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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/22/02 14:20 Portland OR Disk 5 min. Black saucer wobbled slowly as it gained altitude. 12/23/02
12/22/02 01:30 Milwaukee WI Triangle fifteen seconds My friend and i were parked by Mitchell International Airport watching the planes land when my friend saw a triangle shaped craft comin 12/23/02
12/21/02 22:30 Charlton MA Other 10 minutes lights moving at constant speed east to west with stars moving slower behind them 12/23/02
12/21/02 21:52 Sarasota FL Fireball 4 - 5 seconds Bright fireball travelling S - N leaving a trail 12/23/02
12/21/02 10:00 Albury (NSW, Australia)
Light 5minutes fast orange light almost like strobe light moving at great speed 12/23/02
12/21/02 06:10 Canastota NY Unknown 5 mins bright light 12/23/02
12/21/02 03:00 Pasadena TX Light 60 seconds Bright Light travelling over Houston Ship Channel, with Red and Blue Lights flashing around the perimeter, making Que-ball turns. 12/23/02
12/20/02 03:45 Punta Gorda FL Disk 3 hours My boyfriend and I were sitting up late last night and I looked over to the left of me and notice a really weird object( which I thoug 12/23/02
12/19/02 19:00 Katy TX Chevron 30 seconds Low and slow in the Houston night sky. 12/23/02
12/19/02 06:30 Ystradgynlais (UK/Wales)
Teardrop 20 seconds One teardrop-shaped object silently streaked across the sky trailing a fiery plume. 12/23/02
12/17/02 22:56 Congerstone (UK/England)
Diamond 10 mins The sky was bright over the fields we could see the northern lights.To our right hovering in the air stationary, just hanging in the ai 12/23/02
12/17/02 10:30 New York City (Manhattan) NY Sphere 20 seconds Small silver orbs moving among Manhattan skyscrapers, morning and evening events 12/23/02
12/17/02 02:00 Port St. Lucie FL Circle 15 min. It started as a circle and changed colors, almost as if it were spining.Sometimes beams of light would shoot out of the bottom. 12/23/02
12/16/02 12:51 Coral Springs FL Oval 3 minutes Oval shaped, three engines side by side in the back, 2 fins pointing up on each side in the back. Moved slowly for a few minutes, then 12/23/02
12/16/02 06:30 Indianapolis IN Circle 1.5 hours Bright wheel looking light, changing colors and size 12/23/02
12/15/02 23:59 Seattle WA Disk One hour + We saw a row of different colored lights north of house, some distance away for at least an hour. 12/23/02
12/15/02 23:00 Marshall NC Oval 30 sec A friend and I saw a round shape/object filled with strong white light cross the sky in a descend leaving smoky trace 12/23/02
12/15/02 22:30 Suwanee GA Light 30 - 45 secs. Perfect ball of light moving at tremendous speed that made no sound. 12/23/02
12/15/02 19:00 Suwanee GA Light
this is amazing 12/23/02
12/15/02 07:50 Northridge CA Circle few minutes This is how the UFO Appeared/ 12/23/02
12/14/02 15:45 Irvington AL Light 5 minutes High speed rotating lights flas across the sky. 12/23/02
12/14/02 05:00 El Paso TX Unknown 2 minutes Freeway Arc Light 12/23/02
12/14/02 02:32 Evans Shire (NSW, Australia)
Triangle 5 -10 a three lighted object off extream size flewover , it then seemed to realese objects at 90degees to it into the atmosphere, then turnin 12/23/02
12/14/02 02:30 Norman OK Triangle 20 sec triangular object 12/23/02
12/13/02 23:40 Centreville VA Teardrop 2 minutes Black teardrop ship over western part of centreville area 12/23/02
12/13/02 23:00 Denver CO Triangle 1 minute It was 'V' shaped, large, and silent. 12/23/02
12/13/02 21:15 Houston TX Triangle 10 seconds V shaped lights over Houston 12/23/02
12/13/02 20:00 Riverview MI Cigar 2 hours A buzzing cigar shaped object in the sky. 12/23/02
12/13/02 17:45 Clive UT Chevron 3 minutes First, we thought it was Venus, next we thought it was a large jet with it's landing lights, we don't have a clue. 12/23/02

Your website has been screwed up for over a week 12/23/02
12/12/02 22:20 Maidstone (UK/England)
Teardrop 4-5 mins one of the objects seemed to crash land. 12/23/02
12/12/02 21:05 Naarden (Netherlands)
Triangle 20 seconds a sighting at clear night of two traingle shaped UFO's 12/23/02
12/11/02 20:56 Leeds (UK/England)
Light 15 seconds 4 lights,in formation,changing directions and formations,then leaving. 12/23/02
12/11/02 06:15 Kent/Setac WA Other 5 mins. I was dropping my wife at work (Boeing Kent Space Center) made left turn to her building. She said to look ahead. At about 20 degrees 12/23/02
12/11/02 06:10 Lancaster WI Triangle 5 to 7 min My wife woke me to ask me what was in the sky,we could both see it without getting out of bed,it was a triangle with brite blueish whit 12/23/02
12/11/02 04:00 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Changing 15 minutes Four lights, one approached me, then retreated to group, merged and then flew away. 12/23/02
12/11/02 02:34 Brabrand (Denmark)
Circle 30.s the ligth suddenly appered on the sky with at brith white ligth over the see 12/23/02
12/10/02 22:55 Boca Raton FL Fireball <1 minute Bright orange-yellow flare-like light traveled across the sky towards the south, breaking into two still-flaming pieces before disappe 12/23/02
12/10/02 22:15 North Miami FL Fireball 45 Seconds Small fireball like object hovering over a water treatment plant I North Miami, FL 12/23/02
12/10/02 22:05 Safety Harbor FL Light
Flashing red light in sky 12/23/02
12/10/02 19:30 Frankfort IN Sphere 15 min 3 glowing objects near Frankfort, IN, in Dec. 2002 12/23/02
12/10/02 18:35 Linden MI Fireball 5 seconds Large fireball with long bright tail streaking across southern sky 12/23/02
12/10/02 18:00 New Wilmington PA Egg 23 min Pennsylvania: New Wilmington 12/23/02
12/10/02 07:45 Hesperia CA Oval about 5 minutes While parked in front of my childs school, waiting for the day care teacher to arrive in the school quad. My child and I saw a jet fly 12/23/02
12/10/02 05:00 Louisville KY Sphere 3o min we saw a white sphere that had two whisker like thin rays on each side of our view . it was just up in the sky . it didnot move or make 12/23/02
12/9/02 22:00 Robbinsdale MN Diamond 2 hours Diamond 12/23/02
12/9/02 22:00 Johannesburg (South Africa)
Other 4 sec I have seen a UFO in a movie (video). This will sound strange but I really did.

The movie is called Made Man with Timothy Dalton. In
12/9/02 18:45 Longmont CO Light 4-5 seconds An accelerating streak of light moving upwards through the sky. 12/23/02
12/9/02 05:15 Monson MA

12/9/02 04:20 Monson MA Light 4 hours Moving star-like lights witnessed in early AM in sky over ruran massachusetts town 12/23/02
12/8/02 21:00 Tarboro NC Disk 2 minutes UFO spotted in my neighborhood. 12/23/02
12/8/02 21:00 Vienna OH Cigar 5 minutes Vienna, Ohio 12/23/02
12/8/02 21:00 Wilson NC Cigar 30 minutes We tracked a large cigar shaped object accross town until it went out of view over the treeline. 12/23/02
12/8/02 20:45 Bellingham WA Other 2-3 min The lights display wasnothing like i'd ever seen but the SOUND..Everyones dogs were howling crazy 12/23/02
12/8/02 20:45 Bellingham WA Other 5-10 min The Sound..was incrediable,the dogs went crazy,the light display was amazing 12/23/02
12/8/02 19:45 Sharpsville PA Cigar 20 MIN TWO UFOS OBSERVED 12/23/02
12/8/02 17:30 Green Bay WI Triangle 1 minute Triangular Pattern of lights over Lambeau Field 12/8/02 12/23/02
12/8/02 16:55 Washington, D.C. DC Disk
Disk 12/23/02
12/8/02 15:30 Noblesville IN Flash flash Dull red flashes seen in daytime in various parts of sky. 12/23/02
12/8/02 05:55 Odessa TX Oval a few seconds Object traveling at a very fast rate 12/23/02
12/8/02 05:00 Mt. Holly (rural) PA Light 8 min. bright light follows, ascends, reappears in rural, PA 12/23/02
12/8/02 04:30 Brookfield OH Unknown Not Known I was away for a weekend on a hunting trip when my companion and I retired for the evening. I was in my sleeping bag at 10 pm. I thoug 12/23/02
12/8/02 00:20 Croydon PA Triangle 5min Triangle Shaped Object 3 White lights Red in Middle at times And Silent 12/23/02
12/8/02 Chimes AR Chevron hour Boomerang shaped objects in Arkansas 12/23/02
12/7/02 23:15 Sioux Falls SD Teardrop 1 1/2 seconds 12/7/02 - Tear shaped white light that shot straight up out of sight. 12/23/02
12/7/02 21:30 Hermitage PA Cigar 2 DAYS STRANGE EXPERIENCE 12/23/02
12/7/02 17:00 Booneville AR Unknown 30 seconds The object did not look anything like a hilocopter or airplane...never seen anything like it before. 12/23/02
12/7/02 17:00 Camano Island WA Formation 4 hrs. brilant star looking shapes in night sky 12/23/02
12/7/02 14:00

it was round made nosies i saw it uabove the sky. 12/23/02
12/7/02 10:10 Las Vegas NV Light 1min Two white lights in the daytime sky 12/23/02
12/7/02 01:30 Edson (Canada) AB Circle 4 min Large circular object surrounded by lights with four nossles, motionless and silent 12/23/02
12/6/02 23:10 Hemingway SC Flash bright blue light bright blue light that lit up sky round object jetted with a streak behind it{kind of like a bottle rocket}. was seen from Jonsonville, 12/23/02
12/6/02 23:00 Appalachia VA Light 10 minutes 3 orange crafts land? 12/23/02
12/6/02 23:00 Grifton NC

reported in my local paper/Bright light over Pitt County, NC. 12/23/02
12/6/02 22:55 Wrightsville Beach NC Circle 3 seconds 12/6/02 10:55 pm EST. Bright blue ball appears and moves quickly through the sky. 12/23/02
12/6/02 22:30 San Diego CA Chevron 1 minute In Mission Valley: Black V-shaped object with faint glowing "dots" like stars on undersurface 12/23/02
12/6/02 21:30 West Linn OR Chevron 2 minutes Chevron shape with a center light followed by 5 round, intensely bright lights. 12/23/02
12/6/02 20:30 Chiloquin OR Sphere 45minutes 6 rotating,flashing spheres of colored light,in night sky above Chiloquin Ridge, Oregon 12/23/02
12/6/02 19:35 Mt. Vernon WA Fireball 5-7 seconds Bright white fireball, Washington State. 12/23/02
12/6/02 19:30 Port Angeles (5.5 miles East of) WA Disk <1 minute VERY reliable second hand information as follows: On the night of Friday, Dec. 6, 2002 at 7:30 pm, a friend was driving home from work 12/23/02
12/6/02 19:30 Wilsonville/Tualatin OR Unknown 3-5 seconds I was headed North on I-5 when I saw a glowing green object streaking across the night sky and descending towards Tualatin. 12/23/02
12/6/02 19:25 Arlington WA Fireball splt second A green fireball going towards Granite Falls 12/23/02
12/6/02 17:15 Soda Springs (by highway 80) CA Unknown 7 A generally low flighing ball of light 12/23/02
12/6/02 16:10 Ventura CA Changing 10 minutes Abruptly maneuvering black object hovers over Ventura County, CA, displaces cloud formations 12/06/02 12/23/02
12/6/02 14:30 Charlotte NC Circle a few seconds A white circle about the size of my thumb at arm's length. 12/23/02
12/6/02 07:04 Chicago IL Disk three or four minutes UFO appeared in the sky of Michigan Lake in Chicago recently 12/23/02
12/6/02 05:00 Pico Rivera CA Changing 1 hour Weird looking bright star 12/23/02
12/5/02 19:45 Folsom (over/Cameron Park) CA Triangle 5 min ? I saw a large triangular craft with three large white lights on the tips and dimmer light in the center. 12/23/02
12/5/02 08:56 Richardson TX Unknown 90 seconds daytime stationary black dot aloft showing a brilliant white light 12/23/02
12/4/02 22:00 Glen Rock PA Other 10min. crescent lights 12/23/02
12/4/02 18:00 West Molesey (UK/England)
Light 3 minutes +/- Stange light seen near Heathrow airport. 12/23/02
12/4/02 16:00 Gainesville FL Egg 30-40 secs Large egg shaped object motionless in sky 12/23/02
12/4/02 06:30 Galesburg area IL Other 3 min. guitar pick/teardrop shaped object in sky traveling NW to SE, soundless with 1 leading headlight 12/23/02
12/3/02 23:30 Llandrindod Wells (UK/Wales)
Fireball 45seconds My friend noticed that it was clear night and as she lives in rural locastion with little light polution she decided to view the stars 12/23/02
12/3/02 20:30 Phoenix AZ Triangle about 5 sec. at aprox.2030hrs i saw what appered to be a triangular shaped object,that appeared to be red orange moving at a very high rate of speed 12/23/02
12/3/02 18:22 Jersey City NJ Sphere 5 seconds Single white orb appeared out of nowhere, hovering for a moment before shooting out of sight. 12/23/02
12/3/02 17:05 Livermore CA Light 5 minutes Strange light that shrunk and disapeared 12/23/02
12/3/02 08:00 Maassluis (Netherlands)
Other half hour Ball shaped craft with lights in the middle. 12/23/02
12/3/02 06:45 Port Stewart (UK/Ireland)
12/2/02 23:00 Los Angeles CA Oval 1 minute 4 unidentified flying objects streak across the night sky at high velocities being chased by military aircraft. 12/23/02
12/2/02 22:00 Tallahassee (off of I-10) FL Light 2+ Hours Sighting in Tallahassee 12/23/02
12/2/02 21:15 Riverside CA Changing 2 min I was getting home on a very clear sky night. I was with a friend , we were standing at the front of my house and talking when I looked 12/23/02
12/2/02 05:40 Lake Charles LA Light 30 seconds I only observed a single point of light. It was traveling north to south. It was located north of the handle of the big dipper. Then 12/23/02
12/2/02 05:30 Blainsport PA Fireball 5 Seconds The fireball was below the clouds 12/23/02
12/2/02 05:20 Queenstown MD Circle 1 to 2 min. I usually get up very early to take our dogs out in the AM, usually around 5:15 to 5:30AM. It was still dark, moon was partially cover 12/23/02
12/2/02 05:17 Middle River MD Flash second A large green flash of light. 12/23/02
12/2/02 05:15 Mt. Holly Springs PA Fireball approx 5-7 sec. Was at computer facing toward window, when my attention was drawn to an extremely bright electric blueish light (similar to a welding a 12/23/02
12/2/02 05:15 New Baltimore PA Triangle
Supplememnt to original report dated 12/06/02 of sighting on 12/02/02 at 05:15 in New Baltimore, Pa USA. 12/23/02
12/2/02 05:10 Beverly WV Fireball <1 minute A momentary sighting of a large bright circular object flying through the sky. 12/23/02
12/2/02 05:00 Wiconisco PA Circle 3 seconds A blue round light that had a blue tail and moved extreamly fast. 12/23/02
12/2/02 04:23 Hwy 80 (westbound) PA Sphere 10 Appeared traveling south to north glowing moving slowly without sound. Green aura 12/23/02
12/1/02 22:00 Safety Harbor FL Circle
Flashing light fast speeds disappears 12/23/02
12/1/02 20:40 Woodcliff Lake NJ Disk 10 seconds The object flew very low to the ground, while watching it outside from hottub. 12/23/02
12/1/02 20:12 Springfield VA Unknown 1/4 second Bright Pale Blue Flash - No Sound - Street Lights Went Out 12/23/02
12/1/02 17:30 Sarasota FL Sphere 1 minute Crome object seen on Siesta Key Beach, FL and Pic. 12/23/02
12/1/02 17:15 New York City (Manhattan) NY Formation 1 minute Formation of moving lights over Manhattan 12/23/02
12/1/02 16:00 Charleston (Edisto Island Just S.of) SC Teardrop Seconds Bright, almost glowing irridecently, tadpole shaped object (oval with a tail) travelling West to East at a high rate of speed crossed a 12/23/02
12/1/02 15:00 Charleston WV Other
Riding in the back of the car a friend and I looked out the window and saw a huge silver thing in the sky. It was round cylinder shaped 12/23/02
12/1/02 14:05 Sacramento CA Cigar 8 min. Cigar shaped craft high in the sky cruising from the west to the east,with a very loud deep hum. 12/23/02
12/1/02 05:30 Warren OR Sphere 15 minutes A bright glowing light changing from red, green, blue to white. Moved in different directions. Then was gone. 12/23/02
12/1/02 04:30 Duvall WA Other 15 minutes Unexplained crescent-shaped objects seen in Southeast sky in the Pacific Northwest, 12/1/02, 4:30AM 12/23/02
12/1/02 Gordes-Manisa (Turkey)
Fireball one month We see the same objects even on claudy days. They are always on different locations. 12/23/02
11/30/02 23:50 Springfield MO Other 20 seconds L-shaped and light-colored object(s) moving generally from NW to SE late at night. 12/23/02
11/30/02 23:45 Barletta (Italy)
Sphere 8 minutes So fast up and down. Everything but aircraft... 12/23/02
11/30/02 21:45 Little Rock AR Chevron 15 seconds Large, white/gray v-shaped object, flying silent.. 12/23/02
11/30/02 20:50 Hot Springs Cove (Canada) BC Light two hours bright object displaying rapid motion with instantabeous direction changes low on the horizon 12/23/02
11/30/02 19:45 Leavenworth KS Triangle 1 minute Dark, Silent triangular shape over Kansas 12/23/02
11/30/02 18:42 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park HI Unknown 15 min Three objects originating from the same area moved rapidly in separate directions. 12/23/02
11/30/02 17:45 Yuba City CA Triangle 2 minutes Three large lights in triangular formation spotted near Yuba City, CA on 11/30/02. 12/23/02
11/30/02 17:30 Cassatt SC Circle 10 minutes I was was approximately 5:30 pm when I noticed a ball of light slowly decending. I then called my daughter to come out and see it. Afte 12/23/02
11/30/02 13:00 Kansas City MO Cylinder 5-10-MINT ALSO MY STATE SECTION DIRECTOR YEAR 1998 ALSO SAW THE SAME THING I SAW YEAR 2002 12/23/02
11/30/02 02:30 Huntington WV Changing 2 or 3 minutes It started out as five lights, then went to one bright light, then the light turned into a ring, and then back into a ball. 12/23/02
11/29/02 22:00 Cordova (a suburb of Memphis) TN Unknown a while until they retrie A blue ball falls out of the sky in Cordova, Tennessee on Friday 29 in November. 12/23/02
11/29/02 22:00 Mount Wolf PA Light 30 MINUTES I witnessed 3 disk shaped lights flying through the sky for 10 minutes, when a 4th appeared they began to fly in a predetermined patter 12/23/02
11/29/02 21:30 Fort Loudon PA Light 2 or 3 min. a moveing light shining through the clouds 12/23/02
11/29/02 21:00 Hereford TX Flash night On November 29, 2002 we saw a ufo 12/23/02
11/29/02 19:40 Flagstaff AZ Light 3 minutes smal amber light to the north north east part of flagstaff 12/23/02
11/29/02 19:30 Canterbury (UK/England)
Disk town It was glowing it was a saucer it was yellow and had a white top. 12/23/02
11/29/02 18:20 Durango CO Oval 10 sec. Large sun bright oval shaped object flying through the air at a high rate of speed , hit ground ,followed by large flash. 12/23/02
11/29/02 15:00 Deming NM Other 30 MINUTES Goldfish cracker shaped object seen in Deming, New Mexico on 11/29/02 12/23/02
11/29/02 09:30 Groves/Port Arthur TX Circle 15 min Three Round objects, one trailing the other for about two minutes. Then sudden halt and one object stayed motionless, as the two other 12/23/02
11/29/02 06:16 Enumclaw WA Cylinder 6 seconds A "break-up" in the sky 12/23/02
11/29/02 06:15 Longview WA Fireball 3 minutes Fireball streaks slowly across northern sky. 12/23/02
11/29/02 05:05 Reading PA Disk 10 seconds This object made a pin point turn moving very fast and darted out of sight 12/23/02
11/29/02 04:55 Reading PA Oval 20 seconds Very high flying and super fast 12/23/02
11/29/02 03:00 Littleton CO Unknown 40 seconds Red dot high in the sky moves very quickly and in a zigzag pattern. 12/23/02
11/29/02 01:30 Saskatoon (Canada) SA Triangle min 3 hours bright object that seemed to be affected by the gusty winds ? 12/23/02
11/29/02 00:19 Victoria (Canada) BC Other 3 seconds Space debris momentarily light up in sky over Victoria B.C. 12/23/02
11/28/02 23:59 Shelby NC Light hour ? white flickering light hovering slowly with green strobe lights like a police car real phant though,but it didnt look like a star. 12/23/02
11/28/02 22:30 Lincoln NE Light 1 Second Very bright flash and explosion over Lincoln, Ne., on Thanksgiving. 12/23/02
11/28/02 22:00 Concord MA Cylinder 4 minutes It was 10 o' clock on the night of november 28th. I was driving down the empty street when i saw a bright hazy light. I suddenly got ou 12/23/02
11/28/02 21:50 Glen Ellen CA Light 8-10 min. Blue and Red Lights in the Sky 12/23/02
11/28/02 21:30 Amsterdam (west of) NY Flash split-second Bright orange streak speeds toward Albany, NY 12/23/02
11/28/02 20:30 Aurora CO Fireball 60 seconds Aurora-sees another fireball in the skies of Colrado!!! A truck driver catches the fireball on his truck mounted camerra.Local Colrado 12/23/02
11/28/02 18:40 Santa Cruz CA Changing 10 seconds 5 of us were waiting for an iridium flare to appear on the No.Eastern sky,at approximately 18:43 hrs., when one of my friends got the 12/23/02
11/28/02 18:30 Cheyenne WY Fireball 5 seconds Fireball seen in night sky near Cheyenne WY Thanksgiving evening 12/23/02
11/28/02 18:23 Colorado Springs CO Circle 1 minute In my opinion, I witnessed a metor fall from the sky and impact the ground west of Colorado Springs. 12/23/02
11/28/02 10:30 St. Cloud (south of) MN Other ~1 minute Large, black, foil / wing flying low over field near highway in dayimte. 12/23/02
11/28/02 10:30 Perth (Western Australia)
Light 5 minutes Four objects seen in daylight. Looked like stars, were stationary and moved as a formation. 12/23/02
11/28/02 07:16 McCall ID Other 2 minutes Observed fiery debris field of object moving west to east. 12/23/02
11/28/02 06:20 Pender Island (Canada) BC Fireball 1 minute Satillite re-entry? 12/23/02
11/28/02 06:20 Medical Lake WA
1 to 2 min This was probably some object entering the earth's atmosphere. It traveled from the western horizon to the eastern horizon. It starte 12/23/02
11/28/02 06:15 Vancouver WA Fireball 1 minute i saw a very large slow moving golden fireball that split into several parts 12/23/02
11/28/02 06:15 Redmond WA Cylinder 35-45 seconds Needle shaped light, possible space debris, crossed slowly from horizon to horizon, due east over Seattle area. 12/23/02
11/28/02 06:15 Renton WA
10-15 sec Fiery debris enters atmosphere. 12/23/02
11/28/02 06:14 Enumclaw WA Other 30 seconds 4 Meteor shaped objects slowing going across early morning sky 12/23/02
11/28/02 06:00 Bellingham WA Formation 1 minute series of flare-like fireballs 12/23/02
11/28/02 05:00 Cumberland RI Disk 35 minutes Disk Shaped Revolving Lights in the Sky 12/23/02
11/28/02 04:00 Dudley MA Triangle 10 minutes Triangular shaped lights crossing the sky in MA on Thanksgiving night 2002 12/23/02
11/28/02 04:00 Oxford MA Changing 2:hours aprox. I have on film an unexplained large,odd shaped ,colorful object in the night sky. 12/23/02
11/27/02 23:30 Lakewood OH Chevron 20 seconds Gossamer V-shaped object seen from Ohio 12/23/02
11/27/02 18:45 Lincoln NE Fireball 5 Seconds Suspected large meteor, unreported in news media. 12/23/02
11/27/02 16:00 Turks (and Caicos)
This is a link to a report on a mysterious contrail. 12/23/02
11/27/02 08:04 Tacoma WA Flash 2 seconds A flash of light streaked across the daytime sky at about the altitude of a jet, but at least 10 times faster. 12/23/02
11/27/02 05:00 Lake Stevens WA Circle
bright light like a star that was too big and bright and changed shape 12/23/02
11/27/02 04:45 San Francisco CA Changing hour My wife and I witnessed a large, extremely bright, spheroid object that appeared to be hanging in the air over San Francisco for a very 12/23/02
11/27/02 04:30 Rainier WA Triangle 3 1/2 hours bright lights hovering in the sky 12/23/02
11/26/02 22:10 Madison AL Light 5 seconds Light over the horizon dropping suddenly to no where 12/23/02
11/26/02 18:00 Derbyshire (UK/England)
Light 2 minutes Large bright single light in west of sky above derbyshire England 12/23/02
11/26/02 17:45 Titchfield (UK/England)
Chevron in a car driving home big red lights flashing. 12/23/02
11/26/02 17:00 Dhahran (Saudi Arabia)
Circle 10 minutes A very bright circular light hovering for about ten minutes and then vanishing in a split second. 12/23/02
11/26/02 09:00 Jeannette PA Other 1 hour or more Someone is playing tic-tac-toe in the sky with contrails. Looking out a second floor window facing west. Was looking for a winter sto 12/23/02
11/26/02 06:10 Brooks OR Fireball 30 seconds I was at the pilot truck stop in brooks oregon looking north when at 6:10 all of a sudden from east to west i saw 2 fire balls. it was 12/23/02
11/25/02 19:00 Seattle WA

Are you aware that your site is not functioning??? It has not been working for several days now...

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11/24/02 15:45 Bangor ME Cylinder 5 min. I saw a translucent, high flying, cylinder, with faint contrails traveling in a direction that is seldom seen in this area. 12/23/02
11/24/02 11:30 Lake Charles LA Circle 15 min. A small dot that didnt' seem to move as a jet flew under as it was passing and dot looked white and we watched 15 min. 12/23/02
11/23/02 21:09 Mexico (Coastal waters, West)
Unknown 5 seconds Soundless flashing object crosses sky in 5 seconds, ENE to WSW 12/23/02
11/23/02 21:00 Topeka KS Flash 4 seconds app. I saw a flashing aircraft of some sort traveling very rapidly from west to east to the north of topeka ks. 12/23/02
11/23/02 17:15 Keystone (US 30 @) IA Light 20 minutes Shimmering bright white light 3X size of Venus. Dripping, a tail, and variable at times. 12/23/02
11/23/02 16:15 Gallatin TN Unknown a few seconds Disappearing object seen as light glints off of it 12/23/02
11/23/02 07:25 Oud-Heverlee (Belgium)
Other 1 second A full oval illuminated ball motioned at low altitude 12/23/02
11/23/02 05:22 Swaledale IA Circle 5 minutes A moving circle of white light 12/23/02
11/23/02 05:00 Lost River WV Disk 1hour The object appeared in the southwestern sky and appeared to be a star at first glance. What made me more curious was the fact that it w 12/23/02
11/22/02 22:00 Dallas TX Formation 1-2 seconds light flickering followed by dark mass at low speed which was gone quickly and quitly 12/23/02
11/22/02 17:22 Riverview MI Triangle 5 minutes A large triangular shaped object that made a very loud noise 12/23/02
11/22/02 13:00 Canberra (Australia)
Disk 1 minute SCARY! 12/23/02
11/21/02 20:00 Tonawanda NY Chevron 2 minutes three large white lights on craft, chevron shaped 12/23/02
11/21/02 18:20 Tulsa OK Cross 1 minute plane/bird shaped opbject--no lights travelling fast 12/23/02
11/21/02 17:30 San Diego CA Unknown 17:40 Me and my 2 friends get out of music class at 5:10. We play around until 1 of my friend talks about UFOs. My other friend said he saw s 12/23/02
11/21/02 15:30 Vinita OK Cigar 2 minutes I saw a bright cigar shaped object hover in the sky, then speed off away from me at a very high rate of speed. 12/23/02
11/21/02 05:45 Clemmons NC Triangle about 5 minutes It was a large, triangular shaped flying object. 12/23/02
11/20/02 22:34 Oak Park CA Oval
3 dots making arrows towards the south 12/23/02
11/20/02 22:34 Oak Park CA Oval seconds My friend at I were at the park when i noticed a triangular glowing arrow heading south. Then we noticed that there were 3 seperate ora 12/23/02
11/20/02 20:50 Johnstown PA Light 15 Minutes White light in night sky viewed for 15 minutes, traveled N to W and reversed it path 12/23/02
11/20/02 17:45 Merritt (Canada) BC Triangle 2 minutes Silent, triangular shaped object, with an accumulation of shimmering red lights in the 3 corners. 12/23/02
11/20/02 15:00 Portsmouth OH Cigar 2 minutes White Cigar Shape-Daytime 12/23/02
11/20/02 11:00 Easton PA Fireball about 3 min. Two fireballs hovered for a while then one took off while one stayed for another minute or so then vanished 12/23/02
11/19/02 17:19 North Richland Hills TX Cylinder 15min. seen two round grey in color objects. one small,the other seemed to be quiet larger. these objects stayed still & didn't move for abou 12/23/02
11/19/02 05:33 Luxembourg
Light 20+min. stationary bright light in the night sky 12/23/02
11/19/02 05:30 Norfolk VA Chevron approx. 15 seconds Silent Red V/Chevron of 6-7 lights over Norfolk, VA during Leonids. 12/23/02
11/19/02 05:25 Washington, D.C. DC Triangle 30 seconds Three orange triangular lights in the Washington, DC sky during the Leonids. 12/23/02
11/19/02 05:00 Mercer ND Disk 15 mins There's lights in sky out there and no one is doing nothing about it .. Are really being invaded? 12/23/02
11/19/02 03:30 Stover MO Circle 4 hours Large Glowing Orange Ball & Meteor Shower 12/23/02
11/17/02 23:15 Reedley CA Light 15 minutes Strange light observed over small california town. 12/23/02
11/17/02 19:00 Wittmann AZ Other 10 minuts A sudden flash of fire light came out of the clear sky, then the object came closer befor disapearing. 12/23/02
11/17/02 06:55 Chippewa Lake MI Light 30 minutes Hunter observes unidentified flying object. 12/23/02
11/16/02 02:30 Spencer MA Light 20 SECONDS Lights were at brief and bright. 12/23/02
11/12/02 23:00 Highland Park IL Unknown
octagan shape with purple lights 12/23/02
11/12/02 23:00 Lincolnshire (UK/England)
Circle 15 minutes I saw a bright sec of light bobbing up and down in the night sky at around 11.00p.m 12/23/02
11/11/02 20:30 Oak Creek WI Triangle 3 min On two occasions I saw a craft that everyone tells me doesn't exist. 12/23/02
11/11/02 17:30 Kettle Falls WA Fireball 5 seconds N.E. WA. 3 witnessed rocket shaped UFO emmitting orange sparks. 12/23/02
11/10/02 20:30 Ivesdale IL Light 30 seconds While standing on my front porch looking west I noticed a white light about 4 inches in sizes. The white light was not moving and at f 12/23/02
11/10/02 20:30 Queensland (Australia)
Unknown 1.5 mins large light shot over sky. Grew smaller and then disappered. Didn't match any other thing I've ever seen before. 12/23/02
11/10/02 13:30 Haddon Heights NJ Rectangle 5 seconds Rectangular Object Twice Size of 747 Seen by Two 12/23/02
11/6/02 22:00 Mount Pleasant SC Flash 3 seconds noticed huge flash towards the east then saw streaking fireball seconds later 12/23/02
11/5/02 19:50 Sammamish WA Light 1 min. 15 sec. The object was bright red. 12/23/02
11/5/02 06:43 Oklahoma City OK Other 40 seconds Strange Strobing Lights 12/23/02
11/2/02 14:00 Galesburg IL Circle 5 minutes silver, circular object moving at great speed with no apparent rising or setting on a horizon 12/23/02
11/2/02 00:00 Granite Falls WA Light seconds Bright light round with something like a comet tail. 12/23/02
11/1/02 05:38 Afyon (Turkey)
Just read this: 12/23/02
10/31/02 21:00 Houston TX Triangle 30 seconds v shape ufo 12/23/02
10/30/02 02:15 Sacramento CA Circle 1-2 minutes Four, extremely bright orange circles in the sky catch my attention 12/23/02
10/28/02 22:00 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Fireball 15 minute it was a red light fire ball that move slowly through the city in malaysia 12/23/02
10/28/02 02:30 Calcutta (India)
Disk 2 minutes UFO seen from roof. 12/23/02
10/27/02 17:00 Santa Barbara CA Disk 10 Minutes Single saucer shaped object in sky, just before sunset. Strange energy field emitted, making it difficult to see clearly. 12/23/02
10/12/02 20:45 Paris TX Triangle Less than 5 minutes Close encounter in Paris, TX 12/23/02
10/12/02 13:50 Leeman (Australia)
Cone 5 Cone shaped, with 4 huge lights and one at the point of the cone, shot fire balls 12/23/02
10/6/02 23:30 Spring Hill FL Light 2- min Unidentified object in Florida. 12/23/02
10/6/02 23:00 Grifton NC Light unknown Dear NUFORC: (article text and link found below) Feel free to forward this e-mail.

10/4/02 07:20 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
Diamond <10 secs Rolling white diamond above hills 12/23/02
10/3/02 14:00 Olive Branch MS Disk about or around 10 minute We saw two disk like objects crash. 12/23/02
10/2/02 06:34 Northford CT Egg 23 seconds A Glow in the Sky...... 12/23/02
10/1/02 00:30 Courtland VA Circle sec. Look I can't recall the date exactly, but it was in that area of time especially the hour of night. It could be in a range of two wee 12/23/02
9/21/02 18:30 Carlsbad CA Teardrop 18-19:00 Pinkish Lightbulb shape over neighborhood 12/23/02
9/18/02 08:00 Steele MO Disk 5 minutes Between 0745 and 0800 hrs going southbound on I-55 through the Missouri Bootheel the skies were partly cloudy (25% clouds) that an unid 12/23/02
9/14/02 07:15 Brigantine NJ Unknown 1 minute Enlarging the digital images showed what appeared to be in shape of a saucer like object. 12/23/02
9/12/02 16:00 Charlotte NC Cigar a few seconds White cigar... 12/23/02
9/12/02 14:00 Dennisport MA Disk 1 minute Extremely bright..painful to the eyes in broad daylight, cigar/disk shaped. 12/23/02
9/8/02 22:45 Foxborough MA Triangle 2 or 3 minutes Triangular craft with 4 white lights seen in early September over the skies of Foxborough Massachusetts. 12/23/02
8/21/02 22:30 Elmwood IL Chevron 4-5 sec I saw a bright blue light slowly decend from the sky, a lot bigger, brighter, and slower than a shooting star. 12/23/02
8/17/02 01:30 Alkmaar (Netherlands)
Triangle 8 sec we saw two triangle shaped objects, they where colored a kind of green 12/23/02
8/15/02 22:15 Macomb MI Unknown 20 minutes floating object that made no sound and was gone in an instant. 12/23/02
8/15/02 22:00 Dunnellon FL Disk
only one It was during the time of the full moon ,I was standing in My front yard looking to the west,I was looking at a bright star in 12/23/02
8/13/02 21:30 Ste-Brigitte de Laval (Canada) PQ Sphere 45 seconds Huge glowing white sphere 12/23/02
8/13/02 06:30 Cancun, Q.R. (Mexico)
Disk unknown Digital picture from caribean sun raise taken from hotel window.

UFO in picture found months later while looking at .ppt presentatio
7/27/02 22:20 Brussels (40 km east of) (Belgium)
Light 30 sec Bright fast moving "satellite" changes from straight line movement to erratic movement and then disappears abruptly 12/23/02
7/24/02 10:00 Pauls Valley OK Diamond 5 min Diamond shaped craft seen during the day. 12/23/02
7/23/02 20:00 Montreal (Canada) PQ Triangle 2 hours i was supposed to stay home the day this happened..thank god a didn't ,cause it was a night i'll never forget 12/23/02
7/22/02 15:00 Maugenhard (Germany)
Disk 2-3 minutes Not just another ordinary UFO sighting!!! Must Read! 12/23/02
7/17/02 22:30 Harbor Beach MI Light 5 minutes Strange lights over Lake Huron 12/23/02
7/4/02 15:00 Sherman NY Cigar 45 seconds Chrome appearance; slow moving 12/23/02
6/20/02 15:00 Nottinghamshire (UK/England)
Changing 10 mins Shape changing silent craft witnessed over local fields. 12/23/02
6/17/02 23:56 Niagra-on-the-lake (Canada) ON Changing approximately 5 minutes four balls of light that floated over a feild until another one joined them and they all left a high speeds. 12/23/02
6/14/02 01:30 Albany NH Light 5 min I must be goin crazy but i wasnt someone else saw it too. 12/23/02
5/10/02 23:30 San Diego CA Triangle 5 minutes Huge Triangle shaped object with amber lights at each point on the underside moving slowly over freeway 12/23/02
2/6/02 22:45 Glasgow (near) (UK/Scotland)

15mins Large white light hovered and followed train for 15 mins 12/23/02
1/20/02 20:00 Anchorage AK Unknown 1 minute A reddish star like object moved very fast across the sky before dissappearing half-way across. 12/23/02
11/20/01 14:00 Chilhowie VA Triangle 3 min yellow triangle 12/23/02
10/31/01 20:00 George Town township MI Other 25 min A halloween night sky and a craft 12/23/02
8/15/01 00:00 Sequoia CA Light ? We went on our trip to escape the overwhelming amount of people residing in Los Angeles metropolitan area. My girlfriend and I where lo 12/23/02
8/15/01 22:00 Lake Placid (near) NY Fireball 15sec i saw a streek of fire in the night sky 12/23/02
8/15/01 21:30 Firth ID Light 30 secs two light s coming from opposite directions, circled each other , then flew back to the original direction 12/23/02
8/1/01 16:30 Sandstone MN Cigar 2min. or so I saw a light in the sky that disappeared in front of my eye. 12/23/02
6/9/01 00:45 Irons/Harper Lake MI Formation 15-20 sec. Three dot formation overtaken by fourth object manuvering at ease at a very high rate of speed. 12/23/02
4/11/01 12:00 College Park MD Unknown several minutes Heard booms, saw flashes, and sky was green in that direction 12/23/02
3/25/01 13:30 Hayward CA Disk Anniversary UFO as clear as day! What you can find in YOUR videos. 12/23/02
1/24/01 North Pole AK Disk 10 seconds ufo by an air force base 12/23/02
12/15/00 21:30 Gillsville GA Fireball 3 sec white light traveling horizontal in the tree line 12/23/02
12/12/00 23:30 Greenville NC Light 30 minutes Strange lights that hovered then moved rapidly, then stopped and moved rapidly again over great distances. 12/23/02
10/2/00 23:00 Fairbanks AK
hour Lights gradually coming on, and then going off in formation. 12/23/02
9/5/00 21:25 Redding CA Triangle 4 minutes Huge..floating west to east Redding, CA...object that appeared to look like missles going V shape, no noise 12/23/02
5/20/00 23:30 Index WA Cone 30min STRANGE LIGHTS SEEN OVER RIVER 12/23/02
2/10/00 21:14 Toronto (Canada) ON Triangle 2:oo min the car died and in the sky was a triangle shape object 12/23/02
1/18/00 01:15 Blackwell (08 mi. north of) TX Light 30 sec. Light, like a star moving fast and staright. 12/23/02
11/16/99 18:40 Elberfeld IN Fireball 3-4 min I was traveling home from work on I164 from Evansville, IN to Oakland City, IN. As I was approaching the I64 crossover, I saw a bright 12/23/02
10/15/99 20:30 Yerington NV Chevron less than 10 seconds Chevron or V-shaped object with five large circular lights on the bottom, very fast. 12/23/02
8/22/99 06:00 Syracuse NY Other 20 minutes very suprized & dejaview of it as to want to record 12/23/02
8/15/99 23:00 Rio Rancho/Bernillo (between) NM Other a few minutes my mom and i were driving home from work we saw the sky lite up almost like day light a few seconds later we saw this trail like thing 12/23/02
7/23/99 22:30 Modena NY Cigar Approx 5 min. Saw and video taped strange objects over my house. 12/23/02
7/1/99 15:30 Junction City AR Light 2 minutes a bright star looking object that glowed brighter then dissapeared 12/23/02
5/25/99 19:30 Poulsbo WA Cigar 30 min Late at night, saw four or five lights about 200-300 ft in air, about 1inch (my scale) apart in a straight line (cigar?). 12/23/02
3/22/99 22:15 Turks/Caicos
Formation 20 seconds A formation of 2 groups of steady white lights moving fast and silently from W to E across the night sky 40 m SSW of Turks 12/23/02
11/26/98 22:30 St. Marys, Ontario (Canada) ON Rectangle 5 min. It stopped and hovered silently for about 2 min. 12/23/02
10/15/98 01:00 Red Bank SC Flash 2hrs colorful gaseous objects make unusual sounds and harass individual 12/23/02
10/1/98 08:00 Chicora PA Disk
Doing my morning walk, road in front of my house, we lived in housing plan, as I started walking back, I felt something drawing me to l 12/23/02
9/1/98 20:00 Thompson UT Formation five minutes Infra red to ultra violet five rainbow colored lights in a straight line strobing in sequence left to right.then moving off quickly. 12/23/02
9/1/98 06:00 Leonardo NJ Disk 3 minutes Saw three disk shaped objects over my house. Very qiuet. Nothing spectacular, but I NEVER saw anything like it before. 12/23/02
7/30/98 23:45 Auanga CA Circle 2hrs I was abducted and have video proof 12/23/02
6/16/98 Broken Hill (Australia)
regular sightings of massive "intergalactic" craft in or around Broken Hill NSW australia 12/23/02
6/15/98 23:00 Edmond OK Fireball 00:05 confirm fireball over Edmond OK. 12/23/02
6/1/98 23:00 Conches (France)
Formation 2 min Les objets ce déplacer en V silencieusement. Cette formation était constituer de 11 points lumineux (6 à gauche, 5 à droite) 12/23/02
11/12/97 00:03 Sodus NY Cigar 10 min. awesome and an adventure for such a small town. 12/23/02
11/2/97 22:20 Broken Hill (Australia)
Light 20 Minutes Observed pulsating set of 4 rectangular lights of white and red, 50 feet from the ground never moving. 12/23/02
7/17/97 21:20 Leeds (UK/England)
Sphere 3minutes A sighting of a matt black spherical UFO in the skies of Leeds ,UK after a plane journey to Paris,France . 12/23/02
6/2/97 15:32 Windsor (Canada) ON Disk 5 mins i remember it just being there, it hovered and made NO sound and then i was like scared, i didnt know what it was, and My friend was wi 12/23/02
6/1/97 00:00 Cardiff (UK/Wales)
Triangle 4 min large triangular object no sound at all 12/23/02
5/18/97 21:00 Jackson MI Light 5 min. There was a light that was folling us. Then it started flashing differnt colors. It flew away as fast as lighting. 12/23/02
1/1/97 01:30 Perth (Western Australia)
Triangle 1hr u.f.o. over suberbia 12/23/02
12/20/96 13:00 New Castle PA Cylinder 60 seconds I looked up in the sky and there it was 12/23/02
8/24/96 01:30 Osborne KS
03:30 They came at night and stabbed my leg and left. 12/23/02
7/19/96 10:45 Northampton PA Disk 15 min I stepped outside one evening to smoke a cig. I always look up and watch the stars. It was a very clear night. As a looked around I saw 12/23/02
3/30/96 21:00 Throop PA Light 15-20 seconds Bright light moving off horizon, jumping upward, stopped then dissapeared. 12/23/02
1/20/96 21:44 Stockton NJ Light 15 mintues 2 men saw craft appear as star and moved at lighting speed and disapear into another star. 12/23/02
1/15/96 02:30 Hill City MN Oval 30 mins Something odd scared the hell out of me and I swear to god it was real 12/23/02
6/13/95 11:00 Long Valley NJ Disk 2:00 mins It was about 6 feet in cicumference and dissapeared in thin air without a trace! 12/23/02
5/26/95 18:00 Rochester Hills MI Triangle 1O:OO MINS. Large triangler ufo spotted in Michigan. 12/23/02
5/17/95 21:05 Rochester NY Flash 10 minutes I was a superviser in a machine shop B shift,my guys had lunch at nine.

They were going out to get something to eat,and I was still
4/13/95 22:15 London (UK/England)
Light 90 secs max Nothing on Earth glows brightly, hovers and pitches directly upwards at that speed 12/23/02
2/4/95 15:05 Lynnwood WA

Woman from aviation family witnessed bizarre bright obj. above comm. airliner. Extended sighting. Good rept. 12/23/02
9/20/94 06:50 Dickson City PA Fireball 30-40 seconds Burnt orange ball from 06:50 rising from the west for about 30 seconds until it reach the '10:30' postion in the sky before blinking ou 12/23/02
6/4/94 10:00 Galveston TX Triangle a few seconds Previous Stealth sighting in Williamsburg area 12/23/02
8/15/93 04:00 Palm Desert CA Triangle 30 - 40 min triangular object flew right over us 12/23/02
7/15/93 14:00 Nagu (Finland)
Fireball 60 sec. Blue-green shifting colored fireball lookalike object flying at a relative low above sea level at a very high speed in Finland 12/23/02
7/2/93 22:30 Puerto Rico PR
5 mins Well it was at night along a beach in puerto rico. I was there with my cousin and friends. We were swimming in the water and then my fr 12/23/02
6/25/92 18:30 Granite Shoals TX Disk 5 minutes object was about 6 feet in diameter. the center of the saucer stood still as the top and the bottom of it rotated in a very fast motio 12/23/02
6/15/92 20:15 Middleburg FL Light 25 minutes Around the light itself, a cloud like bubble formed that was shaped like an egg... 12/23/02
6/15/92 16:30 Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
Unknown 10 minutes or less Odd red light zigzaging over Yogyakarta, Indonesia 12/23/02
6/1/92 18:00 Lincoln NE Cigar 10 min. Former Airline Captain witnessed three craft flying a wedge formation as follows: Aprox. 100 ft. above ground level traveling from west 12/23/02
2/16/92 02:00 Windsor CA Egg
Egg shaped figure floating twelve feet from ground with flashing lights. 12/23/02
9/12/91 23:00 Nice (France)
Other 8 seconds dim moving object south to north took a left turn with no curve or change of speed) and began to move east and vanished 12/23/02
8/1/91 23:00 Podol'sk (Russia)
Disk 3-5 seconds Noseless sauser, lucky witness. 12/23/02
8/1/91 02:00 Commerce TX Circle 2 minutes spoked wheel flies in front of the moon 12/23/02
7/1/91 14:00 Mount Vernon NY Disk 7 minutes I was at action park in mount vernon New Jersey in the wading pool And was looking up for the blue skies. What I say Was the 3 Ships mo 12/23/02
7/20/90 23:00 Pittsburg TX Light 5 minutes hovering flashing lights, spotlight shining on my house 12/23/02
1/15/90 South Pacific (243 miles above)
UFO seen in NASA footage of MIR 12/23/02
6/1/89 Chicago (near) IL Formation a few minutes 3 specks of light/triangle formation/got brighter&larger/moved fast to rt side of commercial airplane. 12/23/02
10/25/88 05:00 Miami FL Light 1 minute They disappeared behind the only cloud in the sky. 12/23/02
6/15/88 Wilmington (just outside of) IL Unknown about 2 minutes i heard a strange throbbing humming sound that made me freeze until it passed. 12/23/02
1/9/88 23:00 Ellington CT Triangle 3 min Large triangular craft aprox. 200-300 ft wide , hovering approximately 150 ft above ground, and making little or no sound 12/23/02
12/15/87 22:00 Guyana
Unknown 5 seconds Object streaked at a very high speed into the sky. Object was kinda redish and orange in color and looked kind of round from the distan 12/23/02
9/15/87 21:00 Yankton SD Triangle 5-6 seconds silent isosceles triangle shaped mirage-like UFO with no lights 12/23/02
12/20/85 22:00 West Yarmouth MA Diamond 60 minutes Unmoving object, diamond shaped with lights on top, bottom and around center. 12/23/02
10/20/85 05:00 Throop PA Oval hours 5 nights of peculiar light with mini lights going to and fro. 12/23/02
9/12/85 16:10 Kaunakakai HI Egg 3 minutes Silent egg-shaped golden-copper object 12/23/02
5/20/84 21:00 Barstow CA Circle
I dont know what to say soom will see them soom wont. 12/23/02
11/1/83 20:00 Gibsonville NC Light 5 - 10 min Light observed in night sky followed by what appeared as military aircraft. 12/23/02
5/1/82 14:00 Stuttgart/Augsburg (Germany)
Cylinder 2 seconds I was driving south on the autobahn in Germany in the summer of 1982, somewhere between Stuttgart and Augsburg. Thick forest was on bo 12/23/02
1/1/82 20:00 Orange County NC Circle 15 minutes this was no helicopter squad 12/23/02
10/30/81 23:00 West Elk Wilderness Area CO Circle five seconds Bright round ball. several thousand MPH leveled off to one thousand MPH zig zaged through dense timber, no sound no projected light 12/23/02
8/12/80 17:45 Taunton MA Disk unkown disk witnessed by parents over taunton mass main street 1980 12/23/02
6/12/80 17:30 Caquas (Puerto Rico) PR Egg 10 minutes Traveling through air Pockets time travelers ? 12/23/02
6/1/80 20:00 Ladue MO Triangle 2 minutes black triangle with rounded corners 1980 St.Louis 12/23/02
5/12/80 20:30 Raytown MO Disk 15minutes shiny disk shaped with a raised dome on top in the middle,rotateing light[white] moved around bottom. 12/23/02
8/1/79 22:00 Springfield/Longmeadow MA Rectangle 2-3 minutes " it ran through colors like I have never seen" 12/23/02
8/1/79 21:00 Little Falls NY Fireball 1 second Fireball at high altitude, at night 12/23/02
10/1/78 20:00 Lecompte LA Disk 5 minutes I believe this object was either a test vehicle of some sort or it was not of this world. 12/23/02
9/21/78 00:00 Sung Nam Shi (Seoul) (Korea)
Changing 30 min. it started to move in zigzag fashion. Hopping between clouds, as it moved in to the cloud, cloud was glowing 12/23/02
8/15/78 21:00 Ticonderoga NY Triangle 10seconds Triange shape,no noise,huge,pink lights. 12/23/02
7/15/78 22:00 Jarabacoa (Dominican Republic)
Cigar 1-2 mins UFO Sight in the Domincan Republic 12/23/02
7/1/78 23:00 Newnan GA Rectangle 10 min. the spot lights that were circeling on the roof tops of our house. 12/23/02
3/5/78 21:00 Rose Hill NC Rectangle 5 minutes no noise, no lights, aircraft was hovering above my parents house without making any noise 12/23/02
8/22/77 00:00 Huntington Beach CA Circle 3 - 4 minutes Incident on Pacific Coast Highway leads to time loss 12/23/02
8/7/77 11:00 UK/Scotland
Sphere 3 minutes very large silver sphere causing cloud emmisions slow and straight 12/23/02
7/15/77 19:00 New Albany OH Oval 2.5 hours Large UFO in Ohio 12/23/02
12/10/76 19:30 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Light 3 seconds app. Two objects of light shoot silently across the night sky. 12/23/02
8/15/76 22:00 Lincoln Park MI Circle 5 minutes 3 round lights in the sky 12/23/02
6/15/76 Cornwall (UK/England)
Other 20secs Classic large shape rod, looked like birds, but no flapping wings. 12/23/02
10/30/75 21:00 Kent CT Circle 10 seconds Very low flying object with spinning multicolors. Craft did not seem to spin and had fire coming from rear. Low muffled fire sound. 12/23/02
1/1/75 20:00 Denver CO Disk 3 minutes Flying saucer seen by 100 people at drive-in theater in Denver 12/23/02
8/25/74 21:00 Colliers WV Disk 3 minutes There was a lighted object in the summer sky; I knew it couldn't be ours. 12/23/02
8/1/74 16:00 UK/Scotland
Circle seconds Silver circular Craft above hay field 12/23/02
7/15/72 Sioux Falls SD Cylinder 1 min.? A secret kept for too many years by a young boy 12/23/02
11/1/70 20:30 Rochester NY
30 MIN. A number of cases described a reddish clay residue that had been found at abduction sites. 12/23/02
8/1/70 22:00 Sparwood (outskirts) (Canada) BC Circle at least 5 mins. My friends (RN, social worker, public health nurse and an XRay technician)took me on my first outing after the birth of my son (July 22 12/23/02
6/1/70 03:30 Naha (Okinawa) (Japan)
Oval 1-2 min Just a Grunt on Guard Duty (USMC) 12/23/02
1/1/70 19:00 Panama
Light 30 minutes possible abduction? 12/23/02
8/1/69 22:00 Minnetonka MN Light less than one minute Large bright white light hovering in minnetonka, mn, summer, 1969 12/23/02
7/1/68 18:00 Tempe AZ Triangle 2 minutes Late 1960's UFO Sighting Tempe Arizona Triangle Formation Objects 12/23/02
1/20/68 19:00 Gloucester NJ Disk 5min. & 5min. Myself and a girlfriend were laying in the backseat of a car parked on a lonely street next to a power house, old factories, and a wate 12/23/02
1/15/68 12:00 El Escorial (Spain)
Circle 2 hrs Cigar shaped object steals 2 hours of two children's time 12/23/02
3/15/67 18:00 Norwalk OH Cigar 2 min. Grey Banana W/O lights or sound 12/23/02
8/28/66 00:00 Grovertown IN Cigar 10 sec did i see rockets flying over my house 12/23/02
7/1/66 00:30 Dover DE Disk 5 minutes In the region within an hour of Dover AFB, Delaware 12/23/02
6/20/66 21:00 Huntington IN Disk 10 minutes Saucer shaped object 12/23/02
6/1/66 02:00 New Rochelle NY Light ? Child, 2-4 yrs old, late night/ early a.m., bright lite , horrific beings , screaming into pillow , nobody else of 4 hears. 12/23/02
6/1/65 15:00 Lakewood OH Disk 1 to 2 minutes UFO sightings in the Cleveland, Ohio area in around 1965. 12/23/02
6/1/65 11:00 Marathon WI Disk 1:00 disk 20 ft round silent zig zag and hovered very strange to watch silver color 12/23/02
6/15/62 00:01 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Unknown quick Mind /thought controlled abduction due to failure through maternal intervention on first attempt. 12/23/02
6/15/58 Florala ? AL Disk ? Object sighted near Alabama - Florida border 12/23/02
7/1/57 20:00 Del Rio TX Cigar HALF HOUR Owners New Car Has Paint Purned Off By UFO. 12/23/02
4/30/53 16:00 Jamison PA Cigar several minutes In the spring of 1953 my mother & I saw an IMMENSE silent grey metallic cigar shaped object moving from Doylestown toward Jamison. 12/23/02
7/15/51 15:30 Aarau (Switzerland)
Disk approx. 10 minutes It suddenly moved away with enormous speed at a steep angle until we lost it from our eye sight. 12/23/02
7/15/50 23:00 Los Padres National Forest CA Formation 20 seconds Is'nt it fun how the Gov. tries to block things 12/23/02
12/15/45 02:00 Roswell NM Sphere 1 minute Sphere in Roswell. Were aliens looking for thier dead ? 12/23/02
11/11/06 00:00 Wien (Austria)
Other 3 H The oldest professional photo of a UFO object is from Wien observatory, in 1906! 12/23/02
01:40 East Peoria IL Unknown 5 Minutes Fast streaking object in the sky with high-pitched whistling sound and NO contrails 12/23/02