National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2000/12/02


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/30/00 11:50Port St. LucieFLUSAOval20 min.I SAW THEM AND NO THERE OUT THERE12/2/00
11/29/00 03:46SherwoodORUSATriangle2 or 3 mins.Saw very low flying, quite or HUGE object with 5 big bright lights in a V shape, evenly spaced. No strobe nor colored flashing lights.12/2/00
11/28/00 22:15PlacervilleCAUSAFireball5 SECONDSWhite fireball with green edges heading for the ground.12/2/00
11/28/00 21:30EdinaMNUSACircle3 minutesround, bright white light that changed into orange12/2/00
11/28/00 21:00KennewickWAUSAFireball30minThree round orange objects traveliing in a row from north to south12/2/00
11/28/00 19:04PhoenixAZUSATriangle30-40 secI was in my back yard petting the dogs when i heard a loud,low rumble of a passing jet plane.When i looked up i saw a huge triangle cra12/2/00
11/28/00 19:00PeoriaILUSALight5 to 6 secondssaw eight total lights in wide V formation for 5 seconds and then they disappeared.12/2/00
11/28/00 18:42North Miami BeachFLUSADisk35 secondsWE SAW AN OUT OF SPACE OBJECT12/2/00
11/28/00 02:14EugeneORUSACircle.08 sec.Brilliant White light seen traveling N to S along the12/2/00
11/27/00 22:08MorgantonNCUSAFireball5 secondsBrightly lit fireball blazed through southern sky.12/2/00
11/27/00 20:03HelenaMTUSAEgg2 mtsvery bright egg shaped craft traveling west to east12/2/00
11/27/00 19:00DaltonGAUSADisk1 minuteSaucer shaped craft over neighborhood in north Georgia12/2/00
11/27/00 11:00Siedlce (Poland)PolandDiamond40secIt was a shock for my and my friends. I"ve never seen such a thing!12/2/00
11/27/00 07:11Iceland (approximately; over water)IcelandFireball20 minsunusual lights over oceans12/2/00
11/26/00 21:30Iron RiverMIUSAOther5 hoursErratic, changing forms light of blue, green and yellow that flew patterns of ovals, a U and bobbing up and down.12/2/00
11/26/00 21:15ProgressoTXUSAUnknown5minobject being chased12/2/00
11/26/00 21:00JellicoTNUSACircle10 Min.We saw the object over a mountain facing south. The object seemed to fade from bright to dim, several times. The bottom half seemed to 12/2/00
11/26/00 04:00La JollaCAUSALight8minI was walking my dogs when i noticed an extremly bright light over a canyon. At first i thought it might be a street light, but it app12/2/00
11/26/00 00:00ClaremoreOKUSALight2 hoursI saw a bright multi-colored light which moved in an erratic fashion and appeared at times to be an orb surrounded by energy.12/2/00
11/25/00 19:30CamarilloCAUSALight10 secondsTwo crafts coming out 90 degrees from a burst of light.12/2/00
11/25/00 14:35Broken ArrowOKUSASphere8 minutesSilver sphere moving at varying speeds and began ascent to higher altitude.12/2/00
11/25/00 03:00CarrolltonGAUSAUnknown1.5 hoursTwo flashes of light cover ENTIRE sky - bright white followed by dark green, seen 5x in 1.5 hrs...more to story -gov't coverup? READ!!!12/2/00
11/25/00 01:00Chelmsford (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond30 secsonds5 diamond shaped craft produce electric current.12/2/00
11/24/00 23:30Slough (UK/England)United KingdomLight5secwhite bright light hovering then just shot of faster than ever12/2/00
11/24/00 23:15Melbourne (Oakleigh) (VIC, Australia)AustraliaTriangle4 minutesstreet lights in the area swiched off while the obect was over head,they came back on as soon as the object departed.12/2/00
11/24/00 23:00AptosCAUSAFireballa few secondsGreen fireball falling to the ground12/2/00
11/24/00 23:00Conyers/Walton areaGAUSAFlashfiashing lightOn 11-23-00 7 of us seen 3 lights , one light would be in the middle as two others would circle around the center one then they would a12/2/00
11/24/00 17:52DenverCOUSATriangle20-30 secondsFive faint red things in a fast and silent V formation in Denver at 5:52pm on 11/24/00 with no running lights?12/2/00
11/23/00 22:45AtlantaGAUSAOval30 minutesBetween 50-100 oval shaped light reflected objects.12/2/00
11/23/00 22:00ClintwoodVAUSAUnknownUnknownDickenson % Washington County Sheriff's Departments were heard on the scanner describing strange lights in the sky.12/2/00
11/23/00 22:00NorwalkCAUSALight15min.9 objects appeared in different formations while changing colors thanksgiving evening.12/2/00
11/23/00 22:00AuburnNHUSACircle1 1/2 hoursTwo objects, lots of lights viewed for 1 1/2 hours12/2/00
11/23/00 21:30AtlantaGAUSAFormation15-20 minutesSeveral bright disk-shaped objects moving North across the sky12/2/00
11/23/00 21:30AtlantaGAUSACircleabout 15 minMore than 50 bright objects disc-shaped in formations of 2-12 moving towards the North-northeast for a total of about 15 min12/2/00
11/23/00 20:06Valley StreamNYUSATriangle4 minutesBright light flashes-lights up sky (entire sky) then black triangle craft slowly crosses crystal clear night sky....12/2/00
11/23/00 18:40BeltonTXUSALight19:00ANOTHER Bell County Sighting12/2/00
11/23/00 18:37El Paso and Alamogordo (Between )NMUSACigar3 minutesA dark cigar-shaped object with no lights that was at least 100 meters wide.12/2/00
11/23/00 18:15West AllenhurstNJUSAOther1-2 minutes11/23/00 observed a V-shaped and crescent-shaped object silently crossing the sky with dull or faint orangy/pink lights.12/2/00
11/23/00 06:30OregonOHUSATriangle4 minutesDark triangular object spotted over Oregon, Ohio early morning Nov. 23rd.12/2/00
11/23/00 01:03SeattleWAUSALight4 secthe light looked bright white round golf ball size when above me, but became a flattened horizontal band of five lights as it moved rap12/2/00
11/22/00 22:15OmahaNEUSATriangle1.5 minutesObservation of large, illuminated triangle-shaped craft passing over city as we were traveling to Hospital12/2/00
11/22/00 19:50Wollongong (NSW, Australia)AustraliaFireball10 minutesi saw a comet shaped fire ball in the sky moving at an extraordinary speed.12/2/00
11/22/00 14:00Ballina (Republic of Ireland)IrelandDisk30 secs.Large metallic disk in Irish countryside12/2/00
11/22/00 12:00JacksonMIUSALight40+ minutesI just Filmed a Moving and Glowing "Orb" of energy on videotape12/2/00
11/22/00 08:30Delta (Canada)BCCanadaCigarabout 2 minutesSilvery cigar hovers, dissappears, reaapears and dissappears over Boundary Bay12/2/00
11/21/00 22:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle1 minuteToronto Canada- Triangle shaped object with lights and beam of light12/2/00
11/21/00 20:00OlympiaWAUSAOther1-2 secondsSeen bright, round, large white light, center very bright, duration 1-2 seconds.12/2/00
11/21/00 18:30Prince George (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle10 minutesA bright triangular shaped fast moving object that has been seen more than once by myself and others in my household.12/2/00
11/21/00 18:00CordovaALUSAUnknown5 min.The bright star like object in the constellation of Orion.12/2/00
11/21/00 17:30Morro BayCAUSALight30+ minutesA stationary white bright light north of Morro Bay gradually dimmed and disappeared12/2/00
11/21/00 14:15Fauske (Norway)NorwayOther5minWhat was it?12/2/00
11/21/00 05:07WarriorALUSALight2 minObject was like the picture on the home page "During July" except the color was bright white.12/2/00
11/20/00 23:00OostburgWIUSAFlash1/2 hourbright multi-colored blinking object south east of Sheboygan Wisconsin12/2/00
11/20/00 22:30DestinFLUSAFireball6 secondsMulti-color fireball, Destin, FL.12/2/00
11/20/00 20:30PhoenixAZUSATriangle20minutesUFOs seen by 11yr old while taking out garbage 11/20/2000 at 8:30pm12/2/00
11/20/00 15:00St. JosephMOUSAEgg10 secondsI was a passenger driving down the Belt Hwy. loked up and seen a round shiny metal object that stayed in the same spot but got smaller 12/2/00
11/20/00 12:15LyndhurstVAUSAChanging3 minutesCraft changes shapes, disappears and reappears, and changes direction under the clouds while making no noise.12/2/00
11/20/00 02:00HazelwoodMOUSADiskat 2:00 am i was woke up by my catby acident so i went out side for a walk i was at my churchs park bence with my friend matt. we were12/2/00
11/19/00 22:00ArlingtonVAUSADisk10 minutesThere were lights on the object that changed in a distinct circular pattern from red and white.12/2/00
11/19/00 22:00WestlakeLAUSASphere2hrs.It was the week of thanksgiving holidays my kids and thier cousin were out of school for thanksgiving. I was in the house cooking the 12/2/00
11/19/00 21:15LenexaKSUSAFormation30-45 secApproximatly 2 dozen orange lights in a straight line moving accross the night sky.12/2/00
11/19/00 18:00n45 27.944 w088 23.691WIUSACircle1 hour +bright star like object moving around the sky,in and out of the clouds changing direction, sometimes in a arc,and sometimes at 90 degre12/2/00
11/19/00 18:00GrapevineTXUSATriangle5 minutesThis was reported to me by the eyewitnesses. There were two light colored sail shaped UFO's. One flew into and through the other. Tw12/2/00
11/19/00 17:30JamestownTNUSALight2-3 minutesI've watched the skies for several years and have never seen any lights do what these 3 did.12/2/00
11/19/00 16:35East BrunswickNJUSATeardroptwo minutesTear-drop shaped UFO over central New Jersey.12/2/00
11/19/00 04:30ReedpointMTUSAFireball10 seconds +the early morning sky lit up brightly with a falling object to the north12/2/00
11/19/00 03:00MassapequaNYUSAOval15 secondsSouthwest, a somewhat "left-parenthesis"-shaped formation of 10-15 oval-shaped silvery/white objects moving from southwest to southeast12/2/00
11/18/00 23:59OmahaNEUSAUnknown10 minutesA number of wintnesses driving in the 132nd and maple area on Omaha, ne stopped and pulled over when they say a very very bright fast l12/2/00
11/18/00 22:15Dilley (south of san antonio)TXUSADiskabout 7 miniutesvery big bright white saucer like object about 1000-1200 feet in diameter very large with red and blue flashing lights on it and around12/2/00
11/18/00 20:00Walnut CreekCAUSALightabout 10 minutesLast night in the northern sky, I saw 2 bright lights. A golden amber color. One ws comming from the northwest, and the other almost in12/2/00
11/18/00 19:30Whitehorse (Canada)YKCanadaLight1.5 to 2 minutesThree points of white light moving in a trianglular formation.12/2/00
11/18/00 18:45Granite CityILUSATriangleless than a minuteTRIANGLE CRAFT IN ILLINOIS STRIKES AGAIN12/2/00
11/18/00 18:30PasadenaCAUSALight1 minuteDisapearing sattellite like object spotted above Los Angeles County.12/2/00
11/17/00 22:16AlhambraCAUSAOther7 secondsv-shaped formation 25-30 craft very high, very fast.12/2/00
11/17/00 20:45MonticelloNYUSAChanging10minThis is the second ufo I've seen in monticello. This one was bright orange and it kind of pulsated from dim to very bright. It was also12/2/00
11/17/00 20:18AstoriaORUSALight2 secPoint source of light making abrupt changes in direction captured on video12/2/00
11/17/00 19:30ChiloquinORUSAOther2 minutesLarge boomerang shaped aircraft12/2/00
11/17/00 18:00SeabrookNHUSARectangle5 minutesDuring rush hour evening commute, two stationary crafts in the sky over I95 separated from each other and one launched a fireball.12/2/00
11/17/00 17:00San FranciscoCAUSAOvalsunsetI was watching the sunset and I saw a white dot to the top right of the sun. It did not move and even though it was small I sill could 12/2/00
11/16/00 23:54ViningMNUSAOvallong time probably overniIt was a green oval object that just sat in the water I'm not sure if it was on top of the water or just sitting under the lake of east12/2/00
11/16/00 23:08BrownsvilleORUSACircle3 to 4 secondsI saw a small amber light traveling from east to west12/2/00
11/16/00 23:03EverettWAUSAOther5 SecondsBrilliant Streak: 'Lands' at Everett Mall12/2/00
11/16/00 23:00AuburnWAUSAFireball4-5 secondsBright flash of light seen in the sky and apparently headed directly under a commercial airline flight headed for SeaTac Airport12/2/00
11/16/00 20:00EagletownOKUSASphere15 minutesnoticed were lights in patterns of 3. approimately 8 or more sets in all. When I looked directly up in the sky, this oject was as large12/2/00
11/15/00 20:00PortlandORUSACircle1min/20secsequenced flurry of circles12/2/00
11/15/00 19:00Greenfield CenterNYUSAOther2 secondsUFO spotted in Greenfield Cntr. NY12/2/00
11/15/00 18:00GreenwoodARUSAFlashsecondsBlinking, multi-colored lights below clouds outside Ft. Chaffee.12/2/00
11/15/00 17:00PerryMIUSATriangle3 MinutesBright silvery-white triangles standing on end12/2/00
11/14/00 21:00EllensburgWAUSAChevron7 min.NOW I HAVE SEEN BOTH CRAFTS: A 1975 SUACER/ AND A 2000 CHEVRON!12/2/00
11/14/00 21:00San DiegoCAUSALightGood 10 minutesSLOW MOVING LIGHT OVER SAN DIEGO, CA.12/2/00
11/14/00 20:25McAlpinFLUSAFireball5 sectwo firery lights emmitting debris with an aircraft neerby12/2/00
11/14/00 20:15EllensburgWAUSAUnknown5 to 15 minutesFlashin-and-lights12/2/00
11/14/00 18:30KilnMSUSAUnknown3 MINUTESHelicopter "Escorting" Strange object with Straight row of Rectangular Lights towards Seal Base12/2/00
11/13/00 20:00Fort MyersFLUSAOval5 minutesThis object was oval in shape, and apeared to be covered in hundreds or thousands of white lights. It literally glistened in the darke12/2/00
11/13/00 19:45LawrencevilleGAUSARectangle5 minutesI was driving down Arnold road in Lawrenceville GA at approx. 7:45 PM EST. Driving past the rail road I saw a bright white light up in12/2/00
11/13/00 19:15VailAZUSATeardrop15 minutesa glowing teardrop shaped craft raised from the wash bed and moved west eluding local Air Force.12/2/00
11/13/00 18:30DentonTXUSATriangle2 minutesBlack triangle spotted over highway in the night sky12/2/00
11/13/00 00:01CanyonCAUSAEgg10 minutes3 egg shaped flying objects making a ringing noise12/2/00
11/12/00 23:15LynchburgVAUSALight8 minutesExtremely bright light stationary then slowly moving easterly over skyline of blue ridge mountains.12/2/00
11/12/00 22:30LaMesaCAUSAFireballover an hourWe have video tape of three nights, so far, of slowly moving, color changing light objects in the sky over San Diego.12/2/00
11/12/00 22:00SomervilleNJUSAFireball3 secondsLarge green light blurs across the night sky in populated NJ area. UFO or spacegarbage, either way it was an awesome sight.12/2/00
11/12/00 21:45Port JeffersonNYUSAChanging15 secondsball of white light which turned bright green, arched wesrward and became a rainbow prism and disappeared12/2/00
11/12/00 17:00Kent (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10minhow it made me felt and were it was12/2/00
11/12/00 15:30Los AngelesCAUSAChanging30 minutesStrange, contorting, object in the sky over Los Angeles.12/2/00
11/12/00 14:00OrlandoFLUSACircle5 secondsCircle cruised over head in mid after noon.12/2/00
11/12/00 06:20GlendaleAZUSALight3-4 minutesFast moving light in N.W. Phoenix.12/2/00
11/11/00 19:32IndianapolisINUSAOther2min.Huge star like objects swooped toward earth at a fast pace.12/2/00
11/11/00 18:35Pollock PinesCAUSALight15 secondsI saw an orb of white light traveling extremely fast at treetop level that appeared to be the size of my fist if I were to raise it12/2/00
11/11/00 17:30BendORUSACircle2-3minutesRound silvery object above city, possibly car size mylar balloon,seen from a few miles away slowly ascended till out of sight.12/2/00
11/11/00 17:05BendORUSALight25 minutesRed pulsating orb over the center of Bend, Oregon. Multiple witness reports to 911.12/2/00
11/11/00 14:35Tarpon SpringsFLUSACylinder10 minutesStationary cylinder-shaped UFO seen in clear daylight.12/2/00
11/11/00 10:45Los MolinosCAUSAOval10 secondsI observed a light gray oval object moving rapidly back and forth in Northern California 11/11/00.12/2/00
11/10/00 00:20Nasik (India)IndiaUnknownabout 20 minutesWe were going for an exploratry drive, as we'd arrived in the city on that day itself. My 17 year old cousin, my best friend and I were12/2/00
11/10/00 00:05Walton on Thames Surrey (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown5 minsShimmering red and blue stayed dead still, disappeared getting smaller12/2/00
11/9/00 00:05HonoluluHIUSAFormationMore than 30 minutes/stilFormation flashing bright colored lights over Diamond Head Hawaii12/2/00
11/8/00 22:30DouglassvillePAUSAOther5 minutesSparkling, multi-colored cresent shaped object heading east over Douglassville, Pa12/2/00
11/8/00 22:00WinfieldWVUSAFireball5 minuteswest virginia, winfield -fire in the sky12/2/00
11/8/00 19:15ChandlerAZUSACircle15 MINUTESAt 19:15 p.m., November 8, 2000 our daughter phoned to tell us "Bubba" was back and to go look towards her house in the northern sky. 12/2/00
11/8/00 12:20BellevueWAUSAOther5 minutesStrange object floating above the Bellevue Mall12/2/00
11/7/00 17:50DallasTXUSADisk2-secondsWhite Daytime disc in north Dallas on Election Day.12/2/00
11/7/00 03:55LackawaxenPAUSALight3 to 4 minutesBright White Light moving slowly to the Southeast with no sound being made by the object! Small aircraft moving in other direction!12/2/00
11/7/00 03:30ReadingPAUSALight00:10Three bright objects, each made up of at least 3 lights in a horizontal row, zig-zagged slowly and climbed into the clouds.12/2/00
11/7/00 02:15RenoNVUSATriangleone minuteLarge triangular craft with lights along the leading edge of the wing, silently traveling at a high velocity.12/2/00
11/7/00 00:10HomerAKUSAOther<5 seconds, and many minsdark road....felt strange.....triangle.....12/2/00
11/6/00 21:30MentorOHUSACircle2 minutesRound object flying through the sky12/2/00
11/6/00 21:00HoustonTXUSATriangle1.5 minutesDelta winged object flies by as power goes out in Houston Texas.12/2/00
11/6/00 20:00KearneyMOUSAEgg21 secondsTurquoise egg flickering over my neighbor's house materialized and flew over my house.12/2/00
11/6/00 14:00SacramentoCAUSACircleShortStreaker, rod like or meteor like thing moving fast against wind12/2/00
11/6/00 01:30San FranciscoCAUSAFireball2secgreen fireballs12/2/00
11/5/00 16:45Fort WayneINUSAFormation10 minutesA formation of aprrox. 15 objects were observed for 10 minues in broad daylight in a cloudless clear sky.12/2/00
11/5/00 01:00PeoriaAZUSACircle20-25 minThe two orange balls were joined by another then the two turned into one red ball then broke into two again before ascending.12/2/00
11/4/00 22:00Sanibel IslandFLUSALight120 secondsWe saw the amber colored globes with red lights under it hover silently over the Gulf of Mexico with Nikon 10x50 binoculars.12/2/00
11/4/00 20:45ScottsdaleAZUSATriangle1 minuteThe back of our home looks south over Scottsdale and Phoenix. My wife and I were watching a movie on TV when we saw 3 very bright ligh12/2/00
11/4/00 19:30Ann ArborMIUSALighti dont know what that meathree red glowing balls following eachother like follow the leader in the night sky.12/2/00
11/4/00 18:15Prescott (Canada)ONCanadaCircle8 minsTwo rotating rings, one inside the other, counter clockwise. About 12 lights on outer, 5 on inner.12/2/00
11/4/00 18:00SidneyMEUSACircle10 minutesThe thing was light lik agiant fireball and dropped little things from it then it landed in our back yard12/2/00
11/4/00 13:45Windsor LocksCTUSALight8 secondsOn saturday 11/4/00 at 13:45 I took my children to the new england air museum in Conn. I was filming the days events with my cam corder12/2/00
11/4/00 02:40YucaipaCAUSAUnknown15 minutesVery slow, low rumbling noise with no visible lights or shape, flew in an easternly direction over Yucaipa, CA at 2:40am on 11/04/0012/2/00
11/3/00 22:35FortunaCAUSAOval30 minutesBright orange oval object, located over Hwy. 101, Fortuna, California12/2/00
11/3/00 20:30Laguna HillsCAUSAUnknown1-3 minutesUnknown lights observed above Laguna Hills12/2/00
11/3/00 19:40DoverDEUSATriangle3 minutes"Stealth"12/2/00
11/3/00 19:40DoverDEUSATriangle3 minutes11-03-2000: Large "Stealth" Style Craft Hovers Near Delaware Highway 113 (milemaker 46.5)12/2/00
11/3/00 16:50BendORUSACircle5 minutesClear blue sky. Object was in the air hovering not moving. Round with a red steady light on the bottom of the craft. Black in color.12/2/00
11/3/00 15:40DecorahIAUSAUnknown9 minutesstrange object seen over rural area twice in last month. viewed by many yet still unexplained. hoovering, darting, then vanishing.12/2/00
11/3/00 13:00Ashland CityTNUSATriangle2 minutesI saw two huge triangular airships leaving thick contrails.12/2/00
11/3/00 04:20SurpriseAZUSADiskAt 4:20 am on a clear night I observed 2 objects moving across the sky.12/2/00
11/3/00 00:45SeattleWAUSALight2-3 secondsBright, star-like, floating object descending in western sky.12/2/00
11/2/00 21:30KennewickWAUSATriangle15 minutesTwo objects which appeared to be very low and triangular with white light. They were spread apart and traveled from left to right. When12/2/00
11/2/00 20:30PetalumaCAUSAFormation2 MINUTESLarge object seen hovering over Petaluma, California neighborhood.12/2/00
11/2/00 19:50CresskillNJUSADisk6 minutesHudson Valley-New Jersey-Large Sighting, No Hoax12/2/00
11/2/00 19:45BloomfieldNJUSADisk3 minutesBloomfield, N.J., 7:40pm EST, saucer-shaped craft heading north/northeast coming from the southeast.12/2/00
11/2/00 19:30Dana PointCAUSATriangle30 secondsTriangular object sighted over Dana Point, California.12/2/00
11/2/00 05:30MedfordWIUSACircle5 sec,just prior to going to work at a local factory,I was out behind the building ,where it was dark,the sky was partly cloudy,temp was arou12/2/00
11/2/00 01:00DaytonIAUSADisk4-5hrsbright star like lights seen through a telescope12/2/00
11/1/00 22:56BlytheCAUSADiamond1 hourDimond with lights around the middle.12/2/00
11/1/00 20:00UnionNJUSALight5-6 minU.F.O or a wandering star?12/2/00
11/1/00 19:30Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaCircle10 minsA shooting star type thing that traveled east,stopped,then traveled north.12/2/00
11/1/00 18:30Costa MesaCAUSATriangle5 secondsSmall Translucent Triangle in Orange County, CA12/2/00
11/1/00 13:40SmithtonMOUSAOther<30 secondsgrey and white hovering Y shape12/2/00
10/31/00 21:00CincinnatiOHUSATriangleTriangular craft over Cincinnati suburbs12/2/00
10/31/00 20:32New CityNYUSADiskCondosa disk shaped objects with lights all around it and the lights dimmed on and off...a glowing green thing feel out of the UFO12/2/00
10/31/00 19:30Amherstburg (Canada)ONCanadaSphere45secsgiant bright sphere traveling east to west in ontario.12/2/00
10/31/00 19:15CygnetOHUSAEgg45 Min.Saw a craft streak across the sky in ohio.12/2/00
10/31/00 19:15CygnetOHUSAEgg45 MinutesThe ship crossed the sky, stopped shot up about a half mile, hovered for a while and changed a multitude of colors and departed with us12/2/00
10/31/00 19:00PerryMIUSAFireball10-15 secondsBright Meteor object Halloween night12/2/00
10/31/00 19:00Grand LedgeMIUSALight:20 -:30 sec.light traveling at high speed North to South-West12/2/00
10/31/00 19:00ElyriaOHUSAUnknown20 secondsShooting star flies by -- 1/2 hour later we have what appears to be 8 search aircraft looking in the area.12/2/00
10/31/00 18:45Rochester HillsMIUSAFireball11 secondsObject burning up in atmosphere traveling east to west at high rate of speed12/2/00
10/31/00 18:45South LyonMIUSALight6-10secshooting light over michigan12/2/00
10/31/00 18:30LansingMIUSALight1 minuteSeveral witnesses observed a bright white light moving very fast across the South Lansing sky.12/2/00
10/31/00 18:30NoblesvilleINUSALight5-10 sec.A vary fast moving Jupiter size light, looking north in central Indiana going east to west for about 6-10 seconds.12/2/00
10/31/00 18:30Sterling HeightsMIUSAOther60 secondsThe object was moving from ESE to WNW and it had many lights12/2/00
10/31/00 18:30BrookfieldWIUSAOtherwhile trick or treatingwhite light and a dull red light followed by a whitelight changed to one light and disapeared12/2/00
10/31/00 17:30ChanningMIUSADisk1 minutesaucer shaped flew across sky in Channing, MI on 10/31/00 at 17:30.12/2/00
10/31/00 16:30RosevilleCAUSACircleone minuteAround Halloween my two daughters and I were driving home from work on Atlantic Street in Roseville, CA. As we approached I-80 heading12/2/00
10/30/00 21:12WoodlandCAUSASphere6 MinutesWitnessed a round orange burning object silently flying, CA12/2/00
10/30/00 19:00AustintownOHUSAless than one minutebright green light moving fast12/2/00
10/30/00 16:00McMinnvilleORUSACigar5 minutesLong white cigar shaped object seen over McMinnville Oregon heading south12/2/00
10/30/00 04:20San DiegoCAUSAOther1 minuteFaint starlike objects traveling at a very high rate of speed12/2/00
10/29/00 21:30MarionKSUSALight18 minMultiple balls of orange/red lights appearing and disappearing in the night sky.12/2/00
10/29/00 20:00Mt VernonWAUSAFlash90 secondsBright, white, erraticly strobeing light jumping across night sky possibly followed by a second object.12/2/00
10/29/00 19:40PottstownPAUSALight1 hourHuge, intense bright white light that changed in size and direction, accompanied by 5 others.12/2/00
10/29/00 19:30Munroe FallsOHUSALight5 minutesWe stood for sometime just watching this very large bright light in the sky.12/2/00
10/29/00 18:45Camano IslandWAUSALight3 minutesBright light flashing low in sky after sunset; video later revealed a sound similar to submarine sonar.12/2/00
10/29/00 18:30GilbertAZUSALight15minive seen a bright white light west of gilbert on the 25th 27th 29th at 645pm looks simular in brightness to the red light seen in july 12/2/00
10/29/00 17:30La CanadaCAUSATriangle10 minutesMy wife and I were sitting in the hot tub on our balcony when I spotted a very slow moving aircraft which I initially assumed was a hel12/2/00
10/29/00 17:20GrahamWAUSAFireball5 secondsI was heading west on 224th street and had stopped at a signal light, admiring the sliver moon to my left when movement directly in fro12/2/00
10/29/00 17:20EdgewoodWAUSAFireballBright green fireball shooting across sky12/2/00
10/29/00 17:00OlympiaWAUSAOther10-15 secs.Fiery obj obs in daylight descent near I-5 in Olympia, Washington12/2/00
10/29/00 06:00Dorchester, Dorset (UK/England)United KingdomDiskNOT SUREWhite glowing disk above Dorchester Dorset in England12/2/00
10/29/00 06:00Dorchester, Dorset (UK/England)United KingdomDiskNOT SURE2 WHITE DISKS SEEN HOVING OVER DORCHESTER , DORSET ,ENGLAND12/2/00
10/28/00 21:30LaurelMDUSACircle6 minutesPLEASE IF ANYONE SAW THIS PLEASE CONTACT MR DAVENPORT!!!! The time was 9:30 PM in Laurel Md. There is a lot of air traffic here, so y12/2/00
10/28/00 21:20SheboyganWIUSACircle3 hourscircular object over lake michigan for about 3 hours12/2/00
10/28/00 21:00PoughkeepsieNYUSATriangle45 minutesObserver Background: Male age 30. Highly educated, M.A. Columbia University. Works with learning disabled population. Observer has 12/2/00
10/28/00 19:30FairviewMIUSAChanging5 minutesSighting in Northern Michigan 10/28/0012/2/00
10/28/00 19:00St. GeorgeUTUSAChanging10 minutesLarge object with sevsral satilites flying around it.12/2/00
10/28/00 19:00Wien (Austria)AustriaCircleIt was big circle 2x greater as the moon It was How Metal with a red position light on the top it looks like a moon darkness iam standi12/2/00
10/28/00 18:15BellinghamWAUSAFlashabout 10 secondsAt 6:15 PM on October 28th 2000, I was coming out of a gas station in North Bellingham and saw a flash in the clouds above me slightly 12/2/00
10/28/00 10:30PortlandMEUSASphere30 secondsMetallic Sphere flies within 30 feet of apartment.12/2/00
10/28/00 01:00LaurelMDUSASphereI'm not sure exaclty what time it was, I just remember that it was in between 1AM and 2AM. The object flashed between blue and white. I12/2/00
10/28/00Lake WorthFLUSALight10 minutesA large, bright yellow object that appeared and reappeared in a different part of the sky and disappeared.12/2/00
10/27/00 11:45Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomThis report was made in my local newspaper 'The Sunderland Echo' on 27th October 2000 WEAR UFO IS SPOTTED WITHIN FEET OF A JET INVESTIG12/2/00
10/27/00 10:30SeattleWAUSAOval30 secondsShiny gold/black large balloon like object travelling up Puget Sound WA w/ consistent altitude12/2/00
10/27/00 03:00San AntonioTXUSALighton and off for an hour orCould someone please tell us what is going on over San Antonio Texas ??? Several times during the month of september and october we hav12/2/00
10/27/00Parker Canyon LakeAZUSATriangle10 minutesI am reporting this sighting from a friend who witnessed a large boomerange/triangle shaped craft close to Parker Canyon on friday even12/2/00
10/26/00 23:30AnchorageAKUSALight8 hoursMissing time ........ Why is it 7:45 am , when I just looked at the clock and it was 1:15 am a second ago?12/2/00
10/26/00 22:30GreeleyCOUSATriangle10 secondsIt was large, moved slowly and was silent.12/2/00
10/26/00 17:30AgencyMOUSAOther1 minuteReflective object see on ground by pilot.12/2/00
10/26/00 03:30ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging3-5 minutesI always suspected people who saw things are totally crazy. I'm an author and thank God sain and not on drugs. I couldn't sleep last ni12/2/00
10/25/00 23:20PortlandMEUSARecounting of TV newscast,FYI12/2/00
10/25/00 21:05AlmaNMUSALight10 secondsLight goes into cloud and what comes out on the other end as three MEGA Size lights 2x the size of our 28 ft. trailer.12/2/00
10/25/00 20:30PoulsboWAUSAOther15 minutesA vertical string of 3 orange globes suspended from one another moving at a slow rate. changing course and ascending out of sight.12/2/00
10/25/00 20:30SeattleWAUSATriangle45 minutesSparkling contrails in triangle pattern.12/2/00
10/25/00 20:15PeoriaAZUSAFireball15 minsit was like a fire in the sky12/2/00
10/25/00 19:15NorthamptonMAUSAFireball5 secondsFireball seen in sky emitting sparks behind it.12/2/00
10/24/00 22:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaDisk4 minuteswas standing at the balcony of my apartment at the 14th floor of a flat ... at about 10.30 in the night i saw a green disc which was 12/2/00
10/24/00 20:45Gila BendAZUSATriangle10 squat triangle - no lights - emiting smoke like dark mist12/2/00
10/24/00 20:25StreetMDUSAOvalless then 30 secI was standing on my back beck while my dog did his after supper thing, My home is in the flight path of many planes approaching/ exiti12/2/00
10/24/00 19:15MedinaOHUSADiamond40 min ?I saw a metallic cone shaped humming object with very bright lights.12/2/00
10/24/00 06:45KentWAUSAOther2 - 2 secondsSeattle - Blue-Gren object in NNW Horizon.12/2/00
10/23/00 22:25YamhillPAUSATriangle2 Min.Large triangle shaped object flew over our homefor 2 min. and made my wife and I non-sceptics forever.12/2/00
10/23/00 22:00Seattle (Ballard neighborhood)WAUSAEgg2-3 secondsAnybody else see another green light in Seattle?12/2/00
10/23/00 21:55SeattleWAUSASphere2 secondsblue ball streaks across seattle skyline heading west in under 2 seconds12/2/00
10/23/00 21:45SeattleWAUSALight3 secondsVery clear night. I saw what I thought was a largish shooting star falling south to north , as it decended from a little under the airp12/2/00
10/23/00 18:25Mountain HomeARUSALight3-4 minutesSaw intense bright light suspended motionless in mid-air that dimmed to darkness and moved slowly off to the east and out of sight.12/2/00
10/23/00 17:30KamiahIDUSACigar10 min each(This report will include 3 seperate sightings on the same night from different locations. All witnesses are members of the same family12/2/00
10/23/00 14:00Jersey CityNJUSASphereten secondsSilver spheres that appeared then quickly disappeared...12/2/00
10/23/00 06:50SouthburyCTUSALight3 minutesA very clear object that was covered with lights, hovering in the air to create a triangle with two planets, its lower lights blinked.12/2/00
10/23/00 00:05HarpursvilleNYUSAChangingstill therehard to discribe the shape. All different colors, red ,purples,yellows , blue,and white. they changed colors at a pulsing rate. with no12/2/00
10/23/00 00:00White Bear LakeMNUSATriangle10 minutesDuring a latenight party a group of twenty witnessed a peculiar gathering of a fleet of pyramid shaped craft at midnight.12/2/00
10/23/00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaFlash28:53I was just standing out front of work with a client haveing a ciggerette,when we saw two strange flash lights in the northern part of t12/2/00
10/23/00Prespa region (Macedonia)MacedoniaOther2-3 minReport from Macedonia12/2/00
10/22/00 20:50Bridlington (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle30secondsred light comming from south[hull]]clear night flow over bridlington south beech to flambough head as it passed over they was on sound 12/2/00
10/22/00 06:30LebanonPAUSALight45 desondswhite light travelling weat to east,suddenly changed direction and accelerated out of sight12/2/00
10/22/00 06:10TurlockCAUSATriangle2 secondsTwo bright white triangular objects seen which streaked off to the east ,appeared and dissapeared in 2 seconds.12/2/00
10/22/00 04:30OshkoshWIUSA15 minutesFlashing lights around planet or star.12/2/00
10/22/00 02:30San JoseCAUSAOther2 minutesA square shaped off kiltered, yellowish orange object, fluttering up and down, hovering approaching from the southeast region of the sk12/2/00
10/21/00 21:15ModestoCAUSAFormation45 secondsThese aircraft were not running any FAA required flight gear!12/2/00
10/21/00 19:00SaginawMIUSACone7 SecondsBright white cone-shaped object seen over Saginaw, Michigan12/2/00
10/21/00 17:00Rocky HillCTUSAChevron10 minutes5 objects sited in Eastern sky12/2/00
10/21/00 13:30West ManchesterOHUSACylinder5 SECONDSWhile watching jets passing overhead leaving trails in every direction in the sky, we observed an object completely disappear from the 12/2/00
10/21/00 12:00DeSmetSDUSAUnknownNot sureWe were at the Lake Henry fishing. We took a picture and we never saw anything but when we looked at the picture there is an object in 12/2/00
10/21/00 09:30AlmaWIUSAOval15secondswhite/silver, oval, high altitude high rate of speed12/2/00
10/21/00 01:30Waterloo (Canada)ONCanadaOther10 secs (approx)Crescent shaped object zig-zagging WNW above Waterloo, Ontario, Canada12/2/00
10/20/00 23:30GreenvilleNCUSAChanging50 minOn that night my mother-in-law so it first,then her husband.Then she came over and got my self and my wife.We went out side and looked 12/2/00
10/20/00 21:00KenoshaWIUSALight5hoursStars that move erradically and make trails like meteors.12/2/00
10/20/00 20:45WestburyNYUSADisk1 minuteWe saw a unique glowing disc moving in an erratic pattern that appeared to be a true UFO in the skies of Long Island.12/2/00
10/20/00 20:20Scunthorpe (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10 SECONDSA silent triangular object around 60 feet corner to corner12/2/00
10/20/00 12:00Granite/East St. LouisILUSA5minutesDark Silver Circle12/2/00
10/20/00 07:50LansingMIUSAUnknown5 minutesSomething burning up in the morning sky?12/2/00
10/20/00 01:30AlleganMIUSATriangle2-3 min.While driving, we saw an unsual craft fly past us, with unusually flashing lights.12/2/00
10/19/00 21:30Baranduda (Australia)AustraliaSphere2 minutesUFO craft spotted in Southern Australia12/2/00
10/19/00 20:00HatfieldMAUSALight4 secondsit was a ball of light coming down on us.12/2/00
10/19/00 20:00Sherwood Park (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown1 to 2 seconds6+ beige colored objects, flying in a triangular formation, followed by a wispy column in the night sky over Sherwood Park, Alberta.12/2/00
10/19/00 07:40Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere2-3 minutesRound and metallic about 1/4 to 1/3 third the size of the planes they were were follwoing.12/2/00
10/19/00 06:30Old FortTNUSACigar20-30 secA yellow color cigar shaped objet moving very fast from NW to SW.12/2/00
10/19/00 05:28WaxhawNCUSA2secBright light moves in 90 degree direction12/2/00
10/19/00 00:15Pickering (Canada)ONCanadaCircle5 - 10 minutesQuick sightings of 2 flying objects... not of this world!12/2/00
10/19/00VinelandCOUSASphere1110Bright object sited 11-19-00 at approximately 1100. Viewed 15mins. Pulsated NE at not a high rate of speed.12/2/00
10/18/00 20:45SeattleWAUSACircle10 to 15 secondsIf there are a such of things as green meteors, then there must be little green leprechauns driving them.12/2/00
10/18/00 20:45Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaUnknownless than 1 mnStatic orange "garland" silently gliding over Vancouver12/2/00
10/18/00 20:43Royal Palm BeachFLUSAFireball10 minutesit glowed like fire as it followed us12/2/00
10/18/00 20:25Boynton BeachFLUSAOther10 seconds45 degree angled straight line of 3 dim lights with hazy aura between with no sound observed flying from north to south at 1000 ft .12/2/00
10/18/00 06:02SeattleWAUSACircleWhite Greyish, Circle12/2/00
10/17/00 21:00TucsonAZUSADiamondhoursBright white with flashing red and blue lights ... no sound ... not moving.12/2/00
10/17/00 20:30EurekaCAUSALight10 minutesTwo bright solid orange lights , slow moving, bright flickering light before vanishing.12/2/00
10/17/00 19:45Oakland ParkFLUSADiamondmilisecodBroward County UFO12/2/00
10/17/00 19:00YampaCOUSALight60 min, +Two extremely bright star-like lights that flashed vivid red and green.12/2/00
10/17/00 19:00NapoleonvilleLAUSAOther5sec31 y/o insurance agent sees a red light shoot into the sky .12/2/00
10/16/00 23:55BelleroseNYUSADisk2 minutesa gigantic illuminated saucer, silver in color with yellow lights around it, flying extemely close to the ground12/2/00
10/16/00 19:00Tulcea (Danube Delta) (Romania)RomaniaUnknownundefiniteDanube Delta - Romania - A group of five flashing lights hovering in the air12/2/00
10/16/00 18:10KenoshaWIUSALight20 secondsBright object seen moving across the sky shortly before sunset.12/2/00
10/16/00 12:22WoodstockCTUSAFireball10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness reports fireball.))12/2/00
10/15/00 23:00Martins FerryOHUSAover nightsnatched up in the middle of the night12/2/00
10/15/00 20:00New CastlePAUSAEgg10 MinutesUFO dropped a large white ball of light that fell to the ground.12/2/00
10/15/00 18:30London (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minuteA large very bright light!12/2/00
10/15/00 17:52Long BeachCAUSADiamond5 minutes2 dark circular balls staying stationary for 5 minutes in a contrail that was 3 minutes old. 1 disappeared, another into a cloud.12/2/00
10/15/00 01:35SouthgateMIUSAFireball8 secondsGreen-blue fireball appears over Detroit Metro Area12/2/00
10/15/00 01:30Whitby (Canada)ONCanadaCircle< secGreen hazy light seen north of Toronto12/2/00
10/14/00 22:18DenverCOUSAUnknown6 minutesobject behind clouds that looked like full moon but was not. moved to always be behind clouds for six minutes12/2/00
10/14/00 18:43Kuantan (Malaysia)MalaysiaSphere5 minutesI'm the Chinese which has staying in Malaysia (Asia Country). I saw the crafts which look like sphere shape flying in the sky for about12/2/00
10/14/00 18:30GonzalesLAUSARectangle30 secondsGigantic ufo near Gonzales, LA12/2/00
10/14/00 18:15SarasotaFLUSAUnknown3 minutesSmall black object following airliner within its contrail12/2/00
10/14/00 16:05MechanicsvilleVAUSACircle15 secondsWhile lying on my back waiting for the oil to drain out of my car I spotted a small white/silver circular object traveling at a high ra12/2/00
10/14/00 14:18BreezewoodPAUSACigar2 minutesChemtrails produce UFO12/2/00
10/14/00 02:30EscondidoCAUSAUnknownover 45 minsObject over North San Diego County with flashing colored lights for ove an hour.12/2/00
10/13/00 22:10PortlandORUSALight00:034 white lights initially stationary suddenly merged into one light and then when out.12/2/00
10/13/00 21:30OrwigsburgPAUSAFireball5 secondswhile at a Blue Mt. footbal game i witnessed 2 yellowish orange lights moving upward very quickly, one that zigzagged upwards/high spee12/2/00
10/13/00 20:00MiamiFLUSAChevron5-8 secHazy, chevron or crescent shaped object moving rapidly and silently North to South.12/2/00
10/13/00 20:00Eugene (west of)ORUSALight3-5 min.Lights over the Oregon Coastal Mountains.12/2/00
10/13/00 19:53Elk CityOKUSAFireball10 minutesFireball's over Elk City12/2/00
10/13/00 19:30BairdTXUSAFireball30 sec. to 1 min.I am a 34 year old attorney with two children. My wife and I were traveling from Dallas to Abilene, heading West on Interstate 20. It12/2/00
10/13/00 19:30AmarilloTXUSALight2 minit blew up and shattered into several different parts had jet stream behind it and was bright blue and white and traveled as far as i c12/2/00
10/13/00 19:25OrangevillePAUSAUnknown10 minutesBrilliant shimmering gold object sighted 1 hr after sunset12/2/00
10/13/00 19:20JenksOKUSAFireball30 secondsA fireball with a bright glowing tail.12/2/00
10/13/00 19:14ClydeTXUSACylinderaround 1 min.The Book of Yahweh12/2/00
10/13/00 18:45KnoxvilleTNUSACylinder2 minutesTwo metalllic cylinders and an unusual "plane" sighted flying from SW to ENE and ENE to SW in Knoxville.12/2/00
10/13/00 18:30WichitaKSUSAOther1:30Did not see a craft, just a bursting brilliant meteor shower, several chunks of debris came from it. This was a natural phenomenon. L12/2/00
10/13/00 08:00NewtonKSUSAFireball60-90 secondsThese objects appeared to be meteorites of a very large magnitude.12/2/00
10/13/00 06:45TulsaOKUSAFireballmaybe 1 min.Fireball sighting early morning 10/13/0012/2/00
10/13/00 01:00Mohawk ValleyAZUSAOther30sec.While driving East between Dome and Mohawk Valley I observed a boomerang shaped craft. Initially it appeared to be stationary although 12/2/00
10/13/00 01:00Mohawk ValleyAZUSAOther60sec.When driving East between Dome and Mohawk Valley in Western Arizona I spotted a boomerang shaped craft just south of I-8. When I first 12/2/00
10/12/00 20:08Brixham, Devon (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 minutesUnusual lights which blink on and off, before one disappears and one starts moving and flies across the horizon.12/2/00
10/12/00 19:30TulsaOKUSAFireballapprox 1 minuteWitnessed a pink fireball making small circles in the sky around 71st ST & HWY 169. At first glance it appeared to be fireworks but the12/2/00
10/12/00 19:00GilbertAZUSAUnknown15 minutesBright red ball of light moving an easterly direction over Gilbert, AZ12/2/00
10/12/00 18:59GilbertAZUSAOvalapp 18 minBubba's Back!12/2/00
10/12/00 18:45Gilbert/Mesa/ChandlerAZUSALight35 minutesI watched it for 40 minutes, with my Binoculars and someone on the phone, letting me know I was not the only one! This make twice now!12/2/00
10/12/00 18:00BelmontVTUSACigar10 minutesThe cigar shaped craft was hovering in the southwestern sky fairly close to the ground. There were lights on it. There was a bright "12/2/00
10/12/00 17:40New HavenWVUSADisk6 secondsDisk shaped object sited over Mason County W.V. traveling at high rate of speed.12/2/00
10/11/00 22:00ElvertaCAUSALighthoursWhite starlike lights in sky that blink red and blue and move erratically over Sacramento region.12/2/00
10/11/00 20:00WatertownNYUSALight30 secondsWas looking at the near full moon with binoculars when a very bright round light appeared to the left of the moon. at arms lenght it wa12/2/00
10/11/00 19:30London (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond3 SecondsDiamond shaped ufo seen pulsing for short time near London England12/2/00
10/10/00 21:30FlorenceKYUSALight4-5 secondsTwo objects traveling side by side pass over, as one begins to zig, zag it's path.12/2/00
10/10/00 20:30BrinktownMOUSALight30 min.3 bright golden lights moving independently above the tree line flaring and fading intermittently for approx. 15 min.12/2/00
10/10/00 20:20Valley Park area of St. LouisMOUSAOval15 secondsDriving on Hyw.141 at Hyw. 44 and going East, I witnessed to my right a glowing orb of light streak horizontally from East to West at a12/2/00
10/10/00 16:00JueanuWIUSATriangle45 seconds5 bight light V shaped12/2/00
10/10/00 07:30Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaCylinder30secondsSmooth Shiny Cylinder12/2/00
10/10/00 06:15Boynton BeachFLUSAOther10 secondsUnusual light formation moving extremely fast across the sky.12/2/00
10/10/00 03:00PerryvilleMOUSAOval3 minutesThe craft was big, orange, and oval shaped.12/2/00
10/9/00 21:00BozemanMTUSALightcontinualLooking to the direct west, not very high above the horizon, I saw what I first thought to be an airplane, with its lights flashing. Af12/2/00
10/9/00 18:45BorderWYUSATeardrop5 to 8 minutesWe saw a big, bright, white teardrop that seemed to rotate/shift its light and a second object seemed to split from this one.12/2/00
10/9/00 09:00KimberlyALUSAUnknown5minutesEGG SHAPED WITH A T IN FRONT AND UNUSAL LIGHTS12/2/00
10/8/00 23:50Ramat Gan (Israel)IsraelFireballAn hour, maybe more.Balls of light in the sky of Israel.12/2/00
10/8/00 22:30GlendaleAZUSACircle15-20minutesI saw a UFO12/2/00
10/8/00 20:00MorgantonNCUSADisk30 min.The object appeared to be a circular disk or cluster of lights that hovered in the sky for a minimum of 30 minutes.12/2/00
10/8/00 18:20ChemungNYUSAOther5 minutescontact information12/2/00
10/8/00 18:20ChemungNYUSAOther6 minutes ? +multiple sighting by 4 people 6 to 8 objects came out of sky darting in every direction faster then ive seen!12/2/00
10/8/00 18:00LisbonOHUSALight1 minuteA BALL OF LIGHT MOVING A GREAT SPEED IN THE SKY12/2/00
10/8/00 16:45TacomaWAUSAOther15 minutesblack, worm-shaped object drifting northwest just below cloud level at 16:45 on October 8.12/2/00
10/8/00 16:00West WarwickRIUSAFormation15 Min12 White Circles stationary in different formations for 10 to 15 min.12/2/00
10/8/00 14:00HaywardCAUSACircle1hourobjects moved strangely and had very bright colors12/2/00
10/8/00 05:45BartlesvilleOKUSAUnknownless 30 secondsI saw a series of dim lights in a circle spaced apart evenly and caught movement of object moving.12/2/00
10/8/00 01:10LongbeachNJUSATriangle12 secondsBoomerang -triangular shaped object traveling just east of Long Beach Island NJ..12/2/00
10/8/00 01:00Silver LakeCAUSATriangle20:00Three irredescent objects appear above Los Angeles at very high elevation, two disapear, one remains floating in a northern direction.12/2/00
10/8/00 00:30Silver LakeCAUSATriangle25-30 mins.It had no lights, but it could be seen against the dark sky. It was veery high, but easy to see. There were two shapes, then one brok12/2/00
10/7/00 23:30Toledo to MarionOHUSALight2 hoursWe saw a very bright light that only lasted for a second at a time that always moved from right to left and was close to the ground.12/2/00
10/7/00 22:30Oak LawnILUSACircle10 minutesobject in sky sped up and slowed down and was very bright12/2/00
10/7/00 22:00ClearwaterFLUSALight4-6 secondsI was traveling southbound across the Bayside bridge. I noticed a bright, white light, which at first, I thought was a meteor. the li12/2/00
10/7/00 22:00KatyTXUSADisk15 minutesdisk shaped object with cluster of lights12/2/00
10/7/00 15:00London (Canada)ONCanadaSphere1 minuteThe sky was darkly overcast at the time and while working on the computer something caught my eye about 400 yards to the North East. I 12/2/00
10/7/00 02:45Palm DesertCAUSATriangle30 secondslarge dark triangle . small white lights at each corner.12/2/00
10/7/00 01:15VallejoCAUSATeardrop30 secDull Orange Tear shaped object hovering over powerplant near Vellejo Ca,12/2/00
10/6/00 22:30MesaAZUSADisk4 hourswhite object appearing to be round with 5 cylinders protruding from bottom12/2/00
10/6/00 20:25Las VegasNVUSAOther4 minObserved horseshoe shaped object at night front glowing yellow sides red over Las Vegas Nv.12/2/00
10/6/00 16:45Rohnert ParkCAUSACone5 MinsTwo Steel Colored, Almost Rod Shaped Craft that play cat and mouse. Sonoma County/Marin County Sighting. Day Time Sightings both times.12/2/00
10/6/00 13:45SpringfieldMOUSATriangle2-3 minutesTriangle shapes exhibit unusual movements.12/2/00
10/6/00 10:50SeattleWAUSASphere3-5 secondsObserved a round, metallic object proceeding west or SW at apparent high rate of speed--object appeared to dissappear after 3-5 seconds12/2/00
10/5/00 23:15MontaraCAUSALightalong coasti was siting on the beach at 11;15 looking at the ocean. when i saw a bright light from my north traveling at very hi12/2/00
10/5/00 19:45KennewickWAUSAUnknown10 secondsNot too much to tell, we just saw a very bright light come overhead from the south. Then it dimmed as it went up and north at a great 12/2/00
10/5/00 06:05JeromeAZUSAChanging4hrs.Diamond shaped craft shifts to Cylinder over Arizona12/2/00
10/5/00 05:50PimaAZUSAOtherBig, bright white object seen high in sky above Pima, AZ.12/2/00
10/5/00 04:30PhoenixAZUSALight07:00amstill visible in daylight strange light in eastern sky?12/2/00
10/5/00 00:05SnohomishWAUSAOther15-20 minutesThere was a bright flourescent green light in the northeastern sky with no definite shape that had streaks through the haze.12/2/00
10/5/00Show LowAZUSACircle????large, glowing, donut shapped ufo sighted near show low, arizona, 5000 witnesses. captured on video.12/2/00
10/4/00 22:47RichwoodTXUSAFireball20 secondsIt looked like a fireball chasing after something.12/2/00
10/4/00 22:25CleburneTXUSAOther30-45 sec.The object was shaped like a boomarang with 7 black spheres one in the center of the nose and three on each wing. It was dark in color 12/2/00
10/4/00 22:00KalamaWAUSAUnknown10 minutesan orb, irratic, quick movements, dashing & snaking about, changing directions. Light green color.12/2/00
10/4/00 20:30CaldwellIDUSALightabout 15 minutesSaw a large light change colors and eventually dim to nothing on El Paso Rd.12/2/00
10/4/00 19:00Albi (France)FranceCircle0.5 hourA bright star like object 1/10 diameter of the moon, appeared stationery but moved over a half hour period then disappeared.12/2/00
10/4/00 18:25JanesvilleWIUSADiamond?It looks like a diamond in the sky....with a grey haze around it....12/2/00
10/4/00 18:10SevernMDUSADisk1or 2minsAn orange and white disc stopped and hoverd about 3 or 4 minutes near my backyard.12/2/00
10/4/00 17:00NilesMIUSATrianglesecondsCursor shaped objects over SW Michgan12/2/00
10/4/00 17:00Goa (India)IndiaOther10 minutesWhile driving back from Panji to Goa we observed three peculiar cloud formations stacked one above the other.The sky was clear and the 12/2/00
10/4/00 14:33CharlotteNCUSAOval15 seconds maybeI don't know what it was but it was silver going over some trees as I was leaving school. It was heading south at about 20 m.p.h, and12/2/00
10/4/00 01:57FargoNDUSATriangle3 minutestriangle shaped with no noise12/2/00
10/3/00 21:33Montreal (south of) (Canada)PQCanadaFormation10-15 secondsFormation of 3 lights moving in the same direction fast, close together, but chasing oneanother...12/2/00
10/3/00 19:15HaywardCAUSAChanging7sec.oct 1 around 7;15. i was looking at the moon through a pair of binoculars 20x50 when i spotted cube shaped object higher than the moon 12/2/00
10/3/00 12:15BuckleyWAUSATriangle9min11 triangle shaped space crafts seen flying over buckley wa on oct. 3,200012/2/00
10/3/00 04:30Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown1 minuteStarlight changing direction and speed in the sky12/2/00
10/3/00 02:15St. PetersburgFLUSADisk15 minssaucer shaped craft that hovered before shooting up into space.12/2/00
10/2/00 00:00Sterling/Troy/Clinton TownshipMIUSAOval6-8 secsee above12/2/00
10/2/00 20:30Mitchelstown (Republic of Ireland)IrelandUnknown5 minutesI saw one object moving erracticly across the sky at vairous different speed's. There was no sound accompanying the object. it was also12/2/00
10/2/00 17:00CrossvilleTNUSACircletwo hoursmore pulsing red lights in the night sky12/2/00
10/2/00 09:54Sterling Heights/Troy /ClintonTwpMIUSAOval6-8 secondsSoutheast Michigan, orange light, grew held still and then vanished with little trace.12/2/00
10/2/00San AntonioTXUSALight10-15 minthree bright large lights in sky--loose formation?12/2/00
10/1/00 23:15Jones BeachNYUSADiamond15 minutes2 objects over jones beach NY, sent Red beam then blue beam on our car.12/2/00
10/1/00 21:30MaryvilleMOUSALightabout-30secwhite disappearing lights12/2/00
10/1/00 21:30Colorado SpringsCOUSALight3 to 5 minutessaw 4 lights going in what i thought was a clover formation12/2/00
10/1/00 20:00BelmontCAUSAUnknown15 secondsFaint starlike object moving in space at high speed stopped and lined up with other 3 faint stars.12/2/00
10/1/00 01:00VaughnWAUSAFormation9:00 minutesThe lights changed colors and there was a strange noise.12/2/00
9/30/00 23:30San AntonioTXUSAChanging15 mintwinkling star to naked eye, blue and red flashing lights, change shape in binoculars12/2/00
9/30/00 22:30San Fernando ValleyCAUSAFormation4 to 5 minutes8 lights like the ones seen in Arizona shape like a triangle were seen in front of my door step.12/2/00
9/30/00 22:25Las VegasNVUSASphere40 sec.Two colored spheres (blue & red) seen traveling very quickly in an arc from the North to South East in a "playful" zigzag motion.12/2/00
9/30/00 22:10Ipswich (UK/England)United KingdomSphere8 seconds3 glowing spheres bobbing east to northwest over ipswich UK, at 10pm on 30/8/0012/2/00
9/30/00 22:00ArletaCAUSALight15mmthere were 6 objets in the sky never seen before 5 were round and red and 1 round big shinny ligth it was video and 60 pleople sow it .12/2/00
9/30/00 21:47San Fernando ValleyCAUSALight2 - 3min.Multiple red objects hovering.12/2/00
9/30/00 21:45Los AngelesCAUSAFormation2 minutes5 red lights flying in formations, then disappearing, then an orange object, and a red one reappearing.12/2/00
9/30/00 21:45North HollywoodCAUSAChangingapprox 5 min.A cluster of spinning red lights which formed into a diamond shape.12/2/00
9/30/00 21:30San Fernando ValleyCAUSACircle5-10 Min.Bright Lights above the San Fernado Valley12/2/00
9/30/00 20:00MemphisTNUSALight1-2 min.UFO over Memphis12/2/00
9/30/00 20:00LamoineMEUSATriangle15 secondsTriangular Silver Green Objected Sited in Lamoine Maine12/2/00
9/30/00 20:00ScottsdaleAZUSAFireball5 secondsLarge blue/white flamed object falling to Earth in the Eastern sky above Phoenix.12/2/00
9/30/00 20:00GlobeAZUSACircle15 secA bright white aura was around the bottom half of the sphere12/2/00
9/30/00 20:00PhoenixAZUSAOther4-5 secondsPhoenix Blue/white Astroid????12/2/00
9/30/00 20:00GlobeAZUSACircle15-30 sec.Object was brillant green ,marble shaped ,with an aura of white light and dropping at a slight angel.12/2/00
9/29/00 21:00Quesnel (Canada)BCCanadaCircle1hr +Two rings of lights rotating .12/2/00
9/29/00 19:40ChandlerAZUSAFireball12 SecSmall EmeraldGreen light moving at approximately 5-8 MPH in a straight line-Emitted two or three White flashes to rear12/2/00
9/29/00 05:35WichitaKSUSALightApprox. 5 min.I observed a very high-flying light that in no way resembled an aircraft, satellite, weather balloon or other eaxily explaine phenomena12/2/00
9/29/00 05:20BethlehemPAUSAOther05 minutes2 starlike objects crossed paths with each other going in opposite directions12/2/00
9/29/00 01:20NapaCAUSASphere5 MinutesObserved a bronze or amberish orb 1000 ft. up hovering over a residential area for appx 3 mins and then it moved away.12/2/00
9/28/00 21:15CroftonKYUSACircle30 secondsFour red balls of light in Northwestern sky in Kentucky12/2/00
9/28/00 21:13GlasgowKYUSAOther5-7secondsA seemingly long object with a dull glow on the front,3 rectangular white lights in a row, then a red light which disappeared rather su12/2/00
9/28/00 21:10CollinsvilleILUSAFireball4 seconds3 white/grey objects seem to be separting from a larger object with smoke around them. She saw a huge fireball.12/2/00
9/28/00 20:30MorristownTNUSATriangle8 minutesHuge, triangular craft with six white rectangular lights on the bottom witnessed in EastTennessee12/2/00
9/28/00 20:00LaytonUTUSATriangle5 minutesBlack triangle shaped object, red and blue strobe-lit, two and-a-half miles east of HAFB, hovering at an altitude of 150-200 ft.12/2/00
9/28/00 14:00West ManchesterOHUSAOther5 secondsWhite jet seen disappearing after passing through a trail left by a jet.12/2/00
9/28/00 01:00VermilionOHUSADiskabout 30 secs.I saw 3 disc shaped crafts with a greenish hue.12/2/00
9/27/00 22:15Newcastle (UK/England)United KingdomDisk3 mins approxfollowed by a ufo!12/2/00
9/27/00 21:45ChallisIDUSATriangle45-60 secondsAn enormous triangular silent object just floating 200 feet straight above us.12/2/00
9/27/00 20:35Rapid CitySDUSALight1 minuteLooked for and found a satellite, as well as a UFO12/2/00
9/27/00 20:00GreenbrierARUSACircle1 hourSomething in the western sky in Arkansas12/2/00
9/27/00 12:34Apache JunctionAZUSAOtherIt looked like a helicopter .the lights were blinking and then the lights seperated then came back together then it left with a flash.12/2/00
9/27/00 05:30Bel Marin KeysCAUSALight5 secondsSlow-moving horizontal round white light12/2/00
9/27/00 03:00BabylonNYUSACircle30 minutesI woke up at 3:00 in the morning and as I always do, I looked out at the night sky. My house is very high and so it is a natural thing12/2/00
9/26/00 22:10AnkenyIAUSATriangleOne minuteTriangular shaped craft (20-30ftlength of side) with a light at each corner, hovered motionless 40-50feet over a farmhouse.12/2/00
9/26/00 21:30KerrywoodIDUSAFlash2 minutesspotted flashing light ,then a glowing ball of light.12/2/00
9/26/00 21:00EdmondsWAUSAFlash5 minutesWe saw a bright light leave the atmosphere and continue into space.12/2/00
9/26/00 20:30TucsonAZUSAFireball10secAround 8:30 PM a bluish green object was seen traveling in a northwesterly direction. It was not only odd because of the color but was 12/2/00
9/26/00 20:15Mission ViejoCAUSAFireball1.5 secondsi was driving on my way home, I PULL UP TO A STOP SIGN WHERE I MUST TURN RIGHT OR LEFT, IN FRONT OF ME IS A HOUSE WITH A HILL BEHIND IT12/2/00
9/26/00 20:13Palm SpringsCAUSAFireball4 secondsBrilliant Green Fireball moves slowly from high in the SE to low in the SW12/2/00
9/26/00 20:00Capistrano BeachCAUSAFireball5 secondsLarge fireball in southern sky, low to horizon, burning white to blue, traveling east to west at 2000 hrs. 09/26/0012/2/00
9/26/00 13:00JordanMNUSACigar2 minutesIt was cigar shaped with a fin shaped tail it was very quiet it was silver and then changed to blue12/2/00
9/26/00 03:30The WoodlandsTXUSAChevron5 secTransparent, shimmering chevron with rows of lights on the underside of each leg traveling silenty and at fantastic speed.12/2/00
9/26/00 00:00Woodstock (Canada)ONCanadaLight15 seconds3 Lights fly over at midnight12/2/00
9/25/00 20:15ShorelineWAUSATriangle6 or 7 seconds2 Triangle Shaped, Low Flying, Silent Craft over Seattle- 9/25/0012/2/00
9/25/00 20:12Maunaloa (Molokai)HIUSAChevron2 minutesNever before seen Red Lights12/2/00
9/25/00 19:30AlbuquerqueNMUSALight30 minutesAt twilight we saw through binoculars three bright lights arranged in an inverted triangle making small darting movements in place.12/2/00
9/25/00 19:30FairfieldCAUSACircle< 2 mincan't access examples12/2/00
9/25/00 17:30GlendaleCAUSAOval10-12 minutesFormation of bright white objects observed over Los Angeles.12/2/00
9/25/00 17:00PalatineILUSACircle2-5 minround black object hovering over line of trees12/2/00
9/24/00 23:45BridgewaterNJUSAOther1 minuteWith no shape to Fly12/2/00
9/24/00 23:25AmesIAUSAFlash5 minBirght flashing light in sky12/2/00
9/24/00 23:12West Palm BeachFLUSALight4 min.Bright light, blinking off West Palm Beach, FL coast - 23.12 hous on 24 September 200012/2/00
9/24/00 20:40EverettWAUSALight5 minTriangle formation of faint lights moving south.12/2/00
9/24/00 20:15VictorCOUSACylinder4 or 5 minutescolored lights behind Pike's Peak12/2/00
9/24/00 06:15Camp VerdeAZUSAUnknown2-3 SecondsFast moving bright lights that split and disappeared12/2/00
9/23/00 20:53SandyUTUSATriangle20 secondsTriangular shaped, with an extremely white light all the way around it's borders.12/2/00
9/23/00 20:25RosemountMNUSATriangle1 minuteCraft that blew are minds12/2/00
9/23/00 19:30AuburnWAUSALightaprox 3 minutesBright light seen neer Auburn super mall12/2/00
9/23/00 06:45Simcoe (Canada)ONCanadaDisk10 MinutesCircular beam of light/Blueish pulsating lights to each side/Large domed craft12/2/00
9/23/00 05:00FremontCAUSATriangleAprox 2:00 minutesTriangle Craft day time sighting low elevation for about 2:00 minutes in S.F. bay area12/2/00
9/23/00 00:30GlendaleAZUSATriangle3 hoursShooting star looking object that moved quickly and freely across the sky for several hours.12/2/00
9/22/00 23:59SimsburyCTUSAChevronfive hoursawesome it was magical and i hope they come back12/2/00
9/22/00 23:30BradentonFLUSAEgg30 secondsDisappearing double egged object twice12/2/00
9/22/00 23:00White CityORUSACircle5:00 amwhen it deposited the object into the maounten the bottom one flashed12/2/00
9/22/00 19:38Penrith (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle1 hourLights in the sky, moving in formation at great speeds.12/2/00
9/22/00 15:15Camp SpringsMDUSACircle2 minutesI looked up & observed for 1 min. a white circular object, againsta clear blue sky, that dissappeared from sight right overhead.12/2/00
9/22/00 11:00Yucca ValleyCAUSACylinder1 houri was traveling from desert hot springs to barstow via old woman springs rd (hwy 247 i think it is) on hwy 62 passing from morongo vall12/2/00
9/22/00 07:38StantonMIUSADisk4 minutesFather and son see three saucers on way to school.12/2/00
9/22/00 00:30DefianceOHUSAOther1.5 MinutesThe object, in about 1 -2 seconds, moved from my east to west without a noise. It looked circular and glowed like the moon.12/2/00
9/21/00 21:25Glenn EllynILUSAOval10 minutesI've seen the oval object as though all from small lights which was moving slowly in the air.12/2/00
9/21/00 21:00CushingTXUSAFireball1-2 secondsObject passed straight overhead, moving from north to south. It seemed to be very close, seemingly to be just above a large oak tree. I12/2/00
9/21/00 19:25ChatfieldTXUSAOval1hr and 5 minutesBright white irridescent, round in shape, no clouds near. The blinding light from the object gave me a headache to look at it. I stop12/2/00
9/21/00 13:30PortlandTNUSACirclefive to ten secondscircular object turning orange as it sped away very quickly.12/2/00
9/21/00 10:50ColumbianaOHUSACircle6 sec.The edge of the craft slid into view from space just showing it's grey through the blue sky!12/2/00
9/21/00 06:50ColumbianaOHUSAUnknown6 sec.The object broke into view in the blue then receded the way it entered12/2/00
9/21/00 04:00DentMNUSALight2 1/2 hoursVery bright light plus red and green lights in southeastern sky - seen for 2 1/2 hours, then moved off south.12/2/00
9/20/00 22:30Bridgnorth (UK/England)United KingdomFormation2 secondsVery fast - in formation flying lights with NO sound and vanishing12/2/00
9/20/00 22:30Naha (near) (Okinawa, Japan)JapanTriangle40-60 secondsa Object that flew extremely slow, triangular in shape, producing no light or sound only reflected light and half a football field big12/2/00
9/20/00 19:00Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaFireball45minutesMy family and I where driving in the car down the road and i was looking at an airplane go by and then to the left i saw 2 big red fire12/2/00
9/20/00 16:00Dahab (Sinai)SinaiChangingApprox five secondsMorphing, definate object changing speeds and shape whilst going from one side of the sky to the other.12/2/00
9/20/00 15:30Kota Kinabalu/Sabah (Malaysia)MalaysiaCigar8 minutesglowing white cigar shaped cylindrical object12/2/00
9/20/00 12:30Thessaloniki (Greece)GreeceOval17 minuteshow the objects were12/2/00
9/20/00 04:15El Dorado HillsCAUSACircle3-4 minutesI saw this bright circular, blurry light in the sky that got bigger as it came closer12/2/00
9/19/00 23:00ChandlerAZUSAFlash25 MINUTESBright white flashes of light south of Chandler. Very slowly moving from West to East, at a high altitude. My husband and I watched i12/2/00
9/19/00 20:30RavennaOHUSAFormation3 - 5 secondsFormation of 4-5 huge boomerang shaped objects, fully lit, silent, shooting star speed, flying in perfect unison.12/2/00
9/19/00 19:30RadcliffKYUSALight12 secondsThe lght broke into 3 lights and dove into the earth12/2/00
9/19/00 19:00PuebloCOUSATriangle10 minutesStrange craft over Pueblo Colorado12/2/00
9/18/00 23:00WestvilleOKUSALight10 minutesMy husband was sitting outside looking at the stars when I heard him hollering for me. He pointed to the sky. I seen what looked like 12/2/00
9/18/00 18:30San DiegoCAUSAOval10 minutesA ballon-like small derigible looking object moved in a straight path, unaffected by wind currents, at a constant speed of about 5 mph12/2/00
9/17/00 16:00ClevelandOHUSACigar5 minlong silver cigar shaped flying high with no vapor trail and no sound12/2/00
9/16/00 21:20Belleville (Canada)ONCanadaFireball30 secondsA very bright light move trough the sky with another trailing behind it...12/2/00
9/16/00 07:12MartinsburgWVUSATriangle1-2 minutesA triangular metalic UFO exhibiting no vapor trail was spotted in the vicinity of two commercial aircraft.12/2/00
9/15/00 19:45WisterOKUSATriangle30 secondsObserved a dark colored, unlighted triangular object apparently following a turboprop commuter airplane.12/2/00
9/15/00 19:06CantonMIUSADiskabout 5 minutesLow, fast flying discs spotted on busy main street.12/2/00
9/14/00 01:30GoshenVTUSAUnknown10-15 sec.Strang firery object falls over north east Vermont12/2/00
9/13/00 21:00DaytonOHUSATriangle7 hrsAt around 9PM september 13th 2000 a craft, the size of a football field was seen very low in the sky going in the direction of Wright P12/2/00
9/13/00 00:04BozemanMTUSAOther3 - 4 secondsAn angular, heat glowing object w/ a tail smoothly streaked in a S.E. path, clearing a mtn. range on 09/13/00 at 24:04.12/2/00
9/12/00 23:30Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaCigar2 minutesSeptember 12, 2000 - 11:30 pm - Windsor, Ontario, Canada - glowing cigar-shaped craft spotted over Casino Windsor/Detroit River12/2/00
9/12/00 23:30RaymoreMOUSALight~20 secondsStrange ball of light moving erratically.12/2/00
9/12/00 20:10Brits (South Africa)South AfricaLight30 minAbnormal UFO Light12/2/00
9/12/00 17:00Lordsburg/DemingNMUSAChanging1hr or longerSpotted a hovering, color-changing object over the desert east of Lordsburg, New Mexico on Sept. 12, 2000 from I-10.12/2/00
9/11/00 23:17IndianapolisINUSASphere3-4 minutesObject meandered like a leaf in a stream.12/2/00
9/11/00 00:00Donegal Town (Republic of Ireland)IrelandLight2 to 3 hrs not sureA bright colorfull star that seemed to move around12/2/00
9/10/00 23:00London (Canada)ONCanadaFireball5 minutesvery distant slow moving fireball12/2/00
9/10/00 23:00Yukon (Canada)YKCanada35minWhile in the Yukon close to the NWT border in September I took many pictures of the Northern lights, I just started looking at them in 12/2/00
9/10/00 bright object which turned into eleven12/2/00
9/10/00 01:11RoswellNMUSA??In Sept of this year my wife and I took a road trip back to Illinois to visit our daughter we decided to go through Roswell NM as we ha12/2/00
9/9/00 21:30White OakMSUSAFireball20secfireball with small round object leaving it after fireball exploded12/2/00
9/9/00 20:30AlamogordoNMUSADisk5 minutesGrey Metallic Aircraft Floating Behind the Clouds.12/2/00
9/8/00 20:30George WestTXUSAFlashThere were three bright flashes blinking at different times but all in the same general area ( in a stright line)12/2/00
9/8/00 15:30Walla WallaWAUSACigarten minutesthe object was intentionatly staying at a standstill. Every jet flying moves accross the sky, we felt that this was on purpose12/2/00
9/3/00 22:45Rosthern (Canada)SACanadaCigarfew secondsI defintely saw a silvery cigar shaped object descending12/2/00
9/3/00 02:15EriePAUSAFireball30 secondsA fireball was visible in the northeastern sky early Sunday morning in Erie, PA.12/2/00
9/1/00 22:35South CountyRIUSAOtherBlack helicopter sightings over Southern Rhode Island.12/2/00
9/1/00 02:30Cameron ParkCAUSAEgg3hoursObject was circular with kind of a square shape at the top (grey)12/2/00
8/28/00 22:30Tolbert (Netherlands)NetherlandsOther5 sec.Suddenly a light grey object moved over us while we where starwachting in our garden. Is was almost ivisible, no lights ore rotations. 12/2/00
8/27/00 15:30London (sw8.4jq) (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle15 minsIT WAS WEDGE SHAPED SILVER AND SHINING AND SILENT.12/2/00
8/25/00 22:05Onoway-Gunn (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle15-20UFO sighting from directly under and watched moving in various directions,triangular shaped threelights.12/2/00
8/23/00 22:00AlbionINUSAFormationmy homeIt was a long formation of lights.12/2/00
8/21/00 01:38BlaineMNUSAChanging3to 4 minutes4 shapeshifting craft checks out humans...12/2/00
8/18/00 06:00Sun PrairieWIUSAFormation45 sec / 2 minStange light seen same spot several times and then tried to make contact12/2/00
8/13/00 21:15DuncanOKUSAUnknown30 secondsLuminous flying snake12/2/00
8/12/00 22:00Central Coast (NSW, Australia)AustraliaOther30 minsSpooky stuff!!, the truth is no longer out there, in my opinion12/2/00
8/4/00 22:30London (Canada)ONCanadaOvalabout 2 or 3 sec.We were driving, and it shot across the sky from the left to right. Thought it was a meterite but it was green..12/2/00
8/3/00 21:00ChandlerAZUSACircle2 hoursTowards the north sky, there was a red circle of light hovering motionless and without sound. My family and I wathed this red circle of12/2/00
8/3/00 14:30Georgia (off the coast of)GAUSADisk2 minutesflying saucer sighted near coast in flight12/2/00
8/3/00 07:40Delta (Canada)BCCanadaCigarabout 5 minutesSilvery cigar hovers over Boundary Bay12/2/00
7/31/00 23:21Kuroki (near Saskatoon) (Canada)SACanadaFlash1 - 2 secondsAfter seeing an unusual flash in the night sky the previous evening, I was curious to see if the phenomenon would occur the following e12/2/00
7/31/00 03:20FortunaCAUSAFireball5 minround ball of light. looked like suns light reflecting off of ball in the sky. stayed motionless and hovered for 2-3min then moved nor12/2/00
7/30/00 22:07Humboldt (near Saskatoon) (Canada)SACanadaFlash3-5 secondsBright flash directly overhead in night sky, lasting two or three seconds.12/2/00
7/25/00 06:33Geraldton (Australia)AustraliaLight60 seconds+flashing lights,no noise,moved like a bee ,flew slowly,also very quickly12/2/00
7/25/00 01:30Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaDisk2hrThree campers and myself witnessed three disk or saucer shaped multicolur emitting objects hovering in the night nky.12/2/00
7/24/00 22:26Sept-Iles (Canada)PQCanadaCircleseveral secondsCircular bright coloured sphere was seen very clearly above houses in small native community 1000 Kil. northeast of Montreal12/2/00
7/22/00 12:00Petrified Forest National ParkAZUSAOther1 hourUFO caught on several different photographs/ same date/ same location (Arizona)12/2/00
7/15/00 23:50Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaChanging8 MinWe noticed an object that at first looked strikingly like a distant comet but then behaved unlike any comet that we know of.12/2/00
7/15/00 21:30New CityNYUSATriangleSaw a UFOi saw 2 different sightings of UFO's and someone else saw them too. They have come back to haunt me in dreams and scaring me!12/2/00
7/15/00 18:50EnochvilleNCUSACylinder30 secondstube like object12/2/00
7/15/00 03:15Guelph (Canada)ONCanadaLight20-30secBright light moving from SSW to NNE that pulsed slowly from cool blue to brilliant white.12/2/00
7/10/00 22:30Lithgow (NSW, Australia)AustraliaCross1 minuteMy family,friends and I were camping at Newnes a camp site near Lithgow inside a National Park. We had done a Canyon that day and every12/2/00
7/4/00 21:30Des Moines (metro area)IAUSALight45 minutesLight in sky from which (twice) descended another smaller light. Moved AGAINST wind no matter what direction.12/2/00
7/4/00 21:00Windsor HeightsIAUSALighthourWe saw a bright red light during a fireworks display in Des Moines.12/2/00
7/1/00 04:30Ottawa (Canada)ONCanada5 minCase.Visit. We live in a highrise in Ottawa.28 of june walking outside approximately 11 clock pm we saw a large light in the sky roughl12/2/00
7/1/00 03:11MidlandMIUSALight4 minutesObservation of stationary then moving bright light in sky, possibly linked to large dark object passing overhead 10 min later.12/2/00
7/1/00 02:30BismarckNDUSALight10 min.A small light slightly bigger than the surrounding stars darting to and fro for about ten minutes.12/2/00
6/30/00 22:15RussiaRussiaOther5 minstrails seen by pilot over russian airspace too high to be aircraft.12/2/00
6/27/00 22:00MoabUTUSACircle10 secondsAn adult female, camping in the Utah wilderness, reports she and a companion saw a bright light project a beam downward; mighttime, 10-12/2/00
6/25/00 00:01Trochu (near) (Canada)ABCanadaOther90 secondsNot an fixed or rotary wing aircraft carrying out authorized flight.12/2/00
6/23/00 13:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaOvalReunioni saw 1 ufo going slowly arcoss the sky at night time.12/2/00
6/23/00 00:30Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown10 secondsBurning ufo12/2/00
6/22/00 23:59Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCircle1 minutetwo fast moving objects one shoot out of the atmosphere12/2/00
6/22/00 02:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCircle15secfast moving lights12/2/00
6/19/00 22:34Algonquin Park (Canada)ONCanadaFireball6 Minutes2 Bright Lights, hovering in the horizon and then jerk to the right.12/2/00
6/18/00 23:45Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle15-20 minTriangular shaped object hovering above train tracks in Ontario12/2/00
6/18/00 04:30SunnysideNYUSALight@ 3 minutesOdd Glowing Orb in front of Citybank building12/2/00
6/16/00 22:10Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaLight10+ minuteBright light hovering low between Vancouver, BC and US Border12/2/00
6/11/00 23:59Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)MalaysiaCircle12 circles of light orbiting from midnight till 4 am12/2/00
6/8/00 22:15Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaLight10-15 SecsObject leaving earth orbit??12/2/00
6/1/00 22:00San FranciscoCAUSAFireball10 seconds apxIt was a full moon that night. I was driving my car on divisadero st. or in that vicinity and what caught my eye was a huge ball of fir12/2/00
5/25/00 20:00Saskatoon (Approx 10 minutes west of) (Canada)SACanadaOvalapprox 2 minutesSilvery white, oval object over the clouds.12/2/00
5/24/00 13:30Nagoya (Japan)JapanDisk10secOn the 24/5/2000 I saw two 2UFO,s with a disk shapes the size of a normal jet engine.They came out of the beautiful blue sky zig zaggin12/2/00
5/22/00 19:00High Andean Plateau of Marcahuasi, PeruPeruSphereone hour14 - 16 high flying luminous spheres in the Peruvian Andes witnessed by 15 hikers from the USA.12/2/00
5/17/00 19:30JacksonTNUSASphere30-45 sec.Sphere of light traveling in opposite direction disappear before near certain collison12/2/00
5/15/00 23:45Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaChevron1.5 minutesClear and close look at unknown flying craft12/2/00
5/15/00 23:30Cleveland (approaching)OHUSATeardrop3-4 secondsNear miss - a UFO shot out from under our MD-80 and made a ninety degree turn off our right wing.12/2/00
5/14/00 11:25Strathroy (east of) (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond5 secondsWe were driving along the highway and we saw a large, bright, diamond shape object in the sky. The object was falling rapidly on an ang12/2/00
5/8/00 21:05Kamloops (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle10minthese crafts had a light on each side and a big one in the middle. they came out of a larger triangle then spread out and hovered more 12/2/00
5/6/00 21:18Kamloops (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle30mina triangular shaped ufo with lights on each side,and a giant white light in the middle12/2/00
5/4/00 20:15Kamloops (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle5minfrom my porch I saw a triangular formation of 4 lights, 3 on the corners of the triangle and 1 large light in the hovered aro12/2/00
4/28/00 23:59Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaLight5 minutesWhile getting ready for bed I noticed these lights that zoomed across the sky in various movements, it was not a shooting star12/2/00
4/28/00 22:00Aldergrove (Canada)BCCanadaOval10 secondsWe were driving down the road when all of a sudden a bright blue light appeared below the cloud and started to move very fast.12/2/00
4/27/00 07:25Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaCylinder5 minI was driving on Waverly in Winnipeg, MB Canada at 7:25 am and I saw a white cylinder object with no lights, no propulsion system.12/2/00
4/24/00 20:00VeniceCAUSADiamond10:00one diamond shaped flying object with blue, gold and red lights. It was circle with a diamond shape inside it. It was at night approxim12/2/00
4/23/00 21:30Scarborough (Toronto) (Canada)ONCanadaDisk10 secondsI was looking west watching a commercial jet fly overhead and noticed three disc shaped objects that formed a triangle move quickly and12/2/00
4/11/00 19:00Wiltshire (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop10 minsbright tearshaped craft flying erraticaly12/2/00
4/9/00 21:00London (Canada)ONCanadaOvalit was late, and i saw these things in the sky about 300ft over my head and there was no noise at all and no other cars or plains aroun12/2/00
4/1/00 22:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaLight45 secondsred ball in sky12/2/00
3/27/00 21:00Wellesley (Canada)ONCanadaLightongoingunusual night light, has been stationary for an hour, yet has a definite strobing, flashing & changing of colors.12/2/00
3/21/00 21:00Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaSphere1.5 hoursRound silent flashing red craft flies circular pattern over central north Mtl. Repeating pattern constantly. I am looking westward.12/2/00
3/20/00 21:00Fort MeadeMDUSAFireballabout 2-3 hrs.flaming crafts seen over Ft. Meade,MD around march 20th 2000.12/2/00
3/17/00 04:00San AntonioTXUSATriangle2 minutesBlue "energy egg" beamed down from spacecraft over San Antonio Texas eludes airport radar.12/2/00
3/16/00 03:30MoabUTUSADisk2mini was walking to my friends house bu untile i saw a sauser.12/2/00
3/11/00 19:10Rye (UK/England)United KingdomEgg12 secondsi object bright light ,slow moving ,silent black objectegg shape moved away from central light-light stopped and retracked on itself12/2/00
2/17/00 20:00Cornwall (Canada)ONCanadaLightten secondsSaw a cluster of red lights moving through the sky at high speed with no sound12/2/00
2/6/00 01:00Black Creek (Canada)BCCanadaLight1 hourOver several nights, we saw stars/lights that appear to move in erratic fashion, these stars flicker in colour and intensity, But they 12/2/00
2/1/00 23:00ParaparaumuNew ZealandCircle10 minutesA steady white light approaches from the north, dances erratically overhead then fades and disappears12/2/00
1/29/00 02:00Prince Albert (Canada)SACanadaTriangle1 hourA triangle-shaped craft or object, with red,green,and yellow lights flashing in seqences. Seemed to be hovering in the southern sky at 12/2/00
1/29/00 01:30Prince Albert (Canada)SACanadaDiamond2 HoursSeemed to stay in one area for approx. 2 hours, is still there at 03:17 and during the event the object seemed to change color and inte12/2/00
1/28/00 21:08Prince Albert (Canada)SACanadaUnknownA star looking light flashing red, white, blue12/2/00
1/22/00 17:30Aurangabad.Maharashtra (India)IndiaFireball1 minuteNUFORC Note: Witness reports fireball. PD))12/2/00
1/15/00 23:00KalamazooMIUSACircle10 minutesA spinning lighted low down circle UFO.12/2/00
1/15/00 13:52Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaCircle30 secondsWe were returning home from the mall and my attention was drawn to a redish object moving at a very considerable speed in the clear ski12/2/00
1/14/00 09:23York Mills/Leslie (over the intersections of) (Canada)ONCanadaCigar5 miutes or soClear blue sky ,temperature -12 C . After leaving our garbage route for morning break,I noticed a bright lightin the sky to the east. F12/2/00
1/12/00 01:31Los AngelesCAUSADisk1 min 30 secIt was a metalic looking object with blue and yellow flashing lights.12/2/00
1/2/00 19:30Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaLight2-3 secsPoint of light moving quickly12/2/00
12/31/99 00:30Sudbury (Canada)ONCanadaCircle5 min2 bright orange balls of light followed one another in-line across the sky and then stopped and moved up and down vertically, changing 12/2/00
12/30/99 18:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaDiamondWinnipegStanding still in the air and was very bright. Was going to go closer but when i moved to get a better look at it, it disapared.12/2/00
12/28/99 16:28Kota Kinabalu/Sabah (Malaysia)MalaysiaDisk2 minutesShiny metallic object, disc shaped, silent and hovering.12/2/00
12/16/99 22:00Orangeville (Canada)ONCanadaOvallasted 2 hoursabout 3 crafts took formation and hovered about 200 meters above ground. The odd glowing object would zip through the sky near the 3 cr12/2/00
12/7/99 21:30Red Deer (Canada)ABCanadaDisk45 secondsI witnessed an object pass over my neighborhood at an unknown altitude but below the cloud cover(1000-2000 ft.). I'm assuming from my 12/2/00
12/3/99 19:30LodiCAUSAFireballapprox. 41/2 hrsStrange fireballs on Dec. 03, 1999 on the West side of Lodi. They hung around for about four hours, and military planes flew over.12/2/00
11/30/99 06:30Markham (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle45 minBright triangle shape object12/2/00
11/29/99 01:40Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaFireball3 secondsGreen light moves at high speed across the sky.12/2/00
11/28/99 16:30Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaSphere1 minuteA bright metallic object that looked like a sphere flew across the sky fairly slow.12/2/00
11/20/99 23:00Sudbury (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder1:30Seen a cylinder blue above the Sudbury area for about 1 hours and half, the description is very complicated because of smog night and a12/2/00
11/16/99 19:15ClevelandOHUSAEgg2-3 secI was reading the reports from last year of the four fast moving objects Nov.'99. I also reported it to you. And their was a note that 12/2/00
11/16/99 19:13Hamilton (43N-80W) (Canada)ONCanadaFireball15 secLarge fire-ball being followed by about 12 smaller fire balls, travelling in a ENE direction.12/2/00
11/16/99 19:10Toronto (Canada)ONCanada20 secNot believed to be a U.F.O. but was definately a very large object breaking up.12/2/00
11/16/99 19:10Columbus GroveOHUSACircle10 /15 sec.this was a large object moving at a very fast pace from the north west to the south east. it did not burn up but just went over the hor12/2/00
11/16/99 19:10Lake Simcoe (50 mi east of) (Canada)ONCanadaLight20 secondsFrom an Airbus 320 cockpit at 31000 ft. we observed a series of 6 to 7 bright burning stars moving in tandem at a relatively slow speed12/2/00
11/16/99 19:05Trenton (Canada)ONCanadaFireballwhile driving...about a cFriend's husband witnessed something strange. Thought they were fireballs...leaving "ashes" behind. These "fireballs" were emitting fir12/2/00
11/16/99 19:05Burlington (Canada)ONCanadaFormation10 secondsBurlington Ontario 19:05 E.S.T. A line of seven bright green and white lights moving from northwest to southeast12/2/00
11/16/99 18:09Newmarket (Canada)ONCanadaFireball30.sec3 Blue green balls of light with streaming orange yellow tails. Tails resembling sparks.12/2/00
11/12/99 17:00Roseneath (Canada)ONCanadaCircle15 minOrange glowing circle. Two halves separated by thin layer of light.12/2/00
11/4/99 12:05Spruce Grove (Canada)ABCanadaCone7 MinutesI was driving west on highway 16 and off to the south a cone shaped glow appeared to be moving southwest. The shape look very similar 12/2/00
10/17/99 07:55Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaTeardrop5 min approx.Very bright light observed in eastern sky. After watching for several minutes determined it was moving away from us.12/2/00
10/15/99 21:00PhoenixAZUSASphereusually 2 hoursThree Bright Orange Orbs large in size12/2/00
10/15/99 19:30Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle3 SECONDSWas outside taking a coffee break and notice three what i first thought was three fighters flying in formation, but there was no engine12/2/00
10/14/99 16:30Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaLight30-45 secondsI was looking straight up at my TV antenna because my cable had become disconnected from the antenna. I saw a small bright light glidi12/2/00
10/10/99 03:00St. Agnes de Dundee (Canada)PQCanadaEgg90 min.early morning bright object egg shape fully colorder chaging colors as it turn as it was going it change to white colors12/2/00
9/26/99 23:30Winnipeg (north of) (Canada)MBCanadaUnknown10 SecondsBlue light moving rapidly from N/W to S/E. Visible vapour trail, no vehicle visible. Duration approx. 10 seconds.12/2/00
9/26/99 20:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaChevron10-15 sec.This was a chevron shaped craft black in colour with yellow lights in the V shape.12/2/00
9/23/99 21:50Pointe-Claire (Canada)PQCanadaCircle2 mina light from a sky touched down about 200 feet away from me. It was a shinnig circle of light that hovered left to right then lifted ba12/2/00
9/20/99 22:05Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaLight7 sec.Enjoying the starf filled night.I was alerted by a rapidly blinking light to the east.It moved flashed twice and dissappeared.It reappe12/2/00
9/18/99 02:00Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaFormation30 secondsFormation of seven moving lights, curving quite fast through the night sky12/2/00
9/16/99 20:45Sault Ste. Marie (Canada)ONCanadaLight2minObject was bright light which crossed sky from sw to ne in approx 2 min12/2/00
9/15/99 23:00Yellowknife (Canada)NTCanadaFireballa few secondsBlueish Green Fireball Traveling South to North, prompting me to turn around and head back to civilization.12/2/00
9/14/99 06:30Richmond (Canada)BCCanadaFireball10 minutesI was driving home from the Vancouver Airport and something had obviously just cut a swath through a cloud at 30 degree angle to the ea12/2/00
9/13/99 02:15BlanchardvilleWIUSAOther60.3SecJest chasing objects: Jet goes down in local farm.12/2/00
9/10/99 22:40Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight23:05peter on fri. sept 10 at exactly 9:50pm while outside looking to the south i observed what appeared to be a formation of spot lights ru12/2/00
9/7/99 22:36Squamish (Canada)BCCanadaFormation1 minuteAt approximately 22:36 hrs on the 7th of Sept. 1999, I witnessed three (3) what looked like satellites in a triangular formation headed12/2/00
9/4/99 22:00St Gorge (Canada)PQCanadaTriangle30 sec3 Satelite-like triangular formation.12/2/00
9/2/99 12:10Aldergrove (Canada)BCCanada3 SECONDSSOMETHING FALLING OUT OF THE SKY12/2/00
9/2/99 00:15Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaOtherseconds (repeated)A few repeated, multi-coloured streaks of light in an apparently south-easterly direction12/2/00
8/29/99 23:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight5:00The UFO was gliding in small circles to the East-South side of the city. The UFO made sharp turnes in the sky.12/2/00
8/28/99 20:20Richmond (near Ottawa) (Canada)ONCanadaLight2 min.We saw a light travelling high across the evening sky which stopped, changed direction, grew very bright, and disppeared rapidly upward12/2/00
8/24/99 23:15Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown35 minI noticed what I thought was a star shining way too brightly. I called my wife to have a look and she confirmed that it was no star. Th12/2/00
8/23/99 04:15Ashcroft (Canada)BCCanadaOvalless than 1minIn eastern sky flaiming whit sparks low over mts.flat torgectry12/2/00
8/22/99 20:30Cranbrook (Canada)BCCanadaLight3minutesI saw 2 bright lights at sunset.One remained stationary while the other moved to the southwest.The one that stayed tripled in size then12/2/00
8/21/99 12:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaSphereabout 5 minutesSilvery sphere buzzes jet aircraft, suddenly stops and hovers12/2/00
8/20/99 22:10Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaFormationLess than 1 minI saw what a first appeared to be a satellite but it was being followed by three lights in a V formation and then another 3 lights in a12/2/00
8/18/99 04:10Izmir (Turkey)TurkeyOvalMy close encounter of the third kind with small greyish aliens with their egg-shaped ship.12/2/00
8/16/99 00:25Thunder Bay -RR#3 (Canada)ONCanadaLight4 minutesDim light floating around then separating. Glowing bright like lightning, and getting dimmer and farther away. Coming back at a fast 12/2/00
8/2/99 22:30Brackley Beach (Canada)PECanadaOval7minMy boyfriend and I were driving down a beachside road, when overhead we saw an oval shaped object appear for about two minutes. Before 12/2/00
8/1/99 03:39Pickering (Canada)ONCanadaOther2 secondsDriving home on earily Aug 1,99 north of Pickering Ontario in a rural area I observed a flash of light (white) almost like a big star. 12/2/00
7/28/99 22:00Burks Falls (Canada)ONCanadaCirclewhite circular light got brighter, dimmed, disapeared, re-apeared, then disapeared again12/2/00
7/27/99 23:30Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaUnknown15-20 secat about 23:00, i was looking up the sky, up above my head, 90o, i saw a dot light like a star zigzags for about 15 to 20 seconds. the 12/2/00
7/25/99 02:30London (Canada)ONCanadaFlash45 secLooking out of a back window, I noticed a large, extremely bright, white light cross the northern sky.12/2/00
7/24/99 03:15Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle2MINUTESI was having my morning coffee and loooking at the sky for a satellite that passes by every night around that time when i noticed the s12/2/00
7/23/99 02:51Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaLight40-45 secondsBright white light moving at a fast rate of speed towards the west. Travelled for about 20 seconds, made a 90 degree turn to the north.12/2/00
7/22/99 02:50Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaFormation15 seconds9 "V" shaped objects flew over us. Thay wern't Birds but flew in the same formation as geese.12/2/00
7/10/99 23:17Revelstoke (Canada)BCCanadaDiamondWatching Meteor Shower, a large sliver/white dimond was in the NW position, watched for about 7-10 min and then gone.Venus does not do 12/2/00
7/9/99 22:35McKenzie Lake (Canada)ONCanadaCircle1 min.Two bright slow flashing red lights over heavy woodland clearly visible from across the 1/2 mile lake. The two objects were completely 12/2/00
7/9/99 18:04Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaCross20 sObject appeared to be very bright, very large and very distant.12/2/00
7/1/99 23:50Viborg (Denmark)DenmarkLight1 hourSmall object. Moving fast sharp light. Close to military area in denmark.12/2/00
7/1/99 19:00SpokaneWAUSASphere10.00min.We were over the Spokane river and saw two large silver black sphere shaped crafts it felt as though one craft was perfectly in mathima12/2/00
6/30/99 22:50Lethbridge (Northwest of about 12 miles) (Canada)ABCanadaOvalfive minutesWhile driving home from work I saw what I first thought was a blue pulsing police roof light; on second look I realized it was much too12/2/00
6/25/99 22:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaSphere2 minutesSeen by my brother first. He called me outside to the back yard, then I saw it; a bright light, spherical in shape. I saw it move up (i12/2/00
6/25/99 21:15Kenora (sw of, 16 mi. on Lake of the Woods) (Canada)ONCanada20-30 minAt 9:15, My son saw some bright green balls coming from the ground up. I then also saw them. At first they came up individually and t12/2/00
6/25/99 21:15Kenora (sw of; 16 mi. on Lake of the Woods) (Canada)ONCanada20-30 minAbout 9:15pm on June 25, 1999 I saw bright green balls coming from the island across from us. I told my father and he saw thm too. Th12/2/00
6/25/99 17:00Seaforth (near) (Canada)ONCanadaTravelling through hour local country side we observed the curious site of crops (wheat or oats) that had been pushed down in weird pat12/2/00
6/23/99 04:21Orchard ParkNYUSADisk1 minuteThe saucer floated with lights circling around it, and with a bright flash shot away.12/2/00
6/20/99 23:59BradentonFLUSALightin car driving when i sawvery bright small round light12/2/00
6/18/99 01:13London (Canada)ONCanadaCigar12 SecondsCigarette Break outside at 1:13 in the morning, I saw a bright light coming towards me, though it was a plane coloured lights an12/2/00
6/16/99 23:40Courtenay (Canada)BCCanadaLight30 minsObject first thought to be a satellite stopped its forward motion, turned some circles, possibly had an "engagement" with another craft12/2/00
6/14/99 15:00Kaluga (Russia)RussiaOther1 minuteI was waiting for a bus suddenly I saw an object it was like gorisontal egg.(shape) It was moving too fast saw I could' nt see it to12/2/00
6/12/99 23:00Kaslo/Nelson area (Canada)BCCanadaOther8 hoursPeanut shaped silver metalic - large - very high up12/2/00
6/4/99 22:30Trail (Canada)BCCanadaOtherapprox. 1minPassed overhead from approx. NE to SW. Seemed about mountain height. Observed for about 1 minute12/2/00
5/22/99 21:30Sherbrooke (Canada)PQCanadaSphere30 secondsI think I saw a UFO on May 22th 21h30..12/2/00
5/20/99 12:00Riverville (Canada)MBCanadaDisk5 minVERY BRIGHT AND FAST MOVING12/2/00
5/15/99 21:03Essex (Canada)ONCanadaCircle15 minRASC Observing session. Object 5deg. s polaris, eastward 30 deg.magnitude -2watched with 8" ref, 6" ref.. object had long arm that rota12/2/00
5/9/99 23:00East LiverpoolOHUSADiskminuteit was on mother's day of 1999, on my way home from my mother's house. i was on route 11, the exit before beaver creek state park. on12/2/00
4/26/99 00:30Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown10 secondsRapidly moving lights in westerly direction, then disappearing.12/2/00
4/13/99 01:00Beaverton (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle00:20i was walking with a few friends and i saw 3 lights in the sky and they kept on getting closer and closer and suddenly i could make out12/2/00
4/7/99 23:00Mumbai, MAH (India)MBIndiaSphere15 secWe were on out our terrace studying the stars in the night sky, when we heard a loud noise, something like a jet plane.12/2/00
4/5/99 16:00Chatham (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown14 secondsVery Fast, 25000 feet, South to North, Silver, Flashing VERY BRIGHTLY 4-5 times per second, horizon to horizon in about 12 seconds12/2/00
4/5/99 14:10Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaCircle2 minsaw it fly by and hover over the parking lot about 600 feet up12/2/00
3/13/99 03:43Niagara Falls (Canada)ONCanadaFireball1 minuteA green fireball falling to our south, maybe 5 or 10 miles away.12/2/00
3/7/99 01:00BelvidereVTUSAEgg10 minsno sound..LARGE..passed closely over our camp and down across the valley and out a pass in the moutains.12/2/00
2/28/99 16:05Yellowknife (Canada)NTCanadaCircle20minsI was out side with my friends and we saw f-18s and two circle like shapes in the air. The f-18s were following them.!!12/2/00
2/27/99 18:00DagsboroDEUSALight10 minuteslight 30 degrees N. N.E. size of quarter at arms length. erratic brilliant, like aircraft landing lights . light appeared as intelligen12/2/00
2/24/99Ontraio (Province of Eastern) (Canada)ONCanadaFireball?On the morning of February 23 or 24th several witnesses reported observing a fireball strecking through the night sky from, north easte12/2/00
2/23/99 01:15Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaSphere13 Mins.Several various sized orbs along with elongated objects. I have film.12/2/00
2/22/99 19:00OtwayOHUSAOther20 minutesMy girlfriend and I were just leaving to go out of town, when I noticed two large glowing orbs above my small lake. They seemed to ju12/2/00
2/8/99 20:00Guelph (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle~30 secondsCraft had 3 bright circular white lights and flew WSW (against final approach pattern to Pearson International Airport) at roughly 250012/2/00
1/22/99 18:42Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaCircle2 secondswhite circle one quarter size of full moon appeared NNW, sky, disappeared SSEsky, no trail.12/2/00
1/21/99 06:00Little Britain (Canada)ONCanadaCircle15 min.Star like object moving but not a satellite 12/2/00
1/15/99 17:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaDiamond10 minutesWe saw the saucer shaped object move slowly across the sky, much slower than an airplane would. Also there was no noise like an airplan12/2/00
1/15/99 03:30Melbourne (Tullarmarine) (VIC, Australia)AustraliaLight15 secondslight source flying very fast with no sound to be heard12/2/00
1/8/99 19:30ChicoCAUSA3 min.This is amplifying information to the Call in of an observation from Paradise, Calif yesterday. The airport at Chico is used for prati12/2/00
12/15/98 00:45Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaUnknown10 secondsMeteor with a green tail shooting straight down towards eastern canada or north-eastern us.12/2/00
12/11/98 23:00Milton (Canada)ONCanadaCircle3-4 secBright glowing object12/2/00
11/17/98 21:30Grand Bend (outside of) (Canada)ONCanadaSphere10 - 15 min2 Friends and a neighbor saw a Bright sphere that got bigger and brighter and then shrunk to almost nothing off and on for 15 min12/2/00
11/15/98 21:00CranstonRIUSALight5 Secondsi was in a car with my mother driving down phenix ave. i saw a bright orangish light in the sky i looked up and it was moving slowwly b12/2/00
11/15/98 15:30Meztitla (Mexico)MexicoDiamond40 minSeveral objects appeared from behind a mountain, moved around a bit and hid again.12/2/00
11/12/98 21:30LakewoodCOUSATriangle5 sec.Triangle shaped lights moving very very fast12/2/00
11/10/98 22:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaDisk2 secondsI saw a brief eliptical object that was illuminated for approximately 2 seconds before hurling upward and out-of-sight in the clear, op12/2/00
11/4/98 05:00Port Colborne (Canada)ONCanadaFireball10 minutesFireballs in the sky looked like one carshed into lake erie12/2/00
10/31/98 22:24Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaCircle25-34 secsOn hallowe'en 1998 my friend Jessica and I seen a flying what seemed to be an alien space craft that was there for NO longer than 35 s12/2/00
10/30/98 12:30Sudbury (south of) (Canada)ONCanadaCone4 hrscraft was seen in eastern part of sky ,moving in a southerly direction.It had many different coloured lights and appeared to be spinnin12/2/00
10/30/98 03:30Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaFireball< 2secBright white, spherical object. Approx size = match head held at arm's length. Direction of travel: an ARC, approx. NE to SW. No tail12/2/00
10/17/98 02:17Ottawa (Woodroffe & Baseline) (Canada)ONCanadaLight30 secfrom centre of Orion, a seemingly far off single point of light, brightness of a star, moved downward to horizon, side to side (about 212/2/00
10/10/98 22:30St. John's (Canada)NFCanadaEgg2 hoursStarted off as 3 points of intense yellow light in triangle formation - then grew larger - it becage a single egg shape - VERY bright.12/2/00
9/29/98 07:25Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaFireball1 to 2 secondsTravelling eatward by car at dusk, dontown Vancouver. Myself and passenger spotted orange fireball streaking apparent east. Object was 12/2/00
9/27/98 01:15MesquiteTXUSATriangle1mintriangle headed west toward downtown dallas12/2/00
9/25/98 21:23Lindell Beach (Canada)BCCanadaFireballMy son saw a green fireball in the sky at 9:23 p.m. through the front room window. It was about a quarter of the size of the moon. Co12/2/00
9/24/98 21:15Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaCircle5 secondsBall of light low in sky descending slowly at steep angle from East to West12/2/00
9/23/98 21:10Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaCircle3-5 sec.I saw a bright green coloured fireball coming down fairly slow and dissappear in midair without a sound.12/2/00
9/23/98 21:10Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaFireball5 secondsA bright green fireball witnessed by my son and I at around 9:10pm local time12/2/00
9/22/98 23:30Courtenay (Canada)BCCanadaFireball3-4 secViewed from beach facing East on Vancouver Island. Saw what I assumed to be a meteor until listening to Art Bell on 09/23/98. The gree12/2/00
9/17/98 23:45Belle River (Canada)ONCanadaLight7 minutesAt first I thought it was a star, but all of a sudden it took of.12/2/00
8/31/98 08:20Toronto (North York) (Canada)ONCanadaDisk10 minutesThe two ufo's were spinnng sluggish circles around each other - rotating between being on the outside circle and the inside.12/2/00
8/28/98 22:30Gulf Islands (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle1-5 minswhile camping a we paid little attention to a very high flying object with no flashing lights or motor sound, flew above us, pulled 90 12/2/00
8/26/98 21:30Amherstview (outside Kingston) (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond20 min or moremultiple ufo sighting12/2/00
8/24/98 13:00Albuquerque (Outside of)NMUSATriangle10 SecondsMy family and I were driving through the United States, and my father took a back road...and we stopped the car to take pictures of the12/2/00
8/15/98 20:00Lefroy (Canada)ONCanadaSpherefew minuteswhite dot zigzaging across the dawn sky blinkering on and off12/2/00
8/12/98 22:24New Brunswick (Canada)NBCanadaCircle1 hourbright orange light in the sky moving in zigzag, side by side and up and down.12/2/00
8/10/98 22:00Halifax Regonal Municipality (Canada)NSCanadaLight20 min +3 craft 2 moveing in figure 8 motion other just doing it's own thing12/2/00
7/26/98Cold Lake (Canada)ABCanadaLight2 minsLarge Manoeuvring Light which quickly accelerated out of sight12/2/00
7/23/98 20:00Nanaimo (Canada)BCCanadaCigar30 secondssmall cigar shaped craft, slowly moved across the sky.12/2/00
7/19/98 16:40Calgary and Black Diamond (between) (Canada)ABCanadaDiamond10 minutesThe two white saucers were flying parallel for most of the time. For approximately 5 seconds they became one then they were parallel a12/2/00
7/18/98 23:22Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaOther10seconds approxWe were siting with friends on their patio when I looked up and saw what appeared to be a star heading off just off the tip of the top 12/2/00
7/17/98 21:00Scunthorpe (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown10 secondsLights shining on the floor next to me.12/2/00
7/5/98 23:30CookMNUSALightseven to eight minutesa point of light which flew zig-zags, loops and back and forth over an area of minnesotas north woods. it was nearly midnight.12/2/00
7/3/98 00:30Campbell River (Vancouver Island) (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle3-5 secondsIt had 3 points of light forming a triangle. There were 2 more lights side by side near the center and front within the triangle shape.12/2/00
7/1/98 01:35St. Catharines (Canada)ONCanadaFormation17 secondsFour round lights traveling in a diamond formation traveling at a very high rate of speed. All four lights appeared attached to a small12/2/00
6/24/98 18:30Lewiston (In Maine near)MEUSALightFelt like a secondBlinded12/2/00
6/21/98 22:30Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaOther<2 secondsWing-shaped or boomerang-shaped craft at high altitude directly overhead.12/2/00
6/20/98 22:30RochesterNYUSAChevron120sec.My girlfriend and I were sitting on my deck looking at the stars and this Triangular shaped craft "floated" or slid directly overhead. 12/2/00
6/18/98 23:05Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaLight25 secfrom west to east , high in sky,20% less bright than venus,25 sec to traverse one third of sky,no change of direction,no sound12/2/00
6/15/98 01:00Port Perry (Canada)ONCanadaLight2hrsMANY LIGHTS12/2/00
6/9/98 06:20Lynch MountainKYUSAOther18:20IT was a glowing like person without a neck a big head at the top and small at the bottom.12/2/00
6/4/98 22:30Panama City BeachFLUSATriangle10-15 Minutes: Panama City Beach FL Back Beach Road12/2/00
6/1/98 13:00Port Sydney (Canada)ONCanadaDisk20secsaw it, flying across sky, silver disk shaped object, went behind a cloud and dissapeared12/2/00
6/1/98 12:00BozemanMTUSADisk?actually i did not see this one till i developed the film...i was out taking pictures of an area i is open treeless meadows w12/2/00
5/21/98 13:00RidgwayPAUSADisk2 minutesIt was a helicopter following case.12/2/00
5/21/98 10:30Penticton (Canada)BCCanadaFlash30 seconds+saw 3 lights blink on in sky. Two shot away and dimmed out, third shot across horison.12/2/00
5/4/98 20:55Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaFireball15 secsThe 2 crafts circled,crossed each other, then dissapered12/2/00
4/29/98 22:00Markham (Canada)ONCanadaOther~15 min.It was an object, very far off yet close to the horizon. Light yellow in colour and it appeared exactly like the planet saturn but the 12/2/00
4/15/98 14:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaDisk5 minutesSometime in the spring of 98 a friend called me from a lookout in the afternoon. He told me to look outside. We were both about 10 12/2/00
4/10/98 05:30Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaFormation~7 seconds2 round objects "faded in" view as if coming from high altitude, zoomed east ~5 sec, covered ~15 deg., then faded out.12/2/00
4/5/98 01:00WinslowMEUSALight5 minutesfollowed home by low flying light12/2/00
3/24/98 02:25Fraser Lake (Canada)BCCanadaSphere00/03Star like sphere appeared over ridge. Rose 5 degrees above horizon. Stayed stationary for 30 seconds. Went horizontal at incredible spe12/2/00
3/15/98 20:30DanburyCTUSACylinder5 secondsA hazy object hidden in clouds just all of a sudden dissapeared.12/2/00
3/7/98 01:00Thunder Bay (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle20secondsIndiglo coloured, triangle shaped craft that was visible for 30 seconds.12/2/00
12/31/97 17:45GulfportMSUSATriangleunder 1 minTriangle UFO near Gulfport, MS 12/31/9712/2/00
11/30/97 22:15Cardinal (Canada)ONCanadaCone7 min'sMy wife and I were just on our way to bed when I noticed this Bright light to the back of our property. At a distance of about 1 mile a12/2/00
11/30/97 02:00LeMars (IA)/Denver (CO) (uncertain; traveling from)NEUSALightapprox. 5 minutesMulti-colored "pole," appearing to hang in the sky for several minutes before dissipating slowly, from top to bottom, into darkness.12/2/00
11/21/97 20:00FremontMIUSACircle5 minA yellow white light flying back and forth at high speeds over a field.12/2/00
11/14/97 21:15Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaDelta60 secondsI live on Burnaby Mountain and noticed a large, well lit flying wedged shaped object flying very low over my house without any noise. I12/2/00
11/14/97 21:00KenmoreWAUSARectangle10-15 minutesI'm wondering why I can't find info on a UFO siting that took place between 9/98 &9/99 in Seattle area. An enormous craft moved slowly12/2/00
11/14/97Alaska Airlines/Sea-Tac to Anchorage (Canada)BCCanadaFormationunknownStewardess informs passengers that a satellite has broken up and is coming over the airplane.12/2/00
9/13/97 22:34Wolfville (Canada)NSCanadaFormation10 minutesAbout 5 balls of light flying around a group of lights12/2/00
8/26/97 00:40Meadow Creek (Canada)BCCanadaLight20 minLight in western sky, 2times as bright as a satellite. Changed color as it moved around a very small area of the sky. Erratic movement 12/2/00
8/21/97 02:30Wabasca (Canada)ABCanadaCirclewell my grandparents were coming home from a wedding one Sunday morning, when all of a sudden my grandma saw something from the corner 12/2/00
8/20/97 23:00Lethbridge (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle15 secFlying Object came from the north heading south12/2/00
8/20/97 22:30Camrose (1.5 km north) (Canada)ABCanadaLight1 hour3 stalite looking oblects very high alltitiude.flying in a triangle formation, watched fo about ...5 hour when they changed direction. 12/2/00
8/12/97 00:30Pilot Butte (Canada)SACanadaChevron1min.seen when observing the Perseid meteor shower august 199712/2/00
8/11/97 18:30Shortsville-Manchester, n.y. (Canada)ONCanadaLight10 min.Me and two of my friends were walking back from mcdonalds and we stopped up on top of a railroad underpass to smoke a cigarette (we wer12/2/00
8/8/97 18:20Tadley (UK/England)United KingdomCircle40 minscluster of ufo's over Hampshire, England12/2/00
8/2/97 22:15Minden (Canada)ONCanadaFlash30 secondsA bright flashing light moved over the lake at my summer camp, stopped suddenly and then shot right up with a very bright flash.12/2/00
8/1/97 13:00Chapeau (Canada)PQCanadaOtherseveral hoursSphere-shaped flashing lights around our tent. When we got out, they were gone. One did come into the tent and I got to see it very c12/2/00
7/29/97 00:02North Delta Municipality, B.C. (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown05 SecondsI'm 14 years old, I came back from umpiring one night and decided to take a swim. Moments later, I looked up and there was a silvery ob12/2/00
7/27/97 22:00Athabasca (Canada)ABCanadaDisk3 hoursMe and family were driving home from was just before dusk and we spotted a large bright light sitting in the west sky. It was12/2/00
7/27/97 00:00ChicagoILUSAUnknown10 secondsThree single file white lights, moving in unison, south to north, making no sound.12/2/00
7/22/97 23:42Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaFormation3 minSaw 3 orange discs, each with red halo's in a triangle formation. Flew over making no noise roughly 65 kilometer's an hour. (200 ft. ab12/2/00
7/21/97 22:20Nun's Island (Canada)PQCanadaFormation8 secondsFormation of silent, pale round objects on top of cloud ceiling ( about 15% cloud cover).12/2/00
7/1/97 10:30Langley (Canada)BCCanadaFireball5-15minsThe object appeared to be a extemly radiant sphere yellow in color. It hovered then dissapeared suddenly.12/2/00
6/17/97 01:30PetalumaCAUSALight3 minutesThe object, which was about 30 degrees above the horizon and towards the south, moved. It shot from its stationary position at a speed12/2/00
6/8/97 20:30Maplewood (Canada)NBCanadaOther5 to 10minutesI was looking out my bedroom window when I saw a shiney sliver object in the sky which didn't move. I watched for a couple of minutes 12/2/00
6/4/97 20:30HavelockNCUSAOther10 minutes?Unusual aircraft or ??12/2/00
6/1/97 18:00Hemel Hempstead (UK/England)United KingdomSphere2 MINUTESI was out in my garden looking to see if I could see the comet Hail Bop,,it was nice and ark,,I could see aircraft heading in and out o12/2/00
5/27/97 23:05Welland (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond15 secondsI have had an interest in the skies since childhood. Over the years I have observed northern lights, meteors, satellites and all kinds12/2/00
5/11/97 04:27Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaCircle5 minuteGot up to go to washroom at 4:27am looked out my window and saw a shining objet hovering outside for about 2 minutes then speed off.12/2/00
5/3/97 02:45Montreal (Canada)PQCanada15 min.I was in my bed smoking a cigarette, and just when I finished it,I close my light.15 second after, I hurd a voice saing " come with me 12/2/00
4/30/97 20:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanada3 minutes at leastour web camera captured images of a strange craft hovering and moving over toronto12/2/00
4/11/97 02:30Monreal (Canada)PQCanadaDisk40 secondstwo seperate UFO sightings, moments apart12/2/00
4/9/97 00:00Sarnia (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown30 secondsOn this particular night my sister and I went out to our side porch to have a cigarette when she noticed something suddenly appear to t12/2/00
3/31/97 21:30Jasper/Hinton Aiport (Canada)ABCanadaSphere15minutes4ships, one comet, and a bright light out of no where12/2/00
3/20/97 20:00Spencerville (Canada)ONCanadaLight45 minutesBright red-orange light12/2/00
2/27/97 17:23Stanmore (Canada)ABCanadaSphere15secondsheading west to hanna ab hiway9 noticedan object at230.0 at about 20degress above horrizon object appeared to be aspherical shape very12/2/00
12/5/96 21:25Toronto (Canada)ONCanada1-1.5 minIt was a fast flying object, which had about three extremely strong lights. It was flying very high, and I noticed no noise. It appea12/2/00
9/29/96 23:00Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaLight20:00 min.A very bright light that was hovering and then bolted away. 12/2/00
9/27/96 04:20Nestleton (Canada)ONCanadaCigar2 min.Farmer sees cigar-shaped obj. w/ flashing red light hovering 150 yds away. Streaks toward him. Wife sees it. Obj. streaks off FAST.12/2/00
9/25/96 13:00Markham (Canada)ONCanadaOtherongoingMy daughter found an Iron Disk that seemed to hit a fence and burn the fence at a baseball diamond.. the Disk is burnt on all edges.. f12/2/00
9/15/96 10:30Ironton/Wayne National Forest (Northwest of)OHUSASphere2 minutesSpherical orbs that appear to be luminous.12/2/00
8/18/96 03:18Coon RapidsMNUSAOther1 minuteA V shaped craft with amber colored lights that was a big as a football field heading west towards Anoka, Minnesota on August 18, 1996.12/2/00
8/11/96 00:45Owen Sound (Canada)ONCanadaLightapprox 1/2hrObjects began moving in a snake like motion (s'ing) around the stars. I was out on my balcony enjoying a nice cup of coffee with my 12/2/00
7/21/96 23:00Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaFormation30-50 secondsWe were driving along through montreal when I was looking up into the sky and saw a circle of colored lights with a green star shape in12/2/00
7/21/96 20:15Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaRectangle3 MinsI was looking out at the sky from inside my condo. when I saw a large weird bright shape moving.12/2/00
7/20/96 23:00Moncton (Canada)NBCanadaRectangle60 secondsIt flow over the woods north of my house, slowly came towards the house, that night there was a meteor shower , thats what I thought it12/2/00
7/4/96 12:00South AmboyNJUSATriangle2 minutesIt was a ball of white light that changed to triangular red and blue lights and then again to a ball of red light.12/2/00
7/1/96 22:00Parry Sound (N of)(Canada)ONCanadaCircle5 secsI saw 2 object, the exact same appearance/size as a star circle each other.12/2/00
6/20/96 12:12Prince Rupert (Canada)BCCanada5 minMan takes 4 photos and video of "parachute" shaped object receding slowly to NW.12/2/00
6/15/96 01:30Show LowAZUSAOval5-10 minutesBright lights and no sound12/2/00
6/1/96 23:00Port Colborne (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown1minwe were looking at star formations planes satelites we lived in the county by lake ont it was a clear night a light came toward us we t12/2/00
6/1/96 20:00Klamath Falls to MedfordORUSALight1 hourWhile leaving Klamath Falls Oregon by car I noticed a star to my rt. Or which i thought was a star, maybe Venus. Anyways i was talking 12/2/00
6/1/96 20:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaSphere?hovered and had amazing speed12/2/00
6/1/96 17:00San MarcosTXUSAOval15 secondsA Silver object, no sound, moving from North to South. It changed, glowed bright white and then just seemed to vanish.12/2/00
6/1/96Nanaimo (Canada)BCCanadaOvalabove new castle island in nanimo b. c I turend around to tell my brother I turned back around it was gone. what i made him believe is 12/2/00
5/18/96 22:00Princeton (Shea Lake) (Canada)BCCanadaSphereunknownWe were camping, Victoria Day long weekend. Twinkling red,blue & white lights on the 3rd up, left side of the Orion Belt(?) Seemed to 12/2/00
5/15/96 03:00Regina (Canada)SACanadaUnknown4 secit was a light moving south east then it was like a camera flash and it was gone the for one sec it was there and streaked norht and wa12/2/00
3/16/96 22:00GuatamalaGuatamalaLight2minSharp 90 degree turns from what appeared to be a satelite12/2/00
2/21/96 21:05North Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaSphere2 minutessoftly illuminated sphere about 15 feet in diameter traversed sky overhead at 1,800 feet altitude--no detectable sound.12/2/00
12/24/95 20:30Sao Paulo (Brazil)BrazilChanging1 hour"UFO Airpoirt"12/2/00
11/1/95 20:00StroudsburgPAUSASphere2 minutesOn November 21st of the year 1995 around 8:00 oclock at night strange spherical violet bluish balls of light where landing over a mount12/2/00
10/15/95 22:00EvansvilleINUSAUnknown4 minutesBright Bold Primary Colored Lights in the Sky BUT no shape of a craft.12/2/00
9/22/95 22:00Brantford (Canada)ONCanadaLight5 minsWas parked on the side of a highway surounding farm fields. Looked up in the distance and noticed a large light. It was at a standsti12/2/00
9/10/95 21:12Valcatier (Military Base) (Canada)PQCanadaLight15minswhite light coming super fast to a stop then taking off again slowly and shutting off its light like a switch.12/2/00
9/10/95 21:12Quebec (Canada)PQCanadaLight16 minsfast white light decelerating to a complete stop and taking off again at a very slow pace,then shutdown.12/2/00
9/6/95 23:02AshlandNHUSACylinder5.5 hoursBreathable fluid tank; multiple species; peaceful agenda12/2/00
9/4/95 05:45Playa del ReyCAUSALight1min.Anomalous light approaches LAX neighborhood and disappears at high altitude.12/2/00
8/25/95 22:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond2Hrs. 45MIN.U.F.O. shoots at large meteor over Toronto, Canada three times and disintegrates it.12/2/00
8/25/95 00:44Nelson LedgesOHUSASphere1 minuteblue spherical object12/2/00
8/20/95 13:45Colonial BeachVAUSAMan and fiancee' witness cigar shaped craft that disappears suddenly.12/2/00
8/20/95 02:00BrunswickOHUSADisk30 minlarge disk shaped object with light beams eminating from it12/2/00
8/12/95 15:00WillamsburgVAUSADisk45sec.A disc that left something.12/2/00
8/10/95 00:00Northern Alberta (Canada)ABCanadaChevron4/5 minutesVee shaped craft flew low over campfire where women were sitting.12/2/00
8/1/95 18:00Las VegasNVUSAFlashfive minitesthree bright light's, no sound, about a foot ball field away12/2/00
7/20/95 00:30Waterloo (Canada)ONCanadaLight10 secondsThree distinctive illuminated lines hover above in the sky and quickly disappear towards the horizon.12/2/00
7/1/95 02:00MesaAZUSAUnknown?I think I was given a false memory12/2/00
6/11/95 23:20Guelph (approx 6 km west of) (Canada)ONCanadaFireballcorrection 20secsHave been told could be ball lightining, I checked definition definitely not. It was a red ball type of light, aproximately 3 times 12/2/00
6/6/95 16:45Gent (Belgium)BelgiumCirclelong time6 shape just like moon not moving about one hour in the same place we saw no idea about the distance they were we left and still they w12/2/00
6/1/95 19:00Trinidad City (Trinidad)Trinidad/TobagoOtherit was a blue shaped arrow12/2/00
6/1/95 02:30Canovanas (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoOther15 minutesspanish Eran las 2:30am cuando llegava a mi casa . estacione mi auto para poder entrar a mi casa cuando me disponia a abrir el porton d12/2/00
5/7/95 10:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaOther3 secondsI was looking at the clouds and just over these distant mountains I saw a sliver colored craft. It looked like a hazey straight line12/2/00
4/15/95 22:00AshevilleNCUSATriangleit seemed like 15+ hovered above us for a while.....12/2/00
9/15/94 20:00KingstonNYUSATriangle10 minsKingston, NY Sighting12/2/00
7/22/94 22:30Coaldale (Canada)ABCanadaOval15 mins.My cousin and I were walking home after a late fishing trip. We turned down a road that reconnected with the river, leading into town. 12/2/00
6/30/94 01:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSATriangle3 minutesObject seen moving very fast,and was moving sideways about a 90 degree at top speed,it had three or four orange color glow ports at tai12/2/00
6/1/94 02:00AtlantaTXUSAOther4 hoursWe saw a giant ball of light and lighting and some people like things moving around.12/2/00
4/23/94 01:00Brampton (near Toronto) (Canada)ONCanada2minThe whole north west sky lit up. Near Dorsett Park, facing North west at 1:00am in the morning. There were very few clouds in the sky12/2/00
3/15/94 01:00Howard AFB Panama canalPanama CanalFireball2 secondsStreak of colors come together in the skys over Howard AFB Panama Canal.12/2/00
1/1/94 03:00Fort LauderdaleFLUSAUnknown2/5minNewYears between 3am and 4am. We were leaving work, heading to my truck when I looked in the clear sky to the north, We seen flat black12/2/00
12/14/93 01:30Lake ParkFLUSAOther3sitg over 2wksI saw a ufo flap Dec. of 199312/2/00
9/17/93 21:00Bloemfontein(OFS) (South Africa)South AfricaOther10minutesBloemfontein Sighting12/2/00
6/15/93 22:30Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle3 minutesThree white lights, no sound, not moving above tree line, then vanishes with no trace, sound,or light!12/2/00
6/15/93 21:00Mt. Isa (Australia)AustraliaUnknown30 secDriving home i saw a light hovering in the sky witch then shot off with a flash of light.12/2/00
4/10/93 17:30OmahaNEUSAEgg30 secondsAn egg-shaped white light with a red tail crossed a clear sun-lit sky.12/2/00
10/31/92 21:30ConnellsvillePAUSAUnknownunknownHalloween ufo12/2/00
9/6/92 01:30KamiahIDUSACircle1o minutes??/at first there were window size lights, then a round lighted object, then the round object by itself that shot from ground level to the12/2/00
9/5/92 01:30KamiahIDUSACircle10 minutesmaybe a somewhat round craft with three large lights per side, with a seperate round craft12/2/00
7/19/92 00:34MorrisILUSAFormation5 minutesFormation of three lights in a vertical triangle hovered with no sound and vanished with no sound.12/2/00
7/12/92 23:00Waglisla (Canada)BCCanadaCircle2-3 secs.I remember seeing this really bright light that immediately lit up the whole entire area that I was in when it happened. I sat right i12/2/00
7/10/92 01:00Swan Falls/KunaIDUSAFormation1-2 hours3-7 small "stars" that moved across the sky in various formations for 2 hours12/2/00
6/1/92 23:30YardleyPAUSATriangle10 secondsA dark, triangular low flying object passed over my house in Yardley Pa. in the summer of 199212/2/00
6/1/92 21:00AustinTXUSAFireball5-10 minutesA bright gold glow during a silvery lightning storm12/2/00
4/13/92 01:00ElyMNUSALightroughly 1 min.Sattelite objects moving at random across the sky , at speeds never seen before.12/2/00
11/20/91 21:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaLightunsureBeautiful ball of light instills awe12/2/00
9/1/91 17:30St. LouisMOUSARectangle3 minutes appox.Witnessed a black rectangle go over our house...12/2/00
9/1/91 16:00St. LouisMOUSARectangle1min approxSitting in the backyard reading when I noticed a dark shape against the clouds...again!!12/2/00
7/15/91 21:00HoustonTXUSATriangle45 minutesTwo witnesses observed triangular object made of hazy greenish lights speeding back and forth across the horizon.12/2/00
6/15/91 12:00Huntington BeachCAUSACircle15-20 minutesRound all silver circle with black dots on inner edges with two white lights near it12/2/00
7/15/90 16:30Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaChevron15 mins.Black, extremely high, stationary for duration seen, clear day, no visible lights or flashes, similar in shape to stealth aircraft, no 12/2/00
5/15/90 13:35CantonOHUSACircle10sec.What is that mirror like ball in the sky?12/2/00
11/11/89 11:00Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaCigar1 hourI was having breakfast when I noticed a cigar shaped and cloud color object not moving at all in the sky about 20 to 30 miles away ...12/2/00
6/20/89 21:30London (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10-15 minsUFO'S IN ENFIELD,MIDDLESEX12/2/00
11/30/88 04:30Hickory PlainsARUSAUnknown5 minutesUFO encounter or high-tech military aircraft?12/2/00
10/20/88 21:30SpokaneWAUSAChanging15-20 minutesA huge, sharp 'V' formation of apprximately 25 to 30 round white disks flies slowly over a suburban area12/2/00
8/17/88 22:15Algonquin Park (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown3 minutes6 objects that appeared to break off or seperate from eachother in a swirling clockwise fashion12/2/00
8/10/88 22:30JohnstownPAUSATriangle120 secondsIt was a clear night with a bright moon. I was a passenger in a car with a friend of mine driving. As we drove along, I noticed somet12/2/00
7/18/88 01:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown6 or 7 minutesWe noticed a strange looking light in the sky. At first we thought it was some kind of advertising. It was hard to determine the shap12/2/00
5/1/88 21:00Ray CenterMIUSADisk3 minutesI would be the most famous person in the world if I had only had a camera!12/2/00
8/15/87 22:00Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaLight20 minutesI used to sit on our deck,on summer evenings and look at the stars. This was on a farm south of Saskatoon. Infrequently, these lights w12/2/00
7/15/87 02:00Sudbury (south of; on Hwy 69) (Canada)ONCanadaChanging30 minutesObject paced a line of trucks for approx 1/2 hour12/2/00
6/12/87 02:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaOther2 week period roughly theA sighting of 2 types of craft over a two week period.12/2/00
6/1/87 21:00Putnam ValleyNYUSAFormation15 minA Little late reg info, but decided to repoert it. I would say that it covered the whole sky area that I looked at, flashing lighs, see12/2/00
1/15/87 01:45ElkaderIAUSAOtherOn the groundWhat I and my wife seen that night on are way home from a night out. It wasn't anything from man, and it's not new to me. It was a cume12/2/00
6/30/86 14:00SeattleWAUSAOther5 min.I saw a black, worm-like,flying object similar to that reported 10/8. The wx was clear and sunny and the wind was northerly. I was in 12/2/00
10/12/85 23:45SwansboroNCUSADisk23:45 - 23:50My sister and I observed a disk for about 5 minutes hovering approximately 120 feet away.12/2/00
10/1/85 21:30JeffersonOHUSATriangle1 hourThree lights,possibly single or part of object hovered over treeline changing color,and shape.12/2/00
9/5/85 02:15RutlandVTUSATriangle80 secThe light the triangle shape no sound, even a hotair bollon make noise12/2/00
12/15/84 22:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaSphere20 secondsyellowish sphere appears/disappears12/2/00
8/15/84 19:00Ardrossan (Canada)ABCanadaOval2-3 daysSome time in the summer of 1984,I was living on an acerage outside of ardrossan,alberta.I was about 10 years old and was getting ready 12/2/00
8/14/84 21:00Buckingham (Canada)PQCanadaUnknown20 MinutesRed glow from object. Hovered over pond. High in the sky. Unseen source of light.12/2/00
6/15/84 19:00ElyMNUSADiamond1 hour +close encounter of the 5th kind (interaction with being from ufo)12/2/00
6/15/84 16:45DraperVAUSACone1:00 minDuring the summer of 1984 as I was going to work I was getting on the interstate, I-81north . As I was merging on to 81 I looked over m12/2/00
6/1/84 13:00Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaDisk1 miniuteIncredibly close sighting in broad daylight.12/2/00
1/21/84 21:00ValierMTUSALight3 minutes10-15 lights were seen in the sky south of Valier, MT12/2/00
1/13/84 02:12Idaho (I-90 interstate)IDUSAChanging30 MinutesAmazing Sight and Long Encounter time - Shape Change of Object12/2/00
9/2/83 00:30Owen Sound (near) (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle<1 minuteDistinctly triangular object, appeared to be transluscent but glowing orange, like an ember (hundreds if not thousands of small pin pri12/2/00
7/1/83 15:00Sharps CreekORUSADiamond11;00pma incident with ufo in sharps creek oregon abduction!12/2/00
4/1/83 17:14New RochelleNYUSADiskAs my parents,a friend and myself whom were returning from Conn.,had stop at an main at a traffic light in broad daylight in the evenin12/2/00
12/7/82 14:24Pickering (Canada)ONCanadaDisk3 MINUTESA white object like a dinner plate was going on on to west side of our housem at a very high speed and there was no smoke behind it12/2/00
10/15/82 21:00OmahaNEUSADisk2 minutes?The saucer was flying high, with no sound and several lights. It passed overhead.12/2/00
9/15/82 02:00Richmond (Canada)BCCanadaLight30-40 minLight witnessed first on ground or o horison moving back and forth for a long duration. The light then paused for a moment. and then as12/2/00
6/1/81 20:00New BedfordMAUSADisk15 minutesNEW BEDFORD MASS. UFO 198112/2/00
12/23/80 00:00Cairns (QLD, Australia)AustraliaDisk10minsI remember it was close to Christmas and I had preyed to God for months and months every night to please do something about my abusive 12/2/00
12/1/80 00:01RoswellNMUSAIt was back in 1980.....we were four girls driving trough New Mexico, when we suddently saw a light. It was a big flash, and even thoug12/2/00
9/14/80 19:00Todmorden (UK/England)United KingdomOther3/5 mins1 craft was seen at close range no more than 30 feet away looked like a hovercraft with a bank of dark black windows dull silver in col12/2/00
7/1/80 22:00NetherlandsNetherlandsUnknown2 minutesBig black object with coloured lights12/2/00
8/17/79 21:37Painesville (Township)OHUSATriangle9:37 to 10:05 pmATTN: This is for Peter Davenport 12/2/00
6/1/79 21:00FredericksburgVAUSAOther7 minutesthis is a valid sighting12/2/00
10/4/78 19:30PhiladelphiaPAUSASpheretwenty minuteseight foot flurescant globe puts out lights then floats through antenna farm missing a dozen towers and a hundred cables12/2/00
9/15/78 22:30Edmundston (Canada)NBCanadaDisk1hourAfter witnessing a ufo, with my family, I beleive that my mother and myself were abducted the next night.12/2/00
9/1/78 03:00San FranciscoCAUSACircle5 minutesRED OBJECT IN THE SKY!12/2/00
7/20/78 21:00Campbell River (Canada)BCCanada10 secondsTwo bright lites hovering approximately 30,000 feet,they almost collided then flew off in opposite directions.12/2/00
6/1/78 21:00ColumbiaSCUSACircle15minA large circular craft with many different colored lights blinking around it (like they were windows or lights on the craft).12/2/00
10/15/77 23:00KennewickWAUSALight5 minutesHuge circular orbs of flaming red light flew above the river right in front of me one night while I was camping.12/2/00
8/1/77 02:00WhittierCAUSAChevron10 min.Very large metallic object hovering over 605 freeway12/2/00
7/15/77 22:30HoutzdalePAUSAFireball10 minutesObject seemed to want to distance itself from our presence.12/2/00
7/15/77 16:00Auteuil (Canada)PQCanadaSphere2 minutesaw a sphere the size of a disco ball near the power lines.Was turning on itself,loss track of it after went pass a tree.12/2/00
7/15/77 00:00Placentia Jct. (Canada)NFCanadaLight40 secVisually tracked fast moving satellite, two other points of light converged on it from different directions at a faster rate of speed, 12/2/00
6/15/77 23:00RidgefieldWAUSACircle30secswhen i was 8 or 9 i saw lights in the sky above my head like tiny christmass lights12/2/00
6/1/77 03:00Nanaimo (Canada)BCCanadaLight5-15 minlooked out of a window and saw 5 flashing lights in a straght line steam was coming straght up from them then a while later they disape12/2/00
11/19/76 23:00Sierra VistaAZUSA4-5 min.very close encounter in 1976, in arizona, with extremely large craft,seen clearly12/2/00
9/25/76 22:00AkronOHUSALight15 minslarge ball of light, made no sound12/2/00
9/15/76 21:00Centralia/Walnut Hill areaILUSAOther5 minOrange line of light seen travelling from the south in southern Illinois leaves burned remains of a tree.12/2/00
7/3/76 21:00BoulderCOUSADisk5 minutesclose range sighting of lit up disk at drive in theater12/2/00
10/15/75 03:00RockvilleMDUSADisk1-2 hoursAbduction middle of night encounter human atired in US Military Uniforms (Airforce) experience some type of Brain Surgery!12/2/00
7/15/75 23:00GrinnellIAUSARectangle15-20 minutesInteresting odor case, unique perhaps in the "glob" description emanating from UFO.12/2/00
7/15/75 00:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaCircle5 MinutesReturng home about midnight I encountered a meter diameter sphere hovering about 10 ft over the road.12/2/00
6/10/75 20:00RockdaleTXUSAOther1 hourI cannot swear this was a UFO, but would like to compare our "sighting" with others to see what they think.12/2/00
6/1/75Rhondda Valley (UK/Wales)United KingdomCigar1 minute to 2 minutesIn the 2 instances I have never seen anything like it before or after,and I can confirm that there was no engine noise, and the final s12/2/00
12/24/74 23:50Tegucigalpa (Honduras)HondurasDisk15 secondsI could have reached out and touch the UFO12/2/00
11/15/74 15:40Val Caron (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder10 minsThe craft first caught my attention by it's size and lack of noise since the Sudbury airport is so near.The object appeared to construc12/2/00
11/3/74 20:30Olney, Buckinghamshire (UK/England)United KingdomDisk10 secondsMy sighting happened a long time ago in 1974 at the time i was twelve years old and had never heard of u.f.o.s let alone seen one.Some 12/2/00
10/15/74 18:00MemphisTNUSACigarprobably 15-20minCigar in Memphis 1974.12/2/00
7/30/74 14:00Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown20 minutespossible abduction case. Giant 3 foot high spides in my friends back yard12/2/00
6/15/74 15:30BellinghamMAUSAOther5 minThe craft was about 30 to 40 feet in lenght, and about 20 feet above the ground. The trees and brush below it were pushed down and away12/2/00
6/1/74 13:11Langbank (Canada)SACanadaCircleWhen I lived in Whitewood Saskatchewan in the early 1970s, everyone in our remote rural area heard about and saw photos of crop circles12/2/00
5/15/74 00:00JacksonMSUSAUnknown20-30 minutesI was followed at close range by an object with 3 very bright lights near Jackson, Miss.12/2/00
8/10/73 21:00Saskatchewan (eastern --- rural) (Canada)SACanadaCylinderseveral minutesYellow illuminated cylinder in eastern Saskatchewan -- 8/197312/2/00
7/14/73 20:00LexingtonNCUSAOval5 minutesMy Aunt, Uncle, and myself witnessed an oval UFO while traveling in Uncles car.12/2/00
8/28/72 23:15Bixby SouthOKUSACircleapp 1 hourThis is my U.F.O. Story This happen to me when I was sixteen years old. I’m now 44. That was 28 years ago, In the Summer of 1972,12/2/00
8/15/72 01:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaSphere240 minutesWitnessed glowing sphere land in middle of urban area, had confirmation from authorities.12/2/00
8/10/72none (in countryside) (Canada)SACanadaOther?Metallic "squished-football"-shaped UFO displayed extraordinary maneuverability and speed; later green light cloud followed car.12/2/00
6/15/72 21:00ChermontFLUSAOtherunsureHovered at the same distance apart, and just zoomed off away from me.12/2/00
6/1/72 01:00Bath (UK/England)United Kingdom2 or 3 daysNo fading of lights, just disappeared at the same place without slowing down or making a sound...for 3 nights running.12/2/00
6/15/71 00:45SpartaNJUSAOval5-7 secondsMulti Colored, Stadium sized craft disappears at light speed12/2/00
1/7/71 22:00TewksburyMAUSA5 SecondsNothing in nature or manmade could have produced this light on the same night as other sightings in the area.12/2/00
1/1/71 01:00Niagara Falls (Canada)ONCanadaOval5 min.In van driving home. Van stalled beside Winery. One block ahead, hovering over an old schoolhouse was bright lights - Red and white cir12/2/00
7/15/69 09:35Cape CanaveralFLUSASphere20 seccheck your home movies of apollo 1112/2/00
6/11/69 20:00Port Hope (Canada)ONCanadaSphere5 minutesAfter seeing bright globe over uranium re finery float slowly over Lake Ontario, the object suddenly accerated extremely fast diminishi12/2/00
6/1/69 22:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaOther35 min4 lites very far apart went from one part of the sky to the other fast12/2/00
6/1/69 12:00La PuentyCAUSAFormation30minufo seen over school by entire school.12/2/00
1/20/69 19:00Lake WalesFLUSADisk5 minutes or soThe ufo used simulated police lights to pull me over and then just sat there apparently observing me.12/2/00
1/15/69 23:00MiamiFLUSASphere15 Min. PlusSphere's appear in the room within touching distance and stay for a considerable amount of time.12/2/00
10/15/68 02:00HastingsMNUSATriangle2 minutesPerfect semi circle vapor trail left as soundless UFO makes a turn-around overhead.12/2/00
9/30/68 19:00Lanigan (Canada)SACanadaDiamond15 secondsThe light came off in long, slightly dark, transparent rays for about 10-15 seconds.12/2/00
8/1/67 21:30Sturgeon BayWIUSACigar2 minutesThis has happened so long ago but the event is very clear yet. It was an evening, on the way home from watching a movie, I approached 12/2/00
2/1/67 00:15Fort BlissTXUSADisk5+ minutesOn an evening in February,1967 at 12;15am a friend and I were walking back to our billets from across the base at Ft. Bliss on a saturd12/2/00
7/1/66 19:00New SalemPAUSAOval30secWitnessed oval shaped object with flame in rear.12/2/00
6/1/66 04:00Lynn Valley (North Vancouver) (Canada)BCCanadaOther10 min +Early morning UFO sighting as UFO landed in a cul-de-sac. down the street, directly in sight of my bedroom window.12/2/00
4/1/66 19:00RichmondMOUSADisk1 hourFour Teenagers Site UFO on Country Road near Rayville, Missouri in 1966.12/2/00
3/14/66 20:00Ann ArborMIUSAUnknownextendeddr. hynek, of project blue book, stated that he believed that a certain sighting was the "real thing".12/2/00
9/15/65 20:00TitusvillePAUSATriangle5 secondsMan recalls back in the 1960's of three trangular shaped objects moving northwest over his hometown toward Lake Erie in the night sky.12/2/00
6/28/65VassalboroMEUSADisk1 minround about 300 " in diameter .silver with sound12/2/00
8/1/62 17:00Hudgson (Canada)MBCanadaOval60 secondsMy mother and I have seen a U.F.O. at very close range. We can identify this object as a flying object unknown to mankind.12/2/00
6/1/57 20:00Glens FallsNYUSADisk3or4minthere was no mistakeing what i was looking at it was up close and they traveled very slowly12/2/00
8/15/55 00:01Eagle PassTXUSACigar10 minutesMr. Martin in 1955 has encounter with cigar shaped object in 195512/2/00
6/1/55Disk?only sighted momemtarily for an instant - next recollection is of waking up hours later.12/2/00
7/1/54 21:00St. Louis Airport (Lambert Field)MOUSAOval20 sec.EXTREMELY bright, red oval near airport. Object suddenly accelerates and STREAKS over horizon.12/2/00
6/1/54 20:00PhiladelphiaPAUSADisksecondsThey Are Our Brothers12/2/00
6/1/54 08:00Springfield (rural area near)ILUSACylinder5-10 mins.This happened many years ago when I was a child. Object, 3' long, crystal type cylinder, pinkish color came in fast from the East and 12/2/00
11/25/53 04:25Lackland Air Force Base near Aviation cadet barracksTXUSADisk3 minutesWhen I was in preflight for pilot training at Lackland AFB just before Xmas we were standing in formation for reveille we all saw a sau12/2/00
6/11/53 11:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaDisk30 secondsSix year old witness was sitting on front lawn enjoying sun. Opened eyes and turned head to see med grey disklike object hovering over 12/2/00
8/15/52Peterborough (Canada)ONCanadaDiska dark object came down out of the dark cloud, leveled off and shot up through the cloud12/2/00
8/1/52 21:30TampaFLUSAOval2 hrs. 30 min.Triangulation radar fix (USAF, civil, Navy). I ordered intercept by SAC B-29. B-29 tracked object. Central fire control system locked12/2/00
6/1/52 12:00Linlithgow (West Lothian) (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCircle2 mins.It was about my lunch time i looked up to see the town clock as i passed almost dircetly overhead i observed a flying disk, circular, s12/2/00
7/1/51 14:00AtlantaGAUSAminutesAs I stepped from my car I spied a really wierd trail forming in the sky over the East side of downtown Atlanta. Being a photograher, 12/2/00
7/15/47 10:00Las Vegas (East of)NVUSADisk5 minutesOn July 15, 1947 I witnessed a large saucer-shaped disk outside Las Vegas, Nevada.12/2/00
6/1/47 18:00OrovilleCAUSA1 minuteI was only six, but I was playing jacks in front of my home, I looked up at the ball, and there they noise..I know now, they w12/2/00
6/1/45 12:00Germany or Holland (from bomber)GermanyCircleShortSighted Cigar shaped Object while on a bombing run in WW212/2/00
9/9/44 14:00Germany or France (from aircraft)Germany/FranceCigarshortCigar shaped craft12/2/00
6/1/43 15:00NebraskaNEUSADisk10-20 minMy 94 yr. old grandmother, ((deleted)) described to me an encounter that occured in nebraska in about 1943. She was driv12/2/00
8/2/60 23:00CherokeeNCUSAFireballless than a minute?meteor or fireball passage12/2/00
October 22:00Waterloo (Canada)ONCanadaCircle3 minutesWe were standing in the back yard waiting for the dogs to complete their business before retiring, when K , who was gazing at the sky f12/2/00
06/00/72 19:00EmmettIDUSAFireball5 secondsI witnesseed a blue-green ball followed by a golden trail. The event moved North to South. The event also was audible. It created a low12/2/00
1973/74 19:00Townsville (Australia)AustraliaCigar5-10 secsmother and son see objects in nite sky in australia, after a new comet is sighted12/2/00
00/00/82 14:00HoustonTXUSALight4 sec.2:00PM Green ball of light that was about the size of a softball 15 ft above highway that passed us at a couple hundred miles an hour.12/2/00
198O 12:30Port Alberni (Canada)BCCanadaDisk3MINSI have not reported this to anyone yet so your the first. looking out of my patio i saw 8 silver dots moving in formation across the ni12/2/00
8/?/1976 08:15HudsonOHUSATeardrop15 minutesI spotted an intensely white bobbing teardrop shapped light in the NE sky on a clear August morning in 1976.12/2/00
April 2000 06:30London (UK/England)United KingdomFireball10 secondsA luminous green orb object over London12/2/00
07/00/84 06:30DulceNMUSADisk6 hrs.Three saucer shaped craft in a triangular pattern lifting off behind some pinon/juniper tree approximately 20 ft in height. Observered 12/2/00
?/?/7? 03:00Center BarnsteadNHUSAOther2 -3 minhugh wing shaped object12/2/00
july1984 00:30Kentville (Canada)NSCanadaLightHello my name is Donnie Duffy. i was camping in Kentvile Nova,Scotia in 1984 with my best friend an his family. at around 12:30am my12/2/00
MiamiFLUSASphereThis is a very close encounter that took place several years ago. It was wittnessed by myself and my wife. I have the experience fully 12/2/00