National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2002/01/11


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/10/02 21:50ChandlerAZUSACylinder2 secondsDriving south on the 101 in between Ray and Chandler Blvd. A defining GREEN cylinder shaped object started at about 12:00 from looking 1/11/02
1/10/02 21:30PhoenixAZUSA30 sec.bluish-white object streaks across sky, explodes into orange fireball then falls toward earth1/11/02
1/10/02 03:00Fountain HillsAZUSARectangle15 secondsTriangular UFO seen in Fountain Hills, AZ1/11/02
1/9/02 19:00Freeport (north of)ILUSALight20 minutesOrange lights in stephenson co. Illinois1/11/02
1/9/02 07:50Kapula Bay (Maui)HIUSALight2 - 3 minutesTwo round white lights moving fast and steady, (left to right) across a body of water, rising and disappearing.1/11/02
1/9/02 03:00WhiteGAUSACircle1:50round spinningobject flashing white,red,green lights. Did not move for 2 hrs. then in 10 minutes went behind tree line&gone1/11/02
1/9/02 00:15RutherfordNJUSACircle5 minsUFO sighting in North Jersey1/11/02
1/8/02 18:40PontotocMSUSAOther30secondsi saw a wedge shaped craft at about 6:40 pm it was heading in an east to south direction i would say that it was at about 2000 feet it 1/11/02
1/8/02 12:40Las VegasNVUSAOther15 minutesRed Sphere with Silver Ring moving over Las Vegas Strip in Broad Day Light1/11/02
1/7/02 21:07New Mexico (southeast)NMUSA2-3 sec.Very dramatic "electrophonic" meteor.1/11/02
1/7/02 21:03TurlockCAUSACircle10 seconds5 White luminescent objects were seen in single file, equally spaced, East to West path and covered 115 degrees of sky in 10 seconds.1/11/02
1/7/02 19:15PasadenaTXUSALight45 minutesmultiple lights bring on heavy air traffic from militray base1/11/02
1/7/02 18:30Bottoms BridgeVAUSALight10 seconds01/07/012 new kent va. a green vapor came across the sky at speed not of this earth1/11/02
1/7/02 18:00Fort WashingtonMDUSATeardropsecondsLuminous green, white outlined tear shaped object moving quickly accross the sky in a dwonward curve.1/11/02
1/7/02 17:55BaltimoreMDUSASphere5 secondsStreaking white light that turned blue and accelerated at incredible speed1/11/02
1/7/02 17:49Bel AirMDUSAEgg3-5 secondsFlourscent Green blue centered egg shaped object crossed our field of vision in a curved path and instantly disappered1/11/02
1/7/02 17:45RichmondVAUSALightapprox 3 sec.horizontal moving bluish green light1/11/02
1/7/02 17:45RichmondVAUSALightsecondsMy coworker saw the blueish light too!!!1/11/02
1/7/02 17:43RichmondVAUSAFireball2 secondsGreen fireball visible thru thick, low clouds.1/11/02
1/7/02 08:25Las VegasNMUSAOther30 minsbye bye footage1/11/02
1/7/02HoustonTXUSAFireballI saw it ON THE NEWS-not personally.1/11/02
1/6/02 23:00GilliamLAUSACigar5 minsobject was 25-26 miles north, by north west of Shreveport la, moving in a north by north west direction. No noise or sound, four lights1/11/02
1/6/02 21:30FallbrookCAUSALight30secsAbout 9.30pm I was walking my dog when I heard a military jet aproaching from the southeast, I saw a light which apeared to be a jet be1/11/02
1/6/02 17:00TomballTXUSATriangle2 miinutesTriangular Craft with bright white, red and green llights.1/11/02
1/6/02 15:00SpringTXUSASphere30 seconds`Silver sphere/rectangle object seen in clear blue sky above Spring, Tx.1/11/02
1/5/02 09:30Santa BarbaraCAUSADisk7 Minutes2 Fling Discs Seen In Santa Barbara 1-5-021/11/02
1/3/02 21:45CordesAZUSACylinder15 min.Three cylenders sighted near Cordes, AZ. from I-17 flying eratticly.1/11/02
1/3/02 21:00Mt. MorrisMIUSACircle5 min.We were walking into our house and in the northwestwest sky we observed a circular orange color mass with flames that appeared to be fl1/11/02
1/3/02 20:37PowellTNUSASpherei saw 9 huge lights,angled,and just sitting in the sky.1/11/02
1/3/02 19:45Sherwood Park (Canada)ABCanadaLightdrivinggreen blue lights fading into white1/11/02
1/3/02 19:30MarionIAUSAUnknownstill happening now4 objects of flashing color over city of 30,0001/11/02
1/3/02 19:15DubuqueIAUSADiskThursdayThe UFO had light blue flashing lights, it was saucer-shaped and had a dome-like top on it and it acted like it wanted us to stop.1/11/02
1/3/02 17:55LittletonCOUSALight20 secondsTwo fixed star-like objects in Littleton, CO1/11/02
1/3/02 16:45W. RutlandVTUSAOtherapprox. 10 minutesOrange streaks in the sky. Location: W. Rutland, Vermont1/11/02
1/3/02 03:30EaglevilleTNUSASphere10 minutesUFO hovers over tree line sending out smaller crafts.1/11/02
1/2/02 22:05HonoluluHIUSATriangle2 minVery bright, firm triangular formation of lights -- solid, hanging and moving silently, 100 feet above the building.1/11/02
1/2/02 20:30Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle1 minuteUFO Sighted While Driving to see Lord of the Rings, Nearly Causing the Car to Crash!!!1/11/02
1/2/02 17:30Osage BeachMOUSACigar10 minutesCigar shaped object seen near Lake of the Ozarks, MO1/11/02
1/2/02 17:00WhitehallPAUSAOther1 minuteDark spider-shaped objects seen flying over store - no sound, no lights1/11/02
1/1/02 04:45New Hyde ParkNYUSAOval5minLight over Long Island/NYC sky on New Years day.1/11/02
1/1/02 00:10Tijuana (Mexico)MexicoCircle35 minObject was red,round and no sound flew for awhile the went in to the sky and vanished1/11/02
12/31/01 23:40TulsaOKUSALight5-10minSlowly moving red (then orange) flickering light joined for a time by a faster moving white light.1/11/02
12/31/01 23:20Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaDisk20 secondsMy wife and I observed a dark brown/black disk shaped object with a dome of sorts on its top.1/11/02
12/31/01 18:55PasadenaTXUSARectangle1 secondLarge rectangular craft seen New Year's Eve1/11/02
12/31/01 15:00DallasTXUSACircleseveral minutesPerfect Circle UFO Spotted at 30,000 Feet1/11/02
12/31/01 09:00Leeds (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop3 minutesTeardrop1/11/02
12/30/01 18:30DanvilleVAUSATriangle20 minutesA strange object hovered in the sky for approximately 10 minutes with a bright white light that pulsed fery slowly.1/11/02
12/30/01 17:40ClintonMSUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle with lights on each corner.1/11/02
12/30/01 03:00BethpageNYUSALight0300-0345bright light being followed by fighter jet repeatedly for approx 45 minutes1/11/02
12/29/01 23:59Long Island City (Queens)NYUSAOther10 minutes maybe a littleDarting lights over NYC on 12/29/011/11/02
12/29/01 20:00Ellicott CityMDUSAFireball4 secondsA green fireball going parllel to the horizon at about 20 degrees. It then seemed to burnout. I immediately thought of it as just a sho1/11/02
12/29/01 16:30Port AngelesWAUSAOther6 to 10 minutesHugh black object(s) in sky1/11/02
12/29/01 16:20Port AngelesWAUSAChanging5 minutesLarge, black object(s) seen in the clouds above Port Angeles1/11/02
12/29/01 00:00Long Island City (Queens)NYUSAOther5 minutesMany moving star balls1/11/02
12/28/01 21:45RichardsonTXUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular shape ship with red light on bottom moving a circular motion. Went very slowly.1/11/02
12/28/01 18:30HoustonTXUSALight10 secondsBright Light High in sky moving north to south1/11/02
12/28/01 14:00SalemOHUSADisksnapshotMy sister was taking photos of a new pond that was constructed on my brother's property located approximately 1.5 miles out of the Sale1/11/02
12/28/01 06:00JenaLAUSACigar20mincigar shaped craft north sky, very large moving slow then fast also coming to a dead stop, very bright silver.1/11/02
12/28/01 01:30LanghornePAUSACirclecontinousRed and blue circluar shaped object with white flashing light in the center.1/11/02
12/27/01 22:40WilliamsburgMIUSATriangle40 secondsCompletely focused on the object I coudnt figure out what it was.1/11/02
12/27/01 01:30Great FallsMTUSALightRevolving red and green lights around a white light.1/11/02
12/26/01 23:53MontgomeryTXUSATriangle15 secondshello Sir/Mam, On the night of 12/26/01 (the night after x-mas) @ 11:53 zulu . Let me tell you a little about myself, I grew up on mil1/11/02
12/26/01 12:30Port Jefferson StationNYUSASphere5 to 6 secondsI was heading out to my van for some more tools, {contractor by trade} I heard to helicopter flying overhead about two or three o'clock1/11/02
12/26/01 01:45NashvilleTNUSATriangleabout 5 minsTriangular Craft seen in Nashville Tennessee1/11/02
12/26/01 00:30Port Jefferson StationNYUSAUnknown5 to 7 secondsDark object at very low altitude traveling at a high rate of speed with no sound.1/11/02
12/25/01 19:30Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle45 sec.returning from christmas dinner heading west on barnet highway,while driving i noticed something looking to the northeast.i told my wif1/11/02
12/25/01 18:42Sioux City/Omaha (between)IAUSADisk2 minutesDriving to Omaha from Souix City south on I-29 between Missouri Valley and North Omaha exit going to Mormon Bridge. Wife asked what lig1/11/02
12/25/01 00:10Orland ParkILUSARectangle2 minutesThere was a bright hovering object in the midnight sky1/11/02
12/24/01 23:00PortlandORUSALight1 hour +a flickering light, that changed color, and greww larger and started to throb when airplanes came near.1/11/02
12/24/01 20:30BellflowerCAUSALight8 mindramatic movements by red object in sky captured on video1/11/02
12/24/01 20:00VancouverWAUSALight5 secondsFalling light outside of Vancouver1/11/02
12/24/01 18:11ColumbusOHUSATriangle6-10 minutesTriangle hovering near freeway.1/11/02
12/24/01 16:30OntarioCAUSADisk1/2 hourSationary black dots giving off smoke puffs(exhaust) for at least half an hour.1/11/02
12/24/01 14:00Kerry (Republic of Ireland)IrelandCigar35-40 seconds2 cigar shaped objects sighted1/11/02
12/24/01 01:30Las VegasNVUSARectangle2 MINUTESI saw a large rectangle of bright white light. It stayed in one place for about a minute and then turned into one small light that look1/11/02
12/23/01 21:25BothellWAUSAConeapx-17 minSeemed to fade into sky, and left the same way, slowly fading out.1/11/02
12/23/01 20:27BellinghamWAUSAFormation15-20 secondsApprox. 20:27 hours, under a clear sky and the moon out, I noticed something moving across the sky. It caught my attention in the south1/11/02
12/22/01 20:32Margate (Atlantic City)NJUSAFireballI'm sitting in my car and see sparks coming off of a fireball shaped object.1/11/02
12/22/01 16:40BennettsvilleSCUSASphere10 to 15 minThis was no plane,It was metallic,no lights and it did not move till it was ready.1/11/02
12/22/01 15:08GuilfordCTUSAOval15 secondsThree white ovals were seen floating in sky over cul-de-sac.1/11/02
12/22/01 12:30AstoriaORUSASphere5 minutesEight small, silver- colored spherical objects over Columbia River1/11/02
12/22/01 03:06Taber (east of) (Canada)ABCanadaLight5 min.unusual lights in the sky.1/11/02
12/21/01 23:30BellevueNEUSASphere3 minutesA orange coilored sphere hovered over western horizon by Air Force base.1/11/02
12/21/01 20:30CamdenNYUSACircle3 MinutesBright, motionless, Orange Circle decended very fast vertically towards the ground behind the tree line.1/11/02
12/21/01 09:45WyncotePAUSASphere45 seconds8 to 11 spherical objects in a straight line moved southeasterly.1/11/02
12/20/01 23:30DowneyCAUSACircle15 minSlow moving bright white circular craft moving from Long Beach CA . to LAX with bright scanning light pointing upward.1/11/02
12/20/01 22:20AnnandaleVAUSALight2-3 minutestwo bright blinking lights1/11/02
12/20/01 19:30Aneta (by/near)NDUSACircle15 secondsComing from Grand Forks going west on highway 15. We were looking at Christmas lights when we noticed 5 white lights to the south of us1/11/02
12/20/01 19:30GoodlettsvilleTNUSAFireballapprox. 10 secondsslowly arching light brightens into flame then trails into oblivion1/11/02
12/20/01 08:36ToledoOHUSACylinder2 minutescylider shaped object over Toledo OH1/11/02
12/19/01 23:25WaterburyCTUSAOther2 MINI DREW A PICTURE OF WHAT I SAW.1/11/02
12/19/01 21:45GalesburgILUSATriangle15 secTriangular object with dim lights traveling quietly north to south at unusal speed and course.1/11/02
12/19/01 18:45Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaCircle15 secondsRed circular object changes colour and speeds up and changes direction slightly.1/11/02
12/19/01 10:00Glen DaleMDUSAUnknown30 minutesStrange Cloud Formation1/11/02
12/19/01 09:11NewarkCAUSAUnknown15 minBright remoted object at same location; brightness changed several times1/11/02
12/18/01 22:30VistaCAUSAOval25 secondshelicopter shaped craft, many lights, no chopper blades, 10pm san diego california. 12-18-01.1/11/02
12/18/01 21:21HarrisburgMOUSAFormation40 minutes4 circular cloud-like lights moving in a circular motion , rotating methodically, then meeting in the center1/11/02
12/17/01 23:30Farncombe (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle-Triangular lights craft at night1/11/02
12/17/01 22:05Baton RougeLAUSATriangle2.5 minutestriangle sighted 1000 feet up in baton rouge, la1/11/02
12/17/01 21:30TonasketWAUSAOther21:45Strange unusual crafts emitting e.m.p blast then leaving at high speeds.1/11/02
12/17/01 18:40Addlestone (UK/England)United KingdomFormation1minuteTwo craft seen moving at great speed over England.1/11/02
12/17/01 07:10Lake CitySCUSASpherewe was standing outside and one big orange looking circle light lit up, and then 2 or 3 more lit up right beside the first in a zig zag1/11/02
12/16/01 21:00Lake CitySCUSALight5 minutesit was like a light just sitting in the air and it just went out and it light up in a zigzag pattern and the light just went out for a 1/11/02
12/16/01 18:05North PortFLUSAUnknown3 min.Craft Unknown1/11/02
12/16/01 11:45Loeriesfontein (South Africa)South AfricaDisk??Interesting photo1/11/02
12/16/01 10:30Newport NewsVAUSADisk15 min.Fast glowing disc through the early morning sky.1/11/02
12/15/01 22:57Moreno ValleyCAUSATriangle10 secTriangular shaped craft sighted.1/11/02
12/15/01 19:20GreensboroNCUSATriangle5 MinutesFaint amber colored, Triangular shaped object with moving spheres within the structure1/11/02
12/15/01 18:10Grants PassORUSATriangle5 minutesVery large triangular shaped UFO siting, North-West, outlined in blinking red lights1/11/02
12/14/01 23:56AugustaARUSALight2-3 minutesBright fast moving light near the White River Bridge on Highway 64, Arkansas.1/11/02
12/14/01 22:00ArcadiaCAUSALightSlightly over 1 hourLarge, bright stationary light in sky over eastern LA county.1/11/02
12/14/01 11:30Santa AnaCAUSACircleapproxamatly 20 secondsI saw a rouned craft gliding across the sky over the mountains in Southern California.1/11/02
12/13/01 15:25Cardiff (UK/Wales)United KingdomOther1 minute2 saucers connected by a cigar1/11/02
12/12/01 21:45HelenaALUSACircleAt 9:45pm my wife and i was watching tv then our grandmothers phones us and asked us if we had seen the star in the sky when we went ou1/11/02
12/12/01 19:45UcaipaCAUSALight3-4minutesbright orange,slow moving light seen moving over Yucaipa CA1/11/02
12/12/01 18:07Carlisle (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown30 secsLarge bright object, with tear shaped aura dissapeared after being observed travelling at high speed.1/11/02
12/12/01 05:15BurbankCAUSALight1hourthree white globes going in circles then meeting in the middle then smashing togethre then seperating, again, they followed me all arou1/11/02
12/11/01 22:50North Yorkshire (UK/England)United KingdomLight5-10 secondsVery bright disc shaped object travelling at intense speed1/11/02
12/11/01 20:30WentworthNHUSAOtherIt looked like a flickring star but it had red,blue and at times green flickering lights with white strobe lights.1/11/02
12/11/01 14:03ChesapeakeVAUSACigar6 MinutesI saw 5 cigar shaped crafts in a V formation with lights.1/11/02
12/11/01 02:08Colorado Springs (40 SE)COUSATriangle15 sec.Moving 3 Light Triangular Formation Eastern Sky @ FL3301/11/02
12/10/01 23:40NapaCAUSALight5-10 SecondsSingle green fireball type object, hitting the ground north of Napa, CA.1/11/02
12/10/01 17:45PlacentiaCAUSAOval5 minutesorange saucer shaped misty looking object seen in placentia1/11/02
12/9/01 21:30Wexford (Republic of Ireland)IrelandCircle30 sec??1/11/02
12/9/01 19:00FlagstaffAZUSATriangle2 min.I saw a triangle craft that had many lights then flew away a high speed.1/11/02
12/9/01 19:00CalistogaCAUSAUnknown30 minutes+Erratic movement of single light which split into two and back to one again repeatedly, as well as hovering.1/11/02
12/9/01 02:00CincinnatiOHUSAUnknown1 hour 15 minRed flashing lights on loud large hovering thing which stayed in the sky for over an hour1/11/02
12/9/01 00:28LombardILUSAChevron3 minutesHuge Black Transparent Silent Chevron1/11/02
12/9/01 00:00SpringfieldMOUSATriangle30 secondsTwo triangluar/chevron-shaped objects flew from zenith to horizon in less than 30 sec.1/11/02
12/8/01 19:35Brantford (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle15 secondsSilent dimly lit object sighted moving rapidly over Southern Ontario1/11/02
12/8/01 18:30WilsallMTUSALightfast moving ball with tail no sound, beaming light in front that swooped from tail1/11/02
12/8/01 17:45LenexaKSUSALight7 minBright light belived to be a comet or metior.1/11/02
12/8/01 14:32BemidjiMNUSATriangle6 minutesBlack, triangle, split into 4 smaller triangles, speed/shape of normal aeroplane.1/11/02
12/8/01 03:46Ludhiana (India)IndiaUnknown30sec -1 minlight looked like a shooting star1/11/02
12/8/01 01:22PasadenaCAUSALight7 secondswhite ball of light streaks to earth; makes a 90 degree turn and streaks out of sight1/11/02
12/7/01 22:55West WindsorNJUSAChevron23-30 secIn Wes Windsor NJ, a glowing, undulating roughly V-shaped line of light moved across the sky just under the Orion Constellation.1/11/02
12/7/01 22:30Lowestoft (UK/England)United KingdomOther5 minLights in diamond shape. 5-6 inches across.Moving in undergrowth.Unable to locate source1/11/02
12/7/01 22:00ConcordNHUSARectangle10 secslooked like cessna without any navigation lights except no shadow/blackness where body should have been.1/11/02
12/6/01 22:00Wichita FallsTXUSAOther2to3 minutesweird thing in texas1/11/02
12/6/01 19:40PuebloCOUSALight5 minStange cluster of lights in SouthWestern Sky of Pueblo Colorado1/11/02
12/6/01 10:34LawrencevilleGAUSADiamond6 min.Their where two diamond-shaped UFO's going the same speed and same direction,not going up or down until they turned up like bullets.1/11/02
12/5/01 21:30FerrumVAUSAOval1 minuteIt was amazing and scary.1/11/02
12/5/01 18:00Big Bear CityCAUSATriangle45 sec all togetherA triangular shape flys overhead and hovers over trees.1/11/02
12/4/01 20:40New York City (Staten Island)NYUSALight2 secondsTonight is a clear night, I was in my backyard looking up at the stars when I saw 4 faded red lights in a half V formation streak acros1/11/02
12/4/01 19:00El DoradoARUSAEggSaw a round like object in the morning sky. The object was a a stand till for a short period of time. It then exit in the clouds and wa1/11/02
12/3/01 23:00ZanesvilleOHUSATriangle4-6 minutes3 friends and i saw 2 triangular crafts appear from the northwest sky.1/11/02
12/3/01 19:30CocoaFLUSASphere20 minutesWe saw a bright oval object with rings in the night sky slowly moving, with no sound.1/11/02
12/3/01 19:00San MateoCAUSASphere5 minutesA spherical craft shot into the air from a large patch of intensely bright light.1/11/02
12/3/01 17:30BrockTXUSAFireball5 minutesWhat was over Texas 5-3-011/11/02
12/2/01 22:00OremUTUSACigar5 minutesI saw a bright cigar shaped object changing colors in the sky, it was beautiful!1/11/02
12/1/01 23:00HighlandsNJUSACircle15 minutesseveral strange lights and crafts over the Atlantic Ocean, red in color that bounced up and down.1/11/02
12/1/01 22:28LawrenceKSUSALight3 mins8 to 10 lights moving across the sky followed by streams of light of changing color1/11/02
12/1/01 21:45Goodland (@10 miles east of)KSUSAUnknown1 1/2 - 2 minutesLights over I-70 in Western Kansas1/11/02
12/1/01 21:30Rolla (Missouri Ozarks)MOUSAFireballUnkownTwo Fiery UFO's Seen from Hellicopter at near the same height.1/11/02
12/1/01 21:30Wellston (near to)OKUSAOther3-5minsclose stationary cluster of lights; strobes,solid,and beams,with No solid object noted.1/11/02
12/1/01 21:25Colorado Springs (monument)COUSACylinder8/9-min.GLOWING CIGAR/CYLINDER,SHAPED.THE SIZE OF A STRIP MALL X THREE!ALL TRAVELING IN-LINE!!1/11/02
12/1/01 21:20AlbuquerqueNMUSAFireball10 minutes5 blue-white spheres w/bright, glowing trails, traveling slowly from south to north over Albuquerque, 9:20 pm, 12/01/011/11/02
12/1/01 20:30East Barnard (county farm road)TXUSAOtherten minutesA huge display of lights more in the form of a disc, but too large and obsured to make that determination.1/11/02
12/1/01 18:45WoodridgeILUSATrianglefew minutesThree large red lights, two rotating about each other, no sound, within 200 feet of tree line, moving slowly1/11/02
11/30/01 22:30Howey in the HillsFLUSAUnknown30 MINUTESAs I was looking up at the night sky, I saw flashing red, green, and either blue or white lights on a stationary object that would occa1/11/02
11/29/01 01:00MarionVAUSAUnknown1 minuteUnseen object, ,effects felt.1/11/02
11/25/01 20:45Palo Alto/StanfordCAUSAOval5 seconds?Bright blue oval-shaped glowing object hovering then proceeding downward1/11/02
11/24/01 20:04SacramentoCAUSAFireball10 secondsGiant fireball like that seen in recent singapor video appears than vanishes.1/11/02
11/24/01 17:00TionestaPAUSALight5-7 hrsA storm was moving in that evening, and we watched what first looked like someone shining a spotlight into the sky. This is what we th1/11/02
11/20/01 22:11CentennialCOUSAOval2 minutesWe saw five oval shaped objects streak across the sky on November 20, 2001. They flew across the sky one by one as if chasing each othe1/11/02
11/20/01 04:05Perry (exit 35; almost to Talahassee)FLUSAChevron30 secondsI witnessed a slient chevron shaped craft with 10 large white lights simutaneously going on and off near Tallahassee 11/20-01.1/11/02
11/19/01 21:45Cornelius/North Plains areaORUSARectangle15 secondsLarge, low-flying rectangular object sighted 11/19 at 9:45 PM1/11/02
11/18/01 05:30Miami BeachFLUSASphere10 secsthis thing was round, metalic,fast and had no lights.1/11/02
11/18/01 01:00WindsorCOUSATriangle5 secondsBlack triangle with three lights over Windsor1/11/02
11/15/01 23:30FlorenceORUSAUnknown9 MilesPulsating light follows car 9 miles in Oregon1/11/02
11/15/01 18:45EnumclawWAUSASphere1 to 5 minutesWhile driving outside Enumclaw, WA we saw a red fireball1/11/02
11/14/01 20:45Lake ElmoMNUSAChevron5 minutes5 mi sighting of a soundless chevron craft with six lights as bright as those on a baseball field .1/11/02
11/11/01 02:00WindsorCOUSAOther6 secondsIt was boomerang shaped with no lights and it had an irredescent appearance to it.1/11/02
11/9/01 00:00EdgewoodNMUSADisk15 minutesI had been feeding my dogs an a blueish object caught my eye1/11/02
10/29/01 12:30MartinezGAUSALight10secondsLight spotted over Martinez, GA in middle of day.1/11/02
10/27/01 23:15St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Canada)PQCanadaFormation15 minIt was 7 or 9 aircraft flying in a cricle formation or a big one with spotlight below it1/11/02
10/27/01 06:30NapoleonNDUSALight10 minutesBright star like light doing loops, circles, then darting off.1/11/02
10/18/01 18:32SarasotaFLUSAOtherlasted 2 minsMy friend and I saw 2 caucers and 1 triangler prism being chased by 2 U.S. jets.1/11/02
10/17/01 15:10DenverCOUSASphere20 minutesBright sphere in sky, completely stationary, then disappeared1/11/02
10/16/01 22:15Assouan (Egypt)EgyptTriangle2 minMy freind and i were watching the stars lying on a long chair on the deck of a boat on the Nil. The night was clear without any moon. T1/11/02
10/13/01 17:30Franconia Notch (I-93, southbound)NHUSACigar3 SECONDSUFO AT CANNON MOUNTAIN INT 93, N.H. OCT 13, 20011/11/02
10/13/01 15:00Franconia Notch/White MountainsNHUSACigar2 secondsSIGHTING at FRANCONIA NOTCH, New Hampshire October 13, 20011/11/02
10/3/01 11:00BonifayFLUSARectangle5 secondsSilent, at tremendously high speed object seen flying north to south toward Panama City, FL1/11/02
9/15/01 01:00Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown30secondsBlack shape floated slowly across the sky late one clear august night1/11/02
9/14/01 22:00Baie-Comeau (85 km N of) (Canada)PQCanadaLight20 min.The object, studied through binoculars from about 75 m, was unlike anything that I've ever seen, heard or read about.1/11/02
9/9/01 20:30Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaTriangleunknownA strange picture i took at Wreck beach Canada...its at the mouth of the fraser river in B.C canada1/11/02
8/30/01 19:00The DallesORUSATriangle20 minutesStationary grounded object north of Dallesport, Wash. Bright silver in sunlight.1/11/02
8/12/01 17:00Dunkeld (UK/Scotland)United KingdomOther2 minutesBright flame in night sky moving at variable speed and seemed to be controlled and was silent1/11/02
8/1/01 22:00RockfordILUSALight10 minutesPossible explanation for sighting in Rockford, IL.1/11/02
5/27/01 11:45Peruirrelevant - see text belBall-form, white, partially transparent object, diam. ca 10 m, two legs ahead1/11/02
5/26/01 20:00OlympiaWAUSADisk4 minutesyoung children experience a near abduction by a UFO in their own back yard in Olympia, Washington, May 2001.1/11/02
5/18/01 21:34Mounds View/BlaineMNUSARectangle8 Minutes5/18/01 Minnesota sighting of unusual object which ejected at least 3 others before splitting in two and disappearing.1/11/02
5/17/01 15:30JolietILUSASphere5 minutesBolingbrook sighting in Illinois on May 17th 20011/11/02
3/5/01 21:30DuluthMNUSATriangle5 minAurora type of craft seen1/11/02
1/12/01 01:30BurbankCAUSAChanging30secondsIt appeared to be cascading down the tree outside, a huge fir with a slanting shape. The object curled down in puff-like shapes of smok1/11/02
1/11/01 01:00NekoosaWIUSACircle20minutesWe were watching tv,I notice a light I tought it was a reflection from a light in the kitchen we dont have drapes on the side that face1/11/02
1/9/01 18:00New RichmondWIUSAChanging20 min.Four lights in a row, in the sky, faded and flew off in the same direction.1/11/02
1/1/01 17:00Copenhagen (Denmark)DenmarkCigar1-2minutesI was visiting my mother in Copenhagen together with two of my children and my brother. We we in the livingroom, the window here is ver1/11/02
12/31/00 23:00Grant ParkILUSATriangleIt was a very unusual experience that I've had.1/11/02
12/31/00 11:45ChicagoILUSADiskufosthe ray of light and something going up.1/11/02
12/7/00 17:00Shanghai (China)ChinaTriangle10minsPoor English, But ture!1/11/02
12/6/00 18:16RoswellNMUSATriangle5-6 MinutesHelicopter into a triangle at Roswell1/11/02
10/15/00 12:35Sherwood Park (Canada)ABCanadaEgg45 sec.I was talking to my wife on a cell phone from a work site just North of Sherwood Park Alberta. Mid-way through the conversation I notic1/11/02
9/15/00 01:30GreensvilleMSUSADisk1:31I did not see it at the time. I was messing around with my friend taking pictures and that was in my picture. I do not know for sure if1/11/02
9/1/00 04:00Zante (Greece)GreeceLight20minsingle white light, looked like motorbike lights, but flew away over mountains and disappeared,in Argassi,Zante.Airport is closed from 1/11/02
8/18/00 21:00GerlachNVUSA1/11/02
8/15/00 10:15NoxapaterMSUSAConeufoToo fast to be normal and unusual silence along with the craft changing to multiple colors very rapidly.1/11/02
8/1/00 22:00Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 secsA bright light was seen to be moving at great speed across the sky. My dad and I were sat in the garden watching it until it disappear1/11/02
7/9/00 20:30Satellite BeachFLUSAOther3 SECONDSFlat, grey objects soar through nite sky near Kennedy Space Center in Florida1/11/02
7/8/00 22:50SalemORUSAUnknown10 secondsvery fast low unknown shape red lights only NO noise covered half the horizon in 10 seconds or less going north to south not a plane !1/11/02
6/23/00 08:00PinedaleWYUSADiamond?Flying Manta Ray with short tail near Pinedale,WY1/11/02
6/10/00 03:00Henry Cowe ParkCAUSACircle?20 SecondsLight sphere blazes through the night sky deep in the winderness of the Sacramento mountains!!1/11/02
5/4/00 12:00DeweyvilleTXUSADiamond10 secondsA diamond shaped formation of black shiny diamond shaped objects in the middle of the day with no noise.1/11/02
4/20/00 22:30JoshuaTXUSAUnknownGeen light1/11/02
3/29/00SteamboatNVUSAOval1 minute maxThere is no doubt that the sky and space around us are a curiously busy place.1/11/02
1/13/00 23:30Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaFireball5 secondsOK, this, I'm sure wasn't a UFO - but I found a link, and I thought I'd share it anyway... I had just got home and was locking my car d1/11/02
11/18/99 18:00ArcadiaLAUSALightWhere did it go, that is what i want to know.1/11/02
11/16/99 18:05ChicagoILUSAFireball45-60 secprobably the biggest, brightest metour ive ever seen. green, broke into 10+pieces,2-3 times longer than halebopp,hit lake mich? very im1/11/02
10/17/99 15:00JacksonvilleFLUSAChevron18 minutesGray Chevron maneuvers and hovers above NFL game1/11/02
10/15/99 20:00BreckenridgeTXUSAOther2-3minCraft came over on a dark but clear night.It was moving south east to north west. The craft was a vee shape but not the sahpe of the1/11/02
9/15/99 23:45SecanePAUSALess than a minuteAwakened by flood of light through bedroom window.1/11/02
9/4/99 22:30Brighton (outside of)IAUSAFireball30minutescamping, object zig-zagged, stopped off and on, went behind a large cloud bank and was so bright it lit through the cloud, weird hard t1/11/02
7/28/99 21:33BremertonWAUSACircle4.5minmoon was about 25' off of the horizon object was at 5:30 location of moon .at arms length object was size of thumb nail changed color t1/11/02
7/23/99 23:00Cedar City/St. George (between)UTUSAOther5-10 min.Unknown object seen in sky, with lighted tail. Changed directions and altitude,rapidly. Had appx 30 meter tail that looked like "spark1/11/02
7/18/99 11:45Chino HillsCAUSAFlashnorth easti walk out on my dads deck and then my little brother and i pointed out an object to him that was flashinng quickly and then it disapea1/11/02
7/1/99 06:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown.5 minAn object flys from North to South, makes turn into space.1/11/02
6/20/99 20:45Lajas (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoDisk45 minutesMy friend Carlo and I were driving on narrow road near the town of Lajas, Puerto Rico oon our way back to La Parguera where we intended1/11/02
4/30/99 09:30CairoWVUSADiskat nightwell its has blue,red,green,yellow lights. its just sits there for hours at a time.1/11/02
3/13/99 19:35New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSARectangle30-40 secsaw object flying without sound about 2-3 hundred feet above water next to Varrazano Bridge1/11/02
2/11/99 07:30Castro ValleyCAUSATeardrop30 secondsMe and my wife were traveling on center street in catro valley.when we saw a strange object approaching us at lightning fast speed.I im1/11/02
1/9/99 22:00Cancun (Mexico)MexicoUnknown6-10 secondsi always and looking for satellites. this particular night i thought i had found one because of the speed that the light was moving was1/11/02
11/15/98 13:00London (Eastham) (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle4 minutesblack rectangular monolith travelling slowly, over london (eastham) observed for about 4 minutes1/11/02
11/15/98 12:00Guadalajara zapopan jalisco (Mexico)MexicoCylinder20minutosempese a oir boses que me ablavan voltie asia riva y los vi unos silindricos esfericos unos que parecian cerpientes y tome varias fotos1/11/02
11/7/98 21:30SweetwaterTXUSAChanging30 minutesIt was weird and we didn1/11/02
11/1/98 20:00Tinaquillo (Venezuela)VenezuelaDiamondten secondsThe star that caught my eyes in moonless night!.1/11/02
10/21/98 01:30CampbellCAUSAOther10MINUTESAmerican stealth and flying sub dissapear into a portal above a house in Campbell ca 950081/11/02
10/9/98 19:30Reading (UK/England)United KingdomSphere2 minutesluminous orange sphere as big as a house flying horizontally then at angle of about 45 degrees flew off into sky.1/11/02
10/4/98 21:00CharlestonSCUSAFireball3-4 secondsstreaking blue/green fireball lit up sky. fireball going east to west and appeared to disintergrate after 3-4 seconds1/11/02
9/21/98 19:25SedonaAZUSAOther15 min.Gigantic craft, silent - stacked rounded lit windows, huge turbo engine. Followed by three black helicopters1/11/02
7/4/98 22:55Burien (looking SW, three tree point to Vashon Island)WAUSALight7 minBall of light trailing tail, white. changed direction several times, no noticeable lights blinking or sound. 2000 to 2500 ft elevation.1/11/02
7/1/98 17:20Casa GrandeAZUSACircle10 min.2 large orbs westsouthwest hovering yellow orange in color from about21:00 until 21:10. This also happend a year ago in June1/11/02
2/9/98 23:30Crescent CityCAUSARectangle20 minutesOrange object over Crescent City glowed like a burning fireplace log.1/11/02
2/5/98 00:45MemphisTNUSATriangle00:10Black triangle near I-55 south of Memphis, observed for 10 minutes by two people.1/11/02
11/20/97 02:00ChicagoILUSAOther2 minutesA couple friends and i witnessed a possible ufo sighting at about 2 am. In the northeast quadrant we saw a bright white object tht ca1/11/02
11/12/97 16:30DivideCOUSALightHalf hourThe object was the size of a basket ball. Cotten white in color. Came very very close.1/11/02
10/16/97 08:00RoosevilleMIUSAlight1 minuteI was coming down the I94West ramp onto the freeway, when I was eye level with the sky, I looked at the clouds and there was a light as1/11/02
10/5/97 19:00CheyenneWYUSAOther1.5 minSeen a object in clear sky.looked like commet coming from south to north.lost tail half way across sky1/11/02
9/25/97 02:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight15minbright round object zig zaging back and forth up and down over lake ontario canada side.1/11/02
8/31/97 22:30Brighton (west of Detroit)MIUSARectangle10 minutesA rectangular shaped object like a harmonica with the square holes brilliant white, stationary at 30 degrees over Detroit. IMMENSE siz1/11/02
8/8/97 02:35BuckeyeAZUSALight2 minbright blue light going east to west went from horizon to horizon in less than 2 min at estimated alt of 35,000 feet indicating very gr1/11/02
7/13/97 23:30Telford (UK/England)United KingdomOval20 mins20 min. video footage of ufo recorded in England 1997.1/11/02
6/28/97 18:00SpringfieldOHUSADiskone minuteI was at a friend's house sitting on the back patio. The time of day was sunset, although it was still bright out. I was sitting down1/11/02
6/15/97 22:00Olive HillKYUSALight10 secondsSaw what I thought was a star, until it moved then disappeared.1/11/02
6/15/97 16:00McGregorTXUSASphere1 minuteSmall mettal ball seen over ranch.1/11/02
5/22/97 22:21ChathamNJUSADisk5-10 min.5/22/97 22:21 large object over morris/union county new jersey. ten degrees above horizon.1/11/02
3/13/97 20:30Chandler (app. 20 miles E/SE of Phoenix)AZUSATriangle1.5 minMy wife and I witnessed a craft passing in front uf us that was close to a mile long.This boomerang/trianglar craft became "transluct" 1/11/02
9/20/96 23:30Cancun (Melia Turquesa Hotel) (Mexico)MexicoLight4-5 seconds3 dull orange lights closely clustered traveling from NNW to SSE. Traveling at high altitude & rate of speed with a abrupt jog to the e1/11/02
4/14/96 03:05CheboyganMIUSAMI State Trooper calls to rept. that 2 troopers in Cheboygan, MI, will call on 02MY96 to rept. 14AP96 sighting of amber lights.1/11/02
9/1/95 10:30Eagle ButteSDUSALight3 minutesThe unexplained bright blue light.1/11/02
7/4/95 20:50WoodlakeCAUSACylinderone minuteSighted a large tank like object with red and green lights between two foothill peaks near a lake and was gone next day.1/11/02
7/2/95 13:30PendletonNYUSAOther10-15minIt was a bright sunny day. The wind was wipping about 15-20 mph. I called my wife at about 1:00 p.m. to check in and that is when I l1/11/02
5/15/95 18:30KillawogNYUSALight4 minutesTwo sightings on two consecutive Thursdays of sphere like lights.1/11/02
2/13/95 22:15CheboyganMIUSABizarre "aircraft" w/ 8-12 flashing lights flies silently over man's vehicle, turns, flies north. Many other sightings.1/11/02
8/28/94 22:00Helsinki (Finland)FinlandRectangle10 minutesBlack rectangle approximately 30 feet long with bright head and tail light, red and green side lights.Hovered ( levitated ) silently ( 1/11/02
6/1/94 21:00PhilippinesPhilippinesSphere5 secondsblue light flying sphere1/11/02
8/9/93 23:00ChelmsfordMAUSATriangle5mina friend and i were going home i noticed three lights just above the treeline of a local park, so i stopped the car in the middle of th1/11/02
5/15/93 17:30BranfordCTUSADiamond10 minutesTwo objects with alternating blinking red lights move toward each other and forms a single object with four lights that speeds away.1/11/02
11/12/91 23:00BrooksvilleFLUSA2minsjust got in bed saw a bright light that complety lit up entire 50 acre lake also heard loud whistle,by the time my wife and i could get1/11/02
4/15/91 22:00Malad/DownyIDUSACircle10 secondsUFO SPOTTED IN SOUTHEASTERN IDAHO IN RECENT YEARS1/11/02
7/1/90 17:00LewistownILUSALight15 minutesBright Light Lewistown, Illinois Late 1980's or early 1990's.1/11/02
5/15/90 19:30Raymond/EppingNHUSAOval30 minutesOval shaped craft emitting white light as if scanning the ground.1/11/02
11/11/89 20:00Dun Laoghaire (Republic of Ireland)IrelandDisk1 minuteIt was a saucer above with a steel finish and flashing lights that changed colour, it made no sound1/11/02
10/17/89 22:30San JoseCAUSAFlash5 secondsA bright flash illuminated a third of the sky originating from a point like a star.1/11/02
5/15/89 01:00MalvernARUSATriangle5-10 MinutesObserved bright light approaching from west, drawing closer proved to be 3 separate lights on triangular craft, which passed directly o1/11/02
7/1/88 13:00TucsonAZUSATriangle10 minutesOne extremely large, dark gray triangular shaped object with no lights or markings on it over Tucson, AZ. (1988)1/11/02
11/23/86 05:45New WindsorMDUSATrianglea little over a minuteI was hunting with my Dad on a farm near our house. It was before dawn, and I was sitting by a tree, bored and looking up at the sky. 1/11/02
10/15/86 02:30SalemORUSACigar25 minutesVery Close Encounter.1/11/02
10/1/86 22:00WheelingWVUSALight10 secondsMissing time after seeing something that looked like the Northern lights.1/11/02
9/19/86 19:00PortsmouthVAUSAUnknown10 minutesA trail of smoke1/11/02
6/15/86 22:30OntarioCAUSAOther20 min.I seen a real off the 10 freeway in ontario1/11/02
4/1/86 22:00Red Lodge (6 mi N; Hwy 212)MTUSAUnknown1.5 minDefinitely an aircraft but totally silent and very slow.1/11/02
2/22/86 21:00PortsmouthVAUSAOther1 minutesquarelike object with a light1/11/02
9/15/85 03:00Guelph (Canada)ONCanadaOval1 minuteguelph, canada, 1985: five unusual objects in the sky.1/11/02
1/15/85 20:50McGrady (Wilkes County)NCUSAChanging4-6 minutesOn a clear, starry winter evening I observed a very unusual object in the night sky, my grandfather also saw the object.1/11/02
9/2/84 23:00Nova Scotia (Canada)NSCanadaRectanglemy girlfriend and i was traveling down a dirt road looking for deer like we did just about every night.we noticed 2 lights in the north1/11/02
7/14/84 22:00PortsmouthVAUSACircle5 minutescircular object headed towards the sky1/11/02
10/10/82 07:00Gisborne (New Zealand)New ZealandDisk2mingisborne nz 1982 wainui beach to sponge bay1/11/02
8/15/82 22:00Old Woman Mountains areaCAUSADisk35min.color changes, sound, lights on and off1/11/02
8/9/81 06:30South KoreaSouth KoreaCone30 minutesSighting in the Republic of South Korea1/11/02
4/23/81 21:20RochesterNHUSAUnknown30 secondsI saw a shooting star that stopped: lights of red, blue, green began flickering and it lowered down below treeline, then darkness.1/11/02
1/1/81 01:00El RenoOKUSADisk30 minsNew Years 1981 Crashing Disc1/11/02
9/15/80 00:30MaynardvilleTNUSALightfew minutesA late night viewing of a bright, white light during a camping trip leads to an unusual physical manifestation.1/11/02
7/15/80 23:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight30 secondsBright starlike object over oil refinery in SLC zig zag over mountainside & went straight up at high speed1/11/02
6/15/80 20:00Columbia (central--over center of campus)MOUSALight5 min.Summer of 80 or 81--just pre-dusk. Dark amber light with indistinct edges cruises due east over center of U campus. "Closes in on sel1/11/02
6/1/80 01:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaCircle15 minsitting in my car 20 miles outside calgary waiting for collen to change his tire on his van as i was waiting looked up in the sky at th1/11/02
1/13/80 21:50Bremen (Germany)GermanyEggin the night of 13.january to 14.01.1980 at 21:50 at night my girlfraind and i have seen a very big UFO. first we are thinking it is a 1/11/02
6/15/78 00:30AppletonMNUSALight1 hourI woke up and saw it hovering noiseless over the neighbors horses and the highway. I awoke the whole family1/11/02
3/1/78 19:30Saint Clair ShoresMIUSAOval3 minutsOval object, center portion having windows, internally lit with tall figures glaring out, seen in MI, spring eveng1978.1/11/02
9/15/77 20:00DublinNHUSATrianglefive to ten minutes +/-There were six of us. We were on the "Upper Field" of our prep school where there were no outside lights. The night sky was bright (goo1/11/02
8/28/77 21:50UkiahCAUSAChanging1 minuteSeperating points of light1/11/02
1/15/77 20:10Scottsbluff County (rural; western)NEUSAChevron30+ seconds, <60Popped up over hill out of nowhere, bright lights flashing1/11/02
10/1/76 07:00HartvilleOHUSADisk2 minutes or lessA disk shaped flying object followed the path of our car just above the telephone lines.1/11/02
6/1/76 21:00CovingtonKYUSADiskapprox. 1 hourThe object was brightly lit throughout the entirety of its body. It moved very slowly from the south of the area I lived in. I could ta1/11/02
6/1/76Pine CityMSUSACigar5 secondsUFO sighted in Pine City Mn.1/11/02
3/15/76PahokeeFLUSAOval~15 minsRapidly moving oject travels south, pause, goes north, and exits atmosphere, seen a shooting star.1/11/02
8/15/75 23:00Terre HauteINUSACircle1-3 min.Smoke ring type cloud seen moving rapidly north1/11/02
7/18/74 20:00BremertonWAUSADelta5 minitsfrom my bed room window we saw what we thought was a car on the hill top just up the street1/11/02
10/10/73 23:00Bermuda NASBermudaLight20 sec.saw fast moving blip on the radar scope thin went outside and saw it again.1/11/02
10/8/73 22:30AtwaterCAUSAOtherAs you can see this happened a long time ago, so my recolections of exact times and date regretable are gone.. although it was 3 days 1/11/02
10/1/73 22:45Valley CityOHUSADisk5 minutesIt was a star shaped object travelling south that stopped, changed colors, and sped off dissapearing in the night sky.1/11/02
6/30/73 21:00London (Hwy 401) (Canada)ONCanadaTriangleunknownmother and father encountered triangular hovering shape over hwy 28 years ago.1/11/02
9/1/71 15:00BuffaloNYUSATriangleless than 1 min.Silent, unmarked arrowshaped aircraft flying low over the University at Buffalo. Was it an experiment?1/11/02
11/22/69 17:00KenaiAKUSALight5 minutesMy brother and I saw what we thought was a car approaching on the rise of a hill. The lights were so bright we turned our eyes away fr1/11/02
8/15/68 22:50Bjursas/Falun (Sweden)SwedenLight25 min appr.I and 3 friend was chitchatting outside a country-store late on night, when my friend pointed tothe sky, telling us to look at a bright1/11/02
10/1/66 20:00BuffaloNYUSALight4 minutesOne of the bright stars moved north, curved upward, flew in a wide arc, then accelerated up into the cosmos.1/11/02
6/30/65 20:00Chesapeake (Norfork area)VAUSAEgg15-20 seclookng out bedroom window saw object going by aprox distance 1500ft away and about1000ft high speed about 400-600mph. whole object woul1/11/02
5/12/65 21:00Massapequa ParkNYUSAOval5 secondsFast quiet objects moving in formation with unheard of speed and precision.1/11/02
6/6/60 12:00Cape CanaveralFLUSAFireball4 hoursIt was as if a huge ball of light zoomed down from the sky and just disappeared before my eyes.1/11/02
8/15/57 21:30AuburnMAUSAthis all took place in 1956 or 57. i was 10 or 11 yrs old. it was a warm august night,about 9:30 pm. my friend an i were walking home f1/11/02
6/15/52Piedra Blanka (Los Padres National Forest)CAUSACigar10MinutesI was camping with my school at Piedra Blanka in Los Padres National Forest. We all slept in sleeping bags jus out under the stars. No 1/11/02