National UFO ReportingCenter
Report Index For Post Date 020929

Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/28/02 21:27 Honolulu HI Fireball 2 sec green fireball fall from the sky. 9/29/02
9/28/02 21:00 New York City (Staten Island) NY Light 5 minutes Last evening at exactly 8pm, myself and my landlord witnessed a bright white light moving from a southeastern to northeastern direction 9/29/02
9/28/02 20:30 Key West FL Fireball 30 seconds Can someone tell me what this is? 9/29/02
9/28/02 20:15 Glen Cove NY Light 3 min approx bright slow moving object that started to dim then disappear as another faint "star" slowly fell to where it disappeared in the nw sky. 9/29/02
9/28/02 20:15 Center Moriches NY Light 1 minute 2 white objects traveling closely behind a plane 9/29/02
9/28/02 20:15 Redding CA Light 2 to 3 minutes Two bright lights, no sound, thin faint white trails behind then, travelled from west to east. 9/29/02
9/28/02 19:30 Ogden UT Circle 5 Seconds Round green light in the western sky of Utah 9/29/02
9/28/02 06:50 Seattle WA Fireball 2 minutes Streaking objects with smoke/steam tail just above the horizon, east of Seattle just before sunrise. The first appeared at 6:50Am, the 9/29/02
9/27/02 19:25 Victorville CA
4 min. Man and son witness bright light, with second trailing object, pass overhead. 9/29/02
9/27/02 18:55 Scottsdale AZ
5 min. Three witnesses observe peculiar, maneuvering object, which emits sparks below it. 9/29/02
9/26/02 21:15 Taylorsville UT Triangle 1 hour or more Orange UFOs in Huge V Formation over Taylorsville Utah 9/29/02
9/26/02 10:00 Fremont CA Fireball 5 Minutes On Saturday morning i woke up and went outside to get the paper. The wind was calm and but it was a cloudy day. When looked up at the s 9/29/02
9/26/02 07:06 Vero Beach FL Fireball
Firey object houvering in the air 9/29/02
9/25/02 05:25 Kennesaw GA Diamond 5 mins Three diamond shaped lights spotted in kennesaw GA 9/29/02
9/23/02 20:45 (Republic of Ireland)

3 min. A woman and her 10-year old son witness a peculiar triangle hover over a nearby highway, then streak off. 9/29/02
9/19/02 19:45 Yosemite National Park CA Light 10 minutes Slow flying very bright ball of light, surrounded by a much larger halo of light, trailed by miles of zig-zaging smoke. 9/29/02
9/11/02 21:00 Worcestershire (UK/England)
i was driving my truck on the M5 motorway in wocestershire in uk about around 21.00 on the 11.9.02 heading south and on the left of me 9/29/02
8/31/02 23:00 Nyssa OR Changing 90 minutes taped Strobe type objects that vary in shape. 9/29/02
8/10/02 20:00 San Pedro/Long Beach CA Cylinder HOURS EXPLANATION FOR A SIGHTING OR TWO 9/29/02
3/15/02 19:00 Lehi UT Changing 10 minutes It was leaving a thick trail of smoke, steam or exhaust and was illuminated with white and red lights and making no noise. 9/29/02
8/7/00 17:00 American Falls IL Disk 1 minute My son, his cousin and I observed a blue-silver disk shaped object about 500 feet in altitude and less than 1 mile off the Interstate . 9/29/02
8/15/94 20:00 Denver CO Other 5 seconds I saw a UFO in August of 1994. 9/29/02
8/15/78 13:00 Rochester MN Unknown 30 minutes Streaking white dots 9/29/02
6/1/72 22:00 Winnebago IL Triangle 30 min It seemed to hear what we were talking about. 9/29/02