National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2002/02/22


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
2/20/02 03:30VestaburgMIUSAApprox.30 minutesHigh pitched sounds & bright light in my entire yard at 3:30 a.m.2/22/02
2/20/02 01:00TucsonAZUSADisk1minSigting2/22/02
2/19/02 14:10GoldenCOUSAOther15 MinsStrange Noise In Golden CO Area2/22/02
2/19/02 08:40BostonMAUSALight2minBright orb shaped light over Boson2/22/02
2/18/02 19:55Orange CountyCAUSALight3-4 minutesSlowly blinking light2/22/02
2/18/02 19:38NaplesFLUSAFlash15 minsA flash was seen inthe sky, it did not move in a steady direction, but up and down and back and forth left and right2/22/02
2/18/02 04:16BurnsvilleMNUSAFormationseconds5 or 6 faint red dots in a strange formation heading east2/22/02
2/17/02 22:30ConyersGAUSADiskapprox 10 minsAs I walked through my kitchen, a bright light caught my attention outside the window. I stopped for a look and there in the sky abo2/22/02
2/17/02 22:30TroyOHUSATriangle2 minsVery large bright light sitting there and then it made a sudden turn to the south and disapeared2/22/02
2/17/02 22:00Dry RidgeKYUSAUnknown2 minutesagile flashing craft outside of cincinnati2/22/02
2/17/02 18:41Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaSphere3-5 secondsBright ball of light seen flying above us no more than 50 feet away in Calgary Alberta.2/22/02
2/17/02 16:00LavoniaGAUSAUnknown1 hourDaylight sighting over Georia2/22/02
2/17/02 04:16unknownKSUSAOtheran airplane figure was seen, after stopping the head lights started to flicker2/22/02
2/17/02 00:40Klamath FallsORUSAFormation1 minuteWing shaped UFO Klamath Falls Oregon. Several lights or reflections, Soared like a bird, not straight path, hight altitude no sound. S2/22/02
2/16/02 21:30Apache JunctionAZUSAUnknown3 minutesI was in my two story bedroom, attempting to close the blinds. I glanced outside to the west to the Mesa-Phoenix city lights. I looke2/22/02
2/16/02 21:18WestlandMIUSAOtherabout a minuteThe craft changed shapes while rotating counterclockwise and looked to be consisted of hundreds of lights.2/22/02
2/16/02 19:56ByronILUSALight5 minutesdisapparing lights2/22/02
2/16/02 18:00WoburnMAUSATriangle10 minutesI was in the middle of doing pilates with my wife when we saw something through our window that looked like a trianglular shape. At fir2/22/02
2/16/02 15:00Panama CityFLUSAOval1 minuteJets investigating object over Gulf of Mexico2/22/02
2/15/02 22:00BuckeyeAZUSASphereThese are unexplainable, unidentified, fling objects, cought on tape.2/22/02
2/15/02 20:00MaltbyWAUSALight10 minutesA very bright white light moved in straight lines, and stopped repeatedly. Red and blue lights flashed on its bottom side.2/22/02
2/15/02 19:36North Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaLight20 seconds<>Bright single point-source non-moving light similar to Venus but outside ecliptic plane much brighter bursts for 20 seconds ,then fades2/22/02
2/15/02 16:06Las VegasNVUSAUnknown5 secondsBlue Fireball with sparks2/22/02
2/15/02 13:10EverettWAUSAUnknown5 minlong black streek followed by jet2/22/02
2/15/02 07:15ElizabethtonTNUSAUnknownstill therestrangestthing I ever saw2/22/02
2/14/02 21:30SurpriseAZUSAOvalLarge oval object with intense spot lights around it2/22/02
2/14/02 21:30PhoenixAZUSALight5 - 6 minutes7 Unknows Objects - Estrella Mountain's - Phoenix AZ2/22/02
2/14/02 21:00WoosterOHUSADisk10 minutesuknown shaped object with lights flashing below, hovers , thens eases away.2/22/02
2/14/02 11:30London (Canada)ONCanadaLight10 secondsi was outside, when i looked out into the sky an a bright white light was up in the sky. I said "look its a UFO" for a joke then it sto2/22/02
2/14/02 06:35HavanaFLUSALight1-2 secondsBright white light streak over Gadsden Co. Fl made sharp left turn.2/22/02
2/14/02 04:15Welshtown (Canada)NSCanadaLight32 minutesBright reddish light that moved up and down , side to side then disappeared.2/22/02
2/14/02 01:00HoustonTXUSAUnknownNot sureAn unforgettable witness to a ufo2/22/02
2/13/02 23:00WebbervilleMIUSALight5 MinBright light hovering over Williamston Michigan2/22/02
2/13/02 21:12CanbyORUSALight3 min.Two white lights traveling north at a highe rate of speed, hovering =, then continuing north2/22/02
2/13/02 21:00Burlington (Canada)ONCanadaFireball20 secondsX shape on fire2/22/02
2/13/02 20:03HowellMIUSAFireball2 secondsAt 8:03 pm Tuesday, February 13, 2002, I was driving east on Marr Rd. near the intersection of Fischer Rd., which is about 3 miles nort2/22/02
2/13/02 20:00HopkinsMIUSAFireball5secMeteor sighted Hillards Febuary 13th 8pm2/22/02
2/13/02 20:00King City (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle2-5 minutesI saw a large triangular outline of red and white lights that seemed to hover and then move very slowly pass my car.2/22/02
2/13/02 14:50HenikerNHUSADisk30 secondsdaylight disc sighting2/22/02
2/13/02 13:45SandstoneMNUSARectangle5 min.It is very hard to explain2/22/02
2/13/02 10:57AshgroveMOUSADisk12to15 minlarge disk shaped object in the night sky2/22/02
2/13/02 01:53BridgewaterNJUSASphereunknownTwo independent persons witnessed a large blue object in the sky the size of a 3 story building.2/22/02
2/13/02 01:00LewisburgTNUSAOval15 minutes or longerIt was 1:00a.m. on 2/12/02 and 2/13/02 that my husband and I noticed a strange light in the sky. We got our binoculars and looked thr2/22/02
2/12/02 22:12AstoriaNYUSALight20 secondsi saw three ufo's that reminded me of fireflyes moving anyway at any speed.2/22/02
2/12/02 20:08ConcordNCUSALight4.minutesI saw a moving light that disappeared into thin air on a clear night.2/22/02
2/12/02 20:00LorainOHUSADisk1-2 minutesUFO near Cleveland Ohio, evening of 2/12/02.2/22/02
2/12/02 19:50Post FallsIDUSALight20 minutesPOST FALLS IDAHO SIGHTING 2/12/022/22/02
2/12/02 19:45SE Oregon, NW Nevada or NE California border.ORUSALight15 minutesOregon UFO Review Case: Array of lights at the Oregon, Nevada, California border.2/22/02
2/12/02 19:40Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaFireball15secsWe came out of a clothing store on Mavis Road in the north part of Mississauga, my son my wife and my sons friend, were getting into ou2/22/02
2/12/02 18:56Torhout (Belgium)BelgiumCircle10 secGreen light ship2/22/02
2/12/02 17:45Wheat RidgeCOUSAOther5-7 minutesA white horizontal line appeared in the west and moved slowly north until moving behind some dark clouds.2/22/02
2/12/02 07:15San AntonioTXUSADiskI noticed a saucer like object in a picture that I took with my digital camera.2/22/02
2/12/02 05:56Las VegasNVUSALight5 SecondsUFO2/22/02
2/11/02 23:50MiltonWVUSACylinder15 MINUTESInverted Cylinder flying the night sky near Milton WA2/22/02
2/11/02 22:10SeattleWAUSAFireball1 SecondFalling Object2/22/02
2/11/02 20:30PortlandORUSADisk30 secondsOregon UFO Review Case: Disk w/dull reddish glow.2/22/02
2/11/02 19:30BrookstonTXUSAUnknown3 sectraviling north to south very fast just above tree line no sound orange blue lights2/22/02
2/11/02 03:45CovinaCAUSAOther30 min.Without sound, and very well lit-up, it sparatically moved left to right, at times glidding downward at a right angle.2/22/02
2/11/02 00:01Crown PointINUSAI would like to get ahold of the people from Crown Point, Indiana who saw the fire balls. Just to confirm sighting. Also from crown2/22/02
2/10/02 23:59Fort WorthTXUSAFireball3 to 5 minutesWe saw fireball like objects coming from the earth into the sky.2/22/02
2/10/02 14:30Connecticut (unspecified)CTUSAArticle about sonic boom/fireball 2/10/02
2/9/02 23:20San DiegoCAUSACircle10 minutesLarge, burning ball spotted drifting in the sky above San Diego on Feb. 9, 20022/22/02
2/9/02 21:15OlympiaWAUSADisk20 minutesWe observed a silent, saucer shaped object with a ring around it with a color and glow resembling the moon.2/22/02
2/9/02 21:00can't sayPAUSALightTen minutesFast, looked bright, like a star but did not flicker, but instead moved. It moved from up and down and side to side quickly.2/22/02
2/9/02 20:30CheyenneWYUSAFireball1 second?Bright ball of light shoots toward ground in Southeastern Wyoming.2/22/02
2/9/02 15:30NapaCAUSACigar15 secondsWhite wingless object seen flying above Napa California2/22/02
2/9/02 14:00SpringfieldMAUSAFireballone hourFireball seen by dozens of eyewitnesses2/22/02
2/9/02 13:30BarringtonRIUSAFireball5 secMy wife and I were on the East Bay Bike Path near Barrrington RI where we had just stopped riding for a moment. I was looking down and2/22/02
2/9/02 02:50BellevilleMIUSAFormation3 secondsI was walking dog, herd something that sounded like geese flying overhead, looked up, and saw 6 to 8 side by side flickering lights fly2/22/02
2/9/02 01:19BreeseILUSALight10 secondsPinpoint of light with astonishing speed and unbelieveble direction change.2/22/02
2/8/02 23:20RentonWAUSAFireball3-5 secsGreen fireball over Renton, WA2/22/02
2/8/02 22:55Las CrucesNMUSALight6 secondsWhite ball of light moving fast to the norheast.2/22/02
2/8/02 19:35LeipsicOHUSALight5 minutesI saw two very bright whites lights in the sky at first they were still not moving then they began to move towards the sotheast ver2/22/02
2/8/02 19:00PortlandORUSADisk60 minutes +Craft forms Triangle, becomes portal right over 1-52/22/02
2/8/02 00:23MountvillePAUSALight2+ hrs. (can still see itFast moving bright light stops dead, idles around - some time later viewed it slowly and randomly moving around.2/22/02
2/7/02 20:00RacineWIUSATriangleabout 1 min.A triangular shaped aircraft with three lights and a red haze-like glow seen in southern Racine County.2/22/02
2/7/02 19:40AbileneTXUSALight19:45I was on my way home when I saw a very large light, to large to have been an airplane from that height. It passed behind big buildings2/22/02
2/6/02 23:10London (UK/England)United KingdomCircle3 seconds3 orange-red round objects above House of Parliament, London, England2/22/02
2/6/02 21:45Oakham (UK/England)United KingdomTriangleone hourwe saw a triangular object with a bright white glow around it darting about in the eastern sky on wed 6th feb 20022/22/02
2/6/02 21:00IrmoSCUSATriangle3-4 minutes3 steady white lights, triangular formation with a red blinking light in the center.2/22/02
2/6/02 18:45TemeculaCAUSAFormation????well,.me and two friend, where at a gas station in temecula california,..when of in the distance,....could be seen,5 to 7 lights in a s2/22/02
2/6/02 00:35North PoleAKUSAOther30 seconds'Rocket boosters' over North Pole AK2/22/02
2/6/02 00:30FairbanksAKUSAFireball5minturn around for 1 min with gushing out smoke.2/22/02
2/5/02 20:35GaylordMIUSARectangle2minutesWOW2/22/02
2/4/02 22:00IgnacioCOUSAFireball2 minutesWas it a comet?2/22/02
2/4/02 21:30LovelandOHUSATriangle30 sec.A triangular object was observed to be moving at a normal speed then it dissappeared.2/22/02
2/4/02 21:18OkeechobeeFLUSACirclethere were 4 circular shaped objects hoovering in the sky. 3 of 4 were in a stair formation and the 4 was off to the side. The color of2/22/02
2/4/02 19:30SpokaneWAUSALight2.5 hoursMoving lights over Spokane2/22/02
2/4/02 19:00DelandFLUSATriangle1 minsaw a triangle shape object with glowing orbs on the corners(very big)completley black in between the lights but very solid moving from2/22/02
2/4/02 19:00Lupton (near)MIUSALight3+ hoursBright hovering object with red lights- erratic pattern of movement2/22/02
2/4/02 18:35DeSoto/Overland Park (between)KSUSATriangle8-10 minTriangular Shaped Craft Spotted along K-10 (Eastbound) around 6:35pm CST 04 Feb 022/22/02
2/4/02 18:00DowneyCAUSACircle5 minutes1 light, joined by two more form triangle and perform some formations, before disappearing and flying away in a pattern.2/22/02
2/4/02 05:00Porto Alegre (Brazil)BrazilTriangle5 minThree stars moving together as a triangle to the south in an orbital path.2/22/02
2/4/02 02:55TalkeetnaAKUSALightongoingseveral blue/wht lighted objects traveling at different speeds across sky and then back up to a larger light higher up in the sky2/22/02
2/3/02 18:15PhoenixAZUSAOtherapprox. 2 min.Low altitude passenger-type jet emitting thick contrails blinks out of sight in a cloudless, baby blue sky!2/22/02
2/3/02 16:32Los Angeles (West Hollywood)CAUSA4 minutes5 spheres 1 tubular craft2/22/02
2/3/02 04:00BaltimoreMDUSACircle22 secondslarge round bright object fast moving on camera2/22/02
2/3/02 03:45Randburg (South Africa)South AfricaUnknown00:20Horizintal green light beams shining from within small clouds -attracted by search lights from local town Randburg,Jhb ,South Africa2/22/02
2/2/02 23:40UrbanaILUSACircle5-7 minutesapproximately 11 bright orange objects sighted travelling SW to NE at 23:40 on 02/02/02 in Urbana, IL.2/22/02
2/2/02 23:35UrbanaILUSALight25 minutes7 to 9 large, bright amber lights moving from southwest to northeast over Illinois2/22/02
2/2/02 22:00St. CloudFLUSAFormation15 mins11 lights in the sky that were stationary2/22/02
2/2/02 21:35Moore HavenFLUSALight20 minSeveral bright glowing objects seen by four witnesses in night sky dimming and reappearing and moving at tremendious speed.2/22/02
2/2/02 21:15MelbourneFLUSALight2210Eleven reddish orange lights appear and disappear in the skey2/22/02
2/2/02 21:00Lake WalesFLUSAEgg15 minutesThere were 2 sets of 4 all in a straight line. Slowly one by one the bright light started to disappear (as if the light was being turn2/22/02
2/2/02 20:30SpokaneWAUSALight20-25 minTwo bright lights - one danced wildly while the other stood still.2/22/02
2/2/02 19:00PegramTNUSALightone hourPulsating or rotating stationary lights high in the night sky2/22/02
2/2/02 18:10Schuyler FallsNYUSAEgg5 minutesegg shaped object2/22/02
2/2/02 15:30Curitiba (Brazil)BrazilCylinder30 minutesA big cylinder floating in the sky2/22/02
2/2/02 09:30Frost ProofFLUSALight30min.bright yellow lights appearing disappearing and changing locations2/22/02
2/2/02 06:05Eau claireWIUSACircle3 minutescirclure object with very bright lights.2/22/02
2/2/02 05:24Kansas CityMOUSALight1 minuteTwo extremely bright, large, white lights, one slightly ahead of the other, slowly traveled from the south to the north directly over2/22/02
2/2/02 02:53ClermontFLUSALight1 minuteA blinding light caused an electrical disturbance while passing near my car.2/22/02
2/2/02 02:02MinevilleNYUSATriangle30 seconds to 2 minutesTwo silent, rounded triangle shapes with a slight aura appeared in uppstate New York on a very strange date...2/22/02
2/2/02 00:15Spring GrovePAUSAFlash1or 2 secondsFlash across the midnight sky.2/22/02
2/1/02 22:30FitchvilleCTUSAOval1minclear night about 2000 to 3000 feet in the sky two beams emitted from craft beam lenght uncertian but very bright smaller beam disappe2/22/02
2/1/02 21:40SunriseFLUSALightFeb 1st. 2002My girl and I were drioving south on Nob Hill rd. from McNab rd. in Tamar on our way to Sunrise. I spotted a bright light over the ever2/22/02
2/1/02 18:00RiponCAUSATriangle2 MinutesUnidentified dark triangular object stationary in the sky over Ripon, CA.2/22/02
1/31/02 22:00FriscoTXUSAUnknown10-15 secondsRocket like object lights up sky as it streaks across North Texas sky.2/22/02
1/31/02 22:00IrvingTXUSADiamond8secondsas i was driving down i-30 east towards dallas my friend noticed something in the sky,as i looked up coming from north to south we noti2/22/02
1/31/02 21:57HelotesTXUSASphere30 secondsBlue Sphere moving at high rate of speed2/22/02
1/31/02 21:55North Richland HillsTXUSASphere20 secondsran very very fast and was bright, intill you could not see it in the sky2/22/02
1/31/02 21:50PlanoTXUSALightAt approximately 9:50 pm we where traveling east when we saw a glowing blueish/green object sore through the sky many times faster than2/22/02
1/31/02 21:48ReaganTXUSALightApprx 5 secondsBright blue light crosses Texas sky on a clear January night.2/22/02
1/31/02 21:45HoustonTXUSALight4 secondsBright fast moving light, no sound and no "tail" like a meteor, moving across the horizon.2/22/02
1/31/02 06:07MontereyCAUSAUnknownthree minutesI saw a craft-like object, huge bright light in the middle, surrounded by blinking red lights, hanging in the sky for 1 1/2 min.2/22/02
1/31/02 05:30Jewell ValleyCAUSA1 minuteINS Border Patrol Officer observes cluster of discs, and a boomerang-shaped object, fly over his patrol vehicle.2/22/02
1/30/02 22:45Lake PlacidFLUSALight30 secondsBright object noted in sky, abruptly disappeared without a trace.2/22/02
1/30/02 21:50FortunaCAUSACircle15 minutesBright orange object once again seen over Fortuna, CA2/22/02
1/30/02 19:00Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown60 secLeaving car to enter house and looked up to 80 degrees to see 4 lights on bottom of craft plus two strobes on pos. wings.All lights w2/22/02
1/30/02 03:30BolingbrookILUSAOval10 minutesglowing oval above my house2/22/02
1/30/02 01:42NavajoNMUSATriangle3 min. 39 sec.Four triangle objects hovering over Navajo, New Mexico.2/22/02
1/29/02 22:17RoachdaleINUSADiskIt had different colored lights that lighted up in a pattern. It was round and it was about 25 feet away from the ground. It stopped th2/22/02
1/29/02 22:00AntiochCAUSAFormation15 to 20 minWitnessed three glowing objects in sky in a perfect isoceles triangle and watched two accelerate into the distance very, very fast.2/22/02
1/29/02 22:00Ermelo (Netherlands)NetherlandsChanging2 min.changing shaped UFO's change colour and turn at fast speed2/22/02
1/28/02 23:03JacksonvilleFLUSACircle1min.30sec.Bright red light in the sky turns into U.F.O. with circular shape and rotating lights.2/22/02
1/28/02 23:00Buffalo GroveILUSAUnknownFlying object with lots of noise and many lights.2/22/02
1/27/02 22:00NorthamptonMAUSALight2 secondsBright flying light in sky at night, Northampton Massachussetts - Jan 27th 20022/22/02
1/27/02 20:30Chiclana (Spain)SpainCircle6 secondsthe big cricle light2/22/02
1/27/02 16:25Porthcawl (UK/Wales)United KingdomOther5 secondslow flying shining disapearing flying object2/22/02
1/27/02 14:00SpringfieldVAUSACircle30 minutes5-6 Round Silvery Objects at 40K feet and Rocket Like Objects2/22/02
1/26/02 21:45Cape GirardeauMOUSACircle1 minuteCircular object appears to "float" over city2/22/02
1/26/02 18:52AntiochCAUSAFireball30 SecondsFireball Frequesntly Seen In Antioch CA2/22/02
1/26/02 15:30IthacaNYUSACylinder3 minutesCylinder crosses sky without any vapor trail.2/22/02
1/25/02 19:00GreenwoodLAUSASphereMin four hoursGlowing Orb Flashes and Hovers For three hours in smalltown in north Louisiana.2/22/02
1/25/02 18:05WilliamsportPAUSATriangle10 minutesTriangular object seen passing over Lycoming Mall in Williamsport, Pennsylvania2/22/02
1/23/02 06:56WhitmanMAUSAOther:30 sec.Gaseous masses in the sky2/22/02
1/21/02 23:00OsceolaARUSAFireball8 minsSeveral objects seen in north sky.2/22/02
1/15/02 07:55St. PetersburgFLUSAOval10 minutesSt. petersburg fl. Could not belive my eyes for the first time I saw UFO2/22/02
1/14/02 22:30Ocean CityMDUSALight20 minutesGlowing 'orbs' dive into ocean after 15 minute hover2/22/02
1/13/02 20:10ColumbusOHUSA1-2 minutesbright light that grew and then suddenly disappeared, followed by a large object falling out of the sky with a large fire trail.2/22/02
1/12/02 13:45GranburyTXUSADisk11minutesUnusual object flying low at a slow speed2/22/02
1/8/02 20:30PontotocMSUSAOther60secs.Large, low-flying rectangular object sighted 11/19 at 9:45 PM 3 wedged shaped they had red green white &yellow lights no sound appro2/22/02
1/5/02 08:40New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSADisk15 secondsSingle hat shaped disk sighted at 8:40 a.m. for 15 seconds in sky towards the east2/22/02
1/1/02 22:00OakwoodTXUSATriangle2 mintriangular ufo seen in oakwood texas2/22/02
1/1/02 08:00Banner ElkNCUSAFireballIt was orange it was too slow to be a shooting star and had no flashing lights.2/22/02
12/24/01 21:00Punteranus (Costa Rica)Costa RicaFlashapprox 2-3 secondstwo objects - one at a time shooting through the sky and extinquishing in mid flight...the second exactly the same - a seconds apart2/22/02
12/15/01 20:00Des MoinesIAUSATriangle4 minutesI was driving to the store and when I turned onto county line road, I saw a huge triangle shape /_\ just like that,, In the middle ther2/22/02
12/1/01 21:10Mazatlán (Mexico)MexicoLight2 minutesabout 300 saw a bright comet-like object flying too fast and too low from SW to NE at 21:10 on 12/2/01 at about 23°N106W2/22/02
11/24/01 22:00Michigan CityINUSAFormationBeach HouseFlying V shape over the water2/22/02
11/18/01 04:30BellinghamWAUSAFormation1-2 minutescluster of peanut-brittle colored balls flying in loose formation2/22/02
10/22/01 23:00Sturgeon BayWIUSALight30 minsstrange light2/22/02
10/16/01 20:00Doaktown (Canada)NBCanadaUnknownhoursbright object bobbeb & weaved in the air and moved unconventionally for 2 nights in a row.2/22/02
9/22/01 21:20Daniel's ParkCOUSASphere5 to 10 MinBig Red thing Fallowing my Van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2/22/02
9/22/01 21:15Daniel's ParkCOUSASphere10 Min.A UFO fly’s over us, after it stock’s are friend Stan Romanek.2/22/02
9/22/01 21:00Daniel's ParkCOUSASphere5 to 10 min.I talked to witnesses that watched a big red UFO fallow Stan Romanek’s Van2/22/02
9/22/01 09:20Daniel's ParkCOUSASpherea few Min.Something Fallowed my brother, then flew right over us!2/22/02
9/22/01 09:15Daniel's ParkCOUSASphere60 secUFO seen over Daniel’s Park Southwest of Denver Colorado2/22/02
9/13/01 23:00LowellINUSAFireball2 minutesDuring Sept 11ths No Fly order, red ball is chased down by possible military aircraft & both vanish.2/22/02
9/13/01 14:00KearneyMOUSACigar11secIt was the day airplanes resumed flight after the sept.11 attacks. I was standing out in the pasture with my dogs enjoying the day. It 2/22/02
9/11/01 20:30CyrilOKUSALightaround 15 minutes2 to 5 objects sighted while 3 conventonal aircraft buzzing in the area - 4 adult witinesses2/22/02
9/2/01 21:30Carol CityFLUSAOther90 secsExplosion of brilliant light traveling north south2/22/02
8/2/01 23:00OcalaFLUSACircle2 secondsA bright blue ring of light swooping in and vanishing with a trail of blue left behind2/22/02
7/28/01 03:00SandyUTUSAOval25/30 minutesI was unable to see this examples2/22/02
4/15/01 14:00LewisburgWVUSALightunexplained beams coming from the hoizon.2/22/02
3/3/01 02:40BakersfieldCAUSACircle10+ sec.Many different colors and lights.................2/22/02
1/21/01 05:30St. PetersburgFLUSAChanging5 secondsThis is not an untrue personal statement as I witnessed what I believe to be an intelligent subset of life.2/22/02
1/15/01 07:45ChesterCAUSARectangle3 minLate evening I was cuting wood when a very bright light cought my attenson behind me I turnd around to see a light that was so bright I2/22/02
1/1/01 22:00Croton-on-HudsonNYUSAFireball2 secsA fireball shaped UFO changed colors and disapeared.2/22/02
12/24/00 23:15Unknown (Australia)AustraliasecondsMan and wife withess multiple orange lights maneuvering in formation.2/22/02
11/12/00 03:00Russell SpringsKYUSAFormation2 minsA tight formation of three crafts that zipped across the sky but stoped for a minute and then flew off again.2/22/02
9/20/00 22:30Padstow (UK/England)United KingdomOther20 minsFlashing lights seen as half-mile wide object in night sky above padstow,England2/22/02
9/7/00 01:30YumaAZUSACircle10 minutes2 ladies were sitting outside a home when they noticed small airplanes in the distance, then a circle of light came towards them and ap2/22/02
9/1/00 17:00AlbuquerqueNMUSADiamondi was shooting photographs of the balloons and one of the pictures had this disk at the very top of the image.2/22/02
7/15/00 01:00BelgiumBelgiumFireball3 secondsIt was night and cloudy. It was like a fire ball going straight and very fast with an orange colour. We were on the road with my wife, 2/22/02
6/20/00 22:00TiftonGAUSAUnknownless than one minuteMy roomate and I were walking home one night when we happened to look up and over our heads maybe 100 ft. up there were lights that loo2/22/02
6/15/00 02:00OakdaleMNUSACircleI couldnt really see because it was at night but it was a round shape and it looked as tho it was flying under an airplane or following2/22/02
6/15/00 01:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle3 seconds3 boomerang shaped lights moving sighlently across the night sky in a triangular formation.2/22/02
4/1/00 22:15Young City (approx 9 mi. SE of Graham)TXUSADisk01-01.5 minutesat first sight, a very bright light aimed horizontially in our direction as we travel south on HWY 16 south of Graham, TX. The light th2/22/02
2/2/00 20:00Rock Hill (and surrounding cities)SCUSALightAll nightBalls of lght in a snowstorm.2/22/02
7/15/99 02:00NapervilleILUSALightbout 30 minThe object had a bunch of lights on it when all of a sudden they all went out but 1 light and flew off into space.2/22/02
6/20/99 23:30RockfordILUSADiskMy friend and I were outside at about 23:30 PM in the summer. We were standing in the street looking for the moon when we saw a disk li2/22/02
6/20/99 14:00Worcester (UK/England)United KingdomCircle5mins"i saw a dot in the sky then another appeared , then two more . then one by one they disappeared with only one left it went behind a cl2/22/02
6/9/99 21:58Redondo BeachCAUSA1-2 secondsAn intensely white-phosphorus colored streak heading down vertically from the overhead sky like a ballistic missile and disappearing in2/22/02
5/14/99 03:00WoburnMAUSACircle15 minscircles of lights in the western sky of Woburn MA.2/22/02
11/2/98 19:00Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaCircle1minNot your typical sighting, a black stealth machine gliding past, giving me a view of what I knew existed. Wow.2/22/02
8/22/98 23:05Xenia (app.10 Mi. E of Dayton)OHUSAUnknownapp. 30 sec.Standing in backyard with girlfriend. Saw yellow-orange dull glowing light traveling SE to NW at fantastic speed. Blinked out of view!!2/22/02
6/29/98 23:01YakimaWAUSAFireball10secondsA large, bright green was moving south. It was coming from the Ellensburg area. It was moving slow, stopped in mid air, then shot off a2/22/02
6/6/98 23:15St. LouisMOUSADiamond2-4 secondsSaw hourglass shape object travel at a great speed across horizon going east to west. object covered distance in about 3 or 4 seconds.2/22/02
4/12/98 00:30YucaipaCAUSALight5 minwe saw a round bright light in the sky, it had no flashing lights. it did not seem to move very fast. after a few min we saw the brigh2/22/02
9/16/97 04:00WoodmontCTUSADisk20 minutesBlizzard,my Siberian Husky , and I were walking along Anchor Beach in woodmont Connecticut , enjoying the view of the oysterboat workin2/22/02
9/1/97 18:00WoodmontCTUSADisk15minuteswalking my dog along the beach,I was taking pictures of the oyster boats with my digital camera, when I viewed the pictures, I found a 2/22/02
8/30/97 00:00WoodlandsTXUSALighti and my best freind took my telescope to test it out(my freind's in college sr. 1 of his subjects is astronomy2/22/02
7/15/97 20:30CaballoNMUSATriangle30 secondsLow flying, (approx. 200ft. altitude), SAND colored triangle, passed directly over my house at an approx. speed of 75-100mph.2/22/02
4/20/97 23:00Las VegasNVUSALight2-3 secondszig zagging light in the sky2/22/02
4/14/96 13:00GrotonCTUSAOther?Unknown object appeared in photograph, was not noticed at the time photo was taken,Curious?2/22/02
10/15/95 22:15WoodstockCTUSA5 secondsYoung couple witness large glowing craft streak across the night sky, as if it were "exiting" the Earth. Craft was followed by a trail 2/22/02
8/1/95 16:00Hull (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle20 minutes3 silver triangular objects over my house in 19952/22/02
6/15/93 04:00Neyland (UK/Wales)United Kingdomfew minutesthe orange light passed directly over the house,humming and vibrating the window travelled north slowly2/22/02
7/5/92 23:59BarronvalePAUSAFormation1-2min.constellation begins manuvers2/22/02
6/1/92 04:00Vrĺ (Denmark)DenmarkLight?intelligens elsewere2/22/02
3/22/92 18:30Beaumont/Sour LakeTXUSAUnknown30 minIt was a huge craft with several lights rotating on and off in a circle manner located under the craft.2/22/02
10/1/91 14:45EasleySCUSAOtherfifteen minutesHockey-puck-shaped-thing.2/22/02
2/5/90 21:00Sleepy CreekNCUSALight3 min.Mystery light attracts Air Force attention in NC.2/22/02
12/23/89 08:00ChicagoILUSADisk5The Saucer Tried To Land On Our Snow-Covered Field As We Crossed To Reach Our School.2/22/02
1/10/89 23:00JacksonNJUSAFireball10...minsI wonder now why we both didn't make a big deal about it2/22/02
6/25/87 23:00PahrumpNVUSAOther20 minetsUnknown Cloud Around Object and changed color then vanished2/22/02
8/1/86 22:00JamestownOHUSATriangle5 minutesIt was silent,this is all true.2/22/02
6/1/86 03:00SchertzTXUSAOval20min approx.A large round object hovered over my house very late at night, with lights all around it, that faded as I looked.2/22/02
1/27/85 01:30HermistonORUSAOther45 secondsMe and my buddies were out camping, when we heard a muffled bang. We looked up and there was three bright flashes of blue light, then 32/22/02
3/1/80 18:30San FranciscoCAUSALight1 minuteBright blue circular light travelled east to west across the S.F. Bay at a high rate of speed.2/22/02
5/15/79 01:00Wordens Pond RoadRIUSADisk15 minA bright light appeared over the trees while driving home and changed colors soon after that,.2/22/02
12/28/77 20:00WorcesterMAUSADisk15 secWe observed a 60-80 ft diameter metalic craft (disk shaped- flat on top)move by us at 70 ft high & 100 yards of dista-nce.2/22/02
6/15/76 02:00OdessaTXUSADisk45 minIn the summer of 1975 or 76 I had just gotten off work around 2:00 am. Went home and got into bed with my wife. I was lying there liste2/22/02
1/7/76 23:00Stansbury (South Australia)AustraliaRectangle2 to 3 minutesIt was a clear night, two people witnessed the sighting,no other aircraft were in the vicinity,the size was stunning.2/22/02
8/15/73 23:00BroctonNYUSADisk20 min.saucer sighted cruising over grape fields, low hum like sound, looked out window as it slowly made its way over house, lights on unders2/22/02
5/1/69 05:00YoungstownOHUSADisk30minwoke one morning and for no good reason went to back door and witness a saucer above trees and below on ground a small saucer a unknow 2/22/02
6/15/68 17:00PasadenaTXUSACigar2 minCigar shaped UFO with it's tailend on fire2/22/02
5/29/67 21:00El PasoTXUSALight1 hourMy Dad was a radar specialist.2/22/02
8/7/65 13:00South YarmouthMAUSALight1 minuteon aug 07 1965 ,i was 16 . playing baseball with approx 16 others .looking to the east i observed three spots of intense light at appro2/22/02
5/1/59 18:30ColumbusOHUSALight2-3 minRed-orange lights over seen motionless over Lockborne AFB-one vanished and one sped out of sight.2/22/02
6/1/58 22:30Grand IslandNEUSACircle2-3 min.Hovering craft 60-75' over roadway2/22/02
6/6/54 10:00AtlantaGAUSADiskweeksU.F.O spoted that had some bugs in it, no not the X files, but close!!2/22/02
8/15/37 21:00FontanaCAUSALight5 to 10 minA cylinder light came on above us with no sound .2/22/02
??/??/??TrevortonPAUSAUnknownLong AgoFast UFO flyies across mountain areas. Telsa Power???2/22/02