Force base.6/6/00
5/20/00 14:27ViolaWIUSACigar5 to 10 sec.white rod shaped object flying lower than small plane viewed by one person during outdoor graduation ceremony6/6/00
5/20/00 05:00HudsonOHUSAOval3minas told to me at my job right after the sighting, My friend gail was traveling to work on route 91, into hudson,ohio. She was a ovel cr6/6/00
5/20/00AugustaKSUSAFireball6 minutesDistant lights cross the Stars in Kansas,They Weave and Glow,What are They?6/6/00
5/19/00 21:00CocoaFLUSALight1 1/2 hoursGold,amber lights hover along the horizon, then vanish6/6/00
5/19/00 00:00PhoenixAZUSACircle2 hoursIt was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Hovering and dancing lights, round shape object.6/6/00
5/18/00 22:10CubaMOUSATriangle5-8minutesAll ten of us watched this fly over our houses on a clear night with a full moon as its lights flashed simultaniously.6/6/00
5/18/00 21:00BrookvillePAUSADiamond10 minutesDiamond Shaped, covered with lights, Approximately 200 feet in the air.6/6/00
5/18/00 20:55San FranciscoCAUSALight45 secondsA white star-like object moving south off the Pacific coast6/6/00
5/17/00 21:54Bay CityORUSAOval15 secondsTwo large oval lights, side by side, like giant headlights in the sky. There was aircraft noise at 10:02pm I saw the lights at 9:45pm6/6/00
5/17/00 21:00BakersfieldCAUSACross30 secondsVery strange three sided large object hovering then moved slowly through Bakersfield Ca. neighberhood around Stockdale and Montclair6/6/00
5/17/00 19:30Glen RidgeNJUSACircle1 minuteOrb of fast-moving light sighted in GLen Ridge, NJ.6/6/00
5/17/00 00:35WilmingtonDEUSAOther5 minutesIt was football-shaped, totally illuminated with white/grey(the body)2 rows of strobing white lites top and bottom6/6/00
5/15/00 22:00VirginiaMNUSAOther30secsThese objects were well lit of gold colors, in the shape of a boomerang, or a batwing. from the size of a double fist to a little large6/6/00
5/15/00 21:55Woodburn (south of) on I-5 North @mile post 265ORUSALight1-2minA bright light was observed, not moving @ about 60 degrees above horizon. Without moving, it disappeared. It was observed for approx 1 6/6/00
5/15/00 19:30JacksonNJUSACigarufo spotted while mowing lawn6/6/00
5/14/00 21:25Stafford ForgeNJUSATriangle2 min.triangle craft was going across parkway from left to right very low and slow. there was no noise. it had red lights underneath not blin6/6/00
5/14/00 21:25TuckertonNJUSATriangle2 min.triangle shaped object very low over the garden state parkway ,no noise , very slow, then very fast, red lights with a yellow green glo6/6/00
5/14/00 19:00Union BeachNJUSATriangle2 minutes I was at Union Beach at about 7:00 p.m. in full daylight, and we were walking along and my dad saw a "kite" but later we relized that 6/6/00
5/14/00 17:00MillstonWIUSADisk30 secondsI was traveling down us highway 12 near Millston Wi. Car Suddenly killed and I had to coast to a stop. Car refused to start. I got o6/6/00
5/14/00 16:00Enschede, Overijssel (Netherlands)NetherlandsDiamond2 minutesAn UFO landed inside a fireworks factory, and he took off. 3 minutes later a huge fire caused the factory to explode, destroying a neig6/6/00
5/14/00 03:00Eastchester (Visible from)NYUSACircleApprox one minutet approximately 3am I had entered my bathroom and decided to leave the lights off as I used the toilet. Staring out the window towards6/6/00
5/13/00 23:45VacavilleCAUSALight15 secondsVery large round center with circles clustered around it. It was bright and orange colored.6/6/00
5/13/00 23:30RandallMNUSATriangle5 min.Large dark triangle against the clouds with deep orange/yellow lights on two of the three sides.6/6/00
5/13/00 22:45Osnabruck (Germany)GermanyFireball5 minscraft flew over in formation of 20-30 craft. fireballs dropped from craft though not from all craft. All craft disappeared at a cer6/6/00
5/13/00 22:00IndependenceMOUSATriangle8 secondssilent triangle flyover multiple landing lights6/6/00
5/13/00 17:30Federal HeightsCOUSASphere20 secondsDriving west bound until I saw a glowing sphere staying stationary over the west than fading out.6/6/00
5/12/00 23:15MelbourneFLUSALight45 sec.very bright light moved across the night sky6/6/00
5/12/00 22:17CovinaCAUSAOther3-5 minutesBoomerang shaped craft with orange lights on bottom sighted in Covina, CA.6/6/00
5/12/00 20:50PortlandORUSAUnknownone minute[This is being written by MUFON investigator, John Kirby, section director, Multnomah County, Oregon] Witness was stopped at a traffic 6/6/00
5/12/00 09:30MolallaORUSADisk7-10 secondsI was on my way home when I noticed a dark disk hovering above the mountain range6/6/00
5/12/00 01:02RiversideCAUSA2 secondsFireball6/6/00
5/11/00 23:30Koblenz (Westerwald mountains near) (Germany)GermanyLight3they couldnīt have been airplanes, rockets, meteors, or something , since the objects moved much too fast and too irregularly (the obj6/6/00
5/11/00 04:30Anna Paulowna (Netherlands)NetherlandsFormation30 minutesA formation of bouncing lights was flying over the IJsselmeer. ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report. PD))6/6/00
5/10/00 22:00CharlotteNCUSATriangle15 minutesSilent craft floated over my head6/6/00
5/9/00 21:50Billingham (UK/England)United KingdomCigar5_10 minsdriving to work ,i saw three lights in the sky,one of them hovered above my car for 2 mins ,my car lost power ,the engine cut out, i th6/6/00
5/9/00 20:30Canfield (OH/PA border)OHUSADisk5 minutesObserved a black saucer shape in the sky just above the horizon.6/6/00
5/8/00 22:00CarpinteriaCAUSATriangle30 minutesBlack triangular craft cruises over our house three times in one night. Has no sound. Very large. Tiny dim lights around edges.6/6/00
5/7/00 22:12EdinburgILUSATriangle5 minutesA triangular object low across the sky6/6/00
5/6/00 22:00BraintreeMAUSALight8 - 10 min.A friend of mine in Braintree, Mass. was the observer and reported "sighting" to me. Witness observed very bright light in the West. (6/6/00
5/4/00 21:10Kansas CityMOUSASphere50 minutesOn May 4th, 2000 at 9:10 pm in Kansas City, Missouri, 8 witnesses observed a bright, color-changing pulsating orb in the night sky.6/6/00
5/4/00 17:00FallbrookCAUSAOther5 minutesA V shaped air craft flew over me at low altitude while I was walking down the path through our avocado grove.6/6/00
5/4/00 10:30Gig HarborWAUSASphere5minSphere was moving extremely fast around the neighborhood as if surveying us. we were unable to constantly track it because of it fligh6/6/00
5/1/00 17:00PrairievilleLAUSAEgg3 secondsbright, glowing egg-shaped object came down extremely fast: disappeared at tree level.6/6/00
4/28/00 21:00SeattleWAUSAFireball2 secondsFireball flying from SW to NE. Appeared white hot with "chunks" of burning material trailing. Round, very large or very low. Very fast,6/6/00
4/25/00 19:00Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomFormationnot knownPhotographs of a strange formation the appears to be in the sky.6/6/00
4/21/00 22:00MarionINUSADisk5 minI was taking out the trash when i looked up and sawa metalic dick shaped object moving eradicly in the air and then flew off.6/6/00
4/19/00 22:20Secunderabad (India)IndiaDisk3 minutesSighting of 2 UFO objects in Secunderabad, India, spotted by several other people.6/6/00
4/19/00 07:30London (About 200 miles west of) (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle?Triangular object photographed out airplane window near London, UK.6/6/00
4/8/00 18:00SeattleWAUSAEgg20 minutesUFO's are for real!6/6/00
3/13/00 20:00San JoseCAUSALight15-30 secondsA light blue streak in the sky around 8pm. Meteor movement like. Odd color.6/6/00
3/6/00 01:15Wrexham? (UK/England)United KingdomCircle2 minThe object seemed to be following me although there were other vehicles on the road.6/6/00
1/2/00 21:33Glendale/Eagle Rock (Los Angeles)CAUSAFireball2 secondsApparent meteor apparent meteor6/6/00
12/26/99 23:00Toowoomba (Australia)AustraliaCircle1\2 hourBlue pulsing light6/6/00
12/11/99 18:00StilwellOKUSAFormation?it looked like three stars in the shape of a triangle and all the sudden they all went in opposite directions.6/6/00
11/17/99 02:00San RafaelCAUSATriangle30 secondsVery bright high flying Orange Triangle over San Francisco during Leonid Meteor shower6/6/00
11/16/99 23:30Berks CountyPAUSALight20 secondsTow lights moving together picked up speed and streaked across the sky, as they made a sharp turn.6/6/00
11/16/99 19:04West ChesterOHUSAFireball30 seconds?On 11/16/99 at approx. 7:04 pm, I saw a green/orange "fireball" streaking from west to spit out 5 or so smaller round objects6/6/00
5/15/99 17:30Western GroveARUSAFireball6 minutesHe was driving to my house in Anderson Flat, when he saw it, Blue fire ball, with a haze around it that change direction East and West.6/6/00
5/14/99 22:00MacombILUSAFormation6 minutesorange lights, fixed in sky no apparent object6/6/00
3/5/99 23:00Falkirk (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10 minutesOn my way home one night i seen a triangular object 90-100 feet in the air - which i proceeded to follow6/6/00
12/15/98 22:30HintonWVUSALight5 minutesTwo lights at extremely high altitude and speed, travelling parallel to each other, in an Westerly direction. They first appeared to b6/6/00
10/15/98 22:00HintonWVUSALight15 minutesSingle light travelling at high rate of speed, radically changed course numerous times. Stayed in same area for entire time, orbiting 6/6/00
8/20/98 23:30High RidgeMOUSAFlash10 secondsI got out of my car and went to unlock the door. I was still facing the door and there was a flash of light. The flashing only lasted6/6/00
11/14/97 21:30OlympiaWAUSAFireball30 secondsFireball object in Puget Sound Area6/6/00
9/23/97 20:00Hyde ParkVTUSAFireball15 secondsGlowing green ball skirting along grounds of house6/6/00
6/11/97 02:00Diyarbak (Turkey)TurkeySphere10minGreen light ball in Diyarbakır one of the city of Turkey6/6/00
4/28/97 00:25WilliamstonSCUSATriangle3 mins.20ft. from the road and 150ft. up a trianguler craft was hovering silently.6/6/00
2/17/97 22:15WasecaMNUSAOther1hr30mnWe had seen a Bright light in the sky just NW of Waseca, Mn,6/6/00
1/5/97 17:00Beirut (Lebanon)LebanonFireball15 secondsme and my wife bringing our chuild from the school,we both saw around shaped fireball with a tail around ahundred meter long passing ju6/6/00
11/9/96 02:00CanyonvilleORUSADisk5 minutesDisk-shaped craft spotted hovering in the sky6/6/00
8/15/96 12:30New ZealandNew ZealandCircle45 minutesI will only accept an email reply6/6/00
8/25/95 00:40MonticelloNYUSACircle4-5 sec.Copied written report: Physicist/astronomer sees huge, pulsing fireball to west of New York City.6/6/00
8/20/95 11:30Cantwell (80 miles east of); Clearwater Mtns.AKUSACircle45 object in the sky- - just hovering there with a big light on top and bottom.6/6/00
8/25/94 12:00New York CityNYUSAEgga minuteno light and moved very slowly6/6/00
12/1/92 01:00Tromsoe (Norway)NorwayLight8 secSmall white bounsing light over steel bridge in calm weather.6/6/00
5/5/92 22:00MalibuCAUSALight10 secondsLight or Fireball fell out of the sky and as it was going to hit the ocean, it disapeared.6/6/00
3/1/91 04:30MinneapolisMNUSAEgg10 minutes5-6 silver, egg-shaped craft desending one by one at early sunrise on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.6/6/00
12/9/89 21:00Cork (Republic of Ireland)IrelandChanging20 minsbright diamond band on the lower rim,coloured . blue mist6/6/00
10/21/89 23:45Dublin (Republic of Ireland)IrelandTriangle25mins[at least]i was taking a shortcut through the secondary school and i saw a very bright light,i thought it was a really bright i got close6/6/00
6/15/89 22:00CashmereWAUSAUnknownnightIt was amazing! I stept outside and just looked up, and way up there was an object. I could'nt tell what shape it was but it changed in6/6/00
4/23/89 14:00Port Townsend (10 nm so.)WAUSACigar4-5 minutesSighted WW II barrage balloon at 1500' AGL (no lights) which accelerated rapidly as I approached in my light aircraft.6/6/00
9/16/87 21:21SpokaneWAUSADisk3-4 minsaucer overhead,hover 150 feet,no noise,within 100 yds,amber lights around edge one on top, viewed with 7-21 pwr binoculars,started rot6/6/00
5/13/83 21:30Granite CityILUSADisk15 seci observed this object quite a few years ago, my mother and i were in her car on the road i live on and noticed a saucer shaped object 6/6/00
6/1/82 23:00ArcolaILUSATeardrop15 minutesDriving home at night I became mesmerized by a flying vehicle in my lane of traffic--football shaped on one end.6/6/00
12/1/81 19:00AlbuquerqueNMUSARectangle10 minutes?Rectangular, checkmark shaped craft in NM near Albu. in Dec. 19816/6/00
7/1/80 21:00Black EarthWIUSAOval1.5 minutesBright, orange, silent oval that looked like a lower-case "e" moving slowly across the sky.6/6/00
6/15/80 21:42NashvilleTNUSATriangle40 minutesA large dumbbell shaped ufo appeared, and then it seemed to be engaged (as if in violation of something) by three smaller triangle ufos6/6/00
6/1/80RochesterWAUSAOthernot sureThis was seen in 1979 or 1980. Its been a long time ago. I have just recently been able to talk about it. It was a huge Boomerang craft6/6/00
8/10/79 21:45New LondonsWIUSATriangle5 minutesdark, triangular object gliding low over neighborhood.6/6/00
7/1/76 21:00CharlestonSCUSAsecondsi was standing on the maindeck of anavy ship in port watching the lighting of athunderstorm ,i saw a solid bar of green light appear in6/6/00
6/1/75 15:00Leeds (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 secwhen i was 13 myself and my mother were looking at a car accident appox 200 yards from our address in seacroft leeds uk,we turned to co6/6/00
11/23/73 19:00KapaaHIUSACigar10 minutesFive of f us witnessed a cigar-shaped wingless aircraft with a light shining inside of its windows hover over us..6/6/00
5/1/71 02:00LewisburgWVUSATriangle15 minutesI observed a triangular object hovering without sound for approximately 15 minutes during the night.6/6/00
7/15/70 23:30PittsfieldMAUSALight15-20 minutesI was fortunate to have witnessed 2 unidentified objects over a 15-20 minute period in Western MA around 1970.6/6/00
6/1/68 21:00ColumbiaSCUSATriangle10 secondsWhen I was 10, both me and my brother saw a triangular-shaped UFO floating in front of our house.6/6/00
1/29/68 18:00Carpinteria (Santa Barbara County)CAUSASphere10 minuteswitnesses watched 3 large sphere move slowly to the West, hover and then each disappear.6/6/00
1/12/68 22:00American FallsIDUSADisk20secondsLarge glowing green in color looking up at the bottom it was round6/6/00
6/1/66 20:00Athens (Greece)GreeceLight10 minutesThree points of light, flying formation, demonstrating control of inertia and momentum.6/6/00
6/1/60 06:00Mardin (Turkey)TurkeyUnknownunknownLightening object6/6/00
6/15/59 01:00Missoula (event at Superior)MTUSAUnknown20 consec nightsTwenty nights of stalking, apparent abduction attempts by Grey "alien" creatures, 1959.6/6/00
september 1993 22:15Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaOvalOn Tuesday The ? between september and october ? in 1993 i had saw oval shape craft it was flashing on and off every 5 seconds it was a6/6/00
?/?/98 02:00CueroTXUSACircleWhile staying at a friends three UFOs were seen in the night sky6/6/00
09?/?/1975OscodaMIUSAUnknown2-3 minFunny flashing lights that hovered then just dashed up into the sky, near Oscoda in the late summer of 1975.6/6/00
10-97-2-98HendersonNCUSADiamondhoursthese things are everywhere around here!!!6/6/00