National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2000/09/17


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/16/00 15:30New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAFormation10minutesUnidetified cluster of objects moving over Manahattan9/17/00
9/16/00 00:45SeldenNYUSACirclean hourhello 1) 5 lights 2) circle then converge in middle almost touching then go back and recircle i saw it for about 30 min. my sistersaw i9/17/00
9/15/00 22:50VancouverWAUSALight10 plus minutesTwinkling color changing lights seen from Vancouver Washington.9/17/00
9/15/00 20:37RuidsosoNMUSALight15 minutes2 points of light, diplaying bizzare behavior, while travelling throught the sky.9/17/00
9/15/00 20:19BerkeleyCAUSADiskfive minutesWhile looking from Berkeley west over the Pacific Ocean just after sunset, an orange light was seen about 5 degreees above the horizon.9/17/00
9/15/00 19:00Studio CityCAUSALight5 minutesSatellite looking object seen at sunset changes direction twice.9/17/00
9/15/00 08:00TupeloMSUSADisk20-30 secMan & wife watching contrails witness silvery disc9/17/00
9/14/00 21:15Des MoinesIAUSALight:30 secondsIt was a round star object that went straight then zig zagged.9/17/00
9/14/00 21:00PortlandORUSATriangle2-3 minutesTriangular shaped object viewed through a telescope after initial sighting by 4 adults.9/17/00
9/14/00 12:30Bribie Island (Australia)AustraliaSphere2.5hrsflashing object changes colour ! second obect- orange sphere does nothing except sit there!9/17/00
9/14/00 08:10VancouverWAUSAEgg1 1/2 min.White object on clear day9/17/00
9/14/00 07:51HoustonTXUSACylinder20 min.Videotaped a floating cylinder while taking pictures of planes leaving trails in the sky.9/17/00
9/13/00 21:00WilliamsvilleNYUSALight3 hrs.Repeat sighting of 9/6/00, with 3 stationary, star-like objects in a triangle formation constantly blinking red, green and white lights9/17/00
9/13/00 20:10SikestonMOUSACigar2 minutesCigar shaped Object in Sikeston9/17/00
9/13/00 19:00Hagerstown to Sidling hill cutMDUSALight15min.weird no aircraft in sky around airport, car shut off when above us, terrible migraine later that night. BRIGHTTT9/17/00
9/13/00 17:00EverettWAUSAFormation10 minutes3 points of light forming a triangle9/17/00
9/13/00 13:00ToledoOHUSASphere10 min.sphere, traveling north, 8-10,000 ft, silver white, no sound, changing direction slightly, speed of 180 mph, plane's in the area.9/17/00
9/13/00 05:55LeesburgVAUSARectangle1 minuteHighly illuminated rectangular shaped object tilted at a 20-30 degree angle in the early AM hours.9/17/00
9/12/00 19:30San AntonioTXUSAOther15 Min.- 20 Min.This object moved across the sky leaving no smoke trail, vabor trail, no sound or never changed direction, sighted for 20 min.9/17/00
9/12/00 14:30WalnutCAUSASphere10 MniutesI went out at 2:30 PM in the afternoon. I through out the trush I look it the sky in the Northwest it fly and stop in about three then 9/17/00
9/12/00 07:50Gold BarWAUSATriangle10minStrange "V" formation in morning sky over the Skykomish Valley.9/17/00
9/12/00 01:55JasperFLUSACircleme & my wife have seen it for at least a 3 weeks now it stays in one spot it come & goes ?? sure like to know what it is9/17/00
9/11/00 00:30PeoriaILUSAFormationstill therelooked like a three color mercedes cymbol9/17/00
9/11/00 00:30PeoriaILUSAFormationstill theretwo more showed up!9/17/00
9/10/00 22:00Patuxent RiverMDUSALight5 secondsI had three sightings exactly like the Hagertown sighting on 01/16/00. The first (04/28/98) was on Rt. 270 South near the Boyds exit. T9/17/00
9/10/00 21:10HermantownMNUSATriangle5 minutesmy feiance and I were driving home from a weekend out of town. We were driving south on hwy 53 just north of hermantown minnesota..When9/17/00
9/10/00 21:00DenverCOUSATriangle2 minutestriangle object withred lights on points and white light in center9/17/00
9/10/00 20:30EdmondOKUSALight30 secondsI saw what looked like a shooting star and noticed the head of the light was shaped in a perfect triangle9/17/00
9/10/00 19:10ChicagoILUSAOther5 min.Black object hovering across the sky.9/17/00
9/9/00 22:30DahlonegaGAUSAChangingat least 1 hourA stationary bowl shaped object with colored lights.9/17/00
9/9/00 22:15JohannesburgMIUSAFireball10 minutestwo stationary orange fireballs9/17/00
9/9/00 21:30HermitagePAUSATriangle10-15secondsOn 09/09/2000 I saw an object that had three rectangular goldish-amber lights in a triangular pattern and the object was totally silent9/17/00
9/9/00 03:30PhiladelphiaPAUSAChanging3-5 secondsA bright flash seen in the sky facing west, 60 degrees above the horizon, heading downward from right to left, leaving a trail.9/17/00
9/9/00 03:30Mount LaurelNJUSAFireball3minsHeading north when blinding flash occured which was followed by a golf ball sized fireball.9/17/00
9/9/00 03:30CoatesvillePAUSALight2 minutesVery bright light rising, went very fast on an angle, and disappeared.9/17/00
9/9/00 03:00MechanicsburgPAUSAFireball2 secondsexplosion in the sky9/17/00
9/9/00 02:30ReadingPAUSAFlash5 secondsBright blue-green flash lights up early morning sky like dayllight.9/17/00
9/8/00 14:00Fall RiverMAUSASphereAn hourBall seen above college library9/17/00
9/8/00 12:30New York CityNYUSARectangle16 minsNew York City - 9/8/20009/17/00
9/8/00 12:30New York CityNYUSARectangle15 minsslow moving object in fast paced NYC9/17/00
9/8/00 06:15HoustonTXUSACylinder1.5 -2 minsAs I went to work at 6 :15 am, passing over I -10 and the Sam Houston Beltway West, South bound I saw what appeared to be an airplane 9/17/00
9/7/00 23:42LongmontCOUSAFireball1 sec.Fireball sighted in a northerly direction from near Longmont, Colorado. (Clicking "...examples gives "Not Found")9/17/00
9/7/00 21:20BentonKYUSALight10 to 20 minyellow lights,vary in #,hover than go out. In the Eastern sky.9/17/00
9/7/00 20:30SyracuseNYUSATriangle5 minsI was on I-90 30, miles west of Syracuse, NY when I saw a very big bright light in the distance. As I got closer to it over the course 9/17/00
9/6/00 22:55Laguna HillsCAUSALight~25 minutesIn so. california, four unidentified lights flew from the northwest in strange patterns, and then were followed by airplanes from NE.9/17/00
9/6/00 22:32PeeblesOHUSAFireball2 min.two object appox.500 to 1000 feet in the air ,moving at high rate of speed . no noise detected at all , from either witness. extremely 9/17/00
9/6/00 22:00WilliamsvilleNYUSALight3.5 hrs.We observed 3 objects with multi-color lights which were stationary over our house for 3 1/2 hrs.9/17/00
9/6/00 19:15TacomaWAUSAFireball5-10 minuteson 09-06-00 @ approximately 19:15 hours Our Son spotted what he called a "falling star", However the object appeared to be make a contr9/17/00
9/6/00 02:40West LeipsicOHUSALight18 minutesObserved two bright lights from vehicle and chased them until they went out of sight in different directions.9/17/00
9/5/00 23:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaLight5 minerratic light in the night sky9/17/00
9/5/00 21:37Linthicum Heights (BWI Airport)MDUSALight30-40seca bright white light no solid object visable9/17/00
9/5/00 21:00HansonMAUSALight1 hour +Two slowly moving distant lights.9/17/00
9/4/00 03:45Westlake VillageCAUSALight1-2 hoursAt about 3:45 am we witnessed 2 objects in the sky. Each flashed red, green, and blue tones in a random pattern. They remained relativ9/17/00
9/3/00 19:00West CovinaCAUSAChanging1 minuteTwo disc-like objects, first appearing as stars, do rapid zig-zag-like manuevers in the western sky above Los Angeles, CA9/17/00
9/3/00 11:00ChandlerAZUSAOther16+A sphere shaped object flashing white, yellow, and blue or green and huvoring on the same spot for a grat e period of time.9/17/00
9/2/00 22:20MiamiOKUSADisk45min.saucer shaped, extremely silent, muiltple multiple colored lights, erratic movement in sky.9/17/00
9/2/00 21:30OremUTUSAOther3 secondsFive connected lights moving in the direction of the point at an unearthly speed.9/17/00
9/2/00 21:00SeattleWAUSAOtherabout 1/2 circular UFO with colored lights, one fireball object, revealed itself and disappeared.9/17/00
9/2/00 04:14TempeAZUSACircleone min.U.F.O. seen over Tempe AZ at 4:14 am 9/2/20009/17/00
9/2/00 04:00SeattleWAUSACigar2-3 secondsCigar shaped object with several blueish white lights on side sighted moving easterly over Queen Anne neighborhood9/17/00
9/2/00 03:25La JollaCAUSADisk40 seconds((NUFORC Note: Witness apparently reports witnessing a disk-shaped object on this date.))9/17/00
9/1/00 23:12Orchard ParkNYUSAOther30-45 secondsThree lights skull/heart shape. flew low made loud noise.9/17/00
9/1/00 22:00TempeAZUSAFlash20 minutesFlashes over the Southern horizon9/17/00
9/1/00 21:35OaklandCAUSACylinder5 minutesHorizontal column w/ lights traveled across sky,turned around then disappeared.& a starlike object w/in minutes apart.No sounds.9/17/00
9/1/00 21:30JoshuaTXUSATriangle15 minutesLow Flying Triangular Object With Two Huge White Lights!!!9/17/00
9/1/00 20:45AttleboroMAUSACircle30secpoints of light curving top and bottom to the left with a bright shining round ball in the middle of the shape9/17/00
9/1/00 02:00Channing/Littlefield (385 between)TXUSAChanging5 minutesI saw moving lights in a field and then a close up view of a UFO from my car on September 1, 2000.9/17/00
8/31/00 22:35Northampton (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10 minsI was walking across an open park area, when I noticed a strange light in the sky. The light was very bright, and far too big to be a s9/17/00
8/31/00 22:00MadisonvilleKYUSADiskthirty minutesUFO with flashing lights investigated by jets August 31 20009/17/00
8/31/00 21:30AquebogueNYUSALightOne star-like object in western sky approx. 45 degree from earth. Moving erratically in small, jerky circles.9/17/00
8/31/00 21:15BouseAZUSALight10 min.8/31/2000, "21:15-25" Bouse Az, friend and husband saw 6 bright amber lights appear in East and Northeast skies.9/17/00
8/31/00 20:43Columbia HeightsMNUSAOther6 secondsIt was reddish and had rays comming out of it like when you look at the sun.9/17/00
8/30/00 01:34Southampton (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5 minutesdark triangle shaped aircraft no sound could be heard however we did notice after it had gone what sounded like thunder in the distance9/17/00
8/30/00 01:30EverettWAUSALight1 minuteBasket ball sized ball of yellow light crossed highway at steady speed.9/17/00
8/29/00 23:31StreetsboroOHUSALight15 minbright white light traveling west then reversed it's direction quickly and unlike convential aircraft did not have strobe or other iden9/17/00
8/29/00 20:00ClaremoreOKUSAUnknown30 minuts-1 hourI was go-karting and the i saw the ufo so i parked the go kart and ran inside and got a teliscope.9/17/00
8/28/00 23:00Bracknell (UK/England)United KingdomLight20 secondsbright light moving very quickly with no tail9/17/00
8/28/00 22:15LenexaKSUSALight10 minutesWhat appears to be a very high, orange-like star or satellite moving across the heavens suddenly stops in its tracks.9/17/00
8/28/00 00:00Wellington (New Zealand)New ZealandFireball1.5 secondsGlowing globe arcing over Wellington and disintegrating in atmosphere9/17/00
8/27/00 23:20Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaFireball5'a small object neither a plane nor a chopper made circular motions above Woodbridge area north of Toronto. It changed colors from pure 9/17/00
8/27/00 23:00EugeneORUSAChangingone hourI saw erratic, colored lights in the sky last night9/17/00
8/27/00 20:45CarbondaleILUSALight20-30 secondsBright light moving across sky at very fast speed & very high alttitude9/17/00
8/27/00 17:00MiddletownCAUSAOther5 minutessperm like looking object with a long tapered tail, the whole object being very luminous yellow.9/17/00
8/26/00 23:30FairfieldCAUSALight180 secondsA white light, totally quiet, turned to yellow and then red before completely disappearing.9/17/00
8/26/00 22:00San DiegoCAUSAFireball20 minutesBight red light hovering for about 20 minutes then disappearing, reapearing as a white flash, spiltting into 4 faint objects and gone.9/17/00
8/26/00 22:00Trout Creek RecreationORUSALight2 minutesA bright large round light that moved in horizontal, vertical and circle, and left in rapid speed.9/17/00
8/26/00 21:50San DiegoCAUSACircle20 minutesRed, hovering, at times pulsating light seen above Pacific Beach area of San Diego, CA9/17/00
8/26/00 21:30San DiegoCAUSATriangle15 minthree red lights forming a triangle. no sound. drifted . turned into a small white light dissapeared left a stream of sparks9/17/00
8/26/00 21:05San DiegoCAUSALight1 minuteRed light in the sky, hovering no motion in any direction. Blinked white light and them seemed to grow brighter and explode.9/17/00
8/26/00 12:15Perth (Western Australia)AustraliaDisk15 minsi Was walking in a field with some friends when two glowing lights appeared in the sky they were about 30 feet above us .my friend dave9/17/00
8/25/00 23:10Walnut HillILUSATriangle1-2 minwhile outside on my deck i noticed a noise to the east and when i looked up there was a object just sitting there9/17/00
8/25/00 23:00LovelandCOUSADisk2 minutessaucer or disklike object with white strobe on top and orange, rotating band around circumference.9/17/00
8/25/00 22:30LewistonMEUSACircle60 minThird clear night UFO sighting observed in Western sky with red and greenish blinking lights, Lewiston, Maine.9/17/00
8/25/00 22:00Las VegasNVUSAFlash15minFour or five identical bluish-white flashes.9/17/00
8/25/00 21:30Bootle (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle15 minI was walking along the beach (north) towards Southport When I noticed a or really felt a strong warm breeze go past me. As I looked up9/17/00
8/25/00 21:05HopkintonRIUSALight2minUnexplained light9/17/00
8/25/00 21:00BothellWAUSAOther30 minutesUnusual air traffic9/17/00
8/25/00 05:03WaverlyKYUSALight4 minutesAn object that produced yellow/orange and red bursts of light, moved in a zig-zag pattern at near light speed.9/17/00
8/24/00 23:20BowWAUSAFireball2 secondsfireball with a tail streaking WSW really close and fast9/17/00
8/24/00 11:00LondonderryNHUSAOval20 minutesStar like oject flashing was seen in Northwest Sky in Londonderry, NH9/17/00
8/23/00 23:15Burgess Hill (UK/England)United KingdomFormation30 minsSemi-circle light formation9/17/00
8/23/00 22:42Casa GrandeAZUSATriangle8 minutesI observed a boomerang shaped object above my vehicle on the I-10 freeway, suspended without motion and completely silent.9/17/00
8/23/00 20:10Istanbul (Turkey)TurkeyFireball10 secondOn wednesday evening, after the earthquake which happened at time 16:41 at Hendek, Ankara, we were driving in atasehir , where is at, t9/17/00
8/23/00 16:00Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)MalaysiaOtherfew secondthere was only one object,it was like falling down, while the time it falling down, it shown a 'V' shape, i believe it was a UFO, becau9/17/00
8/22/00 21:30MarionVAUSAUnknownFar away 'thing'9/17/00
8/21/00FayettevilleNCUSAUnknownabout a minutereport in north carolina and a similar report in south carolina9/17/00
8/20/00 15:00Palm SpringsCAUSAOval15minBright light over Palm Springs9/17/00
8/20/00 08:00Bellevue (Capehart)NEUSATeardrop10 secondsBlack Tear Drop Shape over Offut Air Force Base.9/17/00
8/20/00 06:00FairfieldTXUSACylinder1 1/2 hrs.A cylinder object with red and turquoise colors that had been moving back and forth, then stationary.9/17/00
8/19/00 23:00Lake HavasuAZUSAOther3 1/2 hoursBlack Tent9/17/00
8/18/00 23:23NewcastleCAUSAFireball3 secondsBright green fireball comes close, but no explosion.9/17/00
8/18/00 20:30ChickamaugaGAUSALightvariesReal regular timewise, looks like a real bright star.9/17/00
8/18/00 20:15WarringtonFLUSAChevron2 minchevron boomerangs near radio tower9/17/00
8/18/00 20:00ZortmanMTUSAOther2 hoursObject able to change its direction at anytime without having to slow down. Very erratic behavior9/17/00
8/16/00 03:30Nottinghamshire (UK/England)United KingdomCircle20 minsCircular UFO sited in the wymeswold area between Nottingham and Leicester.UK.on the A606.16.8.00/3.30am9/17/00
8/16/00 02:45PortlandORUSAOther45 secondsEarly morning sighting of two red, square shaped objects preceded by a deep rumbling.9/17/00
8/16/00Fort Lauderdale (near)FLUSALightLess than a minuteI normaly wouldn't report seeing anything because I have seen many odd things and think most of them were mostly my imagination. I don9/17/00
8/15/00 22:00Newbury ParkCAUSADisk10 secIt came over the mountain range, hovered for approximately 10 seconds, before backing behind the mountain side.9/17/00
8/15/00 20:20ChandlerAZUSALight5minRED LIGHTS OVER CHANDLER!!!9/17/00
8/15/00 20:00GilbertAZUSAUnknown20 minutesTwo bright red lights in the sky rising higher and higher until they were over our heads.9/17/00
8/12/00 20:20ChandlerAZUSAOther15-20 min.Red Glowing Light seen over Chandler, AZ.9/17/00
8/11/00 21:30FresnoCAUSARectangle1.5 minSouth on Highway 5, rectangular object w/blue lights charged the freeway -- thought it was going to run me off the road.9/17/00
8/11/00 04:45((name of town deleted))OKUSAunknownMAN REPORTED CONTACT WITH THREE INDIVIDUALS WITH STRANGE EYES.9/17/00
8/11/00 01:00((town name temporarily deleted))OKUSACone?I saw aliens and their space ship9/17/00
8/8/00 23:25Saint jean de monts (France)FranceFireball25secondsa totally weird paranormal experience.9/17/00
8/8/00 22:45Edinburgh (over) (UK/Scotland)United Kingdom15minscloudy sky light kept going round in circles over edinburgh hidden behind clouds clouds app 01:15 09/08/2000 police were reporting ligh9/17/00
8/8/00 19:35La PineORUSADisk2 minutesMy daughter and I were driving down a rural road on the way home at about 7:35 p.m. on August 8th, 2000. She looked up at the moon whi9/17/00
8/6/00 23:59Twin FallsIDUSAFireballWell, me and my friend were out watching the stars and then we saw one big glowing light that was pretty bright. We wathced that one fo9/17/00
8/6/00 21:13PortlandORUSALight3+ min.bright light moving South to North, then turns due East over Portland, Or. Above airliner traffic, and faster.9/17/00
8/6/00 20:00PottsburoTXUSALight5 MinutesBRIGHT Light9/17/00
8/5/00 23:55Le SueurMNUSALight4.5 to 5 minutesSaw 3 satellite-like objects move from Big Dipper to SSE part of sky in varying formation over about 5 minutes.9/17/00
8/5/00 17:00WayneNJUSASphere15 mins((NUFORC Note: Witness cryptically reports witnessing a sphere.))9/17/00
8/4/00 20:30IndianapolisINUSAFlash3 sec.I can't remember the exact date, but at about 20:30 I was driving through my neighborhood on the way home from work when I noticed some9/17/00
8/1/00 02:17SeattleWAUSALight<30 secondshigh altitude dogfighting lights9/17/00
7/31/00 09:35SnohomishWAUSAFireball5 sec.Bright fireball trailing a little black smoke, headed straight down just SW of Snohomish, WA then vanishes at a few hundred feet.9/17/00
7/29/00RochesterNYUSAOtherlasting only 3 sec. a nean green glowing object heading north disapeared with out a trace9/17/00
7/21/00 18:15naNCUSATriangle<5 minutesUnidentified triangular craft hovering in a cloud at 31,000 feet from a Delta 757 moving at mach .84.9/17/00
7/15/00 22:30ApopkaFLUSASphereless than 1 secRoutine sightings of round,lumenescent orb over the night sky in Apopka, Altamonte Springs FL...flies very fast ,fairly regularly.9/17/00
7/3/00 19:00BostonNYUSALightUFOi saw a bright light rising very slowly by a tree.9/17/00
6/14/00 02:30PrinevilleORUSARectangle6 mimis it someone eles or uss9/17/00
5/16/00 09:30OttawaWIUSAUnknown???Aircraft makes 90 degree turn9/17/00
5/8/00 19:00Pompton PlainsNJUSADisk10 minutessilver craft seen near high school field .9/17/00
2/14/00 05:20JacksonMIUSADiamond30 minnever going hunting alone!!!9/17/00
2/10/00 01:30(Norway)NorwayCircle3 mins.Hovering "Venus" then zig-zags for a couple mins.9/17/00
1/15/00 21:00Karachi (Pakistan)PakistanLight2 minutes2 star like things travelling in a curve shape from west to north east, at equal speed, without blinking in the night for 2-3 minutes.9/17/00
12/29/99 18:00DenverCOUSAnastrange phenomenon after sighting9/17/00
11/25/99 21:00Wappingers FallsNYUSALight5 minI saw lota of stars then one started moving9/17/00
8/17/99 21:00FairfieldCAUSAOther2min.STRANGE SILENT CRAFT SKIRTS MAJOR A.F. BASE!9/17/00
8/1/99 21:30SeattleWAUSADisk3 secondsBrilliant, moon sized, white disc descending rapidly over Seattle that disappeared behind Capitol Hill.9/17/00
7/26/99 16:00PortlandORUSAChangingabout 10 min.Big black object that came apart and molded back together.9/17/00
7/8/99 22:00SheridanINUSATriangle10 minutesThe object was 20 feet above us in the shape of a triangle with red, white, and blue lights on the tips of it.9/17/00
6/5/99Athens (Greece)Greecedont knowOn June the 5th 1999, one week before my wedding, my best man along with my friends and brothers surprised me by hosting my stag at a c9/17/00
5/26/99 07:00Petaling, Jaya (Malaysia)MalaysiaFireball0715They're flying with a high speed.They look very big and looks like seeking something important because i saw them fly very low from the9/17/00
4/18/99 02:00Wolf CreekUTUSAChanging40 minUinta Basin/Wolf creek UFO highly visible,low flying,40-45min sighting,eratic moves with no noise IMAGES9/17/00
3/5/99 01:00Cape GirardeauMOUSAUnknown15 Minutes2 fast objects chased by planes.9/17/00
3/4/99 21:00Puerto Vallarto (Mexico)MexicoFireball3 minutesOrange object moving from north to south in the western sky in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.9/17/00
7/6/98 01:24LoomisWAUSAFlashBright lightsI have seen UFO,s before but this one really freaked me out.9/17/00
5/10/98 22:00OklahomaOKUSACircleround , flash lights like lights on the side,morrir like covering , hovering , quite, gentil movement.9/17/00
3/1/98 03:00LeesburgGAUSAUnknown45 minutesU.F.O. spotted ouside Leesburg, Georgia hoving over trees before rapidly diving dove and up again.9/17/00
1/15/98 05:30Daytona BeachFLUSALight1-2 minutesTwo red lights manuevering both stationary and at very high rates of speed. Both performed unlimited climbs until disappering.9/17/00
3/15/97 02:00WoodinvilleWAUSATriangle30 secPerfect triangle red & green light each tip. Teardrop like cutouts in each wing. A raised diamond shape in front. Moved very slowly for9/17/00
11/27/96 20:00MillingtonTNUSAChevron2 minseethrought cheveron shape that made no noise9/17/00
4/1/96 22:00WashingtonPAUSAUnknown2 MinutesUFO encounter along a country road9/17/00
11/1/95 22:30PlanoTXUSASphere2 secondsBlue Sphere of Light - Turns into Upside Down Pyramid of Light9/17/00
10/20/95 22:00MedfordORUSAFireball25 secondsWe saw a bright light in the sky that lit up the entire mountain side as bright as daylight as it passed overhead.9/17/00
8/15/95 13:30Pidley, Huntingdon (UK/England)United KingdomDisk5-10 minutesThe object was the size of a double decker bus, it had a search light and some other lights. It didn't make a sound.9/17/00
4/5/95 00:00Rio Grande (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoUnknown5 hoursalien body photographed9/17/00
12/18/93 13:00ValenciaCAUSAOval5 minSighting: Valencia, Ca @ I-5 and 126 interchange. Object in cloud hovers/manuevers then lightening bolt strikes at same location.9/17/00
1/1/90 23:00NVUSAUnknown3 Hours2 more witnesses for that UFO siting that was on tv showing the 'V' Shape formation where 1 disappeared at a time behind the mountain.9/17/00
3/10/89 22:30SheridanMTUSAa good 5 min.a rollercoaster exploding star evrywidely twisting outword & back into one very bright orangeishred light ,then it was gone.9/17/00
4/22/87 23:30RockfordILUSASphere15 MinsHuge Orange Shaped sphere hovering about the ground about 3 feet.9/17/00
10/15/86 22:00OnyxCAUSAFireball4 secondsfriend and i were walking home on a dark night. there was a storm building, the cloud were very low. they were touching the mountain to9/17/00
9/18/86 16:00OwensboroKYUSACylinderapprox 3 minutes"Baton-shaped" object moving end-over-end in clear afternoon sky.9/17/00
4/15/86 21:50LafayetteLAUSALight1 minuteA sighting of four bright objects seen performing unusual maneuvers with no apparent change in speed.9/17/00
6/1/85 12:00WinslowARUSATriangle3mintriangle shape ,redlight allaround the edge. hull looked like a grown carbon , as it passed over sound and wind stopped till it finish9/17/00
4/27/85 18:30San FranciscoCAUSACylinder19:30Redball of light flew sideways in front of window, Mom broth. and I turned and stared. coverded with light knocked us out.9/17/00
6/1/81 21:15Balboa (Panama Canal Zone)Panama Canal ZoneSphere3 minutesthree of us were standing outside our lodge after meeting and a sound like a very large dynamo slowing down was heard. The three of us 9/17/00
1/5/78WarwickRIUSASphere5 minsWarwick, Rhode Island Jan/Feb 1978 Red Orb9/17/00
6/1/75 21:00CentralOKUSAFireball30 secFireball observed at night9/17/00
6/30/74 00:00ColumbusGAUSADisk3 minutesas close as a telephone pole9/17/00
11/15/73New York City (Manhattan)NYUSADiskseveral secondsImagine vertical line in space i'm writng in coming back around after complete turn.9/17/00
9/22/73 18:02Cape GirardeauMOUSADisk20 minutesI watched a disk-shaped craft hover above treeline for about 20 minutes9/17/00
7/1/68 19:00New CastlePAUSADiskone hourThree types of UFOs in the summer of 1968 in Western PA.9/17/00
7/1/68 18:30PlantsvilleCTUSALight2 minutesLarge bright blue light in the sky9/17/00
1/1/68 22:00Da Nang (Viet Nam)Viet NamUnknown10 minutesSilent, slow moving light that eventually took off very fast.9/17/00
8/1/67 15:30Marathon CountyWIUSADisk1:00A very close and long encounter by my family in a very rural farm in wisconsin.9/17/00
10/1/66 22:30AnamosaIAUSAUnknown60 secondslarge quiet craft, covered with blackness, and "stars" to not be noticed, moving slowly southwest to north north east.9/17/00
7/6/66 21:00InterlachenFLUSAFireball1 minuteorange firey ball rising from ground up into sky9/17/00
10/15/57 20:30Houston (Ellington AFB)TXUSALight3 seconds5 to 6" diameter light, extremely fast, silent, made an impossible inside 45 degree turn, and sped away horizontally.9/17/00
8/24/00 22:14AdamsNYUSALight1 hour8 ufos sighted over midnight sky9/17/00
21:00UxbridgeMAUSATriangle15 minutesIT was around 9:00 at night i believe, because my friend was walking me home. He had told me that night about how he had seen a UFO so9/17/00
00/00/62 21:00AtlantaGAUSAUnknownunknownThere were loud noises of a wooded area being disturbed, and a beam of light focused skyward.9/17/00
1946-1947 15:30MiamiFLUSACigar3 min.A large cigar shaped metallic object slowly flew over the city at approx. 3:30 P.M. on a perfect Miami afternoon.9/17/00
july 13:00Blue WaterNMUSAChanging3 hrsobject was bright, not natural, IT was not a planet or star, or weather balloon. I HAVE PHOTO's!9/17/00
08--87 01:00Fort CarsonCOUSALight5-minSaw light moving erratically in the sky east of Ft. Carson training area9/17/00