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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
1/27/02 21:00 Cambridge (Canada) ON Triangle 5-10 min. boomerange shaped, white, red lights, no noise heard, rose straight up from behind trees 1/29/02
1/27/02 19:10 Pontotoc MS Triangle 25min I saw a v shaped craft come straight up out of the west it took about 5 mins to rise to around 2000 ft it stopped for a couple of mins 1/29/02
1/27/02 12:45 Olney MD Diamond 10 Sec Observed a High Speed flight of a Fast moving object 1/29/02
1/26/02 03:50 Kahana Beach HI Circle 20-25 seconds A round or spherical light that was blue-green moved rapidly across the surface of the ocean. 1/29/02
1/25/02 20:45 Avondale AZ Light 4 seconds seven or eight white and red lights wink out starting at outer edges till it was gone. 1/29/02
1/25/02 20:15 Dover TN Other 4 minutes tops Dropping lights catch the eye. 1/29/02
1/25/02 19:25 Mansfield (UK/England)
Light 30secs Strange glow in sky at Pleasley 1/29/02
1/25/02 06:40 Elk City OK Cigar 5 minutes Another sighting in Western Oklahoma 1/29/02
1/24/02 21:30 Malvern AR Triangle approx: 35 minutes Saw at least three triangle shaped craft hovering over a field and the surrounding woods. Then saw another fly accross the road. 1/29/02
1/24/02 20:30 Jacksonville IL Diamond 20 seconds Bright Orange Light appearing & disappearing 1/29/02
1/24/02 19:45 Fancy Prairie IL Fireball flashes Fireball 1/29/02
1/24/02 19:45 San Francisco CA Formation 2 seconds Huge, moving, bright formation of lights seen very close to buildings around Lower Pacific Heights, in San Francisco, CA 1/29/02
1/24/02 18:30 Flagstaff AZ Triangle 10 minutes Three strange crafts seen over Flagstaff, Arizona later attaching themselves to each other 1/29/02
1/24/02 17:00 Whitetail MT Flash 3 seconds While driving home my sister and I witnessed a streak of light travel across the horizon and dissapear. 1/29/02
1/24/02 03:56 Binghamton NY Light +/- 4 minutes We saw what appeared to be five or six craft, moving fast and changing color. 1/29/02
1/23/02 21:50 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
1/23/02 19:10 Banning CA Chevron about 10 minutes A structure of lights, resembling the Phoenix Lights, appeared near Banning & Morongo, California on 01/23/02 at 1910 hrs. 1/29/02
1/22/02 23:34 Oundle (UK/England)
Teardrop 12 secs 3 teardrop grey shapes, seen by boarding house, no noice 1/29/02
1/22/02 23:18 Ruskin FL Light almost a minute It was a cloud of light, hovering over the cow field next door. 1/29/02
1/22/02 20:00 Salisbury MD Fireball 20 seconds ...a very BRIGHT FIREBALL that cast a shadow upon myself and my family 1/29/02
1/22/02 03:50 Kahana Beach HI Circle 15 seconds We saw a round or spherical object of a bright blue-green moving north just above the surface of the sea. 1/29/02
1/21/02 23:35 Kirkland WA Circle 5 seconds A circular ball of extremely bright white and red light was sighted moving from southeast to northwest at a rapid rate of speed. Objec 1/29/02
1/21/02 22:30 Columbia MO Unknown 1 - 3 minutes Stationary lights suddenly moved rapidly; stopped, moved again at a moderate pace 1/29/02
1/21/02 19:05 Weare NH Disk 2 seconds NH Sighting - 01/21/2002 - 7:05 PM 1/29/02
1/21/02 18:00 Cisco (Just before) TX Circle a few seconds A red light hovered and vanished in the sky just outside of Cisco, TX at aprox. 6:55 pm. 1/29/02
1/20/02 23:15 Las Vegas NV Changing 50 seconds We saw an odd-shaped object with a tilted oval bottom and what appeared to be a triangular sail pointing off to the side. 1/29/02
1/20/02 23:00 Huntinton WV Fireball 1 minute wowk tv reported on the 11 oclock news that reports from across the state were coming into there weather station of a huge fireball at 1/29/02
1/20/02 20:20 Bahama NC Fireball

1/20/02 20:18 Alexandria VA Light about 1 second colorful, bright, fast light of line 1/29/02
1/20/02 18:00 Shaftsbury VT Other 10 minutes Unidentified string of ball lights seen in valley of Shaftsbury, near Rte 7A..heading South to Bennington spotted off Old Depot rd. 1/29/02
1/20/02 14:20 Hollywood Beach FL Unknown 20 min. Sightiings of 5 stationary objects, about 30 degrees obove horizon at Hollywood Beach, Florida, on a warm sunny afternoon. 1/29/02
1/19/02 22:00 Long Beach MS Changing 15:00 saw it as one shape then changed to two moved too quickly to be a plane and changed direction of flight to abruptly 1/29/02
1/19/02 06:00 Norwich (East England) (UK/England)
Circle 10 mins colored lights rotating round a centre white light 1/29/02
1/18/02 22:50 Antioch CA Fireball 2 minutes Two orange objects seen one dropping smaller orange lights underneath it. 1/29/02
1/18/02 21:40 Deer Park NY Light 3 minutes Suspicious flying object on Long Island, January 18, 2002, 21:40 1/29/02
1/18/02 05:45 Hamilton (Canada) ON Light 2 minutes lights in a seemingly semi-circle pattern; an 'X' outline on the vessels underbelly with white lights and a red light 1/29/02
1/17/02 22:00 Indianola IA Light 5 seconds i was sitting on my porch appx 950pm cst when i saw an object in the western sky zip past in the sky with no noise it was white in col 1/29/02
1/17/02 17:45 Leeds (UK/England)
Cigar 10 seconds Fast moving, glowing cylindrical object wth four bands of bright red lights along its length' spinning anti-clockwise. 1/29/02
1/16/02 22:15 Southwick MA Disk 10 minutes Octagon shaped object with bright red and white lights 1/29/02
1/16/02 22:05 Portland OR Light 2 minutes Red, fuzzy ball of light streaking across in front of the mountain. 1/29/02
1/16/02 22:00 Fremont NH Light 10 minutes Bright blending lights 1/29/02
1/16/02 21:30 Tallahassee FL Light 1 minute Large bright white light with a blue tail-roundish shaped but elongated. Dropping vertically from the sky. 1/29/02
1/16/02 19:30 Oakland CA Light 20 minutes Stationary, bright white light blinking smaller, colored lights in eastern sky. 1/29/02
1/16/02 00:10 North Tonawanda NY Formation 20 seconds About 20 Metalic Objects (No Lights) Moving NE Changing Formation Moving Very Fast 1/29/02
1/16/02 00:10 Naples FL Light don't know 2 light objects far up in sky over 75 between exits 19 and 18 1/29/02
1/15/02 22:30 Gosport, Hants (UK/England)
i was letting my dogs out in the back garden at 2230 ,looking at the 7 sisters when 2 dim lights caught my eye traverling to fast to be 1/29/02
1/15/02 20:48 Hayward CA Light 2-5 minutes Large bright red light hovers and shoots off before dropping smaller red/orange lights, one drops then moves at a right angle. 1/29/02
1/15/02 19:40 Port Charlotte FL Formation 4-5 min 1/16/2001 Formation of 3 objects in souther sky over Florida. Light beams, light bursts and seperation and departure. 1/29/02
1/15/02 19:35 Sarasota FL Triangle 6 min Triangle shape with light at each point. 1/29/02
1/15/02 19:35 Live Oak FL Disk
1/15/02 19:30 Lake Buena Vista FL Light 2 min Golden comet-like tail grows from orange light which changes into 3 colored lights that form a moving triangle. 1/29/02
1/15/02 19:30 Miami FL Formation 5 minutes Low flying UFO sighted in the Kendall Florida Area 1/29/02
1/15/02 19:00 Lake Wales FL Cylinder 3 min Never seen this before 1/29/02
1/15/02 19:00 Lake Wales FL Triangle 3min In the Florida sky 1/15/2001 1/29/02
1/15/02 17:30 Jamestown (Adam's Farm) dist. NC Oval 20 minutes Oval objects hovering over Jamestown, NC. Military jets flying over-head a short while later. 1/29/02
1/14/02 20:30 Coupeville WA Unknown 15 - 20 min strange object appearing to hover turns from bright white to red. 1/29/02
1/14/02 19:15 Alexandria LA Formation >1 min. Row of lights over city 1/29/02
1/14/02 18:40 Portland OR Triangle 2 minutes Red triangles of light that straightend into column. 1/29/02
1/13/02 22:30 Jackson Heights NY Sphere one hour 10 spherical objects..traveling together..almost identcal... 1/29/02
1/13/02 20:30 San Bernardino CA Sphere 30-45 seconds Eastern part of the sky towards direction of brightest star in the sky.

Dull orange colored orb.

High altitude much higher than a
1/13/02 14:30 Denver CO Other 5 seconds Daytime black wing-like configuration flying low and at rapid speed over Denver 1/29/02
1/13/02 00:30 Barrington Hills IL Light 1 minute Unusually low, flying object, with bright lights hovering just above trees 1/29/02
1/12/02 21:00 Orem UT Teardrop 3 min 3 teardrop shaped crafts hovered in the sky changing color 1/29/02
1/12/02 17:00 Greenwich NY Formation 5:30pm Two Very Bright Lights, vertical position, of the Hudson River. 1/29/02
1/12/02 16:10 Portland OR Light 1 minute Sighting of lights over willamette river in Portland, OR Saturday 1/12/02 @ 4:10pm near two rainbows 1/29/02
1/12/02 06:15 Scotchtown NY Triangle 20 seconds Large triangular object glided crosswise over traffic on highway, descending, banked 45 turning 90 and appeared to land. 1/29/02
1/12/02 02:30 San Bernardino County CA Unknown 5 minutes for every government agency would finally put the rumors to rest and tell the truth 1/29/02
1/11/02 20:00 Santa Barbara CA Diamond 20 plus minutes Bright diamond objects with pulsating blue lights. 1/29/02
1/11/02 20:00 Leamington (Canada) ON Disk 5 minutes We spotted red and green light in the sky. Pulled the car over and got out to observe. The object was quite low coming closer and lower 1/29/02
1/11/02 19:00 Thornhill (Canada) ON Other 20 - 60 seconds Bright light splitting to 3 lights "blitzing". 1/29/02
1/11/02 18:45 Daytona Beach FL Light more than 1 hour Bright lights seen over ocean in Daytona Beach area on January 11, 2002 1/29/02
1/11/02 16:00 Oklahoma City OK Oval 5 sec. The object was oval in appearence, I would gestimate altitude of approx. 40 to 50 thousand feet possibly even higher, it was gray or si 1/29/02
1/11/02 10:00 Wyoming PA Unknown 25 minutes Large Bright Slowly Moving light. 1/29/02
1/11/02 05:15 St. Louis area MO Teardrop 20 seconds the object was fast moving ,glowing orange, and fuzzy. 1/29/02
1/10/02 17:30 Upper Darby PA Circle 00:10 Bright white round light decending in the sky at rush hour in Suburban Phila. Near Auto Accident. 1/29/02
1/10/02 17:25 Nottingham (UK/England)
Circle 3 seconds A blue/green round object that moved very fast but silently left to right from one cloud across a gap in sky to next cloud 1/29/02
1/10/02 15:20 Granite Falls WA Disk
at first sight it looked like a plane but then it came closer and it was a silver disk! 1/29/02
1/9/02 19:30 Springfield OR Teardrop 45 seconds Rain drop shaped with windows. 1/29/02
1/9/02 18:35 Cherry Valley IL Oval 2 -3 minutes I was driving home from work about 6:35 pm, going W. on State Street in Cherry Valley,(small town just east and a bit south of Rockford 1/29/02
1/9/02 10:00 Newark OH Cigar 2 min Large Cigar shaped object (newark Ohio) 1/29/02
1/8/02 21:00 Orem UT Fireball about 45 seconds Two fireballs seen in UT 1/29/02
1/8/02 21:00 Provo UT Fireball 40 seconds Two fireballs streaked across the sky 1/29/02
1/8/02 03:16 Calgary (Canada) AB Light 1-2 seconds I am a Flight Engineer with a Canadian frieght company.We had just taken off on runway 280 and were climbing out on the runway heading. 1/29/02
1/7/02 23:30 Santiago (Chile)
Circle 1 minute Circular object of very brilliant orange color in the nearby sky to the Andes mountains 1/29/02
1/7/02 21:10 Roswell NM
2-3 seconds saw and here a shooting star 1/29/02
1/7/02 06:30 Houston TX Light 2 or 3 minutes January 7, 2002 Monday, I was going to work at 6:30 a.m. outbound on 45. When I was past the beltway I saw a huge light in the sky to m 1/29/02
1/2/02 08:32 Fort McMurray (Canada) AB Cone 2 hours A large partcially cone shaperd crafted appaered over a back road when me and my friend were drinking down dirt roads near Ft. McMurry 1/29/02
12/30/01 14:30 Las Vegas/Truth or Consequences (between) NM Disk 1 minute small black disk flying fast in sunny NM sky 1/29/02
12/29/01 03:00 Great Falls MT Triangle 4min Large triangular craft observed over Great Falls Montana. 1/29/02
12/26/01 05:25 Honolulu HI Other 15 seconds Slow moving 'star' flys across Honolulu skyline. 1/29/02
12/24/01 22:00 DeBary FL Disk
this was a beautyful experience 1/29/02
12/17/01 12:00 Temecula CA Sphere 1 hour +- Three shperes 1/29/02
12/10/01 17:30 Hooksett NH Disk my husband says a few min A few scary sighting by two seperate groups of people at two different times. 1/29/02
11/5/01 11:30 Bristol PA Disk 5minutes Two disc shaped objects were witnessed on the date seen above. The two objects were blackish and silver hovering over rowhomes on Garde 1/29/02
11/1/01 02:00 Warner NH Sphere 10 seconds The first experience was in the mid 1970s. It was late at night while we were on our way > to a gig, driving along the New York State 1/29/02
10/31/01 23:30 Clinton MS Fireball 3-5 seconds Green fireball seen shooting up from the ground 1/29/02
10/14/01 20:45 Lake Elmo MN Chevron 5 minutes Six lights as bright as staium lights on chevron shaped object hovering over grove of trees.6 1/29/02
9/11/01 03:00 Warrensburg MO Triangle none really This isn't about UFOs, it's about stuff our Air Force flys, that resembles UFOs. 1/29/02
9/10/01 23:16 Merriam KS Egg about 20 seconds UFO over Kansas City...What is it?? 1/29/02
8/17/01 21:30 Arlington WA Light 2/3 min. Rotating white lights eminating from the sides with a red light in the middle 1/29/02
7/3/01 20:15 Collegeville PA Cigar 5 minutes I was coming out of the Collegeville ACME, the moon was rising and the sun was setting and I looked up. There was, what looked like, a 1/29/02
6/17/01 New York City NY Disk 30 seconds I have a video clip of a UFO (seen and taped from a helicopter containing an unknown man and a woman). The tape shows clearly the UFO d 1/29/02
5/7/01 22:00 Morristown TN Light watching the night sky Saw light in night sky that was glowing a yellowish bright color moving slowly and then disappearing in the atmosphere with orange wave 1/29/02
1/11/01 18:00 Norwich (UK/England)
Changing 6 minutes Static oblong UFO which changed shape. 1/29/02
10/23/00 02:30 Elmira WA Cylinder 10second arrow 1/29/02
4/1/00 22:00 Los Alamos (Near) NM
5 seconds Meteor Sound 1/29/02
2/15/00 01:30 Mahanoy City (outside) PA Light about 1 minute Two atvs followed by a hovering blue light. 1/29/02
2/14/00 21:48 New York City (Staten Island) NY Oval short UFO on Staten Island NY WHITE bright and quiet object! 1/29/02
1/20/00 22:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Chevron 00:00.30 Black Chevron object, camoflauged with the dark sky. no lights, no sound. 1/29/02
10/17/99 15:00 Jacksonville FL Chevron
Boomerang shaped object hovers above NFL game. 1/29/02
6/18/99 01:22 Grand Canyon NV Cigar 3 A strange pencil like object. 1/29/02
2/1/99 22:05 Arvada CO Flash 5 seconds it was a flourescent green with red on the front and a long tail. 1/29/02
1/31/99 19:30 Riverton WY Fireball 5 seconds We were driving westbound on Hwy between Riverton and Fort Washakie at 1930 hours. Sky was clear and cold with a full moon behind us j 1/29/02
12/15/98 22:00 Middletown OH Circle 10-min I was driving to work at approx.22:00p.m. going down rte.4 heading toward Middletown,Ohio from Dayton,Ohio where I reside. as I approac 1/29/02
11/14/98 21:15 Fenn ID Fireball 30 seconds ball of light shot across sky - lit up like daytime at 9:15 PM 1/29/02
9/28/98 04:39 Cincinnati OH Fireball 5-10seconds like shooting star or meteorite but had a rather long tail. 1/29/02
7/25/98 22:00 Cascade Range (central, near north sister) OR Light 5seconds Unusual large bright light lingering in sky for about five seconds. Drifted and slowly faded back. Definetely not a shooting star or ai 1/29/02
7/15/98 23:30 Whitehall MI Light about 1 hour 3 to 4 colors emanating in the sky darting back and forth and disappearing and reappearing for about an hour. 1/29/02
7/15/98 21:00 Medford OR Circle 30 seconds Huge, round, white light hovering over freeway overpass 1/29/02
6/1/98 19:00 Trowbridge (UK/England)
Light 5 mins 3 large orange lights, stationary in a line, suddenly vanished one by one. 1/29/02
5/9/98 20:00 Asbury community NC Light 45 min the lights would change colors as if spinning really fast and they looked like the colors of a prism 1/29/02
8/1/97 23:00 Chattanooga TN Light 20 minutes bright lights munerving high in the sky back and forth quickly and moving very high in the sky and disapering very quickly! 1/29/02
6/20/97 21:00 Holland Patent NY Circle 5 sec A bright blue light hovering over an open field. 1/29/02
5/15/97 21:00 Asheville NC Other both events 1 minuite an object was sited around the asheville area that was travelling westward. it was brilliantly lit and appeared to be moving very fast. 1/29/02
1/15/97 15:00 Pico Rivera/Paramount CA Oval 10-15 mins during the day, the amount of them and what the saucers were doing 1/29/02
8/16/96 14:30 Fairfield OH Triangle 1 minute Triangle shape observed on bright sunny day 1/29/02
7/11/96 00:40 Kenosha WI Other 2-2.5 sec.'s It was a warm July evening. I was down by Southport Beach, on the shorelines of Lake Michigan. It's a city beach in Kenosha, so i was 1/29/02
5/31/96 03:00 Chinquipin (Matagorda county, 10 miles southeast of se TX light 5 minutes A single point of light resembling a satallitebut moving very fast and making instant sharp turnsunlike any known object can. 1/29/02
3/1/96 19:00 Byron NY Formation 3 hours I had a 3 hour lost time experience, on my front porch one night. 1/29/02
2/15/96 23:00 St. Albert (Canada) ON Circle 30 secs A bright white object moving slowly across the sky split into 4 other craft 3 of which surrounded the white one in the middle to form a 1/29/02
10/1/95 21:00 Taunton (near) (UK/England)
Light 1 minute The object was made up of a formation of small lights, plus one light moving independantly around main formation 1/29/02
10/11/94 02:00 Jackson NJ Triangle 5mins triangle UFO in jackson NJ Countyline 526 over the old fire station next to the trailer park 1/29/02
6/15/92 Burnaby (Canada) BC

Foreign object pulled from leg 2 times from the same hole. 1/29/02
7/20/91 04:00 Crittenden KY Triangle 30sec silent triangular shaped craft hovers over me on ky I-75 in summer of 91 1/29/02
6/25/89 23:59 Sparta TN Light
very fast in a straight line like no airplane I ever saw. 1/29/02
6/15/89 18:15 Orem UT Formation 20 minutes 12 BLUE FORMATIONS APPEAR 1/29/02
8/15/88 01:00 St. Charles MO Oval 2 minutes I saw a small, oval shaped craft in St. Charles, Missouri during the summer of 1988. 1/29/02
3/1/87 19:00 Weaverville NC Triangle 2 min UFO IN ASHEVILLE N.C. 1987 1/29/02
5/4/86 12:30 Fortuna CA Triangle a few seconds It was a triangle three thrusters under it with lighting like going through the ship 1/29/02
6/1/84 21:00 Ka'anapali (Maui) HI Light one hour light came down from space one by spinning around, swarmming like bees for about a half hour arranged into a formation of vertical ... 1/29/02
6/6/81 23:59 Columbus NE Other unknown The year & month is estimated above, but the exact date will coincide with sightings of lights all over the midwest.Radio reports the n 1/29/02
6/1/81 22:30 Reno NV Light 1 min+ "shooting star" does a 180, and makes off axis shifts over reno. 1/29/02
9/26/79 17:00 Monsey NY Disk 10min. I saw a large sauser shaped craft hovering over power lines for 10 minutes,then it flew away rapidly. 1/29/02
8/1/76 Valleraugues (France)
Disk 5,6 sec. I walked to the toilet of the camping, around three o clock that night.

When I reached the entrance I heard a strange ""buzzing"" so
7/10/75 23:45 Dartmouth (Canada) NS Sphere 3-4 minutes Orange Glowing Balls 1/29/02
10/31/73 19:30 Wilson OK Cigar 10 minutes Metallic Cigar shaped Object 1/29/02
6/1/72 06:00 Burnsville NC Cylinder few minutes I remember I was 9 years old and had the habit of getting up very early in the morning before anyone else. On this particular morning I 1/29/02
7/20/70 21:15 Levittown NY Disk 3 minutes 1970 - Saucer shaped object with lights hovering over house in NY. 1/29/02
10/13/69 21:15 Millington TN Formation 72 hours Star-like, 8-point inverted V-shape, changed to V-shape, executed 1-second shift from directly South to directly West. 1/29/02
5/1/69 20:00 Wheaton MD Disk 30 seconds large saucer-shaped object sighted in Wheaton, MD in late 1960's 1/29/02
8/15/68 05:00 Austin TX Disk 15 seconds Early morning in August, several of my teenage neighbors and I were waiting for one more person to show up, in order to begin our paper 1/29/02
7/15/68 02:00 Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation NV Light 20min.(apprx) extremely manueverable pulsating white light over Pryamid Lk. shoots straight up into the heavens after investigating(?)the lake over 2 1/29/02
6/15/67 00:30 Kent WA Disk 5Min. + IN THE SUMMER OF 1967 I saw a saucer at 35 feet above my car! I saw things that were were concidered impossable for that time period. 1/29/02
7/20/66 14:30 Chosica (Peru)
Cylinder 1 minute watched a cylindrical, clearly metallic, resembling shiny aluminum, somewhat rounded object hovering on nearby hills, moving pendulum-l 1/29/02
3/31/66 23:50 Dearborn MI Oval 20 minutes Sighted, followed and was followed by spacecraft. 1/29/02
4/15/64 22:00 Seattle (80miles west of) WA Disk 20 min Many sighting in the sky 1/29/02
6/1/62 19:00 San Francisco CA Circle 15 minutes My personal UFO sighting 1/29/02
?/?/94 10:30 Gerlach (Pyramid Lake) NV Sphere 30+ sec metalic, self propelled ball goes don the road 1/29/02