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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/02 10:00 Travelers Rest SC Light 45min Well we walked out own the back porch to relax a little. Outside there were thunder storms in the area and also heat lighting. I look 7/1/02
6/30/02 03:15 Helsinki (Finland)
Unknown 0.01sec Overpassing UFO 7/1/02
6/29/02 21:00 NSW (Australia)
Changing 20secs It flashed different colours and flew extemely fast. 7/1/02
6/29/02 10:50 Napa CA Sphere 40 seconds UFO's over Napa, Ca. sky. 7/1/02
6/29/02 07:05 West Vancouver (Canada) BC Other 2-3 minutes stingray shaped sphere 7/1/02
6/29/02 03:45 Los Angeles CA Cone 20minutes upon looking at a orange colerd coneshape object slowly moving west to south around 3:45AM 7/1/02
6/29/02 02:25 Martinez CA Oval 2 seconds Large glowing ovoid descends rapidly west of Martinez, California. 7/1/02
6/29/02 00:00 Salt Lake City UT Sphere 2 to 3 seconds Cluster Sightings in the skys of Salt lake city. 7/1/02
6/28/02 22:00 Berryville VA
10 seconds Bright light glides over my house 7/1/02
6/28/02 21:45 Wooster OH Circle 20 min. It moved slow and made no sound. I have aviation experience and never seen anything like it. 7/1/02
6/28/02 19:00 Winston-Salem NC Disk 10 minutes Black disk shaped object seen in broad daylight in Winston-Salem, NC 7/1/02
6/27/02 23:45 Chelmsford (UK/England)

5min very strange noise out side like somthing firing . like a rocket rocket. 7/1/02
6/27/02 22:25 Selden NY Formation 4 min TRIANGLE SQUARE SHAPED OBJECTS OVER SKYS OF SELDEN 7/1/02
6/27/02 22:00 Natchitoches LA Oval 20 minutes flashing object jetting around the sky 7/1/02
6/27/02 21:45 Phoenix AZ Fireball 1 hour + 2nd Phoenix sighting very similar to 1997 sighting 7/1/02
6/27/02 20:00 Dunn NC Teardrop 45 sec. three glowing lights make triangle 7/1/02
6/27/02 17:00 Wichita KS Teardrop approx. 1 minute UFO sighted at 9pm cst flying due north at approx. 100-200 mph inverted cone 3'-5' diameter approx. 400' up in the sky, with no sound. 7/1/02
6/26/02 22:30 Freehold NJ Disk 2 mins it was a large hovering aircraft with many luminous lights that glided off in a manner unlike any other aircraft i had ever seen 7/1/02
6/26/02 21:50 Mabton WA Triangle 20 Min 2 objects flew slowly and quietly with 4 white lights and 3 green lights. 7/1/02
6/26/02 20:30 Shenzhen (China)
Oval 10min China's fifth UFO sighting in a wave that began in April 2002 7/1/02
6/26/02 13:00 Mercury NV Other 20 minutes High power broadband radio transmission observed near Area 51 7/1/02
6/26/02 12:32 Mt. Popocatepetl (Mexico)
Circle 3 minutes Shortly before dawn, a circular UFO was seen flying below Mt. Popocatepetl in Mexico. 7/1/02
6/26/02 10:30 Airdrie (UK/Scotland)
Disk 0 PHOTO OF UFO 7/1/02
6/26/02 03:00 St. Helens OR Disk 15 minutes Fast moving object that moved left to right, stopped, then right to center, then center to left at 1 minute intervals 7/1/02
6/26/02 03:00 Sabina OH Sphere a few seconds I was on my way home from work. At approximately 3:09 am I saw a bright green orb arc through the sky going in a south easterly directi 7/1/02
6/25/02 23:30 Aberdeen WA Circle 15seconds STAR LIKE OBJECT MOVING QUICKLY FROM SW TO NE 7/1/02
6/25/02 23:12 Orting WA Other 20 seconds Object (satellite?) displayed short, intense increase in magnitude before vanishing ( near Ursa Major). 7/1/02
6/25/02 23:00 Portland OR Circle 15 minutes Object appeared in the low horizon and it looked to me to be venus, but then was moving east and rising slightly untill it was about 4 7/1/02
6/25/02 21:30 Mississauga (Canada) ON Light ongoing Bright lights turning on and off, planes going above them. 7/1/02
6/25/02 21:10 Noblesville IN Cigar 45 min Cigar shaped object with red beam hovers for 45min during storm 7/1/02
6/25/02 01:01 Edmonton (Canada) AB Other 7-10 seconds These things moved like nothing I,ve ever seen before. 7/1/02
6/24/02 23:10 Deerfield Beach FL Disk 20 minutes Luminous white saucer shaped object zig zags around the moon 7/1/02
6/24/02 22:00 Louisville KY
1 sec. Large, bright red light flashed from high above. 7/1/02
6/24/02 21:55 Walnut Creek CA Unknown 7-10 seconds Bright moving object high in the sky. Changed intensity as it moved. 7/1/02
6/24/02 20:15 New York City (Manhattan) NY Light 20:15 - 22:15 Brilliant starlike object (Unidentified Flying Object) visits south of Manhattan 7/1/02
6/24/02 18:58 Phoenix AZ Light 30 SEC. Bright object in the daylight sky 7/1/02
6/24/02 16:15 Laguna Niguel CA Rectangle 10 seconds A brief experience with a reflective surface in the sky. 7/1/02
6/24/02 00:10 Deerfield Beach FL Sphere 20 minutes White spherical light moves in circular path, then irregular path, then turns itself off and on & off like a lightbulb& zips away! 7/1/02
6/23/02 22:13 Williamsburg VA Light less than 2 seconds A light flying really fast and really low 7/1/02
6/23/02 22:00 Woodland Hills-Canoga Park CA Light 20 minutes I had 2 previous sightings back east, but this was the most incredible thing I've seen in my 47 years. 7/1/02
6/23/02 21:00 London (UK/England)
Cigar 10minutes Dark shaped object with very long stream of yellow flame coming from underneath it. 7/1/02
6/23/02 19:30 Claremont CA Cigar 30 minutes Two distant three-sectioned cigar-shaped white UFOs observed for half an hour, one of them approached by an apparent jet. 7/1/02
6/23/02 17:00 Northridge CA Changing 15 minutes I saw an object that reminded me of a stone skipping in the sky everytime it bounced it got higher and faster. 7/1/02
6/22/02 22:45 Bristol (UK/England)
Fireball 3 seconds fireball moving very quick,entered the atmasphere, 7/1/02
6/22/02 21:30 Kalamazoo to Muskegon MI Light 2 hours Lights in the sky for 2 hours following us from Kalamazoo to Muskegon..... 7/1/02
6/22/02 20:30 Patterson NC Light 7 minutes Ball of light,similar to the Brown Mountain Patterson. 7/1/02
6/22/02 16:00 Butte MT
3 min. Formation of 6-7 objects sighted over Butte, MT. 7/1/02
6/22/02 16:00 Butte MT Formation 3 mins FORMATION ABOVE BUTTE.. 7/1/02
6/21/02 23:15 Whitstable (UK/England)
Triangle 15 Did not personally see, local radio reported hundreds along the coast around Whitstable, Herne Bay and Margate had seen the sighting. L 7/1/02
6/21/02 22:35 Spokane WA Light watching it now I reported the same light two nights ago and it is here again. I am watching it now, it is a light much brighter than all the other sta 7/1/02
6/21/02 21:10 Plainwell MI Circle 5 minutes A dark and round, spinning object stealthly creeping across the evening sky 7/1/02
6/21/02 17:45 Portland OR Sphere 1.5 hours I had just stopped in a local tavern after work (no alchohol prior; 1/2 beer before siting). Several individuals were going out and com 7/1/02
6/21/02 16:50 Lake Oswego OR Circle 25 minutes object was white sphere, appeared to be at least 6000 to 7000 ft up, object ABSOLUTELY fixed, nailed in place. size: BB held at arms l 7/1/02
6/21/02 16:42 Portland OR Light 75 minutes Oregon UFO Review Case: Object releases dark orbs in Portland skies...photographed. 7/1/02
6/21/02 11:30 Visalia CA Changing 3-5 min round like changed shape from round to flat shiny silver in color 7/1/02
6/21/02 01:40 Palm Beach FL Light 5 min Blinking red/orange and white light in sky 7/1/02
6/20/02 23:15 Port Angeles WA Fireball 35 minutes It was a bright circular object with mullti-colored llights in the center in the western sky over the Straits of Juan de Fuca 7/1/02
6/20/02 22:50 Holmdel NJ Triangle 4 min triangle of stars about the size of of the head of the constelation Leo. Moving very slowly from north to south along the eastern horiz 7/1/02
6/20/02 20:15 Los Angeles CA Other 30 seconds Seperating Red Flashing Sphere with Lighting Speed 7/1/02
6/20/02 20:10 Pine Grove Mills PA Cylinder 60 -90 seconds a long bright object was observed over Pine Grove Mills, Pa., stationary at first then travelling at a high speed until disappearing. 7/1/02
6/20/02 Pompa Plains (Argentina)

Cattle Mutilaions in Argentina. Bright lights seen in sky. 7/1/02
6/19/02 21:50 Houston TX Light seconds Bright object in Houston sky 7/1/02
6/19/02 21:40 Tucson AZ Light 15 sec. ligth in the sky got brigth then got dim while moving. 7/1/02
6/19/02 21:05 Richmond VA Triangle about 3 min. Floating triangle seen over Richmond. 7/1/02
6/19/02 19:00 Socorro NM Cylinder 45 minutes apparently two lighted objects showed themselves for nearly one hour moving, blinking,ect, 7/1/02
6/18/02 22:57 Paradise CA Light three minutes I saw a pulsating light , marrow white in color traveling north to south around 2300 hours 7/1/02
6/18/02 22:30 San Jose CA Circle about 3mins. TOO MUCH ACTIVITY OVER NOTHERN CAL. SAN JOSE 7/1/02
6/18/02 22:00 Rockford IL Triangle 10 seconds The object looked like a long triangle that was moving through the night sky. 7/1/02
6/18/02 21:45 Yarmouth ME Sphere 2-3 mins Sphere object with flashing lights falling at a slow pace, apparently on fire, no indication of crashing impact, lost sight of object. 7/1/02
6/18/02 21:30 Moultonborough NH Changing 20 minutes Strange speeding objects emitting fireballs and smaller aircraft reported in Moultonborough New Hampshire. 7/1/02
6/18/02 21:25 Gilford NH Sphere 15 minutes Individual spherical yellow "Orbs", Linked movemnet of "Orbs", "Orbs" emitting other "Orbs" 7/1/02
6/18/02 21:15 Evanston IL Circle 15 mins Bright circular object spotted hovering over a baseball field on a clear night for several minutes. 7/1/02
6/18/02 21:15 Moultonborough NH

I believe it was the Air National Guard preparing for deployment. 7/1/02
6/18/02 21:00 Plymouth NH Fireball 3 min? Fireball in the sky behind the clouds???? Apparently the fighter jets saw it too????? 7/1/02
6/18/02 21:00 Plymouth NH Fireball 10 min +/- Update to UFO sighting in Plymouth NH 7/1/02
6/18/02 21:00 Laconia NH Unknown 15-30 mins Observed jet fighters discharging flares over the White Mountain area of NH 7/1/02
6/18/02 21:00 Encino CA Triangle 1 minute Craft with 3 faint rectangle lights over Los Angeles 7/1/02
6/18/02 20:30 Seattle WA Disk 10 minutes black disk flipping over or rolling over end to end. 7/1/02
6/18/02 20:00 Moultonboro NH Other 1 hrs. approx. Lights in sky in New Hampshire, Tuesday, June 18, 2002 a military training exercise. 7/1/02
6/18/02 14:25 Dallas TX Circle about 1 minute Saw a small bright object with fast erratic moves. 7/1/02
6/18/02 12:40 Broomfield CO Sphere 7minutes On 6/18/02 @ approx. 12:45 I saw a metallic sphere shaped object hoovering over Boulder CO. It then moved toward the east and vanished 7/1/02
6/18/02 01:00 Index WA
30 minutes There was a buzzing noise that entered my body. 7/1/02
6/17/02 23:57 Paradise CA Formation 4 minutes There were three steady star blue lights in a triangular formation traveling from north to south before midnight 7/1/02
6/17/02 22:49 Lelystad (Netherlands)
Fireball 25 sec We saw a very strange fireball in the sky as fast as an airplane but it looks like a balloon. It was like a fire in a circle.

It was
6/17/02 20:45 Old Saybrook CT Light 20 seconds UFO Sighting Monday Evening! 7/1/02
6/17/02 20:30 Adelaide (South Australia)
Cylinder 10mins I live appproximately 400 metres away from the Ocean, this is not the first time I have seen usual craft.A good friend and I were lesur 7/1/02
6/17/02 20:15 Licking MO Light 2 minutes Three large bright lights were seen moving vertically in the sky, vanishing as quickly as they appeared. 7/1/02
6/17/02 06:45 Marion (rural area 10 miles north of) OH Disk 2 minutes This one is a mystery to me. 7/1/02
6/17/02 02:50 Juncos (Puerto Rico) PR Light 15 seconds approximately I saw an object with white lights and a white trail behind it as it flew... 7/1/02
6/16/02 22:00 Spokane WA Light 1&1/2 hours I have been seeing a flickering white light, last evening again,much brighter than a star, it hovers and moves around the sky. 7/1/02
6/16/02 20:30 Bossier City LA Light 3 to 5 minutes Bright blue/white light flies silently across evening sky. 7/1/02
6/16/02 03:00 Fernandina Beach FL Circle 10 seconds a bright red falling circle of light 7/1/02
6/16/02 00:25 Deerfield OH Light 1 minute Light going N to S in Ohio, angles then disappears from sight. 7/1/02
6/15/02 22:05 Pflugerville TX Light 1.5 min. I had just watched the shuttle and space station cross over from nw to se.

Then about 2 mins after a twice as large sta5r looking th
6/15/02 18:01 El Toro CA Other 15:00min Standing at O'neill Reg. park. Facing the top of Saddleback Mtn.Object hung above to the right tip of mountain peak for about 15 min. W 7/1/02
6/15/02 14:30 Saskatoon (Canada) SA Triangle 60 seconds large floating triangle saw floating just outside of a third story window. 7/1/02
6/15/02 00:45 Tualatin OR Oval 4 seconds Oregon UFO sighting 7/1/02
6/15/02 00:30 Kaduruwela (Sri Lanka)
Disk 5Min Some thing is Cerculing around Sri Lanka for the past 3 weeks and Reports comming from all round Sri lanka! 7/1/02
6/14/02 23:30 Camas WA Light 5-8 seconds Appeared to be a satelite, then it zigzaged, then straight with speed variation 7/1/02
6/14/02 21:40 Sykia, Halkidiki (Greece)
6/14/02 15:00 Glendale CA Disk less than a minute metallic saucer in broad daylight floating near verdugo mountains in glendale/los angeles area 7/1/02
6/13/02 23:59 Los Angeles (knottsberry farm area) CA Changing 15min I WAS TRAVELING FROM SACRAMENTO CALIF,..TO SAN DIEGO CALIF.( HWY. # 5 ) IT WAS ALMOST MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY , THE 13TH OF JUNE, 2002.(A 7/1/02
6/13/02 23:40 Hama Hama River WA Light 4 secs it was very blunt lasting 4 seconds, and after a while and the more we thought of it, the more dreamy it became.. but we saw that 7/1/02
6/13/02 22:30 Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka)
Oval 10-15 Miniutes Big crowed seen 2 ufo's various plases in Polonnaruwa- Sri Lanka. 7/1/02
6/13/02 22:14 Omaha NE Light 2 minutes Bright, low altitude white light moving accross night sky at medium speed. 7/1/02
6/13/02 20:15 Statesville NC Formation 20 minutes A weird sighting in North Carolina where a strange formation with no sound hovered near a mans house for almost half an hour. 7/1/02
6/12/02 02:30 Sydney (Chatswood) (NSW, Australia)
Circle 5 seconds 2 Lights zooming across the sky 7/1/02
6/11/02 22:15 Sacramento CA Light 2 Minutes My cousin and I saw a light that looked like a star that moved very fast accross the sky and then disappeared. 7/1/02
6/10/02 22:00 Centereach NY Cone 5-10 mins. The object seemed to cause the numbness in my hands. 7/1/02
6/10/02 21:40 Turin (Italy)
Changing Approx 90secs Black, changing shape from circular to elliptical, no noise, no lights, moving WNW over Turin. 7/1/02
6/10/02 01:30 Ventura CA Triangle 45 seconds I was outside late monday night, having a cigarette. standing in my backyard , looking at the stars. suddenly , what i can only describ 7/1/02
6/9/02 13:45 Tacoma WA Oval 15 min Just a disc shaped object that I watched for about 15 minutes. Object moved around in the sky and there was aircraft in the area. Cloud 7/1/02
6/8/02 23:15 Muskegon MI Triangle 10 seconds A large triangle with lights on the corners moving west to east. 7/1/02
6/8/02 22:30 Tucson AZ Light 6 seconds A bright light travelling high in the sky appeared out of nowhere when it diminished in size and quickly disappeared. 7/1/02
6/8/02 22:30 Maize KS Flash 7-10 sec Object reflects green light to the ground 7/1/02
6/8/02 22:16 Chattahoochee County GA Circle 1 hour Phoenix Lights Spotted 7/1/02
6/7/02 23:45 Mt. Carmel campgrounds SC
11 to 15 seconds Green rectangular lights appearing erratically 7/1/02
6/6/02 23:10 Simcoe (Canada) ON Unknown 2 seconds About 11:10 pm on June 6, I stepped out onto my west facing balcony and looked up into the night sky.

A streak of greenish light mov
6/6/02 23:03 Las Vegas NV Sphere appx. 3 min. Green Globes over Las Vegas 7/1/02
6/6/02 22:00 Holtville CA Light 5-10 minutes unusual lights in the sky 7/1/02
6/6/02 12:05 Mount Whitney CA Formation 12:05 - 12:35 strange light formation in sky above mount whitney in broad daylight! 7/1/02
6/6/02 01:00 Malta NY Triangle 4 seconds tops Saw a slow moving Triangle-shaped craft flying over wooded residential area. 7/1/02
6/5/02 23:45 Bethel AK Other 1-2 minutes Strange flyover witnessed 7/1/02
6/4/02 11:00 Cabins WV Egg unknown Transparent Object Seen In Picture After Downloading. 7/1/02
6/3/02 23:00 Morganton NC Triangle five min. the triangle moved slowly above the trees moving from west to east.the object did not make any noise. 7/1/02
6/2/02 16:00 Arlington TX Sphere 10 minutes? 6 white orbs going south to north in daylight sighting at high altitude. 7/1/02
5/27/02 22:00 Ojai CA Light 10 seconds + - My girlfriend and I took an evening walk, saw a brilliant stationary object which suddenly began to move outward and vanished. 7/1/02
5/27/02 21:30 Gampaha (Sri Lanka)
Circle less than 1 minute Details of the Object:- Place :- World coordinates 80 01 30 E Size :- Little bigger than a tennis ball Colour :- Front - Very bright ma 7/1/02
5/25/02 23:15 Kenosha WI Light 12 mins. Lights coalesced from the north, flashed red yellow and blue, flew in large circles, and dissapeared again to the north. 7/1/02
5/19/02 17:00 Boston MA Oval 3 mins Floating balloons or UFO 7/1/02
5/15/02 04:00 Monterey/Seaside CA Light 20sic I saw this big bright light on the road comming from Los Angeles to Monterey california 7/1/02
5/14/02 21:00 Arroyo Grande CA Light few mins on central coast of cali june 14th 2002 9pm bright star colerd light fades and red colered light does wierd stuff at 11pm 7/1/02
5/10/02 00:36 Salt Lake City UT Light 12 seconds 3 lights in triangle formation over Salty Lake city 7/1/02
5/7/02 23:23 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other 30 minutes An experienced amateur astronomer photographed an unusual object in the night sky. It could not be identified. 7/1/02
5/4/02 21:00 Abbotsford (Canada) BC Oval Sumas Mountain A picture of four ufo's flying over a sunset. 7/1/02
4/25/02 11:30 San Jose CA Circle 2 seconds very small spheres, three one frame flashes at equal time and distance intervals 7/1/02
4/15/02 13:00 Peerless Park MO

4/13/02 11:00 Magna UT Sphere 30 minutes Saturday morning UFO's over Magna Utah. 7/1/02
3/21/02 19:10 Los Angeles CA Oval 5 munutes I was able to capture video of the object over the ocean in the Santa Monica area. 7/1/02
1/22/02 16:08 Vancouver (Canada) BC Sphere still image Wierd shape in the middle of the picture. 7/1/02
12/18/01 05:00 New York City (Queens) NY Circle
A bright low humming circle. 7/1/02
10/15/01 22:17 Manassas VA Light 30 seconds strange lights in the sky 7/1/02
10/10/01 03:00 Rockwell City IA Triangle 4 min.s Large,silent,slow,low to the ground dull-black Triangle UFO with round red lights at it's corners that were off .I drew it. 7/1/02
10/1/01 22:00 Lynden WA Light 30 seconds Outline: 1) Clear dark night.

2) directly above me 3) appeared to be an orbitting satellite but was bluish and smaller than most.

9/30/01 21:30 San Jose/Gilroy/Salinas CA Light 5-10 min each Strange glowing lights scattered by appx 6 miles apart seemed to hover and then disappear and reappear 7/1/02
9/30/01 20:00 Lakewood CO Sphere 15 to 20 MM October 30th 2001. 8:00 pm I had gotten home from work and just went to get gas. I was on my way back from the gas station when I notic 7/1/02
9/30/01 20:00 Lakewood CO Circle 5 minutes circular craft, bright spokes of color, flickering, moved quickly with great changes in altitude, seemed to cause "flash lightning. 7/1/02
9/30/01 19:45 Lakewood CO Sphere 05:00 Big red thing fallowing a van 7/1/02
9/6/01 03:00 Rockwell City IA Triangle 4 min.s A silent,slow,low to the ground,dull-black triangle craft with round unlit red lightes. 7/1/02
8/20/01 21:00 Natches (30 SE of) WA Triangle 5min Triangular Object seen near Rimrock Lake 7/1/02
6/15/01 15:30 Toronto (15Km south of) (Canada) ON Cylinder 5:00min Black cylinder object 7/1/02
5/19/01 00:01 Carson WA Light approx 1 minute A large bright light moved at a constant,very high rate of speed and crossed the entire sky in less than one minute. 7/1/02
3/15/01 03:00 Utah UT Oval 8 seconds we saw a glowing ovalish ufo that followed us at 70 mph, we saw it with in inches!!!!! 7/1/02
1/25/01 02:30 Prospect Park PA Light 30+ min. Ball of flashing, sparkling multicolored light 7/1/02
1/15/01 18:00 Glasgow (Near) (UK/Scotland)
Other 5 seconds Falling bright light 7/1/02
10/1/00 18:00 Stockton CA Sphere 2-3 Minutes Two strange bright objects at dusk in the central valley. 7/1/02
8/15/00 20:00 Chandler AZ Light 5 minutes Two Stationary Bright Red Lights Over Phoenix Area 7/1/02
6/28/00 15:50 Sherwood Park (Canada) AB Circle 3:50-4:00 Big round object, glowing yellow with green/red background behind, moving in horizontal wavy motions in west sky . 7/1/02
6/15/00 18:30 Chanhassen MN Disk 5 seconds I saw a quick glimpse of two dark orange sandy colored saucers probably about 20 feet each in diameter. 7/1/02
3/12/00 00:00 Coral Springs FL Other about 15 minutes I saw something in the sky, it was a red light, not very big but it was fairly bright. It couldn't have been an airplane because it was 7/1/02
12/5/99 20:30 Cleveland NC Circle 10 minutes it was an orange glowing circle 7/1/02
9/28/99 22:00 Poca WV Disk 2 minutes Standing outside on front porch when strange disk shaped object flew over a hill and headed as if it was to land. One witness told anot 7/1/02
9/10/99 05:00 Milwaukee WI Triangle 2 Min. One dark morning I saw a triangular shaped object with lights and it made no sound just before I pulled out of my driveway. 7/1/02
8/15/99 23:50 Salem UT Other 3 Seconds Bluish-green, very bright flash of light toward the southeastern horizon. 7/1/02
8/15/99 23:30 Windsor (Canada) ON Circle 5 mins. a brigh light shot across the sky after all of the street lights went out 7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18 Gallup/Albuquerque (between) NM
2sec We were driving East on I40 toward Alb when I saw a flash of blue light that lit up the whole sky. I saw no craft with this light. li 7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18 Tularosa NM Flash
Just to let you know the light over Aztec N.M. was seen here also. It was reported by Joel Vincent on AM 1270 for several days after 7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18 Albuquerque NM Unknown 2 secons An extremely bright flash of light lit up the sky and groud and appeared to travel from SW to NE. 7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18 Las Cruces NM Fireball 10-20 seconds a close friend of mine witnessed the same phenomenon (sp?) that was reported in northern new mexico 250 miles south of albuquerque, in 7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18 Aztec NM Light 3 minutes I saw an incredibly brilliant bluish white light traveling at an uncomprehendable speed! 7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18 Bosque NM
4 sec. Bright bluish-greenish-white light trail splitting into multiple radians 7/1/02
8/15/99 23:11 Albany OR Sphere 6 minutes Glowing sphere, DEFINATELY not a plane or helicopter. 7/1/02
8/15/99 22:45 Eureka IL Flash 3 secs Not sure if this was natural or unatural.... 7/1/02
8/15/99 21:45 Huntington Beach CA Circle 5-10 seconds A ball of light at a distance of approx. 1/2 to 1 mile moving at high speed with extremely exagerated lateral and vertical motions that 7/1/02
8/15/99 20:30 Gila Bend/Yuma (between) AZ Fireball 2 minutes I saw an intense orange ball of fire that was probably a flare, over military airspace 7/1/02
8/15/99 18:00 McCrory AR Triangle 15 seconds We witnessed a triangular shaped object in the western sky above the town over McCrory, AR - - It then vanished - not just the object, 7/1/02
8/15/99 17:30 Boulder CO Light 2 min Very fast object over boulder 7/1/02
8/15/99 16:30 Lancaster CA Fireball 10 sec. Very loud humming sound with a very bright bluish red flash. then a fire started as a result of the light. 7/1/02
8/15/99 16:00 Eleanor WV Cigar couple minutesa Driving In Car when it appeared appeared in sky. It was long and silver with a long black line in the middle. 7/1/02
8/15/99 14:00 Greencreek ID Cigar 3 minutes Middle of day, an object was in the sky, no loud noise that would be like a plane of that size. It wasn't small. It was in the countr 7/1/02
8/15/99 13:30 Lake Saint Louis MO Diamond less than two mins. elongated grey diamond object that was aware of my obsrevation. 7/1/02
8/15/99 13:00 Valparaiso IN Disk 10 seconds I was looking at (enjoying) the sky on a nearly cloudless, bright and calm day when I saw the object. 7/1/02
8/15/99 02:00 Talco TX Light 30 secs It was the size of a basketball and it hover about 40 ft. in the air without sound and without any beam of light did not light up sky. 7/1/02
4/13/99 20:50 Poca (3.5 miles north of) WV Sphere 5-10 min Saw unusal light "star" move across sky - amber orb lowered and followed 2 witnesses (from dime size to basketball size in seconds. whi 7/1/02
3/20/99 20:30 Poca (in Manilla Creek) WV Sphere 30-60 minutes As it moved across tthe sky and stopped looked like a star.Dropped down from the sky to several hundred feet above the ground. Followed 7/1/02
11/1/98 10:00 Anderson IN Cylinder 5sec. Three grayish-brown cylinder shaped objects with no sound or lights. 7/1/02
7/20/98 18:30 Romulus (Metro Airport) MI Formation 45 min. I have film of 5 ufo's and some one else filmed this too. 7/1/02
3/24/98 16:38 Southport CT Circle 15 sec. Black circular craft give us a glimpse and then dissapears over pine trees. 7/1/02
9/2/97 21:45 Portland OR Formation 20 seconds Four pink/orange lights in V formation flying over metro Portland 7/1/02
6/1/97 02:00 Rushcreek IN Other 15-20 min. It was a summer night in Indiana when me and my friend Ronnie was going over to a friend's house. We were going through a small, valley 7/1/02
3/1/97 13:00 Lockerley (UK/England)
Triangle 10 seconds Bright white isoseles triangle shape seen darting about in the sky, twice. 7/1/02
12/16/96 14:25 Spokane WA Diamond 6min rotating metallic chrome object shining-intense ruby light , diamond/flat cone shape, stationary high altitude 7/1/02
9/1/96 22:30 Wise VA Oval 10 minutes Mysterious aircraft sighted in the hills of Southwest Virginia 7/1/02
6/1/96 22:30 Midwest City (Tinker AFB) OK Triangle 5 min Triangle Shaped UFO after a weeks storm 1996 in Midwest City, OK. 7/1/02
9/16/95 01:00 Wilsonville OR Light 3 minutes Bright lights from miles away to within 150 yds and 300 ft in the air. 7/1/02
5/5/95 20:00 Bogota (Colombia)
Triangle 10 Minutes Three lights forming an Triangle 7/1/02
7/4/93 03:00 New York City NY Other 30-45min. three light U.F.O.'s in the night 7/1/02
8/18/92 02:00 Columbus GA Disk 1 minute UFO outside window, waits in backyard 7/1/02
7/26/89 21:00 Beaverton OR Cylinder 10-20 seconds Large cylinder seen at low altitude during daylight in urban area. 7/1/02
12/23/87 22:00 Ocala FL Triangle two minutes Strange transparent objec t with red lights at joints seen around 10 pm moving northeast very slowly. 7/1/02
10/1/87 23:00 Wappingers Falls NY
? 2nd of 2 7/1/02
12/24/86 22:00 Ocala FL Triangle two minutes Approximately 10:00 pm, saw a very large triangular (for lack of better word) shaped object traveling from southwest to northeast. The 7/1/02
9/16/86 18:00 New Ellington SC Other 90 seconds While driving near a nuclear plant in South Carolina, my wife and i spotted a wingless, oblong shaped aircraft. 7/1/02
6/15/86 13:00 Chilton WI Triangle 20 minutes It was exactly the shape of a boomerang with small towers at each end and one larger in the middle. It flew very slowly and rotated. 7/1/02
9/1/85 21:00 Wappingers Falls NY Formation unsure 1st of 2 7/1/02
6/15/85 20:00 Waverly Hall GA Disk 2 minutes Several witnesses, one UFO 7/1/02
6/1/84 00:00 Perth (Western Australia)

20 Minutes I encountered three small grey creatures and a rolling ball of light while walking at a near by lake. 7/1/02
6/1/80 19:00 Auxvasse MO Disk 10 mins Auxvasse MO. silver disk shaped object arox. 300 ft in diameter aprox 100 ft off the ground rotating, no sound. 7/1/02
6/15/79 15:00 Baton Rouge LA Disk 2-3 Min. Several witness Silver Disc over Baton Rouge 7/1/02
6/1/79 22:00 Hollister CA Egg 2 Minutes ORANGE BRIGHT EGG SHAPED OBJECTS 7/1/02
3/24/79 22:00 Baker City OR Cigar 12 seconds Large, cigar-shaped craft w / windows travelling south to NNE near Baker, Oregon @ appx. 22:00 on March 24th, 1979. 7/1/02
3/20/79 22:45 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Circle 5 seconds Green Ball travelling E to W 1,500 altitude. Entered cloud, changed direction. 7/1/02
6/1/78 18:00 Fulton MO Fireball 4 hours My friend & I had 4 hours of missing time. 7/1/02
5/15/77 00:00 Salem OR Cigar 15 minutes Slowly moving cigar-shaped object with unusual flashing lights seen in Salem, OR in 1970's. 7/1/02
8/1/76 17:00 Lockport (near Selkirk) (Canada) MB Light 1-2 minutes White light deposited two red lights and then zipped off into the sky. 7/1/02
6/1/76 16:30 Raceland LA Circle 2 min the silver object was approx 1/4 mile away, we were looking down the street towards a wooded area.The object to the north was glistenin 7/1/02
11/15/73 17:30 Key West FL Disk 20-30 seconds Saucer craft with red/green alternating lights on its midsection seen within 500 yards, travelling slowly at first, then vanishes 7/1/02
3/13/73 04:00 New Orleans LA Circle approx. 2hrs. My husband and I stopped early one morning on a highway to look at a bright object, the object was a large round silver thing. 7/1/02
6/1/72 22:00 Bilxoi MS Disk 5 minutes It was about 10:00 pm on a warm June night. I was riding my bike near the Ancient Oaks subdivision golf course in North Biloxi. This wa 7/1/02
6/15/68 21:00 Brevard NC Circle 5 minutes 4 people saw this same orange,glowing,silent,energy mass fly right by us...... 7/1/02
8/1/64 02:00 (Republic of Ireland)
Circle 3 mins There were lights on the object and there seemed to a haze around it 7/1/02
9/1/61 20:30 Toledo OH Light Several days Watched light move over woods for several nights, encountered two small glowing figures, experienced time displacement. 7/1/02
4/1/54 22:00 Stanford Campus CA Disk 10 minutes Civil Defense plane spotter reports UFO sighting at Stanford University 7/1/02
8/1/53 14:00 San Bernadino Mtns, Church Camp CA Disk 15 minutes UFO SAUCER APPEARS TO 7TH GRADER GROUP IN CALIF. 1953 7/1/02