National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2002/03/19


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/18/02 22:00Mountain ViewCAUSAFlash1.5 secsvery sharp, very bright, intense green light - moved like a meteor3/19/02
3/17/02 18:34AlgonaWAUSAFireball2 secondsBright green fireball streaks across Northwestern sky3/19/02
3/17/02 01:55Walla WallaWAUSALight20-25 minsBright stationary light seen in NW sky.3/19/02
3/16/02 22:00Lake WorthFLUSAFormation45-60 SecondsMultiple witnesses to multiple objects3/19/02
3/16/02 20:30Grand RapidsMIUSAChevron3 minutes3 quick, "V" shaped objects flew over my house within 1 minute of each other.3/19/02
3/16/02 20:20RolfeIAUSAUnknown2 min.4 lights in a row with 2 on the end at a angle at the end i think what the end was. all the lights went off an on for three or four tim3/19/02
3/16/02 14:00SlidellLAUSATeardrop10 SecondsAmoeba like plasma "craft".3/19/02
3/15/02 22:45LakelandFLUSAEgg30 secondsbright egg shaped object,no trail.3/19/02
3/15/02 20:45Old HickoryTNUSADiamondfew secondsIt was a black, diamond/kite shaped craft.3/19/02
3/15/02 19:50ClaytonNJUSALight20 min.we saw lights in a cloud3/19/02
3/15/02 19:30YumaAZUSALight10 minutesSomething that looked like a rocket, very bright, flying into the sky and then disappearing.3/19/02
3/15/02 19:17PhoenixAZUSAFireball1 minuteLarge zig zagging light West of South Mountain, Arizona3/19/02
3/15/02 19:15GlendaleAZUSACircle1 minuteLighted object vaporized in a cloud of "fog" before my eyes.3/19/02
3/15/02 18:30SunnyvaleCAUSA20 minuteszig-zag persistent low-altitude contrail3/19/02
3/15/02 18:25Los AngelesCAUSAFireball4 MINHello, I am a recent engineering graduate from USC. I live near University of Southern California (USC). I witnessed a very strange 3/19/02
3/15/02 18:15Las VegasNVUSALight30 secondsCrazy light in the sky disentegrates3/19/02
3/15/02 18:00La QuintaCAUSAOtherAbout 30 min.Strange jet-trail-like thing sighted over mountains3/19/02
3/15/02 18:00Prescott (near; Hwy 89)AZUSAOther6hrs.strange cloud plumes over the northern desert sky3/19/02
3/15/02 16:00BokeeliaFLUSAOval20 secondsI enroute to Cayo Costa State Park via the inter-island ferry service. During the trip I was casually observing the scenery, not really3/19/02
3/14/02 22:45Lake ForestILUSAUnknown5 secondsFlourescent white-green 'fireball' from NW Corner of sky in Illinois3/19/02
3/13/02 22:55DawsonvilleGAUSALight2 to 3 secondsthere was a light that lasted for 2 to 3 second maximum and it was gone over the horizon.3/19/02
3/13/02 20:00Gila BendAZUSACircle20 minsUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IN THE SKY.3/19/02
3/13/02 20:00ChamaNMUSACone2 hrs.A large light was seen from a distance and it changed directions. After about 30 mins of watching this strobing light more lights were 3/19/02
3/12/02 20:15PhoenixAZUSALight1.5hrLights in the southern Phoenix Area3/19/02
3/12/02 00:00Warrington (UK/England)United KingdomDisk12secsIT ALL HAPPENED SO FAST AND I WAS SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3/19/02
3/11/02 22:00Des MoinesIAUSATeardrop5 minutesIt looked like a teardrop and kept dropping and rising back and forth in a diagnol pattern. My friend was standing next to me and saw 3/19/02
3/11/02 19:30SebastianFLUSATriangle10 secondsGray Triangle moving fast. no sound or lights3/19/02
3/10/02 00:00Las VegasNVUSACircle1 hourTEN OBJECT'S SEEN BY ME AND MY CREW OF NINE AND IT'S REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3/19/02
3/10/02 19:20Michigan CityINUSAFireballsecondsLarge Fluoriscent fireball with long tail in Northern Indiana3/19/02
3/10/02 01:30LawtonOKUSAFormation1-3 minLawton UFO3/19/02
3/9/02 16:00GlenwoodNMUSAFlash3 minthe object made a yellowish beam and made a strange fire like noise.3/19/02
3/9/02 03:25SyracuseNYUSAFireball5 minutesFire ball spotted while on highway3/19/02
3/9/02 02:00AshgroveMOUSAUnknownunknownstrange sounds3/19/02
3/7/02 21:30Kandy (Sri Lanka)Sri LankaChanging2minlight is going without sound at night3/19/02
3/7/02 20:15West HartfordCTUSAFlash3 secondsBright light trail followed by bright explsion traced back to Aircraft.3/19/02
3/7/02 19:30London (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5 minutesit was two sets of what looked like around 30 stars in a triangular shape the over on cam 2 minutes later.3/19/02
3/7/02 14:34PensacolaFLUSAUnknown1 minutePensacola beach UFO sighting 2:34 pm3/19/02
3/7/02 09:30Roellen-Dyersburg areaTNUSAUnknownabout 10 minutesred and green lights that were convex shaped couldn't make out the shape of it ,it was small enough to be beside a house and over trees3/19/02
3/7/02 08:30VanceburgKYUSALightmatter of secondswhite lights appearing then turning bright red then go......3/19/02
3/7/02 07:40Tempe/Phoenix (city line)AZUSACircle45 to 60 secondMoving White DOT near Phoenix Sky Harbor Int. Airport3/19/02
3/6/02 23:50BurneyCAUSAEgg6-7 minutesCaptured on video a very bright, fast moving and color changing object.3/19/02
3/6/02 10:05Des MoinesIAUSAOvalufo hovering near interstste.3/19/02
3/6/02 07:50WimberleyTXUSAUnknownat least 2 minutesI was drawn out my kitchen door by a hissing air sound, my step son had stepped outside just before me and had become aware of the soun3/19/02
3/6/02 03:30Valley MillsTXUSAFireball5 secondsFireball or meteor?3/19/02
3/5/02 23:45Cascavel (Brazil)BrazilUnknown+/-10 secondsFlashing light zigzagging extremely fast in the nocturnal sky3/19/02
3/5/02 20:10MarionVAUSARectangle5 minutesLooked like the bottom of a car3/19/02
3/5/02 15:00Los AngelesCAUSAChanging17 minThe sighting was over West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. We video taped the whole sighting with a news camera. The first UFO was a whit3/19/02
3/4/02 23:05QuakertownPAUSALight10 minutesA blinking red light chased by two smaller lights3/19/02
3/4/02 22:10MarbleheadMAUSAFireball3 secondsGREEN LIGHT DARTS ACROSS SKY THEN FALLS.3/19/02
3/4/02 21:44Hingham/RocklandMAUSALight3 secondsExtra large meteorite or something more local seen 'burning' and breaking up as it covered the entire southern sky.3/19/02
3/2/02 22:30Redwood ValleyCAUSAUnknown40 mins.White light, blinking red lights, it moved all directions, hoovered for 40 mins. there was no sound then it slowly moved away and faded3/19/02
3/2/02 20:20MaltaMTUSAFireballapprox.3 min.bright orange-red ball in sky3/19/02
3/2/02 19:15WhitestoneNYUSATeardrop2 minutesblue silvery ship, had a calming effect, dog went crazy, i was rooted to the ground, vanished into thin air3/19/02
3/2/02 14:30Bridgetown (Barbados)BarbadosCylinder8 -10 secondsFast, high altitude tubular object with short uneven narrow contrail in clear skies with silvery body.3/19/02
3/2/02 08:00Rotterdam (Netherlands)NetherlandsRectangle15 secondsCRAFT TOOK OFF. STRUCTURE BUILT AND LEFT BEHIND. THE STRUCTURE IS STILL HERE.3/19/02
3/2/02Space via nasa tvChanging5-10 minSTS109 UFO video3/19/02
3/1/02 23:30HarpswellMEUSACigar5-8 minutesI saw a cylindrical colorful object that hovered for probably 2 - 5 minutes.3/19/02
3/1/02 19:00I-84 WestboundMAUSATriangleDrove byLow flying craft which began as a ball of white light, then looked like a triangle which hung low in the air over I-843/19/02
3/1/02 18:00EdmondsWAUSALight30 minutesBright plasma looking light over the Olympic Mountains3/19/02
3/1/02 06:30PalmettoGAUSAFireball5 MinutesOdd fireball-like object in the sky over Palmetto, Georgia. 302683/19/02
3/1/02 06:15NaplesFLUSATriangle3 MinutesBlack Triangle, clearly seen slowly moving over Alligator Alley March 1st 6:15AM3/19/02
3/1/02 00:38OceansideNYUSA10 sec.Checking out the sky as I do almost nightly when I come home from night shift in NYC, I saw 3 strobing lighte wayyyy up there as the we3/19/02
3/1/02 00:30KellerTXUSAUnknown3-5 minutesThey looked like 4 arched windows of white light that faded into the night.3/19/02
2/28/02 22:30Liverpool (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle1 30 seconds to minute apdull red traingle forming lights seen travelling north to south in liverpool3/19/02
2/28/02 20:45Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaCircleless then one minWhite light3/19/02
2/28/02 20:00Dumfries (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCircleunknownbright orange lights in the sky3/19/02
2/28/02 20:00HillsboroOHUSAOval60 secondsLarge Yellowish/Orange Lighted Object(s) appear three different times in covering a span of about 60 + seconds.3/19/02
2/28/02 12:00ChicagoILUSASphere45 minutes2nd hand account3/19/02
2/28/02 03:00DentonTXUSAUnknown3 minutesSlow moving aircraft that would change lights from white to red, and made a quiet droning sound.3/19/02
2/27/02 19:00RockfordILUSADisk3 minutesUFO above E. State Street, Feb. 27, 2002, about 19:00 hrs.3/19/02
2/27/02 06:27Ras Al Khaimah (UAE)United Arab EmiratesOval4 minAn oval object full of lights, stationary on the sky3/19/02
2/27/02 04:00UnityvillePAUSAUnknownHomeA low humming noise woke me up. I looked from my porch to see a dark craft moving through the clouds. It covered the moon as it move 3/19/02
2/26/02 20:05San BernardinoCAUSAFireball05 minutesFast moving Fireball with no certain direction!3/19/02
2/26/02 20:00BrigantineNJUSALight1.5 MinLights over Brigantine, New Jersey.3/19/02
2/26/02 14:00WayneNEUSATeardrop1 hourI looked in the sky, and there were 8 silver, teardrop shaped objects floating over a field. They flashed in and out of view, and seeme3/19/02
2/26/02 10:00Whistler (Canada)BCCanadaSphere3 minutessphere object seen in broad daylight in Pacific North West Coast of Canada3/19/02
2/26/02 05:00KnoxvilleTNUSAUnknown45 secondsA strange noise scared the shit out of me and I would like to know why these beings picked me.3/19/02
2/25/02 21:30PhoenixAZUSAUnknown7 minPhoenix Az, 6-8 lights 2-25-02 21:30, Lights seemed to make up larger craft3/19/02
2/25/02 21:00Cedar RapidsIAUSAOval5 minsi am walking then it comes over me then i fall asleep3/19/02
2/25/02 12:00Grass ValleyCAUSASphere3 minsWatching the flight pattern from Beal Airforce Base that runs along the northeast section of the sky over Alta Sierra(a sub-division of3/19/02
2/25/02 11:35PhoenixAZUSAOtherapprox. 1 min.rumbling roaring sound from unseen jets3/19/02
2/25/02 08:24WeiserIDUSAConea silent, dark, cone shaped air craft3/19/02
2/25/02 08:23WeiserIDUSAConemoving slow and up , cone shape no sounds3/19/02
2/25/02 02:30TouchetWAUSALight5 minutesWe saw a very bright light, hovering, and then moving rapidly away over the desert hills of SE Washington.3/19/02
2/25/02s-hertogenbosch (Netherlands)NetherlandsDisk20 is a commercial pilot driving along the interstate highway. Object first appeared as a bright light (like a highway lightspot 3/19/02
2/24/02 23:00BellevueWAUSAChanging4 hoursStrange lights in night sky over Bellevue, WA on 02/25/02 -- a craft?3/19/02
2/24/02 23:00HermitagePAUSARectangle2 hoursit was a bright electrical blue rectangle that moved in a triangle.3/19/02
2/24/02 23:00IssaquahWAUSATriangle4hoursgreen red and white objects in the sky in Issaquah3/19/02
2/24/02 22:08Washington TownshipNJUSA4 minutesPossible abduction/missing time3/19/02
2/24/02 21:30PlacentiaCAUSAChanging10 minutesRumbling UFO spotted over Placentia, CA.3/19/02
2/24/02 20:48SunnyvaleCAUSATriangle7 SECONDS MAX.Silent, Dark and Stealthlike this craft "coasted" by in the night sky.3/19/02
2/24/02 20:20Wilcox/Benson (Between)AZUSAOval2 seconds4 lights moving at high rate of speed coming out of Texas Canon North of Fort Huachuca.3/19/02
2/24/02 19:45FairfaxVAUSAChevron10-15 secondsSon (12 years old) brought my attention to a V shaped object moving from just below the the belt of Orion (SE skies) to the Southwest. 3/19/02
2/24/02 19:30Pacific PalasadesCAUSARectangle45 secondsThe object flosted across the sky, barely lit from the light of the moon. Then it changed directions.. Was it a bird? Was it a plane?3/19/02
2/24/02 19:00PutneyVTUSATriangle3 MINUTESThe object's lights were very bright and pulsing when it took off after it was completely still shining bright white light.3/19/02
2/24/02 17:30SpringdaleUTUSATriangleone monthOn Feb. 24th, 2002 a report come into our offices of the Utah Ufo Investigations Team in St.George, Utah that two French hikers spotte3/19/02
2/24/02 16:00Marion CountyALUSAOther1 minBatton shaped object observed in Marion Co. Alabama changing direction in flight.3/19/02
2/24/02 07:30Little FallsNJUSACigar5 MinutesI was driving on Ridge Road heading north along the reservior. Just as I entered Little Falls I saw an air craft flying fairly low. I w3/19/02
2/23/02 21:11WeemsVAUSAOval1-2 secondsGreenish, soccer ball sized, object seen at 60* over eastern sky(Atlantic Ocean),traveling NW to SE 2 second duration3/19/02
2/23/02 21:05Washington TownshipNJUSAFireball15 secsMost likely a meteor or other type of space program related debris.... but it produced the brightest, most intense blue and green fireb3/19/02
2/23/02 21:03LeonardtownMDUSASphere5 secsWe were driving home and saw a greenish round object shooting across the sky in a eastwards direction falling towards the earth.3/19/02
2/23/02 21:02ColumbiaMDUSARectangle3 secondsWe saw a lime green, rectangular shaped light shoot (stagger) across the sky in Columbia, MD on 2/23/023/19/02
2/23/02 20:30StewartstownPAUSAFireball15 secondsWe saw a green flash in the sky that was not a meteor.3/19/02
2/23/02 14:15LynbrookNYUSAOval2 minutesAnother sighting in the SAME field that we saw "UFO's", on 09/02/013/19/02
2/23/02 14:00PhoenixAZUSAEgg30.minun dia anterior abia visto cerca de 10 objetos brillantes como globos entonces espere cerca de la misma hora para comer unas hamburger 3/19/02
2/22/02 23:00BellevilleILUSACylinder15 minutesAgaint blue object in the sky gets chased away by 2 planes.3/19/02
2/22/02 15:25Devon (UK/England)United KingdomLighti was baby sitting and the floor rumbed 4 lights were in the sky3/19/02
2/22/02 15:00OttawaILUSAOther3 in 13 min.Bright silver object(s) on I-803/19/02
2/22/02 14:00PhoenixAZUSAEgg45.minheran las 2 pm cuando salimos del restaurant donde estabamos comiendo mi companero y yo cuando mire al cielo por un momento pense que 3/19/02
2/22/02 01:30WenatcheeWAUSAFlash2 hrsA bright Blues ball of light flashed above me and a co-worker leaving me seeing spots for two hours.3/19/02
2/22/02 00:30ClackamasORUSAOther4 secondsHad the most intense color white!3/19/02
2/21/02 23:48CopiagueNYUSACircleFew Secondssmall blinking circle, move east at high speed, stoped then went west and disapeared3/19/02
2/21/02 21:30Datil/Magdalena (between)NMUSALightApprox. 20 minThe lights moved in unprecedented manuevers and speed and emitted other beams from them.3/19/02
2/21/02 14:13Salt Lake CityUTUSASphereaprox: 21 minSilvery Object Spotted over Salt Lake City during predicted UFO Fly-Over3/19/02
2/21/02 01:07SaltsburgPAUSATriangle20 secondsImmense triangular craft accompanied by vibrational rumbling upon departure.3/19/02
2/20/02 21:45Elm GroveLAUSATriangle7 minutesAbout an hour and a half after our earlier sighting of 3 oval objects, we observed a "wedge shaped" object, very low altitude, about 1,3/19/02
2/20/02 20:00Bossier CityLAUSAOval20 minutes3 Bright oval objects observed by at least 4 witnesses in NW Louisiana.3/19/02
2/20/02 20:00GenevaGAUSASphere25 minutesYellow spheres above treeline constantly moving and changing alignment3/19/02
2/20/02 19:25BostonMAUSALight2 minuteA bright light travelled high in the sky, stopped, and moved in the opposite direction.3/19/02
2/20/02 08:15Caribbean CruiseCaribbean SeaOther5 minutesWhile cruising in the Caribian on a clear day my wife and self saw a strange shaped white object which seemed to change shapes as we wa3/19/02
2/19/02 17:00MobileALUSATriangle30sec.dark triangular object at 200 ft. moving up creek bed to police HQ in Mobile AL.3/19/02
2/18/02 01:00Sioux FallsSDUSATriangle30 secondsGrouping of rectangular or triangular objects, hovering, dancing around each other, absolutely silent, then rapid accleration.3/19/02
2/17/02 23:45Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaFireballseveral minutesfireball-like objects blue, red and green seemed to form triagular pattern in the sky.3/19/02
2/17/02 22:20Moses LakeWAUSALight2 minutesObserved a strange orange light in the night sky.3/19/02
2/16/02 18:35ComstockNEUSAFireball45 minutesmy wife and i were heading west on the sargent rd. about 6:25 pm when i told her that i thought i saw venus, because it was to be comin3/19/02
2/15/02 21:05MinneapolisMNUSALight4 secondsFlying from west to east nearly straight up from my location. Three dots in a string apearing to follow each other. Caught my Eye while3/19/02
2/14/02 19:15MerlinORUSASphere20 minMulti colored light in the sky .........3/19/02
2/14/02 19:15MerlinORUSACircle20 minstrange light that changed all colors in the sky3/19/02
2/14/02 16:10RoundheadOHUSASphere20-30 secondsTwo glowing objects3/19/02
2/13/02 21:00Baltimore County (NW area)MDUSALightsecondsBlue ball of light flashed across the sky in Northwestern Baltimore County, Maryland.3/19/02
2/12/02 01:00Sniders CrossroadsSCUSAUnknown1 minuteobject above the treeline with no sound3/19/02
2/11/02 22:00St. LuciaSt. LuciaHello. My boyfriend,((name deleted)), and I were in St. Lucia a few weeks ago and we saw a few different UFO's.3/19/02
2/9/02 19:45BoulderMTUSAOval<5 secondsGlimpse of large bright object low to horizon in trajectory disappearing behind ridge.3/19/02
2/9/02 05:55CharlotteNCUSALight2 minutesBright planet like light that hovered for a minute and then sped away at a tremendous speed.3/19/02
2/8/02 18:00Big SpringTXUSALight20 minutesMultiple lights appeard in sky East of Big Spring Texas.3/19/02
2/7/02 21:00FountainCOUSATriangle7 minutesTriangle seen over Fountain Colorado outside Colorado Springs.3/19/02
2/6/02 05:00NashvilleTNUSADiskdriving from the airport during the day. and saw what I thought was a jet that the sun was reflecting off of. It was really bright that3/19/02
2/4/02 21:00WalsenburgCOUSACylinder5 minutesI was freaked out.3/19/02
2/4/02 19:30OrlandoFLUSALight10 MinutesUFO's manuever over Orlando, Florida3/19/02
2/3/02 07:00Inverness (UK/Scotland)United KingdomFormation30 seconds3 hourglass shapes in formation (2 high, 1 low) over Inverness, Scotland, UK3/19/02
2/2/02 03:30SeattleWAUSASphere15 secondsThree dimly self-illuminated orange orbs travelling due West over Seattle3/19/02
1/31/02 21:48Oklahoma CityOKUSACone30+ secondsSPACE DEBRIS???3/19/02
1/31/02 21:00CincinnatiOHUSACross30 secondsOn January 31st, 2002, my Pinto broke down as I was driving home from work. I got out of the car, unhooked the bungee cord holding my h3/19/02
1/25/02 20:00BigelowARUSATriangle2 minutesSlow moving triangle craft above clearcut field in rural Arkansas3/19/02
1/20/02 19:30DoylestownPAUSALightFew SecondsStrange meteor-like light, green and blue, long trail, very big3/19/02
1/17/02 22:00SalemORUSATriangle5-10 mintriangle shape ufo N salem3/19/02
1/15/02 07:00LaPorteINUSAUnknownlow , motionless,soundless ,flying object over a field.3/19/02
1/12/02 21:30PhoenixAZUSARectangle:08While sitting around the campfire, my son and I observed a rectangular object in the north east skies of northern Phoenix. This object3/19/02
1/9/02 00:30Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaDisk1 minuteA classic UFO seen in central Melbourne, hovering at biulding level the windows and other features were visable.3/19/02
12/4/01 22:34Colombo (Sri Lanka)Sri LankaDiamond1 minutesSrilanka UFO3/19/02
12/3/01 20:00ColumbiaSCUSAFireball3 secondsI saw a flaming object falling from the sky at a tremendous rate of speed.3/19/02
11/21/01 05:15San DiegoCAUSAOther5minsI was driving on freeway when I saw two boomerang shaped objects flying slowly in the sky. All of a sudden as If they knew I saw it the3/19/02
11/18/01 00:01ModestoCAUSACircle0004I wanted to photograph comets on 11/18/01 and put my camera on a star that has meany times showed me pictures. I filmed for 3hrs and lo3/19/02
11/17/01 21:00SewaneeTNUSACylinder4 secondsA glowing cylinder3/19/02
11/16/01 16:23ScottsdaleAZUSATriangle30 secondsSaw silent, triangular craft at early twilight that was almost blended with the sky background.3/19/02
11/15/01 18:45EnumclawWAUSAFireball5 minutesInvestigative Report of Red "Fireball" Sighted Near Enumclaw, WA on 11/15/20013/19/02
11/11/01 23:30Grimsby (UK/England)United KingdomLight30minmy brother see;s it first bright light come down very fast in front of our house,about 3-4miles away hovering over ahouse3/19/02
10/15/01 16:30Swadlincote, Derbyshire (UK/England)United KingdomCircle10-20 secondsTwo objects seen flying over Derbyshire, UK. Both keeping exact pace.3/19/02
9/30/01 21:00SabattusMEUSAOval1 hourI saw an object,3/19/02
9/22/01 21:50LivermoreCOUSASphere2.50 hoursPulsating Glowing Sphere3/19/02
9/21/01 08:40WillmarMNUSADisk12-15 secondsFORMATION OF DISKS SHOOT ACROSS THE SKY .3/19/02
9/20/01 15:00New York CityNYUSAChanging10 MinutesObjects seen after WTC disaster in calm NEW YORK sky.3/19/02
9/13/01 22:05San RafaelCAUSAUnknownapprox. 1 minsolid object with 3 lights floats overhead, blocking out sky and stars in Marin Co., Ca.3/19/02
8/15/01 03:30WeatherfordOKUSARectangle120 sec.dark-gray non metallic rectangle shaped obect with no wings and as big and long as a cruise liner -slow speed-no sound.3/19/02
8/1/01 12:00FleetvillePAUSALight15 min+Light, circled around something, spun like the bar on a radar.3/19/02
7/23/01 22:40EscondidoCAUSADiamond1-2 minutesSecond sighting of a craft near Escondido, CA the night of 7/23/013/19/02
7/23/01 21:30Oregon CityORUSATriangle15:00 minSpoted craft at a low altitude southwest of town . It appeared to be traveling about sixty miles per hour . As the craft got closer I w3/19/02
6/25/01 21:15West Palm BeachFLUSALightapprox 5 minSpotlight within its own generated haze searches around,locks onto us with the lightbeam, then blasts into deep space3/19/02
5/26/01 23:00RacineWIUSATeardrop5 minutesthis was so cool3/19/02
5/13/01 01:30Lansing (just west of, on I-96 heading west)MIUSALight5 secondsSaw bright light shoot up in sky near Lansing, Michigan3/19/02
5/11/01 20:32London (UK/England)United KingdomLight15- 20 minutesThree lights rotated in perfect sychronisity then dispersed across the sky.3/19/02
4/1/01 22:00Cedar RapidsIAUSATriangle4 min or soHovered over tree tops next to I380 and angled toward highway before speeding off with flashing lights3/19/02
2/20/01 17:15LewistonIDUSAOval18 MinWhile playing ball with my children at a local airport park. we observed a small dot in the Northwest sjy. thinking it was a small plan3/19/02
11/14/00HendersonTXUSAthree minutesi saw a mothership letting off flying sausers3/19/02
5/1/00 20:00Hwy 12 (Blockhouse Road)WAUSALight5minTHIS IS AN ACCOUNT OF "BLINDING WHITE LIGHTS" THe beginning was in SACRAMENTO CALIF.I was in the process of moving from SACRAMENTO TO3/19/02
3/22/00 20:30St Clair ShoresMIUSATriangle1 minuteBizarre magnet-like Triangular-shaped craft floating effortlessly in the evening sky of Southeast Michigan(maybe a blimp)!!!3/19/02
1/20/00 22:00ColumbusNEUSATriangle5-8minTriangular craft seen by three females.3/19/02
1/15/00 22:00MiltonWVUSALight10 minutesA huge, bright , glowing light was seen in the sky above the hills of our property, making no sound whatsoever....3/19/02
12/12/99 06:30SunnysideWAUSAOther2 minutsI saw a ufo whith two triangles.3/19/02
7/23/99 03:00ThorntonILUSALight5 mina loud sound and light entered my room3/19/02
5/15/99 10:00YorkPAUSACylinder5 secondsStationary grey/silver cylinder against a cloudless blue sky3/19/02
4/1/99 20:00WarrensburgNYUSARectangle5 minutesThe UFO we witnessed was shaped with 2 boxed like squares at each end connected by a long like rod between the 2. The back of the UFO h3/19/02
2/12/99 19:00AdrianMIUSAOvala few seckondsIt was silver golwing and was rotating.3/19/02
11/15/98 21:00JusticeILUSALightAbout 2-3 minutes2 points of light, leaving "light trail" as they moved through the sky3/19/02
10/4/98 04:37Walla Walla (west of)WAUSAFireballfew secondsI bright green flash, followed by an object decending at a 35 degree angle in the sky.3/19/02
8/20/98 23:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLightseveral minutesLight following/circles Aircraft3/19/02
5/1/98 02:00San DiegoCAUSALight10 minutesUnknown source of very intence light, with intence feelings of malevolence directed at victim.3/19/02
4/15/98 09:00South ZanesvilleOHUSALight5 minutestwo lights one cicled then quickly flew away.3/19/02
3/26/98 22:00Lake WalesFLUSALight1 hourstrange yellow lights have been appeared an disappeared for about the last three months i was able to take over four hours of video if 3/19/02
3/26/98 21:50St. Cloud (south of, over Lake Tohopekilagia)FLUSALight9 to 10 minutesseen one light at first so my wife and i took a ride to clay whaleys landing"a public boat ramp on lake Tohopekiliga" and then four lig3/19/02
3/24/98 22:00Fort Pierce/Orlando (between)FLUSAFireball45 minutesWe watched for 45 minutes 2 lights, then 1 light in the sky. It looked like a orange fireball and stayed with us as we drove north boun3/19/02
3/24/98 21:50Lake PlacidFLUSALight30 minutesTwo bright lights that moved around in the sky.3/19/02
3/23/98 18:45Lichfield (near); Staffordshire (UK/England)United KingdomCigar2-3minsGolden cigar tail fin, motionless in sky, high elevation, sudden brilliant flash of light preceding total disappearance. Viewed from ca3/19/02
3/21/98 20:00Ten Sleep (outside of)WYUSADiskGoing down the road I came up to a turn with a Sub station off to the left the UFO hovering above the sub station with a light fog arou3/19/02
3/20/98 00:00Harriman State ParkNYUSALight3minWhile camping on top of a moutain me and 2 friends saw a star start to come at us. As it got closer it shined a white light at the to o3/19/02
3/12/98 08:34GreenlandNHUSASphere3 to 5 secI saw a glowing green sphere cross the sky horizontally east to west3/19/02
3/12/98 01:40KennewickWAUSADiamond2-3 mins.Six objects lighting one by one,then leaving from north to south as one.3/19/02
3/11/98 20:10NorthportNYUSAlight2 secondsno crafts were seen, only a brilliant silver-blue light that moved north to south ....3/19/02
3/10/98 19:00ColumbiaSCUSADiamond5 minutesBrightly lighted craft hovering over us on Interstate 26. Had lights shining down from the craft as well as lights shining up into the3/19/02
3/7/98 20:00West Palm Beach (Vero)FLUSAFireball1minTwo lights over ocean exploding into the sea.3/19/02
3/7/98 19:30Bonita Springs (in the east as seen from)FLUSAOther15 secondsrocket plumes,apparently rising into the sky in the east.3/19/02
3/7/98 19:30Kennedy Space CenterFLUSATriangle30 mintwo crafts in the clouds, one with a vague lightbeam coming out the bottom3/19/02
3/7/98 18:45NaplesFLUSACone2 sorta of cone light oval i smaller i a little larger moving not together but in the same pattern3/19/02
3/7/98 18:45Vero Beach (Northern)FLUSAFormation2.5 minutes2 bright lights moving toward us one lower the other. One turns and disappears leaving an illuminated doughnut shaped fog. Then the ot3/19/02
3/7/98 18:30Lake PlacidFLUSALight3 minutesTwo round, yellow, hazy lights. Smaller than full moon. Came toward us from the east. Sky was clear. Light on left slightly lower alti3/19/02
3/7/98 18:17Benson (Just outside of)NCUSAFireball2 minutesA comnet shaped object suddenly appeared in the sky and appeared to move across the sky slowly until it turned away from me and disappe3/19/02
3/7/98 16:46South Abaco (Bahamas)BahamasCone1 minuteTwo very bright white lights with blue cone shaped contrails approached from northeast, turned south, and then appeared to depart ionos3/19/02
3/7/98Port SalernoFLUSAUnknownjust a few secondstwo lights connected to nothing going from the sky to the water.3/19/02
3/6/98 23:55Southampton (Hampshire) (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20 minuteswe had been out and on the way home (because we had to be home by 12;00) and the sky lit up and a purple and brown shape appeared it wa3/19/02
2/15/98 12:00YakimaWAUSAChangingapp.3-4 triangle seems able to dissapear and reapear...somehow conected with a moving cloud..3/19/02
12/16/97 18:30BaltimoreMDUSATrianglei think i was abducted.3/19/02
8/15/97 15:00DenmarkMEUSADisksecondsWas taking pictures of the westerly New Hamphire mountains while hiking. Object was silent and appeared to be banking in the sky. It wa3/19/02
8/12/97 23:00Newfoundland (Canada) (on ferry boat) (Canada)NFCanadaFormationsecondstwo dully glowing high altitude objects steaking towards (not with) Persied meteor shower3/19/02
7/1/97 18:00Athens (Greece)GreeceDisk1 minuteSilver ufo stands still in the blue sky, and suddenly disappears.3/19/02
5/12/97 23:30Death Valley Gas StationCAUSAOvalTrip to CaliforniaMidnight, Gas station, Death Valley, we saw an awesome feat of extra-terrestrial life in the sky.3/19/02
3/13/97 00:00ScottsdaleAZUSATriangle:40 minutes2002 submission of March 13th mass UFO sightings over Phoenix3/19/02
3/13/97 21:00PhoenixAZUSATriangle4 minutesMy wife and I were walking our dogs on the south side of South Mountain in the mountain park when we saw the ufo come over the mountain3/19/02
3/13/97 20:10TempeAZUSAOther5-10minPhoenix Lights3/19/02
10/15/96 15:00MilwaukeeWIUSATriangleBoy ScoutsA large triangular ship with a large white light in the center and 3 smaller red lights that made a triangle outside the white light.3/19/02
10/9/96 15:30Deming (near)NMUSAOther30 secondsSilent, jet-shaped, beige hovering object viewed. Magnetic interference with watches.3/19/02
8/24/96 15:00UnknownFLUSAEgg10 minutesEgg Shaped UFO seen from air plane over Florida3/19/02
6/23/96 01:30Payson (Woods Canyon Lake)AZUSALight10 secondsHow can there be a bright light and no body has seen it, and why did I fall back to sleep so quickly.3/19/02
6/20/96 12:12Prince Rupert (Canada)BCCanadaOther3-min.I'am submitting two UFO reports from two different places that have the same shape and colour as my ufo that i took on June 20th.1996.3/19/02
5/15/96 22:30WillardMOUSACigar45 minuteshuge object3/19/02
3/6/96 18:05LakesideCAUSALight20 min.I CALL THIS "BIG RED' APROX 100 ft .accross---NO sound--HOVERED barely above tree tops.3/19/02
2/4/96 23:00Manitoba (rural) (Canada)MBCanadaDisk10 minutesWhile driving on the highway one night, I drove right underneath a saucer shaped UFO hovering about 75 feet above the road.3/19/02
11/17/95 17:18SimsburyCTUSA2 sec.Woman & friend (pilot) see very large blazing yellow/orange "comet" streak horiz. E to W, explode. Changed course, dropped vert.!3/19/02
11/16/95 21:40Elk GroveCAUSA40 sec.Woman outside smoking sees bizarre craft "w/ red lights" pass silently overhead. When she peered around house, was gone.3/19/02
6/15/95 18:00Fort BlissTXUSACircle2 hoursStrange lights seem over military base in El Paso, Texas3/19/02
6/1/95 15:34Väsby (Sweden)SwedenCircle3 minLooked like a floating mirror, but we couldnt se something in the mirror, like floating silver.. No clouds on the sky and in the middle3/19/02
3/15/95 03:00Whatcom CountyWAUSADisk1minI was house sitting for my parents and it was aprox 3:am. I was alone and I was awoken by bright lights in my curtained windows with li3/19/02
9/27/94 23:20LewisburgTNUSADiskabout 1 minuteA light split into 5 lights.3/19/02
9/17/94 18:50ElizabethNJUSADisk3 mini could not identify this object with any known craft although i has study janes and nasa craft for years!3/19/02
3/15/94 00:30ClovisCAUSALight5 minutesBeam of Light near Strawberry Field3/19/02
8/1/93 17:00WarrentonVAUSACircle5 minutesIt was a silver round disk with a dome centered ontop alot like the ones in the 1950s space movies3/19/02
5/15/92 15:00Willow GrovePAUSACone5 secondsA fairly large, gray, metallic object, cone-shaped with a flat, circular bottom spotted in the sky over Willow Grove.3/19/02
6/1/90 23:30Durham (UK/England)United Kingdom10 minsgazing north west at a very clear night sky from my doorstep i noticed what i thought was a star heading toward earth iwatched it for a3/19/02
9/15/86 20:00TylerTXUSAOther10 secondsLarge ship with no sound and no lights passing over my apt complex3/19/02
6/15/86 23:30GaryINUSAUnknown1 or2 minutesA lime green light throughout the whole house and the air stone surged with power throwing water 2 feet in the air.3/19/02
6/15/86 19:00Chard Town, SomersetUnited KingdomFormation2 hoursLights scanning our town3/19/02
6/15/86 00:00FairdaleWVUSA45 secondsvery bright changing color lights coming from window3/19/02
4/1/86 22:15BrownsvilleTXUSADisk10 to 20 minutesUFO tries to communicate3/19/02
7/15/83 22:00TaylorvilleILUSADisk1-2 minutesUFO SIGHTED UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL IN TAYLORVILLE, IL.3/19/02
11/15/82 03:00MarksvilleLAUSACircleaprox 5 minI can Only Belive That This Was A Loading Of A UFO Into A Mother Ship.3/19/02
7/28/81 23:59ForesthillCAUSACigar7hrs day 1...Seven nights,missing time and neon lights...3/19/02
7/15/80 21:00ValenciaCAUSADisk40 sec.Although this sighting occurred 22 years ago, it is an experience my wife and I cannot forget and considerably a closer experience that3/19/02
5/10/80 20:00WiltonCAUSALight3-4 secondsTwo lights, one amber, one green, taking turns passing each other, very fast, high up3/19/02
7/16/79 12:00ArnheimMIUSATriangle20 minTwo thimble shaped U.F.O.s fly over head in broad daylight and make no sound. Bronze in color3/19/02
6/15/76 07:00StrathmoreCAUSACigar10 minutesA very large, dirigible shaped craft gliding slowly over the field next door.3/19/02
6/1/76 02:00Pass ChristianMSUSALightHaunting overhead light3/19/02
9/15/75 21:30PennsvilleNJUSADisk5 min.Red, saucer shaped aerial phenomenon of unconventional configuration with no audible propulsion.3/19/02
7/11/75 20:00Mt. HopeWIUSATriangleunknownA night in Wisconsin that a small group of people will never forget with a flying triangle craft above our car.3/19/02
6/1/75 23:00LongviewTXUSADisk30 minutesSighting of Summer 1975 in Longview, Texas3/19/02
6/1/75 22:00Kennett SquarePAUSAOther1/2 hourHouse sized cube on axis, colored lights pulsing, moving slowly about 25 feet off the ground3/19/02
6/1/75Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaRectanglenot sureAussie encounter downunder.3/19/02
6/1/74 22:00PlacervilleCAUSAChevron3 secondsChevron shaped objects in formation3/19/02
3/20/74 15:30Palgarup (Australia)AustraliaDisk90 secondsA daylight sighting from 250 metres3/19/02
7/5/71 03:00Colorado River HighwayAZUSAChevron10 min aprox.ARIZONA DESERT HWY, JULY (4) weekend. WE were camping all week-end at a dry riverbed in the COLORADO RIVER. GOIN HOME, WE LEFT CAMP 3/19/02
11/10/68 03:00San Diego (Allied Gardens)CAUSAUnknown1/2 hourI AWAYS HAD THE FEELING I WAS " NOT" TO TALK ABOUT THIS, " TO ANYONE-3/19/02
10/1/68 20:00KennebunkportMEUSACircle5-10 minutesWhile at the boathouse at St.Athonys one night we noticed what at first we thought was a bright star getting larger.It seemed to dart a3/19/02
8/15/68 19:00St. Laurent (Canada)PQCanadaFormation5 minutesDear Mr. Davenport : A couple weeks back, on Jeff Rense’s radio show, you asked people to come forward with their testimonies, even if 3/19/02
6/1/68 23:00Azores (at sea)AzoresLightminutesUSS Scorpion sinking3/19/02
5/25/68 21:30DeltaCOUSASphere45 secondsSlow moving large red spherical object moving in a upward direction over the town. The object then split into two seperate objects and 3/19/02
9/15/67 20:00Schofield Barracks Military areaHIUSACircle6 to 8 sec.A luminescent disc of light traveling at tremendous rate.3/19/02
9/10/64 22:00Spartanburg/Greenville (near)SCUSADisk15 minutes?It is just the plain truth about a craft that made a lasting impression in my mind as I looked it over.3/19/02
6/1/60 17:00Hermosillo, Sonora (Mexico)MexicoSphere2 HRSI was in the northwest side of the town of Hermosillo Sonora (State)Mexico when i saw the Sphere up on the sky north east of the town i3/19/02
2/15/58 02:30HowellMIUSACigar30 to 45 sec.Large glowing object that seemed to be landing!!3/19/02
6/15/57 02:30Atlantic Ocean (Bermuda)BermudaMinutes3/19/02
12/1/51 19:00Crewe (UK/England)United KingdomCigar15secondsThis was in the city, I caught a movement over my shoulder and saw a very low black object going north. It appeared to be floating and3/19/02
5/1/49 14:00Oak Ridge (drive)WVUSAOther40secondslog shape whooshing object observed near charleston w.v.3/19/02
6/1/48Napan (Canada)NBCanadaRectangle20 secwhile working on the farm they noticed a cube shape object (tumbling) by about the same speed as a plane but much lower.It was the size3/19/02
7/14/47 11:00RichmondCAUSACircle30 min.THIS SIGHTING TOOK PLACE WHEN I WAS A CHILD. I WAS 9 1/2 yrs. old. IT was the summer vaccation for the school children .WE had been ou3/19/02
6/15/47 18:00MadisonWIUSADisk2-3 min.Three disks appear in the West, stop at zenith, and proceed Eastward a rapid rate of speed.3/19/02
00/00/99 22:30Iron Bridge (UK/England)United KingdomLight2mins3 lights in sky joined together as one then few of at astonishing speed3/19/02