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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/20/00 01:25 Yakima WA Light 10 minutes Four very bright yellow stationary lights in a 20 degree arc, fading out then popping up in a different position. 6/21/00
6/19/00 23:10 Fort Wayne IN Other 5 seconds Two dull orange lights side by side moving together in a straight line then made a slight arch in it's path. There wer no sounds and m 6/21/00
6/19/00 21:52 Harrison OH Light 7 I was driving east on I-74 towards Cincinati. There is a lot air activity south of Harrison because of Greater Cincinnati Airport. I 6/21/00
6/19/00 21:40 Santa Monica CA Triangle 15 seconds i was walking my dog at about 9:40 pm-we live close to the beach, LAX and Santa Monica airport-so i'm always noticing airplanes in the 6/21/00
6/19/00 13:00 Rawlins WY Disk 3 seconds Brown saucer-shaped object with dome on top flying beneath low cloud cover 6/21/00
6/17/00 22:52 Spanish Fork UT Sphere 2 seconds While pulling out of my driveway I observe a pearl white sphere descending at an angle moving slower than a meteor. 6/21/00
6/17/00 22:00 Robstown TX Sphere hours not conventional aircraft.........seen from outdoor patio 6/21/00
6/17/00 21:40 Farmington Hills MI Changing 10 minutes plus A silent flying/ hovering dark object that changed shape and lacked lights or color. 6/21/00
6/17/00 16:00 Tualatin OR Disk 3-5 seconds Small silver disk shape far off, seen on a clear sunny afternoon for a few seconds, blinked out, did not reappear. 6/21/00
6/17/00 02:50 Sheboygan WI Unknown 90 sec. Unusual Three points of light formation travel across sky in a northeast direction at 02:50 6/17/00 6/21/00
6/16/00 23:30 St. Louis MO Other 3 minutes UFO hovering over Mississippi river near St. Louis. 6/21/00
6/16/00 21:45 Cahokia/Granite City IL Triangle 2 minutes A black triangular craft with 4 lights green and blue moved slowly through the sky. 6/21/00
6/16/00 02:00 Portland (southeast) OR Unknown 5-6 seconds TheFull*MoonBathedTheSKY-WhileThe~*TWO-DOMES (BrightlyLit)`ObjectPlayed~likeA*rollercoaster 6/21/00
6/16/00 00:05 Redlands CA Light 5 minutes Bright light moving accross horizon then breaking-up and falling to earth. 6/21/00
6/15/00 23:45 Ringwood IL Light approx. 15 min. We witnessed 4 swirling balls of light that met in the night sky and dropped a shaft of light to the ground 6/21/00
6/15/00 23:00 Sparks NV Light 5 min. Craftt, appearing much like a star, moved about in the Eastern sky above Sparks, NV, at 23:00 on 6/15/00. 6/21/00
6/15/00 17:30 Sault Ste. Marie MI Sphere ? Three black sphere's in northern michigan caught on camera 6/21/00
6/15/00 12:28 Lincoln Park MI Other 1-2seconds The object was approximately 24-36 inches in length and approximately 3 inches in width. The color was an illuminating silver. The sh 6/21/00
6/14/00 23:45 Blue Springs MO Fireball 3 to 4 Seconds A small bright light traveling very fast almost horizontaly for a few seconds traveling east to west. 6/21/00
6/14/00 22:40 Ravenna MI Light 3 to six seconds I saw A light in the north sky tward the east heading south tward the moon. I pointed iit out to my two sons. It traveled from the nort 6/21/00
6/14/00 21:30 Greenfield IL Chevron 2 minutes the perfect V over illinois 6/21/00
6/14/00 21:30 Philippines
Circle 1 hour four white lights, almond shaped revolving around a big invisible cirle, crossing the center, our cellphones were misfunctioning. 6/21/00
6/14/00 21:00 Green Ridge MO Light 20 minutes Various sized lights create formations. 6/21/00
6/14/00 19:30 Greenfield IL Other 15 min. Irregular shape with twinkling lights. 6/21/00
6/13/00 22:00 Creaston CA Light 15 min. I'v seen this light three times now, once two years ago over the ocean at night, twice in the last 6 months the the Creston area. Ever 6/21/00
6/13/00 20:00 Los Angeles CA Light 45 min Bright star-like light similar to satellite. 6/21/00
6/13/00 16:50 Salina KS Cone as long as it took for th I was taking Pictures out my Front porch and noticed the object in the pictures 6/21/00
6/12/00 23:26 Hurst TX Fireball 3 seconds Large fireball moving from N-NE to S-SE over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex 6/21/00
6/12/00 17:20 Lynnwood WA Triangle 35 seconds Small black oblongish flattened triangle traveling N to W near North Seattle at elevation 30 degrees. 6/21/00
6/12/00 11:45 Houston TX Teardrop approx 10sec FLYING OBJECTS OVER HOUSTON, TX JUNE 12, 2000 AROUND 11:30 -12:00 6/21/00
6/11/00 03:05 Lunenburg MA Sphere 10 seconds Spherical light of florescent like quality, started with apparent size of penny at arms length, and climbed rapidly at steep angle. 6/21/00
6/11/00 02:30 Freer (near) TX Disk UNK Multi-Colored Light Emmitting Disc Seen Between San Diego and Freer, TX. 6/21/00
6/11/00 02:16 Framingham MA Sphere 1.5 - 2.0 min Followed orange glowing object for 3/4 of a mile. 6/21/00
6/10/00 22:00 Moundsville WV Flash west it looked like a star that was flashing red, white, and yellow. 6/21/00
6/10/00 21:38 Parlin NJ Unknown 3-4sec Yellowish light with sound. Lasted for 3-4 sec. 6/21/00
6/10/00 21:35 Levittown NY Cylinder 1hr 5min There were neon green cylidrical shapes doing acrobatical stunts in the south west sky over Nassau county. These green objects would c 6/21/00
6/10/00 21:23 Lakewood CA Light 8 seconds Single white star-like light traveling from north to south observed for about 8 to 10 seconds before disipating 6/21/00
6/10/00 19:30 Gilbert AZ Unknown 10min bright red light with grey/white spheres clustered around it 6/21/00
6/10/00 19:00 Hillsboro (outside of) MO Circle 10-15 MIN A bright red circular object was falling slowly down in a straigt line leaving a trail of smoke brhind it. 6/21/00
6/10/00 12:30 Sheffield (UK/England)
Triangle 20 min Four friens see strange triangles in the sky at night 6/21/00
6/10/00 04:00 Jacksonville FL Light 1 hour Three lighted objects, with strobing red, green and yellow lights, remained stationary for about 20 minutes before moving to the west. 6/21/00
6/9/00 23:35 Clinton Township MI Light 25-30 seconds observed light move across sky then fade out 6/21/00
6/9/00 22:35 Germantown MD Triangle <1 minute Arrowhead shaped formation of red lights moving with no sound from east to west over Germantown, MD. 6/21/00
6/9/00 20:15 Gilbert AZ Light 15 minutes Large red light seen over the Phoenix area in the north sky 6/21/00
6/9/00 17:00 Richland WA Teardrop 60 seconds Teardrop shaped object sighted over Richland Washington. 6/21/00
6/7/00 23:48 Elkhart KS Circle 1to2 minutes was sitting on my front porch with granddaughter when3 lights appeared above some trees 6/21/00
6/7/00 22:00 Tempe AZ Unknown 4 seconds While walking on broadwalk on south west corner of Tempe lake heard and saw purple wavering across night sky about 7 stories above. 6/21/00
6/6/00 17:22 St. Louis MO Oval one minute Highley reflective silver oval/disk seen in sky above St. Louis, MO 6/6/00 6/21/00
6/6/00 08:15 Tulsa OK Circle about 5 minutes Two Balls of Light sighted in Tulsa, Ok. 6/21/00
6/5/00 23:30 San Francisco CA
1 minute star like stop and go satellite 6/21/00
6/4/00 02:00 Milwaukee (South) WI Disk 5 Minutes We saw a bright row of lights in the sky attached to a saucer-shaped craft. We saw the craft land in a nearby street and approached it 6/21/00
6/3/00 22:00 Manzanita OR Light 1/2HR-45MIN There were orange colored lights coming from the northwest traveling in a line at a fast speed. The most at one time were 3. One appear 6/21/00
6/3/00 21:45 Manzanita OR Fireball approx.30min. Three bright orange/yellow lights, appeared to meet up over the ocean and travel inland. 6/21/00
6/3/00 14:30 Albuquerque NM Sphere 1 hour Saw a large, bright, spherical object being stationery in windy skies over the Albuquerque International Airport. 6/21/00
6/1/00 12:00 Powhatan VA Light every night, same time, f Every night around 12:00pm, over the skys in Flintrock Powhatan Virginia, there have been about 100 or so objects. 6/21/00
5/20/00 21:50 Yukon (Canada) YK Circle 2 -3 minutes My husband and I was walking outside and we looked up to stargaze, and we noticed a yellowish-glowing light moving out of the Northwest 6/21/00
5/16/00 11:00 Charlotte NC Egg 1 minute A small, white object followed a plane about to land at the Charlotte airport. 6/21/00
5/7/00 11:45 Lahore (Pakistan)
Rectangle less than 1 min Stationary lights that disappeared 6/21/00
5/1/00 04:00 Marietta GA Oval unknown I NOTICED A LARGE OBJECT IN THE SKY IN THE SHAPE OF AN OVAL. 6/21/00
4/27/00 20:40 Dallas TX Light 10 seconds April 27 sighting in Dallas TX. Possibly the same object previously reported from Plano TX. 6/21/00
4/23/00 21:00 Riverside CA Light 2 or 3 min I saw a bright light 6/21/00
4/15/00 13:45 Gig Harbor WA Disk 30 seconds From a distance of 3 miles, I saw two silver colored suacer-shaped objects engaged in aerobatics before disappearing into a cloud 6/21/00
2/10/00 04:20 Kirkland WA Other 8 SECONDS Driving to work at 4:20 am I saw a green light and trailing left wingtip angle over my car at 200 mph & 100-200 ft altitude. 6/21/00
1/18/00 01:00 Buttonwillow CA Cylinder 20 seconds Large glowing cylinder object don't know what it was, don't wanna know 6/21/00
12/22/99 19:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Unknown 40min large objects hovering over n.y. city unbeleiveable how can this go un seen radars had to pick these objects up. 6/21/00
12/15/99 17:30 Athens OH Triangle
The u.f.o. was alinged with 7 lights that mad a triangle with out a botom. I lost sight of it when i reached Athens city. 6/21/00
11/16/99 19:08 Dearborn Heights MI Fireball 10 - 12 seconds I was talking to my son when I saw (to his back) what I thought was an airplane on fire, crashing ( we live aprox. 3mi. North, East of 6/21/00
10/31/99 18:00 Rochelle IL Fireball 4 seconds While driving into Rochelle...saw a glowing ball of light falling over a cornfield and disappearing into a V-Shaped opening in the sky. 6/21/00
10/29/99 01:30 Rachel NV Light 5 min Strange light seen outside of area 51 6/21/00
9/12/99 20:00 Idaho City ID Light 3-4 minutes bright light that vanishes 6/21/00
8/23/99 12:00 Steelville MO Sphere 15 min. QQ Silver shining sphere traveling towards sun, radio reception scrambled, vanished into thin air 6/21/00
7/18/99 22:30 Robbins TX Circle 15or20min On a clear night in Texas,while packing the truck 5 orange balls of light floatedand shot of in many differant ways. 6/21/00
10/16/98 12:30 Las Vegas NV Cone caught on camera ive never seen anything like it in my 5 years of flying already. this was from the ground caught on my camera 6/21/00
7/12/98 19:00 Albert Falls Dam/Reserve Ntl (South Africa)
Light 6mins mimicry of torchlight flashes by light in sky 6/21/00
7/4/98 23:00 Boston MA Sphere 2 minutes Large spherical object floating over the Charles River amid the smoke following a Fourth of July Fireworks display. 6/21/00
5/9/97 20:00 Hull (UK/England)

still occurs somtimes Triangle shape, grey, flashed blue, glowing yellow circle 6/21/00
9/16/96 17:30 Manchester (UK/England)
Diamond 20 seconds Riding Metro-Link Tram from Manchester to Altrincham(UK). Glanced up, don't know why, and glimpsed large Metallic Diamond shape gliding 6/21/00
4/19/96 21:00 Durban (South Africa)
Light 10 minutes Fast moving lights on ocean horizon 6/21/00
9/1/95 09:00 Pahrump NV Changing Two hours Time 9:00 a.m. went outside to pump water up from well. I heard an airforce jet,so I looked up. At about 1:00 oclock high, the jet wa 6/21/00
7/17/95 01:30 Holland County AR Changing 45 min. Driving back from a roadtrip we saw a bright light ahead of us that seemed to be morphing into different shapes and eminating energy. 6/21/00
8/25/94 11:45 New York City NY Egg 5 Mins + Observation of egg blimp shapped object in front of World Trade Center Towers, NY. Possibly a second sighting. 6/21/00
8/15/93 00:30 Bristow IN Triangle 5-10 minutes I was driving home heading north on hwy 145 when i noticed 3 lights in the sky. They were flying fairly low and would go north to so 6/21/00
10/1/92 22:00 Henderson/Oxford NC Cross not sure Never seen a UFO....come to Henderson. 6/21/00
4/1/92 13:00 Wantagh NY Rectangle 3 minutes Square object with a textured surface that flipped end over end as it slowly moved through the sky. 6/21/00
8/21/88 20:00 Neb.-Mo. Line (near , I-29 southbound) MO Fireball less than 60 seconds 5 fireballs flying in formation 6/21/00
11/9/87 19:50 Nepean (Canada) ON Light 10 Minutes 4 spheres approaching 2 people, turning a rectangle of light over the vehicle, and up at 80 degrees in spiral -white,quiet,fast 6/21/00
6/1/86 02:00 Atlanta GA Sphere 2 minutes Awakened by a orange glowing sphere floating in my bedroom in 1986. 6/21/00
10/3/84 21:00 Augusta GA Fireball appr. 5 min. We saw three round objects, hovering in a triangle formation that appeared to be on fire. 6/21/00
6/1/79 23:00 Marion IN Triangle 1hour Space ship in a dream. 6/21/00
6/15/77 01:00 Fort Worth TX Sphere 1 minute Orange ball objects seen near Ft. Worth, Texas twenty three years ago. 6/21/00
10/15/75 03:30 Polland Junction AZ Circle 30 min 4 of us saw the object while living near Prescott Arizona 6/21/00
6/10/71 09:00 Fremont CA Circle few seconds pulsed humming sound, object zips overhead 6/21/00
11/23/65 20:00 Cherokee OK Other 5 minutes There was one silver metallic craft with small lights, no sound, no windows, no red or green lights, and no blinking light. 6/21/00
8/15/52 17:30 Prairie Grove AR Disk 00:20 Two observers saw silverish 30 foot disk maneuver above and below horizon at hover and supersonic speeds. 6/21/00