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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/22/00 21:50 Lavon TX Fireball 5 seconds Bright Firey ball hovering in sky. 7/23/00
7/22/00 18:30 Pittsburgh PA Light 5 minutes Starlike light in the day sky then just disappeared 7/23/00
7/21/00 12:20 Sheffield (near) (UK/England)
Disk 3/4mins Craft was above my car. It was disc shaped and threw out a hundred speckled lights. It moved away slowly. 7/23/00
7/20/00 22:55 Watertown CT Triangle 1-2 minutes My two brothers and I witnessed two distinct, dark yellow lit, triangular objects stay still and then suddenly move to the left. 7/23/00
7/20/00 21:30 Wallingford CT Light 5-10 minutes within a ten minute segment 3 seperate ojects appeared. they were bluish white single lights.they flew in opposite directions. one went 7/23/00
7/20/00 01:30 Marshfield VT Light six minutes See the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus daily newspaper of 7/21/00 "Talk of the Town" column. Several people called in the report. A rel 7/23/00
7/20/00 01:26 Franklin PA Disk 15 minutes third time in two weeks 7/23/00
7/19/00 23:30 Boise ID Circle 4- 5 minutes Blue, pulsating, flashing lights....separate crafts. 7/23/00
7/19/00 22:35 Wellington (New Zealand)
7/19/00 21:38 Dana IL Circle few seconds a large silver blue tinted object 7/23/00
7/19/00 19:00 Venice CA Cigar 3 minutes A single, silent, white, cigar-shaped craft was sighted in a clear sky, one hour before sunset. 7/23/00
7/19/00 17:00 Cleveland OH Circle 2-3 min. small whit globe-like objects seen on clear day doing srange things. 7/23/00
7/18/00 23:10 Twin Falls ID Sphere 70 sec obserbed military air craft chase whit light sphere. intensity like a star in cassoipea from south to north in straight line. could 7/23/00
7/18/00 18:30 Marysville CA Disk 5minutes The object rose from the invertion covered horizon as if it was using the combined smog and partial cloud layer for concealment. The c 7/23/00
7/18/00 09:20 Elk City OK Cigar 2 seconds Simply amazing view of a ufo caught on tape 7/23/00
7/17/00 23:52 Woodinville WA Disk approximately 5 seconds From my bedroon window I saw an obejct with seven white lights and one red pulsating light underneath it move from south to west. 7/23/00
7/17/00 22:40 Cedar Rapids IA Triangle 45-60 seconds Sighting of a triangular-shaped object judging by distinct lights on three corners. 7/23/00
7/17/00 20:50 Silverdale WA Fireball 21:15 Strange glowing objects and a fireball. 7/23/00
7/16/00 22:50 Rockford IN Oval 6 MIN At first appeared in the western sky and was mistaken as a star. Until I saw movement. Moving from west to east at varied speeds. From 7/23/00
7/16/00 22:45 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Circle 10min Fire ball rised up from the ground to about 500m.Drops of molten like fire coming from it. Loud explosion,green flash speed off. 7/23/00
7/16/00 22:00 Wenatchee WA
watched till 11:30 bright star to the north of Wenatchee moving West to East! 7/23/00
7/16/00 21:58 Ridgecrest CA Light 10 seconds Orange, transluscet, plasma-like sphere traveled overhead from west to east, observed 10 sec. 7/23/00
7/16/00 20:00 Wenatchee WA Unknown
Wenatchee star-like object is Betelgeuse 7/23/00
7/16/00 18:05 Auburn WA Disk one hour Starting at 18:05 I witnessed at least 7 rounded/circular/oval objects in approx. a 140 degree arc approximating a line southeast to no 7/23/00
7/16/00 00:34 Portland OR Light 1.5sec. Bright Green, Orange, and White lights 7/23/00
7/15/00 22:20 Bath (UK/England)
Fireball 6 mins i saw it moveing from east to west it looked like a very slow fireball it had a pulsating light then it just turned off 7/23/00
7/15/00 22:00 Aloha OR Light 15 seconds This was a stationary large white light that then moved slowly south then picked up speed quickly disapeared. 7/23/00
7/15/00 21:30 Wichita KS Other 2 minutes Strange, unlit object on a low, straight path over city. 7/23/00
7/15/00 20:50 Madison OH Cigar 2 seconds Very Fast Moving Object 7/23/00
7/15/00 20:25 Naperville IL Disk 45-60 sec Object was circular to oval shape with 3-4 dark areas (perhaps trapazoidal) on bottom and moved silently. 7/23/00
7/15/00 07:00 Vancouver WA Circle 5 minutes siting over vancouver, Wa. 7/23/00
7/15/00 01:15 Cheshire OH Oval 3minutes I was outside in my yard when I saw the bright orange objects in a triangle patteren as they move across the sky. 7/23/00
7/14/00 23:30 Sikeston MO Chevron 15-20 minutes Chevon Shaped Craft in Southeast Missouri 7/23/00
7/14/00 23:00 Olympia WA Light 1-2 seconds Unexplained bright light at satellite level which did not conform to ordinary sky sightings. 7/23/00
7/14/00 22:30 Tooele UT Unknown unknown I am reporting this information as secondhand only, but it sounded intriguing and was corroborated by two additional parties so I thoug 7/23/00
7/14/00 22:20 Quincy CA Egg 15 seconds Bright oval light covering 30 dgrees in 15 seconds on 07/14/00. Winked out of sight. 7/23/00
7/14/00 17:40 Oklahoma City OK Cigar @ 1 minute Shining silver cigar, suspended in the sky, reflecting the sun, then turning dark, then disappearing... 7/23/00
7/14/00 03:00 Troy NY Disk 30 seconds I watched a very bright object flying west for about 30 seconds before it took off at great speed . 7/23/00
7/14/00 03:00 Fresno CA Unknown not sure, possibly a coup A Rumble over Fresno California, at aproximately the same time as both a craft of some sort and a shooting star with a silver streak. 7/23/00
7/14/00 02:30 Pasquag RI Circle 2:40 it was 40 yards in diameter round had to bright white lights in the front and back to flashing lights on each side that randomly chang 7/23/00
7/13/00 23:40 Summit NJ Disk 2 mins Couple of people in our house saw a brigh Saucer/ circle shaped object moving west to North on clear skies. The object was emitting wh 7/23/00
7/13/00 23:15 Norristown PA Light 15 minutes The objects I observed looked like just any other star in the sky,except they moved ... 7/23/00
7/13/00 22:23 Onalaska WI Fireball 8 minutes 2 "objects" or "fireballs" travelling at high speeds over West Central Wisconsin 7/23/00
7/13/00 21:30 Addison NY Circle 15 min i thought it was a star till it started moving. 7/23/00
7/13/00 20:10 Gilbert AZ Circle 11:00 A bright red object, pulsing high in the sky, hovered for approximately 11:00. It made no sound nor had a jet trail. 7/23/00
7/13/00 20:00 Glendale AZ Fireball 12min. This time I went out to a hill to try to video tape the UFO again. And it came back at about the same time. I video taped the red UFO f 7/23/00
7/13/00 20:00 Gilbert AZ Light 10 minutes Looked like a red dot or few red dots just below the cloud level. 7/23/00
7/13/00 19:54 Gilbert AZ Diamond
7/13/00 19:25 Gilbert AZ Circle 25 minutes A red brilliant light hovered above my community for approximately 25 minutes, quickly disappearing into the sky. 7/23/00
7/12/00 23:30 Sherman NY Light 30-60 sec Me: I think I saw a streak or some sort of flashing that lasted for an unimaganably small amount of time (I saw this part out of the co 7/23/00
7/12/00 22:00 Falfurias TX Light 5 minutes While traveling with my husband and two friends, we saw bright red lights flying low. 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:35 Gilbert AZ Light 2min red bright pulsating light 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:19 Chandler AZ Circle 12 minutes blood red object videotaped with 2 camera over Phoenix valley 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:10 Gilbert AZ Fireball 5 MINUTES A very slow bright & shiny red fireball. It looked like the fireball was from space because it was higher than the airplanes. 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:10 Gilbert AZ Diamond 5 MINUTES It look like a red diamond in the sky...... 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:10 Gilbert AZ Diamond 5 MINUTES The shape appeared to be more of a "collapesed star or diamond" it was a bright red light moving very slow. The shape move slowly eas 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:00 Gilbert AZ Light 10 to 15 minutes The object was south of the phoenix area. It was red in color and pulsated dim to bright. It appeared to be stationary. It also puls 7/23/00
7/12/00 19:50 Spring Glen NY Disk 3-5 seconds Observed a typical type saucer traveling from Northwest to Southeast at approximately 2,000 to 2,500 feet above ground. The Saucer was 7/23/00
7/12/00 09:57 Rim Rock AZ Circle 17 minutes Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 10:39 PM 7/23/00
7/12/00 01:56 Franklin PA Disk 1 hour Disc shaped object over NW Pa 7/23/00
7/11/00 09:00 Torrington CT Sphere 15 minutes It seemed to hover ,change color and take off 7/23/00
7/11/00 00:30 Salem (approx. 30 miles north of) OR Unknown 5-8 sec. Slow moving, horizontally flying object. 7/23/00
7/10/00 23:30 Flagstaff AZ Other around 2 hours I was on my way home, when I noticed some flashing in the sky around the mountain thinking it was the towers then one shot out northeas 7/23/00
7/10/00 23:15 St. George Island FL Triangle 5-7mins We were sitting on the front porch of our beach house and out of no where big orange lights with no sound appeared 7/23/00
7/10/00 22:45 Wellington (New Zealand)
Changing round 4 hrs It was changing shape and the colours were beautiful 7/23/00
7/10/00 20:30 Redland/Estacada OR Circle few seconds Bright metallic object at base of Mt. Hood 7/23/00
7/10/00 20:00 Downers Grove IL Sphere 2-3 min The gaurd of the building I work in was called by the gaurd of teh sister building asking what the "lights " were. he proceded outside 7/23/00
7/10/00 03:00 Evanston IL Other one minute I saw a bright light similiar to a starburst fade out and disappear and then faded back to a very bright light. It was about 3:10 a.m. 7/23/00
7/10/00 00:10 New Westminster (Canada) BC Circle 2 HOURS I watched what i thought was a satalite untill it stopped and stared to move eraticly across the sky 7/23/00
7/9/00 18:00 Salt Lake City UT Oval 13 mins The ufo appeared to wobble in the sky moving very slowly North bound. I'm not sure how large the craft was. but it was a donut or ring 7/23/00
7/9/00 09:15 Franklin Square NY Unknown 50 sec Long Conta-trail 7/23/00
7/9/00 08:30 Torrington CT Light 20-30minutes It was a bright light that took off at a fast speed. 7/23/00
7/9/00 07:45 Klamath National Wildlife Refuge OR Cylinder 10 min. Bright silver cylinder approx. 3000 ft altitude; silent; hovering motionlessly; clear blue sky, sun at my back; no markings, engine, wi 7/23/00
7/8/00 22:00 Santa Rosa/Forestville CA Light 1 sec Fast moving greenish object going from east-to-west somewhere southeast of Santa Rosa, CA at about 22:00 on 07-08-00 7/23/00
7/8/00 20:30 Poway CA Unknown 30 minutes Very strange, luminous blue "cloud" at around 8:pm. 7/23/00
7/7/00 21:30 Kingman (desert, out of) AZ Light 10 mins Light over the Arizona Mohave Desert , Hoover Dam. 7/23/00
7/7/00 21:30 Tonapah NV
12 minutes My sister-in-law, nephew and I were driving from Las Vegas toward Reno last Saturday (July 8, 2000). It was around 9:30 (?) and we wer 7/23/00
7/7/00 21:30 Pacific Palisades CA Other 20 Minutes White glow in large plume of clouds, white glow changed to blue then green. 7/23/00
7/7/00 21:20 Sunnyvale CA Circle 10 minutes. Slow horizontally flying noiseless oject with cosmic blue beam suddenly switched off lights, lifted vertically and disappeared 7/23/00
7/7/00 21:15 Los Angeles CA Light 5 - 10 minutes Bright white light w/ Halo around...backing away from us....Emitted a BLUE BEAM.. halo turned blue and object backed out of view. 7/23/00
7/7/00 21:00 San Diego (Mira Mesa) CA Light 10 minutes Bright central white light with green triangular light in sky 7/23/00
7/7/00 03:00 Pointe Claire (Canada) PQ Light 1.5 sec I was stargazing by river,3 AM,saw a very bright meteor trail,lasted 1.5 secs,,prob is ,it took a quick turn and vanished. 7/23/00
7/6/00 22:00 Barstow CA Cigar 10 minutes Two white (non blinking) lights at the end of a short cigar shaped light came on between them. 7/23/00
7/6/00 20:30 Marinette/Menominee WI Cylinder 30 min. My wife and I watched a bright cylinder-shaped object descend at sunset over Green Bay bay for 30 minutes. 7/23/00
7/5/00 20:20 San Diego CA Cigar 2-3 minutes a cigar shaped object with a light at the end seen in La Jolla, which made no noise, and was pursued by military jets. 7/23/00
7/5/00 16:00 Wildwood Coast NJ Cylinder 1 minute Saw shiny, metallic, coffee can-shaped object while flying in plane south along New Jersey Coastline at 4 PM 7/23/00
7/4/00 22:15 Riverview FL Circle <5 minutes Similar orange lights viewed simultaneously by people in two states in two time zones, (IA and FL). 7/23/00
7/4/00 22:00 West Des Moines IA Circle 1 hour Red Light Hovering over West Des Moines Iowa 7/23/00
7/4/00 17:30 Loves Park IL Cigar 40 minutes long worm type object that changed shape. never decended but gained altitude and disappeared into clouds. 7/23/00
7/3/00 22:30 Colebrook NH Changing half hour Green glowing craft which changed shape and color when it landed on the highway. 7/23/00
7/1/00 22:30 Sierra Nevada Mtns (Big Five Lakes) CA Unknown 1-3 minutes Extremely large fireball with gas trailing behind it for at least a minute and appeared as if it was going to crash. 7/23/00
6/28/00 16:11 St. Louis MO Triangle 2-3 seconds While sitting at a stop light, I was looking lazily at the sky when a traingular object "popped" into view... 7/23/00
6/25/00 19:15 Aloha OR Cigar 8-9 minutes A tube like object slowly moving south at a steady speed until it disapeared. 7/23/00
6/23/00 21:30 Tacoma WA Light 5- 10 min Beginning on 6/23/00 and occurring each night for three consequetive nights, I saw what I first took to be a star. This star appeared 7/23/00
6/22/00 Bolton (UK/England)
Sphere 15 mins My wife & I saw - initially a bright star, but with binoculars, more of a ball of sparkly lights. 7/23/00
6/15/00 22:00 Solon OH Circle 15-30 sec red glowing circular object moving at high speed 7/23/00
5/13/00 23:00 Auburn WA
5 min. First I saw a bright white light in the sky, getting really bright, then turning red and hovering there for about 5 - 10 minutes 7/23/00
5/13/00 20:00 Talladega AL Other
I was looking in a telescope when I saw a object in front of a star.I looked away thinking it was a star then I forced myself to look b 7/23/00
5/8/00 10:00 Ponta Grossa (Brazil)
Disk 45 s suddenly appear, one photo was taken, and then the object disappear rapidly. 7/23/00
5/7/00 16:30 Worcester County MA Unknown 2-3 min roomate saw three stars in the daylight 7/23/00
4/28/00 22:07 Seattle WA Light 1.5 seconds Bright green object flying fast northbound, north of University of Washington in Seattle 7/23/00
4/23/00 22:00 Arivaca AZ Other 2 minutes riders on the storm 7/23/00
4/20/00 19:00 Burlington Township IL Triangle 1 hour I was driving South on Rt. 23 just prior to dusk when I noticed luminous objects to the East. I decided to investigate and travelled E 7/23/00
3/15/00 19:30 Yelm WA Disk 5 minutes I saw one large oval disc with white and blue lights at night. 7/23/00
3/12/00 00:19 Ocala (Silver Springs Shores) FL Triangle 35 minutes Triangular craft with pulsating multi-colored lights; moving in various directions in no apparent course. 7/23/00
10/18/99 03:00 Latrobe PA
5-6 min other happneings other than ufo's 7/23/00
9/24/99 19:30 New York/San Francisco (flight between) NY Light 2 hours approx On flight from New York to San Francisco saw series of varying lights buzzing the plane for most of the journey. 7/23/00
8/25/99 22:30 Versailles (east of) IN Sphere 2 to 3 minutes The third time the orange sphere appeared, it brought with it, a friend, they moved across the sky together. 7/23/00
8/20/99 23:30 White City OR Circle 11:30-12:00pm When I was going home from Awana I saw something (I thought it was Venus) When I went inside the house and looked out the window it mov 7/23/00
7/13/99 12:30 Morton Grove IL Fireball 3 sec. I to saw what looked like a comet at about 12:30 PM. I was out on the drive way with a friend large comet with a long tail. It was very 7/23/00
6/28/99 13:30 Gulf of Mexico FL Unknown 25 min Radar Tracking of unknown object. 7/23/00
6/1/99 22:00 Merrill WI Light 5 minutes Fast moving lights in a distance. Zig zagging moving with incredible speed. Repeated sightings in a week's time. 7/23/00
8/18/98 21:15 Silverhill AL Disk 3 minutes disk shaped craft with sequential lights at approx, 100' altitude crossing fields then hiway I was traveling. 7/23/00
7/20/98 21:00 Pembroke Pines FL Triangle 2 mins the triangle shaped craft had 5 bright white strobe lights. 7/23/00
7/9/98 21:30 Hubbard OH Triangle
what i seen was a larg dark triangular object. 7/23/00
1/24/98 15:20 Leander TX Cylinder 20 minutes Day time UFO in Leander-TX seen by 5.. 7/23/00
1/10/98 22:24 Lowell IN
30 sec. no craft seen. we heard a bang against the house and the bedroom blinds began turning red as if someone had backed a car up two our be 7/23/00
12/31/97 17:45 Gulfport MS Triangle unknown NOTE: I received a letter from the witness on 07/16/00. I sent her a letter asking if she would like to file an offfical report with 7/23/00
9/2/97 21:45 Algonac MI Unknown 15 seconds Starlike craft makes a pass three time faster than any sattelite, horizon to horizon in less than 15 seconds,Algonac, MI. 7/23/00
8/15/96 21:00 Kelowna (Canada) BC Egg 2 minutes Large, bright two egg-shapped orbs attached together forming oval/circular shape. 7/23/00
4/1/96 23:00 Purchase NY Triangle 30 minutes The Westchester Triangle 96? 7/23/00
1/10/95 07:30 Nordmaling (Sweden)
Fireball 2 minutes Me and my brothers saw a flying object in the sky. 7/23/00
11/28/89 18:35 Peace Vally MO Egg 90 seconds. We saw orange-white balls of light, approximately 40o above the horozon, slightly to the north-west of our house. 7/23/00
8/10/89 14:00 Tupelo MS Cylinder 4 sec Cruise type missle seen in civilian airspace 7/23/00
9/15/88 03:00 Darlington LA Unknown 15 min Blade sound passes overhead while photographing wildlife at night. 7/23/00
10/15/86 19:00 Petaluma CA Disk 30 minutes Saw darting object in the night sky, move fast, stop, move fast stop. Then it flew low over my house and I heard the UFO. 7/23/00
8/14/84 00:00 Eureka MT Circle 15 minutes Extra star in the Dig Dipper flew over the mountains North. 7/23/00
5/15/79 20:00 Omaha NE Triangle 30 seconds Silvery, triangular objects at low altitude. 7/23/00
12/15/77 22:00 Malvern AR Light 0:15 I saw a red dot dancing radically in the night sky.It was to the north of me and I watched it untill it shot,like a red streak of light 7/23/00
11/15/76 22:00 Taunton MA Fireball approx. 15 mins Large orange/yellow sphere w/pulsating energy imploded , disappeared then seemed to exploded returning to preious shape but larger. 7/23/00
7/1/76 22:00 Gadsden AL Disk 30 seconds Flashing lights and scrambled jets 7/23/00
7/20/75 20:30 Tupelo MS Cigar 10-12 sec Tupelo man observes cigar-shaped craft 7/23/00
10/8/73 18:30 Tupelo MS Disk 4 sec Father and Daughter sees disc over Tupelo, Ms. 7/23/00
7/2/71 21:00 Atlantic Ocean (CV-67 U.S.Navy)
Sphere 5 minutes After noting a communicaitons failure, we observed a large glowing sphere hovering over the ship. 7/23/00
7/15/66 12:00 Springfield MA Other 10 min. U.F.O. sighting was astronomic in size as to blot out the sky on all horizons. 7/23/00
7/20/63 19:30 Tupelo MS Disk 1 hour 12 year old Girl and family sees Disc over high-power lines 7/23/00
7/22/52 09:30 Okolona MS Oval 5 Min. Oval UFO paces occupants in automobile for 5 minutes on major highway 7/23/00
6/20/50 10:00 Booneville MS Disk 4 sec Youngster observes shiny disc-shaped craft 7/23/00
Ap/?/87 22:30 Carolina Beach NC Cigar 30 min. Carolina Beach N.C. cigar I shined my bright headlights on it! Entry Date 7/20/00 7/23/00
07/04/?? 22:00 Altadena CA Light 10-15 minutes A pulsing red light seen above the skies of Altadena, California 7/23/00
Nov.1995 03:00 St. Martin (French West Indies)
Oval 3-5 min. I saw glowing orange oval stationery craft on an island at night 7/23/00