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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/13/02 20:45 Manchester (UK/England)
Oval 45 seconds We saw a oval shaped craft flying at about 5 thousand ft high and traveling about 500 mph from east to west displaying flashing lights 9/13/02
9/13/02 11:48 Marlton NJ Unknown 7sec High flying object seen traveling at a high rate of speed. 9/13/02
9/12/02 22:33 Huizen (Netherlands)
Triangle 5 Seconds Triangle shaped object with 3 red lights at each side. 9/13/02
9/12/02 22:30 Pullman WA Light 30min Single object approached from the N-NW, Twinkled, sometimes emited red-blue-gold flashes, made 90deg. turn then hovered for 20 min. 9/13/02
9/12/02 20:35 Memphis TN Sphere time is 9:00pm and still This bright light (like a star) is being seen in the southwest portion of the sky. There is a little haze out tonight but as soon as t 9/13/02
9/12/02 19:30 Hydetown/Townville (route 77 thru) PA Formation 40 minutes 7 objects seen during daylight/dusk hours...stayed in same relative spot for over half hour. 9/13/02
9/12/02 17:00 Watauga TX Oval 14 minutes While i was jogging i notice a small brite light in the northern sky, since i was near my home a ran to get my telescope, with my wife 9/13/02
9/12/02 14:15 Dennis MA Other 5-10 seconds Gray, faceted craft seen moving south over Route 6 in broad daylight. 9/13/02
9/12/02 05:00 Wilmington NC
Unknown U. S. National Weather Service forwards report of dramatic blue-green object seen flying east. 9/13/02
9/12/02 03:28 Newberry OH
2 seconds Truck driver witnesses large blue-green fireball streak from right to left in southern sky. 9/13/02
9/11/02 22:55 Cardiff (Canada) BC Diamond
9/11/02 22:47 Hamilton (Canada) ON Formation 6 - 8 seconds I was sitting in my hot tub looking up into an unusually clear night (nights this clear are rare in Hamilton during the summer due to h 9/13/02
9/11/02 22:00 Portland OR Oval 10-15 sec. I Saw 4 oval shaped objects in the sky to the north of my house 9/13/02
9/11/02 21:00 New York City NY Sphere 25 minutes 4 light appeard behind the president during address to the nation on 9-11-02 9/13/02
9/11/02 20:45 Reno NV Unknown LESS THEN A MINUTE I was on my way home from work. I was coming up over a small pass about 12 miles North of Reno on Hwy 395, just before the Cold Spring 9/13/02
9/10/02 23:59 Fairfax VA Light 3 Seconds Blue light fell from the sky like a missle 9/13/02
9/10/02 22:50 Vancouver Island (Canada) BC Other 4 secs Bright color changing disk headed in a westerly direction. Neon blue with a red trailing edge. 9/13/02
9/10/02 21:30 Lake City MI Light 1-2 minutes Three white lights forming triangle moving through nightime sky 9/13/02
9/10/02 02:00 Grover Beach CA Light almost 1min light over south san luis obispo county septmeber 10 9/13/02
9/9/02 20:00 Huntsville TX Other seconds White light streak in the sky traveling East to West at a very very fast speed with no sound 9/13/02
9/9/02 19:02 Moriches Bay (Long Island) NY
1 minute, or less. U. S. Coast Guard (Boston) forwards report of sighting off Long Island by two witnesses on sailboat. 9/13/02
9/9/02 19:02 Moriches Bay (Long Island/Atlantic Ocean) NY
30 sec. Two men report witnessing a peculiar object descends from the sky, levels out, streaks east over water. 9/13/02
9/9/02 09:30 Mehoopany PA Chevron 15 min 2 UFOs spotted over Mehoopany PA. 9/13/02
9/9/02 01:05 Holland OH Oval 3 or 4 seconds At first glance I thought it was a shooting star but it caught my eye and moved in a straight line and seemingly not with the curvature 9/13/02
9/8/02 23:30 Oskaloosa IA Other continuous Stationary object with red, white and blue flashing lights. 9/13/02
9/8/02 23:13 Fallon NV Triangle 10 seconds Fallon Triangle seen by Ufo Television Talk Show Host 9/13/02
9/8/02 23:00 Milford OH Triangle 2or3min Bright flashing lights 9/13/02
9/8/02 22:30 Glenfield NY Circle 1:00a.m. I live upstate NY, and not only on the night mentioned but a couple of previous nights have seen very clearly, as well as husband and f 9/13/02
9/8/02 21:45 Califon NJ Circle
Egg-shaped craft moving slowly, descended below horizon the headed away to West

Observed with telescope a stationary cylindrical obj
9/8/02 21:00 Matthews NC Fireball as long as i could see it Flaming Fireball sitting in the sky immoble over a house! 9/13/02
9/8/02 21:00 Langle (Canada) BC Disk 30 seconds UFO's light scans me, 2 other witnesses. 9/13/02
9/8/02 20:30 Granby CT Oval 3 to 5 minutes Bright stationary oval in western sky, changing from white to red to greenish blue, no noise at all, dogs barking in neighborhood 9/13/02
9/8/02 20:00 Washington, D.C. (Georgetown) DC Rectangle 30 min Red white and green rectangular object tilted rhythmically while moving horizontally above the Potomic River. 9/13/02
9/8/02 20:00 Jamaica NY Disk 15 minutes spoting in Queens, New York 9/13/02
9/8/02 18:45 Hilton Head SC Other 15 minutes Over about a 15-minute period, I saw either 6 or 7 bright white, rice-shaped objects moving steadily across the sky. 9/13/02
9/8/02 18:15 Abilene TX Disk 5-6 sec. I was taking a walk with a friend of mine when we looked up and saw a strange object. It was silver coloured and shaped somewhat like a 9/13/02
9/8/02 16:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Sphere 1-2hr Eleven objects over Manhatten for nearly 2 hours. 9/13/02
9/8/02 13:30 Millstone NJ Light <1 minute Dancing light in sky over N.J. pulsed, vanished in perfect visibility 9/13/02
9/8/02 03:20 Accord NY Light 2 minutes 3 bright UFO over ulster county-Aliens at the Art Farm 9/13/02
9/8/02 03:00 Walden VT Formation 2 minutes triangular light formation 9/13/02
9/8/02 00:20 New York City (Staten Island) NY Light 10 seconds light splits into two objects then rejoins. 9/13/02
9/7/02 23:45 Sterling VA Light 1 hour + Stationary light (flashing red, yellow, and blue) in north-east sky 9/13/02
9/7/02 23:15 Guntersville AL Other Less than 5 minutes Two comet-like objects passed in front of us, but each in two different directions (horizontally & ascending) within seconds apart. 9/13/02
9/7/02 22:30 Hull (Canada) PQ Formation 30 seconds 4 lights moving in losange(french word) formation at even speed, not blinking, and at least 1 km wide 9/13/02
9/7/02 22:23 Tulsa OK Flash 5-7 seconds Shimmering bluish/green flash in the southeastern sky 9/13/02
9/7/02 22:10 Bridgewater MA Unknown 60 Seconds Three bright objects move across the sky in formation then dissapear. 9/13/02
9/7/02 22:00 Rochester NY Oval 1 hour Ufo's seen hovering around the Rochester area 9/13/02
9/7/02 22:00 LaSalle MI Other 1-2hrs I saw what looked like a twinkling star with lights on it that were green, red and white - flashing. 9/13/02
9/7/02 21:30 Seattle WA Circle 15 Minutes Very large white, green and red light hovering in one position in the southwest sky. Turned off a couple of times, but only for a few 9/13/02
9/7/02 20:30 Mt. Juliet (near Nashville) TN Light 5 seconds large red lights hovered above dark field, then in the sky looked like star w/red-twinkling lights, saw space-ship thru binoculars 9/13/02
9/7/02 20:30 Jacksonville FL Flash 1 second Object appeared as a slow moving shooting star, that performed an "S" manuver before vanishing from sight 9/13/02
9/7/02 15:40 Elk Grove CA Light 1 hour Red / Orange light in a fixed position 9/13/02
9/7/02 15:00 Astoria NY Circle about 30 min UFO over Manhattan 9/13/02
9/7/02 07:15 California PA Rectangle 05 A square flat-looking white object moved steadily not tumbling in a straight line NW to SE as fast as alow flying plane. 9/13/02
9/7/02 04:21 Essecville MI Triangle 5 minutes 3 star like objects in equalateral form floating slowly through the sky 9/13/02
9/7/02 04:00 Framingham MA Light 90 sec Three distinct lights traveling west to east. Initially thought to be a satellite until I realized there were actually three separate o 9/13/02
9/7/02 01:30 Seattle WA Triangle 20 seconds Large black triangle w/ 3 lights on tips hovering low over office buildings in downtown Seattle. 9/13/02
9/7/02 Portsmouth OH Changing 15 minutes A bright red light hoovering in the sky. 9/13/02
9/6/02 23:00 West Newton PA Unknown on-going Flashing red, blue, yellow, green lights - stationery object. 9/13/02
9/6/02 22:55 Bad Axe MI Triangle 1minute was sitting on front porch saw a triangular shaped craft pass from north to south,had three lights that were dim like a satalite flew v 9/13/02
9/6/02 22:50 Cleveland (Shaker Heights) OH Formation about a minute 3 "stars" formed a triangle and moved and then disapeared one by one. 9/13/02
9/6/02 22:50 Rodney (Canada) ON Light 4 minutes Southwestern Ontario sighting 9/13/02
9/6/02 22:10 Mesa AZ Circle several minutes At about 10 PM I witnessed several small circles of light moving around in the sky, (South West.) I immdediatly got some friends who li 9/13/02
9/6/02 22:00 Central California CA Other
a kind of a core that was not translucent, but it seemed as though the outer edges resembled a hazy rainbow of color 9/13/02
9/6/02 22:00 Kunsan City, South Korea
Triangle 1 minute Triangular ,Cloud like shape 9/13/02
9/6/02 21:00 Sheridan WY Oval 20 seconds blue-green bright oval was spotted 20 miles south of Sheridan, WY descending to earth 9/13/02
9/6/02 20:30 Gillette WY Fireball 5 seconds Neon green flying object seen over Gillette, Wyoming 9/13/02
9/6/02 20:30 Bellvue CO Teardrop 2 min. Teardrop shape that created a tail flying low and parallel to the gound. 9/13/02
9/6/02 19:00 Glen Burnie MD Cylinder 10 seconds Cylinder light disapears without a trace Near BWI airport in MD. Cylinder gets skinnier and then disapears like when turning off a TV. 9/13/02
9/6/02 19:00 Harrisburg PA Changing approx. 3 mins 3 lights in the sky which stayed lit for 2/3 seconds in one pattern, disappeared and reappeared in different patterns... 9/13/02
9/6/02 10:15 Lawrence KS Circle 2 min 5 objects of circular shape make a W shape in the sky 9/13/02
9/6/02 02:30 Marble Cliff OH Triangle 10 minutes musical triangular cratf 9/13/02
9/5/02 22:55 Pleasant Prairie WI Triangle 5 minutes Very large triangular object seen in Southeast Wisconsin 9/13/02
9/5/02 20:30 Madison WI Other 10 minutes Triangular formation of what looked like stars in shape and bightness 9/13/02
9/5/02 20:00 Mt. Vernon IN Light 2 hrs Bright Light seemed to draw nearer 9/13/02
9/5/02 00:00 Riceville FL Flash 10 seconds 2 flashing lights 9/13/02
9/3/02 22:00 Roswell NM Unknown 2 minutes Humming, oscillating sounds outside of Roswell, NM 9/13/02
9/3/02 21:10 Las Vegas NV Fireball 5 minutes Red Glow Streaks Across Southwest -- Crashes to Earth 9/13/02
9/3/02 17:30 Cathedral City CA Changing 60-90 Minutes Two white translucent "jellyfish" objects repeatedly change shape; 5-10 thousand feet high in blue afternoon sky 60-90 Minutes. 9/13/02
9/3/02 12:00 Rennes (France)
Diamond seconds Threre was a C30 military transport fly at 200 ft at 250+ mph when this thing came into veiw pursuing the plane. 9/13/02
9/3/02 05:15 Austin TX Oval 15 seconds Bright Star-Like object obsevered in South-East Sky 9/13/02
9/1/02 23:59 Trout Lake (Mt. Adams) WA Triangle 1 minute Oregon UFO Review Case: Triangle formations over Washington and Oregon checked against satellite data...OUFOR. 9/13/02
9/1/02 18:30 Cantonment FL Rectangle 7 minutes unexplained but was nice to see 9/13/02
9/1/02 11:30 Sturbridge MA Changing 10 minutes Unidentified Objects sighted in local town! 9/13/02
8/31/02 18:30 Kern river CA Cigar ? Upon developing film from labor day weekend I had noticed something on the photo in which I had not noticed when taking the picture of 9/13/02
8/31/02 17:43 Canton MI Other 10 minutes +/- 3 section Metelic object sited in Canton Michigan 9/13/02
8/30/02 23:30 St. George Island AK Unknown 3 seconds Ball of light streaking upwards 9/13/02
8/30/02 13:45 Kerry (Republic of Ireland)
Sphere 0.01secs The object seemed to move at lightining speed 9/13/02
8/30/02 09:45 Dover DE Triangle
triangle with white lights 9/13/02
8/30/02 05:30 Ebensburg (Canada) PQ Circle 5 minutes Circle of white lights with light in center seen low in sky near Ebensburg, PA early on August 30. 9/13/02
8/28/02 22:30 Colonia St. Jordi (Spain)
Triangle 15 sec. A triangle with rounded corners. 1 light like a circle at any corner. Dimmt not bright shining. Soundless flying about 1000 - 3000 m hi 9/13/02
8/28/02 22:12 Gold Beach OR Light 7 minutes one night while looking at the stars i saw a bright green light moving very slowly 9/13/02
8/27/02 22:30 Cardiff (near) (UK/Wales)
Light 1 hour + Stacked pulsating lights 9/13/02
8/17/02 22:00 Braggs OK Rectangle 10minutes UFO SPOTTED IN NORTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA TELLS MEDIA BUT i saw them by camp gruber military post 9/13/02
8/15/02 15:45 Indianapolis IN Oval 3 minutes A view from the airplane and a dream come true 9/13/02
8/11/02 20:00 Perth (Western Australia)
Circle 5 mins three red, circular objects 9/13/02
8/9/02 19:00

Sphere 5 min I saw 4 times an OVNI and I have a video 9/13/02
8/4/02 05:30 Northumberland PA Disk ? Farmer saw an object above Montour Ridge at the powerlines,on top of the mountain, it was round and very still over the lines. 9/13/02
8/2/02 23:30 Osseo WI Disk 30 min. spinning craft with green aura circling above. 9/13/02
8/2/02 20:30 Burk's Falls (Canada) ON Oval 10 seconds Oval shape, flying horizontally from East to West 9/13/02
7/24/02 22:00 North Huntingdon PA Sphere 20 seconds Small Sphere Observed At Close Range 9/13/02
7/19/02 21:00 Bessemer AL Disk one minute Encounter of the first kind with video and photographs to back up account. 9/13/02
6/28/02 21:00 Wisconsin Dells WI Egg 2 min A giant egg shape trail moving slowly side to side and left after a couple minutes 9/13/02
6/28/02 13:26 New York City (Staten Island) NY Egg 30 seconds Silver egg shaped UFO low flying in New York 9/13/02
4/15/02 20:30 Clarksburg PA Other 3-4 minutes Fat Object Hovers Over Trees 9/13/02
3/29/02 17:45 Last Chance CO Egg 15 min. Unknown oval object illuminated silently, startling cattle and observers. 9/13/02
3/3/02 12:00 El Segundo CA Sphere 30 minutes silver sphere over refinery by LAX 9/13/02
9/26/01 20:45 Hayward CA Oval 20 minutes 4 bright oval-shaped white objects hovering over my house in Hayward, CA. 9/13/02
11/2/00 22:00 Fort Worth TX Fireball 22:00 IT LOOKED LIKE A SHOOTING STAR BUT IT WAS BELOW THE CLOUDS. 9/13/02
10/16/00 23:00 Jefferson City MO Triangle 2 0r 3 minutes Silent triangle object, very low, moving north then east. 9/13/02
6/10/00 12:00 Avoco PA Triangle `2 sec Triangle object passed close to parachutists jump aircraft at Air Show. 9/13/02
3/9/00 19:30 Istanbul (Turkey)
Light 30 secs 2 star lights rotate around each other, one remained constant, other moved... 9/13/02
11/30/99 01:45 Jackson (west of) MI Fireball 3sec I was going west on I94 at mile marker 174 when I looked up and seen a green fireball comeing through the clouds it was green and and h 9/13/02
8/16/99 01:45 Janesville WI Flash 2to5seconds At 01:45 am. I was at work and we were outside taking a break when I saw a giant flash of light in the sky it was 50 times bigger then 9/13/02
7/4/99 Johnson City TN

this is getting odd. 9/13/02
6/8/99 00:30 Jacksonville FL Other 20 sec unknown craft saw on flat bed trailer being escorted by highway patrol 9/13/02
3/29/99 02:00 Jenkins KY Chevron 4 seconds Bright green object in chevron shape 9/13/02
3/28/99 21:30 Harvey's Lake PA Light hours In the East by North East sky at night we have noticed a blinking light. Red, Green, and White. The object will sit in a stationary pla 9/13/02
10/15/98 21:15 Laguna Niguel CA Unknown 1 minute Bouncing orange lights in night sky. 9/13/02
8/15/98 01:30 Janesville WI Light 25 minutes we saw about 4 strange lights about 200-300 feet above the ground near a section of woods in our city we see this all the time. i can g 9/13/02
7/17/98 02:02 Jacksonville (I-10 Milemarker 238, heading E) FL Other 2 Min Object was Metalic shinning silver saucer shaped with arch hanging down on the left and right side. Me and my wife observed for about 9/13/02
7/17/98 02:00 Jacksonville (I-10, 10 Milemarker 235, Heading E) FL Light 1Min Object was a saucer shaped cloud glowing white heading north to south about 700 feet up. 9/13/02
6/4/98 Rydal (Johnson Mt. Rd.) GA Light
It was a bright when first sighted. The object came straight for us when my boyfriend flashed his headlights at it.I was completly terr 9/13/02
11/13/97 01:45 Corvallis OR Light 20 minutes We had just pulled onto Interstate 5 from leaving Corvallis when we saw these three amber/orange lights hovering above the freeway. At 9/13/02
8/25/97 01:00 Jay Co. into Wells Co. (550w, extending from) IN Disk 30 seconds we were going north on county road 550w i jay county,and the road number changes at the county line,but i don`t know what it changes to 9/13/02
5/31/94 20:00 Marlington WV Disk 2 min. Driving home at dusk,my wife and I saw a saucer shaped craft fly directly overhead at tree top level,the craft had a circle of lights o 9/13/02
6/15/93 Joplin MO

I seen an alien, not a UFO, but I didn't know where to go to report it. 9/13/02
10/31/92 22:00 Jackson MI Fireball 15 seconds Saw what appeared to be a meteor at first, but discovered differenty. 9/13/02
5/15/92 22:00 Montrose PA Circle roughly 4 minutes white light 9/13/02
8/13/90 02:00 Neptune NJ Formation 15 minutes A lot of fog and mist about 20 feet high starting from the ground and about 15 feet wide with different color lights circling it. 9/13/02
6/30/89 19:00 Birmingham (UK/England)
Light 2 minutes A red 'sun' that pulsed back and forth in an unbelievable way. 9/13/02
10/15/87 21:00 Yonkers NY Rectangle 30 minutes Silent rectangular football field sized object fling at about 1000 feet with 6 groups of lights on bottom and across stern 9/13/02
10/6/86 00:20 Janico (Santiago) (Dominican Republic)
Circle 2 mins The craft stood directly above the center of the town, the most vivid assortment of lights. In the blink of an eye, it dissappeared, l 9/13/02
5/15/86 08:00 Jefferson CO Sphere 2-3 hrs saw a bright red sphere moving slowly from west to east on the north of our campsite. 9/13/02
4/15/85 21:30 Nova OH Triangle 10 minutes Triangle-shaped object 9/13/02
6/15/82 00:00 Sonisidro (back road of) CA Diamond uncertain we dont know what we saw to a ufo it looked upside down piramide nothing below apply,s 9/13/02
8/15/81 23:00 Jacksonville Beach FL Changing 8 hours During a period of several nights, points of light moved over and under the ocean water in various formations, which were later reveale 9/13/02
10/15/80 23:00 Jonesport ME Oval hour or two green gas sorta cloud very slow south to movement started from horison not much to say about it but it was witness at the same time by 9/13/02
6/15/79 21:30 Lavigne (Canada) ON Triangle 5 min. still unexplained lights and craft seen in northern Ontario. 9/13/02
6/15/78 22:00 Mansfield PA Unknown 5 minutes Enormous dark craft very slowly and quietly crossed sky overhead from east to west 9/13/02
12/24/77 00:00 Jackson MS Unknown 2 min it was xmas eve, we decided to take a different routte when we went through the town phocahuntis... we stopped at this stop sign when t 9/13/02
11/27/77 19:06 Jones/Jasper Co. line, Hwy.15N MS Other 3min. 3 objects 90 ft. tall . observed from 270 ft. away. objects were 2 blue pyrmids pointing into red ball, shooting shafts of white light 9/13/02
6/15/76 22:00 Joshua Tree National Monument CA Formation 4min single satellite type object omits other object flies in formation and rejoins 9/13/02
6/1/74 21:00 Davidson County NC Disk 9 min. UFO followed us and wouldn't leave us alone. 9/13/02
12/15/66 19:00 Valley Forge PA Sphere 6 mins Ball decending toward home about 50 yds. away and about 50 ft. high..Son panicked and ran into house thinking it was a plane about to c 9/13/02
8/12/65 01:00 Virginia Beach VA Disk 4 seconds My father and I saw a domed flying saucer very clear whizz directly in front of us on the oceanfront 9/13/02
6/15/63 18:00 Jonesboro (Arkansas State University) AR Cigar 6 hours + Summer 1963 - First appeared the disc over building on campus at dusk, then a sonic boom from air base 50 miles away. Craft zoomed up 9/13/02
6/15/52 21:00 Jacksonville FL Triangle 30 seconds extremely fast triangle shape object with one light on rear comes to a sudden stop, then seems to shoot out of sight 9/13/02
8/15/48 12:00 Conshohocken PA Oval 15sec my cousin (female) and friend (male) myself (male) app. age 10-12 yrs just finnished playing ball, laying on ground on our backs looki 9/13/02
7/1/47 20:00 Wexford PA Unknown 10 seconds I have told this to people over many years. While on school vacation at my uncles junk yard one evening I noticed on the horizon at dus 9/13/02

I was listening to your program a few minutes ago. Jeff was interviewing a gentleman by the name of Arther who witnessed a bodiless ob 9/13/02