National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2002/11/16


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/15/02 22:10Grand RapidsMIUSALight???Lights were not stars11/16/02
11/15/02 21:30MilanMIUSATriangle10 minutesTonight I saw a Triangle shaped craft do a complete v-turn over downtown, and speed up in the opposite dirrection.11/16/02
11/15/02 01:03Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomLight00.01as i was watching the stars in the sky as i was walking home for the night i saw something shoot across the sky.... of which i belived 11/16/02
11/15/02 00:02Walsall (UK/England)United KingdomLight1-2sHovering orange light that quickly accelerates and disappears11/16/02
11/14/02 23:20Chapel HillTNUSACirclenortheastThe 2 objescts attracted 2 more. it was realy cloudy couldnt make out what they were but there was bright lights very strange.11/16/02
11/14/02 18:22MariposaCAUSAOval10-20 secondsFAST-MOVING BRILLIANT OVAL OBJECT SEEN IN YOSEMITE SKY.11/16/02
11/13/02 22:12ApexNCUSAUnknownIt was just light bright yellow light11/16/02
11/13/02 20:45ComancheTXUSALight3 seconds 3 different timFlickering stationary orangish/yellowish light seen multiple times and places near Comanche, Texas.11/16/02
11/13/02 20:15HammondINUSAUnknownabout 20 minCraft silently hoverd above normal air traffic heading to Chicago, motionless for ten+ mins. Then began to move silently to the S.W & s11/16/02
11/13/02 19:00San PedroCAUSATriangle5 minutes7 to 10 red lights (flashing) in a triangular shape moving silently and slowly due south. Many other small planes in relatively the sam11/16/02
11/13/02 18:30ChillicotheOHUSAOther1 minute8 big ligts in sky11/16/02
11/13/02 18:00AdamsWIUSAEgg5 minutesUFO's Sighted in wis11/16/02
11/13/02 09:45MorrowGAUSAUnknown10:06It was a craft with 3 big red blinking lights zig zaging around in the sky!11/16/02
11/13/02 07:52LansingMIUSATrianglewhite and red lights triangle shape like made sound like a helecopter or plane makes11/16/02
11/13/02 06:45SpartaWIUSAEgg10 minutesEgg shaped bright and blinking lights descending slowly amoung cloud, then disappearing11/16/02
11/13/02 06:15Hacienda HeightsCAUSACircle6:15-6:30I was going home from my cousins house in La habra coming down Hacienda blvd. I didn't feel good so I was laying back in the passanger 11/16/02
11/13/02 01:20Baton RougeLAUSACircle10 secondsA giant black orb, looming over Baton rouge.11/16/02
11/12/02 22:35FlintMIUSADisk2minutessaucer witnessed in flint mi. with red and white lights.11/16/02
11/12/02 20:00Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaLight10 to 15 secondsthree slow moving crafts all traveling in the same direction(north) and one that took off so fast it left a blue trail that lasted for 11/16/02
11/12/02 18:30PocahontasARUSALightone hourJet chasing ball of light11/16/02
11/11/02 20:08San JoseCAUSALight1 minuteOrange star like object observed in nighttime San Jose sky11/16/02
11/11/02 19:30Los Angeles AreaCAUSACirclearound 3 minWe where going to Ventura (CA) and all of the suden some guys from the other car told us to look at the UFO on the sky, we didnt beleiv11/16/02
11/11/02 18:40Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomFormation5minsFormation Flight of two craft11/16/02
11/11/02 17:25TownvillePAUSADisk30secondsDriving down the road I noticed a airplane in the sky to the right but to the left I noticed a stationary object. It was bright and no11/16/02
11/11/02 15:30ChattanoogaTNUSAOther30 seccanard wing craft11/16/02
11/11/02 03:24Paris airport (near open field) (France)FranceDisk1:12movin left, then right, up,, then down,, slowly landing big,bright as day one other man on plane saw it too with out the window he just11/16/02
11/10/02 14:30Santa BarbaraCAUSACircle1-2 minutesWe saw approx 10-15 (maybe more) little orbs above a light plane. At first they were in a V- formation then stretched out to an ungulat11/16/02
11/10/02 05:32SouthfieldMIUSAOther5 secs? more or lessI HAVE NEVER HEARD A SOUND LIKE THIS COMING FROM THE SKY11/16/02
11/10/02 00:30BurbankCAUSAChanging1 minuteCircular object with 8 white lights morphed then flew away.11/16/02
11/9/02 23:30HighlandsNCUSAFlash30 secondsStrange lights over Queen Mountain11/16/02
11/9/02 23:00BozemanMTUSAFireball2 secondsFireball in Montana.11/16/02
11/9/02 21:30Arkansas CityKSUSATriangle1 minuteBoomerang craft was silent, lightless, and big enough to block out the stars behind it.11/16/02
11/9/02 20:00TucsonAZUSALightsecondsFlash of blue lights, then fast movement out of sight11/16/02
11/9/02 11:51White Hall (near)VAUSAOthernot knownDome shaped object at great distance over mountains near national park in mid-day, clear sky.11/16/02
11/9/02 11:00MullenNEUSALight3 + hrsWe have been witnessing some very brilliant lights moving at incredible speeds and doing some very strange movements.11/16/02
11/9/02 09:00KingsvilleTXUSACylinder10 minutesSilver Cylinder Observed Near Navy Jets Practice Dog Fight In Texas11/16/02
11/9/02 00:45AnnandaleVAUSAEgg4 to 5 secondsFalling bright white object seen over Annandale, VA. area night of 11\9\02. WHO ELSE SAW IT!!??11/16/02
11/8/02 19:00WyandotteMIUSATriangleabout 20 minuteMy mom and I were driving to Subway for dinner. I looked out my window towards the Detroit River in the east. There were 3 different do11/16/02
11/8/02 16:45ChesneeSCUSAOther5 minsit seemed to be like an mirror in the sky.11/16/02
11/8/02 16:30TexarkanaTXUSALightapprox.2 min.flashing,then solid with bright flaring.11/16/02
11/8/02 15:00HopkinsvilleKYUSACylinder5 minutesObject seen over the skies of Kentucky.11/16/02
11/7/02 19:00Grand IsleVTUSAOvaltwo events: 15 minutes wIt was an extremely huge object, with greenish lights on the bottom, a dome shape on top and very low, flew over lake and house.11/16/02
11/7/02WilliamsportPAUSAOtherPearl necklace11/16/02
11/5/02 19:00Multan (Pakistan)PakistanCone40 minsi am an airforce pilot.we were conducting night flying around 1900 pakistan standard time .we were operating in circuit (a flying patte11/16/02
11/1/02 21:45WilliamsburgVAUSAChevron10 secondsSilent V-shaped aircraft slowly glided over Williamsburg, VA, then disappeared instantly.11/16/02
11/1/02 10:03BerkeleyMOUSAOtherless than 10secthere11/16/02
10/14/02 19:05IvinsUTUSAFireball3-5 secondsThree fireballs appeared which emitted orange/yellow beams, faded in, then out.11/16/02
10/9/02 23:45Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda areaFLUSAUnknown6 to 8 secondsBlue object seen in the Port Charlotte Florida area.11/16/02
9/29/02 06:00Elk Grove VillageILUSATeardropseveral minutesOrange tear drop craft flying in the west.11/16/02
9/15/02 22:30MerrillvilleINUSAOther5 minNight time sighting of a dim, bird shaped, pulsating craft, followed by a bright light performing ariel acrobatics.11/16/02
8/25/02 21:30El Paso (over Juarez, Mexico)TXUSACircle3 minutes to 5 minabout 9:50 pm while seating on steeps of front porche facing south I observe a light above Juarez mx just like a plane landing and as w11/16/02
8/1/02HermantownMSUSATriangle1 minutedetails of my first sighting of triangle in Hermantown. I don't know its altitude, but it took up half my windshield!11/16/02
7/31/02 20:00Aztec/FarmingtonNMUSADisk4 minutsI was travelling from Duarngo, CO to Tallup, NM on my way to Roswell for a rush load..I passed the state line on southwestern CO and no11/16/02
6/11/02 16:45Johnstone (near Haverfordwest) (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle5 minutesRectangle object in sky seen in Wales, UK11/16/02
4/20/02 11:00Cuernavaca (Mexico)MexicoOval45minutesSighting of Motherships retrieving aproximately 50 other smaller ships.11/16/02
1/11/02Lousa (Portugal)PortugalCircle7secondsThe objet was round and white luminous fliying at a speed a bit faster than a plane i saw it from a distance of 3Km (it's the distance 11/16/02
1/7/02 17:55Prince FrederickMDUSALight3 secondsBright green light seen in sky for few seconds moving to the South in the southern maryland / chesepeake bay region.11/16/02
1/7/02 17:45ArlingtonVAUSAFireball1-2 secondsBright green light seen through cloudcover which lasted only a second or two, with no sound or sonic boom.11/16/02
7/28/01 04:30Cabot Strait (near Dingwall, on fishing boat) (Canada)NSCanadaFormationfive minutestwo sets of lights in straight line going north to south one with 8 lights. one with 14 lights travelling twice as fast as airplane11/16/02
9/11/00 01:17CharlestonMOUSATriangle15 MINTRIANGLE SHAPE CRAFT11/16/02
8/20/00 22:30MiddletownNYUSAOther5minutesUFO almost hit my house!11/16/02
7/3/00 02:45DedhamMAUSAUnknown1 minGreen light beam from the sky.11/16/02
10/13/99 18:00PittsburghPAUSAOtherApprox 5 min.Stange Craft chased away by fighters.11/16/02
6/12/99 20:30WichitaKSUSACylinder2 MINUTESIT DISAPPEARED INTO THE VOID11/16/02
8/1/98 23:30Moldova Noua (Romania)RomaniaChanging01.00.00A strong light bellow the Donau, maybe on yugoslavian teritory. A light like a shining star with irization, with green mouving filament11/16/02
5/1/98 21:00LufkinTXUSALight3 to 5 minutesThis object exucuted manuvers that no man made object could at speeds exceeding any winged craft.11/16/02
4/27/98 23:00Dahab (near) (Egypt)EgyptCone15 secondscone like object passes overhead in the Egyptian/Sanai desert11/16/02
11/8/97 19:30LouisvilleKYUSAChanging45minsNo aircraft could have made these types movement through the air without stalling out of control and crashing to the ground.11/16/02
8/9/95 20:30Bournemouth (UK/England)United KingdomSphere8secondsi was watching hallies comet one night when two orange coloured balls passed in front of me; they made no noise and moved in unison; i11/16/02
5/25/92 14:00MontrosePAUSAOval1 minuteLarge 100 ft long 50 ft high oval sphere shiny like a blob of mercury tree top level 100 yards away or closer.11/16/02
11/15/90 23:00Perth (Western Australia)AustraliaLight3 minutesTwo lights travelling toward each other.11/16/02
6/1/89 20:00HiloHIUSAUnknown2 hoursBright light at car level11/16/02
8/17/87 20:00Los AlamosCAUSAChevron30minhorseshoe shaped ( like an elect, razor) 6 or 7 feet long ,same wide approx 3ft deep ,blue light in window/w ,flashin red light in mid11/16/02
8/17/87 02:00SpringfieldORUSACigar4 minutesCigar Shaped and extremely close11/16/02
10/15/84 19:00SkowheganMEUSADisk5 to 10 minI was working at a church cleaning the parking lot in the evening approx 7 pm. I looked up towards the sky and I could see and object c11/16/02
8/15/83 00:30PlattekillNYUSADiskAs my car drove byLarge Round Liighted Craft hovering over a pond - summer 83 - intersection of Rt32 and New York State Thruway - Platekill NY11/16/02
6/1/83 19:00St. Louis (outside)MOUSADisk3 minutesThis was way back in 1983 when this sighting took place. The saucer was sighted south from St. Louis as I was moving toward Dallas Tex11/16/02
6/8/82 18:30DennisportMAUSADisk1/5 minutesKite flying and Alien interest?11/16/02
5/15/81 16:00Grass ValleyCAUSACigar3-5 secGrass Valley CA, early 80's - Silvery silent slow-flying torpedo-shaped UFO seen over tree-tops.11/16/02
7/1/76 21:00Daytona (south)FLUSAFireball4 miuntesApprox 200 feet in the air about 50 feet in diameter maybe larger. Looked like swirling lava - but stationary11/16/02
6/1/66 12:00ChicagoILUSADisk5 minutesIt hovered straight across from me.11/16/02
9/1/64 20:00Oxen HillMDUSAOval5 minutesWitnessed a blimplike craft moving slowly, no sound, wide circling lights speeding off and out of sight within 5 seconds11/16/02