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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2003/03/21


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/19/03 21:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAOther20 minHi , I am (name deleted) and i am so happy that I finaly found your website so that I can report a very interesting object3/21/03
3/19/03 08:50Canberra (Australia)AustraliaCigar20secondsA cigar shaped Ufo flew over my school with 5 witnesses and then it zoomed off3/21/03
3/18/03 21:10Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight40 secHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Update: Light seen and video taped in Oshawa, Ontario.3/21/03
3/18/03 20:10Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaLightapprox: 40 secHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Couple catch strange orange light on video3/21/03
3/18/03 15:30Buckhaven, Fife (UK/Scotland)United KingdomOval4minutesBroad daylight, very close object with a pink light , manta? flaps.3/21/03
3/17/03 22:50OrlandoFLUSAOval10 minutesIt was very big and had a lot of bright lights (white) with a small red light on top.3/21/03
3/17/03 13:00Kailua-KonaHIUSAUnknown2-3 secondspossible anamolous object on TV show3/21/03
3/17/03 10:30London (UK/England)United KingdomCylinder35-45 minsCaptured on DIGITAL CAM Object over CROYDON in Surrey UK3/21/03
3/17/03 05:00Monore (near), on Interstate 75 North BoundMIUSAOtherfew secondsBright lights, driving in fog, on I-75 North, Monroe MI, 03.17.03, One center light, sourrounded by lights in circular shape.3/21/03
3/16/03 21:00PortsmouthRIUSAFireballfive minutesVary large glowing object with a red blinking light beneath the bright round yellow/orange glowing light3/21/03
3/16/03 19:30EdmondsWAUSATriangle30 secondsTriangle (100-150' per side) w/ three bright lights travelling about 20MPH at 200-300' AGL (above ground level).3/21/03
3/16/03 02:00LitchfieldCTUSARectangle2 minutesit was mind blowing, came close to a house, rectangular w/tripod like legs, very bright ,hovered over a tree & disappeared3/21/03
3/15/03 23:30Front RoyalVAUSALight2 hoursStrange lights were hovering above the valley,they remained in the same location for over an hour tonight.3/21/03
3/15/03 23:15BarbourvilleKYUSALight45 minutesa small object flashing red blue and green3/21/03
3/15/03 20:50SanfordMIUSARectangle15-20 secyellow orange ball of light traveling horizontally around 100-200 mph appx. 1000-2000 feet above tree top level, no red or green lights3/21/03
3/15/03 20:30SmyrnaTNUSALight3hrsBright light in SW sky, colors flashed in full spectrum rapidly, like a police light, but included every color in rainbow, RGB colors3/21/03
3/15/03 16:17Ellesmere Port (UK/England)United KingdomSphere1 minuteObserved a bright round object which appeared to be the size of a football. The object was much lower than the passenger aeroplane whic3/21/03
3/15/03 14:30PiquaOHUSASphere5 minappeared ,moved very fast, lost altitude, vanished.3/21/03
3/15/03 13:35Faisalabad (Pakistan)PakistanChanging5-7minutesIt was triangle shape with white lights at each corner of it and a large red one in the middle.3/21/03
3/15/03 11:30ArvadaCOUSAEgg2:00I was standing on my back deck at about 11:30am today and was watching a jet fly over my house. In a blue, cloudless sky I saw another 3/21/03
3/15/03 01:20StantonCAUSAFireball15 minutesslow moving orange fireball3/21/03
3/14/03 23:30Tuscola (area)MIUSALight20 secondsOdd Light in the night sky in mid-Michigan3/21/03
3/14/03 20:50Buck CreekINUSAFormation1:00 min.One light beacons two another, very bright and condensed, then releases two small lights3/21/03
3/14/03 20:20LafayetteINUSALight3 secondsTwo balls of light quickly appeared above our truck then dissapeared as quickly as they appeared!3/21/03
3/14/03 20:20PhoenixAZUSAUnknown10 MINUTESStrobing blue light, LONG BRIGHT white tail, dropping "midair bombs" and released a single orange sphere.3/21/03
3/14/03 20:00WinfieldILUSATriangle3 hours +Last night while pulling my car into the parking lot of the Behaioral Health Services Buildins, I noticed 3 flashing entities coming do3/21/03
3/14/03 18:10ChelmsfordMAUSACigarat least 30minYou can see it 4 0'clock direction from moon now!! it look s like cigar and bright and does not move. it is staying same position now. 3/21/03
3/14/03 06:45Miami BeachFLUSAOther15 minutesSmall black object slowly moves in various directions off Florida's coast.3/21/03
3/13/03 21:00The PlainsVAUSATriangle1 minuteBlack triangle spacecraft with white lights at corners flew in front my vehicle while driving east on Route 601 from The Plains. Spacec3/21/03
3/13/03 13:25Caracas (Venezuela)VenezuelaFormation3:00 minI spotted what I thought it was some kind of aircraft, but it was so bright like a big star/planet,it disappear in a blink3/21/03
3/13/03 09:00Pietermaritzburg (closest city) (South Africa)South AfricaDisk30 minutesStationary light hovering at great altitude during daylight hours and then accelerating to great speed in a westerly direction.3/21/03
3/12/03 22:40San AntonioTXUSAUnknownunlimitedRed and green beams of light coming from a central bright (headlight appearing) object moving erratically in night sky.3/21/03
3/12/03 21:00MadburyNHUSALight5 minutesI was driving home one night, thursday night and I saw a orange orb at about 9 pm. Well I took it as a planet, or maybe a star. It l3/21/03
3/12/03 20:21Broken Hill (Australia)AustraliaLight3-5 minbright light it travelled in one direction , and changed suddenly to another then vanished but it could be just made out3/21/03
3/12/03 05:30YorkSCUSASphereapprox 2hrsbright light hanging in sky near nuclear plant3/21/03
3/12/03 01:33FresnoCAUSAOther3 MIN.One Bright Orange/ Red Light - Diminishing Straight Up Into Outer Space.3/21/03
3/11/03 23:23UK/EnglandUnited KingdomTeardropI was walking along the seafront at around quater past eleven and i noticed it was a particularly clear night so i sat down and watched3/21/03
3/11/03 23:00HollywoodCAUSA3 SecGreen fireball falls from the sky above Hollywood.3/21/03
3/11/03 22:50Oklahoma CityOKUSADisk2min.It was a disk and it changed colors and disappeard.3/21/03
3/11/03 22:00HaymarketVAUSATriangle3 minutesI was driving down a rural road near Haymarket Virginia, several miles off Route 15. I own a 2002 Ford pick up truck. I saw some lights3/21/03
3/11/03 21:30LindenhurstILUSAOval1 secondbright white oval-shaped flying object vanished after spotting it for one second3/21/03
3/11/03 21:15FrankfortINUSALight20 minutesFading orange lights witnessed by a 19 y.o. & 48 y.o. formations seen.3/21/03
3/11/03 15:00Shabaqua (Thunder Bay) (Canada)ONCanadaFireball3 secondsA orange fireball.3/21/03
3/11/03 13:00UticaNYUSASphere7 minutesa medium sized sphere with no windows or visible doors it was making sharp turns and angular movements.3/21/03
3/11/03 03:00Thunderbay, Ontario (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle5 minutesone was v shaped then cloaked,the other one was round orange and huge3/21/03
3/10/03 20:55Great BendKSUSALight25 minutesbright lights dancing and streaming from east to west and back again.3/21/03
3/10/03 20:52Warner SpringsCAUSALight10 min.In the eastern sky (over head, not near the horizon) A bright yellow 'star' at first glance. It began to move in a straight line then 3/21/03
3/10/03 18:00New ZealandNew ZealandDiskunknownOn Editing the "Sunset", a Disc was to be seen.3/21/03
3/10/03 02:00Leupp/Flagstaff (between)AZUSACirclefive minutesShiny object in sky disappears with no trace left behind.3/21/03
3/10/03 02:00St. GeorgeUTUSAConeaprox 5 minbright Aura with lightning shooting up through center, then disapeared with a BOOM!3/21/03
3/9/03 21:15Fakenham, Norfolk (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20 secs..the light was a very rich red and was clearly seen against the clear dark night sky.3/21/03
3/8/03 20:00New MartinsvilleWVUSADisk45 secondsOrange Compact Disc Shaped UFO Seen Over West Virginia3/21/03
3/8/03 18:16ArvadaCOUSADisk30 mins+Rather large saucer shaped craft spotted over Denver.3/21/03
3/8/03 15:00EnglewoodCOUSAUnknownatleast 30 minutesExtremely high altitude. One large mother ship. Three surrounding smaller ships. I was flying a kite at the local park. I saw a lar3/21/03
3/8/03 13:00St. LouisMOUSAOther1-10secondsI was at the st. louis zoo about 50ft away from the entrance holding a polaroid instant camera towards the sky and my uncle hit the but3/21/03
3/8/03 00:10Grand JunctionCOUSATriangle5-10 secondsThe lights were triangular shaped, object appeared invisable except for lights, then flew off quickly3/21/03
3/7/03 22:00AshlandMOUSACircle15 minutesHovering craft over houses with several bright white and red flashing lights,picked up speed and disappeared into a field3/21/03
3/7/03 21:40MorristownTNUSACircleabout a 30 sec1 was driving on hwy 160 on my way to work ,when all of sudden this green ball of light look like it was about the size of the moon app3/21/03
3/7/03 20:15Colchester (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown3 secondsilluminated object very high in the atmosphere moving extremely quickly like a shooting star but in a lazy S shaped path.3/21/03
3/7/03 19:30Prince Rupert (Canada)BCCanadaLight2 to 3 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Hi. I have here a report for you. On Friday March 7/03 @ 7:30 PM me and my daughter were outside3/21/03
3/7/03 05:00AlexandriaVAUSALight20 minAbout 5:00 AM saw two bright flashing lights moving a high rate of speed. Not the usual aircraft lights. They in one direction and th3/21/03
3/7/03 01:00WarrensvillePAUSATriangle5 mintriangle shape object3/21/03
3/7/03 00:20DuquesnePAUSAOther30 secondsV-shaped, very small lights.3/21/03
3/6/03 21:05WestonCTUSA5 minutesLoud helicopter-like noise that intensely vibrated 2 homes.3/21/03
3/6/03 19:32Oklahoma CityOKUSADiskAbout 3 minutesJust searching for them. Spinning at about the speed of 15 miles an hour and the diameter was about 59 feet3/21/03
3/5/03 21:10Chino ValleyAZUSAUnknown2 minutesThere was a black object sitting on the dirt road (or hovering just above it) at the top of the hill in front of us. It was at least as3/21/03
3/4/03 21:30Clifton ParkNYUSAUnknown2 minutesRed lights in the sky over Clifton Park3/21/03
3/4/03 07:34WestlakeLAUSATriangle10 secondsMe and a co worker observed three craft flying at a very high rate of speed while on the job,We both witnessed the three craft as these3/21/03
3/3/03 07:55Houston (Canada)BCCanadaOtherapprox: 1 1/2 minsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large object parallels Truck on Highway #16 at approx: 300 - 400 feet away.3/21/03
3/2/03 20:00Leuven (Belgium)BelgiumOther15 minutesTwo unidentified aircrafts in Belgium making cirle-like symbols.3/21/03
3/1/03 20:30PerkinsOKUSALight8:30 ???lights moving extremely rapidly.3/21/03
3/1/03 04:10MoosupCTUSASphere5 secondsSquare / triangle in shape with 4 white lights at each point and light blue lights going around it.3/21/03
2/28/03 20:30FarmingtonCTUSAUnknown4 minutes3 lights White, Red, White Circle Pattern No Sound3/21/03
2/27/03 21:10AnchorageAKUSALight10 minutesA strange orange/reddish moving object emitted smaller object and then disappeared over Anchorage Alaska!3/21/03
2/27/03 04:05Houston (Canada)BCCanadaLight6 to 7 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Bright light split into two and shot into different directions, then shot up into the sky.3/21/03
2/27/03PatokaINUSAUnknown5 minutes off and onon a morning jog me and my friend saw lights in the sky, it was early morning and saw an arrow looking object in the sky with about 5 l3/21/03
2/26/03 21:15WestonCTUSALight5 minsWhite/green/red stationery light in sky...2nd light nearby flashing...then faded away.3/21/03
2/24/03 07:34WestlakeLAUSATriangle10 secondsAs Me and a co worker were on the job ,I noticed something out of the corner of my eye .High In the sky were three Triangular Craft tha3/21/03
2/23/03 20:45Cork (Republic of Ireland)IrelandFormation1-2 secsUfos over Cork Harbour 23th Deb 20033/21/03
2/23/03 20:30New York City (Astoria; Queens)NYUSACircleAbout 1 HrI was out side smoking when I looked up and saw what I thought was a Large star. Then it started moving vast then very slow then not at3/21/03
2/23/03 02:00DallasGAUSACircle15 minutesObject with lights was spinning in the western sky. It appeated to be spinning and hovered for about 15 minutes.3/21/03
2/22/03 22:30Terrace/Prince Rupert (Between) (Canada)BCCanadaDisk1 1/2 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Couple driving Highway #16 witness large dish shaped object.3/21/03
2/22/03 22:20Kitiamt (Canada)BCCanadaDiskapprox; 2 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large disk shaped object travels slowly over Douglas Channel3/21/03
2/22/03 21:15Mill Bay (Canada)BCCanadaDiskabout 5 min.I was driving and I saw a large flying disk with lights fly quite low and irratically across my view, and I stopped to have a look.3/21/03
2/22/03 14:00Winnemucca (West of)NVUSADisk5 minuitesthe real deal!!! driving west on i80 we saw to silver disks looked to be above Cosgrove restarea. they were larger than anything ive ev3/21/03
2/22/03 12:00Silver SpringMDUSAChanging1 to 5 hrHave you ever been abducted? I have. My story in detail.3/21/03
2/22/03 10:30Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandSpheretwo spheres captured on photograph Waitakerie , Auckland . NZ 10.30am Feb 22. 033/21/03
2/22/03 02:00WinnemuccaNVUSADisk5 minuitestwo disks hovering near Winnemucca Nevada,20 wittness, stayed untell six jets chaced, sky was clear. the real thing!!!3/21/03
2/20/03 22:00PhoenixAZUSA1-2 sec.Bright green "fireball" seen streaking from east to west over Phoenix, AZ.3/21/03
2/20/03 21:50TooeleUTUSAFireball5 secondsRound fireball with a tail, green in color.3/21/03
2/20/03 21:32HauppaugeNYUSALight1:20Three lights in triangular formation traveling in a North-East Direction in sufflok, LI, from brentwood direction towards hauppauge.3/21/03
2/20/03 21:09DallasGAUSADisk45 secsobject with red blue and white lights came close to hitting an airplane3/21/03
2/20/03 20:30FlorenceKYUSACircle30 minat first i thought they were stars i was out side vidio taping my puppy because it was his first winter when i noticed that one star wa3/21/03
2/20/03 02:40Smithers (Canada)BCCanadaCircle5 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: White/Orangy fast moving bright light comes to complete stop.3/21/03
2/19/03 23:00SpringfieldMOUSAUnknownabout 30 minAn odd humm3/21/03
2/17/03 11:00ScottsburgINUSASphereI seen a bright, circle like object in the air, that disapeared as if it was getting higher.3/21/03
2/17/03 02:00PriceUTUSAFireball10 secA bright fireball object in the sky followed by increase of electrical power.3/21/03
2/16/03 21:00Eaton RapidsMIUSACirclesecondsRound, glowing circular object shoots down from the sky at a 45 degree angle3/21/03
2/16/03 20:22ChicoCAUSAFireball3-5 secondsA firey ball of light descending from left to right and high to low in front of us changed colors from white, to yellow to green.3/21/03
2/16/03 20:15ChicoCAUSAFireball6 sec.Driving home in the evening headed east, I looked north out the van window and saw what apeered to be a rocket entering the atmosphere.3/21/03
2/16/03 18:00BowieMDUSADiskufoLoud noise, bright lights and a new part of me was opened!3/21/03
2/16/03 15:10KenilworthNJUSAOther7 minutesGiant hangliding apparatus seen over rte.22 in N.J.3/21/03
2/16/03 00:05BrooklynCTUSATriangle10-15 minutes3-5 bright lights, sporatically flashing and forming a triangular shape3/21/03
2/15/03 04:00Virginia BeachVAUSAFlash15 seconds2 FLASHES OF BRIGHT GREEN LIGHT, 10 SECONDS APART3/21/03
2/15/03 02:00Cannon FallsMNUSALightuntil daylightcircular blue/white light with sparks shooting out from all sides3/21/03
2/14/03 21:00BaltimoreMDUSACigar15 minsMy brother clock stoped working and then look out his window and saw a Ufo.3/21/03
2/14/03 14:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaEggsliver bullet3/21/03
2/14/03 00:30SanfordNCUSAEgg10minOval shape object with big bright light on the top and a ring of colored lights around it.3/21/03
2/13/03 23:59SmithtownNYUSALight13 minsLight Hovers in the NY sky... and it's not the first time...3/21/03
2/13/03 21:00KingstonMIUSALight9:30p.mFeb 13 four people seen flying object in the ski that stoped and light up and other once flying around it..3/21/03
2/13/03 14:00HillsboroALUSAOther10 minutesFloating bell shaped object with pure white lights tinged with silver angel or ufo?3/21/03
2/12/03 22:30South Selkirk (Canada)BCCanadaLight5 to 6 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: orange colored ball with a short tail, boke into two parts3/21/03
2/12/03 22:00Apache JunctionAZUSAOvalUFOIT WAS ODD3/21/03
2/12/03 10:30McVeytownPAUSAOther30-45 secondsdaylight sighting,no wind, crescent-shaped object3/21/03
2/12/03 06:35HuronSDUSATriangle2 minA triangular shape light that hovered for about 2 min and then just faded away.3/21/03
2/11/03 22:05Bishops HeadMDUSACircle5 MinutesA circle or wheel shape, with what looked like fire around it, and a firey web shaped center.3/21/03
2/11/03 22:00FredericksburgVAUSAFireballI was laying in bed when a flash came from outside my window. It was very bright and glowing. It stayed for a while and then went off 3/21/03
2/11/03 20:49OrlandoDEUSAFireball14minetsI was walking my dog after i'd put the children to bed when i saw it, was huge a great fireball3/21/03
2/11/03 05:35New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAEgg0630I saw something to the affect of a fireball yellowish orrange, its light got real bright .. soon after real dim and moving round3/21/03
2/11/03 00:13MerrillvilleINUSAOther10 minutesi was almost abducted ALONG WITH ME AND MY FRIENDS I THINK WE ARE ALL FEARED FOR OUR LIFE.3/21/03
2/9/03 19:54StamfordCTUSACircle3-4secondsspotted bright object in clear night sky going slowly due NNW and disappearing in a fast graduating fashion.3/21/03
2/9/03 19:30WaterfordMIUSATriangle2-3secondsIwas sitting in the front bedroom of my house in south waterford township mi next to pontiac, I looked out and then glanced into the ro3/21/03
2/9/03 16:50New Hazelton (Canada)BCCanadaCircleapprox: 10 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Very bright pulsing white, with a bluish color.3/21/03
2/9/03 10:45GilbertAZUSASphere10 minutesHigh altitude oval traveling from SW to the NE, stopped then ascended upward until it vanished3/21/03
2/9/03 02:10Indian Mountain (Canada)NBCanadaCircleapprox. 7 minutesSmooth, round orange ball moving through the sky and going down into the trees.3/21/03
2/8/03 21:15ChathamNJUSATriangle30 secondsTrianguliar shaped craft, silently land set it self down3/21/03
2/7/03 23:00HansonKYUSAFireball15 minwe watched for 15 minutes as a large glowing fireball moved in different directions thru the woods3/21/03
2/7/03 22:45Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaTriangle1minuteThree circular lights in a perfectly formed triangular shape moved accross the sky at high speed before stopping and changing direction3/21/03
2/7/03 20:20GarrettINUSALight6 Secondsafter approximately 3 seconds of looking at it, it looked like it flipped upside down and shot straight up in the sky at the fastest ra3/21/03
2/7/03 19:45PalmettoGAUSAUnknownI saw a zig-zagging light in the sky.3/21/03
2/7/03 03:00BurnaKYUSAFireball2 minutesorange fireball seen as child now as adult with friends witnessing3/21/03
2/6/03 06:45Geelong (Vic, Australia)AustraliaTeardrop12 mins.Looks like a sieve, with blue light luminating from the cracks. Shaped like a teardrop.3/21/03
2/6/03 06:10ArkportNYUSAChanging20 MinutesObject in sky brighter than all others, clear morning; moved from right to left and then in a circular pattern.3/21/03
2/5/03 20:40East HavenCTUSASecondsMan reports very fast moving light zigzagging in night sky over East Haven, CT.3/21/03
2/5/03 19:40TucsonAZUSALight2-3 secondsThe sighting resembled a shooting star, but the band of light was much thicker and extremely defined.3/21/03
2/5/03 06:45BurlingtonCTUSATriangleTriangle, light grey had three green lights.It was moving very slowly almost hovering in the night sky,very silent.3/21/03
2/5/03 05:30ConcordNCUSAChangingHourWe were looking at it and it was so bright and it did fly down at the camcorder one time. It changed colors all the time.3/21/03
2/4/03 22:37LittletonCOUSACrosscampinga cross that was gold hovering by the north star3/21/03
2/4/03 22:30Big BearCAUSACigarAbout a minuteIt was amazing3/21/03
2/4/03 06:49WoodstockGAUSAOther3minMy mom saw one a about two weeks ago .I was taking the trash down to the bottom of the street and I looked up and saw this curved sha3/21/03
2/3/03 20:10Houston (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle2 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Fast moving blue/white lights in the shape of a triangle.3/21/03
2/3/03 20:00Plymouth MeetingPAUSAEgg3 MinutesAs my mother was driving my friend and I to the mall, I looked to my right and saw a strange sight. A egg shaped craft, slightly light3/21/03
2/3/03 08:10Houston (Canada)BCCanadaOval40 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Houston, B. C. Date: 03FE03; Time: approx: 8:10 a.m.3/21/03
2/3/03 01:52Puchong (Malaysia)MalaysiaLight10-15 minstrange object with amber lights able to travel at a speed I have never seen before3/21/03
2/3/03Skudai (Malaysia)Malaysiakindly read this news about "Kong Ming lanterns" 3/21/03
2/2/03 22:00Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)Malaysia5 mins.4 glowing and moving objects, halogen colour, slightly bigger than a tennis ball. The sky was very clear with patches of white clouds.3/21/03
2/2/03 20:08AuburnALUSAEgg4-5 secondslarge elongated oval of light which appeared moon-like. It did not light sky adjacent to it. Roughly the size of 3 moons side-by-side3/21/03
2/1/03 19:30Skudai (Malaysia)MalaysiaFireball1-3 minssaw UFO again and again3/21/03
2/1/03 18:00Doncaster (UK/England)United KingdomFireball18:10red fire ball free falling and disaperd3/21/03
2/1/03 09:25Crown PointINUSAOval3 secondsThe CNN Film footage of the Shuttle Before the Break up.3/21/03
2/1/03 09:00KnoxvilleIAUSA3/21/03
2/1/03 02:00MonumentCOUSALight25 minutesA star that shined like a crystal moving around like a fruitfly3/21/03
2/1/03 00:45Penang (Malaysia)MalaysiaLight0.5 hours12 Objects With Yellow Light At 12:45 a.m.3/21/03
2/1/03 00:45Raub, Pahang (Malaysia)MalaysiaFireball20 minutesRed moving objects in the sky.3/21/03
2/1/03USASpace Shuttle re-entryUFO(s) in proximity to space shuttle Columbia3/21/03
1/31/03 23:00FarmingtonCTUSASphere10 secondsObject moved slowly and extremely fast seemingly at will, object lit sky up a flourescent green "brighter than day", object left trails3/21/03
1/31/03 19:00AlbanyNYUSASpherelong timemany Balls of light over donwtown Albany3/21/03
1/31/03 10:30LittletonCOUSAFormation3 minutesthree star-like objects moving in a straight line over Denver area3/21/03
1/30/03 19:05Spanish ForkUTUSAFormation5 secondsThere was a beautiful, sparkling, highly maneuverable craft flying gracefully and very quickly over Spanish Fork, Utah.3/21/03
1/30/03 17:30Hot SpringsARUSACircle45 secondsThis sighting was probably not worth reporting except for the Shuttle disaster happening so soon after.3/21/03
1/29/03 22:45Oklahoma CityOKUSALight10 secondssounded like a really loud helicopter with just 1 bright pink light.... was moving really fast in zig zag pattern and some smoke beh3/21/03
1/29/03 22:02StockbridgeGAUSAOval10 minutesFive darting lights seen briefly on a winter's night in Georgia.3/21/03
1/29/03 20:30Sand LakeMIUSAChevron10min.A boomerang shaped large craft with aprox. 9 separate lights was hovering in the night sky .3/21/03
1/29/03 18:03North Las VegasNVUSAFireballThe U.F.O. looked very small and weird.The U.F.O. was a BRIGHT, flashing red. It moved very quikly and lop-sided. the figure moved acro3/21/03
1/29/03 01:00Morehead CityNCUSACircle15 MINUTESjan.29 2003 about 0100 Morehead city,no.carolina heavy cloud cover.winds west to east about 15 mph. object appeared to look like except3/21/03
1/28/03 17:10ApexNCUSALight10 secondsI saw a bright reflection from something on the eastern horizon. It was moving fast at a 45 degree angle then suddenly shot straight do3/21/03
1/28/03 05:30Owings Mills (area)MDUSAFormation60-90 secondsThree lights surrounded by smoke3/21/03
1/27/03 19:00Fernley @ Intersate 80 WestNVUSAFireball40secondsWhile driveing home I saw a white light in the sky then it turned red and disaperd in the clouds .The object was about the size of a si3/21/03
1/27/03 04:15DoylestownPAUSAChanging3 hoursWatched an object for three hours as it traveled to a spot, corrected itself, and took an east to west orbit.3/21/03
1/26/03 19:07Dun Laoghaire (County Dublin (Republic of Ireland)IrelandFireball30 SecondsIt appeared to be red in colour and emmited 2 fireballs from the back that dropped from the sky, but disintegrated.3/21/03
1/26/03 19:00ChickasawALUSAOtherapprox 5 minV shaped object witnessed in Chickasaw,Alabama ,4 very bright lights,very large in size,moving at different speeds and even standing st3/21/03
1/25/03 19:30FruitaCOUSAUnknown10 minutesCraft of unknown description.…3/21/03
1/24/03 18:51NatchitochesLAUSALight5 minutesStarlight object sparkels as star, drifts and travels awkwardly northeast, then fades and loses all light....3/21/03
1/24/03 18:15Fort SmithARUSACircleabout 1 minuteRed light in sky.3/21/03
1/24/03 12:00New York CityNYUSANAPossible explanation for beams of light....3/21/03
1/24/03 08:30AnchorageAKUSACircle78 secondsMy brother and I were going to school on mid-hillside walking toward the west when we saw lights in the sky to the south. The object pa3/21/03
1/23/03 23:22UK/EnglandUnited KingdomChangingIt was bright with a red haze and bright lines waving around it.3/21/03
1/23/03 20:00GilbertAZUSALight11 minutesI saw an orange halogen colored light hovering in the southwest horizon over the Chandler area.3/21/03
1/23/03 16:30Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)MalaysiaDiskthree lightening object in disk shape3/21/03
1/22/03 22:30ProspectCTUSA1 to five min.I was driving home and saw something out of the ordinary that scared me.3/21/03
1/22/03 21:30MaricopaAZUSALight15 minutesAmber/Orange Lights3/21/03
1/22/03 19:15SalisburyMDUSALight10 secondsseveral orange lights pulsating (like flares), then totally disappeared then reappeared in a different part of the sky.3/21/03
1/21/03 22:55Bethesda/RockvilleMDUSAFormation5 minutesCraft with 3 lights hovering over 495 then darting away3/21/03
1/21/03 19:45DillsburgPAUSAFormation1 minuteFormation of lights in a < shape that where visible for several minutes and then suddenly disappeared.3/21/03
1/21/03 17:30NewarkNJUSAFireball15 minutesFive shifting fire ball objects heading west from New Jersey3/21/03
1/20/03 07:15Glen MillsPAUSATeardrop4 minutesI woke up at 7 this morning. We have windows in our house that are very large and everywhere. I got something to drink and sat on my co3/21/03
1/19/03 22:30CedaredgeCOUSALight10 minutesA large bright round light, darting across the sky, after 10 minutes - the light just went out.3/21/03
1/18/03 09:08DanvillePAUSAOvalUnknownI have a picture!3/21/03
1/18/03 02:30 MoundvilleALUSAChanging45 minthis is the third time i have seen these objects in less than a month in this area after the first time i was so scared that i wasn't s3/21/03
1/17/03 23:05TucsonAZUSAUnknownHave you ever wondered why so many of your "reporters" lack spelling skills? A great many make very elemental spelling and grammatical 3/21/03
1/17/03 21:30Skudai (Malaysia)MalaysiaDisk4-5 mina disk shape object moving with high speed3/21/03
1/17/03 20:50Accrington (UK/England)United KingdomFireball40 secondsslowly moving fireball in the sky3/21/03
1/17/03 20:45Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaChanging2 minutesUFO changing colour, direction and maybe shape.3/21/03
1/17/03 17:30PinevilleLAUSASphere5-10 minutesSun light relecting off a metallic type surface.3/21/03
1/17/03 12:00FrackvillePAUSACircle3 minutes3 round objects3/21/03
1/17/03 09:00CoralvilleIAUSAOval5 minutesSingle hovering oval object in clear blue sky along with 2 commercial jets leaving exhaust trails.3/21/03
1/17/03 04:55Colorado SpringsCOUSALightthree secondsStrange light in vicinity of NORAD/Cheyenne Mountain Air Station.3/21/03
1/16/03 21:00Mountain ViewARUSALightnot really sureBright white lights, numerous ones, like stars that shot across the sky from west to east in the evening.3/21/03
1/16/03 16:30WildroseNDUSATriangle25 minmade a humming buzzing noise grey in collor got withen an 1/8 of a mile from it.3/21/03
1/16/03 14:02PhoenixvillePAUSACircle3 secondsI was watching NASA TV on my computer and at 2:02pm EST time nasa was broadcasting a live closeup shot of the earth. i saw a round met3/21/03
1/16/03 09:40Hudson FallsNYUSADisk5 minutes5 Disks spotted over Upper NY State3/21/03
1/16/03 07:30TuckerGAUSAChevron30 secondsFlying wing spotted in Atlanta3/21/03
1/16/03 01:34PortchesterNYUSACylinder2-5minsLarge dark object with water like reflection looked like a cylinder.3/21/03
1/16/03 00:30BoazALUSACircle5 minround object appeared in the sky opend parichuted out thn turned into a small plane then vanished3/21/03
1/15/03 17:30Dublin (Republic of Ireland)IrelandOval20 minutes+Two dim oval shaped lights behind low cloudcover seen for 20 minutes over Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland in the North Eastern sky.3/21/03
1/15/03 10:30JacksonNJUSADiskhour or soI WAS TAKEN ONTO A DISK LIKE SHIP AND EXAMINED.3/21/03
1/15/03 07:30WashingtonPAUSALight5 minutesI live beside an airport and I seen airplanes before and this was no airplane it was a ball of light.3/21/03
1/15/03 07:20North Judson/KnoxINUSALight10 minutesTwo lights in sky quickly changed positions and took off slowly in opposite directions.3/21/03
1/15/03 01:15Grand JunctionCOUSALight1 hourA friend and I were out in the desert foothills near the Bookcliffs. Around 1:15am we noticed a light on top of the Bookcliffs. T3/21/03
1/15/03 01:00MillvilleNJUSACircle40secwell, it was about 1am,i waslooking southeast,when i seen a bright light in the sky.i dont think we have planes that can go as fast,?i 3/21/03
1/14/03 23:31GrandviewMOUSAOval5 mintracking me?3/21/03
1/14/03 20:00PeruINUSALight15 min.big luminous yellow light in sky that fades and then produces 3 more that blink and fade out3/21/03
1/14/03 19:15HendersonNVUSACylinder15 minutesTubular craft and delta shaped craft both leaving glowing red debris behind after several minute sightings.3/21/03
1/13/03 07:20JacksonNJUSATriangletriangle, outlined lights on each corner dark besides lights.3/21/03
1/13/03 07:10PoncaOKUSALight10 minutesChanging light that follows my truck to and from town.3/21/03
1/12/03 20:12MoabUTUSAFireball40seca round object in the sky.3/21/03
1/12/03 19:00BiloxiMSUSALight2-3 Min.Biloxi couple witnesses odd lights over Gulf of Mexico3/21/03
1/12/03 07:02Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)United Arab EmiratesOval6minuitsAt the time just when sun rises looking towards sun rise vertical plane with ~45 degree (elevation) a bright oval body appeared includi3/21/03
1/11/03 21:00Pemberton (Western Australia)AustraliaUnknownapprox.1/2sec.Brief flash of bright light in southern sky 60 degrees above the horizon.3/21/03
1/11/03 18:23MahwahNJUSACircle5I WAS IN THE CAR WITH MY DAD WHEN I SAW A CIRCLE3/21/03
1/11/03 12:10Winter SpringsFLUSAOther5 minutesDomed craft, lime green colored, daylight sighting.3/21/03
1/11/03 01:27NormanOKUSAFlash1 min or lessHuge, orange ball with black streaks of various shapes and sizes on surface.3/21/03
1/11/03 00:10WilliamsburgVAUSADuration:10 seconds Silent V-shaped aircraft slowly glided over Williamsburg, VA, then disappeared instantly. My friend and I glance3/21/03
1/10/03 23:00Falls ChurchVAUSACigar6 secondsthis object in the sky affected the working of my car as long as it was in the sky3/21/03
1/10/03 22:00CullmanALUSADiamond10 minutesorange fireball in cull. al.3/21/03
1/10/03 21:09Busselton (Australia)AustraliaLight5minutes3 light moviving erractically across the sky3/21/03
1/10/03 18:30WoodburyCTUSAOval30 minutesOval orange glowing object hovers over Three Rivers Park, shoots laser-beam to ground. Not a balloon!3/21/03
1/10/03 17:00CarbondaleILUSACircleabout 1 min. or morethe lights were really bright like meteors burning in the sky, but they hovered and went different directions northeast and northwest.3/21/03
1/10/03 04:45LockportNYUSAFlash7 MinutesLockport, NY Sighting. Hovering object pulsating and emitting different colors.3/21/03
1/9/03 21:00VancleaveMSUSADiskI was staring at a object with about 4 bright lights across the front with one red blinking light it was shaped like a saucer.3/21/03
1/9/03 21:00St. JamesNYUSACylinder2minit was a circle with power fill lights and let out 2 other objects3/21/03
1/8/03 22:00AlbanyNYUSATriangle53 Triangular objects3/21/03
1/8/03 20:30WichitaKSUSAFlash15 minutesFlashing light keeps pace with commercial aircraft going dark and light again like a sparkler or roman candle.3/21/03
1/8/03 20:15Rock SpringsWYUSALight1 hourIt was like an airport becon that was rotating with red, green, and white lights.3/21/03
1/8/03 20:00PendletonKYUSASphereIt is now 21:00 and the event is still going on. I thought the object was a very bright star. I got my binoculars and it is a sphere sh3/21/03
1/8/03 10:21DaedanelleARUSATriangle10:25 (4 min.??)triangle shape, one light on each end, hoovered, made no noise,looks like a picture thats on this web-site.3/21/03
1/7/03 20:00HephzibahGAUSA30 sec.Mother and daughter witness six "yellow-white" lights in V-formation descending in western sky.3/21/03
1/7/03 17:15Middlesex TownshipPAUSAOval5 minutesOval shaped object sighted on Appalacian Trail3/21/03
1/7/03 11:00PittsburghPAUSADiamond1 minI was walking to the local Drug store when i looked in the sky and saw a huge diamond shape craft giong acoss the sky extremely fast. I3/21/03
1/7/03 06:45Bangor (UK/Wales) (north Wales)United KingdomLight15 minsTwo very very bright lights white/blue in colour which were going around each other and then disapeared3/21/03
1/6/03 22:49MoabUTUSAFireball30 seconds2 fireball objects followed by U.S aircraft3/21/03
1/6/03 19:00CharlotteNCUSATriangleOff and on for 1 hour3 independent bright lights form a triangular pattern...2 UFOs speed off and leave 1 that comes and goes...we have pics and video!3/21/03
1/6/03 04:00MoundvilleALUSAEgg3 1/2 hrstwp egg shaped objects with lights moving in z pattern...batteries and lights on our vehicles stooped when object approched us.3/21/03
1/5/03 21:30ClareMIUSADisk3-5 mini saw a strange, steady light about 300 ft about the ground just east of us-127. i first noticed it just passed the clare exit headed 3/21/03
1/5/03 20:30Navarre BeachFLUSALight5 MINUTESOne passing bright light does a sharp 90 degree turn as another very bright pulsating red,white and blue light sits stationary.3/21/03
1/5/03 01:13Plain DealingLAUSALight54 minlights under clouded sky. red, blue, and green. no sounds. moved up,down,side to side, and stoped to hover at times no fast movement3/21/03
1/4/03 21:41BayportNYUSACone4.3 min.Two glowing objects chasing, swirling, dancing in the nite sky.3/21/03
1/4/03 20:50WestminsterMDUSASpherefive minutesstrange bright lights fly over rural Maryland3/21/03
1/4/03 17:25North Carolina (Rte 85 South, Exit 74)NCUSACigar10 minutesWe saw 8 elongated cigar shaped craft at twilight moving in different directions.3/21/03
1/4/03 06:25ElsberryMOUSAFlash2 secondsflash and then rapid acceleration of light through mid level cloud cover3/21/03
1/4/03 02:40Rosswood (Canada)BCCanadaCircleapprox: 3 minsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Three large circular white objects hovering.3/21/03
1/3/03 10:11Las VegasNVUSATeardrop2min6 taerdroped shaped ufos flew over are house at 10:11 and hovered over the mountains till" 10:133/21/03
1/3/03 02:29Ft. ThompsonSDUSALight10-15 minsfreaky mann...........................................3/21/03
1/2/03 22:00Wyreema (Australia)AustraliaOval5 secondsPale blue oval shaped light turns at right angles and disappears.3/21/03
1/2/03 20:00WinnebagoMNUSADisk1 1/2 hrs.We saw a disk shape craft with lights that circled around the craft changing colors from white,to red, green,and blue3/21/03
1/2/03 18:50Meriden/Wallingford (on Rte. 15N)CTUSAFlash6 mins1 blue flash & 2 green flashes of light in the Connecticut skies over highway3/21/03
1/2/03 16:30Enid/Tulsa (drive from)OKUSACigar2 minutesgray black cigar ufo hovering over fields3/21/03
1/2/03 02:00DillsburgPAUSADiamond30 secondsone diamond shaped object with blue, green, red & yellow flashing lights, then we lost our power for several hours.3/21/03
1/1/03 23:43MarionINUSATriangle20secondswe were not scared they didnt look harmful3/21/03
1/1/03 23:30Oklahoma CityOKUSALight15 minutesVery high and slightly north I saw a group of 3 white objects and one below them. At first I thought they were birds, but they seemed a3/21/03
1/1/03 09:20YumaAZUSAOval50 minutesLarge white sphere observed East of Yuma for about 50 minutes. Disapeared when military craft aproached.3/21/03
1/1/03 07:37PaytonCOUSATeardrop25minUnidetified Teardrop shaped Object3/21/03
1/1/03 05:15Blue SpringsMOUSALight1 hour 45 min.White, Red, and Green lights move in unbelievable formations in the sky.3/21/03
12/31/02 16:40PhoenixAZUSAOther10 minutesA silent, silver bell-shaped metallic object which emitted an orange glow was observed in the afternoon by 3 persons in Phoenix, AZ.3/21/03
12/31/02 13:00BurkeVAUSAOther30 sec.morphing spheres in a chem trail.3/21/03
12/30/02 17:00HendersonvilleTNUSADisk2 minutesthe red lights3/21/03
12/29/02 20:08San Juan (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoLightBright static light over San Juan-Carolina Cities in PuertoRico3/21/03
12/29/02 14:00Las Vegas (near)NVUSAFireball5 min approx.A comet shaped object, with a bright tail vanishing to a spot3/21/03
12/29/02 13:45Coconut Grove/MiamiFLUSALight20 minutesthree pinpoint dots very high in the sky above Coconut Grove in Miami, FL3/21/03
12/28/02 18:45LaytonUTUSAUnknown10 secondsAt approximately 1845, I walked out of my house in Layton, Utah to go to the store. It was very dark out, an overcast of thin clouds w3/21/03
12/27/02 00:00WayzataMNUSALight15minA small lights that moved fast and vanished in to the sky.3/21/03
12/27/02 23:30RobyMOUSAFlash10 minsDancing Lights....3/21/03
12/27/02 20:25PhoenixAZUSAChevron1 minuteNine bright white lights forming a chevron3/21/03
12/27/02 19:00SeafordDEUSAUnknown5 minutesStrange lights in the sky3/21/03
12/25/02 23:30PhoenixAZUSALight15minsLights above the Estrella Mountains (Phoenix, AZ)3/21/03
12/25/02 21:45AnamosaIAUSALight10 secondssmall version of Orion's Belt.3/21/03
12/25/02 17:30MillingtonMIUSACone60scit was big look like a building it was dark 200ft long 50 ft long3/21/03
12/25/02 15:30St. LouisMOUSAOtherone secondDid not see object until after picture was taken and picture downloaded to computer. Picture file being sent is snow barn objec3/21/03
12/25/02 05:00Glace Bay (Canada)NSCanadaSphere3 hrsLooked like a bright star just to the left of the little dipper. But when zoomed in with a video camera,looked liked a planet,But the3/21/03
12/24/02 23:00Whangaparaoa. Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandCircle11.20pmChristmas Eve UFO 2002 NZ3/21/03
12/24/02 08:30UnionNJUSAUnknown10 minutesBright light during the night -- like day time --- sounded like popcorn popping3/21/03
12/23/02 20:30Deerfield BeachFLUSACircle2230aircraft flying in the vicinity only3/21/03
12/23/02 03:30CentrevilleVAUSATeardropfive minutesteardrop/pear, black/blue, wings(?), 25Ft (rough), headed west, five min. before left.3/21/03
12/21/02 06:45TunkhannockPAUSAOther10 minuteshovering craft takes off quickly, loss of time3/21/03
12/19/02 22:30KensingtonMDUSAChevronone minutechevron of lights resembling small v-formation of geese; silent; observation lasted approx 1 minute3/21/03
12/19/02 16:15YorkPAUSAOther16 secondsPhotographic Evidence of Small, Black, Anomalous Formation moving away from direction of wind3/21/03
12/17/02 21:30QuitmanGAUSATriangle20 minThe Object came over and hovered above us and left at a fast pace when air force interference came into play.3/21/03
12/17/02 21:15Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaLight5 minutes2 lights dogfighting over Saskatoon3/21/03
12/17/02 19:00CheshireCTUSACircleHovered upward, then turned in a 90-degree angle and sped out of sight3/21/03
12/16/02 20:30SpotsylvaniaVAUSATriangle30 minsTriangular shaped object floating above Rt. 3 was seen and followed for serveral minutes.3/21/03
12/15/02 03:30Hazelton (17 Km north) (Canada)BCCanadaLight3 to 4 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Update - Object viewed for 3-4 minutes - Not a Satellite.3/21/03
12/15/02 03:30Hazelton, B.C. (17 Km north) (Canada)BCCanadaLightHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Possible satellite ? But satellites do not stop and hover !3/21/03
12/13/02 08:50Colorado SpringsCOUSAOval15 secThere were four silver oval objects hovering near the radio twers over U.C.C.S; the objects dissapeared very fast.3/21/03
12/12/02 02:47Odense (Denmark)DenmarkOvalEastUFO in Denmark3/21/03
12/10/02 05:30TampaFLUSADiamond20 minutesPulsating Diamond Shaped object ejects two orbs of light towards the ground.3/21/03
12/7/02 23:30Sioux FallsSDUSATeardrop1.5 secondsHave seen numerous objects over sky north of Sioux Falls in past few months.3/21/03
12/6/02 00:30Halleck (near)NVUSAUnknown15 - 20 secondsTop secret "X-craft" flights may be occurring in remote, rural areas well outside test facilities.3/21/03
12/3/02 23:30San Carlos Apache ReservationAZUSAUnknown5 SECSaw a huge bright red/orange object flying south and low at a high rate of speed over San Carlos Apache Reservation. Disappared in a 3/21/03
12/2/02 05:15New BaltimorePAUSATriangle1 TO 2 SECONDS"Silent" Triangular Craft with two white and two reddish/orange plumes illuminating mountain sides in darkness.3/21/03
12/1/02 08:15Las VegasNVUSAUnknown45 minutesloud noise comes from cigar shaped cloud hovering over my house3/21/03
11/24/02 06:25Santa FeNMUSAChevrontwo hoursslow moving object evolves from a light green colored embryo shape to a full saucer with tent top and wht bulb like trim.3/21/03
11/19/02 19:30LumbertonNCUSADiamond45 seconds11/19/02 Lumberton, NC Diamond shape with 4 dull green lights flying from S to N @ 500 ft made no sound.3/21/03
11/19/02 04:30LynchburgVAUSATriangle10 secondsTriangular Aircraft Flyby3/21/03
11/18/02 23:00Ashville (2 miles south of)OHUSALight2 seclights during a meteor shower..3/21/03
11/9/02 01:20MiamiFLUSARectangle15 secondsI was lying on a car hood, feet facing east, looking upward at the sky.The sky was crystal clear and darker than usual because the moon3/21/03
10/23/02 20:15AlbanyNYUSATriangle15 minutesAircraft made no noise, it was black with, 2 red, 1 blue, and 1 white light, it flew a speed faster then anything have seen before.3/21/03
10/15/02 21:15AlbrightsvillePAUSALight3 minutesAurora borealis looking lights on the horizon shoot overhead to form a pulsating circle consisting of eight curved rectangles.3/21/03
10/15/02 03:00DarienCTUSAOther10 minutesfirst noticed while looking up at the constelation plaedes. it was three points of light traveling from horizon to horizon at a slow ra3/21/03
10/15/02HancockMNUSAlast fall in late oct. i was going to work and noticed a depression in a cattail slough. a week later went out to look at it the cattai3/21/03
10/4/02 20:30Newport TownshipPAUSALightabout 5 minutesIt started moving across the sky, got very dim and disapered.3/21/03
9/29/02 22:41HoltonKSUSALight30 Sec.Bright slow moving star that dissapeared3/21/03
9/24/02 17:30Dublin (Republic of Ireland)IrelandFormation10 minutesFour saucer shaped black and shiny UFOs flying in a straight line formation from south-east to north-west seen in Dublin.3/21/03
9/20/02 20:00HorshamPAUSALight20 secondsIt was around P.M. when I was taking my dog outback. I just happened to be looking up the sky{clear night} as I do when its clear out,3/21/03
9/15/02TaosNMUSA1 secondHave video image of nine light crafts traveling at around three miles per sec dark lines in front of clouds shift to light as they pass3/21/03
9/8/02 22:00HamburgNYUSACircleA few minutesIt was too large to be Venus or a Star, and there was multiple witnesses.3/21/03
9/7/02 01:00Colorado (eastern)COUSAFormation3 hoursStrange objects over eastern colorado3/21/03
8/22/02 23:40MonroeNYUSAEgg5 minutesOrb- brilliant white on Rt 17, NY3/21/03
8/22/02 03:00Southport (not sure)CTUSALight4 secondsa ball of light appeared out of the atmosphere over the highway and dove to the right behind trees3/21/03
8/20/02 18:00Ann ArborMIUSADisk30 minutesIt was beyond our concept of reality and was therefore very disturbing.3/21/03
8/17/02 01:06Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball6 secondsFireball across the top of the wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City,Utah USA3/21/03
8/15/02 22:00BrookstonINUSAFireball30 minutesOrange balls appeared out of no where and then disappeared.3/21/03
8/15/02 21:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSACircle15 minutesone of the kids said look a ufo3/21/03
8/14/02 05:00unknownKSUSACircle5 minutesOn a highway driving home to Colorado from vacationing in Georgia, my partner and I again spotted a silver orb in the distance in the e3/21/03
8/10/02 13:00New York CityNYUSADisk3 minutesI saw and video recorded 3 metalic sacuer shape objects flying by the empire state building.3/21/03
8/5/02 06:00St. Simons IslandGAUSACircle4 minutesOn the beach at sunrise, my partner and I witnessed a silver-colored orb flying above the clouds. It was shaped as a circle, 1/2 cm ro3/21/03
8/2/02 23:00Siler City (past, on 421)NCUSATriangle2 minutestwo V shaped craft passing over road, hovering3/21/03
8/2/02 22:15Las VegasNVUSAOther2 minOn my patio i saw a square flying in the sky. it was moving from the south to the north. IT WAS ON THE WEST SIDE OF looked as b3/21/03
8/1/02 21:00MonroetonPAUSADiskthe craft just seemed to be still3/21/03
8/1/02 03:00LexingtonKYUSAFlash1minuteA light collides with something causing an explosion the light remains then disappears.3/21/03
7/31/02 21:00ClevelandGAUSACircle5 min.Object moved around in sky3/21/03
7/30/02 14:00MesquiteNMUSATriangle5 minIt was parked (floating) there, how long, I dont know...3/21/03
7/29/02 22:45Houston area (Canada)BCCanadaHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Multiple witnesses observe a large, glowing, white object shoot across sky. Military possibly present.3/21/03
7/20/02 22:00OlivetMIUSAUnknown10 minutesA bright light that first hovered then ascended up and north...3/21/03
7/15/02 04:00LexingtonKYUSACylinder2 MinutesPlane disappears into belly of hovering craft over Man O'War Blvd. In Lexington KY, and witnesses forgot about it temporarily.3/21/03
7/14/02 13:00LaGrangevilleNYUSAOval10-20 secwe saw a grayish (oval) object hover over a spot that stuck there for about 10 seconds.3/21/03
7/13/02 04:30Lake Of The OzarksMOUSACigarIt was the strangest thing I have ever seen.3/21/03
7/9/02 01:00Whiteswan Lake (Canada)BCCanadaMinutesWife and husband witness a cluster of objects maneuvering in the morning sky.3/21/03
7/6/02 07:30WaukeshaWIUSAFireball10 sec.There was a bright, but small light near the horizon that slowly dissipated to nothing.3/21/03
6/19/02 15:00BransonMOUSADiskTHE FLYING SAUCER3/21/03
6/15/02 22:30RielyMIUSA2/3 mingreen ball of light3/21/03
6/15/02ClevelandGAUSAI have some footage maybe a minute or so on a craft sighted in the Cleveland, Ga. area last summer (02). There`s a few seconds or more 3/21/03
5/25/02 16:00I don't knowMDUSAOval2 minutesWe were on out way back from a funeral. I looked to my right out the window while I was sitting in the back of the truck and hovering o3/21/03
5/19/02 17:30Wellington (New Zealand)New ZealandFormation10 secondsSphere moving at incredible speed over a habour horizontally, stops in mid air, hovers, then shoots into sky at unbelievable speed.3/21/03
5/18/02 21:00Oley ValleyPAUSALight20+ minutesFour people observe three sets of lights at close quarters3/21/03
3/9/02 08:30AnchorageAKUSATriangle10 minutesLow flying triangular craft noticed traveling south along mountain range in Anchorage.3/21/03
1/24/02 20:30ClaymontDEUSACircle5 minutesWe were leaving a friends house to go home. When we went out the door my son said Mom there's the big dipper as I looked up a group o3/21/03
1/15/02 16:00Jersey CityNJUSAOtherThis craft was two thin to be a plane. And this was moving in a different dirrection then the earth. Possibly a UFO?3/21/03
1/15/02 01:00PhiladelphiaPAUSADisk2 minutesPitch BLACK UFO STING RAY SHAPE NO LIGHT OR SOUND3/21/03
1/2/02 21:32WainwrightAKUSALight90 secondsBright light in the Alaska night sky, moving south-north at extreme speed3/21/03
12/2/01 16:00GreenwoodMOUSAChanging1 minuteMy brother and I saw something strange burning into the atmosphere3/21/03
11/10/01 21:30Copenhagen (Denmark)DenmarkLight7 secondsTandem lights3/21/03
10/28/01 00:28BeaverWVUSADiskNot sure, 15 minutes or ssilver, gray, twice car size, round discus, silent, gas ring around craft, white lights around middle, windows?, green/blue light3/21/03
9/25/01 14:00Burns Lake (Canada)BCCanadaDisk1min.saw one chrome saucer hovering looked away for a second and it dissappeared3/21/03
9/20/01 22:30Bangor (Northern Ireland)Northern IrelandLight2-3minsbright orange flashing light3/21/03
9/13/01 00:30WilliamsburgVAUSALight3 secondsMe and my friend had snuck outside to play ding dong ditch. All of a sudden this purple light went across the sky, its was slow at firs3/21/03
9/11/01 12:30Bradley BeachNJUSACigar2 minutesCigar shaped object moving fast, southward from NYC.3/21/03
8/5/01 12:45EverettWAUSAFormation3 minsMy husbund and I was installing our metal roofing then.........3/21/03
6/7/01 15:30Newland (near)NCUSA5 minutesWhile photographing flowers on the Blue Ridge Parkway I was startled by the sound of a rocket engine...3/21/03
6/3/01 14:00DenverCOUSADisk5-7 minsA Very Descriptive, Multi-Ship, Broad Daylight Observation in Denver in 20013/21/03
5/21/01 01:00New York CityNYUSAChanging30 minutesobservence of four strange flying shining objects which we could not identify the exact shape because of light surounding them3/21/03
4/15/01 10:00Las VegasNVUSACircle30+ minutes3 unknown objects hovered over eastside highrise for 30 minutes3/21/03
11/14/00 21:00Greenup (rural)KYUSAFireball2 - 3 min.5 to 10 fireball shapes come together, seperate, and then all blint on & off at different times.3/21/03
10/28/00 20:30ScrantonPAUSAOther3 minsIt appeared to be a plane hovering in one spot with inverted wings and strange bubble-shaped objects underneath its wings.3/21/03
10/15/00 03:00AlabamaALUSASphereAproxx. 5 secsWe pulled into the drive way and saw a full moon shaped object over the field behind the house.3/21/03
9/6/00 15:00Hampton BeachNHUSACircle3-4 secondsDaylight sighting of UFO near water3/21/03
8/13/00 22:00BuffaloNYUSALightstreetThe UFO was just a light that blinked different colors like purple over and over and it also had no sound., it was also very fast.3/21/03
7/25/00 23:37WaterfordMIUSASphere25 minutesI looked and saw a sphere shaped object with many differntly colored rapidly flashing lights.3/21/03
7/24/00New York CityNYUSA20 secondsI have been following the SCI-FI WTC UFO video for some time. The person in the video is named Barbara Sicuranza. She is an actress, wr3/21/03
2/16/00 20:30DawsonvilleGAUSATriangle5 to 10 min.The "v" shaped object was so low, you could see that it was not lights. It was not from Earth.3/21/03
1/24/00 13:00Mammoth LakesCAUSADisk1 minuteTwo white craft, flying in close formation.3/21/03
11/16/99 19:05Terre HauteINUSAFireball10-15 secondsNovember 16, 1999 - Large meteor/fireball sighting in Indiana, folloed by UFO sighting later that evening.3/21/03
10/11/99 00:15MontgomeryALUSALight3 minutesBright light coming from back yard and a surreal sensation of forboding.3/21/03
9/19/99 11:00Ashville (2 miles south of)OHUSAOther2 secWeird brown triangular object3/21/03
9/15/99 00:00Egg HarborWYUSA1 houra bright colorful object over the lake,it would break apart into many lights,then back together again and stayed in one spot3/21/03
9/1/99 22:30Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaLight20-45 minsthe 2 lights moved around quite fast zig-zaging and going around in circles behind the cloud........3/21/03
7/15/99 16:00AtlantaGAUSASphere5 secondsTwo silver and bronze metallic spheres were witnessed from aircraft approaching Atlanta airport3/21/03
6/29/99 22:15PhoenixAZUSARectangle2 minutesa rectangular craft with glowing engines flew across the sky at about 22:15 in the end of July or begining of August.3/21/03
6/27/99 22:00Overland ParkKSUSACircle1 1/2 minutesMy brother and I saw a circle that moved, made a trail, and disappeared in a minute.3/21/03
6/15/99 13:00TamaquaPAUSADisk5 minutesSMALL WHITE CRAFT SEEN DURING THE DAYTIME.3/21/03
6/15/99Ashville (5 miles south of)OHUSALight20-30 sec3 "Stars" - 2 moved closer together and one went through those two..3/21/03
1/17/99 00:45Shah Alam/Selangor (Malaysia)MalaysiaFireball30 secs.We saw a green fire ball moving fast between the cloud for about 30 secs. with no sound or and fast.3/21/03
12/22/98 18:30PhoenixAZUSASphere15 minutesthree sphere shaped lights in a trianlge formation above camleback mt.3/21/03
10/10/98 23:50DelanoTNUSAFireball15 secondsI came home from work one night and I seen a bright fire like ball go across the top ofthe mountain and it was going fast then it stopp3/21/03
8/20/98 02:30Penola (near, rural) (South Australia )AustraliaTriangle10 minuteslarge black triangle with lights on each corner paced my vehicle for about ten minutes3/21/03
8/7/98 14:00Dickson CityPAUSAChevron40 - 50 Seconds2 chevron UFOs head directly toward each other, then do a “loop-de-loop” around one another, and continue on their original headings.3/21/03
7/20/98 20:00BrownstownMIUSALightdriving in truckThe object was orange and moved in a square pattern in the sky.3/21/03
6/1/98 21:45Persian GulfPersian GulfLight30 secs.Light going back and forth and left to right very smoothly across the sky.3/21/03
4/15/98 08:00PassaicNJUSAOther10 secondsI looked out the window at the sky about 8am in the morning. It was perhaps mid April with very puffy white spring clouds set against a3/21/03
12/15/97 22:00ScrantonPAUSACircle20 secondsI looked outside my window and saw a circular object fly overhead. It had red and green lights in the front3/21/03
9/15/97 22:30WoodstockCTUSASphere3 secondsBright, fast low flying object crossed field of view at close range during drive at night3/21/03
7/30/97 23:40Bognor Regis (UK/England)United KingdomCircle30mins3 Blurred Circles.3/21/03
6/17/97 04:55RoswellNMUSACirclei had a dream about an abductions the year before3/21/03
6/1/97 03:00Eden PraireMNUSATriangle10 secDriving north on old hwy 169 from little six casino by anderson lake. wife and i spotted 9 triangle white light in the shape of a trian3/21/03
5/27/97 23:30WichitaKSUSALight10 minutesBefore you read this you should think. Do you beleive?3/21/03
3/22/97 20:00McDonoughGAUSALight1-2secI saw the UFO behind Comet Hail Bop,it came frome behind and below the comet,almost like a sling shoot.3/21/03
3/12/97 06:30Holloman AFBNMUSAUnknownAbnormal contrails seen over two US Air Force Bases in New Mexico3/21/03
1/15/97 18:00MillsboroDEUSATriangleappx. 2 hours4 lights in square formation in sky and small triangular craft seen at close range3/21/03
12/10/96 19:50Gulf BreezeFLUSASphere15 minutesThree super bright craft emitting triangular light array.3/21/03
11/23/96 02:15Stamping GroundKYUSATriangle8 minutesGiant black triangle hovers over me and my car while parked on Union Ridge in northern Franklin Co. Kentucky...3/21/03
11/15/96 17:00LincolnNEUSADiamond5 minOrange narrow diamond shaped ufo seen rotating in tree top next to my apartment.3/21/03
7/15/96 17:15SussexNJUSATriangle5 minutestriangular shaped object seen on separate occasions in different states3/21/03
6/15/96 19:00ButlerPAUSACircle10 min.buhuge round black object with huge lights spotted in sky over Butler Co. PA3/21/03
12/18/95 20:00New York CityNYUSATriangle5 minutesOver 28th & Lexington Ave, A Huge, hovering, triangleish shape hovering probably over 1000 feet above crowd including 4 NYC Cops3/21/03
10/13/95 06:30New York CityNYUSALight1 minuteLate one evening, on my way home from work, I ran into a few old friends. We started talking about the good old days and hours passed w3/21/03
9/22/95 21:00Safford (Outside of, Mt. Graham)AZUSAUnknownUnknownominous fog, amber glow and loss of time3/21/03
9/14/95 21:45BuffaloNYUSAOther2 secondsThe starlike object moved VV from right to left. Iam a former U.S.A.F. fighter bomber crewchief.3/21/03
12/15/94 21:30IndianapolisINUSATriangle30 SecondsOk, I was in 7th grade when this happend, but interested in UFO's. I was coming out of my middle school after a basketball game. Ther3/21/03
11/16/94 19:15PetoskeyMIUSATriangle20+min.Object changed shape, color and path.3/21/03
7/12/94 21:40Osage BeachMOUSAChanging5-7 minutesBright Object in sky that appeared to be falling then stopped split into two object then back to one then sped off.3/21/03
6/15/94Haifa (Israel)IsraelCircle2 mintill i saw your site i doubted the existence of ufo, now the truth is completely implicit that im relating to what i'v seen in my child3/21/03
6/1/94 17:00ScottvilleMIUSAChanging5 minutesA shape changing from round to disc which paced us for several minutes before speeding away. No sound.3/21/03
5/17/94 20:00MillersburgMOUSALight45mins-90minsStrange lights in Millersburg3/21/03
1/14/94 07:10MidvaleUTUSADisk1 minIn Midvale, Utah in the early morning3/21/03
10/10/93 23:00CarthageTNUSAOtherLess than 1 min1 object with green and red lights3/21/03
9/15/93 16:00RenoNVUSAFormation45 secondsDaytime sighting over Reno airport of formation consisting of three aqua spheres and two bronze elliptoids3/21/03
6/15/93 19:30Ashville (2 miles south of)OHUSALight15-20 secTraveling "Stars"3/21/03
6/15/93 12:00WilliamsburgMOUSATriangle45 minutesBright flash of light lit up our entire yard3/21/03
6/15/93 12:00Stony BrookNYUSACircleat homeIt was circular and it had a sign on it like a star or moon3/21/03
6/1/93 23:00ClarksdaleMSUSAOvalhomethe lighted object i seen in the sky was no airplane, i know what i saw!3/21/03
7/1/92 21:00Nags HeadNCUSACircle20 minutesI lived a summer in Nags Head to complete a hotel internship for my university. I lived in a house with a Christian family. They call3/21/03
6/20/92 21:00Rocky MountVAUSACircle???A large circle shaped craft that hade a large blue light on the bottom of it ,and red and green lights trailng around it.3/21/03
6/15/92 02:00ScarsdaleNYUSA5 minIm not sure what im reporting. Perhaps a close encounter from my childhood? I really dont know3/21/03
6/6/92 20:00LeesburgALUSALight2 minutesA light on the horizon moving in quick and unusual manner before disappearing.3/21/03
4/1/92 02:00Fort IrwinCAUSALight30 minutesfort irwin ca ufo 1992 from ex soldier3/21/03
1/25/92 17:00BricktownNJUSADisk3 minuetsA disk hoovered above the house I was staying at and then shot quickely out of sight.3/21/03
11/18/91 01:00Colorado SpringsCOUSATriangle5mintriangle craft. one moving glowing blue at 250ft. The other hovering off a busy street . same altitude.3 wht lights 1 red center3/21/03
8/1/91 02:00HamdenCTUSATriangle15 minutesObject appearede as a bright light on horizon line then it moved toward us, we knew then it was not a plane.3/21/03
7/1/91 01:00CubaNYUSATriangle10 minutesMy wife and I were driving home to Jamestown NY where we lived at the time from her parents in NJ traveling west on Route 17, she was d3/21/03
10/20/90 22:50GlencoeOKUSAOther5 minutes+It wasn't helicoptor and it dang sure wasn't swamp gas!3/21/03
10/15/90 17:00Las Vegas (North of)NVUSALight1 hour.strange lights north of Las Vegas3/21/03
6/15/90 19:00TellicoplainsTNUSADisk2 minutesno lights or sound very close to me about 100 feet from the ground3/21/03
11/15/89 22:00Currituck CountyNCUSADisk15:00minThis metalic disk had blueish plasma lighting coming from all around it3/21/03
11/14/89 20:00SapulpaOKUSATriangle3 ninutesTriangular object flying west3/21/03
9/3/89 04:00GlennieMIUSALightmorningWhite Ball of light responds to flashing headlights!3/21/03
6/15/89 13:00Grassmere (Canada)BCCanadaEgg5 minutesIt was a warm and sunny day and I saw a metalic, egg-shaped vehicle that must have been about the size of a car, it was strange.3/21/03
3/15/89 19:30RockfishVAUSATriangle15 minTriangle up close. Uncharacteristic thoughts in my mind.3/21/03
11/15/88 05:30DexterNYUSADisk1 minuteObject was at tree level, approximately 200 feet in diameter and made no noise.3/21/03
7/15/87 02:00RichtonMSUSAOther6-7 minutesRichton, Ms. "lights Above"3/21/03
5/10/87 23:30SeldenNYUSAOther20 secondsSaw a star stop make two 90 degree turns then vanish3/21/03
6/15/86 03:00GaryINUSAOther30secsI Saw An Alien Face To Face3/21/03
10/31/85 20:30New York CityNYUSADisk15 secondsDisk Shaped object streaked across Central Park3/21/03
7/31/85 22:30San CarlosCAUSALight20 secondsI observed a ball of light trailing Space Shuttle, then watched in astonishment as it streaked behind the hills.3/21/03
6/23/85 04:00Hinton (Canada)ABCanadaOther40 sec.Five seperate crafts ziping north in Hinton Alberta3/21/03
6/15/85 18:00PantherWVUSAOvalsaw 1 object, round at the bottom, ovel maded on the top,light around edge,grayest black. no sound at all very close to was just 3/21/03
6/1/85 23:00Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaCircle24;00The object was round. roughly 30 feet across, it had 2 main lights like driving lights which were on beaming directly into the night s3/21/03
5/30/85 00:00MiddletownNYUSARectangleapprox 2-3 minutesRectangular object, 3 contiguous sections; the outer 2 sections a dark green, the inner a brighter lighter green.3/21/03
6/15/84 18:00AshevilleNCUSACircle20 to 30 secondsit must have been 30 or 40 foot around and it had many many lights on it3/21/03
6/1/84 20:00ParamusNJUSACigarFIVE MINUTESDriving north at night (summer?)somewhere between 1980 and 1984, probably closer to the latter year on Route 17 north, probably between3/21/03
6/15/83 20:00Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)BrazilFormation2 to 3 minutesV formation doing "swarm of bees" manouvers3/21/03
6/15/83 19:30PhoenixAZUSASphere5 MinutesSighting & Possible abduction3/21/03
6/15/83 11:30Garden CityMIUSADisk4 minutesPlease dont think I'm crazy. The year was approx. 1983 or 1984. I was about 8 years old. I was living in Garden City Michigan with m3/21/03
10/1/82 22:10Swartz CreekMIUSAFireball3 to 4 minutesblazing sphere across the southern sky from 19823/21/03
9/9/82 16:10Mount KiscoNYUSASphere30 seclight blue sphere connected to glowing red/orange cylinder at rear, travelling south.3/21/03
1/1/82 17:00Newcastle (UK/England)United KingdomCylinder30 secondssize,shape,were all unusaul but the speed at the flightpath it adopted prier to disapearering was beyond this planets compensation.3/21/03
9/25/81 22:00Blue SpringsMOUSAOther10 minutesWhen I felt the bed sheets grazing my back, I knew I was the one moving and not the bed.3/21/03
6/15/81 19:00Foxton (New Zealand)New ZealandOval15/20minI wa on the roof of my parents house when i heard my younger brother yelling out.3/21/03
6/15/81 10:00Reading (UK/England)United KingdomDisk1 minuteBright silver disc flying alongside Concorde, before flying off at extreme speed3/21/03
4/12/81 03:00TomberlinARUSAChanging1 minutebright light hoovering along car at slow speed on foggy nite3/21/03
12/28/80 19:00Savannah/Tybee IslandGAUSASphereAmber/orange spheres over Tybee Island, Georgia.3/21/03
10/15/80 19:00AvonCTUSADisk1 minuteA huge lit-up craft various colors of lights at tree top level traveling at a very slow speed (10 mph) over our heads .3/21/03
2/10/79 23:00HuntersvilleNCUSAOval5 minutesUFO near switchyard of nuclear power plant.3/21/03
8/5/78 22:00Lethbridge Park (Australia)AustraliaCircle30large circle with two smaller circles3/21/03
6/15/78 19:30Madison HeightsVAUSACircle2 Mins.Circular lighted object sighted3/21/03
6/15/78 18:00Zimmerman (3 miles east of)MNUSATeardrop10 minutesWas it childhood imagination or real?3/21/03
6/1/78 17:30Christchurch (New Zealand)New ZealandOther2 minsMothercraft sighting over Christchurch NZ witnessed by 1000's in late 70's and as yet largely unreported3/21/03
9/15/77 21:00HeberAZUSATriangle10 secondsWitnessed an enormous black triangle with lights traveling overhead, at a very low altitude at night in a remote area.3/21/03
8/7/77 20:30BranfordCTUSADisknot sureSimilar "dream" to posting on 1/1/77 in CT.3/21/03
7/30/77 03:00AuroraCOUSAChevron2 - 3 minutesSmall Chevron shaped craft hovered silently above me at 200 ft. then zigged and zagged NW across Aurora.3/21/03
6/15/77 22:30TopekaKSUSALight12-15 secondsit was changing colors, like most of the rainbow colors, not flashing just changing but the intensity ... same.3/21/03
2/21/77 23:42BloomingtonINUSAOvalapproximately 7 secondsThree Faint Oval Shaped Objects Flying In Apparent Formation At Night3/21/03
10/15/76 21:00EvelethMNUSALight10-15 minutesLights above Eveleth Mn in mid 70's3/21/03
9/7/76 18:45CountyKYUSAOther16 minA 50 yardlong cluster of flashing red ,green,blue,yellow lights,roadside I75,then 1,000 ft above r w.3/21/03
8/15/76 22:30HatboroPAUSASphere10 minutesGlowing Orb with 2 satellites circling3/21/03
6/15/76 23:00HobbsNMUSAFlash1 secondLarge Flash of Light observed from an FAA control tower in New Mexico.3/21/03
6/15/76 23:00DrumrightOKUSAUnknown15 minutesEnormous Craft over a mile in diameter, witnessed flying at night and low to the ground ......3/21/03
6/14/76 03:30WurtlandKYUSACigar1 hourHead lights in the sky during the daylight?3/21/03
3/15/76 12:00FountainCOUSADisk<60 secondsStationary lit object hovered above trees.3/21/03
11/15/75 21:00AndersonINUSADisk5 minutesLarge craft with lights and whirring sound. Object stopped mid air. Lights sequenced. Object darted and stopped twice.3/21/03
7/8/75 22:30Midway/MarionKYUSAOther20 mmthis was a big square building that shined like new tin a light came around it then it went away no sound no flash nothing3/21/03
6/15/75 22:00BurnaKYUSALightsister tells child hood story of abduction3/21/03
6/15/75Moe (Victoria) (Australia)AustraliaDisk4 seconds1970s Moe Victoria Australia, Edward Hunter Reserve UFO not a hoax.3/21/03
6/15/75Bon AirVAUSACigar3 sec.A large illuminated cigar shaped object glides over head in front of me - no sound at all.3/21/03
12/1/74 20:30CullowheeNCUSALighthourDancing Lights over College Campus3/21/03
9/14/74 03:00PiedmontOKUSADisk30 secondsClassic inverted bowl shape with a periscope that extended underneath for observation3/21/03
8/31/74 13:00Boughton, Kent (UK/England)United KingdomCylinder5 minutesSilver cylinder hovering above ground in Kent, Engalnd.3/21/03
7/25/74 21:00BridgeportCTUSACircle5 mins.Saw a huge round object hovering with red light in center,no sound.Took off at a high rate and disappeared3/21/03
6/15/74 22:30Calera (outskirts of)ALUSADisk10-15 minutesGroup of youth on hike see the"un-explained."3/21/03
5/15/74 20:30SmyrnaGAUSADisk1-2 minWe saw a disc-shaped object with a row of blinking lights traverse the sky silently, rapidly, and repeatedly.3/21/03
11/11/73 19:00West ChesterPAUSADiskthree minutesI lived near a general aviation airport so I thought that I was witnessing another aircraft. At dusk, it came towards me with a constan3/21/03
10/15/73 18:00EnglewoodTNUSADisk2 min.They talked to me as a child.3/21/03
9/8/73 20:00LewisburgPAUSATriangle3mintriangular ufo with red,,lights3/21/03
8/15/73 19:00PhillipsburgNJUSADiskapprox. 15 min.unreported object hovered over river for approx. 15 min. and no one talks about it, no reports in the newspapers3/21/03
6/15/73 22:30Calera (out-skirts)ALUSADisk10-15 mins.Group to see the "un-explained"in the night sky.3/21/03
6/15/73 21:00MedaryvilleINUSADiskoftenMedaryville, Indiana A UFO Remembered By Three Ladies But Never Was Able To Report It3/21/03
6/15/73MechanicsburgPAUSADisk??? ("frozen")cars lined up for days along silver spring road articles were written in the newspaper (strange lights) i saw the ufo 50 ft away.3/21/03
5/21/73 20:00HuntsvilleALUSACylinder45I and two other friends in May of 73 when we were in the military watched two C134'S and a jet aircraft force a saucer shaped vehicle t3/21/03
11/7/72 05:20Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaDisk60 secondsI have lived with this event my whole life and to this day even as a retired Military Air Traffic Controller, I remember the event like3/21/03
9/15/72 22:00Tenterfield (Australia)AustraliaTeardrop10 minutesTwo teardrop shapes facing each other like cartoon devil eyes. I was at home with my mother and a friend of hers had come over to vi3/21/03
7/20/72 15:00WilliamsportPAUSAFireball1 minutefireball, ( meteor ? )3/21/03
6/24/72 23:00BuffaloNYUSADisk?A disk like object hovering over a lamp post, Red lights circling around it.3/21/03
6/22/72 18:00WilliamsportPAUSACigar2 minthis is the adition to the report I sent with the same date, three more reports to follow3/21/03
10/15/71 20:30LitchfieldCTUSACircle6min aproxMothership over Litchfield CT3/21/03
6/15/70 18:00Yorktown HeightsNYUSALight30+Multi lights over Yorktown3/21/03
6/15/70 15:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaDisk5minDisc in sky3/21/03
10/5/68 21:30NundaSDUSADisk15 minutesMy uncle had a close encounter in 19683/21/03
8/22/67 20:00PittsburghPAUSACircle5 minutesi looked up at the stars as it was getting darker. as i did i noticed a small point of light moving high across the sky. as i watched i3/21/03
10/30/66 17:50GulfportMSUSAEggSouth to North15 feet across, Egg shaped, Internally Glowing Very Bright, Briliant, SOLID RED Colored Objects slowly passes over street.3/21/03
10/15/66 18:30MartinsvilleINUSADisk1 minuteCraft hovered about 20 feet above barn. Lights in horizontal orientation for about 30 seconds and then darted away. Others saw.3/21/03
9/30/66 21:00HuntingtonWVUSACircle1 minuteTwo circular objects noted in So. WV in 1966, made 90 degree turns without changing speed.3/21/03
9/15/66 23:00HuntingtonWVUSATriangle45 SecondsTriangular object with red lights, moved from hover to bullet speed in an instant. 2 observations, 2 different towns3/21/03
6/15/66 16:00OakdalePAUSADisk10 minutes?Mesmerizing daylight, close encounter at Oakdale,PA Army base in summer of 1966, witnessed by at least 100 guys.3/21/03
7/15/65 21:00WhitesburgKYUSALight45 minLights and sounds on the ground and several strange lights in a cluster3/21/03
8/22/64 18:40FlorenceALUSADisk1 minuteTypical "saucer shaped craft" followed a valley leading to a major hydroelectric plant on the Tennessee River.3/21/03
5/15/63 14:00TowsonMDUSAOval20 secondsBright, rapidly moving object moving from east to west that reflected the sun as it made a slight turn to the Southwest.3/21/03
8/15/62 19:00NenanaAKUSAOval15 minthe object had a large spot light, shining straight down towards the groung.3/21/03
8/28/60 21:00DickinsonNDUSACircle2 minThere was no sound no air movement and it moved off very fast .3/21/03
5/5/59 09:00El SobranteCAUSACircle2 minutesBright, yellow/orange circle, 10 ft. in diameter, silent, slow moving, 5mph, 50 ft. above ground-2 minutes, chased & threw rocks at it.3/21/03
7/10/58 09:00CheektowagaNYUSATeardrop10 -20 secsWhite teardrop shaped object observed during the daytime3/21/03
10/15/57 02:00New York City (Queens)NYUSA2x3 hrstall unidentified being enters home - N.Y.C. 19573/21/03
6/30/55 21:00?????AKUSAFireball20 minsA bright light and a huge bang, then we saw it hovering for 13 minutes and it dissapired.3/21/03
6/15/55 04:30Missouri (northwest part)MOUSALight5 minI will never forget this this experience. The light is burnt into my memory liked it happened only this morning. I am now 54 years old.3/21/03
11/15/51 06:00Holloman AFBNMUSACircle10secWhat I saw was reported in the Albuquerque newspaper as a "green fireball". It streaked across the proving grounds at a very low eleva3/21/03
1/1/44 10:00Wilderness (near western MD)WVUSADisk3 weeksUS fighter planes shoot down pre Roswell UFO then military scour crash site & bury UFO remains at wilderness site3/21/03