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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
11/4/02 18:45 Virginia Beach VA Disk 5 min Glowing UFO spotted around a military airstation 11/4/02
11/3/02 17:40 Chillicothe TX Cylinder four minutes Large white cylinder shaped object - stationary then accerated out of sight 11/4/02
11/2/02 20:45 Waterloo SC Light 10 seconds Two points of light chased by helicopters over Lake Greenwood, South Carolina 11/4/02
11/2/02 20:32 Deltona FL Flash 3 seconds (it was very bright and then it kept flashing) 11/4/02
11/2/02 19:55 Marysville WA Sphere 5 minutes Large sphere shaped light swaying and bobbing over the Puget Sound. 11/4/02
11/2/02 18:00 Lakewood CA Triangle 15 min Slow moving, glowing, pulsing object stopped motionless for approximatedly 10 minutes, then vanished at high rate of speed 11/4/02
11/2/02 18:00 Lakewood CA Triangle 15 min Glowing slow moving object stope 11/4/02
11/2/02 17:30 New York City (Manhattan) NY Oval
Item floationg over statuette in NY 11/4/02
11/2/02 17:15 Grand Junction CO Other three minutes I was walking towards City Market Supermarket on Rood Avenue (going west) today. the sun had just set minutes before. It was still very 11/4/02
11/2/02 15:42 Arroyo Grande CA Changing 20 min black object appeared to float and change shape at altitude. maybe from vandenburg 11/4/02
11/2/02 02:00 Chester NJ Other 2 minutes North New Jersey Rocket shaped craft seen 11/4/02
11/1/02 23:30 Woburn MA Diamond 55 minutes My wife and I saw a strange object that looked like a diamond in the sky. 11/4/02
11/1/02 23:30 Arroyo (Puerto Rico) PR Triangle 30secounds we saw what it looked to be a triangle shap object across the sky going in to the moutains it was very good experiance for me because t 11/4/02
11/1/02 23:00 Brush Prairie (but it looks like somewhere up farther north) WA Cylinder it started at about 11 an It was flashing and it wouldnt move, it kind of was like police lights except with some purple, and it was shaped like a fat nickel. 11/4/02
11/1/02 21:40 Tucson AZ Formation split second 5 Crafts in unity for about .5 seconds move incredibly fast and disappeared immediately. 11/4/02
11/1/02 20:30 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 15 seconds Two Orbs Seen Over Scottsdale 11/4/02
11/1/02 20:30 Port Orchard WA Circle 2 1/2 hours Glowing white lights that move in different patterns. 11/4/02
11/1/02 19:30 Derry NH Sphere 5 seconds We had been sitting in our hot tub outside on our deck ,myself for 25 minutes, when We sighted a blueish white sphere in the, clear of 11/4/02
11/1/02 12:05 Santa Cruz CA Circle 15 minutes Small, high-altitude reflective object moving steadily to the south over Santa Cruz, CA. 11/4/02
11/1/02 07:20 Traverse City MI Other 3-5 minutes Very large, dark object flying very low over water, moving too smoothly and silently for airplane of any kind 11/4/02
11/1/02 02:27 Reading PA Diamond 2 minutes Single pink light deep in space darting around sky and hovering 11/4/02
10/31/02 22:00 Ocala FL Light approx. 15 min A strange circling glow. 11/4/02
10/31/02 20:00 Edmonds WA Fireball 5-10 min A 747 in halloween costume?not with those moves 11/4/02
10/31/02 07:45 Seattle WA Light five minuets Small bright light around north face of Mt. Rainier 11/4/02
10/31/02 06:40 Yelm WA Other 10 minutes orange balls that stretched out for about 10 minutes. 11/4/02
10/31/02 03:05 Orlando FL Triangle 5 minutes Triangular shape in sky with bright lights. 11/4/02
10/30/02 23:37 Boynton Beach FL Other 8 seconds Flying wing like UFO siting in on 10/30/02 at 11:37pm in Boynton Bch FLA 11/4/02
10/30/02 21:30 Salt Lake City UT Unknown 00:22 2 people saw a slow moving very large "darkness" with faint light reflecting off its leading edge. 11/4/02
10/30/02 20:38 Wendover UT Cross 2-3 minutes I was stand by a building on the old Wendover Airfeild. Southeast I noticed something moving in the sky. As I watch it moved from south 11/4/02
10/30/02 18:56 Port Townsend WA Chevron 5 minutes chevron shaped formation, bright spotlight 11/4/02
10/30/02 18:20 Santa Barbara CA Triangle 4 seconds I observed three pale white lights spaced equalaterally rapidly moving in the the sky from east to west above Santa Barbara California 11/4/02
10/30/02 17:55 Austin TX Fireball :05 There was no smoke or trailing from the fireball so it wasn't a rocket or metor. 11/4/02
10/30/02 16:45 Hammond IN Disk 30-45 seconds A floating, rolling silvery-black disk flies over the treetops in Hammond, Indiana. 11/4/02
10/30/02 16:15 Potomac MT Cigar 2 minutes Silver slow-moving, noiseless, low altitude, almost missile shaped object. 11/4/02
10/30/02 12:00 Seattle WA

Seattle TV station reports UFO sighting. 11/4/02
10/30/02 09:15 Marshallville OH Other 15 seconds At a 4 way stop, looking to my left I saw a image, that I first thought was a blimp coming at me at an angle. Realizing it was extremel 11/4/02
10/30/02 09:00 Auburn CA Chevron 3 minutes The craft began as a white triangular shaped craft with luminescent orbs around the periphery.

It then changed it’s shape to that of
10/29/02 21:38 Chandler AZ Diamond 10 to 15 secs The object appeared to be a dimmly illuminated flying wing approximately diamond shaped with squared off wing tips. 11/4/02
10/29/02 17:45 Austin TX Fireball 3 seconds "Comet Like" Blue/Green streak before dusk....... 11/4/02
10/29/02 12:00 Bertram TX Egg 30 min Egg shapped craft, leaving trail of spider web like material 11/4/02
10/29/02 02:20 Huntington IN Unknown 30 sec It sounded like a slow moving propeller, with humming noises and a louder static-electricity zapping sound. 11/4/02
10/28/02 22:30 Syracuse IN Oval 2 hours stillgoing oval dull lights - first there were two, one was flying right behind the other and flying in a circle then the back one caught up to th 11/4/02
10/28/02 21:30 Wittmann AZ Flash 60 SECONDS Bright light falls from sky 11/4/02
10/28/02 20:26 Columbia City IN Circle
Circular objects that had white lights discovered near woods and feild in sky. 11/4/02
10/28/02 19:30 Syracuse IN Light couple hours something wierd happened 11/4/02
10/28/02 19:10 Lisbon OH Disk 30 seconds slow moving unexplaned craft 11/4/02
10/28/02 18:45 Idaho ID Formation 5 min While driving home, we saw 8 white lights flashing in a formation for about 5 minutes.

The object was moving slowly over the Idaho/O
10/28/02 07:00 Seattle WA Other
Hello, we didn't see a UFO this day but my 10 year old daughter woke up with a 4 inch crescent shaped scar on the right side of her abd 11/4/02
10/27/02 17:30 Marbella (Spain)
4 distant bright circles 11/4/02
10/27/02 00:15 Stevensville MD Light 1 HOUR +/- Bright stationary lights 11/4/02
10/26/02 05:00 Roanoke VA Other 10min. Jackrock shaped object seen in broad daylight 11/4/02
10/25/02 07:10 Guttenberg NJ Disk 2-3 minutes I was walking on Friday, October 25th. It was already dark out. As as I walking, I turned around and happened to look up at the sky a 11/4/02
10/21/02 12:30 Albany NY Other 8 seconds I saw the object reported by FOX-23 from my place of employment 11/4/02
10/20/02 18:00 Curlew WA Sphere 1 minute This object was in a cloud on a perfecly cloudless afternoon, seen lights red and white going around object also heard NO sound at all. 11/4/02
10/20/02 16:00 Albany NY

Is it possible the object filmed at Albany, NY was the International Space Station? The outline looks like the solar arrays and body of 11/4/02
10/19/02 02:00 Hells Canyon OR Sphere 5 seconds a translucent sphere the size of a helicopter crusing over the river at approx. 40 miles an hour 11/4/02
10/18/02 Street MD Unknown
Couple felt threatened by UFO in Street, MD. 11/4/02
10/16/02 20:30 Chaco Canyon National Historic Park NM Light 3 minutes? Two large, unblinking, silent, extremely bright objects travel in tandem, then disappear over Chaco Canyon. 11/4/02
10/15/02 14:00 San Marcos CA Cigar momentary I was able to capture an UFO using still photography 11/4/02
10/15/02 07:30 Seattle WA Rectangle 2 minutes Dark rectangle, almost a cube; no lights, no sound, no wings, no reflective surface, seen in daylight 11/4/02
10/12/02 15:49 Tinton Falls NJ Light 10-15 minutes I was looking at what was, only an hour earlier, CLEAR BLUE SKIES, being filled up by what might be referred to as chemtrails. As I was 11/4/02
10/11/02 16:15 Randolph MA Cylinder 5min Daylight sighting of High Altitude Light 11/4/02
10/5/02 15:00 Texas (NE) TX Cylinder 30 seconds or more large red cylinder clearly visible from plane over rural farmland 11/4/02
10/4/02 21:30 Pueblo West CO Rectangle about 10 seconds RED LASER COMING OUT OF A RECTANGULAR CRAFT! 11/4/02
9/18/02 01:00 Spruce Pine NC Light 5minutes what in the hell was it 11/4/02
9/17/02 23:00 Chowchilla CA Unknown 7-8sec. two lights changing places in the sky 11/4/02
9/13/02 20:10 Englewood CO Formation 15-17 min Multiple flying objects put on an airshow! 11/4/02
9/8/02 02:00 Aviston IL Diamond 3 minutes 4 craft seen hovering in illinois 11/4/02
9/6/02 22:15 Lawrence KS Triangle 15 seconds Chevron or V shaped formation of hazy (no lights) objects silently moving at incredible speed. 11/4/02
7/26/02 01:30 Waldorf MD Circle 20 minutes A U.F.O. was obseved being chased by f-16's in Waldorf, MD, which is located 20 miles from Wash D.C. 11/4/02
6/30/02 17:44 Ipswich (UK/England)
Rectangle 0.3 sec Dark grey streak rapidly moving across scene. 11/4/02
6/4/02 21:38 Cluj-napoca (Romania)
Circle 1minute I saw the ship and then a sonic boom and the ship was gone. 11/4/02
6/20/01 17:30 Charleston SC Circle 1 hour large sphere stationary for an hour 11/4/02
5/15/01 23:59 Delhi (India)
Unknown 2-3 months In the summer of 2001,in Delhi,(India) and adjoining areas a living being (people call it Monkey man) seen many times,there was a lot o 11/4/02
12/5/00 16:20 Corvallis OR Fireball 20 minutes A bright spherical object moved across the sky in daylight, then appeared to split into multiple bright lights. 11/4/02
8/5/00 21:30 On the Mass Pike: Rt. 90 MA Formation 5 minutes Large square shaped craft with four other smaller craft flying below it. 11/4/02
4/30/00 05:00 UK/England
Unknown 20 mins 500 moving lights 11/4/02
11/15/99 20:00 Yelm WA Other 15 minutes object hovered, then separated into two sections and flew away 11/4/02
5/23/98 20:00 Kolhapur (India)
Egg 10 sec when we went to eve walk we saw one egg like thing which is colouries with redium green. and just passed away with speedly. 11/4/02
1/1/95 02:00 El Granada CA Fireball 45 seconds Glowing fireball object crashed at Maverick's Beach 11/4/02
10/26/94 02:30 Brixham.Devon (at (UK/England)
Sphere 20 minets the object moved at speed from one place to enother,then stopt and started follwing are boat then vanishd. 11/4/02
10/17/94 21:30 Berkshire NY Triangle 5-10 minutes V shaped light formation traveling in a south-west to north-east between Binghamton and Ithaca, NY 11/4/02
7/1/89 21:30 Berkshire NY Chevron 5-10 minutes Chevron shaped craft flying towards north-western sky between Binghamton and Ithaca, New York. 11/4/02
2/4/89 23:30 Mahogany Hammock (Everglades Park) FL Disk 12 min. Orange/gold colored glowing metallic disk, 1/4 mile away, only 50-100 ft above ground, slow moving, no sound, no navigation lights. 11/4/02
6/15/88 21:00 Los Angeles CA Diamond 20min Seeing this object so clearly and not able to describe it as I would like to convey what we were seeing is difficult. 11/4/02
10/15/87 21:00 Itta Bena MS Circle 5 min I saw a UFO one fall night in the shape of a golden circle. 11/4/02
7/5/86 21:00 Bayside NY Diamond 5min. Dimond shape, with what appeared to be a ball located in the center of the ships underbelly. 11/4/02
6/12/78 00:00 Diamond Bar CA Unknown 15 MINUTES one craft intered and stoped east of me moved to my south viewed me met two other craft and left in a tryangel formation 11/4/02
7/20/62 21:00 Springdale AR Light 20 min.+ - Sighting #1: I am guessing at the date,It's been almost 40 years ago! Some friends and myself were at a small little country church wh 11/4/02
10/15/53 14:00 Mauriceville TX Disk 5 min. My father was a WWW1 Vet. and loved hunting. The year was round 1953.We lived in a town of 300 people in southeast tex. Dad would take 11/4/02