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Report Index For Post Date 021116

Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
11/15/02 22:10 Grand Rapids MI Light ??? Lights were not stars 11/16/02
11/15/02 21:30 Milan MI Triangle 10 minutes Tonight I saw a Triangle shaped craft do a complete v-turn over downtown, and speed up in the opposite dirrection. 11/16/02
11/15/02 01:03 Coventry (UK/England)
Light 00.01 as i was watching the stars in the sky as i was walking home for the night i saw something shoot across the sky.... of which i belived 11/16/02
11/15/02 00:02 Walsall (UK/England)
Light 1-2s Hovering orange light that quickly accelerates and disappears 11/16/02
11/14/02 23:20 Chapel Hill TN Circle northeast The 2 objescts attracted 2 more. it was realy cloudy couldnt make out what they were but there was bright lights very strange. 11/16/02
11/14/02 18:22 Mariposa CA Oval 10-20 seconds FAST-MOVING BRILLIANT OVAL OBJECT SEEN IN YOSEMITE SKY. 11/16/02
11/13/02 22:12 Apex NC Unknown
It was just light bright yellow light 11/16/02
11/13/02 20:45 Comanche TX Light 3 seconds 3 different tim Flickering stationary orangish/yellowish light seen multiple times and places near Comanche, Texas. 11/16/02
11/13/02 20:15 Hammond IN Unknown about 20 min Craft silently hoverd above normal air traffic heading to Chicago, motionless for ten+ mins. Then began to move silently to the S.W & s 11/16/02
11/13/02 19:00 San Pedro CA Triangle 5 minutes 7 to 10 red lights (flashing) in a triangular shape moving silently and slowly due south. Many other small planes in relatively the sam 11/16/02
11/13/02 18:30 Chillicothe OH Other 1 minute 8 big ligts in sky 11/16/02
11/13/02 18:00 Adams WI Egg 5 minutes UFO's Sighted in wis 11/16/02
11/13/02 09:45 Morrow GA Unknown 10:06 It was a craft with 3 big red blinking lights zig zaging around in the sky! 11/16/02
11/13/02 07:52 Lansing MI Triangle
white and red lights triangle shape like made sound like a helecopter or plane makes 11/16/02
11/13/02 06:45 Sparta WI Egg 10 minutes Egg shaped bright and blinking lights descending slowly amoung cloud, then disappearing 11/16/02
11/13/02 06:15 Hacienda Heights CA Circle 6:15-6:30 I was going home from my cousins house in La habra coming down Hacienda blvd. I didn't feel good so I was laying back in the passanger 11/16/02
11/13/02 01:20 Baton Rouge LA Circle 10 seconds A giant black orb, looming over Baton rouge. 11/16/02
11/12/02 22:35 Flint MI Disk 2minutes saucer witnessed in flint mi. with red and white lights. 11/16/02
11/12/02 20:00 Adelaide (South Australia)
Light 10 to 15 seconds three slow moving crafts all traveling in the same direction(north) and one that took off so fast it left a blue trail that lasted for 11/16/02
11/12/02 18:30 Pocahontas AR Light one hour Jet chasing ball of light 11/16/02
11/11/02 20:08 San Jose CA Light 1 minute Orange star like object observed in nighttime San Jose sky 11/16/02
11/11/02 19:30 Los Angeles Area CA Circle around 3 min We where going to Ventura (CA) and all of the suden some guys from the other car told us to look at the UFO on the sky, we didnt beleiv 11/16/02
11/11/02 18:40 Wolverhampton (UK/England)
Formation 5mins Formation Flight of two craft 11/16/02
11/11/02 17:25 Townville PA Disk 30seconds Driving down the road I noticed a airplane in the sky to the right but to the left I noticed a stationary object. It was bright and no 11/16/02
11/11/02 15:30 Chattanooga TN Other 30 sec canard wing craft 11/16/02
11/11/02 03:24 Paris airport (near open field) (France)
Disk 1:12 movin left, then right, up,, then down,, slowly landing big,bright as day one other man on plane saw it too with out the window he just 11/16/02
11/10/02 14:30 Santa Barbara CA Circle 1-2 minutes We saw approx 10-15 (maybe more) little orbs above a light plane. At first they were in a V- formation then stretched out to an ungulat 11/16/02
11/10/02 05:32 Southfield MI Other 5 secs? more or less I HAVE NEVER HEARD A SOUND LIKE THIS COMING FROM THE SKY 11/16/02
11/10/02 00:30 Burbank CA Changing 1 minute Circular object with 8 white lights morphed then flew away. 11/16/02
11/9/02 23:30 Highlands NC Flash 30 seconds Strange lights over Queen Mountain 11/16/02
11/9/02 23:00 Bozeman MT Fireball 2 seconds Fireball in Montana. 11/16/02
11/9/02 21:33 Tempe AZ Sphere 4 SEC VERY BRIGHT BLUE/WHITE SPHERE SIGHTED TEMPE,AZ, HEADING 260 9NOV2002 2133 HRS. 11/16/02
11/9/02 21:30 Arkansas City KS Triangle 1 minute Boomerang craft was silent, lightless, and big enough to block out the stars behind it. 11/16/02
11/9/02 20:00 Tucson AZ Light seconds Flash of blue lights, then fast movement out of sight 11/16/02
11/9/02 11:51 White Hall (near) VA Other not known Dome shaped object at great distance over mountains near national park in mid-day, clear sky. 11/16/02
11/9/02 11:00 Mullen NE Light 3 + hrs We have been witnessing some very brilliant lights moving at incredible speeds and doing some very strange movements. 11/16/02
11/9/02 09:00 Kingsville TX Cylinder 10 minutes Silver Cylinder Observed Near Navy Jets Practice Dog Fight In Texas 11/16/02
11/9/02 00:45 Annandale VA Egg 4 to 5 seconds Falling bright white object seen over Annandale, VA. area night of 11\9\02. WHO ELSE SAW IT!!?? 11/16/02
11/8/02 19:00 Wyandotte MI Triangle about 20 minute My mom and I were driving to Subway for dinner. I looked out my window towards the Detroit River in the east. There were 3 different do 11/16/02
11/8/02 16:45 Chesnee SC Other 5 mins it seemed to be like an mirror in the sky. 11/16/02
11/8/02 16:30 Texarkana TX Light approx.2 min. flashing,then solid with bright flaring. 11/16/02
11/8/02 15:00 Hopkinsville KY Cylinder 5 minutes Object seen over the skies of Kentucky. 11/16/02
11/7/02 19:00 Grand Isle VT Oval two events: 15 minutes w It was an extremely huge object, with greenish lights on the bottom, a dome shape on top and very low, flew over lake and house. 11/16/02
11/7/02 Williamsport PA Other
Pearl necklace 11/16/02
11/5/02 19:00 Multan (Pakistan)
Cone 40 mins i am an airforce pilot.we were conducting night flying around 1900 pakistan standard time .we were operating in circuit (a flying patte 11/16/02
11/1/02 21:45 Williamsburg VA Chevron 10 seconds Silent V-shaped aircraft slowly glided over Williamsburg, VA, then disappeared instantly. 11/16/02
11/1/02 10:03 Berkeley MO Other less than 10sec there 11/16/02
10/14/02 19:05 Ivins UT Fireball 3-5 seconds Three fireballs appeared which emitted orange/yellow beams, faded in, then out. 11/16/02
10/9/02 23:45 Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area FL Unknown 6 to 8 seconds Blue object seen in the Port Charlotte Florida area. 11/16/02
9/29/02 06:00 Elk Grove Village IL Teardrop several minutes Orange tear drop craft flying in the west. 11/16/02
9/15/02 22:30 Merrillville IN Other 5 min Night time sighting of a dim, bird shaped, pulsating craft, followed by a bright light performing ariel acrobatics. 11/16/02
8/25/02 21:30 El Paso (over Juarez, Mexico) TX Circle 3 minutes to 5 min about 9:50 pm while seating on steeps of front porche facing south I observe a light above Juarez mx just like a plane landing and as w 11/16/02
8/1/02 Hermantown MS Triangle 1 minute details of my first sighting of triangle in Hermantown. I don't know its altitude, but it took up half my windshield! 11/16/02
7/31/02 20:00 Aztec/Farmington NM Disk 4 minuts I was travelling from Duarngo, CO to Tallup, NM on my way to Roswell for a rush load..I passed the state line on southwestern CO and no 11/16/02
6/11/02 16:45 Johnstone (near Haverfordwest) (UK/England)
Rectangle 5 minutes Rectangle object in sky seen in Wales, UK 11/16/02
4/20/02 11:00 Cuernavaca (Mexico)
Oval 45minutes Sighting of Motherships retrieving aproximately 50 other smaller ships. 11/16/02
1/11/02 Lousa (Portugal)
Circle 7seconds The objet was round and white luminous fliying at a speed a bit faster than a plane i saw it from a distance of 3Km (it's the distance 11/16/02
1/7/02 17:55 Prince Frederick MD Light 3 seconds Bright green light seen in sky for few seconds moving to the South in the southern maryland / chesepeake bay region. 11/16/02
1/7/02 17:45 Arlington VA Fireball 1-2 seconds Bright green light seen through cloudcover which lasted only a second or two, with no sound or sonic boom. 11/16/02
7/28/01 04:30 Cabot Strait (near Dingwall, on fishing boat) (Canada) NS Formation five minutes two sets of lights in straight line going north to south one with 8 lights. one with 14 lights travelling twice as fast as airplane 11/16/02
9/11/00 01:17 Charleston MO Triangle 15 MIN TRIANGLE SHAPE CRAFT 11/16/02
8/20/00 22:30 Middletown NY Other 5minutes UFO almost hit my house! 11/16/02
7/3/00 02:45 Dedham MA Unknown 1 min Green light beam from the sky. 11/16/02
10/13/99 18:00 Pittsburgh PA Other Approx 5 min. Stange Craft chased away by fighters. 11/16/02
6/12/99 20:30 Wichita KS Cylinder 2 MINUTES IT DISAPPEARED INTO THE VOID 11/16/02
8/1/98 23:30 Moldova Noua (Romania)
Changing 01.00.00 A strong light bellow the Donau, maybe on yugoslavian teritory. A light like a shining star with irization, with green mouving filament 11/16/02
5/1/98 21:00 Lufkin TX Light 3 to 5 minutes This object exucuted manuvers that no man made object could at speeds exceeding any winged craft. 11/16/02
4/27/98 23:00 Dahab (near) (Egypt)
Cone 15 seconds cone like object passes overhead in the Egyptian/Sanai desert 11/16/02
11/8/97 19:30 Louisville KY Changing 45mins No aircraft could have made these types movement through the air without stalling out of control and crashing to the ground. 11/16/02
8/9/95 20:30 Bournemouth (UK/England)
Sphere 8seconds i was watching hallies comet one night when two orange coloured balls passed in front of me; they made no noise and moved in unison; i 11/16/02
5/25/92 14:00 Montrose PA Oval 1 minute Large 100 ft long 50 ft high oval sphere shiny like a blob of mercury tree top level 100 yards away or closer. 11/16/02
11/15/90 23:00 Perth (Western Australia)
Light 3 minutes Two lights travelling toward each other. 11/16/02
6/1/89 20:00 Hilo HI Unknown 2 hours Bright light at car level 11/16/02
8/17/87 20:00 Los Alamos CA Chevron 30min horseshoe shaped ( like an elect, razor) 6 or 7 feet long ,same wide approx 3ft deep ,blue light in window/w ,flashin red light in mid 11/16/02
8/17/87 02:00 Springfield OR Cigar 4 minutes Cigar Shaped and extremely close 11/16/02
10/15/84 19:00 Skowhegan ME Disk 5 to 10 min I was working at a church cleaning the parking lot in the evening approx 7 pm. I looked up towards the sky and I could see and object c 11/16/02
7/19/84 18:00 Ossining NY Other 3-4MINUTES DRIVING IN MY CAR I SAW AN UNUSUAL FLYING OBJECT 11/16/02
8/15/83 00:30 Plattekill NY Disk As my car drove by Large Round Liighted Craft hovering over a pond - summer 83 - intersection of Rt32 and New York State Thruway - Platekill NY 11/16/02
6/1/83 19:00 St. Louis (outside) MO Disk 3 minutes This was way back in 1983 when this sighting took place. The saucer was sighted south from St. Louis as I was moving toward Dallas Tex 11/16/02
6/8/82 18:30 Dennisport MA Disk 1/5 minutes Kite flying and Alien interest? 11/16/02
5/15/81 16:00 Grass Valley CA Cigar 3-5 sec Grass Valley CA, early 80's - Silvery silent slow-flying torpedo-shaped UFO seen over tree-tops. 11/16/02
7/1/76 21:00 Daytona (south) FL Fireball 4 miuntes Approx 200 feet in the air about 50 feet in diameter maybe larger. Looked like swirling lava - but stationary 11/16/02
6/1/66 12:00 Chicago IL Disk 5 minutes It hovered straight across from me. 11/16/02
9/1/64 20:00 Oxen Hill MD Oval 5 minutes Witnessed a blimplike craft moving slowly, no sound, wide circling lights speeding off and out of sight within 5 seconds 11/16/02