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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/19/02 11:00 Banks OR Other 3 minutes Wing shaped UFO spotted above the Banks city area. 9/19/02
9/19/02 02:30 Winnetka CA Triangle 1 hour 5 objects in the Eastern San Fernando Valley sky. 9/19/02
9/18/02 22:10 Grants Pass OR Other 20 minutes Noticed very bright color changing "star" 15 - 20% above horizon which had several smaller lights circle it. 9/19/02
9/18/02 21:50 Halifax (Canada) NS Flash what? Ok, I was in my room with my binoculars. I decided to take them out because it was a clear night. Then I saw a flying object which I th 9/19/02
9/18/02 21:20 Kokomo IN Light 10 minutes Yellow lights seen above the Kokomo Indiana sky 9/19/02
9/18/02 20:07 Vancouver WA Other 5 min the craft seemed very large,and had simeltaneous flashing red lights,all in a straight line. 9/19/02
9/18/02 19:15 Seattle WA
15 min. Woman and boyfriend witness very large, bizarre, brightly lighted object to the west from Seattle. 9/19/02
9/17/02 23:30 Portland OR Unknown 10 minutes Sighting of a possible beam or tether directly connected from the ground to an aircraft at an altitude of 2,500 ft. 9/19/02
9/17/02 21:45 Swindon (UK/England)
Disk 4 seconds Very bright white disk shaped object hovered then shot upwards in an arc 9/19/02
9/17/02 20:30 Augusta GA Light over 3 hours Lights in the sky 9/19/02
9/16/02 20:42 Monongahela PA Unknown 15 minutes Is a bright white light, with a circling red light. 9/19/02
9/16/02 14:45 Brea CA Disk A few seconds Silver craft followed by an odd flash 9/19/02
9/16/02 04:15 San Marcos CA Changing 1 1/2hrs at least Captured on film 9/16/02 Southern California Sky 9/19/02
9/16/02 01:45 Ontario CA Light 30 min. Three "lights" in the sky at the base of Mt. Baldy. 9/19/02
9/15/02 23:40 Las Vegas NV Circle one second I was outside smoking observing the stars, haven't seen stars this clear for a while when I noticed a red with yellow and white object 9/19/02
9/15/02 22:44 Quebec City (Canada) PQ Formation 50 minutes Sustained observation of multiple objects, independent and in formation, in the Quebec City night sky 9/19/02
9/15/02 22:40 Chicago IL Formation 5-7 seconds Two strange light formations flying over Chicago at night. 9/19/02
9/15/02 22:00 Laramie WY Sphere 2 hours 2 oval lights in sky northeast of town. flying around, hovering, steadily growing dimmer. 9/19/02
9/15/02 21:35 Poquoson VA Disk 1 or 2 minutes UFO sighting in Poquoson VA. 9/19/02
9/15/02 21:00 Kansas City KS Triangle 15 minutes Triangle UFO hovering over Kansas City 9/19/02
9/15/02 20:55 Chicago IL Oval 1 hour 2 shapes appearing to be round hovering in the western sky. They had red and green lights and were moving up and down, left and right l 9/19/02
9/15/02 20:00 Montreal (Canada) PQ Triangle 15-20 mins Triangular shaped crafts just south of Montreal 9/19/02
9/15/02 11:30 Chichester (UK/England)
Sphere 20mins sussex englands sighting 9/19/02
9/15/02 02:30 Charlotte NC Cone 2mins 230 am 0n sept 15 2002 my friends and I WERE ON LAKE WYLIE fishing. WE were startled as two cone shaped objects passed oveerhead at obl 9/19/02
9/15/02 01:30 Lehigh Acres FL Flash 5 Seconds Large Blue Flash with radio outage. 9/19/02
9/14/02 22:10 Berne (Switzerland)
Rectangle 1 minute Two Triangle-like shaped objects with each three red flashing lights 9/19/02
9/14/02 06:30 Littleton CO Circle 5 - 10 min groups of black circular objects 9/19/02
9/14/02 05:15 Spokane WA Triangle 25 - 30 minutes 3 unidentified obects moving from east to west went through Spokane on 9-14-02 at 5:15 am and then many jets followed 9/19/02
9/14/02 03:00 Leduc (Canada) AB Triangle 60 Seconds Nightime Residential low flying black triangle captured on video. 9/19/02
9/14/02 01:00 Portland OR Circle 20 min circular object hovers over portland 9/19/02
9/14/02 00:05 Glendale AZ Triangle 1:30 min PHOENIX TRIANGLE U.F.O SPOTTED AGAIN- SEP/ 14/ 2002 AT 12:05 AM 9/19/02
9/13/02 22:00 Dubai (UAE)
Changing 16 seconds a flash movin slow at first,changes into a spherical shape,circles,races west,leavin behind a hazy greenish smoke trail 9/19/02
9/13/02 21:15 Shah Alam (Malaysia)
Light 5-10 minutes Bright flickering orange lights seen on a clear night sky 9/19/02
9/13/02 21:00 Columbus OH Triangle 1-2 minutes He could clearly make out three lights, with combinations of red and white.

"It was weird. I thought it was 3 planes flying together
9/13/02 21:00 Palatka FL Circle 10 sec Bright round object in the sky stayed stationary for approximately 10 seconds then took off like a flash. My friend and I only stared a 9/19/02
9/13/02 20:30 Jal NM Light 5 Seconds Fast Moving object...Traveling from South to North 9/19/02
9/13/02 19:01 Las Gaviotas/Baja California (Mexico)
Unknown photograph While reviewing pictures I had taken of the ocean view directly in front of my vacation rental, I discovered an image that was captured 9/19/02
9/13/02 17:15 London (UK/England)
Changing 20 mins Pulsating light over central London last Friday evening circa 17.15 -30 9/19/02
9/13/02 07:00 Ottawa (Canada) ON Unknown
vertically flying shape 9/19/02
9/13/02 01:15 Scarborough ME Circle 1.5 hrs U.F.O. circle-shaped, w/"V" at top white/reddish color with brilliance and movement (as if pulled by gravity). 9/19/02
9/12/02 17:30 Omaha NE Sphere 1 hour Stationary object sighted over Omaha days apart. 9/19/02
9/12/02 16:00 Oneida NY Triangle 5 min. yellow triangle with yellow pulsing lights 9/19/02
9/12/02 01:00 Brockville (Canada) ON Egg seconds Cloaked spacecraft 9/19/02
9/10/02 16:30 Mount Shasta (near) CA Light 5 minutes Mount Shasta light phenomena observed in brightly lit meadow in broad daylight for 5 minutes 9/19/02
9/10/02 07:45 Sedona AZ Sphere 10 minutes I was driving into Sedona to work on route 179 at approximately 7:45am. Shortly before the Villlage of Oak Creek my 10 year old son wh 9/19/02
9/9/02 02:25 Lisbon (Portugal)
Chevron 2 ' chevron formed by dim white lights moving north-south 9/19/02
9/8/02 20:25 Pomona CA Circle All night 5-6 red circles, stationary. 9/19/02
9/7/02 22:48 Trout Lake WA Triangle 20 seconds Triangle formation at trout lake, have video 9/19/02
9/7/02 22:15 Castleton VT Light 15-20 sec. I was watching the northern lights when I saw three lights in a triangular patter heading due south. I abserved them straight above me 9/19/02
9/6/02 21:00 Baggs WY Oval 1 minute blue florecent oval with a red long tail,saw it out of a window,went from the west to the east at high rate of speed,went into a cloud 9/19/02
9/1/02 06:30 Edinboro PA Unknown 10 minutes strange contrail in the northwestern pa. sky over lake erie. 9/19/02
8/17/02 20:00 Erie PA Cylinder 5 Minutes Bright Cylinder Shaped Object Makes a Showing Over Lake Erie in August 2002 9/19/02
8/12/02 01:30 Northampton (UK/England)
Changing 30 mins 1 bright light in the sky started to move,changed shape and speed,it then changed direction and shape and had flashing colour lights 9/19/02
8/5/02 18:00 Charlotte NC Sphere 1-5 seconds Bright orange/yellow light appears. 9/19/02
8/4/02 05:30 Northumberland PA
unknown Northumberland, PA: Information about the Todd Sees case, 9/19/02
7/20/02 03:51 Surrey (Canada) BC Other flyby Very Quiet, No Lights 9/19/02
7/14/02 03:00 Cobmoosa Shores (Shelby) MI Light ~5 min. Three satelites in close formation flew on a NE heading, a fourth may have pealed off, then vanished. 9/19/02
5/15/02 00:30 Wyoming PA Light 30 minutes Bright non-blinking Light/Lights Hovering . scanning local Forest area . NOT helicopters- read on. 9/19/02
5/8/02 21:54 Oak Hill/Elmwood/Brimfield IL Sphere 5 minutes Reddish/Orange Sphere in Western Peoria County 9/19/02
4/24/02 19:00 Coeur d'Alene ID Sphere 35 minutes A sphere with a sail on top that changed into triangular shape then back to spherical, that would shrink then expand & blink lights 9/19/02
4/2/02 20:05 Chiuahua (Chiuahua state) (Mexico)
Light 5 minutes or less Looking at the sky,while visting my parents,we saw what we thought to be at first sight a satelite,except going at least 4 or 5 times t 9/19/02
1/29/02 20:00 Chihuahua (Mexico)

60 seconds tres dias antes del avistamiento tuve un sueño muy bonito y que me ocasiono mucha tranquilidad en el cual veia muchas naves de un color 9/19/02
1/25/02 22:00 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Circle 8 seconds Three red dots weaving 9/19/02
1/1/02 23:00 Denton NC Triangle 2hours me and my girlfriend was thello I have a story of a ufo encounter that took place on jan 1 and the morning of jan 2 from 11 pm to 2 am 9/19/02
10/15/01 09:15 Bentonville AR Formation five min five gold colored reflective or metalic orbs in formation. 9/19/02
9/15/01 22:00 Cobo Bay (UK, Channel Islands, Guernsey)
lights down cobo bay 9/19/02
7/15/01 00:38 Carteret NJ Light 1 hour bright lights in sky, unidentifiable! 9/19/02
5/27/00 00:30 Cancun (Mexico)
4/15/00 00:00 Canon Frome Court (near Ledbury-Herefordshire) (UK/England)
I was sleeping in my bed but was not slept yet.Regarded a spining light on my bed.Looked out the window of the room and saw a huge fire 9/19/02
12/24/99 23:30 Cupey (San Juan, Puerto Rico) PR Circle 2 minutes we were celebrating xmas when ,we were outiside beign tropical,I saw first a red object coming out under the very low clouds. 9/19/02
12/3/99 21:00 Colorado CO

I was on my way to work and as I approached my vechicle I looked up and noticed two lights on a cloud(partly cloudy that night). At fi 9/19/02
11/16/99 19:00 Cleveland (Northern) WI Fireball 1 minute Fireball 9/19/02
10/30/99 00:25 Carpinteria (near) CA Light 20 mins What was thought an aircraft, suddenly stopped, did a series of acrobatic tricks, tremendous speed from standstill, no noise. Suddenly 9/19/02
10/26/99 22:15 Chicago (southwest suburbs of) IL Unknown 2-3 minutes In a suburb of Chicago-Driving north on Harlem Ave I saw a huge object. There were very bright lights around the bottom and a large bri 9/19/02
10/16/99 00:05 Conway (at Salltillo Heights community) AR Sphere 1 minute we saw a hot blue orb looking object big as a house fall from the sky. 9/19/02
10/15/99 03:00 Clines Corners (I-40 Eastbound) NM Light 20:00 Was traveling eastbound on I-40 in New Mexico around 3:00am. Noticed to the southwest and southeast numerous flashing bright blue light 9/19/02
10/15/99 03:00 Conconully (Conconully Lake) WA Light maybe 30 min. A very bright light shined through the window of cabin and with spotting scope and binoculars a father and son saw a bright light with 9/19/02
10/15/99 02:30 Columbia (east of, near Little Dixie Conservation Area) MO Triangle one minute My friend and I were out looking for shooting stars on a country road when this large unknown object flew over us. It was a large tria 9/19/02
10/10/99 22:30 Casey Key (north end of) FL Triangle several minutes A large trianglual shaped craft flew from horizon to horizon as observed from the stern deck of a motor vessel 9/19/02
10/3/99 21:40 Clackamas OR Fireball two seconds From S to N SW of here at approx 20 degrees (above some old growth firs) two quick strobe like flashes followed by a linear green strea 9/19/02
9/21/99 20:30 Columbia Station (heading west, past Grafton) OH Disk 30+ minutes My daughter saw wierd light in the sky, and called out to myhusband and I who ran to the window...upon seeing this low flying, quiet br 9/19/02
9/18/99 20:05 John Day (Clyde Holliday Camp Ground, 7 miles west of) OR Light 20 minutes Six very high lights in the sky manuevered in different directions, turned abruptly with no radius, and one chased another. 9/19/02
9/18/99 08:25 Catalina (35 mi north of Tucson) AZ Sphere 45 seconds Walking on our ten acres toward our business I noticed a shinny,bright object hovering near power lines. The color was chrome like and 9/19/02
9/18/99 03:30 London (Croydon) (UK/England)
Unknown 10 secs 2 orange glows came over our heads no sound possibly possibly connected together but could see no shape constant speed sighted for abou 9/19/02
9/1/99 23:00 Chico CA Other approx 30 sec a fast moving object appeared in the raod while I was driving, blue and white lights, I stopped and watched, the object stopped and hov 9/19/02
8/28/99 22:10 Chicago (xxxx W 55 St., by Midway Airport) IL Circle 5 min. siglent circluar black craft was in front of a full moon. it flu up to the top then right then left then vanished From - Fri Sep 10 19: 9/19/02
8/12/99 03:58 Apex (N 35 41 25 W 78 45 01) NC Triangle 1aprox 15 seconds A very large triangular aray of (3) lights seen in the east and moving rapidly north north-west. 9/19/02
8/1/99 22:45 Ferndale (near, countryside) WA Other 5 to 8 seconds A faint star-like object traveling North very rapidly in an erratic pattern. 9/19/02
7/31/99 21:50 Cortez (4 miles northeast of) CO Light 2 minutes Star-like light traveling at high speed from Northwest to Southeast. It became larger and flared,then back to former size. Disappeared 9/19/02
7/26/99 22:00 Chicago (southwest side) IL Disk 30 seconds Slow moving, then rapid moving to out of view disc shapes object in night sky 9/19/02
7/14/99 23:50 Cleveland (Newton, Silver Creek) WI Fireball a few seconds Bright Fireball in the northwestern part of the sky 9/19/02
7/8/99 22:35 Colonial Heights VA Light 10 sec. a round light started glowing as if there was a fog or cloud in front of it then it got brighter moved slowly to the the right stoppin 9/19/02
6/16/99 11:35 Columbus (event observed from Reynoldsburg) OH Unknown 30-45 Seconds Dark colored, high altitude, hover to slow NNW to fast West. Covered approx 45 degrees in about 10-12 seconds. 9/19/02
6/15/99 13:00 Chihuahua (Mexico)
Other 4 min. I think I saw contrails, but this day some military F-5 aircraft were passing by over the city, and I don´t know if they release a whit 9/19/02
5/31/99 19:15 Colorado Springs CO Cylinder 10min+ Was heading to the store at 1900 hrs saw a non plane like craft going North to South glowing whiteish observed with Bino's def. not a p 9/19/02
5/11/99 09:30 Corcoran CA Other 30 seconds It was dark so i only saw two lights. the one on the left was cnstantly blinking while the other was kept on. Both were green in color. 9/19/02
5/1/99 23:10 Cleveland OH Diamond
From a distance, the object looked to be a true ufo. The lights seemed to circle the craft. When it came closer we seen three lights, o 9/19/02
4/29/99 23:45 Chicago (southwest suburbia) IL Light About 1 minutes Chatting in a car and getting ready to leave, we(two of us) saw a small white light fly at a medium plane speed from the NEE sky to the 9/19/02
4/27/99 21:00 Casa Grande AZ Other 15 min West 4 orbs observerd for appx for 15 min 9/19/02
4/19/99 22:10 Clarington PA Other 20 min thought it was a satelite,but it turned-arced-came back -very high tight circles directly over-head second night it occurred. 9/19/02
3/26/99 22:53 Colorado Springs (NORAD) CO

I have seen several ufo's in the past 3 years. I was stationed in NORAD Mountain Complex and knew that the goverment had information a 9/19/02
3/1/99 16:00 Chicago (Irving Park Road) IL Triangle 2 minutes Bringing my family home from the Forest Preserve, driving toward downtown throgh Irving Park Road my son Jose saw a triangular shaped 9/19/02
2/27/99 21:15 Chloride AZ Light 15 minutes On Saturday February 27, at appoximatly 21:30 hrs I witnessed two star like objects in the eastren sky. 9/19/02
1/8/99 23:30 Carmel (I-49) LA Light 1min i was driving on i49. when my tractortrailor started to vibrate vilently i stop the truck to see what was wrong. after i stoped i got o 9/19/02
12/1/98 17:50 Culpeper VA Oval 5 minutes While on patrol. Noticed an eye ball shaped object. that was very bright in the sky. 9/19/02
11/25/98 18:55 Copperas Cove TX Triangle 10 seconds was waching Venus when craft appeared out of my eye. 9/19/02
10/28/98 23:50 Chicago (SW sky over Lake Michigan) IL Oval 45 Minutes Lying in bed I noticed a bright ball in the sky that rapidly changed colors from red to blue to white. After realizing that it hadn't 9/19/02
10/26/98 18:05 Corfu (Darien/Pembroke/Alexander) NY Triangle about 30 mins A strange light was seen heading east. I followed it. I thought that I had lost it. I looked over to the left side of the road, and 9/19/02
10/4/98 21:00 Charleston SC Fireball seconds Saw a large reddish orange fireball with a long green tail.. 9/19/02
9/28/98 14:30 Crystal Falls MI Light 5min I saw a moving light in the sky that wobled about as bright as jupiter But moving i could also see jupiter off to the side i then saw a 9/19/02
9/26/98 13:00 Castle Peak Summit (9300') CA Disk 10 minutes Observed a large greyish disk with a bright orange ring on the bottom. 9/19/02
9/22/98 23:15 Highlands Ranch CO Other Highlands Ranch Object moved silent to west at an estimated altitude of 2500 feet. 9/19/02
9/5/98 02:00 Charleston SC Fireball 5 seconds I work a Chas. AfB and I walked off an airplane and looked across the horizon and saw it moving horizontally. I have seen thousands of 9/19/02
8/22/98 23:15 Sparta (12 mi.north of, countryside) NC Unknown 5 minutes A 69-yr-old male sighted small lights below the planet Jupiter. Looking through binoculars, another male 65 years old, sighted small li 9/19/02
7/28/98 22:00 Tulare (close to, on I-5) CA Rectangle 10 minutes We were driving north on Interstate 5, around Tulare,CA. We saw something flying in the sky with three big lights, like spotlights. The 9/19/02
7/26/98 12:00 Corrolejo (Fuerteventura) (Canary Islands)
Fireball appartments Everyone saw it! 9/19/02
7/17/98 16:00 Cleveland OH Other less than 30 seconds I was looking at the clouds and trying to guess if there was a storm brewing over the lake, when just for perhaps 30 seconds, I saw a b 9/19/02
6/29/98 23:30 Corbin KY Unknown 5 minutes it was seen in the clouds during a storm. a glowing cloud with bright round lights not unlike car headlights were on some of the time. 9/19/02
6/25/98 02:00 Cleveland OH Sphere 7 minutes eight perfectly round balloons passed over head and dissapeared into a cloud 9/19/02
6/17/98 22:45 Corvallis OR Sphere 5 seconds a green sphere heading from east to west at a very high speed, 9/19/02
6/4/98 08:30 Chicago (downtown) IL Sphere 2 to 3 min. i was taking my kids to school in the morning,i was on highway 290 heading east when i noticed a shining chrome like object in the sky! 9/19/02
5/17/98 22:25 Colorado Springs CO Light 10 seconds small obj. size=bright star moving NNW to SSE altitude undetermined, but too low for satelite. Light began to dim then we assume it cl 9/19/02
5/10/98 21:30 Carpentersville IL Circle 1 minute Bright round object in sky 9/19/02
4/26/98 23:50 Comer GA Disk 30min on 4/25-26/98, a strange object was seen in the southern sky b/w 23:50 & 0:20. it hovered high in sky, moved quickly to southeast, hov 9/19/02
4/19/98 22:10 Chicago (near O'hare airport) IL Other 10 minutes saw craft heading west, suddenly turning southwest, saw what looked like 2 satellites firing a rocket at craft. Craft wobbled and sate 9/19/02
4/9/98 23:45 Costa Mesa CA Egg 10min one object sighted 9/19/02
3/27/98 23:00 Clifton Park (30 min north of Albany) NY Other 15min it came after me and my dog, i was walking him that night 9/19/02
3/11/98 22:03 Colorado Springs CO Other 10-15 sec. Seven narrow cylinders with tapered ends, flew in silent formation, from the south,due north. They appeared to have no single light. Th 9/19/02
1/16/98 17:00 Columbia (near Ft. Jackson) SC Cone 40 seconds Saw small cone shaped object near Fort Jackson army base. 9/19/02
1/11/98 00:10 Colorado Springs (north of, on I-25) CO Fireball 15 seconds A friend and I witnessed a pulsating, intensely bright, fireball near I-25 between Colorado Springs and Castle Rock. The fireball broke 9/19/02
11/14/97 21:30 Corbett OR Formation 3 minutes We were driving west on chamberlain rd. which overlooks the columbia river gorge toward washugal washington. we witnessed several, at l 9/19/02
11/9/97 06:15 Newport (coast range, east of) OR Formation 10 sec A string of objects, could have been a deaying satellite or incoming space debris. There were about six in a row around the vicinity of 9/19/02
10/12/97 22:30 Chicago IL Light 5 minutes Me and my friend were driving back from a Cubs game and we saw a red light in the sky it was moving very fast, then stopped, went back 9/19/02
7/25/97 03:00 Colfax (closer to Weimar) CA Fireball 1 minute Early in the morning, I awoke, rapidly sitting up in bed as if awakened by a bad dream. Without any thought or autonomy on my part, I g 9/19/02
7/22/97 13:00 Arabela (near Roswell) NM triangle 2.5 hrs I was on a ranch that I was living on at the base of the capitain mountains, and was sitting outside the house under a tree, when he to 9/19/02
6/21/97 00:15 London (Chingford Hatch) (UK/England)
Light 1hr 10mins On leaving a restaurant awiating a Taxis, We looked at the sky.It was a Full Moon that night, We saw several spherical lights some of w 9/19/02
5/11/97 13:56 College UT Cigar
4/30/97 23:00 Columbia MO Light 20 seconds 5 lights in the sky east of columbia dipping rapidly, disappearing then rising again rapidly 9/19/02
2/1/96 03:00 Cordillera de los Andes (Coya Rancagua) (Chile)
Triangle 10 segundos Estabamos con un amigo en el interior de nuestra carpa, contando chistes y hablando de cualquier cosa, cuando de repente una gran luz a 9/19/02
11/12/95 19:00 Keesler AFB MS
1 hour Man rpts. bizarre obj moving in night sky near "Keesler" (AFB?). Other objs near. All w/ strange red & blue lights, maneuvered. 9/19/02
9/13/95 00:10 Corpus Christi TX
10 min. Man out walking sees bizarre obj., w/ pulsing red light on top, beaming light on house! Obj. was approx. 1/2 block distant. 9/19/02
9/11/95 23:00 Melbourne FL Triangle
i believe it was during a night time shuttle launch. i walked out side to see it and i looked up and i and i saw this big triangle like 9/19/02
8/25/95 00:40 Pittsburgh PA Unknown 45 seconds object travels very fast horizonally and then shoot straight up at 90 degree angle 9/19/02
7/12/94 10:00 Sherwood OH Unknown 5-7 minutes I saw 2 unidentified objects, one chasing the other, watched them for 6 minutes, then were gone. 9/19/02
7/9/94 23:15 Clovis (on Herndon Ave, between Maine & Locan Avenues) CA Triangle 00:05-00:10 After leaving my house, a friend saw large, slow-moving, triangular shaped craft overhead. Flying low to the ground. Had 3 white light 9/19/02
6/1/93 20:00 Camp Pendelton (Oceanside) CA Oval 1 minte Looking outside saw, looked like flying top; when I was 8 or 9 9/19/02
2/3/93 23:00 Clinton (Ontario) (Canada) ON Disk 15 min -walking with friends-seen it slowly fly above us(we were in a forest), and then it quickly flew away 9/19/02
12/1/92 20:00 Casterton (Victoria) (Australia)
Oval I minute Driving I saw something in the sky, I looked up abit, then it sort of flashed away, and was gone. 9/19/02
6/15/92 23:00 Crystal City MO Light 1 sec. light hovered at low altutitude area close to mo/il border and shot upward at high speed. 9/19/02
11/15/91 01:00 Colorado Springs CO triangle 5 min Clear night, calm winds, object triangular, blue glow emanating all around, flying at250 to 500 feet north to south direction no noise 9/19/02
1/14/91 20:30 Derry NH Disk 2minutes strange object hovering over tree line over old railroad bridge. 9/19/02
6/15/90 23:00 Columbia Heights MN Unknown 1-2 min. Something floated by me, no sound, no wind! 9/19/02
6/11/90 10:00 Dells (north of) WI Disk 2min. As we road north from THE DELLS WE SAW THIS DISK SHAPED OBJECT IN THE SKY. IT WAS REALLY THERE,OF THIS THERE IS NO DOUGHT IN MY MIND 9/19/02
9/15/89 02:00 Rocky Point NY Unknown unknown Boy restricted in bed while sleeping, As if sheets were pulling him down......While hearing distinguished sound. 9/19/02
10/15/85 07:00 Cleveland (Massilon Rd., Montrose area) OH Diamond 15 seconds Driving on rural road AM. Cant rember month but there was no leaves on trees. I saw a "kite shaped object" about the size of a two sto 9/19/02
7/25/84 04:00 Terre Haute IN Other 1 hour Glowing Arrowhead Shape Craft with Glowing white Trail 9/19/02
6/15/84 23:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Disk 4 hours Its been along time however i believe it was in the summer of 1984 or 1985. At around 2300 hours I was working with my partner patrolin 9/19/02
4/20/83 00:30 Colesburg (Cape Provence) (South Africa)
Fireball 15 seconds In late April 1983 a friend and I were travelling from Cape Town to Johannesburg.In the early hours of the morning we were in the Karoo 9/19/02
7/1/82 01:00 Monticello UT Unknown 1 minute im not exactly sure what the date was but we were sleeping out on the lawn. saw a object zig zagging across the sky. it would appear to 9/19/02

8/1/78 22:00 Clarksville (rural area) TN Circle 4 hours A sighting of a craft and alien abduction experience 9/19/02
9/15/77 Childs (near the Verde Hot Springs) AZ
20-90 min. I have been trying to get more info for you on this siting.It was reported in the Verde Independent newspaper in Cottonwood,Az.,but the 9/19/02
6/15/76 22:00 Simi Valley CA Circle 10 sec.ish I can witness to the actual size of a craft 9/19/02
6/15/75 23:00 Vitória (Brazil)
Circle About ten minutes Many lights flashing slowly. 9/19/02
8/1/74 23:00 Campbell CA Triangle 12 seconds Sighting of a pair of triangular UFO's over the SF Bay Area, August 1974

In the summer of 1974, I saw a pair of triangular objects
6/1/74 04:30 Cebu City (Philippines)
Unknown five (5) minutes A huge craft, (observed during nightime) like one entire city in the sky or millions of jetplanes flying in formation (no sound) 9/19/02
8/1/73 22:00 Appleton WI
30 - 40 secs. Object seen: circular orange glow at back of laboring hum like deisel or electric motor sound. 3-4 lighted globes ejected object w/ora 9/19/02
6/22/72 23:45 Millerton (Coleman Station Rd.) NY Disk 15 mins. While driving home from work, a huge saucer shaped craft descended from the night sky, and hovered over the tree tops, 50 feet from my 9/19/02
7/26/70 23:30 Cottonwood (30 min.west of Sedona) AZ Cylinder 1hr. 15 min. My family and I were sitting on our front porch, faceing west about 10:30 p.m. As dusk was turning to night we abserved a bright light 9/19/02
6/5/70 00:50 Cleveland (Lakewood) OH Disk 15min I was asleep with my mom and little brother when for some wierd feeling I opened my eyes .I was faceing a window and looked outside to 9/19/02
8/15/67 14:00 Albuquerque NM Cigar half an hour three terrified kids 9/19/02
9/15/66 03:00 Terre Haute IN Sphere 20-30 mins. Close Encounter with Scanning Object 9/19/02
5/20/66 01:00 Holly MI Light Thirty seconds-one minute No visible craft, very early morning, outside, bright white illumination. 9/19/02
6/1/65 20:00 Chicago (Bridgeport area) IL Light
UFO in Chicago IL. Bridgeporn neighborhhod 9/19/02
5/15/60 18:00 Terre Haute IN Other 5 Min. Light Bar in Clouds UFO 9/19/02
10/15/57 22:00 Commerce City (N. of Denver) CO Fireball 10 min. A lot of methane gas in area 9/19/02
Continious fall '98-sprin 01:00 Careywood & Bayview (Pend Oreille Lake) ID Light few minutes Ball of light similiar to reported "Earht Lights" except there is little or no know quake or similiar activity known in area. Lights z 9/19/02