National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2000/09/21


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/20/00 22:57MarshallMNUSATriangle5 SECONDSA flattened out "V", made up of many pinpoints of light glided silently, smoothly, but quickly over-head9/21/00
9/20/00 17:28KirklandWAUSAOtherUnknownUFO in Kirkland, Washington? - You decide....9/21/00
9/19/00 23:00ScottsdaleAZUSAFlash5 minutesFlash of white light every 5 seconds moving very slowly from West to East thru The Great Square/Pegusus.9/21/00
9/19/00 21:30CamasWAUSAFireball3 ball fell for 3 sec. than out of site.9/21/00
9/19/00 21:05MaderaCAUSALightover1 hourthis is not the frist time we saw this, about a year we saw it for more there 30 min the next night we saw it for about 10-15min tonigh9/21/00
9/19/00 21:05DuluthGAUSALight4 secondsDim light in the sky like a faint star9/21/00
9/19/00 20:05ConneautOHUSALight1-5 min.bright lights that change direction at great speed9/21/00
9/19/00 12:15GirardOHUSACircle10 MIN.At first it seemed random then it was precision all the way and the last one went back and out first 2 hovered.9/21/00
9/19/00 12:00BuckleyWAUSATriangle15 minutesSix triangle shaped crafts flew over white river high school at about 12 noon on sept. 19/20009/21/00
9/19/00 11:50HoustonTXUSASphere30 minSilver sphere the size of a VW bug seen in the northern sky of downtown Houston Texas for about 30 min moving in different directions.9/21/00
9/19/00 09:30Sherman OaksCAUSAOther15 secMy wife and I saw an '8' shaped white light in the sky move very quickly (vertically)across a great distance, then disappear.9/21/00
9/19/00 04:20FairfieldCAUSAFireball3 minutes2 fire balls in the sky, apparently communicating with each other9/21/00
9/19/00 03:00Dodge CityKSUSASphere3 minutesBright yellow gold orb sighted east of Dodge City KS with aircraft chasing.9/21/00
9/18/00 23:30San DiegoCAUSAOval30 secondsI went into my backyard to shut a gate. as i was walking i was looking at the night s sky, and to my surprise i saw an oval shaped dis9/21/00
9/18/00 22:00San SabaTXUSALight10 minuteslight appears from nowhere hovers for 10 minutes slowing moving right changes color and then disappears,9/21/00
9/18/00 21:10ReddingCAUSAFlash30 secondsseen 3 flashed disappared over horizon 30 seconds and very high rate of speed!!9/21/00
9/18/00 21:00PuebloCOUSASphere2 minutesBright, yellow gold orb sighted west of Pueblo CO.9/21/00
9/18/00 20:00St. James CityFLUSAChanging30 minutesWeird and we've got pictures, video and witnesses to prove it.9/21/00
9/18/00 19:00CullmanALUSALight1 hourvery quick moving object9/21/00
9/18/00 08:00AllentownPAUSADisk3-5 minutesWhite, disk shaped, and very fast.9/21/00
9/17/00 21:05Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5minThe objects that was encounted was a delta wing construstion.The wing span was about 100ft across app,there was two objects observed tr9/21/00
9/17/00 20:55OpelousasLAUSAChevron6-10 secWing- shaped, low altitude, very fast, very large, completely silent, no running lights, black-colored.9/21/00
9/17/00 20:20KennewickWAUSAChevron15 secondsMy husband and I saw something strange in the sky last night. We were in the hot tub, listening to dreamland and watching the stars. 9/21/00
9/17/00 19:45Nottinghamshire (UK/England)United KingdomChevron10-15 secondsDelta chevron of lights with no solid form behind that was visible.9/21/00
9/17/00 16:30San FranciscoCAUSALight2.5 hoursSeveral, individual blinking lights, in afternoon San Francisco sky.9/21/00
9/17/00 16:00San FranciscoCAUSAChevron45 minutesSingle neon yellow/gold Chevron in San Francisco afternoon sky.9/21/00
9/16/00 22:00LaughlinNVUSAFormation40 - 60 seconds8 to 9 individual craft in a chevron formation that broke briefly into 2 individual rotating circles then reverted back to the chevron.9/21/00
9/16/00 19:30Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomDiamond7secondswe saw 4 bright colours diamond shaped flying objects.9/21/00
9/16/00 19:00WilmingtonDEUSATriangle6 mintuesSeen in the sky by Mother daugther and 3 grandkids was a very strange thing. It was triangle in shape. In each corner there was a brig9/21/00
9/16/00 17:54Fort WayneINUSACigar15 secsDark gray colored object with two big circles on the side9/21/00
9/16/00 17:30San FranciscoCAUSASphere30minutesMajor sighting over SanFranciso Ca. on 9-16-00. Object was seen for up to 30 mintues high up over south downtown SF.Bright shiny object9/21/00
9/15/00 21:30East SpringfieldPAUSALightapp. 15 secondsgrowing then shrinking light over lake erie,20 miles west of erie,pa.9/21/00
9/15/00 21:13LaurelMDUSACircle30 secondsBright light suddenly shrinking to small and going out.9/21/00
9/15/00 19:00GlenwoodILUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular object with very bright lights hovers over suburb, then vanishes.9/21/00
9/14/00 02:00AugustaGAUSACone3 min'sUnknow object hovering over Air Port in Augusta Ga., this was no aircraft such as a plane or helicopter etc!9/21/00
9/11/00 22:10Lares (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoCigar5-8 Sec.I spotted a cigar shaped object in mid-air while outside one night in Lares, PR.9/21/00
8/30/00 21:10TroyOHUSALight1 minuteBright white light which appeared and disapeared in northern sky, in approx. one minute.9/21/00
8/29/00 01:30Hannover (Germany)GermanyCircle15 minutes4 white circular lights moving into the centre to form one.9/21/00
8/20/00 15:01Dickson CityPAUSACylinder30 minutesMultiple sighting report!9/21/00
8/9/00 23:30VictorvilleCAUSAFireball5 MinutesDancing Fireball-type Lights with succeeding Flash, Sonic Boom.9/21/00
8/3/00 22:00PiercetonINUSAOther5to10 min.These things were definitly in our area that particular week hovering very low just above the tree lines and houses.9/21/00
9/15/99 18:50MinneapolisMNUSACircle1/0 of a second?Two witnesses to a large unidentified craft that moved but made no sound.9/21/00
11/26/98 10:00LowellMAUSACircle30 secondsRound 3 feet in diameter floating glowing white light teen saw it9/21/00
11/30/96 07:00La JoyaTXUSADiskfew minutesSouth Texas migrant worker sees "flying disk" while deer hunting.9/21/00
8/1/96 21:00EllsworthMEUSAChevron00:10Silent craft crosses highway, then follows us unknowingly.9/21/00
2/14/96 21:30MiltonaMNUSACircle20minutesCircular object follows car, 4 witnesses.9/21/00
8/12/95 21:00LaughlinNVUSALightc.15sec.Small red light, sat in levitation for several seconds, when all viewers focused on light, it vanished.9/21/00
5/24/95 03:00San Luis ObispoCAUSACirclefive secondsred light moving in a circular motion9/21/00
1/17/95 06:00Kobe (Japan)JapanOther-A Gruop of Circles in a constellation formation, hovering over Kobe during the earthquake of 1995. I saw it on a vidio about the earthq9/21/00
6/1/91 18:00Las VegasNVUSAOther2 HoursI was about seven when it happened.9/21/00
9/1/76 21:00Lighthouse PointFLUSADisk10 minutesSaw a saucer with extreme brightness, spinning rapidy, with windows surrounding the ship, and no sound.9/21/00
7/15/69 22:30SomervilleOHUSALight5 mintuesmy report is about a sighting on 7/15/1969 at 10:30pm where the sky lit up like day as bright as noon for about 5 minutes no sound was 9/21/00