National UFO ReportingCenter
Report Index For Post Date 001220

Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/19/00 23:30 Woodland CA Light 20 minutes Yolo county: 3 Orange lights with wings? 12/20/00
12/19/00 03:09 North Port FL Changing 45 seconds Plate like object of unique color disappears into air with a convergence of light. 12/20/00
12/18/00 21:20 Show Low AZ Light A few seconds Object races across the night sky at a high rate of speed 12/20/00
12/18/00 21:00 Pittsburg KS Triangle 15 sec. The trianlular object flew over my car 12/20/00
12/18/00 12:30 London (UK/England)
Light 3 minutes i was amazed and i stared and fixed on the image. just like other members in the hall 12/20/00
12/18/00 07:00 Loon Lake MN Changing 10min. One Loony Lake you might want to fish! 12/20/00
12/18/00 06:15 Lasalle (Canada) ON Circle 2 seconds Bright White Falling star w. tail that changed direction then shot back up into the atmosphere all within a few seconds. 12/20/00
12/18/00 02:30 Highland Park NJ Changing 30 I was up that night writing my Fling Article when suddenly an intense blue light shone through my window. At once, I felt a feeling of 12/20/00
12/17/00 20:40 Baton Rouge LA Light 5 mins 3 "blinking" objects traveled at different times from the same side across the sky fairly fast. 12/20/00
12/17/00 20:17 Kennewick WA Light 1 minute Two objects viewed in the night sky moved at a very high rate of speed from instant stop to a very fast new direction. 12/20/00
12/17/00 19:10 Bolingbrook IL Light 35 minutes Bright twinkling light hovered for 35 minutes southwest of Chicago, IL. 12/20/00
12/17/00 18:15 Estes Park CO Chevron 3 to 4 seconds As a guest in a friends home, sitting in the living room in a corner chair, I happened to glance out the window to my left and observed 12/20/00
12/17/00 18:00 Sebastopol CA Circle 10-15 minutes Glowing yellow disc north of SF Bay. 12/20/00
12/16/00 19:00 Athens TX Light 1 minute We saw a light in the night sky which appeared to be a satellite, but was moving much too fast. 12/20/00
12/15/00 18:25 Beaver PA Disk 10.00 The disk looked very black except for the small surface area being illuminated by its white strobe illuminated by its flashing strobe. 12/20/00
12/15/00 18:25 Beaver PA Disk 10.00 A white strobe flashed on a short appendage, which was off to one side of the graphite-colored disk. 12/20/00
12/15/00 16:36 North Pole AK Sphere 60+ minutes Bright Orange Sphere hovering low on horizon, rotating with "outer aurora" glow. Identical to objects reported in 09/24/98 and 02/10/99 12/20/00
12/15/00 16:20 New York City NY Changing 10 minutes a report of the incident that occurred today, December 15th 2000 involving a siting of unknown flying objects over New York City. 12/20/00
12/15/00 09:00 Palo Alto CA Disk 1 minute Hovering bright disc 12/20/00
12/15/00 04:05 San Diego CA Light 4 seconds Fast flickering light over San Diego, CA 12/20/00
12/13/00 19:45 Stradbroke, Suffolk (UK/England)
Disk 3 minutes White and red bright flashing lights ion the shape of a Saucer. 12/20/00
12/13/00 18:50 Mission KS Triangle 5-10 sec 3 lights in triangle configuration moving south to north,VERY FAST,NO SOUND. 12/20/00
12/12/00 23:10 Concord NH Circle 7 secs i was going to move the car in the driveway when i looked above me and saw a roundish green object with redish light around the edge of 12/20/00
12/12/00 18:30 Miami FL Unknown 20min There was a big white light in the sky over the miami international airport tonight at first we thought it was a plane or a helicopter 12/20/00
12/12/00 06:35 Cupertino CA Unknown 15-20 min. 7-9 very bright yellow lights in equal spacing, some hoovering, very fast, no sound, cupertino 12/20/00
12/11/00 23:45 Gilbert AZ Light 5 seconds third personal sighting, of big, red, low flying, ball of light over gilbert/higley area 12/20/00
12/11/00 22:45 Zuerich (Switzerland)
Formation 2 minutes midst in the city of Zuerich in Switzerland i observed, at 22:30 hrs CET, two formations each one comprising some 25 to 30 ufo's.the ni 12/20/00
12/11/00 17:18 Norwalk CT Unknown 3 minutes object displaying what appeared to be flames appeared out of the north at 1200-1500 feet 12/20/00
12/11/00 15:20 Grantham (UK/England)

1 minute A string of lights just below cloud level. 12/20/00
12/11/00 00:01 Bloomington CA Oval 25 seconds ORANGE OVAL LIGHT WITH RED LIGHT ORBITING ORANGE LIGHT. . . 12/20/00
12/10/00 22:00 Longwood FL Other 5 minutes I filmed a craft for about 2 minutes moving in differing directions. Definietly not a helicopter or plane. 12/20/00
12/10/00 17:30 Las Vegas NV Triangle 5-7 seconds We saw a totally dark, silent triangular (boomerang) shaped object flying over a casino in Las Vegas. 12/20/00
12/10/00 00:10 Russellville AR Unknown 5 minetes I was awoke by a variable beeping noise,persistant and different from anything my husband and I have ever heard.It lasted approx. 5 min 12/20/00
12/9/00 21:00 Beaver PA Triangle 1.30 Like a red traffic light, behind the trees, it flew in unison with a light too, bright to be an approaching plane. 12/20/00
12/9/00 18:00 Carlsbad NM Light 45 seconds We saw two very fast-moving objects take off. 12/20/00
12/8/00 20:00 Beaver OH Light 2 hrs. to ? Three bright objects would appear and disappear covering great distances in the night sky. 12/20/00
12/7/00 08:50 In-flight (over the North Sea, between England & Denmark)
Cylinder 5 minutes Bright lights suspended above teh clouds 12/20/00
12/6/00 21:30 Sunderland (UK/England)
Triangle 5 minutes Large grey tringular hovering object 12/20/00
12/5/00 15:27 Darrington WA Other seconds Three Super Load Sonic Booms 12/20/00
12/2/00 21:00 Gloucester MA Light Less than 5 minutes White light bobbing around sporadically for several minutes. 12/20/00
11/30/00 09:00 Oakville (Canada) ON Chevron 3 minuets we saw 6 Chevron shaped craft fly behind a hill. When we went to see we saw 8 more behind the hill. They seemed to be damaged. we saw 4 12/20/00
11/28/00 09:00 Oakville (Canada) ON Chevron 3 min They were brown,large eyes, high picthed sound, we blacked out and had skin taken from us. 12/20/00
11/22/00 20:40 Greensboro NC Triangle 30 seconds Triangular craft with five large round lights on underbelly - silent, slow and low flying 12/20/00
11/21/00 13:54 Kingman AZ Disk 8 minutes Dust devil caused by two UFO's. 12/20/00
11/17/00 18:30 Greenwich NY Light about 3 hours I saw a bright object that went on and off in 2-4 minute periods and,stayed in the same place for 3-4 hours. 12/20/00
11/15/00 20:30 Belleville NJ Unknown 3-4 min it was dark out so I couldn't see the actual shape of the craft,but I think of ufos as something I never want to see so i stoped looki 12/20/00
10/31/00 19:00 Pickering (Canada) ON Light 20 secs Halloween light falling straight down in the sky. 12/20/00
10/22/00 23:00 Puyallup WA Diamond 2 minutes Saw a cluster of five red lights (oval) which emitted several smaller white lights. 12/20/00
10/13/00 19:00 Oklahoma (Route 44) OK Fireball several minutes Flaming rock seen in sky over Oklahoma 12/20/00
10/11/00 22:09 Dolgellau (UK/Wales)
Changing 3 or 4 minutes How two became one. 12/20/00
10/1/00 20:00 Prineville OR Unknown 1 hour bright white light the size of a distant star that made eratic movements, and complete stops 12/20/00
8/4/00 03:00 Springbrook WI Light 5 minutes A small red light what seemed to be a radio tower light grew larger and moved above the tree line and finally disappeared. 12/20/00
8/1/00 12:00 Roslindale MA Changing 30 SECS TRIANGULAR ,3 SPHERES,CHANGED INTO A CYLINDRICAL SHAPE 12/20/00
7/23/00 11:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Oval 10 minutes we were looking in southeast direction from bathurst and harbourd,ten objects flying in formation (arch shape) some where silver others 12/20/00
5/5/00 23:45 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Egg 10 minutes Strange circular object outside my home 12/20/00
1/3/00 07:30 El Centro CA Other 10 min max To date I am still quite upset of what I (and later my mother) saw. I was standing at a nearby corner, looking up at a no-longer-in-us 12/20/00
8/9/99 22:30 Columbus OH Flash 2 seconds 2 bright flashes in the sky. 12/20/00
7/31/99 07:05 Miami Beach FL Oval 15 minutes 3 grey object, ovale shape, pulsating 12/20/00
7/1/99 19:30 Charlotte NC Other 1 minute Noisy, "sky train" moving slowly with suden accellaration 12/20/00
6/12/99 23:30 Plainfield IL Light 10 seconds I witnessed an extremely bright purple flash followed by a white light blinking and moving at high speed from north to south 12/20/00
5/20/99 04:45 Fort Hood TX Unknown 5 minutes 4 people, light, ufo, 1000ft., 2-5 miles away 12/20/00
2/10/99 01:00 Tromsø (Norway)
Light 3 mins Bright light zig-zagging above silhouette of forest in northern Norway, for appx. 3 mins. Disappeared downwards. 12/20/00
12/1/97 03:30 Naperville IL Oval 15 minutes ? I was retiring for the nite and got into bed in my darkened bedroom and as I turned my head toward the two windows to my left that I co 12/20/00
11/14/97 21:00 Mt. Vernon WA Circle 45 seconds I witnesed 25to30 bright objects streaming across the sky from the west comeing together right over head fluttering of to the East. 12/20/00
8/10/97 21:14 Burlington (Canada) ON Other 10 seconds A hexagon shaped bright white object with a black stripe and three red dots acoross it moving at insane speeds. 12/20/00
6/15/97 21:00 Blaine MN Unknown 15-20 seconds My name is Angie and the other two people with me at the time were my sister and her friend. We were driving back from a town called Ed 12/20/00
1/13/95 22:30 Napoleon MI Circle 2 min what thats not a star I'm seeing. 12/20/00
11/27/94 20:00 Spokane WA Unknown 5-10 minutes Twin lights fly overhead 12/20/00
6/15/94 19:00 Daytona Beach FL Other 5min/less I saw it coming home one night the same day of a Shuttle launch in Daytona Beach,Fl. 12/20/00
6/12/94 15:40 Crawley (UK/England)
Triangle 7mins It appeared over me and sat there. Once i looked at it, it blinked out like a light. 12/20/00
9/6/89 16:58 Palm Springs CA Disk drive bye AND i thought it was a typical vaction 12/20/00
8/15/89 01:20 Tilburg (Netherlands)
Triangle 20 Seconds I saw a triangular shaped object rotating slowly in the sky..Had four lights in it... 12/20/00
8/15/86 21:00 Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada) AB Diamond 10 seconds LARGE Black Diamond shaped craft with three rotating lights on extended arms 12/20/00
6/1/82 16:00 Quepos (Costa Rica)
Disk 1hr we wher driving on a small street ther wher no lights then we all look to are left and seen this brite red lights it lit the forest up 12/20/00
8/25/79 12:36 Cass City MI Disk 5minutes It happened out in the middle of nowhere and it lasted only five minutes. 12/20/00
6/1/76 12:00 Meridien CT Other 15 minutes I was walking home from a friends house in chamberlin heights to my house on springdale ave I heard a humming sound I looked up and saw 12/20/00
12/21/75 19:00 North Attleboro MA Sphere 15 minutes Outline of the craft clearly seen, rotating lights, no noise, slowly moving south 12/20/00
6/1/75 23:59 Nashville TN Light seconds sudden burst of brilliant yellow light 12/20/00
3/6/75 02:00 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Diamond 30 minutes The object my cousin and i saw was hexaganal in shape,orange in colour,hovering low and at a slow velocity. It appeared to be about a 12/20/00
6/10/74 14:30 Merkel TX Disk 5 minutes Very high daylight disc moving south to north, with no deviation of course or altitude or speed. 12/20/00
9/3/72 15:00 Mayaguez (Puerto Rico) PR Oval 00:05 It came out of nowhere as I stood in the open lot, I just stood there in awe, unable to move, a 12 years old witnessing a once in a li 12/20/00
7/13/70 19:00 Barranquitas (Puerto Rico) PR Other 1 minute The object that I saw, up close and personal,chose me. It did'nt just fall from the sky. It was put there. 12/20/00
8/15/69 01:00 Unknown AZ Circle 1-3 minutes We saw a glowing yellow gold object 50 to 100 yards in diameter hovering above us as though wanting to communicate. 12/20/00
10/15/66 19:00 Running Springs CA Disk 20 min Around 7 pm on a tues in oct 1966 on my way home from work while driving up the rim of the world high way or highway 18 from skyfores 12/20/00
3/15/66 21:00 St. Joseph MI Light 5 minutes 3 bright lights over Lake Michigan late 1960s 12/20/00
6/1/58 22:00 Timpson TX Light 1hour 30 min Round lights,blMulticolored lights moving in circles on and around reswidence 12/20/00