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Report Index For Post Date 020612

Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/12/02 00:50 Bremerton WA Triangle 5-7 seconds A lighted triangle shaped object that raced across the sky leaving no trail. 6/12/02
6/11/02 00:20 Kaysville UT Other 10 seconds Glowing Manta-ray Shaped Object Flies Over Kaysville on a Southwardly Course Parallel to Wasatch Mountains 6/12/02
6/10/02 21:15 Manchester NH Sphere 1 minute white sphere over Manchester,NH. Minute duration 6/12/02
6/10/02 20:15 Hogansville GA Egg 25 minutes "star" seen before darkness, looked with telescope, had arm rotating around it, to slow to be a satellite, the exploded. 6/12/02
6/10/02 19:00 Trincomalee (Sri Lanka)
Light in four nights ufo appiear continously for 3 days 6/12/02
6/9/02 23:10 Woodinville WA Light 1 minute Very bright star 6/12/02
6/9/02 23:00 Glenoma WA Unknown 20seconds I was outside looking at the stars sitting next to a fire with a friend of mine just relaxing in general.We were noticing that the bird 6/12/02
6/9/02 22:36 Bellingham WA Light 60 seconds Extremely Bright Object Crosses Sky at Twilight (at least 2x brightness Sirius/planets) 6/12/02
6/9/02 22:30 Seattle WA Circle 3 min max it was between 1000 and 1030pm - i was in my back yard with my telescope, however i did not need my telescope to see this! I live on th 6/12/02
6/9/02 20:30 Nashville TN Unknown 1-10 minutes unusual overhead occurence while on family walk. 6/12/02
6/9/02 20:12 Polanuruwa (Sri Lanka)
Fireball 32min 2 people went for bath to nearby rever. ufo appeared with thundering sound. then it landed 2 two feet aliens came out. very soon it des 6/12/02
6/9/02 17:00 Papillion NE Cigar 3 min Chrome-like cigar w/ wings, quiet, low flying in unusual flight pattern, with no identification markings. 6/12/02
6/9/02 15:00 Tacoma WA Unknown 5-10 mins At about 3 PM on Sunday afternoon a friend and I were lying in the backyard doing a crossword puzzle and I just looked up into the sky, 6/12/02
6/9/02 02:40 Phoenix AZ Other 3 minutes The whole incident made me think of a teenager that has gotten his fathers car and was just out seeing what that baby could do. 6/12/02
6/9/02 01:00 Joshua Tree National Park CA Flash one sec green flash lights up desert sky 6/12/02
6/8/02 22:00 Sacramento CA Other 5 minutes its a rectangle and half circle on top shaped, the rectangle side has flashing white "windows" it flashed across randomly one by one "w 6/12/02
6/8/02 14:00 Covington (on Highway 64) VA Changing 30 seconds Silver Aluminum UFO observed by a sceptical Baptist Pastor above the Mountains of Virginia 6/12/02
6/7/02 23:15 Portsmouth NH Triangle aprox 1 hour Video taped sighting over the ocean in Pourtsmouth New Hampshire 6/12/02
6/7/02 23:00 Decatur IL Unknown 2 minutes Sparkling UFO sighted outside of Decatur Illinois on Friday, June 7th, 2002 @ 23:00 6/12/02
6/7/02 22:30 Bloomingdale NJ Triangle 5:00 Redish-Orange light, zigzag movement, no sound.. VERY STRANGE 6/12/02
6/7/02 21:00 Taunton MA Other 1 minute Any explanations? 6/12/02
6/7/02 12:58 Massena NY Disk 1 to 2 minutes first sighting, felt compelled to report to an agency. this was not an airplane as far as i know. 6/12/02
6/7/02 12:30 Tupelo MS Sphere 10 seconds Tupelo woman has daylight sighting 6/12/02
6/7/02 00:30 Rock Springs WY Light 5-10 min These three objects of luminating light were just suspended in mid air, then gone. 6/12/02
6/6/02 23:45 East Lansing MI Light 10 minutes Satellite type objects just faded out of sight (existence?) 6/12/02
6/6/02 23:25 Aurora (Canada) ON Egg 15 seconds greenish white egg shaped light in the sky, moving towards the ground. 6/12/02
6/6/02 22:30 Fort Smith (area) AR Sphere 3 minutes My family and I were driving down a country road on our way home from visiting friends. My son and I were on the passenger side, ( fron 6/12/02
6/6/02 21:35 Fresno CA Triangle 5 minutes Triangle shape moving slowly approximately 600 feet to the southeast moving southwest over Fresno. Brilliant red lights flashing, fain 6/12/02
6/6/02 21:34 Elberta AL Light 5 seconds A stationary light no different in appearance then a star started to move in a straight line south at a high rate of speed and then dis 6/12/02
6/6/02 21:30 Fort Myers FL Light 2 minutes i was sitting at the pool,in my apartment bulding,it was about 9:30 pm when it happend.there was no stars in the sky,because it was clo 6/12/02
6/6/02 20:30 Las Vegas NV Triangle 60 seconds orange glowing triangular 6/12/02
6/6/02 20:15 Virginia Beach VA Triangle about 10 mins Black triangular object silently hovered in sky at cloud level for aprox 10 mins before the darkness of night and storm obscured it. 6/12/02
6/6/02 18:08 Washington, D.C. DC Light 35 approx. UFO sighting during President speech 6/12/02
6/6/02 10:45 Concord CA Other 5/7min Chrome orbs size of a basket ball moving from 0mph to speed of ?at about 10 thousand feet up. 6/12/02
6/6/02 05:30 Boca Raton FL Flash 30 minutes My husband does not sleep well so I wake up at night to tell him to come back to bed. He gets up every night between 4:30 to 5:30 and g 6/12/02
6/6/02 Hanford CA Cylinder
cylindrical shaped and changes colors 6/12/02
6/5/02 22:10 Browning MT Fireball 4seconds just got done watching the nba finals game one, i was walking out the door to my friends house when i looked to the east and half way u 6/12/02
6/5/02 10:20 North St. Paul MN Sphere
Visible by naked eye 6/12/02
6/4/02 22:00 Byblos (Lebanon)
Fireball seconds Last night weather was clear, no wind or rain, Venus and Jupiter were still visible at the horizon when a stange shining ball of blue f 6/12/02
6/4/02 16:30 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Cigar 2-3 mins At the time this event occured, I was waiting for a bus in a residential area. The street goes east-westwardly. I was standing facing t 6/12/02
6/4/02 11:30 Moapa NV Flash 00.50 sec. Daytime shooting star? 6/12/02
6/3/02 22:15 Dallas TX Unknown 10 seconds Well, I was outside of my house with a friend. We were trying to make out the constellations when all of a sudden I saw a very bright l 6/12/02
6/3/02 22:00 Longeuil (ST-Hubert) (Canada) PQ Light app. 2 hres Planes circling 2 strange lights 6/12/02
6/3/02 22:00 Old Hickory TN Sphere a few minutes round light 6/12/02
6/3/02 21:30 Russellville/Dover AZ Light 1 hour Observed strange flying lights in the sky with two distinct colors, white and blue. 6/12/02
6/3/02 15:03 Littleton CO Changing 1 minute black, relatively stationary craft seen changing shape in windy skies 6/12/02
6/3/02 03:20 Brantford (Canada) ON Circle 20 secs At 3:20am June 3rd a very bright object travelling slowly southwest just south of URSA Major was seen for 20 seconds 6/12/02
6/2/02 23:30 Selkirk (Canada) MB Triangle 4-8 seconds Three red lights on triangular shapped craft or 3 seperate objects in triangle formation! 6/12/02
6/2/02 22:42 Brockton MA Other 1-3 sec. Firey shooting star..? 6/12/02
6/2/02 22:30 Evanston IL Triangle In the sky 4 circleing lights went around in 1 rotation then it went back in to 1 big circle. Then it broke off again in to 4 little ones. 6/12/02
6/2/02 22:12 Highland NY Circle 15 minutes 2 flying Ufo Over the Hudson Valley 6/12/02
6/2/02 22:00 Welland (Canada) ON Cigar 2 mins strange things in the sky 6/12/02
6/2/02 21:30 Lake Havasu AZ Light 1 hour star like lights 6/12/02
6/2/02 16:30 Philadelphia PA Light 30 seconds Four balls of light travelling at high rate of speed are chased by 7 high altitude jets. 6/12/02
6/2/02 14:30 Corpus Christi TX Disk 10 minutes Strange white flying objects flying together in perfect unison. 6/12/02
6/1/02 22:45 Zillah WA Light 5-10 sec Three dim yellow lights travel at high speed over central washington. 6/12/02
6/1/02 22:30 San Antonio TX Formation 5 min Group of lights flying south in San Antonio, TX. 6/12/02
6/1/02 22:00 London (NW) (UK/England)
Sphere don't know what the ... 6/12/02
6/1/02 22:00 Gettysburg PA Light 1 hour it appeared to be a eraticlly moving star moving a foot in any and all directions at incredible speeds 6/12/02
6/1/02 21:38 Phoenix AZ Light 20 seconds Possible Iridium Flares,…strange 6/12/02
6/1/02 21:22 Springfield MO Other unkown Low object too low to be a star 6/12/02
6/1/02 17:38 Oldbridge NJ Other 10 minutes Strance object with semi transparent oval shape around it moving from 0 to about 700mph in about 10 seconds and a distance of over 80m 6/12/02
6/1/02 14:00 Madison WI Cylinder 5 min Tubular Shape and Glinting Object 6/12/02
6/1/02 12:30 Slaughter Beach DE Light 1/2 hour Two bright lights traveling @ high speeds were sighted over the Delaware Bay. These were seen by 3 other people as well as myself. I ha 6/12/02
6/1/02 09:50 Newport (UK/England)
Teardrop 5 mins large object, ballon or parachute shaped appearence very high but slow moving. 6/12/02
6/1/02 02:45 Frankford DE Light continues now bright white flying object in our backyard. 6/12/02
6/1/02 00:35 Cherokee Village AR Light :02 Two lights, same spot, about one min. apart,one moveing east,one west. 6/12/02
6/1/02 00:30 Bridgman MI Triangle only a few seconds The objest was Triagular, turned from red to orange to white, and shot what looked like giant sparks from it. 6/12/02
6/1/02 Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka)
UFO and aliens cited in Sri Lankan city of Polonnaruwa, in first week of June 2002. 6/12/02
5/31/02 23:05 Swansea (UK/England)
Light 5-10 Seconds Light Night 6/12/02
5/31/02 23:00 Rochester MN Light 1 minute There were 2 erratic moving lights in the sky. 6/12/02
5/31/02 22:00 Irving TX Formation 5 minutes Four lights maneuvering high in the sky and departing a a high rate of speed. 6/12/02
5/31/02 21:10 Warminster PA Light 1/2 hour A friend of mine in Warminster PA last night at 910pm while online stated that he was seeing from his window two unidentified phenomeno 6/12/02
5/31/02 01:00 Windermere to Canal Flats (Canada) BC Flash 40 minutes Bright, white strobe light on deserted highway. 6/12/02
5/30/02 23:15 Bandung (Indonesia)
Disk 2 UFO took the dead body on the grave 6/12/02
5/30/02 23:00 Spring Hill FL Triangle 5 min Isosceles shape, large craft hovers over Spring Hill 6/12/02
5/30/02 22:48 Clinton TN Flash 1 second The green light moved across the sky very rapidly. Was very bright. 6/12/02
5/30/02 22:30 Sevierville TN Triangle 5 minutes We saw eight triangle shaped ships and felt wind off the first four but heard nothing. 6/12/02
5/30/02 22:00 Cameron OK Triangle 3 MINUTES Large, Low-Flying Object Sighted 6/12/02
5/30/02 18:40 Perrysburg OH Other 2 Minutes Piggyback Jets? 6/12/02
5/30/02 12:30 I-95 VA Sphere 3 min. sphere-shiny metallic hovering 6/12/02
5/30/02 12:20 Ottawa (Canada) ON Triangle 20 seconds Large triangular strobe-like craft 6/12/02
5/30/02 09:45 Seattle WA Other 10-20 secs Small Ascending Object Sighted in Mid-Morning Hours in Downtown Seattle, WA 6/12/02
5/29/02 23:59 Aylmer (Canada) PQ Sphere 5-10 minutes glowing orange spheres in aylmer quebec 6/12/02
5/29/02 23:40 Keaau HI Sphere 10 seconds Sphere of Light on the Island of Hawaii 6/12/02
5/29/02 22:32 Stanislaus National Forest CA Teardrop 4 minutes (approx) Three satallite-like formation of lights in night sky forming the shape of a triangle 6/12/02
5/29/02 22:30 Rubicon Trail CA Triangle 3 min Triangle fades into a tear in space 6/12/02
5/29/02 22:09 Richmond VA Other 20 to 30 seconds Star-like object that zig zaged, moved in different directions (diagonally), and had no constant speed. 6/12/02
5/29/02 21:15 Frankfort IN Light 1 minute huge orange lights fading away then reappearing again 15 mins later 6/12/02
5/29/02 18:50 Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
Flash 45 seconds High altitude flashing light observed 6/12/02
5/28/02 23:28 Little Rock AR Circle 10 seconds orange light with other lights( up to 3) attached to the object,moving east to west at a high rate. 6/12/02
5/28/02 21:30 Windsor (Canada) ON Triangle
5/28/02 21:15 Bakersfield CA Unknown 20 secs Observed two lights moving fast and near miss to aircraft 6/12/02
5/28/02 13:50 Manhattan Beach CA Disk 45 SECONDS Silver flying saucer floats, then wobbles then speeds away at lightspeed becoming a pinpoint of orange light. 6/12/02
5/28/02 Danvers MA Disk 5 minutes Unusual object with 3 red/orange lights on it in a triangular formation witnessed by 3 people in clear daylight 6/12/02
5/27/02 22:00 Ojai CA Sphere 5 seconds While walking South to Besant Meadow with a dark sky, before Moon rise, bright sphere in east became very bright , then dimmed as it mo 6/12/02
5/27/02 08:17 Llanfairfechan (UK/Wales)
Circle 10 seconds Saw a bright light in the sky 6/12/02
5/27/02 07:30 Montevideo (Uruguay)
Diamond 4 minutes Algo raro y penetrante 6/12/02
5/26/02 23:34 Ventura CA Disk 5 min Me and my friend were not on any drugs or alcahol 6/12/02
5/26/02 22:30 Bigelow AR Light 3 minutes More strange events in skies of rural Ark 6/12/02
5/26/02 22:16 Little Rock AR Light 5 seconds bright light dims,disappears,then repeats the sequence once. 6/12/02
5/26/02 21:00 Wimberley TX Unknown 30 minutes Object high in the sky, above jet flying zones, moving in tiny loops and forward and quickly in reverse. 6/12/02
5/26/02 21:00 Cairo (Egypt)
Fireball 2 minutes Fireball sighting in Egypt 6/12/02
5/26/02 18:25 Endicott NY Cigar 2 minutes Upstate NY sightings 6/12/02
5/25/02 23:00 Lake Isabella CA Light 40+minutes 4 pinpoint lights in the sky that looked like satellites but exhibited unusual movements not characteristic with satellites. 6/12/02
5/25/02 22:04 Ventura CA Light about 15 seconds Light moving in the sky then dissappears 6/12/02
5/25/02 20:20 Morrison CO Egg 1-2 minutes Small red and black object seen flying over Red Rocks Park near Morrison, Colorado. 6/12/02
5/25/02 03:30 Angels Camp CA Sphere 1-3 mins Mothlike craft over angels camp CA 6/12/02
5/25/02 03:00 Shady Shores TX Unknown 10 minutes normal jet disapears 6/12/02
5/24/02 22:00 Naples FL Unknown still happening We are currently watching a flashing red, blue, green, silver light in the eastern sky of SW Florida. It was in the Western sky as the 6/12/02
5/24/02 17:50 Madison WI Unknown 4 min very small pulsing lite over madison not moving in a line and moving slower than jets 6/12/02
5/24/02 05:50 Oregon City OR Rectangle 10+ minutes Bright, non-circular object hovers far above Oregon City OR at dawn, 2002/05/24 6/12/02
5/24/02 00:15 University Park IL Diamond 15min At one point the lights changed as I was talking to the police and came closer to the building I was watching from. 6/12/02
5/23/02 23:00 Wedgefield SC Light 3 min. Entourage of pairs of lights which changed to single file, then leaped up toward the sky. 6/12/02
5/23/02 20:09 Cranbury NJ Other 20 seconds In the first sighting it appeared that the military plane was used as a cover or as a distraction to keep your eyes focused on the plan 6/12/02
5/23/02 12:30 Newburyport MA Teardrop 5 min I witnessed a silent white teardrop shaped object. 6/12/02
5/23/02 03:00 Tacoma WA Light 30+ Hovering light pattern under cloud cover in otherwise clear night sky 6/12/02
5/22/02 23:05 Ellensburg WA Oval 15 minutes OVAL UFO IN KITTITAS VALLEY 6/12/02
5/22/02 23:00 Somis CA Disk 20 min On May 22,2002 I was leaving my job at Spearament Rhino and as I was walking to my car I noticed a strange light hovering over it a fe 6/12/02
5/22/02 23:00 Encinitas CA Diamond 1.5 seconds huge bright object dropping toward the ocean or horizon? 6/12/02
5/22/02 10:50 Ventura CA Fireball
It was like 2 fire balls circling the sky 6/12/02
5/22/02 08:22 Oxnard CA Disk 5-8 minutes bright,disk in the clear sky 6/12/02
5/22/02 03:00 Salt Lake City UT Other 20 min Three objects seen repeating formation below cloud cover by several witnesses 6/12/02
5/22/02 00:30 Ventura CA Circle 5-7 min A hovering saucer is sighted on Lake Havasu, Ariz at night.

I was sitting on my porch and I saw a great big circle of lights in the
5/21/02 23:50 Maxville (Canada) ON Unknown 5 seconds Lighted object over Maxville ON CA 23:50 21 May 02. 6/12/02
5/21/02 22:20 Raleigh NC Light 1 minute bright light over raleigh nc 6/12/02
5/21/02 22:00 Muncie IN Changing 6 minutes It was the shape of a brihgte star than it Kinda turned recktangular shape and started flying. The center was rad and the ends yellow. 6/12/02
5/21/02 19:56 Tampa FL Disk @ two minute High Altitude Silver Disc, Heading West. Over South Tampa, FL. 19:56 5/21/02 Want Radar Confirmation. 6/12/02
5/21/02 18:30 Euclid OH Cylinder 15 seconds Cylindrical - shaped object, with multiple lights and one red beacon light 6/12/02
5/21/02 02:30 Ventura CA Sphere 15 minutes UFO seen shining bright light onto a jail 6/12/02
5/21/02 01:45 Camarillo (Rural) CA Triangle approx. 30 minutes The craft made two passes by my location, i got a good look at it, i beleieve to have been taken onboard for a short time. 6/12/02
5/21/02 01:15 Oxnard CA Diamond 15min. Oxnard sighting of duel colored craft 6/12/02
5/20/02 22:15 Shrewsbury PA Changing 5-10 minutes At approximately 10:30 p.m. EST, an oval-shaped orange/blue/purple (changing) object was seen from Md. and Pa. on eastern horizon. 6/12/02
5/20/02 22:09 Plano TX Light 2 minutes Star-like object made two right angle turns before fading away. 6/12/02
5/20/02 22:00 Baltimore MD Changing 10 minutes I observed it through my telescope. It changed shapes every 2 to 3 seconds. First an egg shape, then disc, and finally a triangle. It a 6/12/02
5/20/02 21:00 Ventura CA Cone 1 hour It was amazing 6/12/02
5/20/02 03:10 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 5 minutes A bright Light ,high in the sky thought it was a shooting star,but it was going really slow and in moving in a pattern not straight 6/12/02
5/20/02 01:30 Camarillo CA Disk ? A flying saucer with many lights (some colored) was seen from my house at 1:30 AM. 6/12/02
5/19/02 17:15 Bay Shore NY Circle 5 minutes My friend and I were in the backyard next to the fire . I looked up and next to the moon I noticed a round whitish silvery object. I sa 6/12/02
5/19/02 16:30 Sarawak/Miri (Malaysia)
Other 1 minutes I was in my car on my way to town with my mum and brother when i look out the car and saw something in the sky to the west. At first i 6/12/02
5/19/02 00:30 Camarillo CA Sphere 24 hours, 30 minutes Liquid craft steals time 6/12/02
5/18/02 22:30 Ventura CA Teardrop 5 minutes Bright green, teardrop shaped UFO!!! 6/12/02
5/18/02 22:30 East Petersburg/Manheim PA Disk 2 hrs. Saucer shaped only seen as white dotted lights that moved clockwise and than counterclockwise. 6/12/02
5/18/02 21:30 Aptos CA Formation 5 seconds 7 unidentified aircraft speeding across the night sky and leaving no trace (vapor-trail, sonic boom) 6/12/02
5/18/02 21:10 Port Angeles WA Circle 2 MINUTES craft at first appeared like it may have been a helicopter within close range. When we went to get the telescope, it started going fur 6/12/02
5/18/02 02:30 Mount Prospect IL Light 1 minute Hexagonal formation of white lights with a blue light offset from the center and a bright red flashing light 6/12/02
5/18/02 01:23 Rowlett TX Disk 2 minutes Silver disk moved quickly out of sight. 6/12/02
5/17/02 23:45 Yarmouth ME Light 10 minutes Zig zagging object emitting bright light w/faint redish hue flying very high, hovering, circling - like a tadpole swimming. 6/12/02
5/17/02 22:45 Ventura CA Cone 15 minutes An unidentified object floats above the western sky and then vanishes only leaving a smokey trail behind. 6/12/02
5/16/02 09:18 Rowan NC Light Flying air It was a ball of light it jumped star to star verey fast almost every night around 9:00 or 10:00. 6/12/02
5/16/02 08:58 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light 2 min 8:58 am white object high in the sky moving slowly in a smooth eliptical pattern, slowing down and speeding up. 6/12/02
5/16/02 04:45 Bremerton WA
4 seconds Large burning astroid type object whitehot with a bluish tail and a burningorangish yellow fireball at the tail in the puget sound 6/12/02
5/16/02 Sterling VA Light 10minutes+ A star that skowly but surely changed its position near the moon. 6/12/02
5/15/02 23:30 Glen Head NY Triangle 35 seconds It was many blinking lights in the ski. 6/12/02
5/15/02 22:00 Forty Fort PA Chevron 7 minutes 20 -25 chevron shaped, lite blue objects flying in a "v" shape hi alt. and hi speed 6/12/02
5/15/02 16:00 Morrow GA Light 15 Minutes Stars in Broad Daylight 6/12/02
5/15/02 04:25 Sandy UT Light 1 minute + Three non-blinking stars moving across the sky from south to north in eastern part of sky at 4:25 a.m. 6/12/02
5/15/02 01:30 Center TX Triangle 3-5 seconds spotted twice, triangular with white lights, no sound 6/12/02
5/14/02 22:30 Seattle WA Light 30 seconds Anomalous bright light. 6/12/02
5/14/02 00:00 Grand Rapids MI Other seconds Sonic boom? 6/12/02
5/13/02 20:30 Dublin/Radford (RT11 between) VA Unknown 2:00~ Never seen before Con. trail 6/12/02
5/13/02 13:45 Alhambra CA Other 2 min. This craft was NOT unidentified. It was in fact a P-2 Orion used primarily as an electronic intelligence gathering craft.

What I fo
5/13/02 09:00 Seattle WA Changing 1 minute A black object that rolled as it flew so it looked like a disc at times and alternately a circle. 6/12/02
5/13/02 03:00 Monroe City MO Teardrop few minutes Driving a bigrig at 3:00 o'clock in the morning isn't always boring, especially when you are passed by a UFO 6/12/02
5/13/02 Kaduruwela (Sri Lanka)
Triangle 40 seconds Upul saw this triangle shaped object with a sound of bee buzzing. 6/12/02
5/12/02 23:00 Huntington Station NY Light 10 minutes oval shaped lights moving in circles then coming together as one, with consecutive events lasting 10 minutes. 6/12/02
5/12/02 22:00 Clarkston WA Light 15-20 min. very slow moving very bright light, disappeared after 15-20 min. 6/12/02
5/12/02 17:00 Mexico
Circle 10 seconds Dark circle flying opossite the wind!! 6/12/02
5/12/02 04:30 Lake Mary FL Light 5 minutes Slow moving bright white light, No sounds. 6/12/02
5/12/02 03:00 Flushing NY Flash night then it gathered into one light. And then it suddenly disappeared 6/12/02
5/11/02 21:58 Bellingham WA Triangle 15 seconds V shaped object, 9-11 points (faintly glowing), no sound, fairly low to ground, fast moving. 6/12/02
5/11/02 11:30 Redmond WA Unknown
we knew it was a ufo cause of the way it went bright one sec and then dull the next. 6/12/02
5/11/02 10:00 Oxnard CA Oval 15 - 30 mins I was in the park one night. I go here every night with my friends. It was just like every other night but most people went in early, w 6/12/02
5/10/02 20:00 St. James City FL Chevron 15 min On May 10, 2002, viewed a bright orange, chevron shaped object in the western sky of Pine Island, Fl. 6/12/02
5/10/02 18:50 Cuauhtemoc (Mexico)
Oval dont know Un noticed 6/12/02
5/10/02 01:00 Siegen (Germany)
Unknown 20 Minutes In the woods - Mushroom-heads made of light over our heads 6/12/02
5/8/02 21:10 Gig Harbor WA Triangle 8-10 seconds Triangle shaped object seen west of Tacoma. 6/12/02
5/7/02 23:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB
30 minutes Two senior scientists witness peculiar glowing globe in night sky over Winnepeg. Unable to identify the object. 6/12/02
5/5/02 19:11 Show Low AZ Cigar 2 Minutes Gold colored cigar/cylinder shaped object traveling west to east in the sky at 1911 hours on 05/05/02 in Show LOw, Az 6/12/02
5/5/02 15:30 Christmas Valley OR

Oregon UFO Review Case: Daytime cattle mutilation...same animal hit twice. 6/12/02
5/3/02 00:00 San Antonio TX Light 3 seconds I was standing outside of a friends house. Looking above a house on the horizon. In the sky I saw a light which resembled a star. It wa 6/12/02
5/1/02 22:00 Rossford OH Disk ? Pie shaped object of light seen in north sky with picture of light and negative that shows a possible pulsating light beneath. 6/12/02
5/1/02 18:00 Rio Grande (Puerto Rico) PR Diamond ten seconds We were driving in fron of el yunque rain forest in Puerto Rico when suddenly a ufo came out of the forest.It had a very shining light 6/12/02
4/26/02 15:00 Seattle WA Sphere 2 minutes Two silver spheres flying together. 6/12/02
4/15/02 13:00 St. Louis area MO

4/7/02 02:00 San Diego CA Light 3-4 minutes Bright Stationary Object off Ocean Beach San Diego 6/12/02
4/6/02 22:00 Maui HI Oval 5 mins. An oval shaped spacecraft with bright lights hovered above our car on a deserted Hawaiin road, one humid night in Maui. 6/12/02
4/1/02 19:45 Beaver Falls PA Light 2 seconds Star turns OFF like a light bulb. 6/12/02
4/1/02 15:00 Seattle WA Rectangle one minute A large rectangular shadow 6/12/02
3/26/02 20:47 Lincoln NE Changing 6 minutes I saw two space alien ships fighting with each other, and making weird sounds and seeing different lights and shapes. 6/12/02
3/22/02 23:00 Oxnard CA Light 20 fading light 6/12/02
3/15/02 13:00 Pensacola FL Disk 1 minute Pensacola Florida sighting of light shiny disk object in March 2002 6/12/02
3/6/02 23:45 Birmingham (UK/England)
Light 06.0min pulsing light seen over fields longbridge birmingham england 6/12/02
3/1/02 13:00 Pensacola FL Disk 1 minute silver shinny object in sky 6/12/02
2/20/02 22:15 Hickson ND Diamond 10-15 minutes Large object south of mid size city on busy Hwy that wasn't busy that night. 6/12/02
2/20/02 01:00 Durham NH Light an hour or so A light that floats at tree level and hangs out for over an hour 6/12/02
2/14/02 22:35 Oxnard CA Disk 4-5 seconds I thought it was a shooting star.......but boy was i mistaken! 6/12/02
2/5/02 21:00 United Kingdom
Light 1 hour unusal bright light moving in an unbeleivable manner throughout the sky 6/12/02
1/8/02 20:30 Midlothian VA Other 5 minutes On the evening of January 8th, 2002 my girlfriend and I were coming back from my brothers house that lives in Mosely, Va. ( approximate 6/12/02
12/25/01 22:10 Hartlepool (UK/England)
Unknown 10 mins First the ufo was there, then it dissappered. 6/12/02
12/5/01 22:54 Birmingham TX Unknown 1 hour I Have No Idea What Happened 6/12/02
11/18/01 18:30 Highlands Ranch CO Triangle 4 minutes triangle with one spot on each corner and one big one in the middle. 6/12/02
10/1/01 22:30 Albany NY Flash 2 seconds Bright flash witnessed near Albany, New York 6/12/02
9/23/01 17:30 Bothell WA Triangle 10 minutes Not balloons 6/12/02
9/16/01 17:30 Falkirk (UK/Scotland)
Circle Approx 10 secs 5.30 PM 16th Sept 2001, clear blue sky, Central Scotland (5 Miles East of Bonnybridge).I was in my back garden sorting some rubbish wit 6/12/02
7/15/01 00:30 Cartaret NJ Formation 2 mins ? dozen yellowish-orange lights flying in formation 6/12/02
7/1/01 22:35 Scarborough (UK/England)
Light 10-20 minutes Spherical ball of light, phased out, appeared in three different places and was above the ground. 6/12/02
6/8/01 22:00 Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka)
Oval 2 hours UFO Sited in Sri Lanka 6/12/02
6/1/01 12:30 Sandoval IL Changing
There were two lights, they came at 12:30 and Ithink they abducted me, but I have no Memory from 1:00-6:00am. 6/12/02
4/9/01 01:30 Marina di Avola (Italy)
Fireball 1 ora circa luce bianca-giallastra molto splendente ma non accecante.Era Bellissima. 6/12/02
3/19/01 19:10 East Dover VT Light 45 seconds small green light, high altitude, changing direction. 6/12/02
3/9/01 03:36 Simi Valley CA Fireball 10 sec. A green fireball passed over my car north of the San Fernando Valley at 3:36 a.m. on 03/09/01. 6/12/02
2/28/01 23:50 Caldicot (UK/Wales)
Flash 5 minutes flashing white light taperingout as it moved then reappearing in a completely different part of the sky,as if it was attached to a huge 6/12/02
10/28/00 Springfield MO Cigar 9 min. grey, dull, metallic looking Cigar craft 6/12/02
9/27/00 19:30 Highlands Ranch CO Triangle 3 minutes Triangle object, orange, blue and red lights, no sound, high speeds,close to ground. 6/12/02
6/22/00 09:30 Sophia WV Unknown mean The U.F.O on Tams Mountian. I now believe in aliens!!! 6/12/02
6/14/00 22:00 Ventura CA Circle 1.5 - 2 hours UFO aircraft seen on the horizen. 6/12/02
6/1/00 22:30 Boca Raton FL Triangle 10 minutes UFO over Boca Raton, FL? 6/12/02
6/1/00 04:30 Saxton (a small village in Yorkshire) (UK/England)
Sphere 5 Seconds approximately Silver sphere sighted in Yorkshire, UK in the early hours of June 2000. 6/12/02
4/28/00 22:07 Federal Way WA Cigar one second At 10:07 pm Friday night I left my car to enter house. I looked skyward and saw a blue and saw a blue cigar shaped object streak from a 6/12/02
4/28/00 22:07 Federal Way WA Cigar second On that evening I had just returned home and was listening to the news on the radio in my car. The time was 10:06 when I got out and l 6/12/02
2/15/00 21:00 New Canaan CT Unknown 1 min Saw a large dark object 50 ft across hovering silently in the air with three lights on the bottom searching the ground. 6/12/02
11/5/99 Hillsborough CA Oval 5 minutes the report on this date listed in burlingame/ san mateo sounds very similar to what i saw and the date sounds right. driving home from 6/12/02
7/2/99 11:30 Troy AL Cigar 5 seconds 2 White Cigar Shaped craft flew over Hwy 231 6/12/02
7/1/99 22:00 Coso Junction CA Light 2 mins was standing on the porch of a mini market/gas station where i worked..and looked up to the west for some reason and saw a bright green 6/12/02
6/15/99 23:00 Lone Pine/Cartago (between) CA Unknown unknown I was coming home from work and looked out to the left of my car and saw a blue haze.... out on the Owens lake..... it covered approxim 6/12/02
6/7/99 21:00 Hollywood FL Cylinder
i think i was abducted by aliens in Hollywood, Florida on June 7th, 1999. 6/12/02
5/21/99 20:30 Patterson CA Light 20min On May 21st from 8:35pm-8:55pm, Me and my wife were in my backyard and our moon was at half full, on the dark side of the moon towards 6/12/02
5/5/99 23:00 Phoenix AZ Light several hours body experiments by aliens 6/12/02
4/19/99 02:00 Milford CT Circle 1 min or less Were we scanned by an orb or probe? 6/12/02
1/17/99 22:30 Hamedan (Iran)
9/13/98 22:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Formation 1 minute red and green circles in a V formation 6/12/02
8/24/98 20:45 Westfield MA Triangle 20minutes In the summer of 98, my nephew had come into my third floor apt and said Uncle Ed you have got to see this .

We went outside and we
7/5/98 00:00 Lake Vermillion MN Disk 1 1/2 hours Massive craft seen for an hour 6/12/02
6/15/98 00:01 Cartago CA Sphere 5 mins huge white light alongside my vehicle on the highway late at night... 6/12/02
6/1/98 14:00 West Richland WA Oval seconds screaming large round ball metal ball crossing the afternoon sky caught on film around 1998 6/12/02
8/17/97 22:30 Sioux City IA Triangle 7-10 sec the 4 of us saw a totally black triangle shaped object with no lights or sound fly over head blackining the stars out. 6/12/02
5/1/97 22:00 State College PA Flash 20 seconds Bright flash, long and slow disipation of a thick white trail 6/12/02
6/15/96 13:30 Aberdeen MD Disk 5min. 6 spaceshuttle technology schemed saucer shaped vehicles seen over Aberdeen,Md in summer of '96. 6/12/02
5/20/95 22:00 Mesquite TX Sphere Approx. 1 Min I was driving down East Glenn Dr. towards Faithion P. Lucas and noticed a very large round silver white object. At first I quickly tho 6/12/02
5/1/95 21:30 Brockton MA Triangle 2 minutes came out of nowhere, disappeared into the sky 6/12/02
4/15/95 23:30 Kilgore TX Circle 60 minutes Prone to being "ESCORTED" by bright ball of light??? 6/12/02
2/15/95 20:00 North Washington PA Sphere 10-15 Seconds Falling Sparks from Hovering light 6/12/02
10/23/94 15:00 (unknown) VA Triangle Chimney Hill County 3 lighted circular air craft 6/12/02
9/15/94 22:00 North Washington PA Oval 4 Seconds F A S T - Ionized Sphere? 6/12/02
6/15/94 21:00 Fredericktown (2205twp rd180) OH Sphere 10;00min IDENTIFIED SPACESHIP FACT!!! 6/12/02
4/10/94 03:30 Nr. Resende/ Rio de Janeiro State (Brazil)
Disk 0:20 event commenced as light in the sky advancing slowly and erratic east to westerly direction. when it got closer commenced changing colo 6/12/02
12/5/93 01:00 Poughkeepsie NY Unknown 10 minutes Five lights over my car in the Catskills. 6/12/02
11/9/93 21:00 LaPrairie (Montreal) (Canada) PQ Triangle 1/2 hour Landed triangle flyed over us. 6/12/02
6/13/93 21:45 Lafayette LA Teardrop 22:20 the quick moving "star" balls sped away faster than anything i had everseen and change color in the process of leaving. 6/12/02
5/23/93 21:30 La Verne CO Teardrop 20 sec. It flew over the crest at an amazing speed and disappeared in a small cloud it should have flown through at that speed. 6/12/02
9/23/91 19:30 Westwood CA Light 30-45 minutes a bright tube of light resembling an elevator shaft descended from the light object to the ground and then returned. 6/12/02
6/1/90 12:00 Orting WA Disk Approx. 30 seconds UFO in contact with commerical airliner 6/12/02
2/15/90 21:00 Burlington (Canada) ON Chevron 10 min. Chevron-shaped object encountered hovering amid a stormy winter night. 6/12/02
11/25/89 18:30 New Haven CT Cigar 20 min CIGAR SHAPE 6/12/02
7/1/89 22:00 Stony Point NY Triangle 10 minutes large triangle object above hudson river 6/12/02
9/1/88 17:30 Roswell (West side) NM Disk matter of seconds examples page will not come up 6/12/02
7/20/88 22:00 Fairfax VA Disk 3-4 minutes Circular object one red, one orange, one white light 6/12/02
6/10/88 21:30 Murwillumbah (Just north of) (Australia)
Disk 2to5mins It was huge and it came down and hovered over the cane feilds just north of Murwillumbah in New South Wales Australia.My wife and i wer 6/12/02
6/1/85 02:00 Krivaj (a village near Kutina) (Croatia)
Fireball 5 min Two fireballs making manouvers around each other in the sky and then separate. 6/12/02
9/1/84 22:00 River Rouge MI Sphere 10 seconds ufo scans goodyear blimp in 1984 over River Rouge Michigan 6/12/02
6/24/84 21:00 Tallahassee FL Unknown 3 hrs FLASH CAR DIED AND I T WAS 4 HRS LATER 6/12/02
4/23/83 08:30 Oshkosh WI Triangle 15 minutes Same Triangular Shape Seen Back in 1983. 6/12/02
6/1/82 18:00 San Antonio TX Other 10 sec. My chidren and myself were visiting my brother. When it was time to leave. We all walk towards the car together. As I"m opening the doo 6/12/02
11/23/81 20:30 Pacifica/Lindamar CA Changing 7 minutes Two space craft in air, sitting motionless with no sound 6/12/02
5/20/81 22:00 Durham NC Sphere 5 MINUTES Big as a house & made no sound 6/12/02
6/15/78 21:00 Stanwood WA Other five seconds Low level, high speed flyby 6/12/02
6/1/78 22:00 Victoria TX Oval 30 seconds UFO seen over Texas skys in the late '70s 6/12/02
7/15/77 23:00 Douglas (Canada) ON Light 3-4 minutes Rapid erratic motion of a 'star'-like light, ending with trenmendous speed over the horizon. 6/12/02
5/29/77 23:30 Watertown NY Cigar 30-45 seconds My friend and I were on our way to my summer place in Canada and had pulled off I-81 for a rest stop. We were looking at how beautiful 6/12/02
5/15/77 02:00 Kilmarnock (UK/England)

20 minutes Whisper quiet hovering craft. 6/12/02
5/1/77 19:00 Palatine IL Oval 1 hour Oval shaped object flies over Palatine, while it hoovers; over a private school called: Little City. 6/12/02
5/1/77 17:00 Yazoo City MS Oval 1hour? Two oval crafts with amber colored lights seen in1977. 6/12/02
7/10/76 11:30 Phoenix AZ Disk 6 secs. Phoenix, AZ, mid-July, 1976, 11:30 am, shiny silver disk- shaped object hovering over vacant lot at about 200'. 6/12/02
6/15/76 11:00 Canton OH Cigar 7 min Cigar shaped object seen in early afternoon by several witness for several min. in summer of 1976 or 1977. 6/12/02
1/15/76 20:00 Thousand Oaks CA Changing 1minute was like a dot in the sky turn into a shape with a bird in the middle and faded to the ground 6/12/02
2/23/75 05:00 Ballarat (Australia)
Unknown 2 mins many years ago my brother and i heard a 'whirling' loud sound maybe 10' above our heads one early morning but could'nt see anythingt 6/12/02
8/15/74 20:00 Gold Beach OR Circle 30 seconds Ball of light shining a cone of light on the beach. 6/12/02
7/15/74 19:30 Matheson (Canada) ON Sphere 3 seconds Big Orange sphere traveling very high rate of speed,no noise like a sonic boom,no vapor trail left,no descending like something falling 6/12/02
6/15/73 22:00 Hampton VA Formation 1 to 2 minutes Low flying triangular formation? of silent blue lights in 1974 near Langley Va. 6/12/02
8/14/72 06:00 Milford CT Circle 5 minutes Childhood experience in Milford, CT 6/12/02
3/20/72 17:30 Anaheim CA Cylinder 20-30 seconds Cylindrical shaped very fast hovering craft..1972 siting 6/12/02
6/1/67 Farmersville OH Circle
What my parents do not lie. 6/12/02
8/1/66 20:00 Moshi (Tanzania)
Other 10-15 mins We still do not have the technology to acieve what these objects did judging from the capabilities of our current space and aircraft 6/12/02
7/1/66 21:00 Malden MA Sphere 30+min. blue-white star, larger than any other in sky-- making regular 90' turns- for over 30 min.'s 6/12/02
6/6/65 17:00 College Park GA Circle 3 to 4 mins. Seeing an object close to the Atlanta Airport 6/12/02
7/15/54 22:00 New Toronto (Canada) ON Circle 10 minutes it was a white round object which was the same sizes as the full moon 6/12/02
summer 22:00 Cartago CA Triangle 15-20 mins four traingular with lights... colored lights.... one on top and four across bottom and two lights one on either side half way down... 6/12/02
september 19:00 Derby (UK/England)
Circle 30-40min 6or7silver craft seen at extreme height moving to different fomations 6/12/02